Spirits of the Air, Gremlins of the Clouds (1989) Movie Script

Somebody's coming!
Somebody's coming!
Somebody's coming!
Hurry up!
Stop Shouting.
Somebody's coming from the desert.
It could be a demon. Quick!
A demon.
Where do you think you're going?
Take that bloody thing off your head!
Go on.
What do you want?
Don't like talking?
Bloody Stupid.
Wandering around the desert,
with no bloody water.
What are you doing around here, anyway?
Minding my own business.
Don't have a match, do you, mate?
Dinner's ready.
Do us a favor?
Use that first, hmm?
- ??
-Shh. Calm down.
Keep that voice, keep that voice down!
Act normal.
He's coming! He's coming!
Thanks a lot.
Eat your beans.
The name's Felix.
This is Betty.
She's my little sister.
-Heading North, then?
-That's what I said.
Well, I'll tell you...
There's uh...
no way out of this desert except South.
The way you came.
Those mountains,
the ones you see to the North,
well, they're right there like a big wall.
You know...
no way over, you know.
-Always a way, mate.
You don't get it.
Let me explain somthing to you.
You can't climb those buggers.
I know.
I've tried.
It's a day's march to the foothills, right?
More like two.
Oh bloody slog.
When you get there, there's cliffs.
3, 4, 500 fucking foot.
Hell knows what's on the other side,
if you did get over.
But you can't, eh?
I'll get over those mountains, mate,
if I have to fly.
-What did you say?
-What did you say? Just then?
-I don't get you.
You said something about flying?
Yeah, I guess I did.
You can't fly, can you?
What the fuck are you talking about?
Fuck me!
Thought so.
What would you do if you could?
-Could what?
You'd go North, right?
Over the mountains!
-Makes sense. Makes sense.
Time for bed, then, eh?
You can use the room down at the end of the hall.
I'm not crazy, you know.
You're safe here.
I'm alright.
Bloody chair. Bloody chair, it's useless.
Bloody useless.
Feeling hungry, eh?
-Uh, yeah.
Look, I'll uh, see you later.
You can't go yet!
You just got here!
Stay a few days, eh?
Have a look around!
Get your strength back, you know.
Thanks all the same.
Ah, bloody hell!
Not that again.
Why don't you listen?
-Did I miss something?
I don't like to poke my nose in people's affairs, but
You can't do it, you know.
I've got no choice, eh?
I knew it!
Somebody's after you!
I knew it!
There isn't no reward in it, mate.
what do you think?
real professional.
Ever watch a bird fly?
I'm not the type, eh.
Ever thought what it would be like to be a bird?
You know, what it's like to, uh...
What it's like to fly!
Well, I uh, I don't just think about flying.
I've done it.
I flew!
Like a bird.
Of course, I only got about 20 foot
or so off the ground.
And only for a bit.
I fucking flew.
My sister, she'll tell you, she saw me.
-Like a bird, yeah?
Look at all this stuff!
Don't you get it?
A flying machine.
I'm building a machine that flies!
Well...I need someone to give me a bit of a hand.
Uh, in a bit of a rush just now, mate.
You know how it is, eh?
I'll show you!
I'll show you.
Go on.
Look at it. Go on!
FLIGH -Alright.
-Look at the bloody pictures then.
I've had that book since I was 9.
Apart from my old man's religious books,
it's the only one I've got.
Come on, mate.
People don't fly.
Hey, Smith!
-I'm a bit sick of this, mate.
-If you'd rather look at where you're going first?
No charge.
Have you done it?
There's a fly in your sandwich.
have you?
Have you?
We've been through all this last night.
Have you told him to be gone?
Send him back to the desert!
-Um, had a nice talk.
-What did you tell him?
-Nah -No?
-Nah nah nah!
He's in the bloody workshop.
He's evil.
Send him away!
Before it's too late.
-Betty. Betty!
Or we'll end up like father.
What's he doing in your workshop anyway?
He's um...
Looking at my designs.
-Look at them?
So uh...
What did you think?
You're fucking mad.
How many days?
To build your bloody machine, eh?
How many days?
Jeesh, I don't know.
What, three? Four?
-More like a week.
-I don't have a week, mate.
I've got five days,
at the most.
Yeah, yeah.
I'm gonna need that spyglass.
I wanna watch the paths to the South.
I need fair warning, eh?
Sure, yeah, sure.
That thing...will get us past those mountains, yeah?
Good morning!
I've got something to show you. Alright?
Real good, mate.
Watch this.
It's uh...ready.
Eh mate?
The uh...
what do you call it?
It's ready.
-Oh good, good. That's good.
-What is it?
-Did you look at the books last night?
-Huh? Oh, yeah, yeah.
Fuck it!
-The plans, did you look at those?
Fuck it!
Good, make sense?
-Sure. Sure it does.
-So uh...
-I need a test.
-What's that for then?
It's a windsock.
Shows us wind direction.
This thing here tells us the speed.
The faster the wind,
the quicker this wheel goes around.
Measures it on this little dial.
Easy, yeah?
Have a look.
See, last time,
I didn't know enough about the wind.
Real important. Gotta know what the bastard's up to.
that's what I thought.
How about a drink?
I've got some good stuff.
-Suits me.
She can't fathom it, you know.
Uh, go on through.
I'll be with you in a sec.
What is it now?
-As if you didn't know!
I had a dream last night.
I had a dream about the devil.
He was made out of paper,
and he looked like him!
He was painted in bright colors.
He was laughing.
He's not a devil.
I'm not saying that, am I.
He's sick in his head.
I've been watching him, I know.
He's crazy.
He'll infect us with his sickness.
He's Death come to get us!
I'm not sending him away.
Father wouldn't have let him stay.
-I'm not sending him away.
I don't want to talk about it!
Well, if that's how you feel,
you won't want your dinner.
I feel better.
It's your turn to cook.
Blessed are the poor in spirit,
For theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven!
Blessed are those who mourn,
they shall be comforted!
Blessed are the meek,
for they shall inherit the Earth!
Oh God...
...Holy Mother of Moses...
How does it, uh...
Come again?
Like the lift wheel on the air-speed box.
Same thing, bigger, you know.
Like that windmill outside, yeah.
Oh yeah, right.
Pedal-driven, like on a bicycle.
Enough push to carry the three of us!
No worries.
-Oh I see.
Yeah, you know letters, don't you?
Sure, sure. A bicycle.
We'll try out the wing design on a glider first.
Check out the lift!
Know what I mean?
This is, uh...
real good, Miss Crabtree.
You see?
You've got to excuse my sister.
She's a bit upset.
I...am not upset!
We were doing just fine before you came along!
What gives you the right?
You've got no right!
Why don't you go back to where you came from?
Get lost. Go on.
Piss off!
It's starting off really good.
How's it look?
-Hang on a tic.
-Alright. Stand by.
Come on, you bastard.
Come on, come on, you bastard.
Come on!
Oh shit.
Bloody hell!
Hang on! Hold it.
Come on, that's good!
Come on, that's it!
Good! Go! Hang on there!
Come on, that's good!
Come on, come on! Go!
Come on, that's it, go!
It didn't fly.
Well you can't expect everything to work the first time.
Can you?
It just fell.
It'll come good, you'll see.
You'll see.
I'll stay up...
Work on another design,
I'll have it ready first thing tomorrow morning.
-What happened last time?
What went wrong?
You know...
Real bloody genius!
Rushed into it! Knew it all!
-Buggered your legs.
-Who needs legs!
I'll get us some Drink
We'll need it if we're gonna be here all night.
What do you think you're doing?
-Making a sandwich, ain't I?
-I can see that!
Don't you have anything better to do?
-I told you to leave for your own good, you know.
-My own good!
I couldn't risk telling you this when my brother was around...
but can't you see what's going on here?
you're squashing my sandwich.
Can't you see he's nuts?
You know, loony, crackers, sick in the head!
You saw what happened today.
You're not the first, you know.
Dozens of them have been through here,
young blokes just like you.
Yeah right.
You wanna know what happens to them?
He kills them.
He takes them out to his shed and says
"I can show you how to fly!"
He points to the blue sky and says,
"Don't you wanna be up there like a bird?"
"Sure you do."
He straps them onto one of his looney machines and says,
"Go on! You can do it, fly!"
If you're lucky,
you'll end up a cripple like him.
It's not too late for you.
You can still get away.
I'll keep him busy, and then you can...
You're evil!
You're gonna burn in Hell!
Even though
I walk through the valley of Death,
I fear no evil!
For thy rod and thy staff,
they comfort me!
Looking good.
How's it up there?
-Stunning, mate, stunning.
Wait for it...
That's it! Come on! Come on!
That's it! There it goes!
Oh, it's a big one!
Come on, you bugger.
Oh well.
-Yeah, yeah, back to the bloody drawing board, eh?
What are those things?
I made them for you.
What for?
Wear them.
They'll make your legs stronger.
You'll need that.
-Yeah, sure.
How much longer is this gonna take, mate?
On the right track now, yep.
What we've gotta do is change direction in flight.
Steer it, you know.
Listen, you can...
You can tell me to mind my own business if you want to, but...
What's the story?
You know, how come you're on the run?
Long story, mate.
Sort of...
I'll bet you're wondering what we're doing
way the buggery out here, eh?
Well, I'll tell you.
The old man...
He brought us here when we were kids.
He was real religious, you know...
traveled around a lot.
He spent the whole bloody time
trying to get people to be bloody nice to one another.
All that bloody stuff.
He gave it up in the end,
came out here.
My sister, she ??
You ever think what it was like before?
-Before what?
-You know, the old times.
Like in that book I gave you.
With the pictures.
There were trees behind them flying machines.
And people with um, with um...
nice...clean clothes on.
You ever think about that stuff?
No point, eh?
Go away!
It's me, can I come in?
There's something I've gotta talk about.
You're a very cruel person.
You're as bad as him.
Try and get me up there and I'll kill myself.
I mean it.
don't you want your dinner?
Aren't you hungry?
Hmm, Betty?
I'm not coming if he's gonna be there.
I'd rather starve!
Feet control the rudder!
Okay, move them,
left right, left right, move them!
The feet! The feet!
-yeah, yeah.
Let's get on to the hand part.
-You sure you can work the rudder?
-Sure. No worries.
I'm a natural, eh?
Okay, now...
the control stick, alright?
-Control stick, right.
Forward to go down, and back to climb!
Forward to go down,
and what do you do to climb?
-Up, you pull it up.
-Pull it back!
You pull it back!
-Back! -Back!
Back! that's what I said!
-You sure you can do this?
-Sure I can. Look..
I'll practice, you get some sleep.
-I'll go to bed, then.
-Right, good night!
It's forward to go forward...
Up...to go...
How are you doing?
I don't know how much longer I can hold this
bloody thing! -You'll be alright!
Gonna get a gust any second now...
Woohoo! I know it!
Hang on!
Here it comes!
Yes! Yes!
-Hurry will you?
-Come on! Yes!
Ah shit! Missed it!
Hang on!
Here it comes again!
You fucking beauty!
Yes! Yes!
That's it!
That's it you bastard!
-Come on, mate!
-What, now?
To the left! To the left!
Got to go back!
Back to go back!
Rudder, rudder!
-Oh fuckin hell!
Now...the tracks.
40 foot long.
Wood, see?
Take a look.
Machine sits here...
weights and pulleys...
work that out later.
Gotta do some wind-tennel tusts...
some tunnel-winnel-tinnels...
Gottle do some wind...tunnel...tests first.
Uh, what tests?
With a finished model.
Gotta be sure.
Plenty to do.
Look...this is taking too long, mate.
I ain't got no time to fuck around.
But we flew today.
You can't just...
expect to get in that machine and pedal!
You know what I'm saying?
Let's just push it along a bit, eh?
We flew today!
We done it!
You know what it means?
We can leave here.
You and me!
We can go now.
I know...
I know you're a bit scared.
It's safe now.
I can show you what it's like.
What's wrong with you!
We flew!
It's me, Betty.
How have you been?
Good, I hope.
I haven't been too good.
I'm not sure what I've gotta do.
Oh, listen.
It's Felix.
He's gone crazy again.
He's sick in his head.
He won't listen to anything.
He's doing crazy things all the time.
Like you know what?
He's trying to fly again!
Can you believe that?
After what he told you and everything...
You remember!
Come on!
Come on you bastard!
Be with you in a tic.
Could you do that later?
Here it is, then.
Been wearing the boots?
-Yeah, sure, when do we start on this?
Tonight, I suppose.
We're gonna need more timber, mate.
Now we test it.
How's it looking, mate?
No, it won't do.
Not enough, and it won't do.
Why don't we try?
It won't do.
There's clouds building up out there.
That's usually a pretty good sign.
There's not much more we can do today.
I've gotta get some sleep.
Propeller, eh?
What are they?
Fly over every dry season!
Heading North.
There's something I need to tell you, mate.
There's no more time.
They're coming.
Fuck me!
Will it blow tomorrow?
Well, maybe.
And uh...
we're off first thing, right?
Not yet,
we're not ready yet.
give it a bit more time, eh?
We've got no bloody choice, mate.
I've gotta talk to you.
It's real important.
listen to me.
Are you listening?
Tomorrow morning...
with a bit of luck, we're leaving.
We're gonna leave this place.
You got that?
It's not too late.
We can kill him tonight.
I bet there would be a reward.
What are you...
What are you talking about?
You come up behind him in your chair,
knock him off balance...
And I'll stab him.
Bloody hell!
Talk sense.
Talk sense?
You're the one that isn't talking sense!
Not once since father died!
-Betty, Betty, you're not listening to me!
We are flying out of here tomorrow!
We are leaving! Understand!
You don't get it.
It's so easy.
All you gotta do is...
look up.
Nothing else matters.
Don't you see?
Who's gonna look after father?
You promised.
You promised!
You said you wouldn't fly away.
Bloody hell, I didn't mean it!
He was dying.
I only said it to make him feel better.
You always spoil everything!
Stay behind then!
Go on!
What's gonna happen to me?
What should I do?
-Time to go, mate.
Be with you in a sec.
-You alright?
Yeah, yeah, fine.
See you outside.
Good weather for flying.
Yeah, I reckon.
Look at those clouds!
You know, when I was a kid I um...
I used to think people turned into clouds when they died.
Don't know where I got that idea.
Yeah...where's your sister?
She ready?
Shouldn't you give her a "hurry up" then?
Oh, fuck!
Necks playing up again.
No point, she's not going.
Niether am I.
Betty and me...
we're staying.
You've been drinking too much of that stuff.
Nah, I'm not drunk, not yet.
I...I know what I'm doing.
It's not gonna fly, is it?
Fly! No worries.
It'll fly.
Take it easy on the flaps for a bit, right?
Pedal fast, you know, like I told you.
Get some height.
And he's off.
Save your strength for the mountains.
-Wish you'd think about this.
You've got a better chance on your own.
We'll make it. All of us.
I've made up my mind.
Wind's just right!
Look uh...
Sure, sure.
About them...
All they want is me.
Let's get on with it, shall we?
Wait for it!
Go on now, pedal hard!
Wait for it!
Give on those fucking flaps!
Here we go now!
Come on, come on!
Come on, that's it!
That's it, come on, come on!
You bastard!
Come on!
Yeah, here it goes!
Come on you bastard!
To the left! To the left!
No, to the left!
That's it!