Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015) Movie Script

A long time ago in a galaxy far,
far away....
Episode Vll / b
Luke Skywalker has vanished.
In his absence, the sinister
FIRST ORDER has risen from
the ashes of the Empire
and will not rest until
Skywalker, the last Jedi,
has been destroyed.
With the support of the
REPUBLIC, General Leia Organa
leads a brave RESISTANCE.
She is desperate to find her
brother Luke and gain his
help in restoring peace
and justice to the galaxy.
Leia has sent her most daring
pilot on a secret mission
to Jakku, where an old ally
has discovered a clue to
Luke's whereabouts . . . .
This will begin to make things right.
I've traveled too far
and seen too much
to ignore the despair
in the Galaxy.
Without the Jedi, there can be
no balance in the Force.
Well, because of you,
now we have a chance.
The general has been after
for this for a long time.
The General?
To me she's royalty.
Well, she certainly is that.
We got company.
You have to hide.
You have to leave.
Get out!
Go! Go! Go!
Come on BB-8, hurry!
Blast that X-wing!
Fire! Fire!
Someone is coming behind us.
I see him!
And take this, it's safer
with you than it's with me.
You get as far away
from here as you can.
- Do you hear me?
- I don't know...
I'll come back for you!
We'll be alright!
Keep moving!
Stay here.
Look how old you'd become.
Something far worse
has happened to you.
You know what I've come for.
I know where you come from.
Before you you call 'Kylo Ren'.
The Map, to Skywalker.
We know you found it.
And now you're going to
give it to the First Order.
The First Order rose
from the dark side.
You did not.
I'll show you
the dark side.
You may try.
But you cannot deny the truth
that is your family.
You're so right.
So, who talks first?
Do you talk first? I talk first?
The old man gave it to you.
It's very hard to understand you
with all the...
- Search him.
- I'm more than...
- Nothing, sir.
- Bring him on board.
Sir, the villagers?
Kill them all.
On my command.
Nothing here!
Eliminate it!
Submit your blaster for inspection.
Yes, Captain.
And who gave you permission
to remove that helmet?
I'm sorry, Captain.
Report to my division at once.
What you brought me today
is worth...
One quarter portion.
Oh, thank you.
That's just a Teedo.
Wants you for parts.
He has no respect for anyone.
Your antenna's bent.
Where'd you come from?
I am not suppose to tell,
it's classified.
- Classified, really?
- Yup.
Me too.
Big secret.
Niima Outpost is that way.
Stay off Kelvin Ridge.
Keep away from the
sinking fields in the North
or you'll drown in the sand.
You are so very kind.
I would like to come with you.
Don't follow me.
The town is that way.
Then, can I stay with you?
I am scared.
In the morning, you go.
Thank you, again.
You're welcome.
I have no idea we had the best pilot
in the Resistance on board.
You comfortable?
Not really.
I'm impressed.
No one has been able
to get out of you
what you did with the map.
You might want to
rethink your technique.
Where is it?
The Resistance will not be
intimidated by you.
Where is it?
It's in a droid.
A BB unit.
Well then, if it's on Jakku,
we'll soon have it.
I leave that to you.
Don't give up hope.
He still might show up.
Whoever it's you're waiting for.
I know all about waiting
For my family.
They'll be back,
one day.
Come on.
These five pieces are worth...
Let me see...
One half portion.
Last week they were
a half portion each.
What about the droid?
What about him?
I'll pay for him.
60 portions.
- Whoa.
- Wow.
The droid is not for sale.
Come on.
Follow the girl
and get that droid.
Ren wants the prisoner.
Turn here.
Listen carefully.
If you do exactly as I say,
I can get you out of here.
This is a rescue.
I'm helping you escape.
Can you fly a TIE fighter?
You are with the Resistance?
What? No no no.
I'm breaking you out.
- Can you fly a TIE fighter?
- I can fly anything.
Why are you helping me?
Because it's the right thing to do.
You need a pilot.
I need a pilot.
We're gonna do this.
Okay, stay calm, stay calm.
I am calm.
I'm talking to myself.
Not yet.
Okay, go.
This way.
I always wanted to fly
one of these things.
- Can you shoot?
- Blasters, I can.
Okay, same principle.
Use the toggle on the left to switch
between missiles, cannons and Mag pulses.
The sight on the right to aim,
triggers to fire.
This is very complicated.
I can fix this.
We have an unsanctioned
departure from Bay 2.
Alert General Hux,
and stop that fighter.
Blow up the command.
I got it.
This thing really moves.
Alright, we got to take out as
many of these cannons as we can
- if we're gonna get very far.
- Alright.
I'm going to get us in position.
Just stay sharp.
Up ahead! Up ahead!
Do you see it?
I got us dead centered.
It's a clean shot.
I got it.
- Yeah!
- Yes!
Did you see that?
Did you see that?
I saw it!
- Hey. What's your name?
- FN-2187.
F... what?
That's the only name
they ever gave me.
Well, I ain't using it.
FN, huh?
Finn. I'm gonna call you Finn.
Is it alright?
Finn. Yeah!
Finn, I like that!
I like that.
I'm Poe, Poe Dameron.
- Good to meet you, Poe.
- Good to meet you too, Finn!
Sir, they've taken out our turbo lasers.
Use the ventral cannons.
Yes, sir.
Bringing them online.
General Hux,
is it the Resistance pilot?
Yes, and he had helped
from one of our own.
We are checking the registers now
to identify which Stormtrooper it was.
The one from the Village.
Sir, ventral cannons on.
What's coming towards you?
My right. Your left. Do you see it?
Hold on.
I see them!
Nice shot!
Where're we going?
We're going back to Jakku,
that's where.
No, no, no.
We can't go back to Jakku.
We need to get out
of this system.
I got to get my droid
before the First Order does.
- What? A droid?
- That's right.
The BB unit, orange and white.
One of a kind.
I don't care what color he is!
No droid can be that important!
This one is, man.
We need to get as far away
from the First Order as we can.
We go back to Jakku,
we die.
The droid has a map that leads
straight to Luke Skywalker.
Oh, you got to be kidding me!
FN-2187 reported to my division,
was evaluated and sent to reconditioning.
No prior signs of nonconformity?
This was his first offense.
They've been hit.
- Destroyed?
- Disabled.
They've headed back to Jakku.
The CIS projected the crash
in the Goazon Badlands.
They were going
back for the droid.
Send a squad to the wreckage.
Poe! I got you.
Supreme Leader Snoke was explicit.
Capture the droid if we can,
but destroy it, we must.
How capable are your soldiers, General?
I won't have you
question my methods.
They are obviously skilled
at committing high treason.
Perhaps Leader Snoke should
consider using a clone army.
My men are exceptionally trained.
Programmed from birth.
Then, they should have
no problem retrieving the droid,
Careful, Ren, that your personal interest
not interfere with orders from Leader Snoke.
I want that map.
For your sake,
I suggest you get it.
- Water.
- No.
There's no water?
Girl, your droid.
I want it.
- Huh?
- What?
Get away from him!
Who are those people.
They work for Unkar.
Mistress! That man!
That man over there.
- Him?
- Yes.
He is wearing my master's jacket.
What is your hurry, thief?
Hey! What?
The jacket.
This droid says you stole it.
I had a pretty
messed up day, alright?
So I'd appreciate it if
you'd stop accusing me...
- Ow! Stop it!
- Where did you get it?
It belongs to his master.
It belongs to Poe Dameron.
That was his name, right?
He was captured
by the First Order.
I helped him escape,
our ship crashed.
Poe didn't make it.
I tried to help him
but I'm sorry.
So you're with the Resistance?
Yes, I am
I'm with the Resistance, yeah.
I'm with the Resistance.
I never met a
Resistance fighter before.
I was... that's what we look like.
Some of us.
Others look different.
BB-8 says he's on a secret mission.
He has to get back to your base.
Apparently he has a map
that leads to Luke Skywalker.
And everyone is after it.
Luke Skywalker?
I thought he was a myth.
- What are you doing?
- Come on.
Come on, BB-8!
- Let go of me!
- Come on! We got to move!
I know how to run
without you holding my hand.
BB-8, stay close!
This way.
Call in the air strike.
They're shooting at both of us.
Yeah, they saw you with me.
You are marked.
Well, thanks for that.
Hey! I'm not the one to
take you down with a stick.
Does anyone have blasters around here?
Are you okay?
Shh. Shh.
Stop taking my hand!
Are you okay?
Follow me.
We can't outrun them!
We might.
In that Quad-Jumper!
We need a pilot!
We got one.
What about that ship?
That one's GARBAGE!
The garbage will do.
Gunner position is down there!
You ever fly this thing?
This ship hasn't flown in years.
I can do this.
I can do this.
I can do this.
I can do this.
That's mine!
Stay low! Stay low!
Stay low!
It confuses their tracking.
- BB-8, hold on.
- Whyee?
I'm going low!
What are you doing back there?
Are you ever going to fire back?
I'm working on it!
Are the shields up?
Not so easy without a co-pilot.
Try sitting in this thing.
- We need cover, quick.
- We're about to get some!
I hope.
Damn it.
Come on, come on!
Nice shot!
I'm getting pretty good at this.
Let's get down!
Alright. The cannon's stuck in
forward position. I can't move it.
You got to lose them.
Get ready!
For what?
Are we really doing this?
Oh, no.
- That was some flying.
- Nice shooting.
- Thanks.
- How did you do that?
- I don't know.
- No one trained you?
But I've never left the planet.
- Your last shot was great.
- That was amazing.
You set me up for it.
- It was perfect.
- That was pretty good.
You're okay.
He's with the Resistance.
He's going to get you home.
We both will.
I don't know your name.
What's yours?
I'm Rey.
Help me with this.
What-What's going on?
Sir, we were unable to
acquire the droid on Jakku.
He escaped capture on a stolen
Corellian YT model freighter.
The droid... stole a freighter?
Not exactly, sir.
It had help.
We have no confirmation,
but we believe FN-2187
may have helped him escape.
Anything else?
The two were accompanied by a girl.
What girl?
It's the motivator.
Grab me a Harris wrench.
Check in there.
- How bad is it?
- If we want to live, not good.
They're hunting for us now.
We got to get out of this system!
BB-8 says the location of the
Resistance base is 'need to know.'
If I'm taking you there,
I need to know.
You got to tell us
where your base is.
I don't speak that.
Okay, between us,
I'm not with the Resistance, okay?
I'm just trying to get away
from the First Order.
But if you tell us
where the base is,
I'll get you there first.
Droid, please!
Pilex driver, hurry.
- So,where is your base?
- Go on, BB-8, tell her .
- The Ileenium System!
- Yes, the Ileenium System.
That's the one.
Get us there as fast as you can.
I need the engine tape, hurry.
- What about you?
- I got to get back to Jakku?
Back to Jakk... Why does everyone
want to go back to Jakku?
- It's not that one.
- That place is...
The one I'm pointing to.
No. No.
If we don't patches up the
propulsion, the tank will overflow
and fill up this ship
with poisonous gas.
- This?
- Yes.
Hey, Rey,
you're a pilot.
You can fly anywhere.
Why go back?
You got a family?
You got a boyfriend?
A cute boyfriend?
None of your business, that's why.
- That can't be good.
- To the cockpit.
Someone's locked on to us.
All controls are overridden.
Get off.
Get off!
Do you see anything?
Oh, no.
It's the First order.
What do we do?
There must be something.
- You said poisonous gas.
- I fixed that.
Can you unfix it?
Come on, BB-8.
I got him.
I'm okay.
Do you think this work
on the Stormtroopers?
Yeah, their masks filter out
smoke not toxins.
Hurry, they're coming.
We're home.
Where are the others?
Where's the pilot?
I'm the pilot.
- You?
- She's lying.
No, it's true.
We're the only ones on board.
You can understand that thing?
And "that thing" can
understand you too, so watch it.
Come on out of there.
- Where did you get this ship?
- Niima Outpost.
That junkyard?
Thank you!
I told you we should've double
check the Western Reaches.
Who had her?
I stole it.
From Unkar Plutt.
He stole it from the Irving Boys,
who stole it from Ducain.
Who stole it from me!
Well, you tell him that
Han Solo just stole back
the Millennium Falcon, for good
This is the "Millennium Falcon"?
You are Han Solo?
I used to be.
Han Solo, the Rebellion general?
No, the smuggler.
Wasn't he a war hero?
This is the ship that made
the Kessel Run in 14 parsecs.
Some moof milker put a compressor
on the ignition line.
Unkar Plutt did it.
I thought it was a mistake too.
Puts too much...
- ... stress on the hyperdrive.
- Stress on the hyperdrive.
Chewie, throw them in a pod.
We'll drop them on the
nearest uninhabited planet.
Wait, no!
We need your help.
My help?
This droid has to get to the
Resistance base as soon as possible.
He's carrying a map
to Luke Skywalker.
You are the Han Solo
that fought with the Rebellion.
You knew him.
Yeah, I knew him.
I knew Luke.
Don't tell me a
Rathtar's gotten loose.
Wait, what?
Did you just say 'Rathtar'?
You're not hauling Rathtars
on this freighter, are you?
I'm hauling Rathtars.
Oh, great.
It's the Guavian Death Gang .
They must've tracked us from Nantoon.
What is a rathtar?
They are big and
they are dangerous.
You ever heard of the Trillia massacre?
- No.
- Good.
I got three of them
going to King Prana.
How did you get them on board?
We used to have a bigger crew.
Get below and stay there
until I say so.
And don't even think
about taking the Falcon.
What about BB-8?
He stays with me until
I get rid of the gang,
then you can have him back
and be on your way.
What about the Rathtars?
Where're you keeping them?
There's one.
What are you going to do?
Same thing I always do.
Talk my way out of it.
Do you?
Yes, I do.
Every time.
Han Solo,
you are a dead man.
What's the problem?
The problem is that we
loaned you 50,000 for this job.
Can you see them?
I heard you also borrowed
50,000 from Kanjiklub.
You know you can't
trust those little freaks.
How long we known each other?
- They have blasters.
- A lot of them.
Not long.
We want our money back now.
You think hunting Rathtars is cheap?
I spent that money.
Kanjiklub wants their investment back too.
I never made a deal with Kanjiklub!
Tell that to Kanjiklub.
Tasu Leech!
Good to see you!
You made another mistake, Solo.
This is your intention.
Boys! You both're gonna
get what I promised.
Have I ever not
deliver for you before?
What was the second time?
Your game is old.
There's no one in the galaxy
left for you to swindle.
You have nowhere to hide.
That BB unit.
The First Order is looking
for one just like it.
And two fugitives.
First time I heard of it.
- Search the freighter.
- On it.
Wait, wait, wait...
If we close the blast doors in that
corridor, we can trap those gangs.
Close the blast doors from here?
Resetting the fuses should do it.
I got a bad feeling about this.
Oh, no.
"Oh no," what?
Wrong fuses.
Kill them!
And take the droid!
- This was a mistake!
- Huge!
How do they look?
They look like that.
- This way.
- Are you sure?
No, no, no.
Get out of here!
Get it off me!
Get off!
Get off!
It had me!
But the door...
That was lucky.
I got the door.
Cover us!
Are you okay?
Come on!
Come on!
- Han
- You, close the door behind us.
You, take care of Chewie!
Where're you going?
Unkar Plutt installed
a fuel pump here.
If we don't prime that,
we're not going anywhere..
I hate that guy.
- And you could use a co-pilot.
- I got one, he's back there.
Watch the thrusters.
We're getting out of here in light speed.
From inside of a hanger?
Is that even possible?
I never ask that question
until after I've done it.
This is not how I thought
this day was going to go.
Angle the shield.
Hang on back there!
No problem!
Come on, baby,
don't let me down.
- What?
- Compressor.
Inform the First Order that
Han Solo has the droid they wanted.
And it's aboard the Millennium Falcon.
The droid will soon be
delivered to the Resistance,
leading them to the last Jedi.
If Skywalker returns,
the new Jedi will rise.
Supreme Leader, I take full responsibility....
Our strategy must now change.
The weapon.
It is ready.
I believe the time
has come to use it.
We shall destroy the government
that supports the Resistance.
The Republic.
Without their friends to protect them,
the Resistance will be vulnerable.
And we will stop them
before they reach Skywalker.
oversee preparations.
Yes, Supreme Leader.
There has been an awakening.
Have you felt it?
There's something more.
The droid we seek is
aboard the Millennium Falcon.
In the hands of your father,
Han Solo.
He means nothing to me.
Even you, Master of the Knights of Ren,
have never faced such a test.
By the grace of your training,
I will not be seduced.
We shall see.
We shall see.
- Electrical overload.
- I can fix that.
Coolant's leaking.
Try transferring auxiliary power to...
- secondary tank.
- Secondary tank.
I got it.
Chewie, come on!
I need help with
this giant hairy thing!
- Coming.
- Stop moving!
- Chewie!
- He needs help.
You hurt Chewie,
you're going to deal with me!
Hurt him?
He almost kill me six times!
Which is fine.
If this hyperdrive blows,
there's going to be pieces
of us in three different systems.
What did you do?
I bypass the compressor.
Move, ball.
Don't say that.
You did great, just rest.
Good job, kid.
You're welcome.
Fugitive, huh?
The First Order wants the map.
Finn is with the Resistance.
I'm just a scavenger.
Let's see what you got.
- Should I?
- Go ahead.
This map is not complete,
it's just a piece.
Ever since Luke disappeared
people'd been looking for him.
Why did he leave?
He was training a
new generation of Jedi.
One boy, an apprentice,
turned against him, destroyed it all.
Luke felt responsible.
He just walked away
from everything.
Do you know what happened to him?
A lot of rumors, stories.
People who'd knew him best,
think he went looking for
the first Jedi Temple.
The Jedi were real?
I used to wonder
about that myself.
I thought it was a bunch
of mumbo jumbo.
A magical power holding
together good and evil,
the Dark side and the Light.
The crazy thing is...
It's true.
The Force, the Jedi.
All of it.
It's all true.
No, you rest.
You want my help?
You're getting it.
Going to see an old friend.
She'll get your droid home.
This is our stop.
I didn't know there was this
much green in the whole galaxy.
Hey, Solo, I'm not sure
what we're walking into here.
Did you just call me Solo?
Sorry, Han. Mr. Solo.
You should know,
I'm a big deal in the Resistance,
which puts a real target
on my back.
Are there any conspirators here?
Like First Order sympathizers?
Listen, "big deal".
You have another problem.
Women always figure out the truth.
You might need this.
I think I can handle myself.
I know you do.
That's why I'm giving it to you.
Take it.
You know how to use
one of those?
You pull the trigger.
A little bit more
truer than that.
You got a lot to learn.
You got a name?
I've been thinking about
bringing on some more crew, Rey.
A second mate.
Someone to help out.
Someone who can keep up with Chewie
and me, who appreciates the Falcon.
Are you offering me a job?
I wouldn't be nice to you.
I don't pay much.
You're offering me a job?
I'm thinking about it.
If you are, I'd be flattered.
But I have to go home.
I've already been away too long.
Chewie, checkout the ship
as best you can.
It's too bad.
Chewie kinda likes you.
Solo, why are we here again?
- To get your droid on a clean ship.
- Clean?
Do you think it was luck that
Chewie and I found the Falcon?
If we can find it on our scanners,
the First Order is not far behind.
You want to get BB-8
to the Resistance.
Maz Kanata is our best bet.
We can trust her, right?
Relax, kid.
She's run this watering hole
for a thousand years.
Maz is a bit of an acquired taste,
so, let me do the talking.
And whatever you do, don't stare.
- At what?
- At what?
Any of it.
Han Solo!
Oh, boy
Hey, Maz.
Where's my boyfriend?
- Chewie's working in the Falcon.
- I like that Wookiee.
I assume you need something.
Let's get to it.
I'll be back.
Resistance spotted...
and your lost droid is here too.
Inform the First Order...
I found the droid.
Forgive me.
I feel it again.
The pull to the light.
The Supreme Commander senses it.
Show me again.
The power of the darkness.
And I will let nothing
stand in our way.
Show me...
... Grandfather.
And I will finish
what you started.
A map...
to Skywalker himself?
I need you to
get this droid to Leia.
You've been running away
from this fight for too long.
Go home.
Leia doesn't want to see me.
Please, we came here for your help.
What fight?
The only fight
against the dark side.
Through the ages,
I've seen evil take many forms.
The Sith.
The Empire.
Today, it is the First Order.
Their shadows spreading across the galaxy.
We must face them.
Fight them.
All of us.
There is no fighting
against the First Order.
Not one we can win.
Look around.
There's no chance we haven't
been recognized us already.
I bet you the First Order
is on their way right...
What's this?
What are you doing?
Solo, what is she doing?
I don't know,
but it ain't good.
If you live long enough, you see
the same eyes in different people.
I'm looking at the eyes of a man
who wants to run.
You don't know a thing about me.
Where I'm from.
What I've seen.
You don't know the
First Order like I do.
They will slaughter us.
We all need to run.
You see those two?
They'll trade work for
transportation to the Outer Rim.
There, you can disappear.
Come with me.
What about BB-8?
We're not done yet.
We have to get him
back to your base.
You think?
He can't.
I can't.
Keep it, kid.
Who's the girl?
- What? What is it?
- Let him speak first.
I was told you can get me
to the Outer Rim.
What are you doing?
Don't leave without me.
You can't just go.
I won't let you.
I'm not who you think I am.
- Finn, what are you talking about?
- I'm not Resistance.
I'm not a hero.
I'm a Stormtrooper.
Like all of them, I was taken
from my family I'll never know.
And raised to do one thing.
In my first battle,
I made a choice.
I wasn't going to kill for them.
So I ran,
right into you.
You looked at me
like no one ever had.
I was ashamed of what I was.
But, I'm done with the First Order.
I'm never going back.
Rey, come with me.
Don't go.
Take care of yourself.
Come back!
Come back!
Come back!
His energy...
Come back!
Quiet, girl.
These are your first steps.
What was that?
I shouldn't gone in here.
That lightsaber was Luke's.
And his father's before him.
And now, it call's to you.
I have to get back to Jakku.
Han told me.
Dear child, I see your eyes.
You already know the truth.
Whoever you're waiting for in Jakku.
They're never coming back.
But, there's someone who still could.
The belonging you seek
is not behind you,
it is ahead.
I'm no Jedi,
but I know the Force.
It moves through and
surrounds every living thing.
Close your eyes.
Feel it .
The light...
it's always been there.
It will guide you.
The saber.
Take it.
I'm never touching
that thing again.
I don't want any part of this.
Today is the end of the Republic.
The end of a regime
that acquiesces to disorder.
At this very moment
in a system far from here,
the New Republic lies to the galaxy
while secretly supporting the treachery
of the rogues of the Resistance.
This fierce machine
which you have built,
upon which we stand
will bring an end to the Senate,
to their cherished fleet.
All remaining systems will bow
to the First Order!
and will remember this
as the last day of the Republic!
Confirm transfer to manual control.
Configure !
Hosnian System
New Republic
What is it?
That was New Republic.
The First Order, they've done it.
Where's Rey?
Mistress, are you alright?
What are you doing?
I see you running,
are you alright?
You have to go back.
- Where are you going?
- I'm leaving.
- BB-8...
- No.
No, you can't. You have to go back,
you're too important.
They'll help you.
I had this for ages.
I kept it locked away.
Where'd you get that?
A good question,
for another time.
Take it.
Find your friend!
Those beasts.
They're here.
FN-417, hold position.
Oh, safety.
The droid was spotted heading west.
With a girl.
You have to keep going,
stay out of sight.
- I'll try to fight them off.
- I hope they wont find us.
I hope so too.
Come on, Chewie!
Rey and BB-8! They need you!
Now! Go!
I need a weapon!
You have one!
Can I try that?
I like this thing.
- You okay, "Big deal"?
- Thanks.
Don't move!
TK-338, we have targets in custody.
We have incoming in 28.6.
Move! Move!
Move! Move!
Scramble all squads!
Repeat, scramble all squads!
Take cover and
cover our mid field position!
It's the Resistance.
Go straight ahead at them!
Don't let these thugs scare you!
- Copy that.
- We're with you, Poe.
That's one hell of a pilot!
The girl I heard so much about.
The droid.
Where is it?
We're going to need air support.
The map.
You've seen it.
Sir, Resistance fighters.
We need more troops.
Pull the division out.
Forget the droid.
We have what we need.
Fall back!
No, no!
He took her.
Did you see it?
He took her.
She's gone.
Yeah, yeah, I know.
Come on.
Han Solo!
It is I, C-3PO.
You probably don't recognize me
because of the red arm.
Look who it is!
Did you see who...?
Excuse me, Princess... General.
I'm sorry.
- Come on, BB-8, they're waiting.
- What an unusual arm you have.
Yes, I must have
my proper arm reinstall.
You changed your hair.
Same jacket.
No, new jacket.
I saw him.
Leia, I saw our son.
He was here.
BB-8, my friend.
Good to see you.
Finn saved you?
Where is he?
Poe Dameron, you're alive?
- so are you!
- What happened?
What happened, I was throw from the crash.
I woke up at night; no you, no ship, nothing
- BB-8 says that you saved him.
- No, no, no. It wasn't just me.
You completed my mission, Finn...
That's my jacket.
- Oh.
- No no no...
Keep it.
It suits you.
You're a good man, Finn.
Poe, I need your help.
PZ-4CO, report to communications.
General Organa.
I'm sorry to interrupt.
This is Finn.
- He needs to talk to you.
- And I need to talk to him.
That was incredibly brave,
what you did.
Renouncing the First Order,
saving this man's life.
Thank you, ma'am. But a friend
of mine was taken prisoner.
Han told me about the girl.
I'm sorry.
Finn's familiar with the weapon that
destroyed the Hosnian system,
he worked on the base.
We're just good for
anything you can tell us.
That's where my friend was taken.
I got to get there fast.
And I will do everything
I can to help, but first
you need to tell us
all you know.
That sounds very scary.
You must be so brave.
General, I regret to
inform you but
this map recovered from BB-8
is only partially complete.
And even worse, it matches
no charted system on record.
We simply do not have enough
information to locate Master Luke.
We are so foolish to think I could
find Luke and bring him home.
Don't do that.
Do what?
I'm trying to be helpful.
When did that ever help?
And don't say the Death Star.
R2, I need your help.
Wake up, R2.
You're wasting your time.
He might have the map.
It is very doubtful that R2 would have the
rest of the map in his backup data.
- Can't we wake him?
- I am afraid not.
R2-D2 has been in low power mode
ever since Master Luke went away.
Sadly, he may never
be his own self again.
Poor R2.
Listen to me, will you?
I know every time you...
Every time you look me,
you're reminded of him.
Do you think
I want to forget him?
I want him back.
There's nothing more
we could have done
There's too much Vader in him.
That's why I wanted him
to be trained with Luke.
I just never should had sent
him away, thats when I lost him.
That's when I lost you both.
We both had to deal with it
in our own way.
I went back to the only thing
I was only good at.
We both did.
We lost our son.
It was Snoke.
He seduced our son
to the dark side.
But we can still save him.
If Luke couldn't reach him,
how could I?
Luke is a Jedi.
You're his father.
There's still light in him,
I know it.
The reconnaissance report
on the enemy base is coming.
Where am I?
You're my guest.
Where are the others?
Do you mean the murderers, traitors
and thieves, you called friends?
You'll be relieved to hear
I have no idea.
You still want to kill me.
That happens when you're being
haunting by a contort mask.
Tell me about the droid.
He's a BB unit with a selenium drive
and a thermal hyperscan vindicator...
Carrying a section of a navigation chart.
We have the rest.
Recovered from the archives of the Empire,
but we need the last piece.
Yet somehow you convinced
the droid to show it to you.
a scavenger.
You know I can take
whatever I want.
You're so lonely.
So afraid to leave.
At night, desperate to sleep.
Imagine an ocean.
I see it.
I see the island.
And Han Solo.
You feel like he's a father
you never had.
He would have disappointed you.
Get out of my head!
I know you've seen the map.
It's in there.
And now you'll give it to me.
Don't be afraid.
I feel it too.
I'm not giving you anything.
We'll see.
you're afraid...
that you will never be
as strong as Darth Vader!
This scavenger
resisted you!
She is strong with the Force.
Untrained, but stronger than she knows.
And the droid?
Ren believed it was
no longer valuable to us.
That the girl,
is all we needed.
As a result, the Droid is most likely been
returned to the hands of the enemy.
They may have the map already.
Then the Resistance must be destroyed
before they get to Skywalker.
We have their location.
We tracked their reconnaissance
team to the Ileenium System.
Then we will crash them
once and for all.
Prepare the weapon.
Supreme Leader, I can get
the map from the girl.
I just need your guidance.
If what you say
about this girl is true...
Bring her to me.
You will remove these restraints
and leave this cell
with the door open.
What did you say?
You will remove these restraints
and leave this cell
with the door open.
I will tighten those restraints,
scavenger scum!
You will remove these restraints
and leave this cell
with the door open.
I will remove these restraints
and leave this cell
with the door open.
And you'll drop your gun.
And I'll drop my gun.
Begin charging the weapon.
Yes, sir.
Weapon charging.
The scan Data from Snap's reconnaissance
flight confirms Finn's report.
They somehow created a hyper lightspeed
weapon built within the planet itself.
A laser cannon?
We're not sure how to describe
a weapon of this scale.
It's another Death Star.
I wish that were the case, Major.
This was the Death Star.
And this,
is Starkiller base.
So, it's big.
How is it possible to power up
a weapon of that size?
They uses the power of the sun.
As the weapon is charge,
the sun is drained until it disappears.
The First Order charging
their weapon again, now.
Our system is the next charge.
Oh, my.
Without the Republic fleet, we're doom.
How do we blow it up?
- There is always a way to do that.
- Han's right.
In order for that amount
of power to be contained,
that base has to have some kind
of thermal oscillator.
There is one.
Precinct 47.
If we can destroy that oscillator,
it might destabilize the core
and cripple the weapon.
Maybe the planet.
We'll go in there, we'll hit that
oscillator with everything we got.
They have defensive shields that
our ships cannot penetrate.
We disable the shields.
Kid, you worked there.
- What do you got?
- I can do it.
I like this guy.
I can seal the shields, but I have
to be there, on the planet.
- We'll get you there.
- Han, how?
If I told you,
you wouldn't like it
So, we disable the shields,
we take out the oscillator
and we blow up the big gun.
Alright, let's go!
Chewie, check that thermal capitator.
Come on, let's go!
Hey, be careful with those.
They're explosives.
Now, you tell me?
You know?
No matter how much we fought,
I always hated watching you leave.
That's why I did it
So you'd miss me.
I did miss you.
It wasn't all bad, was it?
Some of it was... good.
Pretty good.
Some things never change.
You still drive me crazy.
If you see our son,
bring him home.
Sir. Sensors triggered in Hanger 718.
We're searching the area.
She's just beginning
to test her powers.
The longer it takes to find her,
the more dangerous she becomes.
How're we getting in?
Their shields have a
fractional refresh rate.
It keeps anything traveling slower
than lightspeed from getting through.
We're making our landing
approach at lightspeed?
Chewie, get ready.
And... Now!
I am pulling up!
I get any higher, they'll see us!
Sir, she was not found in hanger 718,
but all troops are on alert.
Put every hanger on lockdown.
She's going to try to
steal a ship to escape.
Han Solo.
The flooding tunnel
is over that ridge.
We'll get in that way.
What was your job when
you were based here?
And how do you know
how to disable the shields?
I don't.
I'm just here to get Rey.
People are counting on us.
The galaxy is counting on us.
Solo, we'll figure it out.
We'll use the force.
That's not how the Force works.
I'm cold.
Oh, really?
You're cold?
Come on.
Weapon charged in 15 minutes, sir.
The longer we're here,
the less luck we're going to have.
- The shields.
- I have an idea about that.
- Do you remember me?
- FN-2187
Not any more. The name's Finn
and I'm in charge.
I'm in charge now, Phasma.
I'm in charge.
- Bring it down. Bring it down.
- Okay.
Follow me.
You want me to blast that bucket
off your head? Lower the shields.
You're making a big mistake.
Do it.
Solo, if this works, we're not going
to have a lot of time to find Rey.
Don't worry, kid.
We won't leave here without her.
You can't be so stupid
just to think this will be easy.
My troops will storm
this block and kill you all.
I disagree.
What do we do with her?
Is there a garage chute?
Trash compactor?
There is.
General, their shields are down.
Thank the maker!
Han did it!
Send them in.
Give Poe full authorization for attack.
Black leader,
go to sublight speed formation.
Roger, base.
Red squad, Blue squad,
take my lead.
Dropping out of lightspeed.
Almost in range!
Hit the target dead center
as many runs as we can get.
Approaching target.
Fighters incoming!
Shields up!
Shields up!
Dispatch all squadrons.
Yes, General.
Alright, let's light it up!
Direct hit!
But no damage.
Yeah, we got to keep hitting it.
Another bombing run.
Remember, when the sun is gone,
their weapon will be ready to fire.
But as long as there is light,
we got a chance.
- Master Poe, enemy fighters!
- Guys, we got a lot of company!
We'll use the charges
to blow that blast door.
I'm going in and draw fire
but I'm going to need you to cover.
You sure you are up for this?
Hell, no.
I'll go in and try to find Rey.
The troopers will be on our tail.
We have to be ready for that.
Oh, there's an access tunnel
that leads...
Why're you do that? Hm.
Why're you doing this?
I'm trying to
come up with a plan.
- Ah!
- No!
Are you alright?
- Yeah.
- Good.
What happened to you?
Did he hurt you?
- Finn, what are you doing here?
- We came to get you.
What did he say?
He says it was your idea.
Thank you.
How did you get away?
I can't explain it.
And you wouldn't believe it.
Escape now,
hug later
I got one behind me.
- You see it?
- Yeah. I'm on it.
Watch out for ground fire.
They're in trouble.
We can't leave.
My friend's got a bag
full of explosives.
Let's use them.
General, are you seeing this?
Two more X-wing's down.
That's half our fleet destroyed.
And their weapon will be
fully charged in 10 minutes.
It would take a miracle
to save us now.
That girl knows her stuff.
Let's set the charges
against every other column.
You're right.
That's a better idea.
You take the top.
I'll go down below.
We'll meet back here.
Find them.
Han Solo.
I've been waiting for
this day for a long time.
Take off that mask.
You don't need it.
What do you think
you'll see if I do?
The face of my son.
Your son is gone.
He was weak and foolish
like his father,
so I destroyed him.
That's what Snoke
wants you to believe,
but it's not true.
My son is alive.
The Supreme Leader is wise.
Snoke is using you
for your power.
When he gets what he wants,
he'll crush you.
You know it's true.
It's too late.
No, it's not.
Leave here with me. Come home.
We miss you.
I'm being torn apart.
I want to be free
of this pain.
I know what I have to
do but I don't know
if I have the strength to do it.
Will you help me?
(The light!)
Thank you.
The oscillator's been damaged,
but it's still functional.
Admiral, their weapon
will fire in two minutes.
The Falcon's this way.
We not done yet.
You're a monster!
It's just us now.
Han Solo can't save you.
Hold on.
Rey. Rey.
Oh, no.
No, no, no, no. Rey.
That lightsaber...
belongs to me.
Come and get it.
We just lost Star-1.
We are overwhelmed.
What are we doing?
It isn't working.
Black Leader, there's a brand
new hole in that oscillator.
Looks like our friends got in.
Red-4, Red-6, Cover us.
- I'm on it.
- Roger.
Everybody else, get your target on.
Give it everything you got.
I need some help here.
I need some help!
- Coming in.
- Watch out!
I'm hit!
All teams.
I'm going in.
Pull up and cover me.
Copy that, Black leader.
Good luck, Poe.
The weapon will be fully
charged in 30 seconds.
Prepare to fire.
You need a teacher!
I can show you
the ways to the Force!
The Force.
Get back to your station!
Just look! We won't survive,
even Hux is gone!
Supreme Leader.
The fuel cells erupted.
The collapse of the
planet has begun.
Leave the base at once and
come to me with Kylo Ren.
It's time to complete his training.
Finn. Finn!
All teams,
I got eyes on them.
Our job's done here.
Let's go home.
Easy. Easy.
He's hurt.
We got a heartbeat.
How are you?
You are awake!
You've come back!
You found what?
How dare you call me that!
We have to find Master Luke.
- Find Master Luke, how?
- I have a map.
Come, R2, we must go
tell the others at once!
Excuse me, General.
R2-D2 may contain some
much needed good news.
Tell me.
Poe, I need your map.
Alright, buddy, hold on.
The map, it is complete.
Oh, my dear friend,
how I missed you.
We'll see each other again.
I believe that.
Thank you, my friend.
May the Force be with you.