Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021) Movie Script

On the controversial news
website TheDailyBugle.net.
There you have it, folks, conclusive
proof that Spider-Man was responsible
for the brutal murder of Mysterio,
an interdimensional warrior
who gave his life to protect
our planet, and who will no doubt
go down in history as the
greatest superhero of all time.
But that's not all, folks.
Here's the real blockbuster. Brace
yourselves, you might wanna sit down.
Spider-Man's real...
Spider-Man's real name is...
Spider-Man's name is Peter Parker.
What the f...
That's right, folks. Peter Parker,
a seventeen year old high school
harboring a homicidal...
Are you Spider-Man's girlfriend?
Are you Spider-Man's girlfriend?
- Spider-Man!
- He's here!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa. Please don't touch her.
- You're just a kid?
You murdered Mysterio? You
helped him murder Mysterio?
No, I... I didn't...
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
He hit me. Spider-Man hit me!
He hit me. Spider-Man hit me!
People looked up to this
boy and called him a hero.
I'll tell you what I call him:
Public Enemy Number One!
I don't ever wanna
do this ever again!
MJ, I'm so sorry but I can't see
anything with your hand in my...
I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Okay,
where are we gonna go?
- I don't know. Your house.
- Oh, no! We can't go to my house.
- My Dad will kill you!
- What?
I thought you said your
Dad really liked me?
Yeah, well, not anymore.
- Dude.
- Dude!
I just feel so dumb. I didn't
realize you were miserable.
No, it was really fun, alright?
You know, that's why call it a fling!
- And we flung.
- It was fine.
I could've been
more fun. I can be fun.
- We'll hang out again.
- Like... when do you think?
- I should see what that is.
- No. No, no, no, no. Happy.
- It's what I do.
- He's always coming and going...
- Peter?
- It's not...
- Peter? Oh. God. Peter...
- Oh, no. Oh, no. I don't know what to do!
- Oh. Oh, no.
- We didn't see anything.
- This isn't what it looks like, Happy.
- I'm sorry...
- Just practice safe...
- It's not what it looks like.
Oh, hey!
You must be MJ!
- Nice to meet you.
- So nice to meet you.
Wait, have you been crying?
We broke up.
- Hey, Spider-Man!
- Oh, uh...
Thank you. I didn't know you guys
broke up. I thought you were in love, May.
- No, we talked about this...
- I should probably leave, I think...
I thought you guys were
such a handsome couple...
- You know, it's really about boundaries...
- Oh...
- Oh, hey, listen. Go in here.
- Is that the door?
- Hey, is it true about...
- Not now!
Just make yourself home...
about sex, Peter.
This has nothing to do with sex.
God's sakes, it's the goal but
if you wanna go over it again...
I mean, I'm...
What's that sound?
Hey, Spider-Man!
I mean, I'm happy to rehash
it if you want to. I just don't...
Can you get off your
phones for five minutes,
I just wanna talk to you
about your relationship, okay?
- Is that...
- Is that here?
I mean maybe it's
not such a big deal.
Governments around the
world launched investigations
into the murderer
known as Spider-Man,
aka, Peter Parker, aka, the
web-headed war criminal,
who for years has been terrorizing
the decent citizens of New York.
Well now, this city and the
world see him for what he truly is.
New details from last week's
devastating attack in London have emerged.
For more, we go now to
Joint Intelligence Headquarters...
who released just a
short while ago confirms,
that the deadly drones
used in the London attack,
were designed by Stark Industries.
- Federal agents! Open up!
- Federal agents? You stay here!
Department of Damage Control.
We have a warrant for
the arrest of Peter Parker.
- You know the fourth amendment?
- Sure.
- Unreasonable search and seizure?
- Get in here, guys. Let's go.
- I didn't kill Quentin Beck. The drones did.
- The drones that are yours.
No... Well, look...
Nick Fury was there the entire time.
Just ask him and he can explain everything.
Nick Fury has been
off-planet for the last year.
MJ! Uhh...
They had nothing to do with it, sir!
- Don't say anything, we got a lawyer.
- Don't say anything, we got a lawyer.
I want a lawyer.
Miss Jones-Watson...
Jones. I don't go by Watson.
Miss Jones...
- Why do you want a lawyer if...
- I have nothing to hide?
- Exactly. Unless...
- I'm actually guilty of something?
I'm very aware of your
tactics and my rights.
Just answer my questions.
I've seen your file.
You're a smart, young woman
with a bright future ahead of her.
Why would you risk it all by getting
involved with a vigilante like Peter Parker?
So sorry to keep you waiting.
Can we get Ned a snack,
please? He's been waiting.
Dude, I'm so sorry about that.
I'm not supposed to
say anything to you.
No, Ned. Not even a thing.
I just have one question...
When MJ told you that
Peter was Spider-Man...
- Whoa, whoa, whoa...
- What's up?
I knew way before MJ did. I
was Spider-Man's guy in the chair.
Oh, I know about those.
I mean, half the guys
have guys in the chair.
Exactly! You wouldn't know...
I literally helped
him find the Vulture.
I didn't know that.
And I helped him hack his suit once,
and kinda helped him get to Space.
So, in Spider-Man's illegal vigilanteism,
you were his main accomplice.
I would like to have my
words strictly from the record.
With all due respect,
and I mean that
very insincerely,
unless you have some real
specific charges to throw at us,
legally, you can't hold us here.
You should definitely lawyer up.
Excuse me?
Child endangerment is a nasty rap.
The boy was entrusted to you, and as
his legal guardian, essentially his mother,
you not only allowed him to endanger
himself, but you actually encouraged it.
Who does that?
I wanna see Peter right now.
Stark Industries was caught in the web of
the Spider-Man/Mysterio controversy today,
when federal agents opened an investigation
into missing Stark technology.
The agents wanna know
exactly what was taken...
At least they used
a good picture.
That's great. Thank you.
Well, I have some
good news, Peter.
I don't believe any of the
charges against you are gonna stick.
- Wait, seriously?
- Oh, I knew it.
- Oh, my God, Mr. Murdock. Thank you.
- Yes.
- Thank you, Matt.
- That's amazing.
Well, perfect. However...
- Mister Hogan?
- Yes?
The feds are actively
investigating the missing technology.
I understand you're loyal to Mr. Stark
and his legacy, but if you were involved...
- If I was involved?
- I might secure a lawyer.
I need a lawyer because I'm
un... I'm under inves... I thought,
you said, there's no
charge. I could say
under advisement of counsel,
I refuse to answer the question
respectfully because I... the
answer could incriminate me.
There's a saying in Goodfellas.
What did they say in Goodfellas?
I know, that's
interesting... Calm down.
Let's hear what
he has to say. Matt?
You're gonna need
a really good lawyer.
Peter, you may have dodged your legal
troubles, but things will get much worse.
There is still the
court of public opinion.
How did you just do that?
I'm a really good lawyer.
We're gonna need
a safer place to live.
Alarm systems, deactivated.
It looks nice and...
Welcome, to the spiritual oasis.
You like Donkey Kong Jr.?
Oh, Happy.
Did you send in your applications yet?
I literally just finished
my MIT one. You?
- Same.
- Imagine if we both got in?
- And Ned?
- Yeah, but...
We have to take scholarships
so we could actually go.
Come on. You got good
scores, and good grades, and...
- You think I'm being too pragmatic.
- No, no, no, no. Well...
Kind of. That's okay.
That's one of my
favorite things about you.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Well, what are your
other favorite things?
I love your relentless optimism.
Yeah. I am a "glass
half full" kind of gal.
I really like how
you're a people person.
I love people.
Love 'em... so much.
You like sports.
I think the Mets are gonna
go all the way this year.
- Really?
- What's that noise?
Oh. That's...
that's Happy. Look.
He gave his room to May,
so he's sleeping down here.
I have a weird question.
Does any part of you feel
relieved about all of this?
Ever since I got
bit by that Spider...
I've only had one week,
where my life has felt normal.
Well, kind of normal, I guess.
That was when you found out.
Because then, everyone
that was in my life
that I wanted to
know... you know.
And it was perfect.
But now everybody knows. And...
I am the most famous
person in the entire world...
and I'm still broke.
I'm... excited to
see you tomorrow.
Yeah, me too.
Wrap it up.
You both like each
other. We get it. Hang up.
There's no new ground being
broken. Okay? I need my eight hours.
Have you been listening this whole time?
Hi, Happy.
Not by choice.
MJ says hi.
We're covering the first day of senior year
for Midtown High's most famous student,
Peter Parker! Go get 'em, Tiger!
Or should I say, Spider?
The crowd has
continued to grow here all
morning long at the
Midtown School of Science...
The crowd seems evenly divided between
supporters of Spider-Man, and protesters.
MJ! MJ, we love you. MJ, are
you gonna have his spider-babies?
Mysterio forever! Murderer!
Back off!
- Who are you?
- I'm Ned Leeds. I'm Spider-Man's...
Peter Parker's best friend. You come
at my boy? You come at Flash Thompson.
You wanna read about
our inspiring friendship?
You can now from my
new book, Flashpoint.
One spider, two hearts, a million
crazy-ass memories. Check it out.
- Go. Go. go. go. Go!
- No, wait up...
I'll see you inside, okay?
Keep watching Midtown News all year as
we bring you upclose and personal coverage
of Peter fighting his biggest
battle yet: college admissions.
We would love to...
Welcome you back...
To Midtown High.
Where we shape heroes.
- Uh-huh.
- Or murderers.
Stop it.
It's an honor to serve you...
- Sir.
- God!
Mysterio was right.
Stop. We don't... that's all.
Some of the students
put this together for you.
No. You did that.
- You did that.
- I helped a little bit.
I tried to stop him so many
times, but you piled through.
- He did all of that.
- You did a great job.
I hope you have time
to stop and check it out...
And feel free to walk...
Or, or swing through the hallway... Or
crawl on the ceiling to avoid everybody.
We all know you can do it.
I'm just gonna...
You know what you did.
Stop it. You're
embarassing yourself.
He's a conspiracy theorist.
Can we just like,
stay up here all day?
- It is so crazy down there.
- Wait, this one's good.
Some suggest that,
Parker's powers
include the male spider's
ability to hypnotize females.
Which he used to
seduce Jones-Watson
into his cult of personality.
Stop! Stop.
Yes, my Spider-lord.
Finally. Some privacy.
It is so crazy down there.
So, I was thinking...
When we get into MIT,
we should live together.
Yeah, for sure.
Yeah. Love that.
- This is gonna be us.
- Yes.
Minus the frisbee.
- And the smiling.
- MIT's obviously the dream...
But if we match-up
our backup schools,
either way, we'll all
be together in Boston.
New school, new town.
I can Spider-Man there.
I mean they have
crime in Boston, right?
- Yes. Yes, they do.
- Yeah, wicked crime.
Yeah, so it'll be
like a fresh start.
What's up?
I don't know. I just
feel like if you don't...
If you expect disappointment,
then you can never
really get disappointed.
Come on.
It'll be a fresh start.
And, we'll all be together.
Yeah. You're right.
Fresh start.
Fresh start.
First one's here!
It's okay. It's a backup school.
Last one.
- Ready?
- Jones...
I told you to take down
the Halloween decorations...
Actually, that was Sasha, so...
Enough attitude, just do it.
On it.
- I feel like I'm gonna puke.
- Well, don't.
Because, he will
just make me clean it.
This is our only shot.
It's here, or nowhere.
Hey! Come on.
Okay. You guys ready?
Okay. On three.
No. You?
"In light of recent
controversy, we are unable to
consider your application at this time."
This is so not fair.
I mean, this is so not fair.
I didn't do anything wrong.
And you guys definitely
didn't do anything wrong.
Expect disappointment, and
you will never get disappointed.
You guys didn't get in?
Yeah. Because we're actually
friends with Spider-Man.
Uhh, yeah...
I better get going. There's
a, mixer for new admissions...
And... sorry, guys.
Jones, what are you
doing? Get back to work.
Yeah. Coming.
You know what?
I wouldn't change a thing.
Me neither.
Although, I coulda just
showed this letter to my parents.
The most brainless
person in the world. I know.
Wong. Try not to slip. We
don't have liability insurance.
- Is all this for a holiday party?
- No.
One of the rotunda
gateways connects to Siberia.
Blizzard blasted through.
Because someone forgot to cast a
maintenance spell to keep the seals tight.
That's right. He did. Because
he forgot I now have higher duties.
Higher duties?
The Sorcerer Supreme
has high duties, yes.
Wait, I thought you were
the Sorcerer Supreme?
No. He got it on a technicality
'cause I blipped for five years.
Oh. Well, congratulations.
If I'd been here, then I'd...
Burned the place down.
You two, no one sits.
Start shoveling.
So, Peter...
To what do I owe the pleasure?
Right. Umm...
I'm really sorry to
bother you, sir, but...
Please. We saved half
the universe together.
I think we're
beyond calling me sir.
Okay, uhh... Stephen.
That feels weird,
but I'll allow it.
When Mysterio
revealed my identity...
My entire life got
screwed up, and...
I was wondering, I mean, I don't
even know if this would actually work,
but I was wondering if...
Maybe you could go back in time
and make it so that he never did?
we tampered with the stability
of space-time to resurrect
countless lives. You wanna do it again
now just because yours got messy?
This isn't... it's not about me. I mean,
this is really hurting a lot of people.
My Aunt May, Happy...
My best friend, my
girlfriend, their futures
are ruined just because
they know me, and...
They've done nothing wrong.
I am so sorry, but...
even if I wanted to...
I don't have the
Time Stone anymore.
That's right.
I'm really sorry if I...
wasted your time.
- You didn't...
- Just forget about it.
He will. He's really
good at forgetting things.
Wong. You've actually
generated a good idea.
The runes of Cafkal.
The runes of Cafkal.
Oh, it's just a standard
spell of forgetting.
Won't turn back time, but at least people
will forget that you were ever Spider-Man.
- Seriously?
- No. Not seriously.
That spell travels the dark borders
between known and unknown reality.
It's too dangerous.
God, we've used
it for a lot less.
Do you remember the full
moon party in Kamar-Taj?
- No.
- Exactly.
Come on. Wong.
Hasn't he been through enough?
Just leave me out of this.
So what is this place?
The Sanctum's built at the
intersection of cosmic energy currents.
We were the first
to seek them out.
Some of these walls are
thousands of years old.
And they shot an episode
of Equalizer here in the 80's.
Well, I, umm...
really appreciate you
doing this for me, sir.
Don't mention it.
And don't call me sir.
Right. Sorry.
You ready?
I'm ready.
Nice knowing you, Spider-Man.
Wait, excuse me?
The entire world is about to forget
that Peter Parker is Spider-Man.
- Including me.
- Everyone?
- Can't some people still know?
- That's not how the spell works.
Very difficult and dangerous
to change it mid-casting.
So my girlfriend is just gonna
forget about everything we've
been through? I mean, is she
even gonna be my girlfriend?
That depends. Was she your girlfriend
just because you're Spider-Man, or...
I don't know. I really hope not.
Alright. Fine.
Everyone in the world is
gonna forget you're Spider-Man,
except your girlfriend.
Thank you so much...
Oh, my God. Ned.
- Ned!
- What is a Ned?
He's my best friend so it's really
important to me that Ned knows.
Okay. Let's not change the
parameters of the spell anymore...
- While I'm casting it.
- Okay, I'm done. I swear I'm done.
But my Aunt May
should really know.
Peter, stop tampering
with the spell.
Once she found out that I was
Spider-Man, it was really messy, and
I don't think that I can
go through with that again.
- So, my Aunt May?
- Yes!
- Oh, thank you. Happy?
- No. I am annoyed.
No, it's a nickname.
Harold "Happy" Hogan.
He used to work for Tony Stark...
Could you just stop talking?
Basically, everyone who knew that I
was Spider-Man before, should still know.
- Did it work?
- No.
- You changed my spell six times.
- Five times.
You changed my spell.
You don't do that. I told you,
and that is why.
That spell was completely out
of control. If I hadn't shut it down,
something catastrophic
could've happened.
Stephen, listen,
I am so sorry...
Call me sir.
Sorry, sir.
You know, after everything we've been
through together, somehow I always forget...
You're just a kid.
Look, part of the problem,
it's not Mysterio.
It's you. Trying to
live two different lives.
And the longer you do that, the
more dangerous it becomes. Believe me.
I'm so sorry about,
you and your friends,
not getting into college,
but if they rejected you, and...
you try to convince them to reconsider,
there is nothing else you can do.
When you say "convince them",
you mean like, I
could've called them?
I can do that?
You haven't called?
Well, I mean, I got their
letter, and I assumed that...
I'm sorry, but
are you telling me,
that you didn't even think to
plead your case with them first,
before you asked me to
brainwash the entire world?
I mean, when you
put it like that, then...
Come on. Pick up,
pick up, pick up...
- Dude, what? I'm busy.
- Flash, where's the MIT mixer?
Because, I need to come
and talk to someone. I'm
trying to get Ned and MJ a
second chance at getting in.
What's in it for me?
I'm risking a lot
just talking to you.
Okay. I will...
Pick you up and swing
you to school for a week?
For a month.
For a week.
- Two weeks.
- Flash, please. Come on, help me.
Okay, I'll tell everyone
that you're my best friend.
Flash, please help me.
Cool, cool, cool.
So there's this lady. The assistant vice
chancellor. You can plead your case with her.
Okay, perfect. Where is she?
- She left.
- To go where?
To the airport.
Stark Network, unavailable.
Facial recognition, unavailable.
Yep. I can see you.
- Hi. I'm Peter Parker...
- You do know you're in the street, right?
Yeah, I know. I'm sorry.
I just, I really needed to
talk to you, I know you're
on your way to the airport...
MJ Watson and Ned Leeds are the two smartest
people I've ever met in my entire life,
and I'm the dumbest
person, because...
I let them help me, but
if I didn't let them help
me, then millions of people
would've died, so please...
- Don't let MIT be dumb like me.
- MIT is dumb?
No! I'm saying don't
let MIT be dumb.
I mean, like the...
the dumber version of me that
wouldn't have let them help.
You didn't rehearse
that, did you, Peter?
Basically, what I'm trying to...
Why are you running? What...
Oh, my God. Ma'am? You
should get out of the car.
Everybody get off the bridge!
We're locked. Doors... hey!
Hello, Peter.
- Have we... Do I know you?
- What have you done with my machine?
Your ma...
I don't know what you're
talking about. What machine?
The power of the sun, in
the palm of my hand. It's gone.
Listen, sir. If you
stop smashing cars,
we could work together and I
can help you find your machine.
You wanna play games?
It's okay. You guys are fine,
you're safe. Get out of here.
You think your fancy
new suit's gonna save you?
I should've killed your little
girlfriend when I had the chance.
What did you just say?
Looks like we got competition.
Peter! Help!
Don't worry, Ma'am! I'm coming!
Ma'am, just stay calm.
- Just take a deep breath. Are you okay?
- No!
I've got it all under control.
Suit compromised.
You've outdone yourself, Peter.
I underestimated you.
But now, you die.
You're not Peter Parker.
I am so confused right now.
- What's happening?
- New device detected.
Pairing new device.
Don't listen to him,
you listen to me.
Hey. Hey! Listen to me.
No, not him. Me!
Ma'am are you okay? Come
on, you can still make your flight.
You're a hero.
No. Well, I'm...
No, I'm...
I'm gonna talk to
admissions about your friends,
and I'm gonna talk
to them about you.
No, but, Ma'am,
this isn't about me.
I'm going to talk to them
about your friends, and you.
- Okay?
- Really?
And if you keep
your noses clean,
maybe you'll have a fair shot.
Here. Get out of the
way. Let me get that man.
You. I see you.
Come here!
That was not okay.
Until you stop
trying to kill me,
I'm in control, buddy.
Of this whole tentacle
situation you got going on here.
Okay? Now, who are
you? What is going on...
Be careful what
you wish for, Parker.
Let me out of here!
Can you please explain
to me what is going on?
That little spell that you botched
where you wanted everyone to forget
that Peter Parker is Spider-Man, it
started pulling in everyone who knows
Peter Parker is Spider-Man,
from every universe.
From every universe?
Who are you? Where am I?
I think it's better if we don't
engage with him because, frankly,
the Multiverse is a concept
about which we know
frighteningly little.
The multiverse is real.
This shouldn't even be possible.
But I thought you
stopped the spell?
No, I contained it, but it would appear
that a few of them squeaked through.
After you left, I detected
an otherworldly presence.
I pursued it into the sewers, where I
found that slimy, green, son of a gun.
Is it magic?
What is this, a birthday party?
Who is this clown?
What is this madness?
Watch this. Do you know a
Peter Parker who is Spider-Man?
- Is that him?
- No.
Okay, here's what we gotta do.
I don't know how many of these
- visitors we got...
- I saw another one.
On the bridge.
He was like a...
Like a flying green elf.
Well he sounds jolly. Why
don't you start with him?
I need you to capture
them and bring them here,
while I figure out
how to get them back.
Before they destroy the
fabric of reality, or worse,
Wong finds out.
Uhh, Doctor Strange?
My friends and I just got a
second chance at getting into MIT.
If the school sees
me fighting these...
- crazy monsters,
- Hey, watch your mouth!
- I'm sorry.
- You're seriously still talking about college?
Hey, what did you just do?
How did you do that?
Lots of birthday parties.
One shot, send it to me
and move on. You're welcome.
Get to work.
Now what?
I know this is my
mess, and I swear to you
that I'll fix it, but I'm
gonna need some help.
I can't believe I'm in
the Sanctum Sanctorum.
Neither can I.
How did you know you're made of magic?
Because my nanna says that we have it in
and sometimes I get
these tinglings in my hand...
You should talk
to your physician.
- Hey!
- Hey.
I'm so sorry for dragging you in this,
you just gotta help me find these guys...
You don't have to apologize.
You got us a second shot at MIT.
So, how did the
bad guys get here?
He screwed up a spell
trying to get you into college.
- Wait, what? I thought it was a magic laser?
- You did it with magic?
No, that was after. Let's just
focus on the good news, okay?
No, let's just focus
on the bad news.
As of now, you have detected
zero multiversal
trespassers, so...
Get on your phones,
scour the internet, and...
Scooby-Doo this shit!
You're telling us what to do,
even though it was your spell,
that got screwed up. Meaning
that all of this is kind of your mess.
You know, I know
a couple of magic words myself,
starting with the word 'please'.
Please, Scooby-Doo this shit.
You can work in the undercroft.
The undercroft?
Guys, listen. About
this whole spell thing...
It's totally okay.
- Wait, really?
- Yeah.
I mean, I get it. You were...
just trying to fix things...
And so...
Maybe just run it by us
next time, you know?
That way, when you're thinking, "Hey,
I'm about to do something that could...
break the universe",
we could like, help you.
Workshop something, or...
brainstorm ideas.
Oh, dude. I don't care.
And seriously, not a big deal.
A torture rack.
That is a pilates machine.
- That is...
- The crypt.
Okay, so we get
the rest of the guys.
You zap them, Doctor
Magic will send them back.
And when we get into MIT,
round of stale donuts, my treat.
Let's catch some multiverse men.
Hey! Who the hell are these two?
These are my friends.
This is MJ and this is Ned.
I'm sorry, what was
your name again?
Dr. Otto Octavius.
Wait, no seriously,
what's your actual name?
Oh, is that a dinosaur?
No, no, no, May.
We gotta find these guys first.
Well, finish your
mission, then come by.
I got one, I got one, I got one.
- Oh, May? I gotta go.
- Okay. Love you. Bye.
I mean you can take
the guy out of the chair
but you can't take
the chair out of the guy.
What did you find?
There's a...
disturbance near a military
research facility outside of the city.
And witnesses say they saw a
monster flying through the air.
That's gotta be the guy I
saw on the bridge, right?
That's impossible.
You know him, don't you?
On the bridge,
you said his name.
Norman Osborn.
Brilliant scientist.
Military researcher.
But he was greedy.
- What happened to him?
- We tire of your questions, boy!
I gotta go. Where are we going?
It can't be him.
Because Norman Osborn died years ago.
So either we saw someone else,
or you're flying out into
the darkness, to fight a ghost.
Keep an eye out on those trees,
we don't really know where this guy is.
I really don't know how you
do this without throwing up.
Did you guys see that?
It's, it's really dark.
What's happening?
Peter, what is it?
Are you getting
the tingle thing?
Is the tingle thing happening?
Is your tingle tingling?
Are you guys seeing this?
- Yeah.
- Osborn?
No. He was green.
This guy's blue.
You wouldn't happen to be from
another universe, would you?
What's he doing?
I don't know. Looks
like he's charging.
I don't like this. Just web him.
Go left, left! Go left!
Wait! Right, right!
This is not helping!
No, no, no. What happened?
Peter? Peter?
Peter, it's me. Flint
Marko. You remember?
I'm Peter, but
I'm not your Peter.
What do you mean you're not my
Peter? What the hell is going on?
I'll explain everything, but first
can you help me stop this guy?
You try to surround
him and I'll pull the plug.
All right, let's go.
I can't hold him much longer.
I got him. I got it.
Different Peter. Weird.
Don't worry about it.
I got my body back.
Hey, umm...
This is gonna sound really
crazy, but this isn't your universe.
Another universe?
- What?
- That's what I was feeling.
The power. It's different.
I like it.
Easy, buddy.
It's actually my
fault that you're here.
Like the universe? Or the woods?
- I hate the woods.
- I meant the universe, sir.
So what? You guys just gonna stand
there and act like I ain't butt-ass naked?
- I am.
- Uhh, no, no...
What was that? What
did you just do to him?
No, no, no. It's okay.
Did you kill him?
Whoa, listen. I can explain everything.
You just have to trust me, please.
I don't trust you.
I don't know you.
What is this?
You picked the wrong side.
You know this creature?
No, no, no, no. Not
a creature. A man.
From same universes.
Dr. Curt Connors. He was a scientist
in Oscorp when I worked there.
A brilliant scientist.
Till he turned himself
into a lizard. Then he tried
to turn the whole city
into lizards. It was crazy.
It wasn't crazy, Max. It was
the next step in human evolution.
The dinosaur can talk.
- Lizard.
- Right.
Speaking of which, what
happened to you? Last I
recall, you had bad teeth,
glasses and a comb-over.
Did you get a makeover?
You know I can give
you a real makeover.
- Let me guess. Into a lizard?
- Exactly.
Could you two just
shut up? Where are we?
- It's complicated.
- A wizard's dungeon.
Wizard's... Wizard's dungeon?
There's no real way
to sugarcoat that.
It's literally the
dungeon of a wizard.
Look, you can keep your magic.
I want a taste of that
new energy I just felt.
Oh, Peter. Hey.
Hey. Did those guys
come through yet?
There should be an
electric guy and a sand guy.
Yeah. They're all
here and locked up.
Perfect. I'm gonna just
stay here for a bit, and try
to fix this damage so they
don't blame it on me again.
- Okay.
- Hey, I...
I couldn't do any of
this without you, so...
- Thank you.
- Yeah, of course.
Hey, ask him if this
is like a tree monster,
or like a scientist
that turned into a tree.
Is this a tree, man?
That's a tree.
Coward. We have a
new world to conquer.
- You make me sick.
- Leave me alone. Please.
Hiding in the shadows...
Hiding from who you truly are.
You can't escape yourself!
- Hey, May.
- Hey, Peter.
I'm at work, and, umm...
One of the guys you're
looking for just walked in.
May? Where's May? Thank you.
Hey, here he is.
this is my nephew.
Norman Osborn?
I thought that you were...
I saw Spider-Man in
an ad for this place.
And I thought he could help me.
But you're not him.
Wait, so you want
Spider-Man's help?
He just wandered in.
I didn't know where else to go.
Someone's living in my house.
Oscorp doesn't exist.
My son...
I'm not myself.
someone else.
And, everytime he's in
control, I can't remember.
And now, I'm here, in
this place, in this city,
and I don't know...
I don't know what's
going on with me.
I don't... It doesn't
make sense.
He's lost.
And I don't mean
just in the cosmos.
I mean in his mind.
Are they all like this?
Well, I mean they all have their
own, mental or physical issues.
Well, he needs help,
but maybe they all do.
What, you don't
mean... No, May, this...
This isn't my problem.
Peter, not your problem? Mmm?
Their chance of getting help is way
better back where they came from.
Sending them home,
That's the best thing
that we can do for them.
For them?
Or for yourself?
Look around you.
This is what we do.
We help people.
This is what's best, for them.
Trust me.
But the fact remains,
Spider-Man is a menace!
We'll be right back,
after a brief word from
Daily Bugle supplements.
The only other Daily fix you need.
And, we're out.
I got eyes on them.
He's with his aunt and
some guy I don't know.
You sure?
They're just leaving the shelter.
Okay. Don't lose him.
Thanks, May.
Hope to see you again.
He trusts you.
So do I.
Thanks for cleaning my suit.
I'll see you later.
- Guys, this is Mr. Osborn.
- Hey, it's Doctor.
Sorry. Umm...
Dr. Osborn, these are
my friends, Ned and MJ.
Mary Jane?
It's Michelle Jones, actually.
Do you think there
are other Ned Leedses?
- What... What happened to you?
- What happened to...
- You're the walking corpse.
- What do you mean?
You died, Norman.
Years ago.
You're insane.
God, I love it here.
What are you talking about?
He's standing right there.
- He's not...
- Dead.
They both died. Fighting Spider-Man.
It was all over the news.
Green Goblin?
Impaled by the glider
he flew around on.
And a couple of years later...
You. Doc Ock.
Drowned in the river with your machine.
That's nonsense.
Spider-Man was trying
to stop my fusion reactor.
So I stopped him.
I had him, by the
throat... And then, I...
And then I was here.
Oh, please. Let me
tell you something.
I was whooping
Spider-Man's ass. He'll tell you.
And then he caused an
overload. I was stuck in the grid,
absorbing data. I was about
to turn into pure energy,
and then...
And then... Oh, shit.
I was about to die.
Max, do you know? Do I die?
- Oh, great. You caught another one.
- No, wait. Strange, he's not dangerous.
It's okay.
What is that?
It's an ancient relic.
The Machinati Codamus.
Trap your corrupted spell inside,
once you've finished the proper ritual,
will reverse the spell. And send
these guys back to their universes.
And then what?
We perish?
Nah. No thanks, I'll pass on that.
Let me out of here. Peter!
We can't send
them back. Not yet.
Some of these
guys are gonna die.
it's their fate.
Come on, Strange. Have a heart.
In the grand calculus
of the multiverse,
their sacrifice means
infinitely more than their lives.
I'm sorry, kid.
If they die, they die.
- Dude, what are you doing?
- Peter, you gotta go. Go!
This is why I never had kids.
- Give me the box.
- No.
Oh, my God. I'm dead.
You're not dead. You've just been
separated from your physical form.
My physical... What?!
- How are you doing that?
- I have no idea.
You should not
be able to do that.
This feels amazing.
That might be one of
the coolest things that's
ever happened to me. But
don't ever do that again.
Hey. Get off of me!
What is this place?
The Mirror Dimension.
Where I'm in control.
Strange, stop. Can we
please just talk about this?
Parker, don't you realize
that in the multiverse,
there are an infinite
number of people
who know Peter
Parker is Spider-Man.
And if that spell gets
loose, they're all coming here.
Look, I know. I get it. But we
can't just send them home to die.
It's their fate. You can't change that
anymore than you can change who they are.
But what if we could? What
if we can change their fate?
What are you doing?
I'm not giving you the...
Give me that back.
Wait a minute, is that
an Archimedean spiral?
The Mirror Dimension is just geometry? You're
great at geometry. You can do geometry.
Square the radius, divided
by, plot points along the curve...
It's over, Parker. I'll come
pick you up when it's done.
Hey, Strange. You know
what's cooler than magic?
Don't do this.
I'm sorry, sir, but...
I have to try.
Dude, what happened?
I just had a fight with
Doctor Strange and I totally won!
- What?
- Look, and I stole his ring thing.
I was swinging through the
city, and then I went through this...
massive mirror thing,
- and then I was back...
- Where is he? Where is he?
He's trapped, but...
I'm not sure for how long.
You could've just left us to die.
Why didn't you?
Because that's not who he is.
I think I can help you guys.
If I can fix what
happened to you,
then when you go back,
things will be different
and you might not die
fighting Spider-Man.
What do you mean fix us?
- Look, our technology is advanced...
- I can help you.
You know, I'm something
of a scientist myself.
Octavius knows what I can do.
Fix? You mean like a dog?
I refuse.
I can't promise
you guys anything,
but at least this way, we actually
get to go home and have a chance.
A second chance.
I mean, come on.
Isn't that worth trying?
Trust me, Peter...
When you try to fix people,
there are always consequences.
I mean, you don't have to come.
I also didn't know
that you could talk.
But if you stay here...
you're gonna have to
deal with the wizard.
So, we go along, or die.
Not much of a choice, is it?
I just wanna go home.
Well, I myself don't
wanna be killed,
especially by a guy dressed
like Dungeons & Dragons, so...
What's your plan?
I have it all under control.
What are we gonna
do about this thing?
Well, we need to find
somewhere safe for it, right?
- Yeah. Yes. Yes.
- You got to take it.
Wait, what?
If something bad happens, I'll
text you, and then you just push this
and then it's all over,
and they'll all be gone.
We're going with you.
We're not gonna leave you.
You can't come with me. It's too dangerous.
You guys have already done enough.
- Peter, we're in this together.
- I know we're in this together, Ned,
but I can't do this if I
know that you're in danger.
Okay? So for me, Mj
please just take this.
- Fine.
- Thank you.
But Peter, I swear, if I don't hear
from you, I'm pressing the button.
- Sure.
- Okay. And I will do it!
Yeah, we all
believe you, Michelle.
No way that's his
girlfriend. No way.
- She'll do it.
- Absolutely. She will.
- See you later.
- Be safe.
You too.
- Be careful, okay?
- Yeah. You too.
So, uhh...
Who's coming with me?
Well, I'm in.
But, if this goes sideways...
I'm gonna fry you
from the inside out.
- Where's Connors?
- He told me he wants to stay in the truck.
- Okay.
- Alarm systems, deactivated.
I feel kinda bad using
Happy's place like this.
No, no, no, no.
He'll get over it.
So this is your plan, Peter?
No lab, no facilities, just performing
miracles in a condominium?
What, you're gonna cook up some churros,
some frozen burritos in a microwave?
I could go for a burrito.
He's gonna kill us all.
Well, let's hope not.
You're up first, Doc.
What? Hey, I told
you. I don't need fixing.
I don't need fixing!
Especially by a teenager using
scraps from a bachelor's junk drawer.
No, no, no, no.
He got something back there.
I can feel it.
Weird energy.
What the hell is that?
It's a fabricator.
It can analyze, design,
construct basically anything.
I thought that was a
tanning bed Happy broke.
Look at that.
He's gonna kill us all.
So, the chip in the
back of Doc's neck
was designed to protect
his brain from the A.I. system
that's controlling these
tentacles. But if you look here...
The chip is fried.
So rather than him
being in control of the
tentacles, the tentacles
are now in control of him.
Which, I guess explains why...
he is so miserable all the time.
Well, yes. I am thirsty.
Fresh water or salt?
You know, because
you're an octopus.
Fresh water it is.
Look at this place.
And all the possibilities.
What? This condo?
Yeah. yeah, the condo. I love
the whole overfloor plan. No!
No, man. I'm talking
about the world.
I kinda like who I am here.
And all that power back
there? I could be so much more.
So why did you come here?
I have a daughter.
And I wanna see her. But he's
not gonna send anyone home.
Till he's finished his little
science project back there.
- You trust him?
- I don't trust anyone.
How'd you end up
like that anyway?
The place where I worked at...
They were experimenting
with electricity
created by living
organisms, and then...
I fell into a vat
of electric eels.
You're kidding.
I fell into a supercollider.
Gotta be careful where you fall.
The technology and you.
When all this is over,
if you need a job and you're
willing to commute
to another universe...
It worked. That totally worked!
I got it. I did it. I did
it. Will you send him up?
Yup. Here we go.
- Sorry.
- Hold on, Doc.
All of these
humiliations never cease.
You! Keep your science
fair project away from me!
Hey, it will work. Have faith.
Says the reckless fool who
turned himself into a monster.
Please stop. Hold still.
Don't you dare.
I swear... when I get out
of this wicker, I'm gonna...
Doctor Octavius?
It's so quiet...
Those voices...
Inside my head...
I'd almost forgotten...
It's me.
Would you look at that.
I'm grateful, dear boy. Truly.
Yeah. You're welcome.
How can I help you?
This is Peter. Leave a message.
Yeah, Peter, this is Happy. I
accessed my doorbell camera...
Who are those guys,
huh? Is that a cyborg, you
bring a cyborg with robot
legs into my house?
One of the guys was made of
mud? What's going on? Call me back.
How does it feel, Norman?
You're about to
become whole again.
No more darker half.
Just you.
Just me.
Okay. Umm...
It just goes right
here, this one...
That should be drawing power now.
I'm gonna come back in a
second just to check on it, but...
Keep an eye on the lights.
When they're all green, it
means all the electricity
in your body's dissipated.
Well, not all the electricity.
I mean, obviously you know you need
electricity for your brain to function...
Your nervous system is...
I'm not really sure why I'm
explaining electricity to you.
- Can I ask you a question?
- Sure.
Are these your legos?
I gotta go.
I'll be back.
- Something feels off.
- What do you mean?
- I don't like this.
- Leave it alone.
The sooner you guys get through
with this, the sooner we go home.
- Well? Where is he?
- He's inside.
And yet here we are outside. Did
you not hear me say don't lose him?
I want incriminating
footage of Spider-Man.
- What's wrong?
- I don't know.
What is it, Peter?
What's up, Peter?
Why are you looking
at me like that?
That's some neat trick.
That sense of yours.
Norman's on sabbatical.
The hell?
No more darker half? Did you
really think that I'd let that happen?
That I'd let you take away
my power just because
you're blind to what
true power can bring you?
- You don't know me.
- Don't I?
I saw how she trapped you.
Fighting her holy moral mission.
We don't need you to save us.
We don't need to be fixed.
These are not curses.
They're gifts.
Norman, no.
- Quiet, lapdog.
- You don't know what you're talking about.
I watched you from deep
behind Norman's cowardly eyes.
Struggling, to have
everything you want,
while the world tries
to make you choose.
Gods don't have to choose.
We take.
May, run!
Oh, my God. What have you done?
I liked you better before.
Up here! He's up there.
It's the guy from the bridge.
Did you see that?
Get off me!
Strong enough to have it all...
Too weak to take it!
Now I've gotcha.
I told you there'd be consequences!
Your weakness, Peter...
is morality.
It's choking you.
Can you feel it?
It didn't work.
Norman was right.
He got it from
you. That pathetic
You tried to fix me...
May, go... May...
Now, I'm gonna fix you.
May, run, please...
Peter, Peter, Peter...
No good deed goes unpunished.
You can thank me later.
- May?
- Peter...
May, May... I'm here.
I'm here.
- Are you okay?
- Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
It's okay. We're okay, right?
Knocked off my head.
- Yeah, me too.
- That's all.
I think I broke my ribs.
This is all my fault, May.
I should've just listened to
Strange and let him send them back...
You did the right thing.
They would have been killed.
You did the right thing.
It's not my responsibility, May.
What Norman said?
My moral mission. No.
No, Peter. Listen.
You listen to me.
You have a gift.
You have power.
And with great power,
there must also come great responsibility.
Yeah. I know.
Let's get out of here.
Okay, let's go.
What happened? Are you okay?
Yeah, you're okay.
What happened?
Just helps me... to
catch my breath...
Okay. Well, catch your
breath. I'm right here.
We're gonna take our time,
you catch your breath, and...
and we'll take you
to a Doctor, okay?
Are you okay?
Somebody help. I
need an ambulance.
Please, somebody...
What happened?
Nothing. You're okay. You're okay.
I'll just... catch my breath...
Okay. I'm right here. I'm right here.
I'm right here.
We're okay.
Just me and you.
Will you look at me, May? Please?
May? May?
What are you doing, May? Please, will
you just wake up and talk to me, please?
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
What else can I call it?
What more need be said?
The damage...
The destruction...
You saw it with your own eyes.
When will people
wake up, and realize
that everywhere
Spider-Man goes...
Chaos and calamity ensue.
Everything Spider-Man
touches comes to ruin.
And we, the innocents, are
left to pick up the pieces.
J. Jonah Jameson, reporting.
Good night.
And God help us all.
Still nothing?
I'm gonna press it.
- What? No!
- Peter told me to wait, but...
I'm gonna do it.
I just wish... I just wish
that we could see him.
- Ned?
- Yeah?
Do that again.
I just wish we could see him.
I just wish we could see Peter.
You're right. I am magic.
- Is that him?
- Yeah, yeah. It has to be.
- Peter. Peter!
- Hey, Peter!
Hi. Hi!
No, no, no. It's okay,
it's okay. I'm nice guy.
Who the hell are you?
I'm Peter Parker.
That's not possible.
I am Spider-Man.
In my world. But
then, yesterday?
I was...
I was just here.
String theory...
Multidimensional reality...
And matter displacement.
All real?
Knew it!
This has to be
because of the spell.
The spell?
- Like magic spell?
- There's no spell.
- No spell.
- No.
Magic's real here, too?
- I mean..
- Shut up, Ned.
No, it's not real.
- Shut up.
- I mean...
There's magicians and
stuff, but there's no like...
Stop it. Stop.
- Prove it.
- Prove what?
That you're Peter Parker.
I don't carry an ID
with me, you know?
Kinda defeats the whole
anonymous superhero thing?
Why'd you do that?
To see if you have
the tingle thing.
I have the tingle thing,
just not from bread.
Can you not throw the bread again?
You're a deeply mistrusting person.
And I respect that.
- Crawl around.
- Crawl around?
- Yes.
- No.
- Crawl around.
- Why do I need to crawl around?
- Cause it's not enough.
- This is plenty.
- No, it's not.
- Yes, it is.
- Nuh-uh.
- How do I stick to the ceiling?
Do it.
sabihin mo diyan sa mamang yan,
na alisin yung
agiw sa sulok. Ha?
My Lola's asking if you could
just get the cobweb there.
- It's too, like, up there?
- Yeah.
Thank you.
We're good?
We're good.
For now.
So, I opened a wrong portal
to the wrong Peter Parker.
Yeah, I guess you just keep
doing it until you find the real one.
- Ouch.
- No offense.
- Okay.
- Okay.
You're good.
Find Peter Parker.
What's with the eyes and hand?
Find Peter Parker.
Find Peter Parker!
Great, it's just some random guy.
I hope it's okay, I just
came through this...
It just closed.
You're Peter?
Yeah. Peter Parker.
I... I've seen you two...
Wait. He's...
He's not your friend...
Whoa, it's... So you're
Spider-Man too?
Why didn't you just say that?
I generally don't go
around advertising it.
Kinda defeats the whole
anonymous superhero thing.
- That's what I just said...
- That's what he just said.
Ikaw, ha? Nagkalat ka nanaman.
Linisin mo lahat ng
mga basura mo dito.
At ikaw? Alam mo na gusto ko
itong bahay natin, maayos.
Pero tingnan mo,
dumi dito, dumi doon.
My Lola's asking if you could
clean up the webs that you just shot.
Oh. Sorry, Lola.
Yes, of course.
I'm going to bed.
Good night, Lola.
This might seem
kind of weird, but...
I've been trying to find your
friend ever since I got here.
I just had this sense that...
That he needs my help.
Our help.
He does.
We don't know where he is.
And, umm...
Honestly, right now,
we're all he really has left.
Well, is there some place,
that he might go that
has meaning to him?
Like a...
a place where he
would go to just...
Get away from everything?
For me, it was the top
of the Chrysler Building.
Empire State.
Better view.
That is a sweet view.
Yeah, I think I know
exactly where that would be.
Peter, there's...
there's some people here...
Hey. Wait, wait, whoa.
About May.
Yeah. Sorry.
I got some understanding
of what you're going through...
No, please don't tell me that
you know what I'm going through.
She's gone.
It's all my fault.
She died for nothing.
So I'm gonna do what I
should've done in the first place.
- Peter...
- Please, don't.
You don't belong here. Either
of you, so I'm sending you home.
Those other guys are
from your worlds, right?
So you deal with it.
If they die, if you kill them...
That's on you.
It's not my problem.
I don't care anymore.
I'm done.
I'm really sorry that I
dragged you into this.
But you have to go home now.
Good luck.
My Uncle Ben was killed.
It was my fault.
I lost...
I lost Gwen. My...
She was my MJ.
I couldn't save her.
I'm never gonna be able
to forgive myself for that.
But I carried on. Tried to...
Tried to keep going.
Tried to keep being the...
friendly neighborhood
Spider-Man, because
I know that's what
she would have wanted.
At some point, I just...
I stopped pulling my punches.
I got rageful.
I got bitter.
I just don't want you,
to end up like... Like me.
The night Ben died,
I hunted down the
man who I thought did it.
I wanted him dead.
I got what I wanted.
It didn't make it better.
It took me a long time to...
learn to get through
that darkness.
I wanna kill him.
I wanna tear him apart.
I can still hear her
voice in my head.
Even after she was hurt, she said
to me that we did the right thing.
She told me that
with great power...
comes great responsibility.
Wait, what? How
do you know that?
Uncle Ben said it.
The day he died.
Maybe she didn't
die for nothing, Peter.
Okay, so...
Connors, Marko, Dillon, and...
Look, I think that I can repair the devices
for Dillon and Marko, but the others...
Well, I got Connors. I've already
cured him once, so no big deal.
What? It's no big deal.
Yeah. That's great.
I think I can make an
antiserum for Doctor Osborn.
Been thinking
about it a long time.
Gotta cure all of them.
That's what we do.
It's for yous.
Do you have a best friend too?
I did.
You did?
He died in my arms.
After he tried to kill me.
It was heartbreaking.
Run a diagnostic.
Hey, you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
You don't deserve this.
I ruined your life...
Hey. No, no, no, no, no.
Look at me. I'm here.
I'm not going anywhere.
We're gonna get through this.
We're gonna get through it together.
You have someone?
I got no time for
Peter Parker stuff...
You know?
Do you?
It's a little... complicated.
I understand.
I guess it's just not in
the cards for guys like us.
I wouldn't give up.
Took a while, but...
We made it work.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Me and...
My MJ. She, uhh...
It gets confusing, huh?
- Yeah? Oh, sorry. You mean...
- Yeah? Oh, sorry. You mean...
- We're all called Peter, Ned.
- Yeah. Peter?
Peter Parker?
- Same.
- We're all Peter Parker.
The computer!
- Oh, I'm ready.
- Yeah, me too.
Okay, so... Now, all we gotta do is
lure these guys someplace, right?
Try to cure them, while they try
to kill us, and then, send them home.
Using a magic box?
Well, that's the plan.
So are you gonna go
into battle dressed as a
cool, youth pastor, or
do you got your suit?
Here's your web cartridges.
Oh, thanks, Ned.
What's that for?
It's my web fluid. It's
for my web shooters. Why?
- That came out of you?
- Yeah.
- You can't do that, huh?
- No.
How on Earth is that...
Anyway, we're getting
sidetracked. Look, this
is where we're gonna
do this, okay? It's isolated,
so no one should get hurt.
We draw them there with the
box, it's the one thing they all want.
All we have to do is figure
out how we're gonna get there.
Oh, we can portal there.
- What?
- I magic now.
Yeah, no, no. He's
right. He can. He can.
- Yeah, we saw him.
- Yeah. He is.
- Wait, really?
- Dude, I got Doctor Strange magic.
- What?
- Yeah!
And I promise you...
I won't turn into a
supervillain and try to kill you.
Thank you.
Alright. Here goes nothing.
What's that thing you always say?
If you expect disappointment...
No, no, no...
We gotta kick some ass.
Cure some ass.
Cure that ass.
Ladies and gentlemen...
The Bugle tip line
has just received a call
from none other than the
fugitive known as Spider-Man.
Fresh from his rampage in Queens.
So, Peter Parker... What pernicious
propaganda are you peddling?
- Just the truth.
- Oh, sure.
Truth is...
That this is all my fault.
I accidentally brought
those dangerous people here.
Well, he admits it!
And if those people
are watching...
Just know that I really
did try to help you.
I could've killed you.
At any given
moment, but I didn't.
Because my Aunt May taught me
that everyone deserves a second chance.
And that's why I'm here.
And where is here, exactly?
A place that represents
second chances.
The Statue of Liberty?
Good God, folks! He's
about to destroy
another national landmark.
The world, if you're watching...
Believe me, the world is watching.
Wish me luck.
Your friendly neighborhood
Spider-Man could really use some.
Okay, guys. It could
be any minute now.
Yup. Almost done.
You know, Max was like,
the sweetest guy ever.
Before he fell into a...
pool of electric eels.
That'll do it.
There it goes...
You okay?
My back.
It's kind of stiff from
all the swinging, I guess.
Oh, yeah, no, I got a
middle back pain, too.
- Really?
- Yeah.
You want me to crack it?
That would be great.
You ready?
That's good.
How is it?
- That's good.
- Right?
- That's better.
- Yeah.
God, this is so cool.
I always wanted brothers.
So you could like make your
own web fluid in your body?
I'd rather not talk about this.
No, I don't mean to...
- Are you teasing me?
- No, no, no. No, no, no.
He's not teasing
you. It's just that...
We can't do that, so naturally we're
curious as to how your web situation works.
That's all.
If it's personal, I don't
wanna pry. I just think it's cool.
No. I wish I could tell you,
but it's like, I don't do it...
Like I don't...
Like, I don't do breathing.
Like, breathing just happens.
Like, does it just come
out of your wrists, or...
Does it come out
off anywhere else?
Only... only the wrists.
You never had to web block?
Cause I run out of webs all the time.
I had to make my own lab.
And it's a hassle.
That sounds like a hassle.
But I did, actually, as
you said that. I was like...
- I had a web block.
- Why?
Existential crisis stuff.
Yeah, don't get me started on that.
What are like, some of the craziest
villains that you guys have fought?
Seems you've met some of them.
That's a good question.
I fought a...
an alien...
made out of black goo once.
No way! I fought an alien, too.
On Earth and in space.
- Oh.
- Yeah. He was purple.
I wanna fight an alien.
I'm, I'm still, like...
That you fought
an alien, in Space.
I'm lame.
Like, I fought a
Russian guy in a...
Like a rhinoceros machine.
Hey, can we rewind it
back to the "I'm lame" part?
'Cause, you are not.
Aw, thanks. No, yeah. I appreciate
it, I'm not saying I'm lame.
But it's just the self-talk
maybe we should, you know...
- Yeah, listen...
- Please...
You're... You're Amazing.
Just to take it in for a minute.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- You... You are amazing.
- I guess I am.
- You are amazing.
- Thank you.
- Will you say it?
No, I kinda needed to
hear that. Thank you.
Alright guys, focus
up. Can you feel that?
What's up, Peter?
How do you like the new news?
Look, you give it to
me, I'm gonna destroy it.
But I'll let you live.
Don't make me a murderer, Peter.
Okay, guys. Here it comes.
Hey, Max!
I missed you, man!
All right, MJ, heads up!
Got it! Close it.
- Okay...
- I know.
- Why isn't it closing?
- I don't know... I...
Have you closed before? No?
No. I mean I have opened some.
Max, Max, Max. Can we just talk
for a second? Just you and me, just...
Look who showed up!
Our old friend Spider-Man.
I'm trying to save you, Max.
That's all I've ever wanted.
- You're not trying to save me.
- I am.
You ain't even shit no more.
Don't worry about
me. I'll save myself.
I got his attention, now what?
Open the cage!
Just FYI, Lizard-guy
is here too.
Guys, comm check, hello.
I need Max's cure.
Yeah. I'm on it.
Peter! I need the Lizard cure.
Okay! Okay!
Where's the box, Peter?
- Flint! We can help everyone.
- I don't care!
I tried to tell you, Sandman.
Nobody's going home.
What the hell, is
going on out there?
I kept yelling at you,
Peter 2, Peter 2...
I know, but I thought
you're Peter 2?
What? I'm not Peter...
Stop arguing, both of
you! Listen to Peter 1.
Look, we're clearly
not very good at this!
I know, I know. We suck.
I, I don't know how
to work as a team.
Me neither.
Well I do. I have
been in a team, okay?
I don't wanna brag, but I will.
- I was in the Avengers.
- The Avengers?
- Yeah.
- That's great!
- Thank you.
- What is that?
Wait, you don't
have the Avengers?
Is that a band?
Are you in a band?
No, I'm not in a band.
No, the Avengers is a...
- Earth's Mightiest...
- How is this helping?!
Look, it's not important. All we
gotta do is focus, trust your tingle,
and coordinate our attacks, okay?
Yes. Okay. Let's
pick one target.
We take them off the
board one at a time.
Now you got it. Okay...
- Peter 1, Peter 2...
- Peter 2.
- Peter 3.
- Peter 3!
- All right, let's do this...
- No, wait, wait, wait, wait!
I love you guys.
Thank you.
- All right. Let's do this.
- Let's go.
Okay, Spider-Man.
Sandman first.
I'm gonna lead him
inside the statue.
I'll meet you at the top.
- Hey, Dr. Connors.
- Hello, Peter.
Peter 1!
I got it.
Flint! We're trying to help you!
Guys, I'm at the top!
I need the cure!
I'm coming, I'm
coming, I'm coming!
I'll be right back.
It's okay, Flint.
We're gonna get you home.
Just... stay right here.
How do we stop him? I've
never seen him this powerful.
It's the arc reactor.
We gotta get it off him.
You're not gonna
take this away from me.
That's not gonna work.
Okay, we've gotta
do this up close.
Peter 2 go right,
Peter 3 go left. On me.
All right, we're gonna do it
again. We're just gonna keep trying.
Alright. We got it.
I got it. Got this.
Close the portal.
Oh, no. No, no, no!
Ned, that is a lizard,
and we should...
Connors, stop!
Leave them. They're mine.
I don't need your
help. I got it just fine.
Dr. Octavius. No.
What are you doing?
Get it off me!
There you go.
Okay. Right, right, right.
Where is he?
Wait, wait, wait!
Before you do anything,
Mister... Doctor Strange, sir, well...
Peter's plan is working.
- What plan?
- He's curing them.
Dr. Connors?
Welcome back, sir.
Well, I'll be damned.
Did you just open a portal?
Yes, yes, sir. I did.
Don't worry.
- I'm out. Empty.
- You sure about that?
I'm back to being a nobody.
- You were never a nobody, Max.
- Yes, I was. Yes, I was.
You don't see me.
Can I tell you something?
You got a nice face.
You're just a kid.
You're from Queens...
You got that suit...
You helping out people...
I just thought you
was gonna be black.
Oh, man. I'm sorry.
Don't mind it. There's gotta be a
black Spider-Man somehwere out there.
Goddamn eels.
The power of the sun...
in the palm of your hand.
Oh, it's good to
see you, dear boy.
It's good to see you.
You're all grown up.
How are you?
Trying to do better.
Strange, wait...
I've been dangling over the
Grand Canyon for twelve hours!
I know. I know, I
know, I know. I...
I'm sorry about that, sir. I mean...
You went to the Grand Canyon?
- He could've used your help.
- No, no. It's okay, it's okay.
These are my new
friends. This is Peter Parker,
he's Peter Parker.
Spider-Man, Spider-Man.
They're mes from other
universes. They're here to help.
This is the wizard that
I was telling you about.
Look, I am really impressed that you managed
to give them all a second chance, kid.
But this has to end, now.
Can the Spider-Man
come out to play?
Strange, no!
Are you okay?
Yeah. I'm okay.
Are you okay?
Thank you, Mister Cape, sir.
- Ned!
- Peter?
- Are you okay?
- We're okay.
Poor Peter.
Too weak to send me home to die.
I just wanna kill you myself.
She was there.
It doesn't mean...
I may have struck the blow.
But you?
You are the one that killed her.
What have I done?
- It's you.
- You okay?
Yeah, I'm good. I've
been stabbed before.
Hey, nice catch.
You saw?
Is that happening? Or am I dying?
- I gotta go.
- Yeah. Yeah, I got him.
What's happening?
They're starting to come
through and I can't stop them.
There's got to be something we can
do. Can't you just cast a spell again?
Like the original way.
Before I screwed it up.
We're too late for
that. They're here.
They're here because of you.
What if everyone
forgot who I was?
They're coming here
because of me, right?
Because I'm Peter
Parker? So cast a new spell.
But this time, make everyone
forget who Peter Parker is.
Make everyone forget...
But it would work, right?
Yeah, it would work.
But you got to understand, that would
mean everyone, who knows and loves you
We'd have no memory of you.
It'll be as though
you never existed.
I know.
Do it.
Then go and say your
goodbyes. You don't have long.
Thank you, sir.
Call me Stephen.
Thank you, Stephen.
Still feels weird.
I'll see you around.
So long, kid.
I think this is it. I think
you're about to go home.
But I... uhh...
Thank you.
I just wanted...
I wanna tell you that...
I really don't know
how to say this, like...
I want you to know that I...
You know.
It's what we do.
Yeah. It's what we do.
Right. I gotta find Ned and MJ.
Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you!
I guess I'll see you.
- Keep safe.
- Bye.
You're in so much pain, huh?
- I am.
- Yeah.
Are you okay?
Yeah, we're okay.
Oh, my God. You're bleeding.
- No. I'm okay.
- Are you sure?
I'm fine. I promise.
We should go, right?
You're gonna forget who I am.
- What?
- Peter, what are you talking about?
It's okay...
I'm gonna come and find you,
and I'll explain everything.
I'll make you remember me.
It'll be like none of
this ever happened.
But what if that doesn't work?
What if that doesn't work,
what if we can't remember you?
I don't wanna do that.
I don't wanna do that.
I know. MJ, I know.
There's gotta be
something we can do.
We can come up with like a plan or something?
There's gotta be something we can do.
There's nothing we can do.
But we'll be okay.
Yeah, I promise.
I'll come find you. Okay?
I know you will.
You better.
I promise I'll fix this.
I really hate magic.
Yeah. Me, too.
I love you.
I love you...
Swear that, you will
tell me if we meet again.
It's been a few weeks since the
fiasco on the Statue of Liberty,
and Spider-Man's cultists
continue to contend
that the vile
vigilante is a hero.
But if he were a hero, he'd unmask
himself and tell us who he really is.
Because only a coward
conceals his identity.
Only a coward hides
his true intentions.
Rest assured, ladies and gentlemen,
that this reporter will uncover those...
My name is Peter Parker.
You don't know me, but I...
My name is Peter Parker
and you don't know me, but...
Can I help you?
Hi. Umm...
My name is Peter Parker.
And I...
would like a coffee. Please.
Okay, no problem, Peter Parker.
Donuts for my fellow engineer.
- Wait, what?
- MIT, they have the engineers.
Oh, right, right, right.
I should probably know that.
Look at you with
the school spirit.
Peter Parker?
Peter Parker?
Your coffee.
Right. Thank you.
Are you excited for MIT?
Right. Yeah.
Yeah, actually I am
excited, which is weird
because I don't really
get excited about things.
I kind of expect disappointment.
'Cause then you'd never
actually be disappointed.
Yeah. Right.
It's just... I don't know...
It just kinda feels different
this time for some reason.
That was...
You okay?
Doesn't really hurt anymore.
Is there anything else?
Thank you.
No problem.
See you around.
How do you know her?
Through Spider-Man.
- You?
- Same.
I lost a good friend a while back.
It felt like this.
Hurts cause they're gone,
and then it hurts all over again because
you remember what they stood for,
and you wonder...
Is all that gone too?
No, it's not gone.
Everybody she helped...
they'll keep it going.
You really think so?
I know it.
Take care of yourself, okay?
Yeah. Nice to meet you.
Okay, I think I got this. You're
saying that this whole place here...
It's just tons of...
And he has been
saying it for hours.
All right, tell me again.
I'm sorry. I'm an idiot.
There was a billionaire. He had
a tin suit, and he could fly. Right?
Okay. And there was a
really angry green man.
- Hulk.
- Hulk.
And you thought Lethal
Protector was a shit name.
Yeah, because it is.
Now, tell me again about your
purple alien that loves stones.
'Cause I'll tell you what, man.
Aliens, they do not love stones.
Eddie, don't start!
You know what aliens
love? Eating brains!
Because that's what
they do. All right?
Senor, he made
my family disappear.
For five years.
Five years?
That's a long time.
I mean, maybe I should go
to New York and speak to this,
Eddie! We are drunk!
- Let's go skinny-dip!
- I don't think we should skinny-dip.
Sir, you have to pay your bill.
What is happening? No!
And there he goes.
Without paying the
bill, no tips, nothing.