Squeaky Clean Mysteries: Hazardous Duty (2022) Movie Script

(lighthearted piano music)
(eerie music)
(door creaks)
(gun fires)
(lighthearted music)
- [Reporter] Congressional
candidate Michael Cunningham
is still in mourning
after his wife, Gloria,
was murdered in their family home.
A police spokesperson
insists that the shocking
invasion and murder was targeted,
and assured concerned community members
that this is an isolated...
- [Reporter] Is mourning the loss
of longtime volunteer and
advocate, Gloria Cunningham.
A candlelight vigil was held
on school grounds last night
in her memory,
and the school board will
meet later this week-
- [Reporter] In local
news, police have arrested
43 year old Gil Newsome,
for the alleged murder
of Gloria Cunningham
in her home last week.
The wife of congressIonal
candidate Michael Cunningham
was scheduled to testify on Friday
as a witness in an armed
robbery case against Newsome.
(melancholic music)
(door creaks)
(car door shuts)
- Hey, hey.
- Morning, Harold.
- Sorry, I'm late.
Had to stop and get
some essential supplies.
Extra cream, extra sugar, right?
Relax, Kojak, it's black.
- Mm.
- Hey.
Those new respirators come in?
- Yup, just picked them up on my way over.
- Ah, I knew there was a
reason I made you my partner.
- We make a great team?
- Yes, we do.
(mysterious music)
Let's start upstairs.
- Eh, not too bad.
- It's better than that Vasquez job.
Remember that?
- Ugh.
I'll never be able to look at
a guitar the same way again.
(Harold laughs)
(mysterious music)
So that's him, huh?
Michael Cunningham, the politician.
- Yeah.
And that beautiful wife of his.
Who would go and kill a
nice looking lady like that?
- I don't know.
- Well, whoever he is, he's
gonna do a lot of time.
- Well...
With the right evidence.
(Harold laughs)
- Okay, here we go.
Like what?
- Okay, so, Newsome
stops by that afternoon
to persuade Gloria not
to testify against him,
which she refuses.
- Yeah. Smart lady.
- Except that night, Cunningham
goes to a campaign rally,
Newsome breaks in, kills Gloria.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, and
Cunningham comes home
just in time to see Newsome
running out of the House
and he gets shot.
I saw that on the news.
- Okay. Newsome gets away,
but he forgets something.
- So, let me guess.
- Shoe prints.
It was a rainy night.
Forensics found shoe
prints by the back door,
from the same shoes he's wearing later
when police questioned him.
- Whoa, whoa, wait a second.
So they got the guy on his sneaker prints?
Come on, that's like a
bad Cinderella story.
- Or they got the wrong guy.
Think about it.
How did Newsome get into the house?
- I have no idea.
- There's no signs of forced entry.
- Yeah, well, where'd the
shot come from, genius?
- Looks like he got Michael
just as he came around the corner.
Poor guy never knew what hit him.
- Huh.
- If they want to lock up this case,
they really need to
find that murder weapon.
- Well, maybe the cops already did.
- [Gabby] I don't know.
The news didn't say.
(Harold grunts)
- I hate big rugs.
- Yeah.
- Hi.
- Hey.
No rest for the wicked.
We gotta drop this by 5:30.
- Oh, geez, I didn't
realize what time it was.
- You want to take off?
Drop it off and call it a day?
I'll drive your car home.
- Nah, I don't want to
leave you to finish alone.
- There's nothing left.
Just a black light sweep,
a little detailing.
If we split up, we can get
it done in half the time.
- What, are you in a hurry?
You got a hot date?
- Hardly. Just my neighbor.
- About time Shirley
Holmes found her Watson.
- It's Sierra.
She's trying out for a
community theater production
and needs my help picking out
an outfit for the audition.
(Harold laughs)
- She wants you as a fashion consultant?
- And we're running lines.
Funny guy.
- That's more like it. Don't wreck her.
- You got it, chief.
(mysterious music)
(sponge rinses)
(sponge scrubs)
(wipe scrubs)
(cell phone beeps)
(somber music)
(cell phone beeps)
(text message beeps)
(sponge scrubs)
(mysterious music)
(door creaks)
(fire alarm beeps)
(fire blazes)
(Gabby coughs)
Fire extinguisher.
Come on!
Come on, come on, come on, come on.
Come on, come on, where is it?
(Gabby coughs)
(intense music)
(people chattering)
(radio chatter)
(mysterious music)
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
- Thank you very much for
your statement, Mrs. O'Conner.
Have a good night.
- You too.
- Miss St. Claire?
- [Gabby] Yes.
- Detective Melissa Parker.
Can I ask you a few questions
if you're up for it?
- Yeah, sure.
- You were inside the house
when the fire broke out,
is that correct?
- Yes.
I was actually here all afternoon.
I'm with Martin's Cleaning Service.
- Yeah, I'm familiar with it.
I don't see a work van or anything.
- Oh, no, my partner, Harold Martin,
he went to drop off a load
at the waste facility.
- Uh huh.
So, you were here alone?
- I thought so.
- Can you tell me how the fire started?
- Not really.
I mean, I was finishing up cleaning,
and then the next thing I know,
the house is filled with fumes and smoke.
- Exactly where in the house were you?
- The living room.
Which is where I found this.
It was behind a bookcase.
- Behind a bookcase?
- Yeah, it was like one of
those secret passageway things
you see in all the movies,
but it wasn't, it was just a
hidden closet or something.
Maybe it's the murder weapon.
- Why would you say that?
- Well, the Cunninghams were shot.
I mean, someone probably brought it back
in there to hide it.
- You realize it looks
pretty incriminating,
you walking out of here with this.
- I realize that.
But the house was on fire,
I had to make a choice.
Either leave it in there to get destroyed,
or take it with me and turn it in.
I think I made the right move.
- Did you touch the gun?
- I don't touch evidence.
I learned that back in forensic science.
- Thank you for your time. Here's my card.
- Thanks.
Do you think-
- I'll be in touch.
Not a word about this to anyone.
- Right.
- Do you need a ride?
- Oh, no, my partner's car is here.
- Actually, the arson team is
gonna have to check the place
and all the vehicles on the crime scene,
so I'll have an officer take you home.
- Thanks.
- Right this way.
- Thanks.
(mellow music)
Thanks for the ride.
- [Officer] You're welcome.
- Oh, Gabby!
- Hi.
- Oh, Gabby, I'm so glad you're home safe.
- I'm so sorry I missed the fashion show.
It has been a crazy night.
- I got your text. Are you okay?
I was so worried when I
didn't hear anything back.
(siren blares)
- I'm fine.
It's just...
I'm just really wiped.
- Do you need anything?
I mean, how can I help?
- I just need a long shower,
and I just wanna try to get to sleep.
- Are you sure?
Maybe I could make you some tea.
- Sierra, you really
don't have to do that.
- I want to, if you're up for it.
- You are gonna make a great nurse #2.
- I know, right?
You know what's really weird?
Is the gun was on top of the safe,
and not inside of it.
Did someone plant it?
And who did it belong
to in the first place?
- Well, maybe the gun
belonged to the Cunninghams.
I mean, people have guns.
- Yes.
But no matter who it belonged to,
why would Newsome stash it in the house?
And how would he know about
the hidden compartment?
- That is really random.
- Maybe someone was trying to frame him...
Or help him.
I don't know.
(Gabby chuckles)
- Well, you know I'm not a mystery person.
I didn't even audition for
that Agatha Christie play
a few months ago,
and I audition for everything, so.
- You know, it was hard
to tell from the street
how bad the damage was from
the fire on the inside.
But it sure seemed like someone
was trying to cover their tracks.
- Well, at least you got out okay.
(object thuds)
(mysterious music)
- I don't see anything.
- It's probably nothing.
Just forget about it.
- I'm just curious.
- I'm sorry about the noise,
I didn't mean to bother you.
- No worries. Here, let me help you.
Oh, I'm so sorry! Are you okay?
- Yeah, are you?
- Yeah. (Gabby chuckles)
- Let's try this again.
Hi, Riley Thomas.
Your new neighbor in 106.
I thought I'd try and move the
rest of my stuff in tonight,
but I guess I overloaded the box a little.
(Gabby chuckles)
- Gabby St. Claire.
I live over here, 105.
- Nice to meet you, Gabby.
- Nice to meet you.
- I'm Sierra. Hi.
- Sierra, hi.
- I live here too, just down there,
in case you need anything.
- Got a spare stethoscope?
- Huh?
- Your outfit.
Are you a doctor? Nurse?
- Oh, nurse!
I hope.
- Well, I gotta get these inside.
It was nice to meet you two.
Have a good night.
- Yeah, night.
(whimsical music)
(lighthearted music)
- This morning, police are investigating
a suspicious fire that damaged the home
of congressional candidate
Michael Cunningham.
Three days ago, Cunningham was the victim
of a home invasion, in which
his wife, Gloria, was murdered,
and he was wounded.
Cunningham remains in the hospital.
While the investigation into the cause
of the fire is ongoing,
police say it is unrelated to the murder.
- Unrelated?
But what about the gun?
- Mr. Cunningham thanks everyone
who's expressed sympathy
for the tragic death of his wife,
and well-wishes for his speedy recovery.
Despite this devastating personal tragedy,
he will continue his
congressional campaign.
- Polls report that
Cunningham's numbers have risen
in the days since the murder.
- Hi, Harold.
- [Harold] How you doin'?
You sleep okay?
- Sure, yeah.
And like I told you before,
I'm absolutely fine.
- It's good to hear.
- [Gabby] Look, I'm
really sorry I wasn't able
to get your car back to you last night.
- Oh, stop. Don't even worry about that.
I'm just glad you're okay.
- Well, do you want me
to come by, pick you up,
and we'll go get it right now?
- No, no, no, I hate to pull you out.
You know, you should be resting.
- You don't have to worry about me.
I'm fine, really.
Okay, so, I'll see you later?
- I am so sorry I left you in there.
- There's no way you
could've known, Harold.
- Yeah, but still.
- Hey, we're good.
Good morning.
(car engine revs)
- Oh, good morning.
- I'm so sorry about your neighbors.
- I just don't understand it.
How on earth can anyone do such a thing?
It's just not right.
- Did you know them well?
- The Cunninghams are
amongst my dearest friends.
Everyone that knew them just
thought the world of them both.
- How long did you know them?
- Well, I lived next door for years.
Oh gosh, I guess it's been over a decade
since they moved in.
Barbara O'Conner.
- Oh, Gabby.
Nice to meet you.
- I saw you last night in the ambulance.
So glad you're okay!
- Thank you.
- You were in the house?
- Yeah, I was finishing up cleaning.
I'm a crime scene cleaner.
- Oh, right.
I remember seeing the van out front.
Wonderful for Michael to have your help.
What, with everything
that he's going through.
I was so relieved to see
him out of the hospital.
The news made it sound like
he would be laid up for days.
- Out of the hospital?
- Yes.
I saw him here last
night from my backyard.
I was gonna come over to
see if he needed anything,
but he must've just needed
to pick some things up,
because he didn't stay very long.
- Do you know when he was here?
- I don't, but it wasn't too long
before than the alarm went off.
And then the smoke started.
- You saw smoke after Michael left?
- I sure did.
It's a good thing he
wasn't hanging around.
Can you imagine being stuck in that fire?
Oh, I mean, no offense, of course.
- Oh, no, none taken.
It was nice meeting you.
- Likewise.
(mysterious music)
(buzzer rings)
- Miss St. Claire.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
What can I do for you?
- Detective, hi.
I was hoping we could discuss the case.
- The case?
(buzzer rings)
- I know, sorry.
It's just, I think I might
know who started the fire.
- Okay.
- I talked to one of the
neighbors, Barbara O'Conner,
and she said that she
saw Michael Cunningham
at the house last night,
just before the fire started.
- Let's talk in my office.
(buzzer rings)
I spoke to Mrs. O'Conner last night,
and the other neighbors too.
No one mentioned seeing Michael.
- But it makes sense,
if you think about it.
- How's that?
- There's the hidden gun in the house.
It's a pretty good chance
it's the murder weapon.
- We're still waiting on ballistics.
- But let's say that it is.
How did it get behind the bookcase?
And how many people would've known
about the hidden compartment?
Just one, Gloria's murderer.
Or an accomplice.
- We know who Gloria's murderer is,
and Gil Newsome's already behind bars.
- But if Cunningham was there last night,
and he did start the fire,
it can only be for one reason.
- You think he burned down his own home
to make sure no one
found the murder weapon
he used to kill his wife
even though he's not a suspect?
- It's possible.
- Look, I appreciate
you're trying to help,
but we've already checked that angle.
Besides, Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham had,
by all accounts, a loving marriage.
And Mr. Cunningham had an alibi
for the night of the
murder, and last night.
I mean, he's still at the hospital.
- What?
- It's the first thing we checked.
He won't be discharged till tomorrow.
Whoever Mrs. O'Conner saw wasn't him.
No more Nancy Drew.
All right?
- [Gabby] I'll show you Nancy Drew.
- That's not your line, Gabby!
Dr. Walton says, "Nurse, get
my husband on the phone."
And then nurse #2 says-
- "Yes, ma'am"
- Yes, ma'am!
Yes, ma'am.
Yes, ma'am.
- Morning, neighbors.
- Riley, hey!
- Hi.
- I thought I'd take
a break from unpacking
and check out the neighborhood.
- Well, what can I get you, neighbor?
- Oh, how about a chicken
salad on an everything bagel,
and a black coffee.
- Oh, black coffee, huh?
Well, why don't you have a seat,
and I will be right back.
(Sierra chuckles)
- She's a waitress slash actress.
- Not a nurse.
- Eh, it depends on how
her next audition goes.
- Ah.
- You want to sit down?
- Sure, thanks.
- So how's the move coming along?
- Well, I have everything in.
Now if I can just figure
out where to put it.
- What brings you to town?
- That is an excellent question.
I guess you could say I'm between jobs.
I thought I'd take some time to recharge
and get a fresh start, you know?
- Must be nice.
- What about you? What are you doing?
- I do my best to avoid
talking about what I do
for as long as possible.
- What, are you some sort of secret agent?
Or cat burglar, right?
- I clean crime scenes.
Murders, accidents, that sort of thing.
- That's good, that's good.
(Riley chuckles)
Oh, you're serious.
- For about five years now.
Yeah, it's a real
icebreaker on first dates.
- No, no, I was thinking that-
- That it's a weird way to make a living,
that I must have a strong
stomach, or my favorite,
at least I don't have to
take my work home with me.
- I was thinking you must
be a very caring person.
- Oh.
(Gabby chuckles)
(cell phone buzzes)
- Yeah, sure.
- My partner.
Hi, Harold.
Slow down, Harold.
That doesn't make any...
Where are you?
Okay, don't worry, I'm on my way.
- Is everything okay?
- The police just brought my partner
Harold in for questioning.
I have to go see him.
- Hey, you seem really upset.
Why don't you let me drive you?
- I don't know.
- No, it's fine.
Honestly, I'm right there.
- Okay.
(dramatic music)
- How you doin'?
- I don't know why I'm
so nervous, it's just...
- I'm sure it's all just a formality.
- Right.
Routine questioning, yeah.
- All right.
Deep breaths.
It's all gonna be fine.
You'll feel better once you
get some more information.
- I hope so.
(dramatic music)
- I'll wait out here.
- Thank you for driving, and everything.
- Of course.
- Hi, I'm here to see Harold Martin.
- Go ahead and sign in.
- Thank you.
I don't understand.
Why would the police question you
about burning the house down?
It doesn't make any sense.
- That's not entirely true.
(tense music)
When I was in high school,
I sorta got mixed up with the wrong crowd.
We were all out one night,
we were all talking about
what we were gonna do,
that kinda thing.
I didn't take it seriously.
Next thing I know, they break
into this rich guy's house,
they start a fire, and
half his house burns down.
And I didn't even get out of the car...
But I was there.
So they charged me as an accessory.
- Harold, jeez.
I never knew.
- Well, it's not something
I like to talk about.
Gab, I told the cops I
knew you were in there.
I would never do anything to hurt you.
You know that. We're family.
- Of course.
I would never in a million years
think you're responsible for this.
- Well, I wish the cops agreed.
Once a felon, always
a felon in their eyes.
- Wait, you couldn't have done it.
You were making a drop at the incinerator.
- There was terrible
traffic on the highway,
by the time I got to the
waste plan, it was almost 7.
Check was closing up, he
let me into the dump, but...
That was long after the fire started.
- Well, traffic isn't much of an alibi.
We'll figure this out, Harold.
I know we will.
- I hope so.
Hope so.
- Are you about done for the day?
- I've got two or three more
reports before I can head home.
(buzzer rings)
- You don't have to stick
around if you don't want to.
- Oh, it's no problem.
I'm really sorry to hear what's
happening with your partner.
- I don't understand how he's still here.
How can they hold him for something
that happened 30 years ago?
- Well, legally they can
keep him for questioning
for up to 48 hours, but after that-
- I mean technically, yes, but..
How did you know that?
(buzzer rings)
Oh, Detective.
They brought in my partner
Harold for questioning.
- And unless you'd like to join him,
I suggest you stay in your lane.
- But he couldn't have set that fire,
he knew I was in the house.
The guy's like a father to me.
- Well, you don't know
him as well as you think.
- What is that supposed to mean?
- Gabby, let's go, this isn't helping.
- No.
If you don't have probable cause,
you have to release Harold.
I'm not leaving here without him.
- All right, how about this.
We just finished a search
of Mr. Martin's vehicle.
In the trunk, we found gallons
of a volatile substance.
- We use tons of solvents in our business.
I'm sure that's what it is.
Wait! I can explain it.
Whatever it is, I can explain it.
- I am not interested in any
more of your explanations.
I only care about evidence.
And until my team tells me
that the substance in your partner's car
wasn't the accelerant in that fire,
he's still my primary suspect.
End of story.
- I know what all of our
chemicals smell like,
and that's not what I smelled that night.
- You want to help your friend?
Get him a good lawyer.
(tense music)
- Someone else started that fire.
- Okay?
- I don't know.
- You think Cunningham
burned down his own home?
- If he was trying to cover up
the murder of his wife, sure.
- But the police have the
shooter in custody already.
It's not Cunningham.
- All I know is is that
Harold didn't start that fire,
and I'm not letting him go down for it.
- Cunningham's a politician, Gabby.
Very powerful people
want to see him elected.
- What people?
- That's the idea, not to know.
- Just because someone
has powerful friends
doesn't mean you get away with murder.
And if proving Harold's innocence
means busting Cunningham,
so be it.
- But what if Cunningham's being set up?
- Don't defend him!
- I'm not defending him,
I'm just keeping all
the cards on the table.
(Gabby chuckles)
- You know, Riley, I really
appreciate your help,
but I really shouldn't be
bothering you with this.
You have plenty to worry
about with your move and all.
- I'm here because I want to help.
- That's exactly it.
Why do you want to?
You hardly know me.
- Okay.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know you felt that way.
(melancholic music)
(ominous music)
- Riley.
I'm sorry about coming off
harsh in the car towards you.
It's just been a crazy couple of days.
- It's okay.
I'm sorry if you feel like I
was butting in your business.
I just want to help.
- I appreciate that. I do.
I guess I'm just not
used to the attention.
- Well, I gotta say, I
even had a little fun
being your chauffeur today.
- Hm.
- Let's do it again sometime.
Under better circumstances, of course.
- Agreed.
(Gabby chuckles)
(lighthearted music)
Ah, I really needed this.
Thank you for getting me out of the house.
- Aw, don't thank me, thank Ender.
It was his idea.
- Thank you, Ender!
Oh, did you know that that fancy museum
is on the site of old grain mill?
- Oh.
- Harold told me about this
wicked industrial accident
that was there.
- Oh, you have got to stop
talking about that stuff.
- Sorry.
No more work talk, okay.
- Should we talk about boys?
Maybe one in particular?
- Who?
- Riley?
- No, there's not much to report.
- Oh, not much to report yet.
- Sierra, the eternal optimist.
- That's what my mom always
used to say about me!
(Sierra chuckles)
Oh, speaking of moms, how's yours?
- Um...
Good, I guess.
I think she's kind of lonely,
and I'd like to spend
some more time with her,
but I have to keep working
so I can help out financially.
- That sounds really hard.
- Yeah, well...
Once this whole mess with
Harold is straightened out,
I can maybe spend a weekend with her.
- How are things with
Harold? Any big breaks?
- Well, not really.
I'm not gonna stop trying though.
I lost my dad. I'm not gonna
lose another father figure.
- Do you have a plan?
- I was hoping you would ask.
I was wondering if you
could do me a favor.
Thanks for doing this, Sierra.
- Happy to help.
I wanted to do some
character research anyway.
Do you really think
Cunningham murdered his wife?
- I don't know.
But there's definitely
something fishy about that guy,
I can feel it.
- How does Riley feel?
- Let's just say there's a
reason he wasn't invited.
- Yeah, dinner and a movie
is a way better first date.
- Are you ready?
- Yes, ma'am.
(tense music)
oh, here's the directory.
- Security, security...
- 140, 1st Floor.
Let's go this way.
(tense music)
(Gabby gasps)
- That's Parker.
- There's a lot of press
out there, Mr. Cunningham.
Are you sure you don't
want to go out the back?
- I should make a statement.
- Is it me, or is Cunningham
kinda hot in person?
What? I'm just saying!
- Come on!
- How can I help you?
- Riley Thomas, I'm here
to see Harold Martin.
- Down this way.
This is 137...
This has gotta be it.
Oh, here it is.
- Okay, yeah.
I'll be right there.
(tense music)
- Hurry, hurry.
What are we looking for?
(Gabby gasps)
- Can I help you ladies with something?
- Hi.
We have a patient who left her readers
in the cafeteria this morning.
Just wanted to check lost
and found real quick.
- Yes, Mrs. Bugledorf.
She really needs those readers.
- Yeah.
- To read.
- Mhm.
- Can you come back later?
I gotta go help out at this
Cunningham press conference.
- Ugh.
We're processing her
discharge paperwork now.
- We would be ever so grateful.
I mean, Mrs. Bugledorf would be.
- Mhm.
- Mrs. Bugledorf, huh?
- Sounds made up, right?
(Sierra laughs)
(Gabby laughs)
- Yeah, it does.
- [Woman] Austin, get down here, man.
- Make it quick.
Close the door behind you when you go.
- And the Oscar goes to...
- Oh my god.
(lighthearted music)
- Gabby?
- Riley? What are you doing here?
- I was about to ask you the same thing.
- I'm here to see Parker.
Cunningham wasn't at the
hospital when the fire started.
- Wait, what are you talking about?
- Sierra and I went to
the hospital this morning,
and we found this footage
on the security camera
on the night of the fire.
- Wait. They just gave you this?
- Check out the time.
Cunningham left the hospital
when the fire started.
- How long was he gone?
- That's an excellent question.
Look, here he comes.
After the fire started.
He was gone the whole time.
- Well...
That doesn't mean he started the fire.
- Sure, but he could have.
Or he was meeting the
person who started it.
- That would give us reasonable doubt
with their case against Harold.
- Which is why I have to show
this to Parker right away.
- I assume you had the
hospital's permission
to look at their security files.
- No one said I couldn't.
And this is the evidence
we need to free Harold.
- No, it isn't.
If you show that footage to Parker,
not only will you not be able to use it,
but you could be arrested
on what I'm gonna assume
are multiple charges.
- But Harold is innocent.
And this practically proves it.
- You can't help him if
you're in a cell next to him.
- Since when did you become an expert
on what's best for Harold?
- About an hour ago.
That's why I'm here.
I'm taking his case.
- His case?
So now you're a lawyer?
- That's what it says in my diploma.
(Gabby chuckles)
- But you never said anything.
You said you were in between jobs.
- That was true, at the time.
I thought maybe I was ready
to move on to something else,
something different.
But this seems like an emergency,
and I want to help.
- You think you can?
- I'll do my best.
But meanwhile, don't show
that video to Parker.
We have to find some other way to verify
that Cunningham wasn't there.
- What do you propose we do?
- I'll head back to the hospital,
ask around and see what
I can figure it out.
- I'll go with you.
- Let's not have you
back there again today.
(Gabby laughs)
- Why don't you talk
to that neighbor again?
Confirm it was Cunningham
that she saw that night.
- Okay.
I'll see you later.
(lighthearted music)
- Oh, hey there.
Gabby, right?
- That's right.
It's nice to see you again.
I was wondering if we could chat.
- Well, sure.
Such a wonderful day.
Let's have a seat on my patio.
Can I get you something to drink?
- Sure, thank you.
- Great.
All right, here we are.
- Thank you.
- Yes.
- I really appreciate you
speaking with me again, Barbara.
- Oh, yes, of course.
Anything I can do to help.
I want whoever's responsible for this
to get the punishment they deserve.
- Same here.
Now, you said that
Michael was at the house
when the fire started?
- Mm.
I was back here having a glass of wine,
and I heard someone next door pull up,
and I knew nobody was home,
so I thought I'd go check out who it was.
- And you're positive that it was Michael?
- Absolutely.
I recognized his voice.
He was on his phone.
- Do you know who he was talking to?
- I don't.
But he sounded upset.
Something about never
quitting no matter what?
I assume it was about his campaign.
- Okay.
And then he went into the house?
- Well, now that you mention it,
no, he went into the garage.
- You sound surprised by that.
- Well, I just don't know
why he would go in there.
I really don't know what's in there
except for his old gas lawnmower.
- A gas lawnmower?
- Oh, Gloria would not
set foot in that garage
because of the gasoline smell.
That old clunker with
all those rusty cans?
She hated all of it!
Would complain about it
to anyone who'd listen.
I'm gonna miss her so much.
You know, I bet you two
would've been friends.
- Oh, yeah?
- Mhm, yeah.
You both have that same
vivacious spirit about you.
(Gabby chuckles)
- Well, thank you for the compliment,
and the lemonade.
- Thank you for coming.
(mysterious music)
- We just can't seem to stop
running into each other.
- Maybe the universe is
trying to tell us something.
- What are you doing at
the neighbor's place?
- What are you doing following me?
- Really?
Police business.
Now, back to what you're doing here.
- I just had a few questions.
- I already told you.
There's no way she saw
Cunningham that night.
- What about the arson report?
Did you find out what
spread the fire so quickly?
- You know I can't
discuss this investigation
with you, Gabby.
And you can't keep interfering with it.
- Maybe if you would talk to
Barbara, I wouldn't have to.
- This is your last warning.
I don't want to have to take you in.
- [Riley] An old lawnmower.
That's your smoking gun?
- It makes complete sense.
Cunningham used the
gasoline to spread the fire.
- With our hard evidence,
it's still a maybe.
And I'm pretty sure we're not welcome
anywhere near Cunningham's or Conner's
after your run in with Parker.
- Yeah.
Did you find anything at the hospital?
- All I got was lectures
on patient confidentiality.
- Okay, so the only evidence
we have is security tapes
we can't use.
- As Harold's attorney, there is a chance
I could subpoena those tapes.
It wouldn't be easy.
There's a whole host of privacy issues.
And when Cunningham finds
out, he'll take it to court,
it'll be up to a judge.
- That could take forever.
(tense music)
What is it?
- Nothing.
I thought I just...
Nevermind, sorry.
You were saying...
Security tapes.
- Well, if we can't get the tapes,
maybe we can find another way.
- Such as?
- Like you said, you're the lawyer.
Let's go see Newsome.
(lighthearted music)
- [Man] Name?
- Gabby St. Claire and Riley
Thomas to see Gil Newsome.
- [Man] One moment, please.
- This is bad idea, Gabby.
- The police arrested Gil
Newsome for Gloria's murder.
But he said all along he was innocent.
- They all say that.
- But what if it's true?
- What about what
Detective Parker said, hm?
About you interfering?
- Relax.
I've got a great lawyer.
(Riley chuckles)
(gate screeches)
(mellow music)
- You guys just want to
step to my right over here.
- Sure.
- BC150 to Central.
Jail doors.
(alarm buzzes)
(alarm buzzes)
Second on the left.
You guys will have 15 minutes.
- [Gabby] Thank you.
- [Riley] Thank you.
- Who are you?
- Mr. Newsome.
I'm Riley Thomas, this
is Gabby St. Claire.
I represent Harold Martin.
- Who?
- My client has been accused
of setting fire to the house
of Michael and Gloria Cunningham.
- So you want to pin that on me too?
Well, I hate to disappoint you,
but I've got a fantastic alibi.
- We'd like to discuss with you the night
that Gloria Cunningham was murdered.
- Look, I told the cops.
And now I'm telling you.
I never touched her.
- Mr. Cunningham claims
you came to his house
and threatened his wife.
- He's lying.
I just wanted to talk to her.
- [Riley] And the police
also have forensic evidence
placing you at the scene.
- What?
My fingerprints at the front door?
I already admitted I was there.
It's a waste of time.
- By the way, Gil.
The police found the murder weapon.
It's not official.
They haven't released the news yet.
Not until they get a match on the print.
(mysterious music)
- How long is that gonna take?
- Well, it's hard to say.
It's a big case, so they
don't want any slip ups.
(tense music)
- Yeah.
- So, what did you want to talk
about with Gloria Cunningham
when you went to their house?
- I was out on bail.
And I figured if I could
explain to her, you know,
what really happened,
then maybe she wouldn't
have to testify after all.
- Are you saying you didn't
rob that convenience store?
- They arrested me for armed robbery.
That's a big step up when
it comes to serving time.
And it's only because that
lady told them I had a gun.
I don't even own a gun.
Worst they could get
me for was shoplifting.
- So what did you do with the house?
- When I got to the door, I
could hear yelling inside,
like they were having a big fight.
I rang the bell, the husband answers.
And you know, he looked
real ticked off, you know?
Like he was gonna take a swing at me
even before I opened my mouth.
- So, what did you do?
- I told them who I was,
asked to talk to his wife.
He said beat it, before he calls the cops.
- And?
Did you leave then?
- Yes and no.
I mean, like, I could hear
them start up arguing again,
and I didn't want any piece of that.
- So is that why they
found your footprints
beneath their bedroom window?
You went around back to listen?
- Did you hear what
they were arguing about?
- Not specifically, no.
And I didn't want to
stick around to find out.
You know, she was really going off on him.
- Wait.
Gloria was mad at Michael?
- Oh, yeah.
Between the two of them,
she was way scarier.
I would not want to be that guy.
(mysterious music)
- So, Gloria was upset with Michael.
Really upset.
I mean, maybe it wasn't such
a loving marriage after all.
- Wait a minute.
When did Parker confirm the gun you found
was the murder weapon?
- She didn't.
- But you just told Newsome...
(Gabby chuckles)
- I was hoping to get a reaction.
I mean, the last thing
a killer wants to hear
is that fingerprints were
found on the murder weapon.
- You were testing him.
- Mhm.
- Huh.
Well, that definitely wasn't
the reaction of a guilty man.
- I didn't think so either.
I'm pretty sure he wasn't involved.
- So, now what?
- I don't know.
- Can I get you guys anything else?
- No, thanks.
(Gabby chuckles)
- You know, this place
is really growing on me.
- Oh, yeah?
- Good food, great service, good company.
What's not to love?
- I used to live at that
corner table over there,
back in grad school.
- Oh, yeah?
What did you study?
- Forensic science.
- Right, right, right.
The job you avoid talking
about for as long as possible.
(Gabby laughs)
- Yeah, sorry about that.
I tend to come on a little strong
in the subject of career choice.
- Maybe a little.
- Well, I appreciate what
you said, about caring.
I hadn't gotten that before.
- I meant it.
- You know, it wasn't
exactly my first choice.
I wanted to work in law enforcement,
but I had to drop out of my last semester.
My dad passed.
- I'm sorry.
- Thanks.
Well, dad didn't have life insurance,
and mom needed help paying the bills.
So, one of my professors
introduced me to Harold,
and we took to each other right away.
I learned the ropes of his business,
and he showed me how
I could use the things
I learned in school to help people.
And here I am, five years later.
- You know, you can always
go back, finish your degree,
get a job in the force.
- EH.
Harold made me his partner this year.
And I don't mind the work.
I make decent money, so I
can help my mom every month.
- Sounds like you're working
hard for everyone else.
(Gabby chuckles)
What about yourself?
- It's too late to change.
- It's never too late.
Not when it comes to
something as important
as your own happiness.
Otherwise, you'll always
look back and wonder.
- Wonder what?
- Um, we should probably go.
I still gotta talk to Harold,
and a bunch of other stuff to do.
- Sure.
(lighthearted music)
(phone rings)
- Parker.
Mary, what you got?
- You sure it's the murder weapon?
Ballistics checked out?
Okay, yeah. Email me the report.
- We may be able to prove that Cunningham
wasn't at the hospital
when the fire started.
- It would be a huge step
towards clearing you.
- Yeah, but what about the solvents?
- The arson investigation showed
that there was an accelerant
burn pattern at the scene,
but we're still waiting
on the chemical reports
to determine what the residue was.
- What was I doing driving
with that stuff in my trunk?
I should've unloaded it at the shop.
- It's just circumstantial evidence.
It won't hold up.
We're gonna get you out soon.
- It was dumb.
It was a lazy mistake.
What's the very first thing I
taught you when I hired you?
Number one rule.
- Always by the book.
- I even told Cunningham
that when he emailed me.
I said, "You've got
nothing to worry about,
we're total professionals"
- Email?
You never actually spoke?
- People can book online.
- When did you get the email?
- I dunno, it was that.
Because I remember hearing
about his wife on the news.
- I mean, the police usually contact us
when it's a crime scene, not the family,
and certainly not the victim.
- I don't remember, but it is kinda weird.
- Cunningham was in the
hospital that night,
getting treated for a gunshot wound.
- Well, somebody else emailed me.
- Well, it'd have to be an email addressed
in Cunningham's name,
and access to a bank
account to make the payment.
Somebody he trusted.
- It could be someone he works with.
A campaign staffer.
- Powerful people.
- Or they just checked online.
- Well, we are the top rated cleanup crew.
- Hey, we earned every single one
of those five star reviews.
- Look, let me reach out
to some people I know.
See what I can find out
about Cunningham's campaign.
- Can I help you in any way?
- No, I gotta do this alone.
Hang in there, Harold.
We're getting close.
I'm sure of it.
(mysterious music)
- He's just trying to help.
What's wrong with that?
- I don't know.
- Oh, gee, let me see.
A really cute lawyer guy
with a great sense of humor
who wants to get Harold
out of jail for no charge?
Oh, you're right. He probably
works for the cartel.
- Hm.
- I just would feel more
comfortable if I knew his story.
The guy doesn't talk about himself at all.
- Well, there's plenty
here on the internet.
Grew up on the west coast.
- Okay.
- Top of his class in law school.
Worked at a hot shot firm in the city.
- Which he left months ago,
and there's nothing about him since.
The guy doesn't even have socials.
- Okay, so maybe he's
not exactly on the grid.
Maybe he's been off saving the rainforest.
- Hm.
- Or maybe he gained
mysterious superpowers,
and he's been off fighting
crime in a mask and a cape,
and one of those tight
little spandex suits.
I thought you liked mysteries.
- I like solving mysteries,
there's a big difference.
- Well, he's probably just into you.
- You're not helping, Sierra.
Stop searching.
- Fine.
(Gabby chuckles)
- Hi.
- Hey.
I was thinking of making my
mom's chicken piccata tonight,
and wondered if you might wanna swing by.
- For dinner?
- Yeah.
- Did you want to discuss the case?
- Actually, I was kinda hoping
not to discuss the case,
if that's okay.
- Oh, well-
- She'll be there!
(Riley chuckles)
- Thanks, Sierra.
7:30 okay?
- How can I say no?
- Great.
(whimsical music)
I live this way.
- Told you!
- I am just going over there
to check out his apartment.
- Tell yourself whatever
you need to, girl.
Just let me help you pick out an outfit.
- Okay, I was thinking
the blue tunic thing
that we got at that vintage
store that you dragged me to?
- I have something a
little spicier in mind.
(Sierra chuckles)
- Hi.
- Hey, um...
- What?
- Nothing, you look really nice.
- Oh, thanks.
- What you got there?
- Uh, wine.
The guy at the store recommended it.
You know, with chicken.
- Oh, great. Well, let's open it up.
Come on in.
(soft music)
- Mm.
Looks like you're been
making some good progress.
(Riley laughs)
- You've been keeping me pretty busy.
- Mm.
- Oh, I got us a table by the kitchen.
Hope that's okay.
- No, perfect.
So, how's the recharging going?
- You kidding?
Look around.
Barely had time to unpack,
nevermind recharge.
- I'm sorry about that.
- Ah, it's all right.
I signed up for it.
- What? A murder mystery?
- Well, I am a lawyer.
It's not exactly unfamiliar territory.
- Have you worked on
many murder cases before?
(Riley chuckles)
- I thought we weren't talking
about the case tonight.
- I'm just making conversation.
- Mhm.
- I mean, you mentioned
that you were looking
for a fresh start,
and I was just wondering
a fresh start from what?
- Oh, okay.
So now it's an interrogation.
- It doesn't have to be.
- Let's just say there
are some things in my past
which I'd rather leave in the past.
No burning buildings or
dead bodies, I promise.
- Okay.
I guess everyone's entitled
to one or two secrets.
- Mm.
- Just one more question for you though.
(Riley chuckles)
- Shoot.
- That picture over there.
When did you go to the rainforest?
- Now that is a good story.
- I'd like to hear it.
- To a night off.
- A night off.
(glasses clink)
- Mm, good choice.
- Thank you.
- You know, I think this sauce
could use one more with lemon,
but would you possibly-
- Yeah, I have one.
When I get back, I wanna hear that story.
- Sounds good.
(Gabby chuckles)
(mysterious music)
This is him?
- There's no doubt about.
Cunningham was having an
affair, and I know who with.
Candice Mills, his campaign manager.
Maybe this'll prove it.
- Prove what?
- That she had something
to do with the murder too.
- Just because Cunningham's a cheater
doesn't mean he's a killer.
And it certainly doesn't mean
that this lady's involved too.
- But he had motive and opportunity.
- Cunningham was shot as well.
- By his accomplice, Candice Mills.
She had motive too.
She wants Michael, and she
wants to win the election.
- Candice Mills wouldn't
help Cunningham kill his wife
and then just turn around
and give you these photos.
She'd be incriminating herself.
- But?
- I spoke to those people
about Cunningham's campaign.
Cunningham has been rumored to be
a bit of a ladies man for a while now.
And there've been doing whatever they can
to keep a lid on it.
Maybe whoever sent you these photos
is playing dirty politics or-
- Maybe it's another woman.
- Maybe.
Either way, I'm not exactly
in love with the fact
they know where you live.
- I'm a big girl, I can
take care of myself.
Besides, whoever left
these gave us a huge clue.
- If you say so.
(cell phone buzzes)
- Are you gonna get that?
- Nope, definitely not.
I don't suppose it'd
do any good to suggest
we take these to Parker.
- Well, not yet.
Cunningham has a big campaign
rally downtown tomorrow.
So it's a great opportunity
to have a little chat
with Mistress Mills.
- You're enjoying this, aren't you?
- And you're not?
(lighthearted piano music)
- Well, thanks for coming.
(Gabby chuckles)
Gabby, be careful. Please.
If you need anything, I'm right here.
- Yeah.
Thanks, you too.
(Gabby chuckles)
(mysterious music)
- What are you doing back there?
Oh, Detective, I'm so sorry,
I didn't recognize you.
I've just been so jumpy lately.
- Perfectly understandable.
You know, I was actually
hoping to speak with you,
Mrs. O'Conner.
- Oh?
We received a tip of the night of the fire
you saw someone come back here.
Is that correct?
- Yes.
- You didn't mention that
to me when we spoke before.
- Well, gosh.
I didn't think much of seeing
Michael in his own yard.
It is his house after all.
- Are you sure it was him?
- - Oh, we've been friends for years.
I couldn't mistake him.
- Did you see anyone else come back here?
- No, just Michael.
- Hm.
Thank you for your time.
- Yeah, sure.
- Take care.
- You too.
- [Riley] You do realize that the event's
gonna be packed, right?
- Mhm.
- Press, security, voters.
Cunningham's never been more popular.
- Yeah, that's true.
- Not to mention, this campaign manager
probably won't want to
talk about the case.
- Well, it can't hurt to try.
And we'll get coffee on the way there.
I feel like I've seen that car before.
Like a couple of times.
(mysterious music)
- Riley!
- Veronica?
What are you doing here?
- I've been worried sick about you.
Well, aren't you going to introduce us?
- Veronica, this is Gabby St. Claire.
Gabby, Veronica Laskin.
- Hi there, Gabby.
- Hi.
- How do you two know each other?
- We live in the same building.
- You rented an apartment?
- How do you know Riley?
- I'm his fiance.
- You're engaged-
- Actually, we both agreed
to call off the engagement.
- Oh, stop. It's just cold feet.
Men, am I right?
- Totally.
You can never trust what they say.
- Well, Riley works at
my father's law firm.
Daddy even wants to make
him partner next year.
But Riley doesn't want anyone to think
that it's because he's
marrying the boss's daughter.
I practically popped the
question myself, didn't I?
- I should let you two catch up.
It was nice meeting you, Veronica.
- Nice to meet you!
- Gabby, wait!
- She seems nice.
- We need to talk.
- He's engaged?
- Maybe not anymore?
It seems complicated.
You know, I don't even know why I'm upset.
It wouldn't of worked out anyway.
He is our neighbor,
and that is worse than dating a co-worker.
- Oh, I'm sorry, Gabby.
You guys were so cute together.
Shame on him for not telling you earlier.
- Yeah.
- Hey.
Do you want a cinnamon roll?
I always save one for myself,
but I think you need it today.
- That sounds good.
(cell phone rings)
Thank you.
- Oh!
This is Sierra.
Oh, hi, Ron.
You what?
I did?
Um, yeah.
See you Monday.
(Sierra screams)
I got it!
Nurse #2!
- Oh my gosh, Sierra, I knew it.
This is all you.
- No, no, no, you keep it!
But we have to celebrate tonight.
- Done.
- I'll swing by your place after work?
- Wear something fab,
because we're going out.
(Sierra shrieks)
(Gabby laughs)
- Yes, ma'am.
(crowd cheers)
- I don't need to tell you
what's wrong with this country we love,
or what needs to change to
give us hope for the future.
And I don't have to tell
you that it won't be easy.
But I will tell you this.
I intend to do everything in
my power to bring that change
and to give you that hope for
a better future for all of us.
(crowd cheers)
Serving my country is a
dream I've had my whole life.
A dream that I shared
with my wife, Gloria.
Losing her has been beyond words.
Some have suggested that
it would be better for me
to drop out of this race, to give up.
But I made her a promise
that I would never give up on our dream,
and I make that same promise to you.
(crowd cheers)
- [Gabby] Excuse me.
- If you want to volunteer
or make a donation,
just check out our website.
- Actually, I was hoping we could talk.
- [Michael] I was born and
raised in a small town.
(dramatic music)
- Where did you get those?
- I guess that answers my first question.
- What do you want, money?
- I'm just looking for some answers.
- Are you a reporter?
- No.
I'm just trying to help a friend.
- Those pictures were taken last year,
before he decided to run.
- But he was married.
- Which is why I broke it off.
- Do you know if Michael
had any other affairs?
- I don't know.
And even if I did, I'm
not going to tell you.
- Well, what about Gloria?
Did she know about you-
- I don't know why you think I'm going to
discuss this with you.
- Well, if you don't, I'm
just gonna have to ask around
and talk to more people to
get the answers that I need.
- She wasn't some trophy wife.
She was smart, independent.
Some people even thought she should've run
for office herself.
Trusting Michael was
just about her only flaw.
- What would she have done
if she knew about you two?
- She would've made sure his whole world
came crashing down around him.
But he would've never let that happen.
- Okay.
Just one more question.
The night that Gloria was murdered,
Michael contacted a cleaning
service to come to the house
after the police released it.
- That was me.
Michael was in the hospital,
I just wanted to help.
- Any particular reason you chose
Martin's Cleaning Service?
- It was the first name that
came up when I searched.
Good reviews, seemed legit.
- Thanks.
- What are you gonna do with those photos?
- Would you be willing to tell the police
everything that you told me?
- If the information would
remain confidential, then yes.
But Michael needs to stay
completely focused on the election.
- Okay.
(mysterious music)
(crowd cheers)
- So, Cunningham had an affair
with his own campaign manager?
- And she'll make a statement.
Confidentially, if she has to,
I have a feeling that
she wasn't the only woman
he was involved with.
- I can't do anything
with feelings, Gabby.
And frankly, I've already told
you to leave this case alone.
- Could you just hear me out?
Okay, so, Cunningham had an affair.
Gloria found out about it,
and threatened to go public
and ruin his campaign.
They were overheard arguing
the day of the murder.
So, after Gil Newsome stopped by,
Cunningham realized he had an opportunity
to get rid of Gloria,
and pin it on Newsome.
- How did you find out about the argument?
Then you must have spoken to Newsome,
that's exactly what he told us.
- That's the only way I can
get his side of the story.
And he claims that he was never inside.
- The guy's arrested for murder.
What do you expect him to say?
- That's fair.
But do you have any forensics to prove
that he was in the house?
Hairs, fibers, anything
besides Cunningham's statement?
I was in there.
I didn't see any signs of forced entry.
- Cunningham didn't shoot himself.
- Okay, then maybe he had an accomplice.
Someone to make it look convincing
to seal the deal on Newsome.
Maybe this other woman.
- And if that other woman
wasn't Candice Mills,
then who is it?
We're back to feelings again, Gabby,
and I need evidence.
Look, even if I do buy the story,
the fact of the matter is,
Cunningham was still at the
hospital when the fire started.
O'Conner might say on
record that she saw him,
but any smart lawyer is gonna point out
to the hospital records
which say he wasn't
released until the next day.
- Yeah.
Unless there's some other
way to prove that he wasn't.
- What are you talking about?
- Parker, I think you're
a great detective.
- Flattery won't get you anywhere.
(Gabby chuckles)
- And I think your police
are doing a great job.
- I will make sure to let them know.
- But if this was my case,
I'd check the hospital security footage.
- And what makes you think
we didn't do that already?
- Maybe a second look.
Anyway, I'll let you get back to work.
Thanks for your time.
(mysterious music)
- [Audrey] You've reached the voicemail
of Audrey St. Claire.
Please leave a message.
- Hey, Mom.
I just sent your money for the month.
Let me know if you need any more.
Sorry I haven't been in touch,
it's just things have been crazy.
So, anyway...
I miss you.
- I was just passing by and saw you here.
Can we talk?
- I think we're pretty much all caught up
in the getting to know you department.
- It's not what you think.
- Yeah, no burning
buildings, no dead bodies,
just a fiance you neglected to mention.
- We're not engaged.
- Huh.
- Okay, it's complicated.
We'd been dating, I guess.
Working for her father,
going to all the family events,
things just sort of evolved.
- How romantic.
- I like Veronica, okay?
She's nice.
But she's not for me.
- Okay.
So you moved here and didn't tell anyone
because you didn't want to get married?
- Here's the truth.
I couldn't see myself married to Veronica,
working for her dad, any of it.
I guess I just...
I just get caught up in
the momentum of it all.
- I can relate to that.
- I tried to end things with Veronica.
To face it all head on,
but she's just not very good with no.
I'm sorry.
I should've told you all this before,
but it's over now, for real this time.
- I guess everyone deserves a fresh start.
- Thank you.
- Anytime.
(Gabby chuckles)
- We need to talk.
- Cunningham.
- It was you.
- Stalking me...
Taking photos, harassing
my campaign manager.
- You mean your ex-girlfriend?
- You're making quite
the nuisance of yourself.
- Yeah, I get that a lot.
- You think this is funny?
- I think this is breaking and entering.
And if you don't leave right
now, I'm calling the police.
- I wouldn't do that.
- Or what?
You're gonna kill me?
Like you killed your wife?
- That's what this is about?
You think I killed Gloria?
- Yeah, and I can prove it.
And that you set your house
on fire to cover your tracks.
- I was at the hospital that night.
- No, you weren't.
I know you left.
- To meet with my campaign manager.
- Exactly.
- You're out of your mind, lady.
You've got the wrong guy.
But either way, I'm not
letting your delusions
cost me this election!
(Gabby grunts)
- Riley! Riley!
- Gabby, what's the matter?
- Cunningham was waiting for me,
he broke into my apartment.
- Are you all right?
- Yes, no, I don't know,
I hit him in the head.
- Where is he now?
- He's still in there, he's knocked out.
- I'll go check.
- Don't go in there!
There's a murderer inside.
- We have to call Parker.
She'll question him, and
she'll find out the truth,
and we can free Harold.
- If he gets away, we
won't have the chance.
- Let's go before he comes to.
- What did you say you hit him with?
- A cutting board.
- What? What is it?
- Riley, let me in.
- Gabby, you can't go in there.
Cunningham's been stabbed.
- What are you talking about?
(dramatic music)
(sirens blaring)
(radio chatter)
- All right, Gabby, walk me
through this one more time.
- Cunningham was waiting
for me when I got home.
- [Parker] Mhm.
- He threatened me, and then
I hit him with a cutting board
to get away.
But I didn't stab him.
- Then who did?
- Don't answer that. That's conjecture.
- The only explanation is that someone
could've come in after I left.
I mean, how did he get in anyway?
- Maybe through the sliding door?
- So, maybe he was followed.
You saw those photos.
You think that woman could've
been angry enough to kill him?
- That's one possibility.
- You don't think...
- Look, all I know for sure
is that he was found
dead in your apartment,
and you were the only other person there.
I can't ignore the facts, Gabby.
- Unless you have charges
to draw against my client,
I suggest you refrain
from making accusations.
- [Parker] I'm just doing my job.
- Me too.
- I'll be in touch.
Don't leave town.
- Gabby, I've been so worried.
- Ugh.
I'm so sorry I ruined your big day.
- Oh my gosh, don't even worry about that.
What did the police say?
- They haven't charged Gabby
'cause Cunningham broke in.
Whatever happened after
that, it was in self-defense.
- I didn't stab him.
- We believe you.
- What matters right now
is what the police believe.
And there's no evidence of
anyone else in your apartment.
- There's gotta be something.
Cunningham said I was after the wrong guy.
Maybe he was telling the truth.
- Don't go back in there tonight, please.
- She can stay at my place today.
Nurse #2 will take good care of you.
- Thanks.
- Come here.
(somber music)
- Somehow you keep showing
up at the right time.
Thanks, again.
- Anytime.
I'll check in with you later.
- Yeah. See you later.
- Come on, I'll make you some tea.
(mysterious music)
(Gabby gasps)
- Sierra! What are you doing here?
- What are you doing here?
You've got to give this up, Gabby.
Cunningham is dead, case closed.
- Whoever killed him is still out there,
and Cunningham was right.
I was after the wrong person.
There's still a missing puzzle piece,
and I need to find it.
- No way, Jose.
I'm not letting you out of here.
Not alone.
- You don't mean...
- Yesterday, I was cast as nurse #2.
My first ever role in a
community theater production
after who knows how many years of trying.
Right now, I feel like I
could do just about anything.
Even help you find that
missing puzzle piece.
- It might be dangerous.
- Good.
(Gabby chuckles)
- Let's go.
(mysterious music)
- So, tell me again what
it is you're looking for.
- I'm not sure.
But I know when I'll find it.
- And you're sure breaking and entering
is a good idea right now?
- There's no breaking, only entering.
I just need to look around
and see if there's a key
or an open window, some way in.
- Okay, fine.
Just be careful.
- I will.
Keep a look out.
If you see anything weird, text me. Okay?
- Yes, ma'am.
Oh, how was that one?
- That was the best one yet.
(mysterious music)
- Gabby?
(mysterious music)
(mysterious music)
(cell phone rings)
- [Sierra] Hi, Riley.
- [Riley] Sierra, is Gabby with you?
- [Sierra] Yes. We're at the Cunninghams.
- [Riley] I'm on my way.
(mysterious music)
- I really don't know what's in there
except for his old gas lawnmower.
(mysterious music)
- No gas cans.
- Gabby?
What are you doing?
- Riley? What are you doing here?
Thanks the text, Sierra.
- If Parker finds out you came back here-
- I'm about to tell her myself.
- Are you crazy?
- She's gonna be really interested
in what I just discovered.
- Which is?
(Riley grunts)
- Riley!
- Get up.
(eerie music)
- Barbara.
- You don't see surprised to see me.
- Michael didn't kill Gloria.
It was you.
- Such a bright, young thing you are.
- [Gabby] It was the two
of you having an affair.
- It wasn't some cheap fling.
It was love.
I divorced my husband for him,
and he was supposed to leave Gloria too,
only he never did.
- And then you snuck into their house
and shot Gloria in her bed.
- The best way to go, if you ask me.
- I don't think Gloria would agree.
- But Michael came home
and he would've figured out
I killed her if I had shot him too.
- After the investigation
you brought the gun
back into the house to frame Michael?
- Yes.
He deserved it after how he treated me.
- But why the fire?
- It would have been the perfect coverup
for a renewed investigation
if you hadn't stepped in and messed it up.
- And the photographs?
And the story about the lawnmower?
- I led you, like a dog.
- And when I got too close
to the truth, you improvised,
and killed the man that you used to love.
- You should thank me.
I made it look like self defense.
- And now?
- And now I think it's time
curiosity killed the cat.
- Aren't you missing one
of your pearl earrings?
I left it for Parker.
She'll figure out where it came from.
- Who's to say you didn't plant
it there to frame me, huh?
- Barbara, let's just
talk about this, okay?
- I'm done listening.
- Cute.
Not too bright.
- No!
(Sierra screams)
(dramatic music)
- You okay?
- Yeah.
Call Parker.
Sierra, you were supposed to text.
- I thought my performance
was a real showstopper.
- [Gabby] You're gonna
look real good in orange.
(siren blares)
(dramatic music)
- Can you take her in?
Can I have a word with Nancy Drew here?
You know, just because
everything turned out okay,
doesn't mean I can't arrest you
for interfering with the investigation.
On the other hand,
maybe I'll let you tell
Harold the good news.
Thanks to your meddling,
he's a free man now.
(Gabby chuckles)
- Thanks, Detective.
- Maybe the department can
use someone with your skills,
if you're interested.
- Absolutely.
- Come see me next week.
- Okay.
- Sounds like you might have
a new career choice after all.
- Maybe.
I'll have to talk to Harold first.
- Well, I guess it's all over.
- Are you leaving the city?
- I meant the case.
- Oh, right.
- Hey, you remember when we talked about
you going back to school,
and I said that it's
never too late to change.
- Otherwise you'd always wonder?
- I've been doing a lot of that lately,
wondering about what I want, who I am.
I really wasn't sure about
the answer until I met you.
- Me?
- I like the idea of being
someone who can help people
when they need it most.
I thought it might be
nice to give it a try.
- Huh.
So you're sticking around?
- I figured it would give us a chance
to get to know each other a little better.
I mean, you know, if you're interested.
- I might be.
(lighthearted music)
(Sierra claps)
- I'm sorry, I'm not a mystery person,
but I love a good romance.
(Gabby laughs)
- Well, it ain't a ballgame,
but I'm gonna go see about
some peanuts and crackerjacks.
You want anything?
- I'm good.
- Matlock?
- I'm fine, Harold, thanks.
- You know, I'm gonna
get you two some popcorn.
You gonna need it later, trust me.
(Gabby chuckles)
- You came!
(Gabby laughs)
- I wouldn't miss it for the world.
(Sierra laughs)
- These are for you.
- Riley!
You shouldn't have.
- Oh, it was-
- No, really, there's no
space in the dressing room.
I've been locked in bigger broom closets.
- When were you locked in a broom closet?
- We'Ll hold onto them
till after the show.
Break a leg.
- Oh, thanks, you too.
- Thank you.
Shall we?
- After you.
(lighthearted music)
- I've read lines hundreds
of times with Sierra.
There's no murder.
(Sierra screams)
(crowd murmurs)
- I here I thought this
was gonna be boring.
- Here we go again.
- Excuse me.
Gabby St. Claire.
I'm a forensic consultant
with the local police.
Please step aside.
(mysterious music)