Star Trek: Of Gods And Men (2007) Movie Script

- They say that if you move something, even just a little
bit Sand, you are risking the alteration of history.
Of gods and men
- Yeh, you look into the galaxy, the
journey to new Worlds, they have said to me.
Ph, I feel like a robot
in front of this box.
What is it?
Hey, what do you do ...?
- Where is Kirk? Where can I find him?
- I do not understand.
- Answer me!
- Captain Kirk? From the Enterprise?
He has been killed. Four years ago.
- No! How?
- He died when he and hundreds of
the Enterprise Survivors rescued.
- Saved? Show it to me!
-Yeh - Yes, it is not difficult,
the information get. - Ready
- Look!
- He died in the rescue of hundreds of people.
- Billions - trillions of people, whole planet.
I do not think that you are so in his own person interested because you do not know?
- He did not want me to save
I did not wait 40
years to now be cheated.
- Captain's Personal Log: Stardate 6712.4
- I was reactivated by Starfleet. My powers have been issued with restrictions again, as I boarded returned.
I feel like my reactivation 40 years ago when I saw my first
service on the Enterprise took under Captain Kirk's command.
Even my representative role in the subsequent star
- Fleet, I have exercised with full commitment, and that already for 12 years. It was a really colorful time.
My dear friend Scotty is missing and no one can he . help Sulu is on its way to the Gamma Quadrant for the next 3
years. McCoy and Spok want and they are probably also capable enough, a way for cooperation be found with the Klingons.
All this led me to Erkentnis that I am in my Life something is missing, especially the old friends and
their Broadcast on me and a very special ship. All This is exactly what I need. It is for us all Need.
Is this a life here! -Nayota
Captain Uhura. Welcome aboard.
Do you like the ship?
Commander Kirk! I must say I'm
overwhelmed. -Because I have to agree.
It is the perfect replica. It is exactly the same, so as we know it. All of us would
be thrilled especially Captain Kirk. -Thank you. Your presence here is an honor to me.
-The. This one gives me a feeling like back then.
-Pavel, sure, you are often told me recently, that you want to come here to sit again, to work there.
Captain Pavel Chekov, as a
special guest, if you want?
-Go over there! I do
know that you want.
Captain Uhura!
-Oh, no thanks. So
I've spent enough time.
-John! How fortunate that I see you
again. -You see, as always, great. -Oh!
-Hello Pavel.
-Oh, Sady. I've just remembered something.
Hello, Commander. I'm John
Harriman. -Well, you see.
-What was so wrong? 6 months have passed, since we saw each other.
-What can I say. The safety of Starfleet has fully utilized me as no other task.
-Tell me about it. What
about your transportation?
Policy is not so easy. I think the whole
thing is to a lot and takes a long time.
-Is not that huge?
-A little.
-I can not help it, these are living legends. My Uncle told me everything about them.
-To her uncle.
-Do not worry. He did it and enjoyed it.
He has lived and died, just as he wanted.
-I think the Star Fleet was the reason. As it happened Chekov was on board. He then has the injured people medical
care. How is your uncle and he helped me not in itself to think for themselves. Since then, he's my best friend.
Status report.
-We have deciphered the code. It is armed at - Neten counsel asked. The news comes
from a Probe. It is located in the orbit of the planet ... . The designation is M-622.
-622? But that's ... !
-The code is from the star ships have long since
longer used and the probe is not in a museum?
-A famous man once told me: The risk is always
with the person who commands a spaceship.
Helmsman, set a course!
Deja-vu. Everything is back nocheinmal.
-I can not say that I missed this place have.
-Any sign of life?
-We do not need them.
And not that either.
Charlie! Charlie Evans?
-I see the lady says.
-You know this man?
-I have known him since he was 17 But he has such a makantes appearance that he must be.
-This is better than I expected.
-Your Captain I was not very appreciated. I looked up at him, but he gave me nothing back.
It is for this responsibility that I am 40 years a prisoner of Thasianer was. Very long.
- Charlie! You had taken over the ship.
'He should help me.
Captain Kirk had the responsibility
of the ship and the crew.
Wait! You do not know what the time
portal is capable of. -And if I know.
-The Earth!
-What happened?
-Oops! The traveler is en route. Nothing
in history is more to be like it has been.
-The shuttle refuses to fly
into the hangar, Captain.
-I have it covered with a tractor beam.
-Let it be destroyed.
It would be a pleasure.
Och-start trading, typically Klingons, first - then
to think. It's like a game, if something can destroy.
-It does not matter,
that is the Galactic law.
Captain, verification of identity was found
exactly what we have suspected and searched.
-That could be very good for you. Catrick
- the fox will surely find the most and is used by all hunted.
-The Command Center: Share this woman, she should
shut up and then remove their Jagtbeute from here.
-Koval, you do not think so, as you say it.
-What should I do? She is a slave!
-Yes, but she is my slave, and
it is better that you remember.
They Beamt directly to the bridge!
- Is that wise?
- Oh well, you're scared.
Beam 'it over!
I'm glad I did it. Finally,
the fox by the fox was caught.
And ... I was sure that I do get. " -It 's like
a gift that we face compared to face possible.
-My way, I went to I was the right thing
and not as terrorists like you Terrorists?
We are fighting for our freedom!
Freedom? What is freedom versus security?
Nothing! The Galactic law contains this security. -I get a bad feeling I get sick
If people like you talk about your freedom and safety. The victim of her will.
'But none of us hiding behind boulders. The truth is, you're
the loser. Gurret Prime has ordered, such as you destroy them.
-We will see.
-That you will now see as my prisoners. In four hours it is ready. Then you will see what
it does not mean to be on our side. Bring them into custody and give them time to Reflection.
-With pleasure.
-Fill in the tables supplied.
-Yes it is ...
Children, you must always remember
that the logic the only one ...
-The introduction of this technique is in contrast to Surak's
teachings and involves a confrontation with that what we praise.
Uhura-ma'am! Need Help?
-No. Ah, thanks, I'm fine.
Consultant Stonn. Is it for you in order that
we Topic of discussion change? 'I'm for it.
-The final test of the last volcanic era showed that not a lot has evolved. It is lived according to what is old
and outdated. I provezeie, lies in those principles, a large Danger. I believe that. I've also always heard again.
-It is probably better to postpone this discussion,
we, with Stonn's consent, in our next session.
-Madame Uhura. I know the facts, which you Spok found on the volcanic life, and with the galactic conflict with the
law. But the amount in time we need to transform ourselves and the Price to defend themselves against it very high.
-Ie, we need leadership and it is important that we must look at everything differently, and it
is particularly important that we have the rights of all in the first place must be considered.
-If I have understood you correctly, that
is, representing a entitled to, is at all?
-I just said that only a few first Place standing and the historical development has shown, that they do not want to share. The result is a slave
- rei. So it will come. Do not believe me? Then look You galactic in the law.
-We need to find something. The van has the same
Components. -I will find a way. -We will, my friend.
We will!
Uhura-ma'am! Feel
good? -Of course.
I had a very bad dream. I have pictures and seen faces, and I think I know
the everything. This had such an extraordinary attraction force on me. I am ...
-Maybe it's stress caused by the galactic events.
-Maybe ...
-You need to rest until we meet Spok.
-Oh, my dears. Oh, I'm happy to see you, I love you.
-Oh, husband.
Nut. -Sevar, my son, good to see you. Nice
to see you ge - have been coming. T'Bir.
-We had to work, but the children have always your name on the list and wanted to see you.
-Oh, that's cooperation, I wanted to hear.
-It is logical that we have arrived at this time. -Of course. -It
is only logical reasons, very many, and certainly not Pleasant.
-I see you safely later.
Mir is come to some ears. -Well, it's nothing,
son. I'm just a little by - each other. That is all.
-You have said anything against the government and how to galactic law stands.
-No, that's it, you can imagine that I'm illogical, but I think the law is not that what it is possible should. It is not right here, and has no validity.
-These are trifles. Our technology is up to date We will not
let us stand as you guided by emotions, which We do not accept.
-You have ships and technology that are aged over 40 years and the weapons are not much better. How do you
yourselves distribution . competent And I've heard that it is a dangerous weapon have built to destroy everything ...
Parent who will kill anyone, the do not shoot at us. -You do not know! -I am
sure our government is right. -I am sure that you are doing the right thing.
Captain, the weapon is
activated and ready for firing.
Planet in range.
-On screen!
Captain, the entire defense fleet is destroyed
been. -Now we are poised for the final blow.
-Not now. Bring us in position
to 2 million kilometers.
-2 Million km, yes sir!
Volcano. -Yes, I am planning a first by example, to
to see how the new weapon. I thought it interests you.
-I can not bear Vulcans. They refuse to stand
against it, but It is probably the same effect.
-That is all anyway, even if they refuse
do not care. Captain, why do not you shoot?
-Remember Gurret Prime's
command, now is the best Time.
-I live to serve.
-Oach, glorious! Now you can see what the chatter of the new Ideas and peace is worth it. Only in this way,
the increases understand interrelationships. You've got to learn. You must prevail, or you will be controlled.
- Captain, a few foreign
vessels have escaped.
-Shall I bring in them?
N ... no, let them go. They will
be witnesses to what happened.
-Remarkable, you show more emotion.
- The shuttle is scanned. On
board, a Vulcan, and are A Terran.
- Well, Vulcans and humans together? Get them on board!
- Yes, sir!
- Do not make it too easy for you, Vulcan! The captain will come to the
decision that You my friend, will be executed. Together with the Others.
-Tuvok! Stonn and the children, think that they have done.
Do you think that they have achieved and Stonn a ship?
- Madame Uhura. Shuttles have hundreds of planets surface to leave.
I know that Stonn and Brought your family to one of the boats.
-You see, there is no other alternative,
it is essential to fight against it.
- We know people like you. They kill just for their own Ideals. Exactly as
prescribed by the galactic law and so do her, too. Since your no better, sir!
-We reject the law. We
kill the To gain freedom.
-This is idle talk. Murder
is murder! And a new Me ...
You ... They trigger in me an
idea. I would like a mind-meld.
-It is always the same. We also
fight for and who do not understand.
-Because they do not want
to understand what we do.
- I like the Vulcans do not. All his
gestures. I think that could be a problem.
-He will not interfere. For this,
I worry that this is not happened.
Vulcans Hey! Hear my words! You immediately interrupt,
if something goes wrong, or I shall personally kill.
-Maybe this is the only way. I'll
make it so as if it were my sister.
-I do not know how you
do it, but do it quickly.
-Do not touch me when you're ready.
I'll do no harm. I am your friend.
'I leave it because you are my friend.
-My mind to your mind, my
thoughts to your thoughts.
The time-changes ... ...
Friends ... The guard! Aah!
-Yes! What have you seen?
Tell me, Tuvok what you saw.
-A ship ... Other crew members.
-You should only help her, Instead, make They are still confused with your volcanic
-Stupid sinn.
-Include events that are in my mind two time lines and other memories come from the true time line, I think.
Yes, that's it! At the time of the volcano. I am not sure what we have there
geshehen. I did not know what was wrong with me. That was real Tuvok, it was real!
-I know it. Pavel! This
is your name, or not?
-How do you know this name?
-I have pictures of you. And this name is always thus possible.
-I have not heard that name 20 years.
-Pavel, listen to me. There's so many things not
the way You think. You and I, we have a common Past.
-Listen to me very carefully! I am Catrick. I am a freedom
fighter. No idea what you are talking, you verschohnen me with it.
-You are wasting too much time with her.
-Let us now focus only on our problem.
-I have found that eight of the twenty Contacts
are secured. -Can you destroy it? Non-alone.
-Can you pierce it? -With a lot of energy,
only for a short time. With all together? -No!
-In order to startle them all? -We wanted to
but later on the bridge. -No, in the engine room.
-The machine room is too big, too many entrances. 'But you can from there everything better
-controlled . lose From there, you have access to all Marine systems.
-How do you know?
-I just know it.
-Let us make it so!
-What does this mean here? If the guard?
Be Instructions followed? Your weapons!
-Go your Quatier into your waiting for your
Punish! Created a report to the 1700s. Buy!
-But I do not know how long I stay in this form can.
-We will be preceded by a prisoner and you will come afterwards. -If
it does not really look like an execution? -It is up to you yourself
Commander Guarantee! What are you going to do with
the prisoners? -They should be promptly executed. -Yes.
'But after request from the Captain, I know only from the People
and the Vulcans. -But I got another order from him. 'But sir!
-You doubt me? -No, sir. But .... -The Captain
does not like it at all, if he must wait. -Yes, sir.
Commander Guarantee! Where is the
fourth prisoner? The fourth-prisoners?
-He r. ..
-He is not with us!
-Let us go.
-Where to now? Eight
-decks below.
-The Vulcans do not believe in hell.
-We do not do. Whenever. If we someone attacks, we defend ourselves only.
-Made by me. I hope for you that this is not Error. -I am excited about what we
on the other side expect when we walk through the door. -They have miscalculated.
-The air is clean.
-Seal the doors!
-Oh God! He needs help!
-I am a freedom fighter, not a doctor.
-How can people be so inhuman!
-The takeover of the ship's control is important.
-Oh, Tuvok.
-The prisoners have occupied the engine room and
assumed control. The guard is dead, think I do.
-And how do you imagine, the Energy Control get back to my ship?
-It is very simple.
-We will enter forcefully into the engine and take control again. The hole out
of there. I dare you not to come back here come until the matter is resolved.
-Are you ready?
-For the most part.
-The self
-destruct sequence is initiated.
-What are you doing? -What
must be done. -But the mission!
-I changed the mission.
-It is the only way out.
-You want to destroy everything, what we have achieved. We have control of the vessel at any time.
The self-made in 45
seconds. -Catrick!
-Let me go!
-Everything is out of function.
-How did he do it? -I do not know.
The self-made in 30 seconds.
-Catrick! What do you want? -I want nothing. -So
you want to not blow up my ship, or see I disagree?
The self-made in 15 seconds. -What
do you want? -I want to die, we do.
The self-made in 10,
9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2,
-Have you realized what you did?
-Yes. I want to give everyone a chance for freedom.
-This was the only way!
-What has the murder of all of us to do with freedom?
-These people must be stopped! These
killers and butchers? Things worth dying for.
-Tuvok and I will be murdered!
Nevertheless, we do not want to die a death.
-What have you done in your past life? They have
watched passively as freedom fighters died for freedom.
-None of us has the idea of the people to kill on star ships.
-I will kill if necessary.
-What kind of a peace, if you have
only fear must. That is not necessary.
-I am not one of those. I
also once thought this way.
-Why is stopped? -I do not know. I can
not do anything. -What was going on?
-Look at it, what you have done. That
was the only chance for those to come.
-It is true, if it must be for our cause die. I am ready to die in battle.
-Tuvok. Tuvok! You need to
hold out, my friend. Please.
-You must be connected. It is too big for
encryption close. There's nothing I can do.
-What are you doing?
-That's fine.
-Take your mind back to you, Vulcans.
-You remember me.
Tuvok. What have you done? They need
your knowledge, or they need your list?
-My life, my choice.
-Live long and successful ...
-Oh, Tuvok. Peace be
with you, my friend.
Captain. As yet, no progress can
be seen, to do with what we do.
Then fiber a set or something.
Fetch me my Ship back.
-Yes, sir.
-We take the control menu on the machine control.
-I set course for Narkos.
-Pavel. I know that we must go. But not after Narkos.
-You can not stop me.
-I know it just like you, we need a course a planet that
is known as M-622nd -I have no time for such nonsense.
-Pavel, please. On this planet there is a time portal that Ver
- make changes in time and space can. -No, I know your folly.
-Pavel. Please. -All right. I scan the room for
temporal Ano - . malien But that will bring nothing.
-No, there are no records from the planet M
Stop. Since temporal shifts
are shown. In a small system.
-This is it. Pavel, that's it! -That means
nothing. -How many lives need to be eliminated.
-All right. We fly.
N. .. Leave me alone!
-Catrick. It costs a lot more in time.
-We have lots of energy. We do it anyway.
-Sir, we're going to warp six.
Captain. The engine is still not available.
And Commander Garan is not continue come.
-We have to try to
control my ship to get. Go!
-Placed the coordinates for the flight to M
-Pavel, there is something else. It's about Harriman.
He is connected with the here. 'I've heard enough.
-No. We know exactly what we need him and the what was going on here.
I hunt these butchers for 20 years. -Why? Because
the galactic law as it wants? Or not enough?
-Because he has wiped out my family!
Irina and me. We found a paradise. We found it in New Eden. We had a son. Piotr. We were happy. And when Harriman
I've lost everything. My wife, my son. And by now I have a Vulcan streamed a trick to get his mind when he died.
-Can you not imagine that I am at Volcano that has happened to my family the same? My
whole family. But I know that we need it. We need Harriman. I know it and you know it.
Captain. I have a message from Prime Gurret
received and asked why we fly this course.
-I did not at all said I was just so
giving up control of the ship is intended.
-It also believes no one,
but you do not mind done.
-Remember. A living is
better than a fox Dead.
-So now we come to that Harriman and Gurret Prime must
be placed on the same site. This is better than I thought.
Is O Cat, do not forget
how dangerous things.
-We can create together. 'You've never seen him.
-You Gurret Prime never seen
and do not know who he is?
Wait a moment. At the point where the time portal was A man so far as I know. He was your will kontrol
- . lose Somehow it seems to me that as if he thus to and so what we do has happened.
-Catrick. It has now lasted long enough. Too long a time. Listen,
we should discuss our differences in order to eliminate much of this.
-Remember, we need it.
Sun-Captain Harriman. You want to entice me, enable your people to kill
me. -No. No, but of course we can not do otherwise daily operations.
-Is that all?
I have a better idea. Why do not you come down here and make me self
- handed to?
-Take it to attack, we are 5 minutes on the ground.
-I have waited long enough. Do it yourself
-Probably a trap.
-No, really?
Posted and if you are behind the door is open, one
takes it. Is not that crazy? -You shall not kill him!
I only want to know everything about what
he and his friends Have heard Gurret Prime.
-Immediately come! Remains on standby. If we want to be
successful, we will submit ourselves to Koval's command.
-You can add me to scan with the tricorder. You see, I 'm alone and armed.
-This is excellent.
-Join the front door.
-Impressive! When did you learn that?
-You think, something that only your volcanic Friends.
-Apology. I think we are attacked from behind been.
-I know. It was a shabby trick. I will I rely on you and so will you protect me?
-We had everything under control. -What did I say? Go
back to the bridge and say it's all Order. -Yes, sir.
-Wa ... wa ... wake up! Wake up!
-Do you know what you did? Do you know what you owe me?
-Pavel, it is enough!
-Excellent. What will I be doing?
-So, Sir, the ship has entered the standard orbit. Helmsman.
-Still no control here.
-We are making progress, it takes only a few Minutes.
-Uhh, Ph.D.
-Do you really think that you can run away with us? My crew
will get me, that's for sure. 'Maybe they need that any more.
Commander. Three people have beamed to the surface.
-The prisoners? -Someone must have helped them.
Harriman? Computer! Captain Harriman Locate!
Captain Harriman is not on board the ship.
Transporter room!
Melden! Transporter room!
-I believe it can not at that time, this portal provides a it has great power.
-It has.
But I do not how it works.
-Only I can operate it.
Please. You do not need it.
I am surprised to see you three here. Oh, you can not
remember. I was on the hunt for Kirk, I remember But ...
-Uhura. Chekov.
-John. How did you come here?
'I'm just, I do not know here.
-It is very strange. I remember that we Friends are. You feel the same way as I
do. -We all need only understand everything behind lies. -This is not easy for me.
-Even for us.
Charlie. You know the truth about the guardians. You ... -My hatred for
Captain Kirk was so great, why could He did not help me when I was 17 years old.
-He died before I could get
him. Charlie, what did you do?
-I made use of the guard and killed Kirk's mother, before he was born.
-How was it possible to play with the guards?
-It was a mistake that I know now. But I did changed. I have reversed it.
-This will help the hundreds of billions more not, who must live with the torment of the law.
-Can a man be so involved in the story that it is dependent on him will not change?
-That is possible.
-The story was changed around 70 years ago. Charlie, bring the back in order.
-It is impossible. All tests, the time line is just ...
-You are relieved of your command! -Koval, you have your senses ... -Shut up.
This time you will find me not for dumb ver - purchase. They executed immediately!
-In! Ah!
-I am assuming that you'll enjoy it.
Commander Guarantee! The woman executed! They
are called the highest priority. By agency.
Gurret Prime. I live to
serve. -That 's Garry Mitchell.
Ah. Where were you Catrick? You are now my Page? I wanted to tell
you in person, before you die, that your main base was destroyed.
Guarantee that you must
still be on the bridge!
-Kill them slowly and then
return to your Stations back.
-It probably looks like
that we're still alive.
-You probably habst a small insignificant Planet called
New Eden forgotten. I was not. My family has lived there.
-The truth is, I've only ausgefurt commands. That Firing of
torpedoes from the bridge was so easy. I have seen no faces.
-What have I done wrong? I was
bitten at about this terrible game?
I assume that I and it was
so. Pavel Chekov died that day.
Position zero point seven ...
-We are called.
-On screen!
-I am Captain Gord from the Freedom ship "Freedom". We know that our
comrades Catrick You halten.Lassen caught him free, or we destroy your ship.
-Give yourself, or I'll kill him.
-He will die as a hero.
-Oh, he will die, but not as a hero. Filling stations!
A useless struggle! None of the weapons has what ge - surpassed. Navigator!
Five two three point nine zero! Two three-five point nine zero. Yes!
Hold-mate, course!
Kaplah! And now we are
destroying the rest of the pack.
-Koval. Gurret Prime's fleet has arrived!
-Good. Tell them: Now we are where our Taste food to give.
-Why do not you go back to the transporter room.
-Villeicht achieved its Charlie and convinced him to us to help.
'But what becomes of you? -It is my ship. I know it better than
anyone Other. I will do everything we can to pay back those that.
-Keep it up here. I think I can help him here. "
-Good success.
-New course: five zero nine point nine four. Photons activate and keep ready.
-Koval, we are called.
Gurret-Prime. I live to serve. -Apparently, my
angry young wolf. You have the Terrorists Catrick?
-Yes. He was executed.
-Really? And why is he still on your Ship?
-I will personally I see.
-Finish this fight!
-Garry Mitchell is Gurret Prime. -Was not Kirk's friend? -Yes. But by unpredictability in the great
Bariere he was awarded huge forces. But in this time-line, Kirk was not involved, in order to to stop him.
'He fought against the Galactic Federation and
managed Act. -That was obviously his role in 40 years.
Fast-Pavel. We do not have much time.
-Nayota. I mean knowing you. In both timelines.
-Pavel, I feel the same as you, but we do not now Time for it. Come on now.
Oh no, stop sto ...
-What is a planet davorn for it?
-An unimportant meaningless world, my lord.
Gurret-Prime. Someone was on
the Cuncure beamed. -Catrick!
-Where is Catrick?
-Catrick? I do not know.
-It is wrong to protect
him, tell me where he is!
-Give me a reason why I do not at the point should kill. Do you understand?
-I can not. Then you have to do it well now.
-When Prime Gurret I have learned to kill a traitor. For I
will be the new captain of the ship. And you'll be my slave.
-What is it?
Captain? -I am. -Who ...
-That was Catricks friend.
He died because he fought
for his cause, as others.
-And now?
-Come on!
-Tell me where he is!
-Leave her alone! Ha ha, she wants
to tell me exactly where is Catrick.
-What do you want more? Even more
-something for humans, not gods.
-And you're a fool.
-I am the watchman. You'll
have to fight me, to kill me.
Ah! -I am glad to see you. -I have a better fiber than you, I think you
clear a path. -Have you now sided with the enemy? -Yes. The fox is my friend.
-What are you waiting, they are
destroyed! -Avoidance maneuvers. -Ahh!
-We do not want to get out,
we fight! Fire, fire, fire!
-The door is closed, and out of
function. -How long? -For 10 minutes.
Give me a statement. Ah!
-Let's get started,
we control the bridge.
-Catrick is now with us.
Regroup. Gamma attack patterns.
-The task is to take the ship to eight
two seven point six zero. I have it.
Good shot. Good-flight maneuvers.
Ha, ha! -Jennice!
Ah, Ah! Energy!
-Oh, Charlie!
-The shield will fall, perhaps again.
-Still better than if they are covered now.
-Bruce, Cortran! Bring your
boats out of the firing line.
-Catrick is either the planet or even on
the ship. Destroyed because both of them!
-The shields are down. Damage
to the skin. But they are irons.
-There are some energy
increases at the destroyer.
-We need to think of something.
-He will straight kill the guard.
Torpedo bays are empty. Fiber banks are
out of function. -What we want to do?
-There is only one way out.
Six-two one point five eight. -I entered
the course. -We only get one chance. -Ready.
Ah! Charlie, Charlie. Oh,
Charlie. Guard you need to hear me!
Overload in one minute and 30 seconds.
-I do not know whether we do it.
-The gun control has failed. I think we are drifting around its own axis.
-A rocket coming towards us.
What a crap, where's
Scotty when you need him?
-You do not have what?
-The fever of freedom is what drives me. 'You're happy now.
-I felt for a long time not. Separation
of the saucer section in 36 seconds.
-Charlie. We have everything back in time again make. -I can
not. -You know what you must do. -I can not. I can not do it.
-The risk is too great.
-Yes you can do it, Charlie. Yes you can. You are very responsible for many lives.
Only you can change it
again. You can do it.
Remember. Remember Charlie, our first Coincidence? Charlie is my darling. My
sweetheart. My darling Charlie is my darling. Oh, Charlie, you can do it. You have to.
-You're right. There is nothing better than freedom
and nothing will stop them. Yes, Charlie, yes.
Destroy-it! -The
weapons are offline.
-Take us out of here.
-The navigation is not responding.
Overload in 30 seconds. -The vector
is correct. -Say goodbye Mr. Mitchel.
-The pressure wave is too large.
-Ahh! Catrick!
Jennice saga, I'm sorry. -You
know, Charlie. You know it.
-It must be, Charlie.
-Where is Kirk? Where can I find him?
-What happened? Charlie was successful.
-Let's get out of this hell.
Enterprise! Ready to beaming.
Personal Log-Stardate: 7615.1 Some years after these events again in the normal time line, I now put
my last entry Captain book. It came true that only a Grains of sand can have a devastating effect.
But the fact that we do with our free will and have to formulate our ideas with all the consequences
again. In particular, our determination and not those of the stars. For that we ourselves are
Today, want to get a Vulcan and a Terran to Federal marry. I
marry you now husband and wife. Your spirit is now connected.
-Highly illogical.
-Take it out just like that. Ha, ha, ha Oh, Stonn.
-My wife. Thank
-Very well. It is a good time and good Basis for the connection
to the volcano in the Federation. Das and now I am very impressed.
-I am also very impressed. Certainly
no one knows the world better than you
-I take this so, but that's
not my role. But Stonn his.
-It is the same as if I was doing illogical?
-I am very happy for you. -We are also pleased.
-Thank you very much. We talked about your impression But this is
a new equipment? -Oh. I take then to a Federation top part. -Oh!
So I will enter politics.
-Jennice. -Hey. -You know that no gift is required at
the volcano. -Really? This is done for Pavel of Adana.
-Oh one Tribble. Ah.
-Do not worry. This is sexless.
-In the 40 years and three cheers for them.
-On the next 40th Yes, Spok said: There is nothing impossible. Ha, ha, ha ..
-Space - the final frontier. -These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. -What is continuing
its mission of injecting new life and new Civilizations to discover, -where no man has gone before.