Stane (2023) Movie Script

- Morning.
- Morning.
- Excited?
- Yes.
You earned it.
Just remember, send anyone home
who doesn't have papers.
It's better not to have them
at the site today.
There is less copper than we estimated.
- How much?
- Couple of hundred k.
- Couple of hundred.
- I know.
- Shall I increase the budget?
- No.
No one needs to know
we made a mistake.
Marko's suit is still in your closet?
Do you need anything from home?
I read your speech.
And its great.
Good, good.
Oh and the offer came in.
So I've sent out a counter,
and we'll sign it latest tomorrow.
That will be great.
Today we celebrate!
He regrets it.
- Okay?
- Yeah.
I spoke with him, man to man,
and he really, really regrets it.
Tell me.
- Shall I lift up her hair?
- Yes.
Show her beautiful neck.
Dont fuck around.
Marriage and family business
are the same.
We all gave up something.
Why do you think youre different than us?
Was it worth it?
Of course it was.
Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your Name,
your kingdom come,
your will be done,
on earth as in heaven.
Give us today our daily bread.
Forgive us our trespasses
You had your haircut.
- I won't go on stage.
- You have to.
There's no why, you have to.
- But why?
- Enough!
Youll do great.
Youll do great, come on.
- Can I go to excavator?
- Yes, I'll take you there.
I bless this corner stone of the biggest
Croatian church in North America.
God and the Croats!
Gather around, gentlemen, please.
Were taking photos just now
but its clearly been under
construction for past six months.
Thank you, Father - Stane.
Stjepan, come here.
Bless us now.
Good evening, everyone.
Good evening.
I remember...
When we immigrated
to the U.S. 30 years ago,
It was really hard to
imagine gathering like this.
Back then we could have all fit
inside my kitchen. And look at us now!
We are celebrating the beginning
of the construction on our church.
It is a new chapter of this community.
It is a new chapter in our family business.
Our daughter Stane...
Stane, my dear.
Please, stand up.
Stane is taking over the company.
As the Bible says:
If I spoke all the languages of man
and of angels and I had no love,
I would be brass that vails,
or a cymbal that rattles.
If I had the gift of prophecy
and knew all mysteries
and all knowledge of the world
and if I had all the faith
to move mountains,
but I didn't have love,
I would be nothing.
Stane, stop!
You go inside.
He regrets it, huh?
- Calm down.
- Wait, let me explain it to you, Stane.
For every one of us.
- Stane will say a few words.
- Im here!
Here she is.
I'll take the microphone, here. Thank you.
Good evening, everyone!
How are you feeling, good?
Look, I...
I had a speech ready this morning.
But a lot has changed since then so,
so I'll just improvise a bit.
I will improvise too.
I've been in this business
for quite a long time
and I didn't learn from watching.
I learned from
being on site with all of you.
And I...
I'm ready.
Trust me, I'm ready.
Thank you.
And I'll make this bigger and better
than you would ever have.
So... You don't have to come up here.
He's not really needed anymore.
You can just take the back door.
You're not needed.
A pretty name Stane, Stane,
Im not done.
God bless her.
I'm not done with this.
A pretty name Stane, Stane,
God bless her.
A pretty name Stjepan, Stjepan,
God bless him.
A pretty name Stjepan, Stjepan,
God bless him.
Many years may they be happy together
Many years may they live.
Many years may they be happy together.
Many years may they live.
Cheers for Stjepan and Stane!
Look at me!
Look at me!
Are you proud?