St George's Day (2012) Movie Script

# Can't wait to celebrate
# It's great to celebrate
# Can't wait to celebrate
# It's great
# To celebrate! #
Aha! Did I frighten you?
Aw, I'm sorry if I did. I'm a knight - Sir Thomas of Ticker!
I found this old suit of armour underneath some bits and bobs
and decided to try it on.
Now I can't get out!
It's very difficult to move around in.
How did knights drink tea?
My friends, Sam and Matthew, love knights, and one in particular -
St George, the patron saint of England.
They're about to get ready for a very special day - St George's Day.
I think they're very excited. Let's find out, shall we?
- Hi, I'm Sam.
- Hi, I'm Matthew.
- BOTH: We're twins!
We're celebrating St George's Day...
BOTH: ..and being English!
We love being English.
And here are some things people think of when they think of England.
Fish and chips.
BOTH: Rain!
Red post boxes.
Morris dancing.
And dragons.
OK, then, not dragons exactly.
- The man who fought one - St George.
- Oh-h!
St George is the patron saint of England.
People think he was a brave, strong man.
He stood up for what he believed in.
Come on, Matthew! Let's go.
'At school today'
'our friends are doing one of our favourite dances -
'maypole dancing.
'They dance around the pole
'with all the different coloured ribbons.
'Tomorrow, we're going to a big St George's Day event.
'So we've come to a craft workshop to make things for our costumes.'
- Hiya. Are you all right?
- Yeah.
Right, so you're going to be St George, so on your shield,
- what would you like to draw? Shall we draw...?
- A cross?
The red cross, yep, good idea.
You're going to make a dragon's helmet. Would you like to try it on?
See what it fits like. Wow!
Go on, then, Sam. You do that line for me. Lovely!
Does it look like a dragon's mouth?
You're doing a great job with that.
The red cross is the symbol of St George.
The cross is looking good on the shield.
OK, scaly, yes!
Real scaly.
Don't leave any white pieces, will you?
That's it, Sam.
Nice! Keep going.
Big tap...
on the table, that's it.
- Beautiful. Let's have a look. Show everyone else.
- That's nice.
Really nice, Sam. Your name looks really good.
Let's hear the noise.
I think you're going to look a bit scary tomorrow. Thank you very much.
- Bye!
- Thank you very much.
'Now we've got our costumes, there's one more thing we need to prepare.'
BOTH: Picnic food! Yummy!
- So, Sam, what do we need first?
- Food.
- And...
Come on, then, boys. Let's wash our hands.
First, we're making sandwiches.
I'm making cucumber sandwiches.
And I'm making ham sandwiches.
I'm using bread, butter and cucumber.
I'm using bread, butter and ham.
Well done.
Put the sandwich on the plate.
Sam and Matthew are making a picnic for their friends Aidan and Ewan.
Also for our picnic we've got some English pork pies.
And we've got some scones.
Best of all, we've got strawberries and cream.
We can't wait to celebrate tomorrow.
Ah! That English picnic looked delicious.
I hope their friends enjoy it.
I've got a sandwich of my own...
except that every time I try to take a bite...
- helmet slams shut!
St George is the patron saint of England.
But no part of England is quite like another.
There are cities and there's countryside and beaches...
Well, I tell you what.
I know a poem that will show you how many different places there are.
# Celebrate! #
Nelson on his column
Tells the lions crouched below
About lighthouses and rocky shores
No-one knows this land like me
On Liverpool's skyline two birds sing
Of the Mersey River racing to the sea
No-one knows this land like me
The Angel of the North
Holds his arms outspread
Showing the width of Tyne and Wear
No-one knows this land like me
An owl hunting on Bodmin Moor
Sees the moon hide behind each granite tor
And windblown tree
No-one knows this land like me
On the Berkshire Downs
A hare counts 40 hops between
The chalky horse's mane and tail
No-one knows this land like me
The wind ruffles Lake Windermere
Spins the windmills of Norfolk
And blows steam from a builder's mug of tea
No-one knows this land like me
A Birmingham fox
In the shadow of tower blocks
Smells salty chips
Watches sparks from trains on the Western line
No-one knows this land like me
In Wiltshire
Wheat grows and acorns fall
Stonehenge remembers the feel of hands
And songs in many mother tongues
No-one knows this land like me.
# It's great to celebrate! #
- I think I can smell something.
I think it's sausages!
It must be time for the St George's celebration.
- It smells yummy.
- I know. Mummy's cooking us an English breakfast.
Let's get our costumes on to surprise her.
Boys! Breakfast's ready.
BOTH: Coming!
Oh, wow! Look at you two!
I love your helmet. And your shield, Sam - brilliant.
- Shall I burn the toast?
- Burn the toast?!
- Cos I'm a dragon!
'It's time to go
'to the St George's Day celebrations...
'if we can get the hamper out the door!
'Loads of people have turned up
'to celebrate St George's Day,
'and there is so much to do here!
'Look! There's our friends.'
We're going to learn how to be like St George.
BOTH: And we're going to learn how to be a dragon!
Hello there, young squires!
- Do you want to be a knight like St George?
- Yes.
- Yes.
Excellent! Three, two, one, go!
Come on, see if you can hit the hoop! No, carry on!
Yes, that's it!
Carry on. And the final hoop - there you go!
Oh, nice try!
So, I'm looking for the very best dragon I can.
Then I will have the mightiest dragon and St George will finally be beaten!
Three, two, one, go!
Right, under we go - that's it.
Oh, get that pig, get him! Forward!
Pick up the sponge, throw it at the nobleman - three, two, one, throw!
Yes, brilliant! Run back through here, this way.
Oh, you're dropping them all.
You're holding them in your hand! That's no good!
No, no, no, no!
Now we're going to see a man pretending to be St George
on a real horse.
And a massive dragon!
CROWD: Oo-ooh!
'Let's hear it for St George!'
'He's a hero!'
St George, I will defeat you!
'The dragon is a villain!' CROWD BOOS
'St George is a hero!' CROWD CHEERS
'Will the dragon go over? Is he going to go down?
'The villain's going down!
'Ladies and gentlemen, our hero, St George!'
'That was amazing.'
Look who it is!
- Hello!
- Hello, St George.
- How are you guys doing? Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
Ah, you're a dragon as well. Excellent. That's a cool costume.
- Did you watch the pageant?
- Yeah.
- Did you cheer for St George?
- Yeah. Glad to hear it.
- OK, come on, boys.
'All the action's made us hungry.
'Time to surprise our friends.'
- Ready, Aidan?
- Yeah.
- Ready, Ewan?
- Yeah.
- Wow!
- Wow!
Oh, my favourite!
I love scones.
Have you saved some for us, boys?
I'll take that, you pour some more.
- Would you like a ham sandwich?
- Mmm. Yummy strawberries. Pass them around.
- Happy St George's Day!
- It's great to celebrate!
ALL: Yeah!
Oh, I think they had a lot of fun.
Whoo! Free at last!
It's great to celebrate.
I love this bit.
# Can't wait to celebrate
# It's great to celebrate
# Can't wait to celebrate
# It's great to celebrate
# Can't wait to celebrate
# It's great to celebrate
# Can't wait to celebrate
# It's great to celebrate!
# We're so excited Cos it's going to be
# A party time for all our friends and family
# We're getting ready We'll have so much fun
# So come and join in, everyone
# Cos it's time for us to celebrate
# Yeah, it's time for us to celebrate
# It's great to celebrate
# Cos today is such a special day
# It's great to celebrate
# It's time for you and me To celebrate
# So jump to your feet And dance with us
# Clap your hands and cheer
# Cos it's time for us to celebrate
# It's great to celebrate
# It's time for us to celebrate
# Cos today is such a special day
# It's great to celebrate
# It's time for you and me to celebrate
# Time for us to celebrate
# It's great to celebrate
# It's time for you and me
# It's great to celebrate! #