Spirited Away: Live on Stage (2022) Movie Script

"I'll miss you, Chihiro!"
"Stay well...Risa."
Chihiro? Chihiro, we're almost there.
This is really the middle of nowhere.
We'll have to shop in the next town.
Come on! It's our new home!
Look, there's the primary school.
Chihiro, that's your new school.
It looks nice.
I liked the old one.
Mom, they're drooping!
It's 'cos you've been clutching them.
We'll put them in some water,
they'll be fine.
It's sad. My first ever bouquet
is a going-away one.
Come on! ou got roses
for your birthday.
One rose isn't a bouquet.
Hold onto your card.
I'm opening the window.
And get yourself sorted out.
There's a lot to do today.
Hold on. I must have come
the wrong way.
This doesn't look right.
Look...that's us!
The blue house on the corner.
That's it!
I guess I took a lower road...
It'll be fine.
Stop! You always get lost
when you do this.
Let's give it a try...
What are those little house things?
Stone shrines. Houses for gods.
Dad! Is it okay?
It's fine. This is a 4-wheel drive.
Chihiro, sit down!
Darling, stop!
It's a tunnel...
What is this building?
Looks like some kind of gatehouse.
Darling, let's go back!
What is it?
There's a mortar wall under the ivy.
It's quite a new building.
What sort of building?
It's sucking in the wind...
Shall we have a look?
We can walk through.
No! Let's go back, Dad!
You're such a scaredy-cat, Chihiro.
Just a little way in, okay?
The van'll be at the house soon.
So? They've got keys.
They can start without us.
That's true, but...
No! I'm not going!
Let's go back!
- Chihiro, wait here.
- Mom!
Watch your step...
Don't be so clingy, Chihiro.
I can't walk properly.
What is this place?
- It's a train!
- Must be a station nearby.
Let's take a look.
There are houses...
It's what I thought.
This was an old theme park.
They built them everywhere
in the nineties before the bubble burst.
They all went bankrupt.
This must be one of them.
What? We're going further?
Let's go back!
Mom, that building was groaning.
That was the wind.
This is an amazing place.
We should have brought
the sandwiches from the car.
There must've been an
artificial river here.
- Can you smell something?
- Huh?
See, something smells delicious.
Yeah, you're right.
Maybe they're still in business, here.
This way...
This is crazy! They're all restaurants!
No one's here.
Huh? Look...
Hey! Over here!
Wow! Amazing!
Hello? Anyone here?
Come on Chihiro!
It looks delicious.
Don't worry. We'll pay
when someone comes.
Right. This looks so good...
What bird is this, I wonder?
Mm, delicious!
Chihiro, this is so delicious!
I don't want any!
Let's go back. The owners will be angry.
Don't worry!
I have cards and cash.
Chihiro, come and eat!
It melts in the mouth.
- Mustard?
- Thanks.
A train!
ou can't be here! Go back, now!
It's nearly night.
Go back, before it's dark.
They're turning on the lights.
Hurry! I'll keep them busy!
Run back across the river!
Who is he?
Dad! Dad, let's go back!
Let's go back, Dad!
Dad! Mom!
We have to go!!
Chihiro! Where have you been?
Stop it!
Mom! Don't go!
Mom! Mom!
A river...but how?
It wasn't here before.
I'm transparent!
A ship?
It can't be...
It's a dream! It's a dream!
Wake up, wake up, wake up!
Please, wake up...
This is a dream, just a dream.
Go away!
Everything! Just go away!
Don't be frightened. I'm on your side.
No! No! No!
Open your mouth.
- Eat this now!
- No!
You have to eat something from
this world, or you'll disappear.
- No!
- Don't worry.
It won't turn you into a pig.
Chew it up and swallow it.
Good girl. It's all right...
Now, touch me.
I can touch you.
ou see? Come on, then.
Dad and mom! Where are they?
They're not pigs now,
are they?
ou'll see them again, but not now.
It's looking for you.
Time is running out.
Let's run!
I can't get up...
I don't have any strength.
Don't panic. Take a deep breath...
I n the name of the wind and
water within you...
Stand up!
We have to cross that bridge.
If we mix with the guests,
we won't stand out as much.
Ah, nameless gods
exhausted beyond relief
Backs are breaking
Knees are bending
Bellies are bulging beyond belief
You mustn't take a breath
while we cross the bridge.
If you take a single breath,
the spell will be broken and
someone will notice us.
- I'm scared!
- Keep your heart calm.
Welcome back!
Ah, nameless gods
Exhausted beyond relief
Backs are breaking
Knees are bending
Bellies are bulging beyond belief
Coming for their long-awaited rest
Two sweet nights and
Three sweet days of rest
Coming to abura-ya
The bath-house in the world next door
Ah, nameless gods
Exhausted beyond relief
Backs are breaking
Knees are bending
Bellies are bulging beyond belief
A mugwort bath, a sulphur bath
A mud bath, a salt bath
A hot bath, a lukewarm bath
Or a freezing bath with floating ice
Searching for vitality
Holding tight their hard-earned cash
Standing in line in the scorching heat
Kotoshiro-sama, nice and early!
Welcome back!
Returning from outside duties.
An honor to have you back, sir.
Take a deep breath...
And hold it!
Haku-sama! Where have you been?
Is that a human?
What just happened?
Where is he?
Hold on...
- Can't you smell it?
- What?
There's a human here somewhere!
What a stink!
They know you're here.
Sorry... I took a breath.
No, Chihiro, you did just fine.
Listen, I'll tell you what we'll do.
They'll find us if we stay here.
So, I'll distract them
while you escape, Chihiro.
No! Don't go.
Stay here! Please!
This is the only way you're
going to survive in this world.
And to save your parents, too.
I knew it wasn't a dream
they got turned into pigs...
Don't move...
Once everything calms down
sneak away along that little path.
It'll take you to a ladder
leading up to a walk-way.
Go across the walk-way
to a steep flight of stairs.
Go carefully down them.
At the bottom, you'll see
a door to the boiler-room.
It's where the furnace is.
there's a man there called Kamaji...
you need to talk to Kamaji.
Tell him, 'I want to work here.'
Even if he refuses, you have to insist.
Anyone here without a job gets
turned into an animal by Yubaba.
Who's ubaba?
ou'll find out when you meet her.
She's a sorceress who
rules this place.
She'll try to make you say,
"I can't do it..."
or "I want to go home..."
But just keep saying,
"I want to work here".
However bad it gets,
don't give up.
That way she can't harm you.
Haku-sama! Haku-sama!
I have to go...
Where are you?
Don't forget...
I'm on your side, Chihiro.
How do you know my name?
I've known you since you were little.
My name is Haku.
Haku is here.
Ah, Haku-sama, there you are!
I know. I've been dealing with it.
Just when you think you've fallen asleep
It's time to work
Just when you think it's all over
It's time to begin
The body feels heavy
The spirit more so
Consider yourself lucky
At least you have a job
I'm talking to you
The old woman said
The old woman,
Once a young girl
You're only pretty when you're young
I'm talking to you
I'm talking to you
The old man said
The old man,
Once a young boy
The only thing left is your life
Your heavy and burdensome life
Um...excuse me...
Um...are you Kamaji-san?
Um...a boy called Haku sent me.
Let me work here please!
This many, all at once?
Work time, you little buggers!
I'm Kamaji.
An old man bullied by
a bath-house boiler.
Move it, little sooties!
Let me work here please!
No, I don't need any help.
The place is crawling with sooties.
I have all the help I need.
Get out the way!
Let's see...not there.
Could be this one.
There it is.
You're in the way!
Oh...poor thing. Let me...
Where shall I put this? Down here?
If you're giving them a hand,
finish the job. Put it in the furnace...
Watch it you lot!
You wanna be a pile of soot?
And you, stop sticking your nose in
and taking their jobs.
If they don't work,
the spell on them gets lifted.
ou can't work here.
Try somewhere else.
Oy! Sooty buggers!
Complaining again?
Work! Get back to work!
Time to eat!
What's up?
You guys fighting again?
A visitor.
Stop it!
Other bowl!
I told you before. Have it ready for me.
Food's here! Take a break!
Gather up. Come, come.
Eat up.
A human! That's terrible!
There's been a big fuss upstairs.
She's my Granddaughter.
She says she wants to work,
but I don't need anyone.
Take her up to ubaba.
She'll do the rest herself.
No way! She'll kill me.
What if I give you this?
Charcoal-grilled newt!
Top quality goods!
You have to make a deal with Yubaba anyway.
Go on and try your luck.
Tcha...come on then, girl. Follow me.
Thanks, Lin-Lin.
Get off!
Look at you!
Can't you say "yes" or
"thank you" or anything?
Shoes! Socks!
Oh, right...
You're such a sluggard!
- Come on!
- Oh, sorry.
Did you thank Kamaji?
He looked after you, didn't he?
Thank you very much.
Good luck!
Yubaba lives at the very top
of the building.
Oh, right!
This is such a huge place
we have to take two more elevators.
ou'll lose your nose...
For Hitokotonushi-sama, dumplings!
Hitokotonushui-sama. Got it, Chief!
Order for Nono-sama?
Nono-sama's been done.
Where's Anga-sama's sashimi?
Here! No, there!
It's here.
Where's that useless waitress?
She's never here when you want her.
One more bowl on this tray...
Soup, soup, soup!
One soup coming up.
The starchy sauce goes with that.
Starchy sauce right here!
Where the hell is
Ootori-sama's meat dish?
Meat dish for Ootori-sama!
Ootori-sama has a meat dish?
The braised pork!
Braised pork?
Braised pork?
Crap. They're still in the pan.
- Get them!
- On it!
Sorry, sir. This elevator
doesn't go any further.
Please take another one.
- He's following us.
- Don't look around.
Here we are.
Your room is on the right.
- Lin?
- es?
Can't you smell something?
Human! You stink of human!
Wait a bit.
Something else. Something delicious.
You're hiding something. Admit it!
Could be this...
Char-grilled newt? Gimme!
No way! It's for my dorm sisters.
I'm begging you!
Just one bite! Just a leg!
Please pull the lever to go up, sir.
Just a little bit, please.
Darn you...Lin...
Forgive the wait, Ushioni-sama.
If you'd please follow me...
Your friends await you.
This way, please.
Don't you know how to knock?
What a wretched girl you are.
So, come in.
Come in!
Please calm down.
Please let me work here.
Stop your stupid talking.
What could you do with
that feeble little body?
This isn't a place for humans.
This is bath-house for
the eight million gods.
And who do your parents think they are?
Gobbling up my guests' food
like greedy pigs.
They got the retribution they deserve!
ou're not going back to
your world, either.
Shall I turn you into a piglet?
Or what about a lump of coal?
That's got you shaking, eh?
But I'm surprised you made it this far.
Someone must have helped you.
Who might that have been? ou can tell me.
Please let me work here!
- Stop saying that!
- I want to work here!
Shut up!
Why should I hire you?
Why should a pathetic, wheedling,
cry-baby idiot get to work here?
our request is refused!
Why would I feed a lazy
blood-sucker like you?
On the other hand...
I could put you to work at
the most gruelling job here,
right up till the day you die!
Hush, hush...
What's the matter?
I'm just coming, you be
a good boy, now...
ou still here? Get out!
- I want to work here.
- Keep your voice down!
Please let me work!
All right...
Just be quiet.
our contract...so sign it.
ou can work here.
But if I hear any "I don't wanna do that"
or "I wanna go home",
I'll turn you into a piglet.
Um...do I write my name here?
es, get on with it!
Stupidest oath I ever made,
forced to give a job to whoever wants one.
- Did you sign?
- Yes...
Well, you won't be needing your family name.
Seeing you don't have
a family anymore.
ou're called Chihiro?
Two characters is too fancy for you.
I'm taking the "hiro" away.
No, no, no...
our name is Sen now.
Understood? It's Sen.
Answer me!
ou called?
She starts work today.
Show her the ropes.
Yes, Ma'am.
What's your name?
...ah, it's Sen.
Well, Sen...follow me.
- Haku, I...
- Cut the chit-chat.
And call me Haku-sama.
- Haku-sama!
- Haku-sama!
This is Sen.
She'll be working with you.
Even if Yubaba-sama ordered it...
...a human here...
...it's unthinkable...
Out of the question!
She has a contract.
- What?
- A contract?
- I mpossible.
- Ridiculous!
Please, look after me...
Don't send her to our section.
Human stench is unbearable.
Her smell will wear off after
a few days eating our food.
If she doesn't work properly,
you can have her fried, boiled...whatever.
Get back to work!
Where's Lin?
What? You're pushing her onto me?
You wanted an underling.
es, yes, Lin's an excellent choice.
Perfect, Haku-sama.
- Perfect.
- Ideal!
Sen, off you go.
This is a joke.
ou owe me one,
you know that?
Get on with it!
Come on!
- ou did really well!
- Huh?
You're a bit of a dope
so I was worried.
Keep on your toes...
Ask me when you need help, okay?
What's the matter?
My legs are wobbly.
Come on. Hold on.
Here's our room.
Eat and sleep and you'll be fine.
It's nearly morning...
Here's your apron. ou wash it yourself.
Work pants...
You're such a little squirt, so...
Too big...
- Um, Lin...
- What?
Are there two people called Haku?
It's bad enough with one of them!
Still too big.
He's ubaba's right-hand man,
so watch out.
There must be one here, somewhere...
Got it!
What's wrong? Cheer up!
You're so loud! What's going on, Lin?
It's the newbie.
She's not feeling so good.
Sleep then...
Good idea.
Come on, Sen, let's get you into bed.
Come to the bridge.
I'll take you to your dad and mom.
My shoes are gone...
Thank you...
There's a farm on the cliff.
Maybe Mom and Dad are there...
Here we are...
Dad! Mom!
It's me! Se...
Mom! Dad!
Are they sick? Or hurt?
No, they're stuffed full of food,
so they're sleeping.
They don't remember they were humans.
Dad! Mom! I'm going to save you.
So you mustn't get too fat.
Or you'll be eaten.
ou'd better hide these.
My clothes...
I thought they were thrown away.
You'll need them when
you go home.
But hide them for now.
This is...
The card I got when I left.
That's my name!
ubaba controls people
by stealing their names.
You're Sen from now on,
but hold tight to your real name.
I nearly lost it already.
I was turning into Sen.
If your name is completely stolen,
you'll never get home.
I can't remember mine at all...
Your real name?
But it's strange...
because I remember you, Chihiro.
ou haven't had any food, have you?
I don't want to eat...
I used a spell when I made it,
to put some life into you.
Eat up.
ou've had a hard time.
Here, have another.
That's better.
Time to go back.
I'll see you again, soon.
- Really?
Where were you?
- I was worried.
- Sorry...
Quick! Go get a cloth.
Get out of my way...
- Ugh! The stink!
- I'm so sorry.
Sen, is that all the strength you've got?
Lin, Sen, you're working on
the big bath from today.
Wha...?! That's frog's work!
It's an order from the top.
ou're to be worked to the bone.
Well that's great!
Empty the bucket.
Into the garden!
Sorry, but aren't you
getting wet out there?
Sen, hurry up!
I'll leave the door open for you...
Lin! ou got the big bath?!
- Leave us alone.
- Aw, poor thing!
Disgusting. This hasn't been
cleaned for ages.
- We dodged this one...
- eah, too bad!
Get a grip.
- Crouch and scrub.
- Got it.
This is only used by
the filthiest guests.
Whatever this is,
it's not coming off.
Lin! Sen! The guests are
starting to arrive.
es! We'll be done soon!
Tcha! It's so obvious!
They're deliberately bullying us!
We need medicine-water.
Sen, go get a token
from the bandai.
A chemical hot water token!
Lin-san, what's the bandai?
ou'll know it when you see it!
What's this?
Something's here.
Hidden by the rain,
some worthless thing has come.
Feels like a horror
has entered the bathhouse...
Um...Lin-san says she needs
a token for the medicine-water.
Huh! As if I'd waste a token on that.
Fishmint bath for Okue-sama.
Of course!
Fishmint...your favorite,
as always, Okue-sama!
Good morning, Kotoshiro-sama!
I trust you slept well.
- Ice cold water for you today?
- Kobu-yu.
Kobu-yu, of course. Excellent choice.
What are you doing here?
Waiting for a token for Lin-san.
I'm not changing my mind.
Back to work!
Just scrub it!
For Kasuga-sama...
Of course...
The very best sulphur water
for Kasuga-sama...
Please come this way.
Please enjoy the bath...
I trust you enjoyed your bath.
Oh, a hug.
Oh, wow! You're so cool, Anga-sama.
I just can't!
Hey, hey!
Use your hands.
But, apparently it has
to be medicine water.
You're so stubborn...
Ah, I know what you're after.
A mugwort bath, am I right?
Please take all the time you need.
Get out of here!
Bandai speaking.
- It's me...
- Madam!
Anything weird going on?
Any strange guests?
Are you there?
Thank you very much!
Ah, no! Hey! Wait! Hey!
- What's wrong?
- Er...no. Nothing at all...
Something's snuck in.
A human?
ou'd better find out.
Haku's away today.
Of course. I'll get right onto it!
Hello? Madam?
Wow...this is a really good one.
How did you manage that?
He just gave it to me.
This rope takes it down to Kamaji.
Then he opens up the valves
and out comes the water.
He's not busy yet,
so it'll come right away.
Pull the rope
for the water to come.
Try it.
With more force.
Sen, you're such a klutz!
What a weird color.
That's the dried worms in it.
This'll dissolve all the stuck-on crud.
When it's full, pull the rope
to stop the water.
ou can let go now.
- I'm off to get breakfast.
- Okay.
Er...the bath isn't ready yet.
So many...
Um...are these for me?
I don't really need so many.
No! I only need one.
A stink god, you say?!
es, Madam!
It's an extra-large Okusare-sama!
Hm...that's strange.
I wasn't sensing the
presence of a stink god.
Well, we can't turn him away now.
Welcome him in!
Just get him out of here
as soon as possible.
I'm terribly sorry.
Please hurry to your room...
Hurry to your rooms, please.
It's an Okusare-sama.
es, yes. Don't make a fuss.
This is all we need...
Are we still on duty?
No point, not till he's gone.
I'm most frightfully sorry...
Not that way, sir.
Please follow me, sir.
Hurry along there...
Sen, where's Lin?
She went to get breakfast.
- ubaba's calling for you.
- Why?
Forget Lin. Just come...
It's coming over the bridge!
- Go back!
- Please go back.
We really can't accommodate you.
We're closed for the night!
Go back! Please!
- The stink!
- Unbearable!
My eyes are stinging!
Hang in there.
Now listen...
It's your very first job.
Take this customer to the big bath.
Answer back, and
you're a lump of coal!
- He's coming.
- He's getting closer.
He's here!
Stop that! Don't be
rude to our guest.
very welcome to the Yu-ya.
Ah, money.
Sen, Sen, quick...take the money.
Give it to Bandai.
Thank you very much.
Please take all the time you need.
What are you doing? Take him inside.
Please, follow me.
Open the windows! All of them!
Sen, I got the breakfast...
The stench!
Our breakfast...
...it's rotted.
Ah...wait a bit...
He is filthy!
It's nothing to laugh about.
How's she going to manage?
Ah, she's topping up the water.
Argh...touching the wall
with her filthy hands!
What? Did you give Sen all those tokens?
Absolutely not! Did you...?
Absolutely not! Did you...?
Absolutely not! A total waste!
There's something
strange going on here.
What is it?
What a travesty!
The best quality medicine-water!
Sen! Where are you?
- Lin-san!
- Are you okay?
I've asked Kamaji to keep
the hot water coming.
He promises to give
you his best stuff.
Thank you!
There's something stuck here...
A splinter?
It's in really deep.
A splinter? A splinter, is it?
Get everyone downstairs! Quick!
You heard her!
Sen and Lin!
He's not an Okusare-sama!
Use the rope!
Tie it on!
Tie it on tight!
Move it! Stand by!
All pull together, got it?
I tied it on!
All right!
One big yu-ya effort.
All together now!
A bicycle?!
Thought so!
Go on then, pull it!
Well done! Top-notch!
Stop! Stop!
Sen! What are you doing?
There's still something stuck...
like a fishing line!
Sen! Are you all right?
Gold dust!
- What? Where?!
- There.
It is! It's gold!
Don't touch that without permission!
That's company property!
Be quiet! Our guest is still here!
Sen, get down! You're in his way!
Open the big door! He's leaving!
ou did well!
You made us some big money.
He's a renowned River Spirit.
You lot should learn from Sen!
Sake for everyone tonight!
Now, give me back
all the gold you picked up!
Gimme, gimme, gimme.
- Mean...
- Stingy...
Want one? I nicked them.
Oh, well...what a day!
Haku wasn't here, was he?
Haku again?
He disappears sometimes.
There's a rumor that Yubaba
makes him do bad things.
Lin...lights out?
After a night of rain
The sea stretches to the horizon
The woods and the fields
Are swaying under the transparent waves
A train goes by
Kicking the waves
A fish swings its fins
Drifting through the water
There's a town out there...
Far beyond the waves
A town, a phantom town
Appears on the horizon
The water's like a sea.
Of course.
After the rain, there's always a sea.
I'm going to that town some day.
I'm definitely quitting here.
What's up?
The wind dies down
Far beyond the waves
Where has the phantom town gone?
Who are you?
You're not a guest.
You're not allowed in there.
Are you giving me these?
C...Can you make gold?
Gimme it!
Is there anybody there?
It's way past lights out time...
Aniyaku, sir. I'm really hungry.
I'm starving.
This is just an advance. Take it!
I'm a guest. I need a bath.
- Wake everyone up!
- Yes, sir!
Open up the kitchens!
Everyone, wake up!
Dad! Mom! This is the dango that
the River Spirit gave me.
If you eat it
you'll be human again!
Dad, Mom...where are you?
What a terrible dream.
Nobody's here...
It really has become a sea!
Oh, you can see the
pig-pens from here.
Kamaji's already got the boiler going.
Have I slept that long?
I'm still hungry.
- Yes, sir.
- One moment.
Is there any fish?
Coming right up!
Meat, too.
As you wish, sir.
- The water's lukewarm.
- We'll top it up.
More, gimme more!
Can't you hurry it up?
- Bring that here.
- Gimme some...
- Got more fish?
- Fish is finished...
Just use leftovers!
Keep it coming!
- Unbelievable...
- A once-in-a-life-time customer!
Move it!
I was coming to wake you up.
Look! It's real gold! I got given it!
This really generous guest arrived.
- Take one of these!
- Eat this!
- Here, sir...
- More gold, please!
I'm so hungry.
Bring everything!
That guest...
Sen, come on.
ubaba's still asleep,
this is our chance.
No! I have to go to Kamaji's!
I wouldn't if I were you.
He got jolted awake,
so he's in a filthy mood.
- Lin! Let's try for more!
- eah.
I wanna see some dancing.
Of course, sir.
What if I don't recognize
Mom and Dad?
Dad... I hope he's not too fat.
What is that?
It's the dragon from the bridge.
It's coming here!
What are they?
They're not birds...
Haku! Hold on!
Over here! Haku!
It's just paper!
ou're Haku, aren't you?
Are you hurt? ou're bleeding.
The white birds have gone.
It's all right...
He's heading for ubaba's.
What do I do?
Haku's going to die!
The wealthiest customer
In the whole wide world
Has come to call on us
The wealthiest customer
In the whole wide world
Has come to call on us
We're begging you.
We're begging you.
We're begging you.
We're begging you.
Master, over here!
Master! Master! Cough up the gold!
Come on!
My turn now...
Gold just flows from his hands!
Master! A sprinkle over here!
Hey! Where you going?
- I need to get the elevator.
- Absolutely not!
Ah! Blood!
Out of the way! Our guest is coming!
Thank you for before.
What are you doing? Get out of...
I don't want it.
I don't need it.
I'm busy, so please excuse me.
Hey! Calm down! Calm down!
Get back!
I apologize for her rudeness.
She's a newcomer, a little human girl, so...
ou! Why are you laughing?
You laughed.
No, not at all!
What is this?
Help me!
What a total disaster.
No, no, its true identity is a Kaonashi.
es, a No Face!
ou were blinded by greed
letting in a customer like that...
Don't do a thing till I get down there!
You've bloodied up the room.
Okay, you guys.
Drop Haku down the pit.
He's no use to me anymore.
Bo, not sleeping in his bed again?
Sorry, sorry.
ou were sleeping
like a good boy, were you?
still has work to do downstairs.
Sleep like a good boy now.
Ow! Let go!
Thank you very much for helping.
I need to leave right now,
so please let go.
ou came to make me sick, didn't you?
There's nothing but germs out there.
I'm a human.
It might be strange in this world.
Going outside is bad for you.
Stay here and play with Bo.
Are you sick?
If I go outside, I'll get sick.
So I stay in here.
Staying in here
will make you sick!
A person very precious to me
is badly hurt.
So, I have to go now.
- Please, let go of my hand.
- I'll cry if you go.
If Bo cries, Ba-ba will
come back and kill you.
I can snap your arm if I want.
Ow! Ow!
I'll come back and
play with you!
No! Play now!
ou know what that is? Blood!
What are you doing to him? Go away!
It's Haku, isn't it? Don't give up.
I won't let them push you down there.
Be quiet!
Get away!
I'm not afraid of blood.
I'll cry if you don't play with me.
Just wait, okay? Be a good boy.
Bo will cry if you don't play with him...
Please, wait!
You're so loud. Do hush up.
You're a bit too fat you know?
Just as I thought, a bit transparent.
You can't tell the difference
between your mother and me?
Easier to move
around now isn't it?
Now, what shall I turn you guys into?
Keep this a secret, okay?
If you tell anyone,
your mouth will be sliced apart.
Who are you?
I'm ubaba's twin sister.
Thanks to you, I've had the pleasure
of looking around this place.
hand over the dragon!
What do you want with Haku?
He's badly wounded.
He's my sister's thief dragon.
He stole a precious seal of mine.
Haku would never do such a thing!
He's kind and gentle.
All dragons are gentle.
...and foolish.
Greedy for magical powers,
he became my sister's apprentice.
Now this boy is
under my sister's vicious thumb.
Move out of the way.
There's no way to save this dragon.
I used a spell
to protect the seal.
"He who steals this seal shall die."
Don't do it!
What is it with these guys.
Cut it out! Go back to your room!
Oh dear, that caught me off guard.
Haku, watch out!
Haku, are you in pain?
Oh, this is bad.
Haku! Calm down.
What should I do? Haku's going to die.
There's something inside him
eating his life away.
I nside him?
Strong magic.
I can't do anything about it.
Haku, this is the dango that
the River Spirit gave me.
Maybe it'll help you. Eat it.
Haku, open your mouth!
Haku, I'm begging you, eat it!
It's all right.
Is it a bitter dango?
Open! That's a good boy...
It's all right. Now swallow!
- It's out! The little bugger!
- The seal!
The evil spell, it might escape.
There it goes!
There! There!
Here, here!
Here! There! Where?
Where did it go?
Over there!
Un-jinx! Un-jinx, Sen!
Here, Kamaji-san...
Haku took this from
Yubaba's sister.
It's Zeniba's?
A witch's contract seal...
That's terrible.
Ah, I knew it! It's Haku!
Grandad, it's Haku!
- Grandad, he isn't breathing!
- Eh? He certainly is!
But you can't be too careful
with a wound caused by magic.
All right.
Let's hope this helps a bit...
Haku, he came here suddenly,
just like you, Sen.
He told me he wanted to be a wizard.
I was against it.
I told him nothing good would come
from being a witch's apprentice.
But he wouldn't listen.
Said he had nowhere
to go back to.
So in the end he signed up
as ubaba's apprentice.
Soon after that...
...he got paler and paler.
More and more serious looking.
Quiet down, will you?
There's a sick boy here.
... I'm going to give this back
to Yubaba's sister.
I'll give it back, apologize,
and ask her to save Haku.
Tell me where she lives.
Where Zeniba lives?
That witch is scary!
Please, Haku saved my life.
I want to save his.
Well... I guess you could get there,
but coming back...
Hold on a minute.
Now where did I put it?
ou guys, please bring
my shoes and clothes.
- I've been looking everywhere for you!
- Lin-san.
...did something happen?
What are they?
They're my new friends.
Yubaba is furious,
and she's looking for you.
That generous guest...turned out
was a monster called Kaonashi.
ubaba's been saying..."Sen let him in".
Maybe I did...
What!? Are you sure?
Because I thought he was a guest.
What will you do?
He already swallowed three people!
Got it!
Sen, I found it!
Grandpa, we're a bit busy here.
ou can use these!
Train tickets! How did
you get hold of these?
Leftovers. I've had
them for 40 years.
Listen, you get off at the 6th stop,
it's called "Boggy Bottom."
Boggy Bottom?
Yes, don't forget, the 6th stop.
- The 6th stop...
- Don't miss it.
There was a return train a long
time ago, but it only goes one way now.
Are you sure you want to go?
es. I can walk back
along the track.
- What about ubaba?
- I'll go to her now.
Haku, I'm coming back for sure.
So you mustn't die.
What's going on?
Don't you get it?
It's love.
Thank you.
- I'll get a boat.
- Good idea!
There's a jetty.
It's below the chimney.
See you there.
ou came around.
Grandad, where's Sen?
What on earth happened?
You don't remember anything?
I only remember bits and pieces.
I n the darkness...
Chihiro called to me again and again.
Her voice was my beacon, and I fought to get back.
Then I woke up and I was here...
I see.
That girl is called Chihiro...
That's good...
That's the power of love.
Rest now, Haku.
ou need to recover.
He's getting bigger and bigger!
No! I don't want to be eaten.
- She's here!
- Sen!
Thank goodness.
Even Yubaba-sama can't
control him.
You don't need to be violent, you know.
Sen will be here shortly.
Where's Sen? Bring me Sen!
ubaba-sama, it's Sen.
You're late!
Honored Guest, Sen is here.
Please wait a moment.
What took you so long?
We're taking a huge loss here!
So butter him up and get
as much gold as you can.
What's with the filthy mouse?
Don't you know him?
How should I know him?
Now, get in there!
Take your time...
Will Sen be all right on her own?
ou wanna go instead?
ou want some of this? It's tasty.
Should I make some gold?
I decided not to make gold
for anyone but Sen.
Come closer.
What does Sen want? Tell me.
Where did you come from?
There's somewhere
I need to be right now.
You should go back
where you came from.
The thing I want...
...you can't give me.
Where's home?
You have a father and mother, don't you?
No...please, no...
ou don't know where home is?
I want Sen...
I want Sen!
ou must want them!
Are you going to eat me?
Take them...take them!
If you're going to eat me,
then eat this first.
I wanted to give it to my dad and mom,
but I'm giving it to you instead.
Sen! ou little brat,
what did you feed me?
Everyone, out of my way!
Guest or no guest...
...there's no excuse!
Over here!
Over here!
Sen! Over here.
Be careful!
Get changed here.
Thank you.
- Ready?
- es.
Just sit.
There he is! I'm down here!
Why are you calling him?
That guy, the bath-house
is a bad place for him.
He ought to leave.
But where can you take him?
- I'm not sure.
- Not sure?
He's following us.
Where is he?
Under the water.
Lin-san, don't!
Walk from here.
ou'll find the station down the line.
You have to come back.
That time I called you a sluggard...
... I take it back!
Kaonashi! If you do anything
to Sen, I won't forgive you!
Here we are.
The train's here. See?
To Boggy Bottom, please.
Are you getting on too?
Him too please.
Behave yourself, okay?
- Madam...
-...this is all of it.
We searched everyone.
I ncluding ourselves!
Especially him.
How will a few gold nuggets
make up for our losses?
Sen...she's blown
a hole in our profits.
- But thanks to Sen, we survived...
- Shut up!
The whole thing was her fault!
And now she's run away!
Abandoning her parents!
Those pigs will make good eating.
- But we can't...
- Wait a moment...
Oh, it's you...you're still alive?
You still haven't realized?
our precious things have been replaced.
Speaking out of turn are we?
Since when did you get to be so great?
- It's dirt.
- It's...dirt.
How can gold be dirt?
What a letdown.
Where are you, Bo?
Please come out!
Where did you hide my Bo?!
He's at Zeniba's.
I get it...that ill-natured bitch.
She thinks she's won, eh?
So, what you gonna do?
I'll bring Bo back.
But in return, please let Sen and her
parents go back to the human world.
And what about you?
You don't mind being torn
into little pieces?!
This is the right station, isn't it?
Let's go.
ou can ride on my shoulder.
Come in.
Sorry to intrude.
If you're coming in, come in.
Come on.
Welcome, all of you.
- Um...
- Sit down.
I'll put the kettle on.
Be good, okay.
This is what Haku stole.
I came here to return it.
You know what this is?
No, but...
... I know it's really precious.
I came here in Haku's place
to apologize.
I'm so sorry.
Did nothing bad happen
while you've had it?
My guarding spell has disappeared.
I'm sorry.
That strange worm that was
on the stamp... I squished it.
ou squished it?!
That worm was hidden in the
dragon's stomach by my sister,
so she could control her apprentice.
And you squished it?
Sit down.
You must be Kaonashi.
ou sit yourself down too.
Please change these guys
back to normal.
The spell on you two wore off
a while ago, didn't it?
If you wanna turn back,
then turn back.
My sister and I are
one person split in two.
But we don't get along.
She's very old-fashioned, you know.
Twin witches. That's
a recipe for disaster.
Listen, I want to help you,
but I can't do a thing.
The rules of my world are clear.
As for your parents and
your dragon boyfriend...
I'm afraid you're on your own.
...can't you give me a hint?
I seem to have met Haku before,
a long time ago.
Well, that's easy then.
Something that's happened
is never forgotten.
It's just that you can't remember it.
You know, it's pretty late.
You'd better stay here tonight.
All right, you guys.
Can you give me a hand?
You're being a big help.
There's no point in
making it with magic.
Granny, actually I'm going to go back.
'Cause while I'm here, Haku might die.
And Dad and Mom might be eaten.
Hold a moment.
There, it's done.
Use it as a hair tie.
It's beautiful.
It's a charm.
It's made with the thread we spun.
Thank you.
Right on time.
We have a guest. Get the door.
All right.
It's Haku!
How are your wounds?
Are you better now?
I'm so glad.
Good timing, eh?
Granny, Haku's alive!
Dragon Haku, I don't blame you
any more for what you did.
But in return you must protect her.
Boys, time to go home.
Come back soon.
ou should stay here.
I could do with the help.
Thank you.
I'm going now.
It's alright.
It's you, so you'll be fine.
My real name...
It's Chihiro.
Chihiro. That's a good name.
Look after your name.
I will!
Now, off you go.
Granny, thank you
Good bye!
Good bye!
Haku, listen.
My mom told me, but I don't remember...
...when I was little,
I fell into a river.
Apartments got built on it,
and the river was buried.
But now I remember.
The name of the river was...
...it was called...
Your real name is...
... Kohaku-gawa.
Chihiro, thank you.
My real name is Nigihayami Kohakunushi.
Nigihayami Kohakunushi.
What a name! Just like a god.
I remember now, too.
That time you fell into me...
...reaching for your shoe.
That's right.
Kohaku, you carried me to the shallows.
I'm so happy.
She's back!
Bo better be with you.
- Bo!
- Ba-ba!
What a horrible thing to happen to you.
You're not hurt, are you?
Bo, you can stand on your own?
our promise.
Let Chihiro and her parents
go back to the human world.
Life's not that easy!
There are rules in this world, you know!
Ba-ba's so stingy. Stop it.
I had fun.
B...But these are the rules.
Or the spell can't be broken.
If you make Sen cry, I'll hate Ba-ba.
I'm coming over.
Haku told me about the rules.
You've certainly got courage.
Here is your contract.
Bo, this'll only take a minute.
It's all right.
Find your father and mother from this lot.
ou have one chance.
If you answer correctly,
you all go free.
Granny, I can't.
My parents aren't here.
Not here?
Is that your final answer?
Everyone, thank you!
- Goodbye!
- Goodbye!
Thank you!
You win!
Now, get out of here.
Thank you for looking after me.
See you!
- Haku.
- Let's go.
- Where's Dad and Mom?
- They've gone ahead.
The water's gone.
I can't go past this point.
Chihiro, go back the same way you came.
But you must never look back.
Not until you're out of the tunnel.
Haku...what about you, Haku?
I'll talk to ubaba,
and quit being an apprentice.
It's fine. I have my real name now.
I'll go back to my world too.
Can we meet again?
...for sure.
Now, go.
Don't look back!
What are you doing? Hurry up.
ou mustn't disappear like that.
Let's go.
Mom, are you all right?
The moving van is
probably there by now.
Chihiro, come on.
Watch your step.
Chihiro, don't be so clingy.
I can't walk properly.
Here's the exit.
What is it?
The car's covered in leaves.
And bird poop! Disgusting!
Was the grass this tall?
It's all dusty inside, too.
- Is it a prank?
- Maybe.
That's why I didn't want to go...
Chihiro, let's go.
Chihiro, hurry up.
Chihiro, we're off!
Chihiro, hurry up!