Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019) Movie Script

Nick, this was a tragedy but
it's not why we're here.
What, are we fighting
the weather now?
The locals say the
cyclone had a face.
Well, people see things
when they're under stress.
Okay? That does not mean that this is
the start to some other, big world...
Who are you?
You don't want
any part of this.
-in memoriam-
Gone, but not forgotten.
Thanks to Keneth Lim
and Vienna Hammarky
for their help with that
touching video tribute.
This year has been
nothing short of...
(Bleep)'s crazy.
It's like insane.
- Jason!
- What?
No swearing.
Nah, it's a scholastic school.
We're good.
... historic.
Over five years ago, half of
all life in the universe,
including our own Midtown High,
was wiped from existence.
But then, eight months ago, a band
of brave heroes brought us back.
They called it "The Blip".
Those of us who blipped away
came back the same age.
But our classmates that didn't
blip, had grown five years older.
Yeah, like my little brother?
He's now older than me.
Yeah, it's math.
And even though we had
blipped away halfway through
the school year and had
already taken midterms,
the school made us start the whole
year over from the beginning.
It's totally unfair.
It's not right.
Tigers, it's been a long, dramatic,
somewhat confusing road.
As we draw this year to a
close, it's time to move on.
To a new phase of our lives.
And pray nothing crazy happens again, 'coz are
the Avengers, even like, a thing anymore?
Does anyone even have a plan?
I have a plan. Okay...
First, I'm gonna sit next
to MJ on the flight.
Second, I'm gonna buy a
dual headphone adapter
and watch movies with
her the whole time.
- Okay.
- Three...
When we go to Venice, Venice is super-famous
for making stuff out of glass, right?
- True.
- So, I'm gonna buy her
a Black Dahlia necklace because her
favorite flower is the Black Dahlia,
- because of, well...
- The murder.
The murder. Four...
When we go to Paris, I'm gonna take
her to the top of the Eiffel Tower,
give her the necklace,
and then, five...
I'm gonna tell her how I feel.
And then six, hopefully she tells
me, she feels the same way.
- Don't forget step seven.
- Step seven...
Don't do any of that.
Because we're gonna be
bachelors in Europe, Peter.
- Ned...
- Look, I may not know much,
but I do know this...
Europeans love Americans.
And more than half
of them are women!
Okay. Sure, but...
I really like MJ, man. Okay?
She's awesome, she's super-funny
in a kind of dork way
and sometimes I catch her looking at
me, and I feel like I stood up late...
Dude she's coming now.
Just don't say anything.
What up, dorks?
Excited about the science trip?
Hey, uh, yeah. We're just
talking about the trip.
- Yeah. And Peter's plan.
- You have a plan?
I don't have a plan.
No, he's just gonna collect tiny spoons
while we're travelling to other countries.
Like, like a grandmother?
I'm not collecting tiny spoons.
He's collecting tiny spoons.
Oh. Okay, well...
That was a real roller coaster.
By the way, travel tip...
You should probably download
a VPN on your phone just
so that the government can't
track you while we're abroad.
Smart. Will do.
Dude, I think that
went really great.
When, when I blipped back
to my apartment, the
family that was living
there was very confused.
The wife thought that
I was a mistress,
Grandma thought that I was a ghost...
It was...
It was really a mess.
Thank you all for coming out to support
those who have been displaced by the blip.
And of course, thanks to
our very own, Spider-Man!
Thank you, Ms. Parker
for having me.
And, thank you, you
guys for having me.
Well, thank you, Spider-Man.
He'll be right back out to take
photos and videos. Thank you.
- That was amazing.
- That was great!
That was so cool.
I was so nervous.
Plus I was a little stiff. I felt
like I wasn't in the pocket...
No, I thought you did great.
Yeah, well, I actually did
think you were a little stiff.
- I felt that, too. I felt that, too.
- It's fine, it's fine, it's fine.
- Did you get your passport?
- Yeah.
- Many toothpaste?
- Yeah.
Hey, sorry I'm late.
Happy! Hey.
- Oh, you look lovely.
- Thanks, you too.
Thank you. New dress?
Uh, yeah, yes. It is.
- That's a new beard.
- It's my... my blip beard.
'Cause I grew it... in the blip...
blip beard.
I see.
Anyway, so, the reason I'm
late is because this was
misplaced at the office, can you
believe it? Because it's enormous?
I mean, not the amount. The size.
The amount is nice, too.
The very generous
Pepper Potts, said,
- Thank you.
- she's sorry she couldn't be here.
I think I'm gonna go change the
sterno under the vegan lasagna.
Spider-Man, go shake hands.
Will do.
What just happened?
Heads up...
- Nick Fury's calling you.
- Nick Fury's gonna call me?
- Yeah.
- Why?
Why? Because he probably, have some... hero
stuff for you to do. You're a superhero.
He calls superheroes.
Well, I mean if it was really that important,
he'd probably call someone else. Not me.
Apparently not.
No caller ID. That's him.
I don't really wanna
talk to Nick Fury.
- Answer the phone.
- Why?
Because if you don't talk to him, then I
have to talk. I don't wanna talk to him.
- Why don't you wanna talk to him?
- Because I'm scared. Just answer the phone.
You sent Nick Fury to voicemail?
- You don't send Nick Fury to voicemail.
- Did you hear that? They're calling me.
I gotta go.
I gotta go.
- You gotta talk to him.
- I'm gonna call him.
I promise you, I'm gonna call him.
I will.
You do not ghost Nick Fury.
I promise you, I'll call him...
... after my trip. Hey!
Yeah? No, no. He's
not ghosting you.
Okay, okay, one
question at a time.
Are you the head Avenger now?
No, I'm not.
If the aliens come back,
what are you gonna do?
Does anyone have any
neighborhood question?
Shawn Winford, Queens Tribune.
What is it like to take over from Tony
Stark? Those are some big shoes to fill.
I'm, uh...
I'm gonna go. Thanks so
much everyone, for coming.
So sorry.
I thought that you could
sense that, with your
Please, do not start calling
it my Peter-tingle.
So what's up? You can dodge
bullets but not bananas?
No, I just really need this vacation.
I need a break.
You deserve it.
You know what?
You should pack your
suit, just in case.
I have a tingle about it.
Please stop saying tingle, May?
No, no. I'm not.
Do you want the first shift? Just
saying that I could take either.
Give me the third shift.
I can't chaperone
thses kids alone.
Yo, Parker, this is
called an airplane.
It's like the buses you're used to, except
it flies over the poor neighborhoods
- instead of driving through them.
- Ma'am?
He blipped, so technically
he's 16, not 21.
I'll take that.
She's lying. I don't
even know this girl.
Classic MJ, right?
Did you know Brad was coming?
It's... so weird.
Like, one day, he's that little kid who
cried and got nosebleeds all the time,
and suddenly, we blip back and he's
totally ripped and super nice,
- and all these girls are after him?
- Not all the girls are after him.
No man. They're all after him.
Anyway, on a more
important thing...
It's a 9-hour flight. We can play
Beast Slayers the whole time.
I need your help
to sit next to MJ.
- Seriously?
- Yes, seriously!
What about your plan?
American bachelors in Europe?
That's your plan. That's a solo plan.
Come on, this is my plan.
Hey, guys, uh...
There's an old lady sitting in front of us,
wearing a crazy amount of perfume, and...
it's kind of setting
off Peter's allergies.
You know, Betty, if you could just
switch seats with him, that would be...
He's allergic to perfume?
Yeah, yeah, 'cause, umm...
it makes his eyes water...
- and he can only see---
- Excuse me, Peter has a perfume allergy?
- Oh, uhh...
- Well I'll tell you from experience,
perfume allergies are no joke. I can
feel hives breaking out already.
MJ, stand up. Ned,
take MJ's spot.
MJ, you take my spot.
Peter, come with me. Let's
get you out of there.
Zach and Sebastian, you
take Ned and Peter's seats.
Ned, thanks for bringing
this to my attention.
Your safety is my responsibilty.
And Mr. Dell's, but he's...
I got it for now. Let's go, Peter.
Let's go!
I have a small bladder,
so I took the aisle.
- Do you wanna play Beast Slayer?
- Nope.
Have you, have you ever played
any kind of PC game...
Did I tell you how my wife
pretended to blip out?
Turns out, she ran off with
a guy in her hiking group.
We had a fake funeral
for her and everything.
Well, the funeral was real.
Because I thought she was really dead.
Do you wanna see the video?
Oh, I got a dual headphone adapter
if you wanna watch a movie.
Only if it's depressing.
Or hilarious.
Oh, you have a dual headphone adapter.
We can watch together.
Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.
This is your captain speaking.
Our flight time today will be eight hours
and forty-nine minutes to Venice, Italy.
Hey, man.
Did you see Brad and MJ on the plane? They were
watching movies and laughing the entire time.
Dude, don't worry, okay?
I'm sure that's nothing.
Hey, Babe. Can you hold
this for me, please?
- Yeah, of course.
- Thanks.
What was that?
Well, we actually got to talking
on the plane, and it turns out...
We have a lot in common. So, uh,
we're boyfriend-girlfriend now.
Whatever happened to being an
American bachelor in Europe?
Those were the words of a boy.
That boy, met a woman.
A very strong and powerful woman.
And now...
- That boy's a man.
- Babe?
Coming, Babe.
There's nothing in there.
I swear.
This, no.
- I'm here.
- Wait, wait, wait...
- Peter's here.
- Thank goodness.
Looks like we're here.
Doing some renovations to the place.
Getting some upgrades.
- That must be the concierge.
- Okay.
Everyone, here we are.
- Whoa!
- Whoa.
- Tell me we're not staying here.
- Wow!
- This place is sinking.
- I think you mean 'charming'.
Okay, everybody.
Drop your bags off, we're gonna meet at
the Da Vinci museum at three. Let's go!
- Vamonos!
- It's andiamo.
When in Rome, we do as the Romans do.
We here in Venice, the socks get wet.
What's up, Flash mob? How are you guys
doing? I'm here in Saint Marco Polo...
This is so much fun!
Three, two, one.
- Say "pizza"!
- Pizza!
- Buongiorno.
- Buongiorno.
Hi. Uh...
I'm looking for a, uh...
Fiore nero.
It's perfect.
- What?
- Boh.
It's the most perfect word in the world.
Italians created it, and I just discovered it.
What does it mean?
That's the thing, it can
mean a million things.
It can mean "I don't
know", "get out of my
face", "I don't know and
get out of my face."
It's the best thing Italy ever created.
Except for maybe espresso.
- Oh, so you've been drinking espresso.
- Mmm.
German? American?
Boh is my new superpower.
It's like the anti aloha. I
was born to say this word.
So what's in the bag?
Oh. Uh...
Whoa. Cool.
What was that?
Betty! Are you okay?
Come on!
- What is that?
- I don't know!
- What are you gonna do?
- I left my suit in the hotel room.
- Why?
- Because I'm on vacation, Ned.
Everyone's gonna see my face.
Just get them out of here.
Get outta here. Go!
Oh, my God!
Oh, no, you don't.
Are you okay? Get out of here.
Excuse me, sir! I can
help, let me help.
I'm really strong
and I'm sticky.
I need you to lead it
away from the canal.
The Da Vinci museum. This is
why we're here in Venice.
This is it.
It's closed. Huh.
What do you mean it's closed?
'Till when?
- You didn't check the website?
- Oh, that's a good idea.
Oh, come on.
Stay low, kids.
We'll be safe here.
Who is that guy?
I don't know. But he's
kicking that water's ass.
It's aliens. It has to be.
BuzzFeed says there's a sailor
named Morris Bench who was exposed
to an experimental underwater
generator and got hydro powers
Yeah, you should definitely believe
everything you read on the internet.
- Spider-Man can take him.
- What do you think it is?
You know, being a
man of science...
No, no, no, no. We wanna stay.
We wanna stay.
It's a good thing that I packed your suit,
huh. I can't believe you forgot it.
So, who was that guy that you were with?
Was that Mister Strange?
Doctor Strange, May.
Doctor Strange.
And, umm.. No. I don't know who that was.
He was a new guy.
- I was trying to help him, but...
- Hey, Happy. No. That's my lunch.
- Don't eat that one.
- Happy's there?
Yeah. It's Happy.
He's here. He came
by to volunteer.
And, he's hanging around the office.
And he wants to say hi.
No, I don't... Hi, Peter.
Hey, Happy.
I'm sorry. I'm working real hard here.
I gotta do a leaflet frop.
- What are you even doing...
- I'm glad you're having a good time.
Don't worry. I'm really
taking care of your aunt.
So, uhh, how's the plan going?
There's... some
setbacks, for sure.
Don't ever think it. Just trust
your instincts and you'll be fine.
I know. Love you. Bye.
Who is that guy?
He's like Iron Man and
Thor rolled into one.
- He's all right. He's no Spider-Man.
- What is it with you and Spider-Man?
What? He's just awesome, okay? He
protects the neighborhood, and, you know,
he's inspiring. He inspires
me to be a better man.
'Sup, dickwad? I
thought you drowned.
Sounds like his name's Mysterio.
Luomo del misterio is
Italian for man of mystery.
They don't actually
know who he is.
- Cool name.
- Cool name.
- Babe!
- Babe!
- So, how much did you actually see?
- Not much... I was running.
Right. Me too. I
was also running.
So, Paris tomorrow.
Go to the Eiffel tower.
Should be great.
I read it was secretly built as a mind control
antenna to create an army of the insane.
Which is why it's my favorite
destination on the whole trip.
What are you gonna do
about the water monster?
Nothing. It's dead.
And besides, that Mysterio
guy's all over it. Look...
I just wanna spend some time
with MJ, while talking about Paris and...
- make sure that she really likes me.
- That's nice.
It reminds me of when Betty
and I first fell in love.
I had just finished my
fruit cobbler, right...
You're a very difficult person
to contact, Spider-Man.
You're Nick Fury.
You just shot Ned.
It's just a mild tranquilizer.
He'll be all right.
So good to finally meet you.
I saw you at the funeral, but I didn't think
that was a good time to exchange numbers.
No, that would have been
really inappropriate.
That's what I just said.
The important thing is, you're here.
I tried to bring you here. You
avoided me, and now, you're here.
What a coincidence.
Wait. Was this a coincidence?
I used to know everything.
Then I come back five years
later and now, I know nothing.
No intel, no team,
and a high school kid,
is dodging my calls.
Here's what I do know...
A week ago, a village in Mexico
was wiped out by a cyclone.
Witnesses say that
cyclone had a face.
Three days later...
A similar event in Morocco.
A village was...
Just making the rounds. See if anyone needs any
emotional counseling after today's traumatic event.
No. We're... we're okay.
We're fine, thank you.
Great. 'Cause I'm not
qualified, to actually...
Oh, he's passed out. I'm not really
qualified to do it anyway, so...
Good night.
That was my teacher. Sorry about that.
You were saying?
A village was destroyed by what may
well be another world threatening...
Babe, you still awake? You're
not answering any of my texts.
Um... he's asleep, Betty.
- Oh. Already?
- Hm-mmm. Yeah.
- Okay.
- That's why it's imperative...
Boys! That canal water today was
filled with dangerous bacteria...
Another person touches that door, you and
I are going to attend another funeral.
Stark left these for you.
"Uneasy lies the head
that wears the crown."
Stark said you wouldn't get that because
it's not a Star Wars reference.
Remove the mask. Everyone
here has seen you without it.
You'd only be feigning anonymity and breathing
through spandex for no good reason.
Come on.
There, we have Maria Hill.
That, is Dimitri.
And this, is Mr. Beck.
Doesn't matter. It's just what my
friends have been calling you.
Well, you can call me Quentin.
You handled yourself well out there today.
Saw what you did with the tower.
We could've used someone
like you on my world.
I'm sorry... Your world?
Oh, Mr. Beck is from Earth.
Just not yours.
There are multiple realities, Peter.
This is Earth dimension 616.
I'm from Earth-833.
I'm sorry. You're saying
there's a multiverse?
I thought that was just theoretical. I mean,
that completely changes how we understand
the initial singularity. We're talking
about, an eternal inflation system.
And how does that even work with
all the quantum... it's insane!
It's really cool.
Don't ever apologize for being
the smartest one in the room.
They were born in stable orbits.
Within black
holes, creatures formed
from the primary elements.
Air, water, fire, earth.
The science division had a technical name.
We just called them Elementals.
Versions of them exist
across our mythologies.
- It turns out, the myths are real.
- Like Thor.
Thor was a myth, and now I
study him in my physics class.
These myths, are threats.
They first materialized on my earth many
years ago. We mobilized and fought them.
But with each battle they
grew and got stronger.
I was part of the last battalion
left trying to stop them.
All we did was delay
the inevitable.
Well, the Elementals are here now.
Attacking the same coordinates.
Our satellites confirm it.
So thank Mr. Beck for destroying the
other three. There's only one left.
The strongest of them all. The
one that destroyed my earth.
It's the one that
took my family.
I'm sorry.
And it will be in Prague
in approximately 48 hours.
We have one mission: kill it.
You're coming with us.
I'm sorry. Did you say Prague?
Listen, Fury, this all seems like big-time,
you know, huge, superhero kind of stuff.
I mean I'm just a friendly
neighborhood Spider-Man, sir.
Bitch, please. You've
been to space.
I know, but that was an accident.
Sir, come on.
There's gotta be someone
else you can use.
- What about Thor?
- Off-world.
Okay, umm...
- Doctor Strange?
- Unavailable.
- Captain Marvel!
- Don't invoke her name.
Sir, I really wanna help. I do.
But if my aunt finds out I left my
class trip, she's gonna kill me.
And if I'm seen like this in Europe,
after the Washington Monument,
my whole class will figure
out who I am, and then...
And then the whole world will figure
out who I am. And then, I'm done.
Okay. I understand.
I'm sorry, what?
Why don't you get back before your
teachers miss you and become suspicious.
Dimitri. Take him back
to the hotel, please.
Thank you, Mr. Fury.
And, uh... Good luck.
See you, kid.
Yeah, see ya.
- Bye, Ma'am.
- Yeah.
Okay, drink lots of water, and I'm
gonna get you a vitamin C pill.
You cannot get sick. Okay, Babe?
- Yes, Babe.
- Hey, man. Are you sure you're good?
- Dude, I'm fine!
- Okay.
Okay? Don't worry. Seriously,
Getting tranqed in the neck
by Nick Fury? Probably
the coolest thing to ever
happen to me anyway.
- It is pretty awesome.
- Yeah.
I'm just happy I don't
have to go to Prague.
Good news!
We're going to Prague.
Tour company called.
They upgraded us.
You should've heard me on the phone
with them. I really gave them hell.
All I heard was crying.
Look at our upgraded ride!
- Huh?
- Wow.
- I'm impressed, Mr. Harrington.
- Oh, come on.
Peter, wha...
What's going on?
I think Nick Fury just
hijacked our summer vacation.
Yeah. Awesome.
Yo, what's up, Flash mob.
It's your boy, the big F. Cruising through
the Alps with my private driver Dimitri.
For the next Tony
Stark, I trust you.
Standby for retinal
and biometric scan.
Retinal and biometric
scan accepted.
- Hello?
- Hello, Peter.
Tony Stark's augmented reality
security and defense system.
- So he made you for me?
- No. But you have access
- to all of Tony's protocols.
- Cool.
Would you like to
see what I can do?
EDITH stands for...
Even Dead, I'm The Hero.
- Tony loves his acronyms.
- Yeah, he did.
I have access to the entire
Stark global security network...
Including multiple defense
satellites, as well as back doors
to all major
telecommunication networks.
Is MJ texting?
No. Don't look at it.
That's wrong.
That's wrong.
Break for the toilet.
Ten minutes.
Ten minutes, everyone!
Dimitri, where exactly are we?
I'll figure it out. Yeah.
Close the door.
I'm Peter Parker.
Take off your clothes.
Excuse me?
You told Fury Spider-Man
cannot be seen in Europe.
So I made you this.
Another suit.
Oh, uh... Thank you.
Not sure it fits ...
- Take off your clothes.
- Okay.
Sure. Umm...
- It's a little embarassing.
- Now. Hurry up.
Sorry. I thought this
was the bathroom.
- This is not what it looks like. Just...
- Yeah.
What are you doing?
Don't shoot anybody. Brad?
It's not what it
looks like, buddy.
- Hey, man. Look.
- Look, Peter...
I'm not here to judge
your life choices, dude.
If you wanna hook up with some random European
chick on our school trip, that's on you.
That's not what that was.
I can't pretend that I
didn't see what I just saw.
I know you're trying to get with MJ.
It's obvious.
- I like her, too.
- Wait a minute. Hey, hey...
You cannot show that photo, dude.
Come on.
I'm sorry, man.
I have to.
She deserves the truth.
Okay. Put your one foot in front of the
other, and everybody back on the bus.
Let's go!
- Hello, Peter.
- How can I help you?
- Hey, umm...
- There's this guy in my class who's...
- Peter I'm having difficulty hearing you.
Can you please speak up?
Umm... Brad Davis. He
has a photo of me.
Brad Davis.
Is he a target?
Is Brad a target? Umm....
Yeah. He's a target.
He's a target.
Copy that.
Target is Brad Davis.
- Initiating strike.
- Initiating what, now?
Intercept point determined.
Releasing kill vehicle.
Oh, my God...
Dope glasses, Parker.
How'd you pay for these?
Flash, come here.
Give me that, Flash.
- I'm really paying you a compliment...
- Please, please!
I'm so sorry.
EDITH, don't kill Brad.
Peter, do you want me to cancel
the drone strike on Brad Davis?
- Did you just punch Flash?
- No!
This is not the Autobahn!
Commencing second strike.
Peter, why aren't you behaving in
that seat? Buckle up right now!
- Look at the baby mountain goats!
- Baby mountain goats?
I don't see any
mountain goats...
You missed them.
I know you think none of
us have noticed, Peter...
... but your new
look, I love it.
- Right, Babe?
- Thanks.
Yeah. Sophisticated,
classy, and very European.
Oh, man...
Let's try that again.
This is so weird. It was
right here on my phone. I...
Yeah. Weird.
Wow. This place is so classy.
Yeah, so why are we here?
Speak for yourself. I'm home.
What can I say?
The squeaky wheel gets
the upgrade grease.
Everyone, get settled in, rest up.
Because tonight, big surprise,
is Prague's annual
Carnival of Lights.
- Hello?
- Parker, it's Hill.
There's an earpiece with your suit.
Put it on
and await further instructions.
- Yes, Ma'am.
- Yeah.
- Hey, man.
- Hey.
Look, I am so sorry,
if I seem like I'm preoccupied
with my relationship.
You know I'm still
your guy in the chair.
No, no. It's all good.
Don't worry about it.
Okay. Great. Great.
It's fine.
So, what's the status
on the Elemental thing?
- Where's it gonna happen?
- Uh, here... in the city.
- Peter, we're here.
- I know. I know.
It's not good. I'm
figuring it out.
You have to do something, Peter. Please.
We're all counting on you.
- Ned...
- Yeah. Yeah, Babe.
The good news is, we've
all got our own rooms.
- Parker!
- Yes, sir.
That thing is going to
be here in a few hours.
Are we boring you?
He's not bored. He's just thinking
about how you kidnapped him.
He had obstacles.
I removed them.
They still won't
evacuate the city.
So what's the plan, Parker?
I will be in the
cathedral tower,
keeping watch for the fire monster. When
that shows up, I will radio you guys...
- And then, uh, Mr. Beck and I...
- My name is Mysterio.
That's when Mysterio
and I will move in.
Peter, listen to me.
The best hope you have,
the only hope...
is to stop it here, now.
No matter what the cost.
Maneuver it away from civilians if you can.
But most importantly,
Keep it away from metal.
If it gets too big, it'll be able to
draw power from the earth's core.
After that, there's
no way to stop it.
Hey, man. My friends are here.
And I can't help but think that
we're putting them in danger.
You're worried about us
hurting your friends?
You? Who called a drone strike
on your own school tour bus?
Stark gave you a multi-billion dollar
A.R tactical intelligence system.
And the first thing you do with it,
is try to blow up your friends.
It's clear to me that you
were not ready for this.
Look, Fury asked me to come
up here and see how you
were doing. He just, he felt
bad about snapping at you.
You guys do have sarcasm
on this earth, right?
How you feelin'?
I didn't think I was gonna have
to save the world this summer.
I know that makes me sound
like such a jerk. I just...
I had this plan with this girl
that I really like, and...
Now it's all ruined.
You're not a jerk for
wanting a normal life, kid.
It's a hard path.
You see things, you do things...
Make choices.
People look up to you...
Even if you win a battle
sometimes, they die.
I like you, Peter.
You're a good kid.
There's a part of me that
wants me to tell you, just...
turn around, run
away from all this.
And then, there's another part of me
that knows what we're about to fight.
What's at stake. And
I'm glad you're here.
- Me, too.
- But...
- You're worried about your friends.
- Yeah.
I just always feel like I'm
putting them in danger.
Look, just...
Get them inside and keep
them in a safe place,
for just a few hours.
It'll be all right.
It's really nice...
To have somebody to talk to
about, superhero stuff, you know?
And hey...
We survive this, you'll have
all summer to kill Brad.
- See you out there.
- All right.
Sorry. That's Italian.
- Hello, Peter.
- Hey, uhh...
I need to find a way to keep my friends
inside for the next few hours?
Let's see what we can do.
Good news...
We're going to the opera!
- Huh?
- The opera?
Don't look at me.
- What happened to the carnival?
- Well this is upgrade living, guys.
Come on. The tour company
just gave us these tickets.
For free!
Do you have any idea how
much opera tickets cost?
No. Because none of us have
ever wanted to go to the opera.
Well, I think this is gonna be
culturally enriching for us.
Thank you, Ned.
this is gonna be, maybe, the best
four hours of our whole trip.
Four hours?!
Guys, I think this is gonna
be really fun. Seriously.
I bet now you're all happy that
I had you pack a nice outfit.
Yeah, because we'd much
rather go to a 4-hour opera
instead of the biggest
party in the world.
Again, don't look at me.
Parker, you copy? Comm check.
One, two.
- Okay...
- Here we are.
- Beat the rush.
- Yeah. The rush out.
Lucky for us, we got the
best seats in the house.
Let's go.
Hey. I'll save you a seat.
You look really pretty.
And therefore, I have value?
No. No, that was not what I meant at all.
I was just...
I'm messing with you.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- You look pretty, too.
- Thank you.
- Oh, my gosh, opera glasses!
- So cute!
Can I...
Want to go in, on a pair?
- You mean, us sit next to each other?
- Yeah.
- Are you in position?
- No.
- Okay. No...
- Why the hell not?
You don't wanna sit next to
me, or you just don't want...
I didn't mean that. I, uh...
If you go ahead, I'll go...
grab us a pair.
I'll save you a seat,
next to me, because,
there's a lot of seats,
so I'll be over there.
- Parker.
- No, I'm coming. I'm...
Hey, I gotta go.
Umm, could you just tell MJ
that I'm sick or something?
Okay. Be careful.
And Peter, whatever you do, please steer
the monster away from the opera house.
Yeah, Ned. I know.
- Okay.
- Okay?
Gotta go.
Parker! You better
be on your way.
Where do you think she's going? Do you
think she's going to the carnival?
We should go, too. Yes, we should go.
Come on, let's go.
Come on!
All right. I'm in position.
As soon as I see something
bad, I'll let you know.
- Roger that.
- How's the suit?
The suit's great. It's awesome.
It's a little tight around
the old web-shooter...
- Parker!
- Okay. I'll shut up.
Oh, my God, Babe!
Isn't this beautiful?
Yeah. It's real... Real
beautiful, Babe...
- What's wrong?
- Uh, you know,
honestly, I just... I don't do
well with big crowds, so...
- Maybe we should...
- I have the perfect thing. Come on.
Don't worry, Babe. We'll get
away from the crowds, get
some fresh air. You'll feel
a thousand times better.
- Energy spiking.
- We have seismic activity.
Okay, he's here. Beck, are you ready?
You know what to do.
On your lead, Spider-Man.
No, come back! Come
back and help us!
You're up, kid.
Wait, wait, wait. Is that...
Do you think that's Spider-Man?
No, no, no. It's like a European
rip-off version of him. I
was actually reading about him
the other day, it's not him.
No, Beck! He's got the
carousel, he's getting bigger!
What's, what's his name?
What's his name?
- Night, Night-Monkey!
- Night-Monkey?
- Yeah. Yeah...
- Night-Monkey!
- Night Monkey, help! Save us!
- Night-Monkey...
- What? Oh, no.
- Night-Monkey, we're stuck!
Help us! Help!
Are you okay?
Go to Plan B?
Yeah, we gotta hit him with
something he can't absorb.
I go left, you go right.
Okay, go now!
That hurt him. Keep it coming.
- Spider-Man, keep your distance.
- I'm trying!
We can't let him get
near the ferris wheel!
Okay. I'm on it!
Whoa, what's that?
That's it! Nice, nice.
You got him!
No, no, no.
It's too late.
Whatever happens...
I'm glad we met.
Beck, what are you doing?
What I should've done last time.
Beck! Don't do it!
Mr. Beck?
Oh, thank God.
I would totally kiss you, but I think
I just threw up in my mouth a little.
I might have a mint...
- So, it's over?
- That was the last of them.
But not the last threat
we'll ever face.
We need to stay vigilant.
There's a void in this world
for someone like you.
Hill and I are going to Europol
headquarters in Berlin tomorrow.
You should join us.
Thank you. I just might
take you up on that.
You got gifts, Parker.
- But you didn't wanna be here.
- Mr. Fury, I...
I'd love to have you in Berlin, too.
But you've got to decide whether
you're going to step up, or not.
Stark chose you. He
made you an Avenger.
I need that.
The world needs that.
Maybe Stark was wrong.
Was he?
The choice is yours.
Let's get a drink.
I'm not 21.
We gotta celebrate. You did
something good tonight.
Fury was right.
Tony did a lot for me, so...
I owe it to him, to everybody...
- Do you?
- Yeah. I mean...
Mr. Stark, gave me a chance to be more.
He wanted me to be better than him.
And Fury just wants me
to live up to that.
What do you want, Peter?
- What do you mean?
- What do you want?
I don't know.
What do you want? You, Peter Parker, now.
I know you're thinking about it...
I wanna go on my trip. Right?
I wanna go back on my
trip, with my friends.
And, go to the top
of the Eiffel tower,
with the girl who I really like,
and tell her how I feel, and...
Give her a kiss.
Shut up, man.
- You're not gonna do that, are ya?
- No, I can't.
- Why not?
- Because I have too much responsiblity.
Oh, my God. Thank you so much.
What are those?
Are those the...
- EDITH glasses, yeah.
- It was on the floor?
Try them on. Let's see
what they look like.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
I actually really like them.
- Can I be completely honest with you?
- Please.
- You look really stupid.
- Oh.
But maybe have a contact
lens version of them.
- You try them on.
- No. Come on.
- Try them on.
- I don't want...
- I don't wanna try them on.
- Try them on.
What do you think, kid?
"The next Tony
Stark, I trust you."
"For the next Tony
Stark, I trust you."
Mr. Stark left me a message
with those glasses.
"For the next Tony
Stark, I trust you."
I'm still not following. How
many lemonades have you had?
He knew every mistake
I ever made, okay?
So he must have known that I was
not ready for something like this.
Why would he give it to you?
Because maybe he didn't trust me to have
EDITH, he just trusted me to pick who should.
It makes so much more sense. He
always knew I would do what's right,
and he's not gonna give them to Fury,
because Fury would just give himself EDITH.
You're probably
right about that.
Right. So, the world
needs the next Iron Man,
and it's not gonna be me.
I mean I'm a 16-year
old kid from Queens. It
needs to be an adult,
with some experience, and that's
good like Tony Stark, like you.
No, Peter. Come on.
- Hello, Peter.
Hi. Yeah, umm...
I'd like to transfer your
control over to Quentin Beck.
- Peter, what are you doing?
- Doing the right thing.
Any transfer will
require confirmation.
Stark gave you the glasses.
Stark gave me a choice. It's
my choice to make, okay?
And I'm gonna make it. Look,
you're a soldier, a leader, you
stopped the Elementals. You saved
my life, you saved the world. Okay?
- He'd want you to have them.
- Waiting for confirmation.
Welcome to the Avengers.
They look good on you.
Thank you. It's an honor.
Mr. Stark would've
really liked you.
- Where are you headed?
- I'm gonna go find MJ.
Good luck, kid. I give you about a 50/50
chance. You're pretty awkward, so...
- See you later, man.
- See ya.
See? That wasn't so hard.
Somebody get this
stupid costume off me!
Okay, we got EDITH. Get these
connected to our system.
- Toast! Toast!
- Toast! Toast!
Now, this is a big win, but we
still got a lot of work to do.
Okay, toasts!
Give me that, Doug!
To the man who brought us all together,
our former boss, Tony Stark.
The jester king.
Literally wrapped, in wealth and
technology that he was unfit to wield.
Like the holographic system I designed.
A revolutionary breakthrough,
with limitless applications, that Tony turned
into a self-therapy machine, and renamed...
Binarily Augmented
Retro-Framing, or BARF...
611 million dollars, for my
little therapeutic experiment?
He renamed my life's work, BARF.
I told him that it was a mistake. That
my technology can change the world.
And then...
He fired me.
Said I was... unstable.
- To Tony!
- To Tony!
Next, to William.
Tony Stark was able to build this
in a cave! With a box of scraps!
The integration of my illusion tech, with
your weaponized drones, was brilliant.
Powerful illusions, real
damage, worked like a charm.
- And it's just the beginning.
- Thank you, brother.
- To Guterman.
- To Guterman!
The story you created of a
soldier from another earth
named Quentin fighting space monsters
in Europe, is totally ridiculous!
And apparently exactly the kind of
thing people will believe right now.
I mean, everybody bought it.
- To Victoria.
- To Victoria!
Staging electromagnetic pulses
at each attack sites with
Fury's own satellites would
confirm our lies? Inspired idea.
- To Janice!
- Janice!
After Tony died, she was
the one who discovered
that EDITH was being
handed over not to us,
not to the Defense
Department, but to a child.
- Thank you!
- To Janice!
To the rest of you,
Tony Stark is gone.
There is a window of opportunity
and someone will step up.
But these days, you can
be the smartest guy in
the room, the most
qualified, and no one cares.
Unless you're flying around
with a cape, or shooting
lasers from your hands,
no one will even listen.
Well, I've got a cape.
And lasers.
With our technology,
and with EDITH,
Mysterio will be, the
greatest hero on Earth.
And everyone, will listen.
- Not to a, boozey man-child.
- No!
- Not, to a hormonal teenager.
- No!
To me! And, to my
very wealthy crew.
- To us.
- To us!
- To Mysterio!
- To Mysterio!
- To Peter Parker.
- To Peter Parker!
Poor kid.
Let's get to work.
- Peter!
- Oh, my God!
- We almost died!
- It's fine. It's fine.
Hey, guess what. I'm
done with the mission.
- Dude, the trip's over.
- What?
There's monsters coming out
of the ground everywhere
we go. Of course our parents
would want us home.
Please, don't put me on hold.
Oh, Peter! You're not dead!
Oh, my God. Yes. Good, stay here.
Don't die.
Put some clothes on.
We're booking flights.
Speaking for science, we're leaving because
of witches. Welcome to the new dark ages.
- What's going on, dude?
- We're going home in the morning.
No. No, no, no. All the
Elementals are gone.
Coming, sweetie.
Can you guys keep it down?
I'm livestreaming.
- Where were you?
- Um.. I got lost...
They were worried about you.
- Good thing you're back.
- Yeah.
- So much for Paris, right?
- It would've been fun.
- 'Night.
- 'Night.
You look ni...
- Hey.
- Hey.
Uh... Look, um...
I'm not ready for this
trip to be over yet, and
I kinda wanna do something
fun, that's not on
the itinerary or planned,
or with Mr. Harrington...
Yes, like, you wanna go?
Okay. Awesome. I'll see you
outside in ten minutes?
Meet me outside in five minutes.
- Five is good.
- Okay.
- Okay, bye.
- Bye.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- So, where do you wanna go?
- Who cares?
- Awesome.
- Okay.
Let's go.
- I'm glad we're doing this.
- Yeah. Me, too.
Just see the city a little bit.
You know they used to execute people?
On this bridge?
They were like... in a basket and
they would drown in the water.
- Sorry.
- It's okay.
Look, there was this thing that I've been
wanting to talk to you about for... a while.
It's our last night in Europe, and I
had this plan that I wanted to...
tell you... I'm just gonna,
I'm just gonna tell you...
- MJ, I...
- ... am Spider-Man.
I just figured you were gonna
say that you're Spider-Man.
I'm not Spider-Man.
I mean, I've been watching you for like,
a while now. It's... kind of obvious.
I'm not Spider-Man. I mean, what would
make you think that I was Spider-Man?
- Peter, Washington?
- Yeah?
The fact that you like, disappear?
Out of nowhere? For no reason?
No, that was, I was sick.
I had my... the tummy?
You know Suzan Yang thinks
that you're a male escort?
What? No, of course I'm
not a male escort.
- Well then, you're Spider-Man.
- No, I'm not Spider-Man. At all.
Well, what about tonight? When you snuck
off and fought that thing, I saw you.
You can't have seen me
because I'm not Spider-Man.
And also, on the news,
it was the Night-Monkey.
- The Night-Monkey?
- Yeah. That's what it said on the news.
And the news, never lies.
Night-Monkey. Okay.
What are you doing?
Well, do the Night-Monkey and
Spider-Man use the same webs?
I mean, maybe.
Maybe he's a Spider-Monkey.
Who knows?
Were you only watching me because
you thought I was Spider-Man?
Why else would I
be watching you?
Doesn't matter.
Just thought that maybe...
The hell was that?
I don't know.
What is it, like some kind
of projector or something?
Yeah, but it's really advanced.
It... It looked so real...
Yeah, really real.
- Wait a minute, does that mean that...
- The Elementals are fake?
That doesn't make any sense,
because we were there, right?
There was fire, and
destruction, and...
Who would do
something like that?
I am Spider-Man...
And I really messed up.
Wait, you're being
serious right now?
You're not joking with me? Like you're
100% serious? Because it's not funny.
- No. I'm not joking.
- Because I was only like 67% sure.
- MJ...
- So, why are you here?
Why are you on
this school trip?
MJ, look, I know you
have a lot of questions.
But look, we really have
to get out of here, okay?
Okay. Okay.
I can't believe I
figured it out!
You took everything from me!
This is for my family.
Yeah, uhh, can you just
fast-forward to the end?
Yeah. Standby.
Right. Fly, fly, fly...
Zap, zap, zap...
I'm not in love with this
choreography but it'll do.
Kill image. Decloak drones.
Right, weapons?
- You wanna weaponize them?
- Yup.
Weapons only. Standby.
Something... I don't know what it is.
It's something...
Just... you know what?
Double the damage. And
then run it again.
You want me to double it up?
- Yeah.
- Alright. Cover your ears.
Good. That's good.
- We're on schedule?
- Oh, yeah.
Uploading software
hack to EDITH network,
where drones will be able to create an
event big enough to cover an entire city.
Right, well done. Make sure every drone
is weapons hot. We need maximum damage.
That's gonna cause a
lot of casualties.
Oh, yeah. More casualties,
more coverage.
I gotta cut through the static.
London is a beautiful
city and it will suffer
but they can rebuild.
If I'm gonna be the next
Iron Man, I need to
save the world from an
Avengers-level threat.
But, when its new saviour descends, all
those casualties will be forgotten.
Janice, you'll be in position with a
quick change armor. For the victory lap.
- Of course. Do you want to try...
- No, no. That's...
What's going on with my hand?
Why is that happening?
Oh, one of the drones
that came back from the
plaza was missing a projector.
It's fine.
Wait, and you're... You're
telling me this, now?
It's one drone. The image
will be perfect, I promise.
That projector is evidence.
It's going to tell
people what we're doing
and how we're doing it.
I am trying, to fool seven billion
people here, including Nick Fury,
who happens to be the most paranoid and
most dangerous person on the planet.
And if he catches on before I've killed
him, then he will put a bullet in my head.
And nobody wants a bullet
in their head. Right?
William, can you look at me?
Pull up EDITH.
- Hello, Quentin.
- Yeah. Hi, honey.
I need a level 5 search full
resource protocol for this device.
There. Search everything going
in and out of that building.
You know William, one day, after I've had
to kill Peter Parker because of this...
I hope you remember, that his
blood, is on your hands!
I can't believe I gave Beck those glasses.
I mean, how can I be so stupid?
He's probably spying on me right now or
sending a drone to come and kill me.
You had access to killer drones?
Yeah, I didn't really want them
especially after I almost killed Brad.
- You almost killed Brad?
- Look...
I have to call Mr. Fury and tell
him that Beck's a fraud, but...
- I think he tapped my phone number.
- Okay, so what are you gonna do?
I need my suit, and I
have to go to Berlin,
and talk to Mr. Fury in person.
Oh, Ned. Perfect.
The costume looks great! For...
For the costume party,
at the princess castle...
She knows. I told her.
He didn't tell me.
I figured it out.
- That's cool.
- Like, a long time ago.
Look, Mysterio was a fraud.
But he saved me and
Betty's lives...
No, he's been faking the whole
thing with illusion tech.
Yeah, he's using these,
like, hologram projectors.
Whoa. That's... crazy.
So, you guys were like, working
the case together, or what?
It's been mostly me.
Look, Ned, I need you to call May,
get her to call Mr. Harrington,
say that she wanted me to stay with family
in Berlin until this all blows over. Okay?
Got it. Easy.
Wow. You guys lie
with such ease.
Gotta go.
Wait, wait, wait...
the projector.
You're gonna need this.
Don't tell anyone about this, okay?
Anyone who knows is in danger.
So, you know, too.
It's cool. Um...I mean,
I've known first and
I've known longer, but
it's not a competition.
- Excuse me, do you know where...
- Night-Monkey!
No, wait, I didn't...
Oh, man.
Get in.
- Mr. Fury...
- You've got a lot of explaining to do.
- No, no, no. Listen...
- Wait until we're secure.
Is there anything you want to
tell us about your girlfriend?
He's talking about EDITH.
Look, I know I made a mistake, and I'm
sorry but he is not who you think he is.
Beck is a liar. Mysterio, the
Elementals, it's all fake.
He has some sort of illusion
tech, and that's how he
tricked you guys and he tricked
me into giving him EDITH.
It's a projector.
I pulled it off the
fire monster in Prague.
So all that death and destruction
we witnessed was created by this?
No, not just this. I
think he's using drones.
Well, if this is true then Beck's very
dangerous and we need to be smart.
Who else did you
tell about this?
Parker? Parker!
- What's wrong?
- It's Beck. He's here.
No, it's just an ill...
Wow, Peter. Wow.
I thought we were close.
Fury always had to die.
But not you.
Stop hiding, Beck!
I tried to help you walk away.
Now you're making me do this.
You told me, you
were just a kid.
You told me, you wanted
to run after that girl.
- Help me!
- MJ!
Peter? What's going on?
- I know this isn't real.
- Do you, though?
I don't think you know
what's real, Peter.
You need to wake up!
I mean, look at yourself.
You, are just a scared
little kid in a sweatsuit!
I created Mysterio to give the
world someone to believe in.
I control the truth!
Mysterio is the truth.
If you were good enough, maybe
Tony would still be alive.
Deep down, you know I'm right.
You made your choice.
All you had to do
was step aside.
And now, you ha --
Beck's people... We're trying to find
everyone who could expose him.
Who'd you tell? I know
you told someone.
- So, just tell me...
- Okay...
Who did you tell? Who
else did you tell?
Just Ned and MJ from my class, and maybe Ned
told his girlfriend Betty, but that's it.
- You... are so dumb.
- What?
I mean, you're smart as a whip.
Just a...
... sucker.
Now all your friends
have to die.
It's easy to fool people when
they're already fooling themselves.
But for what it's worth, Peter...
I really am sorry.
- Yes, Quentin?
Access files to Peter
Parker's class trip.
I need them to fly
home from London.
Where am I?
Municipal holding facility.
They said they found you unconscious
at the train yard. Very dangerous.
We gave you the shirt because
you seemed a bit cold.
You guys are nice.
You speak really good English.
Welcome to the Netherlands.
- I'm in the Netherlands right now?
- Yup.
The guard's on a break.
Probably talking to his wife.
- Yeah. She's pregnant.
- Oh, yeah?
Night-Monkey. Yeah.
You guys okay?
Excuse me, sir? Can I
borrow your phone?
Everyone's so nice here.
Pick up, pick up pick up...
Hey. Hey! Uh...
I messed up. I need a...
I need a ride.
Where am I? Uh...
where am I, sir?
Hang on, could you
say that into there?
Hi, it's...
No problem.
Did you get that?
Peter? Are you okay?
- Happy, is that you?
- Is it me? Yeah, of course it's me!
Tell me something
only you would know.
Only I would know...
Remember when we went to Germany? You
pay-per-viewed a video in your room?
They didn't list the titles,
but I could tell by the price,
it was an adult film at the front
desk and you didn't know how I knew?
Okay! Okay, fine. It's you.
It's you, stop.
It's so good to see you.
Peter, you've got to tell me
what the hell is going on here.
Okay. Hold still. Here we go.
I thought you had
It still hurts.
All right, relax.
Just a few more...
There we go.
- Oh, my God!
- Relax!
Don't tell me to relax, Happy. How
can I relax when I messed up so bad?
I trusted Beck. Right?
I thought he was my friend, so I gave him
the only thing Mr. Stark left behind for me
and now he's gonna kill my friends
and half of Europe, so please,
do not tell me to relax.
I'm sorry, Happy. I'm sorry.
I shouldn't shout.
I just really miss him.
Yeah, I miss him, too.
Everywhere I go...
I see his face. And...
the whole world is asking who
is gonna be the next Iron Man?
I don't know if that's me, Happy.
I'm not Iron Man.
You're not Iron Man.
You're never gonna be Iron Man.
Nobody could live up to Tony.
Not even Tony.
Tony was my best friend.
And he was a mess.
He second-guessed everything he did.
He was all over the place.
The one thing that he did that he
didn't second-guess was picking you.
I don't think Tony would've
done what he did...
if he didn't know that you were
gonna be here after he was gone.
Your friends are in trouble. You're
all alone. The tech is missing.
What are you gonna do about it?
I'm gonna kick his ass.
No, I mean, right now. Specifically,
what are we gonna do?
Because we've been hovering over a tulip
field for the last fifteen minutes.
Right. I can't call my friends because
he's tracking their phones...
- Give me your phone?
- My cell phone?
- Yeah.
- Okay. Here.
- What's your password?
- "password".
No, what is your password?
Password. The word. Spell that.
You're the head of security and
your password is password?
I don't feel good
about it either.
'Ello, guv'nor! Cup o' tea for you?
I'mma be in London.
- They're in London.
- London? Okay.
- Yeah, I need a suit!
- Suit?
Okay... um...
Bring up everything you
have on Spider-Man.
Yeah, open that. Okay.
No, no, no.
- What?
- Nothing.
You take care of the suit.
I'll take care of the music.
Oh! I love Led Zeppelin!
Okay, can you pull
up my web shooters?
Isolate the taser webs and reconfigure
and boost the voltage to a
factor of 25%, and with complete
manual control over detonation.
I thought Kree having sleeper
cells was top-secret information?
Nick... satellites are
picking up an E.M. pulse.
I thought that was over.
- It's the biggest one yet.
- Where?
Okay guys. The company set up a city
tour, and then we'll grab a bite,
then head to the airport.
Is no one else gonna
acknowledge how crazy this is?
I get it. There's been nothing scientific
about this science tour at all.
No, no, no. I'm
talking about Peter.
Has no one else here
noticed how shady he is?
Because I saw him in the bathroom of a
reststop with some woman in his underwear,
and he's always sneaking away.
Like back at the opera? Huh?
And now what, he's suddenly off the trip?
With his family in Berlin?
Is no one else here
interested in the truth?
"The very concept of objective
truth is fading out of the world."
George Orwell. Thank you, MJ.
Yeah, well. I mean, since Peter's
not really here to tell his truth,
what about you, Brad? Why
do you think it's cool
to take pictures of
people in the bathroom?
Yeah, dude.
What's that about?
No, no. It wasn't like that.
It was...
I was trying to take...
Let's just put all this craziness behind
us, and have a nice, peaceful afternoon.
"Sounds great, Mr.
Harrington!", said the class.
I'm gonna be a cool
teacher right now...
You've got to stop doing that, okay?
It is weird.
No more photos in the bathroom.
Urinal or stalls. Okay?
- Look at this!
- Mr. Harrington. Come on.
- We got a bus all to ourselves!
- Nice to see you all. Come on.
Thank you.
All right!
I have the kids.
I got here as fast as I could.
I did a full perimeter sweep.
Damn it.
Pulse is spiking.
- I'll take another look.
- Soon as you see something, report.
You're all we got, Beck.
This is what I fear.
May God help us, Fury.
God help us all.
Okay people, no Avengers coming.
We're good to go.
- William, launch the drones.
- Copy that, brother.
Drones are entering the
atmosphere, weapons hot.
- Excellent. Janice?
- I'm still working on the cape.
You got to get those wrinkes
out in a few hours. I
could literally be shaking
hands with the Queen.
- Guterman?
- Almost in position.
Okay. Hit it,
Increasing pulse.
Whatever this thing is, it's a hundred
times bigger than the previous ones.
- Yes, Quentin?
Show me my loose ends.
Once the show's going, execute
a kill order on my command.
- Copy.
- Alright. Start the show.
Let's save the world, people.
I don't like this.
Something's definitely up.
You're an F.O.S. now.
Friend of Spider-Man. And you
have to remember, just stay calm.
That doesn't look good.
But it's fake, so there's
nothing to worry about.
The kids are in the kill zone.
Great work, Guterman.
- What?
- Happy here. Happy Hogan here.
I know. What do you want?
Oh, great. Mr. Stark was going
through his belongings,
apparently he owes a surfboard
that you left behind.
- What?
- People over there said
they didn't think that
Nick Fury's a surfer.
The guy says, appearances
can be deceiving.
It's not mine. And don't ever
call this number again.
Okay, Fury's got
the coded message.
- Your friends are at the Tower Bridge.
- Okay.
The boy called it the London
Bridge but I figured it out.
I'm gonna go scoop them up.
- Yeah.
- We're close.
- We're close.
- How's the suit coming?
- Almost done.
- Good.
Wait... Before you go...
If something happens to me, could
you please give this to MJ?
You're gonna make it back. You'll give
it to her yourself. Okay? You got this.
- I got this.
- Now walk me through it.
I know it's illusion tech, right?
All I have to do is get on the inside
of the illusion, then I can take it
down. Find him, and he's just a guy,
so I can take EDITH right back.
Right. But last time,
you got hit by a train.
True. But, this time...
How do I explain
this... uhh...
- I have like a sixth sense?
- The Peter-tingle.
That's what you're talking about, right?
It's not working, though.
I heard it wasn't working right now.
Is it?
It is working. Well, I don't...
I don't know if it's working...
Okay. So your Peter-tingle.
That's the plan.
I'm gonna go get your friends. You
get that Peter-tingle back online.
I got this. I got this.
- Cue the lightning...
- Cuing lightning.
Sir, is it still safe on the
top or should we all...
No it's not... All right.
Why did the bus driver stop?
- The bus driver's gone.
- What?
It's okay. Mr. Dell and I
have it under control.
- No, no, no. Don't drag me into this one.
- I'm doing my best, Julius!
The witches are back!
Oh my God! Get off the bus!
I got you. Follow me, kids!
Now that is an
Avengers-level threat.
- This way!
- This way!
- Okay! Okay!
- Flash!
This way, kids! Follow me!
- It's not real, it's not real!
- That one looks pretty real to me!
Earth, wind, fire, water... Oh, no.
They've joined forces like Power Rangers!
- You're thinking of Voltron.
- Who?
Voltron! You're
thinking of Voltron!
Hey, look. It's Mysterio!
He's gonna save us.
- Wait, Mysterio knows we know.
- Then we're in danger.
So are they. We should go.
Kill that witch!
This is for my family!
You should get somewhere safe, Fury.
I don't see this ending well.
I appreciate your concern. But
I never leave my men behind.
All right. Comms check.
You hear me, kid?
Yeah I can. It's just
a little loud out here.
- I like the new suit.
- Thanks.
Whoa... Peter, you
sure that's not real?
Yeah, it's just a hundred
times bigger than I expected.
- Still the play?
- Uh-huh.
We need to get high enough so
that it doesn't see me coming.
Copy. Stay sticky.
- Hey, Happy.
- Yeah, kid? What is it?
We need to have a serious
conversation about you and my aunt....
Beck, report!
Hey, Guterman. I need a response,
something quick and decisive...
It's all the Elementals. They
somehow merged into something...
... something else.
Something more powerful.
It's drawing energy
from the Earth's core.
See, now that's
some bullshit.
Is that...?
Be ready for anything.
Ohh, it's not real, it's
not real, it's not real!
Whoa... That's awesome.
William, I've got drones
breaking formation.
Maybe they hit a flock of birds
or something. You're fine.
Well, I wanna see what's happening there.
I'm taking manual control.
Do you see anything?
And I'm gonna kill him.
I hope this works!
You got me?
I gotcha.
Boss, the illusion is coming apart.
I see you.
- EDITH, give me some protection.
- Copy.
Kill it. Just kill the illusion.
Kill it.
No. I'm not gonna kill it.
They'll see you.
They'll see what I
want them to see!
- Do you still need the cape?
- Yes, Janice.
I still need the cape.
Now, William, render
my illusion suit.
Alright, hang on.
The monster was full of drones!
It's crazy!
There you are.
Who the hell is that?
- Ned!
- Happy!
I gotta get you guys outta here!
Get on the jet!
- Who are you?
- I work with Spider-Man, okay?
- You gotta get on that jet.
- You work for Spider-Man?
I work with Spider-Man,
not for Spider-Man!
New plan. Into the tower!
- Happy, are you okay?
- Yeah, we're okay. Just do your best.
- EDITH, target Spider-Man.
- Copy.
I'll just kill the kids myself.
There you are.
Into the crown jewels vault!
Go, go, go!
Go into the vault. The walls
are eight feet thick.
- Go into the vault!
- What?
Into the vault! Go!
Take cover!
I see you.
How does Cap do that?
Happy? Say something, please.
Just let me know you're alive.
- I'm here! I'm here.
- Oh, Happy! Thank God.
I bought us some time.
But not much.
I'm trying to get to Beck but
I can't shake these drones.
Goin' up!
Hey, William?
How are we doing?
Illusion almost back up.
I don't know how you're
gonna spin this.
Great. No webs.
Are we gonna die?
Nobody dies on my watch.
I wasted my life playing video
games and we're gonna die!
I have a fake ID. And
I've never even used it.
I post stupid videos daily
for people to like me!
Hey! If it wasn't for those stupid videos,
Spider-Man would have never found you.
Spider-Man follows me?
I saved us, guys!
If you saved us, then why
are we about to die?
- Stop it!
- I'm sorry! Okay?
I just... I'm obsessed with telling the truth
even if it hurts other people's feelings.
I'm in love with
Spider-Man's aunt.
We're sharing, right?
Your lies are over, Beck.
This certainly isn't ideal, but...
I have contingencies. EDITH?
Just give me the glasses.
You want these?
Come and get them.
Come on, Peter-tingle.
Why aren't these
drones firing?
You're in the strike zone.
The chance of getting hit...
No, fire all the drones now!
You lied to me.
- I trusted you.
- I know.
That's the most...
disappointing part.
You're a good person, Peter.
Such a weakness...
Stark was right.
You do deserve that.
You can't trick me anymore.
EDITH, turn off the drones!
Biometric scan complete.
Welcome back, Peter.
Shall I execute all
cancellation protocols?
Do it. Execute them all.
Give me the spear.
That's a halberd.
Thank you.
How could you do all of this?
You'll see, Peter.
People tend to believe...
And nowadays...
they'll believe anything.
Is he...
Is this real?
All illusions are down, Peter.
Where are you going?
- Are you okay?
- I'm okay. Are you okay?
- Yeah.
- Is everybody also okay?
Everyone's okay.
What happened?
There was this... the drones, and they were
following us, and then, they just stopped.
- Was that you?
- Yeah.
Did you get him?
- Yeah.
- Well, I, umm...
brought that.
- In case you needed some help.
- Thanks.
Anyway, uh...
There was this sweaty guy,
in the tower with us.
I think, he like, works
for you or something.
He, um...
He gave me this.
Oh, MJ, I am so sorry. I had
this plan, this stupid plan,
and I wrote it all down,
and I was gonna buy you
this. I'll give it to you
in Paris, at the top...
Did you kiss me?
I don't really have much luck when
it comes to getting close to people...
... so I lied.
I wasn't just watching you 'cause
I thought you were Spider-Man.
That's great.
Black Dahlia. Like...
- The murder. Yeah.
- The murder. Yeah.
I'm sorry it's broken.
I actually like it better broken.
I really like you.
I really like you, too.
Okay. I should, umm...
I should walk... probably
get back to the class.
I'll go and....
... yeah. I don't know.
Just in case.
Yeah. No, no, May, you're right.
He did great. He was strong.
Yeah. I'm glad he stayed, too.
I gotta go.
Wow, I'm glad you're alive. I
guess the coded message worked.
"Appearances can be deceiving."
I'm surprised you didn't
just wink in the camera.
It worked.
Only because I had serious doubts
about Beck from the beginning.
Not true. He had zero doubts.
Where's Parker?
- He's with the girl.
- I need to speak with him.
He'll call you.
He'll ca ---
Okay! That's great!
Well he better.
Or it's your ass.
And don't even think
about ghosting me.
You sure no one else
has figured it out?
Yeah. It's not like anybody
really pays attention to you.
Except for me.
- Aww. Thanks.
- Don't be late.
I won't. See you later.
- You guys are so cute.
- Thanks.
I was thinking that
maybe we should all...
I don't know, like go on a
double date or something.
- Oh... we broke up.
- Oh... we broke up.
No! What... why?
Men and women grow apart.
But the journey they
shared together will
always be a part of them.
- You are so wise.
- Thank you.
Hello, Gerald.
Could Mother not make it?
I promise you... He's here!
Don't give me a ticket.
So glad you're okay!
No. For real, I'm good. I'm
actually really... fine.
Let's go. Where
are your bags?
- Oh, right. They got blown up.
- Yeah.
I've kept my identity pretty
guarded, these past couple of years.
I faced a lot of deception,
and I'm tired of the lies.
So, it's time for the
truth to be out there.
Are you dating?
- Not really.
- Yes.
- I... think...
- ... summer fling.
Yes, that evolves
and grows like...
I still don't know where
it's going to go.
- ... opens you wherever it might lead.
- Anywhere.
And to share with people...
But we'll always be
friends no matter what.
I'm gonna go, because
I've got a date... Uh....
We all are interconnected...
- Hey!
- Hey!
Sorry I'm late.
It's fine.
- You ready?
- Yeah.
You're gonna love this.
Okay! Okay! Okay!
I'm not gonna watch.
I'm not gonna watch.
I'm not looking. I'm not looking.
I'm not looking!
subbed by:
FujiFilm69 (iamdepressd69)
You can put me down now!
You can put me down now!
You okay?
Yeah! Yeah, I'm okay. Just....
Never, never doing that again.
I'm never doing that again.
Okay. Well, I should
probably get out of here.
- Be safe.
- See you later.
This is breaking news.
We come to you now with revelations
about last week's attack in London.
An anonymous source provided
this video, it shows
Quentin Beck, aka, Mysterio,
moments before his death.
A warning: You may find
this video disturbing.
I managed to send the Elemental
back into the dimensional rift
but I don't think I'm gonna
make it off this bridge alive.
Spider-Man attacked me
for some reason. He has
an army of weaponized
drones, Stark technology.
He's saying he's the only one who's
gonna be the new Iron Man, no one else.
Are you sure you want
to commence the drone
attack? There will be
significant casualities.
Do it. Execute them all.
This shocking video was
released earlier today on
the controversial news
website 'thedailybugle.net.'
There you have it folks:
conclusive proof that Spider-Man
was responsible for the
brutal murder of Mysterio!
An interdimensional warrior who gave his
life to protect our planet, and who
will no doubt, go down in history as
the greatest superhero of all time!
But that's not all folks,
here's the real blockbuster.
Brace yourselves, you
might wanna sit down.
Spider-Man's real...
Spider-Man's real name is ---
Spider-Man's name
is Peter Parker!
What the fu ---