Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019) Movie Script

At last.
Snoke trained you well.
I killed Snoke.
I'll kill you.
My boy.
I made Snoke.
I have been every voice...
you have ever heard...
inside your head.
The First Order
was just the beginning.
I will give you
so much more.
You'll die first.
I have died before.
The dark side of the Force
is a pathway...
to many abilities
some consider to be...
What could you give me?
A new Empire.
The might of the Final Order
will soon be ready.
It will be yours
if you do as I ask.
Kill the girl!
End the Jedi...
and become what your
grandfather Vader could not.
You will rule
all the galaxy...
as the new emperor.
But beware...
she is not
who you think she is.
Who is she?
Are you ever gonna go?
- He can't beat us every time.
- Apparently he does.
How does he do it?
This guy right here?
It's 'cause he cheats.
I'm kidding!
- Oh, come on. Take your turn.
- You're 250 years old.
You're taking forever.
That's cheating.
Of course
you're better than us.
That's why we think
you're cheating.
- Don't worry!
- We're not gonna turn it off.
- He's cheating.
- Definitely.
Klaud, I hope
you fixed that surge.
T-minus five.
Boolio, good to see you.
You got something for us?
From a new ally!
A spy in the First Order!
A spy? Who?
I don't know!
Transfer the message!
Get it to Leia, hurry!
This could be big, Artoo.
Locked on target.
Finn, we're about
to be cooked!
We're almost there!
Poe, we got it.
How do we thank you?
Win the war!
Sorry, I'm sorry! I know!
Finn, you're supposed to be
getting rid of those things!
- I got one!
- How many are left?
Too many.
Good thinking, Chewie.
Finn, we can boulder
these TIEs!
I was just thinking that.
Get us back to base!
How thick do you think
that ice wall is?
- Poe!
- I know, I know!
What are you doing?
Lightspeed skipping.
How do you know
how to do that?
Yeah, well,
Rey's not here, is she?
Last jump, maybe forever.
Hold on!
Be with me.
Be with me.
Be with me.
They're not with me. Ugh.
Be patient.
I'm starting to
think it isn't possible...
to hear voices of the Jedi
who came before.
Nothing's impossible.
Nothing's impossible.
I'm gonna run
the training course.
Join me.
Join me.
Ben, no!
You killed him!
I'm so sorry.
I didn't finish
the training course.
Got distracted.
I'm just
not feeling myself.
I know it looks...
It looks like
I'm making excuses.
Don't tell me
what things look like.
Tell me what they are.
I think I'm just tired.
That's all.
the Falcon
still hasn't arrived.
Commander's asking
for guidance.
I will earn
your brother's saber...
one day.
No, you can't do it for me.
Never underestimate
a droid.
Yes, Master.
Falcon's back!
Come on, get over here!
I need a fire crew here!
And another one in the back!
Go, go!
It's on fire!
Whole thing's on fire.
All of it.
- It's on fire.
- Hey.
- Hey!
- There's a spy?
Really could have used
your help out there.
How'd it go?
Really bad, actually.
Really bad.
- Han's ship...
- What'd you do to the droid?
What'd you do
to the Falcon?
The Falcon in
a lot better shape than he is.
BB-8's not on fire.
What's left of him
isn't on fire.
- Tell me what happened.
- You tell me first.
- You know what you are?
- What?
You're difficult.
Really difficult.
- You're a difficult man.
- You, you are...
- Rey.
- Finn. Oh.
You made it back.
Yeah. Barely.
- So, bad mood?
- Me?
- Him.
- Always.
Do we have a spy?
You lightspeed skipped?
Yeah, well, it got us
back here, didn't it?
Poe, the compressor's down.
- Oh, I know, I was there.
- Every time.
You can't lightspeed skip
the Falcon!
it turns out you can.
All right, guys,
we just landed, okay?
What happened?
Bad news,
that's what happened.
No spy?
No. Spy.
Did we make contact
with a spy or not?
There's a mole
in the First Order,
and they sent us a message.
You dropped a tree on him?
You blew
both sub-alternators?
you know what...
maybe you should've been
out there with us!
You know I wanna be
out there with you.
Yeah, but you're not.
You're here training.
For what?
You're the best fighter
we have.
We need you.
Out there, not here.
get Artoo
into reconditioning.
It's true.
What's the message?
We've decoded the intel
from the First Order spy...
and it confirms the worst.
Palpatine returned.
Do we believe this?
It cannot be.
The Emperor is dead.
Dark science.
Secrets only the Sith knew.
He's been planning
his revenge.
His followers have been
building something for years.
The largest fleet
the galaxy has ever known.
He calls it
the Final Order.
In 16 hours, attacks
on all free worlds begin.
The Emperor and his fleet
have been hiding
in the Unknown Regions.
On a world called Exegol.
Exegol does not appear
on any star chart.
But legend describes it as
the hidden world of the Sith.
There were always whispers
of his hunger to cheat death.
So, Palpatine's been
out there all this time.
Pulling the strings.
Always. In the shadows.
From the very beginning.
If we want to stop him,
we must find him.
Must find Exegol.
Can I speak with you?
I know how to get
to Exegol.
- Tell me.
- Luke searched for it.
For a long time.
He nearly found it.
There are ciphers here
I can't read.
But he said to get there,
you need one of these.
A Sith wayfinder.
They're compasses
that lead the way to Exegol.
To stop what we both know
is coming...
I need to finish
what Luke started.
Find Exegol.
Find the Emperor.
I don't want to go without
your blessing, but I will.
I will.
It's what you would do.
So, you got her
up and running?
You were right before.
I'm gonna pick up
Luke's search for Exegol.
I'm gonna start
where his trail went cold.
The Forbidden Desert
of Pasaana.
Yeah, I know.
We're going with you.
Chewie, you get
that compressor fixed?
I need to go alone.
Yeah. Alone with friends.
It's too dangerous, Finn.
We go together.
I wholeheartedly agree.
Rose, last chance.
The General asked me to study
the specs of old Destroyers.
So we can stop the fleet
if you find it.
Hey, we should get going.
What is it?
In the event
that I do not return...
I want you to know
that you have been
a real friend, Artoo.
My best one, in fact.
There's so much
I want to tell you.
Tell me when you get back.
never be afraid
of who you are.
It is.
Knights of Ren.
We have a spy
in our ranks...
who just sent a message
to the Resistance.
Whoever this traitor is
won't stop us.
With what I've seen
on Exegol...
the First Order is about to
become a true Empire.
I sense unease about
my appearance, General Hux.
About the mask?
No, sir. Well done.
I like it.
Forgive me, sir,
but these allies on Exegol...
they sound like a cult.
and soothsayers.
They've conjured
legions of Star Destroyers.
The Sith fleet
will increase our resources
Such range and power
will correct the error
of Starkiller Base.
We'll need
to increase recruitments.
Harvest more of
the galaxy's young.
This fleet,
what is it, a gift?
What is he asking for
in return?
Prepare to crush
any worlds that defy us.
My knights and I
are going hunting
for the scavenger.
You sure
this is it?
These are
the exact coordinates
that Master Luke
left behind.
What is this?
The Acky Acky
Festival of the Ancestors.
This celebration occurs
only once every 42 years.
Well, that's lucky.
Lucky indeed.
This festival is known
for both its colorful kites...
and its delectable sweets.
I've never seen
anything like this.
I've never seen
so few wayfinders.
There's always random
First Order patrols
in crowds like these.
So, keep your heads
Let's split up.
See what the locals know.
She is saying,
Her name is Nambi Ghima.
That's an excellent name.
I'm Rey.
She would be honored
to know your family name, too.
I don't have one.
I'm just Rey.
Palpatine wants you dead.
- Serving another master?
- No.
I have other plans.
I offered you
my hand once.
You wanted to take it.
Why didn't you?
You could've killed me.
Why didn't you?
You can't hide, Rey.
Not from me.
I see through the cracks
in your mask.
You're haunted.
You can't stop seeing
what you did to your father.
Do you still
count the days
since your parents left?
Such pain in you,
such anger.
I don't wanna
have to kill you.
I'm going to find you
and I'm going to turn you
to the dark side.
When I offer you
my hand again...
you'll take it.
We'll see.
Has he seen him?
We have to go.
Back to the Falcon. Now.
- Why?
- It's Ren.
we've had this analyzed.
It comes
from the Middian System,
Pasaana, Forbidden Valley.
Prepare my ship.
Alert the local troops.
Send a division.
Yes, Supreme Leader.
Hold it right there.
I've located
the Resistance fugitives.
All units, report...
Follow me.
Leia sent me
a transmission.
How'd you find us?
stand out in a crowd.
It's good to see you too,
old buddy.
This is
General Lando Calrissian.
We know who he is,
It is an honor, General.
General Calrissian,
we're looking for Exegol.
Of course you are.
Only two were made.
A Sith wayfinder.
Luke Skywalker came here
to find one.
I know.
I was with him.
Luke and I were tailing
an old Jedi hunter.
Ochi of Bestoon.
He was carrying a clue
that could lead
to a wayfinder.
We followed his ship halfway
across the galaxy here.
When we got to his ship,
it was abandoned...
No clue. No wayfinder.
Is Ochi's ship still here?
It's out in the desert,
where he left it.
We need to get to that ship.
Search it again.
I got a bad feeling
about this.
Ochi's ship
is out past Lurch Canyon.
- Go.
- Thank you, General.
You too, Chewie.
Leia needs pilots, General.
My flying days are long gone.
But do me a favor...
give Leia my love.
You should
give it to her yourself.
Thank you.
Those speeders.
How do you know
how to do that?
No need to worry.
I made it.
We gotta go.
We've spotted the fugitives.
Oh! They fly now!
They fly now?
They fly now.
Did we lose them?
- Looks like it!
- Excellent job, sir!
Terrible job, sir!
Not now, BB-8.
Never underestimate a droid.
- Whoo!
- Yeah!
Right, ho!
Ochi's ship.
I've seen that ship before.
You get all
of them?
What the hell is this?
Sinking fields!
Try to grab something!
Will this agony ever end?
Come on!
BB-8! No!
Rey, I never told you...
What? Finn!
We're getting reports
of a raid
at the Festival
of Ancestors.
This mission is everything.
We cannot fail.
Any word from Rey?
Falcon's not responding.
Do you have to say it
like that?
Like what?
Do me a personal favor?
Be optimistic.
Yes, ma'am.
Uh, this is...
This is terrific.
You're not gonna believe how
well this is gonna turn out.
It's gonna be great.
Rey! Finn!
You didn't say my
name, sir, but I'm all right.
- You all right?
- Yeah.
Where's Finn?
Where's Chewie?
I'm good.
Master Finn.
What is this place?
This isn't
the afterlife, is it?
Are droids allowed here?
I thought
we were goners.
We might still be.
Which way out?
We have to hurry.
- So, what was it?
- What?
- What you were gonna tell me?
- When?
When you were sinking
in the sand, you said...
"I never told you..."
I'll tell you later.
You mean
when Poe's not here?
Yeah. Mm-hmm.
We're gonna die
in sand burrows
and we're all
keeping secrets?
I'll tell you
when you tell us
about all that shifty stuff
you do.
I do not wanna know
what made these tunnels.
Judging by
the circumference
of the tunnel walls...
I said
I do not wanna know.
What's that?
- Is that a speeder?
- What?
An old one.
Perhaps we will
find the driver.
Yep, BB-8, I think dead, too.
Oh, my.
A hex charm.
A what?
A common emblem
of Sith loyalists.
This was Ochi's?
Luke sensed it.
Ochi never left this place.
And he ended up
down here.
He was headed
for his ship.
Same thing happened to us,
happened to him.
So, how did
Ochi get out?
He didn't.
No, he didn't.
I don't like bones.
Never a good sign.
Yeah, I see it.
Horrible things...
have happened with this.
There's writing on it.
Perhaps I can translate.
Oh. The location
of the wayfinder,
has been inscribed
upon this dagger.
It's the clue that Master
Luke was looking for.
- And?
- Where's the wayfinder?
I am afraid
I cannot tell you.
20.3 fazillion languages,
you can't read that?
Oh, I have read it, sir.
I know exactly
where the wayfinder is.
it is written
in the runic language
of the Sith.
So what?
My programming forbids
me from translating it.
So, you're telling us
the one time
we need you to talk,
you can't?
Irony, sir.
I am mechanically
of speaking translations
from Sith.
I believe the rule
was passed
by the Senate of
the Old Republic...
Serpent! Serpent! Serpent!
- Finn.
- Shh.
- I'm gonna blast it.
- Don't blast it.
I just transferred
a bit of life.
Force energy
from me to him.
You would've done the same.
We cannot possibly fly
in that old wreck.
We gotta keep moving.
Find someone who can
translate that dagger.
Like a helpful droid.
I suggest we return to
the Millennium Falcon at once.
They'll be waiting for us
at the Falcon.
they'll throw us in the Pits of Griq.
Yeah. And use you
as a target droid.
You both make
excellent points, at times.
What is it?
I'll be right behind you.
It's okay.
Let's see what we got.
Let's get
those converters fired up.
What a filthy ship!
Look at that.
Where is she?
help me out over here.
Chewie, tell Rey we gotta go.
What's she doing?
Where the hell's Chewie?
It's Ren.
All right, let's go.
Get in the transport.
Move, animal!
They got Chewie!
They got him!
We gotta go!
They're coming!
Rey, come on!
- We gotta go!
- Chewie.
Rey, come on!
I lost control.
It wasn't your fault.
It was.
No. It was Ren.
He made you do it.
Chewie's gone.
That power came from me.
Finn, there are things
you don't know.
Then tell me.
I, uh, had a vision.
Of the throne of the Sith.
And who was on it.
And me.
We recovered
the scavenger's ship,
but she got away.
Under command
of the Knights of Ren,
we suffered losses.
- A transport was destroyed.
- I've seen the report.
That all?
No, Allegiant General.
There was another transport
in the desert.
It brought back
a valuable prisoner.
The beast used to fly
with Han Solo.
Take it to Interrogation Six.
Move it.
We've only got
eight hours left.
So, what are we gonna do?
What can we do?
We gotta go back to base.
We don't have time to go back.
We are not giving up.
If we do that,
Chewie died for nothing.
Poe, Chewie
had the dagger!
Well, then we gotta
find another way.
Well, there isn't.
That was the only clue
to the wayfinder thing,
and it's gone.
So true.
The inscription lives
only in my memory now.
Hold on.
The inscription that was on
the dagger is in your memory?
Yes, Master Poe.
But the translation
from a forbidden language
cannot be retrieved.
That is short of a complete
redacted memory bypass.
A complete what?
It's a terribly
dangerous and sinful act...
performed on unwitting droids
by dregs and criminals.
Let's do that.
I know
a black market droidsmith.
Black market droidsmith?
- But he's on Kijimi.
- What's wrong with Kijimi?
I had a little bad luck
on Kijimi.
But if this mission fails,
it's all been for nothing.
All we've done,
all this time.
We're all in this.
Until the end.
For Chewie.
- Hands?
- Hands.
For Chewie.
Battery charged.
- Hello.
- No... No, thank you.
Looks like someone
treated him badly.
It's all right.
You're with us now.
U-A-T-T walker patrol,
head down thoroughfare 60.
Open up.
You're wanted for questioning.
Check this side of the street.
Door is locked.
Move on to the next one.
Give me
regular reports, please.
You, up against the wall.
Show me your identification.
Where is your identification?
They're everywhere.
Please, leave her alone.
She didn't do anything.
All right,
I know what we should do.
So do I.
We should leave.
Clam it, Threepio.
Follow me.
All right.
Let's head down this way.
Heard you were
spotted at Monk's Gate.
Thought, "He's not stupid
enough to come back here."
Oh, you'd be surprised.
- Who's this?
- What's going on?
Guys, this is Zorii.
Zorii, this is Rey and Finn.
I could pull this
trigger right now.
- I've seen you do worse.
- For a lot less.
Can we just, uh...
talk about this?
I wanna see your
brains in the snow.
So, you're still mad?
Zorii, we could
use your help.
We gotta crack this droid's
head open and fast.
Pardon me!
We're trying to find
Babu Frik.
Babu only works with the crew.
That's not you anymore.
What crew?
Oh, funny
he never mentioned it.
Your friend's old job
was running spice.
You were a spice runner?
- You were a stormtrooper?
- Were you a spice runner?
Were you a scavenger?
We could do this all night.
You don't have
all night.
You know, I'm still digging
out of the hole you put me in
when you left
to join the Resistance.
You're the one
they're looking for.
Bounty for her
just might cover us.
- Djak'kankah!
- Don't djak'kankah.
We could really use
your help.
Not that you care...
but I think you're okay.
I care.
T-18's online yet?
Yes, sir.
Scouting the perimeter.
Stay close by.
Poe Dameron, spice runner.
Runner of spice.
- All right.
- Get your spice!
- Come on, Threepio.
- Oh.
Babu's in the back.
Don't mind us.
I haven't the faintest idea
why I agreed to this.
I must be malfunctioning.
I must be malfunctioning.
Babu Frik?
Can you help us with this?
Is this gonna work?
He says
he's found something
in your droid's
forbidden memory bank.
Words, translated
from Sith.
- That's it.
- Yeah, that's what we need.
Who are you hanging out
with that speaks Sith?
Can you make him...
Babu, can you make him
translate it?
Yes. But it will
cause a complete...
A complete
memory wipe.
Wait, wait, wait.
We make him translate it...
he won't remember...
Droid, memory go blank.
- Oh!
- Blank, blank.
There must be
some other way.
Doesn't Artoo back up
your memory?
Oh, please.
Artoo's storage units
are famously unreliable.
You know the odds
better than any of us.
Do we have a choice?
If this mission fails...
it was all for nothing.
All we've done...
all this time.
What are you doing there,
Taking one last look,
at my friends.
Night raids
are gonna start soon.
- I'll keep lookout.
- I'm coming with you.
You still
don't trust me, huh?
Did you
ever trust me?
General Pryde.
There's been
a development, sir.
The Knights of Ren
have tracked the scavenger.
To a settlement
called Kijimi.
Shall we destroy
the city,
I just had an idea.
There's something else
we could try.
How long's it been
like this?
First Order took most
of the kids a long time ago.
Can't stand the cries
I've saved up enough
to get out.
I'm going to the Colonies.
How? All those hyperlanes
are blocked.
That's a First Order
Captain's medallion.
I've never seen a real one.
Free passage
through any blockade.
Landing privileges,
any vessel.
Wanna come with me?
I can't walk out
on this war.
Not till it's over.
Maybe it is.
We sent out a call for help
at the Battle of Crait.
Nobody came.
Everyone's so afraid.
They've given up.
No, I don't believe
you believe that.
They win by making you
think you're alone.
There's more of us.
Squeaky wheel.
I have a squeaky wheel.
Squeak eliminated.
Thank you.
Very kind.
Something's not right
about all of this.
I know
where I've seen it.
The ship he was on.
Ochi's ship.
The day my parents left.
They were on that ship.
Are you sure?
There's an
incoming Destroyer.
We gotta go now.
Did we get it? Babu?
Yep. Droid is ready!
The Emperor's wayfinder
is in the Imperial vault.
At delta 3-6, transient
9-3-6, bearing 3-2...
on a moon
in the Endor system.
From the southern shore.
Only this blade tells.
Only this blade tells.
The Endor system.
Where the last war ended?
Ren's Destroyer.
He's here?
What about him?
He's on Ren's ship.
He's alive.
What? How?
He's alive! He must've
been on a different transport.
We gotta go get him.
Your friend's
on that sky trash?
I guess he is.
Might I introduce myself.
I am C-3PO, human-cyborg
relations. And you are?
Okay, that's gonna be
a problem.
I Babu Frik.
Why, hello!
Threepio, move your metal ass.
We're almost there.
How dare you!
We've only just met.
Might get you
on a capital ship.
Go help your friend.
Zorii, I don't think
I can take this.
I don't care
what you think.
We have to go. Now.
- Come with us.
- Poe.
Can I kiss you?
We've done nothing wrong!
No sudden moves.
What is that? Stop moving.
Medallion's good.
Clear for entrance
into hangar 12.
Hang on, Chewie.
We're coming.
Whoever this Chewie
person is, this is madness!
Credentials and manifest.
Close the blast doors.
- You three, stay there.
- Happily.
Which way?
Uh, no idea. Follow me.
Drop your weapons.
It's okay that we're here.
It's okay that you're here.
It's good.
You're relieved
that we're here.
Thank goodness you're here.
Welcome, guys.
Does she do that to us?
We're looking for a prisoner
and his belongings.
The cameras.
They said
Chewie's this way.
Rey, come on.
The dagger is on this ship.
We need it.
A feeling. I'll meet you
back at the hangar.
Rey, you can't just...
Search the city again.
She's close.
Of course
we came for you, Chewie.
Yeah, Rey's here.
She's gonna get the dagger.
Whose ship is this?
The ship's this way.
Follow me.
Over here!
Wrong way!
There's not really
a right way, is there?
I found them.
Blast them!
Over here!
There they are.
Get them!
- We close?
- Straight ahead.
Blast them!
Are you okay?
You there, hands up!
Drop your weapons now!
Put your weapons down!
Drop them!
Drop them now!
Hey, fellas.
Shut up, scum.
Wherever you are...
you are hard to find.
You're hard to get rid of.
I pushed you in the desert,
because I needed to see it.
I needed you to see it.
Who you are.
I know
the rest of your story.
You're lying.
I never lied to you.
Your parents were no one.
They chose to be.
To keep you safe.
You remember
more than you say.
I've been in your head.
I don't want this!
Search your memories.
Remember them.
See them.
My love.
Rey, be brave.
You'll be safe here.
I promise.
Come back!
They sold you
to protect you.
Stop talking.
Rey, I know
what happened to them.
Move it.
Allegiant General,
the scavenger is not
with them.
Take them away.
Terminate them.
Tell me where you are.
You don't know
the whole story.
It was Palpatine
who had your parents taken.
He was looking for you.
But they wouldn't say
where you were.
So he gave the order.
She isn't on Jakku.
She's gone.
So that's where you are.
You know why the Emperor's
always wanted you dead.
I'll come tell you.
She was in my quarters.
Lock down the ship.
I'd like to do this myself.
What were you gonna
tell Rey before?
You still on that?
Oh, I'm sorry,
is this a bad time?
Sort of is a bad time, Poe.
Well, 'cause later doesn't
really look like an option.
If you're gonna let
something off your chest,
maybe now's not
the worst time to...
I'm the spy.
- What?
- You?
We don't have much time.
I knew it.
No, you did not.
What's your operating number?
That's not even a language.
Oh, dear!
My first laser battle.
- Where are the others?
- They haven't come back.
Find them.
- Go.
- Yes.
Friends ahead.
Oh, yes,
there they are!
BB-8, come on!
I'll shut down the
impeders. You've got seconds.
There she is.
She's a survivor.
Wait. Wait.
- Blast me in the arm. Quick.
- What?
Or they'll know.
No! Ahh!
Why are you helping us?
I don't care if you win.
I need Kylo Ren to lose.
Why did the Emperor
come for me?
Why did he want
to kill a child?
Tell me.
Because he saw
what you would become.
You don't just have power.
You have his power.
You're his granddaughter.
You are a Palpatine.
My mother
was the daughter of Vader.
Your father
was the son of the Emperor.
What Palpatine
doesn't know
is we're a dyad
in the Force, Rey.
Two that are one.
We'll kill him together
and take the throne.
You know
what you need to do.
You know.
I do.
Hold her steady.
Finn, move fast!
Come on!
Come on!
I got you!
It was a coordinated
incursion, Allegiant General.
They overpowered the guards
and forced me
to take them to their ship.
I see.
Get me the Supreme Leader.
Yes, sir.
Tell him we found our spy.
I don't know why
they're not following us,
but I don't trust it.
Landing gear's busted?
How busted?
All that matters is the wayfinder.
Finding Exegol.
That's what we're doing.
He killed my mother.
And my father.
I'm going to find
and destroy him.
that doesn't sound
like you.
Rey, I know you...
People keep telling me
they know me.
I'm afraid no one does.
The Jedi
apprentice still lives.
Perhaps you
have betrayed me.
Do not make me
turn my fleet against you.
I know where she's going.
She'll never be a Jedi.
Make sure of it.
Kill her.
What is that?
It's the Death Star.
A bad place
from an old war.
It's gonna take us years to
find what we're looking for.
Oh, dear.
"Only this blade tells."
The wayfinder's there.
Heads up.
Rough landing.
- I've seen worse.
- I've seen better.
Are you Resistance?
That depends.
We picked up a transmission
from someone named Babu Frik.
Babu Frik? Oh,
he's one of my oldest friends.
He said you'd come.
He said
you were the last hope.
We have to get to that wreck.
There is something
inside there we need.
I can take you there
by water.
- Have you seen the water?
- Not now.
Too dangerous.
We can go
first light tomorrow.
We can't wait that long.
We don't have the time.
Or the choice.
Let's get that ship fixed.
Do you have any spare parts?
- I'm Jannah.
- I'm Poe.
No, thank you. No, thank you.
What a dreadful situation.
Is every day like this
for you people?
Did we ever find
his volume control?
It's an O-6,
but should work.
Thank you.
This is a First Order part.
There's an old cruiser
on the west ridge.
Stripped for parts.
The one we were assigned to.
The one we escaped in.
Okay, wait.
You were First Order?
Not by choice.
We were conscripted
as kids. All of us.
I was TZ-1719.
I never knew
there were more.
Deserters? All of us here
were stormtroopers.
We mutinied at the battle
of Ansett Island.
They told us
to fire on civilians.
We wouldn't do it.
We laid our weapons down.
- All of you?
- The whole company.
I don't even know
how it happened.
It wasn't a decision, really,
it was like...
An instinct.
A feeling.
The Force.
The Force
brought me here.
It brought me to Rey.
And Poe.
You say that
like you're sure it's real.
It's real.
I wasn't sure then...
but I am now.
What is it, buddy?
What do you mean
you haven't seen her?
She took the skimmer?
What the hell
was she thinking?
Poe, we gotta go
after her.
We'll get
the Falcon fixed,
and get out there
as fast as we can.
we're gonna lose her.
Look, she left us!
What do you wanna do? Swim?
She's not herself.
You have no idea
what she's fighting.
And you do?
Yeah, I do.
And so does Leia.
Well, I'm not Leia.
That's for damn sure.
There's another skimmer.
Don't be afraid
of who you are.
Look at yourself.
You wanted to prove to my
mother that you were a Jedi...
but you've proven
something else.
You can't go back to her now.
Like I can't.
Give it to me.
The dark side
is in our nature.
Surrender to it.
Give it...
to me.
The only way you're getting
to Exegol is with me.
Leia knows
what must be done, Artoo.
To reach her son now...
will take all the strength
she has left.
No, we can't follow them!
- I can't leave her!
- We can't!
I did want
to take your hand.
Ben's hand.
Goodbye, dear princess.
something's happened.
- Finn.
- This can't wait.
We've gotta see
the General.
She's gone.
Hey, kid.
I miss you, son.
Your son is dead.
Kylo Ren is dead.
My son is alive.
You're just a memory.
Your memory.
Come home.
It's too late.
She's gone.
Your mother's gone.
But what she stood for,
what she fought for...
that's not gone.
I know
what I have to do...
but I don't know if I have
the strength to do it.
You do.
I know.
The Princess of Alderaan
has disrupted my plan...
but her foolish act
will be in vain.
Come to me on Exegol,
General Pryde.
As I served you
in the old wars,
I serve you now.
Send a ship
to a world they know.
Let it burn.
The Final Order begins.
She will come,
her friends will follow.
Yes, my lord.
holding steady at 85%.
- Kijimi is in range.
- Fire.
Kijimi? How?
A blast
from a Star Destroyer.
A ship from
the new Sith fleet.
Out of the Unknowns.
The Emperor sent a ship
from Exegol.
Does that mean every ship
in the fleet...
Has planet-killing weapons.
Of course they do.
All of them.
This is how he finishes it.
It's on every frequency.
"The Resistance is dead.
"The Sith flame will burn.
"All worlds,
surrender or die.
"The Final Order begins."
Leia made you acting general.
What now?
I gotta tell you,
I don't really know...
how to do this.
What you did...
I'm not ready.
Neither were we.
Luke, Han, Leia, me...
Who's ever ready?
How'd you do it?
Defeat an empire
with almost nothing.
We had each other.
That's how we won.
Hey, don't touch that.
That's my friend's.
She is gone?
Yeah, she's gone.
I don't know where.
I miss her.
I miss her, too.
So, what's your name?
I gotta talk to you
about something.
I gotta talk to you
about something.
I can't do this alone.
I need you in command
with me.
This droid has...
Thank you. I appreciate that.
- General.
- General.
This droid has a ton
of information about Exegol.
- Wait, what? Cone-face?
- I am D-O.
Sorry, D-O.
He was going to Exegol
with Ochi of Bestoon.
Why was Ochi going there?
To bring the little girl
he was supposed to take
from Jakku to the Emperor.
He wanted her alive.
A Jedi's weapon
deserves more respect.
Master Skywalker.
What are you doing?
I saw myself
on the dark throne.
I won't let it happen.
I'm never leaving this place.
I'm doing what you did.
I was wrong.
It was fear
that kept me here.
What are you most afraid of?
Because you're a Palpatine.
Leia knew it, too.
She didn't tell me.
She still trained me.
Because she saw
your spirit.
Your heart.
Some things are stronger
than blood.
Confronting fear
is the destiny of a Jedi.
Your destiny.
If you don't face
it will mean the end
of the Jedi.
And the war will be lost.
There's something my sister
would want you to have.
Leia's saber.
It was the last night
of her training.
Leia told me that she had
sensed the death of her son
at the end of her Jedi path.
She surrendered her saber
to me and said that one day...
it would be picked up
by someone who would
finish her journey.
A thousand generations
live in you now.
But this is your fight.
You'll take both sabers
to Exegol.
I can't get there.
I don't have the wayfinder.
I destroyed Ren's ship.
You have everything you need.
Two were made.
Oh, hello. I am C-3PO,
human-cyborg relations.
And you are?
Well, I am quite certain
I would remember
if I had a best friend.
You want to put what
in my head?
Under no circumstances...
Memory restoration complete.
Artoo, have you heard?
I am going with Mistress Rey
on her very first mission.
I already have?
Picking up a signal?
From whom?
All the information you need
for an airstrike on Exegol.
Yeah, except
how to get there.
Are you seeing
these atmo readings?
It's a mess out there.
Magnetic crossfields.
Gravity wells,
solar winds.
How does a fleet
even take off from there?
Terribly sorry.
I'm afraid
Artoo's memory bank
must be crossed
with his logic receptors.
He says he is receiving
a transmission from
Master Luke.
That's an old craft ID.
That's Luke Skywalker's
It's transmitting
course marker signals
on its way
to the Unknown Regions.
It's Rey.
She's going to Exegol.
She's showing us.
She's showing us
how to get there.
Then we go together.
Come on, buddy,
we need you.
As long as those
Star Destroyers are on Exegol
we can hit them.
Hit them how?
They can't activate
their shields
until they leave atmosphere.
Which isn't easy on Exegol.
Ships that size
need help taking off.
Nav can't tell
which way's up out there.
So, how do the ships
take off?
They use a signal
from a navigation tower,
like this one.
Except they won't.
Air team's gonna
find the tower,
ground team's
gonna blast it.
- Ground team?
- I have an idea for that.
Once the tower's down,
the fleet will be stuck in atmo...
for just minutes,
with no shields,
and no way out.
We think hitting the cannons
might ignite
the main reactors.
That's our chance.
We need to pull
some Holdo maneuvers.
Do some real damage.
Come on.
That move is one in a million.
Fighters and freighters
can take out their cannons
if there are enough of us.
There aren't enough of us!
He's right. We'd be
no more than bugs to them.
That's where Lando
and Chewie come in.
They'll take the Falcon
to the Core Systems.
Send out a call for help
for anybody listening.
We've got friends
out there.
They'll come if they
know there's hope.
They will.
First Order wins by making
us think we're alone.
We're not alone.
Good people will fight
if we lead them.
Leia never gave up.
And neither will we.
We're gonna show them
we're not afraid.
What our mothers
and fathers fought for...
we will not let die.
Not today.
Today, we make
our last stand.
For the galaxy.
For Leia.
For everyone we've lost.
They've taken enough of us.
Now we take the war to them.
She's on approach.
All ships rise
to deployment altitude.
I know
it's a rough ride...
but stay locked
on Rey's course.
Clear run frequency.
Captain, we have
Resistance craft incoming.
Allegiant General...
Use ion cannons!
Look at that fleet.
Damn it!
Welcome to Exegol.
Watch your starboard, Wexley!
- Whoa!
- Get to their altitude.
They can't fire on us
without hitting each other.
Don't give up.
Help is coming.
There it is.
Poe, I see it.
I've got a visual
on the tower.
- Incoming TIEs!
- I see 'em!
I got you, Finn.
- You ready back there?
- Never been readier.
They're targeting
the navigation tower...
so the fleet can't deploy.
Then we won't use
that tower.
Switch over the source
of navigation signal
to this ship.
We'll guide
the fleet out ourselves.
The navigation tower
has been deactivated.
- What?
- Those ships need that signal.
It's gotta be coming
from somewhere.
They figured out
what we're doing.
Call off the ground invasion.
The nav signal's coming
from that command ship.
That's our drop zone.
How do you know?
A feeling.
You wanna launch
a ground invasion
on a Star Destroyer?
I don't want to,
but we can't take out
that ship's nav system
from the air.
Give us cover.
We gotta keep that fleet
there till help arrives.
- We hope.
- We hope.
You heard the General.
All Wings,
cover that lander.
They've landed
a troop carrier.
- Jam the speeders.
- I can't, sir.
Why not?
They're not using speeders.
Not bad
for one lesson.
You had a good teacher!
Keep going!
You're doing great, buddy!
The tower's up ahead.
Long have I waited.
For my grandchild
to come home.
I never wanted you dead.
I wanted you here...
Empress Palpatine.
You will take the throne.
It is your birthright
to rule here.
It is in your blood.
Our blood.
I haven't come
to lead the Sith...
I have come
to end them.
As a Jedi?
- Yes.
- No.
Your hatred, your anger.
You want to kill me.
That is what I want.
Kill me...
and my spirit
will pass into you.
As all the Sith
live in me...
you will be Empress...
we will be one.
Those thrusters are hot.
How are we doing?
We're gonna blow our way in,
and take out that nav tower.
All the hatches
are blast-proof!
All right, BB-8,
you're up!
I'll cover you.
This should do it.
There it goes.
Nice one, Finn.
Nav signal's down,
but not for long.
We're offline, sir.
Reset the navigation signal!
Minutes away, sir.
- Finn, let's go!
- No, no, wait, listen.
The crown cannons
have stopped.
They're resetting
their systems.
- So?
- I gotta go do something.
I'm staying with you.
Still no Falcon or backup.
I don't know, Artoo.
Maybe nobody else is coming.
What do we do, General?
We gotta hit them ourselves.
What can we do
against these things?
Just stay alive!
The time has come!
With your hatred,
you will take my life.
And you will ascend.
All you want is for me
to hate, but I won't.
Not even you.
Like your parents.
My parents were strong.
They saved me from you.
Your Master, Luke Skywalker,
was saved by his father.
The only family
you have here...
is me.
They don't have long.
No one is coming
to help them.
And you are the one
who led them here.
Strike me down.
Take the throne.
Reign over the new Empire...
and the fleet will be yours.
Only you have the power
to save them.
and your new family...
Finn, where are you?
The lander's leaving.
- Finn!
- Go without us.
We're taking
this entire ship down.
What? How?
We're gonna hit
the command deck.
Rose, please. Go.
- Rose!
- Rose!
I'll get the trigger!
The ritual begins.
She will strike me down...
and pledge herself
as a Sith.
She will draw her weapon.
She will come to me.
She will take her revenge.
And with a stroke
of her saber...
the Sith are reborn!
The Jedi are dead!
Do it!
Make the sacrifice!
Stand together,
die together.
The lifeforce of your bond...
a dyad in the Force.
A power like life itself.
Unseen for generations.
And now...
the power of two restores
the one, true Emperor.
they're on your tail.
Yeah, I see 'em!
No, no, no, Snap, Snap!
Alpha Three is down.
They're on my tail!
I can't get...
They're everywhere!
Delta leader's hit!
Losing altitude!
what's our next move?
Poe, what now?
My friends...
I'm sorry.
I thought we had a shot.
But there's just
too many of them.
But there are
more of us, Poe.
There are more of us.
Look at this.
Look at this.
Lando, you did it.
You did it!
Hit those underbelly cannons.
Every one we knock out
is a world saved.
Nice flying, Lando.
We have a ship down.
We lost a Destroyer.
Systems not responding.
Where did they get
all these fighter craft?
They have no navy.
It's not a navy, sir,
it's just people.
So long, sky trash!
Who's that flyer?
Take a guess,
spice runner.
Ha! Zorii! You made it!
Look what you have made.
As once I fell...
so falls
the last Skywalker.
Do not fear
that feeble attack...
my faithful.
Nothing will stop
the return of the Sith!
Artoo, my systems
are failing.
Does anyone copy?
Be with me.
Be with me.
Be with me.
These are
your final steps, Rey.
Rise and take them.
- Rey.
- Rey.
Bring back
the balance, Rey, as I did.
In the night,
find the light, Rey.
You're not alone, Rey.
Alone never have you been.
Every Jedi
who ever lived lives in you.
The Force surrounds you, Rey.
Let it guide you.
As it guided us.
Feel the Force
flowing through you, Rey.
Let it lift you.
Rise, Rey.
We stand behind you, Rey.
Rise in the Force.
In the heart of a Jedi
lies her strength.
- Rise.
- Rise.
Rey, the Force
will be with you, always.
Let your death
be the final word...
in the story of rebellion.
I'm back on!
This is our last chance.
We gotta hit
those cannons now!
You are nothing!
A scavenger girl is no
match for the power in me.
I am all the Sith!
And I...
I'm all the Jedi.
Poe, the command ship!
Their fleet is stuck here!
They're toast!
Come on!
Finn, you seeing this?
Finn didn't board
the lander.
They're still
on that command ship?
I see them.
I'm going to get them.
you won't make it.
Trust me, I'm fast!
Not as fast
as this ship.
Hold on, Chewie!
No, Rey.
There, look!
Red Five is in the air.
Rey's alive.
I see her.
People are rising up
all over the galaxy.
Poe. We did it.
We did it.
Good job!
This is for you.
Did you hear that?
Where are you from,
The Gold system.
Well, what about you, kid?
I don't know.
Well, let's find out.
There's been no one
for so long.
Who are you?
I'm Rey.
Rey who?
Rey Skywalker.