#SquadGoals (2018) Movie Script

[instrumental music]
[male #1]
'Okay, this can't happen again.'
'This mask is not
where it was supposed to be.'
The flowers were not
where they're supposed to be.
So this needs to be
on stage left.
'This needs be on stage right.'
'And that's that-how
that works.'
[male #2]
'Arms, make your last embrace.'
'And lips, you are
the doors of breath.'
Seal with a righteous kiss
the deal I have made
with death forever.
And then in this part,
I go in for the kiss.
Ah, Romeo, don't get
ahead of yourself.
See you on set.
[ female #1 ]
So here's my take
on a high school
veteran journalist that I am.
Just about everything we do,
we do because we are afraid.
[male #3]
'Hey, Angela, over here.'
Afraid of not being able
to get into college.
Afraid of not being able
to pay for college.
Afraid of not being able to
meet our parents' expectations.
Afraid of being
socially isolated.
Afraid of our futures.
Afraid of our pasts.
Afraid of being alone.
Jordan, Angela,
let me get a pic.
And even though a part of me
knows that these fears are
for the most part,
suburban, cry me a river
hashtag stop-whining-like
a-little-baby type problems
it is also true
that sometimes
our fear
is completely justified.
My dear Juliet.
Why are you still so beautiful?
Did you get good pics?
Oh, sorry for asking.
'I'll forget
about all the bad luck'
that has troubled me.
Eyes, look out
for the last time.
Arms, make your last embrace.
And lips, you are
the doors to breath.
- Powerful performance.
- Nate.
Well, seriously though,
Jordan just oozes masculinity.
He's like Brando out there.
And Angela is Juliet.
I mean, she plays
comatose really well.
She's actually almost
making me forget
the degree to which
she's a full-blown bitch.
Come, bitter poison.
Come, unsavory guide,
you desperate pilot.
Set the sea-weary ship
into the rocks.
Here's to my love.
'That pharmacist was honest.'
His drugs work quickly.
So I die with a kiss.
Somebody, help me!
[bell rings]
[female #2]
'When a free radical is
introduced to a closed system'
the potential result is an
explosive chemical reaction.
Excuse me, Jane, if I may?
Uh, yes, Ms. Pope.
Hi, everyone.
So, we've all been through
a very traumatic experience
with the death of Jordan.
And I would like
to introduce Emily Hodges.
She's a grief counselor.
This is gonna be awkward.
Is your mom counseling
or grieving--
- Shut up.
- I'm just saying.
I know many of you
are feeling anxiety..
deep loss, and sadness.
These feelings
are very hard to process
and they are completely normal.
Please come talk to me.
I have an office
next to Ms. Pope's
and my door is always open.
And on a final note
there will likely be reporters
poking around here
over the next few days
asking questions about Jordan.
I wanna be very clear.
No one is to talk to the media.
Let's just keep this
within the Westbrook family.
Thank you, Jane.
[indistinct chatter]
Must be so weird.
What? Being the grief
counselor's daughter
and having her right here
all up in my business?
Oh, yeah. It's delightful.
Come on, you guys are so tight.
See, but I'm working
on the whole teen angst thing
and I feel like I should
be saying she sucks.
- Hey, Nate.
- What am I, chopped liver?
Wait for it. God, almost..
Wait for it.
Yeah. Got it. Yeah.
Nate, that's so mean.
It's all part of my charm.
Dude, show them the one
from the play.
Oh, of Jordan?
Slightly less charming.
- 'Little horrific, actually.'
- Oh, I can't look at these.
Jordan was my first
"#SquadGoals" interview.
That's so sad.
So what, they're saying
it was his peanut allergy?
It's so weird
you can die from that.
I don't even get
how it happened.
He was so vigilant about it.
I mean, the whole school was.
There was nothing
in the lunchroom.
Nothing in the vending machines.
I know, it's so unfair.
I haven't had a Snickers bar
since, like, middle school.
I'm just saying my rights
have been violated.
Rumor has it, this totally
opens up the scholarship.
Yeah, Jordan was a shoo-in.
You mean, the whole
World Patrons thing?
Oh, it's a sweet deal.
I mean, full books
and board, everything.
Hey, maybe I have a shot now.
Probably better shot than I do.
Wrong. You're perfect for it.
The top citizen at Westbrook.
That's a laugh.
So, uh, how's the yearbook
going, by the way?
Oh, it's fine. Whatever.
It's genius. People are actually
gonna buy it this year.
- Stop.
- 'I'm serious.'
Interviewing every clique.
I love it.
You got the granolas,
the emos, the nerds.
But how am I supposed to focus
on the yearbook when this
whole death by peanut thing
is so suspicious, right?
- Little bit, yeah.
- What do you mean?
He had an allergy.
I mean, people die from that.
We even had an assembly
about it.
I'm not denying
he had an allergy, Gill.
- It's just.. Pope--
- Is a horrible person?
That, and the fact that
the first thing she said
was don't talk to the media.
That's something you say
when you're trying
'to cover something up.'
Yeah, remember the whole
media blackout thing
after the grade inflation?
I mean, she's a total
corporate robot.
You guys are so paranoid.
I'm just saying,
my Spidey sense is tingling.
- It is weird.
- Oh, you mean Rudy?
Well, yeah, Rudy.
But, the whole Jordan thing.
I mean, somebody
should dig into it.
Sounds like a job for you, girl.
- What?
- You're the reporter.
I mean, look, we already
have to do interviews.
You might as well kill
two birds with one stone.
'See if your Spidey sense
is on point.'
- I like it.
- Sweet.
Let's you and me
do some interviews.
So, what do you know?
Not much more
than I told you last night.
The police department
isn't going to investigate?
Let's talk in my office.
The police are saying they still
have some unanswered questions.
And, uh, I am going to do
everything I can
to get to the bottom of this.
But this is a particularly
delicate situation.
So, when you talk to the kids
I'm gonna need you to tell me
everything that you find out.
Well, what the kids say in
session with me is confidential.
'Unless it's relevant
to a crime.'
And we wouldn't want anything
hurting your daughter's school
would we?
Of course not.
Look, I'm not asking you
to do anything illegal.
I just need you to be
my eyes and ears out there.
And if you hear something,
I wanna know about it first.
[knock on door]
- Samantha.
- Hey.
How long have you been
standing there?
Oh, just got here.
Um, I'm doing a story
for "Squad Goals"
and I was wondering
if I could talk to you.
Of course, let me just take
your mom to her office.
You can wait here.
I'll be completely candid.
The Reynolds happen to be huge
financial supporters for us.
Very connected
to the Westbrook community.
So, the last thing we need is
for an intrusive investigation
to trigger our biggest backers
to pull their support.
Would they do that?
Trust me, I've been
at the school for 19 years.
Investigations like this
almost always
lead to reckless accusations.
And when one donor pulls out,
it can start an avalanche.
There goes our funding,
our charter and our jobs.
I'll do what I can
to try and help.
That's all I'm asking.
Let me know
if you need anything else.
Okay. Samantha,
how can I help you?
This will only take
a minute, I promise.
It's for "Squad Goals"
and I'm on a deadline.
Um, okay, well,
I should tell you now though
I don't know the results
of the student council--
Oh, actually,
I'm not here for that.
What I'd like to know is..
You know what,
I'm really busy right now.
Why don't we reschedule this--
Is it true that
it would be better for you
I mean, for the school
if Jordan's death
is ruled an accident
'rather than something else?'
What, what do you mean,
something else?
Uh, I don't know, I just--
'That's right. You don't know.'
And that was an extremely
inappropriate question.
I don't think your mother
would appreciate that either.
I was just asking--
'You know, why don't you
just go on back to class'
and I will try to forget
just how immensely
disrespectful you were.
'For the record, Samantha'
Jordan's death
was an accident..
...and it was tragic.
Hey, wait up!
What's so funny?
I was just thinking, Nate
remember how you used
to follow me around everywhere
in elementary school?
- Nate?
- Yeah?
- What are you looking at?
- Uh, nothing.
Uh, hey, what did Pope say?
Did she reveal
anything sinister?
Totally seems like
she's hiding something.
And I did manage to get a copy
of the World Patron
Scholarship finalists.
- No way.
- Are you serious? Let me see.
So after Jordan,
Brittany's next?
Damn, I'm sixth right after Sam.
Hey, I can't even
believe I'm on it.
So, doing the math,
if I decide to forego sleep
for, you know, ever,
and work 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.
every day of the week
including weekends and holidays
I could afford to pay
for college by, what, year 3000?
I'm in the same boat.
Well, not the early
admission boat
that you two geniuses
are in but still..
I promise.
I'll talk to my parents.
on the selection committee.
We're going to college together.
I'm not a charity case, Gill.
I mean, plus,
your parents hate me, so..
We'll figure it out.
So, Brittany is the favorite
for the scholarship.
It's 'cause she raised 12 grand?
- From a car wash?
- 'You know, big deal.'
So they hem their skirts
and overcharge creepy old men--
- 'And Rudy.'
- To wash their cars.
Real hero of our times.
I spent 30 bucks
on that car wash.
- It was worth every penny.
- Geez.
Ready? Okay!
attack, attack, attack!
Now, that Brittany's on the top
of the scholarship list
we need to figure out
what she knows.
Only one way to find out.
Let's do an interview.
Hey, guys, good job.
I think, just, you know
a few more practices,
I think we'll be ready to go.
- Yeah.
- Um, Brittany. Uh, hey.
I'm Sam. We're in bio?
Oh, yeah, you're from
the "Squad Goals" blog, right?
Uh, actually, Nate and I
are both in charge of it.
He's doing visuals and I'm--
Making us look good
for posterity?
- Exactly. Um, got a minute?
- Sure.
We just feel like we should
get to know the teams and clubs
personally and get to know
what you're all about.
Um, how would you define
for the cheer squad?
Well, and this might sound
a little braggy
but I like to think of us as the
heart and soul of the school.
And I know
the stereotype is that
we're silly, slutty, and stupid
but, that's not us.
We get great grades,
we volunteer
and we support our teams.
And I love basketball,
so, it's great.
And forgive me for sounding
like a gossip site
but aside from loving basketball
is there a particular player
that you--
- 'Me and Lance?'
- Yeah.
Yeah, he's my boo.
Uh, humble brag, he's gonna
be playing college ball
for a really great school.
- Wow, that's awesome.
- Yeah.
'And do you have
any personal goals?'
Veterinary medicine.
If I get
the World Patron Scholarship.
it's community college
until I raise
the right amount of fundage.
Uh, last question.
Uh, how do you feel about Jordan
'with everything
that's happened?'
Oh, um..
Yeah, that really is
a tragedy, isn't it?
I didn't know him very well.
He and Lance were pretty close
though. You should ask him.
Um, listen, I have
to get back to drills
but I love your jacket.
Let's go talk to Lance.
College basketball stud.
You got a crush?
He's the next on the list.
Are you gonna behave yourself?
Can I just say that
that really is a nice jacket.
Oh, there he is.
Hi, Lance.
- What's up, Lance?
- Hey, guys, how's it goin'?
Uh, hey, Brittany texted me
about your "Squad Goals" piece.
Oh, yeah. Is it okay if Nate
videos while I interview you?
Yeah. Uh, I don't know that I
have anything interesting to say
but, sure.
Brittany just said
that you're gonna be
playing some college ball.
She's a talker.
But, thanks, yeah, we'll see.
You don't sound very excited.
Oh, no, I am,
and they're offering me
a pretty sweet
financial aid package too.
Not enough. Uh, it's gonna
be pretty tight moneywise.
But, if I get that scholarship
'then I should be
able to swing it.'
Uh, I'm sorry, you probably want
a little more quotable.
Um, how 'bout, uh,
I got a great girlfriend
and we have the best high school
with the best students
and teachers, coaches.
Westbrook's really made me
who I am today.
I'm truly blessed.
Bringin' on the cliches.
Okay, look, I'm sorry. Um..
I mean, basketball's been
really good to me, you know?
Ra-ra, right? But..
It's not who I am.
I mean, uh, yeah,
it's a part of it
'but it's not me.'
There's just..
I'm sorry, I am rambling.
No, actually, you're the first
person I've interviewed
that said anything
remotely real.
We're also asking everybody
about Jordan.
Can you talk about that?
Uh, you know, I didn't really
know him all that well.
Oh, really? Brittany said
you guys were friends.
I don't know
how she figured that.
Uh, look,
I gotta get back to practice.
But, thanks, guys.
What was that all about?
Not a happy fellow.
Why? He's got everything.
- You know something.
- No, I don't.
Dude, I'm a reporter.
I know BS when I see it
and you are BSing me.
I might have heard
a few things, yeah.
- Like what?
- I don't do gossip, Sam.
I'm more
of a straight-ahead prick.
[dramatic music]
[door opens]
Anybody there?
[intense music]
- Hey, mom.
- 'Hey, mom?'
'Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait. Stop.'
Hey, mom?
That's all I'm gonna get?
Well, um, love you?
- You okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine. I'm good.
Uh-huh, you don't seem fine.
No, really. Um, school's just
a little crazy, that's all.
Well, I had a little chat
with Ms. Pope this afternoon
and guess what the subject was.
- Me?
- Mm-hm.
Why on earth
would you accuse your principal
who is my boss, by the way,
of a crime?
That is what you did, right?
I wasn't accusing her
of anything, mom.
I was just asking if may--
If she was complicit
in a criminal conspiracy that
resulted in a young man's death.
I'm just trying to figure out
exactly what happened
because apparently,
no one else is.
- Excuse me?
- I'm just saying.
It doesn't seem like anyone's
the slightest bit interested
in getting to the bottom
of Jordan's death.
All Ms. Pope cares about
is test scores
and appearances and--
You are not even 18.
How are you such a cynic?
I'm a reporter and we're not
getting the full story.
You are not a reporter yet.
You are a high school student
'with a chance
to get into college.'
All I'm saying is don't blow it.
Please? And..
...apologize to Ms. Pope
first thing in the morning.
I gotta go upstairs.
And then you're coming
right back down for dinner.
- 'Yeah.'
- Yes.
No, no, no, no, of course.
Of course.
Ye-yes, and please know
that I am doubling down
on my efforts to make
Westbrook High School
the safest high school
in the city.
Okay. B-bye.
Oh, God. Sam, what is it?
- May I come in?
- 'Yes, you may.'
I just wanted to say
I'm so sorry
about our conversation
'I didn't mean to imply
anything about anything.'
I'm just upset, we all are
and I guess I was just trying
to sort through some stuff,
you know.
'Figure stuff out.'
Okay, well, next time you need
to sort through some stuff
I suggest you sort it
through with your mother.
I will.
You need to watch
your step, Samantha.
Just because
your mom works here now
doesn't give you free reign
to treat adults with disrespect.
How you doing, man?
You okay?
Yeah, I'm good.
A little creeped out.
But that's pretty normal
around here.
Yeah, me too.
I mean, everybody's grieving.
- And I've been thinking.
- That's a first.
You know
what would really help everyone?
I mean, what would, what would
start the healing process?
- What?
- A massive blowout party.
Dude, my parents are going
out of town tonight.
Yeah? You should
invite everyone.
Hell, yeah, Nate.
And bring your camera
'cause it's gonna be insane.
Hey, look at this picture
of Sam.
Yeah, it's cute. What about it?
You think
she'll be at your party?
Her mom's on the strict trip.
- Ah, dude.
- What?
Come on, are you
gonna ask Sam out
or you're just gonna keep
annoying the crap out of me?
Okay, well, one,
those aren't mutually exclusive.
- And, two, I will ask her out.
- When?
I'm laying the groundwork.
I need a little time.
You're laying
the groundwork, how?
Yeah, I told her
she has a nice jacket.
Oh, and I thought
I had no game.
It's a process, dude.
I'm just laying seed here.
Laying seed?
Now we gotta let it grow.
At least
something's getting laid.
Let me see the picture.
It is really nice.
Okay, guys, let's talk Axis II.
When we're talking
about Axis II disorders
and that term is rapidly
becoming antiquated
what we're talking about
are personality disorders.
Thank you, Rudy.
Please have a seat.
'Borderline, paranoid,
antisocial, narcissistic'
'all real fun stuff.'
I've got good news, my friend.
And it probably describes
about two-thirds
of the student body
at my last high school.
- What?
- 'I'm just kidding.'
I'm having a party
tomorrow night.
Do you have something
to share with the class?
Oh, uh, yes. I, I'm having
a party tomorrow night
and I'd love for you to come.
Okay, well, I'm flattered,
but that ain't gonna happen.
'Now, back to the lesson.'
'Big generalization coming'
'but for a lot of these
maladaptive personalities'
do you know what the most
common shared traits are?
Of course,
selfishness and grandiosity
thinking you're the bee's knees
are tied for first
but the other trait that
you always see is sarcasm.
Now, write this down.
'Sarcasm is really just
hostility disguised as humor.'
[Lance on video]
'I mean, yeah, it's a part,
but it's not me.'
[Samantha on video]
'We're also asking everybody
about Jordan.'
Um, I-I didn't really know him
all that well.
Look, I gotta, I gotta
get back to practice.
[Samantha on video]
'I invited your mom,
but she told me'
she's not gonna come.
Enjoying my computer?
Shared all the pics
for the paper.
- We're on deadline, Natie.
- Some of those are personal.
Come on, I've know you
since kindergarten.
How personal can it get?
But seriously, you've been
doing some really good work.
- So artistic.
- See, I'm artsy.
So how is the investigation
coming along?
Uh, you know,
no solid leads yet.
We need to do
a lot more footwork, but..
You could do some digging
at my party.
Everyone's coming.
Did he mention
he's having a party?
I'm having a party.
Oh, damn. I am late for PE.
See you later, Nate.
Dude, she's so into you.
I mean, did you see her shirt?
There's literally cameras
on the shirt.
Yeah, I mean, well, but..
- But Sam.
- Yeah.
Hey, guys.
I'm gonna handle this
for you, brah.
Sam, Nate. Nate, Sam.
Sam, Nate has something
he wants to tell you.
And I'm a ghost.
Okay, I'm gonna say
something to you.
But before I do, let me
just say that I had a plan
to wait for the perfect moment,
you know, like a movie moment
where we could be
in a situation, like
one of those cool situations,
and I could spontaneously--
I have no idea what
you're talking about.
Me either.
Let me just start over.
So, you know
I'm a big, bitter, sarcastic
dark doofus, right?
- Right.
- 'Wow, this is embarrassing.'
Uh, I'm a big dark doofus
who has a big, big crush on you.
There, I said it.
Now Rudy can leave me alone.
And don't say anything.
We're friends, I know.
You can just, you know,
sit with it for a bit
humor me,
and then reject me later.
Can I say something now?
Please do.
I have a crush on you too.
- You do?
- I do, dufus.
Well, then
that's pretty awesome.
But, we can't do anything.
You've got to talk to Gillian.
'She has a major crush on you.'
No kidding.
Look, she's my best friend
and I'm not about to sneak
around behind her back.
Talk to her.
Uh, man, okay.
Nate, if you want any of this
you gotta do the right thing.
All over it.
I will talk to her at the party.
[upbeat music]
[indistinct chatter]
- Welcome to Rudy's paradise.
- Thank you.
Ladies, we have a date
for a rendezvous
in exactly four drinks.
Capeesh? Capeesh? Alright.
Yeah! It is on.
Shall we retreat
to my secret chamber?
- Okay.
- Come on.
Holy crap.
It is loud out there.
You asked for it, my man.
Yeah, but what the hell's
the matter with you?
You know I have no judgment.
You're supposed to stop me
when I come up
with this kind of stuff.
Um, what's with all the weapons?
Oh, it's, uh,
it's my dad's hobby.
But listen, nobody but us
is allowed in this room, okay?
I can handle the beatings
for the general house damage.
But anything in here, and I'll
never see the light of day.
Look, Sam,
let's get out of here.
This place is creeping me out.
Alright, let's go find you
a woman of loose morals.
Yes, that.
[upbeat music]
Wow, okay, boss. Whoa!
I'm not your boss.
I need to talk to you.
[screaming on TV]
- So, what's up?
- I need to ask you something.
- Okay, shoot.
- Okay.
So, I know you and Sam are
I don't know, flirting, which..
I get, I guess.
I mean, she's so cute and--
- Gillian, we're--
- Let me finish.
I mean, we've been friends
since kindergarten.
I think I deserve
a little bit of attention.
I need to know
how you feel about me.
Hey, Gill.
- You okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm going to the bathroom.
- Is that okay.
- Well, do you want me to come?
It's okay, Sam. I've been going
by myself since I was six.
- Hey, have you seen Nate?
- Nah. Check upstairs, maybe.
Hey, Brittany,
have you seen Nate?
You okay?
Hey, Sam. Um, I'm sorry.
It's just..
Why are you crying?
I came up here to fix
my lipstick and, um..
I found this in my bag.
- Is that..
- Jordan kissing my boyfriend?
Who would give this to you?
Well, it wasn't Lance.
I just talked to him about it
and he said that
'he doesn't know
how it got there.'
Honestly, right now,
I really don't care.
I'm so sorry, Brittany.
The truth is, it's not really
a huge surprise to me.
Obviously, Jordan was..
...pretty obvious.
'And Lance and I..'
He told me before
that he had these..
...feelings, you know,
about himself
which is fine.
You know, feelings or feelings
and I'm not judgmental
but this is just making me
look like a fool.
Leave me alone, Lance.
Do you want me to talk to him?
Hey, check this out.
Oh, hey, so, I saw Gillian.
I guess you talked to her.
Yeah, it was pretty brutal.
You wanna talk?
Later. I gotta find Lance.
Who's there?
No, that's,
that's fine, I mean..
- Have you seen Lance?
- What?
Have you seen Lance?
I, no, I, I haven't
got in anybody's pants.
I'm just kidding. Okay?
I.. I, no. I mean,
I haven't seen Lance.
Why, what-what's the..
[indistinct screaming]
- 'What happened?'
- 'Did you see that?'
[male #4]
'Get an ambulance.'
No, I'm so sorry.
- So you just turned 18?
- Uh, last week.
Happy birthday to me, right?
I'm sorry.
I'm really nervous.
There's no need
to be nervous, son.
'You just need
to tell me the truth.'
I don't really know the truth.
I was having some people over.
Were you serving alcohol?
Serving alcohol? No.
I was not serving alcohol.
There's alcohol everywhere.
I mean, if people brought
alcohol, I don't know.
I'm not...the poli.. Whatever.
I was having some people over.
Word got out on social media
and things got
a little outta control.
A little outta control?
A girl died in your driveway.
Where are your parents?
They were gone for the weekend,
but they're coming back now.
Okay, you just tell me
everything you know.
She was in my sister's room,
I think.
I don't really know
what was going on.
To be honest,
I barely knew the girl.
Apparently, she was upset.
I-I don't really know
why or what happened.
Boy, you better give me
something better than that.
The cops were all over me.
They scar.
- They let you go?
- Yeah, of course.
Why wouldn't they?
You think I had something
to do with it?
No, no. I-I was..
I didn't mean to imply--
Yeah, you say that,
but how come it sounds
like you don't believe me?
I do believe you.
I was just..
I need to talk to you
about something else.
Brittany showed me the picture
of you and Jordan.
I don't know what to tell you.
I've j..
I've just been dealing..
Jordan was my best friend.
I don't know what to call it.
I know what my dad
would call it, but..
I had nothing to do
with that, with that photo.
Why would I want Brittany to
find something like that anyway?
I wouldn't want to hurt her.
I can't believe she's dead.
First Jordan, now Brittany.
'First Jordan, now Brittany.'
'What's happening?'
It's like everything
is spinning out of control.
Yeah, I know.
Everything's been pretty crazy.
Yeah. Are you okay?
'I've been better.'
So, we should talk.
- What about?
- 'Nate.'
What about him?
He told me he had
a crush on me yesterday.
'I told Nate
he had to talk to you.'
He had to be honest.
'Whatever, Sam.
I don't care, he's yours.'
Well, but this is not
how I want--
This is how stuff goes, okay?
Some people win,
other people lose.
It's a long game.
I'll get over it.
I'm so sorry.
This sucks.
Yeah, sure does.
But it is what it is.
- So, are we still friends?
- 'Of course.'
You just have to give me
a minute to get over it.
'You wanna tell me
what happened?'
I don't really know.
Um, I was just trying
to help a friend.
Turns out her boyfriend was..
Well, I don't, I don't
really wanna get into it all.
Was he cheating on her?
With another guy.
- Who?
- Do you know Lance Hobart?
The basketball player?
Apparently, he was in love
with Jordan Reynolds.
That's tough.
Yeah, so Brittany
found out about it
and I was just trying
to help her out.
...were you with Brittany
when she fell?
I was downstairs
talking to Rudy.
- Were you drinking?
- Mom.
Was Brittany?
I don't know.
She fell out of the window.
And you're sure she fell?
I know that what
I'm about to say..
...is hard to hear.
Do you think that there's any
chance that she could've jumped?
I don't know.
Oh, sweetie. Come here.
I'm so sorry.
[bell rings]
This is unbelievable.
Two deaths in less than a month.
It's more than I've had
in 19 years.
'We've got to get
ahead of this.'
Well, I've reached out
to Mr. Gomez and Mr. Reynolds
and they're both coming in
for counseling.
That's not the problem, Emily.
These donor parents
are not going to be happy
with another incident.
Especially if it's a suicide.
We've gotta, uh,
we've gotta call them.
We've gotta reassure them
that, that, that, that
that it was an accident.
But-but we don't know that it--
That it was an isolated incident
and that we are
looking into every--
But we don't know
that it was an accident.
Not knowing is not gonna
fly with these parents.
Oh, God, it's probably
been blasted out
on every social media
site by now.
[cellphone rings]
Oh, crap.
No, I have no comment.
We will let you know when we
have more information to share.
My sixth call since 5:30.
[cellphone chimes]
[dramatic music]
Are you messing with me?
Wow. Don't usually have
that kind of effect on women.
This isn't funny.
You scared the hell out of me.
I'm sorry. Are you okay?
No. Where were you?
You said you were
gonna be in the old shop.
I know. I got held up
for class by Perkins.
Well, I'm pretty sure
somebody's following me.
Somebody's following you?
I know someone was with me
in the old shop.
This is just too creepy.
It feels like just yesterday,
everything was great.
Now, all of a sudden,
my best friend hates my guts
and it seems like the school
is haunted by a serial killer.
So, what are we gonna do?
I just can't stop
thinking about Jordan.
How the hell did he get
exposed to freakin' peanuts?
You said it before,
we were all so careful.
Wait a minute. What was the last
thing that touched his lips?
The poison?
Yeah, but the poison was water.
We know it was tested.
What else?
Angela's lips.
So, I'm flattered
that you wanna interview me
but isn't the "Squad Goal" thing
just for seniors?
Well, we're actually planning
on doing a segment
called "Squads In The Making."
So, we thought of you.
Okay, cool.
So, what do you
wanna talk about?
Well, you've been
the stage manager
for all the school plays
this year?
- Uh-huh.
- That's pretty impressive.
Don't they usually give
that job to a senior?
I don't know if it's impressive,
but, I guess they like my work.
- Can I get a tour?
- Sure.
Yeah, so, check this out.
What show are you
guys doing next?
- We get to do "Hamilton."
- Really?
Yeah. It's so exciting.
Oh, my gosh.
You have to check out
this jacket we made.
- Wait, you guys made that?
- Yeah.
- 'Oh, my God!'
- 'Doesn't it look so vintage?'
- Yeah, I love the buttons.
- Right?
Thank you.
We found a button store.
Um, is that
the "Romeo And Juliet" stuff?
Yeah, well, whatever wasn't
taken evidence is still there.
Well, I mean, I guess you don't
really need the masks, right?
- 'Hey, you can pull that off.'
- Thank you, it's my new look.
'And this is Juliet's, right?'
Yeah, Angela.
Such a piece of work.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- It's cool.
- 'I'm such a klutz.'
[female #3]
'It happens, like,
all the time, actually.'
- 'Really?'
- 'Yeah.'
Oh, uh, you know what?
I am actually running so late.
It's okay, don't worry about it.
'Can we finish this later?'
Yeah, you know where to find me.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Hey.
- Hello.
Hey. How's everything
going at home?
Well, aside from my folks
being called home
from a romantic weekend getaway
'because there was a dead body
in the driveway..'
And, oh, did I mention that
not one but two of my dad's
cherished antique knives
were stolen from his office
the office that I told you
to not let anybody into..
Well, aside from that,
I guess you could say
that everything is just
hunky-dory, thank you.
How long do you think
it'll take
to get the results
from the lipstick?
Seriously, dude?
Hey, that sucks.
Yeah, I'm grounded
for a freakin' month.
Sorry, man.
Um, did the police ever
follow up with you or anything?
I mean, what can they say?
I-I, I didn't break any laws.
You were with me when she fell
and even the cops said that
I can't control what anyone
brings in or does to the house.
So, at least
that's under control.
Hey, well, at least
there's something positive.
Yeah, alright.
Let's get to this.
Anybody else getting like
a "Nancy Drew's" mystery vibe?
'Here? Now? Okay, well..'
Start off with five milliliters
of distilled water.
Alright, then add three drops
of buffer concentrate.
'One, two, three.'
Add that to a test tube.
Then, we swab the lipstick.
Shake well.
Okay. Add a test strip.
And in just a second, we will
find out if you are pregnant.
- You're hilarious.
- Chill, Sam, I got this.
Voila, positive
for peanut residue.
- Who the hell did this?
- Do you think Angela did this?
- Oh, no way.
- I mean, she's pretty horrible.
Yeah, but she's not a murderer.
Look, I'm not saying
she intentionally killed him.
Maybe somebody else
messed with her lipstick
knowing Jordan
was gonna kiss her?
Well, and there's no way
she needed the money.
I'm like 99 percent certain
but she was the one
with peanut oil on her lips.
Let's go talk to her.
Yeah, I'll just clean
all this up. Thanks, guys.
Don't tell anyone
I came in here, okay?
Doctor-patient confidentiality.
I promise.
'So how are you?'
On a scale
of one to ten, one.
One being horrible.
That's not surprising.
You've been through
a real trauma.
Yeah. Grounded forever.
My parents
won't even talk to me.
Well, I'm sorry to hear that.
You should be feeling
their support right now.
Yeah, well,
that kind of went out the window
when Brittany died
falling out their window.
Plus, my dad seems more upset
about his knives being stolen
than the fact that
there's an active serial killer
loose in his son's high school.
Well, we don't know that
for certain.
Let's just try to stick
with the facts
in a rational way, okay?
But, right now,
I'm more concerned about you..
...and your feelings of loss.
Lost my freedom.
For sure,
that's a major problem.
Loss of your classmates.
someone in your position
is feeling angry
at the person for leaving
and simultaneously
feeling guilty
'for surviving.'
I mean, if I hadn't
had that stupid party
maybe Brittany
would still be alive.
Rudy, it's very important
that you don't blame yourself
for any of this.
Nothing that you did caused
any of this to happen.
Listen, I, I gotta get to class.
Please come back
in again soon, okay?
You really do need a safe place
to work through all this.
I will. For sure.
- What was that about?
- What was what all about?
I just saw Rudy leaving here
looking pretty upset.
Well, he came in for counseling.
Did he say anything
that I should know about?
What we talk about
is confidential.
Of course, I just thought kids
were supposed to leave therapy
feeling better.
- Well, that depends.
- On the therapist?
On what was discussed.
Well, if it's relevant to what's
going on around here I--
It wasn't.
Rudy's in the middle of things.
Right smack in the middle.
And he's having
a difficult time.
Sometimes a wound gets opened
and, uh, it's a process.
I don't have time
for your process, Emily.
I need to get
to the bottom of this
before another tragedy happens
and I expect you to cooperate.
I'm doing exactly
what I was brought here to do.
If you'd rather
have someone else--
That's not what I'm saying.
Well, then
is there anything else?
I have to meet some kids
for a group session now.
Look, Emily, I didn't mean to--
I'm sure you didn't.
This can be rough on everyone.
- Bit of advice?
- Yeah.
You may wanna look into getting
some therapy for yourself.
It can really help.
'I don't understand
what you're asking me that for.'
I thought this was for
your "#SquadGoal" blog?
It is. We're putting
together a special
in his memory tribute
for Jordan in the next post.
Okay, it just sounded more
like you were suggesting
I had something
to do with his death.
I'm not. I'm just asking
if you knew about the peanut
residue in your lipstick.
I never used it before.
How would I know?
It was our only dress rehearsal.
Which, by the way,
is ridiculous.
What kind of drama program
only has one dress?
God, I can't wait
to get out of this pit.
And by the way, what the hell
business is it of yours?
Whoa, take it easy, Angela.
I can't believe I'm even
engaging with you geeks
right now,
but let me ask you something.
Why on earth would I
have wanted anything bad
to happen to Jordan?
He's one of the few people
that...got this.
He got me.
Did you put in
for the scholarship?
What, the World Patron's thing?
Of course not,
my family is so not poor enough.
I'm truly sorry you're not poor.
My condolences.
Screw you, Nate.
It's time for my scene.
'Just so you know, I didn't have
nearly enough time to prepare.'
I hate her.
But she didn't do it.
[bell rings]
[indistinct chatter]
- Did you hear?
- What?
- Lance is transferring.
- Really?
Yeah, I just saw him
and his dad in the office.
- Wow!
- I know.
What were you doing
in the office, by the way?
That is a very good question,
my friend.
Do you know
who you're talking to?
- Who?
- Captain Awesome.
I just found out that
I'm the California AP Scholar
of Math and Science.
They just told me.
Captain Awesome, indeed.
Well, not to be crass
or anything
but the scholarship list
is now down to..
- Me, you, and Nate.
- Yeah.
But I'll tell you what.
That whole
California Scholar thing
that could put you
over the top, man.
[cell phone rings]
It's my dad.
I'm still in lockdown.
Good luck with that.
Hey, dad. Guess what?
'Hi, mom.'
In the kitchen.
- Hi.
- Hi.
So, when were you gonna tell me?
About Nate.
I'm at your school.
I hear things.
He is cute, right?
And he's smart.
Like scary smart, actually.
- Well, that's good.
- Yeah, and he's really funny.
But also kind of dark and weird.
- I like that.
- Me too.
- Go slow.
- Okay, mom.
And, uh, Nate's actually
on the scholarship list, too
but, he says
he's not gonna get it
because he's pissed
too many people off.
You know, speaking
of the scholarship..
Don't you think it's a little
more than coincidental
that most of the people on it
are either now off the list
or you know, dead?
Well, you're still only talking
about two or three people.
that's a small sample set.
So, we tested the lipstick
Angela Dodds used in the play.
You tested the lipstick?
For what?
And who is we?
Me, Nate, and Rudy.
Anyway, it came out positive
for peanut residue.
Angela said she didn't know
anything about it
'and I think
she's telling the truth.'
This is not a game, Samantha.
This is as serious as it gets.
That's why
we're doing all of this.
But you are not a detective.
If anything, you're interfering
with the police investigation.
What investigation?
Nobody's asking any questions.
Nobody's doing anything.
Stop. This is not your job.
Your job is to get good grades
and get out of high school
with a perfect resume.
You don't have to be
a full-blown adult yet.
Trust me, it's overrated.
Anyway, how did you
even test the lipstick?
They have allergy testing kits
in the science lab.
Well, still,
it doesn't prove anything.
We don't know how it got there.
It is strange though.
'I'll reach out
to the detective'
they assigned to the case
from the school, okay?
Thanks, mom.
Speaking of you
getting out of high school..
...I have something for you..
...and I think
you're gonna like it.
- It's thick.
- 'Yes, it is.'
- Did you open it?
- Damn right I did.
- Did I get in?
- Yes, you did!
- I'm so proud of you, honey.
- Thanks, mom.
Not that I know
how we're gonna afford it.
Honey, scholarships
and loans and part-time jobs.
Where there's a will,
there's a way.
- Tell me.
- What?
- You got in?
- Yeah.
- I got in!
- 'Shh!'
It's so awesome. I'm not sure
if we can swing it though.
It's gonna put me in major debt.
You'll figure it out.
I'm so happy for you.
- So, we're good?
- I'm fine.
- I was just being a jerk.
- No, I totally get it--
You don't even go there,
I thought about it
and there is no way
I'm letting a guy
come between
me and my best friend.
We gotta go on Roommate Finder.
Dude, you gotta fill up
that questionnaire right away
or you'll end up
with some psycho.
[keys clacking]
- What?
- Oh, nothing.
- It's just crazy.
- Just tell me.
I guess I'm thinking
about that photograph.
- Of Lance and Jordan?
- Yeah.
I don't know, that whole thing
is just too weird.
What are you talking about?
'Nate took that shot of Jordan.'
'I saw it
when I was on his computer.'
And the shot magically appears
on Jordan's locker.
What, so you're saying you think
Nate had something
to do with that?
Sam, next to you,
he's my best friend.
I've known him longest, but,
lately he's been acting weird.
And not like quirky weird
but weird, weird.
- Come on, Gillian--
- 'Bitter and sarcastic--'
What did Ms. Desai say
in Psy class?
That sarcasm is really
hostility disguised as humor.
Sure, but--
'Okay, and think about
who's, well, gone.'
- Okay.
- 'Jordan.'
Nate hated Jordan because
he thought he was full of crap.
Brittany, he hated all of her
cutesy-wootsy cheerleader crap.
- Look, he didn't hate Lance.
- No?
I keep forgetting you've only
been here a few months.
Did you know that Lance
and Nate used to be super close
not too long ago?
- No.
- They were.
But then high school started
and they started to hang out
with different crowds.
Lance chose to be with the
beautiful people and the jocks
and Nate, he chose us.
So, yeah, there's some issues
between Nate and Lance.
He thought he was
a fair-weather friend.
Not to mention a liar.
This is too much, Gillian.
No way.
I didn't wanna
believe it either, Sam.
And you guys have this thing
going on now and..
What, are you gonna say
he hated Rudy too?
'Nate would never have let him
get in trouble for that party.'
They're like brothers.
Whoever said it was about hate?
Maybe it's just about doing
what you gotta do.
Oh, can you wait outside
for just a minute
and I'll come get you
when we're done? Thank you.
So we have an issue.
- Two actually.
- What?
'Well, number one'
the autopsy just came back
on Brittany Gomez.
'She didn't die from the fall.'
Took them a while to find it
but she actually died
from a stab wound.
Oh, my God!
Then I just got
an anonymous email
that one of our students
is dealing narcotics
out of his locker.
I showed IT and they said
it came
from an untraceable address.
Read it for yourself.
- No way.
- What the hell is going on?
I'm losing control of my school.
Oh, my God.
What is it?
Excuse me.
What are you doing in my locker?
- Did you hear?
- Who died now?
- Lance. Kind of.
- I heard about that.
- It's horrible.
- No kidding.
I heard they're sending him
to military school.
- Poor Lance.
- Oh, hey, question.
How do you know
Nate took this picture?
What do you mean?
Are you sure it was downloaded
from his camera?
I'm photo editor
for "Squad Goal," Sam.
- I download all of his stuff.
- Oh. Right, sorry.
Did you guys hear?
About Lance?
Yeah, it's horrible.
No, not Lance.
I'm talking about Rudy.
What about Rudy?
Apparently, they discovered
in the autopsy
that Brittany was stabbed
before she fell.
- Are you kidding?
- No.
They found a knife
in Rudy's locker.
Supposedly, it matched the one
that Brittany was stabbed with.
- What?
- We better go.
[male #5]
'Watch your head.'
What do you think you're doing?
I'm taking pictures
for the school paper.
No, no more pictures.
Get yourself back to class.
That goes for you guys too.
- Yes, ma'am.
- I have a free.
Well, then just get yourself
back inside. The show's over.
And if those pictures see
the light of day anywhere
you're gonna be in a cell
next to your buddy.
Get back in class!
All of you guys.
Get back to class.
[indistinct chatter]
Hurry up!
There's no way
Rudy brought in that knife.
- Absolutely no way.
- He's so screwed now.
Forget the scholarship,
that's over.
Even the schools
that accepted him
are gonna rescind their offer.
Well, that's the least
of his problems.
He's gonna be charged
with a freakin' felony.
Someone had to have set him up.
Oh, no doubt. Let's meet
back up after school.
I know you took the photo
of Lance and Jordan.
What about it?
Did you put it up
on Lance's locker?
No, I would never do
anything like that.
Did you ever share it
with anyone?
- No.
- You swear?
I separated it out.
I know how sensitive that is.
Okay. I gotta go.
- Let's talk later.
- Okay.
Listen, detective,
I am asking you
to please get back into this.
Because there was peanut residue
on the lipstick.
Yes, I know that there was
because my daughter
is a smart girl.
A whole lot smarter than..
Now I know
why these kids have decided
to take matters
into their own hands.
Thank you.
[cell phone chimes]
- Sam?
- Hey.
So you're gonna tell me?
The suspense is killing me.
It's Nate.
After everything you told me,
I realized it's got to be him.
Why would he keep taking
pictures of people dying?
And then he lied to me about
sharing that picture with you
of Lance and Jordan.
And he has motive.
He needs that scholarship
more than anyone else.
And what's scariest..
I'm the last one in line
for the scholarship.
He gets rid of me,
he's got it.
So I need to make sure he's
busted before he can get to me.
Sam, I love you.
But you're kind of stupid,
you know.
Frankly, I like the whole line
questioning about downloading.
But that was a lie.
He had separated
the Lance-Jordan pic.
[keys clacking]
[indistinct chatter]
Enjoying my computer?
Shared all the pics
for the paper.
We're on deadline, Natie.
Gillian, what are you doing?
You know,
you probably don't know this
but I used to call him Natie.
See, I didn't just arrive here
six months ago
'with this girl-next-door look
and sweep Nate off his feet.'
I've known him
almost my entire life.
We went
to kindergarten together.
Gillian, can we just
settle down for a sec?
'It's a little late for that
now, Sam, don't you think?'
- Gillian.
- Gillian, Gillian.
Just shut up already!
Your charm's getting old, Sam.
You're supposed
to be my best friend.
I am.
But best friends don't
hook up with the guys
'their best friends
are in love with.'
When the person who has
known him their entire life
doesn't even get asked
to her own prom?
- Gillian, I am your best--
- Wrong!
Nate is my best friend.
And my soulmate!
Sure, let's just..
Put down the knife
so we can talk about it.
It's too late
for talking now, Sam.
It's time for action.
'Here's the thing.'
Best friends do extra ordinary
things for each other.
[indistinct chatter]
[dramatic music]
Somebody, help me!
[ Gillian ]
You plant knives in the locker
of close friends just to help
the love of your life get
the scholarship he deserved.
What are you doing in my locker?
I kept one of the knives
for myself.
Sure, I'm glad I did.
'Your reporting skills
aren't gonna help you today.'
Gillian, please.
Please what?
Best friends do
whatever they have to do
to help the person they love.
Whether it's blackmail..
...or simply taking care
of business.
Can I tell you something?
My idea was just
to get Brittany wasted
and make an anonymous call
to the police
that she was driving drunk.
But you know what?
But when that entitled,
pretentious whore
just sat there
whining on the windowsill
after all she's been given..
[Brittany screams]
Well, she just had to go.
It's now just down to you, Sam.
Last girl standing.
'And that won't be for long.'
Thank you, Gillian.
For what?
Nate, you get all that?
I got the whole thing.
'Sorry, Gillian, you're cooked.'
Really? You're gonna try
to continue and humiliate me
after all that
I've done for you?
- 'Put the knife down.'
- You know what?
You both have to go.
- You're dead!
- Ah!
Sam, watch out!
That hurt, Nate.
'Come on, Natie.'
No, no. No!
'Natie, I loved you.'
You okay?
Yeah. You?
Yeah, I think so.
[ Samant]a
A few months ago when I began
writing "#SquadGoals"
I didn't know
what it would become.
To be honest,
I was kind of hoping
it would be an opportunity
for me
to, well, be discovered.
But as it turned out,
I'm the one
who got to do the discovering
in that I solved
a couple of murders
and won a couple
of student journalism awards.
And to be honest,
some of the things I discovered
were pretty ugly.
And, some things
were pretty amazing.
I am thrilled
to announce the winner
of the World Patron
Scholars Award.
Samantha Hodges.
[crowd cheering]
But it was all
a lesson in learning
one that I hope to continue
in the next phase of my life.
A phase that this scholarship
which I've chosen
to split three ways
will certainly make
a whole lot more manageable.
Sure, a four-year ride
would have been nice
but, the love and friendship
of my squad
is a whole lot nicer.
[instrumental music]