Stalked By My Ex (2017) Movie Script

Listen Chloe, don't tell me
I can't see my daughter.
You have no right!
Leave, or I'm going
to call the police.
You just violated
the restraining order.
I want to see Olivia now!
Chloe, open the door!
Mommy, what's wrong?
Nothing baby, everything's okay.
Honey go back into
your room, it's okay.
Sweetie, I've
missed you so much.
Olivia, no.
Come on, I'll take you for some
ice cream just like I promised.
You're not taking her anywhere.
No, don't!
Honey, Mommy doesn't ever
want me to see you again.
Daddy, you're scaring me!
The police are on their way.
Sam, you're drunk.
Mommy, I'm scared!
Don't put her through this.
You ruined my life.
No Sam, you
ruined your own life.
Back off, or you're
going to get hurt.
It's okay, Olivia.
Mommy's right here.
Okay, go run to Mrs. Chien's.
Go, run!
Dammit Chloe!
You are going to regret this.
Don't come back, Sam.
Don't come back!
Don't come back!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy Birthday, honey.
Thanks, Mom.
Who wants cake?
[Cell phone ringing]
You have a collect call
from the Men's State
Correctional Facility.
Do you accept the charges?
Honey, who is it?
It's dad...
Hello? Dad?
Olivia, can you hear me?
Happy birthday honey.
I told you I wouldn't
forget like last year.
We just cut the cake.
I wish I could be there
with you at your party.
Did you get my letters?
I did.
Thank you for the
beautiful drawings.
You're becoming a great artist.
Thank you.
My attorney says that
I've got a great chance
at an early release.
Things are gonna be
different this time,
I promise.
We'll get a fresh and get
to know each other again.
Dad, I gotta go.
Mom wants the phone.
Happy birthday, honey.
Thanks for calling.
I wish you wouldn't
bother Olivia.
We're right in the
middle of her party.
I can't wish my daughter
a happy birthday?
I'm going to be seeing her soon.
Right, that's what
you said last year.
Yeah, well this
time it's for real.
My attorney says with
all of the overcrowding
and my good behavior, I have a
great chance at early release.
They're reviewing my case
at a hearing tomorrow.
And I can't wait to make it up
to Olivia for the lost time.
I gotta go.
Don't call back again, Sam.
Hey, did you have
fun at your party?
What are you reading?
I'm just thinking about dad.
I'm sorry that he
interrupted your party.
No, I was happy
to hear from him.
Honey, you can't
feel bad for him.
He calls you once a year and
he expects you to be happy?
It's not fair to you.
But doesn't he
deserve a second chance?
I mean after all,
he is my father.
He ruined every chance I
ever gave him to change.
He's been clean
for ten years now.
And I'm happy for him.
I hope he starts a new life,
but right now we
can't be any part of it.
This is a pretty dress,
who gave it to you?
What are these?
You've been writing to him?
Why didn't you tell me?
I only sent a few letters.
He really wanted
to see my drawings.
Mom, he said he's sorry
for not keeping in touch
and he wants to
make it up to me.
Your father's an
expert manipulator.
I don't want you
communicating with him anymore.
But he's trying
to change his life!
Okay, you really can't
believe anything that he says.
Mom, Dad said that
he's sorry for stealing
that money from his clients.
He's going to pay it all back.
Honey, that's not the only
reason he went to prison.
What are you talking about?
You were too young to remember
the early years with him.
He was physically
abusive with me
and I wasn't going to raise
you in that environment.
Why didn't you
tell me that before?
Because he wasn't in our lives,
so you didn't need to know.
What kind of things
did he do, Mom?
It doesn't matter.
Yes, it does.
I have a right to know.
There were a lot of things.
But after we got divorced,
he broke into the house
and he tried to abduct you.
I wouldn't let him take you.
So he tried to run
me over with the car
and I ended up in the hospital.
Why don't I remember that?
You were traumatized.
And I would've told you earlier
if I thought you needed to know.
Mom, I never would've contacted
him if I knew, I swear.
It's okay, but now we
have to protect ourselves
in case he gets out.
Your father blames me
for going to prison
and he threatened
to get back at me.
I won't let him
anywhere near you.
I'm so sorry, Mom.
It's okay.
I know sweetheart, it's okay.
Good morning!
You okay?
Well, I got this letter from
the Corrections Department
notifying me of your
father's early release.
He's going to be paroled
at the end of the month.
So it's really happening.
We can't stay here.
I'm afraid he's
going to come back
and he's going to try
and do something to us.
What do you mean?
Like what?
I don't know.
But I need to figure out
what we're going to do,
I need to figure out where to go
and we have to go somewhere
far away from here.
What about grandma?
I don't want a relationship
with your grandmother.
That's why I left.
Where else do we
have to go, Mom?
Honey, come on we
have a long drive ahead.
What about the furniture?
The realtor needs to have it
furnished so she can show it.
But as soon as it sells,
they will pack it all
up and send it to us.
Am I going to
like this new place?
It's different.
What about my friends?
Honey, I know it's a big change
and everything happened so
fast, but I promise you we
are going to be just fine.
You really think so?
Honey, nothing can
come between us.
Get in the car.
Mrs. Chien!
I'm so glad I caught
you before you left.
I made some
sandwiches for your trip.
Thank you.
That's so nice of you.
I really am going
to miss this place.
A lot of memories.
It's just a house.
Where ever you go
with your daughter,
will be a home.
I wish you all the
happiness in your new life.
Thank you, Mrs. Chien.
All right, you listen to me.
If anyone comes by
asking about us...
I don't know anything.
Thank you.
Say goodbye.
this is where you grew up?
Yeah, and I never
thought I would be back.
Come on.
My gosh Olivia,
you're all grown up.
Hi, Grandma.
Come in, please, come in.
I know you've had a long trip.
Thanks for inviting us.
Listen, we'll only
stay for a few days.
I don't want to get in your way.
You can stay as
long as you need.
You know we've
got plenty of room.
I've got more mashed potatoes.
Have some more, honey.
Oh, no thanks, I'm full.
You know my secret?
I mash in two yams to
give it a sweeter taste.
Do you know how to cook, Olivia?
Not really, but I do
make a good bowl of cereal.
Can I be excused?
I want to unpack.
Sure honey, go ahead.
She's a blessing.
She is.
And she is definitely
her own person.
Hasn't always been easy
being a single mother,
but I have managed.
Isn't Sam going
to find you here?
He knows I'm from a small town.
He might find me, but if he
does I'll be ready for him.
Tell me this is not a dream.
Oh man.
Welcome to civilization, buddy.
I'll grab that.
You've lost weight.
You try doing ten years inside.
I'd kill for a burger.
You don't have to,
I'll take you out to eat.
And eventually he turned into
someone I didn't even know.
Then he went to prison.
I'm so sorry you and
Olivia went through all that.
He did get a 15 year sentence,
but he got out early
for good behavior.
Five years early.
I just couldn't take the
chance that he would come back
and come into our lives.
No, of course not.
You made the right
decision to leave.
So Olivia told me
that she read online
about Duane's passing last year.
He got up in the middle of
the night for a glass of water,
and the next morning I
found him in the hallway.
He suffered a heart attack.
I'm sorry...
Do you take
anything in your coffee?
Do you have any
pictures of Dad around?
A few in the den.
I know it's not easy
being here for either of us.
You know it's coming
up on the anniversary
of dad's death.
I still miss him so much.
You know he kept all the
drawings you gave him?
I have a box of his things in
the garage if you want them.
What did I miss?
Washing the dishes.
Oh no.
Olivia, your mom tells me
you're quite an artist.
Yeah, I'm okay.
Well you have to show
me your work sometime.
Your mom was a good artist
too, when she was younger.
She won an art scholarship
when she graduated high school.
She could have studied here,
but she took it and left home.
So did you say you
were going to bed?
That is a great idea.
Good night, Grandma.
Good night.
You sure you don't want
me to go in with you?
Mom, I'm 15.
I can totally find my
way to my first class.
Have a good first day.
Thank you.
Honey, I'm sorry.
I know how hard it was for
you to leave your friends,
but I want you to know, we're
going to get through this.
What if dad finds us here?
What then?
Are we going to run
away to some other town?
No, it ends here.
Good luck.
Thank you.
Excuse me, have you
seen Chloe today?
Have you seen her this week?
Did she move?
What the hell is
going on with you?
Chloe left and she took Olivia.
Hey, you need to be careful.
One call from that neighbor and
you could be back inside again.
You're right, let's go.
[Cell phone ringing]
Mrs. Chien.
How are you?
I'm very good.
I'm calling to tell you that
Sam was at your house
and he was looking for you.
He got very angry,
pulled out the for sale sign,
threw it to the ground and
wanted to know if you moved.
I didn't tell him anything.
Okay, Mrs. Chien.
You need to be very careful.
Please stay away from
him, he is very dangerous.
I will.
And you take care.
You too.
[School bell ringing]
Thank you.
Hey, you're new here.
We're in homeroom together.
I'm Abby.
I know.
Our moms went to
high school together
like a million years ago.
So, how do you like it so far?
It's fine, I guess.
You know, it's high school.
I bet Los Angeles was so cool.
I've never been.
Yeah, I miss it already.
So why move to West Ridge?
We're in the middle of nowhere.
My mom got a job offer.
Who do you have
for sixth period?
Mr. Bream for history.
Oh hey, we're in the same class.
That's cool.
A bunch of us are
meeting up after school,
we just hang out
it's totally casual.
But I know they'd like
you, if you want to come?
Yeah sure, that'd be great.
Here, give me your number.
So I'll see you in sixth?
Mr. Bream is totally nice.
Yeah, see you then.
My gosh.
You have not
changed in 20 years.
Oh my goodness.
Look at you, it's
so good to see you!
I never thought you'd
come back here, ever.
Neither did I.
So you mentioned in your
e-mail you were divorced.
Yeah, that's partly the reason
I decided to move back.
I just wanted a fresh
start away from my ex.
What does he think
about you moving here?
It's not his decision.
So how does that work with
Olivia never seeing her dad?
Well he hasn't been
involved in her life
since she was a
very little girl.
So hey, you are married, right?
Yes, to Dave Buchanan.
He was a year ahead
of us in high school.
We have a daughter,
Abby, she's 15.
Same age as your daughter.
Can I get you
something to drink?
Yes, I would love a water
with lemon, please.
Bring me a glass of white wine.
Wine for lunch?
Yeah, my boss does it.
I work at a really casual place,
so it's not a problem.
You know, I was going
to ask you about that.
Do you know of any job openings?
I'm looking for a
marketing position,
preferably with a clothing line.
It's not like the
big city, Chloe.
Opportunities here are slim.
Well, I actually have one
interview set for next week
and it is with an
apparel company.
Kimmy Coles?
That's where I work.
Yeah, I'm the
assistant sales director.
Do you know anything
about the open position
for the marketing director?
You know...
our departments don't
always communicate.
Office politics.
Well, here's to
your fresh start.
Here it is!
I know it's not much,
but I'm sure it's nicer
than what you had inside.
Judy and the kids
are out of town,
so you can stay
here for the weekend.
A man's life
reduced to a duffel bag.
You're free.
That's what matters, right?
I still have to show
the parole officer
that I'm actively
looking for work.
Well, I took the liberty of
sending out your resume
to a few places.
That's great.
Thank you.
I'll get a job, and then
Olivia can come live with me.
Chloe had no right to
take her away from me.
She's gonna pay for it.
Take it easy on the threats.
And I'd stay away
from your ex, Sam.
That's not a threat.
I'll let you get settled in.
Hey Rich.
Don't worry, I'm going
to turn things around.
Thanks for lunch.
Oh you're welcome, Alexis.
Text me when you come
in for your interview
and I'll come down and see you.
Oh great, I will.
Okay, see you later.
See you.
Chloe Lancaster!
Can you believe it?
You look great!
I missed you at the reunion.
I haven't been back in town
since I left high school.
You really did become a cop.
Oh, sorry.
I've been on the force
going on 12 years now.
Hey I'm about to
grab some lunch,
you want to join me?
I'd love to, but
you know actually,
I just ate.
I'd love to catch up though.
Rain check?
Okay yeah, let me give my card.
We gotta get together.
It's been too long.
I'd like that.
I'll be hearing from you soon?
Yes, you will.
Wow, it's really
good to see you again,
really good.
You too.
Okay, see you.
All right.
Have a good day.
You too.
Hey mom.
Wow, it's really beautiful.
Thank you.
I took up gardening
to calm my nerves.
How was your lunch?
Same old Alexis.
I heard you ran
into Brian Reardon.
How did you hear that?
It's a small town, Chloe.
Maybe it's too small.
Brian's a nice man.
He helped us when our
lawn mower was stolen.
He was seeing Viola
Simon's daughter,
but I think he ended it.
Thanks for the information.
I'm going to get a coffee.
Do you want one?
Nope, I'm good.
Hey, you made it!
You guys, this is Olivia.
She just moved from Los Angeles.
This is Mel and Roxy.
Do you want some coffee?
Thank you.
So, how was your first day?
It went better than expected.
Thanks for all your help.
Yeah, of course.
Let's take a
picture for our moms.
So, I'm really
curious about your family.
You know, I think
my Mom has always
been jealous of your mom.
Really? Why?
I guess in high school
she was more popular
and had better grades.
But I think the main reason
is that she moved out of town.
Why would that make her jealous?
Most people who are
born here never leave.
I guess she is one
of the few who got out
and had a better life.
Yeah, but she came back.
That's the last thing
she really wanted to do.
I haven't made my decision yet.
I wasn't aware you were
still looking at applicants.
Yes, we have one more interview.
You know my loyalty
to the company, Gary.
As assistant sales director, I
was instrumental in securing
the Longwell account
and its chain of stores.
You did an amazing job, Alexis.
I would hate to
lose you in sales.
Right, but I feel I would rock
the marketing position
because of all that I've
learned about our brand,
about our customers.
Alexis, you're in the running.
That's all I can say.
You're seeing Chloe Lancaster?
Yes, do you know her?
We went to high school together
and she just moved back to town.
I haven't seen her in 20 years.
Our human resources department
brought her resume
to my attention.
I have to say her
resume is impressive.
She ran the marketing for
Dean Mason in Los Angeles
and that's no small job.
What do you know
about her situation?
I mean, we didn't keep in
touch while she was gone.
But I know that she moved back
to get away from her ex husband.
Your next appointment's
here, Mr. Coles.
I have my next appointment.
Alexis, we need to hire a person
who is the exact
fit for our needs.
Well, thank you
for seeing me Gary.
Any time, my door
is always open.
Well, unless it's closed.
Thanks for showing the house.
I just saw the
listing yesterday.
Now as you can see,
the living room has
great natural lighting.
It's a nice place.
Do you know why
the owners moved?
Job relocation.
Do you know where?
Out of town.
Are you new to the
area, Mr. Merritt?
No, I lived here for ten years.
What made you come back?
My daughter.
There's a great school nearby
and the shops are within
walking distance.
The bedrooms are this way.
How old is your daughter?
Umm, 15.
That's funny, the owner has a
daughter the exact same age.
Take your time.
I will meet you in the kitchen.
I told you not to
spend that money!
Let go of me!
I want you out of here, now!
Excuse me!
I think we're done here.
You got that right.
I'm done.
Oh, I really like this one.
We need to frame it.
I'd love to hang it in my den.
It still needs some work.
That's what every artist says.
You never feel like you're
done when you're creating.
How long did it take you
to learn to draw like this?
You never stop learning.
My dad really loved my artwork.
Well, I'm not surprised.
How did he see your drawings?
I may have sent him a few.
I'm guessing your
mom didn't know?
And I bet she wasn't too
happy when she found out.
I really missed having a father.
I didn't know what my
dad was really like.
I didn't know what
he had done to mom.
I really hope he doesn't
find us, Grandma.
I'm so sorry.
You didn't do
anything wrong, Olivia.
Remember that.
Your mom loves you very much,
she would never let
anything happen to you.
And neither will I.
So, who's hungry?
I am.
What do say we get
some dinner started?
I didn't think you'd call.
Why not?
You just moved in and
you're busy looking for work.
Actually, I have a
job interview tomorrow.
A job interview?
Yes, at a clothing company.
Kimmy Coles.
That's great.
Yeah, let me know how that goes.
I will.
So, why now?
What made you move back
after being gone so long?
You know that after my dad died,
I couldn't forgive my mom.
I thought I would
ever come back,
but it all changed when
my husband... ex-husband,
was released from prison.
Did he do something
to threaten you?
I know what he means by
the way he says things.
And he wants to be
in Olivia's life,
and that's not gonna happen.
Give me his name,
I'll get in contact with
his parole officer.
If he does come here,
he'd be crossing state lines
and that alone would get
him put him back inside.
Thanks, Brian.
I just want to start
my new life in peace.
I understand.
Any way I can help.
West Ridge?
So much for not going home.
Where are you?
In the den.
What are you doing?
Sorry, I'm using your computer.
No, go ahead.
I was just looking for a job.
Well, something will turn up.
I know it's not much,
but it's what I have
to get you on your feet.
Thank you.
I know you'll get a place soon.
I'm sorry.
No, it's okay.
What's out there?
Nothing, I just... I
thought I heard a noise.
Do you remember when that
little bird used to come by
the window and chirp
every morning?
Yes, that was a horrible summer.
It never let me sleep in
past eight in the morning.
Dad had to come and scare
it away so I could sleep in.
I've finished the quilt.
I want you to have
it for your bed.
You know, it's funny.
You never used to
make me anything
after you married Duane.
That year before I left,
it was like all your
attention was on him.
Like dad never even existed.
I think you should
give this to Olivia.
I think it would be
a really nice way
for you to start your
relationship with her.
Okay, if you think so.
I never abandoned
your father, Chloe.
He had every chance
to save our marriage,
but decided to give
up on the family.
Dad was always there for me.
He was a closet drinker who
made excuses for his behavior.
Do you remember when he missed
your tenth birthday party
because he said he was working?
He left a bar and passed
out in his car on Route 12.
There are some things you just
don't discuss with your kids.
Right, until now.
For your defense.
He was also having affairs
during the last five
years of our marriage.
Like you had with Duane?
Your father and I were
through long before he died.
Duane was a friend who was
there when I needed support.
Sometimes it just
happens that way.
You knew that dad was
struggling and you knew
that he needed our help,
and you still left.
He begged you to stay.
Your father was beyond my help.
I had to save my
own life and yours.
He didn't want to get better.
And I'm sure if we
had stayed together
he wouldn't have killed himself.
I didn't cause his death.
Sometimes love is not
enough to save them.
You know that as well as I do.
I know we've had so many
good years together ruined.
Precious years that
we can't get back,
but I don't want to
waste any more time.
If you can't come home to
your family who loves you,
what do you have?
I wondered where everyone went.
I'm going to go to bed.
Oh Olivia, I made this for you.
Wow Grandma, thank you.
It's beautiful!
It's just something I
do in my spare time.
Here, let's get a picture.
Honey, please be careful and
go easy on social media posts.
I don't want your dad
tracking us through them.
I know Mom, I'm being careful.
Thanks again Grandma,
I'll use this tonight.
You're very welcome, honey.
Good night.
Good night, dear.
Good night, sweetheart.
She's such a sweet child.
Yes she is.
And I can't let Sam
anywhere near her.
[Phone ringing]
This is Alexis Buchanan,
Assistant Sales Director.
I'm on another call
or out of the office.
Please leave a message
and I will get back to you.
Hi Alexis, this is Sam Johnson.
My daughter Olivia is
friends with your daughter
and I was planning
a surprise visit
for Olivia's belated birthday.
I'm just wondering if maybe
you had Chloe's address?
Today's the big day.
Yeah, I'm nervous.
I really need this job.
Oh, I'm sure you'll do
just fine in the interview.
Thanks, Alexis.
Ms. Lancaster?
Mr. Coles is ready to see you.
Thank you.
Good luck.
Thank you.
I'll let you know how it goes.
You have an impressive amount
of experience, Ms. Lancaster.
You worked with Dean Mason
on some of their
biggest campaigns.
Do you know Dean?
Only by reputation and
with fifty million dollars
in sales a year, I'm envious.
That's where I want
us to be next year.
Well, I think
it's very possible.
You have an excellent brand.
I have some ideas how you could
strengthen the demographics.
That's exactly what
we're looking for
as we restructure
the department.
You were with Dean
Mason for five years.
Why did you decide to leave?
My daughter.
I wanted to give
her a fresh start
somewhere with a slower pace.
Also, my mom is still here
and she's a widow,
she's getting older.
I appreciate your
sense of family.
My daughter is one of the most
important people in my life
and I'd do anything
for her as well.
Mr. Coles, I love what I do and
I have a great passion for it.
And I would bring it to
your company given the chance.
I have a good sense
that you would.
I appreciate you
coming in, Ms. Lancaster.
I'll let you know by
the end of the day.
Thank you very much, Mr. Coles.
Thank you.
How did it go?
Fine, I guess.
Just fine?
Actually, it was pretty good.
So, did he offer you the job?
No, he said he's still
considering a few people,
but he said he'd get back
to me at the end of the day.
Well keep me posted.
I have to get back,
but let's talk later.
[Phone ringing]
Ms. Lancaster, Gary Coles.
I want to offer you
the marketing position.
We went through
all our applicants
and decided you
were the best fit.
I hope you feel the
same way about us.
Yes I do, Mr. Coles.
Thank you so much.
Good, you can come
in anytime this week
to fill out your paperwork
and I'd like you to start
Monday, if possible.
Yeah, that's perfect.
Thank you again, Mr. Coles.
Thank you, Ms. Lancaster.
My door's always
open, unless it's closed.
Good night.
Good night.
Are you okay?
Mom, I got the
job at Kimmy Coles!
Oh honey, I'm so happy for you!
We'll throw a
party to celebrate.
[Phone ringing]
Hey, I just wanted
to call and tell you
about this strange
message I just got.
Okay, but first I have
got some great news.
Gary called.
We're going to be
working together.
I got the job.
Wow, that's great news.
I really needed this job to
get back on my feet again.
Good for you.
Listen, my mom wants to throw
a party and I want you to come.
And I want you to
bring Abby, too.
We'll be there,
just tell me when.
Hey, what was that
message you were talking about?
It was nothing
important, never mind.
You have a good night.
[Cell phone ringing]
I'm looking for Sam.
This is Sam?
Sam, this is Alexis Buchanan.
I know where you
can find Olivia.
I can use Judy's car this week,
but need mine back on Monday.
No worries.
I'll be back by then.
What the heck is in West Ridge?
A lead on a job.
Don't worry Rich, I'll
take good care of your car.
Thanks again, buddy.
No worries.
Keep me updated
about your interview.
I'll be back in
less than a week.
So I spoke with your
ex-husband's parole officer.
His terms do not allow
him to travel more
than 50 miles
outside Los Angeles.
Should that make me feel better?
Yeah, because if I
see him in town,
I'll arrest him, and he
can go back to prison.
I'm sorry to dump
this all on you.
Especially at the start.
I don't mind.
I don't mind at all.
You know, I was so
worried that this place
wouldn't have anything
left to offer me.
Well, you never know.
West Ridge does
have its surprises.
Yes it does.
So you never wanted to move away
after you finished
with the Army?
You really like being a cop?
I like helping people.
I like protecting my community.
So if he contacts you
and it's a concern,
you let me know, okay?
I will.
Yes, please.
It's been a long trip.
Where are you coming from?
Los Angeles.
What brings you to these parts?
I heard great things.
About West Ridge?
Do you know of any
short term places for rent?
I need a room, maybe for a
couple of days or a week.
My granddad owns a
house out on Route Nine
and he rents to
boarders sometimes.
Let me give him a
call and check.
What's your name?
Wow, you're really good.
Yeah, I like sketching.
It keeps my mind off of stuff.
Family stuff?
What else?
When was the last
time you saw your dad?
I can't really remember.
They divorced when I
was five and then he left.
You didn't see him again?
We spoke on the
phone maybe once a year.
We used to write each letters,
but I don't really
even know him.
I wish my parents would divorce.
I know my mom's
miserable and my dad's a tool.
My granddad says to stop by.
Here's the address.
Do you know Route Nine?
I'll find it.
A tourist map might help.
Thanks again.
You Henry?
Hi, you must be Frank.
You're late.
Yeah, the place was
kind of hard to find.
How long are you
going to be staying?
About a week, I've got
some business in town.
Come on, I'll show you the room.
Nice kitchen.
You'll have access to it,
but you'll have to
buy your own food.
Fair enough.
Bedroom's back here.
It's not much more
than a sleeping room.
How much per night?
50 dollars and
you pay in advance.
I'll need a receipt for that.
[Cell phone ringing]
Hey I was about to
put out an A.P.B. on you.
Ha ha.
I told you I would call.
My mom is having a
little party tonight
to celebrate my new job.
Are you free?
Unfortunately I'm not,
I'm working.
What time does it start?
Come by anytime
after seven, if you can.
I will.
And congratulations again, I
know how much you needed this.
Yeah, thank you.
Wow it feels really
good to start my new life.
And I'm glad to be here
at the beginning of it.
I'll see you later, okay?
Yes, you will.
I'll talk to you soon.
Do you need some help with this?
That'd be great.
Thanks, honey.
Yes he's coming, okay.
Whoa, I got it.
Oh, thank you.
That could have
been a nasty clean up.
Yeah, really.
So, do you always go
around helping old ladies?
No, only the
beautiful ones like yourself.
You doing some gardening?
Yes, and I'm way behind
as I ran out of supplies.
My daughter and granddaughter
have come to stay
and I wanted to
clean up my yard.
That must be nice
having them here.
Oh, it's such a joy.
Oh, she's here.
You know what?
I gotta get going, but
it was night meeting you.
Have a good day.
Thank you again.
Hey Mom, who are you waving to?
Oh, he was just
helping with the bags.
Who was it?
I don't know.
Just a kind stranger, I guess.
Stay here, I'll be back.
Where are you going?
Just stay there.
Hey, Mom.
Is everything okay?
Has your father been in touch
with you since we've been here?
No, why?
You would tell me
if he had been?
Of course.
What's wrong?
Earlier today there was a man
helping Grandma load her car.
Something felt weird about it.
I know your father and he'd
stop at nothing to get to you.
Mom, that's really scary.
I know, I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Just go inside, go.
What the hell are
you doing in my room?
I didn't say you could
put anything on the wall.
You put screws into
my nice new paint job.
Get out of my room.
No, this is my house!
I want you to take
this thing down, now!
What are you planning anyway?
A bank robbery?
Frank, you okay?
Hey Rich, how's it going?
Great, I think I have a job
interview lined up for you.
That's fantastic.
I just gotta
finish up a job here,
I just started, but it
shouldn't take too long.
Okay, you're still planning to
be here by the end of the week
so I can make introductions
for you when you're back?
Yeah sounds good buddy,
I'll talk to you soon.
So Dave couldn't make it?
We're not really
getting along right now.
I'm sorry.
Relationships can be hard.
You didn't have a lot of
good times with your ex?
I mean sure, for the
first couple of years
and then things started to
change as I saw the real him.
You must believe
in second chances.
What about your mother?
She's family.
And she was so excited
to throw this party.
So you're getting along?
Yeah, we're both working on it.
I think in time, we'll be able
to repair our relationship.
And Olivia gets to have a
grandmother in her life.
And they say you can
never go home again.
I didn't think it was possible.
Hey girls, aren't you gonna eat?
We already had two plates.
Are we going to go to
the pre-game picnic
after school tomorrow?
They still do that?
Yeah, the high school has a
kick off picnic
before each game.
Some parents go chaperone.
I'll be there with Abby.
You should come, it's fun.
You have to come!
Okay sure, let's go.
Thanks, Mom.
We're going to go
hang out in my room.
Okay, have a good time.
Sometimes I forget she's 15.
Yeah, I do the same thing.
So when did Gary tell
you that you start?
Monday, but I'm going
to go in tomorrow
to sign some paperwork.
Did he give you that
salary you wanted?
I know he can be a
tough negotiator.
I'm just so happy I
got a job, Alexis.
I'm so excited to
start working again.
Honey, the ladies would love
to hear about your new job.
And Alexis, you can tell
them all about the company.
Yeah, we'll be
there in a minute.
Tell them a few stories.
It's really not that exciting.
But I will.
Do you know if that guy Devan
is going to be at the picnic?
You like him, don't you?
He's nice.
Okay, nice and hot.
Yeah, I think he's going to go
with some of his
swim team friends.
What was that?
Probably just a raccoon.
A raccoon?
Okay, now you're feaking me out.
They didn't have
animals in the big city?
Good evening, Officer.
Ma'am, we received a noise
complaint about your party.
Yes, it's way too quiet.
You're just in time for dessert.
Hey I'm sure you all know Brian,
I mean Sergeant Reardon.
Of course we know
Sergeant Reardon.
How are you, Mrs. Lancaster?
Hey Brian.
Oh, hey Alexis.
I can't stay for long,
I just wanted to stop by
and congratulate Chloe again.
Hey, what're you
doing tomorrow afternoon,
are you working?
Because we're all going
to the pre-game picnic.
It'll be like old times
except now I'm a chaperone!
Well I start early tomorrow,
but I can run through
around six-ish.
You're not leaving without a
piece of my chocolate cake.
I'm not leaving without a
piece of your chocolate cake.
She really does make great cake.
It's good to see you
two getting along.
Yeah, things seem to be
working out all around.
Thanks for coming by.
It means a lot.
I gotta go.
Thank you.
You are going to
be late for school.
Come on, get up.
I'm leaving in ten minutes.
Mom, why are you doing that?
Honey, did Olivia tell you
anything more about her father?
What are you taking about?
You know, like where he's
been for the last ten years?
No, she said they
haven't kept in touch.
Something must have happened.
I don't know.
Why does it matter?
Okay come on, get up.
I'm leaving in ten minutes.
Have a good day, sweetheart.
Okay, thanks Mom.
I'll see you this afternoon.
All right.
Love you!
Love you too.
Hey Olivia.
[School bell ringing]
Yes, who's this?
It's Chloe's ex-husband, Sam.
Oh hi, did you make it to town?
Yes, thank you again.
I'm trying to start my life over
and it really helps to find
good people who care.
Have you been able
to see Olivia yet?
Did you tell her we spoke?
I didn't tell her or Chloe.
That's good.
The surprise means a lot to me,
I just want to make
sure it's perfect.
You know, we're going to have a
pre-game picnic after school
at West Ridge Park in
honor of this weekend's
big football game.
Olivia's going to be
there with my daughter.
You should stop by.
I will definitely
try to make it.
I have to go, I'm going
to be late for work.
I understand.
Thanks again, Alexis.
It means a lot to me.
Okay bye.
So you just had a birthday?
How did you know?
My mom told me.
I guess your mom must
have said something.
Yeah, right before we moved.
My dad called, but we
only spoke for a minute.
Do you miss him?
I miss having a dad,
but I don't really know him
well enough to miss him.
Oh, so Devan is
definitely going to the picnic.
Yeah, according to
his Snap-Opp page.
What are you doing
on his Snap-Opp page?
You're not the only
one who thinks he's hot.
Anything else Brian?
No, this is it.
Thank you.
I haven't been able to get
ahold of my grandpa Frank,
and I'm getting worried.
I don't get off until six.
Are you by chance
headed out by Route Nine?
Yes I am.
Could you possibly
stop by, check up on him?
He hasn't been in the
best of health lately.
Yeah, I'll swing by
there on my way home.
Thanks, Brian.
You're a life saver.
Thank you.
[Door knocking]
Mr. Murray, you home?
Hey, come in.
I don't officially
start until Monday,
but I wanted to get
settled in early.
Nice office.
Hey, do you know if Lisa from
your department sent off those
e-mails to the San
Francisco client yet?
I thought you
weren't working yet.
I'm just trying to get a handle
on how the lines
are progressing.
You know, I really
wanted this job.
Marketing's been
my real interest,
but I accepted the
sales department
because that's all they
had when they hired me.
I've been with this company
for five years paying my dues,
with empty
promises of promotions.
But when this
position opened up,
I thought hey!
You know, finally.
I thought my interview was
just gonna be a formality.
I'm sorry, I didn't know.
And then you came and
took the job that I deserve.
Alexis, I don't want you to
be upset with me about this.
Even in high school,
you had the better guys,
better grades,
better everything.
Admit it, Chloe, everything's
always come so easy to you.
Easy for me?
I'm sorry, have you
forgotten about the hell
I went through after
my father's death?
Nothing has come easy since then
and I've had to
work for all of it.
You're right.
I'm sorry, I
shouldn't have said anything.
It's my issue.
Maybe I'm just jealous because
you actually got out of here
and you were successful.
Well Alexis, there's
nothing to be jealous about.
I had to come back here
because my world fell apart.
You think that I
like being back here?
You think that it's fun having
to make amends with my mom?
I didn't want to come home.
I'll check with Lisa
on your e-mails, okay?
See you tonight.
Abby's here.
I'm going to find her.
Okay, but stay
close to the crowd.
Where else would I go?
Can you take this?
I'm going to go find her.
Thanks Mom!
All right, have fun.
Chloe, I'm glad you came.
I've been feeling horrible.
I'm sorry for
what I said earlier,
I was completely out of line.
No, I can understand
your frustration
and how you must have felt.
Me coming back after 20 years
and getting the job you wanted.
I want you to know,
that was not my intention.
I know, and you were right.
I already have a
job and you need one.
I'm happy for you and I
know how much this all means.
I really want to be
good friends again
and I don't want any of
this to come between us.
I agree.
So Olivia went to go find Abby.
Yeah I know, over there.
So, where's David?
Oh, he hates these events.
Brian said he's gonna
come by and check up on us.
Are you guys an item now?
Well, I like him.
And it's nice to finally
have somebody who's kind
back in my life again.
If you need anything
at work let me know.
My door is always open.
Unless it's closed.
I don't see Devan here.
Neither do I.
I thought you
said he was coming.
Let me check his Snap-Opp page.
No, he's at Stephan's party.
It looks like a blast.
Then what are we doing here?
Wait, really?
I can't go dressed like this,
but let's stop back at
my grandma's and change?
Okay, let's go!
[Cell phone ringing]
Hey Brian, it's Chloe.
Just checking in to see when
you're coming to the picnic.
All right, give me a call.
That's weird, it just
went straight to voicemail.
Hey, are you guys having fun?
Not really.
Mom, we want to go to a
party at Stephan's house.
Who's Stephan?
Stephan is a boy in their grade.
I know his parents.
They live about 15
minutes from here.
Okay, how are you
going to get there?
Do you need a ride?
Actually, Marchella wants to go
too and her mom will drive us.
Well I guess just be back by 11.
Thanks, Mom.
Hey listen be careful, okay?
I'm serious.
Look out for your surroundings
and if you see anyone strange,
you call me immediately.
Don't worry.
Abby, I want you back by 11.
Olivia got 11:30!
Okay, 11:30.
You girls have fun.
Got it, Mom.
Oh, to be 15 again.
So when did I say
they'd get here?
I don't know, she
said five minutes.
Should we text Devan?
I don't know.
It's dad.
Look at you.
You're all grown up.
How did you know
to find me here?
Abby's mom invited
me to the picnic.
No I mean, how did you
find us here in town?
It was easy.
Can I get a hug?
I'm so sorry that I missed
your birthday, honey.
I really want to
make it up to you
and for all the time
we've been apart.
We've really gotta get going.
Where are you heading
to in such a hurry?
A party.
I can take you if you want.
That's okay, our friend's
mom is going to drive us.
Oh, I just thought that
we could spend a little bit
of time together and
talk on the way there.
Get to know each other better.
Maybe another time.
I've got a birthday
surprise for you at home.
And my car is right here.
Please, I've gotta go.
That's enough, Olivia.
I've been gone a long time
and the least you can do
is talk to me.
I want you to come with me, now.
Olivia? Are you okay?
She's fine.
Yeah, I'm okay.
I'll meet you at
the party, Abby.
Your letters and drawings are
what kept me hopeful inside.
Mom, Mom!
What's wrong?
Where's Olivia?
She just went with her dad.
I overreacted back
in the parking lot.
But I want you to
know how important it is
for us to be together again.
No, where were they?
He was in the parking lot.
Where are you taking me?
I've got a temporary
place just outside of town.
What did he do?
He grabbed her and
he put her in the car.
She said she was okay,
but I could tell
she did not want to go with him.
We need a chance to talk
and get to know each other.
I want you to hear
my side of the story.
Chloe, what's going on?
He was just
released from prison,
that's why we moved.
He said he was
gonna come for Olivia.
We can start a
new life together.
I don't know.
Your mom's always trying
to stop me from seeing you,
but it's not going
to work this time.
Stop it!
I'm not gonna hurt you, Olivia.
[Cell phone ringing]
Who is it?
It's my friend, Stephan.
It's about the party tonight.
Hi, Stephan.
Are you okay?
Did he force you to go?
Yes, the party sounds fun.
Do you know where you're going?
I don't know.
Listen to me, the second
you have a chance
you need to get out of his car.
Sure, I'll do my best.
Everything okay?
Did you really think that you
were gonna keep her from me?
You're not going to
get away with this.
I already have.
Good bye.
Oh god...
Chloe, I'm so sorry.
He seemed like a regular guy.
What are you talking about?
Sam, he called me to
see if you were in town.
And you told him?
I didn't know the situation!
Why didn't you
tell me this earlier?
Because he didn't
seem dangerous.
I knew he was your ex,
I didn't think
he was a convict for God's sake.
He said he wanted to be here
for a surprise party for Olivia.
And you told him
about the picnic?
Yes, I'm sorry.
He was so convincing.
Yeah because that's what
he does, Alexis.
I cannot believe you did that.
He is dangerous.
Oh god, he's
taking her out of town.
Call 911!
Where are you going?
You can't handle
this by yourself!
Come on.
Where's the owner of the house?
He's gone. Sit down.
No, I'll stand.
I can only imagine the
stories your mother's
been telling you about me.
She told me you
were violent with her.
Is that true?
She just wants to paint
a horrible picture of me
so you'll hate me.
Why would she want to do that?
Because she never
forgave me for my mistakes.
I went to prison,
I did the time,
doesn't matter.
She doesn't believe
in second chances.
Do you?
I don't really even know you.
Olivia, we're family.
And like I told you before,
I've changed and I
want to start a new life.
You're the most
important person to me
and I don't want
to lose you again.
Can I go to the bathroom?
Yeah it's down the hall,
the first door on the right.
Olivia, are you all right?
Just give me a chance!
Why are you making
this so difficult?
Olivia, stop!
Help, help!
Stop it, calm down!
Nobody can hear you,
there's no point in screaming,
so stop!
Get the gun, get the gun!
Let her go!
You're not going
to win this one.
Chloe, walk away
and nobody gets hurt.
You're not leaving with her.
Hey hey, Chloe, take it easy.
You couldn't pull the trigger.
Are you so sure?
Go ahead, shoot me
and you'll hit her too.
Is that what you want?
Now we're going home.
Just like daddy promised, right?
The police are on their way.
Chloe, give me the gun.
Look at what you did, Chloe.
I did ten years inside
paying for my mistakes
while you sat out here
feeding my daughter
poisonous lies about me.
You ruined any chance I had of
starting a new life with her.
No Sam, this was your choice.
It's all about you,
it always has been.
Did you really think you
could get away with this?
Did you really think you were
going to keep her away from me?
We are leaving, now.
I'm giving you one more
chance to do the right thing.
I thought you didn't
give second chances.
Hey, it's okay put the gun down.
Put it down, it's okay.
It's all right.
It's over.
It's okay, it's over.
Give me the gun.
Come on, let's go home.
Does this mean that we're
going to go back home, Mom?
Home is wherever we're together.
We're right where we belong.