Sriranga Neethulu (2024) Movie Script

Check, check...
Sir, ready.
Salutations to Lord Shiva!
A great poet once said morals
are meant only for preaching.
These rules and regulations are in place
only to make our society systematic.
We are not born along with our traits.
By the time we distinguish between good
and bad among the traits we develop later
our journey in this society
would be half done.
We always calculate society by generation.
That generationthis generation.
We can gauge whether, as society,
we are progressing or regressing
simply by watching the present generation.
In that case, we are definitely regressing.
Hear, O hear, let me tell you
about the present day morals
Not doing what you like
But the trend is doing what you get
Hey, Shiva! Come here!
Where are you off to?
-To office, uncle.
Why are you going on foot?
Where is your bike?
Its at the grounds.
At the grounds?
What is it?
What is the frenzy in the grounds about?
We are putting up banners, uncle.
-Is it?
Hey, these are all inconsequential things.
Okay, Shiva. Carry on.
"Instead of waking up at the roosters call"
"These are the times when the rooster
is killed for doing its job"
Vemanas verses
Are buried in time
Sumathi Satakam
has lost its significance
Strange incidents and amazing wonders
Along with time we change as well.
Every home has an Engineering student
and every street a medical student.
Education gives you knowledge.
This knowledge creates awareness
on the problems around.
Irrespective of the extent of awareness,
we are still unable to say no to social
stigmas like caste, status and gender bias.
Can you tell me why?
Because we are scared
and it is tough to deal with .
Hear, O hear, let me tell you
about the present day morals
Hey, let it be, bro.
He is a big boozer.
Why mess with him?
Hey, Shiva!
I heard you guys got into a fight again?
Nothing of that sort, brother.
My job keeps me busy enough.
Where? On the roads?
My uncle is done.
Its your turn now!
Carry on. I will drop him.
Slow down, dad!
I am going at forty.
Look how rash he is!
Stupid fellow!
No matter what the elders say
your mobile says wipe it away
Walking on directionless paths,
leaving aspirations to dogs
What are all those bruises?
Hey! What are all those bruises?
Hear, O hear, let me tell you
about the present day morals
Not doing what you like
But the trend is doing what you get
Why did you stop here?
-Hey, wait! Hold on!
Hey, seriously?
Changing on the road?
Everyone is watching.
Bah! How embarrassing!
Please see that it is done, brother.
-Sure, I will.
-I have already spoken to him.
I told him about you.
Stay right here.
Hey, be ready.
Sir, this is Shiva.
I told you he fought for you yesterday.
They are putting up the flexi
of Batukamma in the ground, sir.
He wants a picture with you.
What, dear?
Dont get into fights. Come.
-Okay, brother.
Be good.
Hey, take it.
Brother, please, move aside.
Everyone here is unique.
Fervouror ostentationor a vehemence
to prove someone elses life as their own.
First they take pictures.
Then they post then on social media.
When the madness reaches the peaks,
they display them on the roads.
They are enthusiastic about
everything except the job they do.
Why do they pester so much?
Didnt I tell you I wont be here
for a couple of days?
Hey, the customers are pestering us.
Why cant you attend to them?
What about my job?
You do it in the luxury of an AC room.
And you want us to roam on the roads?
Hey, you come here every morning.
You attend to a couple of jobs.
But I slog here
from morning to evening
Why is my head spinning?
Who are we going to meet?
Sandhya aunty and others
are here from Vyzag.
I suggested a luncheon.
They said, Bring your daughter along.
We would love to see her.
You know their son, dont you?
I guess both of you are friends on Insta?
I believe he is interested in you.
Hi, all! How are you?
My elder brother.
My daughter
Aishwarya Gangaraju.
Please sit.
Do you know us?
What is it, dear?
Are you uncomfortable?
Shall we have lunch?
Sure, brother.
They have all the courage in the world
to love but not enough to inform at home!
What would the parents say?
What would the neighbours think?
What about the reputation? Such fears.
They just cant be themselves.
Love you, too!
For two years I have been asking you
to inform your family.
You say tomorrow, the day after
or whenever the time comes.
Look how far it has gone now.
You know how my family is.
Famit was only yesterday
that you made a big speech.
Break the boundaries.
Stand up for yourself. Walk on fire!
Dont talk as you wish
without understanding my situation.
What does that mean?
You marry some other guy and go away.
Poor girl was not bold enough
to tell her parents.
So she got married and left.
Is this what you want me to think?
Its not as easy as you think.
I have to deal with my family.
I will find time and tell them.
I will tell them.
Yes, but when?
I will tell them.
I know. But when?
Look! This is what they found
in recent research.
Almost 85 percent of girls dont inform
their family about their love life,
ditch the boys and go.
Hey! You
I requested the doctor next door.
He has come.
I was told you had some injuries?
I fell off the bike.
Hmm. Sit. Lets check.
Its okay. I am fine.
Were you drunk?
You better go for counselling
with a good doctor.
Do you drink?
Hmm. I do.
Why dont you go for counselling?
(muttering) He wants to know if I was drunk.
-Occasional drinking is only a habit.
Regular drinking like you do is addiction.
Are you a psychiatrist?
No. Orthopaedic.
Why do you discuss the brain then
instead of bones?
I can sue you for professional misconduct.
Do you know that?
Hey! Is that how you speak to a doctor?
Have you no courtesy?
Sorry, doctor.
Please dont mind him.
I know a psychiatrist.
Do consult him.
Theirs is a different category
No, no. Its a different world!
Unable to fulfil their dreams,
incapable of doing anything else
They dont like people in the first place.
No medicine can cure someone
who is not willing to change.
Hey! Did you notice the smell?
I think your brother is smoking a joint.
Ask him for a roll.
Lets try it out.
If my dad comes to know, he will tie us
to a tree and thrash us.
What are you doing?
Go Green Challenge
Hey, your dads here.
Hey! Are you not going to change?
Look at those cigarettes and alcohol!
Now you are into weed too?
Damn! Whos giving you money for this?
At least I am not asking you.
With what face?
Who would give you money
when you are into these dirty habits?
What is your problem now?
I want you to do well.
You want me to do well
or do what you want me to?
Theres a world of difference between both.
Jeez! You are a loser!
Only God knows
what will make him change!
He gives up a job, chases cinema
and this is how he ends up!
-Keep the phone away and focus on the book!
How is the flex?
Its superb!
When did you take a photo
with brother Shankar?
This morning. -Move it that side.
-Bro, is this okay now?
Hey, Murali!
Do this.
Get two more flexis ready.
Lets put up one there and one here.
It will be visible to all then.
Last time the flexi was too small
and people were snickering.
Enough with your show.
You know me, dont you?
Of course. But you want a flexi
for others to know you, right?
Hey, you know about my dad.
Money, man.
-Where is the money?
It is all spent on distributing books.
-Oh my!
My dad is going to kill me.
Shiva, dont neglect payment, man.
-Of course not.
The flexi seems so good.
We must bloody display
our popularity this time.
Look at that!
Is he some school Principal?
As if he is a school Principal,
he wants to teach us!
Huh? What did you say?
Hey, Shiva! Dont hold my collar!
-Hey, Shiva!
Why are you acting smart?
Hey, wait.
-Hey, move that side.
Get going.
Lets go.
Hey, brother Mallesh
and your uncle are watching.
He is drunk and he is deliberately
messing with you.
I will take care of him.
Carry on.
What are you guys waiting for? Fix it.
Hey, Sai!
Whats up?
Why such a big flex?
It would be nice
if everyone in the ghetto can see it.
Are you trying to get into politics?
You should take your job seriously.
Why get into all this instead?
Look at his hot temper!
It is wrong for them,
only when we do it.
Are you going to say it?
Say it!
Shall I tell her?
Do what you want.
-I have a small doubt.
I want to ask you.
Go ahead, dear.
Do you remember my cousin, Ramya?
Of course. I know her.
She has recently love married.
But her family stopped talking to her.
How can they do that, aunty?
Are people so conservative even now?
Lucky they only stopped talking.
How could you say that?
Growing up in a city and being educated
you think they consider these things?
We give you everything along with education
to keep the honour of the family.
Not to bring disgrace.
Do you want a dosa?
How does honour matter, aunty?
Its important to be happy, right?
Definitely important.
But your happiness shouldnt be
at the cost of our honour, right?
Why do you say your happiness, aunty?
We are not the type.
I said it in general.
Honour is most important for any family.
Curls suit you so well.
Thanks, Bhavana!
Lakshmi! Take the dosa and keep it there.
Your moms lifestyle has changed
but not her perception.
Hey! Thats her third dosa.
Any intention of giving me one?
Should I sit with my plate empty?
-Hey, why are you yelling?
You and your mood swings!
Are you chumming?
(Phone ringing)
I missed my period.
Why are you telling me?
You put up your price and left yesterday.
Hey! I was kidding.
Do you find this funny?
Why dont we talk it out?
Hmm. Come.
Tsk! Whats wrong now?
Last time when we met,
you are sure we were safe, right?
Last time
What is it?
What are you thinking about?
How can you be so irresponsible?
Hey! Wait!
Have you seen this boy?
No idea, sir.
Take a good look.
He lives in the same area.
-No idea, sir.
Hey, come and have your breakfast.
Why would he follow our regime?
(Doorbell rings)
Is this you in the picture?
-Yes, its me!
What happened, sir?
Look at this.
Its a crime to grow weed.
I have no idea, dad.
How can you not?
Where is this photo from?
Who else lives here?
Do you hear?
Why dont you answer?
Who else lives with you?
Hey! Stop! Hey!
Hey, stop!
Stop, man!
How come you got up so early, bro?
We put up a flexi in the ground.
Didnt you see it?
Go, take a look. It looks great.
Yeah, we did.
Why dont you go see?
You will find it terrific.
You said the entire ghetto could see it.
Even I cant see it!
Where is the flexi?
Why do you ask me?
Who was here last night? You or me?
I left thinking Murali would be here.
Murali was with Raghu
and others last night.
Lets go!
Open it fast. How long?
Hey, Murali!
Where is my flexi?
I put it up last night itself!
Where? In your house?
Hey! Lower your voice.
Are you drunk early morning?
Trying to be funny?
Who is drunk?
Hey, dont get physical, Shiva!
Hey! Who are you messing with?
I printed the flexi though you didnt pay
for it because you were a friend.
If you did, where is it now?
Someone must have pulled it down
because you guys act high and mighty.
Go, look for it.
Hey! Dont say pull down
Never short of temper!
What are you watching?
Open it!
Kiddie! Whats your name?
Hey, hi-five?
Good girl!
Whats your name?
Do you want a chocolate?
He seems to be very fond of kids.
-You want chocolate?
What do you like?
You will mother a beautiful baby.
-Whats your name?
Hey, you! Whats your name?
You want key?
How far along are you?
Hey! Oy!
I think they are newly married.
They must be here for confirmation.
Tell me and you will get a chocolate.
How long have you been married?
We are not yet married.
Hey! Wait!
My precious!
My precious!
Aishwarya Gangaraju.
Are you a Gangaraju?
Yeah. Thats my surname as well.
What is your dads name?
I was asking for your dads name.
Uh my fafather is my dad.
What is the problem?
I missed my periods.
Its quite common.
Why dont you wait for two or three days.
Alreadyits been seven days.
Did this happen earlier?
When did you guys meet last time?
Um tentwelve
I think its ten days.
Irresponsible behaviour and then
going round hospitals for abortion.
You find it so easy to end a life.
You should have some sense.
Did you do the Preg-Check?
It was negative.
You are educated.
Making out during the active period
increases the chances of pregnancy.
Dont you know?
You should have been careful, right?
Wait for three days and come back.
Why again after three days?
Haemoglobin percentage is quite low.
At the same time,
hormonal imbalance is also prominent.
So, the result may not be
accurate right now.
Therefore, you better wait
for three more days.
Do a regular preg-check.
You may get the good news very soon.
You can go.
Thank you, doctor.
Shall we consult another doctor?
No need.
You and your stupid fear.
Lets go.
You are taking me around hospitals
for no reason.
Earlier, people in love remained pure.
They never even met so often.
Why are we not able to do that?
Why dont you speak?
I will go home and write you a letter.
Then we wouldnt have to meet.
Just as you wanted.
Is that a joke?
Who is joking?
Isnt it you who says people live
by the times?
Who these days wouldnt at least
kiss his girlfriend?
Lets go.
Dont act like you are living
in seventies or eighties!
Hey, Karthik! Come.
What did you do this time?
What would I do?
It was my kid brother.
What did your brother do?
Police are a big threat to society.
What did the police do? Huh?
I read only the other day.
Police are like licensed goons.
My roommate.
I mean my junior.
Thats a meals plate!
Do you have a drink?
You have just come in.
Why do you want a drink so fast?
Hey, I need some money, man.
Money? What for?
Did I ever ask you that
when you wanted money?
-Why is he calling me?
This guy has done something.
Would you like some chips, brother?
Brother Ravi always talks about you.
Hey! Get out.
Give me the bag.
-Dont you touch the bag!
What do you have in the bag?
None of your business.
You are carrying weed in your bag
and how is it not my business?
Who told you?
How does it matter?
Who would carry cannabis plants in a bag?
No one is ready to give me money.
So, I am growing my own weed.
Throw it all out, first.
Hey! If you have a problem, tell me.
I will leave.
Uh I will go to Kishore.
But he lives in Bangalore!
Uh I will go there.
You dont have to. Stay here.
Hey, let me go!
You wanted a drink, right?
I will arrange. Stay.
Where did you want to reach
and where have you ended up, O?
What did you want to become
and what has come of you, O?
In this crazy world of frenzy?
Where could you have disappeared!
Hey, whether you went this way or that way
or some way, do you at least know?
Where might you have been trapped
in this strange world?
How much ever you search for truth
where you live in pretence
You wear so many masks,
can you ever find yourself?
Is it negligence or a mistake
that you forget yourself?
Is it a habit or a faltering mind
that you walk away from yourself?
This is the customers list.
Why are you dull?
-Nothing like that, sir.
Dont go to the customer
with such a gloomy face!
Have energy. Energy!
Why do they even come here?
There are lips and there are smiles
But where is the affinity between both?
There is life and there is a heart
but where is the bond between both?
There are footsteps and there is a goal
but where is the path making them meet?
You can feel, you can speak
but what happened to your identity?
There is thirst everywhere
and there is also water to quench it
But you are taking dip in a mirage
There is hope in your every cell
-If you drink this, will it calm you down?
There is also a way to realise it
But you walk in the centre of a desert
What nether worlds shall be sieved
to find your way?
Whatever darkness you are living in,
do show yourself
Is it negligence or a mistake
-Your dad is really happy.
They really liked you.
Is it a habit or a faltering mind?
-They asked for your number. I gave it.
That you walk away from yourself?
What are you doing, brother?
I heard you were highly educated?
Give us some advice, brother.
Whats his problem, bro?
Why doesnt he talk?
Bloody boozers!
Hey, fix a peg and get me.
Bro, give me a cigarette.
Brother Ravi! Namaste.
Hey, Ravi!
(Aside) Did he see it?
I am sure he did.
Hi, uncle.
What is this?
They are all students.
And they are drinking in broad day light!
Is this a college hostel?
Or a toddy compound?
Thy are incorrigible, uncle.
They dont take advice.
Brother, you asked me to get you a peg.
I fixed a strong one. Have it.
Hey! Not for me.
For uncle.
Please have it, uncle.
Please have it.
You spoiled my son!
Wasnt he a better student than you?
Wasnt he cleverer than you?
Now the cops are after him.
Tell them he is not in a proper
state of mind, uncle. That will do.
I know.
I feel I must send him to rehabilitation.
he is out to destroy his own life.
Please do that soon, uncle.
He might disappear somewhere.
Hey! Where will he go?
Dont get angry, uncle.
Please be friendly.
Dont put him off.
And try to admit him in a good hospital.
I will convince him and send him back.
Hey, something is happening to me, man.
Please take me to a hospital, man!
Hey, whats wrong?
I think I am going to die.
Whats the problem?
Sit down.
Hey, get the water.
What happened? Huh?
Brother Ravi!
-What happened?
Hey! Damn you!
Why do you splash water on his face?
Hey, you are fine.
Here, drink up this water.
You are fine. Understand?
-Hey, look at me. Look.
Ah! You only had a few drinks.
No problem.
-What happened? Huh?
Brother, my heart is racing, brother.
Hey, you will be fine.
He smoked weed.
Weed and alcohol together
trigger panic attacks.
Its quite normal.
-Dont worry!
He is panicking so much
and how can you call it normal?
Why did you give him weed?
I didnt!
I left it on the table and went to the loo.
He nicked it before I came out.
Brother! Lets take him to the hospital.
Hey, what happened to you?
If he is taken to the hospital,
they would know.
Then the cops will come for you and me.
Brother! Lets take him to the hospital.
-Hey, hey, hey!
No hospital right now.
Whats with you, brother?
It looks so bad and you dont want
him to go to hospital. Move!
Hey! Cant you hear?
Hey, what are you doing?
Hey! Hold him.
Hey, hey, hey! Wait up!
-Let`s go!
Open the door!
Brother! Brother, leave him!
-My leg
Dont. Listen to me.
-Brother, leave him!
Brother, leave him!
Why are you holding him?
He must be taken to the hospital.
Leave him!
Hey! Why do you simply stare? Give a hand!
-What are you doing, brother?-Huh?
Hey, drag him.
Hey, open the door.
What huh?
Come and give me a hand!
Let go, brother.
Hey, listen to me.
Brother, brother let go of him, brother.
-Hey, wait, man!
Let go of him, brother.
-But why?
He must be taken to the hospital.
-Leave me, brother!
Brother, the warden is on rounds.
Ah! The warden?
Hey! Lets go!
Hey, the wardens coming. Leave.
-The wardens coming, man!
"You thought the world was an illusion"
-Remove them! The wardens coming.
Your dad is here.
Go with him, mate.
Why did my dad come here?
I am not going.
Warden is here.
If he finds you, it will be a serious issue.
Stay with your dad just for a day.
You wanted money, right?
I will arrange it.
Please, bro. Leave!
Hey, he will be fine.
Lie him down quietly.
I will take care. Okay?
Lets go!
Hey, make it fast.
"Govinda, Govinda, Govinda"
"Is this what you have stopped for?
What have you got from this sham?"
"Govinda Hari Govinda, Govinda
Please take him with you, uncle.
Go ahead, sir.
What happened?
Its negative.
Thats good.
I didnt get my periods though.
It will be fine.
What happened?
Srikanths mom is calling me.
She is calling me again.
Cut it.
I think she wont stop calling me
until I answer.
Hey! What are you doing?
Stay quiet.
I will handle this.
She lost it.
Hi, dear.
Hello, aunty!
Sorry, dear.
Am I disturbing you?
Not at all, aunty.
No problem. Tell me.
How come you made a video call, aunty?
AhWhy not a voice call?
I wanted to see you, dear.
Are you out?
Yes, aunty. I am at my friends.
Here. Let me show you my house.
This is our living area.
I got this sofa set curated to my taste.
How do you like it?
This is
Who is in the photo there?
Is that you?
Yes, aunty.
Who is next to you?
Ahthats my friend, Bhavana.
What is that bottle?
Does your friend drink?
-Aunty, thats a show piece.
Okay. Did you eat?
Yes, aunty.
Who is behind you?
Who is the boy?
"Your talk is as tall as the sky"
"But actions...lower than a snake's belly"
Who is that?
Why are you circling the room?
"Why do you rush like a rocket?
Why don't you stand still once?"
Aunty, I am feeling a bit dizzy.
Sit and talk.
-I will call you back.
What is it?
-What were you trying to do?
What did I do?
Did you have to go to the washroom
right now? -What?
Is it a crime to go to the bathroom?
I told you not to answer the call.
Do you really need all this stress?
Why cant you tell your dad?
Whatever will be, will be.
All the time she seems to dance
holding a phone.
She doesnt care her husband.
Aunty, where did mom go?
You wont get ten thousand this time.
You will get only eight thousand, understand?
Did you hear?
Its not ten thousand this time.
Only eight thousand.
Probably she is swiping the two thousand.
-Hey, Lakshmi! Keep quiet.
You only benefit from DWAKRA.
It increases every month.
You only have to pay five hundred per month.
For your home expenses
Shiva, are you here for the house keys?
-Yes, uncle!
I have come for the same.
Another five minutes. It will be over.
Encourage your friends to join.
Wow! Look at the nice tent they put up.
They seem better off.
-You only benefit from DWAKRA.
This is not a tent, brother. They fixed a flex.
-It increases every month.
Just five hundred every month.
They will be handy for your expenses.
You can use it for your childrens education.
Encourage your friends to join the group.
That will raise your income too.
DWAKRA scheme brings everyone together.
There are weekly meetings.
All of us can meet like this.
As the group gets bigger,
benefits also get better.
You must deposit the money
every first Tuesday of the month.
Delay will inconvenience the others.
-All kinds of flexes appear except mine!
I wonder where it is.
Let us all meet next week.
Has everyone understood?
You can go now.
(all): Yes, we have understood.
-Lets go.
-(Indistinct chatter)
Hey, hey, sorry, sorry.
Sorry, sorry.
"Whatever you are seeking
It is misinterpreted..."
Nasty fellow!
-Whats wrong?
When did you start climbing
bathroom walls?
Hey! You are getting it all wrong!
Get out!
Hear me out!
Out! Dont step into the house.
I am going.
-Move! Get ou!
Where did you pick up these nasty habits?
Had someone seen it,
what a disgrace it would have been!
"Govinda, Govinda, Govinda..."
Damn it!
Unload them. Remove everything.
-Hey, hold it properly.
Do it. Put it up fast.
Lift it up. Lift it straight.
-Set the ladder there.
Go that side.
Hey, why are you putting up the flex?
Why do you ask?
Is it against rules?
But I have already put up one.
And I told you I will put up mine this time.
You have put up?
Where did he put it up?
Did any of you see it?
Where is it?
-Okay. Get it and fix it.
We will take down ours.
We will fix it over there.
I give you time till evening.
If you dont put up yours,
we will use the other scaffold too.
I dont know who pulled down my flex.
But once I get my hands on him.
I will thrash him against a rock.
Hey, get lost!
Lets go.
-Hey, keep it to a side.
Where are we going?
-To your aunts.
But why?
-What do you mean why?
The cops are looking for you.
How can we go home?
Stop the bike once.
Will you stop or you want me to jump?
Where are you going?
I dont think he will get better in this life.
What do you mean three hundred?
I told you its five hundred.
Adjust this once.
Hey, why do you guys do that?
What are you doing here?
I have a problem with my scooter.
Do you need some help, sir?
-No, sir.
I have called my people.
They will be here.
Lets go to the station.
-Okay, sir.
What are you doing?
Keep them inside!
Sir, I dont know anything, sir.
Sir, neither do I, sir.
They will repeat the same. Watch.
We dont know anything, sir.
Didnt I tell you they would repeat it?
I had my doubts when you were antsy.
But you seemed to be a gentleman
so I ignored it.
Sir, we were going out of station
Really? Are you cooking stories?
What job did you have there then?
Sir, you are a civil servant.
Its wrong to treat citizens like this.
-Hey, wait.
Give us respect.
We are innocent until proven guilty.
Investigate if you want.
You want me to investigate?
Do you know what case you are brought under?
Prostitution case.
So! Tell me how to investigate it.
Why is this guy shielding you?
This is my son, sir.
Your son?
Uh, we were honestly going out of station, sir.
What is in the bag?
His clothes, sir.
Really? Okay. Go ahead and open it.
Show me.
Open it, dear.
Let me go, sir.
I will leave.
What? You want me to leave you?
Put her in the lockup the whole night
and send her in the morning.
Okay, sir.
Hey! You have a flex there.
Pick it up and throw it in the vehicle.
Hey, where did you bring me
early morning?
For our flex.
Hey, why cant you buy a new one?
Is your dad going to pay for it?
Come on.
If you didnt fall out with Murali,
he would have made one for you.
I will dig the whole city
but I am not going to his shop.
Let it go, man!
Is it necessary to look in this trash now?
Of course, its necessary.
How else will everyone know about me?
You and your madness!
Yes, madness.
Who doesnt have this madness?
A flex for a birthday.
A flex for a festival.
Flex for coming of age
and flex for scoring high marks.
Flex for a wedding.
Someone had a flex for his nuptial night!
They put up flexes even for their
Sixtieth birthday!
Some nameless people get famous
on Facebook and Instagram.
When I took a photo with a leader,
dont I get to show it off or not?
You got a beating from your mother
for climbing a bathroom yesterday.
Today you brought me into this crap.
Lets go, man.
I am sure the fatso has done it deliberately.
I wanted the entire ghetto to see it.
Hey, catch him. Catch him.
Hey, wait.
Where did you get this flex from?
What the hell is this?
Youve brought me along with you!
Hey! Remove your hand from there!
Speak softly!
Thats our flex, brother.
Hey, are you asking him or begging him?
This flex is ours, sir.
Take it!
-What the heck! Watch out!
We only said its ours, bro.
We didnt ask you to remove it.
We only wanted to know
where you found it.
Why do you trouble him?
He doesnt know anything.
Raghus friends dumped it in the trash.
He picked it up and is wearing it.
Let him be.
What is it?
Are you tensed?
You have decided to tell him anyway.
Just go, tell him.
Hey, look here.
Everythings going to be fine.
I love you.
-I know.
Shall I come along?
Go on.
I wonder if she is going to tell him
at least today.
Come, come.
Come, dear.
Sit down.
I believe you are very restless these days?
You seem to be flustered.
What happened?
Is everything fine?
Nothing, dad.
You wanted to talk to me, right?
What is it?
Tell me. What is it?
Da Dad!
I need your signature on some documents.
Thats why I asked them to come
while you are here.
Hi, dear. How are you?
You must endorse some of these.
Uh pen
Do you need a pen?
Over here.
Do you know
how much your dad loves you?
He is a doting father.
You are lucky to have such a great dad.
Love is not involuntary.
My daughter deserves it all.
Even as a child, there hasn't been
a single flaw in her.
In studies, in looks and in character,
she is a gem our girl.
Its okay, dear.
Is it done?
-Its over.
Okay, we will make a move.
Do you want some water, brother?
-Sir! Any problem?
They never keep whats important around.
Give it to me.
I will get the water.
How many times did the doctor tell you
not to stress yourself? You wont listen.
You will find something
to worry about all the time.
Sir, please have it.
Drink it.
Are you fine, dad?
I I am fine.
I am okay.
Let them talk.
Lets go.
Uh, uncle! You please stay.
I will make a move.
What is happening?
Where will their lives lead to?
He finally took me
even to the police station.
Have they removed the little petrol I had?
Sir, my bag, sir.
Give him his bag!
Where is Raghu?
-Over there, brother.
Hey, Shiva!
Wait up, man!
I said wait!
What is it?
-There is an event going on there.
Hey, he is abusing us.
Hey, sit down.
Let everyone leave.
Then we will see to them.
Come here.
Hey, they are so many.
I will get our boys.
Stay put.
Hey, find our friends at the ground
and ask them to come. Right now!
What, Shiva?
Are you here for the function?
Yes, sister.
How is mom?
-She is fine.
Where are you going?
What happened?
Why is that big face?
When I am in love with someone like you,
what do you expect?
What was that?
You said I love you and hugged me
just a while ago!
Whats wrong all of a sudden?
It scared me to think of my dad.
What would happen to him
when he finds out what I really am?
Whats wrong with your dad now?
He is not keeping good health these days.
Hmm. All they need is a daughter
who is old enough to marry.
They get all kinds of diseases.
Keeping aside all your stupid fears,
is there a single symptom
that you got pregnant?
I am yet to get my periods.
Tell me one symptom other than that.
It may not be what you think.
Your stomach must be upset
from all the rubbish you ate.
My dad will be disgraced.
Those raised with love
end up doing this. Why?
Nothing has happened though.
He raised me without putting me down.
So, you have learnt to walk
without getting down on the floor?
If something happens to my dad,
I cant survive the guilt.
Then die along with him.
Its a great solution.
Isnt it?
You are right.
Its better I die.
Hey! Why are you speeding up?
Slow down!
Hey, slow it down!
Hey! You are?
Hey! Hey, hey! Stop!
Hey! Stop!
Get on!
Do it!
Hey! Stop!
Stop! Catch him!
Hold him! Kick him!
Hey! Watch out!
Its the police!
TS 26B 7952
Why are you silent, sir?
When destiny has already decided something,
what can we do?
We have to face it.
Lets see.
What happened?
Rash driving, sir.
They hit him with their car.
Tie this up.
At least it will gain you some sympathy.
Hey, go and call them.
-Okay, sir.
Could you get the father-son duo?
-Not yet, sir.
Keep looking. They must be around.
-Sure, sir.
Its all because of you.
You made a crap of it.
-What did I do? -See now!
Who hit you with a bottle?
He is the one, sir.
-[Both]: Its him, sir.
What is your name?
Shiva, sir.
-Samsung Shiva, sir.
He jumps over bathroom walls, sir.
-Who is the rogue who said that?
Hey! You think you are a hero?
He deliberately picked a fight, sir.
As if I am itching to fight with you!
They pulled down my flex, sir.
-Did you see us do it?
Hey! I will lock you up and flay you.
Sir, they are young boys.
They made a mistake out of innocence.
This is the third time in two months.
It wont repeat, sir.
I will take care of it.
You are senseless to back them.
Look at their faces!
Look at their faces! Ruffians!
I spare them for your sake.
If this is repeated,
you will go in first.
If it happens again,
I will personally hand them over to you, sir.
Hmm. Get going now.
We are lucky, it wasnt fatal.
You have a good job.
Why do you get into this mess?
You dont understand at all.
I can.
Hey, put some sense into him.
-Okay, brother.
Sir, please, sir.
Say something, man.
Who are they?
-Accident case, sir.
Ask them to come here.
Hey, come. Sir is calling you.
-We are coming.
Where were your eyes?
Who was driving it?
A friend, sir.
Why did you come then?
In support?
Call him!
Its a girl, sir.
Sir, please try to understand, sir.
Each one is an unusual piece.
-Sir, please keep this, sir.
You hit one of our men
and then offer us money?
Sir, sir.
Hello, madam!
See that?
If you are rich,
you dont even have to get out of the car.
Probably she wont step out.
Were you driving the car?
What is your name, madam?
So, you are the one.
Cant she speak for herself?
Hey, ask her to at least get down
from the car.
Let her say something and request him.
We can leave soon.
Ask her to at least apologize.
-Wait, man!
Keep supporting her blindly,
and some day she will dump you and leave.
She is with me right now, isnt she?
We will see.
What are you whispering?
-Nothing, sir.
She is a bit scared.
Thats why
She doesnt look afraid.
Look here, madam.
I am being kind.
If this happens again,
we will seize the car and cancel the license.
-Its not that, sir.
Why does she say hmm again?
Doesnt she have minimum courtesy?
Please, come with me, sir.
I will explain.
She is scared, sir.
Please be a little polite, sir.
You want politeness?
Hey, seize the vehicle.
-Sir, sir!
-Love problem, sir.
She is worried what happens
when she informs about him at home.
Uh we are from different castes, sir.
Why are even the educated bothered
about such things?
You think she will inform them?
-She will, sir.
She didnt even tell me her name
when I asked her.
Will she tell her dad your name
when he asks?
Uh, I am on the same case, sir.
Okay, sir.
Sir, its
-Okay. I dont want your headache.
Do the hell you want.
Uh get lost.
Take their details and send them.
-Okay, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Lets go.
-Lets go.
Why have we come here?
Where else can we go after what you did?
Cant you live without that bag?
Is it my fault?
It was you.
You could have told them I went to toilet.
You think I dont know
what you were doing there?
So? You will hand me over to the police?
Talk more and I will sure do that.
I said that for fun.
Outers are not allowed.
Be damned.
Hey, what are you doing?
Brother! Brother!
Brother Reception!
Brother, the doors locked.
Can you please open it?
Brother! Please, brother!
This guy acts like my dad.
Hey, you think he will oblige?
-He will. After all he is a friend.
Who allowed them in?
Bro! I came to apologize.
Who wants your apology?
Hey, he said that in a fit of anger.
Light, bro. Ignore.
You have no honour.
So, you wont bother.
I do. He held my shirt!
Hey, bro!
Sorry, man.
This is not the shirt.
Thats a different one.
My father gave me good for
what he did while leaving.
What did I do?
Look there.
Oh! Are those curtains?
You call them curtains if they are on windows.
Not on walls.
Look at that.
Oh! Is that a design?
Its not a design.
Its a stain you left on my business.
He kicked the ink bottle while going.
Did you keep this as a memory?
I kept it as a reminder.
How can you take these things seriously?
We are friends, man!
Who is your friend?
Scoot from here!
Let me get to my business.
I have a lot of things to do. Move!
What the heck?
I want a flexi. 25/40.
How much?
Hey, didnt I ask you to leave?
You said business.
I have come to talk business.
Is this how you talk to customers?
6/10 is two thousand.
10/10 is four thousand.
10/20 is five thousand five hundred.
20/40 is eight thousand, sir.
Eight thousand, right?
I will pay it sir.
Can you give us the bill, sir?
Hey, get the bill book.
-Okay, brother.
Here it is, brother.
My dad said roam with the jobless
but never with bickerers.
Please take the bill, sir.
Why did he charge so much?
Didnt you say eight thousand?
What is this twenty thousand?
I added up the charges for the new flex,
old flex and the one you damaged.
Hey, you are doing this purposely, right?
So, you wont give me the flex
without money?
I wont.
You wont give us the photos either.
-I wont.
I will get the money.
Keep them ready.
Tomorrow is the last day.
The shop is closed for the next two days.
If you pay up by tomorrow,
your work will be done.
Fine, we will get it.
Dont step into my shop without money.
If I had the money,
why would I come to you?
We dont have an option.
No other go.
You must talk to him.
Do you want some?
Will you go talk to him?
Does he want to marry you or me?
Of course, me
but the problem is yours too.
At least for being in love with me,
do something for me.
Let me hold this.
Tell him about us.
Hey, you promised to send me money!
I will send it.
Where are you?
In a lodge.
Lodge? And your dad?
Hey, my dad wouldnt let me budge.
He says he will hand me over to cops.
Hey, I dont want to stay here.
Send the money soon, man.
I will send the money to the lodge.
Stay right there.
Hello! Hello!
I went to get some food.
And I have brought you a drink.
I want some money.
-Take it from the box over there.
Twenty thousand.
Twenty thousand.
Twenty thousand?
What great job have you planned again?
-I need it.
Why dont you ask uncle?
I will repay from my salary.
Ask him yourself.
He wants twenty thousand!
Where do I get it from?
No salary at home and he wants money.
Shameless fellow!
Hey, why were you so worried?
He was so amicable.
Do you know how positive
his reaction was?
Ah. He wants you to meet him.
Why me?
He may want to confirm
if I told him the truth.
Come and tell him you are in love with me.
Thats it.
Cant you do at least this?
Okay, coming.
Uh will you have something?
No. Thanks. I have just had.
So tell me. What else?
Huh! I mean he has told you, right?
AhI mean my boyfriend, Varun.
Do you have a boyfriend?
Didn't he say that?
You see.
Life is more than just love. Okay?
You know why your parents chose me?
I was the best student in college.
Then I had the best job.
I am now taking care of
my family business.
Moreover, we are from the same community.
I hope you understand.
Yeah. I understand.
Uh you are?
Varun. Both of us are
She was trying to tell you this.
But when did you allow her to speak?
Thats your problem.
You are supposed to deal with it.
If you tell me, what can I do?
How could you say that, sir?
Its not right to come
between two lovers, right?
If you can please understand
You see.
This is all a cycle.
This doesnt begin now.
You look at a girl.
After a week, she looks at you too.
After a few more days,
you both will forget your original names.
You call her precious and she calls you
honey and everything goes smooth.
But suddenly her dad enters and tells her
I have found you a nice boy.
The girl tells him
But I am in love with someone, dad.
The dad asks her to decide
between her love and his honour.
The girl comes to you and says,
My dad has said this. My dads honour is
more important for me. Sorry.
Since your love has dumped you,
you will start smoking, drinking,
quit work and end up a loser.
Then your parents will again do whatever
they had done for you in your childhood,
and bring you back on the right track.
You will also go to office in the morning,
return home in the evening and survive.
In the process, you will get bald and fat
with no hope of impressing another girl.
Then your dad will come to you and say-
Hey, you received a great proposal.
Thats when your dad looks like a hero
to you for the first time in 25 years.
You will be shy.
You will hesitate.
But you will take her phone number.
Do you know what the girl would say
as soon as she picks up the phone?
I am in love with a boy.
But my dad is against it.
I dont want to hurt him.
If you are okay with it, I am okay.
Basically, we men are greedy, bro.
Within six months of a girls breakup,
her father can find her a groom.
But can you impress another girl
within those six months?
Do you have the guts?
You dont.
I am in the same situation, bro.
I cant say it either.
Why do you say that, sir?
You are rich and you also said
you were a topper?
There is no link between riches and greed.
As for education,
no one knows if it is useful.
What is this?
He has a lot of clarity.
Where is dad?
What is he doing?
People raise dogs and cats.
This guy grows weed.
Why dont you plant it on the road?
For everyone to see?
And you shamelessly water the plant!
Do you know how sad mom is?
We have lost our face in the colony
thanks to you.
We are not able to lift our heads.
You have brought the family to the kerb!
I did that?
Hey! Wasnt it because of you?
Wasnt it because of the selfie you took
that it has come this far?
So, now its all my fault, is it?
Hey, get out.
Why did he come?
He plans to go to US.
He came to ask for money to pay
for the entrance test.
Instead of developing their own country,
these idiots study and go elsewhere.
As if he has brought laurels to the country
with all his education.
I told you to wait downstairs.
He is already planning to run away.
Try to understand.
Oh! So, you bought him the drink!
What can I do?
I have to do something to stop him.
Did you talk to the rehab centre?
I did.
They asked me to bring him tomorrow.
But he wont change no matter where
you send him unless he gets rid of the bag.
Hmm. If you stop your selfies,
everything will be fine.
Get going.
You blame me for everything.
The house is filled with losers.
Why do you always cry for money?
Get down.
What happened?
Why are you pouting like a girl?
What is this, brother?
I told you its a question of prestige.
Hey! Prestige, my foot!
Like it or not, you hold the
most dignified job in this ghetto.
That is you.
Not this.
Hey! Holy crap!
He is forever playing in the ground.
Hey! Take care of him.
What? Did he give you?
Yes. So much.
I asked for money
and why does he start preaching?
Hey, brother.
Why isnt the flexi up yet?
We will put it up.
Brother, keep my picture too.
Hey, we are down on our own luck.
Go and play.
-Okay, brother.
Shiva! Come here.
Where is uncle?
How would I know?
Why would he tell me where he is going?
Is he not home?
He is not at home.
And he is not picking up my calls.
Ah...Give him this money.
He asked for it. Huh?
See you then.
See that, Phani?
Money revolves around us.
But we dont get it.
Even if we do, we cant spend it.
We have rotten luck, man!
Hey, stop.
What happened?
You threw a challenge?
Poor guy doesnt seem to have money.
Do you want me to help you with money?
We dont want it.
Sell the car and buy an auto.
Or sell it for scrap.
Not able to stand it.
Hey, I gave you time till evening.
But its beyond you.
Put up the flexi next year.
Lets go.
He is going overboard.
Give this money to Murali and ask him
to get the flexi ready.
This is uncles money.
How will you repay him?
I know what to do.
Get it ready by evening. Go.
Is your hand okay?
Its okay. I will be fine.
Why are you looking at me like that?
Are you not angry with me?
Not angry.
I am scared.
In case you ditch me.
Hey, I wasnt serious.
It was for fun.
Okay, let me tell you a joke.
Okay? Huh?
There was a husband and wife.
The wife went to her husband and said,
If you wont get angry,
I want to tell you something.
The husband replied,
No, I wont. Tell me.
The wife told him, I am pregnant.
Elated with the news, the husband
went close to his wife and said,
This is such a happy news.
Why would I be angry?
The wife explained
But when I told the same thing to my mom
before my wedding, she scolded me badly.
How can you make fun of my situation?
I wasnt thinking.
Daddy, ice cream!
-No, love.
Daddy, ice cream, daddy.
No, dear. You will catch cold.
Please, daddy!
When little, we hold with one hand
and leave the other, right?
Daddy, one ice cream! Please
No, honey. Listen to me.
Actually, we try to hold the things
or people we like with the other hand.
until we reach a certain age,
we wouldnt know.
That for the two hands to meet,
It takes a lot of effort.
If my parents come to know about me,
they will never forgive me.
I have parents too.
More than what might happen to you,
I am afraid whether you will stay.
Being with you is no pastime for me.
I am with you because I love you.
Just say yes...
and I am ready to marry you right now.
Okay. Lets get married.
I am not joking.
I am serious.
So am I!
Instead of being stamped
as an unwed mother,
isnt it better to let people think we had
a secret wedding because we were afraid?
Hey! What are you doing?
I need to talk to you.
Tell me.
I heard you want to go to Mumbai?
No. To Bangalore.
Why go so far?
Why dont you stay with us here?
These days I feel a kind of heaviness here.
Thats because of eating rice at night.
Start eating chapati.
Hey, forget all this.
Why dont you give this up
and find a job here?
What for?
Your friends and familyeveryone is here.
You can be happy living with them here.
Do you see the sky?
How beautiful and expansive it is?
Do you know why?
Because the stars exist apart.
Distance is good.
This guy! He gets talkative when he drinks.
Probably thats why they fall.
Being together feels great.
All these relations are fake, dad.
We somehow benefit from them.
Thats why we like them.
We gather the loved ones around us
for our own happiness.
If one of them says or does something
we dont like,
we detest them from the next moment.
What is this?
Cover your face!
Hey, what is this?
Come on, man.
Steal a car? How nasty!
What if someone sees us?
Didnt the wretches pull down the flexi
we worked so hard to put up?
Shut up and come.
-Fine, lets go.
Hey, dont make noise.
Try the other side.
Dont cry at me?
Is this some Benz or BMW?
He will get up tomorrow and cry himself.
Hey, I dont think the rogue has slept yet.
Make it fast, man!
Do you think, Im used to this.
What the heck!
Hey, I think someone is watching.
Oh! Its a shirt.
No one there. Go ahead.
You bloody! Have you lost your sight?
See properly.
What the heck!
Hey, someone is coming.
What is it this time?
No, man.
Crap! You guys eat egg plant?
Hey, hey!
Someone is coming this way.
What else?
-Hey, someone is really here.
Is your dad home?
Do you want me to come then?
Lets go, man!
Who the hell is he?
-They will bash us if we are caught.
What else?
Tell me. Baby
What is he doing at this hour?
How do I know?
Shall I go ask him?
Are you lying down or sitting?
What else?
Didnt your dad go to duty?
-Hey, lets go.
Go where? The door is open.
We will take it somehow.
They were making noise and so I came out.
Hit the light.
Why dont you give me a kiss?
Oh, no!
What have you done?
Didnt you ask me to hit him lightly?
I asked you to hit the light.
Not him.
Hey, hey, hey!
What are you doing?
You cant do a thing properly.
But you told me to break the light!
Hey, what happened to him?
-I cant see.
Go and check.
What are you doing there?
What was that noise?
Tell me who is coming.
Why are you standing stiff?
Who is it?
Speak, idiot!
Dont. Stay right there.
We are coming.
Hey, get the drink.
Lets give him some.
Hey, get the bottle.
-They are coming this way.
Where is your glass?
Hey, manage somehow.
We will leave.
You are finished, if caught.
Hey, what are you doing?
Are you going to join them for drinks?
Hold on for some time.
He is good for nothing.
Hey, the drinks are great today, right?
I feel drowsy.
I dont know whats happening.
Hey, take out the bottle.
Hey, why arent you drinking?
Hold your glass.
What is your uncle saying?
Finalize something.
Its already late.
Hey! Where to?
I will tinkle and come. Wait.
Hey, hold the glass.
Will you drink?
-Who are you talking to?
To you.
I am already drinking.
Cant you see?
Its costly.
Thats why I am drinking.
What is it?
Were you saying something?
I was saying this is a great drink.
Were you drinking pee till now?
Now you say its great.
Hey, come.
Hey, where did he find money for a flex?
He put up a flex again?
Who knows?
Hey, come on.
I will somehow divert them.
Lets leave.
Divert? What divert?
But arent we drinking?
Do you have a lighter?
Yes, I have!
I dont have cigarettes.
Drink and smoke!
Hey, someone got drunk and passed out.
Who is that?
Hey! Hey!
Oh, hell! Come up!
Hey, this is our guy!
Huh? Then who was that?
Hey, whats happening?
-Come on!
Hey, go this way.
Hey, hey! Over there. Upstairs.
They are running away.
Come on, come on, come on!
Lets go, lets go, lets go.
-Be quick, man!
Hey, stop! Stop, stop!
Stay if you have the guts.
Wait! Stop, man!
-Hey, check before jump.
Catch them! Catch them!
Run, run!
Hey, what is this game running up
and down the stairs?
This way, this way.
Hey, run, run!
Hey, upstairs!
They are going downstairs.
-Hey! -Downstairs?
They are going downstairs!
-Get down, get down!
Move! Lets go!
Make it fast! They are catching up.
Hey, theres water. Careful.
There he is! Come on!
-Run, run! They are close!
Your bloody flexi!
I am literally fishing in piss!
Catch them, catch them!
-Not that way, not there, hey!
Hey! Oh, my! Hey!
Hey, stop!
-This way! This way!
Hey! Come on, come on!
Hey, where did they go?
Bloody! Where did they disappear?
Hey, who are you all?
Stop, stop!
Hey, hey!
Hey! Stop!
Hey, I am gasping.
I cant run anymore.
How far can we keep running?
Nothing will happen to him.
Come! Come!
(Sanskrit incantations)
How long will it take?
She will be here.
I think she is driving.
She is not taking my call.
I think someone hasnt turned up.
Stay right here.
I will go, talk to them.
If you are not yet ready,
we would like to go ahead.
Sorry, bro.
She is on the way.
We will finish ours before that, bro.
Is the girl really in love with you?
Or have you brought her by force?
She loves me and thats why
she came here in time, bro.
Please, bro!
-Why are you so impatient?
You have your slot allotted, right?
Hey, she is here.
She has come. Lets go.
Why so late?
Anyway, come.
No. This is not right.
Lets leave, Varun.
What is not right?
Shall I call your dad here?
You are already late.
And then this is what you say.
Come. Get down.
What are you doing?
You are trying to take advantage of me.
I want to marry the girl I love.
Is that taking advantage?
What is it that you are doing then?
Leave me, Varun.
Where are you going?
Move from here
and I will stab myself with this and die.
I am just thinking about my family.
I am okay.
Hey! Ready in five minutes.
Lets go home.
What happened?
I said I am okay.
Thats because I was going to kill myself.
What if your dad says he will kill himself?
You will dump me and go, wont you?
Sometimes I am your priority.
And sometimes its your family.
Is this your problem now?
I thought you were different.
I thought you could handle this.
It feels as if
I am forcing you into marriage.
What are you trying to say?
This is your problem.
You deal with it.
You know your family all your life.
But I know them only after
I fell in love with you.
You shouldnt have brought this
relationship so far!
Hey, are you getting rid of me?
Dont do this.
You will regret this.
I will be there in ten minutes, sir.
Yes, I will bring him.
I am going.
I told you. To Bangalore.
What for?
And how will you go?
Ravi didnt send you money till now!
How do you know?
Have you both colluded?
And do what?
Who was on the phone?
I was talking to my colleagues.
Are you trying to put me in rehab?
Do I look insane to you?
Hey, when you find it difficult
to give up drinking and drugs,
why cant you opt for treatment, huh?
I have no difficulty.
I am in fact happy.
Are you happy?
You are faking it, buddy.
You are a loser.
You are afraid of admitting it.
Thats why you blame everyone
and live in stupor.
Hey! Stop!
-Go and catch him!
Sir! I did nothing. Sir! Sir
I didnt do anything, sir.
I know.
Sir, he will be better with treatment, sir.
Try to understand. Please! Sir!
What happened?
Who would run on the roads
in the middle of the night?
He thought he saw some thieves last night.
He was chasing them
and an auto rammed into him.
He met with an accident
while returning from the shop.
Is it?
Why are you standing here?
I will come. You carry on.
What do you mean you will come?
Come on.
Did Yadagiri give you money?
Uh, he did.
He asked me to give it to uncle.
I will give him.
That was for you.
I had asked your uncle.
I never expected him to do this.
I loved him and I deserve this.
What are you planning to do?
What other option do I have?
Other than moving on?
He behaved as if everything was my fault.
But you are also at fault.
Why is he still here?
You should have sent him home.
He volunteered to stay, sir.
Its okay, sir.
I wanted to wait.
Why, sir?
How are you responsible for
what your son has done?
Please, go.
Let me wait, sir.
My son might come back for me.
No, he wont.
I will wait for some more time, sir.
Every day we deal with youth clashes
more than murders and theft.
They are forever fighting over silly things.
Love affairs.
Drug addicts are mostly young.
They are horrible compared to
the previous generation, sir.
Sir, tea.
Give him too.
-Okay, sir.
Please take it, sir.
Hoping they will change in time,
we spare them
and dont file cases against them.
If your son comes back for you,
it means he has a change of heart.
Hey, did you go see him?
How is he?
I dont know.
I dont feel good.
He seems to be okay.
At least nothing happened to him.
You have finally put it up!
The banner.
-Yes, uncle.
Nice that you put it up.
But why include kids photos in there?
Do you want them to turn out like you?
Whats the problem, uncle?
We have done something good.
Whats wrong in talking about it?
Nothing wrong.
But whether you are talking about
what you did
or you do things so that you will be
talked about that beats me.
Sai Hey, Sai!
Hey, you are always a hero.
If he likes your ID card and
wants to emulate you, its nothing wrong.
But not because the flex inspired him.
Do you get it?
Your wish.
Sai, lets go.
-Tell me.
You are still there?
Your mom called up saying
you were not taking her calls.
Where are you?
I am in the washroom.
What were you doing so long
in the washroom?
I got my periods.
I see.
You were so scared!
You panicked, you made him panic
and made a mess of it.
He kept telling you it couldnt be that.
Did you listen?
Its okay. Chill.
Whats done is done.
There is nothing you can do now.
It seems they are all waiting at home.
Go home now.
Vidya Nagar P.S, Rayudu!
Come in, come in.
Please come to ACP office on Road No. 10.
-Yes, sir.
Hey, Murthy! Start the vehicle.
Did you escape from the police?
What did you do?
You must have done something.
Tell me now.
What did you to?
Why are you hiding from the cops?
Do I owe you my whole story
for borrowing your matchbox?
Strange people!
Not from the cops.
From my dad.
Did he hit you?
Then tell me what he did.
He stands in my way for everything.
You are lucky.
No one tried to stop them
from becoming homeless.
Where are you going?
Go on, go on.
Wherever you go,
you will come back here.
Bangalore bus doesnt come this way at all.
Go and sleep in some corner.
Maybe your dad was trying to stop you
so that you wont be on the roads like us.
Little one in the cradle
Enough of your nuances
Help heal the wounds caused by youth
Enough with the lullaby
that rocks you in dreams
Let your journey continue
on the path of truth
Going ahead of yourself,
with the moment when you smile
You are your own rival Have you won or are you tired?
Do you know it at least now?
No one else shows the way
No one else steps up to say
About your goals
other than you
Nothing stands still
and time doesnt stop anything
Does this world feel lonely without you?
It feels like I am forcing you into marriage.
This is your problem.
You deal with it.
Wanting to touch the stars in the sky
-Hey, its not that.
Why dont you forget all this
and find a job here?
You can be happy together
with everyone!
Can a stream of mirage
quench your thirst?
What is this avidity for?
Will you ever decode it?
Your parents, your well wishers
and your compaions, being sleepless
Shiva, whether you like it or not,
you have a great job for this ghetto.
This is you. Not that.
No one tells you by force
No one else shows you
No one else steps up to say
What your goal is
other than yourself
Has it got stuck?
Refusing to move ahead?
Is your life feeling lonely without you? O
Will you remain in the questions
making no effort?
Because the answer is right before you
And yet you refuse to see it
Will you get trapped in snares
turning a deaf ear to advice?
Not taking a step to overcome yourself
What, Venkataraju?
So many are waiting?
Is it for me?
-No, sir.
Some boys are regularly
causing disturbance in the college hostel.
Madam is coming here to counsel them.
What about you?
I heard you are preaching morals to
culprits instead of filing cases?
How can you do as you like?
They are young boys.
They are not criminals.
Thats why I left them!
-Oh, really?
CI wants to meet you.
Go upstairs.
Go, go. Go up.
And tell him what you want.
No day or night?
Why do you call me
for counselling anytime at all?
Some students, madam.
They are donkeys with sense.
Dont they know what is right or wrong
unless we tell them?
Good evening, madam.
What, Rayudu?
You seem stressed.
I left a few boys without filing cases.
I was called for an explanation.
Why did you let them go?
Did you take money?
No, no. Not at all, madam.
I left them because they were too young.
So what?
All are equal once they commit a crime.
World is filled with such people.
And they come from among us.
The problem is with us.
Do you feel we are responsible
for this situation?
To be honest, we are.
Arent we?
We point a finger when they lose
but dont pat their shoulder when they win.
Do we?
Isnt it we?
When people want to be together,
we separate them by infusing differences,
dont we?
Isnt it we again?
Making them do things
for appreciation from strangers.
And goad them to think beyond their stature?
Arent we responsible?
Probably you gave them a chance
To reform themselves.
After coming to senses,
or shedding fear, or realizing their mistake,
they will try to overcome their weakness.
If there was no change,
man wouldnt progress so much.
You always find a couple of them.
They always fight for what they believe in,
for those around them or for themselves.
Breaking all the fences we put up,
they will come and stand before us.
That day they become victorious.
But when they do change
and stand before us do we celebrate it?
Or do we block their way
not able to accept it?
That depends on us.
If we fail to accept,
does it mean they are defeated?
Not they. We are defeated.
We may lose in the battle of living
up to our expectations,
But we will never lose the battle
of trying to live up to our expectations.