Stand by Me Doraemon 2 (2022) Movie Script

In Celebration of
Doraemon's 50th Anniversary
Phew! We drank a lot.
I feel too lazy to go home.
Do you wanna sleep over, Suneo?
Dekisugi, you drank a lot too.
I applied a Sober Soon Patch.
Me too.
Why get sober right away?
See ya, Nobita! Don't get lost.
I won't, Gian.
You can't get lost with auto-drive.
Oh yeah.
Sorry I can't make it tomorrow.
You have an urgent business trip, right?
No rest for the elite.
See you guys.
Destination, home. Go, scooter.
Don't be late tomorrow!
I know!
They're getting married tomorrow.
That Nobita... Unbelievable.
Why don't we come
watch the wedding another day?
Yeah. Let's get back to the present.
I miss Shizuka, the one in my era.
Birthday! Birthday!
Hi, Mom!
What's for lunch?
I found this under your desk.
Let's talk about this another day.
Today is...
This is unacceptable!
Not only did you get a zero,
you hid it from me.
I didn't raise you like this.
I can't believe I have to scold you
for this over summer break.
I'm so disappointed.
Here we go. She chewed you out, huh?
She totally overreacted...
Don't blame it on her. It's your fault.
But it's my birthday today.
Is it because...? It must be!
What are you muttering about?
I'm not their real son.
They must've found me somewhere.
Don't be stupid.
She wouldn't be so hard on her real son.
Who'd name their kid Nobita
in the first place?
It's not that weird.
They could've done better.
I wonder where my real mother is.
You're being ridiculous.
What are you doing up there?
Oh. Inspecting my gadgets.
I'm using Gravity Paint to be upside down
because the floor is cluttered.
Wow. You have so many.
Nobita, don't fiddle around.
I'm checking if
they're functioning properly.
Didn't you hear me?!
What's that?
This is the Forgetterator.
It makes you forget what happened
in the last few minutes.
What?! If I'd hit Mom with that,
she wouldn't have gotten so mad at me.
I won't let you use it like that.
Don't be mean.
Let me borrow it next time.
Thinking ahead already?
Try to get a better score
in the second semester.
I need it sooner!
I still have all these!
Oh no...
It's quite a collection.
Please let me use that gadget.
Or hide them in your 4D pocket.
I can't do that.
Why not? If Mom finds these...
It's from Future Department Store.
What is it?
They sometimes send me sample gadgets.
Oh yeah?
So what's this? Switch-A-Rope?
Don't fiddle around.
Switch, complete.
Wow... This is weird.
Your consciousness switches
with the person on the other end.
I'm you, Doraemon.
Okay. I see.
If we hold it again...
Switching back.
Now we're back!
Will you switch with me again
and get scolded by Mom?
No way!
I thought you'd say that.
Nobita! Nobita!
I get it now.
Are you okay?
It worked!
Are you okay? Nobita?
Yeah. Everything's fine.
I have to hurry and go help us.
Where did he go?
Huh? What happened to me?
They brought me back on the Time Machine.
Who did?
You and me.
Nobita, you're not making any sense.
But it's the only way to put it.
I'm confused.
Maybe something's happening somewhere.
But if I'm here,
I'm sure everything's okay.
You're so carefree.
But I do have a problem!
I have to hide them somewhere.
Shouldn't you use that effort
for your studies?
Stop nagging me, Doraemon.
Nobita! I need you to run an errand!
Will you go to the store?
I was a bit too harsh earlier on.
Hey... Say something.
What? How strange.
I thought I heard his voice.
Where did he go?
That was close.
I found a great hiding place!
Now I'm safe.
This is...
It brings back memories.
My old favorite bear.
It's all patched up.
Grandma fixed it for me.
You had a grandma?
She died when I was in kindergarten.
Um... That was...
This is her.
It's you on her lap.
She looks like a sweet person.
She took such good care of me.
Oh no...
What happened?
Gian... Gian did this!
Uh-oh... Poor bear.
Here you go. He's not hurting anymore.
My, my... You sure love to be coddled.
Go away, ouchie. Go away.
She was always there for me.
You were a spoiled crybaby back then too.
I was telling you how kind Grandma was.
Stop judging me!
What's the matter, Nobita?
I miss her.
I wanna see Grandma again!
I'm sure you do but...
I know! We can go back in time
with the Time Machine.
That's not a good idea.
What if she sees you suddenly much older?
She'll probably be shocked.
I'll explain to her.
She wouldn't comprehend the Time Machine.
But... But...
Why don't I just watch her from far away?
I'll hide in the shadows.
We can't stay long.
Let's go!
Wait for me!
To when I was around three!
Here we go.
Wow! It's exactly like it used to be.
My sandbox.
The persimmon tree!
We cut it down two years ago.
You'd better not get spotted.
Let's hurry and see her.
Oh yeah...
She was always in this room.
Don't make any noise.
Watch quietly, okay?
What? She's not here.
Maybe she's upstairs.
This door would get stuck from years ago.
Try pushing it.
Who are you?!
Wow! You look so young.
Do I really?
In seven years,
you'll get small wrinkles.
Get out of my house!
Doesn't she recognize me?
Of course not.
Grandma must be out.
Three-year-old me!
You were so cute. Unlike now.
Don't cry, Nobita.
It's Shizuka!
Let's go play house. Okay?
Just ignore them.
Nobita is such a crybaby!
Here! Try and get it back!
Don't bully me.
Stop it! They're just small kids.
They knocked me over yesterday at school.
Don't forget we're in the past.
She's alive.
She's walking.
I'm going to the office.
Have a nice day.
Here's your lunch.
Hi there, Nobita.
You and Shizuka get along so well.
Did you get firecrackers?
I'm sorry. I looked
in every toy shop in town.
They only sell firecrackers
during summer.
I want them!
I'm sorry.
Don't be such a baby.
I want firecrackers!
I know. I'm sorry.
Shut up! I hate you! Go away!
All right.
I hate you too when you're like this!
Hey, me! Be nice to Grandma!
What happened?
What are you two doing?
Why are you bullying my son?
You see...
There's a reason for this.
It's me Nobita.
This is Nobita.
I mean... I'm me from the future...
Poor boy...
-I used the Time Machine...
-He must be mentally ill...
See? She won't believe you.
Satisfied? You got to see Grandma.
Now let's go back.
Are you ready?
Just one more glance.
Oh please...
That weird guy. Mom!
He was here again?
I can't believe he came back.
Over here.
I wonder where he came from.
Did you see a strange boy?
That's strange.
Is he hiding somewhere?
What should I do?
Maybe I should report it to the police.
Thank you.
Aren't you suspicious of me?
Grandma, do you love Nobita?
Yes, very much.
I wish I could
take care of him forever.
But I know I can't.
I don't have much longer.
You're making me sad.
If only I could stay alive until
he starts going to school.
I'd love to see him
with a school bag on his back.
Just even a glance.
Wait here!
What's taking him so long?
Doraemon! I need my school bag!
Why your school bag?
I have to go get it!
Where's my school bag?
Forget it.
Oh my!
You might not believe me, but I'm Nobita.
I thought so.
I had a feeling you were.
You believe me?
You don't think I'm lying?
Why would I doubt you, Nobita?
My, my...
You sure love to be coddled.
Seeing you as a schoolboy
makes me feel greedy.
Now I want to see your bride.
Okay. I'll let you meet her.
I'll be right back, Grandma.
She believed you?
Yeah! Let's take her to the future.
I'm worried about
that promise you just made.
The future might have changed.
But we saw it already.
Something could've happened that
prevents your marriage with Shizuka.
Time TV! We can use the Time TV!
Okay, okay.
I think it's at Prince Melon Hotel.
I wonder how it's going.
I can't get ahold of him.
He should be here by now.
Where on earth is Nobita?
You were right.
Late two days in a row.
I'm ashamed of myself.
Is he not coming at all?
I've heard of people who get cold feet
and ditch their weddings.
Don't tell me...
Nobita, is everything okay?
Hello. I'm Doraemon.
Doraemon brought me here.
What a nice raccoon dog that you are.
I'm not a raccoon dog...
I need a little more time.
You can see my bride soon.
Am I troubling you?
I hope I didn't ask for too much...
Don't worry about it.
It won't take that long.
It's not a big problem.
Are you sure?
There's no need to rush.
I'll be right here waiting for you.
We'll be right back!
Let's go see the wedding!
Knowing you,
you might be in trouble again.
I remember it was raining.
-Nobita, let's hurry.
We can hide over there.
Maybe he got lost in the hotel.
Yeah. Let's go look.
Let's follow them.
I couldn't sit still.
She looks so pretty.
We'll handle this.
Where's Nobita?
Sorry, Shizuka.
Mr. and Mrs. Minamoto too.
It's okay. But I'm worried nonetheless.
Let's go closer.
I wonder where he is.
He left before we did.
I hope he wasn't in an accident.
As clumsy as he is...
There are no reports
about an accident in this area.
Where are you, Nobita?
Excuse me. I'm afraid...
It's almost time.
Where is that idiot?
Maybe he did get cold feet...
Absolutely not.
Nobita will be here!
What's going on?
Nobody's saying anything.
Is the wedding cancelled?
Do something, Doraemon!
You should take his place.
Use this again to be an adult.
I can't! No way!
Who else but you?
I can't.
Gotcha! Here!
I'll be with you.
I have no idea what to do.
What took you so long to get here?
-Are you okay?
What happened?
Nothing... I...
Oh yeah.
I got lost.
I knew it.
That's our Nobita.
Follow me to the wedding hall.
Thank you.
Shrink Ray!
Look at him.
He's so nervous.
I hope I can pull this off.
I'm right here.
But I'm still worried.
It's starting.
Will you take Shizuka as your wife
in sickness and in health?
Do you promise to love her forever?
Nobita, do you promise?
You okay?
His mind went blank. What should I do?
I know!
You can do this.
I promise.
Is it really okay that I do this?
But the future you isn't here.
It kind of tickles.
You may now kiss the bride.
Wow! They're all for me?!
I'm surprised you can eat
after making a scene like that.
Control yourself or people will notice.
Congratulations, Shizuka.
I got this.
Did I catch a cold?
Attention, please.
The bride and groom will now
cut the wedding cake.
But first, let's watch
the cake being made.
You can come closer!
Let's go.
I can't believe it's raining right now.
Nice, huh?
An all-weather garden party room.
Courtesy of my dad's connections.
It looks yummy.
It's so big.
The cake is now complete.
Please take the knife.
What's the matter?
There's only one knife.
Don't be silly. One knife for both of us.
Oh yeah...
Nobita, get with it!
This cake cutting represents
their first activity as husband and wife.
Nobita, look over here.
Nobita, Shizuka, congratulations.
You failed all your tests,
but I'm happy you didn't fail
to find a wonderful wife.
I'm having so much fun.
Are you feeling all right?
Shizuka is getting suspicious.
Let us now hear a word
from the groom, Nobi Nobita.
Sure. A speech.
Hi there!
What did I do wrong?
Why "Hi there"?
You had your speech prepared.
Right... A speech.
Uh... My notes...
Don't ask me.
I think I have them right here...
No... Here...
Of course I don't have them.
I remember!
I'm so forgetful.
They're in the dressing room.
I'll go get them!
The groom will be right back.
One moment, please.
We're so sorry.
This groom makes me nervous.
May I have the microphone?
Ladies and gentlemen!
Until Nobita comes back,
as a childhood friend
and a close buddy of his,
I'll sing for you!
Pardon me...
Gian, let's go back to our table.
-No! Don't get in the way!
-Let's drink.
Start the music!
Hurry up! Gian started singing!
He gives me a headache even over here.
He's more destructive as an adult!
He's going to ruin the wedding!
Nobita, you better go back!
I can't give a speech!
It's about yourself!
We have to find the grown-up me!
What's wrong with saying
"Hi there" during a speech?
In a wedding speech,
you thank your parents.
Why?! For getting mad at me
for flunking a test?!
No way!
You're holding a grudge.
Where is he?
Let's use the Searching Cane.
What's that?
It points in the direction
of who we're looking for.
What a useful gadget.
What? What? What?
What's wrong?
Remember what I was doing?
Inspecting your gadgets.
You made me rush
so I left some of them behind.
We have to go get it.
There's no time.
Don't worry.
Let's say we leave at 2 p.m.
We spend an hour in the present.
Then we return to the future.
To five minutes after we left.
At 2:05 p.m.
Only five minutes later.
Doraemon, you're brilliant!
If you say so...
You genius.
It stopped raining.
Let's go back to the Time Machine.
That's him! What a troublemaker.
Is he taking a nap?
He's not here.
Don't tell me...
Where are you going?
You have to pee?
Not here!
Not here! No! No! No!
It's not here!
What's going on?
The Time Machine is gone.
Who took it?
Only one person could have
operated it in this era.
The grown-up you.
Where did you take it?
The grown-up you must have
taken it to a different era.
Don't ask me. It was you.
Any ideas?
I don't know anything about the future me.
You're so unpredictable
no matter how old you are.
Are we stuck in this era?
We got out of something like this before.
It's not a problem, is it?
How about the Time Belt?
Like I said...
I don't have anything
with me that might help.
What should we do?!
At this rate, our fate in this world...
I'm hungry.
I bet the wedding reception is over.
It must've been a disaster.
What do I have right now
that can take us back?
Here! This might work.
Soul Slipper!
Soul Slipper?
It sends your soul to yourself
at a different age.
Let's send your soul
back to the you before we left.
At that time, we have the Time Machine.
You can bring it back here.
Just try it.
I'm counting on you.
Will you switch with me again
and get scolded by Mom?
No way!
Nobita! Nobita!
I get it now.
Are you okay?
It worked!
Are you okay? Nobita?
Yeah. Everything's fine.
I have to hurry and go help us.
Is he okay?
His eyes are rolled back again.
This is how he sleeps.
Sorry about this mess.
I brought the Time Machine!
I'm reversing it.
What happened to me?
You're me? This is the future, right?
Don't think too hard about it.
I'm confused.
Everything's fine.
Why was I suddenly in the future?
Why is there another me?
Just drop it.
No. Explain it to me!
It's easier if this Nobita
loses his memory.
The Forgetterator came in handy.
Hey... What am I doing here?
Don't worry about it.
Where did he go?
Huh? What happened to me?
They brought me back on the Time Machine.
Who did?
You and me.
There we go.
Nobita! I need you to run an errand!
I'll go get the Searching Cane!
I was a bit too harsh earlier on.
Hey... Say something.
All right.
Which year did Adult Nobita go to?
What's happening?
Adult Nobita might be here.
This is so embarrassing.
I remember what I said six months ago.
Wanna see Doraemon?
No... Doraemon is your...
My friend from childhood.
I remember that.
Remember what?
Why did you ditch the wedding?
Did you fall out of love?
Of course not! I love her so much!
It's like a dream
that I'm marrying Shizuka!
But what?
Yesterday, on my way home
when I was alone,
I thought about our future.
I suddenly got terrified.
I was paralyzed with fear.
About what?
You know how I am.
I don't know if I can make her happy.
You're so pessimistic.
You know why she agreed to marry me.
She worries about me
because I'm so clumsy!
You really haven't changed at all.
I worry about you.
You need someone to look after you.
I know...
That's no way to choose a husband.
I feel bad for her.
She's too kind.
That's why you came to this era?
The public toilet I used...
Why is the Time Machine here?
I didn't care which era.
I just wanted some time to think.
This was the "home" setting
on the Time Machine. So here I am.
But you ditched the wedding.
Didn't it cross your mind
that people would get hurt?
They won't be.
Once I feel confident,
I'll return to the day before.
Even I know...
Did you go watch?
Am I not back?
That's why we were looking for you.
What's going to happen?!
I don't know! But you weren't there
when the wedding started.
The wedding?
I went as you but I left halfway...
It must be a huge mess.
Oh no! But why?
You probably lost your nerve.
I'm ashamed of myself.
Or something happens
that prevents you from returning.
Like what?!
Calm down, Adult Nobita!
-At this rate...
-What's gonna happen?!
Let's see what happens a year later.
You're still waiting for Nobita?
I wonder why he disappeared.
He said he loves me so much.
When I find that idiot,
I'm gonna kick his ass.
I'm sure he'll be back one day
and he'll explain everything to me.
I know he will.
I'm sorry, Shizuka!
But I want you to know that
I'm doing this for you!
Be brave and go back.
No, I can't.
I'm sure she'll forget about me soon.
She'll find a better husband.
She can be happy if she forgets about me.
Shall we see her further in the future?
I don't want to see her
raising a happy family
with a total stranger!
You're so self-centered.
But if she's not happy
I'll feel even worse!
He's so difficult.
But he's you.
I turned out like this
because all you did was
take naps in this era.
You never did your homework
and flunked all the tests.
No wonder I lost confidence.
Don't blame it on me.
Stop arguing with yourselves.
If only I could
relive my life at your age...
That's easy.
Your consciousness enters the person
on the other end and vice versa.
Why are you so happy? Be careful.
When did you come home?
You weren't in your room.
This is great! I love it!
Nothing! I'm going out to play!
What about my errand?!
Off he goes.
Wow! Gian and Suneo are still kids.
Hello there, boys!
Boys? Watch your attitude.
Don't act so cocky, Nobita!
Let me play too.
I'm surprised you asked. Wanna try?
You never want to play baseball.
I must've practiced a lot
and gotten much better.
I got it!
Pick it up!
You better not miss.
Strike three. You're out!
You're no better at sports
when you grow up.
You're the one who wanted to play!
Look at this score!
Are you mad? Of course you are.
Why do you look so happy?!
It's your fault that our team lost!
I love your spirit.
Shut up! I'm gonna get you!
Yes! This is it!
I don't know why he's having fun.
Grown-ups are so strange.
He'll get bored soon and come home.
Looking like that, maybe you should
go in through the window.
You're right.
I'm so glad you're home. Where were you?
Who are you?
Let me introduce myself.
I'm Naka Meguro from
Future Department Store.
The guy who sends me samples. What's up?
You see... The Switch-A-Rope I sent you...
I'd like it back right away.
Why? Is it defective?
Absolutely not.
We only handle top-quality products.
Of course it's not defective...
Then what's the problem?
Um... You see...
Stop fidgeting. I'll return it.
Thank you!
But you'll have to wait.
Until Nobita here gets switched back.
I'm a child inside.
What's wrong?
When did you use it?
What time was it?
I think about an hour ago.
Oh no!
Stay calm and listen to me.
That product has a teeny,
tiny flaw in its design.
After an hour, they lose their memories?!
Wiped out?!
I'm afraid so. Irretrievable.
Unless you switch back right away.
Where are you going?!
Let's ask this.
Which way is Adult Nobita?
It's not working properly.
Let's look for him from the sky.
What is it?
Maybe Adult Nobita
couldn't return to the future
even if he wanted to.
What do you mean?
Maybe he lost his memory
and didn't know who he was...
Does that mean I'll also lose
my memory at the same time?
Unfortunately yes...
That's terrible!
Wait, Nobita!
I finally shook them off.
Gian and Suneo never give up.
Oops. Excuse me.
Did you say "Excuse me"?
What's the big deal?
I didn't mean to bump into you.
You little brat!
Why the big attitude?
Stop it, boys.
Stop laughing.
Are you sorry? Yes or no?
Isn't there something you should do?
You don't know?
Here's a piece of information.
Purely for your info.
People usually pay
a little money for compensation.
Compensation? How much?
1,000 yen on average.
But for a cocky brat like you... 2,000 yen.
We're not forcing you.
This is purely for your information.
Middle school kids.
It's not that much. I'll gladly pay.
I carry around cash, just in case.
Here. Take it.
Why is Tezuka Osamu
on the 2,000-yen bill?
Oh yeah... It's from my era.
Is it from a toy bank?
Stop fooling around!
Pay up, kid!
I can drive this.
I'm a grown-up inside.
Go, scooter.
Okay, scooter! Hey, scooter!
You don't have voice recognition yet?
I think it's time to get serious, brat.
My scooter!
Let me borrow it!
That punk!
Hey, you!
We can play along.
What? Wait a sec...
To think about it,
you guys are younger than me.
You should behave like
good middle school students.
Don't try to bully an adult.
Shut up already!
Ow! How did you dodge my punch?!
What just happened?
You made me hurt my fist.
I'll get you for this!
The pain is real and I'm scared.
Where in the world is Adult Nobita?
Let's get you safely on the ground.
Nobita, are you okay?
Who are you?
It's me Doraemon! Get a hold of yourself!
Yeah... Sure...
My mind went blank for a moment.
He's losing consciousness.
Nobita, pull it together!
I'm fine. My future with Shizuka...
I'll get it back.
Time out. Over one hour.
We have to hurry!
Come on, boys... Calm down.
That attitude of yours
is getting on our nerves!
Stop bullying him!
And who's this?
This town is full of cocky little brats.
She needs to be disciplined.
Shizuka, run!
Get away from Shizuka!
How dare you!
What? Again?
-I feel dizzy.
-Don't try to be a hero!
It's not gonna happen!
I got you now.
I finally found you, Nobita.
You twerp!
If it breaks, you're paying for it!
You're asking for it!
We're the only ones allowed to hit Nobita!
It's not over yet!
Way to go, Nobita.
That was stupid of you.
You don't know how to fight.
Did I protect you, Shizuka?
That's great!
Nobita! Are you okay?!
He fell off a scooter.
Did he hit his head?
-He needs help!
Hang in there!
Nobita, stay strong!
I'm fine.
I'll find the grown-up me.
My future with Shizuka...
I'm going to protect it...
Nobita? Nobita!
What should I do?
He's going to forget everything.
-Where's Adult Nobita?
-Memories, vanishing.
Memories, vanishing.
What should I do?
Which gadget should I use?
Where Adult Nobita is!
No... Not this Adult Nobita.
What should I do? What should I do?
Wait... What if I say it more accurately?
Where the young Nobita
with the grown-up soul is!
Nobita! Nobita!
Wake up, Nobita!
An ambulance is on its way.
Yes! It worked!
Who is he?
Later. Put this in that Nobita's hand.
Switch back, impossible.
What's happening?
Just do it! Don't give up!
But this is my design...
Get Nobita back into his body
or I'll rip you apart!
Don't be unreasonable...
Keep trying! It might work!
All right. You sure are
a rough gadget user.
See? It's too late.
They don't want to switch.
Shut up!
Don't give up.
It's not working.
What's gonna happen?
You're okay with this?
You'll lose all your memories of
Gian, Suneo, and Shizuka.
He'll lose his memory?!
Nobita, are you also going to let
our memories disappear?
You're okay with that?
I'm not okay with it!
They're moving!
Nobita! Nobita!
You had me worried!
You don't know how to fight.
You didn't have to.
Stay the way you are.
You okay now?
Yes. I can finally go back.
To my Shizuka.
I want to make a stop
before I return to the future.
I have to make a speech at the wedding
to that day.
Yes. The day...
We were born.
I also want to make sure
I was actually born to this family.
And know why they named me Nobita.
I want to know too.
Whatever you say.
It's too late to pull out.
My house 10 years ago!
It used to be Dad's room.
He gave up his hobby room for us.
No scratches here yet.
Nobody's home.
How was I born when they weren't here?
Maybe you really were an abandoned baby...
You think so?!
Stop it. They must be at the clinic.
Where?! Where?!
Dad! You look 10 years younger!
To me, 25 years younger.
You're still a young man.
Who are you guys?
Don't you recognize your own son?
Shush. You haven't been born yet.
We're sorry! This is the wrong house!
What was that?
Who cares?! Where's my newborn baby?!
I left the office right after the call!
Where?! Where?! Here?!
Try the clinic.
He's panicking.
Where's the clinic?
Wait! Take us with you!
It's a baby boy.
Cheers... I mean, thank you.
This way.
I'm so excited.
Me too. What kind of baby was I?
I'm sure he's a sweet little angel
that looks like us.
Don't get your hopes up.
Hi there! I'm your daddy!
He's so cute. This is my son?
Nice to meet you, my baby.
Let me see!
That's me? I look like a wrinkly monkey.
How dare you!
I didn't expect that. He got so angry.
Because you were rude.
He must love you so much.
I don't think so.
That baby must not be me.
Every newborn looks like that.
Who are they?
Kids with no manners.
Their parents must be irresponsible.
Where's my mom?
I thought she was with you.
She's praying to our ancestors.
I bet she was ecstatic.
She had a huge smile.
This bear?
Your mom's gift for the baby.
She's so impatient.
So... what should we name him?
I've decided already.
What is it?
Ta-da! Are you ready?
Nobi Nobita!
Isn't it a great name?
I wanted a cooler name.
We should object.
No. Wait.
Why Nobita? I'll tell you why.
I want him to nobiru.
To stay healthy and keep growing.
That's beautiful.
Nobita Nobi.
I love it.
This is how they felt...
I hope he'll be a good boy.
I have no doubt about it.
If he takes after you,
he'll excel at school.
If he takes after you,
he'll be an athletic superstar.
Neither happened, huh?
Shut up.
Will he be a scholar? A baseball player?
Maybe an artist.
Painter, sculptor, musician.
Whatever. I just hope
he contributes to society.
A considerate and brave boy.
Bright and strong.
Pure, honest, beautiful.
Excuse me... Don't get your hopes up...
You'll be disappointed.
What do you have against my boy?!
Dad and Mom were...
Both so happy.
They had high hopes for us.
Let's go back to the future.
You're finally back.
This way.
-What is it?
What's wrong with...
-...during a speech?
In a wedding speech,
you thank your parents.
Why?! For getting mad at me
for flunking a test?!
No way!
You're holding a grudge.
Look at him go.
Let's hurry.
Sorry but we're not going with you.
We have to go fulfill
an important promise.
Right, Doraemon?
All right. So we'll say goodbye here.
Um... How should I put it?
Thanks for finding me.
Your future is my future.
Oh yeah. This.
See you!
What important promise?!
Sorry to keep you waiting!
Thank you very much!
Ladies and gentlemen!
My good buddy Nobita is back!
-You're back!
-Thanks, Nobita!
He took so long.
I kept them entertained.
You're back.
I'm sorry I made you worry.
Don't be. I wasn't worried at all.
Let's give the groom, Nobi Nobita,
a fresh start for his speech.
It stopped raining.
Hello, everyone. I'm Nobi Nobita.
We know that!
To be honest, I never liked this name.
Isn't it kind of dull?
But when I was born,
my parents hoped that I'd keep growing
and chose this name for me.
I've come to love my name.
It sounds like he was there.
My parents...
Also my grandma...
They raised me with a lot of love.
My grandma always consoled me
when I came home in tears.
She believed me no matter what I said.
Mom always scolded me
for failing tests and being lazy.
Dad taught me to have a dream.
I grew up embraced by your love.
And Mr. Minamoto...
You said
I understand other people's pain.
If that's true, it's something
that my family taught me.
Maybe I didn't meet my parents'
and Grandma's expectations.
Maybe they had
bigger dreams of me becoming
an artist or a baseball player.
You're a disappointment!
Quiet, please!
One thing I know for sure.
I grew up in a wonderful family.
I'm clumsy and foolish,
but I know I can raise
a happy family with Shizuka.
I say that with confidence.
I think that's...
the best thing I can do in return for
my parents and my grandma.
Dad. Mom.
Mr. and Mrs. Minamoto.
I'll follow in your footsteps.
Let's make our family as happy as theirs.
What is it?
No... It's nothing.
Thank you.
Leaving so soon?
This is plenty. I saw enough.
I thought I saw your mother.
You too?
Maybe she was here.
You weren't the real you earlier. Right?
What? Um...
You're fine just the way you are.
But you worry too much
and torment yourself and...
I bet Doraemon helped you again.
I came back to make myself happy.
I think that's how
I can make you happy too.
Well said.
By the way, this...
Let's do it properly.
I'm going back now.
You really made my dream come true.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I'm glad I was able to keep my promise.
Yes. You made me very, very happy.
What made me happy was
seeing you
try so hard to keep your promise.
You went through a lot of trouble.
That small crybaby grows up
to be such a fine young man.
That's what made me
happier than anything else.
I'm not like that.
I'm a wimp. I'm not smart.
I cry all the time.
you're strong where it counts.
Shizuka marries you because
she sees that in you, right?
My, my...
You're the little Nobita again.
Can I come back?
Of course you can. Anytime.
I'll be right here waiting for you.
I didn't know
the Time Machine had auto-pilot.
Yeah. I can't be bothered
to operate it now.
I'm totally worn out.
All the trouble I go through for you...
Sorry, Doraemon.
Learning from your mistakes?
Give me a break.
Oops! The Forgetterator!
Uh-oh... I erased his memory.
This is no good.
But hold on.
Nobita! Nobita!
Why am I on the Time Machine?
You see... Something happened.
Something very troublesome but wonderful.
Tell me what happened!
You'll find out when you grow up.
Better to wait until then.
Why? What happened?
How much do you remember?
I went to see Grandma...
Oh yeah! She wants to see my bride!
That's been taken care of. It's done.
What do you mean? Tell me what happened.
Forget it. I'm not going to tell you.
Please, Doraemon!