Srinivasa Kalyanam (2018) Movie Script

[Devotional song]
In the Threthayuga
Lord Sri Rama broke LordShiva's bow and married Seetha.
In the Dwaparayuga
Lord Sri Krishna married Rukmini Devi,taking her away from a temple.
In the Kaliyuga
Lord Venkateswara married Padmavathi,by taking a loan from Kubera.
Whichever form god has taken in any yuga
he had been teaching us theimportance of marriage in human life.
Our 'Srinivasa Kalyanam'is one such attempt to convey the message.
[Instrumental music]
Wedding is a celebration!
It is a happy time with joyous tunes.
When Lord Rama from the Raghudynasty and well mannered Seetha
were waiting to enter the wedlock
The wedding bells rang only after breakingLord Shiva's bow winning the bride's heart.
Wedding is a celebration!
Lord Sri Rama's wedding!
[Instrumental music]
Once the goddess of beauty heardthe greatness of Lord Krishna
She left the temple and followed him.Rukmini's love won that way!
Wedding is a celebration!
Lord Krishna's marriage.
Goddess Padmavathi in her golden glow,Lord Venkateswara in his tender age!
Only after winning her heart,he wanted to marry her.
He didn't even think twice to take a loanto be equivalently rich with King Akasa!
Wedding is a celebration!
Lord Sri Srinivasa's wedding.
Greetings. Please come.
You are getting your daughtermarried in a grand fashion.
Everyone will talk about it for a long time.
It is not for people totalk for a long time.
If everyone who visits the weddingheartfully blesses the newly married couple.
Then, their future would begood and we would be ahppy too.
Please sit.
I have made the guest houseready for the groom's family.
I arranged hundred each offoldable beds and normal beds.
-Fine, please take care.-Please be seated.
Mother in-law has called for you dear.
Why did you call for me mom?
Hey, the gifting utensils aren't enough.Arrange for 10 more.
I guess they would suffice mother in-law.
How would they suffice?
At the time of my wedding, the last gift wasgiven at my home by the time I reached here.
These are changed times mom.
Times might change,but the traditions shouldn't.
Have some juice brother-in-law.
Grandma! What does a wedding mean?
Wedding is a grand festival.
Is it like Pongal and Diwali?
Those festivals come every year.
But this festival comesonly once in a lifetime.
New bonds and relations are formedat the time of this festival.
-Do we get new cloths too?-Yes, of course.
Above all,every house gets a new generation.
Which is why, wedding is a grand festival.
-Did you get it?-Yes.
Why didn't you leave your footwear?
I will just be back in a while.
Hey, the wedding dais is like a temple.
All the guardians of the eight directions,and the seven great sages reside here.
Lord Vishnu along with goddessLakshmi recides in the sacred tubler.
How can you enter such asacred place with footwear?
Please forgive me madam.I was unaware there'd be so many Gods here.
Just a minute madam.
[Instrumental music]
The fest in presence offire and vedic chants.
In the atrium filled with turmeric,saffron and the presence of five elements.
It is an act of the creator makingbride and groom, as a single soul.
It tells them to live a happyand happening family life.
There is no reason of life of a human thanto give birth to another through wedlock.
There's nothing greater than marriage thatruns life for the betterment of this world.
Wedding is a celebration!
It is a happy time with joyous tunes.
[Instrumental music]
Grandma,isn't marriage really like a festival?
Once you grow up,I will celebrate your marriage similarly.
PRESEN "Saahore Baahubali song from themovie Baahubali 2: The Conclusion"
You can offer it later,first tell me what have you got.
Mom made this breakfast for you.
-Breakfast is ready dear.-Coming.
(Song Humming) "Pacha Bottasina songfrom the movie Baahubali: The Beginning"
Here is the ground chutney.
Let me serve it.
Do you know in whose handsLord Vishnu poured the elexir?
-In the hands of gods.-No man. It's in the hands of women.
Whatever they cook is delicious.
Hello, Raju Sir!
Raju Sir!
Somebody is calling you dear.
"Raju sir" is calling.
'Raju Sir!' is shouting.
He is shouting.
Raju Sir!
Hello, Raju Sir!
Hey Srinu, why are you shouting in panic?
Do we shout only when we panic?We would shout if the bike is missing too.
But who took the bike?
Who else? His pampered daughter Padmavathi.
"Lechindi Nidra song from the movieGundamma Katha" [Motorcycle rumbling]
-Hello madam!-Yeah.
You are riding the bike so well.
You might drive a flight soon!
I can do that.
But, how would you people see thatI'm driving it down from here?
So, I won't.
You are right.
-Hello.-Give it here madam.
Why is she leaving casually?
Ask her once.
Why did you have to take Seenu's bike dear?
Didn't he tell you the reason himself?
Why is it actually?
I didn't return the 25000 bucksI borrowed from Mr. Ramaraju.
Did you get it?
Ask him to return thatamount and get the bike.
Leave it dear.Maybe he doesn't have the money.
He will return it when he can.
Oh yeah he would!
When did he say he would return your money?
In two months.
And how many months has it been?
-March.-It's been ten months.
Which means a delay of eight months.
By the way,how much did you win in the recent gambling?
I'll have to payback the debt if I admit it.
I lost fifty thousand intead.
Oh my! It's such a pity.
How could he bet for fifty thousand, whenhe can't pay a twenty-five thousand debt?
Crap! I'm cornered.
That's true.
Ain't it?
You wouldn't get the bikeback until you pay the money.
You may leave now.
-Let's go uncle.-Hello, Raju Sir.
Why don't you say something?
That's true.Return the twenty five thousand.
You too?
I stick to what my daughter says.
A great father you are.
-Let's go out man.-Pay it up.
-Bye uncle.-Bye kids. Study well.
What's with you? You act like a tomboy.
How can you get thier bikes?
You got to do that these days.
You would end up losing the remainingproperty if you go with uncle's rules.
Tell me how much property weowned when you were newly married?
Around 100 acres.
How much of that is left now?
Is it 25 acres?
I guess so. That should be it.
What about the remaining 75 acres then?
That's lost to such idiotsbecause of Uncle's goodness.
Uncle, do you think you are thebrand ambassador to amiability?
You give away anything assoon as anyone asks you.
Hey, is it how you speak to uncle?
Oh it is!That's the result of all his pampering
He places his sister by his sideand his niece over his head.
What else woud she do?
Of course I will talk!
Moreover, I have done my MSc in agriculture,to take care of all this.
That is right, [Phone ringing]
Yeah Venkat Rao. I already spoke to Prasad.
You go meet him.
I will arrange the money if you want.
The signals are bad here.Let me come out and talk to you.
Now you are scaring my son too!
Let my grandson come back andI will teach you a lesson.
Why wait? I will call him right now.Tell him whatever you want to.
Tell me Paddu.
Hello, brother in-law.
Do you know what happened today?
You got Srinu's bike, isn't it?
How do you know?
Srinu texted me "your cousin, very criminal,she took, my bike in his broken English.
Did he text you already?
Ok, so grandma argued withyou for getting the bike.
She said that she will complain to me.
You called me to inform me before her.Isn't it?
You get to know everything somehow.
Do you underestimate my grandson?Give me the phone.
Talk now.
-Hello.-Hi Grandma.
Did she turn on the speaker?
-Did you get to know that too?-I know your curiosity about what we talk.
Yes dear. She is disturbing us.
That's okay but you said you weren'twell in the night. How are you now?
I'm okay now but ask her to behave till then
-Hey Paddu.-I understand what you want to say.
Okay then.I'm in the middle of something. Bye.
-Hey! What happened?-Prabhu attempted suicide.
-Please leave me. Let me die.-Listen to me.
Please listen me once.
Why did you hit me?
What is he to us?
He is a friend.
Why are you discouraging a friendwhen he is doing what he likes?
Move aside.
By the way,why did you want to commit suicide?
Suji rejected me.
Oh! Is it a matter of love?Then you can die for sure.
Did you inform your GM whenyou left your previous job?
Did you inform the house owner, when youwere shifting from the previous house?
Oh, good.
So, you informed to the bosswhen you were leaving the job
and informed the ownerwhile vacating the house.
In that case
Won't you inform the mother whogave life to you while leaving it?
Will you?
Hey, Priya, call his mother.
He will tell her now.
Priya, please don't.
You are brave enought to die for a girlbut not to tell your mother about it?
Hey, our life doesn't just belong to us.
It is shared between friends, family andwith everyone who is connected with you.
Do you realise what we go throughif anything happens to you?
Alright, what do you want now?Suji, should accept you, isn't it?
Priya, give me the phone.
[Phone ringing]
Hello Suji, it's me Vaasu.
Yeah Vaasu, tell me.
It's nothing. Prabhu attempted asuicide as you rejected his love.
-Did he attempt a suicide?-Yeah.
Did he mention a suicide note on my name?
Hey, nothing like that.
Would a police case be registered?
Please tell me.
Will I be into any problem?
No, he is absolutely safe.
Ok bye.
When said mentioned aboutyour suicide attempt
instead of asking if you were safe
she asked whether she'd be into any problem.
Did you want to commitsuicide for a girl like her?
Am sorry buddy.
It's ok.
Ok guys, come on get back to work.
You are a genius according to me.
What makes me a genius here?
If you think about others point of view too,you can avoid all problems.
That's it.
[Instrumental music]
"Life is very short, fill it with happiness"
"Humans are help each other.So share your problems."
"Problems are common in human lifeand you know that it is true."
"Friends are here to lessen your tensions."
If you love those who are with you,the whole world would be your home.
Think from the point of view of everyone.
Try knowing everyone's storyand intentions with your heart.
Wherever you are, wonders happen!
"Wherever you are, there is happiness!"
"Wherever you are, wonders happen!"
"Wherever you are, there is happiness!"
[Instrumental music]
"Don't feel sad whenfestivals fall on Sunday"
If you love every day,it's a festival everyday.
"Don't think weekend partiesare enjoyable on Saturdays"
"You can get high everydayloving your work."
"Your people fall lonelywith your busy weekdays"
"They don't ask for more than anhour of your time in the evening"
"Spend some time with themand share your feelings."
"Wherever you are, wonders happen!"
"Wherever you are, there is happiness!"
[Vehicle honking]
Hey, move.
Hello. The signal is red.
Hey, take it from the side. Move.
Are you okay?
[Tyres screeching]
[Fighting sounds]
I like to be decent.
If people aren't that way,I'd love to set them right.
Now, add chopped onions, and then oil.
It will be tasty,if you add ginger and cumin seeds.
No need!
-What is it?-An egg dosa for me.
Take it.
Oh crap! It burns!
I get pissed off if you pass orders.
-I asked it, as you are preparing it anyway.-I am not preparing it. I am teaching her.
As she is getting married in 10days,she wants to learn to make dosas.
You are learning to cook now withyour wedding date in the next 10 days?
These are the people who make the foodsellers and delivery apps success.
Look how many people we support.
Is that the way you get it?
Vasu,it is waste of your time teaching them.
They are fit to eat, but not to cook.
Wait and see, you will get a wifewho can't even make a coffee.
I curse you that, you will get a wife,who doesn't know to do anything.
How can you curse me if I don't havea chapter of wife in my life dumbo?
Hey bro.
-Can you sit there?-Why?
I cant see that girl if you sit here.
A girl?
Ok bro, carry on. Come boys.
Thank you, bro.
Excuse me.
What is the reason?
Are you okay?
Oh okay.
Anyway, I am Sri from Hyderabad.
Hey, she is a Telugu girl!
I am Praveen,he is Srinivas and this is Priya.
-Hi.-Introduce yourself.
-Hi. I am Bujji.-Hi Bujji.
-Ok, I'll see you guys.-Bye.
What is the bill amount?
-Leave it, why do you want to know!-Hey, tell me.
May be around Rs.800. Why?
As she is a friend now,if we could get a discount
I want to take a parcel of 4 burgers,3 pizza, 2 sandwich and a milkshake.
Why do you need so many?
To have them, on the way.
Sri, what did you think about my proposal?
Do we check out?
Love is a personal decision,but marriage is a family decision.
Once you accept me,I will convince everyone.
First you convince that person.
How many more girls would you say this to?You idiot.
Hey Priya, wait.
Hey, please listen to me. Please wait.
-Hey, please listen to me.-Let's go.
I get to carry the luggageof her wedding shopping.
What is the reason?
For your smartness in handling the problem.
-Good morning madam.-Good morning.
Shanthi, I just reached office.Do I get inside?
I'm in office now.I will call you at lunch time.
You dont call me!I will call you and you just answer it.
As you say.
Hey, is that your wife?
The person who invented the videocall should be bashed till death.
There is no peace!
Oh my God! You are looking gorgeous.
You know you are awesome to look at.
-The call is still on.-Oh God!
Your wife suspects youbecause of this behaviour.
They do suspect buddy. That's common.
Wives are like landline phones.They are confined to a place.
But, these girls are like mobiles.
When you come out of your house,it's mobiles that you use.
Hey Vasu!
Your design has been selected by Google.
Wow. [Cheer]
-Congratulations Vasu.-Thank you.
Very soon they are goingto start the construction.
And, you will be going to Hyderabad.
-Oh, superb.-Thank you sir. Thank you so much.
Is it? Congratulations son.
Mom, Seetha, Paddu.
Yes Uncle.
-Vasu got promoted.-Is it?
He is coming back to Hyderabad. Here.
-Is it true dear?-Give me grandma.
-Are you coming to Hyderabad?-Yes grandma.
I will meet you everyweekend once I come there.
When are you coming?-Give me, once please.
I will come after Priyas wedding.
Ok, talk to your mother.
Hello Vasu.
This doesn't work.Lets turn the speaker on.
That's better.
I am very happy dear.
Give us a grand party brother in-law.
I will do that once I come there.
Ok, I've got work. I'll call you back. Bye.
He is coming to Hyderabad anyhow.Why not get him married?
Why are you staring at me?Do you expect me to marry him?
Why not?
Do you know?Many guys are behind me to marry me.
-Oh!-Is it?
Oh, thank you.
Is it for your brother in-laws promotion or,because he is coming?
Hmm. First send this mudsample to the lab for analysis.
I will send it. Will you at leastpropose your brother in-law now?
I am waiting for the day to tellhim personally. First let him come.
Hey, what is that noise andwhy are you holding a hammer?
I just attached a to-let board.
To-let? But why?
You are shifting to Hyderabad!
Priya is getting marriedand is leaving from here.
-I will be alone.-But Bujji is here too!
According to me, we should not maintaina Benz and Bujji, for a long time.
Do you know what she does inthe early hours of the day?
-Two aaloo parathas and some extra-Hey.
-Whom are you speaking to at this hour?-I am hungry. I am ordering food, online.
That's how it is.
She orders food even atwee hours of the night.
I wonder why she is so crazy about food!
She is demon Bakasura reborn to eat.
Damn! She is Lady demon Bakasura!
It's difficult to handle her alone.
Someone has to share the premises.
Did she come?
Long back.
Wouldn't you inform me dude?
I didn't want to interrupt your version.
[Scooter sound]
Hey pizza!
Hey, move.
Hey! You deliver pizzas?
Part time job.
What's with the to-let board outside?
That is.
Vasu is leaving to Hyderabad.
Priya is getting marriedand leaving from here.
We need someone to share the room.
So, can I join you here?
Why? What happened to your place?
The guy who proposed at thecoffee day is my owners cousin.
So! he came at night and
I got it. He asked his cousinto tell you to vacate the room.
Isnt it?
Ok. Done. You shift here.
-You didnt tell us about your family.-I will tell you.
How do you know dude?
According to me
as she is working in a coffeeshop and delivering pizzas too.
she hails from a middleclass family for sure.
Her father who works for a private company,struggles travelling in buses.
-Is it?-Yes.
Middle-class mothers are usuallybusy cooking in the kitchen.
Does your mother?
How did you get know about these?
-I am also MCA too.-MCA?
Middle Class Boy.
Oh! Ok.
[Phone ringing]
Have some juice. No.
Hi Sri.
How are you dear?
I am good. How about you?
I'm fine.
I just shifted to the new room.
Is everything ok?
Yeah everything is ok, mom. How is dad?
As usual, busy.
So, this year our company growthincreased to twenty percent
and share value up to forty percent.
-Are you all satisfied?-Yes Sir.
But I am not satisfied.
Business and share value have grown up,I see lot of development.
Still, I am not satisfied.
You see,there are so many multi-millionaires in India
but only Tata and Birla are well known. Why?
Their products reach to the common man.
So far,RK is known just to the industrialists.
But because of our next project,I will be known to everybody.
To put it in simple words,I will be there in every house!
RK group of industries, is now enteringto the business of Wi-Fi routers.
We might see a house without awife but not without a Wi-Fi.
No, I am not joking. I am serious.
Router is needed to use the internet.
Mohan Rao, please connect me to the centralminister. I will explain him everything.
We are going to start the project very soon.
Meeting is over.
Thank you.
My daughter is getting married.
Oh! Very good.
Where is it?
In Goa.
In Goa?
Yeah. It's a destination wedding!
My family and my son in-laws familyare leaving five days prior to the date.
If you could come with your family too
Are you mad?
Are you wasting five daysof time for the marriage?
Yeah, she is my only daughter,and they asked for a destination wedding.
Thats why!
What is this Mr.Rao?
Marriage is just another event in life.
You spend those 5 days on your business.
Your business will grow andyour status will increase too.
We've been partners since a long time,so I want you to attend the marriage.
I am sorry Mr. Rao.
You ask me for shares or moneyor property and I wouldn't mind.
Don't ask for my time, because timeis one thing which never comes back.
You can go now.
Yeah, connect me to Charion.
-Yeah.-Dinner is ready.
Yeah coming.
Ok grandma, I'll call you in the morning.
Are you done with the call dude?
Is that your girl friend on the call?
Vasu is not into that chapter yet,that position lies vacant.
Hey stop it.
It was with my family.
It's his habit to talk to hisfamily every morning and evening.
Does he do it everyday?
Though we are staying away from them,we are always close to their heart.
They feel that our day started happily,when you say good morning.
They feel that our day finished happily,when we said good night.
We keep wishing a lot of people everymorning and night on WhatsApp and Facebook.
What's wrong in wishingthe members of our family?
Feels good.
Hi mommy, goodnight.
Good night? Whats up?
This hasn't happened earlier!
We keep wishing a lot of people everymorning and night on WhatsApp and Facebook.
What's wrong in wishing you people?
Give it to Dad.
Hold on.
This needs to...
What is it?
Divorce documents dad.
Lawyer has sent it.
He said it is not possiblewithout the acceptance of Siddhu.
But he does not agree.
-What does he want?-I don't know.
Don't he understand,that you cannot live with him
Stupid fellow.
Sri wants to speak with you.
Hi dad.
Good night.
Yeah good night dear.
Listen, call your lawyer again.
Ask him whether he can do it or not.Otherwise, I will appoint a senior lawyer.
-Okay.-I will see to it that he agrees to it.
Adamant fellow.
What's wrong with Sidhuwanting to live with Kavya?
Shouldn't we consider his reason too?
I came to know about our incompatibilitywithin an year of marriage.
Kavya, it's not hard to live togetherif you understand each other.
-Think about it.-Lakshmi.
It's not right to travel togetherwith people we don't like.
Whether it is marriage or business.
-What I mean is.-Don't waste my time plase.
You go ahead.
[Birds chirping]
-Good morning.-Good morning.
The coffee is great. Thanks.
You are welcome.
-Do you indulge in yoga everyday?-Yeah.
Its a must dude.
She is a middle-class person
If any health issue arises, the corporatehospitals would bill a lifetime earning.
Why are you busy with the phone now?Arent you coming to office?
I'm sending the wedding invitationto everyone on WhatsApp.
-I am not coming today.-Okay
[Message tone]
Whis is it dear? You are reading the phone!
Brother in-law's friend Priya has senther wedding invitation on WhatsApp.
Invitation on WhatsApp?
Do something.
Take a photo in this pose.
Why dad?
Click it and I'll tell you.
Is it good?
Send it to her on her wedding day.
You can add blessings using the graphics.
That's too much dad.
Isn't it right?
When she sent the invitation on WhatsApp,
why not send blessings in the same way?
Their food expense and ourtravel expense are saved.
What the hell with theirWhatsApp invitation.
Your dad is always in sarcasm
Call your brother in-law once.
Tell me grandma.
Gift a gold ornament toPriya on her wedding.
We don't have such kind offormalities among friends grandma.
It's not about the formality.It is a tradition.
We are not gifting her a memory.Not an object.
Whenever she comes across that object,she would remember her wedding.
then she'll remember the valuewe have given to her wedding.
You are right grandma.But it's a different generation now.
Generation might change.
I got it.
But our tradition should not change.
Isn't it?
Ok darling. I will do it.
Listen son, how would you choose? Get anygirl among your friends along with you.
Can you drop me at Coffee Day?
-Thanks.-It's Okay.
Can you lend me a couple of hoursof your time in the evening?
-Lend you my time?-Yeah.
People usually ask money as loan,but why the time?
It's your time. You need to lendme if you have to give it to me.
Nice concept.
So what time you want it?
5 o'clock.
Hi all.
So, Priya and I are throwinga bachelor's party today.
Hope that's a heavy party.
-Just like her.-Hey!
Hey Priyanka. Just a minute.
As we both are bachelors
shall we engage in a coupledance in the evening party.
Both of us are married.
Why do you say we are bachelors?
Your husband is in US.That makes you a bachelor.
My wife is in Bangalore.That makes me a bachelor.
Let's just dance together.
[Phone Ringing]
It's Shanti.
I guess it is your wife.
Shall I tell her about the dance?
Bro, that one.
This one?
Every piece looks goodwhen we check this way.
They look same this way.You would know it once someone wears them.
That's right. Turn that side.
Just turn that side.
It very good.
It good.
[Camera shutter]
[Phone ringing]
Priya, I sent you a few pics.Tell me which one do you like among them.
-Hey, why do I need them now?-Shhh.
Its an order by grandma,tell me which one do you like. Okay?
Isn't a gift meant to be a surprise?
Its a surprise if we like it.
But it's their satisfactionwhen we give what they like.
Isn't satisfaction important than surprise?
Let's go.
Sri. I dont keep a debt for long.
So, I wish to repay yourtwo-hour debt by 8o clock today.
Whats special about 8o clock?
Sekhar, have you checked whethereverything we ordered is here?
Vasu and others didnt turn up yet.Call them and find out once.
Santhi, the party is here.
Look, it didnt start yet.It would in some time.
Dont drink like a pigas it is free of cost.
No, just two pegs.
My friends are here. Shall I call you later?
You dont call me.Ill call you and you answer.
As you say.
A bachelor party holds the moments of thelast happy drinks in the life of a groom.
-Drink well.-Correct
Why dont you like theconcept of marriage dude?
My version is
This is a man before marriage.
Now look at that fire!
This is a lady.
She mixes into a mans lifeon the name of marriage.
Wheres the fire?
Its put out.
What we got to understand from this is that
the fire in a man's life isput out once he gets married.
-Thats not true dear.-Who is she?
It's us who lose after the marriage.
-Whats this?- Ice cube
This is a girl before marriage.
This is a man.
We get into his life onthe name of marriage.
-Now wheres the ice cube in this?-No where
So, well have a name andidentity before marriage.
But once we get into the life of a man,its him everyhere.
Neither we nor our identity would exist.
Do you have any such opinions over marriage?
-Hey, come. Sit down.-Hi Vasu.
-Ain't this a boy now?-Yeah!
Ok, have it then.
How can we have it raw?It'll effect the liver.
Ain't this a girl now?
Have it now.
How do we get high on just soda?
Okay. So now?
Hows it?
Life is similar.
Well the fun is only when whena male and female come together.
Parents give us birth.Friends give us happiness.
But a life partner gives us life itself.
It's okay even if you don't praise awedlock that gives you such a life partner.
but dont insult it.
Life would be great if you are as happyafter the marriage as you are now.
So, cheers to Priya and Sekhar who areabout to start a beautiful journey in life!
"Do you know name of this closeness?"
"Do you know whats this unknown run?"
"No one would have ever seen this magic."
"None would have everheard about this matter."
"Oh naughty heart, ask me now."
"Ask me what is this"
The smile glittering in the heart
"Is before the eyes. Have you seen it?"
"Is he the one hiding in your eyes?"
"Is he the one meant to be your soulmate?"
"Is he the one hiding in your eyes?"
"Is he the one meant to be your soulmate?"
"My dreams walked beyond the line offriendship in the form of a story."
"Your thought called me beyond the sleep."
"I came to know the reasonto have met you now."
"I don't know what distanceswould disappear in this path?"
"There was never such aglow in me all these days"
"And now suddenly, a moonlight myeyes have never seen has come up"
"Its because of you"
"Its him who is hiding in my eyes."
"Its him, who is my soulmate."
"Its him who is hiding in my eyes."
"Its him, who is my soulmate."
Vasu, you people should start soon too.
[Motorcycle purring]
Vasu, I need to speak with you
Im very sorry.
Why do you say sorrywithout saying the reason?
I don't hail from a middle-classfamily as I told you.
RK, the Chairman of RK group of companies,Hyderabad is my dad.
I finished MBA in Londonand came down to Hyderabad
Good. Your Education is Completed.
Our businesses are growing too.
Were entering a lot ofbusiness opportunities
You should take care of business from now.
Sure dad.
So, you go wherever you feellike for the next six months.
But no one should know that youreRKs daughter in these six months.
You should live on your own.
You know why?
You should know about the worldto become successful in life.
You should calculate humans perfectly.
Disturbances start ifthe calculations go wrong
Ok dad.
Hope you get it.
By the way,giving a word is like starting a business
and abiding by it is likebeing successful in it.
Don't forget that.
I didnt say the truthtill now because of this.
If the truth behind a lie is pure,it isn't wrong to lie sometimes.
Still, you lead a normal life leaving such aluxurous life abiding by your father's word
I liked that in you a lot.
[Phone ringing]
-Madam, sirs phone-Yeah.
One second.
-Hi Sri.-Hi dad.
Did you start?
No dad, I would come back after 4 or 5 days.
A girl whom I know recentlyhere is getting married.
I will come down afterI attend the marriage.
Are you wasting five days for a new friend?
-Actually dad.-Ok, this is the last time.
I never ever want you to wastetime for such silly things again.
-Yeah?-Thanks dad.
Vasu, daddy gave me permissionto attend the marriage.
So, when are we going to the marriage?
Tomorrow morning.
I was just blabbering somethingnot knowing that you are rich.
Fine. That's okay.
-Shall we go?-Yes.
What are you searching for?
-My phone.-Oh your phone?
Wait, Ill call on it.
Yes, there.
[Phone ringing]
-Shall we go?-Come.
-Hi Vasu!-Hi.
Hi dude.
Hi dude.
Where is Priya?
Is it so necessary toprepare these snacks now?
Vasu is coming in four days.
He likes these snacks a lot.
[Phone ringing]
We were just talking abouthim and here is his call.
-Yes, tell Brother-in-law.-Give it to grandma once.
Grandma, didn't you ask me toshow a destination wedding?
Here, I will show you.
This is the mehendi counter.
This is the tattoo counter.
Whats a Tattoo?
Tattoo is a permanent mark grandma.
This is the cocktail counter.
Whats a cocktail?
It's that one.
Oh is it?
This is the place wherethe musical night happens.
Hey, why are you showing methese instead of marriage?
This is called adestination wedding grandma.
It looks like our village fair.
Why do you say so grandma?
Ok, Ill call you back.
Shall we get brother in lawmarried in a similar manner?
Destination marriage!
No need,h I know how to get my grandson married.
However you might get the marriage done,but I am the bride grandma.
What dude,did you get disturbed seeing that girl?
That is the problem with girls.
It is us who get disturbed whetherwe look at them or they look at us.
-Go now.-Bye.
Hey Riya.
You look beautiful with hair left loose.Like this.
Thank you.
[Camera shutter sound]
What? Were you giving suggestionshow every girl would look beautiful?
We have to praise yougirls to get what we want.
I didnt get you.
Whats that?
To prevent any evil eyefalling on such a beauty.
Why do you care if an evil eye falls on me?
Am I not affected if an evileye falls on my partner?
What partner, dance partner?
Partner for life.
You saved me in your phone as My Heart
And I saved 'You' in my Heart.
[Instrumental music]
"Come on, lets do something new."
"Has the moonlight of this nightasked your signature in intoxication?"
"Come on,lets have colorful dreams this evening."
"This magic is teasing pouringthe lightening Champaign."
"Like a folklore in English beatand like Kuchipudi in Jeans."
"The beauty of the beloved girlis teasing like having a peg"
"Come on, lets do something new."
"Has the moonlight of this nightasked your signature in intoxication?"
[Instrumental music]
"Like stars over thewings of a cute butterfly"
"You dont stay back into deep chats."
"Don't be left alonesingle in a young night"
"When the moonlight in the damsel'seyes asks you not to leave her alone"
"Come on lets jump like theflying kite whose thread is cut."
"Wont there be a sound to makethe intoxicated speakers go crazy?"
"When youre looking 'oh so gorgeous' today"
"Like the perfume of the beautycarved with flowers is killing me."
"Naughty thoughts in the eye ball."
"When some hot thoughtsenter into an ice cold age."
"Lets become a sweetmelody joining the hearts."
"When our heartbeat singsa melody with some beat."
"Come on, lets do something new."
"Has the moonlight of this nightasked your signature in intoxication?"
One selfie with the groom.
-Hey, give it to me. Ill take it.-Priest sir, move a bit.
Say cheers!
Its getting late, shall we leave?
The wedding would be done in a while.Well leave after that.
"Haven't we met Mr. Rao?Come on, lets leave now."
-When is the auspicious time?-The time you came is auspicious for us Sir.
You've come so long for us.Thats great for us.
Sir, we recieved an urgent call.
Minister Sir needs to leave to Delhi.
You can leave in 10 minutes, please sit sir.
Thank you sir
Be seated sir.
Priest sir.
Minister sir should leave urgently,end the process fast.
Sir, theres still time left.
Minster sir has no time.
Im in this status because of him.Push the time a bit ahead
Sir, thats not permitted
Aren't they written by us? Go on, do it.
Where is the Bride..?
Ive informed the respectable priest.You can start in 10 minutes.
Uncle, do you know what youre doing?
Why are you changing theauspicious time for Minister Sir?
Minister Sir had come a long wayfrom Hyderabad for this marriage
We should look after his comfort too dear.
Then, why fix an auspicious time uncle?
Marriage isnt an event tochange as we like uncle.
Its a beautiful moment.
Anyway I dont feel likethis is a marriage uncle.
Someone plans to leave after the feast.
and another is leaving as he met you.
As I'm feeling bad about the visitors,why do you behave similarly Uncle?
Minister sir who stays in power just for 5years would swear at an auspisious moment.
Don't they who have to stay together fora lifetime need an auspicious moment?
You've come so far to the wedding.Cant you wait 10 minutes to bless them?
-Rao.- Sir.
Go on as per the time youve fixed.
-Okay Sir.-Thank you Sir.
[Aeroplane whizzing]
What are you thinking?
About our marriage.
Whats in it?
You give a lot of value tomarriage and traditions.
Marriage is just an event in our house.
Don't you know aboutsisters divorce matter too?
Maybe Daddy would be convinced if Itell him about you and your family.
Is Vaasus family really so good?
Yes, Mummy.
They are still a joint family.
Do you know how affectionate they all are?
Relationships stay strongwhere the affections are high.
[Vehicle honking]
Sit down.
Why are you with dad?
You said you would talk to your dad.
I thought from your point of view.
You girls take a long timeto convey your love to a boy.
And to convey such a matter to dad
That's why I went andmet your father myself.
Hi sir. I want to talk to you.
Do you have an appointment?
I am waiting for you since long.
It's your need that made you wait.
I dont talk without an appointment.
I need to talk about Sri.
Tell me.
I and Sri are in love
Actually, Sri said she would talk to you.
But love should be conveyed to the girl andmarriage should be discussed with her dad.
So Ive come to talk to you.
What did Daddy say?
I asked her to learn the world,but she came back learning about love.
She says Vasu's family is very good.
So you know everything?
Daddy, that is...
I knew someone has influenced youwhen you wished good night suddenly.
If you waited for 3 more days insteadof coming to us after 6 months
It means someone more importantthan us has entered your life.
It's not like that dad.
Lets come to the point.
I wont ask why you fell in love.Youll have a hundred reasons.
But, give me one reason whyyou want to get married.
Vasu wishes to keep everyonearound him happy dad.
And now he feels that I'm his life.
So, how happy would he keep me?
The way I feel happy andsecured when I'm with you,
I felt the same way when I was with him dad.
-Ask your parents to come, I need to talk.-They wont uncle.
Come again?
They wont come here uncle.
As per the tradition, as parents of the girl
you should come to my houseand talk to my parents.
Thats the tradition and culture.
Whats the name of your village?
We have arrived to Sakinetipalli.
Hi Brother-in-law.
Hey Paddu.
Haven't you returned the bike to Seenu yet?
He hasn't paid back the money yet.
Come son.
Hi Dad.
Are you good?
Are you fine?
You shouldnt go in withouthaving the evil eye removed.
Hey! Make it fast.
-Everyone's evil sight.-Evil sight of Hyderabad and Chandigarh.
Which place did you visit for the wedding?
Yes, evil sight of that mussoorieand everything should vanish.
-Throw it away.-Take that far and break it.
Come in.
What Vasu...
What Vasu, why have you tanned so much?Why have you become so lean?
Arent you eating properly?
Wont you care aboutanything other than the work?
Ain't this what you'd say?
Mom, its been very long since you saw me.I neither got tanned nor thin.
And ain't this what you'd say?
Brother-in-law,dont eat anything till I come back.
-Why?-Ill get you something, ok?
Here is the cheese cake youasked for your brother in law.
Will you express your love to yourbrother in law at least today?
Haven't Ive been waiting for this day?
I have to tell an importantmatter to you all.
Whos that girl?
Which girl?
If a guy of this age calls the whole family
and says he needs to talk about an importantmatter, it would be about love for sure.
-What man?-Is this true?
Ill tell you mom. Come and sit here.
What dad said is right. Her name is...
Her dad's name is RK,a big businessman from Hyderabad.
How do you know all of this mom?
My grandson had updated me long back.
Then why didnt you tell us mother in law?
He said,he would tell it himself to all of you.
Mom, I like Sri a lot andshe too likes me very much.
Love is in the hands of both of us.
but marriage has to bedecided by the elders.
So, I spoke to her dad and he accepted too.
That girl is very lucky to be loved by you.
Your father-in-law is a luckychap to get you as a son-in-law.
-Ask him to come. We will talk.-Thanks dad, thank you so much.
Haven't I said no onewould reject your choice?
Hey Paddu. Your Brother-in-law sayshe is in love with a girl named Sri.
I heard it Mother-in-law.
You missed a golden chance.
Did you pay heed to my words then?See it now.
Why do you talk about it now grandma?
Whats that in your hands?
I brought some cheese cake asits brother-in- laws favorite.
You know what all he likes.You got it in at the right time.
Feed some sweet to your brother in law.
Congrats brother-in-law.
Thank you Paddu.
[Helicopter whirring]
[Helicopter blades whizzing]
-Hi uncle.-Hi.
My father.
-Dad, Sri and her mother.- Hello.
Come on please.
Please wash your feet.
I mean, its our tradition to wash thefeet when we arrive from outside uncle.
So, please.
Give it.
This is the house built by our forefathers
We left it this way not willingto let go their remembrances
Please come in...
-My mom.-Greetings.
-My wife.-Greetings.
-My sister, cousin.-Greetings.
I got it. Its a joint family.
Greetings to everyone.
-Shall we sit?-Come.
I need to check the house mom.
Do you need anything dear?
Kavya wishes to see the house.
-Paddu. Show her the house once.-Ok grandma.
Please come.
[Clearing throat]
I have some important appointments.
So,I would leave if you finish the formalities.
What are you expecting?
Whats there to expect?
What I mean by expectations is, what theycalled dowry earlier, now as formalities.
Tell me what do you need?
I didnt love Sri for that.
You are talking like abusinessman even here.
All of us didnt agree for thismarriage expecting something.
We agreed because myson likes your daughter.
I too agreed for this marriageas my daughter has liked him.
Now let's come to the point.
Its my habit to talk clearly aboutany matter right in the beginning.
That is good in a way too.
Youve got two daughters
the property is shared between them.Which means our boy gets half of it!
I need to talk personally to you.
We talk everything beforeeveryone at our home.
But I need to talk personally.
Come Uncle.
You have to sign on this if youwant this marriage to take place.
What is that?
Premarital Agreement.
It exists since long abroad, but guyslike me rarely use this in our country.
By chance if my daughter wishes to take divorceafter marriage unable to adjust with you...
Then,I cant roam around you wasting my time.
Why agree to this marriage whenyou don't have belief on our love?
Belief is different, and truth is different.
What your dad said out there is true.
I think about anything like a businessman.
In any business,I think of an exit right at the entry.
And about my daughters marriage.
So you think our marriedlife wouldn't be successful?
Who knows?
even if you take good care of my daughter
Isn't there a chance that problemsmight crop up from another side?
So, isn't it better that I be cautious?
So, do you believe thesepapers more than our love?
Its been long since the worldstarted believing papers than humans
If at all my daughter and you arereally happy,these papers are nothing.
Its just a piece of paper.
If you have so much confidence on your love,
what is your problem toput just a sign on them?
Why did you stop?
Is your courage not enough?
Ive got enough courage uncle.
Then sign it!
I will.
You believe in papersand I believe on words.
Ill sign here if you give me a word.
Whats that?
You should be everywhere you arerequired as the brides father.
You must do all the works you have to do.
Its ok for me to sign ifyou give me a word to do so.
Won't I be present atmy daughters marriage?
Ok, I'll be everywhere you say.
Do you need an agreement?
No uncle, your word is enough.
Take it.
By the way, this matter shouldstay only between both of us.
Ok uncle.
Please come.
What son?
Usually it's the groom and the bridethat go into a room to discuss.
What business did you and yourfather-in-law have for so long?
Nothing uncle.He had some doubts that I clarified.
Is it ok for you now?
Yeah okay.
I have a wish.
Being the brides family, you shouldget the marriage done where you wish.
but, I want my grandsons marriage to takeplace in this house in front of my eyes.
Shall I take a snap of allof you in this happy moment?
Yes.- Okay.
-Take it dear!-Come on.
[Camera shutter sound]
This first morsel is for you
Grandma. Don't move. Stay still.
-Feed me aunt.-Feed me.
Wait. You will get it too.
Son, what have you decided?
About what mom?
About what else? About our Vasu's marriage.
Should we have an idea aboutwhat to do and how to do?
What's the big deal aboutmarriage these days mom?
everything happens eventually.
No,I don't agree to make it happen casually.
Marriage should happen like a marriageand not like any normal function.
Everything should go as per our traditionand it should remain a memorable one.
Who is following all those old ritualsthese days aunt? Days have changed.
Days might have changed butthe traditions shouldn't.
Everyone feels happy and celebrate whenwe are born, we are not aware of it.
Everyone weeps and mourns after we die,we can't experience that too.
The only time where we can see ourbeloved feel happy is during a wedding.
How grand the weddingshould take place then?
Okay mom.
The marriage would be acelebration as per your wish.
That's like my son. What do you say?
-Can I say something?-Yeah
Vasu is not correct for you.
That family and the villageatmosphere doesn't suit you.
Their lifestyle is different from ours.
Their habits are different from ours.You can't adjust there.
If we can adjust here,we can adjust anywhere.
Sri is very happy.
I liked Vasu's family very much too.
I mean in these days of nuclear families,continuing the tradition of joint families
and respecting each other is appreciable.
Is it not Sri's fortune toenter such a lovable family?
[Phone ringing]
How are you, brother-in-law?
Who is brother-in-law man?
Brother-in-law,it's me Ramaraju from Sakhinteipally.
Oh! tell me.
We spoke to our Purohit. He said nextFriday is a good day for engagement.
Even our family members arecomfortable with that date.
Would you decide theengagement date on your own?
Don't you value my time?Don't you aive a damn?
Please be cool.
Give me 5 minutes.I will check my schedule and call you back
Everything is their wish.
What did they say?
Ha said they will informafter checking their schedule.
Is he boarding a train thatwe need to check the schedule?
[Phone ringing]
Tell me Brother-in-law.
I am available between 4 to 5 pm on that day.Please fix the engagement at tha time.
Yeah! Purohit said that theentire day is auspicious.
We will fix the engagement as peryour convenience. I'll take leave.
Mom it's for Friday.
Please come inside brother.
Where is brother-in-law?
He started from the office.He will be here soon.
What brother-in-law? As a father, he shouldbe here first for his daughter's engagement.
I doubt he might reach at thelast minute for the marriage
Please come.
Why have you stopped there? Please come.
We am coming here for the firsttime on an auspicious occasion.
We wanted to wash our feet before we enter.
Hey girl, bring some water.
What are you looking at?
Here they won't givewater in a vessel like us.
They will give a water pipe andwe should wash our feet with that.
-That's it.-Oh!
Where is my grand-daughter?
-I will be back in 10 minutes.-Okay Sir.
-Brother-in-law.-Please sit.
Sit down.
Tell me Purohit sir.
It's just the ritual.Does it take five or ten minutes?
We shouldn't link some traditions with time.
Moreover,it's an engagement which is half of marriage.
Please change to dhoti and come.we shall start.
Why?Can't I perform the rituals without dhoti?
Going by the tradition isalways good brother-in-law.
We can't change thetraditions for our comfort!
-Give me a minute.-Please come.
Please go ahead with the ritual.
Please take it with both the hands.
Purohit sir, please look for anauspicious date for the marriage.
Raju Sir.
Next month, on August 9th is a perfect day.
Only fifteen days left!
Well. It's okay for me.
Ain't it fine if I reacha day before marriage?
You must be kidding.
How can you come a day before marriage?There'd be so many works in marriage.
What will we have?
From the engagement date,rice for Vigneshwara
exchange of wedding cards,bridegroom making, tying the five knots
Snathakam, Kasi journey, Vara Pooja,Gauri Vratham, Mangala snanalu,
next Kanyavarnam, Madhuparkas,there's a long list of 36 such activities.
[Phone ringing]
Hi Sri.
Thank you, thank you so much.
Why are you thanking me so many times?
Just these? I need to thank you many times.
One thanks for knowing that I hid thetruth about me and still liking me.
One thanks for talkingto dad about our love.
One more thanks for convincingyour family members.
-What next?-Please stop.
-That's enough.-No it's not.
You are not in front of me,but I wanted to give you a tight hug
Oh no! I missed a great chance.
It's okay,give all the hugs when we meet the next time.
I sure will but,am disappointed in one thing Vasu.
What is that?
We just loved and aregetting married in no time.
I feel we have missed the beautifulfeeling in the first love Vasu.
Why do you feel that we have missed it?
Starting from today, till we get married,let's feel it every day, every second.
Is it okay?
"We shall start as first love."
"Now, then, whenever but afresh."
"We shall bond as one life, unable tofigure out who is you and who is me."
[Instrumental music]
"I fell in love with youthe minute I saw you"
"I settled in your heartin the way our eyes met."
"I fell in love with youThe minute I saw you."
"I became a butterfly wearingwings of colorful dreams."
"I don't feel hungry whenever I see you"
"I can't sleep when your smileshoots floral arrows at me."
"I can't live if you don'tcome into my dreams."
"I feel suffocated if yourshadow is not around."
"I am not me, you are not you."
"This love has emerged to bea mirror image of both of us."
"I don't feel hungry whenever I see you"
"I can't sleep when your smileshoots floral arrows at me."
"I can't live if you don'tcome into my dreams."
"I feel suffocated if yourshadow is not around."
[Instrumental music]
"How can I store the unfathomablelove in this tiny heart, dear girl?"
"I can't express the beautiful feelingI have on you in just a word or two"
"The bridge of love says we both are one."
"Love is our guest in our100 years journey together"
"I don't feel hungry whenever I see you"
"I can't sleep when your smileshoots floral arrows at me."
"I can't live if you don'tcome into my dreams."
"I feel suffocated if yourshadow is not around."
-We shall set up the wedding atrium here.-Okay Brother.
Canopy should spread till the gate.Light up the antire village.
Okay brother, as you say.
Why has the whole village gathered here?
-We heard it's your son's marriage.-Yes.
Marriage isn't a simple thing,we will help you in all the work
Why do you take the hassle.
Come on sir, you are the firstone to help anyone in the village.
How can we not share the work whenthere is a wedding at your home?
We will arrange the coconuts,and other things.
We'll get the atrium andcanopy laid at the house.
When someone asked me what do I have with me
I used to say I have my village behind me.
But today, my village is not mybehind me but in front of me.
We may not earn money by being good,but we can surely earn people.
Okay, I will call the Purohit and ask himto perform the puja as per your request.
Maybe your husband would say hewill be busy with office work.
But, you should perform thepuja together as a couple.
Dear, we have to start thewedding rituals tomorrow.
Are you starting the wedding arrangements?Oh nice!
Why don't you do it then!
Grandma said that puja shouldbe performed by both of us.
Who bothers whether weboth performed together?
No, it's not like that...
You should be everywhere you arerequired as the brides father.
You must do all the works you have to do.
Its ok for me to sign ifyou give me a word to do so.
Please look after the arrangements,I will come.
Mr. Matta Bhaskar Rao,Mr. Parvathaneni Kiran
Mr. Ankampalli Sattiraju too.
Oh yeah.
Hey, have you written Antarvedi aunt's name?
-Yeah I did.-Take it.
-Listen son.-Yeah.
Have you writtenAatreyapuram brother's name?
But we aren't in good terms with them!
What is it so uncle?
You don't know that as you weren't here.
We are not been inspeaking terms since long.
This is not money whichonce lost is lost forever.
If we invite them for the wedding,all the differences would be sorted.
They won't come even if we invite.
You say they won't come,maybe they are waiting for our call.
Let's invite them and see uncle.
If they come, everybody will be happy.
If they don't, at least you will behappy as your guess turned right.
What do you say?
Your convincing skills are high. Do it.
We are inviting them too Grandma.Are you happy?
A lot.
We don't dream about our grandchildrenswedding just for the sake of it.
Marriage means a congregation of ourrelatives, friends, our near and dear.
You won't call them when I want to see them.They don't turn up too.
But, everyone turns up for a wedding.
We can recollect our 70years of life seeing them.
Hello, madam Padmavathi,
Hello, madam Padmavathi,
Why are you shouting?
I am not shouting, just calling you.
Take this 25,000 that I owe to your uncle.
It's not just 25,000,you must pay Rs 2,75, 000
You mean an interest of 2,50,000 for 25,000?
Even the World Bank doesn'tcollect so much of interest.
When did I borrow such a huge amount?
Rs 30,000 from Post office Subba Rao,
20,000 from Ramayalam street Sundaramma,
10,000 from Tea stallAbbulu...and moreover....
Tell me.
Why are you bothered aboutmy debts in the village?
Everyone in the village approachuncle in case of any issue.
Similarly, the people from whomyou borrowed money have turned up.
It won't be good to takeour money before them,
hence will release your bike only afteryou clear all the debts. [Vehicle arriving]
[People chattering]
Who are you?
Hi, this is Ajay. Event manager.
I came to look after RKsir's daughter's marriage
This is Chintu,he will take care of the security.
This is Ravi, will take care of the dining.
Shall I open it sir?
What will she open?
I store all my work details in the laptop.
Oh, I see.
I take care of all the celebritymarriages in Hyderabad.
which means celebrities,politicians and business magnates.
I deal with weddings at all their homes.
I will make sure this marriageremains forever in the history.
No need of that.
Anyway, there are a 100 event managers totake care of my brother-in-law's wedding.
100 event managers? Where are they?
[Music] [People chattering]
They are our relatives and villagers.
They take care of every work at the wedding.
Then what should I do?
Take rest for now.
Show them rooms to stay.
Please come.
Hey guys, get the luggage.
Madam, leave them,I can't clear all the debts now.
Tell me what I shoulddo to get my bike back.
Okay. You take care of their needs,I will take care of your bike
Is that okay?
I think we don't have anywork here sir.
No, a creative person like mewill never run out of work.
A beautiful thought hasjust popped up in my mind.
What is that sir?
-Destination wedding in a village.-What is that?
Collect all details aboutthe weddings in the village.
Okay Sir.
Grandma, your BP tablet.
My BP and Sugar levels would have come tonormal in the joy of my grandson's marriage
No chance
It's said that happiness is thehalf strength, not full strength.
Take the tablets mother.
Give them.
Here are the wedding cards brother.
Check for any errors.
Everything is perfect uncle.
Please, put the first weddingcard in front of the God.
The second wedding card needs to begiven to the bride's family anyways.
Anyways we will go toHyderabad for shopping,
so we shall give the wedding card Sri'sfamily and take them for shopping too.
Shopping in Hyderabad? It would be fun.
The ladies section is that way mom.
-All of you go that way.-Let's go.
Come on.
Come on you males.
Hey, what are you doing?
Isn't it the trail roomthat we try anything in?
What will you try?
A kiss.
Why? Do only men feel like kissing women?
Don't women feel that? Can't we kiss?
You are not calm as you look...
That's okay, you will returnanything you take right Will return,
but kissing on the cheek in the trial room,not good.
[Phone ringing]
Where are you?
I am in the trial room.
Okay, come here.Mother-in-law is calling for you.
Okay then.
This design is new.
-How is this?-Good
Have you called me mom?
I want you to select asaree for daughter-in-law.
Why me, mom? Let her pick her choice.
Paddu, move on to the other chair.
Come dear.
Isn't this good? Sit down.
It's good.
We should buy sarees for therelatives who attend the marriage.
Why not buy them now?
Okay mother-in-law
Our close ones will be around 25-30.
We will pick sarees in the range of Rs10,000 for them and 2-3 thousand for others
Aunty, I have a doubt.
What Vasu?
Would all the attendees bless me and Sriequally or would they have any partiality?
Why do you say that?They would bless you both equally.
Then, why differenciate while gifting aunty?
If we have invited them,it means all of them are close to us.
It's not fair to be partialtowards only some people.
We needn't even gift them anything. But weshould not hurt them by differenciating.
Let's not show any differences inwedding cards, food, and gifts.
Let's treat everyone equally
Well said son.
How many pairs are you buying?
25 pairs.
25 pairs?
Of course!
Usually, your sister changesthe saree for every few hours.
she would now change everyhour as the wedding is at home.
As her husband,shouldn't I maintain the same?
Buy them.
He didn't come yet.
Maybe he is stuck up in a meeting brother.He might come soon.
It's better if everyone is herewhen the wedding purchases go on.
Even I feel the same brother,
He will come.
5000 crores is the deal and...[Phone ringing]
That is... [Phone ringing]
[Phone dialing]
Hello, sir is in the meeting
We are waiting here,please give the phone to him.
The way we are going
Sir, Mr. Vasu is on the line.
Just a minute.
What meeting are you attendingskipping the shooping uncle?
It's a 5000 crore meeting here.
So what?
Should I skip the 5,000 crores deal importantmeeting and come to buy clothes for you?
You should.
as per the tradition bride's parentsshould gift the clothes to the groom.
Please come.
What do I buy?
Time is money, Time is property to me.
I don't waste my timefor such trivial things.
If this deal is successful,your bank balance increases by some margin.
and your company might get another project.Am I right?
Sri told me
that you often say that giving aword is like starting a business
and standing on your word is likemaking the business a success.
As you are a successful businessman,hope you live up to your word.
Is it good?
This one? Take it dear.
Hi Father-in-law!
I came as you asked.
How much more time do you need?
It will take some time for me to select.Please wait.
Mother-in-law is confused about pickingthe right saree, please go and help her.
Please go.
Yeah Lakshmi.
-Tell me.Please help me pick the right saree.
-Take it.-Thank you.
[Phone ringing]
We'll give the cards toboth uncles at Bobbarlanka
-and finally to Athreyapuram grandpa.-Okay uncle.
Why are you playing the cards alone brother?
Not alone!Post-office Subbarao is playing with me.
Subbarao? Where is he?
Right here.
How could that be?
In Skype.
What are your cards pal?
He turns the cards there and I do it here.
We transfer the amountthrough Paytm to whoever wins.
You guys are using theSkype in an innovative way
Hey, relatives came.Will Paytm money once they are gone
Okay, do it.
-Uncle.-Tell me.
-Please come for sure.-Sure, I will come.
Okay see you aunty.
Not just you both,the entire family should come.
Sure boy.
We shall come four days earlier andwill participate in the wedding works.
-Okay.-That's great.
Well, you are inviting everyone.
I thought you won't invite us.
How can we miss you grandpa?
Heard your father-in-law is filthy rich.
Whats the dowry you demanded?
Aunty, you know about my father.He always believes in giving than taking.
Grandma has a special invitation for you.
Your grandma needs everyone boy.
But shouldn't the othersfeel our importance too?
Why don't they grandpa?
We don't leave a 6-month cropjust because of a cyclone.
We will try our best to save it.
Relationships last for a lifetime.
How can we leave them?
Hope you will come for sure.
How can we miss it whenyou invited us specially?
We will come a week in advance.
-Okay see you Uncle.-See you uncle.
[Children chattering]
-Hi Bujji, how are you?-Hi PAddu.
-Yeah Fine.-Hi Paddu
-Hi Praveen, how are you?-I am good.
These are my colleagues.
-Akshara, Priyanka and Rajesh.-Hi..
Come, let's get in.- Yeah.[Phone ringing]
Hey, get that luggage. [Phone ringing]
Shanti, we reached Vasu's house just now.The climate is so beautiful here.
It's a village. Hence be careful.Else you would get bashed up.
Sure. Can I call you back?
Don't bother. Just answer when I call you.
As you say.
-Hey Vasu.-Hi dude.
-Is it Shanti?-Vasu.
The wedding charm is clearly seenon your face and in the house
You will also see the real fun. Let's go
This is the first time I am attendinga marriage in a village Vasu.
The experience should be unforgettable.
-Take this.-What is this?
-It's a village Brush.-A village brush?
You asked for lifetime experiencesas we stepped in. So have them now!
-Will they give it tomorrow too?-No, they will give new one.
Wow! It tastes bitter like a beer.I like it.
What is this? Is this village tissue?
That's not a tissue, it's a sweet.
They are called 'Pootharekulu'.They taste awesome.
Wow. It's tasty.
"Village is the home fortender coconut water"
"Village shines with farms"
"Village thrills with toddy pots"
"Village is a caring river"
Do you have pumpkin soup?
A pumpkin should never eat another.
Seeta, get the pumpkin soup.
Have you clicked the pics of theactivities that had happened since morning?
-Yeah. I shot everything sir.-Okay.
Should I open it sir?
Open it and upload everything.
Okay sir.
What did you do Ravi?
I made a note of every recipeI ate since morning sir.
-Don't miss anything till the end.- Okay Sir
-Hey Elephant,-Yes.
Do you know why the houses are decoratedwith green canopies before weddings?
Because life would be greenlike this before marriage.
What would happen to theleaves after a few days?
They dry up.
That happens to a man's life too.
Oh no.
Hey, it's my marriage.
-If grandma comes to about this.-She will see my end
That's good. [Phone ringing]
Tell me Sri.
Are you so busy Vasu?
What else do you expect?
Show me how our wedding works are going on?
I will show who is already here too.
He will tell us anyways.
-Our friends.-Hi!
-Hi.-Hi Sri.
Hey, you all have come already!
Long back. You are late, come soon.
Wedding canopy is ready.
and here would be the Atrium.
-All uncles are playing cards.-Hi!
All the celebrations are seen there.
I want to come at the earliest.
Please ask your grandma and tellme when we should come there.
Just a minute.
When should Sri's family come?
Are you asking me a date!The wedding is just a week away.
Ask them to start attrhe right time tomorrow,
as the bride's family,they have a lot of work here
You heard it, start tomorrow.
Are you mad Sri?
Marriage is seven days away.
What should we do going so early?
Vasu's grandma told that therewill be a lot of works to do.
They have just the wedding related work.But I have hundred things to manage.
I am running a business empire here damn it.
You know what the problem is.
I went to their house for engagement,went to shopping at the mall
They felt I'm idle as I'd beengoing as and when they invited
Tell them clearly that I will bethere only on the date of marriage.
Why do they want to arrive a day beforethe wedding when the wedding is in a week?
Do you know why all of ushave agreed for your marriage with Sri?
Because of our trust in you.
As you are a person who thinks of everyone,
I thought you might havethought of their family as well.
Grandma wants to see yourmarriage as per her wish.
But, looking at the happenings,I'm losing hope.
Is there a problem?
There is no problem.
Tell me if there's any problem.
No problem dad.
The wedding would happenas per grandma's wish.
They will come tomorrow.
It's not an ordinary marriage.
It's a beautiful traditional marriage.
-So, please come and bless us.-Sure.
Hi Father-in-law.
Why are you here?
I thought of meeting you at home.
But, came here as you spendmore time here than at home.
If you finish your meeting,we will head to our village.
I already told you that's not possible.
I am in between a hectic schedule.
I know that well.
[Phone ringing]
-Hello.-Hi RK. How are you?
I am fine.
Just got the wedding card from yourson-in-law and heard it's next Friday.
The meeting is notimportant than the marriage.
We shall meet after the marriage.
-Yeah.-Okay bye.
[Phone ringing]
-Hello.-Congrats Mr. RK.
We will discuss about the projectafter your daughter's marriage.
-Okay..-I will meet you in the marriage.
-Okay then.-Thank you.
-Hello.-Heard your daughter's marriage.
I won't be coming. God bless her.
Is this why you asked aboutyour Father-in-law's schedule?
Intelligent chap!
I started thinking in your point of viewfor you coming a day before the wedding.
As it would be a trouble for youto cancel so many appointments,
hence, I spoke to them andgot them postponed instead.
I will be waiting outside. Please come soon.
[Helicopter whizzing]
-Greetings Brother-in-law.-Hello.
-Please come.-Yeah.
Brother-in-law,please take them to your house.
This is your guest house.
Hey, arrange water to wash the feet.
-Greetings.-Please come.
This is your room ma'am.
Very nice.
We both are of same age.
I feel embarrassed when you call me ma'am.
Call me Sri.I will call you by your name too.
Whose photos are they?
That's me and mybrother-in-law when we were kids.
What is that pic?
Me, and brother-in-law gotmarried when we were kids.
In the game.
Paddu. Ask Sri to get ready fast.
-The respectable priest has arrived.-Okay.
Sir, being father to the bride
You should wake up earlyin the morning, freshen up.
And then start, works related to marriage.
What works?
You should fill 5 pots, with the anthillmud that is brought from the farm.
You should wash and drythe rice (Talambralu).
You should apply turmeric to the screenwhich is to be held between bride and groom
and mark it with 'Om' in the middle.
There are lot many works brother in-law.
Even we too have lot ofwork on the groom's side.
Everybody should wakeup early in the morning.
-Is it-Yes.
[Instrumental music]
"Listen oh rising sun."
"Listen oh rising sun."
"Marriage is a 100 year celebrationwhich brings all generations together."
"It will not happen as you just think,one should be blessed by heavens."
"However wealthy or powerful, everybodyshould do the work related to marriage."
"Listen oh rising sun."
"Listen oh rising sun."
"Oh cute doll, oh ho"
"Come on triturate the paddy,oh cute doll, oh ho"
The pestles is in my handare the black ones, oh ho.
"Come on, go on, oh ho"
"Wear on the silver bangles."
[People laughing]
[Instrumental music]
"Where is the turmeric bornthat it decorates your feet."
"Where is the saffron bornthat it blesses you with prosperity."
"Where is the paddy born thatit becomes the grains of your dreams?"
"The silk from which cocoon has given somany threads to weave the screen for you."
"Who is a father?"
"The one who comes leavingeverything for his little girl's smile."
"Listen oh rising sun."
"Listen oh rising sun."
Vasu, I need you to lendme 10 minutes of your time.
Hey, Sri.
Thank you Vasu.
-Thank you so much.-What for?
Its just because of you that ourmarriage is taking place so beautifully.
Do you know how happy I am that my dadis doing all the works so traditionally?
Mom is also so happy.
Thank you Vasu, thank you so much.
-Aunt is calling you.-Yeah, coming.
Did you call me mom?
Me? I didn't dear!
"Play with your naughty eyes,the beauty girl."
"Let your cheeks become red with shyness."
"You will bring the brightnessto your in laws house."
"Lit the light at your in law's house."
"Beautiful girl."
"Greetings sir!"
He is the bride's father.
How are you sir?
Aren't you are Vasu's friends?Please welcome.
Please come.
I guess you have large number of relatives.
What's there in numbers?
If we want everyone,we will have a lot of people.
If we think we are fine withourselves, we would be alone.
Please come inside. Come dear.
"Relatives from everywhere, come here."
"Surroundings are filled with relatives."
"Tradition of getting two families together.Just a day or half is not enough."
"This festival that blooms lifeshould live long for hundreds of years."
"Who are the kings?"
"Who are the kings?"
Those who have relatives in the houseand the entire village are the emperors.
"Listen oh rising sun."
"Listen oh rising sun."
"Chant auspiciously"
"Chant auspiciously"
"All the leadies gatherand chant auspiciously"
"Let there be auspiciousness henceforth"
-What do you plan to gift the groom?- I'm thinking to give money.
Hi grandma.
Hi son.
Are you seeing the 70 years of your life?
Yes dear.
Do you know,how happy I feel looking at all of them?
You have made your life.I must make mine too.
What do you mean?
I will tell you what I mean.
Mum, dad, uncle, aunt,everybody please listen.
Sri, come here.
All of you have seen the married life.
We are yet to see.
So, we want to know about marriage,and life after the marriage.
Why do you want to know now?
We need them uncle.
We are attending every other marriage.
We are participating in the events.
But after coming back home,we forget everything.
We don't feel we've been to a wedding.
When I was a kid,grandma told me that marriage is a festival.
Such a marriage should give lot of memories.
I have seen so many of my friendsand colleagues who are married.
Fear about wife.Anger on husband.
Getting divorce for small time egos.
So, if you tell us aboutyour memories and experience.
We will learn how to exist after marriage.
Grandma, please start.
How can I say so suddenly?
It's ok, you start it.
Your grandfather used to say
The way we treat our parents,who are responsible for our birth
we should treat the wife, who is responsiblefor our children's birth similarly.
Then, their relationshipwill be beautiful forever.
Treat her in the same way son.
-Father-in-law, it is your turn now.-Me?
Dear, give me that tab.
Relationship between a wife andhusband is like the letter 'W'.
At the earlier stage of their marriage life,the love between them will be at the peaks.
Later it decreases due to children or inthe process of settling down in career.
Again, their love graduallyincreases, as children are grown up.
After that, due to children's weddings andto settle them down, their love decreases.
Once they are done withtheir responsibilities
as they are left for each other, the lovebetween them will increase to the peak.
It means, love between a husband and wifewill start at peaks and ends at the peaks.
Those who neglect obstacles which comein between and understand each other
their lives would be filled with happiness.
Like us.
Father-in-law it's your turn.
[Clearing throat]
Life will be happy,if you just listen to your wife.
I listen to your aunt,so we don't fight with each other.
I listen to you too,so we don't have fights.
Its your turn now father-in-law.
Please say.
I will tell.
-She will say.-Okay. Please start.
A girl shares her feelings withher parents till certain age.
Then, with her brothers,sisters, friends and colleagues.
Like this each one of them willtake care of her at each stage.
But, the one who takes all theseresponsibilities collectively is a husband.
Vasu, we women need small happy moments.
We cook for hours together and forgetall our toil when husband appreciates.
When Sri was born,your uncle was happy seeing her.
That moment, I forgot all the painI have gone through till that time.
We feel very happy, when husbandbuys something for us personally.
I felt very happy, when he cameand selected this saree at shop.
This is the second time, he selected for mea saree in 25 years of our married life.
Once at the start of the married life.
and now again after so many years.
People say, women cannot hide anything.
But, we hide a lot.
Except, love on husband.
Sri is very lucky.
As she is coming into your family.
Minister's PA called you.About the appointment.
Give me some time.
-Have you seen Paddu?-I don't know aunty.
-Have you seen Paddu?-I didn't see her aunty.
Hey. You've got to come down.
Ok bye.
Son, Paddu is not seen.
-Where would she be?-Grandma
She must be here. I will see, you go.
Here I come dear.
Hey Paddu. What are you doing here?
What happened?
Why are you crying?
I can't brother in law!
I can't handle that youare going away from me.
I like you a lot.
I thought of proposing my love as soonas you come back from Hyderabad.
But before I could,you revealed your wish at home.
I love you so much.
I was dreaming aboutmarrying you and staying back here.
I feel that is my place whereSri is getting ready at my home.
Whatever it is happening about thismarriage, I feel that should happen for me.
Since childhood grandma used to saythat brother-in-law is your husband.
If she could say evenonce that I was your wife
you might have thought the same about me.
Isn't it Brother-in-law?
I always take you as my sister-in-law.
Even if I did not love Sri,I would have told you the same thing.
You know me since childhood,you understand me well.
But how could you?
I understand you brother-in-law
so I did not discuss this topic with anyone.
when you asked me,I told you unable to control my agony.
This is the truth.
We should not hideanything from people dear to us.
If you don't tell them on time,it is of no use even if you tell them later.
Okay you take care of all the things.
Uncle, I made all arrangements for200 people to have the feat at once.
-Make sure that everybody is happy.-Sure.
No one should face trouble.-Sure.
Dad, the minister's PA is callingagain and again about the appointment.
I just called the minister andpostponed it to the next week.
They need the project reports.Mail them.
-Sir.-Tell me priest sir.
-Please come and sit here.-Yeah.
Its been a long time I have seen atraditional marriage like this.
I've done a destination wedding,but this one is like a 30 years back one.
Once Mr. RK asked me why do youwaste 5 days of time for marriage.
But it seems he's doing all the work onhis own, for his daughter's marriage.
Please be seated.
I will just check it. Yeah, thanks.
-Priest sir is asking to bring the groom.
He says it's late already.
Come, let us take him to the wedding hall.
Come son.
[People cheering]
After you grown up, I will celebrateyour marriage like a festival.
Do you know why all of ushave agreed for your marriage with Sri?
Because of the trust we have on you.
Place it here.
Take these holy rice and start praying son.
Atrium is like a temple.
All the guardians of the eight directions,the seven great sages reside here.
This is the truth.
We should not hideanything from people dear to us.
If you don't tell them on time,it is of no use even if you tell them later.
This matter should be between both of us.
Do you know why all of ushave agreed for your marriage with Sri?
Because of the trust we have on you.
We should not hideanything from people dear to us.
If you don't tell them on time,it is of no use even if you tell them later.
What happened Vasu?
The groom should not get up inbetween the prayers.
Please sit.
Vasu, what happened?
I need to speak, dad.
You may speak after the marriage.Sit and do the prayers.
No dad.
I should speak now.
If not now, I should feel guilty beforeSri and all of you for my entire life.
Sorry father in law.
I promised you I won'treveal this to anyone else.
But I cannot!
Am not able to do anything sitting there.
What have you promised?
I agreed to divorce Sri before the marriage,itself!
I have given signeddocuments and given them to him.
What do you mean bydivorce before the marriage?
I don't know if he has truston our love and this marriage.
He asked me to sign on the divorcepapers before the marriage itself.
I did.
What is this?
Parents should always think,their married children should live together.
But you have taken suchstep before marriage?
This is not his mistake, grandma.
Its mine.
I could tell everyone about our love,but I could not tell about this agreement.
I'm sorry.
When I was a child,priest explained about all the chants.
When I put cumin and jaggery on your head,
[Sankrit verses]
That means
We should promise that we will live togetherforever before the guardians of eight sides.
How can I promise that we will stay togetherafter I had signed on our divoce papers Sri?
And the time of handing over the girl!
[Sanskrit verses]
That means when you ask me not tobetray you, I should say 'Nathicharami'
Which meansI promise you, not to betray you.
I already betrayed youby signing on divorce papers.
Then how can I promise you a lie Sri?
When I tie the Mangalsutra in your neck
[Sanskrit verses]
That means.
I am tying this knot that is my life in yourneck, to maintain a good relationship with you.
I have already signed tobreak that relationship,
How can I sit and saythose chants sitting there Sri?
After tying the knot the "Brahmamudi"
[Sanskrit verses]
That means!
Please come to our house as anowner and make our lives happy.
But I already signed,to send you away from my home any time.
How can I ask you to come to myhome, by chanting those words?
How can I?
Not just one or two.
Everything which we saysitting there has a meaning.
Everything which we doover there has a purity.
That's why, I can't make so many promisessitting in the wedding premises Sri.
I can't do that.
I can't do that.
Grandma, you always saymarriage is a festival.
Such a festival should not be celebratedwith so many conditions and mistakes.
It should not.
I made a mistake.
Please forgive me grandma.
Please forgive me.
It's me who has committed amistake. You don't say sorry.
It is my mistake in thecase of this agreement.
All of you should forgive me.
As I view everything ina business perspective
I always think about theexit at the time of entry itself.
Until I came here and met you all,I considered marriage just as an event.
Whether the wedding is at my homeor otherwise, it is just an event.
I felt silly, when you asked meto attend all the wedding related work.
Because, I never knew weddings involvejourney that includes all these things.
Not just me but,many people don't know about it.
Assigning the wedding works tosuch event management comany
or thinking it wouldn't be good if we don'tattend when someone invites us for a wedding
or with an obligation unable to skipbecause we have some work with them
I used to attend themarriages to mark an attendance.
It is done if you get a picclicked with bride and groom.
I don't even know tobless them wholeheartedly.
People like me who search for a tissueto wipe hands after blessing the couple,
understand when attending such a wedding
Behind those sacred rice,
there is the love of a fatherwho wets the rice, dries them
and apply turmeric powder to them.
And that there's the responsibility andthe bonding he has with his daughter.
When I asked him about having a lotof relatives, He told me a word about it
If we want everyone,we will have a lot of people.
If we think we are fine withourselves, we would be alone.
Then I came to know that, how lonely I am.
and what a mistake I have done in thecase of my elder daughter's marriage
My wife, used to just congratulate mewhen I told her about bagging a big project.
I could not see happiness in her eyes.
But,when I spent about just 5 minutes for her.
and selected being her husband
and bought her a saree,I saw how happy she felt.
I could not see happiness in my daughter'seyes even after I gifted her a costly car.
But,when I was just writing Om on the screen,
when I was bringing sand for the prayers.
I saw happiness in her eyes.
I, who wanted to be present in everyoneshouse, failed to be in my own house.
But you all are present in everyone's house.
I felt I would be a great father if Igive money and property to my daughter.
You made me to do every work related towedding and conveyed what a father is
Thank you Vasu.
I did not understand when you said you thinkabout the others from their point of view.
Knowing that,this is just a piece of paper.
and when it is not required todiscuss about this to everyone.
You said sorry withhonesty towards your people.
You are well mannered.
You are well mannered.
My friends used to tell me that, the onewho will marry your daughter is lucky.
No Vasu.
I am lucky to get you as my son in law.
Please forgive me for hurting you.
Please forgive me.
Apologies are not required between us.
The reason marriages are nothappening as they have to
And the reason we are distancingourselves from relationships
Should be understood byeveryone just ike you did.
Relationships don't last if we reject themand traditions don't last if we leave them.
Come dear.
Give me a minute dad.
Before going there, you should forgiveme for hiding this truth from you.
Sorry Sri.
Is a sorry enough forhiding such a big truth from me?
What else do you want?
Lend me all the time of your life.
Wedding is a celebration!
Lord Sri Srinivasa's wedding.
Wedding is a celebration!
Sri and Srinivass wedding.
Lord Rama of Raghu dynasty andLord Krishna from the Yadu dynasty
have descended on this earth from heaven.
To watch this wedding celebration that givesjoy to hearts and makes love win!
Wedding is a celebration!
It's the wedding of Sri and Srinivas.
Is there any wealth that tops well wishers?
Are there any richesgreater than relationships?
Such a great mannered girl is now a residentof your home has has won every one's heart.
She showed the value of the wealthof affection to the king Akasa Raja!
Marriage is a celebration!
Sri Srinivasa's wedding.
The tradition that shines for long!
It is a poetry that portraysthe happiness in togetherness!
It is the time to bless them both.
It is the time to walk together,in the presence of the holy fire.
It is a ceremony of openingup hearts and raising family.
It is your prosperity tohave a person till your end.
Marriage is a celebration!
It's a happy state of anyhuman across the world!
Marriage is the start ofmany changes in human's life.
Similarly, even this marriage had become areason behind changes in the lives of many.
Kavya who understood the value of marriage
decided not to divorceSiddhu but to live with him happily.
Praveen who said there's no chapterof marriage in life decided to marry.
And do you know whom hewed? Who else but Bujji.
Rajesh who understood the valueof wife gave up his craving for others.
With that Santhistopped making video calls too.
Ajay who understood thatmarriage is not an event
started to tell people how a marriageshould happen to those who approach him
and is making weddings happen in that way
The reason for the change in so manypeople is the greatness of marriage.
Yes, a marriage is always great.
Because marriage is a memoryfor the old generations
and a welcome to the new generation.
Our 'Srinivasa Kalyanam' is dedicated toeveryone who give value to such a wedding.