St. Agatha (2018) Movie Script

[ominous music]
[glass clinks]
[heavy breathing]
- Help me!
Help, somebody help
get me out of here!
Help me!
Get me out!
Help me!
Let me out!
[ominous music]
[slow paced music]
- We take care of
women like you.
[light humming]
- Mary, this is as far
as I can take you.
- [Narrator] Agatha.
[bell ringing]
[melancholy music]
- Yes?
- I was given this address.
- Always nice to have
a new face around here.
My name is Paula.
- Mary.
- All who come to this convent
must leave behind their
former life and possessions.
If this is a problem,
the door is there
for you to return
that which you fled.
- No.
- If and when you
decide to leave us,
your possessions will
be returned to you.
We operate under a
strict vow of silence.
This keeps us free
from distraction
and closer to the Lord.
[light humming]
We have prayer at five
am, breakfast at seven,
chores until 10.
You can expect to start out--
- [Mary] Hi, what
are you reading?
- [Paula] You don't
need to do that.
You'll find it doesn't matter
if anyone in here likes you.
- [Narrator] Look at her
when she's talking to you.
- Where is she?
- Mother's approval is all you
should concern yourself with.
- Thank you, Paula.
I think Sarah has chores.
Why don't you see to it
that she gets to them.
Sarah, a sweet but
simple young woman
who is repaying her
debt to us by staying on
and helping wherever she can.
I think she just likes to look
at the pictures of the saints.
I don't think she
actually reads the texts.
- [Mary] My name is Mary.
- Mary.
Well of course it is.
While we do spend most
of our days in prayer
or divine labor,
we also make time
for leisure activities.
Such as reading the Holy
texts in this library.
It may take a day or two for
you to adjust to our routine.
But if you do decide to stay,
our schedule will soon
become your schedule.
If it seems like
I'm overly cautious
with the bars on the windows
and the locks on the doors
it's because I am.
We had a break-in recently.
I don't need to tell you
how evil the world is.
[light humming]
[bell ringing]
Doris is seven months along now.
What do you pray for child?
- [Doris] For an end
to this pain mother.
- Oh Doris.
When will you realize
that your pain only
brings you closer to him?
Do you think that
he selfishly prayed
for an end to his own suffering?
Of course not.
He prayed to end the
suffering of others.
[ominous music]
As you can see,
we're going through
a bit of a transition.
The church in Rome, while
they certainly agree
with taking in people like you,
do not agree with my methods.
Which are strict, but very fair.
So they pulled their
portrait of the pope
and cut the Vatican
purse strings.
Maintaining our lifestyle
on private donations
has been challenging
to say the least.
Which is why you
find our sanctuary
in the state that it's in.
Right now however,
I would like you
to worry only about
getting some sleep.
You look like you
could use a good rest.
Focus and clarity
are most important
for a mother-to-be.
Sleep well.
[loud clanking]
- [Narrator] It's okay.
- Oh Jesus.
- They'll hear you.
And you do not want
them to do that.
- Are we the only ones in here?
- Not us in here.
Out there.
They sometimes listen in.
- Are you serious?
- They are.
And they do not allow
talking in the dorms.
That's how they got Veronica.
- [Mary] Who?
- The girl who used
to have your bed.
I'm Catherine.
- [Mary] Mary.
[loud thudding]
- That, comes and goes.
I think it's rats.
You won't hear it after a while.
It's not as bad as it seems.
And you can talk to
me whenever you like.
Just don't get caught.
[low rumbling]
Where do I go the
junky of the night
Everybody have to leave
All the thunder I
run through the back
- [Narrator] God damn it.
- Mary Lou.
God damn, as I live and
breathe, Mary Louise Atchison.
What are you doing?
What are you doing in here?
This your daddy?
- Not yet.
- Oh damn, I'm sorry,
y'all playing a game.
I'm so rude.
I tell you what, deal me
in and I'll get a round.
Y'all drinking?
Y'all drinking,
we're all drinking.
- You can get rid of him.
Always spending his
money on dice and booze.
- Sounds like a perfect guest.
- Oh shit.
- What do you do kid?
- I blow a horn.
If I do say so myself,
I ain't to bad at it.
I ain't seen you in a long time.
You look great.
Well, you go big
or you don't go.
Something my mama
always used to--
Oh damn it, I'm so sorry.
That was all me.
- Fuck.
- You two think I'm
a god damn fool.
- That was my fault.
He didn't wanna do it.
Look, here, have this,
and you can have all of mine.
All of it.
- That's a start isn't it?
Ain't you married Fred?
I wonder how she'd feel.
- [Fred] Don't you--
- Give it to me god damn it!
- Fine.
- And now you get the fuck out.
- You were late.
- Well you wasn't was you?
- Whole god damn
thing was started
by the time I even got here.
- Okay, where are we now?
- Nearly there.
Okay, look at me.
God damn.
I don't know why you don't
just let me kill your pa.
- [Mary] Don't talk like that.
- Well Mary Lou I'm
sorry, but just anybody's
gonna hit his own daughter
like that is just...
- Well, I'd rather it
be me than William.
I talked to him by the way.
I got him prepped for
when the time comes.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Does he understand?
- Enough to know that
him and his big sister
are going on a secret vacation.
- Secret vacation.
Away from your big
ass old father.
[faint sobbing]
- [Mother] Oh
Veronica, I've told you
on more than one occasion,
actions have consequences.
[heavy breathing]
Get her out of my sight.
- [Narrator] Do not
make another sound!
[ominous music]
[suspenseful music]
[growling laughter]
[loud creaking]
- Do you know you are neither
unique or special here?
You should enjoy
it while it lasts.
- What?
- Her interest.
She wants to see
you in her chambers.
Make yourself presentable.
None of your concern.
- I'm just saying that I don't
think it should be your...
Mary, you remember
Father Andrew.
- It's a true pleasure
to see you again Mary.
- [Mary] The
hallway, there was--
- Blood?
A rather nasty accident.
Clumsy people make
clumsy mistakes.
We'll clean it up.
- [Mary] But the girl--
- My policies are strict, but
they are there for a reason.
And I know what it's like
to be in your situation.
- You were pregnant?
And your child, where--
- He's a senator.
Doesn't even know I exist.
Obviously given to
a family that could
provide him with so much
more than I ever could.
How are you emotionally?
- I get by.
- It's important to
keep your mind afloat
during this period.
It's your greatest tool.
Healthy mind, healthy body.
That's what your
baby needs right now.
You're going to be
on my strict regiment
of vitamins and supplements as
long as you're here with us.
Thank you Paula.
Poor Paula.
She's a little rough
around the edges,
but you must never
take anything she
says or does personally.
Mary, it's my job to ensure
the safety of your child.
I only want the best for it
and I know you do to.
After all, that's why
you're here isn't it?
I ask you a very
simple question.
Are you here of
your own volition?
In other words, and
you know that I'm
certainly not one to judge,
I want to know that you're here
because you understand
that you are not
responsible enough
to care for the child
growing inside of
you on your own.
- I come here because
I am responsible
and I'm asking for help to
bring my child into this world.
But I'm not giving up my baby.
- Well that's certainly
your decision.
But while you are here
you will be our postulant.
You will live as we do.
Giving yourself over
entirely to the Lord
in service and submission.
Do you know where
that money comes from?
The money that puts
food in our mouths
and keeps the lights on.
- No, no I don't.
- It comes from our sponsors.
People who believe as I
do that women like you
simply don't know
right from wrong.
That you don't have any
degree of responsibility.
Certainly not enough to
care for a child on your own
and that you need help.
Please, don't mistake
my gratitude for greed.
After all, you've seen the
state of things around here.
And the other girls
are so sloppy.
I believe that you
could be the blessing
that we've been waiting for.
After all, people want to
give to someone like you.
Someone who gives them hope.
- I don't feel well--
- And Father Andrew
is going to be your
divine witness to
your commitment to us.
[heavy breathing]
[loud rumbling]
- [Mary] Something,
something's wrong.
[faint whispering]
- [Narrator] Mary, do you know
what happened to my sailboat?
- No I don't.
But we'll find it
in the morning okay?
Remember that secret vacation
I've been telling you about?
- Yeah.
- We might be going a lot
sooner than I thought.
You, me, Jimmy,
finally away from dad.
Right, I love you.
Go to sleep.
[water running]
[trumpet playing]
I said go home.
- And I tried.
I already missed you.
[ominous music]
[melancholy music]
- Mary.
[heavy breathing]
[ominous music]
- Well good morning.
I'm so glad to see you up.
I thought you were going
to sleep all winter.
- What time is it?
- It's time for a fresh
new start for everyone.
And Sarah's going to
help you with yours.
- Sarah, what day is it?
- Shh.
No, Wednesday.
I don't know actually.
They blend together.
Would you mind sitting
so I can reach your hair?
Do you want a boy or a girl?
- I'm not sure.
I'm not sure of much
right now actually.
- They say boys are easier
to raise than girls.
I had a boy when
I first got here.
He died in childbirth.
They showed me a picture though.
He was beautiful.
- I miss you Jimmy, every day.
I suppose it would
be redundant to ask
if you're staying
out of trouble.
I'm starting to wonder
if I made a mistake.
But I'm hopeful
it's just going to
take some time to adjust.
Write me back.
Tell me you love
me and we are doing
what's best for our family.
- She'll read it.
Who's it to?
- The father.
- Just remember,
there's no guarantee
she'll send it.
[bell ringing]
[slow paced music]
[singing in foreign language]
- Sit down.
- [Catherine] I don't
feel well, I need to...
- You're not excused, sit down.
- Catherine.
- [Nun] Sit down.
- You poor thing.
Would you like to be excused?
- Yes.
- Of course, you just need
to finish your supper.
- I already did mother.
- Then why am I staring
at it all over the table?
We don't waste food here.
[ominous music]
[heavy breathing]
- Shh.
- [Mary] There's
something up there.
- Mary don't.
They'll see.
[singing in foreign language]
- [Mother] What is going on?
- Mary saw something.
- A face.
- A face?
[loud banging]
- [Narrator] It's
just a broken pipe!
- Mary I'm still
lenient with you because
you're fairly new here.
- I swear, I'm not crazy.
- And if I recall, don't you
also see your dead brother?
- What did you say?
- I said aren't you
prone to seeing your
little dead brother?
The one you murdered
in a bathtub?
- What?
I wanna leave.
I made a mistake and
I would like to leave.
- Absolutely your choice.
But don't you think
you'll fair better
out there with a
good nights sleep?
We're going to bring you
something to calm you down.
And everyone's gonna
get a good night sleep.
- I don't want it.
- While you are in this house,
you will abide by her rules.
Tomorrow you can return
to your life of sin.
But tonight, right now,
you will take these pills
and show some respect to
the people helping you.
[ominous music]
[faint singing]
- He's here.
- [Jimmy] Shit, your
pa's home early.
- God damn.
Son of a bitch.
- William, dad's home early.
[singing gibberish]
- Son of a bitch!
[ominous music]
- [Mary] William?
- William, hey, William!
Wake up!
What have you done!
[loud sobbing]
- I'm sorry!
- Rejoice.
All of you.
Tonight your slate
will be wiped clean.
Mary will die tonight so
that you may be reborn.
But the sins of your past
will continue to
haunt and destroy you
until you submit
to our way of life.
And to me.
You do not deserve
the name Mary.
She was pure.
She was innocent.
And you are immoral,
corrupt, and vile.
But I have good news.
I have found another.
I rename you Agatha.
- [Narrator] Agatha.
- Help me!
[suspenseful music]
Get me out!
Help me!
[faint whisperings]
Oh please, please, please.
- [Narrator] Who are you?
- [Paula] Say your name.
- Who are you?
- [Paula] Say your name.
- Eat.
- You're fucking insane!
Help me!
- [Narrator] Who are you?
- Say your name.
- [Narrator] Who are you?
- Say your name?
- [Mary] Get me out!
Please, please.
Make it stop.
- Who are you?
- Say your name?
- Who are you?
- [Paula] Say your name.
- Eat.
- [Narrator] She's choking.
- Let her.
- I said enough,
she loses that baby
this was all for nothing.
You need to stay calm
and remember your baby.
- Why are you doing this?
- One must atone for their sins.
Oh you will eat.
Just like a little baby bird.
- [Mary] No please.
- Hey, are you okay?
[slow paced music]
- [Mary] I'm leaving.
I'm not letting
you near this baby.
- The hell did you say to me?
- Do it.
I've nothing here without him.
I'm leaving just like mom did.
[faint whisperings]
- You still ain't
slept have you?
- [Mary] I'm not tired.
- Yeah I figured.
You need to eat something.
- [Mary] I'm not hungry.
- Remember me?
- Jimmy.
- I remember you.
You two little shits took me
for everything that I had.
- [Mary] What are we...
- Ooh, you've been busy.
- [Mary] Stop!
- Now--
- [Mary] What do you want!
- Where's my money?
- Fuck you, I spent it!
- Bullshit.
- [Mary] Stop, it's here!
It's here!
- [Jimmy] Fuck!
- [Mary] Here.
- [Jimmy] No, no,
no, Mary don't!
- Okay just take it.
Take it all!
- Hell, that's 20, 30
times what I took off you!
- Shut up!
- [Mary] Just go, please!
- You consider that
just an asshole pass.
You hear me!
- You have what you want, go!
- Just about the right price
to stop me from killing
all three of ya.
[bell ringing]
- Come.
[faint whisperings]
- [Narrator] Your name.
Your name is Agatha.
- [Narrator] Tell
them your name,
end this suffering.
- [Mary] Help me!
[ominous music]
- Who are you?
- [Mary] Agatha.
- Louder!
- Agatha.
- Again!
- [Mary] Agatha!
- Sister Helen, the footstool.
My child, you came here to
give your baby a better life.
Now we can let that happen.
There we are.
All that's left is to
rid you of the vestiges
of who you once were.
- What happened to your back?
Was it her?
- She won't miss the child.
It was my husband.
- He did this?
- Car crash.
He died.
I didn't.
This baby is all I
have left of him.
I'm sorry.
For what she did to
you, really I am.
But you need to
keep your head down.
- She put me in a coffin.
- You to try and
do what she says.
If you fight her,
that coffin will be
the least of your worries.
[ominous music]
- [Mary] I killed my brother.
I was supposed to
be watching him.
He drowned because of me.
He haunts me.
I can't sleep.
- You are unwell Agatha.
In fact, you're very very sick.
You're certainly not fit
to be anyone's mother.
- [Mary] Sometimes I see things.
- [Mother] And how does
that make you feel?
- [Mary] Out of
control and helpless.
- [Mother] And how
does your family feel
about your situation?
- [Mary] They have
all abandoned me.
I could be dead.
They don't seem to care.
I need to lay down.
I don't know what's
real anymore.
I see things.
- [Mother] What kind of things?
- [Mary] If I told you,
you might think I'm crazy.
Maybe I am.
- [Mother] Maybe you are what?
- [Mary] Crazy.
[suspenseful music]
- Bad dream?
It could be the pills.
They give me migraines.
- Agatha what is it?
- Was I here all night?
- Yes.
- I keep seeing things.
Why are you dressed like that?
- The donor breakfast.
We eat breakfast with the
donors while they judge us.
- [Mary] This is wrong.
- [Catherine] There is no
wrong or right in this place.
- You're just choosing
not to see it.
- I see everything.
All of it.
And it breaks me
every single time.
- Stop talking.
- If you let her
see how you feel
about anything she does to you
or anyone you care about--
- Catherine.
- She will use it like a
knife to cut you even deeper.
That's why I keep my
fucking mouth shut Agatha.
So should you.
- Stop talking.
- Oh she's fabulous.
Look at how cute she is.
- Agatha!
- [Mary] Somebody help!
- [Paula] Agatha!
- Help!
Somebody, somebody help!
- [Paula] Agatha stop!
- Help!
Somebody help!
Somebody help me!
[singing in foreign language]
- No, no, no, no, hell no.
A soup kitchen.
- [Mary] What?
- Uh uh.
- We have nothing.
Everything we had was
just stolen from us.
- I got this Kansas
City gig coming up.
- Okay, and what am
I supposed to do?
- Well how about
you come with me?
- And stay where?
- You stay with me.
You stay with me and
the boys, it'd be fun.
- Half a dozen roughnecks
in a run down motel room.
- There's four.
- Is that all you really want?
- Well no, it's not
what I really want Mary.
But what I really
want don't matter.
I can't have the mother
of my unborn child
staying by herself.
I'm out of options.
What do you want me to do?
- So you want to leave town
and have me follow you around,
and then maybe the
next town after that?
Or do you just wanna go alone?
- Do I wanna go alone?
Yeah, yeah I wanna
go alone, yeah.
Yeah you enjoy your supper.
- [Nun] We take care
of women like you.
You're going to be just fine.
- They're gonna
fix you right up.
Good as new.
- [Mary] Where am I?
- The doctor has been called
and he is on his way.
Thank you again.
Paula will you see
the Wrights out?
- No don't go.
Don't go.
Come back!
Don't go!
- Oh Agatha.
Get out!
Out of my bed!
Oh, we must clean that
before it becomes infected.
When you disobey me,
it stings like salt
on an open wound.
[light singing in
foreign language]
[faint ringing]
- Just answer the
god damn phone.
God damn it.
Operator, I've got a
little bit of an emergency.
Could you give me
the address for the
phone number I've
been trying to reach?
Alright, thank you.
- I'm leaving here.
I swear to God.
- Next time I'm coming with you.
- Not you two.
Paula tells me that you two
are becoming fast friends.
I think that's splendid.
Did you enjoy breakfast
the other morning Agatha?
I thought it was wonderful.
It's so rare that we allow
ourselves such an indulgence.
But I think our donors are happy
when they see us
well fed and healthy.
Didn't you enjoy it Catherine?
- Yes.
- Yes.
all I will need is to eat
a single perfect strawberry
as proof of God's love.
- I wasn't at the breakfast.
- You weren't?
Oh that's right.
You were running around
like an insane person.
Sit down!
Embarrassing me in
front of our donors.
This entire place runs on
their donations Agatha.
They want to see a
healthy, beautiful,
well-adjusted young woman.
They don't want to see
someone plagued be demons.
They care not for your darkness.
Do you understand?
Do you understand!
- Yes!
- You're just a wise-ass
little bitch aren't you?
You will not raise your voice
in the house of the Lord.
And you will never raise
your voice to me again.
Is that understood?
- Yes.
- I can't hear you.
- [Mary] Yes.
- I can't hear you.
- [Mary] Yes.
- Say it again.
- Yes.
- [Mother] Say it again.
- Yes.
- Yes, yes, yes,
yes, yes, yes, yes.
You will drive those
demons from your head
and think only of your baby.
Now get out.
As I said before, the money
simply isn't available.
But you of all
people should know
that I have done more for you
than anyone would have dreamed.
please remember that
the harsh reality
is none of us have any
other real options.
We have a problem.
You have a visitor.
And at some point you
will explain to me
how this boy came to
be on this property.
But now he endangers us all.
So you're going to make
sure that he's alone
and that he leaves.
Sister Susan is
an excellent shot
and I can assure
you, she won't be
pointing that at you.
Because I would never do
anything to endanger my child.
[loud banging]
Now, let's go say hello.
- Mary Lou as I live and--
Look how big you've gotten!
Oh my god.
- Please, it's okay, stop.
I don't wanna see you anymore.
- You don't know what
you're talking about.
I traveled 300
damn miles to come
down here and see you.
- Are you alone?
- Yeah.
- [Mary] And nobody
knows I'm here?
- No, of course not.
- Good.
I don't want you or
anyone from my past
to be part of my baby's future.
- Our baby's
future, my baby too.
And what, what,
I'm confused right now.
What's happening?
- Listen.
Things are different now.
- Okay, so things are different.
Just listen to me.
- I'm done listening.
You have to go.
If you love me you will go.
- I don't understand.
- You're just like my father.
You just wanted to control me.
- That's horseshit.
No I didn't.
- It's over James.
This is my life now.
- These people got in your head.
- No.
- [Jimmy] Yeah.
- No, they've shown
me what matters.
And you're not a
part of that anymore.
- Yeah.
- [Mary] Go.
- Mary, come on now.
- No, my name is Agatha.
Go, you have to go.
- I'll go, if you come with me.
- [Mary] No.
- That's the only
way I'm leaving here.
I'm not going
anywhere without you.
I'm not leaving without you.
- No, no, no, stop.
- I came all this way!
- No.
- [Jimmy] Please don't
make me go over there--
- It's not yours.
It's not your child.
It's not your child.
- You're lying, come on.
- [Mary] No, it's not yours.
- No, you're lying.
- Go, go!
Leave, it's not
your child, leave!
[singing in foreign language]
- [Catherine] It's
not your fault.
- I sent him away.
- They threatened to kill him.
You didn't have a choice.
At least he knows
where you are now.
It's poison.
Paula's been waging war
since she saw the first one.
- Chins up.
- Once again, I want
to thank all of you.
Not only for your time, but
for your generous donations
which help to support our girls
in their hour of need.
Please take this moment to
get to know each of them.
Who shall we start with?
- [Narrator] Are you
feeling better sweetheart?
- Much.
Thank you again for
the help the other day.
I wasn't myself.
- Yes, yes of course.
- We all have our off days.
- I have just one more question.
- [Mary] We all have
to work together
on getting out of here now.
Not tomorrow, not
in the morning, now.
- You can't, they'll hear you.
- You really feel
safe in this place?
Knowing that you have to
deliver your child into this?
Sarah if you know
something, please.
- I think they lied
to me about my baby.
[ominous music]
His name was David.
I gave birth and I
heard him crying.
I was excited to hold him
and they took him
out of the room.
The next morning when I woke up,
they told me he was dead.
I was drugged.
But I know that I
heard him crying again.
There were no other babies here.
And a mother knows the sound
of her own baby's crying.
- Talk, talk, talk,
talk, talk, talk, talk,
talk, talk, talk, talk.
So much talking from young
girls vowed to silence.
You must have so many more
things you'd like to say.
So many secrets you'd
like to share with God.
- What's this?
- You know perfectly
well what this is.
- My things?
- Well yes, you're
going to be needing them
now that you're leaving us.
- Leave?
I don't have anywhere to go.
- I know.
And it breaks my heart
because I love you so.
But I'm afraid I only have room
for people who are loyal to me.
- I'm loyal, I am.
I am.
- Are you?
- I am.
- I don't think you are.
Loyal people don't
wag their tongues
propagating hate
and lies against
the only person who's
ever cared about them.
- I don't know how
to do anything else.
- I know.
You'll probably rot out there.
I'll have no doubt.
Paula, will you please bring
Agatha to the dining room?
You see Sarah, what I
am trying to do here
is much much bigger than
anything you can comprehend
with that sad little
brain of yours.
there may be a way
for you to stay
and keep your tongue
from wagging against me.
I'll give you a few moments.
Please make your decision
by the time I get back.
Agatha, there is a reason
that I command everyone
to take a vow of silence.
There's a reason
for everything I do.
Your continued
meddling with the minds
of these young girls
will bring them
nothing but pain.
[ominous music]
[ominous music]
- Sarah?
Sarah what did you do?
- [Mother] Paula go
down to the basement
and fetch the doctor.
- [Paula] Yes mother.
- Get out of my way.
Do you want to help Agatha?
- [Mary] Yes!
- Then hold her.
Let me see child,
what have you done?
Oh, you didn't finish.
- You monster!
You're a monster!
She cut her own tongue out!
They're monsters!
- Shh!
Be quiet before they
make you lose yours.
- Sarah will no longer
be sleeping here.
She is being moved
to a room of her own.
You did this.
[light singing in
foreign language]
[loud rumbling]
[light singing in
foreign language]
- Catherine, I can't
do this anymore.
I can't do this.
- We could run.
Right now.
- [Mary] What if Jimmy
never comes back?
- [Catherine] He will.
- Just keep looking
for the weak spots
like we talked about.
- That's it.
- Doris went into labor.
They came and got
her a while ago.
We need to get out of here.
[loud banging]
Please, you have to hurry!
There's something
wrong with Agatha!
- Stop screaming.
- Something's not right.
- What?
- It hurts.
- What's wrong?
- I don't know what it is.
- Calm down.
- I don't know.
- [Paula] Calm down.
Take a deep breath.
- No!
- Where does it hurt?
- No, something's not right!
- [Paula] If you
don't calm down you're
going to hurt your baby.
Calm down.
[loud thudding]
- [Catherine] Come on, go.
[suspenseful music]
[heavy breathing]
[loud thudding]
[singing in foreign language]
- [William] Mary.
- [Mary] William.
- [William] Do you know what
happened to my sailboat?
- [Mary] William!
- [Mother] I said aren't
you prone to seeing
your little dead brother.
The one you murdered
in the bathtub?
- [Mary] No.
[ominous music]
- You killed me.
Why did you kill me?
Why did you kill me?
[loud vibrating]
- Help me!
[loud banging]
Somebody help me!
[loud banging]
You fucking monster.
- Oh Agatha, you look
positively dreadful.
- You killed him.
- More insane ramblings.
Killed who?
- Jimmy.
- Jimmy, he left.
Don't you remember?
- No, I'm leaving.
I'm leaving now.
- [Mother] Is this
not your signature?
- Fuck you.
- You see, more
anti-social behavior.
You're not well Agatha.
- Mary, Mary, Mary,
my name is Mary!
- We have several
witnesses that will attest
that this is your signature.
One of them being our
own Father Andrew.
- [Mary] Sit down!
- Agatha, don't you
think you've wasted
enough of everyone's time?
Delusions, hallucinations,
false memories, homicidal
ideations, insomnia.
These are very serious
conditions Agatha.
Which is why I also
had you sign this.
Power of Attorney.
Because you are
not of sound mind
to make your own
legal decisions.
I own you and your baby.
And there's absolutely
nothing you can do about it.
But for heavens sakes,
don't take my word for it.
Perhaps you'd like
to call somebody hmm?
I don't think Jimmy wants
to hear from you again.
But perhaps the authorities.
Yes, Paula, will you go
fetch a phone for Agatha?
We'll just wait.
Thank you Paula.
There you go.
Anyone you'd like.
- Yes, I'd like to
report a murder.
- Yes, of course.
Oh this should be very good.
Yes, by all means.
Tell them you've been
spending time at the convent
and sleeping in a coffin
and attending midnight
mass with faceless nuns.
And by all means,
tell them we forced
you to go by the name of Agatha.
All sounds a little bit
crazy to me don't you think?
- Yes.
The convent.
[sirens blaring]
Its over.
Get up.
Get up!
[loud coughing]
Open the door!
- Ma'am.
- Sir, please help me.
- Ma'am, that's far enough.
- Please help me.
This woman murdered my boyfriend
and she's keeping
me hostage and--
- I'm so sorry officer,
she's not well.
- He's upstairs.
- Ma'am, may I?
- I'd be disappointed
if you don't.
- He's upstairs.
Sir please.
He's upstairs.
His body was right there.
They moved his body.
[loud coughing]
I don't know what's
real anymore.
I see things.
That's not me,
that's not my voice.
I mean, I don't know how she--
I killed my brother.
No, I didn't say that.
I would never say that!
I didn't kill him,
he drowned but,
why are you looking
at me like that?
I'm not crazy.
- What happened to her head?
- She has a pension
for hurting herself.
This happened shortly
before you arrived.
- No!
- We simply haven't gotten
- No, shut up!
- Her cleaned up yet.
- She did this to me!
She's lying.
- You can see she's delusional.
She was sent here.
In there you'll find
a Power of Attorney.
She signed it over to us.
- [Mary] I don't remember--
- Over there.
- It's a sad case actually.
The father of the
child wants absolutely
nothing to do with her.
Paula, may I have
Jimmy's letters please?
Thank you.
There you go.
- That's not even
his handwriting!
Look, these are all fake.
They're all fake!
She wrote these.
- You see what we
have to put up with?
- [Narrator] Earl, what are
you doing out of the house?
- No.
- [Father] Are you okay miss?
Whoa, your head.
- No.
No, he's a part of this!
She controls him!
[light humming]
He's in on all of this!
He's a fraud, he's a priest!
- Sister, we gotta
get her to a hospital
as soon as we can.
- Sheriff, the doctor
was called shortly
before we called you.
He's on his way.
- [Father] Earl, let's
get you home alright.
- Officer, I run a
convent where the health
of my girls is paramount.
I'm afraid I'm gonna have to ask
you to leave and go
home and get well.
- Of course.
[ominous music]
- She's in labor.
- [Mother] Take her
to the basement.
- No, no, no!
[whispering in foreign language]
[singing in foreign language]
- [Narrator] Your name is
[melancholy humming]
- Where are you taking him?
[baby crying]
Where are you taking him?
Please don't take my--
[light humming]
- Mr. And Mrs. Wright,
I have something for you.
- [Mrs. Wright] Our
daughter will love him.
[singing in foreign language]
- [Susan] She wants to see you.
She's here.
- Thank you sister Susan.
Sister, would you
ask Sarah to please
bring me a glass of ice water.
And bring one for Agatha,
she looks thirsty.
This whole garden is teaming
with rats and snakes.
- You're just going to
kill me after I give birth.
- I don't have to.
You have no idea how long
I have waited for this.
You can't run anymore.
You have no connection
to anyone or anything.
You're broken and damaged.
You've already killed one child.
Now the only thing
that's holding you back
is your own selfish
Can't you see this
is not for you.
Wasn't for me either.
You've seen what I'm capable of.
What kind of a mother
do you think I'd be?
This is not who we are.
- You're right.
- Of course I'm right.
And there's a wonderful family
just waiting to take
care of your child.
- And pay you for it.
The donors.
You sell our babies.
Do they know that this
is not a real convent?
- Well now, that's a
matter of perspective.
They don't know that my
church turned it's back on me.
They do know that I'm
continuing to do God's work.
It didn't take much for me
to be able to stay here.
Church didn't want
a crumbling relic.
So I continued to do their work.
Only I'm turning a profit.
Susan, Helen, and Olga,
have become far too greedy.
Sarah's too simple to
be good for anything
other than manual labor.
And that of course leaves Paula.
And I can barely stand her.
But there are going to be
so many women coming to me.
I'm going to need help.
- Would I be paid?
- Well of course.
And handsomely.
I always take care of
everyone in my employ.
I'm not running a charity.
- [Mary] Do you have
proof that these
children have gone
to good homes?
- Of course.
This ledge contains
records of every child
that I've ever given away.
As you can see,
they're much better off
than they would have been
with their pathetic mothers.
[ominous music]
You have 24 hours to decide.
Paula, please fetch
Agatha some supper
and then take her to her room.
- I think I'm,
I think I'm...
[heavy breathing]
- I understand that
you are frustrated.
I hear it in your voice,
but you promised me
that I would have
at least until Spring to pay.
- Mother.
It's Agatha, it's time.
- I think it was
just pain, I'm fine.
It was just pain.
I think, I'm sorry
about the food.
- [Mother] You alright Agatha?
- [Mary] Yeah.
- Alright.
Paula, will you take
Agatha back to the room
and get her another
plate of food?
- Sorry.
[loud whooshing]
- [Mother] Paula, would
you come here please?
Is Agatha asleep?
- [Paula] Yes
mother, she's asleep.
- [Mother] Are you sure?
- [Paula] Yes.
- [Mother] I want you to
make sure she stays that way.
- [Paula] Yes I understand.
- [Mother] She's been
quite disappointing.
Hit her over the
head if you have to.
- [Paula] Yes
mother, I understand.
I'll take care of her.
Sister Susan?
Shall I bring Sarah
her supper now?
- [Mother] No.
Just keep her where she
is for the next few days.
She needs to learn her lesson.
- [Paula] Yes of
course, I understand.
- [Mother] Keep her door locked.
Stupid girl won't know
anything's different anyway.
- [Paula] Yes I agree.
- [Mother] I'm
leaving it up to you.
[loud cracking]
[bells ringing]
[faint sobbing]
- [Mother] I want you
to start going out.
- [Paula] Goodnight mother.
- [Mother] Paula.
- [Paula] Yes.
- [Mother] When Agatha leaves,
we're going to be empty.
I need you to start
scouring the countryside.
No cripples, no handicaps.
[heavy breathing]
[light humming]
[bells ringing]
- I found this.
Your son is alive.
They've been gas-lighting us.
I need your help now.
[light humming]
- It's a little
light this month.
I regret to say this
may be your last
payment for a while.
- Get me out of here
and I will make it
worth your while.
[bells ringing]
[light humming]
[ominous music]
- Paula!
Where's Paula?
[suspenseful music]
Did you take my money?
You ungrateful son...
Get your hands off
me you bitches!
- [Susan] Stop talking!
- God damn you!
[ominous music]
- Oh child.
You have no idea who I am.
- [Nun] Move it.
[singing in foreign language]
- [Mother] No, don't.
No, stop it!
No, come on, no!
Olga no!
No, stop it!
[heavy breathing]
[ominous music]
- Stop!
- Susan, Susan I took
you off the street!
I took you off the street!
Olga, I took you in
when none of your family
didn't even want you!
God damn it!
- Agatha!
[heavy breathing]
- No please don't.
No Paula stop.
- It's over.
It's over!
- God no!
- Paula please, I'm in labor.
- Stop lying.
- You can be the hero.
You can deliver this baby
and do whatever you want
with me, just please,
please let my baby live.
- [Mother] No!
Stop it please!
- [Narrator] Agatha, Agatha,
Agatha, Agatha, Agatha,
Agatha, Agatha,
Agatha, Agatha, Agatha.
- God damn it!
Let me out!
Let me out of here!
[baby crying]
- Give me the baby.
Give me the baby Agatha.
- No, no, no.
- Give me the baby.
- [Agatha] Paula no.
- I have to cut
the umbilical cord.
[faint whisperings]
[glass shattering]
- No!
- [Paula] Let's go.
[baby crying]
- No Paula please!
No, stop.
No, please, don't take her!
[baby crying]
- [Narrator] Bitch!
[heavy breathing]
[singing in foreign language]
[light humming]
[baby crying]
- Let me out!
Help me!
Let me out of here!
[ominous music]
Paula, let me out!
God damn you sons of bitches!
Helen, Helen please!
- [Narrator] Your name is--
- Agatha!
[faint sirens]
[light humming]
- [Narrator]
Sheriff's department!
[dramatic music]
[ominous music]
- [Narrator] Your name
is Agatha.
- [Narrator] Your
name is Agatha.
[slow paced music]
[singing in foreign language]
[slow paced music]
[slow paced music]
[light humming]
- [Narrator] Agatha.
- [Mother] Agatha!