Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) Movie Script

All right, let's
do this one last time.
My name is Peter Parker.
I was bitten
by a radioactive spider.
And for 10 years...
I've been the one
and only
I'm pretty sure
you know the rest.
With great power comes
great responsibility.
I saved a bunch of people,
fell in love, saved the city.
And then
I saved the city again.
And again and again
and again.
And I did, uh...
I did this.
Get on up
Get yourself together
Drive that funky soul
We don't really talk
about this.
Look, I'm a comic book.
I'm a cereal.
Did a Christmas album.
I have an excellent theme song.
And a so-so popsicle.
I mean, I've looked worse.
But after everything...
I still love being Spider-Man.
I mean, who wouldn't?
So no matter
how many hits I take...
...I always find a way
to come back.
Because the only thing standing
between this city and oblivion
is me.
There's only one Spider-Man.
And you're lookin' at him.
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Needless to say...
Callin' it quits
- Now, baby, I'm a wreck
- RIO: Miles!
Miles, pap, time for school!
- Miles!
- Yeah! Yeah?
Are you finished
packing for school?
Just ironing my last shirt.
You're a sunflower...
Come on! You a grown man now.
- Let's show these teachers that.
- Miles!
Where's my laptop?
If you want me to drive you,
we gotta go now.
No, Dad, I'll walk.
- Personal chauffeur going once.
- It's okay.
- Miles! Gotta go.
- In a minute!
- Gotta go.
- In a minute!
Mom, I gotta go.
In a minute.
See you Friday.
Look who's back.
Yo, what's going on, bro?
Hey, I'm just walking
by. How you doin'?
Yo, Miles! You feel
that earthquake last night?
What you talkin' about?
I slept like a baby last night.
- How's that new school?
- So easy.
- We miss you, Miles.
- You miss me? I still live here!
Wait, you miss me?
Oh, come on.
Seriously, Dad.
Walking would've been fine.
You can walk plenty
on Saturday
when you peel
those stickers off.
You saw that?
I don't know if that was me.
And the two from yesterday
on Clinton.
Yeah, those were me.
Look at that.
Another new coffee shop.
- You see that?
- Totally. Yeah.
- What's that one called?
- Foam Party.
"Foam Party"? Come on.
And everyone is just linin' up.
You see that?
I see it.
Is that a coffee shop
or a disco?
Dad, you're old, man.
There are multiple reports
of another mysterious
seismic event last night.
Sources close to Spider-Man say
he's looking into the problem.
Spider-Man. I mean,
this guy swings in once a day,
zip-zap-zop in his little mask
and answers to no one. Right?
Yeah, Dad. Yeah.
my guys are out there,
- lives on the line, no masks.
- Uh-huh.
- We show our faces.
- Speed up. I know these kids.
With great ability
comes great accountability.
That's not even
how the saying goes.
I do like his cereal, though.
I'll give him that.
Oh, my gosh.
Don't cops run red lights?
Oh, yeah, some do.
But not your dad.
My memories keep begging
For someone else
I know this feeling, yes
I know it very well
Why can't I go back
to Brooklyn Middle?
You've given it
two weeks.
We're not having
this conversation.
I just think that
this new school is elitist.
- "Elitist"?
- And I would prefer to be
at a normal school
among the people.
"The people"?
These are your people.
I'm only here 'cause
I won that stupid lottery.
No way. You passed the entry
test just like everybody else.
You have an opportunity here.
You wanna blow that?
You wanna end up
like your uncle?
What's wrong with Uncle Aaron?
He's a good guy.
We all make choices in life.
It doesn't feel
like I have a choice right now.
You don't!
I love you, Miles.
Yeah, I know, Dad.
See you Friday.
- You gotta say "I love you" back.
- Dad, are you serious?
I wanna hear it.
"I love you, Dad."
You wanna hear me
say it?
You're dropping me off
at a school.
- "I love you, Dad."
- Look at this place.
"Dad, I love you."
Dad, I love you.
That's a copy.
Tie your shoes, please.
"I love you, Dad."
Hey, good morning.
How you doin'?
- Weekend was short, huh?
- "That's a copy."
Oh, my gosh!
This is embarrassing.
We wore the same jacket.
Hey. Your shoe's untied.
Yeah, I'm aware.
It's a choice.
Theory is that
All matter is composed
Of at least three
Fundamental particles
Who can solve this for XY?
And that is known
as a syllogism.
Read two chapters
of Great Expectations.
A take-home quiz
on volumetric pressure.
Five-page essay
with your conclusions stressed.
...countless other possibilities.
There could be a universe
where I am wearing red.
Or wearing leather pants.
Mr. Morales. Movin' in the dark.
You're late again.
Einstein said
time was relative, right?
Maybe I'm not late.
Maybe you guys are early.
It was just so quiet.
Would you like
to keep standing there,
or do you wanna sit down?
Our universe is, in fact,
one of many parallel universes
at the exact same time.
Thanks to everyone here at
the Fisk Family Foundation...
- I liked your joke.
- Really?
I mean, it wasn't funny.
That's why I laughed.
But it was smart,
so I liked it.
I don't think
I've seen you before.
Every choice that we make
would create countless
other possibilities.
A what-if to infinity.
A zero?
A few more of those,
you'd probably have
to kick me outta here, huh?
Maybe I'm just not right
for this school.
If a person wearing a blindfold
picked the answers
on a true-or-false quiz
at random,
do you know
what score they would get?
- 50%?
- That's right!
The only way to get
all the answers wrong
is to know
which answers are right.
You're trying to quit.
And I'm not gonna let you.
assigning you a personal essay.
Not about physics,
but about you,
and what kind of person
you want to be.
- Unh. Unh
- Unh. Unh
Come on
Ha, sicker than
Your average
Poppa twist cabbage
Off instinct
Don't think
My Detroit players, timbs for
My hooligans in Brooklyn
Dead right, if the head
Right, Biggie there e'rynight
Never lose, never choose to
Bruise crews who
- Do something to us...
- Come on
Uncle Aaron!
Hey! Were you scared?
You want that?
What's up with school?
Going great!
Got tons of friends.
You can't tell me
it's all that bad there.
Smart girls
is where it's at.
Place must be full of 'em.
No, there's no one.
Yo, I can't have
no nephew of mine
on the streets
with no game.
Hey, I got game.
There's a new girl.
Actually, you know,
she's kinda into me.
You know how it is.
What's her name?
You know, we layin'
down the groundwork right now.
You know about
the shoulder touch?
'Course I do.
But tell me anyway.
Tomorrow, find that girl.
You walk up to her and be like:
You serious, Uncle Aaron?
I'm tellin' you, man,
it's science.
So walk up to her
and be like: "Hey."
No, no, no, no.
Like: "Hey."
No. "Hey."
You sure you my nephew, man?
Is that her?
I should probably go.
Still got a paper to do tonight.
Yo, you been holdin' out on me?
You throw these up yet?
Naw, man. You know
my dad. I can't.
Come on. I got a spot
you ain't gon' believe.
Naw, I can't.
I can't. Can't.
I'm gonna get
in so much trouble.
Hey, man. Tell him
your art teacher made you.
How'd you know
about this place?
Did an engineering
job down here.
One, two, three
Four, five...
What's up?
Yeah, man,
I knew we were related.
There's a lot of
history on these walls.
This is so fresh.
And now
you on your own, Miles.
Whoa, slow down a little.
That's better.
Who's the black sheep?
What's the black sheep?
Don't know who I am
When I'm coming so you sleep
See what you got now?
Makin' mistakes is part of it.
And you can't beat that...
The real Miles
comin' outta hidin'.
You gotta hay?
It's for the hoes
Now you can cut that line
with another color.
You can get with this
Or you can get with that
You can get with this or
You can get with that
You can get with this
Or you can get with that
I think you'll get with this
For this is where it's at
Little help?
...who was quite contrary
Talkin' 'bout Mary...
Did you want drips?
'Cause if you do, that's cool,
but if you don't,
you gotta keep it moving.
That's intentional.
- Wow.
- Is it too crazy?
No, man.
Miles, I see exactly
what you're doing there.
Yeah. You know,
me and your dad used
to do this back in the day.
- Stop lyin'.
- It's true.
Then he took on the cop thing,
and I don't know...
He's a good guy, just...
You know
what I'm sayin'.
All right, come on, man.
I gotta roll.
Miles, let's go.
That's weird.
My pants shrank.
I think I hit puberty.
I gotta get new pants.
Wait. Why is the voice
in my head so loud?
- Oh! Are you okay?
- What?
Why am I so sweaty?
Why are you so sweaty?
It's a puberty thing.
I don't know why I said that.
I'm not going through puberty.
I did, but I'm done.
I'm a man.
So you're, like, new
here, right? We got that in common.
Yeah. That's one thing.
Cool. Yeah. I'm Miles.
I'm Gwe... anda.
Wait, your name is Gwanda?
Yes, it's African.
I'm South African.
No accent though
'cause I was raised here.
Do the shoulder
touch now before she walks away.
Why is this so scary?
Am I doing this in slow motion
or does it just feel that way?
I'm kidding. It's Wanda.
No "G." That's crazy. Heh.
Okay, then.
I'll see you around.
Oh. See you.
- Sorry. Um...
- Hey.
- Oh, crap.
- Can you let go, please?
- I can't let go.
- Ow! Ow! Calm down. It's fine.
- Miles, let go.
- Workin' on it.
It's just puberty.
I don't think you know
what puberty is. Just relax.
- Okay, I have a plan.
- Great.
- I'm gonna pull really hard.
- That's a terrible plan.
- One.
- Don't do this.
- Two.
- Three!
Nice to meet you?
Sure. Total pleasure.
No one saw. It's okay.
No one knows, no one knows.
Everyone knows.
Everyone knows.
They're talkin' 'bout me.
They saw everything!
He knows. She knows. They know.
Wow, she's super tall.
Why is he smiling?
Am I the weird guy now?
What am I doing?
That guy's
such a weirdo.
How do I stop?
Can they hear my thoughts?!
Why are all my thoughts
so loud?!
Hey! I know you snuck out
last night, Morales.
Play dumb!
Who's Morales?
Not that dumb!
Okay, okay. You're okay.
You're okay.
He'll never find you.
What are you doing
in my office, Morales?!
Morales! Open up!
Oh, Spider-bells
Goblin smells
Why is this happening?
Spider-buggy blew a tire
He's got
a nice voice.
Spidey-bells, Spidey-bells
Open up!
Stop sticking!
Keep sticking, Miles! Oh!
is suggesting...
...is that we...
...look on the...
My room!
"Why is this happening?"
"Please stop sticking."
"Please keep st..."
Wait, wait, wait.
How could there be
two Spider-Men?
There can't be two Spider-Men.
Can there?
Come on, Uncle
Aaron, pick up. Pick up!
Yo, it's Aaron.
I'm outta town for a few days.
I'll hit you when I'm back.
No. No-No-No-No-No.
It's not possible!
It's just puberty.
It's a normal spider
and I'm a normal kid!
All right!
I gotta tell someone.
Okay, you're being crazy, Miles.
You're being crazy.
Find the spider.
You'll see.
It's a normal spider.
It's, like, boring
how normal this spider is.
I'm right here.
Why is this happening to me?
Slow down! What am I doing?
Way over there.
You're like me.
Miles. Look out.
I don't wanna be a hero.
Norman, listen to me.
I cannot let you open a portal
to another dimension.
Brooklyn is not zoned
for that.
It's not up to me.
Is that Green Goblin?!
Why won't you quit?!
I guess I like Brooklyn not
being sucked into a black hole.
I think I'm gonna go.
Staten Island, maybe.
Not Brooklyn.
No! No!
What now?
What is this place?
Did you know your shoes
are untied?
- Uh-huh.
- This is a onesie,
so I don't really
have to worry about it.
I thought I was the only one.
You're like me.
I don't wanna be.
I don't think
you have a choice, kiddo.
Got a lot going through
your head, I'm sure.
You're gonna be fine.
I can help you.
If you stick around,
I can show you the ropes.
I just need to destroy
this big machine real quick
before the space-time
continuum collapses.
Don't move.
See you in a bit.
How does he do that?
Is it here?
No, no, it's here.
All right, folks.
I always get this wrong.
Oh, boy.
Man, I was in
the middle of something.
I am so tired.
Are you mad at me?
I feel like you're mad at me.
That all you got?
Aw, so gross.
I should go
up there and help him.
Who am I kidding?
I should not do that.
Watch out.
Here comes the Spider-Man.
You like my new toy?
Cost me a fortune, but, hey,
can't take it with you, right?
You came all this way.
Watch the test.
It's a hell of a freaking
light show.
You're gonna love this.
No! No,
don't do this! Stop!
You don't know what it can do!
You'll kill us all!
I see multiple
dimensions opening!
That was three, four
and five separate dimensions.
It's unstable! We should stop.
Norm, what's your take
on head trauma?
I tried to warn you, pal.
Goblin, no!
Get him outta there!
Wilson! Where are we?
Really weird.
Hey! Are you okay?
I'm fine, I'm fine.
I'm just resting.
- Can't you get up?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I always get up.
The coughing's
probably not a good sign.
Find him. Now.
Listen, we gotta team up here.
We don't have that much time.
This override key is the only
way to stop the collider.
Swing up there, use this key,
push the button and blow it up.
You need to hide your face.
You don't tell anyone
who you are.
No one can know. He's got
everyone in his pocket.
If he turns
the machine on again,
everything you know
will disappear.
Your family, everyone.
Promise me you'll do this.
I promise.
Go. Destroy the collider.
I'll come and find you.
It's gonna be okay.
We're done with tests.
Get that thing ready
to go again. And soon.
Run faster!
These guys are weak.
I'd say it's nice
to see you again, Spider-Man,
but it's not.
Hey, Kingpin.
How's business?
Boomin'. Heh.
Nice. Aw, that's a no-no.
This might open a
black hole under Brooklyn.
It can't be worth the risk.
It's not always
about the money, Spider-Man.
Don't you wanna know
what I saw in there?
I know
what you're trying to do,
and it won't work.
They're gone.
Get rid of the body.
What was that?
Kill that guy.
Stop sticking!
Stand clear
of the closing doors, please.
Yeah, I think it's a Banksy.
Police! Put your hands up!
Miles? Miles?
Why aren't you
at school?
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
It's okay. It's okay.
Qu te pasa?
Is it the earthquake?
Can I sleep here tonight?
It's a weeknight.
You made a commitment
to that school.
He's upset.
Of course you can stay.
- Dad?
- Yeah.
Do you really hate
Yeah. I mean, with
a vigilante, there is...
Jeff, mi amor.
What? He asked me.
Baby, you know how I feel
about Spider-Man. Come on.
T sabes que
l te quiere mucho.
That's why he's tough on you.
You know that, right?
Mom, do you ever think
about moving out of Brooklyn?
Our family doesn't run
from things, Miles.
Yeah, I know.
What's that about?
He's having a hard time, Jeff.
When it gets hard,
that's when
he's gotta stick it out.
We interrupt this
broadcast for a special report.
Sad news tonight.
The hero known as Spider-Man
has died
after injuries related to
another powerful earthquake
in Brooklyn.
Multiple sources are confirming
that Peter Parker,
a 26-year-old grad student
and part-time photographer
operated as Spider-Man
for at least a decade.
I'm not runnin'
Runnin', runnin'
No, I'm not afraid
Of the fall
I'm not scared...
He is survived
by his wife, Mary Jane,
and his aunt, May Parker.
Our hero, Spider-Man, is gone.
I'm not scared...
My husband, Peter Parker,
was an ordinary person.
He always said it could've been
anyone behind the mask.
He was just the kid
who happened to get bit.
I'm going to miss him.
We were friends,
you know.
Can I return it
if it doesn't fit?
It always fits
He didn't ask for his powers,
but he chose to be Spider-Man.
My favorite thing about Peter
is that he made us each
feel powerful.
We all have powers
of one kind or another.
Of the dark...
But in our own way.
We are all Spider-Man.
And we're all
counting on you.
They're counting on me.
Probably not you specifically.
I think it's a metaphor.
I'm sorry, Mr. Parker.
That thing you gave me,
that key
I think I really messed it up.
I wanna do what you asked.
I really do.
But I'm sorry.
I'm not sure I'm the guy.
I can't do this without you.
Hey, kid.
What did I do to him?!
Who are you?
All right, people,
let's do this one last time.
My name is Peter B. Parker.
I was bitten by
a radioactive spider.
And for the last 22 years,
I thought I was
the one and only Spider-Man.
What a day.
I'm pretty sure
you know the rest.
You see, I saved the city,
fell in love, I got married,
saved the city some more,
maybe too much.
My marriage got testy,
made some dicey money choices.
Don't invest
in a spider-themed restaurant.
Then like 15 years passed.
Blah, blah, blah. Super boring.
I broke my back,
a drone flew into my face,
I buried Aunt May.
My wife and I split up.
But I handled it
like a champion.
'Cause, you know what,
no matter
how many times I get hit,
I always get back up.
And I got a lot of time
to reflect and work on myself.
Did you know that seahorses,
that they mate for life?
Could you imagine?
A seahorse seeing
another seahorse
and then making it work?
She wanted kids and...
And it scared me.
I'm pretty sure
I broke her heart.
Flash-forward: I'm in
my apartment doing push-ups,
doing ab crunches,
getting strong,
when this weird thing
And I gotta say, weird things
happen to me a lot.
But this was real weird.
You see, I was in New York,
but things were different.
Also, I was dead.
And blond.
I was kind of perfect.
It was like
looking in a mirror.
I have a feeling that
the thing
that brought me here
was the thing
that got him killed.
You wanna know
what happened next?
Me, too.
Who are you?
What are
you doin' over there?
Freeze! P.D.N.Y.
Are you kidding me right now?
Stop! Stop!
I gotcha. I gotcha.
Hey, kid. Drop the body.
- Hey, kid. Get over here!
- Come on, now!
See you, officers!
Aw, come on.
- Hey, kid.
- Kid, come on, now!
Put 'em up, son!
Uh... adis?
Somebody stop that train!
Oh, hey. What the...?
I'm gonna die!
Looks like
a child dressed like Spider-Man
dragging a homeless corpse
behind a train.
Yes! I didn't kill you.
- Who are you?
- Who are you?
Why are you trying to kill me?
I'm not. I'm trying to save you.
Hey, maybe you
guys can go around?
All right. Thanks, New York.
What was that?
Kid electrocuted me
with his hands.
- You're like me.
- I got some questions.
Why do you look like
Peter Parker?
Because I am Peter Parker.
Then why aren't you dead?
And why is your hair different?
Why are you older?
And why is your body
a different shape?
Pretty sure
you just called me fat.
You don't look
so hot either, kid.
Most superheroes don't wear
their own merch.
- Are you a ghost?
- No.
- Are you a zombie?
- Stop it.
- Am I a zombie?
- You're not even close.
Are you from another dimension?
Like a parallel universe
where things are like
this universe but different?
And you're Spider-Man
in that universe?
But somehow traveled
to this universe,
but you don't know how?
Wow. That was really
just a guess?
We learned about it
in physics.
- Quantum theory.
- This is amazing!
You can teach me
like Peter said he would.
Before he died.
- Yeah. Exactly.
- Yeah, right.
Look, I made a promise
to him.
Here's lesson number one,
Don't watch the mouth.
Watch the hands.
Peter, seriously...
Trust me, kid.
This'll all make you
a better Spider-Man.
Hey, are you okay?
No, I'm not.
What's going on
with your body?
I don't think my atoms
are real jazzed
about being
in the wrong dimension.
Look, I'm not looking
for a side gig
as a Spider-Man coach.
I got a lot going on
in my dimension.
"With great power
comes great..."
Don't you dare
finish that sentence.
Don't do it!
I'm sick of it.
Want my advice?
Go back to being a regular kid.
I don't have a choice!
Kingpin's got
a supercollider.
He's tryin' to kill me.
- What did you just say?
- Kingpin's tryin' to kill me.
Who cares about that.
Where's the collider?
Brooklyn. Under Fisk Tower.
- Goodbye.
- Where you going?
When it runs again,
I'll jump in
- and get back to my life.
- You can't let them run it.
I'm supposed to destroy it
so it never runs again
or everyone's gonna die.
"Or everyone's gonna die."
That is what they always say.
But there's always a little bit
of time before everybody dies
and that's when I do
my best work.
Aren't you gonna need this?
Aw, you have a goober.
Give it.
Wait, no. Not so fast.
He called it an override key.
There's always a bypass key,
a virus key, a who-cares key.
I can never remember,
so I always call it
a goober. Give it.
I need it
to destroy the collider.
I need it to go home.
I'll swallow it.
Don't play with me.
- What?
- I said...
The collider created a portal
that brought me here.
And I have to get...
- Did you break this?
- No, it broke.
I don't remember
what happened.
See, this is why
I never had kids.
Can't we make another one?
We can't do anything.
Thanks to you,
I have to re-steal what
your guy stole from Alchemax
and make another one of these.
If I don't turn off the collider
after you leave,
everyone in this city,
my parents, my uncle and
millions of others, will die.
And you're just gonna
go home
and leave me here
to figure this out for myself?
- You good with that, Spider-Man?
- Yeah.
What are you doing?
Making you feel guilty.
Is it working?
How could it...? No.
Look at me.
Does it look like
it's working?
No. No, it's not...
No! No! No!
Do not let him win!
All right, kid. You win.
Come on, we don't have
a second to lose.
Mmm. I love this burger.
So delicious.
One of the best burgers
I've ever had.
In my universe, this place
closed six years ago.
I don't know why.
I really don't.
You have money, right?
I'm not very liquid right now.
- Can we focus?
- Mm-hm. Sure.
- The other Peter...
- You gonna eat that?
I'm listening.
The other Peter said
he was gonna be
- showing me the ropes.
- Wow.
You got any Spider-Man
tips you can tell me now?
Yeah, I got plenty.
Disinfect the mask.
You're gonna wanna use
baby powder in the suit,
heavy on the joints.
You don't want
any chafing, right?
- Anything else?
- Nope, that was everything.
I think you're gonna be
a bad teacher.
Look up where Alchemax is.
"A private technological campus
in Hudson Valley, New York."
You can teach me
to swing on the way there.
I'm not swinging to
the Hudson Valley, Miles.
Not after a hearty
burger breakfast.
Keep your legs fresh.
You're gonna thank me later.
I can see a new horizon
Underneath the blazing sky
I'll be where the eagle's
Flying higher...
- And it's a no on the cape.
- I think it's cool.
Take that off.
It's disrespectful.
Spider-Man doesn't wear a cape.
So how do we
retrace Peter's steps?
That's a good question.
What would I do
if I were me?
Got it.
Step One:
I infiltrate the lab.
Two: Find the head scientist's
That lady with the
bike is the head scientist.
I saw her
in this documentary.
Cool! Step Three: I
reexamine my personal biases.
Step Four:
I hack the computer.
It's not technically
Not now. I just lost
my train of thought.
Step Five:
Download the important stuff.
I'll know it when I see it.
Step Six: I grab a bagel
from the cafeteria and run.
So, what am I doing?
Step Seven: You stay here.
You're lookout. Very important.
Look, man. You gotta teach me
how to do Spider-Man stuff
or I won't be able
to help.
Watch and learn, kid!
I'll quiz ya later!
Why did I get stuck with
the janky, old, broke
hobo Spider-Man?!
That's new.
What am I doing?
What am I doing?
What am I doing?
What am I doing?
- What are you doing here?
- Kingpin's here.
Just move over.
You're steppin' on my foot.
Go back outside.
No! I can't sit there
and let Spider-Man die
without doing anything
about it.
I'm not doing that again.
Most people I meet
in the workplace try to kill me,
so you're
a nice change of pace.
Mr. Fisk!
Look at this data.
I know you can't
really understand it,
but these are
really good numbers.
And I got the password.
Mr. Fisk.
If we fire again this week
there could be a black hole
under Brooklyn.
You see this? And this?
This is multiple dimensions
beginning to crash
into each other.
This is pretty standard
Spider-Man stakes.
You get used to it.
Watch this.
He's gonna say,
"You've got 24 hours."
You've got 24 hours.
What this means is there
could be a rupture
in the space-time
Ooh. That's bad.
Actually, everything
she said was bad.
I was lying before.
Hold on. Let
me get you some more data.
- What are you doing, bud?
- I can't move.
Okay, relax your fingers.
We don't have time.
Just let go. Be in the moment.
I am in the moment.
It's a terrible moment.
- I'm not refusing.
- No more excuses.
I just need more time.
They're right there.
They're gonna see you.
Miles, you gotta unstick.
What do you do to relax?
Relax. Okay, okay, okay.
Needless to say, I...
Oh, for crying out loud.
Callin' it quits
Now, baby, I'm a wreck
You're a wreck, ooh...
Teenagers: just the worst.
- Miles, where did you go?
- I'm right here.
- Where? I can't see ya.
- I'm right in front of you.
- Can Spider-Man turn invisible?
- Not in my universe.
Aah! You just poked me
in my eye!
This is incredible. Some kind
of fight or flight thing.
What's that?
Remember this password.
Slow down!
- I need to write it down!
- Download the schematic.
- How do I do that?
- While I turn on the charm.
Oh, hey.
Didn't see you there.
Okay, I'm kinda
freaking out right now.
You're supposed to be dead.
Surprise! Okay. That's a no-no.
We don't like that.
This is fascinating.
Okay, that's my face.
An entirely different
Peter Parker.
Little bit of a gut, perhaps
from dimensional warping.
Oh, yeah-yeah-yeah. I was way
flatter before I warped.
Travel through the multiverse
appears to have
deteriorated the...
What was the rest?!
Hey, how old are you?
'Cause you don't look
a day over 35.
They said I was crazy!
They said I was crazy!
You showed
'em you're not crazy.
This might pinch a little.
I know. I just need
to get these samples.
Organize your desktop, lady.
Wow. Just complete
cellular decay.
I've never seen
anything like this.
What are you doing?
I'm just taking the whole thing.
And obviously
you've been glitching.
"Glitchin'"? No.
Why would you even say that?
If you stay in this dimension
too long,
your body's gonna
Do you know how painful
that would be, Peter Parker?
I don't know.
You can't imagine.
And I, for one,
can't wait to watch.
What did you say
your name was?
Dr. Olivia Octavius.
Can I assume that your friends
call you Doc Ock?
My friends
actually call me Liv.
My enemies call me Doc Ock.
I got this! Run!
Who are you talking to?
- I got it!
- Oh, you "got it," Peter?
I got it handled, buddy!
Everything is fine!
Okay, this is
- a little bit bad.
- You're chatty.
Gotta go.
This is the moment
that I'm losin' the fight.
Let me tell you the good news.
We don't need the monitor.
You didn't tell me
you had an invisible friend!
Could you give me that back,
young man?
It's proprietary.
This'd be a good time
- to turn invisible.
- Yep.
Okay, not gonna turn invisible.
Selecting a bagel.
Act super normal.
You know, that's funny,
- I get that a lot.
- Hey.
- Spider-Man?
- Hey! Hands up!
Now we do
a switchy-switchy.
Get back here!
Where do you think
you're going?
- He took a bagel!
- Time to swing,
- just like I taught ya.
- When did you teach me that?
I didn't. It's a little joke
for team-building.
- All right, you ready?
- Of course I'm not ready!
I can't do this yet!
Everybody knows
that the best way to learn
is under intense
life-threatening pressure.
Come on, come on, come on.
What are you doing down there?
I run better than I swing.
You gotta swing
or they'll catch you.
This is what you wanted.
Come back, little boy.
Aim with your hips!
Look where you want it to hit.
Square your shoulders.
Don't forget to follow through!
Don't shoot off
your back foot.
- That's too many things!
- Then stop listening to me!
That's the best idea
you've had all day!
Nice, Miles!
Good. You're doin' it.
Double tap to release
and thwip it out again.
Thwip and release.
- And thwip. Release. Thwip.
- And release.
You're a natural.
Thwip. Release.
- Feel the rhythm?
- Thwip. And release!
Good, Miles.
I gotta say,
you're amazing, man.
We're a little team!
Me as the teacher
who could still do it.
You as the student who can
do it, just not as good.
I'm proud of us. Is there
something you want to say to me?
- What the...?
- Who did that?
Hey, guys.
It's Gwen, actually.
Oh, you know her.
Very cool.
I'm from another dimension.
I mean,
another-another dimension.
All right, people. Let's start
at the beginning one last time.
My name is Gwen Stacy.
I was bitten by
a radioactive spider.
And for the last two years,
I've been the one
and only Spider-Woman.
You guys know the rest.
I joined a band.
Saved my dad.
I couldn't save my best friend,
Peter Parker,
so now I save everyone else.
And I don't do friends
just to avoid
any distractions.
And one day
this weird thing happened.
And I mean, like,
really weird.
I was blown into last week.
I landed in New York,
but not my New York.
Lucky for these folks,
Spider-Man was there
to save the day.
My Spider-sense told me
to head to Visions Academy.
...you guys are early.
Wasn't sure why
until I met you.
I like your haircut.
You don't get to like
my haircut.
Let's go.
How many more Spider-People
are there?
Save it
for Comic-Con.
What's Comic-Con?
You're dead, Spider-Man.
What are you doing?
Richard, come on.
Vanessa! Richard!
Don't look back, honey.
It's okay. It's okay.
I killed Spider-Man.
Why did I just see two more?
There's three, actually.
No, this is good.
This is very, very good.
This means
you get what you want.
It means my collider works.
All we have to do is kill
a couple of Spiders.
And the collider will bring
your family back.
As many families
as you want.
Tomorrow, at my collider.
Our collider.
He broke this?
Yeah. He's actually
really embarrassed about it,
so just keep
it between us, okay?
I know where we
can make a new one.
And we won't let him
break it this time.
I'm sorry about your friend.
Thanks, Miles.
I know
how hard this is.
To have to figure
this stuff out on your own.
It's kinda nice not being
the only Spider-person around.
If you ever decide
to do friends again,
I could always open up a slot.
I'll keep you posted.
We should probably go.
Peter, we're
literally on the doorstep.
Bad idea. This is a bad idea.
Just relax.
You guys are all very sweet,
but no more fans today, please.
I'm not ready for this.
Hey, Aunt May.
So this is gonna
sound crazy,
but I'm pretty sure
that I'm from an...
An alternate dimension.
You look tired, Peter.
Well, I am tired.
- And older. And thicker.
- Yeah. I've heard that already.
Oh, jeez.
Are those sweatpants?
Yup, that's what they are.
I was there,
when it all happened.
I am so sorry.
And what dimension
are you from?
Did Peter have a place where we
could make another one of these?
A goober.
Follow me.
Oh, yeah,
I got one of these, too.
A little, old shed
where I keep my Spider-gear.
I mean,
this place is pretentious.
Dude. Was yours
anything like this?
Mine was like this,
but take away the jeep,
the plane.
Imagine it way smaller.
Imagine a futon.
I feel sad for this guy.
Hey, Peter.
I think this is a cape.
Peter knew
how dangerous the job was.
But he figured the only one
who could stop this guy
was Spider-Man.
Kingpin knows
we're coming.
We're going to be
Don't be
so sure.
You might need these.
You think you're the only people
who thought to come here?
Hey, fellas.
Is he
in black and white?
Where's that wind coming from?
We're in a basement.
Wherever I go,
the wind follows.
And the wind,
it smells like rain.
Hi, guys!
This could literally not
get any weirder.
It can get weirder.
I just washed my hands.
That's why they're wet.
No other reason.
You're like me.
My name is Peter Parker.
My name is Peni Parker.
My name is Peter Porker.
I was
bitten by a radioactive spider.
I was bitten
by a radioactive pig.
In my universe, it's 1933,
and I'm a private eye.
I like to drink egg creams,
and I like to fight Nazis.
A lot.
I'm from New
York in the year 3145.
I have a psychic link
with a spider
who lives inside
my father's robot.
And we're best friends.
Sometimes I let
matches burn down to my fingertips
just to feel something,
I'm a photographer
for the Daily Beagle.
When I'm not pooching around,
I'm working like a dog,
trying to sniff out
the latest story.
I frolic and I dance
And I do this
With my pants
Okay! Enough!
So how did you
get here?
Well, it's kind of
a long story.
Maybe not
that long.
And now we're just trying
to find a way home.
The only way home is back
through that collider gizmo.
The only trouble is...
One of us has to stay behind
and destroy it.
- I'll do it. - I'll do it.
- I'll do it.
No, no, no.
You guys don't get it.
Don't get what?
None of you can stay here.
If you stay here, you'll die.
I'm the guy
who's gonna turn it off.
And I'm gonna get you all home
before I do.
Look, I made a promise.
So I have to keep it.
Who are you
This is Miles.
And he's gonna save
the multiverse.
Yeah, man.
This kid can turn himself
Watch this.
He can do it now.
- I can't do it on command.
- He can't do it on command.
But it is cool. Show 'em
the zappy thing, Miles.
- Can't do it on command.
- He can't do it on command.
But he can do so much more.
What else do you do?
- Just those two things.
- Just those two things.
Aw, man.
Look, I've seen him in action.
He's got potential.
I think he's gonna
get us home.
Okay, little fella,
Kingpin's gonna send
a lot of mugs after ya.
I'm talkin' hard boys,
real biscuit boxers.
Can you fight them
all off at once?
I haven't actually
fought anyone.
Surprise attack!
Can you rewire a mainframe
while being shot at?
- Can I what?
- Show me!
Surprise attack!
Can you swing and flip with
the grace of a trained dancer?
Can you close off your feelings
so you don't get crippled
by the moral ambiguity
of your violent actions?
Can you help your aunt create
an online dating profile
so she can get out of
the dang house once in a while?
Can you float through the air
when you smell a delicious pie?
- Can you be strong?
- Ruthless?
- Disciplined?
- I don't know. Maybe.
- Psychic?
- Show me some moxie, soldier!
Above all, no matter
how many times you get hit,
can you get back up?
'Cause when a Spider-Man
is on the floor...
When you think
you can't keep goin'...
- Come on, Miles.
- Come on. You can do it.
- You can do this.
- Guys, cool it.
- Come on. You can do it!
- Get up, Miles.
Come on, Miles. Get up.
You need to be more honest
with yourself about this.
He's not ready.
It's obvious.
There's no way.
He's just a kid.
If he can't do this,
we have to stay
and do it for him.
He's looking right at us
while we talk about him.
You see that? He can, um...
He can turn invisible.
When it gets dark
In you I confide
You help me face my demons
I won't hide...
Miles, what
is going on with you?
Nobody's heard from you.
We don't know what's going on.
If you're hidin' something from
us, you need to come clean.
You call me back. Now.
He's not answering me
It's Aaron.
I'm outta town for a few days.
I'll hit you when I'm back.
Aaron, it's Jeff.
Look, I need you to call me
if you've heard from Miles.
He has a...
He has a soft spot for you,
and we haven't heard
from him.
And you know I wouldn't reach
out if this wasn't important.
Hope you're good.
Dear Uncle Aaron.
I gotta do something, and
I don't know if I can do it.
I'm scared, man.
I'm just tired of
lettin' everybody down.
You're the only one
I can talk to.
I just wish you were here.
Hello, Mr. Fisk.
I've got the security tapes
from the tunnel right here.
If the kid's out there,
I'll find him.
You know me, sir.
I don't ever quit.
Personal insanity
They gotta like the ally
Turn it up
Against the rally
You're running in
While they're counting
Even score, got the tally
Knock 'em off at the finale
Go, go!
They don't want it, yeah
They don't want it, yeah
This is...
- Purple.
- No.
- Blue?
- No.
Has anyone
heard from Miles?
Look, he's just clearing
his head. I know the kid.
He's got
what it takes.
I bet you he's gonna come back
through that door,
and ready to fight.
- My uncle.
- Hey, where have you been?
My uncle Aaron,
he's the Prowler.
- Slow down, Miles.
- He works for Kingpin.
He tried to kill me!
This is a pretty
hard-core origin story.
It's okay.
We're gonna figure it out.
- Were you followed?
- No, I don't think so.
- Cute place. Real homey.
- Oh, great. It's Liv.
I guess
I was followed.
Oh, no.
Get out of here,
You messed up bigtime, kid.
Very sloppy.
Let me guess. You're Scorpion.
Well, we're the Spider gang.
Would you mind
taking this outside?
We don't pick the ballroom,
we just dance.
Ooh, I think
I'll be taking that.
Stand, niito, dale.
Preprate a morir.
Man, stupid pillows.
I said,
take it outside!
I got it!
I got this, buddy.
Leave the kid alone!
No, no, no! No!
You gotta go, man.
All vehicles in
the area, we have a disturbance
multiple Spiderpeople?
Yeah. On my way.
Give me that thing.
Don't be stupid, kid.
Hand it over, now!
Nowhere left
to run.
Uncle Aaron.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
Please, Uncle Aaron.
What are you waitin' for?
Finish it.
Get out of here!
Uncle Aaron.
This is my fault.
No, Miles.
I'm sorry.
I wanted you to look up to me.
I let you down, man.
I let you down.
You're the best
of all of us, Miles.
You're on your way.
Just keep going.
Just keep going.
Hands up!
Put your arms up. Now!
Turn around.
Hey! Hey!
Aaron. Aaron, no. No!
All units.
I want an APB
on a new Spider-Man.
Hey, bud.
You okay?
We've all been there.
You know, for me,
it was my Uncle Ben.
For me, it was
my Uncle Benjamin.
For me,
it was my father.
For me, it was
my best friend.
Miles, the hardest thing
about this job is
you can't always
save everybody.
Look, it was my fault.
You wouldn't understand.
Miles, we're probably the
only ones who do understand.
Oh, no.
Who in here trying
To start a riot?
That way,
that way.
Other way, other way,
other way, other way.
Who that swinging
In the air?
Do animals talk
in this dimension?
'Cause I don't wanna
freak him out.
Let's stand up, stand up
You better just fix your...
What's going on?
Miles, I came
to say goodbye.
We can say goodbye
at the collider.
You're not getting it.
You're staying here.
I need to be there.
So you can all go home.
They are going home, Miles.
I'm the only one stayin'.
You're taking my place?
If you stay here, you'll die.
I'm doing
what needs to be done.
I just wanted you
to hear it from me.
What about MJ?
Not everything works out,
I need the goober.
Please don't make me
take it from you.
That's not fair!
You gotta tell them
I can do this.
It wasn't their decision.
I gotta make Kingpin pay!
You have to let me make him pay!
Miles, you're gonna get
yourself killed.
But I'm ready.
I promise!
Then venom-strike me
right now.
Or turn invisible on command
so you can get past me.
Look, I know how
much you want this, kid.
little guy.
But you don't
have it yet.
I'm sorry.
When will I know
I'm ready?
You won't.
It's a leap of faith.
That's all it is,
A leap of faith.
Miles, it's your dad.
Please open the door.
Miles, I can see
your shadow movin' around.
Yeah, okay, I get it. I get it.
You're still ignoring me.
Look, can we talk
for a minute?
Something happened to...
Look, sometimes
people drift apart, Miles.
And I don't want that
to happen to us, okay?
I know I don't always do
what you need me to do
or say
what you need me to say.
I see this spark in you. It's
amazing. It's why I push you.
But it's yours.
Whatever you choose to do
with it, you'll be great.
Look, call me
when you can. Okay?
I love you.
You don't have to
say it back, though.
200 miles per hour
With a blindfold on
Mama always asking
"Where did I go wrong?"
Took you long enough.
Ah, what's up, danger?
I see this spark in you.
It's amazing.
Whatever you choose to do
with it, you'll be great.
Our family doesn't
run from things.
You're the best of all of us, Miles.
You're on your way.
Just keep going.
When do I
know I'm Spider-Man?
You won't.
That's all it is, Miles.
A leap of faith.
Like, what's up, danger?
Like, what's up, danger?
Like, what's up, danger?
Like, what's up, danger?
Made 'em myself.
They fit perfectly.
- Can't stop me now
- Traveled 200 miles
I'm knockin' at your door
And I don't really care
- If you ain't done wrong
- I said I got you now
Come on, what's up, danger?
Don't be a stranger
I'm right here at your door
I won't leave, I want more
What's up, danger?
Yeah, what's up, danger?
Can't stop me now
'Cause I like high G's
Sister, I might lose
I like it all on the edge
Just like you, hey
I like tall buildings
So I can leap off of 'em
I go hard with it
No matter how dark it is
Come on, what's up, danger?
Kingpin has a
private elevator entrance
from his penthouse
to the collider below.
Didn't count on
having an audience.
You gotta be kidding me.
Thank you. It's nice
to be with you this evening
to celebrate Spider-Man.
He and I were very close.
- What a pig.
- I'm right here.
Hold on. Get a load of how
the waiters are dressed.
It's in poor taste, but...
It can't be
that easy.
It's that easy.
I just wanna
thank Mary Jane Parker
for being here this evening.
Pay attention.
It's not your MJ, Peter, okay?
I'm sorry,
I'll be right back.
Peter! Come here. Trust me.
I've been there.
You gotta move on, buddy.
It will take one second.
Let me just... Oh!
- Hello.
- Oh, wow.
I just wondered
if we could have some more
bread at table 12.
I'm just...
I'm really sorry.
Oh! Don't be sorry.
It's just bread.
I wasn't there for you
when you needed me.
- Mm-hmm.
- I didn't even try.
That's fine. You know,
I should really get going.
I know I could do better
if I just had
another chance
to give you the bread
that you deserve.
Are you okay?
We'll take care of
that bread right now.
Well, it's been nice
talking to you.
For you, they should fill this
place up with fresh bread.
- You all right, man?
- Oh, yeah. Totally.
Good, 'cause we are not
getting any bread.
I'm just sorry
my family can't see
what we're doing here
primary ignition sequence.
Start the sequence.
Uploading Vanessa Fisk
and Richard Fisk DNA sequence.
Beginning scan
for dimensional matches.
ignition in five, four,
three, two, one.
Peter, you don't have to stay
behind. I can do it.
It's okay.
I've made up my mind.
I'll put the goober in
and take over the beam.
After you're gone,
I'll blow it up.
Good luck, guys.
They know
we're here.
Nice to see you again,
I got you covered!
These guys are the pits.
Why is this
always difficult?
Where you going, Peter?
Any last words?
Can I get a minute to think
about it? You have a pen?
Goodbye, Peter Parker.
Who did that?!
- Miles?
- Spider-Man?
Wow, Miles. You're
doing it on command!
It's about time, right?
- Look who's here!
- You figured it out.
I love you!
I am so proud of you!
Do I want kids?
Oh, yeah, I forgot
about her.
Well, that doesn't look
No, it doesn't.
I've got genetic matches.
Hold on.
It's too risky.
Shut up and turn it up.
- On your left!
- On your right!
I got five o'clock! Three o'clock!
Two o'clock!
Every direction!
Get to a shelter.
I'll be right there.
I tried the school,
but I can't get through.
Guys, are you seeing this?
Looks like our dimensions
are coming to us.
Does look cool though,
We gotta get back
up there.
Is that all you got?
You gonna fight
or you just bumping gums?
You hard-boiled
turtle slapper!
What are you,
some kind of silly cartoon?
You got a problem
with cartoons?
Did that feel like
a cartoon?
I like your suit.
Thanks. I made it myself.
That was adorable, team!
Now, hold on tight!
Buckle up, guys.
This is gonna take a while.
All right.
Never mind.
Let's end
this thing.
I got it.
I'll go. I'm the one
with the goo...
Oh, you gotta be
kidding me.
Don't watch the mouth.
Watch the hands.
- Miles!
- Be careful!
That was crazy.
We taught him that,
I didn't teach him that.
And you definitely didn't.
You okay?
Come on.
Guys, I got control of the beam!
Get up here!
Alert! Quantum
polarity has been reversed.
this is it.
Well, nice to know
we're not alone.
- Right?
- Yeah.
I got the portal open.
You first, Peni.
Thank you,
From both
of us.
I, uh, love you all.
I'm taking this cube thing
with me.
I don't understand it.
But I will.
I want you
to have this.
It'll fit
in your pocket.
That's all, folks.
Is he allowed
to say that, legally?
Do I get to like
the hairdo now?
You know I'm older than you.
15 months, but it's pretty
significant if you ask me.
Well, Einstein said
time was relative, right?
See you around,
Your turn.
Yeah, yeah. Right.
You're not going anywhere!
I'll hold him off.
You shut this down.
that wasn't the deal!
Push the green button!
Do not wait for me!
- What are you doing?
- You gotta go home!
This guy could kill you!
I can't let Spider-Man die.
Neither can I.
It's okay.
Yeah, it is okay.
You gotta go home, man.
How do I know
I'm not gonna mess it up again?
You won't.
It's a leap of faith.
Not bad, kid.
Sorry! That's cheating.
I gotta get to that button.
Oh, no.
Not so easy doing it
on your own, is it?
I can't wait to kill
one more Spider-Man.
- Where am I?
- What?
- Is this what you want, man?
- What are you doing?
Vanessa. Vanessa.
- What are we doing here?
- I don't know, Richard.
It's me. You know me.
We're leaving now.
Don't go.
Stay with me.
You're not stopping this.
Not today.
I am stopping this.
Right now!
I need backup.
Come on.
The real Spider-Man
couldn't even beat me.
You're nothing!
You took my family.
And now I'm gonna make sure
you never see yours again.
Get up, Spider-Man.
Get up! Come on!
Come on. Come on. Come on.
I'll always have my family.
You ever hear of
the shoulder touch?
Hey, Kingpin!
Push the green button for me!
Miles? Miles? Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm okay.
You're probably busy...
No! I can talk,
I can talk.
Look, so I
came by earlier because...
- Your uncle...
- I know, Dad.
I am so sorry.
Do you know
who did it?
I thought I did.
But I was wrong.
Look, Miles,
what I said at the door,
it wasn't just talk.
Look, you know,
I was thinking
maybe we could find
a nice wall,
privately owned,
like at the police station,
and you could "throw up"
some of your art.
Man, I'm bad at this.
Okay, Miles. Miles? You there?
Oh, come on, man. C-Mobile!
- Officer.
- Spider-Man!
Listen, down there,
that was...
I mean, I owe you...
I look
forward to workin' with you.
Yeah, me, too. I guess.
I don't approve of
your methods,
but we're just gonna have
to agree to disagree.
Thank you for
your bravery tonight.
I love you.
Wait, what?
And look behind you!
All right. Cool. Yeah.
a su servicio. Thank you.
Hey, man. What's up,
little man?
New Spider-Man.
Yeah. Yeah,
I'm the new Spider-Man.
Check it out.
That was part of the move.
Okay, let's do
this one last time, yeah?
For real this time. This is it.
My name is Miles Morales.
I was bitten by
a radioactive spider.
And for like two days,
I've been
the one and only Spider-Man.
I think you know the rest.
I finished my essay.
Saved a bunch of people.
Got hit by a drone.
I did this with my dad.
Met my roommate. Finally.
Slapped a sticker where
my dad's never gonna find it.
And when I feel alone,
like no one understands
what I'm going through,
I remember my friends
who get it.
I never thought I'd be able
to do any of this stuff.
But I can.
Anyone can wear the mask.
You could wear the mask.
If you didn't know that before,
I hope you do now.
'Cause I'm Spider-Man.
And I'm not the only one.
Not by a long shot.
Needless to say
I keep her in check
She was all bad-bad
Callin' it quits now
Baby, I'm a wreck...
Miles. Miles!
You got a minute?
Stepped out of my zone
I had to get out all alone
And figure it out on my own
And I know what
I really want now
Can't stop me
Can't break me
What don't kill me
Gon' make me
Shoot for the stars
No safety
And now I see clear in HD
- Gotta go hard
- Gotta go hard
- I ain't got time to waste
- I ain't got time
- I gotta go high
- Gotta go high
- I gotta elevate
- I gotta elevate
- They wanna fight
- They wanna fight
- I'm just gon' let 'em hate
- I'm just gon' let 'em hate
- I gotta go high
- Gotta go high
- I gotta elevate
- I gotta elevate
You gotta choose a side
You gotta choose a side
You better keep
You better do what's right
Or you gonna lose the fight
- You gonna
- Gotta go hard
Gotta choose a side
I'm gonna elevate
- You better
- Gotta go high
- You better do what's right
- I gotta elevate
Heroes never die
I'm a web slinger
To a gunslinger
No millimeter
This is my arena
I'm the black widow
With the best stinger
And I'll make you scream
Like a bad singer
I'm everything that you
Wanna be plus more
Since there's
No heroes anymore
Jump out the window
Him with the mask on
Who the bad man
That our man gotta bash on?
Oh, we'll never link up
Blink and you will see us
Young prince 'bout to ink up
See me in the NYC
You can never swing by me
Oh, we'll never link up
Blink and you will see us
Young prince 'bout to ink up
See me in the NYC
Home of the B.I.G., yo
They just slander me
I just plan to be
Something powerful
For my family
Tried to balance life
And my sanity
Show a different side
Of humanity
So amazing, keep upraising
Save you from
A home invasion
Chasing robbers
From the bank
You facing friendly
Neighborhood Spider-Man
Gotta go hard
- I ain't got time to waste
- I ain't got time
- I gotta go high
- Gotta go high
- I gotta elevate
- I gotta elevate
- They wanna fight
- They wanna fight
- I'm just gon' let 'em hate
- I'm just gon' let 'em hate
- I gotta go high
- Gotta go high
- I gotta elevate
- I gotta elevate
Okay, I fight crime
Through the nighttime
When the lights shine
I go python
I'm falling on
My last lifeline
There's no way
In my right mind
My city up on my back tight
How can I possibly
Act right?
I'm Robin Hood
I'm the black knight
I know you heard
'Bout my last fight
'Cause I win
Over and over again
Battling evil
I'm hoping to win
Fighting my demons
I'm nice for a reason
Enticed with the bleeding
I'm showing my sins
How can you expect me
To stay sane?
Protect me
My technique go X speed
On highways and Jet Skis
Look, I ain't got no time
To be hanging around nobody
Trying to figure out
If they good or evil
I'm fighting the crime
Saving your lives
One at a time
I'm killing the rhymes
I do it for the people
I'm Peter Parker
Running through The Six
With a bag full of tricks
You better choose a side
I can promise you
I will not lose this time
I did it all independent
Now we winning
I got my homeys
Cooking in the kitchen
We gon' have to win
And give us the business
The world is mine and you
Gon' have to pay me attention
I did everything
That I did on my own
I'm the only one for real
There can never be a clone
Better talk to me nice
Better watch your tone
And I'm putting on
For my home slice
So I gotta go hard
I gotta elevate
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
We are the way up
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
We are the way up
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
We are the way up
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
We are the way up
I went from boy to a man,
Officer sure had to
Stand down
But I had to make
A perfect plan
- I'm on a wave
- Brave, brave
I had to fight
For the city
For the city
- I had to fight for people
- For the people
You gotta do
What all leaders do, go
Everyone here
We been needing you
I know you can be a hero
'Cause I seen you do it
This is the time
We needed you
Everyone is here
To see you move
We want it, we want it
We want it, we want it
- We put our wallet away
- Wallet
And every time
Each one of you
Through the city
You were saving the day, go
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
We are the way up
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
We are the way up
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
We are the way up
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
We are the way up
We gotta fight
For the town, town
Now there's no feelings
allowed, allowed
Everyone cheer in the crowd
Bought 'em so well
I'm over the clouds
- We gotta fight for the city
- City
- Competition was lethal
- Lethal
- Honestly, it's no biggie
- Biggie
I had to do
What all leaders do
They don't want it, man
They don't wanna know
Promise, uh-oh
They don't want it, man
They don't wanna know
Promise, uh-oh
They don't want it, man
Uh-oh, they can't
Handle my powers
They always hate on us
But they can't do it
Without us
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
We gotta clean up
These city streets
- We don't accept defeat
- 'Feat
We keep on going
Until we win
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
All of 'em weak
In the knees
Scary how lights
When they freeze
Well, we keep on going
Until we win
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
We are the way up
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
We are the way up
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
We are the way up
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
We are the way up
This morning
I woke up
In a fortress of distortion
I'm at war with my emotions
I'm at war with
They enforce me
Trying to fight for what's
Right, and got sidetracked
Where your mind at?
Never mind that
Got me thinking a blink
You swim and you sinking
You wouldn't, you leave me
Here for my loaded weapon
I still owe my brother
My present protection
My prayer, my sights
So I'm doing what's right
And I ask you no questions
I wanna be home-free
Where's one that was lonely
But I'm ready and waiting
For my day of salvation
And I'm patient
I'm coming home, now
I'm coming home
My rebel lone yell
My rebel lone
They looking for saviors
I'm looking for safety
They never gonna break me
Take me
Down on my knees, believe
I'm never gonna beg
Or plead
I never say never
But I guarantee
Gather my strength
Goin' hard in the paint
Paint some more pictures
Put on display
I'm a get they don't
Get them my check
Can't take me down now
My feet on the ground now
Punchin' 'em on down now
Say it out loud now
Say it out loud
Are you ready for war?
I'm coming home now
I'm coming home
My rebel lone yell
My rebel lone
Spidey-bells Spidey-bells
Swinging through Midtown
Oh, what fun to sling a web
And take the bad guys down
Spidey-bells, Spidey-bells
Quipping all the time
Oh, what fun
To swing around
New York
While fighting crime
Swinging through
The streets
On a web of spider silk
Kicking all the butts
Of villains and their ilk
Bombs from Goblins fling
Pumpkins blooming bright
How hard it is
To consistently bring
Peace to New York all night
Oh, Spidey-bells
Might be swell
To do more than fight crime
I got a lot of qualities
That don't get much airtime
I can sing, I can dance
I tell jokes, I act
I get big, big, big deal
If my agent called me back
Why did I agree
To do this stupid song?
I have a degree
In chemical engineering
You're a bit late.
We can't all be
everywhere at once.
Little text
might've been nice.
I was gone for less than two hours.
What happened?
I know what it looks like.
- But here's the good news.
- Oh, here we go.
The multiverse didn't collapse.
- Oh, cool!
- Little touch and go.
But it worked out.
Great story. Did
you finish the goober?
It's not a goober.
It's a gizmo.
Do you always
have to call me out?
It's just really frustrating
and bums me out.
Don't get excited, Miguel.
- It's just a prototype.
- Not excited.
But you could
be the first person
to make an autonomous
multiverse jump.
Or the last.
So we're just gonna roll
the dice on this?
So, what you do you say, pal?
Where you want to go first?
Let's start at the beginning
one last time.
Earth '67.
- Whoa!
- What the...?
I'm Spider-Man.
- I need you to come with me.
- Who the heck are you?
I just told you...
Listen. I'm from the future.
- How dare you point at me!
- You were pointing first.
- It's rude to point.
- You're being very rude.
Which one pointed first?
Spider-Man pointed first.
- You're pointing at me right now.
- I'm not pointing.
Look at your finger.
I'm pointing out your pointing,
which is different.
You haven't seen pointing.
You're accusing me
of pointing while you're...!