Splinters (2022) Movie Script

[slow music]
[birds chirping]
[grass rustling]
[machine whirring]
- [Bo] Mom?
[bed squeaks]
[birds chirping]
Mom, wake up.
What are you doing out here?
We're gonna be late.
- [Deacon] "He went down with
them and came to Nazareth
and was obedient to them,
and his mother kept all of
these things in her heart."
I lost a child in a store once.
There, I admit it, I'm a
terrible father.
You see, when Stephanie was
she had a great love of key
On one visit to the store,
the family had split up
to conquer our shopping,
and Stephanie and I were
looking at some items,
and she asked if she could
go just a few feet away
to look at key chains.
I told her yes and continued
looking for what I needed,
until that dreaded sound
came over the loudspeaker.
"Would the parents of Stephanie
please come to the service
I hung my head in shame.
Just one of the many times I
failed miserably as a parent.
In our gospel this morning-
- [David] Hey, Anna.
- Oh, David.
- How's it going?
- It's good.
It's been a while.
- Yeah.
Joan's been going to church
at St. Michael's with her mom.
- [Anna] Oh, how's she doing?
- She's uh...
How's your mom?
- She's good.
- [David] So, uh, parent-teacher
conference tomorrow.
- That's right.
- I guess we'll see you there.
[engine rumbling]
[wind blowing quietly]
[birds chirping]
[crickets chirping]
- [Man On TV] I don't know
how it works, it's magic.
- [laughs] What does that mean?
- [Man On TV] Really?
- [Man On TV] Sure it is.
[audience cheering]
[phone ringing]
[horn honking]
[honking continues]
[engine rumbling]
[engine rumbling]
[bell ringing]
[chairs squeaking]
- Fuck.
All right.
So, how's everyone's day so far?
- Okay.
- Good.
- It sucks.
- That's good.
Did everybody do the reading for
- [Class] No.
- I hope so, because we
have a pop quiz right now.
[class groaning]
Right, in one second.
You guys are in luck, I found
[players chattering]
[basketballs bouncing]
- [Joan] Wanna shoot around?
- No, I'm good.
- I think my dad likes your mom.
- What?
Where'd you get that?
- Do you think she likes him?
- I don't know.
[locker clanking]
[locker slams]
- So, I hope you don't mind
getting out of class just
a little early today.
- Uh, no.
Any excuse to be pulled
from school is fine by me.
- Not a big fan?
- It's all right.
- Anything in particular
you're not fond of?
- Um.
- [Heather] It's hard
when you're on the spot.
- Yeah.
- [Heather] That's okay.
Um, your mom tells me she works
the night shift at a hotel.
- Yeah.
- [Heather] So, does anyone else
stay with you while she works?
- No.
- [Heather] You're all alone?
- Yeah.
- [Heather] How is that?
- I'm used to it.
- It was good running into
you at church yesterday.
- Yeah, it was good to see you
- Yeah.
- How've y'all been?
How's Joan?
- She's good.
The separation hasn't been easy,
- I'm sorry to hear about that.
- Oh, it's okay.
- You two seem close.
- I have her, you know, once a
and every other weekend,
and then I get to see her at
you know, in the hallways
and in between classes
and stuff like that, so I
mean, I'm lucky in that regard.
- What do you guys like to do,
for fun?
- I force her to hang out with
Sometimes on the weekends
we'll go to this dance hall.
It's fun.
At least I think it's fun.
Aren't we supposed to be
talking about your kid here?
[Anna laughs]
- Is he behaving?
- Oh yeah.
I mean, his participation
could be a little bit better,
but um, teenagers can
be like that, you know?
- Right.
- He's a good kid, you know?
And [sighs]
I know his father's not around
I'm an idiot.
- No, it's fine.
- It's none of my business.
Um, there were a few things
I wanted to go over with you.
if you look at [clears throat]
his uh, how he's been.
These are some of his
[stairs creaking]
[rain pattering]
[boxes shuffling]
- Hey, Bo.
- [Bo] Hey.
- I brought your homework
from our last class.
- Did you walk here?
- Yeah.
Can I come in?
- Sure.
[door squeaking]
- It's just a few worksheets.
They aren't too hard.
- Thanks.
- [Joan] Where's your mom?
- She's at work.
- Do you really think our
parents like each other?
- Who knows?
What's that?
- It's from a sawmill.
It's where my dad used to work.
He cut firewood for this guy.
He used to tell me his boss
was secretly filthy rich.
He hid all his money by burying
Would shoot anyone caught
Dad wanted to find it.
- It's getting late.
I think I'm gonna go.
See you tomorrow.
[door squeaking]
[door closes]
[crickets chirping]
[door squeaking]
[engine rumbling]
[horn honking]
[birds chirping]
[cars whooshing]
[machine whirring]
[logs clattering]
[birds chirping]
[tire banging]
[automatic doors sliding]
- David?
- [David] Hey.
- What are you doing here?
- You, uh, forgot your
jacket at school, so-
- That's not my jacket.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah, I'm sure.
- That's weird.
I was pretty sure that this was
But um.
What's going on?
- It's, it's really late.
- Yeah.
I couldn't sleep.
I should probably pick up
a night shift or something.
You guys aren't hiring by
chance, are you?
- It's not as fun as it looks.
- [David] That's surprising.
You've got a swimming pool.
- Yeah, I know, it's uh-
- Looks like a pretty good deal
to me.
- It does.
It does seem nice, but um, the
- I'm assuming you get free
- No, can't eat the snacks.
And the pool closes at 10, so.
- 10?
- Yeah.
It's hard to take advantage of
- That's way too early.
- I know.
Listen, I don't make the
rules, I just follow them.
- Yeah.
I guess when you get older you
gotta play by the rules and
be mature.
[water splashing]
[Anna squeals]
- [laughing] Oh my god.
- Whoo!
Holy shit.
- I'm completely soaked.
I got you wet, I'm sorry.
- Yeah. [laughs]
[clock ticking]
- [David] Hey uh, Bo, could
you come up here for a second?
So uh, you have a note or
anything for yesterday?
[sighs] 'Cause you know,
when you miss class,
it's not good, so.
No one wants to have to
repeat a grade, you know?
Especially in high school.
It'd be embarrassing.
I don't wanna have to call
your mom, but you know,
I will if I have to.
All right, you can...
That's fine, you can sit down.
[students chattering]
- Can I sit here?
- Yeah, sure.
- [Bo] I need your help.
I'm gonna find the money.
- [Joan] What?
- At the sawmill.
- Bo, I'm not gonna help
you steal the money.
[wrapper crinkling]
- You live with your mom?
- Yeah.
- What made you choose her?
- My parents decided.
- Okay, but if you had to
would you live with your mom or
you dad?
- I don't know.
- [Anna] Did you skip school
I think we need to go back
and see Heather tomorrow.
Maybe you can explain it to her?
- [Bo] I don't wanna talk to
- You have to talk to someone.
- I'm not doing anymore therapy.
- [Anna] Why?
- I'm just done.
I'm not gonna do it.
- You have to do it.
- No, I don't.
- Anna, can I talk to you for a
- Yeah, sure.
Here are the keys.
- So, I just wanted to check in
with you,
kinda see how you were doing.
- Yeah, same old.
- You have any fun plans for the
- Not really.
- Maybe the two of you
should do something fun,
you know, together.
- Okay.
- You know, I'm here if you
you ever wanna talk to someone.
- Thanks.
[door shuts]
It's getting cold.
Do you need a new jacket?
- No.
- You're gonna get sick
if you don't stay warm.
- I'm warm enough.
- Let's go out this weekend
and do something together.
- [Bo] Fine.
- David asked us if we wanted
to join him and Joan for some
live music.
- What?
- He said it was Joan's idea.
That she would love it if we
[engine rumbling]
[paper rustling]
- Joan.
- You miss a lot of school.
- [Bo] Yeah, I kind of have
a lot going on right now.
- Seems like it.
- I appreciate you
walking all the way here,
but I don't care about the
- All right, then.
- [Bo] It should be here
- What are you looking for?
- I got it.
- [Joan] You really think
you'll find something?
- I'm gonna try.
You sure you're not up for it?
- Why do you need the money so
- It's not about the money.
My mom never believed any of
- [Joan] Why do you need my
- I need a lookout,
someone to distract him.
- What am I supposed to do?
- You'll think of something.
You're like, the smartest girl I
- [scoffs] Please.
- So, will you help me?
[cars whooshing]
[birds chirping]
- We going, or what?
- Yeah.
[birds chirping]
All right, if you go that way
you can enter through the
- All right.
- You okay?
- I guess.
- [Bo] You'll be fine.
[machine whirring]
- Excuse me?
- [Robert] Can I help you?
- Uh, I, I live down the street.
My mom, she wanted me to ask you
about this tree in our yard.
It fell, during a storm.
- [Robert] What kinda tree is
- Uh, I don't know.
[shovel creaking]
[train horn blowing]
[Joan] Did you find the money?
- We'll have to go back
after it gets dark.
- No way.
I'm not going back there.
- We have to.
Why'd you tell your dad to
invite us out this weekend?
- Sorry.
I thought you could use the
- I thought of something
I could use the money for.
- [Joan] What's that?
- So I can leave.
Get away from here.
[upbeat folk music]
[audience cheering]
- [Musician] Thanks, y'all.
We're gonna take a quick break.
- So, what do you think?
Are we gonna dance?
[upbeat folk music begins]
- No.
- Come on.
- No way.
- Why not?
- Because I don't wanna
look like an idiot.
- No one's gonna think that.
I wouldn't.
- Yeah, because you're my mom.
- [David] Hey, hey.
- [Anna] Hey.
- Glad you guys could make it
You haven't been waiting long,
have you?
- No, we just got here.
- Awesome.
What's up, Bo?
- [Anna] The band seems great.
- The band's awesome.
You guys hungry?
- [Anna] Yeah, we could eat.
- Could eat a damn horse.
- You're being weird, Dad.
Stop being weird.
- I'm gonna put an order in.
You guys uh, want anything?
- Yeah, I'll come with you.
[upbeat folk music continues]
Thank you.
- For what?
- For inviting us out.
- Oh, yeah.
- My dad loves coming here.
It's kinda lame, but it's not so
- Whatever.
- You're not the only one
that hates seeing your
parent with someone else.
- Leave me alone.
- You know, I didn't wanna
help you steal that money.
- You didn't have to help me
steal the-
- But I did.
I didn't have to, but I did.
I never wanted to hang out
with you in the first place.
My dad just made me because
he felt sorry for you
because your dad killed himself.
You're just like him.
You're selfish.
- [Musician] One, two, three,
[upbeat music]
Drivin' down the coast
On your way to Monterey
You stopped in
- What do you guys think?
Wanna go dance?
- You two go ahead.
- You sure?
- Yeah, I can't dance.
- Come on, you can dance.
You're not gonna find a better
to dance to around here.
- Bo, what do you say?
Wanna cut a rug?
I cracked a smile
And you cracked another beer
And said "Maybe we can
meet again someday"
- [Anna] Okay, let's go.
- All right.
We had always planned
to meet west of Vegas
Just outside the city lights
Underneath the desert sky
Was it life or ourselves
that betrayed us?
Ain't no point wondering why
I'm just feeling lonely
You call me up just
to say nothing at all
And I sent you a postcard from
Phone didn't ring all summer
Then summer turned to fall
I guess we just went our
separate ways
There are moments in life
When life just seems to shine

From all directions
pointing toward one path
Sometimes the cruelest judge
Is just the passing time
I still dream that
someday you'll be mine
We had always planned
to meet west of Vegas
Just outside the city lights
Underneath the desert sky
Was it life or ourselves
that betrayed us?
Ain't no point wondering why
I'm just feeling lonely
- Thank you.
[audience cheering]
[Anna sighs]
- Can you unlock the truck?
I'm cold.
- [Anna] We need to get you a
new jacket.
- I told you I don't want
a new fucking jacket.
- [Anna] Watch your mouth.
- I wanna go home.
- Bo, you can't just walk out
like that.
[Bo sniffles]
- You wanna be with David, don't
- [scoffs] What?
- [Bo] I'm not stupid.
- Bo.
Bo, David is a friend.
- Yeah, right.
You'd rather be with him than
You're glad he's dead.
[door slams]
[crickets chirping]
[door slams]
[bed squeaking]
[muffled speaking on TV]
[audience laughing]
[cheerful music]
[audience applauding]
- [Anna] Bo, are you ready for
- I don't feel good.
- All right.
I'll, I'll see you later.
[birds chirping]
[dog barking]
[clock ticking]
- Bo?
What's going on?
- David?
- Hey, Anna.
- [Anna] Is everything all
- Yeah.
I, um.
- Do you wanna come in?
- Um.
Is uh, is Bo home?
- Yeah, he's in his room.
- Um.
Maybe uh, we could talk
outside for a second?
- Sure.
Let me grab my jacket.
- All right, sounds good.
- Okay.
[door squeaking]
What's up?
- Uh.
Not much.
How are things here?
- They're fine.
- Good, um.
Yeah, I thought we should talk,
a little earlier over at my
house, um,
- What is it?
- Um, [sighs] how is uh, Bo
- Look, I'm sorry about last
- Oh.
I, I mean, yeah, no, I had fun.
I mean, I think we all had fun
maybe I should give you
guys some space, you know?
- What do you think this is?
'Cause it's not like we're
- What do you mean?
Us talking?
We're- it's just us talking.
- [Anna] I mean, we're just
- Yeah.
I know.
I know that.
I didn't think we were dating.
I mean, I thought we
liked each other, and um,
I thought there was a
little bit of an attraction.
I'm not gonna
- So, you don't need
to worry about my son.
- So you have to be dating
to worry about someone's son?
Is that standard?
I mean, I am his teacher
and I thought we were friends,
and um,
I do like you.
And um,
you might be right.
And uh,
I think you're a good mom.
[door squeaking]
- Mom?
- I know you think it's my
fault your father's gone.
Maybe it is.
[pot lid clattering]
Get yourself some soup
before it gets cold.
[paper tearing]
[students chattering]
- [David] All right.
So, should we get into the
- [Student] No.
- All right, great.
Let's get into it, then.
[paper tearing]
Bo, what did you think?
- Of what?
- Of the story.
You must have it down pretty
'cause you're working
on something else there,
so I figured.
Did you read it?
- No.
- Why not?
You're kinda getting on
my last nerve here, Bo.
can you just go
read it in the principal's
You can discuss it with
the secretary or something.
I think she was an English
So, comedy versus tragedy.
No, comedy equals tragedy plus
What is, what do you think that
[phone ringing]
- [Secretary] Hi, North
Harrison High School.
Hang on just a second.
Let me check.
[birds chirping]
[footsteps approaching]
- You interested in this one?
- What's the cheapest car you
- The cheapest?
- Yeah.
- You here with your parents?
- No.
- I'm not sure of the cheapest.
We could take a look.
You wanna come inside?
[bell chiming]
Do you live around here?
- Yeah.
- Go ahead and take a seat.
Can you drive yet?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
If you're serious about buying a
let's give your folks a call.
- I can give you a check right
I have it right here.
- [Salesman] Doesn't
really work like that.
[cars whooshing]
- [Driver] Where you going?
- I'm, uh.
- [Driver] Are you getting in,
or what?
- Anna.
- Hi.
- Would you like to come in?
- Yeah.
Thanks for taking my call.
- [Heather] It's no problem.
- Do you have any kids?
- [Heather] I don't.
- I had Bo so young.
I was really scared.
I just felt like
I wasn't prepared, you know?
I still feel like that.
- [Heather] I can imagine.
- When he was younger,
he used to come up to our door
in the middle of the night.
He had a hard time sleeping,
and he would just knock
until we let him in.
I miss that.
[logs clattering]
- [Robert] Nice shirt.
Where'd you get that at?
- It was my dad's.
He used to work for you.
- I'm gonna get a fire going.
You can come in if you want.
[door squeaking]
[paper rustling]
So, what were you doing
here the other day?
- My dad used to tell
me stories about you.
- Stories like what?
- That you were rich.
Buried your money.
- Is that why you dug up my dog?
You Bo?
- Yeah.
- I remember your dad.
I'm sorry to hear about that.
I hate to disappoint you,
but I'm not rich.
I've never buried any money.
- You're saying he lied?
Made it all up?
- Not saying that.
It's just not true.
[fire crackling]
[fire crackling]
[crickets chirping]
[engine rumbling]
[door slams]
- [Anna] Stop!
What the hell are you doing?
- What do you care?
- [Anna] No. [groans]
[crickets chirping]
[bed squeaking]
[Anna] Bo, wake up.
We're gonna be late.
- [Deacon] So, today we realize,
the holiness of family life
and how blessed we are that God
gifts us
with the presence of our family.
So, let's take just a moment now
to spend a little time in silent
and offer whatever
prayer is in your heart,
for the gift of your family,
for the gift of God's love
and his life in our lives.
[engine rumbling]
[keys jingling]
[door shuts]
[footsteps approaching]
[soft folk music]
I dreamed that we were kids
Last night
The summer sun was blinding
Both our eyes
Remember that dark hole
I fell right through
There's somebody else down
Just out of view
I said who
Time moves along
Without much to say
Somehow I'm always surprised
The end of each day
I learned the shadows
On your face
The lights change and you're
And the memories erase
And I said who
Now tell me, who