Spy Kids (2001) Movie Script

Carmen, Juni, time for bed.
- Did you brush your teeth?
- I already did.
- Juni, don't forget to brush--
- I am, I am.
All right, all right.
JUNI: OK, warts. Uhh!
Prepare to meet your maker.
Everything OK at school?
Yeah. It's good. It's fine.
OK. Well, lights out.
Bedtime story first.
What story do you want to hear?
"The Two Spies
Who Fell In Love."
Hmm. Wow.
I haven't told that one
in a while.
You probably remember that
better than I do.
- Want to hear a story, Juni?
- I'm listening.
Once upon a time...
there was a man and a woman.
- And they were both spies.
- Yes.
She from one country,
he from another.
She had a very important mission
assigned to her.
- He was her mission.
- Correct.
Her mission was to take him out.
CARMEN: On a date?
No. Uh, take him--
Oh, you mean...
I shouldn't be telling you this.
- Go on. Go on.
- You have to understand...
these were
dark and confusing times.
An enormous amount of turmoil
between countries.
INGRID: Out off ear...
a new kind of soldier
was created--
brilliant, brave soldiers...
whose greatest weapons
were their minds.
Those men and women were spies.
They were masters of disguise.
They could sense danger
a mile away...
and through their work...
wars were ended
before they even started.
[Electronic beeping]
The only things spies
were truly afraid of...
were other spies--
enemy spies.
So, sometimes,
one spy's mission...
was to make
the enemy disappear.
He was the assignment
that changed her life...
but when the moment
finally came...
to carry out her mission...
she couldn't do it.
He was different
than she expected.
Sure, he was charming
and intelligent...
but he was
unexpectedly honorable...
and it made her realize...
how years of working
with detached emotion...
had taken its toll.
So they kept contact...
through lunch dates--
very discreet.
After all,
they were on different sides...
so they could never
be seen together.
Dinner dates followed...
wherever their mutual
travels took them.
And they fell in love...
and they decided
that, together...
they would embark...
on the most dangerous mission
of all time.
INGRID: They decided to marry.
INGRID: Oh, yes.
On her wedding day...
she felt like
she would rather brave...
a thousand deadly missions...
than go through with what
she was about to attempt.
CARMEN: Why is that?
Well, marriage is a mission
so complex...
that only the most courageous
and slightly insane need apply.
There's such an amazing
series of obstacles...
one has to navigate
to keep a marriage together--
much less family--
that it frightened even her...
a hardened
and experienced secret agent.
But when she saw him...
standing there
with no doubt whatsoever...
so assured of his decision...
so enamored with what
they were about to do...
she took his hand...
looked deep into his eyes...
and said
the two most dangerous...
most trusting words
you can say to anyone.
INGRID: She said, "I do. "
CARMEN: Oh, that's so cool.
Then the problems started.
[Plane engine roars]
INGRID: Now, there was
always some faction...
that wanted at least
one of them gone.
On their own,
each agent was notorious...
but together,
they made tempting targets.
[No audio]
So, they retired...
settled down...
had a few kids.
In a way, they exchanged...
one life of adventure
for another...
trading espionage
for parenthood--
a mysterious and compelling
mission in its own right.
And they're better off.
The end.
No "happily ever after"?
I said they were better off.
Great story, Mom,
but it needs a new ending.
It needs monsters.
INGRID: Is that right?
Do you want me to look at your--
I put the medicine on.
OK, munchkin. Good night.
What was the story tonight?
Mmm. Ours.
How many nights, I wonder...
do you send the children
off to bed with nightmares?
Carmen asked for the story.
That life is over now.
We are consultants, not spies.
[Electronic beeping]
INGRID: So I went
to their school today.
Had that meeting
with the principal.
Carmen's been skipping school
twice a month.
- Why?
- I don't know.
And those school friends
Juni talks about having?
Diego somebody and Renaldo?
No such beasts.
INGRID: It turns out,
the other kids pick on him.
He has no friends.
It doesn't help that he has
his head in the clouds...
making these weird drawings...
and burying himself
into that demented kids show.
They're keeping secrets
from us, Gregorio...
and I think it's our fault.
They've gotten this from us.
We have good reason
to keep secrets.
If we told them we were spies...
they'd have visions of danger
every time we leave the house.
Speaking of secrets...
what are you working on
over here?
Oh, nothing important.
It's just...
JUNI: Why do we have
to do this every morning?
We already have P.E. at school.
You gonna hang there all day,
scaredy cat?
Told you not to look down.
I can't help it. I'm slipping.
CARMEN: It's your butterfingers
that are slipping.
Uhh! Hurry up!
I can--uhh!
- Uhh!
- Whoa! Uhh!
You just fell a thousand feet.
You're a pancake.
- Am not.
- Are too.
Don't trip getting up, pancake.
We'll see about that.
[Fax machine beeps]
[Juni and Carmen arguing]
Yeah. He's missing.
Is this what you were hiding
last night?
I didn't want to worry you.
ANNOUNCER: We now return to...
why do you watch that show?
Because it's cool. Why?
Because that's all you ever do.
Play its video games
and watch the tapes.
Do you know why, son?
So, always remember,
whatever you do...
believe in yourself.
Your dreams will come true...
for you and you and you.
What's this, a self-portrait?
[As Carmen]
"What's this, a self-portrait?"
- Mom, he's mimicking me!
- "Mom, he's mimicking me!"
INGRID: Carmen,
leave your brother alone.
stop talking like your sister.
- Stop it.
- "Stop it."
- Look at this. It's hideous.
- Well, talk to him.
JUNI: It's a Fooglie idea.
I designed it myself.
Today we're very excited,
because today...
we have a new character!
We found him snooping around
the castle last night.
I want you all to meet
JUNI: Dad, when Floop
makes a toy out of that one...
I want it!
in alien tongue]
- Honey!
- [Tires squeal]
[Speaking in foreign language]
GREGORIO: I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
Juni. Juni. Hey.
Anybody gives you
a hard time in there...
remember, you are a Cortez.
What's so special
about being a Cortez?
Lots of things.
Hey, it's the mummy.
Nice-looking bandages, mummy.
JUNI: Just stop it, man.
When I'm talking to you,
you listen.
Ay yi... yi... yi.
Nice dolls.
Here, let me see the dolls.
MAN: Have a good day, son.
Show them who's boss.
Can I help you
with something, macho?
[Crash, cheering]
I said, "Can I help you
with something, chief?"
[School bell rings]
I didn't think so.
My dad was gonna beat up
your dad.
No more secrets. Deal?
Soon. Definitely soon.
I even have to share a room
with him...
because he's so afraid
of being alone.
"Watch out for Juni,
Take care of Juni.
"Show Juni right from wrong."
I shouldn't be responsible
for anybody but me.
GIRL: You're so right, Carmen.
What's so special
about being a Cortez?
I wish I could go away
to your world, Floop.
You'd be my friend.
MR. LISP: I thank you all...
for attending
today's demonstration.
Year after year...
we pay outrageous sums of money
to several inventors...
to come up
with our technologies.
Mr. Floop is one such visionary.
However, his inventions
are somewhat questionable...
and, therefore,
need to be evaluated.
You promised us an army,
Mr. Floop...
but our first billion dollars
bought us only this--
mutated secret agents.
The mutative process
and brain wipe...
caused their minds
to turn to mush.
I have found little use for them
except as novelties on my--
well, my children's show,
currently rated number two?
Number two.
What the devil
are these finger men?
Oh. They're called Thumb-thumbs.
Very capable robots.
All thumbs. Useless.
FLOOP: Mr. Lisp,
I think you'll enjoy this.
Through that door,
an awesome power will emerge.
You will have but a moment
to disarm it.
In exactly ten seconds.
[Lisp groaning]
- You hesitated.
- I had to. He's my son.
Are you sure?
Actually, I designed him.
I built him!
His name is...
X-5-2-4-9-5, the second.
This is your big idea?
Robot kids
that look like my children.
The president's daughter?
An almost-exact replica.
Sometimes in order
to think big...
you have to think small.
FLOOP: Through
physio-electrical imaging...
I can make them
look like anyone...
yet the cunning
and intelligence...
of the world's greatest
espionage agents...
all rolled into tiny packages
I call "Spy Kids."
Tell me, Spy Kids...
with your vast
stores of knowledge...
what are four of the five
physiological indications...
that a human being is lying?
[Speaking in robot language]
They're not quite finished.
Missing one crucial element.
Missing what?
Their brains.
These buckets of bolts
will never pass as children!
We have a schedule to keep,
a window of opportunity
that's closing fast!
We will be back in two days
to pick up our army...
or we'll take whatever
you do have, cut our losses...
and lay your entire
silly empire to waste!
No more time.
Escort Mr. Lisp
back to his chopper, children.
Ow! Ow!
- That was brilliant, sir.
- Thank you, Minion.
Now all I have to do
is make them work for real.
- You're going where?
- On assignment.
Several OSS agents are missing,
including Donnagon.
No ransom, no demands.
They just disappeared.
After nine years,
you are accepting an assignment?
- Why?
- In a word, Devlin.
Devlin himself called?
He called, asked me to go in.
I'm going with you.
Ingrid, you're always looking
to go on another mission...
but we have children now.
We can't both leave.
I want to go on an adventure.
I want to save the world.
Again? Honey, it's old.
If it wasn't for Donnagon
and the other agents...
I would be turning
this mission down myself.
GREGORIO: I mean, clearly.
You're gonna turn me down?
Spy boy.
Ingrid, Ingrid...Ingrid.
[Clears throat]
What--what about the children?
- Uncle Felix!
- Uncle Felix!
Hey, churros, how are you?
Last time I saw you,
you were this big.
You're shrinking. What's up?
Here, take this bag.
Thanks for coming
on short notice, guy.
That's what families are for.
That's what I hear, anyway.
Do I know you?
[Engine starts]
- Feels, uh--
- Like old times?
[Whispers] Yeah.
INGRID: S-4-1-4
to Santa Cecilia...
on assignment to Bond.
Missing OSS operatives.
Agents Ingrid
and Gregorio Cortez en route.
Well, it's good
to hear those names again.
- Good evening, Ms. Gradenko.
- Hello, Greg.
- Ahem.
- And Mrs. Cortez.
GRADENKO: They're being loaded
into your central now.
GREGORIO: Scan the area.
[Whispers] All right.
Why don't we call them?
They'll be getting up
for school soon.
They should know
what we're up to.
You're right.
Oh, our first time out
in nearly a decade...
and all we can do
is think about the children.
You should see
OSS escort, Agent--
[Scrambled transmission]
Repeat the rendezvous point.
Believe in yourself.
Picking up a--a TV satellite?
And you,
Gregorio and Ingrid Cortez.
I believe you have something
that I want.
No. I know who that is. That's--
We've got a follower.
Not for long. Watch this.
What's that?
They got us. They got--
And this is what Carmen
would look like as a Fooglie.
[Alarm sounding]
- [Siren sounding]
- Oh, my God.
Is this a fire drill?
Put these on quickly.
We don't have any time to--
[Alarm stops]
Follow me.
Follow me. Come on!
Come on! Follow me!
There's a lot for you to know
and very little time to explain.
Uncle Felix!
The first of which is,
I'm not your uncle.
Your parents
are international spies.
Good ones, but they've
been mostly inactive...
for the last nine years.
What are you talking about?
I was assigned
to protect your family...
but something's gone wrong.
I have to take you
to the safe house.
My parents can't be spies.
They're not cool enough.
That's cool.
FELIX: According
to the coordinates...
in my locating device,
they're being taken to Asia...
or South America.
Go in there.
I'll be right back.
And if you're not?
Hit the blue button
to seal the door...
and the green button to go.
Is this a joke?
[Breaking glass]
Cool! Carmen, look!
[Electronic beeping]
You'll have to go
to the safe house without me.
- Go now!
- Felix, look out!
- Yeah! Yeah!
- Find the OSS!
Tell them the Third Brain lives!
You must find--
JUNI: Felix, behind you!
CARMEN: What are those things?
JUNI: Get them!
CARMEN: Felix! Get them!
[Electronic noises]
the blue and green buttons.
We can't leave Felix behind!
Oh, yes, we can.
Blue to close, green to go.
Here's the green button.
Blue button first!
You never do anything right!
Blue, then green!
You gotta seal the door!
I can't find the blue!
CARMEN: Hang on!
JUNI: What are those things?
I don't know,
but they're catching up!
- Where's the gas pedal?
- No! Don't touch anything!
[Electronic sounds]
You weirdo!
You switched it to manual!
How do you work this thing?
CARMEN: It was programmed
to take us to the safe house.
- Aah!
- Aah!
[Carmen and Juni scream]
Juni, what are you
doing down there?
Help me!
Hang on! I'm coming to get you!
[Electronic beeping]
Uhh! Aah!
COMPUTER: Autopilot re-engaged.
We are definitely
gonna be late for school.
Stop shaking.
I can't.
Stop shaking, or you'll
give yourself more warts.
CARMEN: We're gonna be fine.
Just be cool...
and do exactly as I say.
[Electronic beeping]
[Computer engages]
to the N.I.X. Super Guppy.
[Beeping and whistling]
Juni, don't touch anything.
- Whoa!
- Whoa! Cool.
Destination--safe house.
Estimated time for arrival...
two hours, thirty minutes.
- Juni, close your eyes.
- Why?
Just keep them shut,
all right?
OK, you can open your eyes now.
I just don't want you
crying all over me.
We're never gonna
see them again, are we?
Refreshments ready.
Would you care
for a lullaby, sir?
Now flushing your poop.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
[Computer mumbling]
Very dangerous.
INGRID: Characters
from Floop's TV show.
They're prisoners.
We need the Brain, Minion.
We're running out of time.
Don't worry, sir.
Ingrid and Gregorio Cortez...
are the only agents I know of
that never had a weakness...
MINION: but times change.
Now they have two.
JUNI: Did you lock it?
[Theft alarm beeping]
That's the safe house?
Looks more like an outhouse.
DOOR: Your name?
Carmen Cortez.
DOOR: Your full name, please.
I don't use my full name.
It's too long.
Your full name, please.
Carmen Elizabeth Juanita
Costa-Brava Cortez.
My name's a pass-code?
[Generator humming]
[Machines beeping]
This place is amazing.
How safe is a safe house
if there's nothing to eat?
[Gears winding]
"Machete's Buddy Pack"?
Emergency cash?
From every country.
I think I'd better
take all of that.
Check it out.
Thank you, Carmen!
We'll see them again.
Just like they said.
So this time
we're supposed to believe them.
Let's stop worrying
about the children.
They still wear diapers.
Only one is in diapers
and only at night.
It's not that unusual, OK?
This is why I never wanted
to go on another mission.
Are you blaming me for this?
An hour ago you seemed happy
to be back in the game.
An hour ago
I was not a prisoner of war.
OK, we're a little rusty,
that's all.
This is one way to find out
who's behind all this.
If I can just get
the pressure right.
She's still got it.
How did you do that?
Hey, hey, hey, what about me?
Remember when we could
sense danger a mile away?
[Floor cracking]
- Those were the days.
- Yeah.
Aah! Sweetheart!
Oh! Heh heh!
OK, OK, come on, come on.
- All right.
- Yeah, yeah, fine.
Very clever.
Virtual room.
Let's go.
Where are we?
You gotta give him points
for imagination.
Fifteen minutes to escape.
With your reputations
I was expecting something...
a little more impressive.
Finally, we can eat!
GREGORIO: So, you are Floop.
Mmhh! You watch my show!
GREGORIO: No, my son does.
He does? Wonderful!
Carmen and Juni.
But not your daughter...
Carmen, isn't it?
And Juni? Heh heh!
Your children
will be joining us soon.
I snap my fingers...
and my fingers snap you.
Heh heh!
Where are the OSS agents
you've taken?
Twelve years ago...
they were part of
a research team for the OSS...
attempting to create
a synthetic intelligence...
a compendium of spy knowledge,
if you will.
Research since destroyed.
If the OSS destroyed
its research...
it was for a reason.
We all have our reasons, hmm?
There was someone else
on that research team, hmm?
Someone else
who could rebuild it.
Isn't that right, Mr. Corteth?
[Chattering and squealing]
I think he's gonna be
a best-seller.
And just in time
for the holiday rush.
Heh... heh... heh!
I will never, ever
build anything for you.
Thank you for joining us.
[Metal crashing]
"How To Be A Spy. "
Author unknown.
"A good spy uses--"
[Voice booming]
Testing! One, two--
Ow! Gosh!
You're too close!
"A good spy uses his head."
Got that?
It's the first one in the book.
Ew, gross!
- What do you see?
- You.
Very funny.
Focus your eyes closer...
on the glasses themselves.
Whoa! Maps and readouts.
That's the computer screen.
It's a database of some kind.
The wedding from the story.
It was theirs.
They should've told us
about this stuff.
What about Diego and Renaldo...
and all
your make-believe friends?
Should Mom and Dad
know about that?
What about all the days
you skip school?
- Want them to know about that?
- That's my business.
Uh, Carmen?
I don't have a key.
Go knock it against something.
"A good spy has no fear."
Sorry, Juni.
Guess you can't be a spy.
"A good spy puts himself--"
"in the mind-set
of the opponent."
That's exactly what we'll do.
I think it's up to us.
You with me?
- With you what?
- Find the OSS like Felix said.
- OK.
- Then let's go.
[Knocking on front door]
Hi! I'm Ms. Gradenko.
We work for your parents.
GRADENKO: I can understand
if you don't trust me...
You were a baby
when we first met.
Remember me now?
Sorry. I have a key. You see?
We're all on the same side.
We're here to protect you.
My mom has a bracelet like that.
OSS standard issue.
We all have one.
OSS? You work with my parents?
Now, please listen closely.
Open your ears.
You father was able to send one
last communique this morning...
before he disappeared.
It consisted of five letters.
JUNI: But you're wrong.
Fabulous Floop
would never do that.
Oh, trust me.
He's not that fabulous.
In fact, recognize these?
Floop's Fooglies.
I've got toy versions.
This is what they looked like
before he mutated them.
CARMEN: You mean these mutants
are captured secret agents?
- We're dealing with a genius.
- Told you Floop was a freak.
And that cute,
little tuneless song...
the characters sing?
Play it backwards...
FOOGLIES: We're trapped!
Floop is a madman!
Help us! Save us!
Floop is a madman!
Help us! Save us!
A cry for help.
Will Floop do that
to Mom and Dad?
Unless he gets something
your father helped develop.
If there's anything
you can possibly remember--
- The Third Brain lives.
- What?
Felix gave us a message
to deliver to the OSS...
and here you are.
Here I am. What's the message?
The Third Brain lives.
Ohh! Carmen...
you have just joined the ranks
of women spies in the OSS.
- Girls.
- Now.
GRADENKO: Where does
the Third Brain live exactly?
Did Felix tell you that?
CARMEN: I don't think he said.
GRADENKO: He didn't say?
Are you sure?
Search the place.
It wasn't at the house,
so it must be here.
You were at our house?
Oh, no!
Oh, my God.
It exists.
That's what Floop wants?
It's so beautiful!
Carmen! She's working for Floop!
Fly this to Floop's castle
- Yes, ma'am.
- Don't move!
[Instruments whirring
and clicking]
Ha, ha, ha, ha!
GRADENKO: You don't even know
what those things are.
I know they've heavy.
GRADENKO: Hey, they cost
millions of dollars!
That brain's the only thing...
keeping Mom and Dad
from being zapped!
GRADENKO: Stop her!
Send in the thumbs.
Wait for me!
How do you work this thing?!
Bring her back!
Ah, ah, ah! Don't you want
to see your parents...
you little brat?
- Unh!
- Whoops! Sorry!
Get back!
What's wrong with you?
They're just children.
Ugh! Unh! Aah!
Bad hair day.
Uh-oh. Going up!
[Watch beeping]
Where did you go?
I'm right behind him!
Where are you?
I'm toast.
Give me back that brain!
Get away from me!
Tough guy, huh?
See ya!
Oh, my sister!
Oh, brother!
I can't hold on much longer!
Get a grip, you big baby!
- I'm slipping!
- Hang on, butterfingers!
I'm not gonna make it!
CARMEN: We're almost there!
- Don't drop me!
- I'm not gonna drop you!
- Aah!
- Oh.
What would you do without me?
[Tires screeching]
It's a cruel, cruel world
All you little boys and girls
And some mean nasty people
Want to have you
for their supper
But if you follow me
you can all be free
Free, you can all be free
As a bird on a big TV
If you dream, if you dream
If you dream my dream
It's a cruel, cruel world
full of nasty boys and girls
Full of selfish, mean,
nasty people
Nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty
But there's a way
you can make your day
You can laugh, you can smile,
you can come and stay awhile
You can dream my dream,
you can have it all with me
You can dream my dream,
you can dream my dream
You can dream...
My dream
[Fooglies chattering]
[Fooglies yelping]
Lock them up!
What does it need, Minion?
- I don't--
- My show! It needs something!
That thing that will take
it to number one.
I can feel it...
but I can think straight enough
to figure it out.
Floop, you're spending
too much time on this program.
You should be more concerned
with our grand diabolical plan.
- Syndication?
- The army of robot children.
This hardware gets in the way
of my creative abilities.
You lost the children.
Not only did they escape...
they took the Third Brain
with them.
It exists?
Completely. Cortez lied to us.
Send our best Thumbs.
Sir, if you want
to catch a criminal...
you send a criminal.
If you want to snare a spy---
Please speak English, Minion!
I've been baking
under those studio lights.
- If you want to find a child...
- Mm-hmm?
Send a child.
That is brilliant, Minion.
Thank you...
[Horns honking]
[Computer beeping]
Some locating device.
I can't even figure out
where the coordinates point to.
Who makes this?
"Machete Products."
What are you doing?!
That's our bargaining chip
on getting Mom and Dad back.
This is what Floop wants.
I think Mom and Dad
would want this destroyed.
How do you know what they want?
Until this morning, you didn't
even know who they were.
We keep the brain.
For now.
Why are you still wearing that?
That could be a tracer.
They could be tracking us.
Don't start
pointing fingers at me.
I didn't do anything stupid,
You better stop
calling me names.
Or what?
Or I'm gonna call you names.
The booger was right.
I hate that!
[Gears clicking]
Thought I ditched you.
Why are you dressed like a geek?
We're no longer relatives.
Go away.
[Speaking gibberish]
You're just getting stupider
by the minute.
JUNI: Get away from me.
Hey! Put me down!
[Motors whirring]
Always wanted to do this.
Ohh! Tough guy, huh?
Put me down!
CARMEN: Destroy the brain!
Destroy it!
[Gears pulsing]
[Juni moaning]
[Kids shouting]
They took the brain?
Yeah, but I took her necklace.
- She didn't even notice.
- They weren't very smart.
Yours couldn't even speak.
"Limited edition. Spy Kid.
"One of five hundred..."
Floop could have hundreds
of these flying around.
The Third Brain
makes them smart.
They're building an army.
We've got to save Mom and Dad.
Only they can stop the robots.
But who's gonna help us?
We had it working.
A synthetic intelligence
as smart as any spy.
Why don't you go ahead
and tighten that brain up?
The Third Brain System.
The OSS Director realized
it was too dangerous...
if the wrong forces
found the technology.
We were ordered to destroy it.
Why keep that a secret from me?
To protect us from something
you destroyed?
Or something you didn't.
[Clears throat]
All these secrets from me,
from the children.
It has to stop.
I'm sorry.
He wants the Brain.
If we save our children,
we risk the world.
So what in the world do we do?
Thanks for taking us
this far, but...
this is all we got.
[Tires screeching]
What are we doing here?
CARMEN: Dad's code name
must be Hombre.
So, this must be Machete.
We're getting help
from Dad's best man?
What are you working on?
World's smallest camera.
I don't see it.
Ah, but it sees you.
You sell counterintelligence
stuff here?
- Come back with your parents.
- We can't.
We need something fast
that can get us here.
Who are you?
Carmen Elizabeth Juanita
Costa-Brava Cortez.
[Beeping and dinging]
Gregorio Cortez is our father.
JUNI: You were at his wedding.
You will turn around.
You will leave my shop.
Because I never want to hear
my brother's name again.
You're our uncle?
Our real uncle? 'Cause
we already got a fake uncle.
Gregorio Cortez
is my younger brother.
President's daughter.
President's son.
Oh, good.
Prime Minister's son.
General's daughter.
They're all here as planned.
I have to get back
to my show now.
You must focus
on the task at hand.
We have to prepare the army
before Mr. Lisp arrives.
I don't believe
in this anymore, Minion.
I don't think I ever did.
The mutated agents,
the robot kids.
FLOOP: Those aren't my ideas.
They're yours.
So what?
I think that's why
they're not working.
Not yet they're not.
MINION: But, you see...
I now have the Third Brain.
I don't need you anymore.
I assure you,
it's Mr. Minion now.
And you, Floop,
have served your purpose.
lock him in the...
virtual room.
You're a secret agent,
aren't you?
What makes you say that?
According to the database,
you're always traveling...
and no one knows
what you do for a living.
I think we all
have uncles like that.
"Another fine Machete product."
You make the best spy inventions
in the world.
MA CHETE: That's correct.
CARMEN: But you sell them
to both sides, good and bad.
That's why Dad hasn't spoken
of you in all these years.
JUNI: Ever sell stuff to Floop?
CARMEN: Our Mom and Dad--
your brother--
are his prisoners...
and if we don't
do something to help...
something really bad's
gonna happen to them.
I don't see why
you won't help him!
You think I want to baby-sit
my brother the rest of my life?
"Watch out for Gregorio.
Take care of Gregorio.
"Make sure Gregorio
knows right from wrong."
Not anymore.
Machete's not responsible
for nobody but Machete.
But that's not what family is.
We're just brothers.
Cain and Abel were brothers.
Look how they ended up.
Now, the only thing
that will get you...
to Floop's castle fast enough...
is this.
It's tiny.
It's built for one passenger,
but it's fast.
Will you go?
- For your brother?
- No!
Then how about for us...
your niece and nephew?
- How about if--
- No! No! A million times no!
Pass the pig intestines.
I'm not eating that now. Nope.
- Can I have a--
- No!
Glass of water?
Thank you for letting us
stay here...
while we ponder
our parents' terrible fate.
If you weren't a Cortez,
I wouldn't be doing this much.
So family does mean more to you
than money.
Dad misses you, too.
Let's go.
CARMEN: Now we're talkin'.
What are you doing?
Getting the map
to Floop's castle.
Shh. It's just a reflex.
Look. He's still asleep.
[Snores loudly]
Never send an adult
to do a kid's job.
CARMEN: Oh, yeah.
What can I do to help?
Remember that spy plane
up on the roof?
Start reading.
Oh. Homework.
[Rooster crows]
[Engines warming up]
CARMEN: Hurry up!
He's coming! He's coming!
JUNI: Good-bye, Uncle Machete!
CARMEN: Thanks for the plane!
OK, so here's the new plan.
We get to the castle,
rescue Mom and Dad...
then somehow stop Floop...
from using the brain
on the robots...
before they're sent out
to dominate the world.
- Think we can do that?
- How hard could it be?
[Alarms sounding]
I didn't do anything.
OK. Airspeed--fine.
CARMEN: Autopilot...failing?
Oh, great.
Another fine Machete product.
Take control.
We have to go to manual.
CARMEN: You were supposed
to read all the instructions!
You skipped a chapter, meathead.
Better stop calling me names.
Pull up, booger breath!
Stop it or I'll call you names.
CARMEN: Go ahead.
You got nothin' on me, warthog.
Try me...diaper lady.
Hope you're wearing one now.
- How long have you known?
- Since forever.
Mom made me swear
not to mention it.
So now we're even!
CARMEN: Oh, now you've done it!
I knew this was gonna happen!
We're gonna crash
if you don't do something!
CARMEN: You did that
on purpose, you kamikaze!
JUNI: But now it's balanced!
Landing gear.
No landing gear.
We're gonna crash!
Nope. We're gonna drop.
Get your regulator ready.
Com systems check.
Can you hear me?
Let's try that cave over there.
The water's warmer in here.
JUNI: Oh, I just peed.
- Ecch.
- Sorry.
A Thumb-thumb.
A real live--
What did you do to him?
Machete's electroshock gumballs.
It says long lasting.
But I don't trust wrappers.
Come on.
Over here. Juni, come on.
What are you doing?
World's smallest cameras.
I just placed them
all over the main hallways.
- Sweet.
- Thanks.
Thumb-thumbs and Fooglies
coming up the south hall.
Got an idea?
JUNI: Agent Donnagon?
[Speaking backwards]
Where's my mom and dad?
[Speaking backwards]
- I got it.
- What'd he say?
I'll play it backwards.
They're in the dungeon. Hurry.
See if they know
where the Brain room is.
Let's see if they like bubbles.
We'll be back for you,
fellow agents.
[Jabbering excitedly]
All robots please report...
to docking bays four, five,
and six for immediate loading.
This is the ventilator shaft
CARMEN: But the dungeon's on
the other side of the castle.
How do we get there undetected?
[Whispering] I think
they've gotten smarter...
since the last time we met.
ALL: Intruder, intruder,
intruder, intruder...
intruder, intruder,
intruder, intruder...
- Can you make it?
- I think so.
Come on. Come on!
- Carmen!
- Find Mom and Dad!
I hope this leads
to the dungeon.
FLOOP: You there.
What's that on your hands?
FLOOP: Warts, aren't they?
Oh, great.
From sweaty hands sprout warts.
FLOOP: Do you know why
you have sweaty hands?
From being scared all the time.
You don't look
very scared to me.
That's because I'm mad.
You kidnapped my parents...
made psycho robot children,
and swallowed up my sister.
But I didn't want any of that.
- I thought Floop was a genius.
- You did?
You watch my show?
More than you know.
Alexander Minion.
Agent Cortez.
Wonderful to see you again.
- You know him?
- Yeah.
He was on
the Third Brain Project...
until I noticed
he was trying to inject...
his own ideas into the system.
I turned him in.
He was thrown out of the OSS.
MINION: I'm afraid I'm not
nearly the artist Floop is.
But not to worry.
I have something else in mind.
What do you think you're going
to accomplish by doing this?
Well, you see, Mrs. Cortez...
I've always been methodical,
goal oriented.
Psychotically so.
I'm not afraid of you, Alex.
So I think it's refreshing...
to every once in a while...
have some fun.
MINION: Oh, and don't worry
about your little brats.
They'll still be able
to see you.
Every weekday morning
between 7:30 and 8:00.
[Clanking and whirring]
I trust this time Floop
will have a success to show us.
The Fabulous Floop is away
on other business, sir.
Your army is complete.
The ultimate destructive force
is now within your grasp.
I'll believe that when I see it.
Welcome back, Ms. Gradenko.
It's good to be back, Alex.
Let's never have children.
- So Minion is the evil one.
- Yes.
FLOOP: But I will be blamed.
You have every reason
to be disappointed in me.
So what would you do if you
could shut this thing off...
and get out of here?
It's impossible. It can only be
turned off from the outside.
Just suppose.
I'd stop Minion.
FLOOP: I'd stop
the robot army and hope...
that the world would forgive me.
You're my hero, Floop...
so I'm gonna help you,
then you're gonna help me.
- Minion must be stopped.
- Just one thing.
My show--what does it need?
I know it needs
something desperately...
but I can't figure it out.
Maybe you can?
It needs children.
Hold still.
Now let's stop Minion.
Must be stopped.
Must be stopped!
This one's for my sister!
Oh, Juni.
Carmen? Juni?
- Mom!
- Mom! Aah!
That's my Fooglie!
The one I drew.
It's dad.
You're here!
- What's he doing here?
- He's OK. He's OK.
INGRID: How did you get here?
Mom, I've been skipping school,
going places...
taking ferry rides...
in the city...
It's OK. It's OK. I know.
We'll talk about it
when we get home.
- Running off to Belize.
- What? You went where?
You're right. Let's just talk
about this when we get home.
No, no, no, no.
You can tell me
everything now, OK?
Is that where you want to be,
free from your family?
I used to. Not anymore.
You turned my dad
into a Fooglie?
No, I didn't.
But I might be able
to change him back.
MINION: Gentlemen...
your army marches to meet us
as we speak.
MINION: Your faith
and your patience...
have meant more than you know.
I speak for Mr. Floop
when I say that the value...
we place on partnership is--
FLOOP: Minion! This is Floop.
Please report
to the robotics lab at once.
We have huge, major, big-time
problems with the robots.
LISP: I thought you said
Floop wasn't here.
He's not.
FLOOP: A problem, Mr. Minion,
as in mucho grande problemo.
I'm gonna...
just be a moment.
FLOOP: Minion!
Where are you?
FLOOP: Behind you.
What do you think you're doing?
You're supposed to be in line
with the others.
[Using Minion's voice] You're
supposed to be with the others.
- Stop that.
- Stop that!
- Stop that this instant!
- Stop that this instant!
Stop that right now!
Or what?
Clever boy you've got there,
Cortez. Very clever indeed.
He gets that from his mother.
Can I offer some sort of truce
in exchange for your daughter?
Spoken for.
There you are. Didn't see you.
Didn't see her.
I am going to show you
what happens...
when you cross the line
and involve family.
INGRID: Now let's get
nice and comfortable.
Promising. Thank you.
- You couldn't possibly.
- No, but you can.
Don't let go, Ingrid.
Hey, you two, come on.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!
Come on.
We have to keep the army
from leaving the castle.
Our only chance is to get
to the control room...
and hope that their missions
have not been programmed.
And what if they have?
Then there's no one on earth
who can stop them.
- One at a time.
- Go. Go.
Left, left, left, left!
That way.
Where's Mom and Dad?
Your doppelgangers have them.
Can you shut them down
from here?
It's too late.
The Third Brain
is linked not only to them...
but to all the robot children.
- Can't you remove it?
- We can't take 500 brains out!
- So don't. Just reprogram it.
- That would take weeks!
- Just two words.
- A binary switch. Of course.
So they would define
right as wrong...
And wrong as right. Come on.
But it's not that simple.
Figure it out.
We'll be back for you.
Teach them to be good.
Have a seat, Mr. Lithp.
You'll be more comfortable.
It's Lisp.
My army, Ms. Gradenko,
is the only comfort I need.
They're on their way now, sir.
What happened to your head?
Oh, don't worry.
I think it's reversible.
Mom! Dad!
They're stronger
and smarter now.
So are we.
Oh, shi...take mushrooms.
Whoa! Ohh!
Let's go.
GREGORIO: Lisp. Should have
known you were behind this.
I take it you are Minion.
Ms. Gradenko...I think.
Oh, it's me, all right.
I owe my new look
to your children.
Remind me to raise
their allowance.
LISP: Minion, I think
now would be a good time...
to see a demonstration of your
wonderfully demonic children.
Your parents
were so easy to capture...
and you're not any better.
Poor little Juni.
Defenseless and weak.
You're a worthless
little squirt.
Juni! Don't listen to her.
You're not worthless!
You figured out
how to get us here.
You helped Floop realize
he was good, not bad.
You talked to the Fooglies
and saved Mom and Dad.
You're strong, Juni!
You're strong!
You're not that strong, Juni!
It's all over.
Instant cement!
That should hold them.
[Cement cracking]
- Let's go find Mom and Dad.
- Good idea.
MINION: All robots
report to the grand room...
for a final demonstration
of your destructive powers.
- Mom, Dad!
- Juni!
Carmen, Juni, close your eyes.
We don't want you
to see this, OK?
[Punching, socking]
INGRID: Any ideas?
I'm thinking. I'm thinking.
Wonderful. Wonderful.
- Carmen?
- No. Juni?
GREGORIO: I've thought it out.
Yes. I've thought it out.
I think I got it.
INGRID: Tell us.
Family, here's what we do.
I'll take the hundred
on the right.
Ingrid, you take the hundred
on the left.
Carmen, hundred center-left.
Juni, center-right.
It'll work. It'll work.
JUNI: That's 500 total, Dad.
We need one more person.
- Isador.
- Hello, little brother.
Tear them limb from limb.
Good. How? How?
I'll have to teach them.
Shaped by environment, man...
[Gasps] Of course!
- Aah!
- Haaah!
LISP: Aah!
LISP: Minion!
Tell them to put me down!
MINION: Their mind
is a mirror now, sir.
Anything we tell them goes
in one ear and out the other!
Why did you come back?
For the same reason I left.
You know what?
I don't remember that reason.
Neither do I.
It's OK, it's OK.
It's OK. Let it go. Let it go.
He's fine. He's gonna be fine.
He's emotional. Latinos.
OK. That's it.
That's it. That's it.
So, what did you teach them?
It's not what
I can teach the children...
but what you taught me.
You won today, Juni,
and not because...
you were the biggest
or the strongest...
but because you were
pure of heart and of mind.
And now the robots
have learned that as well.
Thank you.
We went on the old-fashioned
adventure I always wanted.
And we didn't do
one thing right.
We did two things right.
There is something
that we have to tell you.
INGRID: Your father and I...
we're secret agents.
We have something to tell you.
We're secret agents, too.
NEWSCASTER: Eight more
incidents witnessed today...
all in different countries...
of yet another group
of children...
who've done
some incredible good deeds.
It seems that a day
doesn't go by...
that another amazing child...
performs some outstanding
act of charity...
or community service.
Who are these children...
and why are they so good
at being good?
I gotta have
the business section.
I thought
you closed down your shop.
Yeah, but I gotta keep tabs
on free enterprise.
can we please stop fighting?
ANNOUNCER: Hey, kids,
it's time for...
Floop's Fooglies!
Good morning, my children.
I'd like to introduce you...
to two new characters
on our show...
Carmenita and Junito.
[Beeping tone]
Ah, Cortezes.
An emergency assignment
has come up in the Far East.
I need you on it right away.
Oh, sorry, Devlin.
We haven't talked about this
as a family yet, so...
GREGORIO: Whether we
come out of retirement...
or not is a decision
that is up to us...
and our kids.
Uh, Gregorio, Ingrid,
I wasn't talking to you.
No, this assignment
is for Carmen and Juni.
They're the ones we need.
They're the two most amazing
field agents...
that this organization's
ever seen.
So what do you say, kids?
You up for it?
if you want the Cortezes...
you take all the Cortezes...
even Mom and Dad.
From now on, whatever we do,
we do together.
Spy work...that's easy.
Keeping a family together...
that's difficult.
And that's the mission
worth fighting for.
FONDA: Stay close,
I know that you're with me
Get down and stay out of sight
So quick, move like a flash
Then we're gone, you're safe
Spy Kids
Are gonna save the world
Fly high
It's time to save the world
Look out, always in danger
Move fast,
everything's all right
Wake up,
nothing is stranger than
What you'll find
Spy Kids
Are gonna save the world
Fly high
It's time to save the world
Little spies
Have a big surprise
And make no mistake
Because we're in charge
You'd better watch out
Look out, always in danger
Look out, always in danger
- Look out
- Spy Kids
Always in danger
Love it
Spy Kids
Are gonna save the world
Go, go, go, go
It's a cruel, cruel world
All you little boys and girls
And some mean, nasty people
Want to have you
for their supper
But if you follow me,
you can all be free
Free, you can all be free
As a bird on a big TV
If you dream, if you dream,
if you dream
My dream
It's a cold, cruel world
for the nasty boys and girls
And the selfish,
mean, nasty people
Nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty
But there's a way
you can make your day
You can laugh, you can smile
You can come and stay a while
You can dream my dream
You can have it all with me
You can dream my dream,
you can dream my dream
You can dream
My Dream