Sssshhh... (2003) Movie Script

All right. That's the way, Malini.
Your backhand has improved
After all, you're the best.
And I'm not talking
about the Squash alone.
So what are you talking about?
Want me to come down there
and tell you?
You know you really are the limit.
Oh, no.
I was hurt in the same manner
the other day.. that's why.
Fear, dread, worry..
..are the first step to being afraid.
It isn't a good thing
to be scared, Malini.
lf you're going to be scared
of a harmless little ball..
..your life is as good as gone.
Come on, Sunny.
What could I be scared of
so long as you're around?
Of death.
Don't be ridiculous, okay?
Scared, aren't you?
Everyone is scared of death, Malini.
Because death can come.. any time, any place.. even here.
On this dark night,
in this deserted club..
..there are just you and me.
- That's enough, Sunny.
I hate such jokes. You know that.
Death isn't a joke, Malini.
lf I were to get down there and kill
you right there on the squash court..
..who would save you?
Sunny, please stop it, okay?
I'm really very scared.
So be scared and die.
"What kind of a sick joke
is this, Sunny?"
I really hate you for this, you know?
(Door locked)
Open the door, Sunny!
Sunny, open the damn door.
Open the door, Sunny.
Open the door, Sunny.
I really hate you for this.
Open the door!
(Footsteps approach)
(Footsteps approach)
"When will you.."
"..ask about state of my heart,
my love?"
"When will you.."
"..ask about state of my heart,
my love?"
"Waiting for you.."
"..I might perish."
"Waiting for you.."
"..I might perish."
"Come to me..
before I breathe my last."
"Before life is lost."
"My love when will you come?"
"How long shall I tread on this fire.."
"..with my obsession?"
"My love when will you come?"
"Has it ever occurred to you.."
"..have you considered.."
"..that even in death, I seek you."
"When will you.."
"..ask about state of my heart,
my love?"
"Waiting for you.."
"..I might perish."
"Come to me..
before I breathe my last."
Wow. Mahek, it's beautiful.
No one can stop my Malini sister from
winning the championship now!
You spent your pocket money
of two months?
Not two.. six.
Mahek, that's so sweet. Thank you.
Now tell me the truth!
- Sis..
..wasn't there a painting in the
bathroom, Mummy had made?
Yes. Was?
- Yes, was.
Mahek, you thief.
You sold the painting?
- Yes.
What if Mummy asks?
Hey, Malini.
- Hi, Mamma.
Happy birthday, baby.
- Hi, Mamma.
Thank you.
Look at this.
- Wow!
Mahek's gift to sister Malini.
Oh, Uncle Kamat.
How are you, dear?
- I'm all right
Uncle, any progress?
There wasn't a clue or sign
of the killer.
Whoever he was,
he simply vanished after the crime.
But killers like him often lie
in wait for things to cool down.
Before their next attack.
Look after yourself.
This machine has conked again!
I'll go and see the technician.
(Phone rings)
(Phone rings)
(Phone rings)
(Over phone) Hello, Mahek.
Who's this?
- (Over phone) Your sister's killer.
What sort of a joke is this?
- (Over phone) Joke?
(Over phone) Initially, Malini, too,
thought that it was a joke.
(Over phone) But after that she hollered
and cried.. and died.
(Over phone)
Mahek, you're listening, aren't you?
(Over phone) This is a coincidence..
- Who are you?
(Over phone)
The day I killed your sister..
(Over phone) ..she was dressed in white.
(Over phone) And you're in whites today.
(Over phone) Nice reason.. for death.
I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
You forgot your purse there.
That's how the girl and boy
meet in the movies, sir.
That's a cliched way of
luring a girl.
Like saying, "Excuse me, ma'am.
You've dropped your handkerchief."
It was the purse in this case, sir.
Not the handkerchief.
You dumbo, it's one and the same thing.
- Yes.
How was he to look at, babe?
Good enough.
Good.. enough? (Coughs)
Okay.. his name?
- I..
- Hi, guys. I'm Suraj Rai.
Hey.. talk of the devil..
I'm Gehna and this is Mahek. - Hi.
Mahek must've dropped something.
Yes, I'll check. - Check quickly.
Where is it? There it is. We found it.
Found it. It's okay. It's all there.
It's okay.
I've joined college only today.
I've come from Delhi's Stephen College.
I moved here because I couldn't
get the courses there.
Great. Welcome to Simon's.
- Nice to meet you, Gehna.
That's Rocky.
- Hi, Rocky.
- And that's Rajat.
Hello. Hello.
- Hi. Rajat.
Brakes. Brakes. Brakes. Rhea, brakes!
- Mahek watch out.
Rhea, I've been asking you
to step on the brakes!
You could've pressed it
if not her, Nikhil.
- I mean the brakes.
No.. He was busy "clutching" her.
Rocky. Mind your tongue.
Suraj, that's Nikhil and
his girlfriend Rhea.
- Hi.
And this is his wife.. Mrs. Bajaj.
Very funny, Rocky.
Forget about their love triangle..
what happens of ours?
- The movie's waiting for us.
So let's go. I'll get the car.
You guys go ahead.
I've got a psychology class.
To hell with the class!
Rocky, mind your language.
Is she my mother?
- When did you arrive, aunty?
Psychology class? Mrs. Roy!
- Idiot!
That's where I was going too.
- Very good.
Finally she has found someone
to study with.
Else, she was surrounded
by duffers earlier.
- Let's go, Suraj.
Bye, Rocky.
- All right.
- See you later.
Forget it man, I've had fun.
- Go.
- Look, this is made of pure steel.
I risked my life to save her.
And that chap only returned
her purse to her.
Despite that, she says,
Let's go, Suraj.
Bye, Rocky.
Sir, you know what your problem is?
Your love angle is soon going
to become a love-triangle.
Yes. Hi.
Oh, good. The next lecture is free.
What's your programme?
- See you after class.
Okay, let's go.
'The participants for the 100-meter
race should reach the tracks.'
What's the buzz, babe?
- Buzz off, Gehna.
I can see it all. The way the
two of you are getting along..
..I see this affair going very far.
You're saying this? You?
"You're always like, "Don't talk to
this Romeo, don't talk to that boy.."
"..all the boys have
a one-track mind."
Where's my over-protective Gehna?
Suraj is not like that.
He's cute. He's shy.
Not to forget, very good-looking.
- Then you marry him.
(Race announcement)
Oh, no.
That's my race. I have to go.
- Wish me luck at least.
Best of luck, babe.
I just can't forget
about the other day.
What he said about
my sister over the phone.
I don't get it.
What does he want from me?
Who is he?
- For God's sake, Mahek.
You're still stuck with that old tale?
I'm sure it's the mischief
of one of these boys.
You don't know them.
Anything for cheap thrills.
Lousy boys.
Anyway. I've got to run now, babe.
I'll catch you later. Okay? Bye.
(Door closes)
(Over speaker) Mahek.
(Over speaker) Mahek.
(Over speaker) Mahek.
(Over speaker)
May I have your attention please?
This is your principal Aneja speaking.
Some scoundrel has played this
cheap joke on the mike in my office.. my absence.
There's no cause for worry..
..everyone can go to their classes.
Everything's under control. Thank you.
Good morning, Mrs. Roy.
- I was so scared!
Good Lord, Mahek.
Did you hear that shriek?
What's happening in this college?
Discipline has gone to the dogs.
Are the boys in the college
a bunch of thugs?
Shameful. Very shameful.
Are you okay, child?
- Yes, ma'am.
And this Principal Aneja.
The wimp is no good!
He just can't control the students.
The boys in this college?
My God!
They're going to
kill someone some day.
That's the sound
of a boy coughing
What's he doing
in the girls' quarters?
Or is it a girl and a boy?
(Door slams)
- Come out, you peeping Tom.
Aren't you ashamed to peep
into the girls' toilet?
Come out. Come out, I say.
- (Knocking)
(Bell rings)
Sir, my mummy asked me not to
watch a murder.
But your mummy's not here.
Come on.
Come on dude, It's so exciting.
The whole college has assembled here.
Excuse me. Move. Hello.
I'm going. No please.
There's no other clue
except for these footprints.
This is the second such instance
in six months.
Your students are not safe,
Mr. Principal.
I know that.. I do know it.
Mrs. Roy..
What happened? Mr. Aneja?
Mr. Aneja? Please relax.
- What happened?
Just take him inside and call
the doctor immediately. - Yes sir.
Is everything okay, sir?
Give way. Give way. Take care.
- Careful. Careful.
The modus operandi is the same.
Like in the Malini case.
Possible serial killing.
Could be the same killer.
- Uncle Kamat.
Yes, dear?
- Kamat Uncle.
I received a call from someone
at the shopping mall the other day.
Who was it?
- I don't know.
But he said, when he killed
Malini sister.. - It's sad.
Yes. It's very sad.
- ..even she was wearing white clothes.
Oh yes, but the timing
was absolutely right.
I had a psychology test tomorrow.
I've escaped.
What nonsense you are talking, Rocky?
- What are you doing?
Come on.
- Sorry. Sorry.
Bad joke.
You find this funny?
Sir, have you ever given
a psychology test?
The test still remains, son.
- What does it mean?
Where were you an hour ago?
An hour ago, I was at home.
I've just arrived.
What's the size of your shoes?
- Why? Are you giving me a gift?
Watch it, Inspector.
You don't know who I am.
That's just what I want to find out.
Sir, he..
Come here.
Match your footprints with these.
Let's question the rest
of the students too.
Yes, especially those
who have just joined the college.
You're a new arrival?
- Where were you an hour ago?
I.. sir..
I was in the college library, sir.
Now come here and match
your footprints with these.
Are you suspecting me, Inspector?
Suraj, don't worry.
Nothing will happen.
Put your best foot forward.
You're hard of hearing?
Hurry up. We haven't all day.
Keep your foot there.
You got henna on the feet?
Go on.
Perfect match. Size eight.
Rathore, more than half the
students in this college..
..must be wearing size 8 shoes.
I don't think that
will get us anywhere.
Let's see what the post-mortem
report tells us.
Go on, son.
Let's go.
What happened, Suraj?
You look very upset.
Yes, I'm upset for you.
Why? My shoe size is 9.
Mr. Eight.
Mahek. Hi.
Atul, objective physics..
new angles! Fantastic!
Mahek. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.
Welcome! Welcome!
My good fortune!
Mr. Rocky has finally graced the
library with his presence!
Thank you.
- Don't shout.
You took some books
in your first year..
..which you still haven't returned.
When do you intend to return them?
- But Ma'am..
When I come again next year,
I'll return them...
What is it?
- Keep it. It's not mine.
Come with me.
But, ma'am..
- Come with me.
Come with me? But ma'am...
Come with me.
- That's not mine, ma'am.
Listen to me, ma'am.
- Don't shout.
I hope you don't mind.
Mind? Mind what?
- Rocky.
He has been behaving very badly
ever since you've arrived.
Forget it.
These things make no difference to me.
Rocky's a child in mind and behaviour.
He's just a kid.
- Okay.
He says whatever comes to his mind.
Without a second thought.
But he's very good at heart.
So you know him very well?
Yes, I do.
The same nursery, the same school..
..and now, we're in the same college.
We've been friends for 15 years"
Just friends? Or is it..?
Just friends.
Someone special?
- Yes.
My Papa.
It's a letter from him.
I've spent all my life in
school hostels and dormitories.
But wherever I have been,
Papa always wrote to me every week.
He used to tell me the smallest of
things about himself and the family.
I feel as if my
Papa is always with me.
I will do what I want to! Got it?
- Why did you marry me then?
How was I to know that
you'd turn out to be like this?
You don't care for anyone of us.
- I don't. Get lost. Okay?
Come out you stupid.
You don't care about anyone.
- I don't. I don't want any of you.
Shut up. You shut up.
You keep quiet. Where are you going?
You can't leave us.
I don't want to stay with you.
What happened?
Why're you crying?
- Do you remember mamma?
When I was in class 4,
I wrote an essay on my family.
"For which, I got the first prize"
I love my family.
Thank God for my family.
My family is the best.
But it caught someone's evil eye.
First Papa went away..
..and then, my sister. (Crying)
Enough, enough.
Were you going somewhere?
I have an exhibition
in Delhi next month.
There's so much to do.
Don't worry, Mom.
It's going to be a big hit.
Oh, yes?
- Yes.
I must say, my child.
Ever since your teacher was killed..
..I don't feel like leaving you alone.
Mamma, you're going away for
only 3 hours, not three months.
Don't worry. I'll be fine.
Okay, I must leave now.
The food's lying in the warmer.
Make sure you eat it.
Yes, mamma.
- And dear, please.
Lock the door..
- From inside.
Don't worry about me, Mom.
I'll be fine. - Okay. Okay.
You'll be all right?
- Yes.
Bye, Mamma.
- Bye, dear.
'I give you an hour's time.'
'This is Hemant Keswani
from City News.'
'Simon College lecturer, Mrs. Kirti Roy
was brutally murdered today.
'This is the third incident of murder
in the past six months in Shimla city.'
'Six months back,
two students of the same college..'
'..Malini Gujral and Sunny Mehra
were killed mercilessly.'
'A dagger and a mask
were found near the dead body.'
'According to the police...'
(Door banging)
(Phone rings)
It's a complicated case.
Inspector Kamat speaking.
Uncle Kamat, he's here!
He will kill me!
Oh, my God.
Where are you?
- At home.
I'll be right there.
Why are you screaming?
Aren't you retiring?
(Door banging)
- (Over phone) What is it, dear?
(Over phone) What happened?
(Over phone) What happened, dear?
Why don't you speak?
(Over phone) Mahek, are you there?
Mahek. Oh, my God.
(Over phone) Oh, my God.
(Over phone)
Mahek, why aren't you answering me?
(Over phone) Where are you?
What happened?
(Over phone)
What's happening? Oh, my God.
(Over phone) Oh, my God.
What's happening? Mahek.
(Wind chimes tinkling)
(Glass shatters)
What happened, Mahek?
What happened?
What's wrong with you?
- Suraj.
What is it?
What happened?
What happened?
Why don't you speak?
What happened?
(Police siren wails)
What's wrong with her? Sir..
Sir, I only came to see her.
I haven't done anything.
Sir, I only came to meet Mahek.
- Mahek, I haven't done anything.
Lies! Cut the crap. You came to
meet her at this hour of the night?
Please believe me.
Sir, I didn't do anything..
- Shut up.
Inspector Kamat.
- I had only come to meet her. - Suraj.
Aunt, please believe me.
- Keep quiet.
Oh my God. Mahek.
- They are trying to frame me.
Mahek, all you all right, child?
Are you okay?
Sir, I haven't done anything.
I had come only to meet Mahek..
..nothing else.
- Come on.
But, Inspector, what's my fault?
Whose mask is this? Let's go, Suraj.
- Not mine.
Come on, Suraj. Let's go. Enough.
Sir, I didn't do anything.
- Come on.
Party time.
Aunty, please tell Mahek.
She has to come.
I promise you,
I'll set her mood right.
Why don't you come too, aunt?
- No, son.
It's okay. What will I do there?
- But please send Mahek over.
I'll send her over, I promise.
Thank you, Aunty.
Mamma, I don't want to go.
Since morning this is his eighth call.
This time I promised him.
He's throwing a party
only to cheer you up.
Come on, you should go.
Come on, Mahek.
I'll be bored there without you.
Come on, Mahek. Come on, get up.
Get ready. Enough. Come on.
Bye. Have fun.
It's a party full of people.
Yet, loneliness strikes my heart
like a dagger.
And then, the dagger tears up
my loneliness too..
..and I see a fairy.
And I feel.. is this the fairy
I've been waiting for?
I'm Rajat.
Will you be my friend?
Swine! I'm her boyfriend.
Want to be my enemy?
- Oh no, uncle. Sorry.
Uncle, flowers.
Lipstick, eh?
I'm not hurt, I'm only acting...
He would've killed you.
You were saved.
What's going on?
- Watching a show for free? Get lost.
The party is downstairs.
- I'll thrash you if I see you again.
(Door opens)
Come on, Rocky. Bad timing.
Why don't you show up after an hour?
You think this is
a honeymoon suite, Nikhil?
The party is downstairs.
Come on, out of here.
Rhea, sorry for the interruption.
Take a small break, eat drink and enjoy.
Nice shoes, no Nikhil?
My party, my guests!
Aren't they ashamed? How strange?
Very nice shoes.
All yours?
Some pairs are size 9, some 8.
My size is 8.5.
So I wear both.
Any problem?
Problem? Not at all.
Don't move.
Nikhil, it's Rocky who has
committed the murder.
Get lost.
Good shot, good shot.
Are you crazy?
Welcome to my party.
What took you so long?
Well.. Thank you for coming.
Wow! You're looking good, Mahek.
Come on!
Come on, let's go and dance.
Let's go and dance.
I'm wearing heels, Rocky.
- So what? Take them off.
Dance barefooted,
like you used to do before.
- Come on, let's dance.
All right. What will you drink?
Have anything but avoid Punch.
I want Pepsi.
No Pepsi.
Want a punch? Out!
- Let's go.
"What's this that I see in love?"
"What's this that I see in love?"
"I'm here and my
heart is flying away."
"What's this that I see in love?"
"What's this that I see in love?"
"I'm here and my
heart is flying away."
"I'm here and my
heart is flying away."
"My heart's wandering.. in love."
"Why does a sweet pain take over.."
"..everytime I try
to express my love?"
"My love.."
"..there's a drag.."
" the rhythm.."
"..of my heartbeats."
"Where do I go?"
"Tell me."
"I'm going crazy.."
"..waiting for you."
"What kind of a fire is this
that burns my heart?"
"What kind of a fire is this
that's burning my heart?"
"I'm here and my
heart is flying away."
"I'm here and my
heart is flying away."
"Sometimes my heart.."
"..skips a beat."
"Sometimes my heart races."
"Sometimes memories
make me smile."
"Sometimes memories
make me cry."
"There is growing anxiety.."
" my heart."
"I don't know.."
"..what my heart seeks."
"I'm scared.."
"..of desires."
"What desire is this.."
"..that's ruining my heart?"
"In desire of whom
is my heart ruining itself?"
"I'm here.."
"..and my heart is flying away."
"What's this that I see in love?"
"What's this that I see in love?"
"I'm here and my
heart is flying away."
"I'm here and my
heart is flying away."
Rocky and his senseless parties.
Totally useless.
Gehna, It's not Rocky's fault though.
- Really?
So shall we go back?
Shall I reverse the car?
Come on, you know what it is.
Ever since I was attacked,
nothing interests me.
And when I think about Suraj...
Forget it, Mahek.
These guys are not worth it.
(Phone rings)
- (Gasps)
- (Over phone) Mahek.
(Over phone)
I heard you've sent someone to jail.
Who are you?
- (Over phone) Not Suraj.
(Over phone) But don't worry.
Before I kill you..
(Over phone) ..I'll certainly show you
my face once, I promise.
(Over phone) Any last wish?
- Don't call me. Just stop calling me..
You scoundrel.
- Listen you scoundrel.
Talk to me!
Lousy wimp.
Why are you threatening her?
Face me if you dare!
(Tires squealing)
Oh, my God. Gehna.
Anybody there?
Help! Please!
Suraj! Move!
Move, Suraj!
Suraj, move.
Stop there!
Oh, no.
Complete bed rest for a week.
Call me if you need me.
Yes, he jumped from the dam.
Keep searching.
Thank you, doctor.
- It's alright..
Yes. He has been shot twice.
He won't escape.
Thank you, doctor.
- It's okay.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Thank you, sir.
- Welcome, madam.
- Bye, take care.
Now child, why did you get up?
Didn't the doctor forbid you?
Oh, Mamma.
God bless you.
- And God bless Suraj.
What we thought he was,
and what he turned out to be.
How did Suraj reach there?
- Because of principal Aneja.
On the night of attack on you,
Suraj was working with him..
..on some project.
Mr. Aneja was going out of town.
On his way he had dropped Suraj here.
Then Suraj was arrested.
When Mr. Aneja returned after
two days, he got Suraj released.
On their way home they saw
my overturned vehicle.
And the rest is history.
The end of the shadow of terror.
At last terror is declining in the city.
It had began with the murders of
Malini and Sunny six months back.
Senior Inspector Kamat says
that investigation will be on..
..until the assassin's
corpse is found.
Careful.. easy.
Found anything?
Nothing, sir.
Try deeper.
Thank you. Thank you.
Okay, call me.
Okay, bye. Bye!
Dumbo, get up.
- Five minutes, mummy.
Breakfast is ready, son.
- Mummy?
Sir, this Nikhil is always teaching
Rhea something or the other.
Both of them together
can teach all of us a lot.
Ever thought what you'd do
after college, Rhea?
Yes. Shop with aunt Tina, buy new...
- Oh Rhea, Rhea, Rhea.
Not after class.. I mean,
after you complete college.
I mean no more studies.
I mean your future.
Future plans?
Never gave it a thought.
I have thought about it, Rhea.
Rhea, how long can we
ride on this motorbike?
Wow! You're buying a car!
Nikhil that's great.
Rhea, what have you done?
You've dropped my motorbike!
The handle is bent! Rhea, come on!
- Are you screaming at me, Nikhil?
At least you should've put the stand
before getting off.
I can't stand you.
- Rhea. Rhea. Don't act like a child.
What's up, Rhea?
- Suraj.
I hate him.
- Oh, God.
Look. On time to take care of them.
- He's everywhere.
Sir, do you know
what your problem is?
- Sorry, but you're a nut.
Hey! What do you mean?
- Listen to me.
If that day you had
been following Mahek..'d have saved her life,
not Suraj. Right?
He reached the right place at the
right time and became a hero overnight.
He won't let you hit the jackpot.
- C'mon, shut up.
Look, your hero is here.
- Who? It's him.
Looking smart.
- Look at his gait. Awesome.
Welcome, my hero.
- Hey, Rajat. Hi, Rocky.
You've been in jail.
We missed you so badly.
How was the jail? They say, in jail
you mustn't bend down to pick up soap.
Did you bend?
- Actually, Rajat and Rocky..
..perhaps you haven't heard principal
Aneja's announcement today?
We never hear.
- What announcement?
You come to college..
..but you never attend class.
- Correct.
I've told you so often,
I even gave you a handkerchief.
What is this?
- Sorry.
You sneeze at odd places.
- Look.
Your security guards are here.
- Attention.
Stand at ease.
How are you, Suraj?
- Fine, sir.
We're fit and fine, too.
Fine, thanks.
Sorry, sir.
You have a cold.
Amazing. You ought
to have been a detective, sir.
How did you catch this cold?
- The chill.
Sorry. Sorry.
You can also catch a cold
if you fall in water.
- Especially in ice-cold river water.
I see.
- Did you fall into the river?
Inspector, did you notice his shoes?
Perhaps it's size 8
Sir, did you find the
assassin's corpse in the water?
No. The search is on.
The body is bound
to surface someday.
How long can the crime be concealed?
Wow, sir! What a line!
What a line, sir!
You're fond of movies, aren't you?
No, you are not.
By the way sir,
what's your problem?
I mean, what problem brings you here?
A student of this college,
Atul, is missing..
..since the party the other night.
I'm investigating the matter.
Let's go Rathore.
Hi Mahek.
How are you feeling now?
I've been attending class for
two days but I didn't get to see you.
I was busy with my project.
Suraj, I want to apologise to you.
It's okay, Mahek.
- No, it's not okay.
I suspected you,
and it was you who saved my life.
Mahek, anyone in your shoes
would've done the same.
And anyone in my shoes
would've done what I did.
I think you're still angry with me.
Not really.
Come on. You are a bit angry.
- Yes.
I'm sorry. Please.
All right, on one condition.
A coffee treat. From you.
- Okay.
Thank you.
- Welcome.
Excuse me.
- Yes, sir.
You haven't told me yet why
you had come to my place that night.
To apologise.
The other day in the library,
I told you something that upset you.
Not your fault though.
I was in the wrong.
Look Mahek..
..If you don't want to talk about it,
it's okay.
No, Suraj.
Actually, I want to talk about it.
You probably
know about sister Malini.
But no one knows about my dad.
When we were kids,
dad abandoned us..
..for some other woman.
Two years back we heard that..
..he died in an accident.
I really loved my dad.
But he's never coming back.
He's never coming back.
I'm sorry, Mahek.
I'm really sorry.
(Engine starts)
Mahek. Mahek.
What's the matter, dear?
The same nightmare again?
He is here.
- Who? Who is here?
Careful. It's really hot.
Mahek. What's wrong? Are you okay?
Gehna, what's wrong with me?
What's gotten into me?
Much as I try to forget the killer,
I keep thinking of him!
It's okay. Mahek.
I know he's dead!
But I still feel as if
he's waiting for me..
..somewhere in the city, in the college,
in this very house! - It's okay.
What's come over me?
What's wrong with me?
Don't worry, Mahek.
You'll be all right.
Don't cry. Come.
Michael, cycle, you've floored me.
Come on.
- Yeah.
- Guys.
Come on.
- Go. - Guys.
I'm seriously worried about Mahek.
Her condition is
really getting serious.
Mahek actually needs a break.
- Yes, from you.
We must take Mahek on a holiday.
Wow, sir! This is the first time you've
said something sensible in your life.
Not a bad idea.
What say, Suraj?
Good idea.
Sir, to take Mahek
away from her troubles..
..we'd need to take her very far away.
I know. Let's go to Thailand.
Let's go to Germany. German girls
are said to be very beautiful.
Yes, Germany.
You want.
- Please guys, seriously.
Let's go to Thailand.
It's really good over there.
I mean, seriously.
You know what Mahek needs?
She needs the sun, the sand, the sea.
- And me.
Hi, Rhea.
- Hi.
Okay listen,
how about going to Thailand?
Wow. Hong Kong?
No, sweetie. Not Hong Kong. Bangkok.
Who's going?
- All of us. With Mahek.
Yes, guys. Thailand.
- Wonderful.
Here we..
- Come.
But guys, who'll get Mahek to agree?
Dear Mahek..
"Come on, come on."
"The charm, the beauty,
is very alluring.."
"..however, I'm besotted
to simplicity."
"The charm, the beauty,
is very alluring.."
"..however, I'm besotted
to simplicity."
"Why's it always like this?"
"Why can't I express
that which is in my heart?"
"Every moment, I think of it.."
"..tell me, what am I to do?"
"Nothing's happening
unless you say it."
Or stop having..
"Your very own dreams."
"Your very own dreams."
"The charm, the beauty,
is very alluring.."
"..however, I'm besotted
to simplicity."
"Your very own dreams."
"Your very own dreams."
"These lovely moments,
let's sing together.."
"..beautiful dreams now
overwhelm our hearts."
"Smile, and live it up.."
"..these moments are here to enjoy.."
"..dream colourful dreams."
"Dreams break the heart.
They never mend hearts."
"They desert you at the best
of times.. these dreams."
"Unless I sang in love,
I couldn't live in peace."
"What would life
be without my dreams."
"Why's it always like this?"
"Why can't I express
that which is in my heart?"
"Give it a try.."
"..if you want to
realise your dreams."
"Your own dreams."
"Your very own dreams."
"The charm, the beauty,
is very alluring.."
"..however, I'm besotted
to simplicity."
"The charm, the beauty,
is very alluring.."
"..however, I more given to simplicity."
"Dreams.. our dreams."
"The charm, the beauty,
is very alluring.."
"..however, I more given to simplicity."
"The charm, the beauty,
is very alluring.."
"..however, I more given
to simplicity."
"..our dreams."
"Dreams.. our dreams."
Hi, guys.
Hi, Gehna.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- How are you?
Hello. I've got some very good news.
And some bad news.
Bad news? - No, bad news.
- One minute. One minute.
The good news is that we've got
a fabulous discount on the tickets.
Very good news.
- Yours.
And the bad news?
- Only two tickets are confirmed.
But the rest of them are
confirmed for two days later!
And so, only Suraj
and I will go ahead now.
- It's okay.
What difference will two days make?
- Going together would be so much fun!
- It's okay. Don't worry.
We'll be together in two days
and we will have so much of fun.
Okay, hurry up. One second.
You guys have to go. Your flight been
announced, please hurry up.
Come on, come on, be quick.
Suraj plus Mahek minus Rocky
is equal to problem. Bye. Bye.
I'm all right, Mamma!
I'm missing you.
- I'm missing you, too.
How's Bangkok?
- Oh, Mamma, it's beautiful.
It's just amazing here.
I'm coming.
Who's there with you?
Yes, Mamma, it's Gehna.
Actually, Mamma, the line here
is not very clear.
I'll call you from the hotel, okay?
I love you, my baby.
- I love you, too, Mamma.
Good night. Bye.
My God.
Atul's post-mortem report.
He died of strangulation,
not drowning.
Atul couldn't have been the killer.
He was himself killed by the murderer.
And then.. he put his own clothes on
the body and tossed it in the river.
So that we conclude that
Atul is the killer.
We must inform Mahek immediately.
- But Mahek is away on a holiday.
She's away in Bangkok, I think.
Her mother should know where she is.
Okay. Let's go.
(Knocking) Mrs. Gujral.
Mrs. Gujral.
Mrs. Gujral.
Oh, my God.
- Greetings.
(Foreign language)
(Foreign language)
One, two, three, four.
(Foreign language)
What happened?
(Foreign language)
Dangerous. Danger.
He'll try to kill you.
Kill you. Danger.
Be careful.
Danger. Be careful.
Mahek. Mahek.
What happened? What happened?
- The tarot card..
..that woman said
someone wants to kill me.
Mahek, you get taken in
by what anyone says.
That's all nonsense.
Show me your palm.
Let me see.
Very interesting.
Can you read a palm?
Of course. Really.
My goodness.
In just a month, a day and an hour..'re going to get married!
What rubbish!
- Yes, really.
And in just three years,
one, two, three..!
Three daughters, just like you!
And one son.. just like me.
You can't read the palm!
I meant, a son as decent as I am.
That's a very old technique
of holding a girl's hand.
But if I say that I wish
not to just hold your hand..
..but take it forever?
What will you say?
Sir, what a lovely land!
Thailand. Bangkok.
Sir, girl?
What a girl! I've got her.
I will try to woo her.
- Take me with you.
- Careful.
Sir, this Rado. Only for Rs. 200.
How lovely!
And how romantic!
Do you know, Nikhil?
There's a place here, where
any couple that gets married..
..find their love only increasing.
- Really? How do you know?
Because that is where my uncle
and aunt got married.
Listen. Why don't we too?
- But they were divorced in two years.
Holiday. Holiday.
- Leave me.
Hey, holiday. Hey, come here.
- Help me.
- Holiday.
What is it?
A letter?
Very good island.
- Jackie Chan has a map.
At least, straighten it up first.
- Very good, thank you. Bye.
Stop picking on my brains..
let go of my hand
You keep this. I keep the map.
- Are you crazy?
You can go.
- I keep the map. - Come on, let's go.
I'll give you a call.
I will call you. Forget it.
- You want a massage?
Hey! Hey!
Hey, Suraj. Mahek.
- Mahek. Suraj.
Hello. Hello.
- Hi guys.
Gehna, Rocky. Hi. When did you come?
- Hi, Mahek.
Hi, guys.
How are you?
I missed you.
- I missed you, too.
You won't believe what happened.
- How are you? - Good.
I called Mamma and she
asked who was with me..
I got scared and told her Gehna.
I'm not getting taken in
by this talk, understand?
See, I told you.
A boy and a girl.
Together, in an alien land.
For two days,
they stay in the same hotel.
Don't you think the situation
is a bit serious?
Let's go see.
- Come on.
You have to see it.
Looks like the holiday mood
in full swing?
Hey, Rocky.
- We have to do something.
- Relax dude.
Now that I have arrived,
you can relax.
Hi, Mahek.
- Hi.
How are you?
- Good
Looking very beautiful.
Anyway, what's the plan for tonight?
- Here it is
Punjabi Night at the Discotheque
at 10 pm!
So let's take some rest
and meet in the lobby at 10.
Cool. Sounds great.
"My heart is afflicted with love.."
"..whatever state it is in,
it's now all yours."
"My heart is afflicted with love.."
"..whatever state it is in,
it's now all yours."
"The magic of love
is taking over the heart.."
"'s now in abundance,
it's now rare."
"A fire rages in my heart.."
"..I find no peace."
"End these distances, my love.
Fulfill your desires.."
" merciless with me."
"My pretty dame, be my beloved.."
" not turn me down,
O beautiful one."
"Fall in love with me."
"You are a beautiful Punjabi lass."
"You are the one for me,
there cannot be another woman."
"My heart is afflicted with love.."
"..whatever state it is in,
it's now all yours."
"Come on, come on,
hey, come on, come on."
"Come on, come on,
hey, come on, come on."
"Pretty Punjabi girls,
proud, dancing lads.."
"Come on, come on."
"Sway your hips, sing with me,
dance the bhangra. C'mon, c'mon"
"Sway to the beat of the drums
and watch the fun. C'mon, c'mon"
"Handsome beloveds.."
" beloved has love only for me."
"Your eyes will hold me
captive, I know."
"Why the delay, shackle me, love."
"My heart is afflicted with love.."
"..whatever state it is in,
it's now all yours."
"My heart is afflicted with love.."
"..whatever state it is in,
it's now all yours."
"Come on, come on,
hey, come on, come on."
"Everybody let's dance, come on,
come on."
"Look it all the feet,
the rock and sway.."
" come on,
come on make my day."
"Without you, my love,
my heart won't be placated."
"Unless you look at me,
I don't look beautiful."
"Without you, my love,
my heart won't be placated."
"Unless you look at me,
I don't look beautiful."
"Come to me, my love..
I'm bowled over by your beauty."
"You are my sweetheart
and I'm your beloved."
"My heart is afflicted with love.."
"..whatever state it is in,
it's now all yours."
"My heart is afflicted with love.."
"..whatever state it is in,
it's now all yours."
"The magic of love
is taking over the heart.."
"'s now in abundance,
it's now rare."
"A fire rages in my heart.."
"..I find no peace."
"End these distances, my love.
Fulfill your desires.."
" merciless with me."
"My pretty dame, be my beloved.."
" not turn me down,
O beautiful one."
"Fall in love with me."
"You are a beautiful Punjabi lass."
"You are the one for me,
there cannot be another woman."
"My heart is afflicted with love.."
"..whatever state it is in,
it's now all yours."
"My heart is afflicted with love.."
"..whatever state it is in,
it's now all yours."
- You get out. Out of here.
We'll call the police.
- What you did was wrong.
Come on. Stop it.
- I won't spare you.
Leave it, Rajat. Look at his size.
I'm not sparing you..
try coming to India!
My bag!
- Come on. - Idiot!
Let's go.
What have you done to Monica?
In a minute, she turns into
a vamp from a heroine?
You idiot! Rocky. I'm sure you must
have misbehaved with the girl..
Shut up.
- Shut up.
Shut up.
- You shut up.
C'mon, Rocky! You've ruined
all the plans of the weekend.
We aren't going to find a hotel
to spend the night either.
And he thinks he's a big stud!
So, sir...
- Nothing.
Little bit. You did nothing to her?
- I only wanted revenge from Mahek.
In Monica's room, it was
Mahek's face I saw everywhere.
Sir, you know what your problem is?
You've fallen in love with Mahek.
It isn't the sort of love
that lasts a few days..'s a pledge to spend
many births together.
With a girl who's in love
with someone else.
I'm a moron, right?
So guys, listen..
what has happened has happened.
Where are we going now?
- To hell.
I'll tell you where we're going.
To go to an unknown place
like that at this hour..
..I don't think it's a good idea.
Will someone tell me why the
island's deserted this season..
and why's there no cook here?
Gehna don't put so much of pressure
on your little brains..
Rajat, just shut up, okay?
- Come on, it's an island.
Wow. - Yes. Let's go.
- Of course.
What should we do, Suraj?
Should we go?
No, Mahek.
- Yes, Mahek. Let's go.
Come on, let's go.
- Guys, decide. - No.
For the decision.. let's toss.
- What?
What say, Suraj?
- No.
Tails, it's the land.
Heads, it's the island, okay?
- Tail. Tail.
Heads. Yeah.
- We are going, guys. Come on.
Shall we?
Or do you want to go back home?
To the island!
Come on, come on. - Sir, we'll go in
that map man Jackie Chan's boat.
Good idea, sir.
- Come on, guys.
This is the name of the hotel
written in Mrs. Gujral's diary.
Yes, this is the one.
Excuse me.
- Yes?
Is this girl staying in your hotel?
- No.
Are you sure?
- They've already checked out.
Oh, my God.
Get lost.
Slow down.
- Beautiful.
Jackie Chan apply the brakes.
Nikhil wait.
Nikhil, wait. Wait for me.
Lovely mountains..
this is beautiful!
Lovely beach and water..
only Amisha's missing.
Amisha who?
- Amisha Patel.
"Say that you love me."
That Amisha.
- It's so hot over here.
Sir, hasn't the air conditioned
Mercedes for Gehna arrived?
On its way.. there it is.
Shut up! - Amazing!
This place is quite something.
Come, come. Let's go.
Wow. It's brilliant.
It's so gorgeous.
- Amazing.
Those shacks there.. nice
arrangement for a stay. - I know.
The motorboat guy said there was
a research team here last year.. was they who built this.
Look at that bird.
She can't say no here.
It's so beautiful.
What are you thinking about, Nikhil?
- No, nothing, Rhea.
It's going to be great fun, Gehna.
Let's see.
- And I'll show you.
Who said that?
I'm sworn to silence!
- (Laughs)
Relax, Gehna. We'll go away
after staying for two days.
Come on, Suraj.
Nikhil, please stop.
Let me chose first.
I want a double bed.
Come on.
Take it easy, relax.. you'll break it!
Smartass! You try to cheat me?
Bloody cheat! - Don't hit!
Got your goat, didn't I?
Sir, you know what your problem is?
Unless you tell her that
you're in love with her..
..this thing isn't moving any further.
- Oh yes.
Love that is unprofessed,
is always defeated.
Smartass! Pulling my leg!
Thank you sir. Thank you.
- Okay.
Oh, sorry.
I thought it was..
- What did you think?
Where's Mahek?
- Why?
..tell me something.
Why're you always after me?
What is your problem?
What is your problem?
Gehna. What is your problem?
- Leave me alone.
Mahek! Mahek! Mahek!
What does she possess that I don't ?
Have you ever taken a close
look at me? Have you, Rocky?
Try and understand, Rocky.
Mahek's in love with Suraj, not you.
And I've been..
- Shut up
You've gone mad!
Hi, Rocky.
What happened, Gehna?
You're absolutely sure
you haven't seen her. - No.
She's got lovely eyes.
This. Have you seen this
Indian girl come here?
- No? Nowhere?
Come on. Come on, Suraj. Come on.
Come on, push it here. Kick it here.
Kick it here. Kick into the goal.
Come on. Come on, Suraj.
- Yes.
Couldn't you hold on?
Rhea's better than you.
Now, sir.. football isn't my profession,
nor am I a fan of Pele.
Wear a bloody skirt.
- Okay.
Okay, last one.. Come on.
Nikhil. Move ahead.
Sir, here.
- Come on, cover him.
Nikhil, come on.
- Come on, Suraj. - Suraj, go.
For you.
Well, Romeo?
- Sir..
Want to take the vows with her?
Okay everyone. It's one-all.
Come on, Suraj.
- Give it to me here.
Come on.
Oh no!
- Goal.
Goal, wow!
Come on, Nikhil. Give it here.
Nikhil, fast. - Suraj, move ahead.
- Come on, come on.
Come on, Suraj.
- Suraj, go.
Yes. Come on, Suraj.
Rocky, foul.
Lousy show off.
Okay, guys.
Come on. Only five minutes to go!
You can do it.
Nikhil, here.
- Come on, Rajat.
Come on, kick it.
Suraj, come on.
Suraj, come on.
Okay everyone.
Only two minutes to go. Let's go.
Nikhil, move ahead. Come on.
Come on, Suraj. Come on.
What happened, Gehna.
- Gehna. - Oh, no. My leg.
My leg.
- Gehna, are you all right?
Sorry, Gehna.
- Relax, Gehna,
You'll be all right.
I can't share your pain, Gehna.
But I can surely sympathise.
Stop it.
I know, Rocky.
You did it on purpose!
- But I said I'm sorry.
Sir, that won't heal Gehna's leg.
It's almost sunset now.
Let's go back tomorrow morning.
I'll be dead by then!
But why must you guys worry?
The pain-killers will
give you some relief.
Come on, Gehna.
- It's easier said for you, Mahek.
Come on, Gehna. Let's go.
Please leave me alone for a while.
I'm fine. Really, I'm okay.
Come on, let's go out. Come.
Okay guys..
Let's go out.
So what are we going to do?
- I have an idea. - Tell me.
Ever since we've arrived, we haven't
gone around the island.
Let's explore the island.
- Good idea. - In this condition?
No, let's have a shower first.
- After changing clothes. Together?
We'll meet here in 15 minutes..
..after a bath, okay? Let's go.
- You bathe in my room, Mahek.
Me too, sir.
I'll go, too.
- Let's go.
This couple and that.. sir!
- No, bye.
Please don't leave me alone..
please don't!
Let me take the camera.
I hope Gehna is feeling better.
Poor thing.
- Gehna..
Let her sleep.
Rocky, Rajat. - Come on,
I'll click a picture of yours.
- Ready.
Come on, tall guy, quickly.
- I am coming, dude.
Okay, listen to this.
- Yes, tell me.
Both of us are traveling in a
jungle and a tiger arrives.
What a song, dude!
- Very bad.
Baby, where are you going?
Come on, tall guy, quickly.
Hey, what are you doing?
Come on, Rajat, sing.
"It's midnight, we're in the forest
and I am apprehensive.."
" something to make us
forget the world. "
It's so beautiful, isn't it?
- Let's go there.
And let's take a nice group..
Rhea, where are the guys?
- Yes?
Run! Quickly. Run.
Come on girls.
Run. Run Rhea. Run.
Quickly. Run. Run.
Oh, my God.
How could this happen?
He's dead, Mahek.
And how can the dead
return to life?
Must be the mischief of one of us.
- But who could it be?
Whoever it is..
it's just not funny.
I'm not going any further.
Come on, let's go back.
Guys, Gehna is not here.
- No? Where has she gone?
I couldn't bear the pain anymore.
So I'm taking a boat
back to the city - Gehna.
Strange! She has gone away
without even telling us.
She must've been in a lot of pain.
Well.. we're rid of a pain.
Suraj! Suraj!
What happened, Mahek?
Rajat, he's here..
he's going to kill me! Please.
He's there in my room!
I just saw him.
But the joker?
How could he get here?
You must've had a nightmare.
This is not possible.
And don't be scared.
Even if he's here..
nothing's happening to you.
You don't see the
horror flicks, do you?
In every film, the heroine is
the last one to be attacked.
It's small fries like me
who are first...
Shut up, Rajat.
Suraj. Rocky.
Suraj. Rocky.
Mahek. What happened?
- What happened?
Mahek. What happened?
- What happened, Mahek?
- Rajat?
Come on.
- Come on.
- Come on, Rhea.
Come on.
Come on. Come on.
Yes baby?
- Will you marry me?
- Not now, stupid. After 5-6 years.
The ring that you've been hiding!
Who have you bought it for?
You look so cute
when you are angry.
Do you know for whom
I've have bought the ring?
I really love you, Rhea.
- I love you, Nikhil.
You love me?
I love you. You love me?
I love you, too.
Say it again or I'll tickle you.
What happened?
- Your hand is hurting me.
No, my hand is here.
- Then what's that?
(Rhea screams)
That's it.
We must quit this island.
Right now.
Rocky, I know it's not safe out here.
But it's high tide now
and it's very dark too.
Anything can happen in the water.
- We aren't safe here anyway.
Rajat and Gehna have been murdered.
- This is hell, man!
How did he survive?
Wasn't he dead?
Take me away from here, Suraj.
We'll stay on the beach tonight.
All of us.
Come on.
Where's our boat?
Where's the boat?
Where's the boat?
- Where's the boat?
Neither the boat
nor the boatman.
Where did the boat go?
I told you!
We should've left last night.
Oh, no. Now what?
He is around.
He has done this.
Darn it.
- Oh, no.
(Helicopter approaching)
(Helicopter approaching)
I'm building a runway
The plane is scheduled to arrive now.
It's going to help us.
It's been two hours.
Sitting idly won't help.
Rocky, have some patience.
- Patience, my foot.
I've been patient since last night.
Help is not going to arrive.
No one knows where we are.
By the way,
picnicking here was your idea.
But I didn't tell anyone to die.
Twiddling thumbs won't help,
Mr. Suraj.
We shall never return!
Let's go, guys, come on.
(Raft cracking)
Everybody stay close.
How did the raft break?
Mahek. Mahek. Are you okay?
Rhea! Rhea!
Rhea! Where's Rhea?
Suraj! Rocky! Where's Rhea?
Rhea! Rhea can't swim.
Mahek, Rhea.
- Mahek!
I told you, he won't let us leave
this island alive.
- We are going to die here.
Get a hold on yourself, Mahek.
- Mahek, please.
Don't. Don't touch me.
You were the last one to come up.
So what?
When Rajat and Gehna died, you were
the one who showed up first, Rocky.
Mahek! You're raving.
- Mahek!
- Stop, Mahek.
Come on, come and get me.
Do you hear me?
But I'm not dying here.
Do you hear me?
I'm not dying here.
I'm not going to die here.
Darn it. I'm not going to die here.
You scoundrel.
I'll kill you.
- Nikhil.
Nikhil! Nikhil, stop.
Let him go.
Leave him alone for a while.
It's been long since Nikhil went.
Rocky, please go and check.
I'm not your servant, okay?
I'll be with Mahek.
You go and look.
All right, I'll go myself.
All right!
Come on, let's go.
I didn't do anything.
Please believe me.
I only came looking for him.
When I reached here...
Mahek, please.
Believe me.
Honestly Mahek, I didn't...
- Don't touch me.
Please believe me.
- You're lying.
Shut up.
Mahek, I can never hurt you.
I'm in love with you, Mahek.
- Stop it!
He's lying, Mahek. There's no one else
in this island apart from us.
- Rocky.
Stop it.
Stop it. Please.
Suraj. Rocky.
Rocky! What are you doing?
Stop. Stop it.
Just stop.
Suraj, Rocky, stop it.
Suraj, Rocky, stop it.
Suraj! Rocky! What are you upto?
Are you crazy?
Stop it.
- What are you doing?
Stop it, I say.
Stop it. Don't be insane! Enough!
Let's go now.
- Uncle Kamat.
Mahek, are you all right, dear?
My God.
What's wrong?
Where are the others?
Good Lord!
Just what I feared.
How did you know
that we were here?
We had been to Mahek's house.
Uncle Kamat, how's Mamma?
Uncle Kamat, is Mamma all right?
- Mahek dear.
Rathore, a storm is coming up.
We can't leave until it quells.
Which means, even tonight?
- Yes, we're staying back tonight.
Shall I be with Mahek?
- No, Rathore.
You will stay with the boys
in their cottage.
Tonight I'll guard Mahek myself.
..about your mummy.
I'm really sorry.
Mahek, I got to tell you
something important.
I'm in love with you, Mahek.
I love you madly, Mahek.. dearly.
Mahek, believe me.
Listen to me, Mahek.
Honestly, I dearly love you.
Mahek, please.
I'm not going to hurt you.
Mahek, please believe me.
- Rocky, what are you doing?
Mahek, please listen to me.
- Let me go.
Hear me out, Mahek.
Mahek, at least hear me out.
Mahek. Please open the door.
- (Knocking)
Mahek. Please open the door.
- (Knocking)
Open the door, Mahek!
- (Knocking)
Mahek! Mahek!
No, Suraj!
What harm had I caused him?
What harm had I done to him?
You've lost it, Rocky.
There's still time, Mahek.
Stay with me.
Nothing will happen.
- Go away, Rocky!
Please listen to me, Mahek.
Suraj? What have you done?
Right, Mahek.
that Joker of your life is me.
But life made a mockery of me.
And you'll have to pay for it.
Mahek recall! Do you remember?
You said your father's immoral ways
had destroyed your family.
Know what?
The vile man had ruined
one more family.
Ours was a small and happy family.
Papa, mummy,
I and my kid brother.
We were so happy in our world.
And one day this father of yours
sets his evil eyes on my mother.
- He forced himself on my mother!
My mother killed herself.
Your father snatched away my mother!
He snatched her!
No please.
He snatched away all our happiness.
He snatched away all our dreams!
All our dreams!
You see the gun?
Belongs to my father.
Eight months after my mother's death,
he put the gun in his mouth..
..shut his eyes, and...
Yes! Yes!
After that day, I kept awake
at nights like a madman.
Because my brother's sobs
wouldn't let me sleep.
No! No!
Know how it feels to see
a kid brother cry helplessly?
Forget about sleeping,
it drives you mad.
I then decided! Like the way
we spent sleepless nights.. the way our home was destroyed,
I will destroy that man's family.
I will snatch every happiness of his!
No! No!
After six months I faked an accident
and got your father killed.
Then, your sister.
Later, your mom dearest.
And now, revenge! You!
Because of you,
so many people were killed, Mahek.
I couldn't help it. I couldn't
afford to leave evidences behind.
Then it was Rathore.
When Rocky left for your room..
..I attacked Rathore and got him
into the cloak and mask.
Then I planted the half-dead Rathore
behind the door.
Mahek, my love, all that remains now
is the last and final surprise.
I saved you from a joker
at the river. Remember?
lf I was there before you,
then who was the joker?
Mahek! Mahek! Mahek!
I told you, I have a kid brother.
- Little one.
Hey Mahek, what happened?
Shocked to see me?
How am I alive?
Brother Suraj had killed me.
Then what saved me? That's the wonder
of this charismatic dagger.
Press button..
..spill blood.
I died first, then I killed
Rhea and Nikhil.
But brother, Mahek is still alive.
- Oh yes.
Just give me two minutes, kid,
then I'll kill her.
No brother, I'll kill her.
Don't insist. I've been waiting
for this day since ages.
I've been waiting too, brother.
I'll kill her, please.
- Yes, toss.
I'll choose.
Mahek, what do I choose?
- No. Tails.
- Okay, Brother. Tails.
You've played a trick, brother.
Mahek, brother has done cheating.
- Not at all.
Wanna see?
Heads on both sides.
It's the same coin
that I had brought to the island.
Fake coin.
Look, Mahek, death, on both sides.
Can I kill her now, brother?
Okay, go ahead. Bye baby.
- Brother please.
What do I use, brother?
The dagger? Or the gun?
As you please,
but make sure she suffers.
All right, brother.
Slowly and gently kill.
Rocky. I'll kill you.
Don't kill me, Rocky.. don't kill me.
I'm your friend.
No, sir.. don't.
Sir, please don't.
No. I'm your friend, Rocky.
Please don't.
No. Sir.
Please don't kill me, Rocky.
Don't kill me.
- Know what your problem is, Rajat?
You watch a lot of Hindi movies.
Mahek! Mahek! Mahek!
Are you all right, Mahek?
Come on, quick, Mahek.
(Empty gun clicks)
You killed my brother.
You killed my brother.
You killed my brother.