Standing Firm (2010) Movie Script

How do you feel it?
There; r u .
S m
announcement and if you need anything, okay?
A; I have to make .
How many few friends from work
m will help
until you return you.
S BE gr're not; you.
See you later.
How are you, son?
I love you.
I love you.
Tat , do not need.
Take Dave, how many; you get it.
I'm not a must.
Dave, please cite
;'re it for me.
go home; I was you rest, you.
If you need anything, call
s m later.
Tat, is, you ready?
Tat ?
Yes, I will be ready soon.
Tat, tat , waking you up.
Is 7.30.
You do go, or not?
No, no; your time.
Okay then.
S s door and not come
s m take, right?
I was looking .
Door and S not.
Well, we'll see.
Steven and i
not come tat t l u?
No, to my dismay.
It's okay, let
c drive you.
Thank, I appreciate it.
And i forgot you?
Yes, I want to say that
I Board; it much with me; ina.
How hard it is s
not mind c m should take?
You said something?
P i, which would have been
No car m not;
know how - help him.
It started with my day, then the day came
Can no longer keep in mind no car
c m m must take from work.
S shut everything will not help.
Do not just go and complain
; i s a , toe and that things change.
Stay c came.
s Please do not get angry.
not much he helped lately.
I have son.
Talk to you later, okay?
Dinner is ready, Maggie.
still have problems?
You must stake our m
still for them.
You came home early.
Yeah, I checked
us; you acts.
day lest you forget something?
I'm r u.
E; you too busy.
There are too busy
c just forgot.
Tat , today morning I
g mas sleeping on site.
How many hours of sleep you succeed; it was
accumulate in recent months?
How many things do you forgot to ?
Steven, how r remains the affairs
which thou f you cut?
I have a lot on my plate right now.
Yes, as i myself!
I know it is hard to you pl;
your bills but can not c ...
Paying bills?
You have no idea what they mean
pl you; your bills.
I work like crazy.
We can barely survive s UIM.
My income is half
ity of what it was before.
Steven Hai,
May - m leave alone.
I will g and another person with whom
come home.
Why we build it again?
Ing is to reap; for the other tools.
him for hiding places
Zoar my chips.
O; know your mother,
it is a fo ru ;.
You always
v mother scold them on chips.
On her i
ate them already; you know that.
I heard what you said.
What have you heard?
C are a hoa chips.
did not say that.
You are an i as a couple
b installments.
C s pests and yes.
B Trane.
Listen .
finally, drag .
Dave may have help?
I really do.
be a family thing.
F I have not cut anything
family for a while.
Just, a, Steven.
Except pushed their chairs.
I really want s help.
S s m
joke aside.
Have you seen giving a hammer?
Do not charge .
No, I know what I say .
For our project.
we have a toast for the project.
God bless !
I'm called Dave, Jen; and Steven.
R We can not respond now,
but not close it.
L il Message
i will call you back .
We thank
V s ave him a good day.
Good David
Brian Johnson Bank Lebonds.
I must m
urgent call in connection with mortgage tour.
If you could s m
call the num ber you hear
A; greatly appreciate it.
Have a good S ,
That's what I was called upon to
because Christ suffered for you,
Sandu-v l
an example that should follow him -
C lcnd his footsteps.
He did not p c sinned; and in his mouth
g did not lie site.
When they insulted Him,
He was r zbunat.
When he suffered
not threatened anyone.
contrast, was confident
in the judge with justice.
Here we see Jesus f
CANDU is an example for us
Chose to do
Father's will, even though
had to suffer for it
s be fulfilled.
we know that we have
s be an example.
must know that
s m c his footsteps lc
; And yet, I do not, because again
s be well with us.
I want you s v i think about it.
Afar people are lost and going to hell
; And often we do nothing
For example, or to save them.
We are just very scared them.
Frankly s son, to make a commitment to Christ
It is something to fear.
But, you and why?
November we have God with us.
He can help us
s dep , im the team.
And even if we are afraid again,
He will make it disappear s .
He will do great things through us.
But here it is the key,
must make a connection earth.
i v challenge you here
if you agree s do this,
Yes, it will be difficult
yes, i have to suffer ,
but God will give you a great result.
; ti c matter what we go
Everything is c
fulfill His will the best .
Hello, tat .
I want to apologize for what I said
know that
situation is difficult in the last few months
I c 've had many per
; i c i do everything po.
Meri something better.
n rule.
Tomorrow s go to church?
No, I do not think so.
You have not been for months.
Work; you until exhaustion.
- I want to say that ...
- Do not go in there.
You do not have
trust me?
You can not i i gave you a
s trust me?
Ok, I'll wake up tomorrow morning I
this mess in the evening to sleep faster.
I do not understand this thing with God.
He changed my life
; and you realize its not.
What you d?
I am here, I am real.
This house is real.
Where is God?
There d v l.
I am here.
's You v d, but have d
as we go down.
We all walked around
this; I am tired.
No I have not tried car.
We do our best in our circles separated
Try m s get back
from time to time
S st together
m i s not be with loved ones, tri.
But I can not tr
s istrative something you do not feel.
God comes first, Dave,
i can not change that.
I can not change.
See you in untrue, right?
You have succeeded; it was - make him come s ?
However, I'm less tense.
I am not surprised by this.
There has not been here in a while.
Tat, is, you ready?
Tat ?
God is a God of love.
He wants us to be i s i save
i shows us that,
By the fact that every day we ruIe
d;'re in good his tits,
r of patience, and His mercy.
If we are honest
with us; get,
R not normally respond call
his country to go to heaven through good his tits.
Jokes; you?
But then what?
Why when things were going well
we do not need God?
Become his own god.
lot with what we have; i
He becomes the last thing on our minds .
And yet i,
after However,
God, in love, in love
d ,
Allow difficulties OF THE s between
in our life, but not torture our s,
But as we awaken s .
He will do everything he can for me
; and thou
s missing from Heaven
even if this means w i.
Because we loved thee.
What kind of garbage is; that?
Las - m s - explain.
Yes, - me explain.
I have - explain.
He wanted
c say God is sovereign.
God is sovereign?
He took her mother,
on my wife.
That v d c not bother.
How can i s pass
sight of; something?
longer stay there
s i s your favorite pig those tories.
What is his purpose in someone's death?
Where is the divine plan of God in this?
No, I know!
No, I know that is his plan.
But, I know; I think he has one
Mother, knew this, why did not you
i po?
know something, stuff Church
S no
not hear of; something.
I do not wanna hear about
speaking pastor last Sunday.
Tat .
And you pray
s i s cite; your Bible
When I'm not around .
Ready, up here.
Not want.
not listen to what I say and -.
I tried.
Here's the problem,
does not want m not listen.
I said.
I tried, that is.
Yes, I tried.
I do not even;
know what do.
I think any counseling
not; and pointless.
Did not happen d s
a; something in the near future.
P Store is free?
Lord, it is very difficult
Help - m s example
son needs.
Father, I need your strength
; and perseverance .
All s n ruIe, Lord; and only You can save her c snicia this.
I need you, Lord, for thy power
I can and keep .
Good , you have less leisure?
Yes, sure.
In .
Let s see what he says.
F You cut the estimate?
There is little expensive?
Damages are great, Shawn.
However i is too much.
That's it.
Dave, if this i would have happened ie,
no you did not have money and you pl; ti.
You tell me.
I can not pl TESC this.
Why is a; a lot?
lady, I can not fix
you fly, the less for that.
But I did not take money ATA.
I can not - them all once TESC pl .
Perhaps only in installments.
I can accept rates now.
I need all the money
before starting work.
Think you him for a day or two
Call him m i a i m s .
If m not contacted you consider
c i g site to someone else.
I've called all the time
;, none is free.
I had a hand s for s
give you.
What do I do now?
That's it.
S announced to him.
You were rough with price stand.
You could however i s cut from it.
Shawn i i payments tit
bills, just like her.
Yeah, you're right.
Speaking of bills,
I laid eyes on a project and I want bid on it.
If we go
you out of the pit that is, you.
If n stand
let us s b g m.
I hope we catch this work.
It's something that we need both.
We'll be fine.
Yeah, if you say .
Too much to bear,
not to; the?
You told Grandpa
u t about this?
Least I spoke on the phone,
But not about this.
You should words; you with him in person
Because if anyone knew the tat
t l u, u t that's grandfather.
Tata is a
; to lose.
Pure i do not;
know how to fix things .
Steven, tat l t p u was still day Anat not yet
; Survey.
I could not do it - s s mow the grass, but there -
i do homework.
I s You can not fix anything.
What shall I do
if s are f r power?
C I did not say it; you f r power.
I said i po
c s not fix anything for him.
Then what should I do?
If he does not understand, how -
I help him?
you responsible for what you do in life that,
Not making tat t l u.
God cares
is up here, down here.
I am b installments.
I f already cut choices.
Tat u l t i f he cut his own,
now you must make them yours.
But if you do not
right choice?
Not always; we know that.
But we read the Word
i s c believe God
us guidance of it to make the right choice
whatever it may be.
How is he?
What is it ?
P i,
hardly sleeps, and works 24 of 24.
It was a tough month ,
but you did it village.
But that does not mean
c is u, t.
This is not something that does it for me,
But I can not have d
how to destroy himself.
should know that s m please, i do, but...
No longer; know what they do.
You must
something happen quickly.
You must
happen, something good.
No, I know, I lose patience very quickly
r .
You successful; however it i s
get up here.
God sends r
answer after his hour, after not ours.
What will I do?
What is this, Dave?
Nc a bank account?
A; you purchased the rat bike?
and when you were going there - me?
I was not going.
and you wonder what goes
our relationship .
C never thought you would be interested.
Do not tell me about things dynasty,
It is that i like i min
me in front .
you know something?
That's mine.
Dave, we have problems
; and you are not able; e; s you solve them.
I can still fix things s i s can not save us,
I no longer; know what they do.
I should go.
S m going somewhere.
Dave Corwin?
Steven, Jesus is the way, truth
ber; s life.
On m sur
you study the Bible, and it cau and the Lord
I pray that his Word change
s i s transform
Your life, just as
has changed mine.
Although love
God, I gre; it has, the much
'm So nervous.
Why you should
s take it from me?
s I can not do anything alone
I need help T u,
I need
s - You drive me life.
I was revving be worried
s i s - be afraid .
I have more bills than I need.
My son loves m;'re a; a much
And I do not; I know -
s i t c would love him.
i; m You know that loves; ti.
If I want life, take it.
it is all yours.
Hello, how are you?
Steven may have least
talk to you?
I have not been a good father ,
or pattern for you.
I behaved badly, you, mad, you.
I wrong; it very much.
Last night, I talked to God, and I told him if
c like my life was can take.
How often have you tried -
I would his path.
But I have refused.
I'm r u.
Things will change between me, and you, Steven.
I hope c
m you'll be able to forgive.
I love my son very much.
Dave, that's great.
It's amazing.
you realize how many times I prayed
together with Jen
Here in the office that day that they come ?
What God does is amazing.
Now you promise from God that c "r farewell"
Whom you took from Jen
p here on earth,
Is now a temporary one.
its day will come, I will come
Each again
'll go to heaven.
But who will meet in heaven, Dave?
You'll see her again Jen.
That is why the Bible says c November increase, Tinie
m sad, of course c do.
Because we are humans.
But we m saddened that
those who did not have any hope .
Bible tells us that one day we will meet again
loved ones in heaven.
Is not it amazing?
Jen tried - tell me about Jesus much
Jen era, to the faithful .
M look at Jen, and I said:
do the right thing.
Do the right thing.
Do the best thing.
I looked, and my son, Steven.
know him, know him so well
Example was right in front of me,
to take it, my child.
keep all try
; i m pushing from behind,
m as they encourage
both f ceau this.
But I climb in the truck m
; i m went to work.
know that u will not be; or,
But the peace that we now
C tells me it will be better.
My Relationship with Steven
countries will Ret more.
On m sur as time passes, bad change
will show countries.
A i f You cut
all this?
Yeah, mostly.
You'll be here later?
I have to us; you organized things,
but I will not stay long.
Do you have any plans?
What is it?
ie even like
to church, not to, huh?
Yes, very much.
know, his mother was the
pl serve.
Do not have much free time from hospital
But when have there
t i he wanted to be.
I miss her.
Yes, I know,
; i me is me.
How long have you supported?
I want to say that
else would be waived.
I never could.
I mean , I wanted to do.
There were many times when I was
furious and frustrated because of your
But I, knew that if I give up,
Jesus would not do it.
I'm proud of you.
I really am.
I f cut us; things that you
them; be forgiven if they would be f cut others.
But you stood by me as long
I respect you for that.
- I should say something.
We are in danger of being give them out of the house .
How, huh?
crazy when your mother died.
M mean
duty at the funeral.
It's a lot of money.
i did not realize it until
when he had a pl s TESC.
I never realized how lazy
; I was sitting year.
I succeeded; it, my life
changed too quickly.
No f job to barge; the right way,
not check m c r a s; it was supposed to.
know, your mother was there when needed
to help when he could.
Even if work at the hospital, bringing home
ity half of our income.
know, not too -
I wanted to call him that.
I was afraid
s not scare you.
That's why you all f cut
worry for the work that big?
I thought
c will be less aid
C s will help us get back.
Shawn knowledge; you someone involved
; i hope that will arrange everything.
How was your weekend?
I changed my life.
Mine was not too cool.
I went to purchase r tourists Sunday
i forgot c Elul in the house.
and completely destroyed the living room couch.
I think you had fun
until you f clean cut?
Yeah, what say.
I thought my
take her them a s; supports.
He came home i was just over
all material.
- I can not support dogs.
- No children are not u work; oar .
I, and I ap something?
Yes, it is in front .
Yeah, no children is not u, t.
know i do this.
We are not preparing your i,
at least I'm not.
What's up?
What's with that bible?
I just started to read.
I hope now n a s s - begin my sermon?
S - and preach?
Yeah, ii p My parents tried everything
put me on the neck
While I was small.
Never not cut my payments.
Do not tell me this until now .
Probably not
I had to say.
There are only bad memories.
know, no car m not talking to p
ii my parents.
My mother'll call
from time to time
S see what do i s - tell me
status of my father.
That's about all.
's Status?
has a heart problem.
I do not; I know what it is, just
c has been to the hospital because of it.
Shawn, I did not say that until you've
- Sometimes I'll call.
- Sometimes?
- Can we change the subject?
- Sure.
Only if we succeed ; it was his say something.
We arrived at no common ground.
That was not discourage you.
You have succeeded; it when you put a home run the first time
arm candy , big deal.
I look - me a raise, hold that the f
cut it; I will be impressed.
However, I feel that park
I will not talk to him about it.
Jokes; you?
Will be easier; t.
Converse laid they are always good,
before they interact again.
Believe me,
it is a good thing.
Who p father of here
me or you?
I think both ;
know who the father of p here.
Way, is repetition to sketch
tomorrow, may live; and you.
I do not have time
but can you go there.
Yes, why not.
We'll find out if we
phase out the work.
So tomorrow is the big day?
Yeah, they are less thoughtfully.
Do not be
a s be fine.
- You succeeded; it was live.
- Yes, I'm here.
You; and Maggie, ie
I i i together...
Quite often, not to, huh?
Come tell me.
What do you think?
know that is more than a mere
No, tat , you think there's any
a; a.
Steven is my son
i know you long time.
Okay, you want
s words; you down.
- V d ui how you and her.
- We're just friends.
Have you talked to her?
I mean you meant it?
No, I did not talk, okay?
Not too;
know how call.
We are so good friends, and I do not want seem strange.
There is nothing strange about that, son.
You are an i
friends when you ; know.
It's not like i
how the relationship could destroy overnight.
Okay, thank.
What are you going s doing?
like her,
it is a wonderful person .
M 'll do.
Park s must be working, right?
See you later, okay?
Okay, I see.
keep in mind, you have 10 years.
Words, by Maggie.
- Dave, Dave Corwin?
- Yes.
C M glad I met you.
- Kevin M call.
- Good, how are you?
I hope better
after that I'll talk to you.
is desperate about her house.
Has some problems to structure i m wondering
if you have less time to go
s its opinion the figure p i s i a aju.
What are the damages and said?
I told has a hole in the cover
From flowing into pieces t Kitchen
destroys plasterboard; show her ugly.
A call someone, but
attempted to burn a pre .
M wondering if you
less time to go s door and you?
Bid at outbuilding, and that's my priority.
longer it lasts until
must receive ve; ti.
It was
go there right now?
Dave, that would be super.
I wrote name, her address.
Even its thank.
No problem.
You must go, my daughter immediately
finish the song.
How was it?
Even better, it can handle
whole world well.
How many more you have to repeat them?
I think three, but I
a; a great emotion.
I do not.
Each of you makes them a good job .
- You think so?
- Yes, certainly .
You'll be in front of your Church,
E s if you give the bar
you do in front of them.
There are people in you, not to, huh?
Not even, of embarrassing.
Come on, Maggie, was go.
What's the rush?
I go with Mom to purchase r tourists,
must go.
Okay, see you later
- Ceau.
- Ceau.
God, why here?
Dave, I've, you great.
V ber my knowledge it; you
those with outhouse.
They have suggested i said if
c a house we can have.
I can not come.
But if stall,
may cancel the decision.
Not realize its importance that has everything?
Sarah keep house, the
that I was less harsh?
The one you've been less harsh?
S get over it.
Else can not get our hands on s house?
i s meet you; you
with them tomorrow.
You prepare your documents
; I will make necessary situation.
I'll tell you something.
Meet Sarah's house when you're done, just do not sit
; to far.
What are you doing?
F 's not worry, just come here
No, I know why
sent you here.
I can pl you,
i've never said that.
- Here is ruin christmas?
- Yes, there.
Now that damage occurred
it will cost more than before.
Here's what we do:
Know someone who makes those, and things that i us
Will come here next following days v
to solve the problem.
- We will do everything for free.
- Free, words; you serious?
My company will take care of this, I will contact
after I leave.
Talk to you later.
I need to fix this as quickly
, thank.
Thank Joe.
What about you?
I'll get its work
year, and you m at i ponds .
Shawn had to be
a more prominent place.
What is more important that that work?
What about bills that you have to pl you; you?
Not you realize how lucky
e; ti c gave him an extra day.
I know, but I felt
c God wanted me here.
May leave - m ,
what happens to you?
d v First Bible in me; your machine
; I now abandon him in this work.
However i, why is; it here?
Because s must make things right.
What if i has problems
Issues they should either; a large
If you have not kept
as pre.
That's why I help m free.
Never f have not cut
things dynasty.
- Now they are different.
- Yes, of; e; ti.
Shawmut henceforth a s m
- honor the service of our Lord .
know something, you start s p become like my parents ii
talking about Jesus.
- I'm outta here.
- Shawn.
- Sun - m when its brain recover.
- Shawn, Shawn.
What happens ?
The reason I talk to you s,
I want to ask you something.
- M wondering if...
- Do not bi gr.
If not somehow, could...
It's about you; and Maggie?
Son, the risen
them together small children
Have been part of our family
if you want to Board; and Maggie
s as a knowledge; you better have my consent
i think e;
your man.
What do you do here?
Talking about sports, and favorite teams,
How well plays when they match.
- See you later?
- Good.
We will continue gave another .
I f pl cut required.
We talk later.
See you,
talk later.
Okay, bye.
S should not either; the harder.
S should not either; the harder.
What are you doing?
I wanted to apologize
- earlier.
I said we;
things that you did not have to say .
Stay lines; tit,
not worry.
No, not right .
I sat him past
s mastery st put on me
I n dezl I forget you.
You must door and past
of all I should ; I know that.
Not only that,
you; you are my best friend.
I really wanted d c s v
things go better for you.
i v d you're risking
stand in the way.
Even must go
to the house of that woman?
There God wanted s son.
I could not say no.
I have not heard dynasty from you?
Because Jen wanted much
s - me say this,
But I never understood.
- always tried to tell me how much
loves me; you Jesus.
And i; i and i,
I wanted to listen .
go to church; I have a big smile on his face
Str Park glistened, but I do not understand
, I could not.
Park was furious that she had something
more than me.
I have rejected it.
Shawn, I think
biggest thing I rejected
C was that she needed Jesus
more than me.
I just came
s - apologize.
Okay, thank you for coming
c s talk.
See you tomorrow at work?
Way, say hello to your
take her from me.
I have not seen you for a long .
Ok, I have do.
S have a good night.
It was, of what you thought?
I was scared when she came.
I thought and i will ipa
See what happens when you worry
- him, how is Maggie?
- Do not start.
S leave you?
Po i did not condemn c ask.
I talked to him her father.
With Dan
you talked to Dan?
I thought if
c e s ask her hour ;,
Must ,
know that it her father agrees.
him what he said?
I accepted as part of the family
i said,
C is honored to work even stand.
Check on concern?
Tomorrow go to the stake bitterly?
What or ?
I think at 6.30.
Tomorrow I'll go m
meet Grandpa t u .
And after that s
must talk with the client.
I must catch
this work.
It was very nice what you f cut for that family.
You needed courage.
I never assumed such a risk.
That's why is called; you faith.
Yes, I received the letter.
I thought I had more time.
How effective time do I have?
What else can they do ?
Well, hello.
My son is just a house ,
family is more important.
Yes, but it was Jen's house.
It was our minul c .
Perhaps we p orders.
I, like
s r I now answer.
I spoke with Steven
from that i work.
Not always have answers r.
But we have the ability to go
to the One who has r answers,
That we will not always
d what we want, when we want,
Or whatever we want, but we believe he never
c not wrong; it thee.
How good was if I thought
a; a mother when she died.
That was the hardest moment for me
I wondered if God
is there, if I ; tie pain.
But, he knew even; tia.
It was there.
It has used her death as
c s show me is there; i c m loves thee.
Jen When he died, I accused
Because all he wanted
s do was to talk .
A wanted me there; I know who is
i who would have wanted to be.
And I m any car I wanted s
have to do with it.
All I remember it.
If me; be f cut time
Stay with her s i s listen,
I do not think would be perfect cut accident.
I think the only thing
your mother; and Jen
I wanted was you -
s L i ACCEP Christ.
i f you cut it,
f you cut it.
i would be very proud of yourself
; and Steven
S not this door and never
I'm r u tat ,
is Shawn, do you mind?
R respond.
Shawn, what is it?
- Dave...
- What is Shawn?
- Man.
- What is it ?
No, I know how - say.
I have not received outhouse.
I have not received
were r zgndit.
Shawn, I really
m headed toward them.
Ast day I s m meet them.
Had been living first meeting.
I told c might be
s r zgndeasc.
- I talked about this.
- know.
Dave, stop;
know how help.
P i , still have time
Save m s house.
But if po not it?
F I did all I could.
Everything is in God's hands.
If s can do something,
s m s i.
A; the will.
What begins
Sunday or the church?
At 10
You want to go?
I thought.
not nc; know what they do.
I think should go.
Nc not, know.
Maybe I'll do something else.
I hope we'll see you there.
Maybe we'll see.
Toward trying s
have a nice weekend.
Talk to you later.
- Tata.
- Steven.
S I'm glad you're d.
If all is; it here,
is a letter for you in my box.
No, I know of who he is,
but came this morning .
- I was taking him .
- Ok.
Drag David, I, and with it we can not take account
How God changed her life.
G joy that you sit in the Lord is a blessing
for Sunday, and we are glad to
; i s have you with us.
I called my sister
i told you f cut for her.
I want to thank him for
- generosity would tat my family.
S m c I hope the Lord will help us turn our -
s favor.
Again thank the Lord and bless
; i thee; and son t u .
Love, Kevin.
Come least.
Yes, tat , what is it?
It was in his box po; tal?
There has m; expected.
Do not get tickets it.
If people who informed them, you notice the change means
c is good.
Do you think Shawn will appear bad tomorrow?
I really do not, know.
Bad not really interested p.
You must to, expectations
m i s see what happens .
Tat , see you later.
Well, son, we'll talk later.
- Ceau.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Ceau.
So you succeed; it.
I was not me.
- What do you do after - this table?
- Nothing Why ?
- Want to ie, im in time;?
- Sure.
Do you have time, ok.
Numa least s
arrange things here i go.
- Okay.
- Super.
M glad you came.
It's been a while since
I have not been to church .
Not for me n u were
; s or begin again.
I must do something.
I'll i s hand for future
if it's ok for you.
Yes, call well.
- See you tomorrow at work.
- Good.
Good , mam.
I'm fine,
dad is there?
Can I talk to him?
Good , drag.
I'm r u c
I have not visited, of how it should have.
know that I was the husband
which had to be .
I missed so much.
Steven fend great.
I raised a wonderful son.
A; I have wanted to be here
s - see him grow thee.
I love you.
I always
p layer here, and here.
"The other hand, know that all
things work together
for good to them
who love God,
; namely the good
those who are called upon
after plan S u." Romans 8:28