Star (2024) Movie Script

[Old Tamil song playing on radio]
Appa, that's enough.
We're running late.
I'm almost done. Chin up!
Final touch!
I was instructed to arrive early.
Everyone else would have arrived.
Final touch. Close your eyes.
There you go!
Now, all that remains is the mustache.
Where is... the mustache?
Son, have you seen the mustache?
You asked me to close my eyes.
Yeah, I did.
I reckon... I left it here.
What's with all the commotion?
Nothing, Ma, go back to sleep!
Hey, Kamala!
Are you still asleep?
- My son is looking for something.
- Where did it go?
Wake up and help him look.
Why haven't you left yet?
The event is at 08:00 a.m., and you're
still rattling things around the house.
The mustache is missing!
Is it difficult for you
to even hold on to a mustache?
What's the point of sporting one anyway?
I've lost the spirit now.
Everyone else should have arrived by now.
Why is my grandson crying?
Do you still peg yourself
to be a new bride?
- Shut up, Ma.
- Get down and help.
Atrocious your mother.
Amma, look, Appa messed it up.
Stop whining! Come here.
Hold on a moment.
Dear, did you see the mustache?
Appa, please let me sleep in peace.
I can draw a mush with this kohl.
Appa! Appa! Appa!
Let me draw.
- Don't ruin it!
- Stubborn kid!
What happened?
It's getting late.
I can draw a mush on his face.
A drawn-on mustache
would ruin flawless makeup.
That won't work.
Do as you please.
It looks like
you guys are going to miss it.
Is this why he learned
those lines by heart?
Wake up, lazy bones.
Kalai, look at me.
An actor,
with his acting prowess,
has the power
to make people forget anything.
Can't you make the audience
forget about your mustache?
All those lost
in your exceptional performance
should overlook your missing mustache.
If you succeed in hiding your mustache
you're the winner!
Listen, you left your camera behind.
Give it.
- Amma, bye.
- Come home for lunch.
- Ta-ta.
- Bye.
[old song playing on radio]
Don't worry about it.
You'll nail the performance.
- How is your mother?
- She's fine now.
- Good to hear.
- Hey, Hero!
Looking dapper!
Stop sassing, uncle.
After you win, come to my shop.
[host] Next on stage is
Kalaiarasan as Mahakavi Bharathiyar.
How come there's no mustache
to Bharathiyar?
"Those who scavenge for their next meal."
"Engage in worthless gossip
and petty talks."
Their minds have...
"Their minds have wilted
with disparity and agony."
"Indulge in acts to harm others."
"Turn senile old man with grey hair."
"And then would succumb
to cruel fate of death."
"Like those clowns whom I disdain."
"Did you think I'd fall prey
and accept defeat?"
Even if I stand as my own foe
My dreams remain undefeated
Even with a riddled heart
My soul finds no rest
- Did the first bell ring?
- Yes, it did.
- Son, what happened to the ticket?
- Fifty rupees!
Fifty Rupees?
It is Superstar's movie!
No argument here.
Just two tickets?
What about Shalini?
What about my demand?
Hey, give him what he wants.
Why don't you do it?
He asked you specifically.
He's a freaking junior.
Think of him as your little brother
and be done with it.
Hurry up!
- Come on, let's go.
- Don't you need the tickets?
Oh, God!
- Keep moving, dude.
- Maintain a straight line.
- Sir, sir, sir!
- Why the long hair?
Sir, Padaiyappa movie ticket
is in my pocket!
- Alright, go.
- Thank you, Sir.
Do you think I'm unaware of your plans?
If anyone dares to take an off tomorrow...
You will have to bring your parents
to meet the Headmaster.
It's better you all come prepared
for your revision test tomorrow.
She's a woman of her word.
Pity them and refund their ticket money.
- I made a mistake trusting you guys.
- Hey! Hey, Kalai!
No way!
Here she comes.
- Stand up!
- Good morning, teacher.
Kalai! Stand up!
I'm talking to you!
Remain standing until my class ends.
- Have you prepared for the test?
- Yes, teacher.
Put your books away
and take out pen and paper.
Erm... students,
please leave immediately.
School is closed for the day!
Hey, what did you do?
Let's all go for the movie.
- Hurry up, students.
- What happened, ma'am?
I have no idea.
Someone pretending
to be Superstar Rajini...
called and claimed to have planted
a bomb in the school.
- Bhai, when will be the results out?
- It will be out soon.
Please wait.
Hey, hero!
Did you come by yourself?
Where's Pandi, uncle?
He's at the temple,
praying for me to get good grades.
No doubt, you will score big.
Listen, Captain's movie "Vallarasu"
has been released, shall we go?
Shall we catch the night show?
- Which theatre?
- Albert theatre.
That's enough.
Sister, he's the guy I mentioned.
He's my savior.
- Guys, the results are out!
- Sister, let's go!
Hey, make way!
Hero, who is this guy?
Good morning, sir.
Have you prepared for the exam?
How about you, sir?
Well, so did I.
Green pen it is.
Oh no, I don't have a red pen.
Sir, sir... I just need another minute.
- Sir, can't you be responsible?
- Students!
Only half an hour left.
Hurry up!
- Sir, sir, sir...
- Hurry up!
Sir, I beg of you. Please, sir.
Only five minutes left.
- Did you finish?
- How about you, sir?
- Then...
- Tie up your answer sheets.
You've finished, too.
Tie up! Tie up the sheets!
- Will you clear the examination?
- Are you kidding, sir?
I will score higher than you.
Care to explain?
Don't take offense.
You should...
...improve your handwriting, sir!
70, 71, 70, 71, 70, 71!
Are you kidding me?
You dumb fellow!
You claimed you aced your exams.
You are fit for nothing!
Well done!
Congratulations, hero! Super!
You nailed it!
- Guys, how much did you score?
- Only, 1023.
I only scored 1040.
71, 70, 71, 70, 71, 70!
How are you so happy, sir?
We have cleared the exams, sir.
But you wrote with colorful pens, sir.
That's what helped us clear it.
I have told everyone
that I will be the school topper.
You are a poor judge of character.
Hey, Gulabi!
Come home.
I will ask Amma to be ready!
My mother's choke slam
is waiting for me at home.
Is Undertaker his mother?
He copied, and on top of it,
he's going overboard.
Give him a movie,
and he'll stay up all night watching it.
The cinema won't put food
on your table.
Your father has spoiled you rotten.
Don't you dare set foot in the house.
To hell with it!
Ma, why would you do this?
- Please calm down.
- Don't support that useless fellow.
What's the purpose of attending
so many coaching classes?
The neighbor's kid is playful, too.
Yet he scored good grades.
You'll see my dark side
if anyone dares feed him in this house.
Don't take it to your heart.
Have some coffee.
He feels no guilt.
70, 71, 70, 71
As if it's a phone number.
You won't succeed in life.
Why are you yelling at my grandson?
Just wait and watch.
He'll become a star.
Oh, no!
You old hag! Step out of your room,
and I'll deal with you.
What is it?
I have no interest in engineering.
Cinema is my passion.
So, I decided
to pursue Visual Communication.
Devoid of rose bouquets
Yet we are heroes
No Maestro's music
Yet we are Superstars
No introduction song
No Hero's dash
No heroic dance
Still, we stand as heroes!
We don't require Action! or Cut!
We are heroes forever
When theatres turn into colleges
We are always toppers
Unheard are the whistles
Unseen are the glances at us
No one gave us a push
Yet, we have risen as heroes
Earth blossoms for me
Its fragrance is profound!
The rain descends on me
As if it's sending a message
The sky brightens for me
Showing a world that is mine
Amidst all of it
Is never-ending music!
No dramatic action scenes
We still shine as stars
No romantic or kissing scenes
Yet we are heroes
No wings, no feathers
But that doesn't stop us
My sky is within me
It opens up as I take flight
As I start playing
The Earth is my football
I will win effortlessly
Find another one like me
Is life just an exam
To aimlessly fill up the pages?
All of us are heroes
And every scene is heroic
Dreams are limitless
Energy is boundless
When every turning teaches us
What use are libraries?
Chin up, slightly!
Strike a pose.
That's enough, Pa.
Every birthday, you bring me here
to take pictures.
But you never show them to me.
You strike a pose.
I will show you this time.
Good enough?
Pandian, Sir!
Let me click him at least this year.
I don't think you can do it.
Fine, at least use my camera.
No, thanks!
Neither he'll use your camera.
Nor will he show me the pictures
he clicked.
Don't bother.
A little to your left.
Hey, tie it well.
Hey, what's happening?
Tomorrow is the Fresher's Day.
So lame!
- Idiot!
- I won't come.
Not coming?
Then I won't come either.
- Which year?
- Fresher.
He's being cheesy.
What Gulabi?
Kalai said you won't come today.
- There will be freshers today
- especially girls.
My plan was to score alone.
Are you losing your confidence?
You misunderstood me.
I don't want them to see you
as my friend.
Thank you!
Why did you lie?
Because this is my confidence level.
Rocking belt!
Hey, just one more spin.
- Let go of my bag.
- It's fun! Just once more.
Let go of me. Let go!
Just once more.
Let go! Let go!
I am relentlessly waiting for you
Why this delay, my dear?
I've forgotten how to sleep
And lost all my dreams
I could spot you among
The brightest flowers in my garden
I forgot my existence
When you became my world!
There is no other pain
Or pleasure than you!
I am a cat on the wall now
You are the pleasant memory
Locked in my diary
As your eyes smile at me
My heart flutters away
- Hello!
- Don't you see I'm sleeping?
Hello Kitty!
Who is that guy?
Mech, Siva!
He's a final-year student.
Won't the past
Just present itself now?
My desires are endless
Even when you are with me.
Even the white clouds are pouring
Because of you
Your fish-like eyes
Have stolen my bait
Who is that guy?
He is our junior. ECE second year.
He is acting too smart.
Let's boo him!
Hey, get down!
Get off the stage.
Bloody, get off the stage.
Hey, get off the stage.
- That's it!
- It's boring, dude.
Come in!
Sir, come in. Please sit down.
Sir, I didn't come here to sit.
- Ask him to come in. We need to talk.
- You wait here.
- Wait here.
- I'll call him in.
- Call him in.
- Come in, sir.
- Finally, you're here.
- Sir!
- Sir, what's happening?
- Is this how you raise your son?
Sir, please wait.
- The college should take responsibility.
- He assaulted my son.
- Sir, please wait.
- The college must take action...
First, sort this out.
- Oh, no!
- Sir, what happened?
- Heart attack!
- Somebody get some water!
- Get some water.
- Give him some air.
Call the PT master!
I'm not able to breathe.
Oh, no!
I don't know what's happening.
- Someone call for an ambulance.
- I need two ambulances.
Someone call the PT master.
Come on, hurry up.
- Hurry up!
- What happened, sir?
You're to be blamed!
- Be careful.
- I'm not going to make it.
Move aside!
- I don't think I'm going to make it.
- Is the ambulance ready?
What do you say? Did I nail it?
You were a tad too much.
The name is Meera Malarkodi.
But you prefer not to be
called Malarkodi.
You love your Amma's cooking.
So you don't share it with anyone.
You love cricketer Ganguly
because you're left-handed as well.
You love to sleep more.
You will be angry
if someone tries to wake you up.
Be fair!
I've been in a trance
since I spotted that beautiful girl.
Now, as I sing the song
I wrote to woo her
and if someone tries to interrupt
should I beat him up or not?
You seem to know a lot...
I have an older brother, didn't you know?
The person you thrashed
is my brother.
Oh, my God!
That's my brother-in-law!
Not just my left...
even my right is strong.
Hey, kitty cat!
You will regret slapping me.
You will apologize, too.
What's up, Machan?
The first meeting seemed
too intense and intimate.
You noticed?
To whom are you asking this question?
Kalai, did you ask me?
Damn you, people!
Hey, are you Meera?
How dare you slap him?
We've been after him
for a whole year.
And you jump the line
and show off.
Are you mad?
Did you even give a closer look?
He's so suave and good-looking.
Moreover, he made the first move.
How could you even think
to slap him?
He's such a sweetheart.
I come to college
just to gaze into his eyes.
I'm still single. Scoot!
Is he really that good-looking?
What are you doing over here?
I'm speaking to you.
What are you doing here?
I heard you felt terrible
for not apologizing to me.
I felt terrible, too.
So, you can apologise now.
What nonsense?
How did you get inside my room?
Leave now before my dad finds out.
I don't care who you call out.
But first, apologise.
Hey! Do you peg yourself... be some kind of a hero?
I'm gonna call my dad now.
Go ahead, Malarkodi!
Yes, Appa?
Who left the ladder here?
Uh... ladder?
How do I know?
I just got back from college
- Shankara!
- Yes, Sir.
- Remove the ladder from here.
- Sure, Sir.
What the hell are you doing?
Are you a cat person?
They are removing the ladder.
Please leave soon.
You haven't apologized yet.
Oh, no!
Sorry, sorry, sorry!
Why so many sorry?
Why so loud?
Finally, the right tone.
I forgive you.
Oh, no!
Where is the ladder?
The ladder isn't here?
I feel bad for you.
Now you'll have to take care of me
for the night.
Inspiring devotional songs
for devotees.
Not bad.
Hey, Karnan!
- Hey, don't open it!
- My dad's favorite...
Actually, it's my favorite.
Porn inside Karnan?!
Now I know...
why you sleep a lot on the bus.
Shut up! Can we sleep?
I thought we could sleep
watching "Karnan" together.
[Hums a song from the movie "Karnan"]
Today, we're going to study about AC/DC.
This fan works on alternate current.
This the classroom.
- That's the difference between AC and DC.
- Go ahead, Sir.
- Yes tell me!
- I'm Pandian.
I'm Kalai's father.
His mother...
What happened, Pa?
Kalai... your mother...
- What happened to Amma?
- Be careful, sir!
Kalai, please take him.
Come, let's go home.
Okay, let's get back to the class.
Don't be proud.
This is over acting as well.
Over acting?
How did you find out?
This time, I was spot on!
- Until you said, "Your mom", it was okay.
- Okay.
The way you nudged the table
exposed you.
Oh, come on, give me a break.
That is subtle acting, my son.
Not overacting.
Is that so?
This generation won't get it.
If it were Shivaji Ganesan,
this is how he would have done it.
What was the ruse for?
Oh, I forgot about that.
Take a look.
Someone from this company called.
- You sent your photo, right?
- Yes.
They have asked you to
come for an audition right away.
They'll rusticate me from the college.
Let's go.
Unaccompanied individuals
were promptly turned away.
I feel like I've been kept waiting
since I came with you.
What's your opinion?
Exactly, that is my luck.
You be quiet,
looks like we caught a big fish.
Sir can we have
another round of auditions tomorrow?
I'm sure we'll be done today.
Don't bother.
Sir, how come?
You have trained your son so well.
He was fantastic!
Fixed! His role in the film is fixed.
So how much shall I quote?
- Around 4 or 5?
- Didn't I tell you?
Let's say 5!
Sir, please arrange for 5 lakhs.
In our movie, your son is the Hero.
So, son, are you happy?
Are you happy?
You are caught.
The big fish is you.
Pay them 5 lakhs.
The hero will wait outside.
Sir, why don't you act?
You got the looks for it.
Hey, Kalai!
How come you are here?
- I get it.
- Get lost!
Let it go, Meera. It's fine!
Meera, what happened?
I'm speaking to you!
When we were rehearsing for cultural,
that rascal Vikki...
took inappropriate pictures
of Meera.
Poor Meera.
He's sharing that picture
with the entire college.
Hey! Where are those photos?
Kalai, why are you beating him up?
Let go of him.
Kalai! Hear me out, Kalai!
Hey! The picture has been
confiscated from him.
- Hey! Hey!
- Please!
Who allowed you to wear
such outfits to the college?
What so you think of yourselves?
Our college has a reputation.
Don't ruin it.
They are rehearsing hip-hop.
It can't be performed wearing a saree.
Oh, is it?
And what about you?
You are behaving like a rowdy
in the college.
I'm suspending both of you.
Girls, you are crossing your limits!
During this year's cultural,
girls won't perform.
May be you can sing
or play some instruments.
But, strictly no dance!
You may leave now!
He clicked my pictures.
You fought with him.
But we are forbidden from performing.
Why do you aspire to become an actor?
I like it, Pa.
You like it?
If you're after fame and money...
that is being selfish.
When you refrain from being selfish,
that's Art!
More than those who create it,
it belongs only to those
who consume it.
Art has the power to catalyze
any kind of societal change.
To change something,
you must first transform yourself.
You can get millions to listen.
- But you hit him in anger
- what happens now?
What if he had hit you back?
What if something happened to your face?
What could you do then?
Don't you...
want to become an actor?
Who is this girl?
Ask her to get off the stage.
Sir, that's not a girl.
It's a boy.
Strictly no dance!
Strictly no dance!
Way to go Melody!
Way to go Melody!
Here comes Melody!
She is an angel!
Here comes Melody!
She's going to light up the stage
Hey, step aside
Let melody groove
Move! Move!
Just move! Move!
Here comes Melody!
Beat the drum loudly!
Strictly no dance!
Here comes Melody!
She's incomparable!
Strictly no dance!
Dance to the beat
Melody is no small feat
Dance to the beat
Melody is no small feat
Merry go round
Melody go around
Merry go round
Melody go around
Sweet mangoes on the tree
With a spicy twist
Sweet mangoes on the tree
With a spicy twist
Dance to the beat
Melody is no small feat
Dance to the beat
Melody is no small feat
Melody! I love you!
Thank you, boys!
I dedicate this...
to all my lovely girls.
A popular saying...
"Behind every successful man,
there is a woman."
The same truth applies also to...
the fact...
that a man is behind the failure
of every woman.
Husband, lover, teacher, brother, father...
Could be anybody.
No one has the right to tell you
what you should or shouldn't do.
Not even your parents.
People will keep pulling you down.
As long as you are walking.
Spread your wings and start flying.
Don't you want to fly?
Yes we do!
We do!
Then what are you waiting for?
Let's rise together.
Everyone said you are cute,
handsome, etcetera.
I never felt anything for you.
But now I do.
You are beautiful!
It was awesome.
Hilarious movie.
The comedian has done a wonderful job.
Deafening applause.
It didn't feel like it was his debut.
He was the highlight in the movie.
It looks like
he is the next successful comedian.
He's that comedian from the movie!
Is that him?
Okay, okay. Thank you all!
Thank you, sir.
Thank you very much.
Alright, okay.
Hey, give me the keys.
Sir, sir, just a minute sir!
Just one minute, sir. Please sir!
Just one minute, sir. Please sir!
Driver, pull over.
Hey, put it back.
I was checking to see
if it was rose water.
- Put it back.
- Hmm, okay.
What are you looking at?
I struggled for fifteen years to get here.
My stories are hard to believe...
- Yes?
- Sir, your shot is ready.
I will be out in a moment.
If you have talent, you definitely
have a place in the film industry.
But it takes a while.
- Hey, which button should I press?
- The green one, sir.
Tell me...
Thank you, sir.
How can I say no to your company?
Thank you, sir. Bye, sir.
This guy has insulted me
too much in the past.
Now he wants to know my schedule.
Son, there is a manager named Siva Shankar.
Okay, sir.
I will give you his number.
Tell him I recommended you
he is a very kind person.
He may help you.
- Son...
- Tell me, sir.
The director auditioned 100 to 150 people.
He's impressed with your performance.
He asked me to get your phone number.
He will call you in the morning.
Don't worry about your remuneration.
Go and sleep well tonight.
By God's grace, you will succeed.
- I'll see you.
- Thanks a lot, sir.
Hey who is that sleeping
in front of the shop?
Hey, Hero!
What are you doing here?
I'm waiting for an important phone call.
I have given your shop's number.
This is atrocious!
Even the person who needs to call you
wouldn't have woken up this early.
If I hadn't come, would you have
cut through the shutter and gone in?
Help me!
Hero, come, let's have tea.
Bring it to me.
Something's wrong with this guy.
- Appa!
- What happened?
- I'm still waiting for the call.
- They will call!
I'm going to the temple.
- Hello!
- It's me.
Join me for a video game inside.
Uncle, stop monkeying around.
- Careful!
- Okay, okay.
You won't be coming home
to eat anyway.
Here you go. Eat!
Instead of wasting your time,
study something.
I'll be back.
Kalai, let's go home.
I shall wait for a while...
If we are destined, it will be ours.
Yes, uncle!
I want to set up a phone connection
for my house.
Come, let's go.
There is no one by that name.
Wrong number!
My grandfather owned a vintage scooter.
When I was young, I used to sit on it
and imagine that I was riding it.
Are you fond of bikes?
Fond is an understatement.
Hey, we can ride fast!
The wind against our face...
- Is this enough, or shall I go faster?
- We can maneuver through lanes.
Cars aren't like that.
It feels like we are stuffed inside.
- But on a bike...
- Woohoo!
...I believe I can fly.
- I will learn how to ride...
- This is the clutch.
- ...and tour India one day.
- This is the accelerator.
Is this clutch?
With whom?
With whom, you ask?
How dare you ask that question?
- I will go with anyone I please.
- You might hit my face.
I will kill you!
- Hey, it's hurting.
- You pig!
My Anna...
It's best you leave now.
I will handle him.
Anna, don't create any problems.
Let's go home and discuss.
Stay calm and watch.
- Let go of me!
- Listen to me, Meera!
- Hey!
- What are you doing?
He's getting away!
Get him guys!
Please don't do anything to him.
Meera, please understand.
We'll discuss it at home.
Don't cause unnecessary problems.
Let go of my hand!
Hey, don't spare him!
We were just talking.
Ask them to spare him.
What is he doing?
What is this?
Come on!
Let go of me!
Take her home!
I'll handle it.
You don't let him get away!
Remove his bloody helmet.
Hey, what are you guys gaping at?
Break his legs.
- What is this? Till now...
- Amma!
- Shall I make coffee or tea?
- Shut up!
He has never had
any girlfriends coming home.
Now, a girl has come home?
She is his college mate.
Since he was injured,
she has visited him.
What if our neighbors spotted her?
I'll handle him after she leaves.
Hey Kamala, what are you grumbling about?
Weren't you the one
who mesmerized my son as well?
That girl looks very beautiful.
So go on with your work.
In that second,
I could not think of anything else.
"Nothing should happen to your face."
Dad's words echoed inside me constantly.
You're really passionate.
Men like you are extremely rare
to come across.
You will definitely be a Hero one day.
When I become a hero...
...will you be my heroine?
Uncle, can you print this?
Hero, what are you so happy about?
- Come here and print this.
- Sure!
Hero, what is this?
You see...
There is a famous actor in Bombay
called Sunny Verma.
Most of the famous actors there,
learned acting from him.
I applied to attend one of his workshops.
They've called me for an audition.
I have to go to Bombay.
Hey! That's excellent news, hero!
Go on and kill it in Bombay.
Don't forget about your uncle
after you become a hero.
Not in a million years.
That's enough.
Pack some biryani to-go for the kids.
Sure, I'll get it when we are leaving.
What Pandya?
You've already sat down to eat?
- Chief guest has arrived.
- Is it?
Come on, click some pictures.
- Hurry up!
- Yes, coming right away.
- Make it quick!
- I will eat later!
- I was looking for you.
- You eat.
Here, have some food.
Wake up!
Akka, check if the fan is working.
Eat from your plate, not mine.
You Buffalo!
You asked me for money, right?
Here is Rs. 5000. Keep it.
Appa, I had asked for 20,000.
5000 won't meet my needs.
I will arrange it in two days.
Keep this for now.
I have to be in Bombay on Friday.
Please don't ruin it for me!
Kalai, by Friday...
I thought you had
a campus interview on Friday.
I'm talking to you.
I'm not attending any interview.
I'm going to Bombay.
I was surprised when your father
demanded full payment for his gig.
Now, it makes sense.
The rice seller was bothering your father
while he was eating.
5000 is easy money for you, right?
Your father frequently complains
of chest pain.
When I suggest he see a doctor...
He worries about surgery expenses.
Do you still see your sister
as a child?
We don't have a penny for her wedding.
I don't expect you to slog for us.
But I don't want you to suffer either.
Hey, let it go.
You don't start now.
If you still insist on going to Bombay...
it's your choice!
If you're not interested...
Why did you bother coming to
this interview and wasting our time?
Please, leave.
What did you aspire to be
when you were young, sir?
Every one of us has a dream.
What do we aspire to be?
Did you have any?
What are you trying to say?
I've always aspired to be an actor.
It's been my dream since I was six.
Many engineering students are unsure
about the purpose of their studies.
I, too, am clueless.
I spent more time in front of
a movie production office than in college.
I have an important acting workshop
in Bombay now.
Somehow, I want to go there
and learn a lot.
I believed I could achieve my dreams,
But you need money even to learn, sir!
Despite many struggles,
when my mother removed
her "Mangalsutra" and gave it to me...
I've come to realize that my dreams
surpass my current reality.
Why should it matter if my mother
doesn't want to see me in movies?
She still loves me, right?
Whose loss would it be
if I didn't pursue a career in acting?
So many people here
have forsaken their dreams.
Sacrificed everything.
And they are just pretending
in front of everyone else.
I can do the same.
Your order for tea is ready.
Yes, it's hot.
- One tea.
- Okay, sir!
- One tea?
- Yes.
I too...
had a dream when I was young.
Sir, tea.
Not silly like mimicry or acting.
Mine was a very serious dream.
Don't you want to know?
What was it, sir?
Kick boxing!
I trained hard every single day.
I looked very different
and fit back then.
Back in college,
everyone was scared of me.
Then what happened sir?
My wife has taken up boxing.
Oh... that's great, sir!
Oh, God. That was a joke.
She punches me every day
like a boxer.
- How much?
- Five rupees, sir.
You go to Bombay.
Here, take it.
I'm not giving this
to make you feel better.
But for all of us who have lost our dreams.
Triumph for the sake of us all.
All the best!
- Thank you, sir!
- It's okay, man!
Hey, Kamala!
Has the rice been cooked?
Make it quick?
Everything has been cooked
and is ready.
Why are you getting angry, dear?
Nothing compares
to my beloved daughter-in-law.
Please don't get angry. Come here.
I want to talk to you.
Why is she suddenly acting weird today?
Wait, I'm coming.
Come here, dear,
let us have a happy talk.
Please be careful with the knife.
Don't leave it on the floor.
Here, take this!
Have a safe journey. Take this.
- I have money, Akka.
- Keep it. You might need it.
I almost forgot, here.
Granny asked me to give you this.
Just take it.
Okay, bye.
- I'll be back.
- Okay, sure.
Take care of Amma.
[in Hindi] A little further from here
and take a left.
[in Hindi] Master Ji is here.
- Namaste, Master Ji!
- That's okay. Okay.
I'm happy looking at young faces.
[in English] I know you would have
come here with big dreams...
from small towns.
Anyone can dream.
But only few win.
Let us see...
who amongst you...
emerge as winners!
Got it?
[in Hindi] We understood.
Let's begin.
Who is the brave one?
- Who is he?
- A fool, for sure.
Sir, if you don't mind...
can I do it in my mother tongue,
By all means!
Thank you, sir.
I don't understand
why I walked away from you.
I wish I had listened to you.
I regret not staying with you.
- Without you...
- Stop!
I made a mistake.
I regret not staying with you.
- Without you...
- Again!
I don't understand
why I walked away from you.
I regret not staying with you.
I made a mistake.
Sir, sir, sir! Sorry, sir!
Please give me one more chance.
I have left everything behind
to become your student.
- Sir, please give me another chance.
- Look here.
I have rejected others besides you.
I can only take in limited students.
- So, don't waste your time.
- Sir, sir, please, sir!
Just one last chance.
Please, sir.
I will do better.
Just one last chance.
Please, sir.
Let me put it in simple terms.
Only the most talented individuals
will remain.
Millions like you arrive
and are lost in the crowd.
You are nothing!
Step aside!
I'll give you only one piece of advice.
Better return home.
Let's go!
Hey, my wallet!
[in Hindi] Can't you see?
Bloody idiot!
[Amma] Hello!
Amma, this is Kalai.
Hey, Kalai, where did you go?
Why did you not inform me
before leaving?
Why would you do this?
How are you?
I'm doing well, Ma!
Where are you staying?
What about food?
You better get back home.
Ma, all good here.
I'm doing very well.
I have got friends too.
- Is Appa around?
- Yes, he is.
It's Kalai on the phone.
[Appa] Kalai!
Tell me, son!
Hey, what happened?
I always thought that acting
was my calling all these years.
But now I realize
I can't even pull that off, too.
Everyone here is laughing
at my performance.
They're all so skilled.
I'm useless. Fit for nothing.
I know nothing.
I haven't learned anything!
In front of everyone,
I felt so small and humiliated.
That's all I have to say.
I'm done!
I'll come back home.
I will find a job, as Amma suggested.
Cinema is not my calling anymore.
It's too tough to handle.
Hey, what makes you say
that you're not skilled enough?
You're surrounded
by a million things to learn from.
You have realized
that you don't know anything.
That's plenty to learn.
You are destined for victory.
When you shed tears over something...
it means you love it so much.
How can you easily let it go?
Don't return home feeling like a failure.
Whatever you think you're not good at...
learn all of it,
and then return with your
old determination.
I'm hanging up.
Appa! Appa!
Appa, I'm broke!
Life doesn't run its course
In just one day
With each new day
The wounds start to heal
Millions of tears
Have been shed on this earth
Despite brimming sorrow
The earth continues to blossom!
Since the day we were born
We are looking
For the next thing to do
Open your eyes
To see all the drama unfold
But when we shut our eyes...
We're born on a battlefield
The past is not our worry
Living in a forest
A thorn's prick will not kill
Even your own shadows
Will leave you in the dark!
You will realize
That you are your own companion
Until your funeral...
...this loneliness is your company!
Let us wait
Till the ship reaches the shores
We can battle
from the top of a volcano!
The divine secret has been revealed
Nothing here is permanent
The mind is out in the open
When we face our Creator...
I had already turned you down
the other day.
Even to my college...
my Appa used to drop me off every day.
If the food at home doesn't taste good,
I won't eat it.
I had never washed my clothes.
I never paid the electricity bill either.
I don't even know
how to fill out a form at a bank.
But these last six months...
taught me a lot of things, including pain.
With my current understanding of life,
I feel I could learn a lot from you.
I am capable of performing better
than I did before.
Do you know what I like about you?
Even though I have rejected you...
you never rejected yourself.
Everything you've learned here
will serve you well.
[in Hindi] When you go back,
go back with your determination.
I planned to elope with someone.
But I could not find any fool.
How could you abandon me?
Look who's here to visit you.
Please look at us.
Yes. Who am I speaking with?
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Thank you so much for the opportunity.
Thanks to the almighty.
Don't forget
the funeral is not over yet.
How will we meet again?
I wonder when I will see you again.
[Tamil son playing over radio]
Hey, turn off the song.
It's a mourning house.
- Your Appa is too much.
- Yeah!
Kalai, do you need new clothes
for your shoot?
I will be given costumes
at the shoot.
Really? Will they provide you
with everything?
In that case,
ask them for expensive clothes.
Yes, ask them for the heroine's clothes...
and give it to your mother.
It will look good on her.
Are you all making fun of me?
What do I even know about cinema?
You're Appa is too much.
Amma, I'm not allowed
to bring it home.
It's just for the shoot.
Oh! I'll only understand
if you tell me.
- It's a big-budget film.
- Oh!
I never thought
I'd have this opportunity.
What is your role in this film?
- They said it is an important role.
- Oh!
A character
that travels throughout the story.
Remember you both watched a film
called Kaangeyan last month.
It's from the same director.
Oh, that film!
That was a very good movie.
This is the outcome
of your dedication and effort.
Where is the shoot happening?
Can we come and watch?
You don't have to come
all the way to Hyderabad.
Next month, the schedule is Chennai.
I will take you all then.
Don't go back on your word.
you've always yelled at my son.
What do you say now?
You see!
My son knows me well.
He knows exactly
why I'm scolding him.
Selvi, get my phone.
I have to call your Aunt and inform her.
Who else should I call?
It's all your blessing!
You sacrificed your life
to give my son a chance at life.
What is this?
Your first autograph...
should definitely be for me.
- Appa!
- Aren't you sleeping?
I have to. Please go ahead.
I'll join you.
Get to bed soon.
You have a long day tomorrow.
I will perform a scene now.
Can you give me feedback on it?
"Your land mines may wound my feet."
"But my thoughts shall explode."
"What would you do, my friend?"
"I reckoned it's friendship and bowed."
"But your betrayal shred me to pieces."
"Even with countless feet trampling me...
"I will stand tall, as strong as
a thousand elephants could be!"
"The lion pays no heed
to wreck a spider's web."
"You cannot douse the sun
behind the iron doors!"
"My heart burns like fiery iron,
"your feeble axes don't stand a chance."
"The world is poised to witness my dreams,
"drifting untamed and liberated,
spanning the universe."
"A forthcoming day unlocks the potential
for these dreams to become reality."
"Though aged,
"and weary,
"a warrior never stops swinging his sword!"
How is it, Appa?
It was good. It was very good!
The last dialogue.
After you deliver that dialogue...
if you twirl your mustache...
won't it create a strong impact?
Perhaps it may seem too much.
No worries, go to bed.
It was perfect!
"Though aged,
"and weary,
"a warrior never stops swinging his sword!"
Take care!
Bye, Akka. Bye, uncle.
Today marks your new beginning.
You have miles to go!
You have taken my son's life
in the name of cinema.
I don't know what you would do.
Bring my son to me now.
- Else, I'll jump off and kill myself.
- Listen...
He's just lying there, lifeless.
The doctors are scaring me
by mentioning a coma!
Kalai, wake up.
Your Akka is worried for you.
Why didn't you stop him?
To him, cinema was life.
But now that cinema almost killed him.
He does not have to earn
or go to work.
Ask him to wake up.
I will care for him
for the rest of my life.
I just want my son back.
- Amma...
- Gulabi!
Yesterday, he was healthy
and talking to me.
Will my son wake up
and come back to me?
Will my son wake up
and come back to me?
"Those who scavenge for their next meal."
"Engage in worthless gossip
and petty talks."
"Their minds have wilted
with disparity and agony."
"Indulge in acts to harm others."
"Turn senile old man with grey hair."
"And then would succumb
to cruel fate of death."
"Like those clowns whom I disdain."
Though aged,
and... and weary,
a warrior never stops swinging his sword!
Even if I stand as my own foe
My dreams remain undefeated
Even with a riddled heart
My soul finds no rest
O' my dream
You claimed my nights
As your own
Did you find rest in its embrace?
O' my dream
You stole away my family's presence
Have you ever tasted solitude?
O' my dream
You stripped me of my love
Are you now consumed by passion?
O' my dream
You snatched away my very life
Do you now dance
In the realm of immortality?
One day, I will feel alive
And that day,
I will reach the pinnacle of success!
Wherever the life takes me,
I will drift...
Don't cry.
- Kalai!
- Don't cry.
Don't cry!
Hey... Hey...
You shouldn't cry.
Be brave.
I'm here for you.
You shouldn't cry, son.
There are no more stories
For my eyes and my tears!
When the heart faces turmoil
Day or night, it does not know!
A wilting heart...
...needs a thousand hugs!
A quivering reflection...
...can you identify
the person behind it?
Where there is no music
There is no rhyme or rhythm
Where there are no faults
...there are no lives on earth!
Will I heal?
Or will I be a mistake?
Will I swim ashore?
Or will sorrow engulf me?
Will I be able to see?
Will this ever change?
Will I ever be pain free?
Or will I be imprisoned?
The butterfly is eager to
Fly up to the blazing sun
The butterfly waits to sing
Its song to eager ears
I knew that he wouldn't come.
How long will you eat?
Make it quick!
Let us part ways.
Sir, water?
What did you say?
When did you become
so self-centered, Kalai?
It has been one year
since we were last happy.
Your obsession over something
that will never happen...
killed our relationship, Kalai.
What will not happen?
What will never happen?
You're proving my point.
I am talking about us...
...but you?
I understand if you love your passion
more than you love me.
the problem is
that you don't love me at all.
I'm normal and same as before.
As long as you lie to yourself...
nothing will change Kalai.
If I am with you...
I'm afraid that I will never be happy.
This is not permanent.
Things will get better.
I believed in it, too...
I have been patient all these days.
It's over!
Stop right there!
You're breaking up with me
because I'm a loser?
Or because I have turned ugly?
Uncle, enough!
It was the year 1972,
I must have been around 13 years old.
A movie was being filmed
in our village.
The Actor's Pride, Shivaji Ganesan,
had come.
All my friends instigated me,
I went to him,
and performed his own dialogue to him.
Instead of brushing me away, he said,
"You are acting well."
"Looks like you will emulate me."
He quoted!
I was so naive.
I believed in what he said...
and moved to Madras,
unable to even feed myself,
finally found a job as a photographer.
Somehow, I provided
my children with education.
And made a life out of it.
- You know what...
- Uncle.
I have ruined my son's life...
just like he ruined mine.
I don't care
if my son becomes a hero or not.
It's enough if he gets back
to his old happy self.
I cannot see him
being depressed like this.
Where are we going?
Just a drive.
Hey! Why did you come here?
I'll explain later.
My cap! Hey, stop the car.
Pull over now!
Stop the car!
Hey... Hey, hear me out.
- Hey, calm down...
- I will kill you!
- It's our Alumni meet.
- Why the hell did you bring me here?
All our friends have come down.
Do you want to see me humiliated
in front of everyone?
Are you afraid Meera will be
at the reunion?
Why did Meera leave you?
Tell me!
Why did she leave you?
Answer me!
She doesn't like me.
I can't force someone to be with me.
She left me because I'm a loser.
You are proving her point by the second.
You're a loser as long as
you continue to hide from her.
You think
that she is the only one you have.
But you have...
your father, mother, sister,
and I'm there for you too.
What's up, Sathish?
How are you?
Remember him?
You said you were studying abroad,
but you are still here.
I will!
Have you cleared your arrears?
- Go and study!
- Gulabi, that's a good one.
Kalai, how are you?
I'm good.
What happened to your face?
I met with an accident.
Can't you drive safe?
How would you get
acting offers with this face?
Hey, fool!
Did I tell you I was the one driving?
Okay, forget about it.
How is Meera?
Don't you have any sense?
What's wrong with you?
Don't bother.
She was not even invited to the reunion,
I have no idea how she came.
What does she want?
Don't meet her.
I'm going to block her number.
Hey, hey, hey! Don't go, Kalai.
I got scared.
Such temper.
Who are you looking for?
She is not in town anymore.
I wanted to meet you alone,
so I messaged you.
Who are you?
I thought as much.
Have you not seen me at all?
Have you never seen me
even once in the past four years?
In the canteen?
In the library?
On the bus?
I was always right behind you.
- Are you her friend?
- Friend?
I can't stand the sight of her!
I wonder...
How did you fall in love with her?
Something's wrong with you.
Don't try hard.
Do you really think
I'd let you go that easily?
What do you want?
Sit down, then I'll tell you.
Shall I sit beside you?
Go ahead!
Close your eyes, and I will tell you.
I swear I will tell you.
Someone is here to see you.
What are you doing here?
What do you want?
I'm here to collect
what I gave you the other day.
The one I gave you in college.
I'm in need of it now.
So I came to collect it.
Ma, will you let anybody in?
Ask her to leave.
What's this auntie?
He's shooing me away.
Return what I gave,
then I will leave!
What is this nonsense?
I am entitled to ask for it.
We have no need
for what is not rightfully ours.
Return it!
You don't get it.
- What is it?
- It is nothing. Ask her to leave.
he agreed with what I gave him.
Only if he returns
will I leave from here, Aunty!
Welcome uncle!
Hurry up! Aunty is waiting for you.
Hey, Kamala, who is she?
I don't know.
Neither he's saying anything.
Why haven't you left?
Won't your family look for you?
You haven't returned it yet.
Alright, I shall return it.
But I forgot what you gave me.
Please tell me what you want,
and I will return it.
- That...
- That?
Erm... that!
He said he will return,
so tell me what it is.
Tell us what you gave him.
You see...
Just a kerchief?
We have plenty at home.
- Wait, I'll get you one.
- Sure!
My mother always warned me
not to get drenched in the first rain.
We will fall sick.
But I used to play unbeknownst to her.
She would bring an umbrella
and pull me into the house.
I would resent her
for spoiling my fun at that age.
But when I look back now...
I understand how much my mother loves me.
I want to love you the same way, Kalai.
I don't live my life like you think,
singing in the rain.
Don't you see this?
There's so much on my mind.
I want to just die.
Twenty-seven years of dreams...
crush... crushed in just one second.
You won't understand any of this.
People will keep pulling you down.
As long as you are walking.
Spread your wings and start flying.
These are your words.
When you quoted this...
I was in a...
similar mind space to the one
you are in now.
With no meaning to my life.
As long as I can remember...
I've never been happy in my life.
Every single day, my father would
raise his hand against my mother.
No particular reason.
He was brutal.
And my mother accepted it
as her fate.
Thankfully, she passed away quickly.
Left alone at the tender age
of fifteen,
While scattering my mother's ashes,
my father was nowhere to be found.
After her passing...
his violence turned toward me.
Unlike my mother, I lack her strength.
Contemplating ending my own life,
your quote on that day...
gave me the courage to leave my father
and start living independently.
Kalai, do you remember
how you used to be?
I aspired to be you.
And now, I find myself
echoing your own advice.
Someone or something
will always try to bring us down.
Yet we must cast them aside
and rise above.
- Sir, is the camera ready?
- Just two lines. We can manage.
Clear the field.
- Okay sir.
- Move that light.
Umbrella out!
- We have to clap, right?
- Yes!
After the Hero finishes speaking,
the juniors start clapping.
- Okay, sir.
- Hey, Raja, come here.
Why did you make him stand there?
He's got a scar on his face.
This is a romantic movie.
Position him at the back.
I'll change his position.
Hey, please come with me.
Don't worry, I will do well.
That's okay, come with me.
Please trust me.
You come with me, I will explain.
- Sit here.
- Get your hands off me!
Oh, I will be directing next.
Then you'll know my worth.
Don't sweat it.
We will be the Hero one day.
Enough already!
How much longer will it take
for you to adjust your saree?
Hold your horses! It's the first time
my son bought me a saree.
That's enough!
You're just jealous
that he picked me for the gift.
Give me a wide smile.
Here you go, granny.
I'm hurt!
Granny, what happened?
Did you hurt yourself?
You should have come more cautiously.
High jump!
How do I look?
For God's sake, let's leave.
Is something wrong with your grandma?
How dare you?
I wanted to test to see
if he would retaliate.
He seems to be a good boy.
Go ahead!
Light the candle.
Go on!
Wouldn't Mother Mary be there
to help me if you light it?
Your first movie has debuted
on the big screen for the first time.
Close your eyes and pray sincerely.
Debut movie, you say?
Hey, I was in just one shot.
Moreover, I must look for myself
in the movie.
Close your eyes and pray.
When is your scene?
I'll let you know when I come.
Just watch patiently.
How did he even become a hero?
Such a terrible actor.
Hey, pipe down.
Who is your favorite hero?
Kokki Kumar!
Despite his looks...
he's a brilliant actor.
When is your scene?
Please be patient.
Be calm and watch.
When will he appear on screen?
The next scene.
Look, I'm over there.
- Superstar!
- Hey! Hey! Hey!
Hey, don't create a scene.
Please sit down. Please.
Sit down, damn it!
Oh, no!
Hey, operator. Replay the scene.
- Did she ask for a replay?
- Hey, sit down!
I said, replay the scene!
Excuse me!
Can't you watch the movie in silence?
- You're disturbing the others.
- You're right!
Someone, please calm her down.
If you want to watch a movie
in silence...
Why don't you watch it
in your house?
Mind your words!
Hello! English... I also...
After all, you're here to watch
my hero acting in the film.
Hero? And this guy?
He is the second hero in the movie.
The epic two seconds performance.
How dare you speak in English to me?
Watch me tear you apart.
Did you peg me to be meek
because I look innocent?
Watch me
what I'm going to do to you.
Get out!
- Get out!
- Such a rowdy woman.
Who is he?
You said that you are now well.
Only when I lie, you tend to care.
Come in.
Just you.
The washing machine is broken.
Check what's wrong with it.
You should've called a plumber.
And who pays for him?
You take care of it.
You didn't go to work today?
But lurking around with a random guy.
Do you think there is no one
to question you?
Now I understand...
why you left this house.
Why are you misdirecting the situation?
Don't make me talk.
Hey, I'm your father.
I should bear the disgrace
because of your misdeeds.
You never behaved like a good father.
What are you mumbling?
Your grandma is to be blamed.
She has spoiled you,
just like she spoiled your mother.
Don't you dare talk about my mother!
You weren't around for her last rites.
You have no right to talk ill
about my mother.
Hey, you're going overboard!
Have you forgotten everything?
I'll break your bones!
Have you forgotten what I am capable of?
You're inhuman!
How dare you talk back?
Hey! Hey!
Hey, let go!
Hey, let go of my hand.
I see now where you learned
to raise your hand.
I forgot to mention...
You look beautiful in a saree.
The earrings don't suit you, though.
It would look good if you wore hoops.
Hey, tell him to let go of my hand.
The tears are messing up your mascara.
Now, you're here
to bring a smile to my face.
It hurts!
Hey, it hurts!
What's next?
You tell me what's next?
You may go first.
Hey, what the hell is happening out here?
You suggested hoops would look good on me.
Fine, buy it for me.
I will finish my post graduation
in two years.
You don't worry about money, okay?
Follow your passion!
The course will end in two years.
How about you?
Please don't discourage me.
You never cleared an exam
without my help.
Did Gulabi lock us in the auditorium
during the Alumni Meet?
I would say that's the only good thing
he has ever done.
You promised to buy me hoops
to wear at my office event.
Run! Run! Run!
- Bey, bye, bye!
- See you, bye!
Hurry up!
I'm coming. Don't run!
- Happy New Year!
- What?
New Year?
No one cares. Just say it!
Ready, 1, 2, 3.
Happy New Year!
Help me!
Watch out!
Boss, boss, please, one minute.
- Hey!
- Boss, do you sell hoops?
Yes, I do. But the shop is closed
for the day.
But you still haven't closed.
Sell me a pair of hoops,
and then close it.
Come back in the morning.
I promised my girl
I would get it tonight.
Is this all you have?
How about this?
They look pretty.
Please pack this.
What happened?
Meera has sent her wedding invitation.
Will you go?
If she truly wanted me to come,
she wouldn't have messaged me.
She should have at least called me.
Who is she to decide?
We will go!
I'm not kidding.
I will come with you.
We will go together.
If someone ignores us,
we should move on.
We shouldn't bother or annoy them.
You are taking me to the wedding,
and that's final.
I want to see
who she is getting married to.
RSVP now!
I'm not going to.
And you let it go.
- Give me your phone.
- I said, let it go.
- I have to RSVP.
- Calm down.
- Let me text her back.
- Let it go.
- Give me your phone.
- Please let it go!
Hold this!
What are you even wearing?
Hey, don't button it up.
I don't like it.
- Hi!
- Hi!
Best wishes!
Let's go.
- Bye!
- Bye! See you!
Excuse me!
Thank you.
I should thank you.
Shall we go?
Like the first drops of rain
Your presence gave me warmth
Like fireflies...
you held my hands to exude a glow
Oh silence!
I want to sing forever
Oh, my gift...
...has been a lie!
Under a small umbrella...
...we two shall be one
Under a tree,
our love will blossom!
Your face...
is like a mirror!
My faith...
revolves around you now!
Surabhi's office is far away.
Why don't we suggest that
they move in closer to her office?
Yes, let them have their own space.
Like a single moon
That wanes
Your glance is my company
For the first time ever,
you felt I was beautiful!
Like a bird in a cage
I climbed up your shoulder
You are the one with me
In my sky!
You arrogant flower,
you made me yours,
what do I tell?
You arrogance
You became a flower
You slowly became mine
Oh maiden, your mane,
Is now my mustache
Oh, my love!
You also became my father
My grandma has been waiting
in this pouch for a long time.
So, I made a beautiful memory
out of it.
Where is she?
Please come in.
I asked where she was.
She has gone to work.
What about you?
What does she think of herself?
She's three months behind
on my house rent.
Is she planning to humiliate me?
She's not answering my calls.
Inform her...
Ask her to resolve my issue.
Your father visited today.
To our house?
Are you paying his rent as well?
So he came for the rent.
Don't bother.
I will take care of it.
You could have
brought Surabhi along as well.
Can you spare me some money?
Surabhi's father is behind on rent.
Take this as well.
Your father may have some, too.
I'll get it for you.
Here you go.
That's all I have.
This is enough.
It's okay. You take it.
When your dad had a heart surgery...
your sister's in-laws did not help us.
Surabhi paid for the surgery.
she asked me never to tell you this.
She is struggling a lot.
You don't ask her about anything.
Mango cup, chocolate, strawberry,
and butterscotch.
What do you want?
Do you remember me, sir?
Long ago,
I met you at a shooting spot.
My friend and I chased you on our bike.
It must have been many years ago.
The days following the release
of my debut movie...
are unforgettable, brother.
The reception!
The applause!
Wherever I went,
people surrounded me.
A car for myself.
A private caravan.
A personal makeup artist.
An extravagant life it was.
As I'm dark-skinned...
people around me said I would become
as successful as actor Vadivelu.
I don't remember what went wrong.
everything came crashing down.
In cinema,
talent alone is not enough.
There's something beyond talent.
By the time I realized complexion
can't make one a star...
half my life went by.
- Bye, sir!
- Okay, brother.
Please buy some ice cream.
I don't have money, sir!
Seize life before it slips away.
...look at me.
Please turn around.
A bit more.
You promised to support me
no matter what I decide.
That does not mean you...
It's not for you.
This decision is for both of us.
Please, say yes.
Don't do it for us!
For your sake,
I will say, yes.
It's my time!
Lemme show you how it's done!
Stop looking up at the sky,
I've arrived!
Stop counting the stars,
I've arrived
The brightest star is here,
Gimme the night
Stop wasting time in trying,
Just leave the fight
Phenomenal, one wink,
I can bend the trend
You see the tunnel, but,
I am light at the end
You in trouble, Look I rise up,
Hiding the scar
Unstoppable, just make a wish,
I am a shooting star
Stop looking up at the sky,
I've arrived!
Stop counting the stars,
I've arrived!
The brightest star is here,
Gimme the night!
Stop wasting time in trying,
Just leave the fight!
I'm the only one
And... this is how it's done!
Thank you!
The best employee of the year,
award goes to...
Any guesses?
- Kalai!
- Yeah, its Kalai!
Thank you, sir.
- Thank you so much, sir.
- Congrats!
Hey, wait!
- Here, hold the mic and say a few words.
- Kalai, speech!
Kalai, speak!
I am thrilled to have received
this award.
It's been long since I met you.
I reckon you're busy.
How are you?
What happened?
Why do you look so down?
How long can I keep pretending
to be happy, uncle?
At home,
and at work.
I feel most like myself when I'm here.
Feel free to reach out
if you have any issues.
I'm here for you, alright?
Take care, Kalai.
No matter what changes...
Please don't stop calling me Hero.
Hey, Hero!
You will always be my hero.
Do not speak like this.
Come on, Hero.
How can I ever see you as anything less?
We can offer this room to your parents.
I landed this house
after checking out many houses.
Sir, I'll check with them
and get back to you.
The rent is a bit on the high side.
Madam, a few more people
are interested.
He'll lock it if you could issue
an advance in a couple of days.
That's only because you are interested.
Please respond as soon as possible.
We can manage.
I'll speak with my boss.
- Hey, Harish, the hero has arrived.
- Okay, sir.
Is the caravan ready?
Yes, the generator should be
turned on.
- Hurry up!
- Sure, sir.
What do you want?
- This is my desk.
- Kalai...
Boss has asked you to use
the conference room.
There's a shoot happening here.
- I'm happy there's no work today.
- Okay.
I'm going, please join me.
[overlapping crew chatter]
Hey, come on,
let's go and watch the shoot.
You go ahead, I have work.
You come with me.
We'll check out who the heroine is.
Ready? Shall we go for a take?
- Camera?
- Rolling, sir.
Sir, I need a favor.
Yes, tell me.
One of the artists
didn't turn up for the shoot.
The director wanted to know
if we can use one of your employees.
- No problem, I'll find someone.
- Thank you, sir.
- Shall I ask them to meet the director?
- Sure, sir.
Are you guys just having lunch now?
They need someone who can act.
They have asked us.
Whom can I send?
- Ashok, why don't you go?
- Sir!
Sir, me?
Come on, Ashok,
it's a matter of pride for our company.
Go and meet the director right away.
Sir! I can't act, sir.
I don't want to spoil
the company's reputation.
you're interested in acting,
aren't you?
Why don't you do it?
Why don't you try?
Nothing to be afraid of.
- So you're going to famous.
- Get lost!
I'm okay with it.
But what if our boss...
You don't worry about the Boss.
I'll handle him.
You go get ready.
Ashok, can I borrow your comb?
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
- Sir, can we move the cupboard?
- Sure, sure!
Hey, move that cupboard.
My hands are trembling.
I cannot act.
Kalai is an outstanding actor.
I asked you to do it, so do it.
They trusted us with this,
so they shouldn't comment on it.
It's an Ad for a beauty product.
You've seen the type of people
who appear in those TV commercials.
How can he act with a scar
on his face?
Hey, baldie!
Who are you to tell me
that I shouldn't act?
Only the audience should determine
if I should act.
Who the hell are you to tell?
Are you the director?
Tell me, are you the director?
Where is the director?
Where's the director?
Sir, shouldn't I act?
Director, sir!
You be the judge.
Shouldn't I act?
Won't the audience accept me?
You be the judge.
You tell me if I should act...
Oh, I'm going to direct next.
I'll handle you then.
It's you?
Have you become a director?
Oh, no!
Even if he agrees,
you will not cast me now.
What is your problem with my face?
What is the problem?
How's it my face's fault?
Is it disgusting?
Does it bother you?
It's not my fault
that my face looks this way.
There's nothing I can do about it.
Do any of you have an answer?
No, right?
Then why do you all talk
about my face behind my back?
- Hey!
- Hey!
Hey, hey, hey! Okay!
Leave me. Let go of me.
Please leave, sir.
You asked how I would act
with this scarred face.
I will prove you wrong!
This face will become popular.
One day, my face will be in a movie!
You will all see me become an actor.
I will prove it to everyone.
You will be coming here anyway.
We're moving to a new house.
Granny, Kalai is home.
I'll talk to you later.
How come you're home early today?
Can you open this lunch box?
It is tightly closed.
The broker called.
He said the advance payment can be delayed
without any problem.
Things are moving smoothly.
Quickly open the lunch box for me.
I have work to do.
Hey, what happened?
What's wrong with your face?
What's wrong with my face?
What's wrong with it?
Please leave me.
I'm living a lie with you.
You believe that you have changed me.
But you made me forget myself.
I can't laugh without a reason
just because you want me to.
I can't do it anymore.
I swear I can't
I can't do what I want,
and I can't give you what you want.
I will go insane
if I continue to live like this.
Leave me alone!
I'll live as I am and go to hell.
Please leave me alone.
I'm begging you.
Please, leave me.
Romantics will never go extinct
in this world
Romantics will never go extinct
in this world
Yet in your love...
Yet in your love...
At least tell me now.
What misunderstanding
led both of you to make this decision?
There's no misunderstanding.
I'll do anything to make him happy.
This is what he wants now.
That's all.
Did you tell him
that you're pregnant now?
I feel like a burden to him...
So, I didn't tell him.
Hey, how could you have the heart
to throw her out?
Why are you behaving like this?
What happened to you?
You should have come to me
if you had any problems.
I've always been a friend to you.
She is such a nice girl.
But I'm not a nice guy, Appa.
I didn't get it when Meera said
she couldn't stay happy with me.
But her words were true...
and I realized it
when I saw Surabhi today.
What nonsense are you talking about?
You both were good together.
I've hurt her too much.
She once said
I saved her from her struggles.
But today,
I drove her back to her struggles.
I shouldn't have hit her.
You're rambling and deceiving yourself.
Do one thing.
You go...
...and bring her back.
If you truly respect my words,
please bring her back.
Answer me, damn it!
I will not!
What would be different
after bringing her back?
Until I succeed in life...
I don't need anyone.
Please leave me alone.
No way you will!
You will never succeed in life.
Never succeed.
- Never succeed.
- Appa, don't say that.
Hey, you failed long ago.
You failed long back.
Please don't say that I have failed.
I will say that you failed.
You have failed.
You have failed in your ambition.
And you have failed in your life, too.
have been hating yourself.
That's why you're being reckless.
Do you know
when you started to lose?
Not when you got a scar on your face.
The moment you stopped looking
into the mirror...
you started losing.
The scar...
is not on your face.
But it's in your heart.
don't care about color, height,
beauty, or anything else.
All that it knows...
is a stubborn heart!
I may have failed
in achieving my goals...
but I thought
I had succeeded in my life as a father.
when I look at you in this state...
I feel I have lost in life as well.
Here, take this!
I had hoped to present this to you
once you achieve stardom.
Success and life...
are not different from each other.
If you succeed in both...
I will be...
very happy.
I'll be very happy!
The umbilical cord
is in a complicated position.
As the baby develops,
bleeding may occur...
potentially leading
to a severe situation.
Due to your low hemoglobin levels...
this pregnancy is considered high-risk.
So, please be cautious.
Please ensure she's never alone.
At least now,
inform Kalai about your situation.
Your mother loves this place.
Whenever something good happens,
she brings me here.
She always tells me...
that she wants to bring you here
after you're born.
That's why we are here.
Bala, he is the right one.
Ask him to come.
But, sir, he has a scar on his face.
That is not a problem at all.
Ask him to come.
I will meet him.
- Tell him to come.
- Okay, sir.
- Is it Kalaiarasan?
- Yes!
I'm calling
from Vetrimaaran sir's office.
Sir has watched your audition tape
and has selected you.
Could you please come to our office
to meet with the director?
- Hello?
- Sir!
Sure, definitely!
- I shall text you the address.
- Okay.
- Please come.
- Okay, sir.
Hello, granny!
Can you hear me?
Granny, what happened?
- Where is the maternity ward?
- Let me find it for you.
Where is the maternity ward?
Sir, I'm attending to an emergency.
- Where is the pregnancy ward?
- Take a right and then the last right.
Sir, get your visitor pass.
Fill out the patient name
and how you're related to them.
Sir, I'll get you a different appointment.
Please tell me your name.
Here you go!
Satish sir, admission number 1122.
- Sir where is the maternity ward?
- To your left.
- Sister, maternity ward?
- Give me that.
Admission no. 1122.
- How is the patient related to you?
- I'm her husband.
It is her husband.
Sister, bring me the store room key.
Here I come!
- Wait here.
- What happened to my wife?
I'll be back sir.
You have work. Please go home.
- It's a matter of three days.
- I can take care of myself.
Let me get that for you.
- Please be careful.
- Thank you, brother.
Are you okay?
It's just work. Don't nag me.
Sister! The phone is ringing.
Okay, sir, okay.
Go to the blood bank.
They will give you blood and medicines.
Get them immediately!
What happened to my wife?
Even though she is your wife,
you are asking me?
She is in the ICU,
go and get them quickly.
- Where is the blood bank?
- To your right.
- Sir, where is the blood bank?
- I don't know.
- Sir, blood bank?
- Over there!
Sir, I was asked to collect blood
from here.
What is the admission number?
Hello, brother.
- Please wait.
- There are people waiting in the queue.
Can't you see?
Look at him!
Leave him,
perhaps it's an emergency.
- Never mind. We're all in a hurry.
- Sir, hurry up!
- Sir, please wait. I'm getting it.
- Sir, please forgive me!
He jumped the queue!
The bill is 3500.
- Aren't we waiting?
- Sir, I will pay during discharge.
Please sir, it's an emergency.
Please obtain a signature
from the reception.
I'm telling you, it's an emergency.
Sorry sir, please help me sir.
It's very urgent. Please, sir.
Please wait.
I'll call and check myself.
We should question people.
Catch him. He's running away.
Hey, catch him!
- Sister, check what is happening.
- Sorry, sorry!
- Sister!
- Call him.
What is this sister?
What took you so long, sir?
- Get a signature on the consent form.
- Sure!
- Tell my wife that I've come.
- Sir, you come with me.
Sister, can I meet my wife?
[lady wailing in the corridor]
Sir, come with me.
Vinod sir, get his signature
on the consent form.
- Is everything ready?
- Yes, all set.
Okay, sir.
Okay, it's all good.
I meant you.
The doctor is calling you.
Come with me.
Are you her husband?
You are aware of her situation.
She started bleeding excessively...
we couldn't save her.
You may see her now.
Sister, take him inside.
Okay, Doctor.
She is over there.
I left you alone,
and I can't forgive myself.
If I had stayed with you,
this would not have happened.
In this world,
the only person I like is you.
I cannot continue living without you.
It's a girl, sir.
Oh, my dear!
My dear!
Okay, good take, Kalai.
You did well. Very good!
An actor,
with his acting prowess,
has the power
to make people forget anything.
Can't you make the audience
forget about your mustache?
All those lost
in your exceptional performance
should overlook your missing mustache.
If you succeed in hiding your mustache
you're the winner!
He's my son!
Child, strike a pose.
Hey, do you know who that is?
Let's go and meet him.
Sir, aren't you actor Kalai's father?
Didn't I tell you?
Sir, can we get a selfie with you?
- Quick.
- Here you go!
Thank you, sir.
Shall we leave, Appa?
Even if I stand as my own foe
My dreams remain undefeated
Even with a riddled heart
My soul finds no rest
Subtitle Translation for OTT:
Sajid Ali