Spiders II: Breeding Ground (2001) Movie Script

Ew.What the hell did
you do that for?
I hate spiders.
Like they ever
did anything to you.
Full house.
Xavier, where are
those margaritas?
Coming right up.
I've lost
too much already.
Oh, no, no.
Leave me alone.
No, no.
No, no.
Shut up!
Honey, you're going
to catch a cold.
You need to be careful.
Don't worry, I'll be fine.
I'm not worried.
I just don't want you
to get sick.
Well, I've got
to get used to cold.
This is true.
This is true.
Who's my bestest friend?
You're looking at her.
What the hell is that?
My god.
Do you think
there's anyone on board?
No, it looks abandoned.
Well, I don't see
anyone in the water.
Let's check it out.
Is anybody on board?
This is creepy.
Come on.
Watch yourself.
God, what do you
think happened?
Engine fire,
explosion or something.
Where's the crew?
Looks like
they got off in time.
Oh, Jesus.
All right, get on the boat.
Nothing we can do.
Jesus.Oh, God.
You got the name
of the boat?"Log" something.
All right, we're going
to have to call it in
when we get to shore.
Jason. Huh?
Jason. Jason.
Look. Look.
Oh, shit.
We got a major front
moving in.
Okay, get your rain gear
and life vest on
and tie down the main mast.
I'm going
to close the hatches.
Hang on tight.
This is going
to be interesting.
Mayday, mayday.
Sailboat Alexandra
in trouble.
I repeat, we are
taking on water.
Mayday, mayday,
Sailboat Alexandra
approximately 600 miles south,
southwest of Oahu.
I repeat, mayday!
Alex? Oh, my God.
Alex, I'm coming.
Hang on, Alex.
I'll be right there.
Hang on, Alex!
I'm coming.
Alex, I'm right here.
I got you.
I got you.
All right, hang on,
it's all right.
It's all right.
Jason! Jason!
I'm here.
It's okay.
You okay?
Stay with me.
Come on.
Yes. Yes you can.
Hold onto me.
We made it.
Look over there.
Cargo ship.
What are you doing?
Let's fire a flare
and hope they see it.
Six degrees,
left rudder.
Do you think they saw it?
I don't know.
We've only got
one flare left.
We got to get closer
to make it count.
Hopefully they can see it.
Hurry. Hurry.
They're going right past us.
Attention, attention,
man overboard.
I repeat, man overboard.
Over here!
Swim to the ladder.
Alex, you okay?
You can do it.
You can do it.
Hang on.
Hang on.
You're almost there!
Was there
anyone else with you?
You're bleeding.
Nicos.Yes, sir.
Find Dr. Grbac.
He's in the infirmary.
Bring some blankets.
Okay, sir.
This way.
My name
is Captain Bigelow.
Welcome aboard my ship.
Thank you.
You two are going
to be all right.
The infirmary
is just up ahead.
Watch your step.
Don't let
the appearance here
fool you.
As bad as she looks,
she's still
solid as a rock.
So, where you headed? New Guinea.
But we had
to slow down
because of the storm.
You two are very lucky,
not just that we found you.
But normally we only travel
with a crewmember that's
trained somewhat as a medic.
On this trip, we actually
have a real doctor on board.
The infirmary
is right here.
Have a seat on the table.
The doctor
should be here shortly.
We're not used
to having
women on board,
so the clothes
might be
a little big,
but at least
they'll be dry.
Oh, thank you.
We'll be fine.
If there's anything else
I can get you,
just let me know
and if we have it,
I'll make sure
you get it.
A hot shower
might be a good idea.That'd be great.
Thank you.
The only private shower
is in my cabin,
so when you're ready
I'll take you.Okay.
Oh, Dr. Grbac.
Excuse me, will you?Sure.
Well, let's have a look at you.
Nothing too serious there.
Mr. Monroe.
Go ahead, take a shower.
No, I'm going
to stay here with you.No, good ahead,
I'll be fine.
Come. Open.
Don't touch that.
Here we are.
You'll feel much better
after a hot shower.
You'll find everything
you need inside here.Thank you.
We appreciate
everything you've done.
My pleasure.
Call me Jim.
Ow, ow.Steady.
All right, Mr. Monroe.
Next, please.
Right here.
Lie back.
Well, you're both fine.
Perfect specimens.
Medical term.
I'm going
to give you
an antibiotic.
I wouldn't
want that wound
to become infected.
Easy, easy, easy.
I brought
you guys some soup.Oh, thanks.
You two
must be exhausted.
Once the doctor
is done with you here,
Simmons will show you
to your bunk room.
See you in the morning.
Here you go.
Just like home.
It's all here.
That's it.
You can take
any bunk you want.
Perfect.Thank you
so much.
Have a good night.
You're really wet.
Yes, I am.
Why do these things
always happen to us?
First I almost die of cancer,
then we both almost
die in a storm.
Can't wait to see what's next.
I think maybe it's a sign.
Of what?
Maybe we should
settle down.
Start a family.
And start a family?
Yeah, you know,
house, kids,
You deserve it.
How is that?
Well, putting up
with me mostly.
My selfishness.
Who's my bestest friend?
You're looking at her.
How you feeling?
You?I am sore.
What's wrong?
I just keep thinking
about that man.
That could have been us.
But it wasn't.
Our time obviously
is not up yet.
So, I was thinking about
what you said last night.
About starting a family.Ah.
I don't want
to wait much longer.
How are my guests
this morning?
Ah. Sore.
Happy to be alive.
Any day above ground
is a good day indeed.
It's breakfast time.
Anybody hungry?
Great. Come on.
If there's anything
I can get you,
let me know.
Actually, I'd love
to use the radio,
call ashore
just to make sure
nobody's looking for us.
Unfortunately, the radio
was damaged by the storm.
Should be back
on line soon.
I've got a big
business meeting
in Honolulu in a week.
I guess I'm not going
to make that one, huh?
I don't think so.
I'll let you know the minute
the radio is operational.
Okay.Hey, tell him
about the boat.
Boat?Oh, yeah.
We stumbled upon
this burnt-out boat.
It was like,
it had an engine fire
or something.
And there was
a body on board.Do you think
it's still afloat?
I doubt it.
It was in pretty bad shape
with that storm.You sure the man was dead?
Oh, yeah.Yeah.
I found the nameplate.
It was the L-O-G something.
We couldn't stick around
and check out the scene
'cause the storm was coming.
We had to save ourselves,
Of course you did.
Of course you did.
It's a good thing
you didn't panic.
There are a lot of pirates
operating in these waters.
Just be thankful
it wasn't you on that boat.We are.
You saved our lives.
We'll never forget it.
Thank you.No need to thank me.
This kind of thing
happens all too often
on the high seas.
We just happened to be
at the right place
at the right time, that's all.
Well, it's not exactly
the Biltmore,
but the food's pretty good.
Was that...
Just kidding.
Yes, sir?
We have some new guests.Hi.
Beans and bacon.
You're going to love this.
This is his specialty.
Chili Martinez.
My specialty.
The meat, the meat's great.
The seasoning's just right.
There you go.
Oh, you'll love that.
Give our friend there
an extra helping of beef.
He needs the protein.
Oh, no, I can't
eat all this.
Doctor's orders.
Here you go.
Very special family recipe.
Good for you.
Please, join me at my table.
You must be quite a sailor,
navigating so far off shore.
No. Actually,
it's just a hobby.
But I do love the sea.So do I.
It's not quite such a pleasure
operating a ship this large.
It's a lot of work.
Carrying cargo
is not all that exciting.
Is it a light load?
'Cause I noticed
from the depth marks
that you're riding
kind of high in the water.
Good observation.
You're right.
We are traveling
a little light, but...
Isn't it kind of expensive
for a ship this size
to be traveling
if it's not fully loaded?
Well, the company makes
all those big decisions.
I'm just a captain.
My job's just to take her
from point A to point B.
Well, I mean,
if you all need any help,
I'd be happy to lend a hand.
No. No, thanks.
As you can see,
I've got enough crew
to take care of everything.
You should be thinking
about getting better. Rest.
It's two weeks
before we get to New Guinea.
You should have
your sea legs back by then.
Jason. Yes?
You're bleeding.
He's bleeding.
Hold that.
Come with me.
Do you want me
to go with you?No, I'll be fine.
Are you sure
Just enjoy your breakfast.
I'll catch up with you later.
Another shot?
The wound
is becoming infected and...
I don't want it
to get worse.
So, what are you saying?
Am I going to live or what?
But you do
need to rest,
all right?
Hey, excuse me.
Do you speak English?No English.
No English, okay.
See, I couldn't help
but notice that the doors...
doors no open.
Yes, doors.Right. Doors.
Doors no good.
No work.
They don't work.
See, the thing is,
what I'm asking is...
Look, thanks.
How you doing?Good.
Doc gave me another shot.
Another shot?
I'll be fine.
The doctor said so?
Yes, he did.
Can I get you something?
Some Martinez slop?
Just you.
How about a massage?
Here's the fuel inventory.
Oh, you're not worried
about the fuel?
Not yet.
Are you?
But I am worried about them.
They know
about the Logan.
Who are they
going to tell, huh?
The radio's broken,
Yeah, I remember.
Cargo. Simmons.
It's the company.
They want to know
when to expect us.
Tell them when I find out,
they'll be the first to know.
Don't stop.
Hey, are you okay?Yeah, I'm just
a little tired.
It's probably just
the antibiotics
or something.
Maybe it's the sun
getting to you.
You should go lie down.Yeah, maybe you're right.
You look like
you're doing better.
Doc took care of me.Good.
Finding your
way around all right?Yes.
You know what thought?
I'd love
to see the bridge,
if I could.Absolutely.
Never seen
a real bridge before.
I promise I won't
get in the way.
I'd be happy
to show you.
How about you,
Oh, no, that's Jason's thing.
I'll just stay right here.
Okay, Simmons here
will give you
the dime tour.
Perfect. Okay.
See you later.
Let's go.
I'd hate to have
to abandon ship.
Yeah, I know
what you mean.
Just one lifeboat?Well, we're a small crew.
I mean, don't worry,
the ship's unsinkable.
It's nice to see such
a happy loving couple.
Yeah, he's a wonderful man.
I'm lucky to have him.
What about you?
Significant other?
Oh no. No.
Not everybody's
as lucky as you are.
Here's the bridge.
Would it be okay
if I made the call
to shore?
Our radio is still out.
We'll have it fixed
really soon.
Is this
our current position now?
Must've seen the world.
I've seen a lot of ports.
But to tell you the truth,
I prefer the open ocean.
Just me and the sea.
Simple life.
But it's a life.
Captain, please.
Excuse me.Absolutely.
Hey, chief.
I need you to--
You sure about this
Okay, thanks,
What are you doing?
What are you doing?I was just
checking the radio.
It works.
It's not working.
But it is working.
I heard
the carrier signal.
It's only static.
You okay?
Yeah, I don't know.
I'm dizzy.
I'm not...
Something's not right here.
Ortiz, give me
a hand over here.
Let's get him
to the bunk room.
Have Garibaldi
call the doctor.
Just put him here.
Come on.
There we go.
Excuse me.
Jason, are you okay?
are you all right?
Jason, talk to me.
Excuse me, please.
I told him to rest,
but he didn't listen to me.
What's wrong with him?
Well, it could be
a secondary infection.
He'll be all right,
but he may have to stay
in bed for a few days.
Nothing too serious.
Nothing to worry about.
Just keep him in bed,
and he'll be fine.
Hey, it's going to be okay.
Don't let the doc get to you.
He's not much
for bedside manners,
but he's the most
qualified doctor
I've ever met.
Your husband's
going to be just fine.
Trust me.
Thank you.
He's in good hands.
So, how's he doing?Don't worry.
Everything's under control.
Well, I don't like it.
He's been snooping around.
What if he figures out
what's going on?
He's almost ready.
By this time tomorrow,
his snooping days will be over.
Jason, what's going on?
Are you all right?
Oh, my God.
I just had a nightmare.
You know,
something's not right.
Honey, it was just a nightmare.
What the hell is that?
Well, it's a scrape.
I have some, too.
We're lucky we don't
have any broken bones.
You know what?
They're lying to us.
I checked the radio.
It's not broken.
It works.
Why would they lie to us?
I don't know.
But something's going on.
I mean, the ship
is in terrible shape.
We're not carrying any cargo,
and we're going in circles.
Captain Bigelow already
explained that to you.
He didn't explain why
we're going in circles.
He didn't explain why
we're not carrying any cargo.
I mean, cargo ships
don't travel light.
It's too expensive.
I think they're, like,
doing something illegal,
like drugs or something.
Personally, I don't care.
They saved our lives.
I don't know, okay?
I just have
a bad feeling about this.
Why don't you
just get back to bed?
We've had
a really stressful day.
It's going
to be better tomorrow.
Alex, wake up.
What time is it?
I found it.
What are you talking about?
Frozen bodies
on hooks.
Jason, please
go back to sleep.
You're hallucinating. I'll tell you what.
Come with me to the freezer
and if there
aren't frozen bodies,
I will never
say another word
about this ship again.
Wait, wait, wait.
Come on, let's go.
Oh, my God.
This is so gross.
Wait a minute.
Wait, wait, wait.
I swear there were
bodies in here.
Jason, honey,
you are hallucinating.
Let's just go back to bed
and I'll get the doctor
in the morning.
No. No.
See, the doctor's
in on it, too, okay
Hanging people
from ceilings,
that's what.
Okay, I'm going
to go back to bed
and I want you
to remember our deal.
You don't understand.
What can I do
to make you understand that
we cannot keep going like this?
We have to get back
to shore sometime soon.
Don't argue with me.
We'll leave only when I'm ready.
And I'm not ready yet.
I can't keep
going on this
circular course forever.
we'llrun out of fuel.
Don't you worry.I am worried.
The company's been calling.
They want to know
what the hell is going on.
In case you've forgotten,
I'm responsible for this ship.
If I have to take control You?
I think you're forgetting
that this is my project.
I paid for this
floating scrap heap.
I'm paying you.
How did you sleep
last night?
Well, my husband
woke me up
several times.
How's he doing now?
Is he better?
I don't know.
I guess we'll see
when he wakes up.
He's having nightmares
and hallucinations.
We didn't get a lot of sleep.
Sorry to hear that.
Well, you look like
you're doing really well.
Well, I guess so.
Feel stronger.
Good. Good.
I noticed
you're a photographer.
Well, we have
a darkroom on board.
You're more than welcome
to use it any time you want.
I will definitely
take you up on that.Good.
Get over there.
Come on.
You have a great smile.
Bet you break hearts
in every port.
Find it hard to believe
you never found anybody
you wanted to marry.
Well, I did once.Really?
You told me that--
I know what I said.
Can you tell me?
No. It's a long story.
Maybe later.
It's just funny.
You remind me
a lot of her.
In a good way, I hope.
Yeah, in a great way.
Jason. Hey.Hey. Good morning.
I heard you had
a rough time of it last night.
Are you feeling better?
No I'm not.
My head feels like
it's going to explode.
Well, I can call Dr. Grbac.
I'm sure he can
give you something.
I'm sure he could.
I'll pass.
Okay, well...
lunch should be
ready shortly.Thank you.
That was incredibly rude.
He was just trying to help.
Yeah, I'll bet he is.
Jim's a nice guy.
You're calling him Jim now?
That's nice.
What were you and Jim
talking about?
He was just
keeping me company.
Did you tell him
about last night?
Of course not.
Jim, huh?
That's great.
What's he calling you now?
You know,
your whole jealousy thing
is really unattractive.
I'm not jealous.Really?
Jason, can we please
just drop this whole thing,
just chalk it up to your fever?
I really don't want
to fight with you
right now.
Just lay low
until we get to land.
Alex, we're not
going to get to land.
You see the sun?
It keeps going
from side to side.
You know what that means?
That means we're
going in circles.
We had a deal, remember?
You promised.
I'm sorry, Alex.
There's something going on.
Okay. Fine.
You be that way.
What I really
don't understand, though,
is that even if you're right,
why can't we just pretend
nothing is going on,
just ignore it?
Because we can't.
We are in danger.
They know that we know.
You think they're just
going to be able to let it be?
The only thing that we know
is that they're not vegetarians.
What does that have
to do with anything?That's where
you're wrong, Alex.
What about the cargo,
the radio, the sun, the freak
that keeps following us around?
Why do I keep fainting
all the time, huh?
What's this doctor giving me?Jason, please.
I'm sorry, Alex, there's
something going on here,
and I'm going to figure it out.
How are you going to do that?I'm going to call for help
because we can't do this alone.
Excuse us.
I was eating.
What is the matter with you?
I was on the bridge
and the radio's now missing.
It's gone.
Well, it was
probably being repaired.
Why would it be repaired
if it was already working?
They're trying
to prevent me
from making a call.
I'm going to say this
one last time.
You have a fever,
you are hallucinating,
and you need to go to bed.
Don't do that, please.Don't
It's the truth.
Who's truth?
The captain's truth?
Maybe it's the doctor's truth.
They've been really nice to us.Yes they have.
They've been very nice.
But why?
I'm going to go finish my lunch.No you're not.
Jason, let go of me.
Stop it!
Is there a problem here?Would you leave us
alone, please?
Thank you.
Jason, stop it.
You're hurting me.
Let go of me, okay?
And you leave her alone.
Jason, just calm down.
Or else--
Or else what?
What's going to happen?
I know what's going on here.
I know what
you people are doing.
Let's go.Let go of me!
He's been lying, Alex.
Where are you taking him?
These people are lying to you.Just wait a minute.
It's for his own good.No, it isn't.
The doctor
will take care of him.
Let's just finish eating.
No, I'm going with him.
Let go of me.
What the hell
are you giving him?
Whatever it is,
it isn't working.
He's hallucinating.
He's paranoid.
That's why I have
to give him the shots.
It's just
a mild silica solution.
It's just a general antibiotic.
You see, we have
to control the fever.
If we don't,
he'll just keep getting crazier.
But he's not getting
any better, Doctor.
A fever often gets worse
before it gets better.
Jason. Jason.
I think it would be best
if everyone clears the room,
I'm not leaving him.
Madam, I'm afraid
your presence merely
makes things worse.
The sight of you
feeds his paranoia.
I'm his wife.
Alexandra, come on,
for Jason's sake,
the doctor's right.
He's not right.
Will somebody please tell me
what the hell is going on?
Can I speak with you
out in the hall
for a minute, please?
You let me know
if he gets any worse.Of course.
But don't worry,
by this time tomorrow
he'll be a new man.
you have to calm down.
Your getting upset
isn't going to help Jason.
Well, that is easy
for you to say, isn't it?
I'm sorry, I really...
I really didn't mean that.
You've been nothing
but nice to us, and I...
Why don't you let me
show you that darkroom
I was telling you about?
It's not bad.
It's nice
to see you smile
for a change.
You have a beautiful smile.
Well, I'll let you to it.
Thanks, Jim.
The darkroom
was already here, Alex.
I hope you don't
mind me calling you Alex.
I meant thanks
for listening.
Comes with the job.
You're welcome.
We just got a transmission
from the Coast Guard.
Said they got an SOS call
from our ship earlier today.
Must have been him.
That son of a bitch.
Make sure they don't
come looking for us.
Hey, everything is
under control, okay?
I told them
it was a false alarm.
Everything is
under control this time.
He's getting
to be more trouble
than he's worth.
Hold it.
Thought he wasn't due
for another 24 hours.
Things have changed,
my friend.
One of my specimens
has expired.
I need a replacement.
Besides, this fella has just
been causing trouble anyway.
And the girl?
It's all right, Bigelow.
You can keep the girl.
For now.
You're sick,
you know that?
Totally out-of-your-mind
cuckoo bananas, fucking sick.
What's the matter?
It's only a spider.
I hate those things.
Then don't give me
any shit, Bigelow.
You knew what
you were in for
when you cashed the check.
But I didn't know what
you were really doing here.
How many more people
have to die?
Sooner or later everyone dies.
What I am doing
will redefine genetic science
and one day
benefit all mankind.
If a few people
lose their lives
along the way,
it's a price
that must be paid.
Think of it
as an investment
in the future.
I don't want you
touching the girl.
She's mine.
No smoking.
How many times
do I have to tell you?
What part of flammable
don't you understand?
You know what to do.
Say hello to my little friend.
Spiders are carnivores.
Did you know that?
Once one of our specimens
is no longer needed,
we just give them
to the spiders
as an offering.
Waste not, want not.
There's no use struggling.
There's no place you can go.
Don't worry,
she won't harm you.
Once her egg is inside you,
things will return to normal.
For a while, anyway.
Until the egg grows.
Until her baby
is dying to come out.
Have no fear,
the procedure is painless.
Well, almost painless.
But you know what they say.
No pain, no gain.
Just a minute, please.
Oh, it's you.You've been in here
for almost three hours.
You missed dinner.
Yeah, I'm starving.I figured you'd be hungry
so I had Martinez
save you something.
You are so kind.
Being captain
has some privileges.
Oh, did you hear
anything about Jason?
Oh, he's sound asleep.
Oh, maybe
I'll just check on him
before we eat.No, he's doing great.
Doc says he should
probably sleep straight
through to the morning.
Well, maybe I'll just
pop my head in after we eat.
After you.Thanks.
I think she's ready.
Right on time.
This is your lucky day.
Enjoy the show.
You really had this
all planned out,
didn't you?
Please, sit.
I haven't had a drink
since I was sick.
It'd be a shame
if you didn't
at least have a sip.
I won't tell a soul.
You know, my friend,
spiders are
remarkable creatures.
They are immune to all known
human pathogens and ailments.
Everything from
the common cold to cancer.
Once I isolate
the gene sequence
which keeps them so healthy,
and splice it
into human DNA,
I am on the road
to making mankind...
disease free.
Imagine what
that world will be like.
Once your pheromone levels
are correct, you will be
a perfect match for them.
You'll be irresistible.
A toast.
To what?
To life.
Just taking a little blood.
Almost there, my friend.
Almost there.
For every dream,
there is a nightmare.
And for every disease,
there is a cure.
Your blood will be the basis
for your personal vaccine
in the off chance
I want to keep you around
for a little while longer.
How was your dinner?
It was wonderful,
thank you.
You're welcome.
You know...
you're a remarkable woman.
You're intelligent,
you're beautiful.
Thank you.
I saw your photographs.
You have just a great eye.
Cut it out.
More wine?
Maybe after
I go check on Jason.
You know, you could
live like this forever.
Live like what?
And me.
And the deep blue sea.
What do you think?
I'm sorry.
I have to go.
Open the door.
It's locked.
Open the goddamn door!
That is not...
Oh, my God.
It's not what you think.
I have been such a fool.
Please don't, Alex.
No. Alex!
Don't "Alex" me.
Shit. Shit. Shit.
Shit. Shit!
Okay. Okay.
That wasn't
very nice, Alex.
You made
a big mistake, Alex.
Where do you think
you're going, huh?
There's no way off my ship.
Where is my husband?
What do you
want him for, huh?
He can't help you.
He's gone.
He's not coming back.
Listen, you sick bastard,
if you hurt him in any way,
I'll kill you, you hear me?
I hear you.
I'm the only one
who's going to help you
on this ship.
Help me what?
Will you help me find him?
If you stay with me
I'll protect you.
I don't need
your protection.
Oh, yes you do.
Or you're going to end up
just like him.
It's not too late, Alex.
Come with me.
I'll forgive you.
You'll see.
You'll see how...
how much we belong together.
What do you say?
What do I say?
I say fuck you,
you sick fuck.
Wrong answer.
You give me my husband!
You want to go
to your husband?
You got it.
My pleasure.
Take her to the lab.
Grbac can have her.
You can rot
with what's left
of your husband!
Get your goddamn hands off me!
Get the door.
Go get her.
Come on.
I can't believe this.
Now, how the fuck
did you let her go, huh?
Go this way. Go.
What the hell?
Where the fuck is my power?
Well, give me
the emergency generator.
Fucking morons.
Get in here.
The spider cage.
Get the door!
Oh, my God.
Jason, talk to me.
Oh, thank God.
I am so sorry.
I am so sorry
I didn't listen to you.
Okay, let's get
out of here.
Come on,
let's get you
out of here.
Come on.
Let's get out of here.
Grab him, you idiot!
We got to go.
Come on.
Wait a minute.
She's alive.
What's wrong with her?
What is wrong with her?
What's happening to her?
Save your ammunition.
There's too many of them.
Tell me.
Tell me that is not
going to happen to you.
WhenI don't know.
Ask our doctor friend
over there.
Son of a bitch.
What in the hell
did you do to my husband?
Get out of my way,
How long does
he have to live?
If we don't get out of here,
none of us has long to live.
Get it!
Forget about it.
Come on, come on.
No more room.
Nice guy.
Jason?Go on. Go on. Go.
Don't you dare say that.
You still got the girl?
No sir.
We kinda lost her.
Get your ass
up on deck now.
It'll be four hours
before the Coast Guard
gets here.
Start prepping
the fucking life boat.
Let's get the hell
off this ship.
If you had a fucking brain,
you'd be dangerous.
Fucking Grbac and his spiders.
I knew this
was going to happen.
You get every man on the way
and get your assup here,
Get your ass up here.
Help! Help!
Fucking spiders.
Let's go.
Okay, they're everywhere.
Come on.
Yes, you can.
Come on.
I got to rest.
Okay, sit here.
This will slow them down.
Let's go. There must be
another way out of here.
Shit. Let's go.
Oh, God.
Found Martinez.
We're trapped.
Not if I can help it.
They want a fight,
they're going
to fucking get one.
Come on, Jason,
help me.
How much in the tank?
We're about,
we're about a quarter full.
Let's hope it's enough.
Come on, you son of a bitch.
Okay. Ready.
Crank it up, Jason.
Come on. Come on. Come on.
You like that?
How about some more?
Torch the son
of a bitch, Alex.
Pressure's dropping. Jason, there's another one.
How much do we have left?
We have enough
for one, maybe two.
All right.
That's all we got.
That's it.
We're out.
No more gas.
I think we got them.
Tell me we got them all.
Hang on.
Come on.
They're everywhere.
What are they doing?
Looks like they're digesting
their last meal.
Let's go.
Grbac made a vaccine.
Don't worry.
We'll find it.
I'm going to need it soon.
You piece of shit.
Oh, there you are.
I knew you'd make it.
Get in the boat.
We don't have much time.
Where is it
The vaccine.
Where is it?
It's too late for him.
But it's not too late for you.
He's dying.
You tell me where it is.
Forget about him.
It's about you and me now.
What the hell
are you talking about?
A deal.
Come with me.
I could use
a strong woman like you.
I could make your husband's
last hours painless.
He'll die with dignity.
I'm not going
to let him die.
Give it to me.No!
It's over.
Don't you get it?
Your sick experiment is over.
Not yet. Look over there.
I still have your husband.
How long does he have?
Why should I tell you?
This is why.
Don't fuck with me.
Go ahead. Shoot!
In six hours
your husband will be dead.
And he's all that's left
of my project.
So if he dies,
I have no reason to live.
Honey, forget about him.
I know where it is.
It's in the lab, isn't it?
That's right, you bitch.
Too bad you'll
never make it.
That lab is crawling
with spiders.
Spiders of my own creation.
And they are more vicious,
more cunning than anything
that ever walked
the face of the earth.
They'll stop you
before you ever get close.
Get in the fucking boat.
Even if this ship goes down,
my efforts will not be in vain.
Your husband there
will produce
the next generation.
My work will live on.
What can I say?
I hate long goodbyes.
What can I say?
I do, too.
Let's go.No, you're hurting.
You need the vaccine.
You'll never make it.
I can hold on
till we get to land.No, I don't think you can.
Alex, let's go.No, I have to Jason.
I have to. I love you.
Stay here.
I need Jason's.
Let's get out of here.
Oh. Shit.
Oh, go. Go.
Take that, you bitch.
Why don't you eat this?
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Let's go. Let's go.
Shit. You're okay.
You're going to be okay.
I got it.
I got the vaccine.
You're going to be okay.
Here you go.
Please, please, please work.
Come on. Come on.
Oh, no. No.
Jason. Jason.
Honey, we have to jump.
Come on, baby.
We really have to go.
Oh, great.
Ready? Go.
I've got visual contact
at heading three-two-zero.
Over here!
There she goes.
Finally, somebody.Hello!
Oh, my God.
Steady. Steady.
Come on.
Okay, let's go.
Pull up.
Wait, there's a problem.
Hold on.
Get off me.
We're losing altitude.
Let's go. Bring it up.
Hey, steady. Hey, my man.
What is that?
Let's get them
out of here.
Pull it back.
Hey, just throw it at me!
Come on!
Come on.