Stalking Laura (1993) Movie Script

The following
is based on a true story.
Come here, Chloe.
Come here, Chloe.
Hey, listen.
You won't get cherry pie
like this in California.
Ugh, dad.
Give her a break, dad.
Hey, what'd I say?
You're impossible.
She was hired over a
group of a 100 graduates.
So, she could change her mind.
It's not too late.
Let her go it was just a
wonderful opportunity you know that.
Oh, okay, Laura, what do I have to do?
Dad, where did all this come from?
Come on it's a chance of a lifetime.
I can't even believe
they offered me the job.
You can get a good job
right here in Virginia.
Oh, stop.
The Silicon Valley is the major leagues.
And Kensitron is the best.
You always told me to go for the best.
I said that?
I'm gonna miss you baby.
I'll miss you too, dad.
I'll be all right.
- Bye.
- Bye, bye.
Love you.
Oh, yeah.
Now this is where you'll
be doing most of your work.
Most that is except for when
you're testing your designs
which, of course, you'll
do in a secure area.
Which reminds me I'll have to start
putting you in for security clearance.
All right.
Now this is gonna be your
work station right here.
You wear your badge above
your waist at all times.
- Okay.
- Now, they're colored coded.
You work your way up to gold,
and this entire toy
store is open up to you.
All right.
- Chris?
- Yeah, come on.
I think we've done it.
We've got the clock
rate up to 20 megahertz
with no sign of failure.
Excuse me.
I didn't mean to bust in.
No, that's okay.
Rich, this is Laura Black.
Laura is one of our new design engineers.
She's gonna be working
over in signal processing.
Hi, Rich, nice to meet you.
Well, we were just getting
ready to get a bite to eat.
You wanna come with us?
That sounds good.
Yeah, it's great.
Hey, look you like softball?
- Mm-hmm.
- Good.
WW got a great softball team.
First thing you're gonna learn about KEI
is we're like one big family.
A dysfunctional family.
Anyway, Laura didn't come
to KEI to play softball.
Did you find an apartment yet?
No, I was thinking about sharing.
Well, then you ought
to try to get a hold of
a copy of our award-winning
company newsletter.
You'll find riveting coverage
of last month's pancake breakfast.
And they have ads for
roommates in the back.
Thanks, I'll check it out.
I'll catch up with you guys.
- You too.
- Hey.
We are talking serious truck here.
For skiing,
I bought it for the snow.
You like to ski?
I love skiing.
I hear that just a couple
of hours from where we are
some of the best there is.
Have you ever been to a tractor pull?
No, I can't say I have.
I know it sounds weird.
But they're really a whole lot of fun.
There's gonna be one on
Saturday at the fairgrounds,
and I just happen to
have a couple of tickets.
You wanna go with me?
Sorry, but I couldn't.
I know we just met.
But you'd be in good hands with me.
I have high-level security clearance.
America trusts me, so can you.
Thanks, but I really can't go.
Alright, ready to go.
Back to the salt mine.
Sauna, gym, jacuzzi,
pool, rec room with wet bar,
half a dozen other amenities
you're probably never gonna use.
So why would you wanna
move to Sunnyvale anyway?
Well, I just graduated UC Davis,
and now I'm working as an engineer at KEI.
- Engineering?
- Uh-huh.
Wow, tell me what was the
ratio of guys to girls there?
I don't know 10 to one.
Incredible I made the
mistake with art history.
12 guys my entire major
half of whom were gay, so.
Is that right, huh?
So you're from New York?
You can tell?
I'm from Soho.
I paint.
Why fire escapes?
I happen to like them.
I sold quite a few of those in my time.
Well, that must be quite a leap, huh,
Soho to the Silicon Valley?
Yeah, well, believe it or
not I don't have a trust fund.
So what's your work deal?
Well, my job's got a
three-month probation period.
That's all I can commit
to in terms of rent.
Well, if you can compete
in engineering school
and get a job at KEI, I'll bet on you.
How long is it gonna take
you to get your stuff here?
Can you open this door for me?
Oh, thank you.
I'm sorry, I'm new.
I didn't know this door would be locked.
Oh, they open it at eight.
I'm just trying to get in
early to get myself together.
I should've realized everything
around here is security.
I'm Glenda Moritz.
I work in accounting.
Nice to meet you.
- I'm Laura Black.
- Laura Black.
Yeah, I know. I've got
you right here, welcome.
Well, thanks for letting me in.
If I can do anything for you,
- Glenda.
- You can.
- First base?
- Excuse me.
We need a first baseman
for the softball team.
- Rich.
- Smell something good?
How'd you get in?
Fresh baked blueberry
bread made it myself.
Rich, it's seven
o'clock in the morning.
What are you doing here so early?
I couldn't sleep when I can't sleep,
I work on my computer or I bake.
You wanna know my secret?
Lemon zest it brings it all together.
Here, enjoy.
Thank you.
Your plans, your demands
Leave them behind
Strip away the mess
Baby see what you find
Wrap your socks
Kick up your heels
Loosen up your belt
Gotta see how it feels
Get crazy, crazy, crazy
Give it all you've got
Two, three, four.
Get crazy
Turn it up and make it hot
Two, three, four.
Get crazy, crazy, crazy
Down again and to the side.
You can do it, do it, do it
If you really try
Six, seven, and eight.
You can take your
rights and your wrongs
And blow them away
Everybody loves you
when you're feeling okay
Get down
What a surprise.
But you're just the person I wanna see.
Did you find a place to live yet?
Yes, I have.
Great, guess what?
- What?
- I got two tickets
for the Temptation's
concert on Sunday night.
You wanna go?
I'm busy on Sunday.
Okay, we'll forget about the concert.
What about dinner Saturday night?
Look, I just really don't
think it's a good idea.
It's gonna be real hard
for us to have a relationship
if you keep refusing to go out with me.
Rich, the only relationship
that we're gonna have
is a professional one in the office.
I don't think it's a good idea to wear
such a sexy looking top in public.
It might give people the wrong impression.
Come on!
Come on!
Go we need a hit!
Alright, alright come on field!
Give us a hit baby!
Okay, Laura, you're up to bat.
Alright, okay.
Alright, yeah,
come on now you can do it!
Do it.
- Laura.
- What?
Laura, I've been thinking about
the terms of our relationship.
- What?
- I know this isn't
a good time now, but I
thought after the game
maybe we should go out
and discuss it then?
No, Rich.
How do I make myself clear?
We are not having a relationship.
I am not going out with you.
What's it
gonna take for you to get it?
You're not gonna use
that aluminum bat are you?
You're never gonna get
a hit with that one.
Hey, come on, Laura, play ball.
- No, private coach.
- Come on, Laura.
Come on
make us look good, Laura!
Laura, You can do it, yeah!
You can do it, babe, we're behind you.
We're with you, Laura!
Strike one.
It's not too late to change bats, Laura.
That's okay we're
all right here for you, Laura.
Strike two.
That's the wrong bat for you.
I know what I'm talking about.
You should use a wooden one.
Give it all you got!
Way to go, Laura.
Alright, now they're two outs,
so just one on anything.
Strike one.
You know, if he's giving you a problem,
you really ought to take
it up with management.
It's okay, Glenda, I can handle him.
Well, you keep
giving him those looks,
and he's not gone bake you
anymore blueberry bread.
That's exactly what I'm hoping for.
- Phyllis.
- Hmm-mm.
- Hi.
- Hi.
That new engineering, Chris' group,
Laura Black one of the techs overheard
that she has a birthday coming up,
and we were thinking about
having a little party.
So, could you find me her exact birthday?
Oh, sure.
Thank you.
There we go.
Looks like your tech overheard wrong.
Her birthday isn't till January.
Well, that's weird.
Thanks anyway, Phyllis.
This is for you.
I don't want your gifts.
I don't really care what you want
after the way you were acting yesterday.
What are you talking about?
You were making faces at me.
Don't think I didn't see you,
childish, silly, faces,
and that's why you're getting this.
Go on open it.
I'm not gonna leave until you open it.
If you're gonna act like a child,
I'm gonna have to treat you like a child.
Here's a letter.
Read it.
So, until I can ask you out nicely
and have you say yes, I'll be around.
I promise.
If you really wanna get rid of me,
you're gonna have to bite the bullet
and let me take you out a few times.
If we just argue and fight,
then I'll leave you alone for good.
What are you gonna do
about this guy, Laura?
Well, I'm not inviting
him to the company picnic
if that's what you mean.
Earth to, Laura.
This a man on the edge.
You gotta tell your boss.
I work with 60 guys.
I am the only woman in my department.
There are people just waiting for me
to pick up my dolls and go home.
I've always done things on my own.
I can handle this guy.
What are you gonna do sit him down
and have a chat with him?
I mean, this is not a person
that you can reason with.
I refuse to be his victim.
I'm not gonna give him that power.
You don't get it.
Anything you say to a guy
like this is like trouble.
I mean, you can't even
make eye contact with him.
Do you like tofu?
Laura, this is like trying to talk
to the geniuses I work with.
I'm serious what are you gonna do?
I'm gonna toss the tofu in the salad,
and we are going to have dinner.
I couldn't believe
it this is supposed to be like
the number one team in the league, right?
Their third baseman, my god,
it was like he was asleep.
What about the pitcher though?
I mean, he tried to but to
the back and his slow pitch.
- I know.
- But you know what
it was the infield.
The infield was cooking.
That's it defense is
the name of the game.
All the way.
I think your offense
overwhelmed them too, Laura.
What were you four for five?
Can I have a refill, Glenda?
Thank you.
Anybody, hungry?
Let's put an order in.
- Yes, yes.
- I'm starving.
I'll have a number 24 please.
Number 26, the turkey and
ham with cheese, is their best.
Right, okay,
anything for anybody else?
I'll have a number 29.
Thank you.
Ooh, buddy, buddy, buddy.
Okay, everybody got some.
To us.
And people like us.
- All right.
- Say it again.
Now we gotta keep this up.
Right I'll believe it when I see it.
No problem.
$300 for an alternator
and a new battery.
What is an alternator anyway?
Well, the alternator
powers the electrical system.
It recharges the battery.
- So if you don't have...
- Give me subways.
Give me taxis.
Give me buses.
I mean $300 is a lot of cab fare.
Oh, my god.
See you there.
I spoke to Chris a while ago.
He told me you were
gonna be late on account
of somebody slashed your tires last night.
That's terrible, Laura.
- I feel awful.
- Yeah, I bet you do, Rich.
Well, you must live in
a dangerous neighborhood.
Either that, or someone's trying
to make you pay attention.
Nobody makes me do
anything I don't want to.
I called the police and
they're investigating.
Without any witnesses there's
really not much they can do.
Didn't they tell you that?
They advised me to get a
restraining order against you.
Listen, Laura, I don't ever
wanna see any cops around me.
Things would just get out of hand.
It would be a mistake.
So have you given any thought
to how you're gonna replace your tires?
Pep Boys is having a sale.
I could go with you to pick them out.
You could put them on
my charge if you want.
You think about it.
Let me know.
Laura, we all know engineers
can be a bit eccentric.
But Richard Farley is one of the most
highly regarded employees we have.
He's been here for over nine years.
Have you had a relationship
with him outside KEI?
No, of course not.
One night he was waiting
outside my aerobics class,
and then again he showed
up at my apartment
and gave me a gift.
What sort of a gift?
It was a toy.
He said it was because
I was acting childish
at the company softball
game by making faces at him.
Did you make faces at him?
I don't know he was annoying me.
Yeah, maybe I made faces at him, so what?
And that was the only contact
you had with him outside of work?
Except I did have lunch
with him my first day here.
But that's all.
Look it wasn't a date.
Chris, my supervisor asked
me if I wanted to go to lunch
and Farley happened to be
there, so he came along.
Everybody paid for their own meal.
It was my first day.
I had just met him.
Do you always smile at people that way?
Left side and one.
She's the best instructor around here.
You are not supposed to be in here.
Penny had a talk with me.
She told me to stay away from you at work.
But they can't tell me
what to do on my own time.
I've been waiting for someone
just like you to keep me
Captured taken in
This is gonna be fabulous.
Well, you wanted closet space,
and closest space is
what you're gonna get.
You're the best.
Tenant of the year.
I was tearing out the old
closest and look what I found.
I thought I lost these.
I was thinking maybe you and Laura and I
could go to Tahoe this year.
She loves to ski, you know.
Yeah, sure.
Rich, I know you have a thing for Laura.
It's no secret.
The whole company knows.
Can I give you some advice?
She's not interested.
Why do you wanna force this?
Hi, Love.
It's 2:30 a.m.,
and I'm writing you this.
That means that I'm bored and can't sleep.
I've been awake thinking
for the last two hours.
I watched you a little on Friday.
Oh, god, you're lovely.
I love it when you try to ignore
me because there's no way.
You're just as aware of me when I'm around
as I am of you when you're around.
Would you believe that I
really hate upsetting you?
So, I think, I'll start by apologizing.
Sometimes I admit I think of you sexually.
But I spend a lot more
time trying to understand
what you say, what you do,
why you won't do things with me.
I've been told over and over again
I should stop wasting my time with you.
They just don't understand
the hold you have on me.
Hey, Laura.
I bet you get gas mileage with this.
You know, I'm feeling kind of hungry,
and I was wondering if maybe you wanted
to go out and have a bite right now?
I'm tired and I wish you'd
please just leave me alone.
If we could just talk about this.
I don't feel like
talking about anything.
I just want you to stop bothering me.
She's my girlfriend!
I am not his girlfriend!
She gets like this sometimes.
She's got quite a temper.
But it doesn't mean anything at all.
Just a lover's quarrel.
You know how it is.
Laura, where are you going?
I just wanna talk!
I can't stay here anymore.
We'll get a new apartment something with
really great security.
No, this is my problem.
I can't do this to you.
I've gotta move.
What and leave me alone with this guy.
I'm moving with you, okay?
There's something about iron gates
I've really come to like.
It's sort of like fire escapes.
This is either the most
secure apartment complex
or the fanciest prison.
Rich, could I interest
you in some anchovy pizza?
Oh, no, thanks very much.
Rich, I don't want guns in the house.
I told you that when you rented the place.
They're not loaded.
I don't care my daughter
has her friends over.
I want them out of here.
I mean it, Rich!
I'll take care of it.
I wanna know, Rich!
I said I'd take care of it, Nancy.
Goodnight, Chris.
Is it six o'clock already?
No, I had to adjust my
hours, so I could leave early
and avoid certain people, remember?
Listen, Laura, about that application
for the level five security clearance
when do I get that back?
I am working on it, but it is torture.
They wanna know everything.
Hey, when you work for Defense,
big brother has to know
everything about you.
So you get through with that, right?
Because you're not
going to get a promotion
without a clearance ticket.
I'll get it done.
Alright, thanks.
- Alright, see you tomorrow.
- Bye.
New apartment's must
nicer, more private,
but I'll bet you pay a lot more too.
I'm calling the police.
I don't think that's a good idea.
You know the holidays are
just around the corner,
and you haven't even
sent me a Christmas card.
How long did you think it would take
before I found out
where your new place is?
Are your two sisters as sneaky as you are?
Your little sister
Sarah is at Oregon State
and your older sister Bonnie
is a nurse in Newport Beach, right?
Oh, my god.
I even know about the time
that you tried marijuana in high school,
and if we're gonna have a relationship,
you're gonna have to promise me right now
that you will never do drugs again.
Stop it, stop it.
If you try to run, I'll go
after one of your sisters.
Maybe even your mother.
What is it?
How far are you gonna push this?
What do you want?
You wanna kill me?
You wanna rape me?
You and I were meant
for each other, Laura.
Why me?
Just tell me why me?
All I know is you and I were
meant to be together forever.
You're sick, you're sick.
Oh, no.
That's the one grandma made for you.
I'll clean it up.
Hey, maybe it can be glued?
Well, it can't.
Why are you making such
a big deal out of it?
What's your problem?
Package for you, Laura.
It's from California.
You have a boyfriend
you haven't told us about?
No, I don't.
Oh, god.
I've complained for six months now.
They just don't hear me.
Sometimes I get the feeling they think
I'm responsible somehow.
The woman in personnel
said, "Maybe this happened
"because I smiled at him too much."
This is ridiculous.
Look maybe I should go out there.
Dad, that's the last thing I want.
Laura, you're a talented girl.
You could go to work someplace else.
I can't do that.
You know I have worked
hard all my life to get this.
I'm doing everything
I've always dreamed off.
I like it.
I can't change my life because of him.
If I do that, I'm his victim.
It's like he's won.
I'll go back to them, dad.
I'll make them listen to me.
I promise.
We're trying to do
something about this Laura.
It's a complex situation.
You've got his letters.
You've got witnesses.
What more do you need?
Look it's getting in
the way of doing my job.
We don't wanna jeopardize
Richard's security clearance.
I can restrict his access
to keep him away from you,
and we can offer counseling to him
in a program called Project Concern.
Project Concern he won't go.
He'll either go on be fired.
It's something I'd like to
make available to you too.
I don't counseling.
All I need is for him to leave me alone.
I understand.
Does he still follow you
to your aerobics class?
All the time, he's a member now.
You might think about
giving it up for a while.
- It creates...
- Creates what?
An awkward situation.
You know.
The clothes.
You don't get it, lady!
The problem here is Richard Farley not me!
- Check it out.
- Isn't he cute.
Oh, my the smile.
Look at that.
I don't know.
He's adorable.
He's new to me.
Sure, okay.
- All right.
- Bye.
Here we go.
Alright, Laura, give it up.
Give it up talk we want details.
- Come on he's adorable.
- Who is he?
- What's the deal?
- Okay, okay.
His name is Sam Waters and
he's in systems with Fairchild.
And did he ask you out?
Oh, maybe.
Come on we want the details.
What's the story?
Well, I don't really
know too much about him.
But he grew up on a ranch in
Montana and he's into rodeo.
Well, he can come and play
in my corral anytime he wants.
Excuse me, I'll be right back.
Excuse me, I can't take you anywhere.
I spent the whole
day at Project Concern,
and I have no intention of
ever going back there again.
You and Penny and Chris you have no idea
of who you're messing with here.
Go get the manager now!
I want you to get out of my way.
You think I'm a joke, don't you?
No, Rich, I don't you're a joke.
Don't you understand
why do you wanna find
out how far I will go?
Is it because you wanna be right and win?
Is that you wanna tell
everybody that you won?
No, it's not about winning.
I just wanna be left alone.
I just don't think that
you should tell anybody
about our little talk here, alright?
They might get the wrong impression,
and then they would do something stupid
and then I could do something stupid.
And the whole thing could
spiral beyond hope of recovery.
Get out of here!
This could escalate, Laura.
I might scare us both with
what I'm capable of doing.
I'm not sure you fully comprehend
the seriousness of this matter.
I don't think it's right for you
or anyone else to control
my private relationships.
Do you understand that sexual harassment
is against the law?
You could be fired.
I worked here for over nine years.
If I lost my job, I'd
have nothing to live for.
That's my point.
We want you to stay.
I have guns.
I'd kill myself.
I wouldn't be the only one.
Others would go.
Rich, are you saying if you were fired,
you would kill me?
Not just you I'd take others as well.
Excuse me.
Richard Farley has been terminated
by the company effective today.
When did all this happen?
Late last night.
Laura, do you have a place
to go for the weekend?
What do you mean?
Why don't you go
a way for a couple of days?
You can leave right now,
and why don't you charge
the rest of the afternoon to the company.
Let me have a diet Cola.
Hey, Farley.
What you doing playing hooky?
I just got fired.
So did Mike here.
Well, sit down.
Join the club.
I'll tell you something
that company is going to hell.
I put in six years, busted
my hump for that company.
Doesn't make any difference.
They got no loyalty.
I was there nine years,
and how did they thank me?
Terminated, no notice, no appeal.
Just like that I'm gone.
What's it gonna take to wake them up?
Somebody should do something.
Make them pay attention.
Yep, somebody ought
to teach them a lesson.
Hell, they're not gonna listen.
We're last year's model.
What do they care.
Larry, you work upfront.
Those Mardex doors are
they bulletproof glass?
No, they're not.
What about the doors between the offices
are they solid or hallow?
Well, they're hallow, why?
Rich, what are you talking about?
I'll see you guys later.
Wait, what are you gonna do?
I mean, now that you're
free and everything?
I don't know.
I'll think of something.
Hey, Laura.
Laura, I'm a free man now.
KEI can't tell me what to do anymore,
so what do you say we start fresh?
I'll tell you what I got
some errands to run now,
but I'll be back and
take you to lunch, okay?
Richard Farley is no longer
an employee of the company.
What about the company
getting a restraining order?
A restraining order is something
you should feel free
to pursue on your own.
But the company's not going to pay for it.
We are no longer involved.
But he was fired for sexual harassment.
No, he wasn't.
He was let because the
quality of his work fell off.
We thought it would be better that way.
Better for whom?
You may already have
won a million dollars.
I don't think so.
Ooh, two free toppings on
a pizza I'll keep that.
Free carpet cleaning coupons.
And a letter from you know who.
Dear Laura, thank you
for getting me fired.
It's probably the best thing
that ever happened to me.
The neutral references from KEI
helped me land a job
as a software engineer
with Prototrends in Cupertino.
Complete with stock
options and full benefits.
I put you down as the beneficiary
of my life insurance policy.
I'm also taking classes at San Jose State.
Got a 92 on my first calc test.
Now it's onto linear combinations,
augmented matrices and other
pleasures of linear algebra.
I moved out of Nancy's house
to my own place two months ago.
The rent is only $450 a month,
but I do all the repairs.
I'm fixing up a guest room.
You're welcome to stay anytime you like.
Do you know what really
worries me about loving you?
I keep wondering
would I lose interest
if you weren't so difficult?
Thing about going to a lawyer
for a restraining order
is it could get expensive.
I wouldn't mind if I was
sure it would do some good.
But even if he violates
the restraining order,
all they're gonna do is
slap him on the wrist.
Yeah, just enough to provoke him.
How do you live with this, Laura?
Well, at least it's let up.
I mean, he's pretty much
left me alone lately.
I still...
Thank you.
It's alright, Sam.
Believe me, I've learned
to live with this.
Laura, listen to me.
You have got to take this more seriously.
Now it goes in just like that.
Now you try it.
Like that?
That's it you got it.
Now remember you shoot him.
You wanna empty the gun, all nine shots.
I couldn't.
Yes, you could.
There's not a court in the
world that would convict you
if you shot him on your own property.
I don't like this.
I can't even believe
we're talking about it.
All right.
Let's just leave this here,
and if it really bothers you,
I promise I'll come pick it up.
Come on.
All right.
Thanks, Sam, goodnight.
Be careful.
I'm just a phone call away if you need me.
Alright, thanks.
Oh, did I wake you up. I'm really sorry.
I just wanted to be sure
that you got this note in the morning.
How did you get in here?
There you go with that attitude.
This could be so easy, Laura.
If you would just make up your mind
to go home dinner with me occasionally,
then I wouldn't have to go
sneaking into your garage
to leave notes on your car.
It's really not that hard.
This isn't gonna end, is it?
That's the point I'm trying to make.
The next move is up to you, Laura.
As soon as KEI cashes
out my retirement fund,
I'm gonna buy investment property,
and I was hoping that you
would go partners with me.
It's all there in the letter.
I'm gonna let you get back to bed now.
Oh, could you send me the
new softball schedule?
Alright, take care.
- You got it.
- Good to see you.
Oh, um.
I like it.
I think, that you're
ready for pattern matching
and a test run.
Chris, don't do this to me.
What did they say?
Nothing really we
discussed corporate planning,
and they approved your promotion.
Senior project analyst.
There's only one hitch, Laura.
Your level five security
clearances haven't come through.
Now you know that you
need the clearance tickets
to get the promotion, right?
They're only gonna wait
for so long, Laura.
I worked hard for this, Chris.
I know.
Listen, I think it's because
Farley's still following you
and screwing things up.
Why don't you walk to a lawyer, Laura.
Get the restraining order.
Richard Farley?
Are you the guy from
digital? I'm glad to see you.
No, I have a legal document for you.
This is a temporary restraining order.
Laura wouldn't do that to me.
She can, and she did, pal.
Court date is set for Thursday morning.
Wear something conservative
judges like that.
It's not the judge I'm worried about.
Laura, I've seen it
happen time and again
with guys like Farley.
You won't hear from him
again after Thursday.
I'll be there.
Yeah, thanks.
Court date's this week to make
the restraining order permanent.
You did the right thing Laura.
You didn't have any choice.
Ooh, hurry sign this.
Here they come.
Yeah, they'll be
married a year on Sunday.
We're having a cake later.
- Hi.
- Hi, Wayne.
What's going on?
Uh, nothing.
Man, I bet this baby's
great off the road.
You know, I really like it, Rich.
I just can't afford it.
Man, one of these days.
I'm talking about right now.
I just don't have that kind of money.
Look, Gary, two years
ago I paid 18 for it,
and I'm gonna let you have it for 4500.
It's worth twice that much.
I know that, but something came up,
and I need the money.
Are you sure about this?
Yeah, the only condition
is it's got be cash.
Hi, velocity that's what
you're buying with this baby.
She's the best there is, hands down.
- Smooth action?
- Oh, you bet.
And it doesn't have much of a recoil.
That's important for rapid firing.
It is the most expensive one we have.
There are others that are quite good.
You get what you pay for.
- I'll take it.
- Great.
Anything else?
We're having a store wide clearance sale.
Prices you can't beat.
Yes, as a matter of fact there is.
Which one of these ammo vests
down here holds the most?
The one on the right there.
It's got the most pockets.
Alright, I'll take it.
Anything else?
Yeah, let me have two of
these double-aught buck shells.
Two boxes.
No, two cases.
That's over 2,000 rounds.
Like you said you
can't beat these prices.
I got one over here.
I think, you'll like it.
I think, this one would
be perfect for you.
You'll cruise down to
Los Angeles in style.
Queen sized bed, kitchen, color TV.
What I like is it's got a lot of room.
How many people you say you wanted it for?
It'd just be for me and my wife Laura.
She'll be impressed with this.
I'm going on a cookie run.
Can you get you anything?
No, thank you.
Hi, dad.
Hey, this is a nice surprise.
I was thinking about you.
Too bad mom is out.
How's everything going, Sweetheart?
It's all right.
I'm finally going to court tomorrow.
Listen are you okay with this?
I could still fly out there, you know.
No, no, it'll be all right.
I just wish I could have
this over and done with.
Tell mom I'm sorry I missed her.
I will.
Listen you take care of yourself.
I love you dad.
I love you too.
Hi, Larry.
You can't be serious.
Hey, Larry.
Cowboys and Indians.
Somebody call security.
A shooter in the south lobby.
Get someone down here quick.
Call the cops.
Get down to the south lobby.
Get me some security down here.
Get some guns or something.
Call the cops this guys got a gun.
Hurry now.
Oh, Ron.
Was that a back fire?
That's it, come on go!
Oh, god.
Oh, no, please don't!
Please no!
- Help me.
- Don't go that way.
Come on.
I need both entrances to
the parking lot sealed off.
Move quickly away from the windows.
Keep moving.
Take cover behind your cars.
We have shots fired.
Take cover.
Do we know who the shooter is yet?
No, Captain.
We don't know if we're
dealing with a lone gunman
or a bunch of terrorists.
SWAT team's on the way.
What's he doing?
Do not enter the building.
I repeat do not enter the building.
Get him back.
Stop that man!
Here, come on.
Shh, shh.
No, god.
Please don't let me die in here.
Oh, god.
- Captain Olson?
- Yes.
- Tom Bannister.
- Banister.
Our command post is on
the second floor here.
Our shooter is on the second floor there.
We have a positive ID on the subject.
Richard Farley.
Evidently this might be
about a female employee.
Laura Black who works in the building.
And she is?
As far as we know, still in there.
He's on the second floor
somewhere between here and there?
- Yeah.
- Uh-huh.
How many employees are
still in the building?
It's still a guess,
but we think the number
is somewhere between 30 and 50.
Lieutenant Grijalva hostage negotiator.
They have an area
set up for you right on
the other side of that glass wall, okay?
Where are you, Laura?
Oh, no.
Here's our boy.
I've also got his military history.
Let's make sure every
man on the SWAT team
has one of these.
11 years in the Navy,
honorable discharge,
top security clearance,
no criminal record or history
of any mental illness.
Until today.
He make any demands?
They don't know.
Captain, we got him on the phone.
I just wanna make sure I'm
talking to the right person.
Yeah, I'm the guy who's shooting people.
As a hostage negotiator,
my goal is to help
get you out of a difficult
situation safely.
I'm not ready to come out.
I wanna gloat for a while.
And you can tell them all
this is about Laura Black.
About what?
Tell her
lawyer, and her buddy Chris,
they gave her bad advice.
Are there a lot of
people hurt up there, Rich?
I'm gonna tell you something right now.
I don't wanna see any
cops sneaking up on me.
I've got an arsenal up here.
What sort of weapons do you have?
That's all.
I'm not saying anymore now.
You're a
hunter, aren't you, Rich?
That's why you know so
much about guns, huh?
I'd rather kill people than animals.
It's not sporting to kill animals.
Oh, my god.
Who's doing this?
We've gotta get out of here.
Well, we have to do something.
We gotta stop this bleeding.
Take this.
Wait a minute.
Please, please, please just take them.
- It's okay.
- Let me get this around.
You take this.
Oh, darling.
No, come on I got to do this.
If we assault the
building simultaneously
with SWAT teams here, here, and here,
we can take him.
Look, there's still a
lot of people inside.
Some are wounded and
need medical attention.
I know.
But the price of storming that building
I can't live with that
at least not right now.
What if we get Farley
in front of a window?
Then you have a green light.
Take him out.
Are we sure these are all the office
phone numbers on the second floor?
I'll double check.
We're set up to have all
outgoing calls come to us.
Yeah, is this Rich?
We heard a gunshot in
there is everything okay?
Who are you trying to kid?
You're just trying to lock in my position,
so you can blow me away.
Sorry, sir, he
wasn't on the line long enough.
Hey, we can put that
cabinet in front of the door.
No, we stay right here and be quiet.
No, no, no.
No, I can't.
I can't just stay here and
wait for him to get me.
No, Laura, you can't go out there.
Shh, Laura, no.
I will not die in here.
- No.
- No.
I need you to stay off this line.
- Call back at...
- What?
I said get off the line.
I have been shot I will
not get off the line.
Forgive me I'm sorry.
Who are you?
Laura Black.
Laura, where were you shot?
In the shoulder I've
lost a lot of blood.
Laura, what
is your exact location?
I'm in the second floor
in a reception area.
I need someone to get me out of here.
Hang on, Laura.
We're gonna try and get you out of there.
When, I can't.
I'm having a really hard time breathing.
I think, my lungs is punctured.
I think it's punctured, I can't.
You gotta get me out of here.
Laura, just keep talking to us.
I'll try.
I'm gonna die.
It's really.
Laura, talk to me.
Get the person who saw him drive
this motor home into the lot.
This is Olson go ahead.
Shagan, I'm in the motor home.
He's carrying fuses and wire.
He may have explosives in there.
It's Laura Black.
- Thank god
- I passed out.
Look I don't know how
much longer I can hang on.
Someone's got to come
and get me out of here.
Laura, listen.
There's no way to send
someone in right now.
You're gonna have to
sit tight for a while.
I'm only gonna say this once.
I can see the SWAT team from the window
moving up on the Bancroft Boulevard side.
I want them stopped,
or I'm just gonna start
blowing things up around here.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
Now just take it easy.
Look, I know I'm gonna die here.
But I'm gonna decide when.
Lieutenant Bannister,
have your people pullback
- from the Bancroft side.
- Right, sir.
Tell me something, Rich.
In addition to all the guns,
do you have explosives in there too?
You're damn right I do.
I came to teach these people a lesson.
It's Laura's fault that
things got to this point.
I warned her something
like this would happen.
I told her I couldn't
let her get away with it,
and I'm warning you.
We'll have a lot more bodies
if I see anymore police near the building.
Basically none of this would've happened
if she'd gone out with me just one time.
I don't think that was too much to ask.
Do you?
Why does she have to be so stubborn?
I didn't even decide to hurt her
until I got that court order.
They were warned I
couldn't let that happen.
That's why we've got
bodies all over the place.
I had to show them.
Let them know I'm not a wimp.
Look I'm gonna check on that SWAT team,
and if I see them,
you've got a big problem.
Look we'd
like to resolve things,
so that nobody gets hurt.
Come on pullback.
Tell them let's move it back.
Pull it back.
Alright, stay
back come on everybody.
Someone's coming out.
Get down!
Get down!
- Watch your fire.
- Hold your fire.
This is all because of me.
What did I do?
Just tell me what I did?
We're gonna get you to the hospital now.
Just relax everything's gonna be fine.
What's your name?
Laura Black.
Well, tell me, Rich,
how do you think we can resolve this?
I don't think we can.
I kind of made up my
mind I'm gonna die here.
It's just a question of
when and who I take with me.
Get me a diet Cola and
I'll think about it.
I need a diet Cola and a sandwich.
My boss might go for that.
But he's gonna want something in return.
I don't want a can of diet Cola.
I want a cup, one of those
large quart sized cups
with a lot of ice in it.
I chew up ice, so I
need a lot of ice in it.
We gotta get moving here.
I don't like her blood pressure.
I need a chest tube stat.
She's got an entrance
one on her shoulder.
Shattered up her humerus.
Looks like a shotgun.
Figure it got to her lung.
I need a trauma room and
a vascular surgeon stat.
We'll start transfusion right now.
Make sure there's blood
in the trauma room.
Where's the chest tube?
I need the chest tube.
One, two, three.
Does anybody know her name?
Laura Black
they said it on the news.
Don't check out on me, Laura, you hear?
We're certain he's in this
area of the second floor.
We're gonna try to
evacuate the first floor.
We need you to keep him occupied.
I can use the fact he wants us
to get him a drink and a sandwich.
I was hoping he might exchange the food
for some of his guns.
He could be getting tired.
Well, if you can get
him to get rid of the guns
by throwing them out of
any of these windows,
I can have one of my
sharpshooters take him out.
Think you can do that?
Well, I'd like to try and
get him to give up first.
No problem.
But if he's not willing,
you get him in front of a window.
Yes, sir.
He's got him on the line.
How you doing in there?
- Come on go.
- Come on, go.
On the double let's go guys.
First floor lobby.
Well, I'm thinking about giving up
if that's what you mean?
Hold on a minute.
Oh, it's Nancy.
Come out of there, Nancy.
You better get out of here.
Let me do something for you, Rich.
It's too late for that.
Just go, Nancy.
What about my food?
Come on let's go bring her through.
This way, this way.
Well, like I said, Rich.
My boss is gonna want something in return.
Would you be willing to give up
some of your weapons for some food?
How would I get them to you?
I was thinking if you
broke one of the windows
facing Bancroft you can throw them out.
Of course, we'd want you
to unload them first.
No way, I'm giving you all my guns.
Well, how about just some of them.
It would be a sign, something I could
take back to my boss,
Rich, you understand?
Okay, I'll get rid of one of the shotguns
and a 22-Magnum pistol.
Now here's what I would like to eat
besides the quart sized diet Cola
a number 26 sandwich for Togo's.
It's just up to the street on Hollywood.
I'd like a number 26, no
tomatoes with Swiss cheese.
- Okay, a number 26.
- It's their best.
No tomatoes.
Make it large.
I may have to eat twice.
I may be here a while.
Hang on, Rich, don't hang up now.
Give me a minute.
Let me pass this information
to my boss, okay?
I can't find Laura here.
I think she got out.
I'd like to know if she's doing okay.
I don't know
that I'll have to check
and get back to you.
Yeah, check it.
I think she got out.
I hope she's doing good
'cause I want her to live.
She can't regret it if she doesn't live.
I want Laura to know I was serious.
I had to get back at her.
I'd go to her games, and she
would sit two feet from me.
Then she'd point and laugh at me
and talk behind my back.
She can't play with people's lives.
- Locked here.
- Ready.
Looks like him.
We're set here, Captain.
Copy that.
Ready on two.
If you can get him
into position, we're set.
All right.
Here we go.
How long does it take to get
a sandwich and a diet Cola?
I have them right here
in front of me, Rich.
I have a number 26 and
a quart-sized diet Cola.
All you gotta do is throw
the guns out the window.
Okay, I'm gonna break
out one of the windows
on the Bancroft side,
and then I'm gonna throw out the weapons.
Right, but make
sure they're all unloaded.
Okay, I'm gonna try to break out
one of the windows with a chair.
One thing once you
throw the weapons out,
we still have the problem
of getting the sandwich
and the diet Cola back up to you.
Yeah, we do.
Why don't you come
down and have them here?
Basically, give myself
up is what you're saying.
That's what I'd like you to do, yes.
First I'd have to ask myself
do I really wanna live in jail?
Of course, you do.
You could teach computers there.
Yeah, I could teach there.
I have to think about it.
Rich, I have your diet
Cola sitting right here
in front of me, and the ice is melting.
The ice is melting, huh?
Let me know when you're ready.
Hey, he's got him talked down.
Doctor, can you tell me
anything about Laura Black?
Are you a relative?
I'm her roommate.
Your roommate is a fighter.
She's going to make it.
Oh, god.
Can I see her?
They'll be taking her down
to recovery in a few minutes.
When you come down the stairs,
there'll be an officer there
to give you directions.
Do exactly what he tells you to do.
I try not to get down on my knees.
They're bad and it hurts me.
So if he wants me to get down on my knees,
he's gonna have to let me go real slow.
That's all right you can talk to him.
Just tell him you're
gonna be moving real slow.
I'm gonna come down there to meet you.
Now remember move very, very slowly.
You okay?
I'm fine.
Okay, I'll see you there.
He's moving now.
He's moving now.
All right just take it easy.
Turn around hands against
the wall let's go.
You better check my chest.
I saw a movie once where
a guy had a Derringer
on a chain around his neck.
Alright, you're under arrest.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can be used
against you in a court of law.
You have a right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford one,
one will be provided for you.
Do you understand these rights?
Where's my sandwich.
Hi, Rich.
I brought you your food.
- Let's go.
- Do you think Laura
will remember all of this?