Spring Lakes (2023) Movie Script

Father of the night.
I call upon you...
to make me
your vessel.
Yes, Mary.
How are you?
I'm fine.
Why are you calling me?
I need to talk to you
about your sister.
I thought I told you
to never call me.
I need your help.
Shiela's missing.
Whatever Shiela's done
is none of my business.
She's missing, Marcus.
She's been gone
for nearly five days.
And what's that
got to do with me?
She's probably
on another drug binge.
Please help, Marcus.
What, Mary?
I think she's dead.
Come in.
I am afraid
I had to call you, Marcus.
This is serious.
When did you last see her?
She turned up suddenly
after nearly a year.
She looked terrible.
As if she hadn't slept for days.
And what about him?
He was here too.
They said they wanted
to go camping together.
Something about going away
for three days in Spring Lakes.
Spring Lakes?
Isn't that where
you and your weird--
I don't have
weird friends, Marcus.
I prefer the word "enlightened."
Well, whatever they were,
they were far more important
than Shiela and I growing up.
Go and find her.
Why did you let her go
if she was so messed up?
Shiela is her own person.
She's not a child.
You know,
you were always soft with her.
Never with me.
I'm the one who got
all the beatings, not her.
You are a man.
You deserved every beating
you ever got as a child.
I was a boy, Mary.
A boy!
You were wicked.
You were out
getting drunk every night.
Not once did you pick up
the phone to see how she was.
Not even at Christmas.
Not even on her birthday.
She never said a word
that whole time.
She couldn't have called.
You know that.
You were too busy
living in your dream world,
trying to be
the next Steven Spielberg.
I always did the best I could
for you both.
It isn't easy
bringing up children.
Especially when they're not--
- Not?
- Not--
Not what, Mary?
Not one of your own.
Is that what
you were going to say?
-Call the police.
-No, Marcus.
I didn't ask you here
to dig up the past.
If Shiela is up to no good,
I don't want the police
arresting her for drugs again.
I need an answer from you,
Give her a chance
when you find her.
Okay, okay, I'll do it.
But for 24 hours only.
And after that, call the police.
And after that, I'm done
playing with these games.
Do you understand me, Mary?
Not yet.
- What's happening, man?
- I saw her.
Who? Mary?
It was weird.
Well, yeah, you ain't seen her
in what, six, seven years?
Something like that?
Yeah, something like that.
Well, it's bound to be weird,
then, mate, innit?
I mean, what'd you expect?
Did you go 'round her house
or what?
No, she called me.
It's about Shiela.
Marcus, don't get caught up
in that shit again, mate.
She's fucking nuts.
I shouldn't have said that.
Yeah, I know. You're right.
But it's not that, man.
She's missing.
What? As in disappeared,
that kind of missing?
Missing means missing, Cal.
Okay, so what now then?
You ought go,
and find her, I suppose.
Well, it seems that way.
If she's gone off with that
fucking junkie boyfriend
of hers,
she's gonna be up to no good.
So what do you want me to do?
Nothing, I just need you
to just stay here, hang tight.
Keep an eye out on Mary's house
just in case Shiela turns up.
I'm gonna boot up and head out
to Spring Lakes tomorrow.
-Spring Lakes?
Mate, Spring Lakes
is fucking huge.
I mean, I've never been,
but surely you ain't
going on your own.
Yeah, I'd ask you to come,
but, um, I need you
to keep an eye out here for me.
I'm gonna send you my GPS
location every now and then,
so you know where I am.
GPS tracking, you got it.
What do you want me to do
if Shiela shows up
while you're gone?
Well, you call me,
and I'll be right back.
All right.
-Oh, Marcus.
Be careful.
I thought you forgot about me.
Never, Dad.
Hey, hey, hey.
I know that tone of your voice.
What's wrong? Talk to me.
I went to see Mary last night.
Oof, wow.
That caught me off guard.
Wow. How is she?
Mary, well, she's fine.
Well, as fine as she can be.
It's Shiela, Dad.
She's gone missing.
Did you try checking
those crack houses?
Those places she hangs out at?
No, not yet. But, uh,
Mary said that, um,
Shiela's been missing
for about five days now.
Five days.
Has Mary, um,
got in contact with the police?
No, no, no, no, no.
She-- she doesn't want to.
She doesn't want
to get Shiela into trouble.
Just in case
she's, um, you know,
out on another drug binge again.
She did say that she's
headed out to Spring Lakes.
Well, I don't think it's wise
you heading up there
by yourself, son.
Remember when your mother used
to go up to those lakes, right?
I'll be fine, Dad. I'm not her.
But I need to go
just in case Shiela is missing.
Just promise me one thing.
What's that, Dad?
Take a gun with you.
Dad, I'm not driving
all the way out to yours
just to pick up your revolver.
So, were you happy
to see your mom?
No, not really.
Not after what happened.
I couldn't care less if
I saw her again, to be honest.
I understand, son.
I understand.
Did you ever
go to, um, Spring Lakes?
Fuck that.
That was Mary's hotspot.
She used to go there
with her friends,
get all dressed up
in those white robes,
dancing around those wildfires,
all that kumbaya,
whatever the hell that was.
Never was my--
Hello, Dad?
Oh, for fuck's sake!
So, where you headed, stranger?
Just out for a hike.
There's a few nice spots
towards the north.
Me and my dogs go up
a few times a year.
No, I'm headed
the other way, actually.
The other direction?
Spring Lakes.
Yeah, near there.
Spring Lakes
isn't a place to go hiking.
-It's now left--
-What, a national reserve?
Yeah, I know.
Spring Lakes is the home
of the Enlightened People.
Yeah? Well, I'll be fine.
No, you won't.
What's this got to do with you?
You know she's
probably dead, right?
What did you say?
Spring Lakes has a long history
of being a bad place.
A no-go zone, if you like.
It was owned by a family,
you know?
You going for a hike means
there's someone close to you
worth searching for.
So my guess is,
your wife's gone missing.
It's my sister.
Here's hoping she's still alive.
What's your name?
I'll see you soon, Barry.
What the fuck am I doing here?
This fucking bullshit
fucking place.
"Welcome to hell."
Please tell me
you found her.
No, nothing yet.
Any progress your side?
No, nothing.
But your mom did call--
Yeah, I-- I said
your mom called me.
She hasn't called you in years.
Didn't you change your number?
Yeah, about four years ago.
I don't know how she got it,
mate, but she's got it somehow.
What does she want?
She asked me
to come over after work.
She said it was important.
Is it about Shiela?
I don't know.
I'm here for about, uh,
another hour or so,
and then I'll pop around,
and see what she wants.
Be careful, Cal.
Hey, Marcus.
Is it true--
I-- I can't hear you, mate.
You're gonna have to speak up.
Is it true, all the things
your dad used to say about her?
I don't know. It could be
some, just... bedtime story.
Look, just see what she wants.
Just give me a call
when you're done, yeah?
Yeah, I will.
Yo, Joey?
-I need to head off, mate.
I've got something
I need to sort out.
- Need me to lock up?
- Please.
Kids again?
No, it's actually
still Marcus this time.
He's always got shit going on,
and it's never any good.
Yeah, well, it's actually
to do with his mom.
His mom?
Would've thought he left her.
Yeah, uh, Shiela's gone missing.
Spring Lakes.
Spring Lakes? What's that?
Oh, mate, you do not wanna know.
Hey, hey, hang on.
You can't just walk off.
Spring Lakes. What is it?
Trust me, better you don't know.
Whenever you hear Spring Lakes,
mate, just avoid it.
Please yourself.
I'll see you later, yeah?
Yeah, yeah. I'll still be here.
How's your family, Caleb?
Yeah, they're, um--
they're good, thank you.
Little one's
starting school soon.
Time flies, you know how it is.
I do.
I do.
I spoke to Marcus earlier.
He told me about
Shiela going missing.
That's the first
I've heard of it.
Okay, um...
yeah, you--
you said she's gone camping,
but she hasn't returned.
Actually, Caleb...
Shiela isn't missing.
She's gone to see her therapist.
So what's Marcus doing, then?
Because he's out there
in the middle of Spring Lakes
looking for her,
and she's just
with her therapist.
Oh, Marcus.
That boy has
always been difficult.
I haven't seen him
in seven years.
And this is how he treats me.
I'm sorry, I'm confused.
Why would Marcus lie to me?
There are some things you don't
know about your friend, Caleb.
Things you may find unpleasant.
I don't know,
I mean, me and Marcus,
we know each other pretty well.
We've known each other
most of our lives.
I just don't understand
why he would lie to me.
Especially about
something like this.
When Shiela lost her baby...
there was more to
that little episode
than you might have
been told by Marcus.
I know you've always been
concerned about Marcus.
I mean, he spoke to you
more than he did to us.
He's always been open with you.
Do you know
who the father
of Shiela's baby was?
Yeah, he mentioned that
it was a, uh-- a drug dealer.
There you are. You see?
Lies upon lies.
Actually, Caleb...
the father of Shiela's baby...
is Marcus.
You mean to say
that Marcus had...
sex with his own sister?
In a nutshell, yes.
Marcus had sex with his sister
and got her pregnant.
So you see,
Marcus isn't the tall,
brown-eyed, handsome person
everyone thinks he is.
Apparently not.
I-- I've known Marcus for years.
I thought I knew him.
You know what, I need--
I need to call him.
I wouldn't.
No point in getting involved
in his little games.
I am stunned.
I mean...
we tell each other everything.
I've never kept
anything from him.
I remember
when we were at school,
and, uh, he skived off one day.
He went to meet some girl,
and she just rejected him.
I know that hurt him.
He asked me not to tell anyone.
Ah, shit, listen, I've gotta go.
I've gotta pick my kids up.
I'll, um--
I'll call Marcu--
Mrs. Wright.
It was nice to meet you, Caleb.
But now it's time
to meet the devil!
The baby waits for you, Marcus.
Feeding time is about to begin.
What the fuck?
What the fuck?
you fucking had to come here.
Where the fuck are you?
- Hello?
- Hello, Caleb.
How are you?
I'm okay.
I'm just here. At Mary's house.
Mary's house?
Is Marcus with you?
We were just talking about you.
Would you like
to join us for dinner?
Look, Caleb, do me a favor.
Can you put Marcus
on the phone, please?
Marcus can't--
can't come to
the phone right now.
Why not?
We'll see you soon... Michael.
I must be fucking tired.
F-- fuck!
No, no!
Got you, got you, go.
Got you, got you, go.
This baby was born of sin.
Fear not, my brother, Marcus.
The cleansing has begun.
He's been waiting for you.
We've all been waiting for you.
What the fuck are you doing?
I'm here.
The cleanse...
wash away...
all of the sins
of this evil child.
A child born in impurity
comes to this world in peace.
This child did not.
I even asked his mama
to help me.
I believe
you two are acquainted.
Do you know what
that fucking whore said to me?
She said no.
All she wanted to do
is get high.
I tried, my brother, Marcus.
I tried so hard
to become
a good man of the cloth.
But the devil...
he keeps dancing
on my shoulders.
And now I'm here with you,
looking down at the flaw,
a child.
unwanted child.
That came before your very eyes.
What the fuck
do you mean my child?
What the fuck
you think it means, numbnuts?
It means that this little
spunk bubble right here
came straight
out of your nut sack.
Hickory-dickory dock.
We're all good people here,
you know.
We, the good folks
of Spring Lakes.
We like to get together
every six to seven years or so.
Hang out, drink some beer...
sacrifice a few babies.
It's good to catch up.
Oh, come on now, brother Marcus.
We're running out of time.
We got to make this quick.
I-- I-- I don't understand.
Let me enlighten you.
When the sun goes down,
and the day breaks
and the shadows flee away...
your blood will spill
on these grounds today.
-Why's the fucking sky blue?
Your soul
is in the blood, Marcus.
Your soul is in the blood.
Time to move on now.
Time to...
open you up a little bit.
Open up your rib cage.
You dumb fuck!
Then watch me have myself
a little masturbation time...
as I watch
that dark red plasma juice
drip out of your body
into the grounds of Spring Lakes
where it belongs.
I don't think you want to do
Brother Marcus.
I don't want to do that.
I love you...
but I have to.
It's in my soul contract.
Would you like to
hear the rhyme...
that I said to your child,
moments before I...
chopped that
whining little fucker in half?
I'm going to go.
I think I have to leave.
Oh, didn't no one
tell you on the way in?
You can't leave here.
You're one of us now.
Forever and ever, so...
I said to your baby--
I do not have a fucking baby.
When you close your eyes,
you'll see fires burn.
When you close your eyes,
priceless lessons you learn.
Sun in the morning...
your soul he will take.
And forever and ever...
become part of Spring Lakes.
I wrote that all down
on my lonesome,
brother Marcus.
Do you like it?
We should have a celebration.
We can have ourselves
a barbecue.
You ever had
fried baby brains before?
Mamma mia!
Tastes like fried chicken.
We can wash that down
with a glass of moonshine
and then send the little fucker
on his way to the afterlife.
Are you ready,
my brother Marcus?
How the fuck
do you know my name?
Everyone knows your name here.
You shouldn't have come here.
You're a servant now.
You are one of us.
-One of us?
-We are not many.
We are, but one.
We are the absence of light.
The devourers of worms.
Fuck you.
Brother Marcus,
that's not very nice.
I thought you was my friend.
I was going to ask you...
would you mind so much if I...
chopped off your fucking head
and-- and-- and wore your--
your-- your-- your skull
on the-- on the top of my head,
like a-- like a--
like a crown?
I can be your king!
Come and fucking get it.
Those little slices of death.
Oh, I'd fucking love some.
Didn't I saw that
whiny little fucker in half?
Why in the fuck
are you still crying?
You ain't never going to
leave here.
You motherfucker.
Hey, Dad.
Jesus Christ.
The hell have you been?
I've been trying to call you
the past two hours.
Two hours?
What time is it?
Fuck's sake.
What time
did I leave this morning?
I'm here at your mother's.
Parked outside. You inside?
No, Dad. I'm at Spring Lakes.
Wait a minute,
what do you mean Spring Lakes?
Caleb said you two
were together at your mother's,
called me for dinner,
so I came running, literally.
Now come on, open the door.
I hate I have to be out here.
Dad, I'm not there.
Then why did
Caleb say you were here?
I don't know, Dad.
I-- I haven't spoken
to-- to Caleb
since early this morning.
And, in fact,
he's not been getting
any of my messages.
Actually, I don't know
how I managed to call you.
My signal all of a sudden just
seemed to have started working.
let me get this straight.
If you are not in Mary's house,
where the hell is Caleb?
I don't know, Dad.
let me call you back.
Hello, Michael.
Hello, Mary.
Please come in.
This used to be your home,
too, you know.
Where is my boy?
Where are my kids?
I have no clue.
Caleb called me earlier.
Said Marcus was here.
Where is he?
Where is Caleb?
Caleb went out for a minute.
I haven't seen Marcus.
He never liked to spend
any longer here
than he needed to,
you know that.
Mary, where are they?
If you don't know
where your son is, Michael...
that just shows
what kind of a father you were.
I was working hard.
Trying to make money...
so all of us could eat.
You were working that whore
that got your dick wet.
if you would've been
a better wife
and let me fuck you
like I fucked that whore,
just maybe
I would've stuck around.
You've never loved me, Michael.
You never did.
As much as it hurts me
to say this...
I loved you once.
Until your mental health
took a toll on me and the kids.
So, that means
you leave me all alone...
with no one to turn to?
Marcus fucked his sister.
Now, that is bullshit, Mary.
Come on.
We've talked about this.
I have spent...
our whole entire years
in this relationship,
trying to--
trying to get your help.
Got you the best doctor.
Endless medications,
which you never took.
God, the kids.
They had
so much patience for you.
But you pushed them away
just like you pushed me
and everyone else away.
So don't sit there, Mary...
and say you had
no one to turn to.
Don't sit there saying that...
we never helped you.
'Cause that is a lie.
We were all here for you, Mary.
So, cut the bullshit
and the stories
and the fucking lies.
Is that why
you fucked that whore?
Because you were helping me.
I fucked the living
daylights out of that whore...
because you never
wanted me near you.
You were my wife.
I fucking loved you,
but you never
wanted me near you.
So I found
someone else that did.
You neglected your children.
Oh, Mary.
That is a strong word.
I think you got it
the other way around, Mary.
'Cause it was you out there
in the fucking woods,
doing whatever
the fuck that is--
Kumbaya, some shit like that.
How the fuck
do you expect those kids
to cope with that shit?
You are fucking crazy.
-Don't call me crazy.
-You are fucking crazy.
Look at this place.
Look at this filth.
How the fuck
do you live like this, Mary?
I did the best I could
with what I had.
With what you gave me.
I left you with nothing,
because you are nothing.
You are a fucking loser
and no-fucking-body.
Now fuck off!
I can't do this.
No, Michael.
Help me. Please.
Help me, Michael.
- No, Mary. Mary. No!
- Please.
My once-loving husband.
I love you.
I have always loved you.
And that is why
I can't let you go.
The devil is coming.
The devil is coming.
Father of the night.
I call upon you...
to make me...
your vessel.
Help me.
It's here.
The devils have come.
Come join us, Marcus.
Come and join all of us.
Is it you?
It's me, Marcus.
It's me.
I've been looking for you.
Why are you here?
Riley brought me here.
I'm going to kill him.
Let's go home.
You ain't never
going to leave here.
You belong to the lakes now.
Brother Marcus,
I'm very disappointed in you,
you motherfucker!
You didn't let me finish
my bedtime story.
I will not forsake thee!
I will not forsake thee!
I will not forsake thee!
I will not forsake thee!
- Shit.
- Marcus.
- Is that you?
- Yeah, it's me.
What are you doing here, man?
You fuck!
-Where's my sister?
-I don't know, man.
What do you mean you don't know?
You brought her here!
I don't know, man.
She just vanished.
What do you mean
she just vanished?
She came here with you
and now she's gone.
I swear.
We're only here
because of your mom.
My mom?
s-- she told Shiela a story
about how your grandad
used to come here.
My grandad's been dead
for years.
Well, not according to your mom.
-She is not my mom!
-Okay, Shiela's mom.
According to her,
your grandad still comes here.
I told you my grandad is dead.
He's not.
We spoke to him
and then we came here
to come get him.
My grandad died three years ago.
No, he didn't, Marcus.
I don't know
who the fuck we spoke to, then.
But he sure sounded
like your grandad.
Even Shiela was convinced
it was him.
Why doesn't it ever
get dark here, man?
W-- why is the weather
like this?
I don't understand this.
I watched his funeral online.
I didn't go to it,
but I live-streamed it.
I just--
According to Shiela...
Shi-- Shiela's mom...
your grandad still comes here.
A-- a-- and he went
on a walk this morning.
He was supposed
to come back at noon.
He didn't come back.
That's why we're here, man.
So, where's Shiela?
Well, like I said
before you so rudely grabbed me,
I-- I don't know.
I-- I told you,
sh-- sh-- she just vanished.
I didn't even
want to come here, man.
Just-- time just
stands still in this place.
You know?
What is this place
your mom sent us to?
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
It's just a lot to take in,
you know.
Shiela's gone missing...
somehow my grandad's alive,
my best friend's not answering
his messages,
and I got dead people
chasing after me.
You know, it's just
a little bit tiring.
Dead people?
Never mind.
Let's just go find Shiela
and my dead grandad.
How your film's been doing?
-You made a milli yet?
Seems like you've been working
on that one for a while.
Oh, Shiela-- Shiela talked about
this, um...
...action movie you did.
Yeah, we started it about...
three years ago.
But, you know,
had its ups and downs.
What happened?
Terrible crew, lost paperwork...
bad producers, you know,
normal shit
that a movie goes through.
when's it out?
Put my heart and soul
into this movie.
didn't like it, though.
Reviewers hated it.
Man, fuck the critics.
They love to chat shit.
Their opinions
don't make or break you.
You just got to keep going.
Yeah, well...
it wasn't that.
Reviewers attacked me
Now, it didn't matter
that the consumers wanted to
know more about the movie.
It was this one online reviewer.
A real piece of shit.
Just kept bashing me
and fucking
cussing me repeatedly.
You know, it hurt.
Fucking threw me right off.
It took me a long time to get
back into the creative mindset.
Um, I'm sorry, mate.
It's what it is, you know.
It's part of this industry.
One minute they love you,
next minute they hate you.
There's nothing
I can do about that.
Look, I like your films.
So, um, Mary...
said something about...
I don't know, about this,
um, lost baby in the woods.
You know she has
a tendency to bullshit, right?
Yeah, just--
just she said
it was Shiela's baby.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
But Shiela never mentioned
anything about a baby.
Listen, she's lying.
She seemed pretty convinced
that Shiela lost that baby
in these woods.
Mary would have you believe
that Shiela was pregnant.
She wasn't.
In fact,
it was Mary who had the baby.
You see, the thing is...
Mary was unable to have kids.
And then all of a sudden,
she was pregnant.
And when the baby was here,
Mary disappeared for a few days.
When she came back empty-handed,
no baby in sight,
her mental health
started to decline
really, really bad.
She started seeing and hearing
things that weren't real.
When she was questioned
about where the baby was,
she denied ever having it.
She put the whole thing
onto Shiela.
My dad thinks
that she killed the baby.
Where's the baby now?
I don't know.
Dead somewhere, probably.
-Why didn't you call the police?
-We did.
They came,
they checked the house, nothing.
They went to the hospital
where Mary gave birth,
no medical records
were ever found.
It was almost
as if the baby didn't exist.
When did all this happen?
Oh, uh...
I don't know,
my dad reckons what,
six, seven years ago.
I wasn't around,
so I didn't see the baby.
And my dad,
he wasn't around, either.
Only Shi-- only Shiela saw her.
Shiela moved out
three years ago.
She said Mary was-- was evil.
She said that she'd have
people in white robes come over
and then, uh,
they'd go into the shed.
Shiela said she'd--
she'd seen stuff in the house.
You know
Shiela's a junkie, right?
Yeah, I know, but...
...she seemed pretty convinced
that she'd seen stuff.
And-- and she never mentioned
anything about a baby.
You know,
since I've been here...
...I have seen
some real weird shit.
I saw a baby being mutilated.
What's that?
Ri-- Hey, Riley. I wouldn't.
-It's beautiful.
-It's beautiful.
Riley, what are y--
-Riley, come back here.
-Is it me or is it hot in here?
- It's cold, man. Riley!
- No, no, it's hot. It's hot.
My body's burning up.
You are burning!
You are burning!
You are burning!
You are burning!
You are burning!
Riley, please.
Riley, come back here, man.
Oh, man, now I feel cold.
Where the fuck am I?
You walked there.
I don't remember.
Riley, what's wrong?
-I don't fucking know!
Help me! Help me, please!
Oh, God! Please!
Come here, Riley.
Come here.
Marcus, don't let me die!
Marcus, don't let me die!
It's done.
don't let me die!
- Marcus?
- Oh.
Jesus Christ.
I have been looking
for you everywhere.
Is it really you?
Okay, come on.
You've gotta get up.
Get up. Let's go. Okay.
I said no!
Marcus, I can't.
Come on, Shiela.
We're nearly out of here.
Come on, let's go.
Marcus, don't you
understand by now?
We can't leave.
Everything you've encountered
along the way to get here.
Everything you faced to get
this far is still out there.
We can't leave this place.
We can. We're just nearly there.
It's over there.
We could go. Come on.
Come on. We can do this.
Come on. Come on.
Shh, Shiela, shh.
Stay here.
I fucking told you.
I cannot stand the crying.
You motherfucker!
You motherfucker.
Good night.
Good night, my sweet prince.
I can't stand the crying.
Brother Marcus,
where the fuck you been?
What kind of daddy is late
for his own child's funeral?
You motherfucker!
Oh! Oh!
I'm really going
to punish you now.
Once I'm done with him...
y'all going in next...
buried alive.
Come on.
Come on.
Gimme some more, brother Marcus.
Come on, motherfucker!
It doesn't hurt me.
You can't hurt me, you cunt.
You ready? You ready?
One, two, three.
Get down, boy.
Get down, boy.
Well, ain't you
a pretty little thing, huh?
Yeah. Yeah.
I can smell your cunt.
It's time now.
It's time to drip your blood
into the grounds of Spring Lakes
where it belongs.
I, Father Gerald,
do solemnly declare
in the name of Jesus...
that I-- I'm gonna rip
your fucking heart out...
mm, and feed it to you.
Come on,
you fucking whore!
Come on, you fucking whore!
Brother Marcus...
I'm sorry.
I failed you.
Just fucking die, you bastard!
Just fucking die!
Crazy fucking shit!
The devil's coming.
The devil's coming.
The devil's coming.
The devil's coming.
The devil's coming.
The devil's coming.
The devil's coming.
The devil's coming.
The devil's coming.
The devil is a whore.
Come on, Shiela.
Come on. Wake up.
Wake up. We gotta go.
Please, please, please,
please, please, wake up.
Please, please.
I know
I wasn't the best brother.
I know I wasn't always
there for you, but...
you were the only reason
I ever stayed in that house
as long as I ever did.
Now I need you to wake up
and let's go.
I love you, Shiela.
Let's go. Let's go home.
Come, come, come.
Shiela, I know where we are.
No, Marcus,
you don't understand.
-You can make it out of here.
You were the only one
that ever could.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
I came past here earlier.
We go--
No, Marcus.
Mom used to tell us
when we were kids
anyone who entered
Spring Lakes never left.
We nearly made it out.
We can-- we can go home.
Come on, Shiela. Please.
I am home.
Come on. Come on.
Come on. Come on, Dad.
Hurry up. Hurry up. Hurry up.
Answer the fucking phone.
For fuck's sake!
Answer the fucking phone.
Come on, Cal, come on, come on,
come on, come on, come on.
- Hello, your call--
- Oh, for fucks sake!
Hello, Marcus.
So nice
to hear you call me Mom again.
I found Shiela.
Oh, that's great.
Are you bringing her home?
- No.
- Oh, okay.
She said that, um...
she says that she's--
she's not coming back.
whoever enters Spring Lakes...
never leaves.
That's right, Marcus.
No one ever
really leaves Spring Lakes.
Once you are in,
you stay forever...
and ever and ever.
By the way,
how's your baby, Marcus?
This is Michael.
Please leave a message
and I'll get back to you
as soon as possible.
Yo, you've met Caleb's phone.
Sorry, I can't take it
right now.
Uh, leave a message
and I'll get back to you.
Cheers. Bye-bye.
Why the hell do I bother?
Wake up.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Wake up.
You're finally home, Marcus.
Your family's been waiting
a long time for you.
Welcome to Spring Lakes.
No one believed me.
And they thought I was crazy.
It's done now.