Splatter University (1984) Movie Script

Let's not jump to conclusions.
He might be in the
recreation ward.
I sure as hell hope so.
It's more likely to lose our
boy in the halls.
Sometimes for hours.
Miss Collins?
We were wondering if you know-
- William Grayham missed our
appointment this morning.
Do you know where we can find him?
I haven't the faintest idea.
I'm on my coffee break.
See what happens when
you cut staff?
- Well, it doesn't look
like he's in here.
I'll alert security.
Why don't you talk to
these people?
Maybe they know where he is.
- Yeah, listen, don't forget to
check the bathrooms.
Last week, we found one guy
trying to take bath in the toilet.
Have you seen William Grayham?
- Ain't gonna get much
off of this bunch.
What about you?
Would you go down to Dr.
Brookheart, please,
and get the key?
Right away.
Anybody in there?
You in there, Grayham?
What the hell are you doing here?
Come on.
Come on.
- Hey, where do you think
you're goin'?!
I told you to sit in the fuckin'
Who is it?
- You gonna come to the ice cream
parlor after registration?
- Nah, me and Doreen, here,
we're gonna party hard.
Is that all you's two can do?
- Hey, what else do you go
to college for?
Hey, Johnny boy.
Heard you had to take
Sociology again.
My stupid teacher got killed.
What a pain in the ass.
Hey, don't I know it?
I wonder what this new
teacher's gonna be like.
Betcha she's gonna be a real pip.
Excuse me.
Can you tell me where Father
Jensen's office is?
I can't seem to find it.
You're in the wrong hallway.
You go down here and make a left
and then it's the third
office on your left.
Okay, thank you.
Come in.
Please, sit down.
Margaret, we'll have to cancel
the meeting for today.
Reschedule it tomorrow
at two o'clock.
Yeah, two.
How are you today, Miss Parker?
Oh fine, thank you.
Father Janson, I was
wondering if you-
- Yeah, Margaret, if she
can't make it,
you'll have to tell her to see
Father Perkins personally.
He'll straighten it out.
Look, I can't talk right now, I
have an appointment.
I'll call you back later.
Right, goodbye.
I'll just be a minute.
Let's see.
You graduated Cum Laude.
Transferred once,
transferred three times.
Well, I switched my major
and decided to finish my
undergraduate at NYU.
- Is this your first
teaching position?
A bit.
- Well, after reviewing
your application,
I find that you have all the
qualifications for the position
and I'd like to welcome
you to our staff.
Oh, that's great.
Thank you.
- I'm sure you're going to
find this position
both challenging and
rewarding for your career.
Any questions?
No, none at the moment.
Maybe you could spend the
rest of the day
just sort of familiarizing
yourself with the university.
Oh, okay.
Just a minute, Miss Parker.
There's one more thing I think I
should tell you about.
You'll find out anyway, so I may
as well tell you now.
What is it?
- You're not superstitious,
are you?
- Superstitious, no,
of course not.
- Well, apparently, several of
the other applicants
for the position were.
They pulled out of the job
at the last minute.
- Well, there's a silly
rumor going around,
probably started by the students,
that the classroom you'll be
using is jinxed.
Oh, that's silly.
- I trust you heard of the
tragedy last semester.
Mmm, I thought not.
Well, a young teacher,
Janet Phillips,
was attacked in the class
you'll be using.
It happened late one night
and we're not sure how or
why it happened.
- Well, did they
find out who did it?
- No, unfortunately, her death
remains a mystery.
You mean she was murdered?
Now, we're certain that her death
was an isolated incident
and no one connected with
the university
was involved in any way.
I hope this hasn't
influenced your decision
about accepting the position.
Just a minute.
Who is it?
Who's there?
Miss Parker?
Oh, Mrs. Bloom.
I didn't know who it was.
Come on in.
- I guess you didn't
hear me knocking.
Is everything all right?
- Yeah, would you
like some coffee?
I'm sure there's still some
hot on the stove.
- Oh, no thanks, I can only
stay for a minute.
I just wanted to come
to remind you
to make sure that you lock the
front entrance door
when you come in at night.
Some of the other tenants
have been complaining
it's being left open and you know,
I really don't blame them
with all the kooks
running around killing people
they don't even know.
You know it seems to me if
you're gonna kill someone
you at least know them real well.
You know, that's very strange.
There was a woman killed in the
school I'm teaching at.
It happened a few months ago.
Do you know anything about it?
I saw pictures of her body
in the newspapers.
Blood all over the place.
It was awful.
Oh, I don't even wanna
talk about it.
Now, you take when Mrs.
Crawley decided
to do away with her husband.
Mrs. Crawley, who's she?
- Oh, she lived here a
little over a year ago.
Now, all she had to do was
put some arsenic
into Mr. Crawley's prune juice.
Went just like that.
Didn't feel a thing.
That's a much nicer way,
don't you think?
- Of course, it did take
me a whole week
to air the place out.
- Is there anything else, Mrs.
- Oh, I guess you wanna
finish your unpacking.
I'll stop by later and we'll chat.
Yeah, okay.
Have a nice day now, ya hear?
Bye bye, Mrs. Bloom.
I got the beers.
- About time, where the
hell were you?
I'm gonna get something to eat.
You want something?
- Yeah, can I have a Coke,
Cut it out, Goddammit.
You never howl at me like that.
- I really shouldn't be drinking
this, I'm on a diet.
- Cut the shit, we all know
you're an alky.
Have some beer.
I don't want any, thanks.
You need a shave.
That's why they call me Wolf.
Hey, how's it goin'?
- Forget it, Jim, she's
already got somebody.
Yeah, who?
Tom Scavelli from Pace.
Tom Scavelli?
You mean that asshole who knocked
up Sue Ann McCarthy?
Sue Ann McCarthy?
I remember her.
No, that was Tommy Seville.
How do you know?
I was there.
- You didn't tell me you
went out with her.
It was a year ago, Donna.
Give me a break.
You wanna know my
whole life story?
There's a lot of things I
don't tell you.
- Yeah, what else
haven't you told me?
- Here you go again, bustin'
my chops.
We can't go through
one day without
you havin' to start a fight?
You started it.
Kiss my left cheek, Donna.
I would if you'd shave it.
Oh, gross.
Buh bye.
You're an asshole.
Christ, chick's on the rag, man.
What's the matter, Cath?
What's wrong?
Ah, don't worry about him.
He's just drunk.
Nah, it's not him.
It's something else.
- I haven't had my period
in over a month.
Has that ever happened to you?
Yeah, once.
Thank God it wasn't
what I thought.
- I guess I should see a
doctor about it,
but I'm not sure if I wanna go.
- Well, well don't worry about
it 'til you're sure.
- I guess I just wanna
talk to someone.
- I wouldn't fuck you
with John's dick.
- I bet you like a little
foo foo, Jimmy baby.
- Yeah, why don't
you kiss my ass?
Fuck you.
Hey, where we goin'?
We're gonna go to Tony's house
and see if we can cop some
shit off of him.
No, thanks.
I'm going.
Hey Cathy, where you going?
Back to the dorm.
Okay, see ya later.
Bye bye.
That chick is
definitely on the rag.
Let's get the fuck outta here.
Let's move it.
- So, what are you sellin'
this shit for?
Six bucks for a nickel bag.
- Yeah, if it's a nickel bag, why
you charging six bucks?
- That's the last time I'm buyin'
any shit
from any business major.
- Hey you's guys, how come
you's are always
hangin' out at the stairs?
- So, are you's guys gonna come
to the party tonight?
- I wish I could, but
Doreen's being
a real pain in my ass and has to
go home to do homework.
Go to hell.
"Go to hell."
- Well, you know, Tony, I'm
always free tonight.
Yeah, she won't make you pay.
- See if you can clear this up
with the front office, okay?
- All right, I'll see
what I can do.
Thank you.
Are you free this evening?
There's something I wanted to
talk over with you.
I'm tied up this evening.
I wish you'd give me a little
more advance notice
if you want me to stay late.
- Well, that's why I'm
telling you now.
# Run away, run away, run away,
run away
# Run away, run away
# She's a fugitive kind
# She's a fugitive kind
# She's a fugitive kind
# She's a fugitive kind
It's Parker.
I thought she was some chick.
Good morning.
This is Intro to Sociology.
I hope you're all in
the right class.
Okay, why don't I have you start
by passing your class
cards up front?
Did anyone bring them?
Well, then why don't you just
bring them tomorrow?
Oh, the requirements.
The requirements for this
course will be
to show up occasionally,
a final and a term paper.
I'll try and be very lenient
with your topics
on your term paper as long
as they somehow
relate to the course.
Father Perkins.
Did you want to see me?
- No, I think I'll sit in the
back and observe.
- Oh, would you like me to review
what we were just talk-
- No, don't pay any
attention to me.
Pretend I'm not here.
Oh, okay,
Well, as I was saying,
what I'd like to do each
week is to discuss
current issues aside from
the required reading
so that we can hopefully tie
the two together.
Is there someone,
all right, is there
someone who would like
to suggest something they
feel strongly about?
Is there someone who'd
like to suggest
something they don't feel
strongly about?
Did you want to say something?
About what?
There must be something going on
that you feel strongly about.
I don't...
What about the new bill to make
abortion illegal again?
Yeah, that's good.
that brings up the debate
about the separation
of church and state.
Of course, this is a very
controversial issue with
many sides to the argument.
Take it easy.
This class eats shit.
- If you think she's bad, you
should've seen the one before.
John, what's wrong with you?
You shoulda never woken me up.
What'd I do to her?
Oh, thank you.
Just a minute, Miss Parker.
Miss Parker.
- I'd like you stop by
Father Jensen's office
this afternoon, please.
Did I do something wrong?
We'll discuss it later.
# Run away, run away, run away,
run away
# Run away
- I spoke with Father Perkins
about what happened
this afternoon and I am afraid I
have to agree with him.
- Well, I don't see what you're
objecting to, Father.
All I tried to do was to
give the students
an opportunity to discuss
current issues
aside from the required
reading so that I could
somehow tie it in
with the material
you gave me to teach with.
- What you apparently don't
understand Miss Parker,
is that our curriculum has been
carefully developed
and tested over a period of years
and found successful.
- Well, there is room for
improvement in any system.
Now, I'm personally not adverse
to the introduction
of new materials or methods,
but you'll have to discuss
them with me first.
Do we understand each other?
- Are you having any
disciplinary problems
with some of your students?
No, not really.
It's too early to tell.
- Well, if you do, I'd appreciate
it if you'd let me know.
There are several whose conduct I
find highly objectionable.
What did they do?
Never mind.
Look, Miss Parker, I don't
want you to feel
that you've been singled out
because you're new here.
Obviously, I wasn't present during
the incident, so...
Perhaps I've been too
harsh on you.
Now, if you're having any problems
or misunderstandings
with anyone, please just
stop and see me.
That's what I'm here for.
Father, I didn't mean to stare.
- It's nothing to be
concerned about, my dear.
It's just a muscle spasm.
Have a good evening, Miss Parker.
Goodnight, Father.
It was great for a while,
then it got to be a real
hassle money-wise,
so I had to take the first
thing that was open.
Here I am.
How did you end up here, Cindy?
About the same,
except I started right after
graduate school.
I mean, it seemed like a
good deal at first.
The money wasn't bad.
Now it's a dead end.
Soon as something better opens up,
I'm getting out.
Well, keep your fingers crossed
and maybe somebody'll
die somewhere.
- Right, I'll check the obituaries
in tonight's paper.
So, how did it go today?
Don't ask.
Perkins came in to observe.
- Don't about it, it's
your first day.
Yeah, I know.
Sure got off to a hell of a start.
Oh, gross.
What's the matter?
There's a fingernail in my pie.
Look, I'm gonna get my money back.
Want anything while I'm there?
No, thanks.
Oh, Tony.
Oh, Tony.
Oh, Tony.
Oh, Tony.
What, what, what?
I can't go through with this.
What if Doreen comes back?
She's not comin' back.
She's got a class now.
Are you sure?
- I'm supposed to be
in that class.
All right.
What now?
- I have to know, do
you have a thing?
'Course I got a thing.
What do you think I am, a eunuch?
I don't mean that thing.
I mean a thing.
- You mean like, a rubber band or
a prophylactilator?
- I had it on an hour ago when I
waitin' to come here.
All right.
Oh Tony.
Oh, Tony, Tony.
No, Tony, Tony, I can't.
What's the matter with you?
Why not?
- I have a feeling
Doreen's gonna come.
I swear to you.
She's not coming.
She's gonna be in class
'til six o'clock.
Tony, what are you doing here?
- What happened
to you in class?
- Oh man, that Parker
bores me to tears.
She's a stiff.
And besides, I figured I had to
surprise you here.
Some surprise.
- So, what do you girls
wanna do tonight?
- I thought we were supposed to
study for the exams.
Why study when I got the answers
written right on the
back of my wrist?
- Yeah well, that
doesn't help me any.
- Hey, it's
multiple choice.
What's that?
Hey guys.
Let's party.
Hey guys.
Oh, shit.
What the hell you doing?
Who else the fuck is out there?
Jesus Christ.
Get With it.
Good night, Julie.
See you tomorrow.
Oh, hello.
I'm a little late.
- That's quite all right, come in,
come in.
# Found the door and I got out
# You didn't tell your mother
# You didn't tell your friends
# You didn't try to phone me
# To get back in
# You don't like that
What's up, Tony, how you doin'?
- Hey, how's it doin',
four eyes?
- Hey, what happened
to you's guys?
Genius, here, lost his license.
How'd you do that?
- Hey man, some asshole
judge took it away.
I only had 37 tickets.
- So how'd you's manage
to get in here?
I drove my mom's car.
- Hey, Johnny boy, is that
homework I see you doin'?
Don't be an idiot!
I'm makin' copies of the
sociology midterm I took.
Really? Lemme get one.
- No way, I'm selling
'em for 10 bucks.
Not givin' them away.
What do you think I am,
a communist?
You cheap bastard.
After all the dope I sold you?
You ingrate.
Yo, beer tender.
- You
kids got our IDs?
Oh, tough guy.
There you go.
- You got an
older brother?
No, I'm adopted.
Now let's get some beer
action over here.
Ooh, thanks a lot.
# You don't like me
# You don't like me at all
- Hey Denise, you hear
about Wolf and Donna?
No, tell me, what happened?
They broke up last night.
Ooh, what happened?
He pissed on her?
Shut up.
What about that new girl, Cathy?
She still goin' outwith
that Tom Scavelli?
- Forget it, Jimbo,
she's not for you.
Yeah, she's a human being.
Hey Jimbo, I got a
couple bag ladies
just love to go out with you.
Yeah, kiss my ass.
- Yeah, you'd like that,
wouldn't you?
- Doreen, you gonna go to the
drive-in tonight?
No, I gotta do my term paper.
- Hey, I thought we were goin'
out tonight.
- I told ya I couldn't
stay out late.
You're a pain in my ass, Doreen.
Look, I'm not gonna flunk out
just to see some dumb movie.
- Hey, who says we have
to see a movie?
I'm not in the mood.
Hey Tony, I'll go outwith ya
if you promise to be gentle.
You guys are Pigs-
I better get going.
- You're bein' a real pain in my
ass, you know that.
Wolf was right about you.
Go to hell.
You go to hell!
# You don't like me
# You don't like me at all
- Tony, you're being such a
real asshole tonight,
you know that?
What did I say?
- Hey, your girlfriend's
walking out on ya.
Don't let her get away with that.
Hey, I gotta finish my beer.
Oh, shit.
Come on, start.
- That's the most ridiculous
thing I've ever heard.
Ain't shittin' you, man.
They do it in their
office all the time.
I just seen 'em going in
the other day.
Hey John, did you hear that?
- Jimbo says that Father
Williams and Margaret
are bumping away every
night in his office.
Who gives a shit?
Let's get out of here.
Hey, where we gonna go?
- I'll get a
couple six pack,
we'll go over to the drive-in.
Where the hell did Doreen go?
Hey you guys, got the beers.
Hey, give me one.
Hey, give her a beer.
Yo, Fuzzy, this beer sucks.
You bought ginger ale.
Don't you check the bag?
Such a pig!
You're an asshole.
I'm sorry.
Come in.
Who is it?
Looking for me?
- Mark, just a minute, I have
to lock up first.
- You better hurry or we'll
be late for dinner.
- And what makes you think I'll go
to dinner with you?
Are you hungry
Yeah, a bit.
- Well that's a step in the
right direction.
Mark, can I ask you a question?
Well sure.
Do you know what happened
to the woman who died
last semester?
You mean you really don't know?
- No, nobody will talk
to me about it.
- Well that's because
everyone feels
it was someone on
campus who did it.
- Could be someone who wasn't even
aware he was doing it.
Or she?
That's right, or she.
Did you know her?
Janet Phillips?
Not really.
Miss Parker?
Oh yes, Mrs. Bloom?
I have some mail for you.
Oh, okay.
They left it to me by mistake.
Wait a minute and I'll get it.
Here it is.
Oh, is all this stuff for me?
It's addressed to you, isn't it?
- Yeah but I never
ordered any of it.
I guess the school
must've sent it over.
Great, I'm probably on some
idiot list now.
I know what you mean.
When Mr. Bloom died,
Happy Valley Cemetery sent me all
kinds of junk mail.
Lists and prices of cemetery lots.
Certainly not ready to
move in there yet.
Is that all, Mrs. Bloom?
- Did you remember to lock the
front entrance door?
Yes, Mrs. Bloom.
- Can never be too careful
these days, you know.
Goodnight, Mrs. Bloom.
"Miracles of Christ."
Hey, John!
Do you have my term paper for me?
I got the 15 bucks.
Were those due today?
- Yeah, don't tell me
you forgot it.
What's your name?
- I knew there was something I
had to do last night.
Great, now I gotta cut class.
Don't worry, I have an idea.
Hi, Cathy. - Hi.
I just wanted to tell you I
won't be in class today.
Oh really, why not?
Well, something's come up.
I have to go to the doctor.
- Oh, I'm sorry to hear you're
not feeling well.
Are you coming tomorrow?
I'm not sure yet.
- Well, look, you take care
of yourself, okay?
What's I'd like to do today
is to go over the term
projects for those of you
who might be having
trouble with it.
So if you'd just take
out your topics,
we can talk about how you're
gonna approach them.
- You didn't say they
were due today.
- Well, I'm sure I mentioned
never times last week.
- You said they were due at
the end of the month.
- Does anyone have their
topics prepared?
- I can't believe you
got away with it.
I told you it would work.
- What's the teacher gonna do
when she finds out?
She'll cut class.
- You know, the strangest
thing happened to me
in one of my classes today.
I had the feeling they
conspired against me.
Has that ever happened to you?
Not recently, Julie.
Come on, I'm serious.
I wasn't imagining it.
- You know, I think that
you've had a bad day.
I think mine's been
pretty shitty too.
You wanna go do something?
It'll make you feel better.
Well, I might be busy tonight.
Julie, it's none of my business
but are you seeing Mark Hammond?
Yeah, sort of, why?
Just wondering.
Oh boy.
Professor Parker?
Professor Parker?
Oh, hi Cathy, you startled me.
Did you go to the doctor today?
Well how're you feeling?
- Not so good, that's why I
wanted to talk to you.
Well, sure, go ahead.
Well, I mean privately.
You're not gonna tell anybody,
are you?
No, of course not.
Look, did you talk to
Father Janson?
Are you kidding?
He'd throw me out of school.
What about Tom?
I'm afraid to.
- You're gonna have tell him
sooner or later.
Don't you think it's something you
both should discuss?
I guess so but I'm just afraid
he's not gonna speak to me again.
It's mostly my fault.
Now that's not true, Cathy.
He is just as
responsible as you are.
What if my mother found out?
She's so old fashioned.
She'd make me get
married or something.
- Look, Cath, I can't make up
your mind for you.
But I do know some
place you can go
if it's a question of money.
Come on.
- Can I speak to Cathy,
Can you turn that down?
Look, I have to talk to you.
What's the matter?
No, I can't talk right now.
- Well let's go
to the drive-in.
- No, I don't wanna go
to the drive-in.
Come on, why not?
Because I'm not in the mood.
Look, is anybody in your room?
- Yeah, there's a
bunch of people here.
All right, I guess we have to.
What's playing?
- We could see "Eat
Your Heart Out."
No, I don't wanna see that.
- What about
"Maidens of Satan?"
Come on, you can't beat that.
What time are you gonna be here?
- I'll pick you up
in a half hour.
See ya.
Be ready.
- Well I'm gonna have a scotch,
what would you like?
A little wine if you have any.
Yeah, I think I can handle that.
Sorry this place is such a mess.
I wasn't expecting you to come
over before the movie.
- You wanna see a mess, come over
to my place sometime.
Is that a proposition?
- Are we going back to
your apartment?
- Actually, no, I've got something
I gotta take care of.
I thought I might drop you off
and then call you tomorrow night
and we could maybe-
Tomorrow night's bad for me.
Well how about this weekend?
We'll see.
These movies any good?
- Actually, the second
one's not bad.
Yeah but how come nobody's here?
Because they suck.
Nine dollars, please.
- Nine bucks, look, I don't
wanna buy the movie,
I just wanna see it.
- Look, I don't set the prices,
Next time, come to the matinee.
Very funny.
Got your money, Cath?
There you go, thank you.
- Miss Lake,
don't go in there!
Don't go in there!
Did you see that?
- This is the most disgusting
movie I've ever seen
Well you don't have to look.
Very funny.
- Come on, Cathy, what the
fuck's the matter?!
I don't feel like it.
Why not?
You got your period?
you've just gotta take me home.
- I'm not taking you anywhere
until you tell me
what's the matter.
- I went to see the
doctor this morning.
- Yeah, you sick or something,
No, not in the way you think.
What are you, knocked up?
Cut it out!
Come on, Cathy.
Who the fuck is that?
Son of a bitch.
I bet it's Johnny.
Where are you going?
Just shut up and wait here.
Listen, John, you fucking pervert!
I'm gonna kick your ass in!
If you think you're funny,
What was that?
What, John?
- I thought I heard
somebody scream.
- It's a horror movie,
what do you expect?
- I mean it, jar head, just
don't let me catch you.
I couldn't find him, Cathy.
So, what're you, mad at
me or something?
Come on, you coming
back here or what?
Okay, go ahead, see if
I give a shit.
I'll watch the movie.
You and your fucking moods.
Julie, where have you been?
I've been trying to call
you all night.
I'm killing some time.
What do you want?
Do you know it's 1:30
in the morning?
- You know the girl in one of your
classes, Cathy Hunter?
Yeah, what about her?
She's been killed.
- They found her body at the
movies a coupe of hours ago.
- Mark and I were at the
movies tonight.
It was a the drive-in.
- What happened,
did they say?
- I don't know, that's
why I called you.
I thought maybe you had
heard something.
Look, let me call you back.
There's somebody I have
to call first.
- Wait a minute, who're you
gonna call, Mark?
Forget it, Julie.
He's not home.
I've been trying for hours.
Oh my God.
Julie, are you there?
- Cynthia, look, I'll see
you tomorrow, okay?
- Good morning,
Miss Parker.
Good morning, Mrs. Bloom.
You look a little pale.
You're not getting sick, are you?
No, I had a rough night.
- Oh, you know, I
couldn't sleep either.
Just before I went to bed I
heard what happened
at the drive-in theater.
Imagine, right here in town.
It's no wonder thinks
like that happen.
Them showing all those
horror movies.
Puts ideas in people's heads.
I don't wanna talk about it.
Yeah, neither do I.
Good by, Mrs. Bloom.
Have a nice day.
You transferring out already?
This is your first semester.
- I transfer out
every semester.
- Hear what happened to
Cathy last night?
No, what?
She got killed at the drive-in.
No shit.
What was playing?
I'm sorry I'm late.
I trust you all heard what
happened to Cathy.
Is there anyone who would like to
say anything about it?
Are you going to postpone the
papers or are they due today?
- I can't tell you how
deeply sorry I am
about what happened, Mrs. Hunter.
We're all quite shocked by
the loss of Cathy.
She was a fine student
and I'm sure she'll be
forgiven of all her sins
in the next world.
- If I knew she was
having problems,
maybe I could've helped her.
That's why I wanted her
to come here.
I thought it might be a good
influence on her.
- I don't want you
blaming yourself.
Cathy feel a preyed to the many
evils of this world.
- Father, I want the service
to be very simple.
I've been under a great
deal of stress
and I don't know how
long I can last.
Of course, I understand.
I'll do everything in my power
to help you through this crisis.
Hold it.
I trust you heard what happened
to the Hunter girl last night.
The police will be
here to question
anyone who knew the girl.
Since she was one of
your students,
I thought you could offer
some assistance.
- Look, Father, I really didn't
know her that well.
Oh, really?
Well it's come to my attention
that you two had a lengthy
conversation yesterday.
What did you discuss?
It was something personal
which I promised to
keep confidential.
- In light of what happened, do
you think you'd tell me?
I'm afraid I can't do that,
I see.
Very well.
I can't force you to.
When the police
question you later,
I think it would be in
your best interest
to let them know what happened.
- Okay, Gloria, I'll see
you tomorrow night.
- Father Williams,
can I see you?
Have a seat.
What seems to be the problem?
Well there's this guy, Tony,
and his girlfriend just got killed
and I figured maybe I
could help him
by trying to make him feel better.
So he came over one night.
Well, he put his head
on my shoulder
and I thought he as gonna
cry but instead,
he started to kiss it.
And then he started down
towards my breasts
and then, then it happened.
- Why don't you
come to my office
around eight o'clock tonight?
We'll discuss it further.
Will it make me feel better?
Hi, Julie.
Hi, Mark.
I heard about what happened.
It's a shame.
- Mark, do you think it's
someone from the school
who killed her?
I don't know.
They're holding the guy
she was with,
but I don't think he did it.
- You know, I have the
strangest feeling about it.
I hardly knew her but still.
Will I see you tonight?
Not tonight.
How about this weekend?
Help take your mind off things.
We'll see.
Come on, I'll walk you back.
- Heard you were at the
drive-in last night.
Beat scene, huh?
- Yeah, chick was a bitch, she
wouldn't give it up.
Shit, I missed everything.
- Anyway, she won't go back to
the drive-in anymore.
- So what're you gonna do,
find another drive-in?
No, find another girlfriend.
I like the movies they play.
My car is on the fritz again.
I just had to have it towed.
Can you please give
me a lift home?
Sure, come on, hop in.
It's open.
- You wanna do me a
favor tomorrow?
- I need to go to the
shopping mall.
Can you give me a lift there too?
I might be busy tomorrow.
Mark again, yeah?
What's "hmmm" mean?
Nothing, nothing.
You brought it up.
Well tell me.
- Does he ever talk about
Janet Phillips to you?
- You mean the girl who was
murdered here last semester?
No, why should he?
I don't even think he knew her.
- Oh, Julie, he knew
her all right.
The night she was murdered
everyone suspected
he had something to do with it.
Why would they think that?
Because they hd something going
and it just suddenly broke off.
- Cynthia, do you have
something against Mark?
Not that I know of, Julie.
I just thought you
should be careful.
- Jesus Chris, watch
where you're going!
- Sergeant
Miller commented
that the killer apparently has no
motive for his attacks.
He sated that the killer is
obviously a psychopath
who can not be reasoned with.
She was gorgeous.
She's a social studies major, man.
They're usually ugly
but not this one.
Anyway, I'm about to get
down on her, right?
I noticed she's got this
thing on her lip,
all sore and shit, man.
I didn't now if it was a zit, I
didn't now if it was herpes.
It might have been leprosy.
Hey, man, is that contagious?
Okay, do I have everyone's?
Okay, we're gonna end a
little early today.
We'll pick up where we
left off tomorrow.
Julie, what if he comes back?
I need your help.
You get my car, meet me
outside in front.
Aren't you coming?
I have to lock up first.
What took you so long?
- Don't ask, I'll tell you
everything on the way.
- Julie, how did
you get his keys?
- The girl who was
murdered here last semester,
he's awfully mysterious
about that too.
What if he comes back?
He won't.
- Suppose, just
supposed that he does.
Okay, this is it.
He's on the second floor
- I don't even know what
you wanna find in there.
- I don't know but it
might be something
that could implicate him
in the murders.
God, this is so crazy.
I can't believe I let you
talk me into this.
Breaking and entering.
We'll each get 10 years, Julie.
- Cynthia, I only have 15
minutes to get in and out.
Look, I gotta get going, okay?
Be careful.
You looking for Mark?
- He's not here right now, he's
working at the college.
Oh yes, I know.
- You want me to leave
him a message?
I'll tell him that you came by.
See, I wanted it to be a surprise.
A surprise?
Thanks anyway, okay?
do you want me to take
your picture?
No, no.
- No, wait, I swear to God
this is not a line.
I have a photography class,
I have to take pictures of people
in their environments
and it'll just take a second.
Maybe some other time, okay?
I'll see you around, bye bye.
Come in.
- Excuse me, has Julie been
to see you yet?
I can't seem to find her anywhere.
No, why?
- She mentioned she had an
appointment with you.
I thought I might find her here.
I have nothing written down
but I could be mistaken.
When you see her, just ask her to
stop by the office, okay?
Okay, sorry to disturb you.
You remember the educational
journal I loaned you
several weeks ago?
Oh yeah.
Well if you're finished with it,
I sorta like it back for my files.
I completely forgot about it.
I'm going home for lunch, I'll
bring it back with me.
Thank you.
- Look, why don't we
just ask Mark about all this?
That's the only way we're
gonna find out
if he's really connected to
these killings.
- Great, if he thinks
we're on to him,
there's not telling
what he might do.
- Why don't we ask somebody
who's impartial about it
before we jump to
conclusions like this.
Yeah, like who?
Father Perkins?
- I don't even trust him
with the lights on.
What about Father Janson?
I mean, he's known Mark longer
than either of us.
If anybody knows if we're on to
something, he'll know.
- I've already had several
run ins with him.
- Well then I'll talk to him,
I'll talk to him before
he leaves tonight
and I'll call you as soon
as I get home.
- All right, if you think it's
the right thing to do.
- Listen, you better get
back to the school
before Mark comes looking for you.
Don't say that.
I guess I'll give you a
call later, okay?
Okay, bye bye.
- Hey guys, don't you
have class now?
- Our friggin' teacher
never showed up.
So, where is she?
- I don't now, I seen her car
in the paring lot
with the lights on.
Maybe she's stonnin'.
Did you got to the front office?
Heck no.
It ain't my car.
Smells like shit around here.
Must be coming from the cafeteria.
- They went to get
someone with a key.
Oh wait, I have a key.
Maybe we should wait.
No, we'll get it.
What's wrong?
Hey, what's wrong?
Miss Parker!
Miss Parker!
I've been looking for you.
They told me I could
find you here.
How're you feeling?
Look, Farther Janson,
I only came to school
today to tell you
that I'm leaving tomorrow.
What's troubling you, my dear?
- I just don't feel
safe here anymore.
- Well I can understand that
you're upset now
but that's no reason to act rash.
You're in no more danger
here than I am.
I don't feel like I belong here.
I never did.
If I stay here anymore, I'm
just gonna go crazy.
- Is your decision to leave
anything to do with
your relationship with
someone on the faculty?
What're you talking about?
It's not my business, of course,
but are you letting your
personal feelings interfere
with your academic career?
My best friend was killed!
Oh, I wasn't thinking of that.
Why don't you go home and
get a good rest
and we'll talk about it first
thing in the morning, okay?
- I'm sorry but my
mind's been made up.
- Won't you at least
think it over?
I mean, I understand you're upset
and I can sympathize
with your feeling
but you have to understand my
position as well.
I have no one to replace you on
such short notice.
I'm sure you'll see things in
a different light
after a goodnight sleep.
Now, if you change your
mind at a today,
please call me at any time.
I'll be in to lock the
building tonight.
- John, what'd the police
ask you about?
Wanted to know if I saw anything
when I was at the drive-in with
Aki the other night.
- Yeah, they're
questioning everybody.
Even Father Perkins and Margaret.
Father Perkins?
What the hell's a priest
doing at the drive-in?
- He's been humping
her for a year.
No shit.
And I was gonna fuck her.
- Miss Parker, what're
you doing home?
Didn't your school reopen today?
Yeah but I'm not returning.
Look, I only came by to tell you
I'm leaving tomorrow.
I'm paid up till the
end of the month,
so we should be okay.
- Well this is rather sudden,
isn't it?
Don't you like it here?
- Look, it just
couldn't be helped.
- Well, I guess I really should
refund your money then.
- No, you don't have to
do that, forget it.
Oh, I insist.
I don't want you to think
you're being cheated.
I'll bring it to you in
a little while.
That's all right, thank you.
Well, easy come, easy go.
Tragedy struck
at St. Trinity's
College again today.
Cynthia Lockheed, a
sociology teacher
was found brutally murdered in
a storage closet.
Police have shut down the
school for the day
while they continue their
School official, Father Janson,
commented that
if this matter is not
resolved within the week
the school will suffer irreparable
damage as a result.
Many parents have already stated
that they will not enroll their
children next semester.
This is the second murder on
campus in the last two years.
Janet Phillips, another
sociology professor,
was attacked in her
classroom last fall.
Authorities now believe
there is a connection
between these murders and
the two students
who were killed off
campus this month.
Anyone with any information
is urged to call
this hotline number.
That's 309-7734.
Hello, Tony?
It's me, Denise.
Denise who?
I remember you.
- What do you mean,
you remember me?
It's just a joke.
- Tony, you have to come
over right now.
I have to speak to you.
- You can't get enough of
the old guy, huh?
You tigress.
It's what happened last night.
Hey, it was beautiful.
- Well, I spoke to Father
Williams about it.
You what?
Why'd you do a thing like that?
- I went to see him and it's
what he did to me.
- Look, I'll be right over,
all right?
Bye bye.
Hello, Julie?
This is Mark, listen.
- Father Janson, thank God
you're still in.
I was just about to leave.
What is it?
I have to see you tonight.
- Can't it wait till
tomorrow morning?
No, it can't.
I think I know who killed
Cynthia and Cathy.
- Can you call me at my house in
about an hour or so?
I won't be here in an hour.
- Well if it's that urgent, I'll
stay a little while longer
but you know you really
shouldn't be here
after the building is locked.
I have to see you tonight.
It's very important that I
talk to you, please.
- I'll leave the east wing side
entrance unlocked.
- Okay, look, I'll be over as
soon as possible.
Just a minute, Mrs. Bloom.
I'm coming.
- Julie, I tried
calling you on the phone
but you hung up on me.
Let's straighten everything out.
What are you doing here?
Going somewhere?
What's it to you?
Now listen to me.
You think you know something
but you're wrong.
Am I?
- Come in, Miss Parker, I've
been waiting for you.
Father Jan- - Please.
Close the door.
Close the door?
Please, sit down.
- Father Janson, I thought I
should tell you what I know
before I leave.
And if you don't believe me,
you'll find out for
yourself soon enough.
What's troubling you, my dear?
I think I know Who did it.
Did What?
Killed Cynthia and Cathy.
It was Mark.
Mark Hammond?
How do you know this?
Hello, is Father Janson there?
This is Mark Hammond.
I need to talk to him, this
is an emergency.
He's at the school?
With Julie?!
No, that's okay, I'll
talk to him myself.
- Miss Parker, I'm glad you came
to see me tonight.
I can see that you've let your
imagination run away with you
and I think I can help you.
Then you don't believe me?
It's not that simple.
I asked you to come and
see me many times
when you had problems
and had you done so, you
could've saved yourself
from the inevitable.
What're you talking about?
You really can't see
what a terrible mistake
you've made, can you?
The same unfortunate mistake
Cynthia made the other day.
He tried to kill me.
- I know the torment
you're going through.
I suffered the same damnation
before my accident.
Before you accident?
I know the
temptations of the flesh
and the women that arouse them.
But I was punished for my sin with
the loss of my limbs.
It wasn't until after I repented
that I regained my strength.
I knew what God had
chosen for me to do.
Oh my God.
Confess to me,
allow your soul to be damned in
hell like the others!
Is anybody in there?
Oh no.
Hail Mary, the grace of God.
Your sins are forgiven.
Give me the police.
Yes, we've got an emergency here.
I heard somebody scream.
Somebody's trying to break in.
Yes, I'll be here, bye.
What're you doing here?
Did you break in?
- Interesting case, Doctor,
who is he?
Calls himself Father Janson.
A Priest?
Real name's Daniel Grayham.
Escaped from Bellevue
several years ago.
Disappeared from sight.
He's been impersonating a priest
for the last two years at
Saint Trinity's.
For two years, huh?
That's really something.
I wonder how he got away with it?
Don't they check references
at these schools?
They will now.
- I damned my soul by
allowing these women
to drain my precious fluids.