Spiders (2013) Movie Script

[Crashing sounds]
[Crashing sound]
[Splintering sounds]
[Street sounds]
[Subway sounds]
(Male voice over dispatch
radio) roger, copy.
[Soft chatter]
(Jason) good morning,
ladies and gents.
(Employee) hey, jason.
I need a motorman's
report on lexington 126.
Good morning, george.
And slow broadway 912
to three quarters, please.
(Pete) broadway 912, can you
slow to three quarters?
Good morning, pete.
A hundred and sixty gigabytes?
Hell, yes.
This shit will give
her bragging rights.
That's, like, 10,000 songs, man.
She's 12 years old.
Dude, it's the best
they've got.
I know what the 18 year old
girls are into.
Twelve, not really
my area of expertise.
Yeah, i bet you do know what the
18 year old girls are into.
Living the dream, baby.
God bless you.
Your boy on columbus 245
is running behind again.
Columbus 245, can you
speed up three quarters?
[Train shrieking]
[Dull loud noise]
(Employee no. 2)
did we lose power?
Somebody check the phone line.
[Humming gets louder]
What the hell was that?
(Pete) jesus christ!
[Alarm continues]
We've got a disruption
at noble street.
Was that a bomb?!
Jimmy? (Jimmy) head for the exits.
Come on.
Watch your step.
Don't panic.
Exit at the end of the platforms.
(Jason) yo!
Jimmy, it's jason. I need
eyes down on noble street.
You on it?
Jimmy, you copy?
Come on, out. Go!
[Female voice
over speakers, indistinct]
(Jason) come on, man.
Where the hell are you?
...all passengers...
yeah, i'm here.
What the hell's
going on down there?
(Jimmy) hold your horses.
I'm on my way.
Well, it looks
like we got penetration.
Through the sidewalk
into the noble street tunnel.
Was it a bomb?
Negative. Not a bogie.
I'll get eyeballs on it,
get back to you.
If you haven't got
eyeballs on it,
How do you know
that it's not a bomb?
Hey, man, after three
tours in iraq,
I know what a bomb sounds like.
Jesus, man, just get me the
information, will you?
Screw this. I'll call
homeland security.
Yo. We got broadway 912.
Getting there
in about two minutes.
Switch it to the a line...
You get caz on the line.
(Caz) caz speaking.
You guys feel that?
What, you mean the entire
building shaking? Yeah.
Space debris.
It's all over the news.
I knew it would happen.
They keep sending stuff into
space, but when it gets outdated.
No one wants to spend the
money to take it down.
(Reporter) apparently the
satellite is of russian origin.
Scientists expected
that it would disintegrate.
As it hit the earth's
atmosphere, and any unburned...
Just when i thought i'd
seen every possible way.
To screw up the monday commute.
They said they had
the thing tracked.
As it entered the atmosphere.
Came off of a satellite
launched in the 80s.
Nice of them
to tell us about it.
I'm going down there.
We gotta get that line
open by rush hour.
Yeah, okay.
See you there.
Jimmy they're telling me that
it's a piece of satellite.
Do you read me?
Don't leave me hanging, man.
Have you talked to jimmy?
I'm going down there.
Keep trying him. If
you get him, hit me.
You got it.
[Street sounds]
[Siren wailing]
[Female reporter
reporting in distance]
Of course we will bring
you the very latest.
On this developing story,
as we learn it but for now,
Let's go out live to john smith
who is near the crash site.
John, what are you seeing
on the ground?
What have we got, a jumper?
I'm sorry.
It's jimmy.
He hit the third rail.
No, no.
No way.
He must've gotten disoriented
in the dust.
There's really
no other explanation.
Sorry, man.
That doesn't make any sense.
Jimmy's got way too much
experience for that.
(Caz, on walkie) jason,
did you see him?
What, are you
talking about jimmy?
They're calling
it electrocution.
No, it doesn't add up.
Yeah, i know.
I'm with you.
Are you coming down?
I've got a half dozen
suits flying around here.
I got it.
I'm sorry. I know
you guys were close.
I gotta go.
[Machine crackling]
(Male voice no. 1)
no, i'm not getting anything.
(Male voice no. 2)
yeah, me neither.
I'm all clear in this area.
Come in, guys.
It's all clear.
(Jenkins) we're clear
of radioactivity.
They found a chunk of metal,
They're bringing it to us now.
(Jason) that's it?
You had a man down here
right after it hit?
Yeah. Why?
Died of electric shock?
Dr. Darnoff, you recognize this?
Mean anything to you?
Piece of the waste
disposal module,
On the opposite side
of the craft. Useless.
Looks like we're clear.
Civil, over to you.
We're going back up.
Doctor, come with me.
So when can we open
the station?
Fema has no problem with it.
Homeland security is satisfied.
(Rachel) new york city
department of health.
Isn't satisfied.
The emotional health of a
hell of a lot of commuters.
Is going to take a nose dive if
we don't reopen by rush hour.
I'm sorry. You have waste
disposal issues here.
They just said that there's
nothing down here.
Department procedure.
What do you want me to do?
You want me to dust
the subway tunnel?
I have a job to do, jason.
Yeah, i do, too.
You sure this is the health
department speaking? Yes, it is.
I don't have time for this.
(Caz) guys!
You have people here.
I'll supervise the crew myself.
We'll do our best to get it
knocked out before rush hour.
Are we good?
So, whose agency
is picking up the tab.
For the clean up and repair?
[Wild squeak]
It was decommissioned
in the 1980s.
So what, russian?
(Male voice no. 3)
soviet union.
It was a different
country back then.
Yep. It's coming
out of my budget.
[Siren wailing]
[Phone beeping]
Hey. (Peter over phone)
yeah, what's up?
I'm leaving noble street. I've
gotta take care of something.
Copy that. Anything goes on down
there, i want you to call me.
You've got it.
Uh, pete? I've gotta bounce.
[Lively chatter]
So then he texted, sure.
That's odd.
He's an older guy. Eighth grade.
Guys? Eighth grade?
Happy birthday, sweetie.
Okay, i really have to go. Bye.
Sorry i'm late.
It's okay.
Thanks for covering.
I'm used to it.
Good luck tonight.
Did you guys hear the
news about dad's subway?
Uh, yeah.
It's weird.
I got all the presents,
and i've gotta rush.
Did dad call?
He sent me a text.
He's not gonna make it.
You know your dad means well.
You know he's trying, right?
He always tries,
but he never does.
What if i just opened one?
Before dinner?
[Sucks in air] okay.
Just take a seat.
Excuse me.
You with transit authority?
Yeah. Hi.
Jason. Jason cole. Doctor stella.
This way.
The emt said he died...
From contact
with the third rail.
What's your professional
opinion on that?
Technically, yes.
What do you mean
by technically?
Well, five years in the er.
I've seen every kind of
gross there is, but this...
Is that jimmy?
I'm sorry.
Why is he opened up like that?
And what are those, what's
that crap inside of his body?
Insect eggs.
Insect eggs?
Some insects, such as spiders,
Plant their eggs
in a foreign host.
And he had a bite
to his lower left shin.
We removed these
from his abdomen.
You mind if i take
these to city health?
Be my guest. It saves
me the paperwork.
Thanks, doc.
[Female reporter, indistinct]
Authorities have determined that the
death of an nyt subway worker...
[Continues indistinct]
(Jason) i called him.
Instead of shutting down the
line, i got shut down instead.
You gotta do it, caz.
There's something
going on down there.
Yeah, i'm gonna take the heat.
Alright, i'll see you
in about a half hour.
[Upbeat music playing]
Who is it?
(Jason) it's me, rach.
I know.
I know i'm late.
How's my almost teenager?
[Door closes] you missed it.
I'm sorry, honey.
It's okay.
No, it's not okay.
Your old man
had a crazy day today.
Otherwise i never would
have missed your birthday.
It broke my heart.
But... i got
something for you.
That's a hundred
and sixty gigabytes.
[Chuckles] epic. Thank you.
I'm gonna go download
some music.
She only turns 12 once.
I had a few problems
down at the ranch,
In case you didn't notice.
It's new york city.
There's always a crisis.
No, it's bigger
than that, rach.
Bigger than
your daughter's birthday?
I went and saw jimmy's
body down at the morgue.
He wasn't just killed
from electricity. What?
Something bit his leg,
And left these eggs
inside of his body.
Can you check them out for
me, give me an analysis?
Of course.
Whatever bit him is
stillm down there.
Jesus, jason.
Yeah, i know.
I gotta go back.
I gotta close the station.
Em? Come give your
old man a kiss.
Daddy, but it's my birthday.
Yeah, i know. But i'm
gonna make it up to you.
We're gonna have movie
night this week. Candy?
Yeah. At least 20 dollars in candy.
Is that a deal? Deal.
Okay, dad.
I'm gonna go finish
the download.
Hey, wait.
The divorce settlement
from my lawyer.
Oh, i guess
it's final now, huh?
I guess so.
[Shrieking continues]
[Rats squeaking]
Yeah, but things
are gonna get so bad.
I've shut down the station.
That's right.
Yeah, see you later.
What the hell's going on?
This is what happens when the
guy who runs pest control.
Is the mayor's cousin.
They're on their way.
Your wife still got that cat?
(Female voice on speaker) noble
street station is now closed.
Please proceed to the nearest exit.
[Rats squeaking]
Thank you for using
the new york city transit.
Hey, you guys
call the exterminator?
Yeah. We got
a little job for you.
Check this out.
Trouble seems to be
coming from down here.
(Caz) jimmy. I can't believe it.
(Jason) i know i'm gonna miss
seeing his face down here.
Oh, his wife.
Patty's a mess.
You damn rats.
Whatever it was, we're gonna
find it and get it out of here.
Oh, jesus.
Ugh. People live here.
At least it's warm
and it's dry.
It's smelly.
Oh, caz.
(Caz) new york transit police!
Poor bastards.
Hey, buddy!
That's it.
That's what got jimmy.
It's down here, caz.
Oh, jesus.
Look at this.
Here's another one.
It's spiders.
I just saw it.
You guys, get in here!
[Spider squeaking]
Where'd it go?
Where'd it go?
(Exterminator) where?
It's right down here.
Look at this!
Oh no!
No, get off!
Get off!
Caz, no!
Get the thing going!
What's wrong with you?
It won't start!
Come on!
Get them off!
Get them off!
Get it on him! Come on!
Do it! [Screams]
He's gone, man.
Come on.
(Jason) oh my god.
Oh my god.
We're now dealing with a code
red health alert at this hour.
Us military officials have
erected a quarantine zone.
Here's what you need to know.
The areas
affected are broadway,
Bowery, east houston and
eighth street, all shut down.
All traffic is being rerouted.
(Man from helicopter) you are
in a military evacuation zone.
Please leave
the area immediately.
This is bullshit.
Adam put in an extra
shot of espresso.
You're gonna need it.
Sorry about caz.
Yeah, thanks. I call this
some primo shit storm.
You got that right.
What are we looking at?
We completely reset
the routing,
Keep the trains running as far
away from this mess as possible,
Which is no small feat.
Good, good.
We got an army of scientists
and government security people.
Doing some high tech stuff
at noble street station.
By the way, they jammed
the phone service.
In the area, no cell phones.
I know, i've been
trying to call emily.
Nah, no thanks.
No, there's no virus.
You sure? This is about those
spiders that killed caz.
I just got off the
phone with rachel.
The eggs don't have
bacteria on them.
We got a bunch of suits
telling the media outlets.
There's some sort of
lethal virus outbreak.
Yeah, well, they'll do
anything to hide it.
It's not my pay grade to
think about these things.
That's for people like you.
It's a real shit storm.
Yeah, and now they've locked
down noble street station.
Yeah, i guess you made the
right call on those espressos.
I've got a shift about to
go into triple overtime.
I'll see you back at the office.
Thanks, pete.
(Mp 1) hey man, you can't be here.
Hold it.
I'm station supervisor
jason cole.
Came to get my daughter.
Jason cole.
You're clear to go.
[Metallic sounds]
[Spider squealing]
That's all.
Darnoff, tell your people
to get their masks back on.
We need to keep this
virus story locked down.
They don't believe in your
fairy tales here, colonel.
Tell your people we
have been vaccinated.
You found what
you're looking for?
This is the first person to be bitten?
So i'm told.
Then someone must
have taken it out.
Taken what?
The queen egg.
The queen is always implanted
in the first host.
These are male eggs.
The queen will be a different
shape and color. What color?
Pfft. Brown, maybe.
Not this.
This is jenkins.
Yeah, i need all the
paperwork with the body.
That we just picked
up from the morgue.
You tell me as soon
as you've got it.
Twenty years, two marriages
i've served this project,
Just to watch it crumble
when the wall came down.
And then it falls from the
sky right into my lap.
And you lose it.
If we had the queen egg,
None of this
would be necessary.
We wouldn't have to work
here in these tunnels,
In less than ideal conditions.
What's wrong
with the male eggs?
Why do we need a queen egg?
Why do we need the queen egg?
The queen is the only one.
That can produce
the quality of webbing.
That your people require.
Can you believe
these creatures?
These are newborns, but
already they work together.
They have established
their territory.
And now they build
a nest for the queen.
But if we don't get the egg into
their nest in twelve hours,
She will die.
So you and your
people must find it,
Or our work here is useless.
This is jenkins.
Give me operations.
[Sirens wailing]
Health department supervisor
rachel coles.
Has just logged a report
on the eggs found.
In the subway worker's body.
Pull up her profile.
It's a match.
Rachel cole, recently
divorced from jason cole,
Our nyt line supervisor that was
at the hospital last night.
Good work, gentlemen.
We're back on the trail.
Let's get this to jenkins asap.
There's nothing here.
If there was, you would
have found it by now.
(Guard 1) get back here!
But i don't feel sick!
(Phoebe) hey!
(Phoebe) hey, hey! I want my dad.
Stop it!
(Guard 1) you'll
stay for a few days.
Watch her.
(Guard 2) sir, stay
away from the building.
My daughter's in there!
Sir. We need you
to step away.
You need to tell me what
the hell is going on here.
The people inside are infected.
Nobody is infected.
There is no virus.
What's your name?
Jason cole.
We've got a jason
cole down here.
White male, mid thirties.
Daddy, come on!
Daddy, come here! Everything
is gonna be okay.
Just hold on.
Daddy's coming to get you.
Daddy, come on! Hurry!
I'm coming!
[Shrieking] dad!
Yeah, that's him.
Pick him up.
Yes, sir.
Okay, sir.
Mr. Cole.
All i want is my daughter. We
need you to stay where you are.
Stay where you are
[gun cocking]
And put your hands
above your head.
Up here, take him out.
[Elevator dings]
Hey, i don't know what
the hell we've got here,
But our lab people
confirmed it's not...
Well, they don't know what
the hell it is either.
See, i'm telling you,
No bacteria in any of the eggs.
Everything on earth
has bacteria on it.
Hey, come on. Before you
start jumping to conclusions.
About little green men
and area fifty-One,
Get this to our lab
uptown, pronto.
Have them do a dna breakdown.
They've quarantined
the whole neighborhood.
You have to tell them
that no bacteria.
Means there's no virus.
They have to know.
Yeah, i'm on that, okay?
I get this quarantine
business is bullshit.
But i've got the mayor's office
working with me on this,
But they're gonna need
a report on that.
So if you can get this
to the lab, pronto,
I'd appreciate that.
Can you do that?
Don't i always? Thank you.
Hey, sara?
Get me doctor smirnoff.
Or whatever his name is.
For dr. Darnoff.
Yeah, i'll take that.
Yeah, this is colonel jenkins.
How can i help you?
Well, thank you
mr. Poor. Yeah.
We'll be in touch.
Nicky? We need
to clean the trail.
All of it?
(Male reporter) channel
seven's janet singer is live.
On the corner of second and noble.
Go ahead, janet.
city officials said today.
That the virus
has been contained.
However there is still no word.
On how long the area
will be quarantined.
And this announcement prompted
an outcry from local residents.
Who are saying
they are being deprived.
Of their homes
and places of business.
And they are demanding compensation
from the city and federal government.
(Rachel on phone) hey pete, it's rachel.
(Pete) what's up?
I'm trying to reach jason and emily.
He's alright.
They're not picking up.
He's got a lot on his plate, you
know, but he'll always sort it.
Hey, i'm walking here, man.
Pete, are you there?
[Loud hip hop music from van]
What's going on?
People are nuts.
Look, listen, just let me call
you when i get back, alright?
What the...?
[Loud honking]
[Engine starts]
[Loud hip hop music from van]
[Phone beeping in a call]
[Phone ringing at other end]
(Emily's recorded voice) hey,
it's emily, you know what to do.
[Beep] (rachel) hey,
emily, honey, it's mom.
Um, give me a call
as soon as you can.
It's kind of important.
[Cell phone ringing]
[Crying] j... jason. Thank god.
(Jason) what's wrong?
Are you alright?
No. Yes. I am. But...
rachel, just...
Calm down and breathe. No...
There's a man, he's dead. What?
Two men tried to car jack me.
There was nothing i could do.
They took my purse
with the eggs.
The men. What'd they look like?
What's the difference
what they looked like?
Rachel? What did
they look like?
Where are you right now?
I'm, i'm stuck in traffic.
Get out.
(Rachel) i can't leave the car.
Just do what i say.
Get out, run away,
leave the car.
I... i can't.
Yes, you can.
Do it, rachel.
You have to.
[Cars honking]
(Taxi driver) hey, lady!
Good work.
Alright, back to base.
Is that it?
This is the queen.
I will get it to the
nest immediately. Good.
The police are gonna want
to question me. I...
Will you trust me, please? Yeah.
Where are you?
Where are you?
Couple blocks
north of the office.
Meet me at the bank.
Okay. I'm coming
to you.
I'm a couple block...
Blocks east.
Just act casual,
Don't draw any
attention to yourself.
What's going on?
I'll explain when i get there.
Come on, pete.
[Cell phone ringing] [panting]
(Jason on phone) hello?
Pete, are you there?
Can you hear me?
Pete, what's going on?
Talk to me, man.
[Spiders snarling]
(Jenkins) jesus christ,
what the hell happened?
(Darnoff) six inches per hour.
Six inches per hour.
[Angry snarling]
It's growing so much
faster here on earth.
Than it ever did
in our space station.
How big is the queen gonna get?
The genetic restrictions,
Seven, maybe eight feet.
I'll have to thank you,
for finding my egg.
It is undamaged,
And it has been accepted in the nest.
Yes, no problem.
So that's what this is about?
Huge spiders?
Look like huge spiders,
But that is just the form
that they are inhabiting.
Twenty years ago,
we discovered a spacecraft.
Deep under the ice
in the caucasus mountains.
Must have been there
for a thousand years.
What we found on that craft...
Defies all explanation.
We took its dna,
And we artificially fertilized
in the zero gravity of space.
We tried the gene splicing
with many different creatures.
But it was the spider...
That had the structure
to enable it to survive.
In earth gravity
and atmosphere.
So, what about the webbing?
A queen spider will weave
an infinite supply.
Of lightweight, bulletproof,
stealth material.
Whatever nation
controls this material.
Will have military
and industrial advantage.
Light years
beyond any other nation.
Yeah. I don't care
how you lost him.
You know, go to the apartment.
You could pick him up there.
You let me know when it's done.
You're still holding
these people?
You can let them go.
Yeah, the security
of this operation.
Is my concern, doctor,
not yours.
But we have the queen egg.
We have no reason.
I suggest you keep your eyes
on your precious spiders.
And your god damned nose
out of my business.
Do i make myself clear?
And i suggest, colonel,
That you do the right thing,
And you let them go.
[Sirens wailing]
[Elevator dings]
Excuse me. (Man in suit) mm-Hm.
(Woman) hey, did you
do the analysis.
On those weird eggs
this morning?
Yeah. I washed my hands.
[Silenced gunshot]
[woman gasps]
yeah, but which department?
That's not even
my jurisdiction.
No, you're gonna have...
hold on a sec.
Can i help you?
[Silenced gun shot]
(Emily) let us out!
This is not fair.
(Soldier) keep it down
or i'll arrest you.
We're already arrested.
I want a lawyer!
Yeah, sure. I'll get
you one right away.
[Jiggles doorknob]
[Phoebe dialing]
Check the internet.
Not working.
Yeah, there's no cell
service, either.
Oh, we'll figure it out.
Jason! I've been
calling home.
And i can't get through.
They quarantined emily
and the apartment.
They won't let me get to her.
Rach? Rach.
We have to go find her.
We're going to.
Emma. We're gonna get her back.
[Police siren]
Move, move.
They're together.
I got both their cell numbers.
Pinging off the same towers,
about a block north.
[People whispering indistinct]
(Male voice) we
should call the cops.
(Jason) it's a lie.
It's a lie.
We're fine.
Government's lying to you.
Come on.
We're fine.
[Tires screech] [honking]
Is your cell phone on?
My battery died.
Good, that'll keep the gps off.
It's my bat cap.
The signal is gone.
And they were right here.
They should be right here.
Son of a bitch.
(Rachel) wait!
I know these tunnels, the
quickest way to the apartment.
Hey. This rail
is live.
Okay, okay.
It's just bats.
This must be new york city, or
a national geographic special.
Welcome to the subway.
That way. It'll get us
closer to the apartment.
(Phoebe) here.
You should eat.
What are you doing?
I've got an idea.
Emily, where are you going?
Come on!
I used to play in here when i was
younger, but that was a long time ago.
You mean like when
you were an infant?
Talk about area 51
in manhattan.
They won't be complaining
about the rats any more.
(Rachel) oh, oh, my god!
Oh, my god!
[Roars and squeals]
Come on.
Come on.
Okay, okay.
Oh. No, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no.
Come on.
It's dangerous.
No, emily!
Come back!
There's no stairs!
They're out on the fire escape.
What's going on in there?
Come back! Someone's coming.
Come on!
[Indistinct chatter]
Holy crap.
Let's move out.
(Jenkins) how'd it happen?
How many?
All right.
Go to code red.
As many service men
as you need.
Just for containment,
but hold your fire.
So, they're getting
out of the nest.
Some are above ground. How'd this happen?
What's going on?
The spiders are smarter
than your engineers.
Now the queen has been born,
They want to explore the
limits of their territory.
But they won't go
too far from the queen.
So, you tell your
soldiers on the street.
Just to stay out of their way.
All right.
I'm coming up.
[Indistinct radio chatter]
[Hazard sirens]
Oh, shit.
What was that?
Come on, let's keep
moving this way.
[Spider noises]
no! No!
Oh, no!
[Screaming] oh, my god!
Oh, my god!
Come on.
Come on.
Oh, my god!
Are you okay?
Thanks, babe.
You haven't called
me babe in months.
Never seen the like before.
[Glass breaking]
[Roaring and grunting]
[Loud grunting]
This way.
[Screams] jason!
[Spider grunting]
Jason. Jason!
[Roars and grunts]
Right here.
Come on.
Come on. That's it. Come on.
[Grunting] come on! Come on!
Jason, come back!
Hey, ugly!
Oh, that's nasty.
I'm coming, babe!
(Rachel) let's get out of here.
Drive, baby!
Come on!
(Rachel) go! Go! Go! Go! Go!
Go! Go!
Go, jason!
Hang on!
[Rachel screams]
[Spider screeches]
(Rachel) go, go.
(Soldier) they they are.
[Machine-Gun fire]
(Soldier) hold your fire!
[Machine-Gun fire]
(Jason) go, go.
(Soldier) freeze!
Stop where you are!
Freeze! Stay right there!
Hey! Hey, kid!
Get back here.
[Glass breaks]
Get him off!
Get him off!
I'm trying!
I'm trying!
Get him off!
What now?
Get past the giant spiders and heavily
armed men that are trying to kill us.
Get to the apartment,
grab emily,
Get her past the giant spiders and
heavily armed men, and we're home free.
That's not much of a plan.
No, no, no.
Rachel. Come on.
Come, come on!
We're gonna take
the back stairs.
Shh, shh, shh,
shh, shh, shh, shh.
[Helicopter flying by]
(Darnoff) of course
they were attacked.
Your soldiers here
pose a threat.
They are only exploring
their territory.
Tell your men they must
stay out of their way.
My men can't hold the
boundary much longer.
We gotta move.
Impossible. She is
still dependent.
On the other spiders for food.
She is not ready.
I need her. She has got her
timeline and i've got mine.
You go and do whatever you need to
do to get her ready. We're moving.
Colonel, i want you to know.
You are making a mistake.
A big mistake.
Just get her
in the goddamned box.
(Soldier) stay together.
Watch your step.
Hey, why don't cdc
take care of these people?
Hey, i have a lot of other things
i could be doing besides this.
Keep it down, will you?
These things react to sound.
You take the east. We'll
take the north south.
Yes, sir.
Copy that.
There's only
one way out of here.
What did you do to my daughter?
What'd you do?
I don't know, man.
What did you do to my daughter?
I need my mask.
I need my mask.
Don't, don't make me,
don't make me use this.
Look, man, i swear i
didn't wanna do it. Shh.
I need my mask!
Keep your voice down.
I didn't wanna do it.
You didn't wanna what?
We just put her in quarantine.
I swear, man.
Get up.
Look, man, i need my mask.
There's no damned virus.
Your superiors lied to you
to clear the streets.
I don't wanna use this, man, but
you messed with my little girl.
Look, i know it's fucked up.
But i had my orders.
How could you?
She's twelve.
Yeah, she's in the apartment.
She's okay.
I swear.
[Gun cocking]
Oh, please.
Put the weapon down!
Put it down!
This is ridiculous.
Try another angle.
Just get us back online.
They're covering up
our inside cameras.
We're dropping in
a remote camera.
I've almost got it.
George, you guys
run a signal yet?
(George) yeah, we're
working on it.
Yes, sir.
They're blocking our cameras.
They won't let us
see the queen.
[Gun cocking]
I'm gonna leave, forget to
lock the door behind me.
You can't tell anyone
i'm doing this.
Your secret is safe.
Wait ten minutes for the rest of
the soldiers to leave the area,
Then take the back stairs.
Good luck.
Thank you.
Thank you.
[Distant helicopters]
[Cell phone beeps]
(Rachel) what's happening?
Where are you taking us?
[Distant spider noise]
[Gun cocking]
[Guns cocking]
We're gonna be all right.
No, we're not.
Yes, yes.
You have to know that.
[Spider noises]
(Jenkins) hold your fire!
Fall back!
Fall back!
This is black steak one. Request
air support and backup.
We're being overrun.
Air support and backup.
Repeat! We are overrun!
(Jenkins) get back! Get back!
[Continuous gunfire]
Oh. What is that?
[Glass breaks] [shouts]
Come on!
Go, go, go!
[Spider roaring]
Tell jenkins i'm coming up top.
No, no.
Don't look.
Just close your eyes.
(Rachel) hey!
Shh, rach. Rach!
You must go now.
Thank you.
Oh, jenkins.
this is all his fault.
I was set to change the world.
[Thud, creaking]
[Crumbling] [hissing steam]
[Spider grunting]
You are so beautiful.
[Machine-Gun fire]
Come on!
This way!
[Screaming] no!
[Horn honking]
(Jason) oh, no!
No, baby!
No, baby!
Have you seen a little
girl about twelve?
This is a military zone.
You have to leave the area.
She's got blond hair.
She's with an older girl about 19.
Have you seen her?
Everyone's been evacuated.
That's a transfer truck.
People made it out.
People made it out.
They made it out, i know
they made it out. Em?
My baby made it out.
I know they made it out. Just stay calm.
Mandatory evacuation.
Everybody on the truck.
Our daughter is out here.
If she's on the street, she'll be evacuated.
Get on the truck.
We're not going.
We're under martial law. Everybody
gets evacuated. No exceptions.
I'm sorry, pal, but we're not
leaving without our little girl.
You're gonna die out here.
Want us to get on the truck?
Shoot us.
Good luck.
Oh, no.
[Crying] no.
(Jason) she made it out.
She made it out, rach.
[Machine-Gun fire]
She made it out.
[Crying] emily!
[Helicopter hovering]
[Cell phone rings]
wait a minute.
It's em.
It's em! She's at the toy store.
I knew it.
Thank god!
I knew it!
[Music from tv]
(Newscaster) this just in now. We
have some breaking news to report.
Channel 79 mace several
reports of rodents downtown.
[Distant newscaster voice]
[Whispers] oh, my god.
[Sirens blaring]
[Toy dog barks]
[Indistinct tv news]
Firefighters are still on the scene
of 120 of them battling this thing.
But go ahead, take a look at what
it looked like. You see that?
It's destroyed at least
three businesses.
A flower shop, a diner,
and a health food store.
(Man) yeah. And-And i imagine
it's probably even...
[Toy dog barks]
[Hissing] [barking]
[Explosion] [grunting]
[Machine-Gun fire]
[Helicopter hovering]
[Emily shouts]
[Spider screeching]
[Machine-Gun fire]
[People shouting]
[Sirens blaring]
[Distant rustling]
[Distant spider noise]
[Queen spider screeching]
(Rachel) we're gonna find her!
She's there, rach.
We're gonna find her.
She's there.
She's there.
[Helicopter hovering]
[Cell phone ringing]
Dad, i'm down here!
Daddy, help!
Daddy, come on!
Dad, where are you?
Daddy, i'm-I'm
down here!
Come on!
Em! Em!
Daddy, daddy, over here!
Daddy, over here!
Help me!
[Spider grunting]
Please, help me!
(Rachel) emily!
Mom! Dad!
[Spider grunts]
(Rachel) over here. Emily!
Emily, where are you, babe?
(Rachel) oh, my god! Emily!
Are you okay?
We're gonna get you out.
Get her out.
Mommy and daddy are here.
Get her out.
I'm coming.
Get her out.
Get me out, please, daddy.
Daddy, please,
get me out, okay?
(Jason) it's working.
Come on, sweetheart.
And i've got you.
(Emily) i couldn't do anything.
I'm sorry.
Huh? Huh?
Look, it's not
your fault, sweetie.
The spiders.
It's not your fault.
We're gonna be okay, baby.
Okay, listen.
We're gonna get through this.
All of us.
All right?
We just have to keep moving.
Okay, sweetie?
Come on. Come on. Okay?
[Distant grunting]
[Thud] go, go, go!
I'll see you on top. No!
Dad, no!
You killed a little girl! Huh?
You kill my little girl?
See how you like it.
This is for caz and jimmy!
[Brakes squeal]
[Helicopters flying by]