Stalked by a Reality Star (2018) Movie Script

Someone there?
If to do were as easy as to
know what were good to do,
chapels would have
been churches.
Poor men's cottages,
prince's palaces.
I could easily teach at 20
that were good to be done
rather than be one of the 20
to follow my own teachings.
The brain may devise
laws for the blood,
but hot tempered leaps...
Over the cold to...
Come on, take a bow!
I'm never going
to get that part.
So you won't play Juliet,
she dies anyway!
Zero sequel protection.
It's Portia from
Merchant of Venice.
Kendra that was great,
until the end.
You wanna run it again?
Sorry Jakey, but Lady Portia
and I have to get a move on.
Yeah, totally.
But I'd love to
try again tomorrow.
Yeah sure, you know I
live just down the street,
so if you ever want to rehearse
or need something, I'm around.
Yeah okay, thanks.
You know I live just
down the street,
so anytime you need something!
You led that kid on so hard!
He's kinda cute.
I knew it!
Well, forget about dating
boys, we're 21 now!
Dude, no way! How
did you get those?
My little secret.
Pick a hand.
No friggin' way, what?
The Hollywood Helps
Charity Bash.
Why it's the event of
the year, Kendra darling.
Not to be missed by two thespian
beauties such as ourselves.
Plus we can make some
real industry connections.
No more high school
plays after tonight.
It's tonight?
Kendra! People
died for these.
You know I can't
sneak out on Thursdays.
Okay, if you tell me
that you can't come
because you're watching that
stupid show with your mom,
I'm probably gonna lose it.
I mean, what would I say?
We watch it every Thursday.
Set the DVR, okay?
This is the Hollywood
Helps Charity Bash.
Linn's been all on me since
we got caught drinking.
If I bail, she'll
know something's up.
Misch, I'm sorry, I'm stuck.
No Cinderella fairy tale
night for me, unfortunately.
Come on, Cinderella.
if you see my mom, can
you tell her I'm here?
I'm picking her up today.
Her car is in the shop.
I've opened my heart,
I've given you my love.
Now the right.
Will you have me?
You better say yes, sweetheart.
Find out if Brad has
met the love of his life,
or just another Hollywood phony.
Tonight at eight.
I wouldn't turn
him down, would you?
I watch with my daughter,
Kendra. She loves it.
That's nice.
It's about the only
thing we can do together.
Without trying to
kill each other.
Poor thing.
You'll get through it.
Ms. Peterson,
can I borrow you?
You're doing just fine.
I'll be right back.
Thank you.
Hey, can you watch my stuff?
I'm gonna go to the bathroom.
Sorry for interrupting,
but this is quite serious.
Well it must be,
we don't get many
dental surgeons
on the rehab floor.
We should change that.
Good to see you too, doctor.
We could meet more
often if we didn't have to
keep this so private.
It'll just be a little longer.
Kendra's gotta learn
about me at some point.
I know.
She will, just not quite yet.
So we on for dinner tonight?
I told you, Kendra and
I have a standing date.
Kendra can let her mom
off the hook for one night.
Besides, you said it yourself,
she's been acting out lately,
she's lying all the time.
I can recommend a
great psychologist.
Ty, enough.
Kendra, you
remember Dr. Warson?
Hey Kendra, you
can just call me Ty.
You were supposed to
be here at 5, it's 5:10
and I have to study
for my bio test tomorrow.
I thought you said your biology
test was next Wednesday?
So, can we go?
Sure, sweetie. Sorry
for keeping you waiting.
So how was school?
How was your audition?
Do I believe in
love at first sight?
Hell yeah, I do.
You meet that special
person and bam!
It just hits you and
you know she's the one.
Apply now to be a
surprise guest on this season
of Finding Love with the
world's most eligible bachelor,
Brad Banton.
Up next, Brad and Sarah
have their first date...
Who're you calling?
The show. Better get your
application in right away.
Don't you dare! Wait!
No, don't you dare!
Yes, hi.
Hi, this is Linn Peterson.
I need a date with
Brad Banton ASAP.
What, you don't want
to be in the running
to become Mrs. Brad Banton?
No, I do not.
I am perfectly happy
right where I am.
You miss dad?
Do you still love him?
Of course I do, honey.
I always will.
Then why're you
trying to replace him?
What're you talking about?
Come on, Dr. Warson?
Or should I call him Ty?
Okay, you're right.
I have been seeing him
for a couple of months now.
But he is a good man, if
you just gave him a chance...
Remember when he came
and met us at the cafeteria?
Did you not see the way
that he was looking at me?
He's a serious pervert.
Kendra, I was there.
I saw him, he was
not coming onto you.
I could be in serious danger
and you don't even care!
Stop making up these
ridiculous stories.
I am getting
really sick of this!
You just want to get rid
of your little trouble child
so that you can make a new
family and then be happy again!
What? That is not true!
Kendra, can't we
talk about this?
Thank you.
Okay, play it cool.
They barely even
checked the IDs.
Yeah that's because we're
supposed to be here, remember?
Just relax!
I'm relaxed.
Over here!
Two martinis, please!
Extra dirty.
I cannot believe
we're here right now.
Believe it, kid.
Thank you.
Bottoms up!
Oh my god, what is that?
Oh that's good.
Okay, time to get famous.
Agents are the ones with ties
and producers
are the flirty guys
pretending they
don't want to talk.
Meet back here in 30?
What am I supposed to...
Hi, I'm Kendra.
Kendra honey, you still up?
Hi, can I get a selzer water
with a tiny splash of vodka?
Looks like she found her agent.
He's an assistant.
Did you see his shoes?
And look at that suit!
It's a rental.
He's in the mail room at best.
Oh my god.
Wow I'm so embarrassed
right now.
Don't be, these idiots
they never pay attention
to where they're going.
Yeah, who did that?
Are you okay?
Yeah, it's just my
ego that's bruised.
Well if it helps at all,
I feel really proud right now.
I'm glad I could help with that.
It's not every day I get to
save a beautiful girl's life.
I think you're in my debt now.
Oh, is that right?
According to chinese custom.
I don't know how it works
here in Hollywood, but...
Brad, are you going to
leave me waiting all night?
Sorry, this is...
It's Kendra.
I don't mean to brag,
but I just about
saved Kendra's life.
Well, next time you're planning
to play hero to some fan girl,
let me know and I'll have
TMZ catch it on video.
Now there's some people
who want to meet you.
We're discussing a new
show for upfronts.
Okay. See you around?
Yup, okay.
You okay?
Recovering just fine, thank you.
You just seem a little lonely.
Hey, you wanna get out of here?
You know, like you and me.
We'll go for a
walk or something.
You can do that?
I can do that.
That woman, she was your agent?
No, she's my manager.
I'm sorry she can
be pretty ruthless,
but I always try
to remind myself
that she has my
best interests at heart.
Are you sure it's okay?
You're not missing anything,
I promise, trust me.
Yeah, I know I'm
not missing anything.
But I mean you,
you're Brad Banton.
The millionaire superstar, the
most eligible man in the galaxy.
Wait, whoa!
You all right?
Not again.
Honestly, I wish I
was doing anything else.
I wanted to be an actor,
a real actor.
Not whatever this is.
I always thought you were great.
I saw your old show.
Oh, well thank you.
It got canceled
was 15 years old,
but I'm crawling my
way back to the top.
As a reality star!
Trust me, I'd much rather
be doing Shakespeare.
I'm actually auditioning for the
Merchant of Venice this week.
No way, wow! What theater?
Katz, it's a group theater.
It's really small.
I remember doing that
play in drama class.
Mr. Singleton.
From Glendon Highschool?
You went to Glendon!
What year?
We just missed each other!
I pulled out in
'04 to do the show.
That's so cool!
No, it's not really that cool.
No prom, no graduation.
My dad left when I was young
and that mixed with the work...
It was lonely sometimes.
I'm sorry, I don't
usually babble like this.
My dad died when I
was in the seventh grade.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Everyone used to
say that he died fighting
for our freedom, he was a hero.
He was just dad to me.
Well, I'm sure he'd be
very proud of you.
It's probably pretty late,
I should call an Uber.
No please, I can drive you home.
Yeah, okay.
I'm parked right up here.
I'll walk you in.
I mean you've just
been so nice already.
Wait, wait, wait!
Can I see you again?
Sometime, maybe?
I mean I don't mean
to sound pushy, but...
I did kinda save your life,
if you remember.
Yeah, yes.
Absolutely. Call me?
Until next time, beautiful.
Where the hell have you been?
I was practicing for
the audition with Mischa.
Do you think I'm an idiot?
It's a costume,
it's for the play.
Where's your other shoe, huh?
Did you lose it?
Is that alcohol I
smell your breath?
I barely drank anything!
What do you mean barely
anything, where did you go?
Like you care.
You think I don't care?
Do you think it was easy
having a kid so young?
Watching your dad leave?
And then finding out
he's never coming back?
Putting myself through school,
raising you,
working all on my own.
You think I do all
that because I don't care?
Don't you know I only
want what's best for you?
You are grounded indefinitely.
You go to school,
you go to rehearsal,
you come home, that is it!
Brad Banton? You know
how many followers he has?
A lot, I'm sure.
You're right, think bigger.
Where do you think
he's going to take you?
Nowhere, remember I'm grounded?
Come on!
She was serious this
time, Linn, she meant it.
Kendra, this is Brad Banton.
The most eligible
bachelor in the world!
I mean doesn't your mom
have to work Saturdays?
Yeah until 1 AM, but...
Is that him?
Oh my god!
I gotta go! I gotta
fix my face and...
Hey you!
Cotton candy?
They're selling
right down the street.
Couldn't resist.
It's bubble gum flavor,
that's my favorite!
You passed!
It's my favorite, too.
We couldn't have
a future together
if you didn't love
bubble gum cotton candy.
Who'd want a future without
bubble flavored cotton candy?
See, that's what
I like about you.
My love for all things sugary?
No! You're like... real.
I mean I hope so.
No, I'm serious.
The girls in this town,
especially in this town,
they're all so fake.
But not you,
you're... different.
What's wrong?
My roommate is
gonna be home soon
and I don't wanna cause a scene.
I wasn't planning
on staying long.
I just wanted to stop
by and ask you out.
Like, on a date.
Are you free this week?
Saturday night should work.
I'll see you then.
Don't ruin your dinner.
Linn, can I have a minute?
Is something wrong?
I've been thinking...
And I don't think
it's the best thing
for us to see
each other anymore.
If this is about Kendra,
I apologize.
And I have talked to her
about the lying, and acting out.
It's not Kendra.
At least, it's
it's not just her.
I think you're really
great, Linn, I really do.
But you're just not
ready for this either.
I was hoping
maybe you were, but I...
It's just not gonna to work.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
Where is everybody?
Did it just open or something?
I thought we would
enjoy the privacy.
Wait, did you...
Book the whole restaurant?
The '98 Cabernet you
requested will be right out.
Anything else, Mr. Banton?
Vorremmo ordinare la melanzana.
Si signore.
It's eggplant.
You'll love it, I promise.
[Cell phone ringing]
Hi you've reached Kendra
Peterson, leave a message.
Hi Kendra, it's mom.
Just wanted to check on you.
Hope you're okay.
I love you more than you know.
Call me when
you can. Bye hon.
You're everything I ever wanted,
my dream girl, my everything.
Kendra Peterson,
will you make me
the happiest man in the world?
Will you you marry me?
That is so lame.
I'm sorry, I love
the ring though.
But you hate it!
It's not your best work.
I know! These producers,
they always want
you to sparkle it up.
You know, the
sappier the better.
No no, we love the sappy,
don't get me wrong.
Thank you.
But I mean, you're
all I could ever want?
Make me the happiest
man in the world?
I mean it's a little
chauvinist, right?
Why can't you say marry
me and I'll make you
the happiest woman in the world?
What? Oh, it's fine.
No no no, take mine.
I'll be right back.
What is this?
I'm sorry, sir.
That's strike one!
Don't let it happen again!
Yes sir.
I am very very sorry, madam.
Seriously, it's fine.
How do you feel
about lamb chops?
They're unbelievable here.
No, you did not
see that episode!
Thank you.
I couldn't stop watching it.
I didn't know how to ride!
The producer said it
would be more dramatic
if I showed up on horseback.
Yeah, I don't think they knew
you were gonna fall on your ass.
And splash mud
all over the girls!
They were all phonies, anyway.
Who, the girls?
Yeah, all the girls
in this town are fakes.
Well, not all...
When you're in this business
you're surrounded by people
who are just calling
themselves your friend.
They're not, they're using you.
Trying to extract some
kind of value from you
and sometimes the
real feelings get
mixed up with the fake stuff and
when you find out the person
you love is using you...
You get hurt.
There was one
person that was real.
She... she passed away.
It was a car accident.
It was Allison, right?
It was all over the news.
You know what the worst part
was about that whole thing?
After it happened, the only
thing all those friends
cared about, the agents,
managers, producers,
the only thing that
they cared about
was using her death
to bump the viewership
of the show like she was some...
marketing gimmick!
That's horrible.
What the hell is this is?
Excuse me, sir?
This is medium rare?
Seriously, it's fine!
No, it's not fine!
Take a look at this! Are you
trying to ruin our night?
No sir, I'll take it back.
No, eat it!
I'm gonna go.
I'm sorry.
When we talk about this
stuff, I get so worked up.
I wanted this
night to be perfect.
I didn't mean to like...
To go completely crazy?
Yeah, I think me being on
this stupid show for so long
has given me an
unrealistic expectation
of what a first date
is supposed to be like.
Yeah, you could say that again.
I think me being
on this stupid show
for so long gave
me an unrealistic...
Stop, stop it!
You know what I meant.
I'm sorry.
Let me make it up to you.
I have a surprise for you.
And if you don't like it, I
will take you straight home.
Wow, this place is huge.
Yeah, well if you
wanna be a huge act,
you need a huge stage, right?
I guess.
Let me go get your surprise.
Is that pinball?
You play?
Yeah, I play to win.
Sounds like a challenge.
[Camera snap]
Wow that's retro.
Oh yeah!
I always preferred a
picture as a picture.
Not just a post.
Besides now there's something
to remember our first date by.
When we're old and grey.
That's cute.
It is cute.
It's probably late,
I should get going.
It's barely midnight.
Wow time flies, I gotta home.
I haven't even given
you the surprise yet.
Just sit down,
I'll be right back.
You must be pretty
close with your manager.
How long has she
been working with you?
My shoe!
We better make
sure it still fits.
I am sure it still fits.
Thank you!
You're welcome.
Kind of feel like your
Prince Charming right now.
I should go home, midnight
is kind of my cutoff.
Oh yeah? Just
like Cinderella?
Yeah you know, I
gotta get out of here
before my coach
turns into a pumpkin.
Whoa, wow.
Couldn't help myself.
Okay, it's going a little
too fast and I gotta get home.
Kendra, listen to me.
There's a reason why I
needed tonight to be perfect.
Because I've been
thinking about you.
I can't stop thinking about you.
Every hour...
Okay, wait.
No, I can't stop.
No, stop!
I'm only 17!
Yeah I lied, okay?
Because I thought this
was something it isn't.
It's okay.
Next year you'll be legal,
we can be together.
Just have to keep it private
until then, come here.
No, no, no!
What're you doing here?
Come girl, it's time to go home.
I know a million girls like you.
You can't screw
your way to stardom.
It takes years to
learn how to talk.
How to act.
Maybe your client should
learn how to treat women.
Stay away from him.
No problem.
First new message.
Hi Kendra, it's Mom.
Just wanted to check on you.
I hope you're okay.
I love you more than you know.
Call me when you can. Bye hon.
End of messages.
In a year you're gonna be legal,
then we can be together.
We just have to keep it
private until then, that's all.
No! No!
Kendra, hey!
Sorry, the bell rang.
I didn't hear it.
Okay, well the Portia auditions
are up first, so you ready?
Oh my god!
Come on!
The brain may devise laws for
the blood, but a hot temper...
Thy paleness moves me
more than eloquence;
and her choose I.
Joy being the consequence!
Just as I remember,
Mr. Banton.
Are you sure you won't
join us for the fall play?
I'd love to,
but I just don't think
you can afford me anymore!
We'd gladly settle
for more guest visits.
Thank you.
Now class, we'll get
to auditions in a moment,
but first: Mr. Banton studied
Shakespeare right here
at Glendon and he's gone
on to some considerable
Hollywood success,
as I'm sure you all know.
Does anyone have any questions?
I do!
[School bell ringing]
You missed your audition.
Don't worry, we're alone.
And you were right.
I move too fast, I'm sorry.
My feelings for you,
Kendra, are real.
You're so special.
Get away from me!
And the way I opened up to you,
how I told you about my life,
my family, my feelings,
how lonely I've been,
do you know how many
girls I've told that to?
I don't care.
You're a creep.
You don't mean that.
Yes, I do and if I
see you here again,
I'm going to call the police.
I don't think you understand
how much you mean
to me, Kendra, okay?
Hey, everything okay Kendra?
She's great!
Inspired, I hope.
You just have to remember
the performing arts
are not for the faint of heart.
They're like love in that way.
You have to fight for it.
That was weird.
Mom? You here?
Yes, honey?
Are you okay?
I'm fine, honey. I just...
I'm sorry about the other day.
I shouldn't said
that stuff about Ty.
I shouldn't have lied to you.
Thanks, but it's...
It's a little
late for me and Ty.
It's over.
Because of me?
No baby, no.
No, this was all on me.
But I want you to
know something, listen.
If I ever start
seeing someone again.
When I start
seeing someone again,
they will never,
ever replace your father.
Or change the way I
feel about you, ever.
In the spirit of optimism,
I am lifting your punishment.
But no more lying.
I promise.
I better start dinner.
Is there something else?
Nope, I'm all good.
I do not think of
myself as a celebrity.
That's how other people see
me, but that's not who I am.
There's a million
girls out there, but...
there's only one for me.
You are so special, Kendra.
I love you. I really,
truly, love you.
You mean everything to me.
And I have to have you.
Sorry, I'm a little lost.
A superstar is obsessed with you
and you don't want
to hook up with him?
Yeah, he's a
little pervy, but...
I don't care who he is.
Ooooh, listen to this.
According to Forbes, Brad's
worth over ten million dollars!
If my computer had half
the speed of your phone,
I think I would've
mastered trig already.
Come on!
Computer troubles?
Yeah, I'm getting
beach balled like crazy.
Good news, I'm pretty
good at computers.
I bet you are.
Want me to take a look?
Oh, here's a good one.
"Brad Banton buried himself in
his work after the tragic death
of his girlfriend,
Allison Trasker.
His passion and
dedication has paid off
and this season's ratings
are higher than blah blah blah!
If Brad really is crazy,
then maybe he killed her.
Honey, I'm sorry, that
was a stupid thing to say.
Forget it.
Jake, how are you gonna
fix Kendra's computer?
Umm, can I take
this home with me?
It's gonna take me some
time to figure this one out.
Who need trig anyway, right?
I can easier teach twenty
to... to be good, to be...
I'm sorry, can I start again?
I think that would be best.
I can easier...
Miss Peterson?
Will you be returning to
this planet any time soon?
Miss Peterson?
Okay class, let's
take a ten minute break.
Hey, what's wrong?
What's the matter?
Did you see him?
See who?
Brad, did you see him?
Brad Banton?
You don't believe me?
I mean, if Brad Banton
really was here,
don't you think the
whole school would know?
No, not if he was hiding or he
didn't want any of us to see.
You don't believe me. You
know what? I don't even care.
Kendra, where are you going?
I have a big surprise!
See? She's speechless.
I told you she was
your biggest fan.
She's as beautiful as her mom.
Pleased to meet you, Kendra.
Mom, I called you.
I'm sorry, honey.
I had my phone off at work
and when I left the hospital,
my car wouldn't start
and can you believe
who came by and
offered me a lift?
Just like a real
knight in shining armor.
Hardly. Just the right
place at the right time.
What are you doing?
Mom, I need to talk to you.
Stay right there!
I'm so sorry, one second.
What is wrong with you?
Mom, he's crazy.
He's obsessed.
He's insane,
he's been following me,
and harassing me and...
What are you talking about?
Brad, I'm talking about Brad!
We met at a party
the other week.
We went on a date
and he assaulted me!
He's been following
me ever since.
He probably messed with
the engine of your car
so he could pick you up.
So that he could
get closer to me.
I see.
And I think that
he's really dangerous.
So what should we do?
Oh my god...
I know! I mean,
should we call the police?
Why is it that
every time a man comes
within a foot of me,
you start acting this way?
I really thought after
our talk a few days ago
that we'd be past all this.
Mom, I'm not lying.
Brad was at my school today.
He came into my audition...
Brad was at the hospital all day
visiting children with leukemia.
That's impossible.
Children with
real life problems.
Mom, I'm telling the truth.
Are you even
capable of that anymore?
I'm mean, lying about
partying and drinking
is one thing, but this?
Mom, Brad assaulted me.
Just like Ty, right?
You stay right there.
Is everything okay?
I am so sorry.
I just...
Hey, no, it's okay.
I don't even
recognize her anymore.
And you didn't sign up for this.
I must seem like a crazy lady.
No, don't worry about it.
She's a teenager, it's a phase.
Thank you, thanks
for understanding.
You're so pretty when
you get upset, all frazzled.
Could I maybe call you?
Yeah, I'd like that.
Me too.
I'll call you later.
Good night.
Good night.
Mom, I know I've lied
before but I'm telling you...
You want to tell me why
your school called me today?
Are you cutting class
to go drinking again?
I came home to talk to you.
To tell you about Brad.
Please just stop lying with
every single breath you take.
I know that losing dad
was really hard on you,
but you know what?
It was hard on me too.
And I'm really tired
of doing this alone.
And I just thought...
I thought that maybe you
and I could be a team again.
But now I see that
that's not possible!
That I am going to have
to drive you to school,
and pick you up from school,
and get someone to sit with
you when I have a late shift.
Good night.
Is there anything
you want to talk about?
So how was school?
Wait, stop!
Pull over,
pull over right there!
That's the restaurant
Brad took me to.
Hello? Hello?
Kendra, what are we doing here?
Come here.
Sorry, we're not open till...
You! You remember me!
Sorry, no...
Yes, you do.
Kendra, what is this?
I came in with Brad Banton.
Tell her!
I've never seen you before.
We open for dinner at 6.
Why are you doing this?
Did he pay you?
Or what, did he assault you?
Or harass you, or
threaten you or something?
Kendra, enough!
Mom, I was here.
I sat right there!
Let's go.
He's lying!
Brad could've came
back and covered it up.
He could've come back to the
restaurant and talked to him...
Enough, Kendra.
Gail, hi, thanks for coming
over on such short notice.
I can't believe I have
to ask you to do this.
Of course.
There are lots of
leftovers in the fridge.
And if you could just check
on her every hour or so.
Okay, don't worry.
I remember when
my kids were teenagers.
Thank you.
Very nice, Mrs. Hall.
You're doing wonderfully,
good job.
Take it easy.
Knock, knock.
Oh, sweet daisies.
Special delivery.
I was upstairs
visiting the kids and
I thought maybe I'd
come down and see
if you wanted to
join me for a coffee?
Uh, I'm sort of in
the middle of something...
I'm all better.
No more therapy today, I think.
Coffee will be fine.
I'm gonna be honest.
The coffee is horrific.
I know, I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I have to say,
you're not what I expected.
No? What do you mean?
Big TV star and all,
I thought maybe
you'd have a "guy."
A "guy?"
Yeah, like a
personal assistant guy.
Some 20-something kid,
fresh out of school
follows you around to
get you coffee and stuff.
Well, I don't
have one of those...
but you should come
visit me on the show sometime.
You could bring your daughter.
She's a big fan, right?
Yes, she is.
I don't know if Kendra and I
can occupy the
same space right now.
But that sounds great,
I'd love to.
Let me know, I'll
take good care of you.
I'm looking forward to it.
No, that sounds like fun.
Okay, I'll see you Saturday.
Thanks, Brad.
Hey, Gail, how'd it go?
Everything's fine!
Well, hello.
What the hell are you doing?
You know what I'm doing.
You stay away from
my mother or I swear...
Kendra, I knew you would call.
What is wrong with you?
You're so special.
My Cinderella.
I need to be close to you,
and if this is the only way,
then so be it.
You love me too.
You'll see.
[Dial tone]
I'm sorry I didn't
believe you the other day,
but I'm with you now.
We're gonna catch this lunatic.
It's not that easy,
he's covered his tracks.
Yeah? Well he's messing
with Generation Z.
We're the smartest,
most connected, most...
I got it!
Come on!
Open this one.
Where is that creep?
How is there not one
picture of you two together?
He's smart.
He got me away
as quick as he could.
I've been looking
everywhere for you.
Hey Jake, thanks
for the computer stuff,
but I really don't have time...
No, look.
Sorry, we don't speak nerd.
It's spyware.
Like a virus or something?
No, like real spyware.
Someone installed this
tracking software so they
can check on everything
you're doing on this computer.
Every file, every password,
every search.
They have it all.
Holy crap.
There's something else.
I'm pretty sure this
was installed directly.
Meaning what?
Meaning whoever
did this, did it manually.
As in, not over the net.
They uploaded this in person.
He was in my house...
We got his ass now though.
It'll be in evidence
holding for several weeks.
I understand.
Good, if you could
just sign here for me.
And I will also need
your guardian's permission.
I texted, she's on her way.
We take cyber
stalking very seriously,
so if f this guy is
harassing you either digitally,
or in person, or both,
we'll put a stop to it.
Thank you.
Kendra, what is going on?
Mom, I can prove it.
Brad's been spying on me.
He's spying on my computer.
I'm Detective Glenn Barrett.
We have to run a
full diagnostic,
but it does look like the
device has been tampered with.
The computer?
That's right.
I was just telling
your daughter that
we take cyber stalking
very seriously...
I did it, I put the
spyware on the computer.
She's been lying,
I did some research.
I thought it might help.
How could you do that to me?
Ma'am, your daughter's made
some very serious allegations.
She said that a Mr.
Brad Banton assaulted her.
That is not what happened.
Yes, it is.
Look, she lost her father.
She doesn't like the idea of
me having a new man in my life.
Be that as it may, when a
minor alleges an assault,
I have to follow up.
You understand?
That said, we also take false
allegations very seriously.
So ladies, if there's anything
that needs to get said,
now would be the time.
Kendra, this is important.
You need to tell the truth.
Mom, I am!
Honey, we can talk
about this later,
but you need to tell the
detective the truth now.
No, no!
Brad is stalking me,
he assaulted me.
Alright, well, we'll let
you know what we find out.
I'll leave this here with you.
We will see
ourselves to the door.
Let's roll.
You are not being
charged at this time.
In fact, you are welcome to have
an attorney present during our...
I'm a lawyer.
And Brad is an upstanding
member of the community
whose only crime is
going on a date with a woman
whose daughter
is an abject liar.
I'd actually like to
hear from Mr. Banton,
if that's alright with you?
It's fine.
Linn told me that
Kendra's been working
through some personal issues.
She lost her father overseas.
In my case, she recognized
me from the show and...
seems to have gotten
carried away with a fantasy.
So you weren't with Kendra
on the night of April 12?
I was not.
Can you prove it?
He was with me, at our offices.
My assistant can confirm it.
I'm sorry to have
wasted your time, detective.
I hope to handle
this unpleasantness
as painlessly as possible.
The girl lost her
father, after all.
All right, well thank
you both for your time.
I will see myself out to the door.
Take care.
You too.
That was humiliating.
I told you to stop seeing that girl.
I told you she's no good...
I can only protect you...
I don't need you to
protect me anymore.
Do you even realize
how serious this is?
I mean, making false
allegations to the police?
If Brad wanted to press charges...
But he's lying...
they're all lying.
I have spoken to a psychiatrist
and I think I've found one
that you might even like.
I don't need a psychiatrist!
Wow, you look gorgeous!
Hope you have a good time,
I don't want you to
worry about anything.
Thank you, Gail.
I don't know what
I would do without you.
Hey, if it isn't
too much trouble,
could I get a picture of Brad?
Like an autograph, maybe?
No trouble, I'll ask.
Okay, thanks.
We are not done here.
Could I get a picture of Brad?
Whoa, that's retro.
It's Kendra.
Hey, everything okay?
I need a favor.
Are you Gail Perkins?
Yes, but how do you know that?
Delivery from Linn Peterson.
Oh my, thank you.
That Linn is such a sweetheart.
Have a good one!
Hey, thank you so much for that.
Gail is such a lush, she
had half the bottle already.
So she's gonna be asleep
the rest of the afternoon.
Thank you!
So now what? Are you
going to Brad's by yourself?
What for?
To get the proof
that I was there.
The proof that's
gonna save me and my mom.
What proof?
He took a picture, a Polaroid.
So you're gonna steal it?
Something like that.
What are you doing?
I'm coming too.
Sounds dangerous,
you need a wingman.
Come on, let's go.
Thank you for coming.
My god!
Can I give you a tour?
I would love that, but first
I need to tell you something.
You've been so kind and patient
and there just aren't
a lot of guys out there
who would've been so generous
under the circumstances.
Hey, it's okay.
No, it's really not.
She's gonna be fine, she's just
going through a lot right now.
That's all.
How can you be so kind?
My dad left when I was young.
So I kind of understand
what she's going through.
It's tough on a kid.
And on a mom.
But that doesn't mean
that we give up, right?
Would you mind if
I just took a second
and checked in with Kendra?
Yes, of course.
I'll be right back.
Of course, take your time.
[Cell phone ringing]
[Phone ringing]
Would you excuse me one second?
Everything okay?
Yes, well Kendra didn't pick up,
but that's no surprise.
But the sitter
didn't pick up, either.
Is that unusual?
Not exactly, but I have a
little 21st century mom power.
You track her phone?
Yeah and she's at home,
so that's a relief.
[Phone vibrating]
I'm sure.
Linn, I'm sorry but I
have to excuse myself,
I have a last minute
network meeting.
Can I make it up to you?
Sure, no problem.
I don't see anything.
No, no, no! He'd
keep it in his room.
Oh no, it's not here.
Where's the damn light?
Hey, in here!
Look at this...
Oh my god.
The girlfriend?
Ex-girlfriend, Allison Trasker.
That's the picture!
Come on!
What're you doing? Let's go!
I'll be right behind you.
No, let's go!
Just go, I'll be two seconds.
All right, well hurry!
Got you, jerk.
You look familiar.
So do you.
You're Brad Banton, right?
The famous pervert.
A loser who can't
get a girl his own age,
so he stalks teenagers
from his old high school.
That must make
you the naive nerd,
hopelessly in love with
a girl far beyond his station.
I'm sorry kid, but you don't
get the girl in this movie.
Jake? Come on!
Jake? No, wait!
What're you doing? Stop!
Stop it, gimme those!
What are you doing?
Did you follow me here?
Where is he?
What are you
talking about, Kendra?
Shut up, you son of a bitch!
Where did you put him?
It was all here.
Uh-huh... follow me.
It was all here.
You stand over there.
Is all this really necessary?
Yes, it is.
Upstairs is clear sir, no kid.
No he's here, he has to be here.
Quiet, Miss Peterson.
Now at this time, Mr. Banton
is not pursuing any charges...
I'm sure it's
just kids being kids.
But if he changes his mind,
anything you say
can be used in court.
There's really no need
to scare her, Detective.
No harm done.
I'm Linn Peterson, I got
a call about my daughter.
You know what?
I'm surprised that you don't
have any home surveillance.
Big celebrity like yourself?
I haven't had the need.
Kendra, are you okay?
No ma'am, she is not.
Your daughter just
broke into a private home.
Now if something
like this happens again,
I don't care
what Mr. Banton says.
The city's gonna press charges.
We understand.
What about Jake?
Have you even
called his parents yet?
Yes, they are very concerned.
They're also not pleased
that he broke into
the family liquor cabinet
and stole wine.
You need to listen to me.
No, you need to listen.
We're gonna continue
to search for this boy,
but if you keep wasting
the time and the resources
of this police department,
you're gonna find
yourself behind bars.
It won't happen
again, Detective.
See that it doesn't.
I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
Mom, I'm not lying...
[Cell phone ringing]
Hello? Jake?
[Dog barking outside]
Sorry for just dropping by.
What's going on?
Is everything okay?
I don't know know what's
actually going on with Kendra.
But whatever it is,
you and I together
is just not healthy for her.
So I've decided
that we shouldn't
see each other anymore.
But I already said I
wouldn't press any charges.
And I'm so grateful...
But I've made up my mind.
Linn, it's gonna
be okay, I promise.
It's gonna be fine.
I'm sorry.
I can't believe this.
[Phone ringing]
Can you just give
me one second, please?
Just sit down, one minute.
So that's where it went.
I know this is hard to accept,
but Kendra's so young.
She doesn't understand
her feelings yet
or know how special she is.
Or know what real
love truly feels like.
You're sick.
She loves me too...
you'll see.
You stay away from my daughter!
I can't do that, Linn.
[Door slams shut]
We're meant for one another.
I found it!
I'm so sorry.
I am so, so sorry.
We will make this right.
Look, I'm sorry butthis is not evidence.
I found it in Brad's house.
It was left there
when he assaulted her.
It proves she was
there that night.
Or you placed it there
the night that you broke in.
No I didn't, that
wasn't what happened.
She's telling the truth.
Ma'am, up until
the day she broke in,
you were the one
telling me she was lying.
Have you even tried
looking for Jake?
We know that he's
still using his cell phone.
We're gonna find him soon.
That is not even
close to good enough.
Ma'am, do you know the story
of the boy that cried wolf?
Yes, it ends with
a real damn wolf.
The little tramp is a liar
and her mom is a nurse
with a refinanced tract
house in the valley.
If you can't figure
out how to crush this,
what the hell are
we paying you for?
Lawyers say a pay off
could be construed
as an admission of guilt.
Do you have any
idea what you've done?
What this could do to you?
It doesn't matter.
We started with nothing
and now you're an empire.
You want to lose all that
for some teenage girl?
She doesn't love you.
Bradley, you're hurting me!
Kendra's mine.
There's nothing
you can do about it.
- Lock the door.
- Okay.
So, what are we gonna do?
I don't know.
What about Jake?
I don't know honey,
I don't know.
But we will figure
this out, I promise.
I'm gonna call one
of dad's army friends.
Maybe he can help.
I'm going to get a water.
Thanks Robert, I
really appreciate it.
I'm going to call you back.
Kendra? Kendra!
Yeah? No, I
completely understand.
Look, thanks for
running it down for me.
Yeah sure, let me
know if anything changes.
Did you find...
We found Mr. Banton.
Where is he?
He doesn't have her.
He's been at the studio,
he's been there since noon.
That is impossible.
Look, I sent a unit
over to his house.
We're searching it just in case.
I promise to do everything
in my power to find her.
But I gotta to ask...
A lot of young people know that
their families
track their phones.
Is it possible that she
left hers behind on purpose?
Come on now, I know you
two weren't getting along.
So is it possible that Kendra
wanted some time alone?
Or she wanted to hang out
with her friend, Jake?
Maybe she and Jake are
gonna run away together?
That is not
what's going on here.
Oh, you're awake.
I suggest that you
don't give me any trouble.
You're helping him?
Honey, I had to tie Bradley's
shoe laces until he was 11.
I've been cleaning up
after my love-sick little boy
since he wet his first diaper.
You're his mom?
See, Bradley's
always been a little soft.
You get rolled over in
this life when you're soft.
So he needs me to protect him,
to do the things he can't.
Like dealing with your friend.
And disposing of any evidence.
I had to do the same
thing with that little tramp,
Allison Trasker.
I drove her car
out to the desert,
stuck it in drive,
and sent it over a cliff.
With her in the driver's seat.
You understand now?
It's a mother's responsibility.
We take care of our
children, no matter what.
Sadly, you won't get to
know what that feels like.
I hope you find her.
Oh, we will.
And thanks for the autograph,
I think my daughter's
gonna be very happy.
Oh, come on! Anytime!
Tell her I said hi.
I will.
Alright guys, have a good night.
Mother? Hello?
What, no damn signal?
Oh my god, Kendra!
No, you gotta let me help you.
You gotta trust me.
Come on!
Almost there.
Get away from me!
No no, I didn't do this!
You don't understand, we gotta
get out of here right now!
I'm not gonna leave him.
Detective, I promise you there
is something happening here.
You need to get here
as fast as you can.
Proof of a crime?
Fine, how do you like this:
breaking and entering?
Okay, you saw somebody
break into the house.
Can you describe this person?
Blonde, 5'5", grey top,
black pants, got it?
Almost there.
That's enough, Bradley.
Get in there!
Mom, please don't do this!
I don't have a choice.
It's for your own good.
Brad, help us.
Shut up!
You can't turn my
own boy against me.
Mom please, just let them go.
I love her.
My poor, sweet child.
I know you think you
feel something for her,
but you're confused...
Just like before.
She doesn't love you.
She will... you'll see.
She hates you.
Don't listen to her.
Now that I have
them both together,
there can be another accident.
They're just two kids
who ran away from home.
Only to drive off a cliff.
Brad, stop her....
I'll take care of everything.
Don't worry, I'll
take care of everything.
I told you I don't need
you to protect me anymore.
I'm not gonna let you
take her away from me.
Now back off!
I have to...
don't you see?
Back off!
She'll get you in trouble.
They'll take you away from me
and I love you too
much to let that happen.
Stop, please!
I know it hurts.
Mom, don't please!
I know what it's like
to have your heart broken.
When your father left, you
were just a tiny little thing.
Don't make me do this.
All of a sudden, it was
just you and me alone,
in this nasty world.
But I looked into
your beautiful eyes
and I saw the most
loving, handsome,
talented boy in the world.
And I knew
everything would be alright.
That we didn't need him,
because together
we could be rich and
famous and powerful.
Just you and me!
Just the two of us.
You're not like her.
I don't want to hurt you.
It's better this way.
My sweet boy.
No, don't!
God you sick bitch,
what is wrong with you?
You on the other hand...
Honey, are you okay?
Yeah I'm okay, but
Jake needs your help.
Elevate his feet.
His pulse is low.
Jake, can you
hear me? Jake?
You've got a concussion.
You're gonna be fine,
help is on the way.
Hey, I'm right here.
Hold on.
We will get you out of here
real soon.
Just don't move, okay?
I'm right here, just don't move.
This ends now!
Put the gun down.
The police are on their way,
you can't get away with this.
You... you took
everything from me!
Don't move!
My baby!
Everything's going to be okay.
Don't cry.
Everything's gonna be okay.
You're really brave, Jake.
I'm sorry I got you
involved in all of this.
It was worth it.
Be careful with him.
Be careful with my baby!
Take your hands off of me!
Is he going to be okay?
Oh yeah, he'll live.
But he's going
away for a long time.
Both of them are.
You know what, I
owe you an apology.
You were right about your
daughter and I kind of...
We'll, she's lucky to have you.
No, I'm lucky to have her.
Take care.
Hey, come here.
Thanks for coming to get me.
Of course, baby.
I'll always come for you.
I know.
It's on! Mom, come on!
I'm coming, I'm coming!
I wonder if they'll
even talk about him.
I mean, Brad was...
After an unplanned hiatus,
the world's favorite
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