Stakeout (1987) Movie Script

- A little late.|- Yeah, tell me about it.
I'm all out of spares.|Should have been home hours ago.
That's got it.
Thanks.|See you in a half hour.
Open up.
Get me out of this trap!
Hey, Louie!
- Give my regards to Broadway.|- What'd I tell you about screwing around with my books?
I didn't touch your fag rags,|you understand?
Who the hell else touched them then?|There's only you and me in here.
- Piss off!|- Hey, man, don't fuckin' tell me to piss off.
I just did, asshole.
Come on.|Come on, big cowboy.
- We got a problem in 17. Better get down there.|- Hey, Billy. Billy, get him good.
- Come on!|- Get ya down there!
- Kick the shit out of him!|- Hey! Hey! Hey!
Hey! Hey!|What's going on in there?
Kill the mother!
Do it!
Oh, God!
Get off!
Die, you fucker!|You son of a bitch!
I'm coming after you!|I'll kill you! I'll kill you!
You goddam scum!|I'll kill you!
Will you take it easy?
Put him up here.
Fuck you.
Don't move.
Doc, keep your shoes|in one place, man.
Fuck you too.
Come on.|Get on the table.
Hey. Hey!|Stick, we gotta go!
I want to ask you a question.|Do you think it's humane...
to pump perfectly sane prisoners|full of filoxin and thorazine?
Come on, man.|Let's get out of here.
All right,|we got three minutes.
Let go.|Let go, man.
Get in the box.|Get in the box!
- Okay. See you next week.|- Right.
- Good night.|- Good night. Thanks.
Are we out?
- We out?|- Yeah.
- Who's this?|- Uh, that's, uh, Maria McGuire.
She came a couple of times|to visit Montgomery.
2221 Speck Road, Seattle.|Is that address current?
I hope so.|That's all we got.
May I, uh-|Thank you.
Hey, you want these eggs hot? You want me|freeze them? Come on. Pick them up. Thank you.
- See the game last night?|- No, no. I missed it.
Whoa. Don't get your hands|too close to his mouth.
Anything else?
- Yeah, I'd like another cup of coffee, please.|- Okay.
- And I'd like a side order of sausage.|- You bet.
- How long has he been in there?|- About ten minutes.
- That is disgusting.|- Really?
My God. Do you eat like that|in front of your mother?
- It's an old family custom.|- Well, I'll tell ya, it's not healthy.
You gotta take your time. Do you have any|idea what that does to your digestive system?
No, but I'm afraid|you're gonna tell me.
You've got to savour|the qualities of the cuisine.
First the smell-|Oh, for Christ's sake-
There he is. Come on. Let's go.|Pay the cheque.
Come on. Let's get the forklift up here.|Come on. Let's go.
There he is.
All right, he's not here.|You check upstairs. I'll take the docks.
Oh, no, no. I picked up the cheque.|You take the fish.
Oh, shit.
You're under arrest!|You have the right to remain silent.
Oh, shit!
Oh, shit!
Stop! Police!
Pardon me. Excuse me.|Sorry. My fault.
Sorry. Oh, God.
What do you think you're doin'?
- Hey!|- Freeze!
Lace your fingers above your head|and turn around towards me real slow.
Now you're under arrest.
Get back!
Oh, God, I hate this part.
I'm on fire
- Took you long enough.|- It's my one desire
- Desire to win|- Free air, man. Free air.
- I'm gonna say it again, say it again -|You don't know what this means. - It's my one
- You have no idea. -|Yeah. Let's move. - Desire
Hi, Bernie.|I'd like some prints.
And there's some blood on the blade. I'd|like to have it typed. Thank you very much.
What is that smell?|Chris?
Oh, oh, oh, oh, looks like somebody's|been in a fight,Jack.
What? Nobody in cuffs here?|That must mean something.
No, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait|a minute. I think that means that, uh...
somebody got their ass kicked.
Complaints.|I'm Bernie.
- Okay.|- God, you stink.
Hey, guys. Captain wants to|see you in his office ASAP.
ASAP? I'd like to take a shower first.|What do you say?
- Please.|- I wish you would.
But by the sound of his voice,|I think he'll see you as is.
Go ahead! Get out!
Uh, wait a minute, chuckles.
- Captain wants to see you too.|- What'd you do now?
What the hell happened to you?|Looks like you got your ass kicked?
No, no, don't sit there, no.|Shut the door.
Gentlemen, this is Agent Thomas Lusk|from the regional FBI headquarters.
- Detective Bill Reimers.|- Hey, Billy.
- There's, uh, Chris Lecce over there. Uh, Phil Coldshank.|- Pleasure, sir.
- And, uh,Jack Pismo.|- Right on.
"Right on. "|He said, "Right on. "
Now, the FBI has requested some help|over the next couple of weeks.
So for now,|your cases have been reassigned.
- Whoa, whoa, reassigned? - Wait a minute. Bill and I|are close to breaking this thing- - A forklift, wasn't it?
From now on,|you're working full-time on this.
- Kleenex, please.|- In the drawer there.
Mr, uh, Lusk is in charge of this|operation, so I'll let him do the talking.
Yeah, I-I don't know if you're familiar with|Montgomery, but, uh, just in case you're not.
Two years ago he killed|one of our agents.
He should have had the chair,|but he had a sharp attorney...
and the local police were a little too|zealous in their pursuit of evidence.
- A plea bargain kept him|from frying. - Yo! - Sorry.
Just busted out of Stonehurst,|didn't he? Killed a guard?
Yeah, he and his cousin crossed into Wyoming,|ditched their truck and had a car waiting.
- If he's in Wyoming, why are you here?|- Well, we think he'll head for Mexico, but he has friends here.
So we're setting up|a half a dozen stake-outs.
Now, uh, we'll handle the important ones,|but, uh, since we're a little short on help...
uh, your men will take the others.
- Of course.|- Who we watching?
Oh, he has an old girlfriend here. He|hasn't seen her for a year and a half.
Her name is Maria McGuire.|Now, you'll be watching her house...
and the Second Precinct will take her|at the restaurant where she works.
Here are the keys to the apartment we rented|across the street from where she lives.
Now, we're gonna have|to move on this one quick.
I- I know it's short notice,|but this is real bad people we're after.
- Do we, uh, get a bug?|- Hopefully within 24 hours.
Uh, just one other thing.
If you spot Montgomery, report it.|Nothing more.
Remember,|this is an FBI operation.
Wait a second.|Wait a second.
Excuse me, Captain. There's something a little ripe here. Let me|- Let me ask you a question.
What you're asking is that|you'd like us to sit on our butts...
on some low-priority shit detail...
on the off chance that we're gonna run|across some "bad people. "
And then what are we supposed to do?|We're supposed to give you a jingle...
so that you can make the arrest|and get the keys to the city?
Excuse me, Captain. I'm sorry. I don't like|to sound negative, but this is bullshit.
I'm a cop.|You understand me?
I'm not a security guard.
I see some "bad people"...
I'm gonna be a little too busy|to, uh, make a phone call.
Hope the attitude|doesn't affect the performance.
- Would you like to see how this|attitude- - Are you through, Mr Lecce?
We'll call.
- What an asshole.|- Definitely.
Hey! Hey! I don't want to hear|that kind of crap.
And I don't want to hear that|someone else heard it either, got it?
Now, this is a 24-hour surveillance.|Jack and Phil will take the day shift.
- Chris and Bill the nights. Same routine as last time.|- Aw,Jesus.
- Something bothering you, Mr Coldshank?|- No, no.
Don't bullshit me.|What's on your so-called mind?
Well, if it's all the same to you, sir, uh, I'd|just as soon not be on a stake-out with them again.
- Hear, hear, sir.|- Why?
- Why?|- Yeah. Why?
- Chris and Bill are slobs, sir. No, no. No, no, no.|- The worst. The worst.
The last stake-out that Jack and I were on with|them, they never once cleaned up after themselves.
- I mean, look at them. Smell them.|- Lick my left one, buddy.
- You left cigar butts all over the place.|- Oh, please.
- You guys never once changed the toilet paper. What, you don't wipe yourself?|- You are disgusting.
- You are filth.|- Hey, what about his dog?
- He let his dog piss all over the carpet.|- Hey, that's a goddam lie!
Come on, come on, come on, come on! Don't|blame it on the dog. Phil did all the pissing.
- How'd you like me to piss on you? -|Sit down! - You see this? - Sit down!
- Think I broke my zipper.|- That's enough.
Now, this is not an invitation|to a prom, boys.
I don't give a shit|if you don't like the date.
Now, you gentlemen are going to watch this broad|until the fat lady sings or I say different.
And if you fuck this up,|I'm gonna take your nuts...
and tie 'em in a knot|and run 'em through my shredder.
- Captain?|- Yeah?
- Phil doesn't have any nuts, sir.|- Get out. Get out. Get out.
Downwind, please. Please.
All right, that's hers.
And we're there.
Home, sweet home.
I don't know. I just hope|the place has got some heat.
- Carol's okay with all this, isn't she?|- Yeah.
Bonnie's gonna kill me if she ever finds out|we're gonna be here for a couple of weeks.
Heigh-ho, heigh-ho|It's off to work we go
Oh, God.
Lucy!|You got some explaining to do.
Very attractive. Yeah.|I think Jason lives here.
- What a nightmare.|- Really.
What the hell did we do|to deserve this?
I think it was that stripper|we sent to the captain on his birthday.
I told you we should have|sent the woman.
Yeah, I think you're right.|I screwed up.
- Hello?|- Hello, baby.
- Hi. Where are you?|- Well, right now, I am freezing my butt off...
staring through a telescope|at a house on Speck Road.
Didn't anyone ever tell you|that's against the law?
- Yeah, right.|- No personal calls, no personal calls.
Chris and I got a stake-out,|the night shift.
That does it. I'm crossing|the captain off the Christmas list.
- Uh, Chris says hi.|- That's nice.
- So how long is this one supposed to take?|- Couple of weeks.
A couple of weeks? Jeffrey will be|full grown next time you see him.
Yeah, I know.|I hope he remembers me.
All right, listen, I gotta go, okay?|All right, I love you.
- I love you too.|- Be good. Bye.
I think we're in luck.
We got every room covered,|except the bathroom.
- Hey, you know, maybe you should call Bonnie.|- She'll only yell. I'm not in the mood.
- Well, I can call her. You want me to call?|- No, no, no. That's okay. I- I can call her.
I can take care of my own love life,|thank you very much. Get away. Get away.
She's probably in bed|with some other guy.
- Poor bastard.|- Poor bastard.
- So, who we watching anyway?|- Uh, Miss Maria Guadalupe-
- Guadalupe.|- McGuire.
Irish-Mexican. A waitress going to night|school, but apparently not this quarter.
She drives a 1980 Volkswagen.|Lives alone.
- Nothing.|- Long, brown hair. Brown eyes.
- Five-foot-six. Too tall.|- Too tall. For us anyway.
Oh, and the moment|we've all been waiting for-
313 pounds.
313 pounds?|Let me see that.
- I would imagine that's fully clothed.|- Oh, my God!
Oh, she could be the house.|This is disgusting.
I hate this job.
- "They're dustin' off the hot seat for me. "|- On the Waterfront.
- Who said it?|- Um, Lee J. Cobb.
All right, uh, 16th president|of the United States?
- Uh, I don't know.|- I'll give you a hint.
- Abe Lincoln.|- Right, right.
Okay, okay, what movie?|What movie? Um-
"Well, this was not|a boating accident. "
- I don't know.|- Oh, you're hopeless.
- Fifteenth president of the United States?|- Um, I don't know. Fillmore?
Buchanan.|Give me another one.
- 1980 Volkswagen, right?|- Right.
The rock's in the sock.|We got some movement, buddy.
This is Guadalupe?
Turn around.
I think she's gone on a diet.
- Are you gonna shoot pictures or draw some from memory?|- Right, right, right, right, right, right.
Excuse me. Pardon me. Excuse me. Pardon me, pardon|me. Excuse me. My fault. There you go. There you go.
God, she's cute.
- It's 2:30.|- Better make some notes.
She's, uh, walking into the kitchen.
- Now she's walking across the room.|- Where's she goin'?
Looks to be the bedroom.
- What's she doin'?|- Uh, looks like, uh-
Like what?
Like she's undressing.
My God!
Oh, wow. Oh, yeah.|Oh, yeah, yeah. Yeah.
- No, no, no. No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No!|- No! No! No! No! No!
- "To protect and to serve. "|- Oh, oh, oh, I love my job so much.
Jack,Jack.|Winston, take a break.
- Good dog. You like that?|- What? You teach him that?
- That's good. That's good.|- Yesterday. Yesterday. Yeah.
Oh, sh-|Will you stop that?
Such a kid sometimes.
Oh, yeah. Finally.
She came in at 2:30 in the morning.|She hasn't been up since. Goodbye.
Just replace what you steal,|all right?
What a dump.
- Looks like your place, huh, Phil?|- Funny.
- Watch Winston, will ya? I'm gonna go take a break.|- All right.
- It's started.|- Cute.
Very cute! Amateurs.
Are you kidding me?
Are you kidding me?
- Yeah?|- So, the answer to the quiz...
why didn't Bonnie answer the phone|is that she's moved out.
Do you know what time it is?
Yeah, I know what time it is. What do|you want to do, go back to sleep?
I already tried that.|It's too goddam light.
Well, then pull the shades.
I can't.|She took 'em.
She took the shades?
She paid for 'em.
Sorry I didn't get the phone.
All right, what do you want me to do?|Let you go back to sleep?
Um, no, no.
Look, there's nothing you can|do about it right now anyway.
- Did you crack the seal yet?|- Nope.
- Well, then, put it back.|- Okay, Dad.
Oh, oh, good news.|We, uh- We get the phone bug tonight.
Yippee.|Kiss Carol for me.
Lower. Goodbye.
- How's Chris?|- Okay.
- And how are you?|- I'm tired.
- Tired?|- Hmm. Not that tired.
I was lookin'over your shoulder
You were next to me, oh
You ever think about|what happens after you die?
After I die? Yeah.
You know what's gonna happen?|I'm gonna be reincarnated...
as a judge.
All right, forget it.|Bad topic.
So, I want to get paid, right?|Figure she still has your money?
- Oh, I know she's still got my money.|- How do you know? You haven't seen her in a year and a half.
Because she doesn't even know|she's got it.
Look, no one knows you more than me
...over to Peter's. I'm sure he'll|have some money for bail or something.
I- I'm gonna come over to your house now,|okay? I fjust- No, Mom.
Mom, I'm hanging up right now,|all right? Goodbye.
We were born to love
- Operator. - Operator. Yeah.|Can you give me, uh, Seattle-
I mean, um, area code 206?
- Yeah, what?|- Don't you ever say hello?
- You ready?|- I'm ready when you are, C.B.
Okay, let her answer|before you cut 'em.
I- I don't know.
- What did you do?|- Yeah? What is it?
- Como esta, Maria?|- Hello?
- Now you're a stranger to me|- Guess who this is.
Hello? Hello? Hello?
Hi. I'm sorry to disturb you.|I'm from the phone company.
Apparently there's a line problem|in the neighbourhood.
- Seriously?|- Yeah. Isn't there something wrong with your phone?
Yeah, my phone's dead. I just|can't believe you're already here.
Oh, well, we got a lot of calls,|you know. Whole neighbourhood's down.
Well, um, you know, it's really not a very|good time for me right now. I have to be going.
I understand, I understand. I-It would|only take a couple of minutes.
- But if it would be a lot easier, I guess we could come back next week.|- Uh, wait a minute.
I'll bet if I don't have it fixed now, it'll|be another couple of weeks or something?
- No! No, no. Five days max.|- Five days?
Come on, Maria.|How can you resist him?
- Okay, if it doesn't take too long, come on in.|- All right. Be out of your way in just a second.
- Bingo.|- There we go.
Not bad for an old fart.
- There's one phone over there and|another in the bedroom. - Okey-dokey.
- Be out of your way as fast as I can.|- Okay.
Hi, sailor.
She's in the bedroom tidying up,|trying to make a good impression.
Oops, don't look under the bed.
Okay, okay,|now she's comin'back.
Okay, all checked out here.
- Want to show me the next one?|- Sure.
Hi. And now a word|from our sponsors.
She's, uh, in the kitchen,|just in case you were wondering.
What's that?
Now is no time to be pausing|for the news, Chris.
W- What are you doin'?|Where you goin'?
Chris, she is in the house.|Stop screwing around, for Christ's sake.
If you blow this|and we get busted-
God damn it, Chris. Come on.|Stop messing around.
Chris, she-|She's right there, for Christ's sake.
Chris. Chris, she's comin'.|Chris, she's comin'. She's comin'!
Chris, God damn it!|Jesus Christ!
Look, I really can't wait any more.|Uh, I'm sorry.
- Problem?|- Uh, my-
My brother is in a lot of trouble right now.|He's down with the police at the station.
And there's bail|I have to take care of and I-
- Something serious?|- Yeah, I think it is.
Could you come back|tomorrow maybe or-
- I'm done.|- It's fixed?
Well, the problem isn't in the phone.|I think it's out on the pole.
- I'm gonna have to check outside.|- Oh.
Well, thanks a lot.
I'm in love, Bill.
I'm leaving you.|It happens to one out of every six men.
I have to face up|to my heterosexuality.
But don't worry.|You'll be well provided for.
What the hell were you doin'?
What do you mean, what was I doin'? I|was putting in a bug, for crying out loud.
Oh, really? Is that what that was? Huh? Well, I don't call|goin' through that woman's drawers puttin' in a goddam bug.
Oh, calm down.|Don't blow a bowel, okay?
For crying out loud.|I thought I saw something...
in her bureau that would tell us whether|or not she talked to Montgomery.
Yeah, she's gone.
Give me the flashlight. I'm gonna|go back in there and check it out.
- Come on.|- No, no, no, no, no.
- No?|- No! Chris, this is the feds' party.
I am not gonna get my ass canned|for illegal procedure.
"This is the feds' party. I'm not gonna|get my ass canned for illegal procedure. "
Give me the goddam flashlight!|And nothing's gonna happen to you.
The worst thing that they could do to you is that|they could suspend you for, what, three years?
Oh, that's great.
I'm kidding!Jesus, man,|nobody knows when I'm kidding.
I'm only making a little joke,|a little humour.
What a boner.
- You there?|- You in?
- I'm in.|- Then hurry up.
- I'm sorry. Sorry.|- Are you kidding me?
You're sorry?|You're making me very nervous.
Oh, I'm making you nervous?|That's a hoot.
Okay, I think I got something|real important here.
A bunch of letters here|all from Montgomery...
and, uh, the last one dated|about four months ago.
"Dear Maria-|First you stop coming to visit me...
and now you won't|even answer my letters.
I understand you're lonely.|I hear you're seeing a couple of guys.
Sometimes I get so mad that I could|wipe out a whole planet...
and enjoy myself doing it. "
Now, how could she have dumped|a charmer like him?
All right, take this down.|I think we got something to check out.
He- He apparently has a buddy...
with the initials "B.C. "|right here in Seattle.
Seems to work on the docks.
Uh, now he's talking to her|about some furniture...
he bought her for a present.
Does she still have it?
Apparently he got it for her birthday.|It's very important to him.
- Holy shit!|- What?
Get out of the house.|Get out of the fucking house, man.
She's right there.|She's at the stairs!
- Are you fucking with me?|- No, I'm not fucking with you. Get out of the house!
Come on, Chris.
What are you, crazy?
At night
When you turn off all the lights
There's no place that you can hide
No, no|The rhythm is gonna get you
Rhythm is gonna get you|Rhythm is gonna get you
- What is going on in there?|- Rhythm is gonna get you
- Where the hell are you?|- Rhythm is gonna get you
Rhythm is gonna get you
Sergeant Bernie?|Yeah, this is Chris Lecce.
I'm fine. Fine. How are you?
Great. I want you to run a make|on a guy named Reynaldo McGuire.
Yeah, find out any priors,|anything at all.
Oh, just enjoying my day off.
Oh, come on.|There is no way, Chris.
- There is no way that one bullet could have done all that damage and ended up intact.|- No way? No way?
- What does "no way" mean?|- One bullet came from the grassy knoll, the other from the Texas Schoolbook Depository. How naive can you be?
Oh, so you think that the chief justice|of the United States lied, is that right?
That Gerald Ford and all|those other people lied?
- Those bastards.|- What?
Well, they ate everything|and left us a goddam dog turd.
- Earl Warren left us a dog turd?|- No, Phil and Jack.
Why do you care about all this stuff?|You were five years old when it happened.
- Who gives a shit?|- I'm gonna get those guys, man. I don't know how yet, but I'm gonna get them.
Give me the keys to the car. I'm gonna|go to the supermarket. What do you want?
- How about some truth and justice?|- What else?
- Doughnuts.|- Why not? We're cops.
- Hi. - Hi. - The|phone man, right?
- Right, right. How's your phone?|- Still works. You live in the neighbourhood?
- No, no, I was in the area working.|- More lines down?
So you, uh|- you satisfied with the phone system, are you? You don't need anything else installed?
Any trimline or videophone|or anything at all?
- You really are a phone man, aren't you?|- Why do you say that?
You're still working on another line.|Get it?
- Got it. - Good.|- Sixteen thirteen.
- Hope your phone breaks real soon.|- Promise you'll fix it if it does?
I promise.
Eating in between meals?
"Eating in between meals?"
Wait a minute. Don't go!
Oh, shit.
You wouldn't be headed|in my direction, would you?
I'm sorry, I don't know your name.
- Uh, uh, uh, uh, Bill.|- Bill. - Bill. - Bill.
- I'm Maria.|- Hi.
Hi. Can I make you a trade?|A cup of coffee for a ride home?
My bike has a stupid flat, and it's|only getting ready to rain, and I-
Well, uh, um-
- Please?|- Yeah, yeah, what the hell.
- Okay, thank you.|- We'll put it in the trunk. Come on.
I don't believe this.
- Yeah.|- Hi.
- I'm gonna be a little late.|- No, no, no, no, take your time.
No, no, I stopped off|for a cup of coffee.
Well, uh, then have two cups.
Nothing going on here.|Just some dull old police work.
Great, great. Tell me, uh,|how's that forklift coming?
- I'll be about a half hour.|- Where are my doughnuts, you prick?
Maybe more.
You really are a nice guy,|aren't you?
- Don't say that!|- Why? You are.
You gave me a ride home.|You're unpacking my groceries.
You fixed my phone.|You're nice.
I know, I know, I know.|I'm nice. I'm nice. I hate that.
It's a curse.
It's like "medium. "
I always wanted to be bad.
Uh, these go in the sack.
You think bad is good?
Well, yeah. I always wanted|a little bad, you know?
I thought it would make|my nice better.
Let me tell you something.|Bad isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Bad is bad, and I think right now|I'd settle for a little nice.
I think.
What are we talking about?
Do you like Mexican food?
I made this mean camarones veracruzanos.|You like spicy?
I love spicy.
Good. Well, then, you're gonna|want to marry me after this.
Oh, Chris.
For crying out loud.
Oh, yeah.
We could be so hot together
Hot together
We could be so hot together
- Aw, this is ridiculous.|- We happened to be at the same party
- We left it up to chance|- I'm gonna kill him.
I was born on the Day of the Dead, see,|and it's a very big deal in Latino cultures.
They want it to make fun of death and|to take it seriously at the same time.
So every year|as long as I can remember...
someone in my family's always given me|some kind of skeleton on my birthday.
And now I've got this full graveyard.
We could be so hot|Hot together
Got a big family?
My younger brother still lives|at home with my mom except this week...
and I've got a ton of relatives|in Veracruz.
About your brother- I, uh-|I happen to know a couple of cops.
I could ask around, you know,|find out what's going on.
- You think they'd tell you?|- Yeah, if they want their phones to work.
Oh, that would be nice. Oh, God.|I'm sorry. There's that word again.
God, I like your smile.
Excuse me.|I must be kind of drunk.
- Maria, let me ask you something.|- What, Mr Bill?
How come you know so much|about what's bad?
there was this man once,|and he was violent and crazy...
and dangerous, and I-
I was insane.
I was insane because|I was with him for a while.
It's all over now.
Did you love him?
I was crazy, I think.
- Where is he now?|- Why do you ask?
Why do you think?
- I think I have to go.|- Yeah, me too. I've got the late shift.
No, no, no, leave them.|I'll do them in a couple of years.
You want to know what|the best thing you said tonight was?
- That you liked my smile.|- Oh.
I know, I know, I know.|I'm nice. I know.
I'm not that nice.
Honey, I'm home.
I bumped into her|at the goddam store.
What was I supposed to do,|pretend that I'd never seen her before?
Anyway, we're supposed to be watching the house,|right? So I was watching the house from the inside.
Nothing. Here are your doughnuts.|Here. I didn't eat one of them.
There's a glaze on it and everything.|I got you some Pringles and some Oreos.
You, uh, gonna get together|with her again?
- Maybe go to see a movie maybe?|- Oh, give me a break. Come on. Hey, she made me some dinner.
- That was it.|- Nothing more?
Nothing more.
Okay, Mr Liar.
Sergeant Bernie called,|said that Reynaldo McGuire...
was arrested on the 17th|for a GTA.
Wouldn't just happen to be|any relation, would it?
Give me a break, will you?|She told me her brother was in jail.
I checked it out.|I thought it was a lead.
- A lead?|- Yeah. A lead.
Okay. Fine. You tell me you're checking|out a lead, I'm gonna believe you're-
Checking out a lead.
I realize this is a shit detail.
Oh, boy. I mean, can we talk, you know?|Nobody's really gonna care what we do.
- Bottom of the barrel.|- Right.
But I would appreciate that you not act like|a walking hard-on while we're working together.
Excuse me.
Succinctly put.
All the money|in the cash register right now.
Okay, okay.|Take it easy.
Reach me up and get me|a hunting knife, would you, please?
Sorry, buddy, we're closed.
- Seventy-two.|- What do we got? What do we got?
- Two seventy-three.|- All right. That's plenty, man.
That's all we need.|All we need is gas money.
- Yeah, it's hardly worth rubbing people out for.|- What?
What did I do now?
Reynaldo, right?
I heard you got yourself|into a little trouble.
You a cop?
- You a criminal?|- No.
This girl's father's got it in for me.
He does, huh?
He doesn't want me|seeing his daughter.
- She's pretty precious, huh?|- Yeah.
So why'd you hot-wire the car?
We thought it'd be okay.
I was stupid.
It's not very pleasant|being in here, is it?
Why do you care?
I just want to find out what kind|of a guy you are before I get you out.
Get me out. I can't take|another night in this place.
You like to work with your hands?
I got a job here, construction.|Starts Monday morning, 7:30 to 5:00.
Five days a week.|Got to be home every night.
That's the deal.
Every night.
Take it and you're out of here.
Mess with me and you're right back in.|What do you say?
What rock did they find you under?
Anything I can do to make your stay here|more pleasant, buddy, you just let me know.
- Great.|- Hey, Lecce, I want to talk to you.
- You should be getting some sleep. What are you doing?|- I heard you wanted to talk to me.
Yeah, a couple of cops sitting on a stake-out in|fourth precinct just got caught on a procedure.
Seems they got overanxious,|blew their cover.
I don't want this to happen here.|You pass it on.
- No funny stuff. - No funny|stuff. Okay, got it. - Right. Right.
Okay, you got it. You got it.|No funny stuff.
Excuse me!|Bill, how are you?
- I'm okay. I'm okay.|- What are you doing here?
Well, I just had, uh, a, uh, you know.|No, no, no, what are you doing here?
- I heard you were supposed to be at work.|- Well, I was, but they let me off early so I could see my brother.
- You know, they only have certain|hours here, and- - Hey, fishman.
One day we dance again, okay?
- Are you in some kind of trouble? - No, no,|no. He's just a funny friend. - Hey, Chris.
Listen, this is a really bad time|to talk to me. Could I-
Could I call you up, give you a call?|I gotta make a couple of calls.
And after I make those calls, we'll probably, you know, make|- call you after.
Come on. Come on.
- Great.|- Hey, fellas. What do you got?
Uh, the usual.|Logged five calls today.
One from Gail, some friend of hers|that just had a fight with her husband.
And one from her mother about|a recipe for some sort of shrimp dish.
Oh, a recipe, huh?|Good, good.
At least my wife|will get something out of this.
- She over there now?|- She been gone a couple of hours.
This recorder took a dump.|You gotta pick up a new one.
- Come on, Winston.|- Good night, gentlemen.
Good night.
Come on.|Let's get the hell out of here.
Winston!|Chris, you son of a bitch!
- Winston!|- This is not funny!
- You are really something, you know that? You keep me young.|- You like that?
- Yeah.|- Listen, the recorder's totally shot, so I gotta go pick up a new one.
- All right. - Leave it to Phil and|Jack, right? - How long will you be gone?
- About an hour.|- Okay, I'll see you then.
Jesus, they're immature!
Come on.
- How much longer, man?|- Finished. This carburettor sucks.
- It's as useful as a diet crouton.|- Come on. Let's get out of here.
Think about it|There must be higher love
Really no trick|to this, you know.
You're just gonna call her up on the phone|and tell her that you can't see her any more.
It's really as simple as that.
It's as simple as that.|Not gonna ruin your career.
- Hello?|- Hello.
It's, uh, uh, Bill.
- Hi, how are you?|- I'm okay. Look, the reason I called-
Uh, there are some things that|you and I have to get straight here.
- You know, I have very good taste.|- Pardon me?
Yeah, I've got good taste in food,|I've got good taste in music...
but most of all I've got|great taste in men.
I'm not quite sure|what we're talking about.
I'm talking about you. What you did|for my brother Ray, what you did for me.
Oh, oh, that.
"Oh, that. " What do you mean, "Oh, that"? It was a|very good thing, what you and your police friend did.
My brother's out offjail.|He's got a new fjob.
My mother wants to marry you.|My brother wants to marry you.
Yeah?|What about you?
- Maria?|- Yes?
Uh, wait.|Uh, uh, wait a minute.
- Uh, could you hold on just|a second? - Sure. - Thank you.
Don't be such a wuss!
Look, Maria, there are things|about me that you don't know.
Well, there are things you don't know about|me either. Isn't that why people go out?
Yeah, yeah, they do. But th-th-there|are things about me that I-
- That I can't tell you.|- Are you in some kind of trouble?
- Kind of.|- With the law?
Uh, in a way.|Look, your food is burning.
- Your-your-your food is, uh-|- Shit!
- How'd you know her food was burning?|- How'd you know my food was burning?
- Pardon me?|- My food was burning. How did you know? You psychic or something?
No, no, I'm not psychic.|I- I heard the sizzling behind you.
Oh. You have pretty good ears.|Yeah.
Look, Maria...
I just can't see you for a while.
You- You don't want to see-
Look, this- this really isn't|a very good time right now.
I- I-I have to be at work in half an|hour, so could you give me your number?
- I'll call you tomorrow.|- My home number?
Yeah. You do have a phone, don't you?
Yeah. Yeah, what do you think?
Of course I got a phone,|but I'm- I'm hardly ever there.
- Then I'll call you at the office.|- No, no, no, no, I'm hardly ever there.
All right, um, home is better.|555-5050.
Yeah. Okay, okay.
Okay, okay.
- Everything okay?|- Okay.
- Hello?|- Hi, it's Maria.
Hi.|What's wrong?
Did I wake you?
No, no, no, no, no.|It's okay.
- Where are you?|- I'm at home. Now, you listen to me, fella.
Just because you said you're having a little bit of|trouble doesn't mean I'm gonna let you off the hook.
Holy shit!
- I can't talk now.|- Are you all right?
- I have to call you back.|- What is it? Is it the police?
Hello? Bill?
- Bill.|- Bill.
Fifteen minutes early.|Must be some kind of record.
So, everything okay?|What's up?
- Got a phone call today.|- Oh, yeah? New recipe?
Uh-uh. Guy named Bill.
Hey, let me see. Okay, I'll take|this downtown, check it out.
Uh-uh. We will take this downtown.
Tried to disguise his voice,|but I think it was Montgomery.
Nap time's over, boys.|Better keep your eyes open tonight.
- Come on. -|Bill? - Come on.
Good night, gentlemen.
Those bastards, man. I smell a rat.|They are up to something.
I don't know what it is yet,|but they're up to something.
I'm gonna find out, though.
You know what it is?
Yeah. Yeah, I have|a pretty good idea what it is.
What? What? Tell me.
Son of a bitch!
Christ, I am gonna kill them!
- Just let me in for a minute. - She's|not here. Tony! - Get out of the way.
- Cover me! Armed man going into her house!|- What?
- Gail? Oh, Gail?|- Tony, I haven't seen her in a long time.
Gail's here. Gail, where are you?|Shut up, Maria. Every goddam time!
- Get your goddam hands off me, you son of a bitch!|- It's not our guy.
- Get out of my house! - I never thought|I'd hit a woman, but- Ow!Jeez, ouch!
Oh, for crying out loud.
Every time something happens, we end up|fucking it up, and she comes over here!
- Stop it! - Tell me where that-|Every time something goes wrong-
- I'm not gonna tell you again. She's not here.|- Anybody home?
Gee, I, uh-|You left the door open.
- Bill!|- Who the fuck are you?
I'm a friend of Maria's.|I came over for dinner.
- What's up?|- I'm looking for my wife.
- Where'd you leave her, pal?|- She's here.
- He thinks he can barge right in here.|- She ran out. She's hiding!
- Is she here?|- No. That's what I've been trying to tell him.
I think maybe you made a mistake.|What do you say, pal?
Go to hell!
Let's call the cops. I want him out of|my house! I want you to call the cops.
Why don't I help you look for her?|Huh? What do you say? Hey, Gail! Gail!
Oh, gee, I'm real sorry.
Just relax. Calm down.|Now, there's a chair right behind you.
When I lift you up, you're gonna|put your ass right down in that chair.
All right? One-
We're doing okay.|We're doing just fine.
Now, your knee is bad, huh?|That's it. Just relax.
We'll get you some ice for the knee, and|we'll get you some aspirin for your head, okay?
- Could we have some aspirin? And some ice.|- Yeah.
We're doing okay.|We're doing fine.
Now, I don't think it would be a very good idea|for you to talk to Gail right now, because...
you've been drinking, and you say pretty|mean things when you've been drinking, right?
Thank you.|Thanks a lot.
- What's your drink?|- Little rye and Coke.
Rye and Coke?|That used to be my drink.
Give me your hand. Yeah, I used to get these|diamond splinter headaches right between my eyes.
Right there. It was murderous.|You ever get those things?
- No.|- No?
Well, I guess it must|have been me, huh?
We're doing okay.|We're doing fine.
- How about some coffee?|- Yeah, coffee's good.
Yeah, we'll have some coffee,|we'll calm down, talk about Gail.
- Can we have some coffee please?|- Sure.
- I'm impressed.|- I was just in the neighbourhood.
I'm beginning to like|this neighbourhood more and more.
I was a little worried|after that phone call.
Yeah, yeah, well,|I was kind of out of it...
but, uh, I guess this|isn't the best time, eh?
Uh-uh. A date's a date.
Oh, look, Maria, I'm-|I'm really involved-
There's nothing to fear|Baby, now that you're near me
I've never seen anything so clearly
- Oh, boy.|- This night was made for one thing only
To come as close as we can come
This night was made|for one thing only
It's such a change|Someone nice like you
Oh, boy.
I'm in over my head here.
- Stay with me.|- Maria-
You don't want me|to break my phone, do you?
If I do, they'll send|somebody else here.
We've gotta keep rising
And never let go
I won't ever let you say goodbye
Oh, Bill.
- Fuck Bill.|- This night was made for one thing only
- To come as close as we can come|- So let it begin
This night was made|for one thing only
- Never let go|- To come as close as we can come
- Where do we begin|- Begin
- You could fjust hold me|- Just hold me
- Where do we begin|- Where do we begin
- You could fjust hold me|- You could fjust hold me
Where do we begin
I had a bad dream.
Oh, scary monsters.
Where'd they get you?|Here?
- What time is it?|- Seven thirty. What-
Jesus Christ!
What's wrong?
- It's morning.|- Are you gonna be late for work?
- Uh-huh. - Could you call and tell|them you'll be a little late, maybe?
- Mm-mm. Mm-mm.|- No?
- Listen, uh, you think you could lend me a hat?|- A hat?
Yeah, yeah, a hat. I got this really bad skin condition,|and it's very dangerous for me to go out in the sun.
- Like a rash?|- Yeah, yeah, like a rash.
- It's- It's- But it's worse. - Oh. Is this one|of the things you don't want to tell me about?
No, no, no, no, it's nothing, really.|It's nothing serious.
I'm not sure it's your colour.
Seems perfectly fine.
- Much better.|- Thank you.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait,|wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
I really got you|thinking now, don't I?
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait,|wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
- Could I borrow this?|- It's yours.
What are you waving at, huh?|Huh? Who you waving at?
Hey,Jack. Jack! This may be him.|Get on that horn, eh?
- Oh, right.|- Get on that horn.
Lynn,Jack Pismo,|Speck Road stake-out.
We have a man|running from the house.
Caucasian, about five-ten.
Jeans, jacket, pink hat,|and he's heading south.
Caucasian, five-ten, jeans,|jacket, pink hat?
Yeah, pink hat and a shawl.|He's heading south.
- Excuse me. My fault. My fault. Sorry.|- What are you doing?
No, no, back it up!
Get away from me!|Get down!
Get away from me!|Down!
Come on, come on!|Get in!
Did we, uh, practise safe sex?
- Hello?|- Hi, it's Maria.
- Hi. Hi. What's wrong?|- Did I wake you?
No, no, no, no, no.|It's okay.
- Where are you?|- I'm at home. Now, you listen to me, fella.
Just because you said you're having a little bit of|trouble doesn't mean I'm gonna let you off the hook.
Holy shit!
- I can't talk now.|- Are you all right?
- I have to call you back.|- What is it? Is it the police?
Hello? Bill?
We also have a videotape of a man|leaving the Speck Road house.
Now, we don't know if|it's the same man that's on the phone...
or if he has any relationship|with Montgomery.
We're not taking any chances.
We also found this.
"Bill"? I mean, that's|the last fuckin' straw. You break it-
Good night.
Hey, hey, hey, I'm serious, man.|It ends right here.
Either you break it off,|or you get your ass reassigned...
'cause I'm not|goin' down with you!
I busted my ass to make detective before|30. I'm not gonna let you fuck that up!
You got that, Chris?
Yeah, I got that.
You used to be a hell|of a cop, man.
Get your shit together.
Uh-oh, bacon on the left.|Bacon burgers on the left.
- Great.|- God damn it!
All right. Get in the back.|Use the shotgun.
- I'm not shootin' at cops!|- Get in the back, man.
How far are you|gonna take this?
Watch this.
Oh, yeah.
Hang on, little buddy.|I'm gonna jam 'em.
- Doin' all right? -|No. - Just hang in there.
Oh, fuck. It's over, man.
It's over.
It's never over till it's over.|Keep your head down, man.
- Keep your head down!|- Oh, it's gotta stop, man.
Whoa. Whoa!
- Hope this road goes somewhere.|- We're never gonna get out of this!
- What the hell are you doing?|- We're blowin' this pop stand.
- It's over.|- They got Montgomery?
Yeah, a couple hours ago.|Couldn't get many details...
but apparently|there was some big shoot-out.
Their car ended up in the Nisqually|River, and no one came out.
So, we get a pat on the back...
job well done, next case.
You know, you are one|lucky son of a bitch.
- What are you gonna do about her?|- Oh, man, I-
I think I love her.|I really do.
Well, I'd hate to think you|risked it all just 'cause you liked her.
Yeah, yeah.
Now comes the hard part.|Say, how do you feel...
about going across the street|and telling her that I'm a cop...
and I'm not a phone man and I've been lying|to her and I've been taking pictures...
- and looking at her through|telescopes and- - Uh-uh. No.
Yeah. I didn't think|you'd like that.
You know, I always thought|it would be you that screwed up.
Well, maybe I'll learn|from your mistakes.
- Probably not.|- Probably not. No.
- Wish me luck.|- Good luck.
The force of the water|against the car...
is making it extremely difficult|to pull it from the river.
It is not yet confirmed, but it|is believed that the body...
of escaped prisoner Richard "Stick"|Montgomery is still trapped inside.
The body of his cousin, Caylor Reese,|was found two miles downriver.
- Normally, police divers would have tried to pull Montgomery free...|- Hi.
but due to the car's|precarious position...
and the force of the water,|that has not been possible.
Are you all right?
I know. I know.
- Maybe we should talk.|- Uh-huh.
You're wanted by the law,|aren't you?
Is that what you think?
Well, I heard sirens|this morning after you left.
The police follow you here?
I don't think I realized until just now|the size of the hole that I dug for myself.
How much trouble are you in?
You're not gonna like me|very much when I tell you this.
Oh, God. I never should've|let this happen.
But I did.
I want you to know,|before you start hating me-
and you will start hating me-|that I've fallen in love with you.
Don't, don't, don't.
Don't interrupt a confession.
I don't work|for the phone company.
And my name is not Bill.|It's Chris.
- You're a cop?|- I'm a detective.
I'm staking out the home of an|ex-girlfriend of an escaped federal prisoner.
You've been watching me?|From where?
Across the street.
And my phones?
Listen to me!
In there, huh?
What do you got there, huh?
You guys are great.
I hope I- I hope|I didn't disappoint you.
Maria. Maria! God damn it!
Maria, listen to me!|Hold it a minute! Would you-
- Would you- Listen to me!|- No! Stop!
Hear me! I was doing|my job, God damn it!
Now, whether you like it or whether I|like it, it doesn't make any difference.
There wasn't any fun in it, and what|happened between you and me was-
was not part of it-|it was my mistake.
I wanted to tell you.|I just- I couldn't.
You son of a bitch!
Oh, no!
You broke my heart.
They said you were dead. I-
Oh,Jesus Christ.
I made it.
I made it. It's all right.|I made it.
Maria, will you just|think about it for a minute?
- Listen to me.|- Who the fuck is that?
- Okay? I couldn't tell you that I was-|- No. Put it down.
- Don't.|- You couldn't tell her you were what?
You couldn't tell her|you were what? Who is this guy?
You're- Is this the guy?
Is this the reason?
You wanna take a walk in|the other room, pretty please?
Take a fuckin' walk!
Christopher-|Christopher "Lee-chee. "
- Lecce.|- Lee-chee.
So, Lee-chee, what are you doin'|botherin' my old lady?
- We had a fight.|- Oh, you had a fight?
- That's too bad. What was it about?|- None of your business.
Watch it, pal. It is all my business.|Now, what was it about?
She found out I was|violating my parole, okay?
Are you kidding me?
What kind of candy-ass crime|did you commit, Chris?
Did you steal some old lady's|handbag, huh? What'd you do?
- Hey, take it easy. Take it easy, pal.|- What did you do?
Don't tell me to take it easy.
- What'd you do?|- I rob banks.
You rob banks?
- Could you get me a knife, honey?|- What?
Have a seat, Christopher.|Get me a knife.
- You do time?|- Year and a half.
- Where?|- Walla Walla.
Hand me the knife, honey,|would you, please?
I said, give me the knife.
- Do you know who I am?|- No, man, I don't know who you are.
- I don't believe|you. - Oh! Ooh! - No!
What the hell|is the matter with you?
I just wanted to know what|these things were stuffed with.
They're made of money.|She's safer than the bank, Chris.
I had some friends at Walla Walla. You|probably know some of'em. You know Cletus Ink?
- Nope.|- You don't know Cletus Ink?
- Uh-uh.|- You know Mad Dog Ross?
- You gotta know Mad Dog.|- No, I don't, but it was a big place.
You don't know Cletus Ink?|You don't know Mad Dog Ross?
Who the hell do you know?
Do you know Eddie Gant? Hmm?
- Yeah. Yeah, I did know Eddie Gant.|- What was he in for?
He killed a cop.
Yeah. Guess who this is.
Yeah, that's right. Well,|shut up for a second, will ya?
I can only say that the reports of|my demise have been greatly exaggerated.
Well, listen, man, I don't have time to talk.|Where we gonna do this? We have to do it now.
Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Yeah.
Okay. All right. I'll|meet you there in 20 minutes.
Pack a bag.|We're taking a trip.
- What? What is it?|- There's someone out there.
- You! Now, get out the front door!|- Just relax, man.
- Get out the front door!|- Just relax! I'm not part of this shit!
Lock the front door|and the back. Get out.
Get out.
I will be back.
Oh. Oh.
Oh, shit!
Jesus Christ.
- What the fuck's goin' on?|- I don't know, man.
Take it easy. Take it easy.
Get him inside.
Throw him on the couch.
Cop. I knew it!
- What the hell are you-|- Shut up, pig!
Hey, back off.
How did you know|I was here? Hmm?
How did you know I was here?
You don't answer me. All right.|You say goodbye to your mama.
- Richard, don't!|- He wasn't following you.
He was following me.
- What?|- Yeah.
Yeah, I violated my parole, remember?|He's been following me for a week.
I made you on Saturday, asshole.|You don't do your job very well, do you?
Look, I got a car right outside. I can|drive you to wherever you wanna go.
Cuff his hands behind him.
If he gets loose, you die!
You may think serving time and having a couple|cops on your ass gives me a reason to trust you.
Well, let me tell you something, pal. The last|people in the world I trust are ex-cons. Let's move.
So, uh, wh-wha- what's|the deal with this guy?
I mean, really, what is|the deal with this guy? Huh?
I don't even know who he is.
Isn't love great, Chris?
One minute you're a god.|Next minute you're a scum-suckin' pig.
I'm leavin' the country, baby.|You're goin' with me.
You goin' to Canada?
Are you a travel agent?|Drive, sucker.
Get out.
Sit down. Sit down.
- Hey-|- Shut up!
Maria, come here. I gotta talk|to this guy for about, uh, five minutes.
Could- Could you take a walk|and just come back in five minutes?
What for?
- Just take a walk, would ya?|- You're going to kill them, aren't you?
Well, I'm not gonna|make love to them.
You expect me to go with you|after you do this?
What do you want me to do?|Let them go? Do I look stupid?
If I let them go, I am dead.
How long do you think it's gonna take|for them to pick me up if I let them go?
Is that what you want?|They're gonna die, not me.
- Why? What do you-|- Why? Because that guy's a cop!
And that guy has been inside you.|Now get outta my way.
- No.|- Maria.
You're not gonna stop me.
Maria, get outta my way.|Come here.
- Get your fucking hands off me!|- Maria. Get out!
No! Richard! No! No!|Richard! Richard! Ah!
- Don't you ever hit me! You understand?|- Oh, God!
Come on, man.|We gotta get outta here!
- Jesus Christ! That guy's a cop!|- I know he's a cop.
- His hands are cuffed.|- Not him. The other one.
Hey, where you goin'? Hey!|Wait for me, you bastard!
- No! No!|- You're drivin' me to the border! Get up the stairs!
Get up the stairs.
You wanna shoot? Huh?
Go ahead, pal!|What's the matter? You chicken?
I hope you believe|in reincarnation, sucker!
Get away!
I was supposed to give you a call,|wasn't I? I forgot.
- Is he gonna be okay?|- Not if you don't keep out of the way.
- Hey, man. How ya doin'? Okay?|- Hi.
Yeah, I'm okay.|I'm just a little tired.
A little tired, huh? Well, listen.|You go home, you get plenty of rest.
'Cause when I get better,|I'm gonna break both your legs.
- You're dust, Lecce. You hear me? Dust.|- Yeah. I'll see ya.
- Not only did you hit me once, but twice.|- I'll see ya. Hey.
- This is one of the worst nights of my life.|- What do you want?
- Well, I just wanna know if she's gonna be okay.|- She's okay.
- Okay.|- Lusk thinks you got something going on with that girl.
- He wants an investigation.|- What are you talkin' about?
Well, he said you could|be in a lot of trouble.
Hell, I told him|you're always in trouble.
You saved my life.
You know what that means,|don't you?
No. What?
You belong to me now.
- What is your name, really?|- It's Chris.
- Chris? I love you, Chris.|- Really. I swear to God.
I say I love you|I hold you near me
- I love you too.|- You say I scare you
Well, that's your fear
- I know the message my heart is|sending - I'll take you home. - Okay.
- If you don't read it you'll keep on missing|- What a boner!
Is it love|Is it love we're after
Is it love, is it|Is it love
The broken record|goes 'round and 'round
Within a circle|Without a sound
I'm underwater|In overdrive
You hide in laughter|what's on your mind
Is it love|Is it love we're after
Why don't you tell me
Is it love, is it|Is it love, oh
Is it love|Is it love we're after
Why can't you tell me
Is it love|Is it really love
Is it love|Is it love we're after
Why can't you tell me
Is it love, is it|Is it love
Is it love|Is it love we're after
Hey, girl, well, I got to know|Is it really, really love
Is it love|Is it really love
Is it love|Is it love we're after
Why don't you tell me
Is it love|Is it really love
Is it love|Is it love we're after
Everybody lookin'for the time Thinkin'love|will come around and hope we'll find it
Is it love|Is it really love
Oh-Oh, baby, is it love