Spooky Stakeout (2016) Movie Script

[Spooky music]
[wind blowing]
[water dripping]
Where are you?
Remember the first rule
in ghost-hunting?
Stick together.
[floorboard creaks]
If someone's there...
you should know I'm highly
skilled in arm-to-arm combat.
If you get hurt,
it's - it's not my fault.
Who are you?!
That's me.
Sorry I'm late.
This place was
really hard to find.
I'm the reporter
you've been emailing.
I'm here to write a story on
the spooky ghost-hunting team.
- But you're a girl.
- Uh, yeah, of course I am.
Okay, let's get started.
Wait, where are the others?
- I don't know. We...
- We got split up.
I've tried them on the
walkie-talkies but...
[walkie-talkie crackle]
No signal.
Walls are too thick.
Phones don't work either.
- Looks like it's
just me and you then.
Did I scare you?
- Who, me?
- No chance.
[Spooky music]
- This place is dead creepy.
Do you think it's
really haunted?
- It's too early to tell.
- Of course.
I'm sure you have
to do loads of tests
before you can say if a place
is really haunted or not.
How long have you
being hunting ghosts?
- A few years.
I've always believed in ghosts,
the paranormal,
all that mumbo-jumbo.
So I asked a few of my friends
if they wanted to join
my ghost-hunting team.
- Tell me about them.
- Well, there's Noah.
He likes to think
he's in charge but...
I let him think that.
And there's Clan.
He's, like, the biggest
geek on the planet.
I think he's part computer.
Last but not least, Sarah.
She's dead smart.
And, off the record,
a total know-it-all.
- Okay...
So, how would you
describe yourself?
- I don't really like
to talk about myself
but some people say
I'm the handsome
brains of the operation.
- I can see why.
- Okay, so you have
your team in place.
Now what was your first
spooky stakeout?
The one that got you
hooked on the supernatural.
. Easy.-
Our very first
mission took place
one Halloween night
after school.
- Legend has it that there
was a horrible old nun...
- Who all the students
were scared of.
She only liked when
the students were gone
and the school
was empty and silent.
One cold winter morning,
the students decided to
teach the old nun a lesson,
so they poured water
[sound of water pouring] on the
steps outside the classroom
and waited for it to freeze.
When the nun approached
the classroom,
the students were outside
playing and laughing,
something the nun hated.
She let roar...
- Be quiet!
- and ran down the steps
toward them.
But she slipped on the icy steps
and flew five,
ten feet into the air.
She came crashing down
and broke her neck.
And now, the ghost
of the dead nun
roams these halls
looking for revenge on any
students who misbehave.
- Is that real?
- Noah, that's the stupidest
thing I've ever heard.
Hey, Emma!
It's just something that
sixth years tell first years
to scare them.
- Great.
- Who invited Brian?
- Cian did.
[all together]
- Cian!
- Seriously.
- What?
- No, I didn't.
I might have mentioned
we were going ghost-hunting
but I didn't invite him.
- Ghost-hunting?
There's no such thing as ghosts.
Sarah? Emma?
Do you really believe all this?
- Forget him.
We'll show him when we get
proof the school is haunted
and find the ghost.
Alright, let's just focus.
Itinerary check.
What are you wearing?
- It's a utility belt.
[camera shutter clicks]
- Uh, check.
Voice recorder?
- It's my dad's.
He doesn't know I took it.
- Check.
- Uh, torches?
- Torches are stupid anyway.
- I guess you have something
in common with them so...
- Uh, that just leaves the map.
- I thought you had it.
- I thought you had it.
[record scratch]
- I have it.
- Phew.
- What did you do to it?
[chimes ring] ls this glitter?
- I made it fabulous.
[all laughing]
- Here, I told my parents
I'd be home by nine
and it's already getting dark.
Can you get started?
- Alright.
Let's plan where
we're gonna go first.
So, we should start around here.
And then make
our way to here and...
- Shh!
What was that?
Maybe it's the ghost.
- No, someone's coming.
I just forgot my, uh, bag
but I have it now so,
uh, I was just leaving.
- That was a close one.
- Phew.
- Good job, Noah.
- Where's Emma?
- Emma?
Where are you?
It's typical of her.
- Maybe the ghost took her?
- No. She probably
got scared and ran off.
- Seriously, where is she?
- No, we'll find her.
- Don't worry.
Just where should we look first?
[distant door closing]
Here, follow my lead.
- This is stupid.
Hey, wait up.
[Spooky music]
- I bet the ghost took her.
- The second rule
of ghost-hunting:
never jump to conclusions.
You can write that down
if you want.
Right, back to the story.
We continued our hunt
for Emma, and the ghost,
in every room.
- Emma?
This isn't funny.
- What if we can't find her?
- We will.
She's around here somewhere.
- Her parents are going
to freak out if we don't.
- It wasn't my idea.
Noah's the one that's
getting in trouble.
You might even get expelled.
She's not in here.
Let's go.
- Shut up.
- What?
' [gasps]
- Relax.
They're just sweets.
They're ping-pong balls.
[camera shutter clicks]
- What do you think is going on
with Noah and Sarah?
- I don't know.
[camera shutter clicks]
- Why do you keep doing that?
[camera shutter clicks]
- Photographic evidence.
- Photographic what?
- Evidence.
Some ghosts cannot
be seen by the human eye,
but can be picked up on camera.
I read it online.
- You're such a geek.
- Well, when I get
proof of a ghost
and become rich and famous,
we'll see who's laughing then.
- I can't wait.
- Oh!
Maybe this guy knows
where Emma is.
Hi, um, have you
seen our friend Emma'?
Let's see what he has to say.
Oh, okay.
That's her!
Blonde hair.
Um, yeah.
Oh, very interesting.
Right, okay,
thanks for your help.
Hasn't seen her.
- How could he?
- He only has one eye.
- Ugh...
[camera shutter clicks]
- What?
- Oh my God!
- What's that?
- What? Where?
You're too easy.
- Grow up, man.
- Gimme that.
- You're the one
who believes in ghosts.
[Spooky music]
[camera shutter clicks]
- [screams]
You should have seen your face!
- Very funny, Brian.
I'm so glad you decided to stay.
[distant door slams]
- Let's go!
- Come on,
we better check that out!
- Why is everyone
so serious all the time?
Although it was pretty creepy,
I still find time
to have a laugh.
- This is great.
I'm getting a sense
of who the real Brian is:
a joker,
a rebel even,
in school after hours,
all alone.
- Yeah, I am a rebel.
However, we weren't
alone that night...
I'm starving.
- Stop! Stop! Stop!
- What?
- They might be poisoned.
- Poisoned?
Why would anyone poison buns?
- Uh...
- You're paranoid, Cian.
- Look, I'll take the first one.
- Brian!
Are you alright?
- He's only messin'.
- Very funny, Brian.
- I'm not gonna fall for it.
Lads, I don't
think he's alright.
- He's only messin'.
- No, I really don't
think he's alright.
Brian! Brian!
Are you alright?
- Leave him.
- Brian!
- One... two... three...
four... five...
Could do with a bit of jam.
- I tried to tell you.
- Nice to know you care.
- Whatever!
- Thanks.
- Mmm.
- Brian!
- I didn't...
Someone put...
It's not my fault!
- Shh!
I hear something.
The caretaker's coming.
- Follow me.
Are you in here?
[ghost whispers]
- Sarah...
- Shh!
- What was that?
- What?
- It sounded like...
[farts loudly]
- Oh!
- You're disgusting.
- You should really
change your diet.
That's just not normal.
- Wait...
did anyone try Emma's phone?
- Oh!
[phone ringing]
It's ringing.
- Put it on speaker.
[phone beeps]
[phone answers]
- Emma?
Where are you?
- [heavy breathing on phone]
- Emma?
- Are you there?
- Say something.
- [heavy breathing on phone]
- Has Emma got asthma?
[phone goes dead]
- Try it again.
- I am.
- It's not working.
[loud series of thuds]
- Should we open it?
- It's probably just...
- just the wind.
- Yeah, just the wind.
Go on then.
- [gasps]
- My heart!
- Who's he?
[groans with relief]
Thank you, thank you.
- What happened to you?
- The sixth years tied me up
and locked me in here.
- Why?
- Because I am a prefect
and they were mitching class.
Wait, what are you
still doing here?
[cracks neck]
- We're looking for our friend.
- And the school ghost.
- How do you know
about the school ghost?
- What do you know
about the school ghost?
[creepy whispering noise]
- What?
I don't want to.
Listen, if you let me go,
I'll help you find...
[cracks neck] Emma.
- How did you know her name?
[creepy whispering noise]
- Shh! Be quiet!
". OK?!"
Okay, group meeting.
So, what are we gonna do?
- He's gone crazy.
Look at him.
[cracks neck]
We should leave him here.
- We can't do that.
- He's really freaking me out.
- I say we leave him.
- Yeah.
- No.
- No, Sarah's right.
We can't just leave him.
So, you promise you'll behave?
-[sinister laughing]
We're free!
We're free!
- I thought you were
gonna help us find Emma!
- That might have
been a mistake.
- Nice one.
- Let's keep looking.
- Alright?
- [laughing maniacally]
We're free!
- When you're ghost-hunting,
you never know who
you're going to bump into.
You have to expect
the unexpected.
- Any idea of who that guy was?
- Just some weirdo.
I heard he was locked up
and doctors experimented
on his brain.
- They lobotomized him?
- I've no idea what that is.
All I know is they cut
part of his brain out
and put it in ajar somewhere.
- Listen to that.
What was that?
- The Idiots Guide to Ghostly
Possessions and Spells.
- Either the ghost
is saying we're idiots
or we might just have
a possession on our hands.
- Do you ever get scared?
I don't have time to get scared.
I'm just worried
about the others.
[photocopier whirring]
- Hey, lads.
Get this.
- Freaky.
- Do you think it could be Emma?
- Or the ghost.
- The ghost knows
how to work a printer?
It's obviously Emma.
- But maybe the ghost has her
and is trying to
send us a message.
- I don't know about that, Cian.
- I've got an idea.
Give us a leg-up.
- What are you doing?
- What's it look like I'm doing?
I'm going to photocopy my bum
and stick the pictures
all over school.
- How's that gonna help?
- Help what?
- I'll be outside doing
some real investigatin'...
when you're finished
foolin' around.
Excuse me.
- Wait, stop!
- You're gonna
get us in trouble.
- What?
No one will find out.
- He's got a point.
". OK?!"
Just be quick, alright?
[distant laughter]
[camera shutter clicks]
[flash light clicks]
- Okay.
- It's okay, Cian.
It's okay.
Nothing to be afraid of.
It's just the dark.
Just the dark.
Don't do that!
- Sorry.
Here, come on, Cian.
We're leaving.
- Photocopier didn't work.
[Spooky music]
- Whoa!
Look at all the stuff in here.
- Hey.
- Check this out.
- Spider-baby.
[camera shutter clicks]
[creaking noise]
- Whoa!
- Sorry.
[Spooky music]
[distant screaming]
- Emma!
Hate You!
- Ah, I get n.
There's something going
on with Noah and Sarah.
- You got that?
You're good.
But between us...
And this stays off the record...
It could have been me
and Sarah, though.
But I turned her down.
Thanks, but no thanks.
I just didn't want to be
tied down, you know?
The old ball and chain.
Heartbroken, she was.
- Heartbroken?
- Sarah.
Where have you been hiding?
- What were you just saying?
- Nothing, nothing.
- About a different Sarah.
You don't know her.
You haven't met Alex, have you?
- I'm Alex.
You're much prettier
than I imagined.
- Alex is a reporter who
wants to do a story about us.
She's a girl.
- Thanks, Captain Obvious.
Don't believe a word he says.
She's such a joker.
- I'm sick of this place.
I knew it was
a mistake coming here.
- Oh...
- Don't mind her.
She's just moping about Noah.
He dumped her 'cause
he likes rugby now.
She's dating one of his friends.
Ice cold.
- Shut up, Brian!
You don't know
what you're talking about.
I don't want to talk about it.
[Spooky music]
Okay, guys.-
So, the castle's website said
it was built on
an old graveyard.
Every night a new
ghost roams the halls.
- FYI, I won't use what
Brian said in my story.
I'm just after what it takes
to be a real ghost hunter.
Are you thinking
of leaving the team?
- Why would anyone
want to leave?
- Maybe.
- Who knows?
What's he been saying?
- Nothing.
Just what happened on
your first spooky adventure.
- Really?
Did he tell you about
the time he got so scared
he nearly pooped his pants?
- Sarah O' Reilly.
Don't you dare.
- What happened was,
we were in the music room...
- Look, I've got a bad
feeling about this room.
I-I-I think we should skip it.
- You're such a wuss.
[piano playing]
- If you're so brave,
you go over and check.
- Okay, I will.
Watch me.
I need a torch.
- Be careful, Brian.
[tense music]
- Gotcha!
There's no one here.
- Then who was playing?
- Maybe it was the ghost.
- Maybe it was Santa Claus.
I told you, there's no
such thing as ghosts.
[music box playing lullaby]
- Did you do that?
- Your turn.
[music box stops]
- It's probably
just a mouse, Cian.
" Huh?"
- I said, it was
probably just a mouse.
- What did you just say?
- A mouse.
- I hate mouses.
- I thought you weren't
scared of anything.
- Mouses aren't anything.
They're evil little creatures
that nibble at your feet
when you're asleep.
- They're called mice,
not "mouses."
- What?
- The plural for mouse is mice.
- What does "plural" mean?
- It means more than one.
- There's more than one?!
- Look out!
- They'll nibble your toes!
- This is stupid!
- I'm going home!
- No, Brian, don't go.
- We're only messing!
- I wasn't.
- Cian!
- He's not as brave
as he thinks.
- Everyone's scared
of something.
Isn't that right, Sarah?
Anyone else feeling itchy?
Like there's something
crawling up your skin?
What was that again?
Oh yeah, spiders.
We were still trying
to find Emma
so we went to the drama room...
- Maybe Emma's in here.
- She always has been
a bit of a drama queen.
Get it?
- No.
- Guys, check the presses.
[door creaks open]
[cuckoo sounding]
- [exhales sharply]
[drum roll playing]
- Ladies and gentlemen,
boys and girls,
please put your hands
together for...
[cymbal crashes] Emma!
Hi, my name is Emma
and I ran away
and now the ghost has me!
Someone come save me!
Cian, save me!
- Mwah, Mwah, Mwah...
- Stop it, Brian! Get off!
- Give me a go of that.
Hi, I'm Emma
and my best friend's
name is Sarah
and she's really nice
and really pretty
and really funny and sma...
- What?
- I don't mean to scare you
but there's a really big spider
right beside your face.
- [screams]
Get it off! Get it off me!
- It's alright, it's alright.
- It's gone.
- Shut up, Brian.
You're such an idiot.
- C'mon, guys.
Don't fight.
You're a team.
Remember what we're here for.
- She started it.
- [scoffs]
- Look,
it doesn't matter
who started it.
Your secrets are safe with me.
[Spooky music]
[rocking horse creaking]
- Check this out.
- Is it possessed?
- It's possible.
- We found a spell book.
[ghostly noise]
[evil laughter]
- We should keep searching.
- Cian?
- Noah?
Where are you?
- Okay, so what kind
of equipment do you use?
Y'know, to help
search for ghosts?
- We use a range of tools:
temperature reader,
sound recorder...
It's pretty hi-tech.
- Okay, so what happened next?
Did you find the ghost?
Did you find Emma?
- Do you want to do the honors?
Sarah had a bright idea
where we might find Emma.
Pity she didn't have it sooner.
The school library
is where we finally
cracked the case...
- Alright,
we've searched everywhere.
Emma has to be around here.
- She does love to read.
- Really?
- Ugh...
- Let me guess.
- Books are stupid?
- No, I actually wasn't
going to say that, Cian.
[floor board creak]
- What was that?
[a scuttling sound]
- I don't think we're alone.
[distant crash]
[alarm goes off]
- Is that an alarm clock?
[alarm stops]
- Busted!
- Emma, we've been looking
everywhere for you!
[door creaks open]
[all screaming]
[record scratch]
- What on earth
is going on here?
- It was my idea.
I wanted to find
the school ghost.
- School ghost?
- We thought it was you.
" Me?"
It's far from a ghost I am.
Someone better start talking.
- I can explain.
We hid after the last class
until everyone went home.
The plan was
to look for the ghost
when the school was empty.
Then we heard someone
approach so we hid.
But when we came out,
we noticed Emma was missing
so we began flocking
for her, as well.
We looked in so many rooms
but there was no sign of Emma
or the ghost.
- You went missing?
- Not really.
Here's what really happened.
I didn't really want
to go ghost-hunting.
I only came because
Sarah wanted me to
and she only wanted to come
because she really likes Noah.
When they were ah' hiding,
f ran away.
When they called my phone.
I wasn't really sure what to do
so I answered but
just made breathing sounds.
[heavy breathing]
I kept an eye on
where they were going
with the office CCTV.
I wanted to make them
think I was the ghost.
- Well, the fun's
over for tonight.
Home, the lot of ye.
- Sorry for thinking you
were a ghost, Sister.
- Are you disappointed
we didn't find the ghost?
- Yeah, a little
but I had fun tonight anyways.
- Me, too.
- I kind of like you, too,
by the way.
- You are so lucky
I have a key for the door.
- What about the caretaker?
- The school hasn't got one.
- But we saw him.
He has a...
he has a limp.
- Impossible.
The school hasn't
had a caretaker
for over forty years.
Not since poor Mr. Fox
fell off a ladder
and broke his neck.
- Fell off a ladder?
- Broke his neck?
- Terrible accident.
The school didn't think
it right to replace him.
Such a lovely man.
He was always
playing practical jokes.
What's the matter?
you look like
you've seen a ghost.
[Spooky music]
- So the janitor you saw
at the very beginning
was actually really a ghost?
Wow, this is great stuff.
Actual proof ghosts exist.
- I wouldn't say "proof."
- You don't have proof?
- We thought he was the janitor.
- If you say you saw it,
your word is good enough for me.
Wait, isn't this just like
Emma going missing?
What if the ghost
really has Noah and Cian?
- Well, if this place
is really possessed,
it's probably a demon.
Not a ghost.
- A demon?
- Would this be a bad time
to take a toilet break?
Back in a jiffy.
- There's something
funny about her.
- I know.
She said you were pretty.
- What do you know
about her anyway?
- She come onto my biog,
asked if she could
do an interview
on our next spooky adventure.
This is our next adventure...
Don't worry, she's cool.
I checked her out.
Are you sure you should be
looking through her bag?
- Hello?
[ghostly noise]
Is someone there?
[distant bang]
- A postcard?
- Recognize it now?
- It's the haunted hotel!
So what?
We solved that case.
It's just a coincidence.
- It was in her bag.
It's not a coincidence.
- What's a coincidence?
- Nothing.
- Sarah found a postcard
with a picture
of the hotel on it.
- Um, your bag fell
and, um, it was inside.
- I found it when I got here.
I wanted a souvenir.
I didn't think it was important.
Do you think I found a clue?
- Maybe.
It's the hotel
from a previous case.
I don't know why
it would be here.
- Interesting.
Tell me about the hotel.
Let's work out and see
if it's important or not.
- We were called in
for a top secret mission.
We had to find out
who the ghost was,
what it wanted...
and how we could make it leave.
- This hotel has been
closed for years.
The previous owner couldn't
keep up with repayments
so the bank shut him down.
[record scratch]
- Cut!
I'm making a video blog
about ghost-hunting.
If you want to build an audience
it's got to be exciting
and scary.
No one wants to hear
about banks.
It's gotta be short and snappy.
Got it?
- I can't sell a place
that's cursed.
Every time I try to
show a buyer around,
the ghost...
Or whatever you call 51...
Scares them off.
Pm desperate.
It said on your website
you're ghost-hunting experts.
- If there is a ghost,
We'll find it.
- Stop trying so hard.
Be natural.
- I'll pay you 500 Euros
[cash register ding] to find
the ghost and get rid of it.
Don't make me regret this.
- What can you tell us
about the ghost?
- I've prepared a file.
- Great.
- This is my daughter Alice.
She'll be chaperoning you today
because she thinks it's funny
to super-glue her
teacher to a toilet.
- The plot thickens.
- Remember,
you don't get paid
unless you find the ghost
and get rid of it.
I don't care how.
Got it?
- Five hundred Euros!
This is gonna be the easiest
money we've ever made.
Hello new camera.
- Uh, it's not about
the money, Brian.
It's about getting actual proof
of paranormal activity.
- Okay, yeah, yeah, of course.
- That was my 500 Euro.
I was going to buy a new phone.
- Well, uh,
if you help us find the ghost,
we can come to some arrangement.
- [scoffs]
There's no such thing as ghosts.
When you're done
playing your stupid games,
let me know so I can go home.
- She seems nice.
- Boring.
- Get to the good stuff.
- I'm getting there.
- Give me a chance.
We went deeper into the hotel
looking for clues
while Brian worked on his
amazing presenting skills.
- What we're doing now, people,
is "searching for clues."
Let's see what's going on.
Noah, what are you doing?
- Searching for clues.
- Sell it a bit more.
Give me energy, passion.
- What we're doing now is, um,
searching the area for clues,
and this new piece
of hi-tech equipment
measures air temperature.
And a little fact for you,
that the air temperature drops
when you're in the
presence of a ghost.
- Did ya hear that?
Noah's got a fancy
ghost thermometer.
[toy playing music]
- Wait, guys, I forgot!
I need to take a selfie
for my profile picture.
Come on.
Squeeze in.
Three, two, one...
- [screams]
What was that?
- What was what?
- The ghost!
It was right there!
Check the camera.
[eerie music]
I saw it.
It was right there.
I'm sure of it.
I know I saw the ghost.
- Hmm...
- I don't know.
- You don't know what?
- If I write a ghost
wanted to take a selfie,
I don't know if
people will believe me.
- Well, they'll have to
because it happened.
- I'm not calling you a liar.
- If you don't want
to know the truth,
interview Brian.
I'm done.
- She doesn't like
to be questioned.
It's just like when Noah
didn't believe her.
- Did she really see a ghost?
- It was probably
just the camera.
- I know what I saw.
- Hey!
- Hey, check it out.
The ghost must have left it!
It's trying to tell us...
it used to work here.
- It's just a photo, Cian.
Sarah probably
brushed up against it.
- So, hands up who thinks
we should investigate
the people in the photo.
- Three against one.
[techno music] N'.
- Brian!
- Whatever.
[Cian's headset beeps]
- We've decided to investigate
former hotel employees.
Our next task will be to
figure out if the ghost is male
or female.
[headset beeps]
- What are you doing?
- Documentin'.
It's what the pros do.
- Note to Cian:
Get a life.
[door slams shut]
- Stop playing around.
- I'm not.
Check for yourself.
[door handle jiggling]
- It won't open.
It won't open!
- What's wrong with him?
- I think he's claustrophobic.
- Someone open the door!
Someone open the door!
[door handle jiggling]
- Do it!
- Don't!
- Do it!
- Don't!
- Do it!
- Sorry.
- [scoffs]
[lights clinking]
Still think there's no ghost?
There's another
way out over here.
[Cian's equipment beeping]
- We're now searching
the kitchen for clues.
We're trying to figure out
if the ghost is male
or female...
Oh yeah, remind Mum
to get more Coco Pops.
[Cian's equipment beeping]
[thermometer beeping]
- Temperature is
way down over here.
- That's because you're
beside the freezer.
- Oh, yeah.
- Does anyone else smell that?
- Fart and die.
- No.
- What is that?
- It smells like...
[door slams]
[Spooky music]
- Okay, who touched something?
- [screaming]
Please tell me
you got that on camera!
- Got what?
- Brian!
- Sorry.
- Well, was it male or female?
- I don't know.
It was there and then it wasn't.
A female, I think.
- You think?
[Spooky music]
- Sarah,
I really want you
to be part of this story.
I know how important
you are to the team.
Brian thinks you're dead smart.
I'm sure you found loads
of clues in that hotel.
I'm right, aren't I?
- Well, there was one clue
I'm particularly proud of...
You could help search, y'know?
- I'm documenting.
Pretend I'm not even here.
- I always pretend
you're not here.
- Me, too.
[makes exploding sound]
- Well, when I'm rich
and famous,
we'll see who'll be
laughing then.
- Here we go.
Employee's names
and phone numbers.
We should call them,
find out what they know.
- That's a long list.
It could take hours.
[telephone ringing]
- Answer it, Noah.
[ringing continues]
- [screaming]
[strange mixed up
language speaking]
- What's it saying?
[strange mixed up
language speaking]
- Extremely weird.
- Maybe it's
some kind of warning?
- It sounded like
it was stuck on repeat.
- Play it on your camera
in reverse.
- In reverse?
- Just do it!
[camera whirring]
- Seventy. Seventy.
Seventy. Seventy.
- Seventy?
What's that?
A room number?
- There is no room seventy.
- Maybe it's the ghost's age.
- Hey!
Hey look,
there's a birthday card here.
- "Happy 70th Birthday."
Here, let me check.
This must be her.
Mrs. Turner.
- How did you know
how to do that?
- My dad's obsessed with vinyl.
I used to play
his records in reverse.
They sound the exact same.
- Clever.
[radio static]
- Shh!
Listen to that.
- What is it?
[equipment beeping]
- Quick! Hide!
- To anyone listening to this,
if I don't make it through,
I want my action figures
and my games consoles
to go to my brothers.
On second thought,
I want them to be buried
with me just in case.
- Ah!
- [screams]
- I will literally never
get tired of doing that.
- Hi, I'm Alex.
- Hey!
- I saw her first.
- Um, where's Noah?
You guys were together.
- Yeah, well, we were...
- Hey, Noah.
Check this out.
This fella looks like my granny.
- Noah?
And then he just vanished.
- Maybe he went home.
- Brian, maybe.
Not Noah.
- Whose idea was it
to come here anyway?
- Not me.
- I got an anonymous lead.
- Maybe someone wants us
here for a reason?
[sinister laughter]
- That's not normal.
- We found this.
- That's so weird!
- Still think
it's a coincidence?
- A bell?
- I don't get it.
- We found one
just like it in the hotel.
[equipment beeping]
- We now believe the ghost
to be an old woman
named Mrs. Turner.
We're now searching
some staff bedrooms
for more information on
why she haunts the hotel.
[headset beeping]
[drawer jiggling]
- Here, let me try.
- I can do it!
- Ugh, I always miss
all the good stuff.
- You alright?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
[desk bell rings]
- Guys, maybe Mrs. Turner
was a receptionist.
- We should take this with us.
It might be valuable.
I mean, a clue.
Better yet,
there might be a reward.
- [scoffs]
[knocking noise]
- Hello?
- If people can please
stop doing stuff
until I'm recording,
that would be great!
- Your face.
- What are you doing here?
- I got bored waiting for you.
Said I'd have a look around.
Check this out.
- That's the same shawl.
Mrs. Turner was wearing
in the photo.
- Check it.
- Then this must be her stuff.
- Sarah, give us a hand.
- That really suits you.
- Please don't talk to me.
- Maybe she was the maid?
- Don't forget about this.
[desk bell rings]
- Why does it matter
what the ghost's job was?
- Well, the more we know
about who the ghost was,
the easier it is to
find out what it wants.
- I get it.
In order to catch a ghost,
you have to think like a ghost.
- Yeah, something like that.
- Guys, I think we
have our answer.
[Cian's headset beeping]
- The ghost, Mrs. Turner,
is actually the hotel maid.
But we are no closer
to discovering
why she haunts the hotel.
[banging overhead]
Who else is in the hotel?
[Spooky music]
- Don't!
You're not even here, remember?
- Temperature is way down.
- There has to be something
we're not thinking of.
[chairs crash down]
- Brian!
- Brian!
- Would you believe me
if I said the ghost did it?
- [scoffs]
[lights clinking]
- Well, this is
everything we have.
Maybe there's a way
to lure Mrs. Turner out.
- Good idea.
- How?
- [Brian laughs]
Stop tickling me, Sarah.
- I'm not touching you.
- Well, we know
that Mrs. Turner was a maid
and when Cian sprayed
that fire extinguisher...
- Accidentally.
- Accidentally...
well, she wasn't happy.
- So, maybe we can lure her out.
- What the hell?
- Hey!
- ' GUYS, stop playing around!
- We're not.
- Is everyone else seeing this?
- What are you looking at?
What was that?
- Maybe it was a magnetic field?
- Mrs. Turner.
We're getting close.
- Brian's right.
We need a plan.
We know Mrs. Turner didn't
like the mess we caused.
- Alright then.
We know what we've got to do.
- We knew the ghost didn't
like us causing a mess.
So we decided
to have a little fun.
- You ready?
[adventurous music]
[all chanting] - Come out,
come out, wherever you are!
Come out, come out,
Mrs. Turner!
- Brian.
- [screaming]
- Stop it!
- [whistling]
- Sorry.
- I got rage.
- So...
did it work?
[equipment beeping]
- I was sure this would work.
- Well, clearly the ghost
isn't Mrs. Turner.
- So it's my fault?
- I didn't mean it like that.
- [scoffs]
- What did you do to Sarah?
- I have no clue!
- Well, you better figure
it out and apologize...
and fast!
- [screams]
- What's wrong?
- I don't know.
[Brian V/O] - It looked like
we had come to a dead-end.
I knew it was up to me
to find the next clue.
Guys, quick!
Look what I found.
- It's a key.
- Congratulations.
- But it wasn't here before.
Maybe the ghost dropped it.
What if it's a key
to a secret treasure?
- I highly doubt that the
ghost was a pirate, Brian.
[metal banging]
- Stupid radiator!
Cop on.
- No, wait.
Listen to it.
It sounds like
some kind of message.
- Morse code.
- Exactly.
- Yeah.
- "Morse code."
- No, listen.
There's long
and short sequences.
It has to be a message.
If it is Morse code,
what does it say?
- Leave it to me.
Or should I say,
leave it to Google.
- What?
- Okay...
- Bet it doesn't work.
- Shh!
- Two-Three-Seven.
- Two-hundred
and thirty-seven?
- Great.
Another flippin' number.
- Two-three-seven...
- Where'd you get that?
- It's my last slice.
So good.
- Two hundred and thirty seven.
It's a room number!
- Have I got something
on my face?
- The key.
- What about it?
- It's for Room 237.
- The key.
- Oh yeah!
- I was just thinkin' of that.
- Sure you were.
- I was.
I was!
- [Sarah V/O]
As we entered Room 237,
I could feel we were closer
to solving the mystery.
Some of us were more
scared than others.
[equipment beeping] - The
ghost has led us to Room 237.
We're not sure why.
I don't mind admitting...
I'm brickin' it.
- [sniffing]
Anyone else smell that?
- [sniffing]
- [farts loudly and then laughs]
[light bulb pops]
- What did you do?!
- Nothing! I swear!
[everything starts shaking]
- What's goin' on?
- What happened?
Where are you going?!
- Noah.
- Wait up!
- Who are you?
- You should watch
where you're goin', kid.
- Are you the ghost?
[laughs] " Me?"
No, I'm not a ghost.
- Are you sure?
- Of course, I'm sure.
- I'm the security guard.
I've just started.
- Mr. Reynolds never
mentioned anything
about a security guard.
- He didn't mention
anythin' about kids
runnin' wild around here either.
- Group meeting.
- He looks familiar.
Didn't he say he just
started working here?
- Say something, Cian.
- Man up.
- Me?!
- You, uh...
you said you just
started working here.
- So?
- Well, uh,
we found this old photo.
You're right here.
- You caught me.
I'm actually a ghost.
- I knew it!
- Of course not.
I was the night porter
until the door shut.
Then I got this job
a few weeks ago.
- What do you think?
- I mean, I've seen a lot
of weird things tonight but...
I think he's telling the truth.
- It's getting late, kids.
You'll have to leave.
You can come back again
if you want to continue
with your "ghost hunt."
- My battery is dying anyway.
- It's a dead end.
- We'll come back again.
- Alright, we give up.
- Wait!
You said we could come
back and hunt for ghosts.
We never said
we were ghost-hunting.
- Lucky guess.
- Yeah...
- Hey, get back here!
You're not supposed
to be in here.
You've been pretending
to be the ghost all along!
- I told you!
- I knew it!
[ominous music]
- Three... two... one...
- [screaming]
But why?
- Well, because...
[record scratch]
- Wait.
I wanna get this on camera.
- Okay, carry on.
- [exhales sharply]
I wasn't the night porter.
I owned this place.
It's been in my family
for generations.
But we went through
some hard times
and couldn't keep up
with the bank repayments
and, well, they shut us down
and kicked me out.
- So that's why you've been
scaring away potential buyers.
- I just need the price
to drop a little
so I can buy it back.
Now, I know it's wrong
but I promised my parents
before they died
that I'd own this place again.
I'm sorry if I scared you.
- Who? Us?
We weren't scared.
That was just for the cameras.
You know?
- I can't believe
he tricked you.
- He just wanted his hotel back.
- Should we tell her?
- Tell me what?
- Can't hurt now.
- Do you remember that
spoiled rich kid Alice?
- Well, would you
look who it is.
[music box]
[screaming in terror]
- She looks like
she's seen a ghost.
- Yeah, well, about that.
There's someone
I'd like you to meet.
Follow me.
- Noah?
Hey, I guess you were right.
There's no ghost.
- I was hoping there was.
Just didn't want to
jump to any conclusions.
So I'm sorry if I upset you.
- You didn't.
It was something
that Alice had said.
She thinks I was taking orders.
I was annoyed and being silly.
- Well, we're a team, right?
We make decisions together.
And ignore whatever Brian says.
- She looks like an angel.
I think I should give her
mouth to mouth.
- Easy there, Romeo.
She'll be okay in a few minutes.
- Who did you want us to meet?
- You can come out now.
It's okay.
This is Liam.
He's my great, great,
great, great Uncle.
He died a long time ago.
- But if the hotel
already had a ghost,
then why were you pretending
to be Mrs. Turner?
- I needed a ghost
to scare people.
Liam is much too friendly.
He's like most eight year olds.
He just wants to to play games
and collect his little trinkets.
- You were searching for these.
- Ah, you found his
- Sorry.
- We didn't know.
- Alice.
- She's waking up.
- Finally.
Time for me to get my money.
- Brian!
- But we solved the case.
" And?"
This is his family's hotel.
He should own it.
We can't tell anyone.
- But my new camera.
- My vlog.
What I've got here is pure gold.
I'm going to be famous,
- We have to go.
Do whatever you think is right.
I understand if you
need to tell the truth.
Liam, skedaddle.
[ghostly swoosh]
- I can't believe you sometimes.
- What...
what happened?
- You...
- fell asleep!
- I did?
I had the weirdest dream
that a ghost was
playing with my phone.
- That's weird.
- Can I call my Dad now?
- And hello to you,
too, Princess.
So who am I paying?
As I assume the job is done.
[cash register noise]
- Well, we actually found...
We found nothing.
Totes soz..
- I should have known better
than to trust a bunch of kids.
I'll just have to slash
the price again.
Hopefully there's somebody
that is mad enough
to buy this dump.
[upbeat music]
- I am a good friend.
- [laughing] Thank you, Brian!
- You're the man!
- You had me worried.
- Alright, alright!
I'll be famous a different time.
- I suppose we were both
right about the ghost.
Anyone else for pizza?
- Pizza! Pizza!
- Way ahead of you.
- Oh yeah.
One more thing.
No evidence.
[Spooky music]
- You actually met a ghost?
I mean, a real ghost this time?
- Yep, we sure did.
- And you still
refused the money?
- You're, like, my hero!
- Is she a little...?
- Yeah.
- Do you have enough
for your story?
- I've enough for two stories.
But you know what this needs?
A few juicy quotes from Noah.
- Yeah...
but where is he?
- I think I might know
where he might be.
Watch your step,
it can be slippy.
- How did you know about
the basement anyway?
- I did my research
before I got here.
Didn't you?
- So, Alex,
what do you like
to do in your free time?
- I like rock climbing.
To go mountain biking.
I have a black belt in karate.
What about you?
- Yeah, stuff like that.
- Noah?
- I'm sorry I left you, buddy.
- Maybe he's in here.
- Torches, people.
[muffled yelling]
- Is that... Noah!
- It's not safe here.
- What happened?
- I don't know.
The last thing I remember
I was exploring with Cian
and then I woke up here.
- Who would do this?
- About time you got here.
[snaps fingers]
- Cool.
Who are you?
- Peter.
I'm Peter, remember?
Be quiet.
How do you know
about the school ghost?
- Oh yeah, Peter.
That weirdo.
I thought you had
your brain removed?
- I'm not a weirdo.
[room shaking]
Sorry I had to tie you up, Noah.
I had to make sure
the rest of your team
didn't go anywhere
until I found out everything
about the ghosts you discovered.
[snaps fingers]
You were perfect.
' [gasps]
You're working for him?
- I knew it!
- What do you want?
- I want you to join me.
- What for?
- What you do best:
find me ghosts
so I can use my
telekinetic powers
to build and control
an army of loyal servants.
- What are telekinetic powers?
- They're, like, powers
where you can move things
with your mind.
- And what if we say no?
- Oh!
Well, then you'll
never leave here.
- Hmm...
interesting offer.
How about a counter-offer
where I kick your butt!
' [gasps]
[snaps fingers]
- [gasps in relief]
- I'll let you
consider my offer.
- Are you really
going to keep them
locked up like that?
- That's entirely
up to them, sweetheart.
They join me
or be cursed forever.
- I was afraid you'd say that.
- You're not having
second thoughts, are you?
I thought you wanted
to be a famous journalist?
I can give you the
greatest story ever told.
All you have to do
is exactly what I tell you.
But if you want
to join the others...
- No, no.
I'm still on Team Peter.
- Good answer.
Now, write up
everything they told you.
I've got plans to make.
[snaps fingers]
- You don't have
telekinesis, man.
- How do you know?
I've just never tried.
- Guys, we need
to find a way out.
- Hold on, I almost got this.
- That was me that time.
- Guys, stop!
In case you didn't realize,
we're trapped in here.
- We're helping...
aren't we?
- Guys, are we sure
we don't want to join Peter?
I mean, we don't know
what he's offering.
- He's a bad guy.
We don't join the bad guys.
What we need is a plan.
- You always come up
with the plan.
[Spooky music]
This is your great plan?
- It's to get their attention
so they'll come and check on us.
[door knob jiggling]
- Sorry, Noah.
- You scared me.
- What do you want?
- I'm getting you out of here.
- Why should we trust you?
- I don't have time to explain.
- No, guys, it's another
one of her tricks.
We're not going anywhere.
- Maybe I do have time
to explain...
- Oh my God!
- She's actually a robot!
- I'm not a robot.
- I'm undercover.
- Undercover?
For who?
- Let's just say
we have some mutual friends.
Ghosts have gone missing
from their haunting places
and I need to find out
what has happened.
I suspected Peter was involved
but I needed proof.
He needed you to find him
the ghosts to control
and I needed you to expose
what he was really up to.
- So you used us.
- No.
I didn't know
if you were for real.
That's why I asked
so many questions
about your previous
- So there was no story?
- No, I'm sorry.
But I need to get you safe
outside these castle walls.
I'll explain more then.
- Okay, we'll go with you,
but it's our decision,
not yours.
We don't take orders.
". OK?!"
Quickly then.
And be quiet.
- Ah.
[ghostly echo rings out]
- Shh.
- I think we got away with it.
- Sorry.
[ghostly noise above]
[sinister laughing]
- We should split up.
- Good thinking.
- Let's go this way.
- Come back!
We're safer together!
[adventurous music]
- ls there a way out?
- Listen, I just...
- I just want to tell you, um,
I haven't been
seeing anyone else.
I just said that
to make you jealous.
- Well, it worked.
I never should have
broken up with you.
Come on.
Let's find the way out.
- Ugh.
- Cian?
- [screams and farts]
[ghostly echoes]
- Noah!
- [screaming]
- Sarah!
[ghostly echoes]
- [grunts]
I had such hopes for you.
[Spooky music]
Aren't you gonna come
and save your friends?
- Don't, Noah!
- Noah, kick his...
- Ooh.
I promise I'll go easy on you.
My eyes are closed.
Give it your best shot.
If you don't come out, Noah,
I'm gonna have to do something
very bad to your friends.
So, who wants to
test my powers first?
- Start with me!
- Ooh.
A hero emerges.
- I'm not afraid of you.
- Yes, you are.
- You're the stupidest,
no friend-having,
toe nail-licking,
fart smelling...
- Ha!
- Take that!
- In your face!
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine...
We did it!
- What's that?
[door creaks open]
- We need to leave...
[ghostly echoes]
- [screaming]
[distant screaming]
- What are they
going to do to him?
- I don't know.
- Look, we can't
just leave him there.
- Yeah, we can.
He wanted to trap us
in there forever.
- Guys, Noah's right.
Peter may be crazy but
there's still some good in him.
- He's got family, like.
- If you decide
to go back in there,
you'll be messing with
the wrong kind of ghosts.
I know you've met
some nice ones so far
but there's a lot about ghosts
you still don't understand.
You could end up like Peter.
- We'd better go in.
- Fine.
If this goes wrong,
don't say I didn't warn you.
[adventurous music]
- Wait.
You'll need all the
help you can get.
[adventurous music]