Spirit Riding Free: Spirit of Christmas (2019) Movie Script

I'm gonna ride
I'm riding free
As long as I am here with you
I feel the spirit within me
Don't have a care in the world
Not today
Let's live in the moment
There's no time to waste
Let's smile in the sunshine
And laugh through the rain
Let's dance on the roof
Throw our cares away
There's room in here for everyone
Grab your friends
And let's go have some fun
We'll turn the music up
And have a good time
Everybody, come together now
Feel the love all around
Dance until the sun is down
Everyone is welcome
Wherever you are
You don't have to look far
Hang out underneath the stars
Everyone together
Just come together now
Love is all around
Don't matter where you've been
Everyone's welcome here...
Everyone's welcome here
is my favorite Sally Jessup song.
Her fourth record was my first favorite.
Her third was my second.
Or was her second my third?
They're all my favorite.
I didn't know that was an option!
What's this hat doing here?
It's nothing. No one.
Hey, Lucky, my mom said she could use
some help organizing her apothecary.
Thanks, Pru.
But as of 8:37 this morning,
after feeding Grayson's chickens
and cleaning out Doc Wilkins' fly traps,
I've earned enough money.
Good job, Lucky!
I haven't seen anyone work that hard
since the time you wanted to do all
your New Year's resolutions in one day.
Or when you tried to throw me the most
perfect birthday party in one day.
-Or the time you--
-I get it.
I tend to get
a little overexcited about things.
But getting my dad a fiddle
made especially for him
makes all the flies
and chicken poop worth it.
Your dad is gonna love it.
The Calico City music store said
they're delivering it by Mustang Mail.
Everything is right on schedule.
Oh! This Christmas is going to be perfect!
Oh, no! We're late!
We're here! We're here!
-Sorry we're late!
OK, let's get organized.
Everyone, grab the props you need. Whoa!
Yes, yes, yes!
You want to wear a wreath?
Hey, that's my costume!
Seor Carrots, give it back!
Excuse us, Snips.
We didn't mean to stand in your way.
What's going on with you two?
-Mary Pat!
Lying is definitely bad.
We don't want coal in our stockings.
There's a Nice List
and a Naughty List, Snips.
- Which do you want to be on?
- Hm.
It's been torture
being extra nice to everyone,
but it will be worth it when Santa
brings me the fencing sword I asked for.
And when he brings me
the fencing mask I asked for.
Oh, nuts!
I didn't know I had to be nice every year.
Does this mean I'm not going to get
the special edition
Choo-Choo-Ca-Choo Toy Train
with the green caboose
I asked Santa to bring me?
Maybe you can pretend the piece of coal
you'll get is a toy train.
Come on, now. Let's stop jabbering
and get to rehearsing.
Well said, sir!
All your words are good!
T'was the night before Christmas... Oops.
-Hold on.
-We've been rehearsing for months, Jim.
Don't go changing the lyrics on me now.
Oh, my fiddle needs a tune-up is all.
Maybe Mustang Mail
can bring your dad his gift right now.
All tuned up!
And a-one, and a-two, and a-three!
T'was the night before Christmas,
when all through the house...
Not a creature was stirring...
not even a mouse.
- Boysenberry pie?
- I made that for Thanksgiving.
Then how about sticking to
the classic, Stone peach pie?
Every Christmas, I make a pie.
This year, I want to do
something different for dessert.
-Something new and exciting.
-Like what?
Like... Like... cake!
Your family wouldn't see that coming.
I'm definitely in a dessert rut.
This elf hat again ?
Boomerang, we got to turn this into
the Elf Lost-and-Found.
Maybe it has a name written on it.
"This hat belongs to so-and-so elf."
Abigail... it's mine.
Are you a...?
No, I'm not an elf!
When I was five, I took this hat,
put it on my head, did a little dance,
and helped pass out gifts.
My parents have made me do it
every year since.
No, not "aw!"
The hat hasn't fit me in years!
It's itchy, it's embarrassing,
and I am too old to do the Elf-y Waltz!
PALs! I got a telegram
from the music store.
They won't be able to deliver
Dad's fiddle!
But Mustang Mail never fails.
What happened?
The telegram didn't say.
It just says they'll hold the fiddle
for me so I can come pick it up.
But tomorrow is Christmas Eve.
What am I gonna do?
Find another gift for your dad?
Or give it to him after Christmas?
Or make him a gift,
like a fiddle out of a box?
Now, that's custom-made, one-of-a-kind.
But I really want him to have the fiddle
for the Christmas pageant tomorrow night.
-Or it's pointless.
-Then we'll go to the city to get it.
Go into the city?
Yeah, that might work.
We can take the morning train,
get the fiddle,
and come back with plenty of time for me
to yell, "Surprise! Merry Christmas!"
- All before the pageant in the evening.
- Yoo-hoo!
Did I hear you say
you're going into the city?
I, too, could use a trip to the city.
I checked the presents under our tree, and
I'm not getting everything I asked for,
so I'll need to pop into the stores
and pick out what I deserve.
Nay, what I've earned.
Between the three of you and the horses,
you can help carry my surprises.
Sure, whatever, Maricela.
We can't stop her
from getting on the train with us.
Um... I hate to be the voice of reason,
but won't our parents notice
we're missing tomorrow?
Absolutely not.
Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.
But, Aunt Cora, we have no choice.
I know you, Lucky Prescott.
You'll take the train into the city
to pick up a fiddle
and get distracted
rescuing a wounded ocelot,
or detaining a jewel thief.
We promise not to do any of those things.
How wounded is this ocelot?
Please, Aunt Cora.
We need you to cover for us.
That fiddle is the perfect gift
for my dad.
I really, really want him to have it
for the Christmas pageant. Please!
Go straight to the music store.
- Oh!
- Thanks, Aunt Cora!
Boomerang, Boomerang
Boomerang all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride on the train
To the city today, hey!
All aboard.
Next stops:
Redbrook, Silverlode,
Biloxi Canyon, Calico City!
OK, PALMs, we are right on schedule.
There's Skull Rock!
The snow looks like
bushy eyebrows.
Yeah, it kind of does.
Mr. Rock should get those trimmed.
Good one, Snips.
What are you doing here?
I stoled away.
Don't worry,
I left a note with Mom and Dad
saying I was shopping with Abigail.
Snips! You have to go back to Miradero.
We can't turn around now.
We're stuck with him.
Thank you, Pru.
I always knew you were the most
raisin-able of the girls.
And maybe the least stinky.
Why are you acting so nice?
Snips is always nice to his friends.
-May I offer you a warm beverage?
-I could use some chamomile with lemon.
OK, sure. Hot chocolate.
-Ooh! Me, too.
-Apple cider, please.
I don't have any of those things.
But isn't it nice that I asked?
It still counts!
Now arriving, Calico City!
Spirit, you, Chica Linda,
Boomerang and Mystery stay here
while we run to the music store.
-We'll be back soon.
-Are you sure it's fine to leave them?
We can't take the horses into the city,
and there's more space for them to roam.
Spirit will watch out for Mystery,
won't you, boy?
Mystery is perfectly capable
of taking care of herself.
-Have fun, Chica Linda.
-Don't eat everything in sight, Boomerang.
-Where did you get that?
-I shared it with him.
Snips gives back to the community.
Spread the word!
I love the city at Christmas time.
Oh, my!
Look at those lovely brooches!
-I deserve one of each.
- Yeah!
- Ooh!
That's it! My dessert rut is over.
Instead of making something,
I'll get some of these
for the Stone Christmas dinner!
Why, thank you.
I gift you this cheery balloon...
from the happiness of my heart.
Um... OK, thanks.
I'll carry it for you.
I'm generous and helpful.
Two for one!
I fell for that.
I've got no one to blame but myself.
Come on, PALMs and Snips,
let's stay on track.
To the music store!
OK. Where did the... Oh. Mm.
Merry Christmas Eve to you, too, Polly.
Now, just because
you're an adorable tiny tot
doesn't mean you get to taste
the figgy pudding before everyone else.
Cora, you old softie.
Polly is a girl of her own volition.
I cannot control her.
She must take after her sister.
Where is Lucky, anyway?
Probably sleeping in.
Lucky, time for breakfast!
Oh, don't bother bellowing
like a street peddler.
Lucky woke up about an hour or so ago.
She and her friends went for
an early-morning ride.
Something about uh
collecting pine cones for decorations.
There are bundles of pine cones in
the forest. I'm sure they didn't go far.
It's perfect!
Just like I planned.
-Let's go.
Like the wind, Seor Balloon!
So, we'll hop on the next train
and get home before--
- Look!
- Oh, my sweet jellybeans!
There's a Sally Jessup concert
in the Grand Theater, today!
I adore Sally Jessup.
Especially the song that goes...
If we just come together now
Feel the love that's all around
-Sounds different when you sing it.
-Oh, thank you.
OK, new plan: We'll go to the concert
and take the three o'clock train back.
You want to skip the pageant?
Normal Snips would say "yes" to that plan.
But Good Boy Snips says, "I'm telling!"
Seor Balloon agrees with me.
Just who are you going to tell
in the middle of the city?
We don't have to skip anything.
If we take the three o'clock train,
we'll still make it back in time.
Are you sure this is a good idea?
I love Sally Jessup, but--
Since the pageant doesn't start
until the evening, we do have the time.
Besides, Sally would never perform
in Miradero.
And who knows when she'll
even be back in Calico City?
This might be our only chance of ever
seeing Sally Jessup sing in person.
-Let's do it!
- Yeah!
- This is so great!
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
Yes! Here we are.
We'll need five tickets.
Au contraire. We only need four tickets.
Maricela, we need five tickets.
One, two, three, four...
- Huh?
- Snips!
Boy? Boy?
Snips! Snips!
Oh, where is he?
Don't worry, Abigail.
We'll retrace our steps.
We'll find him.
-Small redhead!
It's Seor Balloon!
-Little child!
Come back! Snips!
Snips! Wait, Snips!
Hiya! I'm Ivan.
- I'm traveling with Nana to Biloxi Canyon.
- Come along now, Ivan.
Hurry it up.
Wait. Ivan,
where did you get this balloon?
A boy with poufy hair
traded me for directions.
Directions to where?
It's serious-talk time, Snips to Santa.
I know I'm falling short
in the nice department,
but instead of being nice,
what if I trade you something?
You need a helper?
I got a sister who would make
a real good Elf-agail.
- Snips!
- Snips! Snips.
-There you are!
-We were so worried.
Uh... I meant the general "we" - them.
Your sister.
You can't run off without telling us!
That's very, very bad!
No! I didn't mean to be bad.
I was just trying to be nice
by not bothering you
while you talked about your boring things.
I was gonna meet you at the depot later.
Come on, Snips, we should go.
We're so sorry, Santa.
This won't affect
which list we're on, right?
But this is why
I came all the way to the city.
Santa, what's your answer
about that trade?
She's real good at wrapping gifts.
Santa only brings gifts to children
who are nice, little one.
You drive a hard bargain.
Come on, Snips.
I'm sure Santa got all 25 of your letters.
And the ten that I sent.
Look, Pru. He seems happy in his elf hat.
Well, yeah. He's an elf. I'm not.
Not with that attitude.
Come on!
Sold out?
Good plan, ladies.
Well, back to Miradero. Huh?
Oh, but we're so close!
I just want to get a glimpse
of Sally Jessup in person.
-Me, too.
-I know.
I, as well.
Move it along, Lulu.
Quit dragging the tinsel, Hacksaw.
Let's hurry!
I got to find a Christmas gift
for the wife after setup,
and I don't have a clue.
Careful, you guys! This stuff's expensive!
I have a plan.
Why I always got to bring in
the heavy stuff?
Hacksaw carried in tinsel.
He's bigger than me!
They don't want it here,
they can move it themselves.
I don't think
we should be in here.
We'll get a quick look
at Sally Jessup, then leave.
No harm in that.
Now, what do women like?
Snow falls from the sky...
Is that...?
It's a-time to say goodbye...
That's Sally Jessup.
I don't know this song,
but it's my new favorite.
The world feels so right
No, it doesn't. It... It feels wrong.
I just can't get it.
Let's go talk to her.
Hey! What are you bunch of kids
doing back here?
Uh... Well...
I still can't believe it!
We were this close
to talking to Sally Jessup!
We got to hear her sing a little bit.
That's kind of like a concert.
Well, at least we'll make it back
in plenty of time.
Come on, Chica Linda.
Ooh! So pretty!
Due to a snowstorm
that's hit Biloxi Canyon,
Silverlode and Redbrook,
this train has been delayed.
Don't worry.
My dad says this happens all the time.
We won't be here that long.
I can't believe
we've been here for this long!
We have got to get home!
Stop fidgeting, Mary Pat.
My apologies.
I will be better.
Sounds beautiful, Mr. Prescott.
You can hear
the harmonic texture of your fiddle.
Thanks, Bianca.
-Cora, have you seen Lucky?
-Anyone seen Pru?
She left a note saying she was picking
pine cones or some such nonsense.
Oh, you know how those girls
get distracted by the simplest things.
I'm sure they're on their way.
Come on, come on, come on!
Let's go!
-Yes! We might make it after all!
-I can't believe it!
- I'm so happy!
- Oh! What a relief!
Next stops: Biloxi Canyon,
Silverlode, Redbrook,
Fetching hat, ma'am.
You have something in your teeth, sir.
That may seem rude,
but it's actually ruder
to not say anything.
Share the news. Snips is nice!
Seor Balloon!
I've missed you!
Are they treating you well?
Hiya! I'm Ivan.
I'm traveling with Nana to Biloxi Canyon.
I know. You said that when we met.
We just passed Birchwood Junction.
That means we're close to Miradero.
Snow falls from the sky...
Is that...?
It's a-time to say goodbye...
- It can't be!
- Oh, my gosh!
The lights twinkle so bright
The world feels so right
Sally Jessup!
Oh, dear.
Those girls promised
they wouldn't be late.
Oh, the audience is getting restless.
Perhaps we should postpone
the performance.
We can't postpone.
Everyone is expecting a show!
Al's right.
Hopefully the girls are on the way.
Until they get here, we'll improvise.
Settle down. It's starting.
Welcome to Miradero's
First Annual Christmas Eve Pageant!
And a-one, and a-two, and a-three!
T'was the night before Christmas,
when all through the house...
...not a creature was stirring,
not even a mouse.
What am I missing?
Here come the sugar plums
dancing in your heads.
Aw! Now, that's cute!
Um... Oh...
Psst! Kate! I need you
to cover for me backstage.
I don't know any of the cues, Cora.
What does it matter?
Half the performers aren't here anyway.
Let's make a Christmas wish
Hold our hands and
And catch a fish?
Music comes from the heart.
And my heart's not in it.
Not since my life's changed so much.
You're doing great, Sal.
You'll finish that song
when the time is right.
I haven't put out a new song in a year.
Your fans would line up
around the block to see you,
even if you never wrote another song.
You know I don't write songs
to sell tickets.
I write songs to share my feelings,
and, you know, hopefully inspire
this topsy-turvy world a little bit.
Right now,
what I'm feeling isn't very inspirational.
There she is. Sally Jessup!
You again?
- Who is it, Ronny?
- Just a bunch of kids.
They tried to sneak into
your concert today.
Oh, my gosh! Sally Jessup!
We love you! We're your biggest fans!
We only snuck in
to try to talk to you, I swear.
-And now we're here talking to you!
-All your songs are my favorite song.
Turns out, I don't need to pick just one.
Mine is the one that goes...
We like it when you sing it, Sally.
Can I call you Sally?
I can't call you Sally! Can I?
You "bunch of kids" have names?
I'm Pru. That's Abigail.
Maricela Gutierrez.
-Pleasure is mine.
-My name's Lucky.
We did try to buy tickets to your concert,
but there was a Santa thing,
then we lost Snips,
and we followed a red balloon--
Um... He has a name. It's Seor Balloon.
Well, it's nice to meet you,
Seor Balloon.
Anyway, it was sold out.
I can't deny my biggest fans
a performance, right?
-Take a seat.
Let me just tune this a bit.
Hang on tight!
Is everyone all right?
Is everyone OK?
Yeah, I'm OK.
I think so.
I'm all right. Snips, are you OK?
Snips is OK!
Oh, no!
-Is anyone coming to help us?
-Where do we go?
-What should we do?
-The tracks are covered in snow.
This train isn't going anywhere.
I'm not sure
which direction's the quickest or...
even which town we should head toward.
I know this area.
We passed Birchwood Junction,
so it's only about
a two-hour ride to Miradero.
We'll have to walk.
- Walk?
- Are you serious?
It is cold out here, and I did not wear
the proper shoes for this.
We don't have a choice!
It's getting dark.
Miradero is the closest town.
Lucky's right. It's our only chance.
You expect all of us to walk
the whole way there?
Oh, Hacksaw, you gave me
the heavy end to hold.
This just may work.
Come on, this way.
Let me help.
-Thank you.
-Up you go.
Come on, don't worry. Stay warm.
Easy does it.
Thank you.
- Here we go.
- Come on, everyone.
This isn't so bad.
We'll be in Miradero in no time.
Where did the girls really go?
So far, so good.
Just keep walking.
I can't believe I'm talking to
the Sally Jessup.
Are you on tour, Sally?
You can't call her "Sally"
like you're best friends.
You can all call me Sally.
OK... Sally!
Nope, not ready for that yet.
Where are you headed for Christmas?
Hm. That fiddle is prettier
than a peacock on parade.
Is it yours?
It's a Christmas gift for my dad.
I hoped to get it to him tonight so he
could play it in our Christmas pageant.
But that's not gonna happen now.
Oh, I'm sorry, Lucky.
What's the matter, boy?
What's that?
Lucky, you all right?
Nana! I got you!
Are you OK?
Is everyone all right?
Where are you, Mom?
Where is everyone?
Snips! Are you OK?
I'm scared. Where are you?
Where are you?
- Help! Help!
- Sally? Sal, where are you?
- I can't see!
- Oh, dear! Oh, dear!
Keep looking up
You're not alone
Just hear my voice
And always know
You'll be all right
Nothing to fear
Remember love is strong enough
Keep looking up
That was beautiful.
I've never heard that song before.
Is it new?
It's old. It's very, very old.
It's a song my mom made up.
She used to sing it to me
whenever I was sad,
or mad, or scared, or impatient.
Anyway, what are we aiming to do now?
I think we have to keep walking.
I say we form a search party.
I'm worried about the girls, too.
But, Jim, if we go out there,
we risk getting lost as well.
We can't just sit here and wait all night.
Only until the storm lets up.
For all we know, the kids are sitting by
a cozy fire, roasting marshmallows.
-Are we there yet?
-Not yet, Ivan.
How much further?
I'm just so tired.
Look! We can use that tunnel for shelter!
Come on! Everyone, follow me!
- Let's go, Sal.
- Thank goodness!
OK, come on!
It is so cold.
Everything's going to be OK.
We'll sleep here and figure out
what to do in the morning.
I like that thinking.
This cold weather is turning
my soft skin slightly less soft.
Oh, well, let me turn off the snow,
make sure your skin is comfortable.
Tomorrow morning, they're going to find
34 human ice pops in here.
What do we do? Everyone's freezing.
We need a fire.
I know how to make one. Come on, Abigail.
-Here's some wood we can use.
-Here, too. But it's pretty damp.
-Is this going to be enough?
-Let's go, Abigail.
We found some wood, but it's sopping wet.
These little twigs can't start a fire.
We need a big piece of wood - dry wood.
I'm cold.
-I don't know if I'm gonna make it.
-It is so cold.
- Here.
- Lucky, no.
I know. But we need a fire...
or we won't survive the night.
Sorry, Dad.
we're sorry about your dad's fiddle.
Hopefully, the fire will last all night.
Seor Balloon and I are starving!
Sorry, Snips. We don't have any food.
Ivan, look!
Didn't imagine I'd serve
Christmas dessert in a dark cave,
but I'm sure they'll taste just as good.
Mm! Chocolate babka.
What else you got in there?
Macaroons, hamantaschen .
Reminds me of treats Ma made.
Her recipe for apple cake - best ever.
I'm gonna bake one this year.
-So, you know how to make these?
I give Mother,
Father and Cook a wish list.
That way, I get exactly what I want,
and they need not stress.
But this year,
I don't know what went wrong.
I never know what to give my wife.
She's real fancy.
Honestly, Maricela, I don't know
what she sees in a big lug like me.
I hope she likes what I got her this year.
I'm sure she'll love
whatever you bought her.
You think she'll like this?
You're right, she'd hate it.
It's so embarrassing.
The thing doesn't even fit me anymore.
But I can't tell my parents
I'm done wearing the elf hat... can I?
Well, when I was a child, every year,
my parents folded a star hat
out of paper...
placed it on my head.
I'd have to wear it all Christmas Day.
They called me their
"Little Christmas Tree."
Bet you hated it.
With a passion.
Then I had children of my own.
Every year, I folded a star hat,
stuck it on their heads.
And now we do it to Ivan.
That elf hat's not for you.
It's for your mum and dad.
And when you have kids,
you'll make them do
some daffy tradition, too.
And do you know what else they have
at Biloxi Canyon?
They have lollipops, melted cheese, flags,
houses, my parents, rainbows, and dirt.
Oh, boy. Let's talk about something else.
What did you ask Santa for?
Lollipops, melted cheese, flags, houses...
You think you'll get all those things
because you're nice?
-But what does "being nice" even mean?
It could mean different things
to different people.
I think being nice means
you do something good for someone
without wanting anything back.
My point exactly.
-Hey, Sally.
-Oh, hey, Lucky.
You should record that song.
The one your mom sang to you.
The world would want to hear it.
Yeah, I hadn't thought about that song
in a month of Sundays.
Nothing's been the same
since she passed away last Christmas.
These are my mom's boots.
When I wear them,
I feel like she's still here with me.
What is it, boy?
Oh, no!
What's going on?
The way out of the tunnel
is completely covered in snow.
If we don't leave, we'll be trapped.
How are we gonna get out?
Somebody better have an idea!
-Kid's right.
-We have to do something.
-I don't know what to do.
-Yeah, he's right. What are we gonna do?
Great idea, Spirit!
Come on!
- Let me help.
- Keep digging!
We're almost there!
Pru, grab this!
Come on, everybody!
- Let's go! Keep going!
- Come on, everybody!
Everything's snowed over.
What do we do now?
Come on!
Are you serious?
We're not gonna make it up there .
Miradero's on the other side,
I'm sure of it.
Come on, everyone! We can do this.
We're almost there, I promise.
If we survive this, I promise to do
all the good things all the time,
not just the day before Christmas,
and not just because of presents.
Who's gonna do the Elf-y Waltz
if we don't make it back?
-Nana! Are you OK?
-Gotcha! Here we go.
I just need a moment.
Me, too.
Lucky, how much further to your town?
I don't know.
I've never actually gone up
this mountain before.
Now what are we gonna do?
It's Skull Rock!
That means we're close to Miradero!
With the snow,
Skull Rock looks like Santa!
Come on, everybody! We're almost there!
Let's head to Santa Rock!
Since the snow has let up,
we'll head toward Silverlode.
Al, you head toward Cedar Gulch.
Cora and I will stay here
in case they return.
Right, Cora?
What do you see?
It's what I hear.
I can hear it, too, now.
Nothing to fear
Remember love is strong enough
Keep looking up
We survived!
I'll wear that elf hat every day.
And that's when I saw all these desserts
I'd never heard of!
I was quite brave.
I never let the cold bother me, not once.
Now that we survived,
Good Boy Snips is here to stay.
you'll stay in Miradero for the night.
You're all welcome in our homes.
I'm sorry I missed the pageant.
I went to the city to get you
this one-of-a-kind fiddle.
It was the perfect replacement
for your beat-up one.
But nothing went as planned.
Yeah, this fella is beat-up, isn't it?
That's where I dropped it
when playing a song for you.
You were a month old.
It was the first time you smiled at me.
And that's when three-year-old Lucky
used this fiddle as an oar
in her couch-canoe.
The most memorable moments
are ones that are never planned.
And this old thing is filled
with memorable moments.
This fiddle, it is one-of-a-kind.
Oh, Dad.
Now, go to sleep, sweet pea.
Will everyone be able
to get home tomorrow?
Well, the snow has stopped.
Though, most of the tracks
are still covered.
My guess is no.
Everyone's Christmas plans are ruined.
I think, for now, everyone's relieved
to have a warm place to sleep.
We'll make the best of the situation.
"Make the best of the situation."
Wake up! Rise and shine!
Good morning! Wake up, everyone!
Up and at 'em!
- Get up, get up, get up!
- Huh?
Good morning, everybody.
Merry Christmas!
My sword!
-My mask!
Oh! These look delicious!
Did you two make all this?
Yep! We sure did.
Your wife will adore
the embroidered hankie.
Don't forget to tell her
the perfume is imported, hm?
You bunch of kids are all right.
Oh, dee-dee, oh, dee-dee
Look at me-me, look at me-me
I'm an elf-y...
Gets me every time.
Look at me-me, look at me-me
I'm an elf-y
Yay! Santa brought me a train!
It's the special edition Choo-Choo-Ca-Choo
Toy Train with the green caboose!
Isn't that the train Santa brought you?
Good Boy Snips is here to stay!
You think he wants something in return?
I don't know how long I can keep this up.
Hey, Sally.
I'm sure you had somewhere
more glamorous to be for Christmas,
but I hope you're having fun.
I didn't really have any plans
for the holidays.
I kind of wanted to forget this one,
you know?
But that is gonna be hard to do.
You and your friends
really helped us pull through last night.
And then you put all this
together for everyone.
You are truly inspirational.
Oh, my gosh!
Sally Jessup just said
I was "inspirational!"
Hey, you want to hear my new song?
Do I!
This one goes out to the brave passengers
for helping one another survive,
and to the people of Miradero
for opening their homes.
Last but not least, here's to you,
my biggest fans.
The bells are ringing
The snow is falling
I hear the carolers...
Yay, Sally!
-She said I can call her that.
- This is my favorite song!
I can't believe it!
Sally Jessup is performing in Miradero!
And you said she'd never play here.
I was wrong. All it took was
a train derailing on Christmas Eve.
Can you feel it
The magic all around?
Can you hear it?
It's such a beautiful sound
If you believe it
Hope will always be found
And if you dream it
You can see it now...
Merry Christmas, PALs.
And let joy in
That's my only Christmas wish
Can you feel it
The magic all around?
Can you hear it?
It's such a beautiful sound
If you believe it
Hope will always be found
And if you dream it
You can see it now
Just feel the spirit and let joy in
That's my only Christmas wish