Spirit Untamed (2021) Movie Script

[Fearless (Valiente duet) playing]
[woman singing in Spanish]
Thank you, Lucky.
[rider trills, laughs]
Hola, mi'jita!
- [Lucky] Mama!
- [man] Nice job, honey!
Let's hear it for Milagro Prescott!
[crowd] Milagro! Milagro!
- [continues singing in Spanish]
- [Lucky] Mama.
[in English] Be fearless, Fortuna.
Be strong
Be brave
Let courage lead the way
Come back, Mama.
Stand tall
And know who you are
Wild heart, wild soul
Roam free to the unknown
[crowd gasping]
And know that you have
Everything you need
[Lucky] Come on, who's a good squirrel?
To be fearless
- Come on, trust me.
- [woman] Lucky!
They're peanuts. Your favorite.
- To be fearless
- [woman] Lucky?
Come on, Tom. Not even a nibble?
Lucky? Where are you?
- [squeaks]
- Ugh. Aunt Cora!
- Lucky!
- [groans]
[Cora] Proper ladies do not hang
out of window ledges.
Proper ladies also get to go
to amazing, fun parties.
Your grandfather
is running for governor, Lucky.
It's a bit more important
than an amazing, fun party.
Do I need to remind you
of what happened at the last event?
- Mistakes were made.
- [marching band playing]
[scoffs] Mistakes, indeed.
- You're not missing anything besides--
- Cake. Other kids.
- Lucky
- Fun!
- [elephant trumpets]
- An elephant? Come on!
I know living with Grandpa isn't easy,
but part of being a Prescott
is not always having what you want
- but doing what's best for the family.
- [mouthing]
Now, come down from there
and finish your math lesson.
If this new tutor of yours
has one more nervous breakdown
- If a train traveling 25 miles per hour
- [man] Cora?
- "leaves the station at 8:00 a.m
- Cora? Cora!
- When will I ever need to know this?
- Cora?
Yes, Father.
This is an emergency.
My tie.
Oh! No, too tight.
Just think of it, Cora.
From railroad baron to governor.
And why? Because
- Prescotts never give up.
- Prescotts never give up.
Attagirl! Are you sure
we shouldn't put a lock on the door?
If a train has to stop
every hundred miles to refill water,
at what time will the train get to the--
- [window squeaking]
- Hello, Tom!
So nice of you to return, sir.
Tom, we talked about this.
Tom, you're betraying my trust. Tom!
Wow, we really need to get a lock
for that door.
Stop! Stop!
- No, no, no!
- [chittering]
Come on, stop!
Why are squirrels so fast?
Grandpa's going to kill me.
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to this most auspicious day--
my campaign launch.
I pledge to you
that I'll run the state
as firmly as I run my own home.
I'll put a stop to all this chaos?
- Hi, Grandpa.
- [Tom chittering]
Mmm! Cake.
[all gasp]
[Tom screeching]
[Lucky] Front page is good, right?
I mean, if anyone can pull off
a squirrel on his face, it's Grandpa.
He has to speak to us again eventually,
Once, you know, his face heals.
Grandpa just needs some peace and quiet
to get his campaign back on track.
We can go home at the end of the summer.
Why can't we just go back
to the lake house?
Because it's still somewhat underwater.
Along with most
of my fondest childhood memories.
- I said I was sorry.
- [door opens]
- [growls]
- Mr. Twinkles,
what are these people doing in our cabin?
I'm terribly sorry,
but you must be mistaken. This is
- [laughing] Mr. Twinkles?
- [sighs]
Did you see its little tie?
He looks like he's all ready
for the theater or something.
Do they have a theater where we're going?
Or a library?
Or a zoo?
Or anything?
[Cora] Let's keep the outside
outside, shall we?
- [sighs]
- Feet.
We may be spending the summer
in the wilderness,
but we are not wild animals.
- What's it even like in Miradro?
- Miradero.
What am I supposed to call him?
Well, you can call him Dad.
Or Father
or Jim.
Hello, Jim.
How have the last ten years been, Jim?
Oh, honey.
It wasn't easy for him
after your mom died.
Something broke in your father, and he
Why didn't he come with me?
Sweetheart, he was alone in the wilderness
with a baby.
He did what he thought
- Well, what we all thought was best.
- [footsteps approaching]
- [gasps]
- This isn't the bathroom?
- I beg your pardon!
- [Lucky laughs]
- Lucky!
- [door opens]
Oh, this is a private cabin!
The dining car closes in five minutes.
Well, I believe it is time for some tea.
Don't move.
[conductor] The next stop is Miradero.
Oh, no!
- [horse whinnies]
- [gasps]
- Hey.
- Sorry.
- Hey!
- Hey! Boss!
- He's touching me again!
- What did I do to you?
Cake. Mmm
Let's see. Chocolate, lemon [gasps]
Ooh, coconut!
Oh, you're such a good boy.
- [groans]
- [kissing sounds]
Yes, you are. Yes, you are!
[Cora] Lucky!
Oh. Ooh, whoops.
Down, boy!
You wicked little dog!
[Lucky] Whoa.
Oh, hey, hey!
Watch yourself there, princess.
You'll make someone real unhappy,
you go diving overboard like that.
- Now, you best just stay away
- Excuse me.
- from them wild horses.
- [Cora] Can you let me through?
- Lucky! There you are!
- Cora, I--
You're going to be the end of me!
I am much obliged, Mister
The name's Hendricks, ma'am.
I should put you on a leash, you know?
And I'm going to.
[Lucky] Just a second. Wait.
Just remember, be yourself.
Be your best self.
- Be the you that doesn't start fires.
- [woman screams]
- Lucky?
- [man] Sorry!
I'm too young for gray hair.
Hey, don't worry.
He's really looking forward to seeing you.
And I bet you the summer will go by
much faster than you think.
Ugh, what's that smell?
- [gasps]
- Sorry, ma'am. He spits.
Ugh, yuck.
Don't worry, Aunt Cora.
I bet the summer will go by
faster than you think.
Very funny.
Is that him?
No. I don't see him anywhere.
Are we in the right place?
Yes, unfortunately.
I'll go check if he's in his office.
Don't move until I get back.
- Oof!
- [yawns] Oh, man.
- I'm hungry.
- Where's the saloon?
Yeah! I could go for a steak!
- Stay out of trouble now, princess.
- Hey, this ain't the coast.
Change of plans, boys.
Now, listen up. We ran out of money.
I saw some horses from the train that'll
buy us our next ticket out of here.
Hey, you know where they got money? Banks.
You remember how well
that worked out last time?
- What'd I miss?
- Now get going. You'll earn that bacon.
All right. Let's get to that saloon.
Today's events are brought to you by
- [cheering]
- [horse whinnies]
Ladies and gentlemen, mares and stallions
Hey, come back!
Give me the ice cream back!
- Let's give a round of applause
- [boy] I thought we were partners.
to Valentina
and Las Caballeras
de Miradero!
[man] Brought to you
by Prescott Railways and Granger's Corral.
Stables so fine,
you'll wanna sleep there yourself.
[Lucky] Whoa.
- Fortuna?
- What?
Bienvenida, Fortuna.
Hola. Cmo ests?
We've been expecting you.
You look just like your mother.
- [Lucky] I do?
- [speaking Spanish]
Bienvenida, Fortuna.
Wait, you knew her?
Ah, s! Everyone knew Milagro.
Here. You should have this.
Your mother had one just like it.
- Welcome home, mi hija! Yeehaw!
- Wait!
- [man] Next up, our Western Reining champ
- [girl] Excuse me. Coming through.
and the champion of her old dad's heart,
my daughter Pru Granger
and the incomparable Chica Linda!
[Granger] She's been making my head spin
for 13 years, so I'm used to it.
Whoa! Horses can do that?
[Granger laughs]
[Granger] All right, you show-off.
Don't you have chores to do?
Fortuna Esperanza Navarro Prescott,
you get back here!
- Aunt Cora! You have to see this.
- [Granger] And here's our next contender.
- The smell. Oh!
- [Granger] Feast your eyes on this filly.
That can't taste good.
- [cows bellowing]
- [Cora groaning, grunting]
Now, those are some smooth moves.
- [yelps]
- [bellows]
- [groans]
- [Granger] And what a finale!
- Oh.
- May I offer you a hand there, ma'am?
Well, I never.
I'm so sorry to hear that.
[Granger] Today's events are brought
to you by Al Granger's Corral.
Stranding us at the station
like common vagabonds.
Did you see those amazing women
riding those horses?
One gave me this sash.
I need a strong cup of tea
and to burn this dress.
Aunt Cora,
did you ever see my mom perform?
Oh, yes. I'll never forget it.
She was amazing.
She did this incredible backflip
off her horse. [laughs]
I believe my stomach did a backflip too.
- [man] Watch yourself, lady!
- Wait!
A ride?
[boy] Need a ride?
Snips is the name.
And this noble steed is Senor Carrots,
my business partner.
Where to, ma'ams?
Thank you, no.
But if you could point us
in the direction of the Prescott house--
I'll get you there in a jiffy
for just a penny.
- No. No!
- All aboard! Toot-toot!
Next stop, Prescott house.
- [brays]
- [grunting]
Here we are! In a jiffy. As advertised.
Your destination, just ahead.
That will be one penny.
- Okay.
- [girl] Snips!
- [man] Watch where you're going!
- You little thief!
You saw nothing. Enjoy your stay!
Like the wind!
You better stop harassing
those nice people.
[Snips grunts]
Oh, no! Hey, stop!
Oh, my gosh. You must be Lucky Prescott.
I like your hair and your dress.
And your shoes!
I didn't know shoes could be cute.
Can I try them on?
- Sorry about my brother.
- I'm the one you oughta apologize to.
Hey, stop, not the hair!
Here. I'm Abigail,
and this is my best friend Boomerang.
Say hello, Boom.
[in deep voice]
It's a pleasure to meet you, madame.
[in deep voice] It's nice to meet you too.
- [Granger] Miss Abigail Stone.
- Uh-oh. I'm up. See you later.
Abigail, you can't leave me here.
Watch me.
Good luck out there!
I think that donkey ate part of my dress.
She was my age,
and she was on this beautiful horse.
And did you know
that horses could walk backwards?
- It's, like, crazy.
- [sighs]
At last.
- Civilization.
- [sighs]
Jim Prescott?
James Prescott Junior?
[gasps] Oh!
I can't believe you guys are here!
How was the trip?
- I thought you were coming on the 20th.
- It is the 20th.
Oh, right. Well, that explains it.
- The house, it's not-- I'm not ready.
- [clattering]
- Oh, for goodness sake.
- Uh...
Yeah. [clears throat]
Home sweet home.
[chuckles nervously]
Uh... Mi casa es su casa?
[flies buzzing]
Just step on over that one.
Yeah, you can just
Sorry about the mess.
I bring my work home with me.
There is more, of course.
We eat there. And, um
And we-- And the sleeping is upstairs.
I can show you your room.
Watch your step.
Don't want those falling on any toes.
Solid iron.
You know, safer than the old
strap rail tracks. Much heavier.
Ah, the hazards of running a railroad.
Don't go near those boxes, Cora.
Highly explosive.
- Oh!
- [chickens clucking]
So, ah
- this is your room.
- Ah.
- What do you think?
- [chuckles softly]
That's a lot of strawberries.
Oh. Um, hmm...
You like strawberries. Right?
I do?
Oh, okay. Well, you used to.
- [toy squeaks]
- Oh!
- Huh.
- [birds squawking]
Yep. You were You were like this.
[chuckles nervously]
But now, you're Now you're like this, so
- [Cora shrieks]
- Um...
- A mouse! He touched my foot!
- Well...
I'll let you unpack and get settled.
Oh. Where'd you get that?
Um, a woman at the rodeo gave it to me.
Las Caballeras.
They used to ride with your mother.
Right. Yeah,
they actually said I look just like her.
Ah, well, make yourself comfortable.
There are extra sheets in the hall.
[sighs] Yeah. You do
look just like her.
Yep. Really glad you're here.
I missed-- missed you.
[Cora] What's that smell?
[Jim] Uh, Cora?
It smells like old potatoes in here.
Whatever this used to be, it's gone bad.
Oh... [chuckles]
[wind blows]
[soft tinkling]
[crowd cheering, faint]
[Lucky laughs softly]
- [horse neighing]
- Huh?
[horse neighing in distance]
Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim.
I'm gonna go explore!
Yeah. It's probably safer outdoors.
[birds chirping]
[townspeople chattering]
[man 1]
That's the craziest horse I've ever seen!
[man 2] Take it easy there, fella!
- [man 1] Look out for the tail!
- [banging]
[man 2] Watch out, we got a biter!
[Hendricks] Well, bite him back. Let's go!
[man 3] I think he's too much horse
for you, Hendricks.
- [man 2] You try keeping him still!
- [Hendricks] Just step aside.
- You're Lucky Prescott, right?
- Hi!
- Pru Granger.
- I know. I saw you at the rodeo.
- You were amazing.
- [horse neighing]
but I totally messed up my rein-back.
I'll get it right for the festival
at the end of summer.
- [Hendricks] Let's go!
- [man 1] Wait!
Is that barn okay?
- [Hendricks] Knuckleheads!
- [Pru] Should hold tight.
Some clowns rented the corral to break
a wild horse they just brought in.
- Break?
- It's not as bad as it sounds.
- [man 2 screams]
- [gasps]
For the horse anyway.
[man 4] He bit my mustache!
- [man 3] Fall back!
- [man 2] Look out!
Hendricks, look out!
You gonna be worth a lot of money.
Let's see what you're made of!
- Yeah!
- [whinnying]
Stop! You're hurting him!
Oh, yeah, that is not right. Hold on.
[Hendricks] Oh, yeah!
That's how you wanna play it? All right.
Whoo! You kicking big now.
- [man 3] Hendricks, look out!
- Ow...
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
You crazy horse.
[man 3]
You're the one getting broken today.
Yeah, we'll see about that.
- Hello there, princess.
- [man 2] Get a rope on him!
See, I told you these horses right here,
they dangerous.
- Now you best just run along now.
- [man 3] Cut him off!
Now, who's the knucklehead
who didn't strap this saddle on right?
- [man 2] It wasn't me!
- [man 1] It was him!
- [Hendricks] Bunch of dimwits.
- [man 2 screaming]
- Dang horse, you ever give up?
- Get away from me!
- I got him!
- Change of plans, boys.
Let's get this animal under control,
shall we?
I got it! I got it!
Hold up there, big guy!
Hey, whoa, whoa!
I don't know where you guys rode in from,
but in my corral,
we treat horses with respect.
If you don't like it,
you can just move along.
- Are we clear?
- Yes, sir.
We're absolutely clear. Sure thing, boss.
We didn't mean for it to get out of hand.
This mustang's just got a lot of spirit.
All right, boys, let's call it a day.
Give this horse a rest.
- Harder!
- [grunting]
We'll come back tomorrow
when he's nice and thirsty.
Boys, I'll have this beast ready
for the work mill in no time,
and then we can have
all the money we need.
Remember me? From the train?
[Lucky laughs]
You do have a lot of spirit.
You want help filling that back up?
Oh, no way. I wouldn't want you
to get your dress dirty.
What? This thing? [scoffs]
Oh. Okay, then.
[Jim] Wait, wait, wait,
let me get this straight.
The squirrel came down the stairs
in the middle of his campaign speech?
And landed on my father's face?
The Honorable James Prescott?
Yeah, maybe?
That's the funniest thing I've ever heard.
One minute he was all,
The family motto
is my campaign promise to you--
[both] Prescotts never give up.
And then it jumped on his face
and he screamed!
Sorry, Aunt Cora.
I think that was just overdue payback
for some food fights
your Aunt Cora started back when I
I have no idea what you're talking about.
I think we've told enough stories
for one night, don't you, Jim?
So, Lucky,
how was your first day exploring Miradero?
Great. I made some friends.
- [gasps]
- Well, I hope we'll be friends.
One's kind of shy, and he's a little wild.
- Wild?
- What's his name?
- [stammers] Where's he live?
- His name is
We met on the train.
Well, outside the train, technically.
You mean that horse?
The one in Al's corral?
No, what?
You will not go near that horse again.
But why?
It's not Spirit's fault
Mom fell off a horse.
No, no.
You don't know what you're talking about.
You stay away from that horse. No horses.
I'm full.
[sighs] Okay.
[rooster crowing]
- Pancakes.
- Breakfast.
- My favorite!
- Good morning.
I'm not hungry.
Lucky, if you're going out,
you can run some errands.
I'm gonna check on my guys at the station.
Maybe they'll have breakfast with me.
[Pru] Don't you know we got chores to do?
Sleeping on the job again.
[Granger] Don't you mind me.
Whoa! Dad, look out!
- Sorry.
- Hey, Lucky.
Well, Lucky Prescott.
- Oh. [chuckles]
- Where are you off to in such a gallop?
I was I was just
getting some groceries for Aunt Cora.
You're a bit turned around.
Grocer's back that way.
Oh. Yes. Okay, thanks.
- Bye, Lucky. I get to drive.
- [both chuckle]
Okay. But don't tell your mother.
She'll have my hide.
- Gracias.
- [grocer] De nada.
[man] So, what time
does the midnight express come in?
Midnight, dummy.
And security's looser
than my grandpappy's teeth.
- Just the old man and his llama.
- I hate llamas.
Hey. Easy now. Easy.
It's all right, boy.
All this new stuff is kind of scary, huh?
I think we'll be okay. Trust me.
Hey, city girl.
Hey, hey, hey!
Careful! This is a wild one.
Yeah, he just startled me.
Yeah. That's because you startled him.
Got it. Sorry!
Oh. [softly] Sorry.
Just take it slow.
Horses can feel what you feel.
So, if you want him to trust you,
you've got to show him the three C's--
calm, confidence
and carrots.
Well, you have fun. See you later.
- [Lucky] You hungry, bud?
- [snorts]
I don't like to eat when I'm mad either.
Is that a potato?
Why? Would that be bad?
You might wanna try something
a little less potato-y.
Horses are finicky.
They've got a real sweet tooth.
Thanks. That is better than a potato.
I've got you covered, buddy.
Don't you worry.
[chuckles] Okay.
How about this one
It's okay. You can't rush these things.
I spent a whole week singing to Boomerang
before he would let me ride him.
Well, Snips said that Boomerang
only really let me ride him
so that I would stop singing,
but, I mean, I don't know.
Point is,
it's just these things take time.
Well, I have plenty of that.
See you later.
Oh, yes!
Oh, no! No.
All this time
I thought I found my
Brightest day
My happy place
Then came you
I am strong on my own
I can brave any storm
There's no darkness
I haven't walked through
But as good as I've been
All alone I still know that it's true
I'm better with you
Ocean deep
That's how far my love goes
What are you up to?
And I won't sleep
Till I know all I can know
All down to you
I am strong on my own
I can brave any storm
There's no darkness
I haven't walked through
But as good as I've been all alone
I still know that it's true
I'm better with you
Better with you
[thunder rumbling]
Better with you
Better with you
Better with you
I am strong on my own
There's no darkness
I haven't walked through
I've been good all alone
But I know it's true
- Yes!
- Yes!
I'm better with you
- [both laughing]
- You did it!
I'm better with you
Good morning.
Good morning.
Could you pass me the strawberries?
I'm better with you
[Jim] Oh.
I'm better with you
Hola. Buen da.
[woman] Hola, Fortuna.
Easy, boy.
It's okay. Oh.
Easy, boy. Easy.
Oh, I've got something for you.
Whoa! Not my whole hand.
[laughs] Hey.
It's okay. It's okay.
Easy, boy. Easy.
All right, so that's how it's gonna be.
Let's try this again.
Okay, boy, here we go.
Hey there!
- Ow.
- Whatcha doin'?
[groans] Snips, I almost had it.
Want some advice?
Is it gonna cost me a penny?
You sure about this?
It's how I first learned to walk.
My dad held the carrot,
and I followed him around the corral.
Wait a second.
Hey, what's that?
[Spirit snorts]
- [Snips grunting]
- Easy, boy.
Watch it! Ooh, that's not good.
[Lucky] Please, no!
Ride like the wind, Senor Carrots!
Easy, boy, easy.
- Slow down a little, please?
- [whinnies]
No, that's not what I meant.
Whoa! Whoa!
Careful! Careful!
Wow, you really went for it. Good for you!
[Lucky] How do you stop?
[Pru] She needs help! Come on!
She looks like fun.
Crazy, but fun.
Said to her, No, it's not happening,
and I laid down the law.
- Mm-hmm.
- I put my foot down.
Daughters. Terrifying.
You gotta earn their trust
a little at a time.
Two steps forward, 50 steps back.
As long as none of those steps
are in your corral.
[chuckles] She is her mother's daughter.
I'll keep an eye on her.
And those wranglers.
Something about that Hendricks
is familiar.
- Hey!
- Ugh. Snips.
You know that wild horse you got
in the corral?
Yeah. What about it?
Well, there was this gust of wind,
and the gate flew open,
which I had nothing to do with.
And then Lucky fell onto the horse,
and they took off towards the canyon.
- What?
- That's not good.
- [horses whinnying]
- [Pru] Hyah!
- Let's go, girl!
- Come on, Boom!
[Pru] Go, go, go!
Hold on. Wait. We have to turn back.
Whoa, whoa...
- Good thing her name's Lucky.
- Well, is her middle name Irony?
Lucky, sit up and hold on with your legs.
Or just hang on!
And whatever you do, don't look down!
[Lucky] Too late.
No! Just slow down. Please?
Spirit, you have to stop!
[gasps] Okay.
You are getting so many carrots later.
- Hi!
- Come on.
- Let's do the two-hand pickup.
- The what now?
Just grab a hand on the count of two.
- One.
- Two!
[both] Jump!
- [Abigail] Whoa!
- [Lucky panting]
[Spirit whinnying]
I just rode a horse!
I almost died, but I just rode a horse!
Around here,
we call that hanging on for dear life.
Hey, but it's a start. You're a natural.
- [Granger] There they are.
- Lucky! Lucky! Lucky! Are you okay?
- Fingers, toes, face.
- Did you see me?
- Everything's okay. You're okay. I'm okay.
- It was amazing! We were going so fast
- [Jim] She's okay.
- I can see that.
- and it was scary but exciting.
- Whole girl here. Under control.
Lucky, you are lucky
you didn't get yourself killed!
I was just gonna ride him
in the corral, and then
You shouldn't have been
anywhere near that horse.
[Granger] Come on, troublemakers.
- I ask for one thing. One.
- It was an accident.
- You don't listen.
- But
You don't listen.
That horse doesn't belong to you.
He doesn't belong
to those wranglers either.
They're mistreating him,
and you don't even care.
This isn't the city.
Around here we have different rules.
Well, you should change your rules.
And by the way, you can't just come back
into my life and tell me what to do.
You're going back to your grandfather's.
You'll be safe there.
- What? That's not fair.
- I'm getting you two on the next train.
I thought Prescotts never give up.
But you're giving up on me again!
I'm trying to keep you safe.
Sorry to be such a burden.
Well, just be thankful nothing's on fire.
[breathing heavily]
[Spirit whinnies in distance]
[zoetrope tinkling]
[Spirit whinnying]
[Cora] Maybe Father was wrong
taking Lucky from you.
[Jim] No, he was right.
I couldn't keep her mother safe.
How was I supposed to keep her safe?
What happened to Milagro was an accident.
You said yourself she'd done that trick
a hundred times before
with her eyes closed.
- Ugh.
- But she's so reckless!
the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
She's just not safe here.
Sometimes you have to take a risk, Jim.
I did that already,
and that didn't work out.
[Spirit whinnies]
Jim, I've done everything I can for Lucky.
What she needs now more than anything
is her father.
She needs you.
I couldn't bear it
if anything happened to her.
Cora, I don't know what I'm doing.
[wolf howling]
- [whinnying in distance]
- [gasps]
[soft fluttering]
[whinnying continues]
[insects chittering]
[whinnying continues]
- [wolf howls]
- [gasps]
[heartbeat pounding]
[heartbeat slows]
[whinnying continues]
[soft fluttering]
[wind blows]
[sighs] Spirit.
Hey, boy.
I knew I'd see you again.
[laughs] Hey!
[soft nickering]
Wow, your family.
[whinnies loudly, snorts]
Don't worry. It's okay.
I hope I brought enough.
[horse whinnies]
- Oh.
- [grunts]
I have one just your size.
Don't be shy.
Hello, little brave one.
[horses whinnying in distance]
What's wrong?
All right, boys, let's round 'em up!
- I told you boys we'd get the rest of 'em.
- Leave them alone!
- [man 1] You take that one!
- [man 2] Come on, boys!
- All of 'em! Every single one.
- You got it, boss.
The stallion's mine.
[man 1] Watch out on your left!
I mean, on your right!
Hurry up now, come on. Let's load 'em up.
- Yeah!
- Now, have a nice ride, ladies.
Go on, get in there.
You can't do this!
Ain't no first class on this train.
Yeah, I got you now, boy.
Stop! Those horses aren't yours!
These horses are none of your business!
But thank you for leading me
straight to them.
[man 1] Watch out for that stallion!
Hendricks! We gotta go
if we're gonna make that boat!
Change of plans, boys.
The crazy one stays here.
Get off me!
Hurry it up! Let's go!
Spirit, wait! Spirit!
- [panting]
- [rooster crowing]
We can't do this alone.
All right, boy.
Let's go get help.
Pru, I need your help.
So, you want us to get on our horses,
ride all night to stop a speeding train,
take down a band of dirty, old thieves
and release a herd of wild horses?
Yeah, maybe.
Lucky, that's crazy.
But if we don't try,
Spirit's herd is gone forever.
You know what they do to horses up north?
They work them to death.
Okay, let me show you
exactly how impossible it is.
Hendricks and his men are headed
for a boat up here at the docks
on a speeding train,
and we're down here with horses.
It's too far.
What if we take a shortcut
over this big, pointy thingy?
That big pointy thing is Heck Mountain.
- [hawk screeches]
- It's impossible to cross on horseback.
That's a full day
and most of the night's ride.
And, even if by some miracle
we did make it,
how are we supposed to get the horses off
of a moving train?
If a train traveling at 25 miles an hour
has to stop every 100 miles
Aunt Cora was right!
I do need to know this!
Uh, what now?
The train has to stop
to refill water along the way.
If we cut over the mountain, we can
beat the train to this water depot at
Noon tomorrow.
- Whoa. What's the Ridge of Regret?
- You don't wanna know.
- [ukulele strumming]
- From what I hear,
there's a lot of dangers
lurking around those parts.
Dangers that only those with good fortune
return from.
Return from?
I've heard tales.
The most treacherous and merciless
creatures hiding in the shadows.
Creatures you wouldn't believe!
There's a moose, and he's a-waitin'.
But he doesn't know what he's waitin' for.
Uh, how is she
[Abigail] And they say
at the bottom of a bridge is a shifty fox
who's just sitting there being shifty.
And then there's a possum
that just hangs out lighting matches!
[cackling maniacally]
[gasps] Whoa!
Abigail! Not near the map!
I think what Abigail is trying to say is
it's way too dangerous.
If you're not gonna help me,
Spirit and I will be fine on our own.
You know, Pru, you're right.
We would never be able to save those poor,
innocent, beautiful horses.
- I smell rule breaking.
- [brays]
- [Abigail] Hey, Lucky, wait up!
- [Pru] Lucky?
- Lucky, wait for us!
- You changed your mind.
No, I still think this is a terrible idea.
this is Miradero.
Out here, we stick together.
Thanks, guys.
You can thank us after we make it
over that big, pointy thing.
- [Abigail] Heck Mountain.
- [hawk screeches]
We'd better hurry up if we wanna make it
to the water depot before noon tomorrow.
- Ooh! Easy, boy.
- Okay.
Keep your heels down, shoulders back,
eyes where you want him to go.
Yeah, but, like, not so
- [roars] You're liable to cramp.
- I know, I know.
Hold on, Spirit! Careful!
When you trust yourself,
your horse will too.
He'll know exactly what you're thinking,
then you'll be joined up.
Joined Up!
That's my favorite trail song!
When the trail gets rough
I've got my pal and that's enough
Join up, join up
It's easier than ever
When we do things together
Join up, join up
Heels down in the saddle
With my very best friend
Nothing beats having someone
You can trust to the end
We just listen to each other
And together make it through
We join up, join up
We all heard about that time
that you liberated a monkey from the zoo.
[Pru chuckles] The birthday that flooded.
[Abigail] Or the time you accidentally
locked the math tutor in the closet
and couldn't get him out.
- I did get in trouble for that one.
- [both laugh]
He really talks about me that much?
Sometimes my dad pretends
he has to go to the bathroom
just to get your dad
to stop talking about you.
- [moose bellows]
- See?
I told you there was a moose waiting!
[Pru] Here it is. We cross this bridge
and then it's a straight shot
up the mountain to the water depot.
Is it supposed to move that much?
[Pru] It's fine.
Suspension bridges are built
to support incredible weights.
- [Abigail] Gulp.
- [Lucky] Oh. [chuckles nervously]
[Abigail, echoing] Now what?
Now I decide not to die
falling into a canyon,
but instead go home and have
my dad kill me for even attempting this.
- And just give up?
- [sighs]
I'm sorry, Lucky. We tried. We really did.
But we don't have a choice.
No, give me a minute.
I'll figure out a different way.
- [Abigail] Take your time.
- What?
- What?
- Boomerang and I'll just wait over here.
- What? How did she--
- What?
The great Pru Granger
can't handle a little jump?
I can, but we can't.
I can do it. [gasps]
I don't know if this is a good idea--
Lucky, wait!
Okay, I guess we're doing this.
All right, don't look down,
don't pull back, and just trust him.
Have you seen Lucky?
I feel horrible about last night.
I'm sure
she's just blowing off some steam.
- Just give her some time.
- I was looking for this.
I'm sure she's perfectly fine
wherever she is.
[Pru] Lucky!
[Abigail] Lucky, are you dead?
A little.
I could really use
that possum lighting matches.
I'm sorry, boy. I should have trusted you.
[Pru] Lucky, just follow our voices.
[Abigail] What should I say?
[Pru] Where are all your weird,
random stories when we need them?
- [Abigail] I don't do well under pressure.
- Easy, boy.
[Abigail] I know. I'll sing you a song!
That's it. Leg on!
- Come on, Spirit.
- Yes, you got it.
- Just trust and move with him.
- [Lucky] Okay.
- Breathe. You've gotta loosen up!
- We got this.
- You guys can do this!
- I said loosen!
Easy there.
- Easy, boy.
- [Pru] You're doing great.
We're gonna make it.
- She's got it.
- I thought she was a goner.
We never doubted you!
[Pru laughs] Yes, you got it!
[Abigail] Good, good. Yes!
[laughing] Yes!
- I told you we'd find a different way.
- I'd call that different.
Yeah, but now we're too far
down the canyon
and don't have time to backtrack.
Well, let's go up so we can get
a better view of where we are.
[Pru] That was the scariest thing
I have ever seen.
Yeah. Nothing can be scarier than that.
Uh, I'm guessing this is
the Ridge of Regret...
[Abigail] I regret it already.
[gasps] Chica Linda! Careful, girl.
[Lucky gasps]
Where are you guys
with all that great advice now?
- [Lucky] Whoa!
- Lucky!
[Pru] Lucky!
[wind blowing]
[Milagro] Be fearless, Fortuna.
Listen to the wind roar
See the mighty eagle soar
Feel the sun on your face
Trust that you will find your way
And when the night
Is cold and dark
Here we go.
Know that you have fire in your heart
Be strong
[Lucky] Be brave
Let courage lead the way
Stand tall
And know who you are
Wild heart, wild soul
Roam free to the unknown
And know that you have
Everything you need
To be fearless
[laughing] Oh, I love you, ground!
So solid, so supportive, so reassuring.
- I can't believe we just did that.
- I love you, I love you. We made it.
If we can do that, we can do anything.
We'll get your family back, Spirit.
I know it.
[Abigail] Good job, Boomerang.
Only Lucky Prescott would finally join up
with her horse on the Ridge of Regret.
I couldn't have done it without you guys.
Look, the water tower!
[Lucky gasps] I can't believe it.
We made it!
We can camp at that overlook.
When the train comes at noon,
we'll see it for miles.
Okay. But I'm walking the rest of the way.
Pru, you have a pretty good voice.
- We should start a band!
- Nope.
Tomorrow we face our destiny,
but tonight we feast!
- [cackling]
- Yes! I am starving.
- What?
- Do I have marshmallow on my face?
Well, yes, but that's not it.
We crossed the Ridge of Regret. Us!
Yeah, we did the impossible.
That was crazy!
We made bad choices.
And tomorrow we're gonna take on
a bunch of dangerous bandits.
It's not funny.
I know.
Are we insane?
- [frog croaks]
- [all laughing]
Boomerang P. Stubbles, get out of there!
[Pru] You can see
all the stars in the universe from here.
[Abigail] Oh, I forgot!
I made us something.
- When did you have the time?
- Abigail!
There's always time
for friendship-based crafting.
P-A No, wait.
Pru, Abigail and Lucky. We're PALs!
I'm never going to take this off.
- Pru, you big softy.
- Aw, okay.
- I knew you liked me!
- Cut it out. Cut it out!
- Never. Never.
- You're getting marshmallow on me.
When the trail gets rough
I got my pals and that's enough
Join up
Join up
[all] It's easier than ever
When we do things together
Join up, join up
Heels down in the saddle
With my very best friend
Nothing beats having someone
I can trust to the end
- [animals howling in distance]
- [Abigail] Hush!
Do you hear that? It's the shifty fox.
[gasps] And his family.
- Um, Snips?
- Oh, hello, Mr. Granger.
Information hot off the press?
For just a penny.
Jim? Jim!
Ji-- Whoa!
What's with all the berries?
I told myself I was keeping her safe
by sending her away.
- You can tell me all about it on the way.
- But who was I really trying to protect?
Yes, protect them.
- We need to do that. As in right now.
- All those years lost.
I never should've let her go.
Yeah. Go is the word of the day.
As in the girls are gone.
- What?
- So, now we have to do
whatever this is later.
Gone where?
Over Heck Mountain
to save a herd of wild horses,
and I'm afraid those rustlers
stole the train.
Lucky is riding over Heck Mountain?
On a horse?
What the heck is Heck Mountain?
Why are we sitting around here talking?
Did you catch the part about the train?
- I am the train!
- Ugh.
- Whoa.
- [gasps]
She's the fastest train ever built.
I had some spare parts.
[Granger chuckles]
Let's go get our girl.
All right, remember the plan.
First, we're gonna get to the water depot,
then we're gonna bring the reign
of righteous retribution.
- [Abigail] Let's go!
- [Pru] That's it!
- [Abigail] Yeah! Let's go!
- [Pru] Come on, Chica! Faster!
- Whoo!
- Huh?
Hey, little
Go, go, go!
On three.
One, two, three!
[both whooping]
[horses whinnying]
Yeah! [laughing]
[distorted] I'll show you.
- [train whistle blowing]
- Huh?
- [Hendricks] You seeing what I'm seeing?
- Spirit?
- Well, what do you know?
- Spirit! The train's too early!
Abigail, Pru, wake up! Let's go!
[men laughing, chattering in distance]
The train!
- Oh, no. Wake up, Chica!
- [Abigail] Pru, come on, let's go!
- [Lucky] Stop!
- Well, this must be my lucky day.
[man 1] Get a rope on that horse!
Thanks for the new tattoo.
Now I get to return the favor.
- Calm down, calm down.
- No! Don't touch him!
Don't get in there, Spirit! Please!
- [Abigail] Come on, faster!
- [Pru] Two-hand pick up!
[both] Lucky!
- [Hendricks] You just couldn't stay away.
- Go, go!
- I got him!
- Hold him tight. Hyah!
No, stop!
Just get him in there!
Oh, come on, hurry!
Hurry it up now.
- [Lucky] Hurry, hurry!
- [Pru] Faster, girl, faster!
Just get a bit closer, I can jump.
Okay. Great idea.
No! What? Bad idea!
- Pick it up, Boom.
- Ready?
[Lucky] No!
[man] Yeehaw!
Yeah. Enjoy the sunrise, boys.
It's the last one in this country.
We're almost home free.
[horses whinnying]
You know, once I was playing checkers,
and I lost all my pieces.
All of my pieces,
and I still won the game.
Um, I think what Abigail
is trying to say is
the Lucky we know
would never let anything stop her.
Until Spirit gets on that boat,
we still have a chance.
We'll never know if we don't try.
We are the PALs, aren't we?
What do you say, Prescott?
[Hendricks] Right this way, ladies.
[man 1] I don't know about you,
but I can't wait till I feel
that cold, hard cash in my hands.
[man 2] Welcome to your new home.
[man 3] I'm already sick
of all the steaks I'm gonna eat.
[man 4] Mr. Hendricks,
captain says he's ready to go.
Let's hurry up and get out of here.
Hyah! Hyah! Get up there! Come on!
[frantic whinnying]
- There they are!
- Where's Spirit?
- He's in the green car.
- [man] Move, move!
- Go! Hyah!
- Hyah!
Geez, what do they have in there,
a rhinoceros?
- Here you go.
- Hey! Let's go, let's go, let's go!
Okay. Steady
Cover me.
This is the last one.
[all] Whoa!
Hey, bud.
Chica Linda, let's go.
- Coming through.
- [Abigail] Go, Boomerang, go!
Hyah, hyah!
[man] Hendricks!
Doesn't that girl ever give up?
Get rid of her!
There you go!
Hurry up, birdbrains!
[Lucky] No!
[ship horn blows]
Aw, would you look at that?
Breaks my heart,
you've come so far for nothing.
Kinda brings a tear to my eye.
[man] You're hilarious, boss.
[Hendricks] That's a lot of money.
- Hold it right there!
- Yes, sir.
- Oh, no, you don't.
- Oh, no, you don't!
My six-year-old brother
moves faster than you.
- Hey! Watch it!
- Nice night for a swim.
He smells better too.
- Oh, she's crazy.
- Nuttier than a road apple.
Is she thinking
what I think she's thinking?
I think so.
[horses whinnying]
All right. You ready?
- Lucky? Lucky?
- That's not good.
- Lucky!
- Oh, no!
[Jim] Lucky!
Oh, I can't look!
- Hyah!
- [whinnies]
You think she'd teach me how to do that?
I told you she was fun.
- [ship horn blowing]
- Hey!
[Cora] Lucky!
Cora, by any chance,
you pack your bathing costume?
Oh, my. Jim.
[Hendricks] Let's go, turtle legs!
Come on, let's get her.
Find the girl.
Find her!
[horses whinnying]
All right, devil horse, nice and easy.
Yeah, I'm gonna teach you some manners!
You're not going anywhere.
Looking for something?
I don't get paid enough for this!
Nice and easy.
You're not going anywhere, boy.
Time to tango.
Stop! Stop!
- Why you gotta be such a pest?
- Spirit!
Easy, boy, easy.
I'm here, boy. Easy.
Now, you swim along home now, girl.
You first! Hyah!
[chuckles] Come and get me.
No, no, no, wait, wait.
No! No, no, no. [shouts]
- [water splashes]
- Easy now, Spirit. It's all right, boy.
Trust me.
Cora, keep rowing.
No, keep rowing, Cora. Keep rowing.
- Lucky! Lucky, no!
- We're over here!
Lucky! Lucky, no!
Oh, no!
- Lucky? Where is she?
- Lucky!
[Lucky] Spirit!
[Jim] Lucky!
[horses whinnying]
Quick! Grab him!
[Lucky] Spirit, where are you?
I got you, Lucky. I won't let you go.
- Where do you think you're going?
- I got him!
[Granger] Heads up, boys.
- Oh, Dad
- Uh-oh. Nice knowing ya.
I'm grounded, aren't I?
Yep. For life.
And your parents want a word
with you too, young lady.
[horses whinnying]
Nice one, Lucky! Yeah! You did it!
Somebody's luck just ran out.
Yes. Yours.
Let me go.
[laughs] Good job, little guy.
Pru, give me a hand.
- Lucky?
- I know.
I broke the rules.
Your one rule.
I'm sorry.
No. No. No. Lucky, I'm sorry.
I should have known how far you'd go
to save Spirit.
Your mom would have done the same thing.
I am so proud of you.
Now go finish what you started.
You're also a Prescott,
and Prescotts never give up.
Thanks, Dad.
[coughing, gasping]
Nice rowing, Cora. You got quite an arm.
[Cora laughs]
You take good care of her.
Kids these days. They grow up so fast.
- Be careful out there.
- Be back for dinner tomorrow.
And no ridiculously dangerous shortcuts.
Can't make any promises.
[Granger] I heard that.
- Let's ride!
- Come on!
Yeah, let's go!
Yeah! We did it!
Spring is upon us
Follow my ornate song
Settle down with me by the fire
I almost died.
Eyes on the road, Abigail.
Back on your own now
You should come back home
Back on your own now
Wow! Look at this place.
This is it.
Nothing but wilderness for miles.
Well, Spirit
I guess it's time for me to go.
Your herd needs you.
I'm sorry, boy, but I can't go with you.
My herd needs me too.
Stay fearless, brave one.
Bye, Mama. Take care of the little one.
[Cora] I told you the summer would be over
before you knew it.
We'll come to visit more now.
At the holidays and next summer.
And there's still the big festival
Your father's probably wondering
what's taking us so long.
Now, which one of these
says Miradero Festival?
Hmm. I see your point.
Ice cream! Get your ice cream! One penny.
Hey, you're eating all the inventory!
- [Lucky] Dad? Over here!
- [Snips] Hey! Senor Carrots!
- Wait for me!
- Your mother's dress.
- [Snips] I can't run that fast!
- It suits you.
I had to take it in a little bit.
- May I offer you a hand there, senorita?
- Ooh!
I never.
Care to make an exception?
This was your mother's favorite place.
What was she like?
Well, she was crazy about strawberries.
Just like you.
She was a wild soul.
And the bravest person that I ever met.
Until you.
There's no way I can tell you everything
about your mom before you go home.
Unless, I mean, you stay.
I am home.
[laughing] Yes, you are!
- Dad, you're doing great.
- I think my horse is a better dancer.
It's step, step, clap.
Excuse me. Hey, everybody, everybody.
I have an important announcement
about my daughter.
- [Lucky] What are you doing?
- She's staying!
- [crowd cheering]
- [Jim] This song's for you, Lucky.
Your mother sang it much sweeter
than I ever could, but welcome home.
[clears throat]
[voice cracking]
Listen to the wind roar
See the mighty eagle soar
Mr. Lucky's dad is a really bad singer.
- Take me closer.
- Okay, last stop.
- We should start a band.
- Nope.
- Be strong, be brave
- [crowd cheering]
Let courage lead the way
If you're staying, then so am I. [laughs]
Wild heart, wild soul
Roam free to the unknown
Brava, Fortuna!
And know that you have
Everything you need
[Pru] Hey, Prescott!
You're staying in Miradero!
- PALs forever!
- Yes!
- [Jim] Come on, guys!
- Oh, my goodness, Lucky!
If you're staying,
you're gonna need a horse.
[horses whinnying]
[You Belong playing]
Go, be on your way
Beyond the world you know
Though the road is broken
Heart is hoping, keep on keeping on
It won't be long
Until you find where you belong
Hey, hey, hey
Oh, oh, oh
You're gonna find where you belong
Hey, hey, hey
It won't be long
Until you find where you belong
You're wild and free
Where fear and faith collide
Wherever you run to I will be
Yeah, yeah
Just know
I'm always by your side
Oh, the winds of change
Are blowing strange and strong
Go, be on your way
Beyond the world you know
Though the road is broken
Heart is hoping, keep on keeping on
It won't be long
Until you find where you belong
Hey, hey, hey
Oh, oh, oh
You're gonna find
Where you belong
Hey, hey, hey
Won't be long
Until you find where you belong
Though the road was broken
Heart was hoping, you kept keeping on
Always know that you are
Right where you belong
[Fearless (Valiente duet) playing]
[women singing in Spanish]
Be strong, be brave
Let courage lead the way
Stand tall
And know who you are
Wild heart, wild soul
Roam free to the unknown
And know that you have
Everything you need
To be fearless
[singing in Spanish]
Be strong, be brave
Let courage lead the way
Stand tall
And know who you are
Wild heart, wild soul
Roam free to the unknown
And know that you have
Everything you need
[singing in Spanish]
Be strong, be brave
Let courage lead the way
Stand tall
And know who you are
Know who you are
Wild heart, wild soul
Roam free to the unknown
And know that you have
Everything you need
[singing in Spanish]
[song ends]