Stalker (2020) Movie Script

-Ladies and gentlemen...
Saying goodbye to my babies.
You could rethink
this whole move.
Good bye, apartment.
All right, boy.
You ready to do this?
Here we go
Pitstop number 35.
On the road again.
First palm tree sighting.
Ready to go to the bathroom?
Sometimes you just gotta go.
Tell me, have you set up
any interviews yet?
Um, you know, I got some leads,
and, uh, you know, I got
the tutoring thing, so...
I just think it'll be better
when you find a new school.
You know, it's important
to have something full-time.
You know, I'm actually gonna go
grab dinner with some people.
Okay, that sounds good.
I'm glad you checked in baby.
-Love you.
-I love you, too.
-Okay. Bye.
-Bye now.
Special day today. We have
a Teacher of the Month.
After you.
Yeah, just got here. Seriously?
You are such a flake.
I'm fine. Yeah. Bye.
Nobody likes a flake.
That's true.
I'm Sam.
Andrew. Andy.
Can I buy you a drink?
Or your next one?
Uh, sure.
Wait, so, like, what did you
listen to, growing up?
All kinds of stuff.
All kinds of stuff,
you want to be more specific?
I did have
a big Christmas music phase.
-Christmas music?
Really? You listen to, like,
Jingle Bells year-round?
More like Silver Bells,
but yeah.
And here I was picturing
a hard core drummer dude.
I was a hard core drummer dude.
This is what I get
for trying to be honest.
I love it.
You were a cheese ball.
You were like
a nostalgic old man
in a pre-pubescent boy's body.
It's pretty accurate, actually.
What about you?
What did 12-year-old Sam
listen to?
Oh, no. Way too personal.
So why are you here, Andrew?
Uh, beats drinking alone.
No, I mean, like leaving Texas
and moving to LA.
Why now?
Oh, it just felt right.
Just a...
-What're you doing?
I'm sorry.
I'm just calling bullshit.
Yeah, I...
It was a break up. Really.
You moved because of a break up?
I mean, it was a big one.
We were together for,
like, six years.
What was her name?
She was a counselor,
is a counselor
at the same school
we worked at together.
What happened?
One day she called in sick and
decided to stay home and...
This is really cliche.
I... showed up
trying to surprise her
with some soup or whatever,
and she was in our bed
with the gym teacher.
Oh, no.
That sucks. I'm so sorry.
It's cool. It's probably good
to talk about it.
Do you want to get out of here?
Um, I think he's here.
Oh, there he is.
-So, location scout? What is...
-Mmm-hmm. I know.
It's kind of confusing
but I basically,
like, book the venues
for music festivals
and then, concerts.
All that stuff.
-Yep, that's me.
So are you scouting
any events right now?
-I'm actually working
on this festival that...
Sorry. Just give me one sec.
Oh, yeah, sure.
You want me to put on
some music or something?
Oh, no, we're good. Thank you.
Freshen up the breath?
Yeah, actually. Thank you.
I got you.
This is cool.
I'm actually subletting
from a family friend.
I've been like, wow,
three years now.
Sorry, did you forget something?
No. Uh, thanks for the ride.
You got it. You kids have fun.
Make yourself at home.
There's a couple of beers
in the fridge.
Ah, it's a nice place
you've got.
You live here alone?
No, but my roommate's
never home.
All right.
To your roommate, then.
-Thank you.
So, I want you to
stay the night.
But I don't want to
have sex or anything.
Can we just fool around and
you can hold me or whatever?
Of course. Yeah. Sounds great.
-You sure?
Is that cool? I just kind of
ended it with this guy, and...
Yeah, no. Yeah, it's cool.
Of course.
You know, I'm not really a first
night kind of guy anyways, so.
Oh, fuck!
-Hi, Evelyn.
Andrew, actually. But...
Look, you've got two minutes.
Let's get this done.
Okay, let's... Let's go.
How long have you been tutoring?
Um, I've only been with Quasar
for two months,
but I've actually taught junior
high for the past six years...
move your fucking van.
Do you like your job?
I mean do you actually enjoy
working with teenagers?
Because Jeremy
is pretty intense.
I mean, yeah, it could be
challenging, but I do...
He's got the attention span
of a goldfish.
I think he got that from
his father though.
Yeah, it's pretty common.
Uh, does he have...
Okay, Tuesday, 2.30.
Do not be late, Adam.
Yeah. Okay, sounds good.
What the fuck.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
Hello, hello.
-Hi! Just one sec.
What a dog. Oh, what a dog.
Do you mind if I pet him?
Oh, my God. Hey!
Oh, I know what you want.
I know what you want.
I know what you want. This cool?
Hey, oh, man!
Great spirit.
What's his name?
-Juicebox. Yeah.
You have such a cool name,
you know that?
Oh, sorry. Uh, I'm Roger.
Roger Perkins.
You know, man, I think you
drove me home last night.
You worked for Ryde, yeah?
I must have. Yeah.
Yeah, I thought so.
You dropped me
and my friend off, last night.
Yeah. You had a girl
with you, right?
That's right.
You gave me a peppermint?
That's right.
You really had it going on.
Good for you.
Thanks. Uh, so do you live
around here?
Um, not really.
-You from LA?
-Me? God, no.
Yeah, me neither.
-Where are you from originally?
-Back east.
What about you.
Where are you from?
Dallas originally and, uh...
I actually just moved here.
Cool. Welcome to Los Angeles.
You need any recommendations
or advice?
I know my way around town.
Cool, man. Yeah. Well, I hope
to see you around.
Yeah. Yeah, that'd be awesome.
We should grab a beer sometime.
Not a lot of genuine people
in LA.
Give me your number
and I'll hit you up.
Yeah, that sounds good.
Uh, it's 512...
-You wanna put it in your phone?
-No. Hit me.
Okay. Um, 512-989
Very cool.
Very cool. All right.
See you soon, Juice.
Let's go, boy. Come on.
Just checking.
Yeah. You remembered.
Yeah, I know.
Good night, smooches.
Wait. Was that Josh?
I thought you said
you were over it.
Yeah, I am.
So over it.
But his sister's getting married
in Bordeaux this summer so.
So you're waiting until
after the wedding?
That's pretty cold.
I've only ever been to Paris.
That dude at the counter?
-It's just... It's nothing.
-No. I got you.
You want me to give him
a little scare?
Oh, no.
Just want a beer.
In order to hide this weakness
and deceive the British,
Washington ordered his men
to fill empty gun power caskets
-with sand.
Hey, Jeremy, you mind
putting the phone down?
Cool. Thank you.
-Hey, you Snap?
-Snapchat. Do you have Snapchat?
No, I don't Snap.
But I bet you're on Insta,
though. Right?
-Okay, man. Uh...
-No, never mind. I found you.
Hmm, what?
You seem kind of
self-obsessed man, like...
Look, there's this one picture
of a girl here
she's cute and all
but the rest is just...
Yeah, uh...
I'm not trying to trigger
you or anything.
I'm just saying maybe
once in a while
post something that isn't
your face or whatever.
Okay. Yeah, I'll try that.
-Hey, buddy. How's it going?
-Hey, bud.
You see any stars
out there, or what?
Yeah, actually, I saw
Patricia Richardson pumping gas.
You remember her?
Jill Taylor from
Home Improvement?
You bet your ass,
I remember her.
Yeah. And, uh, I met a girl,
Wow, that was fast.
Get to it.
Yeah. I mean I don't know
if we'll go anywhere
but she's cool.
That's good. It's up here
on the right, right there.
She's also a location scout,
so she knows
all these cool spots,
and... she's cool.
That's good, man. Well, hey
I got to get back to it.
I'll catch you later.
Yeah, of course.
Tell everyone I say Hi.
Yeah, right here.
Yeah, will do, man. Adios.
-Yeah. It was good to...
Hey, can I get that bottle
right there?
To the left of that.
No, no to the right of that.
Yeah, that's it.
-How's it going today? Busy?
I said how's it going?
It's going great.
I mean, people are just
like that, right?
No, but I've known this guy
since we were, like, five.
You think he could just,
like, shoot me straight?
Yeah, that's crazy.
That sucks, man.
I can't say
it's that surprising.
People are just wrapped up
in their own shit.
Yeah, you're probably right.
it's just so... easy to lie.
Straight shooters like you
and me, man. We're rare birds.
Well, I don't think he lied.
It's not like that.
I just think it's when
a couple breaks up,
their friends choose
a side and...
And I think he just chose
her side.
Something must have happened,
I mean, uh, you guys didn't have
a falling out before you
left her.
No. And we were cool.
Well, that's good.
Glad you didn't lie.
I hate that.
Hey. How about another?
On me.
Yeah, why the hell not.
Why the hell not.
Okay. Two more.
-See you later.
You all right?
Yeah. This is fun.
Yes, this is fun.
Uh, so many good brunch spots.
We should definitely do that
as well.
-Sounds great.
-I'm over here, man.
All right. I'm this way.
-I'll see you...
-I'm also this way.
I'm over here too.
-Are you sure?
-Yeah, yeah.
All right then.
It was good to see you.
-Thanks for meeting up.
-Yeah, it's great.
-It was great.
-It was.
-I'll see you next time.
You're a real one, man.
The fact that you know you
can share stuff with me,
it means a lot.
-You're a real one, too.
-Take it easy, man.
-Thanks, Andy.
Emotions and shit.
I'm gonna hit you up, Andy.
You're the man.
Sounds good, man.
Oh, he's so cute.
Oh, I forgot.
I got you something.
Oh, thank you.
Yeah. Thought you liked it.
That's so sweet.
It's great.
It's like, uh, real nature.
Yeah? If you like this,
we should go camping sometime.
I have this spot
that you would love.
You'll feel like you're in
another world.
You okay?
Yeah. I'm good.
You sure? Because we could
turn around if you want.
No, no, no. Let's keep going.
I mean, unless you wanna
head back.
I feel great.
You don't look like
you feel great.
Yeah, I guess, I kind of got
after it last night.
Actually went out with, uh,
our Ryde driver from the
other night.
Yeah, I just randomly
ran into him the next day.
Don't know, he seemed like
a nice enough guy.
Cool. How was that?
It was fine. Yeah.
We just drank.
I mean, there's something
a little off about him, but...
Speak of the devil.
Looks like somebody has
a new best friend.
No, this is my guy.
You know what,
I think we should...
We should get him back.
He needs some water.
Yeah, sure.
-Come on, Juice.
Poor Juice.
Is that him again?
Yeah, he's calling me this time.
-I should just... Thanks.
-Yeah, yeah sure.
-Hey, buddy.
-Hey, man.
Fun time last night, yeah?
Yeah, listen. It was fun.
What are you doing today?
You wanna hang?
Uh, I'm still
pretty hungover.
I feel you. I feel you.
I think I'm just gonna
stay in today though.
Got ya.
Well another time then.
-Yeah. All right.
I'll be seeing you.
Okay, man. Bye.
Nicely done.
Who's the cutest dog
of them all?
Saying goodbye to my babies.
You rethink this whole move.
This is
management office. Leave a
message and why you're calling.
Hey, Mrs. Arcasian,
this is Andy in unit two.
I just wanted to let you know
that I'm changing my phone
and internet provider.
Unfortunately, I won't be home
tomorrow for the install.
So I was hoping
you could let the guy in for me?
He's scheduled to come by
tomorrow around00.
Anyway, here's my new number.
In case you need to reach me,
it's 818-749-8802.
Just really loving
the new place.
Here, Juice.
What kind of songs
did you play?
-Punk rock,
Christmas covers, or...
Blues, like, blues rock...
I could send you some
if you want.
Yeah, I'd like that.
I used to wanna be a singer.
My mom had
the most beautiful voice.
I practiced and practiced,
dressed up just like her.
But then when she left,
I just stopped.
I'm sorry.
How old were you?
But with the event stuff,
I can still be around
that energy.
It's great to see people
doing what they love, you know.
Glad you brought me out here.
Me too.
What is it? Good boy.
What is it? What's wrong?
What's wrong?
Wanna go outside, huh?
Juice, get over here.
Come on, come on.
Come on.
Do you have time
to make a quick stop
before you get back?
Yeah, sure.
No big rush.
You good, Juice?
It's cool to be here?
Is he okay in there?
Oh, yeah, he's fine.
Holy shit. It's huge.
What was this place?
I'm not sure.
Factory or something.
What kind of show
is it supposed to be?
These two like Gasher bands.
That was five years ago now.
Why did it get cancelled?
Dude broke his leg during setup,
promoters lost their insurance.
And how do you even
find something like this?
It's not exactly a music venue.
I don't know.
I've always just liked
to explore whatever.
I know it's kind of weird,
but there's something comforting
about these kinds of spaces,
you know?
Yeah, I know.
I know what you mean.
You have fun with me?
Yeah. Of course.
-- Appreciate it.
-- Okay, great.
See you next week. Okay?
-- Thanks.
-- Bye.
-Hey, Mom.
-Hey, honey.
You sound good.
I'm feeling good.
Oh, that's great.
I'm relieved.
Relieved? Why relieved?
I just mean, it could be hard,
you know, moving to a big city
where you don't really
know anyone. That's all.
Yeah, that's true, you know,
I'm... actually met some cool
people, so...
Oh, I forgot to text you.
I saw Emily
at the ... yesterday.
That's nice.
You know, it was.
She got bangs.
It's different, but it really
suits the shape of her face.
Yeah, you know, you know,
I should probably get going,
you know?
Not a lot of women
can pull that look off,
you know.
Yeah, I'm sure that's true.
-I know, I know.
-Look, I really can't
do this right now, okay?
I'm pulling up to
another session.
You two were such
a nice couple.
I don't know what happened.
-What'd you do?
-Yeah. Look, I gotta go,
all right?
-I love you. Bye.
-Love you too.
Hey, is this Andy?
Yeah. Who's this?
My name's Bill Carver.
I'm a friend of Evelyn Borrows.
Jeremy's mom.
Oh, yeah, of course.
Listen, I'm sorry to reach out
like this, but my son Nathan,
he has a history final on
Wednesday and he could
use some help.
Get out
you son of...
Who the fuck are you?
-Hey, I'm sorry, man.
-Oh, I'm sorry.
That's some kind of name.
No, it's not what I meant.
Sorry to...
Sit the fuck down.
-What do you
know about this?
I'm sorry, I shouldn't be here.
I'm just gonna get...
Just sit down.
Motherfucker, sit the fuck down.
Okay. Okay,
listen, I'm sorry.
Oh, I'm sorry.
That was just... Just hold on...
Maybe you're trying to score.
You trying to score?
-So wait,
you're not here to score...
-I'm not here to score.
I'm not...
-You know who this is?
So who the fuck are you
and why are you in my house?
I'm a tutor.
-I'm nobody. Okay? I'm a tutor.
I'm nobody. Okay? okay?
Yeah, I came to the wrong spot.
You know what we gotta do...
I'm gonna go. I gotta go, okay?
Can I help you with anything?
No, I got it.
Sure you don't need
a taste-tester?
Not yet.
Almost ready, though.
How's it going, bud?
-Good. How you doing, man?
-What can I get you?
-Just the usual, please.
These are amazing.
Good. I'm glad you like them.
What's up with you?
It's nothing. It's just, uh...
someone kind of pranked me today
and I'm thinking maybe
it was that guy Roger.
What do you mean, pranked you?
I mean, someone called,
pretending to be a parent
to schedule a session
and, uh, when I get down there,
it's a sketchy drug house
in the middle of the hood.
That's insane.
You're sure it was him?
No, but I don't know
who else it could have been.
Maybe one of the kids
you're tutoring?
Definitely sounds
like some shit
a teenager would pull.
Yeah. You know,
I kind of thought that, too.
You're probably right. Yeah.
App said it'd be an explorer.
It's in the shop.
Call 58?
Yeah, go ahead, man.
That's fucking fun.
How much did you
put up your nose tonight?
I have no idea.
I'm sure you don't.
I was networking.
What the fuck do you want
me to do?
That's so funny.
You kids have fun.
I need a drink.
Here we go.
Damn it. This fucking guy...
What was that?
Are you okay?
Babe, what the fuck!
-What's wrong?
I'm good. Sorry.
Here you go, handsome man.
I know it's you,
you son of a bitch.
Hey, Roger, it's Andy.
You know the guy...
Yeah, I know
who you are, man.
What do you want?
Um, I guess
I want to apologize.
I feel bad about blowing you off
and falling off the grid there.
I suck.
Yeah. It's not nice
to ghost people.
I've just been busy.
It doesn't take long
to return a text, though.
Yeah, fair enough.
You know, I just would like
to apologize in person.
Can you meet up?
Hey, man.
How's it going?
Where's your dog?
I didn't bring him.
We meet here
and you don't bring your dog?
No, I don't think to.
Thanks for coming anyway.
Sounded like you wanted
to apologize?
Well, yeah.
Look, man,
I've just been busy with work.
I didn't mean to blow you off.
Look, you just started calling
and texting me a lot.
I just didn't know
how to respond to all that.
So you just didn't respond
at all?
Well, yeah, I mean...
Look, I didn't mean to be rude
or trigger you or whatever.
Who said you triggered me?
What the...
triggered me!
You know what I mean.
I didn't mean to insult you
or upset you.
Well, I guess
you get points for that.
How's work going on?
Are you still with Ryde?
You're so full of shit.
You know, this weird thing
happened to me the other day.
Some guy called,
pretending to be a parent.
Had me drive all the way to this
fucking sketchy drug house.
It was kind of fucked up.
Wow. Yeah indeed,
that does sound
really fucked up.
Just cut the shit.
Can we talk about
what's really going on?
What do you mean?
What's going on?
You know what I mean, man.
I know it was you
that fucking made that call.
It's been you that's sending me
all these other weird messages.
-You're serious?
So this is why you fucking
brought me out here
so that you could accuse me
of some fucking bullshit, man?
Fuck you!
-Hey, stop!
-Don't fucking touch me.
I don't know what's
going on here with you.
Just stop, okay?
Just leave me alone.
Just stop it.
I'm having too much fun.
Fuck you.
There you go. Come on.
Come on. Let it out.
Let it...
Yes, that's assault. Oh, my God.
-You see all these witnesses?
-Shut the fuck up!
Just leave me the fuck alone.
I don't know why you're
making me do this.
I didn't make you do anything.
Fuck, that was bad.
Hey, what's up?
Nothing. Um...
What are you up to?
I thought of something fun.
You down to hang?
Of course.
Wow, you can get
in to any place, huh?
Well, not any place.
You have a show
coming up here?
No, but I do stuff here
all the time.
I'm pretty close
with the guys who run it.
I wanted to surprise you.
Uh oh.
Oh, no.
Show me what you got,
little drummer boy.
No, I'm good.
This is a cool place. So...
Come on, play something for me.
I'm so rusty. I...
It would just...
I don't know.
It doesn't matter.
Just have fun with it.
All right.
I just got lost
there for a minute.
I didn't mean to
spring that on you.
I just thought
it would be fun.
I don't know.
No, it was fun.
Well, don't oversell it.
Sorry, uh, it just
brought up some feelings,
and it was really sweet of you
to do that. So...
Sometimes I should just
let things be.
I'm always trying
to make people happy,
get their approval, or whatever,
but I know it can be
kind of annoying.
No, no. Not at all.
Look, I left a lot of shit
back in Texas
and, you know, being up there,
just kind of brought it
all back up.
But you know,
it was really nice of you
to do that for me.
Thank you.
What happened to your hand?
Oh, um,
just, uh, banged it.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine,
I'm good.
First, I need to ask you
a couple of security questions.
Yeah, sure. Go ahead.
What city were you born in?
And what's your favorite movie?
Oh, well, there's so many.
Is it uh, Carrie?
No, I'm afraid not.
Would you prefer
another question?
Yeah, if that's all right.
No problem.
What's the name
of the high school
you attended?
Yeah, of course.
It's uh, Sunnyvale high.
I got to get to this
photoshoot in South Bay.
Uh, that sounds far.
It is.
Text me later.
Yeah, of course.
Maybe get a bigger bed, too.
-On it.
You got sim swapped.
-I got what?
-Sim swapped.
Somebody calls
pretending to be you.
They say, "Hey, uh,
my phone died.
"I bought a new phone."
We go, "Okay",
we activate the new phone.
Deactivate that.
How can it be that easy?
I know, man. So easy.
Yeah, um...
Well, what do we...
I mean, how do I fix it?
Can I, can I get reactivated?
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
Yeah, we switch very easy.
Yeah, we get you
a new SIM card.
Another sim swap.
You need a case for that,
I think. Huh?
Hi, uh, I'm calling to get
some information
-on one of your drivers.
-I see.
Would you like to
file a complaint?
Yeah, I guess so.
Okay. Do you have
the driver's ID number
or the license plate, sir?
Uh no, I do not.
But I have his full name
if that helps.
We can try that.
It's Roger Perkins.
Okay, I'm gonna need you
to spell that, sir.
Uh, wait. We don't have
any drivers in the system
under that name.
Are you sure
that's the right spelling?
No, I'm not sure.
Okay, well, I could try to look
back at your account history
-if you want.
No, no, that's fine.
-Thank you.
-Thank you for calling.
That's not even
his fucking name.
-What the fuck!
I might kill that guy, Juice.
I'm here
for Jeremy's tutor session.
Stay here.
-What the fuck
are you doing here?
Uh, it's30.
I know what time it is, psycho.
Okay. I think
I missed something.
Did I do something
to upset you?
You know, I could have had you
brought up on charges,
and then you just show up here.
Mrs. Borrows? I'm Sandy.
-What exactly...
-Get the fuck out of
my property now...
Why did you get here?
Go. Get the fuck out!
I don't understand at all
what you're talking about.
-Hi, I'm Sandy.
Okay, cool.
Are you so warped
that you actually think
people want to see all of that?
Jesus, man,
you work with children.
I have no idea
what you're talking about.
This is just
a misunderstanding.
-Yeah. Misunderstanding.
What exactly do you think
I misunderstood
about your email?
What email?
I am not Mrs. Robinson.
Honestly, I have no idea
what you're talking about.
-Since we...
Mmm-hmm. Okay.
I guess I misunderstood you
jerking off your dick
in this video.
Come on in, baby. Come inside.
-I'm sorry.
-That's not me.
-I don't know how you got...
-Just don't darken
my doorstep ever again.
-Get the fuck out of here.
That's not me.
Thanks for calling
Quasar. This is Eric.
Hey, Eric. What's up, man?
It's Andy. Look, man,
some shit is going on with my...
No, dude,
I cannot talk to you.
What do you mean,
you can't talk to me?
-It's the HR. Sorry, dude.
-No, no, no, no.
Eric, wait, Eric!
Human resources.
Isabelle speaking.
Isabelle, Hi.
This is Andrew Escobedo.
Hi, Mr. Escobedo.
Hi. Yes. Look,
I was just explaining,
someone's hacked my phone
and my work accounts,
and they sent emails
that are inappropriate.
-And uh...
-I understand.
Sorry to hear that.
Yes. Thank you.
It's been stressful,
so we need to...
so I don't know...
Well, Mr. Escabedo,
I'm instructed to inform you
that you're on probation
until further notice.
What... Wait, wait, wait.
What do you mean, probation?
Hold on. What do you mean,
I don't think you understand.
Someone's hacking my phone.
They're stealing my identity.
Okay? We need to figure...
It sounds
very unfortunate.
Yes, Isabelle, it's very
fucking unfortunate, okay?
We don't tolerate verbal abuse
-I'm terminating your call.
-Okay, okay.
Hold on, hold on.
I didn't mean. Isa...
Anyone had access to your place,
repairs, anything like that?
No, I don't think so.
But whoever did
get into my place,
uh, they have a video of me
and they showed it
to my work contacts.
And that's gotten me fired.
So this is a big deal.
What are you doing
in this video?
I see.
You have any idea who might
want to do this to you?
I mean, yeah, I'm pretty sure
it was this guy
I met a couple weeks ago.
Oh! Domestic dispute.
No! Look, he works for
a Ryde share company.
He dropped me off at home,
and since, he started
following me, okay?
He starts showing up
and sending messages
and all this weird shit.
And look, I had to tell him
to leave me alone.
Mm. You probably
antagonized him.
Do you have a name?
Roger Perkins.
But, it's probably a fake name.
I don't know if it's real.
You have an address?
No, I don't have an address.
Double or nothing.
That's thirty on you, Welsh.
What was it, then?
Jealous lover thing.
What the... No.
Why do you keep going back?
Are you listening to anything
that I've just said?
Listen, you can file a complaint
and you'll have to hand over
the camera you found.
And of course,
we have to see the video.
We gotta see that video, buddy.
I mean, is that necessary?
If you want to file charges,
we're gonna need the evidence.
Look, I just want...
Can you give me
some space, please?
Uh, look,
I just want this to stop.
I don't know.
We need to figure out
a way to make this stop.
Just try talking to the guy.
Talk to him?
This man is ruining my life
and you want me to talk to him?
You don't have a name
and you don't have an address!
What do you want
me to do? I can't help you.
Come on! Fucking...
No. What the fuck!
I got you, mother fucker.
Noveh Okeke.
Who the fuck is Noveh Okeke?
What a fucking nightmare,
Juice, wh... Juice.
Juice box.
Juice box!
Oh, there you are.
Where's my dog?
Oh, come on.
Don't worry about that.
You've got bigger fish to fry.
Why are you doing this?
Please, man, Can we drop this?
Oh, Misty, play it again.
Hey, listen, man,
whatever I did to you,
I'm sorry.
Watch this.
What the fuck?
How are you doing this?
How are you doing this shit?
No, no, no!
No, no, no. No, no, no.
Come on.
Don't listen to him, Sam.
Sam, don't fucking do it.
He's up.
What the fuck?
Look, just leave her alone.
No, please, or anything?
Leave her alone, you crazy fuck!
That was good.
I didn't do anything, man.
Why are you doing this?
Because it's fun.
It's actually a lot of fun.
Please, man...
Whatever this is,
she didn't have
anything to do with it.
What... You've already
taken all of my money.
What else do you want?
This is what I want!
Can you feel it? The energy.
To him.
Please, no. Put the gun down.
Please, come on.
Put the gun down.
Put the fucking gun down,
Listen to me,
put the fucking gun
down, please!
Oh, wow.
You really do
care about her, huh?
He really does care about you.
Now, let's see if she
really cares about you.
Shut the fuck up.
Don't you fucking move an inch.
Sam, I'm sorry.
I don't know what I did
to set him off.
I'm gonna get us
out of this, okay?
I'll figure something out.
Maybe if you distract him
or something,
I can take him down.
I mean, maybe that's someone
out there that can help us.
Somebody help!
-Somebody help!
-Stop it!
I'm sorry, Sam.
I'm sorry.
I fucked it up.
I fucked it all up.
I always fuck it up.
It's not your fault.
No, but I lied to you.
I lied to you
the first time we met.
The whole story about...
my ex cheating on me,
it's all bullshit.
If this is really over
I want you to know
who I really am.
I'm the fucking cheater.
It was me.
And now all our friends hate me.
All our friends hate me.
That's why I believe...
It's okay.
You just acted like the person
you thought I wanted you to be.
Everybody does that.
I do it all the time.
Like... Like what?
We ready to do this?
Guess what?
We have another
last confession guy.
For realsies?
Tell me, tell me.
The whole sob story?
He was the one who cheated.
I knew it!
Something about that whole
"mutual friends
gotta pick sides"
thing stunk of shit.
You know him?
You're sweet,
but you're kind of dim.
Do you want
to get out of here?
-I'll call us a Ryde.
Oh, there he is.
-- Sam?
-- Yep, that's me.
Don't beat yourself up.
The eyes see
what the heart wants them to.
Nice to know you actually cared.
That's my favorite part.
So, what? We were nothing?
It was nothing to you?
You faked it?
People can make themselves
believe anything.
I told you he was a liar.
We're all liars.
Is that why you're doing this?
Because I lied to you once?
I mean, what? I failed a test?
It wasn't that
you were lying to me.
You've been lying to yourself.
Thinking that
you even fucking matter.
Nobody's watching. Nobody cares.
They're all too distracted.
None of this is about you.
This is about me
and what I want.
I chose you for one reason.
You're convenient.
Why am I convenient?
Because who's gonna miss you?
It'll be weeks before anyone
even knows you're gone.
All right, let's get on with it.
Oh, so now you're in a rush?
You're the one
dragging this out.
We getting jealous again?
-You sure?
Can I do it this time?
You know better
than to ask that.
I never get to.
Oh, no? What about
the couple in Los Filez, huh?
You heard about that?
It was all over
the fucking news.
I didn't leave any survivors.
I promise.
I swear to God.
Don't move.
I really thought
that was your moment, man,
Get him up!
What the fuck are you doing?
-Hurry up.
-He's heavy.
Hey, look at me.
stop, please.
That's not my name.
Help me!
You still wanna finish him?
Help me!
Go ahead.
Help! Help!
I know you're mad at me.
I'm not mad.
Nothing to worry about
with that couple.
Like I said, I cleaned up.
I don't get worried.
It won't happen again.
I'm telling you.
I kept my word.
It won't ever happen again
I know.
It really is gonna be
tougher without you.
Did you ever really care
or feel anything for me?
You know the answer to that.
Then why did this work
for so long, you and me?
Because you stayed in line.
I guess you lost
your discipline.
I'm not allowed one mistake?
Not with me.
You're like, the first person
I've had a real conversation
with since I left.
I literally got here
two days ago.
That's perfect.
What is?
That I just moved here?
Yeah, because I just
moved here, too.
Oh, yeah, totally.
Can I ask you a question?
Sure. Shoot.
What kind of music
did you listen to when
you were, like 12 or 13?
I have a theory that you can
tell a lot about a person
when you know what
they listen to during
their most painful,
awkward years.
Is that so?
-Okay, you go first.
Oh, no, that's way too personal.
And father keeps it still
Trying to sit with me
Resoluting pain for mercy