Spring Bears Love (2003) Movie Script

TUBE Entertainment presents
An Ison film production
Recently, I started lending art books...
to my dad, the third-rate writer.
Section 1: The First Note
Snacks, dried squid, drinks...
Snacks, dried squid, drinks...
Sir? Any boiled eggs?
I like you so much.
Like a bear in springtime.
I know your secrets...
You're like a lovely bear.
This is just a beginning of
my love for you.
Next book is Gustave Caillebotte's
'Young Man at His Window'.
- Hyunchae?
- Uh?
- Let's eat.
- Okay...
- You so pathetic...
- No, I wasn't dumped!
Exams... What a lame excuse!
He said he was taking an exam
for a job promotion.
What? You're such a dunce.
Did you do something wrong?
- Did You do exactly as I told you?
- Sure
So you met at the cafe and then?
We watched "One Fine Spring Day,"
like you told me to.
I didn't buy popcorn because
you said I chew too loudly.
What about your dress?
Elegant style as planned!
I even curled my hair...
Oh. I know where that is
Isn't that Sokcho?
I went there with my dad once.
They got great squid dishes...
Yeah, I see.
Oh, Look! They're going to kiss.
They're about to kiss, right?
I wonder if the actors brushed
their teeth...
I mean before they kissed...
I bet they do.
Gosh! He scratched her new car.
Thank you
The movie sounds okay.
Sure it was.
Do You like this song?
The melody is so beautiful.
This song so reminds me of the
film "Baghdad Cafe"
The empty desert, the boomerang
flying across the sky...
I know this song. It's great,
especially this part...
Uh, yes... right?
Sometimes, late at night,
I hear this song on the radio...
and I just can't help feeling...
You know...
So frigging sad!
- It's so weird...
- What is?
You're not that ugly.
Do you have some horrible secret
that you're not telling me?
Couldn't you have waited for me?
We've been waiting.
That's why
we haven't eaten anything.
- What's wrong?
- It's your dad.
Let's eat this first and...
I can't since I have to work
the night shift from tomorrow.
I really need the book.
Then, ask someone else.
Don't they have libraries there?
- Did You hear that?
- Hear what?
She acted as a tree
in a play
The Fairy and the Woodcutter...
just to near a boy she liked
in school.
But when the fairy girl flirted
with the boy
she got all mad.
Scary, isn't it?
She may look docile
but got such a temper.
She was worse in high school.
What happened?
She liked this short-legged pitcher
- Short-legged pitcher?
- Yes
so she always wear
a baseball glove...
so she could hang out with the team.
She still has a callus on her hand.
No wonder she's so strong.
Oh, good one!
Check the second base!
I want to be your eternal catcher!
So what happened?
Sorry, I transferred to the
soccer team.
Hey, Chanho!
- Hurry and come over!
- She got screwed. loser
Oh, she's coming.
Can you trade shifts with me this weekend?
- That place sucks!
- No, it's good!
- No way!
- Well, the rice cakes are tasty.
- No
- But...
You call yourselves 'friends'?
Art books are by the windows.
Next stop is Chongda?!
Next stop is... Chongdam.
Chongdam station.
Exit on your right.
Jung Hyun-chae!
It's you!
My bear cub!
My bear cub!
I found you!
What about the book?
Where is it?
Oops, I forgot to bring it.
Hold on. Stay right there!
Geez, what did he find then?
You really are a subway driver,
aren't you?
Yep. No one drives anymore
expensive car than me.
You haven't changed.
Still talking as big as ever.
- When did you get out of the army?
- Last year
I've been in Busan since then.
Is it much farther?
Who told you to follow me?
- Where's your place?
- At the top... Good-bye.
I came to Seoul to be near you.
This is fate.
To be near you. This is fate.
I can't let you go.
You're my ideal man.
Hyun-chae! It won't work.
Why not?
That's because...
Because you're not human...
Hyun-Chae's here?
When did you arrive?
Come over here.
You made it sound so serious.
You'll never know what I went
through to get you this book.
Is that so?
Anyway, what's the use?
I told you many times already... A real
writer has to be good at all sort of arts.
What Did the doctor say?
Just a minor operation will do.
See, I told you... stop smoking.
You must realize that smoking to
an artist ..is like an exit...
Yeah, art, whatever...
- Is this yours?
- I just got it published.
It's in the stores now.
'The Man Who Picked the Rose'?
What a cheesy title...
That's exactly it. Cheesiness.
Big, philosophical ideas hidden
inside a course vocabulary.
In his hand
there was a withered rose.
And from her eyes
a teardrop rolls down...
How does it sound?
Isn't this heart-stricken?
Just have your lunch!
Beautiful, huh?
Is she deaf-mute?
What a language. And it's
not deaf... hearing impaired...
You mean... these are for me?
Thank you!
Section 2 [The Second Memo]
My foolish one, my love.
You don't know where I am.
I'm so close to you, close enough
to bump into you.
You just care about the paintings.
You must like the red?
So... smile.
No one can say 'No' to a smile.
Yes, sir.
That's all for now
Have a good day, everyone!
What are You doing?
Huh? Nothing.
Staring at Yoon?
I told you not to get too attached...
Once the training is over
it's 'Bye bye.'
I'm not attached to him.
What a lie!
You two are hopeless.
Nice butt.
Where did I put them?
Were you looking for these?
I saw them after you left
so I kept them for you.
Thank you.
These are hand knit, right?
Whenever I see your red mittens
Between the trees you pass...
my hearts flutters with childlike
hope that I might see you.
Do you have cold hands?
How can I confess my love to you?
You don't even look at me.
You don't hear me...
You still don't have a clue
who I am, do you?
- Really?
- Positive.
He'll leave for HQ next week
This is his last week.
Poor girl... Don't worry.
It's all part of growing up.
Hey when I were young...
Oh my. She must be serious.
Hi there! Try this one!
A new brand, "Good feeling"...
Its pure cotton cover makes it
Feel better than other brands...
- Hyun-chae!
- Yes, how may I...
Oh, it's you, Mr. Yoon.
Do you have a minute?
Oh, Okay...
I'll be by the benches.
Miss, What about this one?
Ma'am, they're all the same.
- this is...
- I can't
I can't betray my friend.
But if you really insist, I'll take it.
Please give it this letter...
to So-hee
Section 3 [A Call for Help]
So, you really got into Yoon?
No, but I thought it might be him.
- Your note-guy is a strange problem
- You think so, too?
No, I mean, who'd fall for you?
It's not like it's me.
He must be a painter.
I got it. Vincent!
Don't you know the famous painter?
Vincent. Vincent van Gauguin?!
Any idea who He might be?
- Who?
- This Vincent?
No idea...
Right. It might be someone
You don't know at all...
Someone who fell in love
with you from afar.
Or could it be a guy You know well.
Like Who?
Is there anyone who saw this book
- Yes.
- Who?
- My dad...
- Seriously... besides him...
Oh, no! It couldn't be him.
Come on, think. He must have
seen you at the library.
That's right
Why didn't I think of it before?
There is... I can't tell you.
What about needing my advice?
Look at that happy face!
I'm sorry.
Oh, the art woman.
Those are my mittens.
They're so soft. Feels like sable.
I remember the moments we pass...
Are these my illusions?
The moments our eyes were met...
We bumped into each other once
and looked into each other quietly.
When you looked at me
your wordless gaze...
took my breath away...
Goya must be
the happiest man on earth...
to look at such beautiful woman
for such a long time.
I want to look at you all the time
as Goya did.
You like the bears in
"The Rites of Spring"?
Will it be only bears in spring?
Will it be only bears in spring?
Section 4 [The Bear Necessities]
Bears belong to the omnivorous
mammal family Ursidae...
Bears are hierarchical, but
tend to live on their own.
That's a Manchurian black bear.
Bears thrive best in the spring.
I was so glad to hear that
you like bears.
Would you like to see the
Hyun-chae, come quick!
It's an anteater!
Hey, come on, hurry!
It's eating ants now! Come see!
Hey, come on, hurry!
Over here!
He must be hungry
The baby and the mother
is eating ants!
The animal world is infinite and
we're a part of it.
But most live unaware of this.
- Ji-seok
- Yes?
Why did you send me messages?
The notes in the books
Wasn't that you?
Someone wrote in the books?
Who'd do that?
What a shameless bastard!
Who'd vandalize
public property like that?
That's so ignorant!
How could anyone possibly...
can You talk about the bears more?
Uh, okay
People say bear looks clumsy but...
They are clumsy... but...
are those notes really for you?
What do You mean?
They could be for someone else.
You're not the only one
in the library, are you?
No, I'm sure they're for me
I can tell.
How can you tell for sure?
I can't describe it. It's a
feeling, a sensation of love.
Hey, girl, snap out of it.
What are You doing here?
How've you been?
I've got the night shift today
so I'm shopping now
You don't have a supermarket
in your neighborhood?
I came here to see you.
Come on
We're a heavenly-made couple!
Bull! I heard you were sent out here
to cover for the strike
Heavenly-made what nonsense!
You're too lazy to peel fruits?
These are good for you
Take the oranges.
Don't we look like newlyweds?
You're insane!
- Um, hi.
- Hi!
- Who's that?
- A friend
What a liar!
I know all your friends!
Hey, he's cute.
Some people can't get enough.
Hey, the more the better.
This is your idea of a big treat?
I thought you liked ramen?
That was a long time ago.
The broth is so good. Try it.
This place is famous
for it's soup, you know
Famous, my ass!
If this was a real date
you'd be dumped by now.
Sorry, he's so cheap.
You know I love ramen.
Thank you Dong-ha
This tastes really good.
You guys seem really close.
Yep, Not really.
So how's it going with Vincent?
Pretty well.
Who's Vincent?
None of your business.
Here you go. Drink it.
Can't you still open it?
Your finger is worthless.
Your only useful part
is your finger.
Hello! Welcome!
Hello! Welcome!
May I help you?
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Hello
- Please come again
- It's me, Dong ha
- Please come again
You know what time it is?
I told you not to call me at work.
You get off at 3, right?
Come and take my train.
That's not your train.
I'll go only if I can ride
in the driver's booth.
You know I can't
You want me to get canned?
Geez, you're such a chicken.
Are you trying to kill yourself?
Are you trying to kill yourself?
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
The doctor said no alcohol.
I only had a little bit.
I swear... My publisher insisted.
How many times do I have to say?
No smoking, no alcohol!
You know you'll get sick again.
If only your mother was here...
So I made up my mind.
Made up what?
To get You a mother.
- What excuses...
- Damn, you're strong
That's why I'm your bear cub.
Sure. You know how I like it?
No instant coffee!
Remember the woman
at the hospital?
What do you think?
Why, you don't like her?
She can't hear or talk.
What does it matter?
Love is not about talking.
Love courses through every
pore of your body...
What's wrong?
Hyun-chae... It's a rat.
Section 5 [A Fair Exchange]
Catch the rat for me.
Don't kill him or anything.
- Try to chase him out alive
- What?
Is that why you called me?
To catch a rat?
I didn't sleep at all last night
I just got off of night shift.
Come on little rat.
Good ratty.
Yes, I'm outside
Did you catch it?
Of course, I did.
They're under the doormat.
I gotta go. I'm at work now.
Shall I begin?
Good bye!
- What's that?
- Nothing. No... this is not it.
On my feet all day, and now
this hike up the mountains!
No wonder you've
got such thick calves.
Wear this.
- We have an agreement, right?
- What?
A fair exchange.
Dong-he's not an object.
- Don't say like that
- It's just an expression.
So you need an introduction?
Yes and just leave the rest to me.
Don't tell me there's something
going on between you two?
There's nothing between us
He doesn't see me as a woman
Well, who does?
Just kidding!
- Don't!
- This sock of mine...
I've been wearing that all day
Taste it, it's good
They stink!
So wonderful, my heart for you~
Hey, stop singing that song!
I hate that song!
So how will you find Vincent?
There are ways. He wrote that
- the next book would be Michel Roy
- Yeah. But it's been checked out.
Really? I bet it's Vincent then.
Think about it. He has to
borrow the book to write in it.
That makes sense.
Fine. this ls the beginning.
I'll make you meet him
your Vincent.
- See you!
- See you tomorrow in library.
So wonderful, my heart for you~
Hey, what are you doing here?
Get out! Get out!
Take it easy.
Nothing happened.
I was hiding here to scare you
but I dozed off
How can you sleep there
all day long, you wacko?
And why were you on my bed
if you slept in the closet?
I don't know about that either...
I can sue you for breaking and
entering and sexual harassment!
Hey! How could you do this?
I caught that rat for you!
Meet me on Saturday.
- I've got something to tell you
- Do it now.
I can't say it now. Okay?
Watch that tone of voice.
You watch it, Or else.
Or else what?
I'll tell people we slept together.
You're dead!
You're dead!
Section 6 [Rules of the Game]
- I'm sorry, but I'm married
- huh?
Oh, that doesn't matter to me.
Michel Roy
Don't you get returns?
This isn't the time for returns.
People are waiting.
I don't care if you're married,
or if people are waiting.
By the way, how do you know me?
I've been watching
you a long time.
And I can't help myself...
I'm sorry but I must go.
Wait! Do you like bears?
I'm Kim Jin-seob.
Oh! I'm sorry.
That's okay.
It happens.
- Is it this book?
- Yes.
I thought the love-notes
were for me, too, at first.
The woman in the painting
looked like me...
- was That You, Miss?
- Yes, I'm not married yet.
No, I mean are you the one that
this man is so in love with?
Oh. Yeah, I guess.
You're the opposite
of what I imagined.
I had a dream.
At the bench where I always sit,
I looked at your eyes.
Even in my dream,
you didn't look at me.
I cannot wait any longer...
Miran is a nice girl. Not because
she's my friend, but...
She's pretty and honest,
although she is part Wonderbra...
- Hyun-chae
- huh?
I want to talk about you today.
What about me?
I know you too like smart
and good looking guys.
That's fine
but you need a man
who is always on your side...
and who'll love you
no matter what.
I have someone like that.
What? You don't believe me?
You don't even see me
as a woman.
Anyway, thanks for your concern.
- What's that?
- This?
- It's your birthday present
- Birthday? It's passed already.
I thought it was today.
You were wrong. No wonder...
Hey, you can't take it back
It's mine. You bought it for me!
Next stop is Gwangnaru
Gwang-na-ru station.
- Please exit to your right
- There's no Gwangnaru station.
When I become an operator
there will be.
I'll be a flight attendant, and
fly to Egypt, the US, and Paris.
You're so wrong. How many times
in your life will you fly anywhere?
Three or four? But the subway,
you'll ride a couple of thousands.
Think of the economics.
Times 365...
Just think about it...
Family get to ride for free.
If you marry me
you can ride for free, too.
We'll never meet again.
I'll be high in the skies
and you'll be underground.
On my way, I saw your sister
held captive, so I rescued her.
- Voila!
- This is my sister?
Thanks, anyway.
Hey, here!
- Am I late?
- No, we just got here too.
- Aaaaaa-Hi
- Uh, yeah, hi.
Long time no see.
Hey kiddo, that's mine.
I'll buy you new one.
I mean it's a lotion for men.
- Who cares? As long as it works!
- I'm thinking of giving up.
- Giving up what?
- Finding Vincent...
Why not? You wanted to
meet him so badly.
It's so stupid.
Well, it ls stupid.
- But it's difficult...
- What is?
Giving up being adored...
Whether it's the man you love
or a bum on the street...
Being the object of someone's
affection is very addictive.
I think I'll meet Dong-ha.
- Where are you going? Home?
- Huh? Uh, yeah...
- Hello, Dong-ha?
- It's Miran...
Renoir? It's checked out.
Still? It's over a week overdue.
No! I'm late!
Section 7 [The Last Note]
- Just put it on!
- No, I can't trust you!
Don't worry. I practiced
all day yesterday.
No, stop it. I've got to go
I'm late already!
No, I'm going, it's late
Okay, it's done!
Hold it.
What's this?
Haven't you seen it on TV?
Hold it between teeth...
You watched too much TV...
Don't bite it, girl!
A work of art!
You put makeup on.
You look nice.
By the way...
- Did you wait long?
- No, not really.
So you changed your mind
That's better.
Hey... Your lipstick is smudged.
Let's go...
Am I an idiot?
Am I?
The first time she wore makeup,
she looked like a bride.
Now it's time to meet you.
Section 8 [Hyun-chae's note]
The North Pole?
Meeting at the North Pole?
Vincent! Vincent!
If you are sincere about me
show yourself now.
I'm willing to meet you, too
Yours, Hyun-chae
Section 9 [Vincent's answer]
Yeah, I heard that he was
only here temporarily.
So what are you two going to do?
Nothing. I guess it's over.
Don't look at me like that
I'm no different from you.
If I had someone like Vincent and
if he was sincere, I'd go with him.
Aren't you pretty dense?
You only got it when it was
written? You dummy.
Was it you?
It's me, Dong-ha.
I'm out of ramen.
I crave for ramen.
It's too late for ramen.
You'll bloat in the morning
Your call will be automatically
- Transferred to voicemail
- Dong-ha...
You wanted to eat ramen.
Eat kimchi and this too.
Eat it all, okay?
You're so strong.
Wipe your nose first.
- This is me being charming!
- Err... so clumsy.
Shit, it's hot!
So yummy!
I'm getting married.
For real? Congratulations.
Congratulations, so-hee.
Thanks, guys.
For the first time in my life
I envy So-hee.
Why? Did you like Yoon, too?
You're clueless, aren't you?
What happened to Vincent?
- I found him
- Really?
How? who is it?
It's a secret. I'll tell you later.
Sneaky! I knew something was up.
Who said I wanted to ride one
that was parked?
What's the difference?
I should've known better
God, it's freezing.
Yeah, it's cold.
Hello. My name is Lee Dong-ha
operator of train No. 7021
And next to me is
This is Jung Hyun-chae.
Next stop is Lover's station.
The next stop is my place, my place.
Is exit to the left or the right?
Left, right, left, right...
It's Lover's station!
Hyun-chae, it's done!
Take out the kimchi!
Wow! Smells good!
My ramen!
- Did you wash your hands?
- Sure.
In section R1705.608.
Red mittens.
Huh? Of course I know
Book number R 705...
Stop it!
Why are your feet like sandpaper?
Because I'm on my feet all day.
- Hyun-chae
- Yeah?
Do you love me?
Yeah, I do.
Because I'm Vincent?
I'm not Vincent...
Section 10 [A Late Reappraisal]
Meet me on Dec 15
at 5:15 by the bench.
Yes, I'm out of here now.
Really? Okay, I got it. Bye.
You shouldn't
two-time people.
Does Dong-ha know that
you're seeing Vincent, too?
- Yep
- And he doesn't mind?
- Actually...
- That's weird.
First he gets all mad about it...
He did?
Yeah. When I told him the notes
Vincent sent you in books...
So what did you tell him?
Nothing really. He asked me
which books they were.
- And you told him?
- Yes...
What's that?
I want to re-start writing to you...
I'll go with you in my happy train
to wherever it takes us...
The power of love, keeping us
together forever...
Vincent wrote it?
Uh? No, I wrote it.
My dream was to be a stewardess.
But now I'm working at Carrefour.
Nothing's worked out.
Things seem so easy for others,
but not for me.
Relationships, too. No matter how
hard I try, they all end.
But one day someone wrote
to me, said he loved me
I was so touched. Some days,
I couldn't even sleep.
I never believed anyone would
love me so much.
I knew that if I met him... No
when I met him...
Was it fun, to fool me like that?
Fun to string me along?
I didn't plan it like that.
It just happened
That's how it is with you.
Everything 'just happens'
You lied from the beginning, when
you said you came to Seoul for me.
I wasn't lying. What about the time
we spent together?
Doesn't that mean anything?
- You said you loved me
- And I regret the day I said it.
You're fooling yourself, being in
love with a guy you never met
If he loves so much, how come
he just writes in books?
Why doesn't he show himself?
Think about it.
You're so vain!
You're worse.
Is that what you call love?
Just with couple of notes and
the words "I love you".
Is that what you wanted?
You don't know anything.
I know!
You're making a mistake!
What mistake?
What more mistakes are left
to make? Let go of me.
If you close this door
We're finished.
I'm serious.
It'll be over!
Don't worry.
I'll never miss you!
I love you...
- Miss, what's this?
- Yes?
How dare you toss change
at a customer?
I didn't toss it.
I can't believe this
Now you're talking back
Who trained you?
I demand an apology.
Section 11 [Dong-ha's last chance]
I'm leaving next week.
I know. You came to tell me that?
I've got something for you.
Here are some vitamins,
since you don't eat much fruit.
A pill a day will do same like
two apples a day.
And this is for your calves.
You stand all day, so this can...
This will make your leg muscle
loosen up a bit
What the hell are you doing?
You had the wrong copy.
This is the real one Vincent wrote in.
I didn't hide it.
I found it stuck behind
some other books.
He wants to meet you too.
Hey isn't tomorrow the 15th?
Dong-ha's last day on the job.
What are you doing?
This wasn't for me?
I like you as much as I like
wheels of train in spring...
Section 12 [The Secret]
It wasn't the North Pole.
And this book
in library...
He tried to meet you but
the book never reached you
This book...
Even before you could see it
it has gotten misplaced in library.
You were looking for next note
in the wrong copy of the book.
I'm sorry, I should change the
ending of your story...
I loved you...
since the first time I saw you...
Did I believe it?
Or did I want to believe?
Section 13 [Last Song]
Love. I love you.
The only one I love.
Love. I love you.
I'm crying so much.
You're right. I am a liar.
I don't know famous painters.
I didn't read many books.
I don't know about paintings.
You know me better
That's just the way I am.
But believe me, Hyun-chae.
I'm not a Vincent or a pilot...
I'm only a train operator.
But I do love you...
Even if you love Vincent and
you never meet me...
Nothing can stop me loving you.
Hey, where are you going?
I'll wait at the last station
I... I am...
The end