Stan Lee's Mighty 7 (2014) Movie Script

Hi, I'm Stan Lee. But hey,
don't hold that against me.
Many people follow me because of the
legendary super heroes I've created.
Others because I owe them money.
Now I won't claim that the
story you're about to see
is true, because if I
pretend it's fiction
I'll still get paid for writing it.
I'll only say what you're about
to see is one amazing tale.
So what's a world
famous icon like me
doing out here in the
middle of nowhere?
Well, it all started when
Archie Comics hired me
to create a new comic for them.
It turned out that they weren't
too excited about my first idea.
And unfortunately, they felt the same
way about my next three as well.
I was out of ideas.
That's why I'm in the desert.
I need to clear my mind, recharge my
batteries, and find a men's room.
Of course I didn't suspect
that I'd soon discover
just what I was looking for.
Engage amplaspeed.
Command noted. Amplaspeed
countdown initiated.
I can't believe we're
finally headed home.
- It's been a good mission.
- Good?
We're coming back
with five fugitives.
That should earn us at least
three cycles of vacation time.
This is intolerable.
So you've stated. Repeatedly.
Thirty eight times in ninety one
point three time quadrants.
My brother's not being a know-it-all.
It's just the way his mind works.
If he wants it to keep working, he
should use it for something helpful.
Like finding a way out of here.
Leave the kid alone.
If you want to get out,
I know how to get out.
He's cute. But crazy, right?
Just let him talk.
Go ahead kid.
Tell us.
Every time the ship
goes to amplaspeed
the cell's energy beams
weaken for 2.6 zydines.
So he can slip through. Watch.
Once he's on the outside he can
turn off the cell's power source.
Why'd you wait so long to tell us?
No one asked.
If protocols are followed, we should
be jumping to amplaspeed any second.
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
Security alert.
Unauthorized entry on level three.
But how could they get...
Secure command bridge!
Shut down all access!
Request not possible.
Command deck access breached.
Stay where you are.
You're not in charge anymore.
Navigation system damaged!
What is it?
Unidentified bogie, sir.
Entering our orbit on a
trajectory 35.03 North,
heading for a crash landing!
Point of impact?
The Mojave. 15 miles from here.
Come on, brain.
Get off your keister.
Inspire me.
Hey, a shooting star.
Wow that's nice.
Maybe it's a sign.
One's trying to escape.
I'm going after him.
Whoa! Take it easy!
I'm one of the good guys!
Shut up, ancient one.
Let him go.
Drop the weapon or I laser
his head right off his neck.
Hey, I know it's a little
gray on the outside
but I-I-I still need
what's on the inside.
This is ridiculous.
Do you really want to be stranded
on this ugly alien planet?
It's a better fate than being
brought back to prison!
I don't believe you'd
hurt an innocent.
Don't push me.
Wow, you are one fast woman.
And hey, I mean that in a good way.
You put any thought
into this, handsome?
What's your plan?
Get rid of him.
Your claws are digging
into my back!
You all right?
Hey, that ancient
alien's gettin' away!
Bring him to me.
Look, I'm going to be late
for my early bird dinner.
We didn't mean to frighten you.
Fear isn't in my vocabulary.
On the other hand, terror is.
My partner and I are star marshals.
These five are fugitives we were taking back
to our home planet Kring when our ship...
Let's just say had
technical difficulties.
When Kring picks up our distress
beacon they'll send a rescue craft.
But I have no idea how
long that could take.
Smarten up.
There is no point in escaping
when we're all stranded
on this barren planet?
He has an indisputable point.
Yuka. Status report.
Diagnostics reading. The ship
is destroyed. Nice work.
I don't need the attitude.
The only equipment not
damaged is the escape pod.
Everything else is beyond repair
except for the
interstellar communicator.
How long 'til the
choppers make contact?
About five minutes.
Oh, boy. Aliens with superpowers.
And they're stuck on a
distant planet. Hmmm.
What planet are we on?
It's a little place we
like to call Earth.
Earth? I've heard this place
is a primitive dung heap.
Actually it's the third planet
in the Graphilga solar system
that's part of the Oonaga galaxy.
It has more than six point two
billion creatures they call humans.
So it's a crowded dung heap.
Uh-oh. I hear helicopters.
Our military probably picked up
your ship when it was coming in.
Will they be able to help us?
No, not likely.
They have a reputation for
making aliens disappear.
Don't worry, he won't hurt you.
He does that when he's afraid.
I wish I could.
Stay where you are!
Do not move! Get down on the ground!
I kneel to no one.
No, I have orders not to
harm other life forms.
Your orders, not mine.
What the...
I'm stuck. I can't move.
It's some kind of
immobilizing beam.
I thought you said this
was a primitive planet.
I said it was a dung heap.
It seems this dung heap has
obtained advanced technology.
We will not harm you.
Do not resist.
I think this is the part where
I'm supposed to help. Any ideas?
Press the activation code on the
star marshal's command communicator.
That's how he controls
the ship's computer.
Great idea. How'd you like to
go get it and bring it to me?
I'm guessing that's a no.
Press the Librum button.
Which one is that?
It has a vertical line intersecting
with a horizontal line.
Oh, the letter L. Done.
Yuka, activate the escape pod's
disbursement field at 50 feet.
How'd they escape those beams?
Where'd this dust storm come from?
I thought you had orders not
to harm other life forms.
You attack me first,
all bets are off.
Good to know.
Look out!
Hang on! We're going down!
Hey, uh, guys?
Can we try not to
destroy anything else?
Those are my tax dollars at work.
Sorry, but you've
become a nuisance.
Mayday! Mayday!
Report! Report!
- I want to know what's going on out there.
- We've got to put her down! Over!
We're out of here!
All units retreat!
If that's the best they got,
we got nothin' to worry about.
Okay, okay, they're gone!
Enough dust!
You all right?
I might have to pop another blood
pressure pill, but aside from that...
They'll be back.
With a lot more firepower.
We've gotta get out of here.
But my car won't hold all of you.
Yuka, disengage the escape pod.
Transfer all data and abandon ship.
Command implemented.
Boy, that's gotta
cost a pretty penny.
Oh, I'm ridin' with
the ancient one.
I've never been in an
antique like that.
Antique? It's a classic.
Let's go!
I wouldn't be caught dead
in that hideous transport.
I'll stay with them.
Don't think anything's
been settled.
- You trust this lifeform?
- For now.
What's our status?
Choppers had to retreat. But a satellite
picked up an image that might help.
Looks like they caught a ride.
Analysis, now. I want to
know who's driving that car.
So, do all the people on your
planet have these super powers?
We don't have super powers.
We just use eighty
percent of our brains.
It magnifies our natural abilities.
Your species only uses ten percent.
We call you mini-minds.
Not a real cheery sort, are you?
Two of us, one of him.
We can take over this
thing and escape.
Apparently your speed is only a
physical talent and not a mental one.
Hey, there's no need
to be insulting.
We are alive right now
because we worked together
to fight back their military.
Deductive reasoning would suggest
we continue to stick together.
You should be safe
here from now on.
- You live here?
- Yeah, I wish.
It belongs to a friend.
He's traveling right now.
Oh, that thing is going to
draw a lot of attention.
Is there some way to hide it?
Yuka, make yourself scarce.
Activating molecular reorganization.
That'll work.
What a dump.
There aren't enough bedrooms.
You'll have to double up.
We can share a room.
I think I should stay with her.
What? Why?
For security purposes.
I want every piece of equipment you
can salvage taken back to base.
Found the perfect room
for females. Follow me.
Your fiancee doesn't want
to share a room with you?
I want to know who was
driving that vehicle!
SATCOM's still working on it.
We should have an answer soon.
What's wrong?
They are dismantling our ship.
Access to our technology
would be disastrous.
Yuka, prepare for disintegration!
But you'll destroy
the rescue beacon!
Then let's hope they've already
picked up the signal on Kring.
And if they haven't?
Activate disintegration.
- Are you sure about this?
- Just do it!
Disintegration activated.
Everybody out! Now!
Get me outta here!
John, you folks at Archie are going
to love my new comic book idea.
"reality super heroes".
What are you doing?
It's a command center.
I used equipment
from the escape pod.
It's only until we're rescued.
Rescue means going to prison.
Not being rescued means
we're stranded here.
A prison sentence in itself.
An obvious conclusion that
seems to escape Mr. Happy.
Mr. Obtuse would be
more appropriate.
I don't take well to insults.
Hey, you're supposed to
stop them, aren't you?
They need to work
this out themselves.
Sure, easy for you to say,
I'm the guy who'll have to
pay my friend's deductible.
Look, my father is head
of the Governing Council.
If you all agree to
follow our orders
and not try to escape, I'll have
him cut your sentences in half.
But there's one condition.
There always is.
If even one of you
breaks the rules,
the deal's off and you all
serve your full sentences.
- Fine.
- Agreed.
Captain, look!
Sound the alarm! Abandon ship!
The loss of our tanker is the eighth sinking
of an oil carrying vessel this month.
I want to assure the public
that we are working hard
to stop these attacks on
the world's oil supply.
My friend, amends need to be...
I knew you weren't trustworthy.
It'll do.
We got an ID on the man who
helped the aliens escape.
It's the comic book
writer, Stan Lee.
Get him here.
Hey. This is private property.
I need help.
Comic books? About us?
He wants to turn us into heroes?
He must be nuts.
Oh, sounds fun!
I tell you what.
You just sign a contract giving
me your exclusive rights
and I'll continue hiding
you from our military.
- No one's permitted on this floor.
- I'm not no one.
We've got to keep your
real identities a secret.
So what I've done, I've come up with
names for your super hero characters.
You're Strong Arm, you're
Silver Skylark. And you're...
- The Feral Falcon?
- Uh, no.
- Lady Lightning because...
- I'm lightning fast. Big deal.
I knew I'd regret my mother
letting me quit flying lessons.
He's Kid Kinergy
because he uses kinetic
energy, and he's Micro.
Because I can shrink.
Mr. Lee, that's brilliant.
Suck up.
Stop right there.
That's what I thought.
Taegon slime.
The round one is Roller
Man for obvious reasons,
and the grim one is Lazer Lord.
Sounds harmless enough.
All right. It's a deal.
I'll have my lawyer
draw up a contract.
Hmm, we exterminated our
lawyers centuries ago.
We can learn so much from you.
What happened to you?
It was Blastok. He escaped.
The one you call Lazer Lord.
This is where your road ends.
Any sign of him?
Not yet.
How are you gonna spot
Lazer Lord from up here?
The pod has a sub-thermal
tracking device
that can detect the cold
coming from our bodies.
Your body temperatures are cold?
Minus ten centigrade,
in your terminology.
And there's nothing like a
cool body on a hot planet.
Um, do you see that plane?
That big plane?
With two guys sitting in front...
Whose eyes I can see?
We're on a collision course!
Someone wanna tell me
what just happened?
Once the pod is stopped it
can automatically rearrange
its molecular structure
when it comes in contact
with a foreign object, allowing the
object to pass right through it.
Wow, that's great.
Tell me, is there a
bathroom on board?
Hey, this thing is blinking.
Blastok is in that
building below us.
No, use half the concrete,
and no one will ever know.
Surprised to see me again Xanar?
What's Lazer Lord doing here?
Clairvoyance isn't
one of our powers.
Geez, a guy can't ask a simple
question without getting attitude.
Stay here.
Okay, but don't do anything rash.
We don't have a
signed contract yet.
Looks like Blastok's work.
Hold it!
Didn't your mommy tell you
not to play with guns?
It's over, Xanar.
You don't know what
you're up against.
Yes I do.
A scum sucking lower life form.
What the...
Get out!
No, you're not screwin' up my
chance for a lighter sentence!
Hey, I just came
along for the ride.
No, that reptiles's mine.
He's getting away!
You're coming with us.
Nice work.
You've just doomed this planet and
everyone on it. Including us.
Geoffrey Barrett, the head of Oil Max
the one you let get away is a Taegon.
Taegons. I hate those guys.
What's a Taegon?
A hostile reptilian hybrid
race from the galaxy Unigra.
And incredibly ugly.
Taegon's infiltrated and
enslaved over 63 planets.
- Why did you confront this Taegon?
- Let's just say it's personal.
I suggest we leave it that way.
Wait a minute. You're gonna let
these guys take over my world?
I fought this battle before.
Once was enough.
On the planet Wimava.
The death and destruction
I saw convinced me
that war has no
victors, only victims.
So I went AWOL.
Life as a fugitive was hard.
The military sent out
patrols looking for me.
I could not get any work.
Stealing was the only
way I could survive.
Touching story.
But we're not letting the
Taegons take control.
Whatever we think of this planet, no
race deserves to be their slaves.
We might be this
planet's only hope.
No, this is outside
our jurisdiction!
Our oath is only to protect Kring.
The academy oath was to
protect the innocent.
It didn't specify only Kring.
That's a technicality.
But he's right.
Since our own survival
may be at stake,
I will relinquish my natural
aversion to fighting.
Your first assignment!
But let's stop at my lawyer's
first and sign those contracts.
General Mayhem.
I had an unfortunate encounter
with a Kringen named Blastok.
Kringens on Earth?
This is not what we need right now.
They are the only race
with the power to stop us.
And he has others from
his planet with him.
- How many?
- At least four.
We have to accelerate our plan.
Mobilize your men.
Xanar, I've met with our field
generals. We are ready to attack.
General, that target has a
strong military presence.
We need more time to
mobilize more forces.
Sentar, you are a neophyte in the
business of world domination.
You never question a superior.
This mission cannot tolerate
any insubordination.
Search complete. Target identified.
Xanar's computer indicates
an unusual interest
in a primitive industrial facility.
What is it?
That's the oil refinery in Long
Beach. It supplies our military.
This is exactly how
the Taegons work.
First they cripple the planet's defenses
then launch their own invasion.
They'll quickly
colonize your country
then spread their tyranny
across the entire planet.
Well, you guys have to stop them.
Our people have only done it once.
But we had an army.
Not just seven of us.
Jeez, this is gonna be one
heckuva first assignment.
I'd love to go with you but I've
got a meeting with Archie Comics.
Your planet is in mortal peril.
Maybe you should focus on
that and not your comic book.
Strong Arm... May I
call you Strong Arm?
My planet's been in peril
every year of my life.
And I have bills to pay.
I really am a stranger
in a strange land.
Party's started.
Then we're just in
time to crash it.
Look! Over there!
Look out! Run!
It's gonna blow! Get out now!!
Lazer Lord. You, Roller Man
and Lightning with me!
Skylark, take the others
and help the injured!
I meant to do that.
Hey, I need help!
You good?
- Thanks.
- I'll take care of her.
Be my guest. I got enough
Taegons to keep me busy.
I'm taking you back to the pod.
Oh my... thank you!
How did you do that?!
Well thank you, who
or whatever you are.
You're not going to believe this!
Help! We're trapped!
- Thank you!
- You're amazing!
- How'd you do that?!
- What's your name?!
Well I could get used to this.
Uh, how would I get in touch
with you ladies when I'm done?
This is the first real fun I've
had on this dump of a planet.
This isn't fun. This is war.
Stan the Man speaking.
Stan, your super heroes
are all over the tube!
- When you said reality super heroes...
- You were probably thinking of my show
Who Wants to be a Super Hero.
I had no idea that they're real!
This is a gold mine!
Get here as soon as you can!
I want to publish this ASAP!
Happy days are here again...
I've written enough stories to
know when I'm being followed.
Well, let's see if you fellas
can stay up with Super Stan.
There's not supposed
to be a dumpster here.
Mr. Lee. You're coming with us.
How unfortunate.
All that water and you
can't even drink it.
Their oceans are full of salt.
Too much salt.
I found a drinking fountain.
This water has a purification
factor of ninety seven.
And when it's gone, you just press
this handle and it refills itself.
Perhaps these humans are not
as backward as we thought.
I haven't been able to
contact Mr. Lee for hours.
You think something happened?
Yes. Something bad.
When we left the desert,
I wasn't sure we could trust him.
I put a tracking device on his car.
I'll find him.
I'm having second thoughts
about this super hero thing.
C'mon, you like the name
Mr. Lee gave you.
Yeah, but I don't like fighting.
That's all we did growing up.
Remember the orphanage?
I hated those fights.
But we made a great team.
And now, we'll be doing good stuff.
People are gonna like us.
Just promise you won't leave me.
Never. You're the
only family I've got.
Where are you two going?
We're heroes and everyone
wants to know who we are,
so we're going out and tell them.
You heard Mr. Lee. We need to
keep our real identities a secret.
- You're not my boss.
- You'll do what I say.
If you want people to
like you, start with me.
Hey, all our lives we
were two bit thieves.
Now that people like us,
we're gonna enjoy it.
And put this back.
Oops. Sorry.
You did that on purpose.
We exist to protect this planet
from hostile alien invasions.
And I will do anything in my
power to accomplish that.
I told you I thought they
were comic book fans.
I dropped them off in Hollywood
where they fit right in.
Mr. Lee, I'm going to step
out for a few moments.
When I come back, I suggest
you start telling the truth.
Otherwise you'll find yourself
screaming like one of your
comic book characters.
This isn't good.
Hey, sister.
Can you spare some change?
Sorry, this is the
only outfit I've got.
And I don't think you'd
look very good in it.
Were you here when
this car arrived?
Scary stuff, all those dudes
in black grabbin' the old guy.
I recognize them from the Iraq War.
They got a big secret covert
operation out in the Nevada desert.
So, Stan.
Are you ready to tell
me about those aliens?
I told you I never met any aliens.
Well we have.
We even have some
of their technology.
Like this ball.
We also have a machine that
extracts people's memories.
Is it, um, painful?
No, absolutely not.
But it could kill you.
I've just made alien contact.
Put everyone on stage five alert.
Will you please tell the court
how you know Blastok?
Blastok was my best
friend at the academy.
He said his professor had gambling
debts and wanted Blastok to pay them.
And if he wouldn't, the professor
was going to fail him.
That night the professor was
brutally attacked and killed.
What Blastok didn't know was
that I was out that night
and I saw him in the shadows.
He's wrong!
I was never there!
Oh, sorry.
I was just thinking about
something. You find Mr. Lee?
He's been taken to some secret
military location called Nevcal.
They'll force him to
reveal our location.
Then we'd better find him fast.
Yuka just located Xanar by
triangulating his cell.
He's in a mountain hollow
humans call a cave.
If we don't stop this lizard
we'll all be Taegon slaves.
But if we don't get to Mr. Lee soon we're
gonna be prisoners of their military.
We'll have to split up.
I'll take Lazer Lord and go.
What? Why not?
You're jealous.
Just because he saved me.
That's ridiculous.
I'm taking Lazer Lord
because I don't trust him.
- You don't trust any of them.
- He's the worst.
You know what happened
at the academy.
To this day he still
insists he's innocent.
Maybe he is. You only
saw him in the shadows.
I can run anywhere but
how are the rest of you
going to get to two places at once?
They can take the pod. I saw something
in the transport hanger we can use.
Amazo-Man vs. The Lizard Man.
We're still seeing his memories
from the nineteen sixties.
How much longer do I have
to sit through this?
About another hour.
There it is.
It's a big place.
He could be anywhere.
Look for an area where there
is a concentration of guards.
They'll protect that
which is most valuable.
Over there!
As I recall, you guys are familiar
with the element of surprise.
That's how we attacked
you on the spaceship.
I know.
Okay, let's do this.
All right Micro, do your thing.
Nice work.
The Zorse vs. The Lizard Man.
Now where are we?
The nineteen seventies.
He's created over two hundred
and ninety eight characters.
Of all the comic book writers in all
the world they had to find him.
You've got to get in there
and unlock this door.
I can do that.
You might need this.
Looking for Mr. Lee?
You know what I like about aliens?
They're just like cockroaches.
If you see one, more
must be nearby.
We gotta do something!
Let's get ready to roll!
I'm not going to hurt you.
Just tell me where the others are.
Are you hurt?
And I don't know where this idea came
from, but I have the perfect title
for your first comic
book adventure!
Stan Lee's Mighty 7 vs.
The Lizard Man.
Save it for the pod.
We must go.
I'll catch up.
There's something I
have to do first.
This is for scaring me.
Five of them, three of us.
I like the odds.
You don't want to steal for us?
Maybe a little time in here
will change your mind.
Okay! I'll do it!
I can't go in there...
I can't go in a cave.
Now's not the time to
get claustrophobic.
Lightning, we can't
do this without you.
You've got to tough it out.
Promise you won't leave
me alone in there.
Count on it.
This planet rotates away
from its sun in an hour.
We move then.
Where have you been?!
That story I'm saving
for the comic book.
How are we doing?
You're going to love the
cover art. I'll e-mail it to you.
When can I see a script?
Soon. I've got everything
but the ending.
Well, hurry up. The distributors
are breathing down my neck!
What are you so happy about?
I finally found a story
that writes itself.
That was easy.
Almost too easy.
How are you doing?
Still breathing.
I can't decide if this
personal quest of your
is born of tenacity or stupidity.
What's that noise?
He's pumping toxic gas in here.
These sketches are great, John.
Except, I don't think the
Taegons are all that menacing.
Have Alex take another pass.
Stan, we're running out of time.
I've already set a launch date.
- Oh, don't worry. Alex works fast.
- I hope so. I gotta run.
- Is that supposed to be me?
- Yeah. Cool, huh?
No. Not cool. They gave
me hair. I don't have hair.
Teen super heroes aren't bald.
Well I am. I hate that picture.
Okay, we'll get rid of the hair.
I don't mean to be impertinent, but
do I really seem that rotund to you?
Oh boy.
All right, I'll have
Alex trim a few pounds.
Makes me want to do a reality
comic book without real people.
Hey, watch it!
This isn't working.
There's too much rock!
You got a better idea?
What a waste.
We could have used
warriors like that.
Such a shame they
have a conscience.
What don't you like?
I like it all.
Except they made my
thighs look fat.
Taegon location identified.
That's them!
They're not moving.
Perhaps they're trapped.
We've got to get in there.
Good luck.
The entrance is blocked.
So fly this thing
through the walls.
The pod has to be stationary to
activate molecular redistribution.
We can't fly through other objects.
That makes sense.
I know how we can get in.
So this is how it ends.
On a backwater planet.
You got lucky.
You would have ended up in prison.
For life.
I didn't do it. I did not
kill that professor.
The weight of twenty kirgons falling
from the height of a thousand krocks
- will reach maximum velocity at...
- Can he break through or not!?
Will he survive?
He should.
I should? Hardly reassuring.
But then, that's what makes a hero.
Taking action without
certainty of the outcome.
Hey guys, I sold them on the
Mighty Seven, not the Mighty Six.
Your concern is touching.
Let's do this.
Now how do we get out?
Well, you've got your ride.
But I'm good to go.
Can someone give me a hand!?
Please remove me from
this hideous hole.
I can take him but that hole's not
big enough to fly the pod through.
Hey! Big shot!
Need a lift?!
There's got to be another
way into that cave.
I think they're gonna show us.
I applaud your persistence
but escape is impossible.
I got out of your last prison,
I'll get out of this one.
Personal vendettas are
a fool's mission.
Emotions cloud the mind and
ultimately lead to failure.
You dragged us into this to
help fight a personal vendetta?
You self-serving lowlife.
I think it's time you
told us the whole story.
My mother and father had
gone to the planet Javak
to help develop new
defense systems.
I was visiting when the Taegons
invaded without warning,
to steal the technology
my father had created.
They turned it into weapons
of mass destruction.
Xanar was a young commander,
eager to impress his superiors.
He ordered that no
prisoners be taken.
I was the only one to escape.
I tracked him to his planet
and took my revenge.
Unfortunately, Xanar survived...
Although he sees the
universe with only one eye.
Uh, how did you escape?
Does it really matter?
No, it doesn't. Taegons are scum.
We won't question
your motives anymore.
They're imprisoned
in a force field.
You've got to get
them out of there.
I'm not a super hero, I just
write stories about them.
Then write a great rescue scene.
Boy, you sound like
a studio executive.
Okay, let me think.
Years ago I wrote a rescue
that was never used
because my bosses thought
it was too farfetched.
I think it was just way
ahead of its time.
Maybe it was just a bad idea.
A computer with attitude? Great.
Now what's the safest way
back into that cave?
A remote entrance
through an air shaft.
Near their power supply.
That's the power supply.
A peranium crystal.
It radiates pure energy.
Wow, just like I wrote
forty years ago.
I wonder if Taegons have
been reading my comics.
You know, in that
scene a guy like you
slipped through a crack in the crystal,
then he expanded and broke it.
But in the real world
crystals don't have cracks.
Hey, next time warn me!
Ooh, my bad.
Nice idea.
Everybody to the pod!
I can't wait to finish
this comic book!
Imagine me, Stan
Lee, saving the day!
Actually, Mr. Lee,
we saved the day.
Never let the truth get in the
way of a good story, kiddo.
Yuka, where's Xanar?
Attacking an oil reserve
at a location called
Terminal Island.
That's our military's back up.
With the other refinery
down, if aliens invade,
the entire Northern Hemisphere
will be a sitting duck.
Where did all those
things come from?
The Taegons are using replicants.
What does that mean?
They're holograms, mixed with real
Taegons to confuse their enemy.
If I survive, I'll use
that idea someplace.
I could do this all day.
Must avoid doing that again.
This is getting annoying.
Did I ever tell you
you're beautiful?
Oh, that's sweet.
Direct those hormones
to fighting Taegons.
I hope you guys can swim.
I see you're still
the coward, Xanar!
I'd say an eye for an eye, but
that would be just too cliche.
Don't think this makes us even.
I'm getting tired of fighting
Taegons who aren't there!
We must destroy the technician
who's controlling them!
There he is!
Hey Micro, do your thing.
Now that's more like it!
That's a better use for
that primitive transport.
Ten to one.
That's a nice equation.
Hey, you guys need to
watch where you're going!
This dive's going to be your last.
They're in that storage tank!
That's no storage tank...
It's their ship!
You should be proud.
You fought well.
Oh, he'll be back. With
an even bigger army.
The President offered
his gratitude today
to the super heroes who helped
defeat the invaders from space.
Hah! We're really heroes!
Super heroes.
The group, now known
as the Mighty Seven,
has an open invitation to
visit him in the White House.
After all we did for them,
that's the least he could do.
There they are!
What do ya think?
Why is your name so prominent?
We're the ones who put
our lives on the line.
Yeah, well, um... It's complicated.
Union rules, stuff like that.
Hah! I look great!
We all do!
And pre-sales are through the roof!
Oh, by the way.
Have you guys heard anything
from your home planet?
There's a good chance we'll
be stuck here for some time.
Hey, don't look so glum.
You're famous on this planet.
Fame doesn't equal freedom.
One wonders what would have
happened if we failed.
Will you all try to think positive?
Everybody loves you.
For now.
This is everything the
Taegons left behind, sir.
Our specialists believe
that this technology
could make any human
conquer this or any world.
And these so-called 'Mighty Seven'
seem to be the only thing
that would prevent that.
It would seem so, sir.
Which is why it is imperative
that they be located, isolated...
and eliminated.