Spooky Buddies (2011) Movie Script

Move 'em out, boys!
[indistinct chatter]
- [man 1] Let's go!
- [dog barking]
[man 2] Move it out!
[owl hooting]
Tonight... is the night.
All Hallow's Eve.
The moon is full.
I'll show all those fools
just how powerful
Warwick the Warlock really is!
[hooting] Master, you are the evilest.
Yes, I am.
Excuse me, Mr. Hoot, sir?
When do we get to meet
the Howlloween Hound?
I think Master's almost ready.
- [barking]
- The manor!
That no-good Warwick.
He must have the puppies.
- [barking]
- Give me those bolt cutters.
We must hurry. [hiccups]
Howlloween Hound
on All Hallow's Eve...
...with the moon full and bright,
open a portal beyond light.
Call three times to summon
a hound of great might.
The souls of five puppies
you shall have on this night.
Howlloween Hound.
Howlloween Hound!
To our side, Howlloween Hound!
Who dares summon me?
I do, Hound.
Warwick the Great.
I have the five puppy souls
of the same blood.
I believe they are
what you need to open the portal.
And why should I open
the portal for you?
Because together we shall unleash
all the creatures
of the underworld on Fernfield.
And then you and I
shall rule the land, Hound.
I like the sound of that.
But we only have this Halloween night,
while the moon is full.
The Howlloween Hound will see you now.
Let me go first.
- [man 1] Come on, boys.
- [man 2] Here we go now.
- Be careful, guys.
- OK, watch your backs, boys.
Pip! We have to find him, Dad!
He's my best friend!
We will, Joseph.
Grab that tree trunk.
We have to break down the door.
I've changed my mind. I don't wanna
go with the Howlloween Hound.
Master, the puppy
doesn't want to go now.
All I wanted was a wise owl.
And I seem to have got a moronic parrot.
- You're next.
- [biting]
You can't escape!
He's catching up to me!
Might as well accept your fate!
[evil laughter] Got you!
[dog whining]
- Pip!
- [barking]
Stay back!
Stop, Warwick!
Stay back or I will
turn you all into toads!
Stay back!
- [growling]
- [croaking]
Soon you will all be my slaves!
- Deputy Tracker...
- [growls]
...after him!
Quickly, Hound. Dawn is here!
Take the last puppy.
I'm fading.
Complete the spell!
There's nothing I despise more
than petulant young children!
- Let me go!
- [screams]
No! Pip!
- [barking]
- [yelling]
[groaning] The sun! My eyes!
Hound! Open the portal!
I need all five puppy souls.
It's too late, Warwick.
It's over, Warwick.
You're under arrest.
Enough of your black magic.
You're through.
I'll take this town
under my control one day.
Mark my words. I'll be back!
What in tarnation just happened?
[sobbing] Dad,
look what they did to Pip.
This is a statue, son.
No, it's Pip.
We have to turn Pip back.
Joseph, I'm right here.
We have to get out
of this place now.
[Joseph] No.
Come on, son. Let's go.
Wait. Why are you afraid?
It's just me, Pip.
[indistinct chatter]
What happened, Sheriff?
I don't know.
But hopefully it won't happen again.
Oh, no! I'm trapped in here.
This home is officially condemned.
- [man 1] Good idea!
- [man 2] About time!
Let's board it up, boys!
I don't want anyone going in.
[crowd murmuring]
[woman] It was 75 years ago
that the Manor was boarded up.
No one is exactly sure
what happened that night
or whether the legend
is even true at all.
But it's an interesting part
of Fernfield folklore, regardless.
I can't wait for tonight.
Halloween is my favorite
event of the year, paws down.
You do a trick and
you're guaranteed to get a treat.
It's trick or treat, Budderball.
Even better!
For me, it's all about the costume.
I can't wait to dress up.
Kids go in there every Halloween...
...and they say the Howlloween Hound's
name three times in the mirror.
They're never seen again.
Where did you hear that?
Come on. He's just trying to scare us.
No. No, it's true.
And he gets their pets too.
Once you hear the Hound's howl...
it's too late.
Either way, this place
gives me the creeps.
- [both laughing]
- [all] Oh, my gosh.
OK, Rodney and Skip,
no more tricks.
- Good one.
- Come along, children.
Onto the bus!
We have one more stop
on our spooky Fernfield tour.
Come on, get the lead out.
Come on, let's go.
Let's get on the bus.
[Rodney] You should have seen
the look on their faces.
Where's B-Dawg hiding?
I wasn't hiding, yo.
I was just getting ready
to pounce on that Hound.
Yeah, right, dude.
You were hiding like a scaredy-cat,
'cause you thought there was a ghost.
Pshaw, dawg.
B-Dawg is afraid of nothing,
especially no ghost!
Then why are you afraid to go
trick-or-treating tonight?
[all laughing]
Nice one, dude!
Fine. I'll prove it.
I'll go in there right now,
call out that Howlloween Hound,
and kick his tail, yo.
B-Dawg, wait.
Where are you going?
Whoa! This place is really creepy.
A pup? What is he doing in here?
Come on, guys. We can't leave
B-Dawg in there by himself.
[nervously laughing]
See? It's not too scary.
[chandelier clinking]
Did you guys just see that?
See what?
A strange glow, like a ghost.
Uh, nice one, dawg.
Maybe we just oughta leave.
Ha! Look who's the 'fraidy cat now,
big tough Budderball.
We must respect
the spirits of the night.
Ghosts are lost souls
that can't find their way to heaven.
B-Dawg the Brave, here I go.
[Rosebud] B-Dawg!
Let's reel him in
before we get in trouble.
This is the great
Deputy Tracker's grave...
[kids murmuring]
...one of the best canine officers
our town ever saw.
[boy 1] What? Where?
[woman] He had a nose for crime.
If there was evidence,
he had the best sniffer in town.
- He could just smell it.
- [screams]
[boy 2] What?
- Good afternoon, Mr. Johnson!
- Whoa.
That's the caretaker.
He's been running this place
as long as I can remember.
Yo, dawgs, did you see
that creepy old guy?
Yeah, that dude's, like, spook central.
OK, let's continue on, children.
Here we go, B-Dawg.
Just say it three times,
and it will all be over.
[stuttering] Howlloween Hound.
Howlloween Hound.
OK, nothing happened. Let's go!
Stop, please! Don't say it!
It's a ghost!
Let's get out of here, dudes!
Come on, B-Dawg. Run!
Don't say it again!
You'll release them!
You're... you're the Howlloween Hound!
Oh, no! You said it three times!
[screaming] Run for your life!
Wait! I'm not the Howlloween Hound!
[screaming] The ghost is on my tail!
Yo, that was a ghost, dawgs!
A real off-the-chain ghoul!
Dudes, was that the Howlloween Hound?
I said Howlloween Hound
three times into the mirror, dawgs.
I released the Howlloween Hound!
Could it really be true?
They've released Master
after all these years?
B-Dawg is correct, although
he was smaller than I'd imagined.
Whatever it was, we are outta there.
And I, for one, am never going back.
Come on. Let's catch up to our kids.
[haunted house sounds]
Now, I know you're all excited
about trick-or-treating tonight,
but let's not forget that your Fernfield
history projects are due Monday.
What a bonehead.
Yes, Billy. Is that a problem?
It's been assigned
for the last two weeks.
Oh! Oh, that project!
Yeah, I totally finished mine.
Great, Billy.
What subject did you choose?
I, uh...
The Curse of the Howlloween Hound.
Perhaps your project might
finally answer
whether the legend is true or not.
Oh, oh, definitely!
OK, class dismissed.
[high-pitched giggling]
Happy Halloween!
- Bye.
- Wow.
What am I gonna do?
If I don't pass this project,
I'm gonna be history!
What do you mean, Billy?
Sounds like you've got
a great spooky topic.
I just picked the first thing
that came into my head.
I totally forgot about
this history project.
I don't even know if I'll be able to go
trick-or-treating tonight.
Now, that's a disaster.
You know, if the police were involved,
then I bet Sheriff Dan knows
a thing or two about it.
- [all] Yeah.
- All right.
- Yeah, good idea.
- All right, let's go check it out.
- All right.
- Yeah, let's go.
The Howlloween Hound, yeah.
I've heard that spooky story
around the campfire once or twice.
Careful, kids,
there's a stair here that...
- [kids yelling]
- Yep, that's the one.
OK. Sheriff Jim kept all the evidence
from every case
he was ever on down here.
We're bound to find something
in these cold case files.
How are we gonna find
anything down here?
Don't worry, kids. I got this
entire room perfectly organized.
- [grunting]
- [clattering]
- That's been moved.
- [Billy] Uh-huh.
OK, we're looking for 1937.
- 1978.
- [Sheriff Dan] 1983.
1976. This could prove difficult.
Hey, I think this is it, Sheriff Dan!
- What?
- Yeah, check it out!
- Holy Dinah!
- Sweet!
That's good detective work, Billy.
Halloween, 1937.
- Whoa!
- Oh!
[Billy] No! No, wait, wait!
[Pete] Oh, dude.
- [groans]
- Uh... Wow.
OK... yep.
Thanks, Sheriff Dan.
- Whoa, that's cool.
- Whoa!
- What is that?
- Wow!
- Whoa.
- Sick.
That's quite the magic wand.
Hey, that'd be great
for my presentation.
Do you think I could borrow it?
- [Bartleby] Yeah.
- [Pete] That's a good idea.
Well, it is a part
of this cold case file.
But it's been over 70 years, so, uh...
- Ah, what the heck.
- Cool.
But remember, that's police evidence,
so I'm gonna need that back, Billy.
Oh, I promise I'll bring it back.
OK. Wouldn't want
you casting any spells.
Well, let's go back upstairs.
I have a souffl in the oven.
[Bartleby] Souffl?
[Pete] Dude.
Hey there, Deputy dude.
Huh? What's going on?
Ooh! Top of the morning to you, Buddies.
Actually, it's afternoon, Deputy.
We were wondering where you pups went.
Hey, guys, it's four o'clock!
If we don't get ready
for trick-or-treating,
we're not gonna maximize
our candy potential!
Yeah. Thanks for all the help,
Sheriff Dan.
Well, good luck
with your project, Billy.
You let Sheriff Dan know if there's
anything else I can do for you.
And you kids, remind your parents
to come to the Fernfield
Spooky Brew Ha-Ha tonight,
or I'll have to arrest them!
[all laughing]
- [all] Thanks, Sheriff. Bye!
- [Sheriff Dan] See you!
[recorded laughter]
Come on, B-Dawg.
Let's go, boy.
[door closing]
- Hey, Mom.
- Oh, hello, dear.
I gotta get ready for trick-or-treating.
- Did you pick up the costume?
- Oh, I sure did.
- It's just over there on the table.
- Cool.
And I bought a matching one
for B-Dawg as well!
Oh, sweet.
[bell dinging]
Oh, isn't that adorable?
You are just gonna be the cutest
little hip-hopper out there.
[stammering] Mom, I said hip-hop rapper,
not hip-hop rabbit!
I mean, are you trying
to completely ruin our street cred?
- [barking]
- I'm sorry. We cannot wear these.
Billy, you two will look
adorable as bunnies.
- Check it out, B-Dawg.
- [whimpering]
I present to you, Warwick the Warlock,
- at your service.
- [whining]
I'm sorry, B-Dawg,
but it's really not that bad.
Hey, check this out, buddy.
This must have been
what the warlock looked like.
And see the photo?
That must be the boy from the story,
and his little pup, Pip. See?
2332 Pine Lane.
I wonder if he still lives there.
Yeah, I know, it was,
like, 75 years ago.
He'd be older than Grandpa by now.
Man, that's old.
If I could just talk to him,
this would be the easiest project ever.
- [owl hooting]
- It's kind of creepy.
Almost... got it.
- There!
- [cat growling]
- Dude, chill. It's just a dumb cat.
- [yowling]
I bet there's tons
of weird stuff we can use
to scare those dudes from class with.
Oh, man. It's getting dark.
We better hurry.
[Skip] Almost.
What? I got more visitors?
[Skip] Check it out.
[Rodney] Whoa.
[kids laughing]
All right.
With the Howlloween Hound,
I will control the world.
- [chuckling]
- [exaggerated laughter]
Hey, that is really good.
- Thanks, dawg.
- Whoa.
Why is that thing, like, glowing?
- [Sam] Oh, yeah. Intriguing.
- Huh.
I don't know.
Maybe it has batteries or something.
Argh, nice costume, matey!
Does the "B" stand for bunny?
[all laughing]
This ain't no ordinary rabbit costume,
It's a killer rabbit.
And those things are da bomb!
- Now let's go score some sugar.
- Oh, yeah.
There are healthy
alternatives to sugar, too.
My family is handing out
homemade almond raisin granola.
How cool is that?
OK, no offense,
but I vote we skip Sam's house!
- Yeah.
- Me, too.
- Me three.
- Ah, man.
- [Alice] Sorry.
- Sorry, buddy. Come on!
[Alice] Whoa, check out the full moon!
[owl hooting]
- Rodney!
- What?
- [rumbling]
- [groaning]
We are... free!
Oh, no!
[evil laughter]
Oh, it was horrendous in there!
- [groaning]
- [whimpering]
Are you the ones that released us?
- Speak up!
- [both gasping]
Wait a minute.
Where's my staff? My book?
You've stolen them, haven't you?
Give me that.
Ratius rodentius!
- [sizzling]
- [Warwick laughing]
[Skip squeaking] Oh, no!
What happened to us?
[Rodney] Let's get out of here!
Now... they won't be able
to warn the rest of the town.
We must finish the spell.
I can smell the blood
of the five puppies we need.
They have been in this room.
Oh, no!
Hey, watch where you're going!
That's my tail!
Will you zip it? We have to find help!
You'll make a great Halloween treat.
[loud yowl]
Come on! We were just kidding before!
We love cats, really!
[frantic squeaking]
[sighs] Oh.
The Manor has seen better days.
[hooting] Master, it's true.
You're back!
[Warwick] Yes, Hoot,
you moronic birdbrain.
Go and find my staff.
Nothing can happen without it.
It'll be illuminated by the moonlight.
Yes, Master.
Hoot will find the glowing staff
and I will find my spell book.
If they can leave, then maybe I can too.
I'm free! Yes!
OK, I better go warn those puppies.
- Thanks!
- Thank you!
Thank you!
- Come on!
- Guys, let's go to this house.
I hope they have strawberry fizz bombs
at the next house.
- Let's go check out this one!
- Come on, let's go!
- They're amazing!
- Let's go.
Come on!
Yo, let's get this trick-or-treatin'
show on the road.
I don't want any more run-ins
with that Howlloween Hound dog
or any other creepy ghost,
for that matter.
Dude, they're just kids
in Halloween costumes.
Either way, dawg, I'm keeping
my eye on everything tonight.
- [Warwick groaning]
- [girl] Wait up, Sam!
Ah! Get away!
Look at that old guy.
- Get away!
- Excuse me.
- Real scary.
- [mumbles]
[kids screaming]
This is horrible.
Evil creatures are roaming the streets.
- Hurry!
- Yeah, come on.
The best candy's at the next house!
[kids] Trick or treat!
That pink goblin is hideous!
You've misled me, Warwick.
This town has already been taken over.
Quickly, Hound.
We still have some time.
Go and find your puppy souls.
- Come on, let's go!
- Come on, let's go cash out.
[doorbell cackling]
- Dude!
- Whoa.
Who dare knocks on my door?
- Dude, sweet costume!
- Yeah!
Dude, it's Frankendude to you.
- Oh, hello, children!
- Mrs. Carroll!
- Hi, Mrs. Carroll.
- It's Mrs. Frankendude.
- Welcome to our spooky house.
- Yeah.
- So, what do you think?
- It's totally awesome.
- Oh, it's so cool.
- Trick or treat?
Rad. Yeah, let Frankendude
help you out there, all right?
Except one per customer or
Frankendude will get upset
and then have to storm the village.
- [all laughing]
- That will be uncool.
[all] Good night. Thanks!
- Later.
- Shaka brah!
Hang ten on it.
[Sam] Let's check that place out!
- See ya in the tube.
- [laughing]
[Billy] Let's go check out
the next house, guys.
[Pete] Let's hurry up!
- [laughing]
- [puppy whining]
- Oh, he's so cute.
- It's time for us to get some treats.
Watch and learn.
[Mr. Carroll] Look,
he's coming up on the porch.
[Carrolls exclaiming]
- [whining]
- The dude begs.
- Oh, bark.
- He chases his tail...
Cute! He's going in a circle!
...then rolls over.
And for the finale,
Budderball's signature trick:
Plays starving!
- Oh!
- Oh.
- [whining]
- Go get some treats.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
If Budderball's an expert at anything,
it's begging for treats.
- Oh, yes.
- He earned it.
He did earn it.
There you go.
- Yeah!
- Really, really good!
- I'm so excited, you guys!
- That was awesome!
Hey, there's another ghost!
Maybe he can help me.
Excuse me. My name is Pip.
I was wondering if you've seen
five Golden Retriever puppies?
[laughing] That tickles.
[screaming] Ghost!
Help, Mom!
I just saw a real ghost!
[mother] Time to go home.
You've had enough sugar for one night.
Uh-oh. I guess ghosts are scary.
I better disguise myself.
[muffled laughter]
[Billy] That was such a jackpot.
[Alice] I got all my favorite candy.
[Billy] Come on, Sam!
[Sam] Geez, guys, wait up, I'm coming.
[hooting] There's the Master's staff.
[Sam] Two words: Godzilla feet!
- Trick or treat!
- Oh, what have we here?
- All right, here's for you.
- Thank you!
There you are.
Thank goodness I found you guys!
Yo, if you're lookin' for a pawtograph,
I ain't in da mood.
I'm here to warn you about
the Howlloween Hound.
How did you know about that?
[yells] It's the Howlloween Hound!
I told you dawgs he'd come after us!
- No, I'm not.
- Run, dawgs!
[all yelling]
[all breathing heavily]
Yo, this ghost dawg
just doesn't give up!
What do we do?
I know a place.
If there's anyone who can help us
with a paranormal problem,
it's Zelda. Follow me.
Please, wait.
I'm just trying to warn you guys.
[puppies barking]
That must be them.
It looks like someone else
is after those puppies, too.
[breathing heavily]
Remind me to never
come trick-or-treating
here at 2332 Pine Lane again!
Talk about no Halloween spirit!
2332 Pine Lane?
Hey! Guys, the boy
from the story lived here.
This was Joseph's house.
Go knock on the door, Billy.
Maybe he still lives there.
Alice, come on, he'd be, like,
a thousand years old or something.
Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained.
[gate opening]
[owl hooting]
I guess nobody's home.
See, I told you guys.
It's just a creepy old house
with nobody in it.
[all gasping]
Behind you, look.
Oh, ha ha. Good one, Sam,
but I'm not gonna fall for...
[Pete] Uh...
For reals?
[Sam] Yeah.
Oh! Um...
Uh, hello, sir. I...
I was just wondering
if this boy still lives here.
No, this boy hasn't lived here
in quite some time.
What do you want?
Well, you see,
I'm doing this school project
on The Curse of the Howlloween Hound,
you know, an old Fernfield legend,
and I was just hoping
to ask him some questions.
I'm sure if that boy
wanted to talk about it
he would have a long time ago.
Now go away!
Oh, OK. I'm sorry, sir.
Hey, boy!
Where'd you get that staff?
Hand it over!
That's very dangerous!
[all] Run! Go!
Come on! Go!
[Billy] He's behind us!
[Sam] So creepy!
I must find out who's responsible
for this infestation.
No one beats Warwick the Warlock
at his own game.
What is this?
Perhaps the evil sorcerer lives there?
All the ghouls and goblins
are flocking to his door.
[electronic laughing]
[kids] Trick or treat!
- [cackling]
- [screams]
- Who dares...
- [screams]
Dude, a little bit, uh,
old for trick-or-treating?
Now give me what's rightfully mine!
OK, I think that would entail
a trick on your part.
[gasps] Wow.
Master, I have good news.
OK, that's... Wow, ventriloquism.
That's impressive.
Yeah, bro, you just
got yourself a treat. Nice.
So, this is what
food tastes like these days.
Now, Hoot, tell me the good news.
Have you found my staff?
Yes, a young warlock has it.
I leave for 75 measly years,
and they find someone new to replace me.
- [kids] Trick or treat!
- Where's the respect?
[electronic laughing]
[breathing heavily]
I think we lost him.
Why is that ghost dude after us?
Maybe he wants to drink our blood!
That's vampires.
Maybe he wants to eat our brains.
That's zombies, dude.
Maybe he wants to devour
everything he sees.
- That's Budderball.
- Hmm?
It's probably because B-Dawg
released him from the mirror.
Oh, sure, dawg, blame me!
It's you guys teasing me and calling me
scaredy-cat that made me do it.
It's true. We have to take personal
responsibility for our own actions.
- [boy] Wait up!
- [all] Trick or treat!
He's got all kinds of terrifying
creatures following him.
- Thanks!
- Let's check out that place.
How will we get to him?
Those are just his friends, Master.
Friends? With creatures
of the underworld?
- No, they're...
- Silence!
- I need to focus.
- [kids] Trick or treat!
- Come on, guys! Let's go!
- Let's go over here!
- You there!
- Huh?
- Young warlock.
- Um, he's...
Do you know who I am?
Uh... I'm not sure?
I am Warwick the Warlock,
the evilest warlock known to man!
[all laughing]
- [yelling]
- [Sam] Oh!
I will make all of you ghouls my slaves!
[Billy] Uh... [chuckles]
...give me that staff!
Here, take it, Mister.
- Whoa!
- [yelling]
- What was that?
- Whoa!
That was awesome.
How did you do that?
Dawg, I have no idea!
But I'm pretty sure that guy
was who he says he is.
- What do you mean?
- Check this out!
That dude really is the Warlock!
- Yeah!
- Oh, no.
- [coughs]
- [Sam] Uh, guys...
I believe that now would be
an opportune time to run.
- Go!
- Run!
Are you OK, Master?
I clearly underestimated that warlock.
[Billy] Guys, come on!
Come on!
[all panting]
What was with that guy?
Yo, I have no idea,
but he wanted this thing pretty badly.
We better find Sheriff Dan, like, now!
- [Billy] Let's go.
- [Bartleby] Let's go.
Yeah, again, great bit before,
but, uh, it's kinda one piece
of candy per trick.
Look, I need your help, monster.
You're big and you're scary,
the perfect henchman for this job.
Slavius mineus!
- [laughing]
- What the...
[exhales] Now, you will do
exactly as I tell you.
I want you to find a young warlock
whose staff has a shiny blue crystal.
I want you to seize it.
Yes, Master.
And then eliminate him.
Yes, Master.
Dude. Dude.
I probably should have used
someone smarter for this job.
I believe this is the place.
Hello? Is anyone home?
I don't think anybody's here.
Yo, check out this crystal ball, dawgs.
It's like a giant gumball.
Yo, dawgs, the gumball is talking to us!
- I am Zelda.
- [shouting]
I am all-knowing and all-seeing.
I specialize in the mystic
and otherworldly.
I also do doggy weddings
and doggy bar mitzvahs.
Now, I sense you puppies are in danger.
Only if we end up at your groomer.
B-Dawg! I apologize for my brother.
We need your help because
this ghost has been chasing us.
Well, this is Halloween,
the only night spirits are free to roam.
We must make contact
with this ghost of yours.
[gasps] Oh, I have a Ouija board.
It can be used
to contact the other side.
- Hello?
- [all gasping]
I don't think you're gonna
need your Luigi board.
There's the ghost!
Oh, a ghost! [groaning]
That dudette is down for the count.
Please, I'm not gonna hurt you.
That's what ghosts always say
before they eat you.
Ghosts don't eat.
There's no way for us to.
That's the saddest thing
I've ever heard.
I'm a friendly ghost, I promise.
Oh, my, what a horrible dream.
- I know I look a bit strange.
- Oh!
But I was once a pup just like you.
My name is Pip.
You're the pup from the story.
Yes. I've been like this
ever since that night.
The Hound stole my brothers'
and sisters' souls.
The spell must have been
interrupted that night.
Your soul was left in limbo.
[soft growling]
I'm sorry I scared you guys
at the Manor.
I was trying to stop you
from releasing the Hound.
Yeah, and we're sorry, too, Pip.
I'm Rosebud, and these are my brothers,
B-Dawg, Mudbud, Buddha and Budderball.
The Hound and Warwick are free.
They're still trying
to finish their spell,
but they need five puppies
of the same blood to do it.
They're after you guys.
We must stop them
from completing the spell.
And Pip, now that you
have left the Manor,
if you do not return
to your body before sunrise,
you will be lost forever.
We must find the body
you once inhabited.
We shall ask the spirits
through my crystal ball.
[deep growling]
[exaggerated voice]
Oh, beautiful and wise one,
we ask for your help
on this night of Halloween.
Please show us this young pup's body.
Does it still exist
on the earthly plane?
That's me! I turned to stone
the night it all happened.
Ah, snap! The cemetery?
I mean, is it really necessary
to go there, dawgs?
[all gasping]
Hello, puppies.
Oh, no! It's the Howlloween Hound!
Come out, come out,
and I'll have your souls for dinner.
Oh, no. I'm stuck!
The back door, quickly!
Come on! [grunting]
[loud groaning]
- [kids] Mr. Carroll?
- [Billy] Oh, Mr. Carroll!
- Maybe you can help us.
- Give me staff!
That's not normal, even for Mr. Carroll.
- [Pete] That dude's eyes are creepy!
- [all exclaiming]
We better get to that party!
Sheriff Dan's there!
- [Billy] Yeah, come on!
- [Pete] Come on!
[singing "Monster Mash"]
Billy! Billy, come on!
Dance with your mom. Whoo!
Mom, I really don't have time right now.
See, there's a monster chasing us.
Of course there is, dear.
It's Halloween!
- [Mr. Carroll] Give me staff!
- [Billy] There he is.
Run! Run!
Oh, sweetheart, where are you going?
[noisemaker tooting]
[burping] Dude.
[fireworks whistling]
This must be that young Warlock's lair!
It's swarming with all those creatures.
This warlock is more powerful
than I thought.
[all chattering]
[high-pitched scream]
Hand over the candy.
Stay back, demon!
You'll not trick-or-treat me!
- [grunting]
- [popping]
Wait a minute.
You're no demon!
And you...
...you're no goblin!
- [snapping]
- [shouting]
What kind of trickery is this?
These are just kids in disguises!
Out of my way!
- Let's get outta here!
- Let's get outta here!
[singing "Monster Mash"]
[muffled music]
[Mudbud] Dudes! Sniffer!
He'll know what to do
about that nasty Hound!
Deputy Sniffer!
Wake up! Wake up!
We need your help!
[stammering] Trick-or-treat,
smell my paws.
Yo, dawg!
It's a straight up 9-1-1!
[stammering] Buddies,
you startled me there.
What's the problem?
Did someone steal
Budderball's candy bag?
No. This is more serious
than trick-or-treating.
Well, hi there, Zelda.
Deputy Dawg, we got a serious problem.
The Howlloween Hound
has been released!
I sense we have a few hours
before the entire town is doomed,
and soon after that, the whole world!
You're quite the trickster, Zelda.
[chuckling] My great grandpappy Tracker
used to tell me that old wives' tale
when I was just a pup.
Scared the bejesus outta me.
Deputy Sniffer,
I can assure you the legend is true.
Wow, great ghost costume.
It's not a costume, Deputy Sniffer.
He's a ghost.
See, I can float through walls.
[Sniffer] Oh! Look at...
Whoa! Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle.
My name is Pip.
I knew your great grandpappy,
Deputy Tracker.
We could really use your help.
Uh, would this hound
happen to be large and brown
and, uh, with green eyes?
Oh, no! He's found us!
The long paw of the law
will handle this intruder.
- You guys go.
- Hurry, we must get to the cemetery.
[weak howling]
Stop in the name of the law!
Time to meet your fate.
- You're under arrest!
- [howling]
What in tarnation do you...
[singing "Monster Mash"]
Oh, there you are, Frank!
You didn't tell me you
left early for the party!
- Uh...
- Come on!
The costume contest is starting
and you're a shoo-in!
- Come on!
- [grunting]
Oh, I love your costume!
You're a wizard, right?
I am a warlock, Madam,
and I'm not wearing a costume!
Now unhand me, you crazy kitty cat!
- [applause]
- [Dan] OK, all right.
OK, all right.
Ladies and gentlemen, please,
a round of applause
for the finalists
for most original costume.
[crowd chattering]
OK, you've got your numbers.
[Dan] All right, make a nice,
clean line, please.
Sheriff! Sheriff.
I've really gotta talk to you.
It's really, really important.
In a jiffy, Billy.
I just have to announce the winner,
all right?
But, Sheriff!
Ladies and gentlemen,
the first place winner is...
- ...drum roll, please.
- [drum roll]
The winner is...
...Frank Carroll! Frankendude!
- Move!
- Honey, that's great!
Useless monster!
Must I do everything myself?
Staff! [grunting]
Say "cheese"!
[pained grunting]
- [shouting]
- [crowd gasping]
Heavens to Betsy!
Somebody had a bit too much
spooky punch!
[crowd laughing]
Oh, honey, are you OK?
You know that story about the warlock?
Hypothetically speaking,
could Warwick return to Fernfield
even if it was, like, 75 years ago?
Billy, it's Halloween!
All the scariest monsters
return this time of year.
Give the staff to me, boy!
It belongs to me, Warwick,
the greatest warlock of all time!
I've gotta return that to Sheriff Dan!
What have you done with my book?
Now, sir!
That, my friend, is a party foul!
Unhand that boy!
Enough monkey business!
Monkey business, eh?
- [all] Let's go!
- [Sam] Come on!
Transformius monchius!
[crowd gasping, applauding]
What in tarnation? [chittering]
- [gasping]
- You're under arrest
for insulting an officer of the law!
[all laughing]
No one makes a monkey
out of Sheriff Dan!
- [chittering]
- [applause]
Great trick! Just fabulous!
Thank you! It's good to be loved!
- [hiccuping]
- [crowd laughing]
But it's better to be feared!
[evil laughter]
[Mrs. Carroll] Wow!
That was amazing.
[Janice] That was!
Baby, come over here!
Come on, dance!
# Ghosts and goblins
and green little things
# They're comin' up, comin' up
My, oh my, it's a scream #
Dude, did you get the staff
to Sheriff Dan?
- Sort of.
- Uh, what do you mean?
- Uh...
- [door opening]
- [chittering]
- Hey, that monkey
is dressed like Sheriff Dan.
- That is Sheriff Dan!
- What?
Run kids! He's coming!
[Pete] But, dude, where's Warwick?
There you are!
Does that answer your question?
Now, where is that book?
Or do you all want to be
turned into monkeys, too?
No, really, Mister,
we don't know where the book is!
Wrong answer, boy.
Monchius appe...
- Hurry!
- Uh...
Come with me!
Before it's too late! Come on!
Come on.
[engine starting]
They won't get far.
[all panting]
What's the plan now, dudette?
Everyone, look around for Pip's body.
We don't have much time.
Whoa! That's me.
"Pip. Rest in peace.
Most loyal friend of Joseph.
The best pup a boy could ever have."
What do we do now, Zelda?
OK, well, uh, I have to confess.
[nervous laughter]
I've never really returned
a spirit to a body, per se.
But I'll give it a whirl.
Help us, spirits, and take this soul.
Place it back into the body
the Hound once stole!
Help us, spirits, and take this soul.
Place it back into the body
the Hound once stole!
It's working!
Help us, spirits, and take this soul.
Place it back into the body
the Hound once stole!
Whoa, guys, my legs!
I can wiggle my nose!
Wow, guys, I can chase my tail!
I'm back! Whoo!
How can I ever thank you guys?
Watch me run!
Look at me go!
Whoo! Awesome!
Come on, kids.
Hurry! Hurry, hurry!
Quickly, everyone inside!
There they are!
[evil laughter]
I want that book!
You'll be safe here.
Evil like Warwick cannot
enter the house of God.
Well, how come you have a key?
I'm the organist here every Sunday.
Don't worry, kids.
We beat Warwick once,
we can do it again.
This is you, isn't it?
You're the boy from the legend.
That was sure a long time ago.
Well, um, I'm Billy, and this is Alice,
and that's Pete and Bartleby,
and that's Sam.
Joseph. Joseph Johnson.
[all gasping]
This time, there's nowhere to run.
Mr. Hound, I am Zelda.
I am all-knowing and all-seeing.
I specialize in the mystic
and otherworldly.
I believe I can help you
come from the dark
back into the light.
I actually like the darkness.
Now get out of my way.
Oh, no!
- Hoot.
- [grunting]
Go tell that idiot Warwick
I've captured the puppies.
Now, I have a different plan
for you pups.
We're doomed!
For 75 years I held onto this book...
...dreading a full moon
on Halloween night.
It's the only night Warwick could return
to finish the spell.
They have my book!
How do I get my hands on it?
[Billy] Whoa, what's up with this book?
The writing's all trippy.
It's Latin. I learned the language
and studied the book
from cover to cover,
trying to decipher its meaning,
so I could stop Warwick.
So, what's the book say, Mr. Johnson?
Warwick will need three items
to complete the spell tonight
for the evil spirits
of the netherworld to remain here.
The nether-what now?
That's another name
for a place where ghosts live,
usually bad ones.
Halloween is the one night
these spirits can roam free
in our world.
Only the Howlloween Hound
can call them out.
Warwick will use those spirits
to control the townsfolk of Fernfield.
But you said he needs three things,
That's right.
His staff, the spell book...
...and one other thing.
Well, what is it?
The souls of five young puppies
who share the same blood.
Like brothers and sisters?
[all] The Buddies!
- Master!
- [shrieking]
Don't sneak up on me like that!
Hound has captured the five puppies.
Those puppies will come in handy
in more ways than one.
[evil laughter, hiccuping]
Good work, Hound.
Now all I need is my book.
You take these puppies
back to the Manor
and I will meet you there.
[laughter, hiccuping]
Open wide like the jaws of a dragon!
You in there!
I have something you want.
Yo, dawgs, it's that creepy old warlock!
If you want to see your puppies again,
you better bring that book to my Manor!
Oh, no, they've got the Buddies!
Yeah, but what if they're
just trying to trick us?
You really want to take that chance,
dude? I wouldn't.
I told those wretched children
to bring me my spell book.
What if they don't come with the book?
Quiet, you moronic birdbrain.
They will want to save
their precious puppies, won't they?
[evil laughter, hiccuping]
Mr. Johnson, what happens
if we can't stop them?
Then the spirits will be
under Warwick's control forever.
They'll take over Fernfield first,
and who knows what they'll do next?
Yeah, that's definitely not good.
We have to put an end to this tonight,
for all time.
[muffled music]
What are you dudes up to?
We're gonna get that dirty rat.
Hey, I resent that comment.
Come on, or you'll be a dirty rat
for the rest of your life.
Ready to exact some revenge!
Soon, they will be here
with my spell book,
and you can devour those...
...delicious puppy souls.
Ow! Ow! Ow!
Oh, what is it?
Something is biting me! Ow!
Quickly, Hound,
Hoot do something! Ow!
Yo, now that dawg
has some serious moves.
You ain't seen nothing yet.
Change us back, you jerk!
Run for it, dude!
Back off, you vermin!
Hound! Get them!
I'll get that book
from those stupid kids!
Our kids are here?
Oh, no!
You guard the puppies.
Yes, Master.
Fail me, and I'll turn you
into a feather duster.
Psst, Buddies.
We have to get you out of here.
[hooting] What do you
think you're doing?
I'm saving my friends.
I can't let them escape.
Master would be furious.
Hoot, why are you so loyal to Warwick?
Seriously, dude!
It's totally obvious he plans
to get rid of you.
Master sometimes gets angry,
but he would never get rid of me.
He needs me!
Yo, are you hallucinatrippin'?
He's got that Howlloween Hound
to do his dirty work now.
Man, he calls you names
like moronic birdbrain.
That does sound like something he'd say.
You have a conscience,
but yet you have spent your whole life
being bossed around by someone
who doesn't respect you.
What do you know?
I know you never meant to hurt us, Hoot.
And even though you've been
under Warwick's control for a long time,
you still have a chance
at a happy life in this beautiful world.
But if Warwick wins,
we'll all be doomed.
Haven't the last 75 years without evil
been a lot nicer than your time
under Warwick's wing?
It was kind of nice not having to look
over my shoulder all the time.
You won't regret it, Hoot.
I promise.
[Skip squeaking]
Run! He's on our tails!
Rats! Another ridiculous chase.
We've got to go, Buddies,
before they return.
Puppies, how did you get out?
I let them go.
I knew I couldn't trust you.
I've had enough of the dark side.
I won't be responsible for anymore evil.
Run, puppies, run!
[B-Dawg] Let's go!
- [hooting]
- [barking]
Dudes, we're trapped!
Finally, your puppy souls will be mine.
Let them go, Hound.
All you need is me.
What is this?
It's me, Pip.
You stole
all my brothers' and sisters' souls.
Now all you need is me
to complete the spell.
Then you'll have five souls
of the same blood.
Why, Pip, I do remember you.
Your siblings were delicious.
Take me and let the Buddies go.
You don't need them.
Goodbye, Buddies.
No, dude! Don't!
- Stop! No!
- Don't do it!
This way, puppies.
I can now open the portal.
I'm not waiting for that idiot Warwick
any longer.
[gate creaking]
Open the portal!
Release the spirits of the netherworld!
[deep evil laughter]
[maniacal laughter]
[Joseph] Oh, no!
They've opened the portal!
Have faith, young ones.
We can still stop it.
- Yeah.
- [engine starting]
[boy laughing]
- Did you guys see that?
- [maniacal laughter]
- Let's get out of here!
- Run!
[maniacal laughter]
# One dark, scary night
some wolves... #
Sheriff Dan really
went all out this year.
- The special effects are amazing!
- Oh, yeah.
[all groaning]
- Bring it right to me.
- [car doors close]
Yo, this place is
a lot creepier at night.
Stay close to me, kids.
We're here. We have your book.
Ah, just in time.
Hand it over!
Where are the Buddies?
Oh, they're around here somewhere.
[chuckles sinisterly]
Now, I'll be taking that book.
No book until you hand over the puppies.
Oh, really?
- [Pete] Mr. Johnson!
- [Warwick laughing]
[Alice] Oh, Mr. Johnson, are you OK?
- [groans]
- Are you OK?
My book! [laughs]
Go after him, kids.
It's up to you now.
[Billy] Let's go.
- [all groaning]
- Dude. Dude.
Now I shall complete the spell,
and all the creatures
of the netherworld...
...will be here forever.
And I will rule the land.
[choir singing]
"Our Father who art..."
Wait a minute.
This is not my spell book!
It's the Bible!
Hand me my staff... boy!
No! Protectus!
Oh, sweet mama!
Where there's a kitchen,
there's gotta be food.
Quick, we need to hide before
the Howlloween Hound finds us.
Mmm, perfect. Pickled eggs!
A fellow can't fight evil
on an empty stomach.
Ew, Budderball, those are eyeballs.
They're a bit rubbery.
Uh, dude!
No, seriously, Mudbud,
they're not that bad. You want one?
Now, Budderball, please don't panic,
but the Howlloween Hound
is right behind you!
And I shouldn't panic?
Hello, puppies.
Just thought I would visit
the kitchen for a late night snack.
All right, dawg, you win,
but take Budderball first.
Uh, he's got the most meat on his bones.
Actually, I'm not that tasty. Really.
Silence! I don't care who's first.
You'll all end up in the same spot.
Trust me, dawgs. I've got a plan.
B-Dawg has a plan?
I can have a plan.
Yo, Budderball, when I tell you,
let one rip.
Do it, dawg!
No! This can't be happening!
[laughing] Our secret weapon!
That was wicked, dude!
That takes years of practice.
Good thinking, B-Dawg.
I knew Budderball's potion
could neutralize anything,
including the Howlloween Hound.
The kids! Come on!
Quickly, Billy!
The sun is rising!
Say the spell!
- Come on, Billy!
- [Pete] Say it, dude!
- Aboleo alica.
- [Warwick groans]
Quod etiam bestia.
Quod inritus universitas res.
Verto super Quod narro is thrice.
All's ut eram inerferta furta
Dnuoh Neewollowoh.
Dnuoh Neewollowoh.
Dnuoh Neewollowoh!
You're finished, Warwick!
[all gasping]
I will take you with me!
[both yelling]
[Sam] Mr. Johnson! No!
[Warwick] Ah! Ah!
It's you, that petulant child!
You're back!
The name is Joseph.
Joseph Johnson!
[shouting] No!
Uh, what if he comes back?
I don't think that will
happen again, Alice.
[glass cracking]
- Whoa!
- Whoa!
[kids panting]
[all babbling]
What? What?
- [gasping]
- [yelping]
Oh, Pip. Pip.
But where are the Buddies?
- [barking]
- [laughing] Whoa!
[Alice] Rosebud!
- B-Dawg! Come here.
- Hey, Buddha.
[Bartleby] Budderball. Budderball.
Come on, everyone!
Let's get out of this evil place!
- [Pete] Yeah.
- [Sam] Come on, buddy, let's go!
Come on, let's go!
[indistinct chatter]
[police siren chirping]
[Dan] I'm here. Clear the way.
I'm here. It's OK.
Excuse me. Pardon me.
[giggling, laughing]
I haven't had an episode like this since
that Kiss concert in the '80s. Wow!
Maybe now I can be a wise owl.
It's a new day at last.
[Rodney] Hey, can we get
some help over here?
- Oh.
- [Skip] Yeah, it's cold!
Can someone find our clothes?
[all laughing]
Thanks again for all the help,
Mr. John...
I mean, Joseph.
It was a pleasure... dawg.
[all laughing]
So, what are you gonna do now?
Well, I tracked down Pip's
brothers' and sisters' owners.
They live all across America now,
so we're going to visit.
Figure it's about time
that Pip and I do some living.
See the country.
It's so great to have
a new leash on life.
I'll miss you, Buddies.
Yo, dawg, we'll catch you
on the flip side.
I think what my brother's saying is,
we'll never forget you.
Hang loose, dude.
Now that you can eat again,
do me a favor.
You need to check out the chili cheese
dogs at every town you visit
and tell us which one's the best.
Have a great time, Pip.
Goodbye, Buddies.
I haven't felt this spry in years.
We better hit the road. Bye, kids.
[all] Bye, Mr. Johnson!
[engine starting]
# Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
# Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
# Ghosts and goblins
and green little things
# They're comin' up, comin' up
# My, oh my, it's a scream
# Comin' from the graveyard
is a sickening sight
# They're comin' up, comin' up
On this Halloween night
# Oh, my, they scare
the bejesus out of me
# Scream
# They're comin' up, comin' up
My, oh my, it's the Hound
# They're comin' up, comin' up
On this Halloween night
# Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh
# Ghosts and goblins
making horrible sounds
# They're comin' up, comin' up
My, oh my, it's the Hound