Stacy (2001) Movie Script

Hey, when's Kana gonna wake up?
Don't you know anything?
When a prince comes
and kisses her, bonehead.
We know that, but when?
How would I know?
When she becomes an adult.
Know when that is?
When she turns 20 years old.
Kana's only 16, so he won't be
coming for a long time yet.
Kana, thank you
for taking care of my kids.
I know they can be a pain in the neck.
Did you finish shopping, Mom?
You get us any treats?
I want chips!
I want popcorn!
Kana, stop!
The beginning of the 21 st century.
Young girls aged 15 to 17...
began dying one after another,
all over the world.
Even more surprisingly...
the dead girls began
to reawaken as zombies.
I don't know who coined the term...
but they began to call
the zombies "Stacies. "
The term was used around the world...
and was even listed in dictionaries.
Girls on the verge of death exhibit
the tendency to become manic.
In other words, they attain
a pre-death state ofhappiness.
NDH, or "Near Death Happiness. "
Present on the skin of these Stacies
is a pale blue, powdery substance.
This is known as
"Butterfly Twinkle Powder, "or BTP.
"Inugami Kiyosuke Doctor of Brain Physiology"
This powder sometimes phosphoresces.
Yes, I understand that, Doctor.
But why on earth is this happening?
What's the cause?
On the one hand...
some people say the experiments
carried out by the WHO and yourself...
are an attempt to name
an unknown phenomena.
You pretend to understand the symptoms.
What's your response?
Well, as for the cause...
And one more thing.
Repeat kills.
According to your reports...
To carry out a repeat kill...
you must dissect the body of a Stacy
into 165 pieces.
What reason do you give for that?
I've actually done it.
You have?
They die when they are cut into pieces.
The bodies twitch for about
two hours after death.
It's quite annoying.
But if you cut them into 165 pieces...
Are you saying that a reputable person
such as yourself, a Nobel prize winner...
is hacking these young girls
into pieces?
Fool! This is an experiment!
A scientific test!
From a medical, physiological...
religious and literal point of view,
these zombies are...
nothing more than corpses!
How can an idiot like yourself,
who knows nothing about science...
dare to tell me off!
The impudence!
I'll show you!
BACK IN A MOMEN It's like the apocalypse.
"Romero Repeat Kill Troops" Want You.!
Men, take up your arms.!
Kill your own daughters.!
And we'll take care of ours.!
Romero Repeat Kill Troops.
Sanctioned by the UN
to repeat kill Stacies.
We recruited across the nation
from among retired police officers...
and self-defense personnel.
The "Stacy Law"has now been passed.
I heard they might make it mandatory
to join the Romero Troops.
That's conscription!
I tell you, the apocalypse is coming.
This is a new century!
You will be international officials.!
Realize your true potential
through repeat kills.!
I'd better get going.
Oh, yeah?
Shibukawa and Matsui,
are you really gonna stay here?
We don't have anywhere else to go.
And I can't think of
anything else to do.
I'll think some more about it
after I've finished making this puppet.
But nobody's gonna come
to a puppet show in times like these.
You've got a point.
"Dear brother, how are you?
I'm doing great."
Knock it off, Natsumi.
It's no big deal!
Why so embarrassed?
I'll give you a copy. Why not send it
to this "brother" you love?
Great idea!
You've gotta introduce me
to this brother of yours.
Yeah, me too!
I'll snag me a hot boyfriend!
You've already got
a boyfriend, Natsumi.
Over here. I'll take a shot.
Say "cheese"!
How many years have passed?
It was before all this started,
so it must be ten years ago.
Do you remember?
The string of murders of junior high
and high school students?
Yeah, so?
These days men are exhausted,
their eyes dark and gloomy.
The only beautiful people left are
the girls who are about to become Stacies.
The ones affiected with
Near Death Happiness.
The girls are beautiful
and full of smiles.
The population of the world,
once more than six billion...
has declined sharply
due to girls turning into Stacies...
as well as murders by the Stacies.
Not to mention riots and conflict
caused by social unrest.
World population has been halved
in just a few short years.
Birth rates continue to decline...
and are approaching
zero growth rate in some countries.
The human race faces an ordeal
unlike any it has seen before.
Hey, what are you doing?
Stacy garbage is collected
only on Friday.
Why didn't you call Romero?
It isn't good for
my young child's upbringing.
That crap reeks!
Shut up, you old bag!
I've just killed my girlfriend.
I don't care
if it's on Friday or Sunday.
Get off my case,
or I'll do this to you, too!
Nakanoi Kozo, executive
of a pharmaceutical company...
was arrested under
the Pharmaceutical Affiairs Law.
He allegedly was selling
the medicine Steranine...
which may prevent young girls
from becoming zombies.
Steranine contains
a growth-control hormone...
that has not yet
been approved in Japan.
He's gone too.
Isn't this neat?
It sounds beautiful,
but it's a bit sad, huh?
That's why I like it.
You can buy wind chimes
even when it isn't summer, you know.
This puppet is like my wind chimes.
It's beautiful but it looks sad.
My name is Eiko.
My name is written with
the character for "eternity."
Hi, I'm Shibukawa.
I'll call you Shibu-san.
Shibu-san, could you repeat kill me?
I'm gonna die in about a week.
Then I'll become a Stacy.
So I'll give you the right
to repeat kill me.
I'm speechless.
This is kind of sudden.
The weather's so nice today.
I decided to find someone
who would agree to repeat kill me.
Shibu-san, I can tell
you're very concerned...
about what people think of you.
That's why you pretend not to be
interested in other people...
and you make so many puppets.
You're like me.
You never sleep well
with someone at your side, do you?
I understand how you feel.
So I'll make you sleep comfortably.
At my side you'll sleep in peace.
That is the one thing
I'll do for you...
before I become a Stacy.
What you can do for me
is promise to repeat kill me.
You're talking nonsense, Eiko.
You can sleep well...
only when you're with me.
Your laugh changed.
This way is prettier, isn't it?
Today we introduce
our newest chainsaw...
Bruce Campbell's Right Hand 2.
In case your daughter becomes a Stacy
or you suddenly run into one.
This is our mission at Inugami
Institute of Corpse Resuscitation...
formerly Riruka Women's Art School.
Any questions?
This is our featured product today.
How do you like it, Mr. Otsuki?
Well, I'm trying it out for the first time.
It's very light. I like it.
Yes, Bruce Campbell's Right Hand 2...
is now one pound lighter.
And these are the new colors!
Yes, these are the new colors
of the spring line.
What do you think?
- Cool. It's like pop art.
- Right!
When you're not using it,
it can double as an ornament.
Bruce Campbell's Right Hand 2...
can cut up to three Stacies'bodies
without nicking the metal.
And you can change the blade
very easily.
Bruce Campbell's Right Hand 2
is even easier to use than other models.
With Bruce Campbell's Right Hand 2
you can repeat kill Stacies...
in the kitchen, bathroom or garage.
You can finish the repeat kill quickly.
No more mess.
Let's see what our customers
have to say!
What do you think of it?
If everybody uses these,
we'll be out of work!
I can use it with one hand,
which is a huge advantage.
If you buy Bruce Campbell's
Right Hand 2 today...
you'll also get this carrying bag!
And we'll throw in
this figurine of yours truly!
All for the same low price!
I'd love to have just that figurine!
For your very own figurine,
pick up the phone and dial now.!
We're waiting for your call.!
there are lots of graves in the yard
in front of the building.
They're for our dead troops.
You two are supplemental troops.
Why did they all die?
- Were they killed by Stacies?
- Silence!
Don't ask questions
unless absolutely necessary.
You'll soon find out.
So, which of you used to be
a medical student?
- Me.
- I can't hear you!
At attention!
Matsui, you will guard the doctor
and the facility...
escort the test team
to the facility...
and also dispose of the waste...
with Tokuyama and
the assistant captain, Kasuga.
Arita, you will be my assistant.
Come to my room first.
I hope he doesn't commit suicide
like the guy before him.
Hey! What are you saying to the boss?
- Sis...
- Not "Sis." She's the captain.
This sucks.
I'm the only one that looks ugly.
That's how you really look.
Do you think you're cute?
Of course I do!
I head up the nice-looking section!
Give me a break.
Stop arguing about such stupid stuff.
I hope I can save a million yen soon.
Wait for me, Sorimachi.
Don't get it all mucked up.
Sorimachi's number one
in the entertainment district.
The competition's tough.
A girl named Keiko gave him
a million bucks...
to get Sorimachi to repeat kill her.
Piss me off!
Why don't we pay for our own ammo?
Convenient for you too.
Your nunchaku and sword
don't need ammo.
- Bullets are pricey!
- You waste too many.
Work on your aim.
My swords don't last long.
They get damaged when I cut
through fat and bone.
We've gotta make more profit.
We gotta make a million yen each.
Before it's too late.
REPEAT KILL PAMPHLE Hello? My daughter just died.
Hello, this is Kawasaki City Hall
Sanitation Department.
You have reached the office
of the Romero Repeat Kill Troops.
Office hours are from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m.
Please call back during office hours.
In case of emergency,
please call the Emergency Department.
The number is 4...
Remember, that's the number to call
when you have a dead Stacy.
But I just called that number!
Give me a break!
This is ridiculous.!
I connected with him!
Hello, this is the
Drew Illegal Repeat Kill Troops.
We're very sorry about your daughter.
We pray for the repose of her soul.
Please give us your name and address.
Who the hell are you?
I told you, we're the
Drew Illegal Repeat Kill Troops.
Only boyfriends and families
have the right to kill Stacies.
So this is illegal.
Don't you know anything
about the Stacies Law?
You're a coward who can't
repeat kill your daughter, right?
Let's just leave it at that.
We're not criticizing you.
Let us come and repeat kill her.
We named our troops
after Drew Barrymore.
She's our idol.
Unlike the Romero troops,
we're very fast!
But it'll cost you.
That's right.
Think about it, old man.
The Romeros will come
with their loud sirens blaring.
You should have some consideration
for your neighbors.
How old are you girls?
Sixteen... and two months.
Is that a problem? Now hurry up
and decide what it'll be.
Otherwise your stupid daughter
will become a Stacy...
and chew you to the bone!
Girls of 15 and 16
Become Stacies
Their tits are smoldering on the fire
Their fleshy toes are burning
Hey, bro, you dropped something.
Why don't you stick it
on your dick for a yank?
Get it off!
You're an idiot!
Do you read, Sis?
How long?
How long do we have to do this?
As if I know.
There's no end to it.
We'll end up rotting here
with the hacked-up Stacies.
How come you joined Romero?
No matter.
My sister died.
She became a Stacy.
She devoured some children.
And the Romero troops
"repeat killed"her.
She was my only sibling.
I hear that all the time.
And that's why you joined?
You're hilarious!
Do you remember her?
She's my good friend.
Good luck.
Come off it, Kana.
Uh... Momo?
Starting in the spring...
I'm going to the
Riruka Women's Art School.
It's a women's college,
high in the mountains.
If you wouldn't mind...
do you think
you could be my pen pal?
I guess that'd be okay.
You sure?
Thank goodness.
Even if it's just in my letters...
would you mind
if I called you "brother"?
Once upon a time there was a boy.
He had a favorite toy cat, Mitten,
that he took with him everywhere.
He loved it because his mother
made it before she died.
When he slept, ate or played,
it was always at his side.
They even bathed together.
He loved his cat, which is why
they were always together.
At first "Mitten"the cat
was cute and shiny...
but eventually it grew
old and ragged.
But still the boy wouldn't
get rid ofhis cat Mitten.
Then one day...
after being together all the time,
Mitten's leg fell offi.
So when the boy was away
on a school trip...
his stepmother secretly
threw Mitten away.
When the boy came home,
he was shocked to find Mitten gone.
Mitten! Where are you?
The boy ran outside
looking for Mitten.
He ran and ran until he reached...
a dark and gloomy forest
where all discarded toys ended up.
Where are you?
Mitten, you're all right.
Thank goodness!
Come on, let's go home.
What's wrong? Let's go home.
Your leg is fixed.
I'm so happy for you, Mitten!
Did Mother fix it?
I see. You're with Mother.
Then you aren't lonely.
They found each other again,
so it's over.
Right, Shibu-san?
It's over, right?
Right, Shibu-san?
It doesn't matter that they parted,
because they found each other again.
You're awake, Shibu-san!
That's amazing!
You fell asleep right in front of me!
I thought I'd write my wish
on the paper hanging from the bell.
Then you dropped your head on the desk,
sound asleep!
You were sure sawing logs, I tell you!
You slept for a whole hour!
You fell asleep right in front of me!
Shibu-san, you've really grown up!
What are you talking about?
What's with the outfit?
I found it in the storage room,
so I put it on.
Was that wrong?
No, it's just that you were
wearing that in my dream too.
If I keep writing this thing...
I wonder if Matsui will get mad?
Eiko: "It doesn't matter that they parted,
because they found each other again."
What are you doing?
The old man is throwing up.
Ten years ago there was
a string of murders around here.
Only junior high and high school
students were killed. Remember?
No, I keep telling you.
I quit!
I'm quitting Romero.
You guys are nuts.
Why doesn't this bother you?
You kill these innocent young girls.
Why doesn't it bother you?
Who says it doesn't bother us?
Thank you.
We like you guys.
We love you.
It's the truth.
We honestly love you,
from deep in our hearts.
if you can find it in your hearts...
try to like us too.
Love us.
Hey, Shibu-san.
Hack me up like those girls, okay?
So this is what
Near Death Happiness is like.
How can you laugh like that?
We can laugh...
'cause we're not angry!
So you shouldn't feel bad.
We'll forgive you for everything!
I'll forgive you!
And if you guys want to laugh,
then go ahead and laugh.
If you want to cry,
then bawl your eyes out!
Now I understand.
These girls...
should be killed by those
who love them most.
That's what these girls want most.
To be killed by the people they love.
That's what makes them happy.
I killed my daughter.
She was going through
a rebellious stage.
While I was cutting her to pieces...
she fixed me with an icy stare.
She was chopped up by the father
she hated more than anyone.
That must have disappointed her.
But one thing...
I loved my daughter more than anyone.
I really did love her!
It's okay to cry
until you feel better.
You're the only one not crying.
Maybe if I cried I would feel better.
Shibu-san, you're writing my lines.
Is this gonna be a puppet show?
You told me yourself.
You said your name is written
with the character for "eternity."
If I write it down like this,
your words will last an eternity.
I'll make a puppet of you too.
That makes me happy!
I'd love to be a beautiful puppet!
I can hardly wait!
Too bad.
I guess we should have called first.
No problem.
We'll come back again tomorrow.
Think there will be a tomorrow?
Are you still okay?
Did you say something?
Let's come back tomorrow.
Your favorite subjects, Doc.
I brought you some more Stacies!
I can't believe
I'm in a place like this!
This is hell!
This place is living hell!
It's hell!
Hell filled up so the dead come here.
Is this "Dawn of the Dead"
or "Day of the Dead"?
What are you saying?
What is this guy doing?
He's finally turned into a useless lump.
You should have trained him
properly, Tokuyama.
Is there some problem?
Now, where did I leave off?
Oh, right. Brain waves.
It's remarkable, but Stacies have
brain waves, though they're weak.
That's why their corpses
rouse my interest so much.
By the way, those idiots in the media...
don't even try to understand why
it's so delightful... no, interesting.
You. Double-check the name.
- Her name is Natsumi.
- Natsumi.
They think I'm some kind of...
Jack the Ripper or something.
Damn them to hell!
Idiots! Unenlightened fools!
They don't understand
how sublime science truly is.
I'll kill you.
One day, I will kill you all.
Watch this.
This is Butterfly Twinkle Powder
under an electron microscope.
Isn't it beautiful?
It seems like a mineral,
but it's actually made of organisms...
crystallized from
a constituent of body fluid.
It really is fascinating!
What's even more interesting...
the sparkling of the BTP is linked
to the Stacy's mental activity.
Her mental activity?
Murderous intent
or stimulation of its appetite.
What's the meaning of this?
What's going on?
What's happening?
She was a soldier in the forces.
Her timing's good, unlike other punks.
She joined the troops to kill girls
younger and more beautiful than herself.
She's a brave warrior.
You can count on her!
When you're done here,
come to my room.
How dare she come after me!
This Stacy forgot her place.
A spring storm.
Morning, Shibu-san.
Thank God.
What's wrong, Shibu-san?
I thought you were...
Hey, Shibu-san.
Would you come shopping with me?
Thanks for waiting, Shibu-san!
- What did you buy?
- A present! Here!
A present? What is it?
Come off it.
You shouldn't make a girl tell.
Shibu-san, let's go to the park.
I bet the botanical gardens
are open today.
They're a step ahead of us.
There are puppeteers
who control corpses via psychic powers.
Or this might be the work of God.
It doesn't matter what you call it.
That would mean God is... people are...
nothing more than
a puppeteer and his puppets.
He lives on some faraway planet...
and transforms girls between
15 and 17 into revived dead bodies...
to make us suffer.
And there's no reason for it.
It's nothing more than a whim!
It's just a whim!
Puppeteers love such whims!
What's going on?
What on earth?
Don't get horny, you kids!
What's going on?
Should be an easy job.
Which girl is it?
Someone asked us to repeat kill their
daughter 'cause they feel bad for her!
If they really feel bad,
they should do it themselves!
Go to hell!
Don't waste the bullets!
Just stop them from walking!
I know that!
Don't tell me what to do!
- What's the situation?
- We don't have nearly enough ammo!
Don't just stand there! Help us!
I have to help you.
I wasn't able to help
my little sister Kana...
so the least I can do is help Momo.
That's the reason I'm here.
Snap out of it! We have to survive.
We have to stop them in their tracks.
Captain, please go to the warehouse
and get ammo.
There should be
an 88mm trench mortar, too.
Got it. Come on, Arita!
I'm counting on you, Arita!
I'm sure she's a cute girl.
Tell me about her when this is over.
Well, we got paid well.
We have enough money now.
Now we have enough to pay Sorimachi
to repeat kill all of us.
Let's find her!
Where are you going?
- The warehouse is that way.
- It's no use. We've got to escape.
Come on.
Sorry. It's not loaded.
What's taking them so long with the ammo?
They're coming back, aren't they?
- It's okay.
- What's okay?
If she doesn't come back...
I know you loved the captain.
But I love you!
What are you saying, idiot?
I'd be happy to die with you.
Stop talking nonsense!
You're embarrassing me.
I can call you that, can't I?
It's been extremely noisy out there.
What are you people doing?
That's her, all right.
Who are you?
You're not Momo's friends.
Hold it!
What are you thinking?
Protecting a Stacy is a crime.
We can legally kill you now.
I know it's a crime.
But I don't care.
I'm taking Momo with me
and running away!
You're an idiot!
She's turned into a Stacy.
She isn't your Momo anymore!
Momo is Momo.
There are some things you can't have,
no matter how hard you wish.
What would you do with her?
Prop her up?
Buy a cat? Meow, meow!
There's no way out of it.
You can't do anything about it,
so give up!
We're going to die soon too.
Then we'll become Stacies.
But so what?
If you've got time enough
to cry or be mad or laugh...
then accept your fate!
You've gotta do what you can!
What's with the clothes?
Clothes don't matter to Stacies.
It's as stupid as dressing up a pet.
This is Near Death Happiness.
Shut up!
Hey, Nozomi.
Let's do the job
so we can collect our fee.
Drew Illegal Repeat Kill Troops.
Nozomi, Kanae and Tamae!
Drop your weapons and surrender.
What's going on with you people?
If you're not going to help,
at least don't get in the way!
How many times have I told you?
My research is extremely important,
yet you don't even try to understand.
For God's sake...
All right, then! We'll surrender!
I understand.
I'll overlook your crime.
You've fallen in love
with this guy, right?
You're always falling for someone.
Gimme a break.
Let's do it.
What's the story with that Stacy?
This is Dr. Inugami's
brain physiology lab, isn't it?
- Is she a subject?
- No.
She's my lover.
Lucky her.
I wanted someone
to hold me like that...
when I was dying.
I must have been shot in the chest.
Ten years ago there was
a string of student murders.
Did you know that?
I guess you couldn't know.
That was before you girls
were in junior high.
You were the one who did it.
You must have been lonely.
Did you love them?
Or did you want them to love you?
It's okay.
Nobody blames you.
And no one suspects you.
The girls you killed...
probably loved you.
I feel the same about you.
- I love you.
- I love you.
I love you.
It's okay to cry until you feel better.
Now I understand.
What brings you to life is...
I see!
Is this what makes you move?
No, it can't be.
That's ludicrous.
Still... it must be true!
It's love.
It's not murderous intent or appetite.
It's love!
You want to be loved.
You wander after your death
in order to find love.
You devour people for their love?
I love you.
Do you actually love this old man?
My lovers!
My beloved daughters!
We can just walk around
until dawn, can't we?
Inside the botanical gardens...
Ioneliness just melted away
little by little.
I think right now
I'm at my prettiest.
I went to the botanical gardens
with my twin sister.
Poor girl.
She was kind and beautiful.
But no one noticed that.
They never notice.
They don't understand.
They'll never understand.!
Only you can understand.
When you are sad, she is happy.
One spring night,
at the foot of the temple...
were two identical twin girls.
They were playing catch.
It didn't look like a game,
but rather like killing each other.
Throwing a ball to each other
the color ofblood.
A game oflaughter and tears.
The memories of that girl.
What a fool you don't tell others...
about your sister's feelings...
of anger and pain?
Has this society intimidated you?
Tell them.
Tell them.
Tell them.
Tell people only what you want to.
Right now...
tell people how beautiful her soul is.
It's okay. You can do it.
You're a missionary.
It's not a game.
It's like killing each other,
though it looks like playing catch.
You can just walk around
until dawn.
Inside the botanical gardens...
my loneliness just melted away...
little by little.
I think...
that right now...
I'm at my prettiest.
I'm at my prettiest.
"Thank you. I'm sorry. I love you."
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
I love you.
Hey, Eiko.
It was sad saying good-bye to you...
but we found each other again,
so the story's over, right?
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
I love you.
It was decades after the first Stacy...
appeared in the world.
Suddenly they stopped pursuing people.
Men became able to love the Stacies...
and children were born.
The children born from the union
between men and Stacies...
were unlike any humans
up to that point.
They were a diffierent species.
They say it was the final stage
in the evolution of the human species.
And this new species ofhumans...
eventually took over the world...
and began its reign.
In that new age...
there was a book
that became a new bible.
Matsui's and my script.
"The Boy, Mitten, and Eiko. "
It was over 5,000 pages long.
A story oflove.
It became a guide for the future...
for the new civilization
to live in the new age.
"Thank you. I'm sorry. I love you."
And the world...
was bound together by love.
Story by
Directed by