St. Helens (1981) Movie Script

March 20.
{University of Washington Geophysical
Take it away!
Heads up.
- Hey, Colepatrick.
- What?
Where's Witherford, I got
some papers for him?
He just missed him, he
headed back to the inn.
That's it. Looking good.
Getting good. Uh-huh.
Ow! Damn! Ooo!
- Damn!
- Something's wrong with Orrin.
He must be high again the spacey fool.
Hey! Get out of their!
What's he doing?
Look out!
He shouldn't fly that thing.
Foolish bunch of ducks!
I'm gonna cut it loose!
- Look out below!
- Watch out!
- Who's that crazy fool.
- Jesus
Christ did you see that?
Let me at him!
Get him out of there!
What are you trying to do
you crazy son of a buck!
You nearly killed my men!
Aw, relax man.
- I'm gonna kick your
- you ain't gonna do nothing George,
so cool off.
C'mon George will get him later.
You all right? What the heck happened?
I don't know man except for a minute there
I was back at Nam pissing in my pants.
What you talking about?
Something hit me four maybe five times.
Take a look for yourself.
Incoming from nowhere.
It looks like quail.
There's not a man alive who doesn't
wanna keep it just that way
but most folks take no pride in
what they done up through the day
while others find the reason,
there's the effort that they made
and maybe that's why
leaving ain't so hard.
You can't win if you
don't play the game
and nobody hears you talking
when you don't have nothing to say
sometimes losing ain't losing after all
sometimes the climb is worth the fall
I just don't believe it.
Morning Harry.
C'mon Howard.
This guy is gonna scare
every fish out of the lake.
Just likes to play with
his horn that's all.
What the hell does he know.
I had a 14 pounder on the end of my line.
All that noise you made, drove him off.
Why didn't you just drive your damn
jeep out the middle of the lake.
- I'm sorry Harry
- yeah yeah yeah.
Did you come up here to
shoot some tourist Wayne?
I know where there's a couple that
would dress out to around $200 apiece.
You know those tourist Harry. Can't
live with them, can't live without them.
Bullshit, I can live without them.
Wayne, look at those tin caner's out there.
They got more damn equipment
than you ever seen in your life.
They got big gaffing hooks.
They're gonna stab the basters with that.
Don't piss in my late!
I don't know what the world is coming to.
Next thing you know they'll be using radar.
We need some music,
and a drink.
Maybe Captain Tripper could use a shot too.
One for me.
You know Otis Kaylor that black
kid who went out to Vietnam
fly's helicopters for Whitaker sometimes.
Oh yeah, Otis.
The local hero.
Nice fellow.
Got a magic touch with machines.
He sure cured my old caddy more than once.
Well he was pulling a log this
morning over by Dog Creek
and a bunch of quail bashed in to him.
Damn near knocked him out the sky.
Sure, quail don't give a shit
for hero's and helicopters.
He's up around 2-250 feet.
Kinda high for quail.
That's what I was thinking.
Maybe he was wrong.
Uh-uh. No sir I was there, I saw it.
Well, if it did happen...
I'm not saying it did
seeing as I wasn't there.
But if it did...
It was most likely
deodorants that caused it.
You want to run that by me again Harry?
Did you say deodorants?
Wayne, don't you keep up
with science or nothing?
You outta take the Readers
Digest like I do.
There was an article in
there a while back...
Explaining how them spray thing...
You know... that you
fire at your armpits
got some sort of shit in them
that goes way up in the ion...
ions... something or other.
Heats up the atmosphere.
To much sun gets in.
Throws everything out of kilter.
Yeah, the aerosol can.
You think that's what it is huh?
No doubt about it. Some
of them killer rays
from the sun got in there,
drove the quail crazy.
Put that in your report.
Its the 20th century
Wayne, you got to think up
some new ideas
to explain the mess thing are in.
Well, I'm going fishing.
fraid' the quail.
Leave daddy alone.
I want 3 eggs.
Hay Jane!
Take a look at this!
I never seen anything like that in my life.
Look at um.
Look at all the fish.
Today marks the 139th day of captivity
for the 53 American hostages
and signals out of Iran suggest that their
is little hope for their immediate release.
Mount Saint Helens, located
in southwest Washington
only 45 Miles northeast of
the Portland-Vancouver area.
May be sending out signals of her own
after 123 years of inactivity.
Earthquakes have been
increasing in the area
since yesterday when the
mountain was rocked by a
quake registering 4.1 on the richter scale.
The U.S. Geological Survey in
Boulder Colorado announced today
that one of its scientist, David Jackson
has been sent to the
Saint Helens area to
investigate the continuing
seismic activity.
{March 24
Are you David Jackson?
She's as beautiful as her sister.
What are you talking about... sister?
Mount Fuji.
Uh? How old are you?
I get it... you were
expecting someone older with
gray hair, glasses, a pipe.
Not exactly but I'd though you be more...
Listen I don't know what your schedule
is sheriff but I got a lot of work to do.
Do you think we'll be able
to get my gear into your rig?
Yeah, I think we can handel that.
What the hell you talking about?
Ever use a dog whistle?
Yeah, when I was a kid, I
sent away for one onetime.
Well it's like that.
Any earthquake or volcanic
activity is always preceded
by a change in the earth's
electromagnetic field.
The animals feel this change
and they become disoriented.
That's why the quail were flying so high.
It's all interconnected...
mountains, men, volcanoes everything.
Well you know there's a legend
here that a long time ago
two indians got into a fight over a squaw.
Got to throwing rock and fire
across the Columbia River.
Well the gods got tired of that and
changed the indians into mountains.
One of the warriors into Mount Hood...
The other one into Mount Adams...
Well the squaw, she became
Mount Saint Helens.
I like that.
So whats your guess about
this mount of ours, Jackson
I don't have one.
But if she goes... I want to be there.
Hell sheriff relax.
Volcano's are like people every
now and then they have to burp.
Relieve the pressure.
They burp.
Come on.
Lets get on the right frequency.
Got it. Every print a masterpiece.
Jackson your brilliant.
Nobody hears you talking
when you don't have nothing to say
sometimes losing ain't losing after all
sometimes the climb is worth the fall
sometimes losing ain't losing after all
sometimes the climb is worth the fall
Shawn been watching him a long time.
Okay, this guy goes duck hunting, right
and he brings the ducks over to his wife...
Sheriff do you mind if I sit down.
Na, go on ahead.
This is my wife Patty Jean and
a friend of ours Linda Steel.
This is David Jackson the geology
fella I was telling you about.
Do you come to prefer the inn Mr. Jackson?
Well it sure beats living
in the snow all day.
Well is that what geologist have to do?
Only the stubborn ones I'm afraid.
Hay Cindy, could we have a couple
more pitcher over here please.
Have you been around these parts before?
I've done some exploration further South.
Are you from here?
Washed up here about nine years ago.
I know theirs one hiding in here somewhere.
Those things are gonna kill you.
I know. I'll quit tomorrow.
I'll get um. Where's the machine?
Its back there.
You didn't tell me he was cute.
Well I didn't think he was.
Well don't you think he's cute, Lynn?
Yeah, a little too serious for me though.
But he does have sexy green eyes.
Well you girls feel free to
talk dirty while I'm gone
cause I don't want to hear it when
I come back. You know what I mean.
Well you boys don't even care what kind
of scum you hang out with, do you?
This guy drop any logs on you yet?
Aw well, it don't matter he ain't gonna
be around that much longer anyway.
You keep messing with me and I'm gonna
kick your butt so far between your
shoulder blades, your gonna have to
stand on your head to go to the john.
I'm at you.
I understand your gonna be doing
some work on the mountain.
That's right.
My name's Clyde Whittaker.
I own this inn and half a dozen
logging operations in the area.
What kind of work do you think
your going to be doing?
Just setting up some
interments to record the
amount of volcanic
activity in the area.
Volcanic activity.
- Yeah.
- Well hell I've lived
around these parts all my life.
We've never had anything like that.
I guess that's what well find out then.
Now just hold on..Just...
It's just that it's just a sensitive issue.
I mean theirs an awful lot
of tourism in these parts.
How many people do you think are gonna
want to pitch their tents on a volcano?
Only take one wrong word and this
place is gonna turn into a ghost town.
Mister either you have a live
volcano or you have a dead one,
but your not gonna find out quick by
keeping your eye on the cash register.
Old Clyde don't like to
listen to that kind of talk.
I never knew an old Clyde that did.
- Wanna dance?
- Sure.
This guy's talking about volcanoes.
...used to be to hot to hold
but now now there's no fire
cause you've lost desire
you've gone cold
so I'll be leaving peaceably
I'd hate to do eternity
in the hell I've known
cause I ain't much for misery and
you don't take me seriously
it sure it gets old
one man's heaven is another man's hell
takes me a while to see
let's go home honey, I'm a little drunk
but you might as well go with me
that man's heaven
cause you sure are hell to me
you drive.
Sure are hell to me
You know, people here quit
dancing when the music stops.
Wouldn't want to break the local custom.
Where the hell is the damn water pressure!
Place shot to hell.
How you doing there duck? Warm enough?
Looks a little black around the wings.
Let's see what Edie says about a
duck being black around the wings.
"Baste duck every 20
minutes in cherry sauce."
Cherry sauce.
Dammit Edie, how am I gonna baste
the duck in cherry sauce?
I'm all out of cherry sauce.
Looks like I gotta make a load of sauce.
If I had some cherry's I
could make a load of sauce.
What are you gonna do? The least
you could do is set the table.
So how 'bout you, any loves in your life?
I'm afraid I have been accused
of only relating to mountains.
Well my marriage only
lasted a couple of weeks
I thought it was gonna last forever but
the guy left and I never saw him again
and a month later I found
out I was pregnant.
- Boy or girl?
- Boy.
You know sometimes you do the
right thing even when your crazy.
I saw this picture of
this beautiful mountain
it looked so cool and far away
I just packed up my bags and left.
Chad was born here.
Least there's one thing I
never regretted doing.
Your right. mountain country
is a great place to raise kids.
Yeah, sure is.
Would you like some coffee?
Thanks Jenny, I'll call you in
the morning about tomorrow.
OK, bye Chad.
I'm gonna make some coffee
Chad and your gonna go to bed.
Aw mom, let me finish this program.
See those lizards Chad?
Their the only lizards in
the world that can swim.
How do you know?
Cause that the Galapagos
Islands and I've been there.
They have giant turtles there too.
I know, I rode one once.
He didn't like it much.
Gee, I'd like to go there someday.
- Go to bed Chad.
- Aw, mom.
Move it. Now.
- 'Night mom.
- Good night Chad.
Good night David.
- Don't forget to brush your teeth.
- Those turtles live to be a hundred years old.
- Nice kid.
- Yeah, I know.
Why don't we take 'em now?
Shut up Curry, this is my party. He
gonna pay for dropping that log.
Looks like a good a place as any.
You take the passengers side.
I'm realty gonna enjoy this.
He won't drop anymore logs.
Where is that chopper jockey?
Well, I guess I'll just have to
bust up his gall dang car then.
How's that!
Ain't no place you can go except up here.
All right you go over that way.
You go down there.
We'll get that apple mocker.
George, right here. Come on.
George? What?
To your left.
Lets go man.
Hay! Whats going on here?
This is private business. Get out of here.
Hay, I owe you one man.
Otis Kaylor.
David Jackson.
You do this sort of thing every morning?
Only on Tuesday and Thursday.
Monday and Wednesday I go to the gym.
What the hell was that?
A 4.5 on the richter scale
5 maybe 6 miles away.
- Felt like it was right here to me.
- Yeah.
Hay, your that volcano dude, ain't you.
Tell me something man.
Is that thing gonna blow?
I don't know for sure but she's
sure trying to tell us something.
We've been recording
oscillations all morning.
Minor quakes, 4.5.
No. No harmonic tremors at present
but these quakes are continues.
Well, it might look like that from
bolder Lloyd, but not from here.
We just had an avalanche on the north face
I would recommend that you
call the governor.
In preparations to be made
for a possible evacuation.
I said possible evacuation
Lloyd, for Christ's sake!
Gimme a break.
Yeah Lloyd.
No, I don't want to unduly
alarm anyone either.
Sheriff right here.
He'll take care of the local level.
I'll keep you posted.
I don't understand it.
One minute you arrive your
talking about volcano's burping
the next minute your
planing an evacuation.
Now what the hell is going on?
Jesus Wayne, I'm not planning an
evacuation I just want to be prepared.
That's all.
What is it you wanted me to do?
Is there anybody who
can provide us with
accurate information
as to who is working,
living, vacationing in this area
in case they have
to be evacuated.
Yeah, Harry Truman would know that.
He knows everything.
But he's not the easiest guy
in the world to talk to.
I don't care about that. Can
you get us together with him.
Yeah sure.
- Now listen Jackson.
- I don't know about richter scales
or harmonic tremors but I've
lived here all my life
and I know these people.
You can't shove them around
like pieces on a checkerboard
without giving them good reason.
Now is that damn mountain
gonna blow or not?
In 1883 there was a volcano
in the pacific call Krakatoa.
They heard the noise 2000 miles away.
33,000 people died.
That's what a volcano does.
You can worship them or you can
get the hell out of the way.
But you'd better not ignore them.
Call you later?
You see,
Saint Helens is just one
of a great circle of volcanoes
that go all the way
around the pacific ocean.
David, do you ever think about
anything besides volcanoes?
Have you ever seen the Wizard of Oz?
It's one of the first movie so I ever saw.
I think I was about six.
I was fascinated by the tornado.
Do you remember it?
It scared me but
I'm frightened of
a thunderstorm.
I kept dreaming
that the tornado was coming after me.
It was gonna take me up inside
where everything was swirling.
And I'd go higher and higher
until finally,
I could see right down inside of it.
Right into its eye.
I'm not so sure I'd like
for you to do that.
Is that your are freaking truck?
Yeah, that's my truck. Why?
What's it doing out in the middle
of the road blocking traffic.
What traffic?
Me asshole, I'm the traffic.
Now move your damn truck.
Now you've got enough room?
No I ain't got enough room.
This is a big car.
Now you gotta move your truck.
What do you mean I gotta move my truck
any idiot could drive through there.
Listen you hippie prick.
Only an idiot would park his
truck in the middle of the road.
What are you on drugs are something?
Now move your truck or I'll run you down.
Jesus Christ.
Geriatric idiot.
Old fool.
I'll move that truck.
Doggone it!
- Hi, Linda.
- Hi.
How ya' doing.
How's that son of yours.
He's fine.
Tell them I'm going to
come by one of these days
- and take him fishing.
- All right.
You with him?
- Uh-huh.
- He got to far over.
He's gonna have to get some
wood or something to put
under that back wheel if he
wants to get any traction.
Who the hell was that?
That was Harry Truman kiddo.
At 12:36 this afternoon.
Mount St. Helens became the first active
volcano on the North American continent
in over 60 years.
In Southern Washington
residents were startled
by the force of the
window rattling blast.
And in Portland
people witnessed a
spectacular view
of the eruption.
A deep crater, 1000 yards long,
120 yards wide and 50 feet deep
was ripped out of the north
face of the summit.
Washington state authorities
report that the
explosion has caused a
massive traffic jam
on the major highways in
southeastern Washington
as people tried to get a
good view of the volcano.
And Lloyd Wagner, head of the.
U.S. Geological Survey on
his way to the mountain.
Says today enough sophisticated
equipment now is in place
to provide adequate warnings
of any major eruption.
You say something to me
on the phone about law
enforcement authorities
taking care of things.
I didn't pass a single
cop on the way up here.
Every freaking highway north from
Vancouver is clogged with traffic.
What the hell do those stupid bumpkins
think they're going to see any way.
Nice to see you too, Lloyd.
Don't you get smart with me, Jackson.
Every time you show up
someplace there's chaos.
Well now I'm in charge of
monitoring this mountain.
Whether you like it or not.
We're gonna have some order around here.
You do understand, huh David?
Well yeah Lloyd.
I've never had any trouble
understanding you.
Don't go up there empty handed.
Mr. Wagner sir.
Could you answer a couple of questions sir.
Sir, can you please one second
Think there's more like
him out there Harry?
Oh sure.
Maybe not as big.
Grab the pole.
Come on son.
I've got something to show you.
Start her up.
That's good. Now release the break.
Now put her in drive.
OK, go.
- She's awful big Harry.
- Never mind big, just steer it.
Does she go fast?
Like the wind.
Me and the wife used to drive her
100 Miles an hour every night.
All right take it easy, easy.
What if I crash her, Harry?
If you crash her I'll feed you to my dog.
Take her a couple of days
to to finish you up.
All right, hold it!
Did ya' ever ride a turtle Harry?
Can't say's I have.
Well they live on the
Galapagos Islands.
That's funny I don't get over
that way like I used to.
Turtles, huh?
I got something for you.
Not a turtle mind you.
Don't drive off.
What's his name?
I don't know, he's your puppy.
Well maybe I could call him Harry.
Yeah, you could do that.
Captain George Vancouver saw this peak as
he sailed his ship up the Columbia River.
On may 19, 1792.
He named it Mount Saint Helens
excuse me would you mind not
going quite so fast.
Sure man sure.
He named it Mount Saint Helens in honor
of the British ambassador to Spain
Can you see it down here?
This volcano last erupted 123 years ago.
But no-body was there to see it, like you
gentlemen are seeing it right now.
And so we say goodbye to
beautiful Mount St. Helens.
Jewell of the
wait a moment. Where are we going?
Vancouver man, I gotta get back.
I'm not through taking pictures!
I wanna to go around again.
No I can't do it lady.
I got close to 40 people I
gotta get up here by sundown.
What a rip-off.
Your making $500 bucks a flight.
Woo! Back up you ain't being ripped off.
You get a volcano to
blow up in your back yard
you take me up in your helicopter.
Business is business.
That funny lad, they seem
to be acting up today.
I wonder what the heck
the matter with them?
Lets go feed the chickens.
Whats going on?
Stay away lad.
The roof! The roofs on fire!
- The chickens!
- Don't worry about the chickens!
Dad! Dad are you alright?
Stay back!
It's like the animals knew.
There's nothing we can do.
Back in their theirs three farms.
Can't get there directly.
You gotta go way around.
Take this logging road that comes
in from the northwest. That's open.
Course' you gotta drive very
careful, not lose your temper.
You had more than enough room
to drive around at you know it.
Woo, kinda touchy ain't he Wayne,
this scientists fellow here.
And what about the Duck Bay Area?
Oh, there's just some
gypo loggers in there.
- What's that?
- Independent.
Whitaker got a bunch of crews up their.
And there's a bunch of tin caners.
- Tin caners?
- Tin caners.
Foreigners, like yourself.
Dropping tin cans and plastic
bags all over the place
that I gotta pick up.
Who else?
Good elk country in their.
All told, there must be a,
hundred head scattered around.
Now then
you just gonna tell all them folks to
pack up and move on.
I'll handel that Harry.
Oh hell Wayne, let me do it.
Nothing I like better than to
tell somebody to get there
ass or truck of the way.
- I said, I'll take care of it Harry.
- I really appreciate this Harry.
You do huh?
You wanna give me cash or write me a check?
William O. Douglas Supreme Court Justice.
By God you're right that
is William O. Douglas.
You recognize the weird
looking geezer with him?
- Did you know Douglas?
- Oh sure.
Good friend of mine. We even went
on a five day pack trip together.
I'll never forget it. I got so damn drunk
I fell in the fire and burned my ass.
Wasn't that funny Wayne.
My ass was on fire.
Never forget the sight of
Douglas running through
the trees trying to
pour water on my ass.
Then about six weeks later
when he got back to Washington.
He sent me a picture, you how, all
dressed up in his supreme court outfit.
And off the bottom of the picture he wrote,
" Take it easy Harry,
you wont always have William O.
Douglas to watch out for your ass."
All right tell me Professor
wizard are we gonna
all get blowed to to hell or what?
I don't know for sure.
You're gonna have to come down
off the mountain too, Harry.
Bullishit. Who told you that?
No freaking way.
I don't know what's going on here.
I don't know what's going on
we got the Cougarette Marching Band.
Here comes the National Guard.
We got kids playing with balloons.
It looks like Disney Land.
I can't handel this by myself.
Be patient everybody's gonna get served.
Mary Jane I'm sorry but this order wrong.
He wants them over easy.
Give it to somebody else.
I really can't do that. Can you
please just do one over easy.
No Dammit! I'm busy.
Oh, what the hell is going on?
Why don't you watch what you're doing?
We got customers waiting.
Pick this up will you.
You pick this up yourself
because I've had it.
Just take it easy.
No no no. You take it easy.
You try waiting on 25 tables at a time.
And being felt up by every
guy with three beers in him.
25 tips, $1.50 an hour
20 minutes in the line.
And still it won't be
that bad because you
won't have to work for
shithead Whitaker.
So you can take your $4.00
volcano burgers and shove um,
because I quit.
Oh yeah? You're fired!
Aw, you should let her hit him.
I'm sorry, I don't usually
lose my temper like that,
but everything's been so crazy.
I've never seen so many people in my life,
and everybody wants something
and they want it right now.
I know. I thought you were
going to flatten him.
I did come unglued in their didn't I.
It really frys me to
lose control like that.
I hate it! I can't stand it!
Are you all right?
Will you come home with me?
I want you to hold me.
Sargent Ferguson.
Check all the back roads
and check for stragglers
and make sure those kids stay together.
This is Sheriff Temple
down here at the Turret.
Make sure highway 607 is all clear.
We should be out of here in 20
- 30 minutes.
Get that vehicle out of here!
Get that jeep going.
Is the volcano gonna blow up?
Hold it.
Who the hell are you?
I'm gonna use your bathroom.
That's an official sign. I don't
want anybody on my porch.
That includes those steps.
Wanna go to the john,
you gotta get in line.
That's ridiculous.
It ain't as ridiculous
as what I'm looking at.
You should have better
facilities for your visitors.
These are totally inadequate.
If you feel that way about it
you can head out to the trees
and point your ass as you please.
It'll bring out the bear in you.
I hope he got's hemorrhoids.
Matt, how long are we going
to have to stay away?
I don't know.
But we have to be back in a
week or the animals will die.
Oh boy, now what.
- Here you are sir.
- What is this?
Wait a minute, what is this?
Its instructions for evacuation sir.
"In case of volcanic eruption, move
away from the explosion not towards it."
What a brilliant piece of advice.
Presumably some young
sociologists has been given a
tremendous amount of money
to come up with this idea.
Or did you write it?
- No sir I didn't write it.
- Victor?
Can this man do something
to help us or not?
Excuse me.
- Take it easy.
- Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
This is a red zone by
order of the governor.
You are requested to leave immediately.
Take interstate 5 South.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Where the hell you going.
Hold it, hold it!
Were you going you crazy old bum?
I'm going home and holy
shit ain't gonna stop me.
You're not going anywhere except
back to where you came from.
Look, I don't know who gave you
a license to drive this thing
but if you're not careful mister, I'm
gonna have you hauled out of here.
Who the hell are you?
Lloyd Wagner,
Chief of Operations of the U.S.G.S.
- Were you from fella'?
- Minneapolis.
Well let me tell you something
Mr. Lloyd Wagner.
In Skamania County we got three chiefs.
And I'm two of them.
Now get the hell out of
my way, I wanna go home.
It's for your own good. I mean,
we can't be responsible.
Don't shit me buddy, I got
a turd in every pocket.
How's it feel to be interviewed
almost every day Harry?
Well I'll tell you something
I do like talking to you people better,
when you're not sticking things in my face.
Oh come on Harry, who do
you think you're fooling,
You know you love the attention.
The whole world's watching you.
Don't mean shit to me.
No seriously, I'll tell you something
you can sit out here sometimes,
in the middle of the afternoon
it's so peaceful and quiet
you can hear chainsaws 50 miles away.
Clear as a bell.
Then sometimes the wind starts
blowing the tops of trees.
It comes in gusts
you can hear it coming...
Then all of a sudden, right over you.
And then it's gone.
Don't you ever get lonely Harry?
Yeah I did, for a bit I think
after Edie died.
But it's better to be lonely
up here I'll tell you that.
I've been in cities.
I've seen that rat race.
You stay up here awhile,
then you lay eyes on a city
you wonder how we survived this long.
Yes sir, this country was founded
by people to stubborn to do
exactly what some crazy king told them.
- No offense intended.
- None taken Harry.
Yeah, we're the only country in the world
that's got a constitution that...
say, we have every right to do
what we want to do.
Used to be people were proud
to say they were Americans.
That's right.
I'm sorry Mr. Whitaker,
but your plant is situated
in a very dangerous area.
Listen, I've got a
responsibility to my workers.
That's over 100 men.
How in the hell are they going
to support their families
when they have to stop working.
Well how are they going
to support their families
if the volcano erupts
and they're killed.
That is panicked talk.
Nobody's gonna be killed.
You're gonna have to
stop work and your men
are gonna have to move
out of the red zone.
You can close down and
move out voluntarily...
or the National Guard will do it for you.
I think you better get out of here.
Think about it Whitaker,
one way or the other.
All right whataya say,
let's get back to work.
Colonel, there's someone
coming up to see you.
They just let them
through the barrier.
Dr. Lucius Romarantin.
Founder and pastor of the Holy Church
Of Dark Arts. Rollie, North Carolina.
I understand the great
god Vulcan has chosen to
make an appearance in
this half of the world.
Am I correct gentlemen?
Gentlemen... there is a
volcano in the area,
Mount St. Helens I believe?
Yes, that's right.
Well I believe I found a way to
appease the great god Vulcan.
How you gonna do that?
You will be our holy escort
to the top of the mountain.
Now... you will escort Pamela and myself
she's 15 years old and a virgin.
After a brief ceremony on the
top of that fiery inferno
she will hurl herself into the jaws
of that treacherous heathen fire
and thereby appease the
great god Vulcan.
The mountain will not erupt,
and your people will be saved.
What do you feel about this Pamela?
Whatever the doctor says.
Well, doctor...
I don't want you to think were not grateful
you coming all the way from Rollie and all
but we'd like to try a couple
of other things first.
Maybe we could hold you in reserve.
And if we do get to sacrificing I
think we'd like to use a local girl.
Don't say I never gave you a chance.
I don't even know if she'll
be a virgin tomorrow.
It's all right honey there's
probably another volcano for you.
You don't really believe
in that stuff do you?
Course I do. This is a science.
Thousands of years of
research has gone into this.
You see these three lines right here?
This is your heart and this is your
mead and this is your lifeline.
Boy, have you got a long life line
I do, huh?
Yeah, and you see the break right here.
- Yeah
- That's how many children you're gonna have.
Oh yeah, how many?
Six, seven.
Sorry about you and Whitaker hun.
Oh well, it's no big deal,
it's not the end of the world.
I didn't expect you to come back here.
There's no other place in 'Coover to go.
Hey look, it's Harry.
what's safe?
What's safe today?
Well reports from the U.S.
Geological Survey indicates
Listen I ain't coming
down off this mountain
I don't give a damn what anybody says.
The Governor, The President Of United
States, even The King of England.
As a matter of fact we have
a queen at the moment.
That's your problem.
Do you have to keep sticking
that thing up my nose?
Did you see the expression
of that reporters face?
So you're saying that people
should decide for themselves?
I'm saying what I said but
I ain't say it again.
- Hooray - woo - yeah.
- Yeah - that's really nice Harry
this is Murray Saint Clair ?
What's the matter?
I can't believe they put
that on television.
Don't they realize
people see that and they
say " Right on Harry."
"You tell 'em Harry", "We won't
come off the mountain either."
Dammit they have No Idea
What They're Dealing With!
Relax, it's OK.
You're thinking of the pope.
The state of emergency was
declared in Washington today
as smoke and ash continued
to spew from Saint Helens.
By order of the governor a
red zone and a blue zone
have been created in the
area around the mountain
which scientists feel is in
the most immediate danger.
In the small town of Cougar
12 Miles to the South
it has been closed by the National
Guard roadblocks to all but residents.
Merchants and shopkeepers
protested the action
which sent a booming volcano business
plummeting when the town was cut off.
Well despite this action the U.S. Geological
Survey and the U.S. Forest Service.
Issued a joint statement today that quote.
"All observations imply
there is no indication
that a major eruption of molten rock will
occur at any time in the near future".
You're the one that put these
barriers here. On whose authority.
On the authority of the governor
of the state of Washington.
You cut me off Dammit!
Look at all those people,
you cut them off!
You've cut of Cougar!
There isn't a tourist
within 1000 Miles. Right?
Like you said, " Who would want to pitch
his tent on the side of a volcano?"
I want these barriers move now.
Can't do that.
By the way I understand you're logging
up the north fork of the Tutal.
The crew will be moved out
by me within 24 hours.
We'll see about that.
If nobody can get in this
town, I can't make any money.
And if this keeps up, I'll
be bankrupt in two months.
All rights, all rights. Simmer down.
Quiet down will 'ya.
As you know there is a question as to where
the barriers are placed in this area.
Now I talk to the governor's office
today, we came to an agreement.
The governor has delegated the
authority to Mr. Lloyd Wagner
to determine where the
barriers are to be placed.
Mr. Wagner has determined, that Cougar
should be open to tourists again.
All right but what about the logging?!
What about the dang farming?!
Hold on with you. Now
just hold your horses.
I also talk to the attorney general today.
Pretty busy, huh Clyde.
What I'm saying is, all
the residents, all the
workers in this area, you
can go into the red zones
provided you sign a simple
little legal waiver
which absolve the state
of any responsibilities.
So we're in business!
Now wait a minute. Wait a minute.
Before you sign those waivers,
- I think you have a right to know...
- Mr... Mr. Jackson.
- I'm sure nobody's interested in...
- Whitaker!
You've been yacking all
day long, let him talk.
I wanna hear what he has to say.
I don't think you have any idea what
you're getting these people into.
Mr. Wagner knows.
You know what would happen
if mount St. Helens...
Had a major eruption...
And you were standing anywhere near it?
You'd melt.
You'd liquify.
In the blink of an eye, 1600 fahrenheit.
That fast.
No hair, no eyes, no flesh.
You're a puddle.
Now let's say you're standing
five or six miles away from it.
You think you're gonna be any safer there?
You'll be just as dead.
Only it will be slower...
First the sky will go black...
You'll start to gag, choke...
Because there's so much boiling ash
in the air it burns out your lungs.
Don't worry about the logging.
There won't be any.
Trees will be flatten for miles.
Laid out like toothpicks.
Fried in the heat.
The fish at Spirit Lake will be boiled
alive in the water their swimming in.
You'll never see them
again in your lifetime.
You won't wanna even look at this land.
It will be worse than the
surface of the moon.
Don't worry...
You sign these waivers...
You'll go back to your homes and your jobs
because chances are you won't be
around to see anything anyway.
You've no right to talk to them like that.
It's irresponsible.
Way out of line.
Ladies and gentlemen
there is absolutely no conclusive proof
that there will be a major eruption.
No matter what Mr. Jackson
has to say about it!
Is there David?
No Lloyd, not yet there isn't.
Since there's no definite proof I think
we can trust Mr. Wagner's assessment
and let calmer heads prevail.
I have waivers for everyone to sign. So
come on up here. Let's sign these things.
- All right. - I need one.- Excuse me.
- Just give me that piece of paper.
Harry, I have a special one just for you.
I don't have to sign nothing.
Now wait a minute, I
thought you were staying.
You look at too much TV Clyde.
How you doing there Professor wizard?
Not too good Harry.
Don't worry about it.
I liked your speech.
Sure as hell gave them
something to think about.
You melt huh?
That's right Harry, that's what happens.
No shit.
Hell of a way to go.
Give me one of those forms.
Wasn't very successful was I?
You told them the truth.
You put yourself on the line and
told them exactly how it was.
I thought it was wonderful.
I love you.
Aw, you don't really love me.
You just overwhelmed by
my fantastic ability to
get large groups of people
to follow my advice.
Don't joke.
You affected some people in their today.
You affected me the very first
time I laid my eyes on you.
- Linda, the whole...
- Just let me finish.
You know, before I met you
I didn't think that I would ever
want to be with a man again.
I just wanted to go someplace
quite and work and raise Chad.
But I don't feel that way anymore.
Whatever happens I just
want you to know that.
- He's inside!
- I'll get him!
Here's the doorway. Both of you, come here!
Hang on honey, it's gonna be alright.
Now as you can see these photographs
there's a bulge that has appeared
on the north face of the mountain
it's the most serious potential hazard
that we've encountered so far
our primary concern is that this
bulge with overextended itself.
and shear off during an earthquake.
As you know we have been
averaging 33 earthquakes a day
for the last week and a half.
Excuse me Mr. Wagner
but wouldn't a bulge expanding
at such a rapid rate
suggests that there's
going to be an eruption.
Well, it could be molten rock pushing
up inside the cone of the crater.
And if that was the case, then the
answer to your question would be yes.
However it is my opinion
that it's insignificant.
It's strictly a gravity anomaly.
I have some photographs here taken by NASA.
They show where the mountain is hot.
So far... we don't have
any conclusive data.
Is there any way to find out if
there's going to be an eruption?
Short of going down inside the volcanoes
crater and taking samples, no.
I don't think anybody's
crazy enough to do that.
Are you sure you know what
in the hell you doing?
I know what I'm doing, just fly.
Suppose this damn thing
blows right up our ass.
Just think of it as war, Otis.
It'll all come back to you.
Biggest damn button bell I ever flew down.
Well I'll tell ya' if she gos off...
You wont feel a thing.
Hold on to your balls man, here we go.
Your looking right down into
the center of the earth Otis.
There . As close as you can get.
Hurry back man.
Come on!
Come on climb!
Let's get the hell out of here!
Were evacuating now governor.
Theirs no longer any doubt.
One of my men went down inside the creator
and took some samples of volcanic gas.
The presence of hydrogen sulfide indicates
that magma is rising inside the volcano.
No he's here with me right now.
I'll tell him that your grateful.
Thank you governor.
What you did...
Was the most unbelievably
reckless and irresponsible
act that I've encountered in
my whole professional career.
This stunt even beats the one
you pulled of in Alaska.
You'd-a'-been gone if I hadn't
yanked you off that mountain.
What about those barriers
you wanted to have moved?
What about those waivers you'd
advised people to sign?
I advised no one to sign anything David.
Because you've become a politician Lloyd.
You risked the life of every
single person in this
community with your damn crock
of shit at that meeting.
You knew the bulge was growing
5 feet a day. But you
didn't say anything.
So don't talk to me about irresponsibility.
As far as I'm concerned I have
a chance of a lifetime here
to watch a dormant
volcano awaken.
And that's exactly what I'm gonna do.
I wanna watch it. All of it.
Because I'm a scientist Lloyd.
I really don't know what you are.
It's getting to be that time Harry.
What time is that Wayne?
Time to get off this mountain before she
blows. Time to get the hell out of here.
C'mon Wayne you're gettin'
to sound like the Professor.
Besides you know me better than that.
Dammit Harry if you don't
pack up right now I'm going
to throw your ass in the back of that rig.
You got that?
You and who else?
Oh shit Harry, why don't you come
staying with Patty Jean and me.
Till this thing calms down.
You know I can't do that Wayne.
I buried my wife and daughter up here.
Besides I gotta stay here
and take care of my dog.
Yeah, I guess you do.
Take care Harry.
You know what the problem is?
Like I told you before it's
all those damn aerosol cans.
Some of the killer rays from the sun got
through, drove everybody crazy for a while.
C'mon girl.
Time for you and me to put on the feed bag.
Come on we're having people food tonight.
Let me give you a hand with that.
C'mon I'm going to let you
take a look at my machine.
You've been wanting to take a ride.
Well you're gonna get one
this morning buddy.
I don't wanna go. I want
to stay here with you.
It's not gonna be for long.
A week, maybe less.
That's right, yeah.
I have a job to do.
And when I finish
I'll be coming straight to you.
You know that don't you.
What if something happens, what if
you don't come off the mountain.
- I mean I would...
- Nothing's gonna happen
I had a long life line remember?
I love you so much.
And I love you too.
I always will.
It's for you Chad.
Now you take care of your mom you hear.
And if you ready want to ride those
turtles there's nothing stopping you.
Thanks Otis, take care of yourself.
Stay cool man.
C'mon George you can do it.
Well if you were on the
mountain that just got blasted
and you're lucky enough to survive
come on in sit down again
hell it's great being alive.
Really it's blasted on the mountain
blasted on the mountain
come on in sit down and have a beer
way back when people calling you
to go out and get blown away
come on in and get
blown away right here
How's it going Professor?
Don't you have a home to go to?
Nope. Here Harry, this is for you.
God bless you.
Nectar of the gods.
How'd you know I had a cold?
We drink to Edie.
Who's Edie?
Didn't I never tell you about Edie.
Edie was the most beautiful
woman God ever created.
Everybody around here knew Edie.
We had 24 years.
Not bad.
She's the one I bought the pink caddy for.
God how she loved them gold wheels.
Can you imagine, some guy offered me
seven grand for that, after she died.
I ain't never gonna sell her.
Jesus, I just realized something.
I ain't played the piano for
anybody since Edie died.
Did you know I played the bagpipe Harry?
Haven't got them with ya' have ya'?
- No.
- Good.
I hate the bagpipe.
Sounds like pigs being murdered.
You know Dave,
that mountain gonna blow it's cork anytime.
I know it is.
I think I knew it from the beginning.
How come you can feel it so
good and you just got here?
Seems like I've been here a long time.
How come you staying? Knowing what you do.
Same reason you are Harry.
Not really Professor.
I'm gonna level with ya'.
You know I got an awful
lot of fans out there.
I kinda enjoy all the
attention I'm getting.
Where would I go anyway?
Come on Harry.
No it ain't the same Dave
I've been and I've done.
Went to war, lived with a woman.
I've seen a lot of times.
But yours is still ahead of ya'.
A lot of promise too.
Your not gonna pull me
off this damn mountain.
This ones mine.
I wanna be there.
I cant explain it any better.
To me...
The worse thing that could happen would be.
At the moment when I...
felt my life slipping from me...
The last thought I'd have would be.
Oh God, if I'd only done
this, if I'd only done that.
I think that's the same no
matter how old you get.
Don't you?
But your gonna be dead
for a long long time.
Maybe not.
Nobody really knows the answer
to that one. Do they Harry.
Maybe we just keep coming
back over and over again.
Till we finally get it right.
Well it's, sure something to sleep on.
Gotta get going.
Wanna take a couple of pictures
of the mountain in the morning.
Ah, Dave...
Your more than welcome to
stay here if you want.
Thanks Harry. I'd like that.
Your suppose to be here at 6:00!
Not 20 of 7:00!
Time is money!
You waist anymore of ether
and your out on your ass!
You understand that!
Go on get to work.
That ought to do it.
That'll just make more smoke.
Come on let's go up on the ridge.
Hunny, no I'm sleeping.
Vancouver! Vancouver!
This is it!
Dear God.
Oh, dear God.
I'm walking towards the
only light I can see.
I can feel the ash now.
My eyes.
It's getting very difficult to breath.
It burns.
At this very moment I... I
honest to God, believe I'm dead.
...Believe among the missing.
We do know that Harry Truman was
at his lodge at spirit lake.
Which was obliterated by the explosion.
And that David Jackson the
young geologist from Boulder
was monitoring interments on the north
face of the mountain when it exploded.
On the international seen
the price of gold...
"The worse thing that
could happen would be."
"At the moment when I... felt
my life slipping from me..."
"The last thought I'd have would be."
"Oh God, if I'd only done
this, if I'd only done that."
"You know you can sit out here sometimes,
in the middle of the afternoon"
"it's so peaceful and quiet"
"you can hear chainsaws 50 Miles away.
Clear as a bell."
"And then sometimes the wind starts
blowing the tops of trees."
"It comes in gusts you
can hear it coming..."
"And all of a sudden, right over you.
And then it's gone."
The eruption of Mount
St. Helens was equivalent
to the explosive power
of 500 atomic bombs.
It was heard over 300 Miles away.
More than a cubic mile was instantly
blasted from the top of the mountain.
That's over a ton of rock for
every person on this earth.
Enough dust and ash to cover
all of Manhattan Island
to a depth of 400 feet.
The blasts flattened 200
square miles of forest.
Over 175,000 animals were killed
59 people are dead.
According to scientists, Mount St. Helens
could erupt again at any time.
He told us he would never
leave the mountain
no matter what he
did he wouldn't go
some folks think he's crazy
but how can you blame him
because they couldn't
force him from his home
he said, I'm living here
the best years of my life
and I can't throw
those memories away
the lord's been good to me
so has the mountain
I settled here so this
is where I'll stay
here's to you Harry Truman
they can't talk
to into moving
you're not going to leave
your mountain home behind
here's to you Harry Truman
you've shown the pride
of a great human
if the mountain go's so I
this is where I live
and where choose to die
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Here's to you Harry Truman
they can't talk
you into moving
you're not gonna leave
your mountain home behind
here's to you Harry Truman
you show the pride
of a great human
if the mounting goes so do I
this is where I live and
where choose to die
If Matthew goes by golly so do I.
This is where I live and
where choose to die