Staged Killer (2019) Movie Script

- Alright, everybody
give it up for the
Flying Komplowsky
Brothers, alright.
- Yeah, thank you guys very
much. Thank you so much.
- Alright, joining us
now here on Campus Cool
we have got your MVP of
Saturday night's game.
Everyone please help me
welcome your star quarterback,
Cole Smith!
Come on up here,
Cole, all right.
- Get on up here.
- Cole!
- Hi, Cole, thank
you for joining us.
I'm sure everyone wants to know
what we can expect
for the next game.
- Well, Naomi, I'd
kind of like to know
what you think our
strategy should be?
- Well, I think
if they just focus
on that rocket
right arm of yours--
- Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Ugh, technical difficulty.
- What?
- Until next time!
- Soar, Eagles, soar!
Alright, thanks Cole.
- I'm sorry.
- Nah, that's okay, thank you.
- Well, another great
show for the dynamic duo
minus, you know, the
technical stuff there.
- Yeah, listen, Naomi...
I was hoping maybe
tonight we could...
- Come on, let's grab a beer.
- Okay.
- It's been what, two weeks
since we broke up and you've
already moved on?
- Lana, can we talk about this
- No, never touch me again!
- Alright, and we are back.
So before the break,
Olivia, you were saying that
this new soft baby carrier
is perfect for the
working mom on the go.
- Yes, that's right Naomi.
As you can see it's very durable
and adjustable making it perfect
for the mom on the go.
So you can get all
your errands done
and not neglect your baby.
- Huh, I love it.
- I don't know, Naomi, that
looks pretty good on you.
Maybe it's time for you and
that perfect husband of yours,
Trent, to have a little
baby of your own, huh?
- Okay, okay.
Yeah, well, right now my
mornings are a little full
with you already Robert.
So let's just leave
it there for now.
Alright, you guys that's
our show for today.
See you guys tomorrow.
Morning Naomi
- I thought you did great.
- Good show guys, good show.
Not great, but good.
Yeah, I just got off a
call from the network,
and TW Studios, our
biggest competition, has
once again, surpassed us in
our new targeted demographic.
As you know it is
a copycat industry,
so I am coming to the
two of you for any ideas
on how to bring us to
fresh eyes, new households?
- We'll give it some thought.
- Great, we'll
circle back to that.
- Cool.
- Guess we're not
trending like we used to be.
- Yeah, I guess, we just gotta
be a little more current.
Like I would currently
kill for a cup of coffee,
but I'm off to my
cardiologist, so thank you.
- Bye.
- Well, now that
I've done my duty
as the mean boss for the day,
how about lunch
with your bestie?
- I can't actually Trent
is stopping by the studio.
He's downtown for
his big presentation.
Today is the day.
- Oh, that's right.
Well, in this case
congratulations in advance
because I know he
got the project.
- Thanks, I'll call you after.
- Yes, okay.
- Okay.
Bye, guys.
- Alright.
- Bye.
- Love you Naomi.
- Is that one I picked out?
- Yes, it is.
- Ah, I thought so.
I could really get used
to my husband coming to
visit me at work in
the middle of the day.
- Really, well, how
about the next year?
- You got the job.
- Hmm-mm.
You're now looking at the
lead architect of what
the mayor has called the
city's defining development.
- Babe, oh, that is amazing.
I guess, all those months
practicing your presentation
fresh out of the shower
nothing but a towel
actually paid off.
- I guess they have.
I'm just glad I
remembered to wear a suit.
- Well, it's probably
best you did.
But I'm gonna miss
our practice sessions.
- Oh, so am I.
- That's amazing, babe.
You worked so hard.
- We worked hard
we're a team remember?
- Yes.
- Speaking of working
hard, how's the show?
- Good, we had Olivia
on again today.
- Okay, and?
- And there are a
lot of great products
out there for the
working parent.
- And the non-working parent?
- What do you mean?
- Well, with this job I'm
gonna be making a lot of money
and enough to
support both of us,
so if you were
considering taking off
the next couple of
years to focus on,
you know, building our family,
now might be the right time.
- Well, we did always say we
knew that time would come.
- Hmm-mm.
- But I just can't picture
my life without the show.
- Well, maybe you don't have to.
It is geared towards
working moms, right?
- Yeah, I mean, maybe I would
connect more with my audience
if I was an actual working mom.
- Well, think about it
just know that I am here,
and I'm gonna support
anything for our team.
- I mean, our
announcement would be
quite the on-air announcement.
- Hmm-mm.
- And it would help us
in the targeted demos.
You know what I'm gonna
figure all that out later.
Right now it is all
about my handsome,
very successful husband.
Let's go celebrate.
- Let's go, come on.
- Hi, there.
I was hoping to make an
appointment with Mrs. Spinner.
- Oh, you'll have to see
the show secretary for that.
I just open and close the gate.
- Right.
How's that coffee?
- Best in the city.
It's right down the street.
Naomi brings me one every day.
- Oh, I'll have to
try it sometime.
You have a good day.
- Before you go
calling some hot-shot
attorney to challenge
this decision,
here's a generous
severance check
to keep your head above water.
Please, have your
dressing room cleared out
by the end of the day.
- Hi, two regulars, please.
Just keep the change.
Thank you.
- Naomi Brown.
- Jake Everett.
- Wow.
Wow, what are the odds?
- I mean, what it's been
like 10 years or something.
- Yeah, and it's Naomi
Spinner now, right?
- That is right.
- Oh, congratulations.
- Thank you.
- I guess, it's kind of
impossible not to hear
about what's going on
with people these days.
- Yeah, the last I heard
you were in Florida.
- I was, but now I'm here.
I've actually caught your
show every day I've been here,
which is twice now.
- Okay.
- You've come along
way from Campus Cool.
- Oh, yeah, wow, those
were some fun times.
- Yeah, you
still remember?
- Of course, you
were the first one
to ever get me up on the stage.
Taught me everything I know.
- Oh, nah, you were a
natural and so pretty.
- Awe, are you still hosting?
- I am, yeah, I had a
great job down in Florida,
but I felt creatively stifled.
I need something
fresh, so I came here.
I'm actually looking to set up
hosting job
interviews in the area
if you know anybody
who's looking?
- Oh, well, I'm
sorry Robert and I--
- Not you
and Robert, no, no.
You and Robert I see
your faces all over town.
- Well, you know what we
should exchange emails,
and that way keep in touch
if I hear of anything.
- Oh, I can do you
one better.
All my contact info is on there.
- Oh, professional I
remember that about you.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Well, it was so
great running into you.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Bye.
- Oh, Naomi.
- Yeah.
- Soar Eagles.
- Soar!
- Soar!
- Good one, babe.
That was a strong 10 today
last sprint was great.
- You're gonna kill me.
- Good work, good work.
- Thank you.
- That was good.
- Oh, my god, I'm
gonna get in the water.
- And I'm gonna
go get some water.
- Oh, I forget to tell
you who I ran into today.
- Who?
- You remember that
guy I told you about
from along time ago Jake?
- Jake, Jake, Jake,
Jake, Jake, Jake.
The guy from the gig
at the college, yeah.
Yeah, the one they
charged with murder.
- He was never actually charged.
He was the lead suspect.
- Not charged, lead suspect
it all sounds a little
suspicious to me.
I bet you he wasn't the
most popular guy on campus.
- Well, he was cleared, but
by then the damage was done.
And then he wanted
to continue the show,
but I was hesitant because
of everything that happened.
You know, I could
tell it hurt him,
and then the next thing
I knew he was gone.
Anyway, he seems to
be doing great now.
He just moved back to try and
break into the bigger market
and he needs a job.
- Yeah, well, good.
Why don't you give
Scarlet a call.
Maybe she could help him out.
- That's a good idea.
I do feel like I still
owe him, you know.
- I mean as long as.
- What?
- Well, you don't believe
that he really did
what they accused him of, right?
- Babe, no, I don't.
- Okay, good give
Scarlet a call.
- So I think that bit worked.
- I think, it was great the way
she rolled with the audience.
- Well, you know, it's a topic
that our whole audience--
- Another great show, guys.
You have a visitor.
- Hey, I'm so glad
you can make it.
- Of course, thanks
for having me.
- The old Campus Cool
duo back together.
- Yeah, I told her
how we go way back.
- Yeah, Robert, better
watch out, right?
- Watch out for what?
- Robert, Scarlet this is an
old friend of mine Jake Everett.
He just moved here from Florida.
He was a host at the
Sunshine Network.
- It's very nice
to meet you, Jake.
- Oh, I told Jake that he
should stop by the studio,
and I thought it would be
good for you two to meet.
- Please.
Wow, you're
definitely qualified.
- Yeah.
Well, it's...
Definitely nice
meeting you, Jake.
I got some egg whites to eat
right now, and I gotta run.
- Don't make light
of this, Robert,
and don't forget
about your shake.
- Hey, she's right.
- Yeah, two green
shakes a day, no coffee,
actually no
stimulates whatsoever,
yep, my life has become
completely boring.
- You got this.
- Thank you.
Abby, you got a sec I
wanna run something by you.
- Yeah, sure, let's do it.
- Great show.
- Uh, Jake, I would
love to show you around.
Give you a little tour.
- Great.
Hey, I made you something.
- Oh.
- Hey, Jake, let's go.
Your good looks will only
buy you so much time.
- It's amazing.
You think I could swing by
tomorrow, catch a live taping?
- Oh, definitely
just ask for me.
Oh, this is the network
I gotta take this.
You know your way out?
- Yep, I think I can manage.
- Oh, great.
Yeah, this is Scarlet.
- So, Abby, what
were you saying?
- Well, Quick Snap Live
is the most popular
streaming platform
my generation uses,
so this is it.
- Oh, wow.
Yeah, no, this is exactly
What Scarlet's been
talkin' about we need.
I'm gonna bring this up in
tomorrow's preshow meeting.
- Okay, awesome,
it's really interactive,
so it gets the audience
involved, in what we're doing,
which, I think, is
really gonna help us.
- Until next time.
- Soar, Eagles, soar.
- All right.
- Such great chemistry.
- Yeah, it was fun.
I mean, if you block
out the boot cut jeans
and totally dated tube top.
- Well, I'm not exactly
looking at the wardrobe
if you know what I mean.
- Yeah, I noticed.
- He's coming to the
live taping tomorrow.
- I saw you and Jake had
some of your own chemistry.
You know, I have a feeling
Jake coming to town
is going to be great
for both of us.
- I agree.
- Hi, I feel so stupid.
I think, I left my folder
in the makeup room.
- Well, no one is really
in there at this time.
But go ahead, Mr. Everett.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- Two more.
Let's get this over with.
- Oh, my god, Robert.
Abby, Scarlet!
Hurry it's Robert!
- What's wrong?
- Call an ambulance hurry!
- Oh, my god.
- Robert, oh, my god.
I don't know what to do, hurry.
- We have an emergency
at Live City Studios.
I think, he's having
a heart attack.
- Hurry!
We have to go with
him to the hospital.
- We can't.
- What happened?
- Robert had a heart attack.
- What.
- Alright, everyone, listen up.
I know this is a sad time,
and we are all deeply worried
about our family member Robert.
But we have to pull
ourselves together.
We still have a show
we need to focus on.
- We're going on?
- Yes, the show must go on.
- I don't know how I'm gonna
be able to tell our audience.
- You won't.
The live audience doesn't
arrive for another 20 minutes.
No one knows about this yet.
We are not in a position
with the network
to lose a host, not to
mention, we are live,
meaning there's no preemptive
programming available.
- So I'm supposed to go
on like nothing happened.
- Just for today until we
can figure everything out.
Alright, guys, that's the plan.
Let's get back to work.
- You got this.
- He didn't look good, Jake.
- Well, there's nothing you
can do about that right now.
Like Scarlet said
the show must go on.
Do I have to drag
you up there on stage
like I did the first time?
You'll do great.
I am gonna go.
Today is not a good
day to be in the way.
- No, don't go.
Please, I want you here.
- Well, then I will
be whatever you need.
- Thank you.
- Lights on camera three please.
- And we're live
in three, two, one.
- Good morning, and thank you
for spending your
mornings with...
- Naomi and Robert.
- Okay, obviously, I
am a man down today.
Unfortunately, my
ever-present cohost
is feeling under
the weather today.
But that's okay.
We still have a really
great show for you planned.
Yes, I will be covering
the current events
on my own today.
But don't worry.
- Oh, crap she's losing it.
- We really do have
a great show for you.
- No, no, no get in there.
- What?
- You did it before.
You're good with her go.
- It's not moving.
Just one second can you go back?
'Cause I missed the headline.
The teleprompter
back one second.
'Cause I can't
see the headline--
- Hi, everybody.
Hi, my name's Jake Everett.
I'll be joining Naomi today.
What Naomi's trying to
say is in overseas news...
Wait a minute, you guys don't
wanna hear about this, do you?
- No.
- No!
Let's turn these cameras around,
and hear from you the audience.
House lights come on up.
Yeah, yeah.
Let's get you guys
involved here.
Say, hello, everybody.
- Hi.
- Big time wave.
There we go.
What's your name ma'am?
- Hi, it's Beth.
- Hi, Beth.
You are live on TV and
on the internet here.
- Hi!
Oh, I wanna meet Naomi too.
- Of course, Naomi
come on out here.
Say, hi, to your fans.
Big round of applause
for Naomi everybody.
All right.
Here she is.
- Hi, Beth.
- The lovely Naomi.
- Hi, nice to meet you.
Hi, everyone.
- Hi!
- Alright, today,
Naomi, on the show
we have a favorite
celebrity guest,
Chef Willard of
the Nepal Bistro.
- Oh, yes, that's
right they actually
brought in my souffle
for him to test out.
- Uh-oh, Chef Willard
better watch out.
- Alright, so we will be back
with Chef Willard stay tuned.
- That's commercial break.
We'll be back in three minutes.
- Oh, thank you.
- Of course, I always got you.
- You guys were great.
- Thanks.
We're very greatful!
- Fantastic you two.
Uh, keep with the
livestreaming it's genius.
We're already
trending on Chatter.
- Okay.
- And we're back.
- Yep.
Welcome, back everybody.
Now our chef, Chef Willard.
Babe, I had no idea
Robert was that sick.
I knew Robert's
condition was serious...
but you never expect
to really lose someone.
- I bet he knew he was a lot...
a lot more sicker
than he let on.
- I'm really gonna miss him.
- Yeah.
- Promise me nothing is ever
gonna take you away from me.
- No, stop, stop.
- No, promise.
- Nothing's ever gonna
happen, I promise.
Nothing's ever
gonna happen to me.
I got you.
- Robert was so full of life,
and he had fun in
everything that he did,
which is why I know that Robert
would have really
wanted us to spend today
and have fun and
celebrate his life.
So thank you all so
much for coming today.
I really know it would've
meant a lot to him.
- That was lovely, babe.
- Thank you.
I see you guys finally
got a chance to meet.
- You guys did such a great job,
putting all this together.
I'm sure Robert is smiling down
appreciating all you've done.
- Um, god, please
excuse the awkwardness
of talking shop on
such an occasion,
especially one honoring Robert.
But I do have some
news I'd like to share.
I just got the numbers back
from the week that Jake
has been filling in.
And Mornings With
Naomi and Jake are up
200% in the network's
new targeted demo.
- Really.
- That's incredible.
- So, it doesn't take
a genius to figure out
that they, and I, and
I'm assuming Naomi,
would like to turn
your part-time duties
into a full-time replacement.
- This is everything
I've wanted for so long.
- Then it's settled the dynamic
duo are back together again.
- That's my first
official day here at
Mornings with Naomi and Jake,
and it's all thanks to you guys.
- And we are very grateful
to have Jake here.
As always thank you
for spending your
Morning with--
- Naomi and Jake.
- Till next time guys.
- Thank you.
- See you.
- And we're out,
house lights up.
- Great job.
- It was good, yeah.
- Hmm, oh, yeah, I wish
I could have another glass.
But that morning comes so early.
- So Trent Naomi was telling
me about your latest project.
I looked it up it seems amazing.
- Going to change the
entire face of downtown.
- Great, you know I never met
a super successful
architect before.
I would love to come
down to the site
and check it out
if that's possible?
- Of course, I'm the boss
I can get you clearance.
- That's great, that's great.
Honestly, architecture
has always been
kind of a secret
passion of mine.
- Well, you know what
you guys should do
a livestream from the site.
I mean, it would get people
excited that are in the area,
and I'm sure the
investors would love
the advanced publicity.
- That's a great idea.
I mean, involving the
community even more.
- Consider it done.
- I'll check on it.
- All right.
- Yeah.
- Okay, you guys I'm sorry,
but some of us have a
4:00 a.m. wake up call.
- Well, I will see you down at
the site sometime soon then.
- Yeah, yeah, I'm
looking forward to it.
Can I leave something?
- No, no, I got this.
- You sure.
- Go, go, go, yeah.
- Okay.
- All right.
- Bye, sweetie.
- See you in the morning.
- I'll see you tomorrow.
- Bye.
- Check my phone.
- I know that look.
- It's Jake.
He's just letting me
know that he's gonna be
live with Trent down
at the site in a few.
- Is he letting you
know anything else?
- Shut up.
No, but he did say that
the last few nights
have been, "mind blowing,"
his words not mine.
- Wow, so things are heating up.
- Girl, it's been hot.
Were you two really
always just friends?
- Yes.
- God, I just find
that hard to believe.
I mean, he's the whole package.
- I mean, I guess
there was a moment
where maybe I thought
there could be more,
but I didn't wanna
interfere with the show.
- Always the professional.
- And then he left for school,
and I didn't see him since.
I literally bumped into
it a couple weeks ago.
- I mean, all that time
and you guys never
talked or anything.
- Things didn't exactly
end on the best of terms.
- Oh, feelings got involved.
- No, nothing like that.
- You know, I wanted to
ask you something else.
- No, I don't care that my boss
and my costar are gettin' it on
and taking the show
to the bedroom.
- No, it's um...
I wanted to ask you does the
name Cole Smith sound familiar?
- Who said that name
to you, what Jake?
- No, no, no, um, it's just
someone made a
not-so-nice comment
about a Cole Smith
on the stream thread,
and I didn't know if that
sounded familiar to you or not.
- Cole Smith is the name of
the quarterback of our school.
He was murdered.
- Oh, what does that
have to do with Jake?
- Get a load of this.
What do you guys think?
Oh, they love it look at that.
Look at chief.
Okay, looks like
we are out of time.
Thank you all for tuning in.
Be sure to watch us bright
and early tomorrow morning.
We got a great show for
you live from the studio.
Say goodbye, Trent.
- Bye, guys.
- See ya.
- That was fun.
The people seemed to be excited.
- Oh, yeah, this is great
for us, thanks again.
- I'll give you the tour.
- Are you sure?
- Of course, you're
my special guest.
But we need to get
you a hard hat first.
- Okay.
- Wait I don't get it?
I mean, if Jake was
wrongfully accused,
then why can't you guys just
pick up where you left off?
- Even though I knew Jake
could never kill someone.
- What?
- You know, after
everything that happened,
we really couldn't pick
up where we left off,
I mean, at least
not with the show.
- Yeah.
- So, you know,
Jake made it very clear
that Campus Cool meant
everything to him.
I never meant to hurt
him, you know, but I did.
So that's why when he
popped back up into town,
I wanted to help him,
and that's why this
show is so special to me
because it's like
a second chance.
- Did they ever catch
the guy who did it?
- A she actually.
Guys ex-girlfriend Lana Jones.
I heard not to long ago
she was released
early for retrial.
I don't know something
about insufficient evidence.
Anyway I'm gonna head
back to the studio
and get a little extra
prep in for tomorrow.
- Of course, you are I'll
see you in the morning.
- Bye.
- I would love a
beer you want one?
- No, no, no, no I'm
still on the clock.
- Come on, you're celebrating.
Let me get you one.
- Okay.
- Hi, two beers please.
Thank you.
Here you go, sir.
To new ventures.
- Speaking of, you
and Scarlet, huh?
- Oh, yeah.
Yeah, we'll see. I know
it's not the smartest thing
to get involved with your boss,
but not everyone has
what you and Naomi have.
It's tough out there.
- Yeah, I remember.
- You got any tips on
how you make her so happy?
- After three years, I
think, it's just really
about paying attention
to what she likes.
- Oh, yeah, I remember in
college it was chicken nuggets
and vanilla milkshakes
from Johnny's Diner.
- Yeah, she told me about
your late-night meeting
in your special booth.
- Oh, wow, she told
you about that, yeah.
- I used to get jealous until
I married her and forgave her.
- I'm sure her tastes have
changed since college though.
- Don't be too sure about that.
- Hmm?
- No.
She loves purple tulips,
long jogs in the park,
uninterrupted I made add,
and, yes, she still
loves vanilla milkshakes,
and now that Johnny's
is out of business,
the Shake Barn is her
favorite place now.
- Shake Barn.
- Yeah.
- I'll have to check that out.
- Listen I don't know how much
Naomi has told you
about our college days,
but I want you to
know one man to other,
you've got yourself
a very special woman.
I noticed it the
first time I saw her.
- I appreciate that.
Yeah, this reunion and the
show has made Naomi very happy.
- You know what they say:
Happy wife, happy life.
- You got that right my friend.
- You okay, Bud?
- Yeah.
Yeah, eh, no.
Wow, I just got really dizzy.
You know what I need
to get back to work.
- Yeah, I'll take
care of this here.
You gotta get back for
your inspection, right?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Whoa.
- Whoa.
Sure you're okay?
- It's just...
- You okay?
- Yeah, yeah.
- No, this one
here let's go here.
- It was a half a beer, right?
- Yeah, alright,
you should be fine.
You look good, you look better.
- It was a half of a beer, man.
- I know it's nothing.
- I got it, I got it.
- You good?
- Hmm-mm.
- Okay.
I'll get the door for you.
- It was a half a beer.
- Yeah.
- Am I alright to drive?
- Yeah?
- I'm alright, right?
- You're good.
Don't worry about it.
- Okay.
Keys, keys, keys.
Okay, okay.
All right.
Let's go.
- This will not be
good for community
confidence in the
project, Trent,
not that you'll be
around to see it.
Extra thick
with whip cream.
- What?
- Right.
- Yes, you remembered?
- How could I forget.
It's no Johnny's, but.
- Shake Barn next best thing.
- Trent mentioned you were
gonna be sticking around
a little later tonight.
- He did?
Yeah, he didn't tell you.
Yeah, he took me to lunch today.
I guess, he wanted
to thank me for
doing the livestream
from the site.
- No, he didn't tell me. You
guys are like real buds now.
- I guess so, yeah.
Speaking of which, I obviously
care about guys a lot,
so I hope it's not out of
place for me to bring this up.
- Bring what up?
- Never mind I'm
sure it's nothing.
- No, tell me we're friends.
- Well, just does Trent
sometimes drink on the job?
- I mean, he might have a beer
with lunch every now and then.
- Okay. 'cause he
had a few today,
and I didn't think he was
in any condition to drive.
I tried to stop him,
but he kept insisting
he was fine.
- Well, that doesn't
sound like Trent at all.
- Look, I'm sure it's nothing.
Maybe he's just stressed out.
He's under a lot of pressure
with this new project.
- Yeah, maybe.
- Well, I gotta run,
enjoy that shake.
- Thank you.
Hello, this is Naomi.
Yes, he is my husband.
Oh, my god.
Yes, I'll be right there.
Oh, my god.
- You have
reached Chad Woods.
Leave a message, and I
will get back to you.
Have a sun filled day.
- Hi, there this is Scarlet Lee
calling from Live City Studies.
I'm calling about
a Jake Everett.
I've recently employed him,
and I know that he was a
former employee of yours.
And I know he's coming off of a
successful run
with your network,
and I just had a couple
of questions for you.
If you'd please
give me a call back,
I'd really appreciate
it, thank you.
- Good morning.
- Oh, ma'am, no, you're
supposed to sit back on.
- Annie, get in here
I need my syringes!
- Hey.
- Hey, you're up.
- Barely.
- It's gonna be okay, okay?
What's important now is
that you get your rest.
- I just don't
understand what happened.
I mean, the last
thing I remember
is having a beer
with Jake, and then.
- It was an accident.
You've been working so hard.
You probably didn't know
how run down you were.
We both didn't.
- No, I wasn't run down.
I would've known.
- Maybe you had
too much to drink.
- What, no, I had one beer.
- You know what let's not
worry about that right now.
I am just so grateful
that you are okay.
- Why don't you go
home and get some rest?
- No.
- Look who's up.
I knew you wouldn't
be out for too long.
- Yeah, for now.
I was just telling Naomi
that she should go home
and get some rest.
- I'm not leaving you.
- But you have a show to do.
- You're more important
than the show,
and I'm gonna stay here
as long as you need me,
and I know you
would do the same.
- Yes, I would, but I don't
have Scarlet to answer to.
- He's got a point there.
- Besides I'm gonna be fine.
The show must go on.
- Well, be that as it may,
you don't need to
worry about that.
You just focus on resting up.
Maybe he's right.
Maybe it would be good to check
in at home come back later.
- Yeah, if you're not
gonna listen to me,
at least listen to Jake.
- I can take ya.
- Okay.
- Thanks, Jake.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
Hey, you take care of my wife.
- You bet.
- Thank you.
- You good?
- Okay... there we go.
Three scrambled eggs,
not too runny but still soft.
Oh, and, ketchup on the side.
- Wow, you really do
remember everything.
- All those late-night
breakfasts at Johnny's Diner
in our booth
after our shows,
I think, I could order for you.
Hey, just so you know,
if you really feel like
you can't go on air tomorrow,
I'm comfortable flying solo.
You just take your time, do
what's best for you and Trent.
- Thank you, but Scarlet
should be here any second
to come up with a game plan.
I'm sure she has
some creative twist
to work in my husband's
near-death experience.
- Well, I've always got
your back, know that.
You need to be taken
care of right now.
- And Trent.
- Right, and Trent.
- Hello.
I didn't know you
were gonna be here.
- Jake just dropped me off.
- And you made breakfast.
- He did.
- Oh, wow.
You really can do it all, huh?
- I had completely forgotten
to eat since the accident.
- Well, I guess, it's good
that you're both here.
Now that Trent is on the mend,
we can talk about moving
forward with the show.
- I told Naomi that
I could host solo
till she feels up to it.
- I'm open to that.
- No, I'll go on.
I think, it's best for me.
- You know, maybe we can
use this to our advantage.
You know, try to go after
the audience's heart,
boost our ratings even more.
- Let's not go there.
- Okay, I'm sorry.
I sometimes forget to turn
off my producer switch.
- You know, I like eggs too.
- Oh, right, of course.
- So, how did you feel?
How did you feel about it?
- I think, good, yeah.
- Well, I think
you were fantastic.
I mean, I knew you'd
pull it together
once the camera started rolling.
Oh, and what you sprinkled
in about Trent's injury
I mean, you came
across vulnerable
while yet still
remaining your strong
independent woman that
everyone knows and loves.
- Thank you.
- Hey, do you remember
what you told me about Jake
being accused of
murder back in college?
- Of course, why?
- What was the last you
heard of Lana Jones?
- Just what I told you.
Her case was thrown out,
and then she was released
a few years later.
Where is all this coming from?
- Well, "LJ1" is the one
who's been writing those
weird unpleasant messages.
I'm assuming that's her, right?
- Are you sure?
- Unless it's a
crazy coincidence.
Look we can't risk even the
slightest hint of a scandal.
We have to protect the show.
- Yeah, of course.
- Oh, is it good news.
- Yes, okay, so they're just
waiting on some blood work
to come back but they think
he's gonna be released soon.
He should be home
in a couple days.
- That is good news.
- Hi, look at you.
How sweet, you just keep
getting better and better.
- These are actually for Naomi.
- Oh.
- Oh.
- Thank you.
- I knew you had
a tough day today,
and I'm sure all your
thoughts are with Trent
so I just wanted to brighten
your day a little bit.
- These are my favorite.
- Of course, they are.
- Doing real good today.
You doing very good today.
- Hi, guys.
- Hey.
- How are you doing today?
- All right.
- I brought you a pudding.
- Oh, how thoughtful.
- It's the only
thing edible in here.
And one for you.
- Oh, my god.
- We are
assumed discharged
usually within 12 hours.
- Okay, yeah.
Can I help you?
Jake Everett.
I am a huge fan.
- Oh, thank you.
Thank you so much.
Sorry is it okay if I steal
one of these puddings?
- Yeah, of course.
Pudding for a picture.
- That's a deal let's do it.
- Okay, my phone's right here.
Got it.
- Awesome, that looks great.
- Thank you so much.
- Fantastic.
You're welcome.
- You sure know how
to make a girl's day.
- Thanks,
doll, you're the best.
- Here we go.
- Thank you.
- Okay, yeah.
Oh, don't forget a spoon.
- Hello, this is Scarlet Lee.
- Ms. Lee, I apologize
for the delayed response.
I'm not sure where you
received your information.
But we terminated Mr. Everett.
- Terminated, why?
- I'm not allowed
to get into detail.
Let's just say it had
to do with his past.
- And does this past, by chance
have anything to do
with a Lana Jones?
- Bingo, sounds like
you've done some homework.
I, obviously can't recommend him
for employment at this time.
- Got it.
- Good.
Ms. Lee, trust me.
There's a lot of things
I'd like to say about Jake.
But this whole incident
already cost us a pretty penny.
- Understood, thank you
for calling me back.
- Dr. Maslow said your blood
tests results came back,
and you were well under the
legal limit for alcohol.
So he wants to run more tests
and see what could have
caused this episode.
- I told you I didn't
drink that much that day.
Jake is still
coming here, right?
- Yeah.
- Hey, Buddy, how
you holding up?
- Hey,
I still don't remember
what happened that day.
- Well, one thing we all know,
you gotta keep eating.
- Oh, he's right, babe.
- Sweets are about
the only thing
that's edible in here, right?
- You got that right.
- I will leave you two.
- Already.
- Yeah, I gotta get to the gym,
and then dinner
with Scarlet, so.
You guys let me know
if you need anything.
- Thank you.
- Hey, Jake.
- Yeah, Bud.
- Before the accident
happened that day,
did you help me
get into the truck?
- No.
No, you kept insisting
you were fine.
Then you took off.
- I could've sworn you did.
- No, maybe I should have.
Maybe I shouldn't have
let you drive at all.
- No, it was an accident.
- Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, I'm just
thankful you survived.
- Yeah, me too.
- Hey, are you okay.
- Yeah, yeah, I just...
I got a little light headed.
- Do you want me
to call the nurse?
- No, no, no I'm fine.
I'm just gonna close my
eyes and get some rest.
- Yeah, okay.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- Come in.
- I see you look
beautiful as always.
- Thank you.
- It smells amazing.
- You're sweaty.
- Yes, take a
shower is that cool?
- Yeah, of course, dinner won't
be ready for another 20, so.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- Check his vitals!
- What's going on?
- Please stay back, ma'am,
we're handling this!
Hey, we need to get
a doctor in here!
- Excuse me, what's
wrong with my husband?
- Get her out of here please!
Preparing defibrillate.
- What's happening!
- Get her out of here please!
- What do we got?
- On three.
One, two, three, clear!
- Check pulse.
- None.
- Start compressions.
- I think, he's moving
into a cardiac arrest.
- Four, five, six.
- Hit him
again, a 120 joules.
- Three, clear.
- Check for pulse!
- None.
- Compressions.
- One.
- That was amazing.
You are amazing.
- Thank you.
I'm happy to hear that.
I was starting to think I was
in competition with Naomi.
- Naomi?
That's ridiculous.
You're funny too.
You cooked.
I will do the dishes.
Why don't you go upstairs
and have a nice relaxing bath.
- Oh.
Thank you.
- Mrs. Spinner.
First of all, your
husband is one lucky man.
He's gonna be okay.
- What happened to him?
- Well, upon reviewing
the test results,
it appears that your
husband's symptoms
are those of one who
overdosed on blood thinners,
which I can't
possibly understand.
- He's not on blood thinners.
- We know.
But what's even more
disturbing is the medicine
was given to him while he
was inside the hospital.
- Well, how is that possible?
- It isn't, in fact,
something like this
has never happened
under my watch.
Do you know anyone who may have
given him something
- No.
I mean, our friend
gave him a pudding
from the nurse's
station but that's it.
- No, that wouldn't
cause anything like this.
You husband's out of the woods.
But we're gonna continue
to monitor him closely
to make sure he makes
a full recovery.
- Thank you, Doctor.
- Of course.
We'll recheck all prescription
refills on the list.
It may take a while,
but I promise you
we'll get to the bottom of this.
- Naomi.
- Hey.
- Trooper.
Abby told me I
could find you here.
- Have you heard from
Scarlet this morning?
- No, why?
- She's not responding to
any of my calls or texts.
- Hmm, that is not like her.
When was the last time
you talked to her?
- Last night.
She told me that you decided
to not come from dinner.
- Yeah, I changed my mind
after talking with
her on the way over.
- Well, just so you know she
seemed kind of hurt about it.
- Let's just say, she was
already a few glasses of wine in
by the time I talked to her.
I have lived long enough to
know when to let a woman be.
Honestly, I kind of suggested
that we cool things
off for a bit,
and she did not want to.
- I don't understand why.
- Well, she opened
up to me about
feeling jealous
of our closeness.
- Yours and mine!
We're just friends,
we're costars.
- Believe me that is what
I tried to explain to her.
The last thing I'd wanna do
is interfere with the show.
- Well, I don't know why she
wouldn't have just come to me.
We're so close.
- Not everyone is
like you, Naomi.
I assumed she felt guilty
and embarrassed for
feeling that way,
which is why I suggested
we cool things off.
I did call her after
to check up on her,
but it went to voicemail.
I assume she passed out.
Like I said she'd
already had a few.
Are you good to
do the show today?
- I mean, this would
be the first show
I've ever done without Scarlet,
but we're doing a lot of
firsts here lately, right.
- Always a pro.
- Hey, Jake.
You know, what you
told me the other day
about Trent drinking.
- Yeah.
- Well, his blood
alcohol levels came back,
and he was below
the legal limit.
- Oh.
Well, I just assumed
it was the beer.
Like I say he took off so quick.
I didn't have a
chance to stop him.
I cannot imagine what
you are going through.
- Yeah, you know what
you go without me.
I'm gonna check in
with the glam squad.
It's been a long day.
- Okay.
- Tony's Bar.
- Hi, I was hoping
you could help me.
I am tying to see
your security footage.
How would I do that?
- The police would
have to request it.
- Okay, so I report
it to police,
and they could see the footage.
- Exactly.
- Got it, thank you.
And that's our show.
As always thank you
for spending your
- Mornings with.
- Naomi and Jake.
- See you tomorrow.
- See you.
- And we're out.
Another great show team.
These are your biggest fans.
They won the Jake and
Naomi trivia contest.
- Still nothing from Scarlet?
Thanks so much
for watching guys.
- Well, Jake is super
excited to meet you guys.
- Yes, thank you
all for playing.
- How come the arrest
isn't on there?
- There you are.
I've been looking
all over for you.
- Scarlet's still not here.
- Where you off to?
- I was just gonna
check her place.
- Yeah, that's what I thought
too I'll meet you there.
- Sure.
Come on, Scarlet her car's here.
It's locked.
- Scarlet!
- For times like these.
Hey, I'm coming in.
- Hello!
- Scarlet, where are you!
- Are you here!
She has to be here.
- Scarlet!
- Yeah, like I said.
- Scar.
- Oh, my god, I'll
call an ambulance.
- It appears she
drink too much wine
and fell asleep in the tub.
it's not uncommon.
We'll continue to
look for foul play,
and in the meantime, I'm
very sorry for your loss.
- I should've texted her back.
I should've called her.
I should've been there for her.
- There was nothing
you could do.
You know what the
detective said.
It was a accident
these things happen.
- Not another accident.
- Sometimes when things
seem a little overwhelming,
it's good to take a break.
- What.
- You know, just...
get away from it all.
Would you like that?
- What are you talking about?
- Would you like
to go away with me?
- Jake, you are not
thinking clearly.
- I am, I am.
- No, you're emotional
over Scarlet.
- I could never
be happy with her.
- What, why?
- Because I'm in love with you.
- Okay, Jake, don't
do this, all right.
You are upset. You and Scarlet--
- I don't care about Scarlet.
- Don't do this.
- I care about you.
I am the only one who's
been there for you, hmm?
I'm the only one who's
always been there for you,
always wanted
what's best for you.
- You are the only
one there for me
because everyone in
my life is either dead
or almost been killed.
And it all started to
happen after you showed up.
- What are you saying?
Oh, you think I had
something to do with all this?
- I don't know what I'm
Okay? But those are the facts.
I have to go.
- Wait.
I'm sorry.
Forget what I said.
I need you!
No, no, no, please,
please, please.
Don't go, don't go, no.
- Abby.
- So this woman named Lana Jones
has been calling
nonstop for Scarlet.
Rambling on about how
Scarlet's in danger.
- I'm gonna need
that number from you.
Thank you.
- Jake did it.
He was with her last night.
- What are you talking about?
- Scarlet messaged me,
and said Jake was
with her last night.
Apparently, she found
something of his
and wanted to hear my side.
It seemed urgent.
- Well, what did she find?
- I don't know
she couldn't talk.
Like I said Jake was there.
- Well, she told me
that he texted her
and decided not to come over.
- Here.
Must have been Jake who texted
you after he killed her.
- I know that you think,
and always thought that he
killed Cole, but why Scarlet?
- If I'm not mistaken, a
strange string of events
occurred after he
showed up, right?
- Yes.
- And your cohost dies,
and he's suddenly there
to fill the position.
And you husband.
- My husband.
- Exactly.
- His accident.
I guess, I just convinced myself
that this was all coincidental.
- Nothing with Jake Everett
is ever coincidence.
Naomi, you're in serious danger.
We both are.
Come with me to the police.
I'm going there right now.
- What, what.
- She knows.
- Mrs. Spinner.
We found traces of Restophin
in your husband's blood,
which is commonly associated
with a date rape drug.
- A date rape drug.
- That would explain
the accident.
- And the symptoms that he was
having before the accident.
- Do you know anyone
who would wanna
hurt your husband?
- Excuse me, Dr. Maslow.
They are really
getting impatient.
- I'll be back as soon as I can.
- Hey, beautiful.
- I made a mistake bringing
Jake back into our lives.
- Why would you say
that about Jake?
- I think, he was
behind what happened
to you and Robert and Scarlet.
Call Lana Jones.
Lana, I believe you.
I'm on my way to the
police station now.
You're probably already there.
I'll see you soon.
See I told you.
- Mrs. Spinner, I
understand you think
Mr. Everett could be responsible
for your husband's accident.
- Not could be is.
- Right, because he lied about
helping your husband
to his truck.
Alright, that hardly implies
he attempted to kill him.
- Jake was the last
person with my husband.
Jake ordered the drinks.
- There's no footage at the bar
that shows Jake
drugging your husband.
- That's because his
back is to the camera.
- What
about your husband?
He still doesn't
remember anything today?
- Well, no, but
the doctor did say
it could be possible
he'll start to get pieces.
- Could.
Look this is a very
serious accusation.
I can't just file
charges against
a man over your suspicion.
We need actual evidence.
I need proof.
- That's exactly what you
told Lana a few years ago.
Did Lana Jones come
in here earlier?
- No, Lana Jones
didn't come in today.
- What.
That can't be.
Are you sure?
- I'm positive.
Look, I'd like to help you.
But at the moment my
hands are tied, I'm sorry.
- Of course, Detective.
I'll handle the rest on my own.
Oh, my god.
- It's not just now.
I have always loved you.
I knew it from the
first time I saw you.
You were walking out of the
library with your friends.
I heard your laugh,
and you looked at me.
I couldn't believe you
were looking at me.
I just knew I had
to be with you.
- Why didn't you
ever say anything?
- The show was going so well.
You and I were working
so perfectly together.
I couldn't risk it, you know.
You always were so
interested in the athletes.
I was just your friend,
which I guess was right because
when I finally did
muster up the courage to
spill my heart out,
Cole stepped in,
swept you off your
feet so easily.
I felt so betrayed,
so hurt,
so angry.
- So you killed him.
- I couldn't control myself.
I had never felt that way.
He had to pay.
- And then you lied about it.
And you let someone else
take the blame for you.
- I had to get away from you.
It was the only way.
- Jake, I never
meant to hurt you.
Obviously, the things I was
feeling they were right.
- I thought we'd
be a team forever.
When, I left, I did everything
I could to try to just
get you out of my head.
When Lana tracked me down
and I got fired, I
knew that was a sign,
a sign that I had to get back
to the thing that I
lost 10 years ago, you.
- So then you killed my costar,
and then you went
after my husband.
How do you possibly think
that I could love someone that
could do something like that?
- Because I'm doing this
all for you, for us.
We are supposed to be together.
- That's never
gonna happen, okay?
It's not gonna happen.
Now I'm gonna help you.
Okay, I'm gonna help you.
- Please don't do that.
No, no, no, give me the phone.
I said give me the phone!
Give me the phone.
- Okay, okay, okay.
Okay, okay.
- Come here.
- No, no where are we going?
- We are going
somewhere very special
where I know you will realize
how you truly feel about me.
- No, no Jake, please.
- Oh, oh, hey, hey.
Don't worry, don't worry, hey,
I'm pretty sure it's gonna
be our best show yet.
- Hello.
- Hey, sorry to bother you,
but Naomi's not answering.
Is she with you?
- No.
No, I've been trying
to reach here too.
She left here really upset.
She's convinced that
Jake is responsible
for everything
including my accident.
- I know, she told me
about the Restophin.
- He lied, Abby.
I remember him helping
me get into the truck.
- What.
- Yes.
Call the police right now
and help me get out of here.
- Still smells the
same, doesn't it?
You could almost taste those
famous chicken nuggets.
You sure did love those.
Hey, Naomi, look.
Look, that's our favorite
booth right there.
- Jake, whatever you're
thinking it's not necessary.
- Oh, it is.
- No.
- It is.
I have waited 10
years for this moment.
And I have the perfect
way to share it.
With all our fans
and loved ones.
Look around.
We're gonna livestream
the whole thing
for everyone to see.
You know, that really
was a good idea
by your former cohost
Robert, wasn't it?
- What are you talking about?
- I may have borrowed
his initial ideas,
sort of made it my own.
He really was pretty sharp.
It's a shame what
happened to him.
No, no, no, hey, hey.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no don't cry.
Don't cry, don't
cry, don't cry, hey.
Hey, you're gonna mess
up that pretty face.
So what do you say?
You ready to go
live one last time?
Okay, here we go.
We'll wait till we
have enough viewers.
Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk.
- Jake.
- 8,000, is that enough?
'Cause I want this to
go viral, you know.
Okay, okay.
Hi, welcome to a
very special episode
of Mornings with Naomi and Jake,
in that, it will be
our final episode.
I'm standing here with your
number one favorite, Naomi.
Naomi, do you have an
opening monologue for us?
That's not like you.
You're never at
the loss for words.
- Trent.
- Jake's got her.
- I know.
- What have you done?
Why is she crying?
I understand your concerns,
but it will all be
clear in just a moment.
- Trent, if you're
watching this,
you are the love of my life.
- This is not about Trent!
This is about you and me.
Truth is I fell
in love with Naomi
long before Trent
or any of you did.
Oh, where are you goin'?
- I know where they are.
Help me get out of here.
- Okay, hold on.
- Look at this.
For all your Jacomi
fans out there
from our Campus Cool days
where it all started.
- Stop, stop, stop!
- What?
- No.
- Tell the world what they
all know, what I know.
And we'll both run far, far away
and live the life we
always should have.
- Okay, Jake, I do love you.
And I was afraid to tell you.
I was afraid that you
didn't feel the same way.
- Do you know how long I've
wanted to hear you say that?
- I do.
And we can be together
just please put the gun down.
- The way you're
looking at me right now
that's the same way
you were looking at me
the last time you betrayed me,
the last time you
will ever betray me.
I'll see you soon.
- No, no, no, no!
- You okay?
Are you?
Are you okay?
- Hello, yes, this
is Trent Spinner.
My wife is Naomi Spinner.
I know where she's
being held captive.
She's at Johnny's Diner.
- Naomi!
- Are you okay?
- Are you all right.
- Naomi!
- Welcome back, world.
Okay, we hope you are
wide awake right now
because we do have people
that watch overseas
and we cover many time zones,
but whatever time you're in
it is everyone's favorite time.
Time for our favorite
most popular segment,
and I know you guys look
forward to this every single
so here--
Hi, what are you doing here?
- Hey, hey, hey.
- Hi, honey.
What are you doing here?
- Look, we're gonna get
back to your segment.
But before we do that,
I wanna share some
news with you that your
executive producer Abby
just shared with me.
As of last week's ratings,
you are the most watched
daytime personality
in the country.
Congratulations, baby.
- Thank you!
- We love you, Naomi.
- She's actually very
happy about that.
Oh my gosh, thank you!
That is really huge news.
I don't know what
to say to that.
Thank you.
Thank you to everyone
who watches the show
and streams us around
the world, worldwide.
I'm sorry, it's
taking me off guard.
I'm so excited.
It's truly an honor.
And most importantly,
I am thankful for you two,
because you are
my entire world.
Oh, it's okay, it's okay.