Splendor (1989) Movie Script

To The Splendor!
This way...
We'll soon get started...
This is the scale model
for the new project...
following your suggestions...
The main idea is to have
a sole room...
if instead you wish to stick to
the original project,
we can leave a wide entrance,
with the two lateral stairs
separated from...
should we load this too?
Here in the "way in", the entrance...
We originally had an elevator,
but seeing it's just one floor,
I opted for an escalator.
In this room you'll have the
device showroom, TV, Hi-Fi...
and the bathrooms...
...the cheap seats...
the sections...
- ... also, from this side...
- No, it stays here in the hall...
Watch your hands.
- What are they doing?
- Assembling the movie theater.
The Mayor authorized it.
Hey, you want to get
me into trouble?
- Why?
- What do you mean, why?
"Mussolini defends the furrow"...
Want to turn him into
a forest ranger?
Move it...
- But it's all mounted.
- You have to move it.
All right.
We have to move it here.
- Here's the Mayor.
- Good evening, Mayor.
Gregorio, bring the chair.
I've spotted a place here.
...I won't let you see.
It's starting!
I'm the sound technician...
the memories of my childhood
are almost all here...
crackles from the screen
as loud as explosions...
Verdi's trumpets and Fritz
Lang's sprocket wheels.
In order! Get in line!
Don't push or I'll
suspend ticket sales.
Get your money ready
and don't push.
Casimiro! Casimiro! These people
will tear down the house.
- Excuse me, excuse me.
- What's up?
- Yeah, Jordan, the where and the when.
- Right, the how and the why.
Jordan, there's standing-room-only
in the lower seats.
Miss Chantal di Vidier.
Get ready for the next number.
Thanks a lot!
We'll go directly from Viel to the
great comedian Giaque Vita.
"Voila Mon Reine" Is that
how you say it in French?
I've never seen such
a pretty movie house.
Outline of Neorealism.
What's neorealism?
Look, in films...
you shouldn't make people
dream by fooling them...
you should say the truth.
"Roma, citt aperta"
- Schiusa?
- "Sciusci"
- Paisa?
- "Pais"
- "Miracolo a Milano"
- Yes, but look there.
Even then there was a boss,
a scumbag like yours.
Like all bosses, as
a matter of fact.
He persecuted the beggars,
the homeless...
Does it have a happy ending?
Yes, like all fables, it ends well.
You can see it
tomorrow if you like.
- Tomorrow?
- Yes, tomorrow.
"A lira to see the sunset.
Make yourself comfortable, please."
"A lira for the sunset."
What a profile! What a look!
What a face!
"You won't end up here.
Who knows who your father was?
"100 liras.
"100 liras?
"What a face, what a smile,
what a spiritual look!
"You're something important,
"Who knows how it will come out?
It doesn't end here.
- Jordan!
- What?
Standing room only in
the lower seats.
Standing room only.
Come on, boys, wake up.
"If you weren't drafted before,
Why are you here now?
"I was in a "college"
until a few days ago.
- "Do you understand?
- But then came the amnesty...
This government is big-hearted!
- "30 liras.
- 20.
"I help you, and you haggle?
"What's your name?
"I don't do it for the money,
but because I pity you.
"Very well, 30 liras!
"Ok, kid, answer me a question.
"Have you understood I was
at the Orsoline "college"?
"Maybe I didn't express myself clearly.
First give, then you can have.
My name is Bruno.
- "First give, then have?
- Yes.
"I make no promises.
"My name is Busacca Giovanni, with
double "n". '88 class, from Milan.
"Get back in line.
Sir, the hat.
"Behave yourselves...
"What are you saying?
Speak louder!
- "Can you close that window?
- That one?
"Yes. Next to the tall guy.
- "Next to the tall guy.
- Yes, yes.
"You won't notice it because
ours will cover it.
"Who's the senior among you?
- My name's Unciata.
- Unciata.
- Nice name.
- Thank you.
"Attention! In 10 minutes, I want to
see everyone at his place!
"Bayonets fixed, and all
guns perfectly greased!
That corruption joint should
be named "Horror"...
instead of "Splendor". The owner,
without a doubt, is a commie.
A certain disturbing woman hangs
around there, dressed in red!...
befitting a daughter of the devil.
We've been warned, it's
a sinner's paradise.
And lighting the despicable
road in that joint...
with red flashes and reflections...
from the scarce cloth that
salaciously wraps her...
trying to cover up her
opulent shamefulness.
Red are her fiery eyes, red the
sensual mouth, red her tongue.
But the big winner at the Cannes
Festival has been Italian cinema.
The jury's special prize...
was awarded to Antonioni's
"La Avventura".
This is an especially
significant motivation...
and praises the noble intention...
of searching for a
new film language.
Now, the moment we've waited for.
The Palm D'Or for Federico Fellini...
for his already famous
"La Dolce Vitta".
An open-air party!
Shake it!
Have the exact change ready,
don't push and stay in line.
- Hey, Jordan, the where and the when.
- The how and the why.
Jordan! Standing room only
in the lower seats.
But who...
I have a ticket for the movie.
There's room upstairs, come.
"Do you know which is the
most beautiful age?
"I'll tell you, it's your
own age, day by day.
"Don't blow the horn,
they're all resting.
"I never do it...
"Come on, enough".
- This is for you.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
"Shall we give him a ride?
"Come on! Look at the
poor guy running.
"Listen, why did you do that?
What kind of fun is that?
"Nothing, just a laugh..."
- You didn't like it upstairs?
- No, not that much.
- Here it's standing or the first row.
- First row will be fine.
- Come on.
- Coming.
- "Do you sell eggs?
- No, I've bought them.
"Nice geezer, and he's
got a pleasant profile".
- It's the same movie today.
- What?
It's the same film as yesterday,
and the day before yesterday.
I know, but there's something in
the middle I didn't understand.
Is she awake?
Yes, I've just served
the coffee in bed.
Later Victorina will
prepare her breakfast.
- What?
- Nothing. Didn't say a word.
- What's the matter?
- Nothing. Why?
- Your eyes are red.
- No.
I've had conjunctivitis
for thirty years.
It's a pleasure to have a
handsome brother like you.
Come in.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- What are you doing?
- I have to go, I can't stay.
Because I don't like it. You sleep
on the sofa, and besides...
your sister Giovanna...
No, Giovanna is very happy.
She's always alone, you know.
She's taken a liking to you.
I also like her, but she
cried this morning.
She cried, her eyes were red.
No, no! It's just that
she has conjunctivitis.
No, I can't let you leave.
Has she understood I love you?
- Will you help me find a hotel?
- There's the Pensione del Sole...
Yes, for old times' sake.
- Is that boy you?
- Yes.
- And the man next you, your father?
- Yes.
A handsome man!
He looks like you.
Rather, it's you who resemble him.
- Who's the other man?
- It's Marshall Tito.
A friend of yours?
Well, yes. Though
we never met.
What do they have for
breakfast in France?
Bye, see you tonight.
- Do you want some more chicken?
- No.
When I was leaving I saw that my sister
was preparing homemade tagliatelle.
- And I'll have to eat them.
- Well, unless you don't like them.
Rather... it's late.
- Want me to wait for you?
- No, I'll just finish these numbers.
- Good night, Chantal.
- See you tomorrow.
- You're Swedish, right?
- I'm French, from Maisons-Laffite.
Me, I'm Italian.
From Afragola.
My father sent me to work
at my uncle's hotel-restaurant.
- I don't really like it.
- Are you going back home, then?
Yes, unless I find another job.
And you?
I landed here when I was 20.
I was part of the ballet-show
"Les plus belles".
I stayed here, for love.
When we arrived on tour...
we would play in small places,
no Milan nor Rome.
One night while I was dancing,
I was stricken by a spectator.
Young, very good looking. And we
stared and stared at each other.
When the show was over, the handsome
young man came into the dressing room.
And took me with him,
just as I was.
With just a robe
over my silk dress.
Was this gorgeous young man
the owner of The Splendor?
Yes, it was Jordan.
Was he gorgeous as a young man?
This town is a bit like
Maisons-Laffite, my town.
It's kind of... Italian, old
Roman, because...
- Jules Cesar?
- O, Julius Cesar, the Italian.
He built the encampment...
and called it "mansions". Mansion
is "maison", Maisons-Laffitte.
You're so cultured.
You know so many things!
- I'm home, thank you and good night.
- See you tomorrow at the Splendor?
Do you always go to the movies so often?
You've been there almost every night.
Well, I... I go often. I really
like cinema as a show.
When I was in Naples, I never
used to go to the movies.
Good night.
Miss... I have to
tell you something.
Go on.
I'll tell you tomorrow.
So what? A plate's been broken.
Let's eat.
- The where and the when.
- The how and the why.
Good morning!
I guess we're colleagues from now on.
Yes, but we won't compete. You
want viewers, I'm looking for souls.
Looks like the souls will be
paying just like the viewers.
I'll never write a review
for the priest's movies.
But this Pope is smart.
He's opened 5,000 parochial
movie theaters in all Italy.
Think of what he's done, in terms
both economic and related to the...
congregation of youths
around the Church.
Yes, like when we used to go
to prayers to play ball.
Cinema has been inspired
by the Church.
A magic place, with columns,
marble, domes...
where people could gather
with the promise...
of another life, different
from every day life.
Movies are a kind
of great beyond.
And also equal to all,
there are no damned...
Pope Pacelli has understood.
People's souls are ours, he said...
even when they go to the movies.
Ah! "Wild Strawberries"
I've read Cacciraghi's review.
Powerful film. We'll see it today.
- I'll have a bite and will be back.
- Right.
- The when and the where.
- The how and the why.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Mr. Paulo, this is the first time
that you honor us with a visit.
No... I was here in...
wait... in '49...
with my poor mother.
She was a big fan
of the great Toto.
But Toto kept on making
movies after '49.
- My mother died in 1950.
- I'm sorry.
To really understand solitude...
you have to lose your mother.
- Is this the entrance?
- Yes.
- Can I go in?
- Please do.
Thank you.
- You're very courteous, you know.
- That's kind of you, thank you.
"The taste of strawberries...
"Returning to this place
from a distant past...
"nostalgically brought
to mind my youth.
"I'm your cousin, Isaac. I may not look
like the one from yesteryear, but you...
"you're still the same,
you haven't changed a bit.
"Good morning, beautiful cousin.
What are you doing?
Picking strawberries,
can't you see?
- How long have you been the
projectionist? - Since '37.
- Since '37?
- Yes.
- Is it hard work?
- It takes will power and attentiveness.
You have to prepare
it in the morning...
- See?
- It broke.
- So?
- You fix it.
You take the film and
cut between frames,
on the line. You scratch it,
remove the gel.
Take the acetone...
And you have amyl acetate.
See the frames?
You don't even notice it.
Then you continue.
It looks nice. What if
it happens again?
It means someone will be
booing in the seats.
"Good bye.
"Wait, Mr. Hulot...
"Did you hurt yourself?
"Mr. Commander...
"Mr. Police Chief.
"Watch out!
"Once again, attention!
"Get ready!
"Pamela, take two,
take three, take five.
- "Take seven.
- Stop!
- "Huh?
- This one was fine.
"Everyone to the starting
position, quick!
"Pamela, one four, second!
- "Father, father!
- The Rex... The Rex.
"Hail The Rex! The fascist regime's
greatest accomplishment!
"As the representative for the mayor,
I wish you a good trip!
"Viva Italia!
- "Buy at Biscein's
- "How is it?
- "Buy at Biscein's
- "How is it?
"How is it? How is it?
"Good bye!"
They made me work a lot,
until late, for little money...
So I go and tell the man:
"Listen, I want to quit."
So he looks at me and says:
"Go, go, the school of life
has taught you nothing."
So I answered:
"If it's taught me nothing, then
you haven't even been there."
Good answer.
It was a nice answer.
It's just that I... didn't...
answer that way.
- How come?
- Because I... didn't...
think of it at the moment.
I just sat there,
I even blushed.
I said: "Excuse me, then."
Yes, that was a good answer...
It came to me two days later.
I wasn't going to call two days later:
"Last Wednesday you said:
"Go, go, the school of life
has taught you nothing."
"Want to hear my answer?
If it's..."
It's outdated as an answer.
In movies, on the other hand...
In movies that doesn't happen,
because everything is prepared,
everything foreseen,
even the unforeseen.
The unforeseen doesn't happen, the
unforeseen is foreseen in movies.
The love scenes, for example.
In life...
you play it as it comes.
It's not all prepared.
When you make a
mistake, for example...
in the wrong place, or in an
uncomfortable, squeaky bed.
I haven't heard the bed squeak.
That's because I lubed
it beforehand.
Well, if you prefer watching things
in movies rather than doing them...
I'm leaving, good bye.
Good bye forever.
Well... "good bye forever"
is only said in...
Isn't it "I'm leaving forever?"
It's something that has to be prepared,
thought over, written, or else...
"I'm leaving then."
"What do you mean, leaving?
"Just yesterday you were saying..."
"Yesterday's gone."
"Yesterday's gone?" You
haven't kept your promise.
"You're promises are like the wind.
What, are promises just wind?"
What I mean is... these
things are difficult to do.
Ursula, the Viking.
Veronica Lake.
Just one eye, but...
Katharine Hepburn.
If you hear the bells toll,
ask not for whom the bells toll.
They toll for you.
A small group is coming.
No, they turned at the corner.
They were going that way.
- How long till the movie starts?
- Seven minutes.
Seven minutes?
I'm going to the bar.
Do you want anything?
No, nothing.
- Senator Jordan, can I get
you anything? - No, thanks.
Doesn't want anything.
"When the legend faces the fact,
the legend always wins."
I think it's from "The Man
Who Shot Liberty Valance".
I don't remember. Well, I'm
going to the bar.
Waldo, make me a
good short coffee.
Friends, can I say something?
Would you have a nice
nap right now?
Sure, it's better to
be here at the bar.
- A game of cards?
- No.
- Some snooker, something...
- No.
- Play a Martian space game?
- Don't bother us.
- Have you had good conversations?
- Not that either.
- Can I ask a question?
- You've asked 10 already.
Yeah, but... why don't you
go to the movies?
To do what?
What do you do at the movies?
Besides... precisely today...
at the Splendor, do you know
what's showing?
Premiering along with
Rome, "Raging Bull."
- Yes! I saw the trailer on TV.
- Exactly.
It's the kind of movie where you see
2 or 3 scenes, you've seen it all.
Really? It's like if you see
a girl go by right now...
three or four times, and
you already know her...
because she passed by four times.
The movie is about
the life of a boxer.
- You were a boxer, weren't you?
- Yes.
This guy trains a boxer,
Jake La Motta.
- Hear of Jake La Motta?
- Yes.
He's very famous. And little by
little, this Jake La Motta...
it's all explained from
the time he was poor...
he was hungry, he had nothing...
until he becomes
the World Champion.
In the second part...
in order to show Robert De Niro's
ageing and physical decadence, they
interrupted the film for five months.
Five months standing, eating.
Who knows what he ate...
and this shows what a movie
pro this man is...
he actually gained 40 kilos.
We can all say what
we like, but...
to say you don't want to go to
the movies... What's got into you?
Look at this:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.
There are 9 movies on TV today.
Let me tell you: A Toto film, an
Orson Welles film, a Chabrol...
Fred Astaire "Follow the Fleet",
"Pane e amore", Jerry Lewis,
the "Fort Apache" series, Hitchcock's
"Rear Window" and another Toto flick.
- Just curious, which one will you see?
- None of them.
- None of them, we're fine here.
- Stay here, then.
Good, you're really...
we're fine here, that's normal.
I understand you.
Deep down, you guys have had
everything life has to offer, right?
All the stuff in movies that can
make you dream and yearn...
you already possess: women,
riches, adventures, love.
If you've got it all, why go see
a fake version in a movie?
Normal, right.
Even I can agree with that logic.
If I had everything you guys have,
I wouldn't like films either.
Don't you have to
go back to work?
Don't worry, let me talk.
Hey, the coffee.
We got everything in life: women,
riches, coffee, we don't need anything.
Hey, buddy! You can't
park at the entrance.
There's nobody here...
I'm obstructing the masses!
Get lost!
We should put up...
a nice NO PARKING sign.
Yes, exactly!
- Good night, Miss Chantal.
- Good night, Mr. Paolo.
Have people stayed at
home due to the rain?
It was like this at 8 PM.
61 spectators and 4 shows.
95,000 liras in the register.
We've never hit this low before.
If we consider the
famous retrospective...
Among other things, "Il Gatopardo"
was on TV tonight.
When we showed "Il Gatopardo"...
we had 3,000 spectators on a weekend.
600,000 liras at the box office.
Which would be 10 million
liras today.
- The Splendor was a big thing then.
- The Splendor will always be big,
it's just that movies
have become small.
Gloria Swanson in
"Sunset Boulevard".
And how do we compete with
"Il Gatopardo" on TV?
A crappy horror movie, shot in
two rooms and the kitchen.
"Psycho" was also shot in two rooms
and a kitchen, plus the shower.
Which movie should we show?
These are it!
These horror movies are
bigger thieves than you...
You go to Rome tomorrow,
pick the film and pay 10 million.
You're too much. Who'll
buy me a cup of tea?
Box office, box office, all you
think about is the cash register.
Me? I only think about
the box office?
I've got more debts than hairs on
my head thanks to this fucking theatre.
And I'll be really evil. Part of
the debts are due to you.
Due to me? Has this
guy lost his head?
Don't you get tired
of arguing all night?
- What do I care?
- So the debts are my fault?
No. I have to thank you.
You've made me rich.
We can't forget the retrospective
for the great Soviet director.
I knew it... same old story.
All-expense paid trip for the
Russian consul and his wife,
and the interpreter for a week.
All paid for.
Do I have to thank you?
Yes, I have to thank you.
This film is for both personal...
and political education.
Revolution, collectivization,
the two world wars...
are the framework for a young
master in remote Siberia...
who plays the part both
warmly and heroically.
Comparable to Mark
Donskoi's Gorkian trilogy...
A Guinness record; 9 spectators,
out of which 3 were paying customers.
What a disgrace.
And why did it happen?
They cost only three million, which
is not much. It's not much, right?
Is it my fault that Russian
is a foreign language?
And a hard one. What could I do?
Sorry, I have another idea.
I like this idea,
I don't know if...
- I could put on a nice retrospective.
- A what?
A what?
A Yugoslavian retrospective.
Great masters, an emerging,
erudite cinema...
and then... an idea...
You speak Yugoslavian.
Of course, I was
there in the war.
Fantastic, you speak Yugoslavian.
We take seven Yugoslavian films,
simultaneous translation.
You do it... simultaneous translation,
we don't have to pay anything...
can have the retrospective for free.
"Nista"! Without spending a cent!
"Nista"... "nista"...
if you say so.
- What does that mean?
- Let's go to the bar.
"Banana Film" for free...
Sure, just work the microphone. The guy
says "banana", you translate "banana".
Don't worry, we'll be
back on top again.
Yes, "again". Know how I call
this accountant? The leech.
- He's really a blood-sucking leech.
- Thanks, Luigi!
- Masil, is the accountant in?
- He's inside playing.
Jordan! Come in.
- Good day.
- Good day.
- 300,000.
- 350,000.
I'll see you.
Kings' full house.
- Aces' full house.
- Well played.
Well played my butt,
a full house of aces!
- Tell me, Jordan.
- But here...
Don't worry about them,
they're friends.
I can send them to
jail at any time.
Tell me.
I haven't phoned you,
I'm expecting a discount...
from the authors' association.
Meanwhile I have to think about
at least showing Italian films.
So I'd need at least
a three-month extension.
If I remember right,
regional financing...
Yes, also credits for
small enterprises...
- Telephone, sir.
- Coming.
Play this hand for me, please.
I've had no luck today.
Couldn't be worse.
My opening... 5,000.
I'm in.
Remember, Mr. Jordan, that my
offer is always on the table.
And remember that my
answer is always the same.
- Cards?
- Three.
It's just that I thought I heard when
you were talking to the accountant...
that you had some difficulty.
The normal ones in
the movie business.
How much did you say? 100,000?
Let's say 150,000.
And another 200.
Let's say 700,000.
1, 2, 3 and 4.
You've come this far...
You've come this far...
- Go on?
- Play your game.
I'll see.
1, 2, 3...
4... 5, 6, 7 and fifty.
- Flush.
- Not quite.
Two pairs, one of jacks.
My God! Thanks!
Call me tomorrow and we'll see.
- We had a double pair.
- Thank you, thank you.
- The money is yours.
- Thank you, thank you.
- Good day.
- Good day.
Oh boy! That was something really...
Are you all right?
You were really good.
I liked it. They'll give us at
least another four months.
I was nervous. You made him
win three million liras.
Here... let me, let me.
- 3.2 million all at once.
- One and a half.
No, I saw 20, 20, and 20 the
first time, then 100 and 100...
and 100. What is it?
You're sweating.
What's wrong? Let's go.
You're standing here... put the
raincoat on, you're sweating.
- Good day, Mr. Paolo.
- Good day, Miss Chantal.
- I'm sorry if I've damaged it.
- Not at all.
- Did you like it?
- A bit heavy.
Proust heavy? Yes, perhaps.
Today, I suggest this book
about great passions.
- I'm sure you'll like Tolstoy.
- Thank you.
Will you allow me to walk you?
- How about the store?
- Who would steal a book here?
Miss Chantal, you may have noticed
me at the Splendor often...
but perhaps you don't know that
films don't interest me that much.
I guessed it because you fall asleep
as soon as the movie starts.
So you have noticed.
Miss... I'm 60 today and have
decided to confess...
that, excuse me for saying this, but
my thoughts for the last 20 years...
have all been dedicated to you.
I dare put forward
the following proposal...
if you should choose to reward
my proposal with a "oui"...
my house and my book store
would be at your disposal.
There's no need for a quick answer,
you'll have plenty of time...
there's no rush... in a year or two.
My proposal will remain firm.
Please accept, Miss Chantal,
this lighter for your birthday.
- But how...
- It's not a lighter.
it's a perfume spray.
I filled it with perfume.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Mr. Paolo.
- Mr. Jordan!
What interesting movie
are you showing today?
- "The Hunter", must be good.
- Yes.
I'll see you later, then.
- I won't miss it!
- See you.
Mr. Paolo is a really
good person.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Hold on a moment.
Jordan, will you close up?
- I'm with someone...
- What?
- I have a date with someone.
Don't turn just now. Look,
she's at the entrance, on the left.
- Don't look!
- Should I look or not?
When I say so, but be discreet.
- Look now, quickly.
- The one with the infant.
She's a widow,
works as a teacher.
I met her at the school.
I gave her some tickets,
as she's got the kid.
She's pretty, pretty.
Pretty, pretty...
Please, not a word about us.
- About what?
- About me and her, I don't want it.
Has this thing been
on for a while?
- What thing?
- Your relationship.
It's not a relationship, this is the...
first time we have a date.
I wouldn't want to...
- Will you close up, then?
- Yes, I will.
- She gave me a kiss on the moustache.
- Let it grow, good, good.
"Let it grow" means that
I can't even clip it.
Why do you say something
just for the hell of it?
Say what I might,
there's nothing doing.
There's nothing doing...
it's a moustache, I can clip it.
- Will you close up?
- Yes, I'll close. Go.
- Good bye.
- Good bye.
Did you like the movie, Lorenzino?
Soon, we'll be showing
"101 Dalmatians".
- Will you come with mama?
- No.
I get along with kids,
I like them.
Yes, I've noticed.
In fact, he likes you.
I like him too.
Shall we go have a good
pizza, Lorenzino?
Answer Mr. Luigi. Come on.
- He fell asleep at the cinema.
- Poor fellow.
This year cinema turns 90 years old.
I've suggested an article on...
the ten most important
movies of all times.
- Maybe we could do it at the Splendor.
- I hope so.
I have my ten: "Love Story",
"Gone with the Wind",
- "Love is a Many Splendored Thing".
- Where are you going?
I see, it was just an idea.
Just an idea.
When my father died, it was
not only me and my sister...
the Splendor also
became an orphan.
- Then came Miss Chantal.
- July 1960.
Yes, and the Splendor
reached its youth.
By the way. Do you have these ups
and downs in your line of business?
A book store has a more
constant business flow...
always low.
Lorenzino fell asleep. Then I walked
her home with Lorenzino fast asleep.
- We made...
- Love.
- Did you make love?
- What love?
We stayed quiet so as not
to wake Lorenzino up.
We kept it hushed...
And we stayed that way,
chatting away.
When I was leaving, she walked me
outside and when we reached the door...
- I kissed her.
- Oh!
A 21-minute kiss.
21 minutes kissing her, we almost
suffocated. I looked at the watch.
Remember the kiss between
Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman?
Right, the kiss in
"Notorious", well...
delete it and substitute it with the
legendary one between Eugenia and Luigi.
- It was something...
- All right, all right.
Go to the booth,
the first half is over.
Jordan doesn't talk. He
never tells me anything.
I've seen a big pile of
fines in his bedroom.
From the City, the health and
fire departments...
What is it? A persecution?
Mr. Lo Fazio plays cards every
night with the Mayor...
the health inspector, the chief
of the fire department.
But he should sell it once and for all,
at least he'll regain his health.
What kind of satisfaction do you get
nowadays from owning a movie theatre?
In the old days, yes,
my poor father was treated
like a dignitary,
he held everyone in
the palm of his hand.
To get an invitation to
the movies from him...
was a great honor,
a sign of distinction.
And at Christmas, everyone would
give and get so many presents.
I was so, so proud.
I must recognize your achievement,
masters of the cinema...
called to keep a constant watch
on the river of your inspiration...
that flows like the sources where
the Fascist spirit essence lies.
Comrade Master Gallone, I thank
you and your movie...
that celebrates a har... a her...
a hero to humanity, who will surely
become famous as a film metaphor...
for our Duce and the honor
of the Roman Empire.
I used to cut out all the actors'
pictures form the newspaper.
I was in love, you know.
In love with Amedeo Nazzari.
Don't touch her!
I want to give you a present.
Look at her!
"There'll be a strip tease
show during intermission.
"International stars.
Same price."
- What, you nervous?
- No.
- You're smoking constantly.
- Right, I must be nervous.
With all this room and you
have to sit right here!
We're just watching
the show together.
What's on your mind?
I know what you're thinking.
You're saying to yourself:
it takes one night like this to fuck up
50 years of serious professionalism.
Who's talking about fucking up?
It's just a show.
Besides, they're pretty,
they're nice.
It's me who isn't nice.
Say it, say it.
Say what? Do I have to tell you
whether you're nice or not?
We've known each other for 20 years
and you wait until tonight...
to know if I like you or not.
Thank you, thank you ladies.
You're all beautiful and fantastic.
I'm sorry, but I've
just found out...
that I haven't been authorized.
Therefore, we can't have the show.
The fire department...
we can't do it.
Anyhow, you'll all be
paid as agreed.
- Really?
- Really.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
We hereby convey to our
distinguished audience...
We convey to our distinguished audience
that there will be no strip tease.
- And the international artists?
- They've left for Rome.
A ticket?
- Good day, Miss Chantal.
- Good day, Mr. Paolo.
Thank you. Excuse me.
- What do we do?
- Go ahead, the three of us will watch.
Roll it?
The Tree of Wooden Clogs
"This thought was missing here."
A film by Ermanno Olmi.
We were at a clearing cooking
some chickens that, let's say...
we had sequestered from
some Yugoslavian farmers.
While the chickens were boiling,
a G.I. patrol came along...
who were hungrier than us.
Divided spoils, hunger for all.
Then the American lieutenant asked:
what's that you're boiling in that pot?
I explain in my poor English and they
got frightened and ran off...
Instead of saying "chicken"...
I had said "children".
They ran away as if
they had seen a...
Jordan, Jordan!
Can you come here a minute?
Excuse me.
I'll see you, excuse me.
What's wrong?
Nothing, no problem chatting
up a girl, right?
I know you, when
you start to chat...
You're too much... If she was
pretty, I'd let her talk... but...
Luigi, do me a favor. For once,
mind your own business.
Just for once.
Well, once, twice, whatever...
Besides, you can
handle it yourself.
Right, so don't you worry.
"Chicken" broth, but...
See? You're spying on me,
you're listening in.
Me spy? Yes.
Because I pity you.
I worry about you. Who listens to
you when you're talking about...
Yugoslavia, the G.I. patrol, or
whatever you were cooking?
Not me... you do what you want.
Want to play the fool? Be my guest.
Suit yourself. "Chicken".
Old hen broth is more like it.
Just remember that the former plea
can become the current order.
All right, all right.
I understand.
Lorenzo, this one's
about a journalist...
who's stuck in a hole. The
part that's coming is nice...
don't fall asleep.
He's a journalist.
"Chuck" Tatum is the journalist in the
movie, played by Kirk Douglas.
You want a scoop, right?
If it's good, I can sell it
to my newspaper.
But they tell him no, stop,
don't get it...
from there. It's dangerous,
they kill everyone.
Understood? And then people start
coming out from everywhere...
And these people arrive with
all sorts of junk, people that sell...
things... Do you like
the story? It's nice.
Don't get distracted, Lorenzo,
don't fall asleep...
You know what?
It's true, you know?
Now... Lorenzo! It's
going to happen...
Wait till it happens... take this...
Now take this... that's right.
Take it...
- Then he starts to leave...
- My love.
It's just that tonight...
Why aren't you asleep?
This stuff usually makes you sleep.
He's not keen on the story.
No, but really you know how to...
When these things happen,
many days go by...
Get it? Days go by...
and in the end he dies.
Get it? Don't fall asleep.
You don't like this, right?
It makes you sleepy.
I have it right here, don't worry.
Well, to a certain extent...
This one dies... sometime over the...
Did you understand, Lorenzo?
Because he had revealed something...
And he understands...
and thinks: this is the end,
they've punished me this way...
Go on, sleep.
I'm going with your mother.
Is he asleep?
I was telling him the end when...
Kirk Douglas shoots and
there's no doubt.
Tomorrow, I'll tell him "Sciusci".
- Know what I was thinking?
- No, what?
That with all these stories in
your head, you live practically...
how can I say it...
you live vicariously.
What do you mean? Anastacia.
- Natasha.
I thought it was Anastasia Kinski.
They told me that was her name...
I was telling you that
you live vicariously. Why?
Because you've fought all the
world wars, and the Vietnam war...
You've traveled more than Marco Polo
and the Pope put together...
- You know San Francisco better
than our town. - That's not true.
I like San Francisco. I've seen
"Duke". Start from the Golden Gate...
then you leave Berkeley behind...
the docks, the fish market...
you arrive downtown where
they sell good Italian chocolate...
- come from the left, turn and you...
- I'm right, then.
I like San Francisco. You make it
sound as if it was some defect...
All those things...
In a time of din and noise...
You have the chance of
traveling, of being in love.
Wars, all sorts of
things, adventures...
You've fallen in love
with all of them.
No, not all. Many have loved
me without hope...
because at that time
I was with another.
Who are you with now?
Right now I don't know
if I am with someone...
someone whose profile
resembles Candice Bergen's.
Like you resemble Robert Redford?
If you would wear feathers and
other stuff, you'd resemble...
- Are you here or not?
- Keep quiet.
Keep quiet.
- Hey, the where and the when.
- The how and the why.
Listen: "The director's lack
of inspiration matches...
"our obvious embarrassment when
asking what he intended to do...
with a nonexistent core story".
What do you say?
Perhaps the readers won't come?
He's got less readers than
we have spectators.
Courage... anyhow, there were
only two at the cinema last night.
Really just one, Paolo doesn't
come for the movie.
For some time, I've had this feeling
of not understanding anything...
of belonging to a race on
the verge of extinction.
They've offered me a transfer to the
TV review section at the newspaper.
I'll most likely accept. What can I do?
After so many battles, do you see?
Come here and have a sip
of dreams with me.
My spirit is free...
I feel well, very well.
Ray Milland.
No... I'm closing, closing.
I can't have Splendor open
for a crazy projectionist...
- and an idiotic critic.
- Hey!
From some time he's had the impression
of not understanding anything.
With all my admiration and regard,
I say you've never understood anything.
- And you do.
- You've been coming for thirty years.
You like the second row, and in the
intermission you check out Cinemark...
- you write and then good night.
- Positive.
Have you ever looked around?
You, and all the others
sitting next to you.
Who asks himself: "Where am I?"
"Why do I come to the movies?"
"What do I want?" "What do I expect?"
"How are things changing?" Right?
Now we decree a day
of national struggle...
Do you want an ice cream?
Who cares if a movie
critic switches to TV...
or that a theatre
closes or doesn't?
Who cares if the projectionist
loses his job?
Our battle. But which battle?
We're getting old.
If you don't know the game,
you die unjustly and that's it.
Lorenzino! What do you want to be when
you grow up? Mayor, explorer, scientist?
Do you want to liberate the oppressed?
No, you want to make a million.
I know, I know you, you're just
like all the rest... go ahead...
He's a kid. What do
you expect him to say?
Go, go.
Kids are born knowing about it.
They've understood.
Anyhow; dear Cocomeo,
dear Luigi...
I love you, I adore you,
I wish you well...
but in this deserted
and silent square...
I'm going to have a nap.
In a nutshell; two years in the Italian
army, two years in Tito's army...
six months in a hospital.
Stop. Stop.
We're here.
- Thanks, how much do I owe you?
- Forget it.
"Merry Christmas.
"Merry Christmas to the movies!
- "Merry Christmas, Mr. Potter!
- "Merry Christmas to you too.
"Go home, there's
someone waiting for you.
- "How are you, inspector?
- Mr. Bailey.
"I have this document...
- "Merry Christmas, daddy...
- My kids!
My kids! Janie! Tommy!
"Peace unto you...
I'm really happy!
- "George!
- Mary!
"Come, George. Come
with me... look!
"Look, Mary, look.
- "Look, George, how wonderful.
- Look, look.
"It was Mary, all Mary's work.
"She told a friend that you
were having problems,
"and she's been all around the
city gathering money...
"and this is for you.
"Just a moment... quiet!
Silence! Silence!
"To my great brother George,
the richest man in the city...
I was just leaving and saw the light...
and wondered who it was at this time...
That's why...
How are you? What are you up to?
Going through some figures.
Will it be much longer?
I haven't finished.
How are they?
- Bad?
- No.
A bit bad, yes.
You're worried, right?
Anybody in my place would
be a bit worried.
Or not?
My relationship is going fine...
You know... Eugenia is
working at a school.
She makes a good living,
we're fine.
Well, without problems.
Just so you know...
If one month you can't
pay my salary...
there's no problem.
It's well known, teachers in Italy
get super salaries.
Come on, take it.
No... what I mean is
that if I say this...
It's all right. Keep it this time.
Lo Fazio's administrator is coming.
- Good morning, Mr. Jordan.
- Good morning.
- How are you?
- Fine, thanks.
- And your sister?
- We're all fine, sit down.
- Tell me.
- I'll be concise.
I'm here to claim the overdue
IOU's you signed.
I don't want to contradict you, but...
I've signed documents, for banks,
institutes, credit agencies, loaners...
documents... IOU's. But I've had the
courtesy of never signing a document...
- for Mr. Lo Fazio.
- That's true.
But Mr. Lo Fazio has
had the courtesy...
of buying all the documents
you signed...
to institutes, banks,
and loan sharks...
They're here and belong to us.
Naturally, it's always possible
to reach an agreement,
and Mr. Lo Fazio is
proposing something...
very advantageous for you...
one that I as administrator
have strongly opposed.
But you're aware of
Mr. Lo Fazio's interest...
in acquiring the Splendor premises.
- Yes, yes.
- Therefore, this offer...
Cancellation of all documents signed
by you up to this moment...
and payment in your
favor and in cash,
of Mr. Lo Fazio's
handwritten figure.
What does minus 10 mean?
That I accept the sum that Mr. Lo Fazio
offers me, minus 10 million.
I'll discount the 10 million.
In exchange for a minor condition
that you, as administrator, cannot...
counsel against.
- I say he won't accept it.
- He will, he will.
If he accepts he's a worm. If not,
he's not a worm and we make 10 million.
- Let's hope he's not a worm.
- A worm!
My opening... 50,000.
You're right, Luigi.
What a disgrace!
They'll remember this forever
and a day, this is history.
Well played! 10 million
for our company.
Congratulations... Bravo!
To your health and to
hundreds of these slaps.
To Lo Fazio, hip hip hurrah!
To us three!
I'll start turning
everything off, then.
This evening, after sundown,
at Garibaldi square...
Metropolis will be screened.
A great cinematic show of love,
death, mystery and fantasy.
Cartoons will also be shown
at no extra charge.
Merry Christmas, merry
Christmas to all.
We're in June.
Well, these things only
happen in Christmas.
- Merry Christmas!
- Merry Christmas!