Starlight Promises (2018) Movie Script

I saw a miracle that day.
It all began when I got a reply to my message
for the first time in three and a half years.
Sender: Atsushi Fujii
How've you been, Shoma?
Sender: Atsushi Fujii
How've you been, Shoma?
Atsushi Fujii
Atsushi, seriously?!
Atsushi Fujii
Atsushi Fujii
Yeah, it's been a while.
Don't "it's been a while" me!
There's going to be an unusual
festival here. Want to come?
A festival? More importantly,
why didn't you ever get in touch?
I sent you a thousand texts.
Sorry. I really meant to get in touch, but...
It's fine.
You reached out just now.
Anyway, how've you been?
Fine. Hey, Shoma, how about
we meet up and talk a bit?
Yeah, sure.
I've been wanting to talk
to you for ages, too.
Really? This is the way?
What is this? Is this really the right way?
Crap, there's no path. I'm lost.
Atsushi Fujii
Koyama Bike Shop
Atsushi Fujii
The number you are trying to
reach is not currently in use.
What? No way!
Wasn't this the number from last time?
What should I do?
If I get lost here, I won't
be able to make it home.
It's pretty deep in the mountains...
Where are you?
If I get lost here, I won't
be able to make it home.
Hey, Atsushi.
It's pretty deep in the mountains...
Where are you?
If I get lost here, I won't
be able to make it home.
No Signal
No signal...
No Signal
You're right!
That's how far the compass
is off from true north.
That's interesting.
Here, it's all set now.
Oh, thanks.
What's this?
Starlight Pilgrimage
It's called Starlight Pilgrimage.
Starlight Pilgrimage
What does it do?
Starlight Pilgrimage
It's an all-in-one life support app.
Starlight Pilgrimage
It's got all the functions you'll
ever need, and it's all free.
Starlight Pilgrimage
It's got all the functions you'll
ever need, and it's all free.
It won't hurt to have it installed.
I promise it'll come in handy.
How've you been, Shoma?
This is the location of the
festival we're meeting at.
What is this place?
Could this be it?
Starlight Promises
Um, are you all right?
Please wake up.
There's a hut just over there. Can you walk?
Yeah, I think so...
Are you okay?
Huh? What?
Shiori, where are you?
Um, you're not invited, are you?
I'm sorry, who are you?
I'll explain later.
There'll be big trouble
if you're spotted here.
It's too late.
A kid? Er, what... Huh?
Wait a Ow...
Isn't this kid kinda see-through?
Shiori, you are aware that allowing
someone who is not invited
into this area, and trying to
harbor them on top of it,
is against our rules, are you not?
Um, this is, well...
Please ensure that he leaves
this area immediately.
Why are you see-through?
Due to administrative circumstances,
I've taken the liberty of using a hologram.
Hologram? Wow!
Whoa, what? I can touch it!
It's dangerous to touch it so carelessly.
If you will not leave voluntarily,
I will have to take steps
to forcibly eject you.
W-Wait a minute!
What's all this about invitations?
I was just supposed to meet someone here.
I mean... my friend invited me
to come here, that's all.
His name is Atsushi Fujii.
He was the one who invited me.
Is he here already?
Atsushi Fujii? I'll search for him.
No one with that name has been registered.
What do you mean, registered?
Do you have to register for this festival?
I cannot give you an
answer to that question.
Aw, what? Then can you tell me
if this is the right place?
Yes, that is the correct location.
What is your name?
Mihara. Shoma Mihara.
Um, do you know an Atsushi Fujii?
That's so weird.
I see. Shoma Mihara,
I understand the circumstances now.
I will take care of the sign-up
process for you, as well.
Huh? Is that okay?
There seems to be some sort
of mismatch somewhere.
It's not a problem.
Shoma Mihara, welcome to
the Starlight Festival.
My name is Kana. I am the
director of this festival.
We would like to warmly welcome
you as an invited guest.
Huh? Wh-What does that mean?
Also, Shoma,
it seems that you are the most suitable
candidate for the role of the Cowherd.
What? The Cowherd?
What do you mean by "Cowherd"?
Shoma, your room will be
prepared for you tomorrow.
For tonight, please use a futon here to rest.
H-Hang on!
Is Atsushi really not here yet?
There's no point in me being
here if I can't see him.
Please rest assured that I will
look into that matter myself.
Um, all right... Thank you, then.
Let's discuss further details tomorrow.
Shiori, please take care of Shoma.
Uh, of course.
Now, if you'll excuse me.
She vanished?!
What the heck is going on?
I'm not quite sure what's happened,
but I'm glad she'll be looking into
the matter of your friend for you.
Uh, yeah.
It's already quite late.
Please get a good night's rest.
Yes, Musuhi.
Please give me the information
about Shoma Mihara again.
This is...
I see.
People's hearts really do work
in most interesting ways...
See ya!
Good morning.
I'm sorry. I did call your
name several times, but...
Uh, g-good morning.
Are you all right?
Uh, yes.
That's right... I'm supposed
to take part in the festival.
Oh, I have to look for Atsushi.
I'll get ready right away.
Let's see, where are my clothes?
My bag should be somewhere here.
It's forbidden to bring personal
belongings into this area,
It's forbidden to bring personal
belongings into this area,
It's forbidden to bring personal
belongings into this area,
so they've been placed under
the care of the organizers.
Huh? No way. Even my wallet and phone?
Is that going to be okay?
While you're here, you'll have
no need for money or your phone,
so please don't worry.
Uh, that's not what I meant...
I've prepared your clothes for you,
so please put them on.
Wear this Spirit Garment as underwear,
and then wear these clothes over that.
Lastly, please wear this
Spirit Cap on your head.
Spirit Garment? Spirit Cap?
Yes, they are essential
garments for this festival.
I'm sure you'll be surprised
once you put them on.
I'm starting to feel like I
ended up somewhere crazy...
Come on, Atsushi.
Did I put it on right?
Ah! Please put the kimono over it!
It disappeared?!
The kimono, quick!
You should have told me it turns invisible!
I-I'm sorry!
What's up with these clothes?!
A place like this in the mountains, huh?
I feel like I've gone back in time.
That village over there is where
we'll live during the festival.
Yes, for one week.
After all, people from all over the country
are coming here to participate.
I didn't know there were festivals like that.
The thing at the top there is
the shrine for the Kagura dance.
And behind that, the main shrine
is on top of the mountain.
Wow, that's one impressive festival, then.
But if there are that many people,
finding Atsushi will be hard,
assuming he's even here.
I just hope he made it here okay.
You're worried about him, huh?
Um, you're Shiori, right?
Yes. Oh, I guess I haven't
introduced myself yet.
I'm Shiori Senozawa.
I'm a freshman in high school.
A freshman? Me, too.
Oh, really?
I thought you were older than me,
since you seem so calm.
I thought the same about you.
I'm glad there's someone my age here.
I feel a little more at ease.
Same here.
Oh, I'm
Shoma Mihara, right?
Oh, right. I mentioned that yesterday.
Well, it's nice to officially meet you.
If you need help or have trouble
understanding anything,
please don't hesitate to come to me.
Okay, thanks.
Oh, and we don't have to
be so formal, you know.
Shoma, Shiori.
Good morning.
Don't just appear out of nowhere!
Good morning, Kana.
Shoma, I was able to find more
information about Atsushi Fujii,
the one who invited you to this festival.
You found Atsushi?!
He's not currently here,
but I believe you'll be able to see
him before the festival is over.
He's late? Give me a break...
What is he doing?
Well, I'm just glad you
were able to reach him.
Also, I apologize if this seems sudden,
but I would like to ask for your help
preparing for the festival in two days.
Um, I don't mind helping out,
but could I get my stuff back first?
And if possible, I'd like
to charge my phone, too.
There is no electricity in this village.
But what about your hologram?
It is powered by its own source from
outside the village. You can't use it.
As for your personal belongings,
the rules state that they are to stay with
the organizers until the festival is over.
Thank you for your understanding.
Can I at least get my phone back?
I want to get in touch with Atsushi.
It's necessary for a serious
execution of the ritual.
Every participant has agreed to this.
Please understand.
Come on.
I'm sorry. Those are the rules.
Well, I'll show you where you'll be working.
Working, huh?
All right, good.
We cut bamboo for the decorations...
make ritual wands...
And here, we make paper.
I can take whatever is done.
It's used to make lanterns
that'll be set adrift later.
Can you hold that side?
This is the Kagura shrine.
They're preparing for the
Kagura dance right now.
And that's my station, the weaver's room.
The weaver's room?
Everybody weaves a little bit,
and I do the finalizing.
Then, at the beginning of the festival,
you and I will offer this to the gods.
Wait, you and I?
Yes. Kana told you yesterday, right?
You'll be Hikoboshi, and I'll be Orihime.
Oh, you mean the characters
from the Tanabata Festival?
That makes sense, then.
I'm glad, though.
Now that we have someone
to play Hikoboshi,
the festival can take place as planned.
Isn't Hikoboshi an important role, though?
Sheesh... Can someone who just
joined in really pull that off?
Don't worry. It's the same for me.
I can't do anything without my
Spirit Garment and Cap, either.
It's the same for everyone, actually.
Oh, I'm sorry!
I'll bring him to his station right away.
No, there is not much time left now,
so please continue your work here.
I will take Shoma there myself.
This is the floating pier.
Floating pier?
It will be the dance stage for the festival.
Oh, really?
Yes, this will be your station.
Oh, hey there!
All right, take care of this beam.
"Take care" of it?
He means you should work according
to the Spirit Cap's instructions.
Huh? This?
Whoa! What is this?!
Wait, what?
What's going on?!
Just follow the steps.
It's so light!
Oh, you're starting there?
That Spirit Garment of yours is
possessed by a great master.
Well, hurry up and finish the job, master!
Spirit Garment and Cap link optimal.
Vitals have improved, as well.
It means everything is fine.
Well, good luck.
Uh, right.
Wow, I'm moving! My body's moving on its own!
This is really fun!
It's so amazing that I can
carry this by myself!
Sorry, did I interrupt?
You're a good dancer.
That was just thanks to the Spirit Garment.
Are you going to dance at the festival?
Yes, at the end of the festival,
with everyone else.
Everyone? Even me?
No, Hikoboshi doesn't dance.
What a relief.
Apparently that dance is
what will cause a miracle.
A miracle?
Yes, you get the chance to meet
the person you want to see.
The person you want to see?
Like, they'll summon whoever you ask for?
I don't know all the details, either,
but that's the reason everyone
here is participating.
A miracle, huh?
Well, I suppose if it's someone
you thought you couldn't see,
then it would be a miracle.
I don't know if you can really see them.
For me, it'll be enough if I feel like I did.
I think everyone else here
feels the same way.
I see.
Does that mean that's why
I was called here by Atsushi?
Then why isn't Atsushi here?
You haven't seen him in a while?
Yeah, it's been about three and a half years.
What is that?!
What the heck?!
Whoa! This way!
What is this?
Are these holograms, too?
Is this related to the festival?
I don't know.
This is our castle.
Leave this place.
Ghost samurai?
Nobody told me anything about this!
Shoma! Are you okay?!
Hang in there!
Shoma, Shiori, my apologies!
What is this?
My wound disappeared?
You weren't even cut?
Something's wrong.
I've detected an anomaly in the system.
Something unexpected is happening.
Virtual representations?
No, that's not it.
A bug?
What's going on?!
I will create some debugging
tools in order to vanquish them.
What are you talking about?
Protect yourselves with those for now!
Get somewhere safe! Quickly!
Hey, Kana!
Shoma, this way!
The light disappeared.
Are you both unharmed?
My apologies for the extreme disturbance.
Wh-What just happened?
I believe it to be an error
caused by some kind of bug.
Error? Bug? What does that mean?
You mean those things came from a computer?
What is this place?
This is too crazy!
Kana, are you sure everything is okay?
Please leave it to me.
That's not very reassuring!
I will patch the program right away.
Patch the program?
I am an AI system for directing this festival.
AI? AI as in, like, a computer?
So there's no person operating you?
You yourself are an AI?
There's not a real Kana somewhere else?
This is a virtual body for the
Starlight Director AI Kana,
created in order to interact
with the actual participants.
A-Are you serious?
But wait... Does that mean this
festival is organized by a computer?
Yes. Everything is carried
out by people, though.
That's not what I meant.
We can't just leave this crazy
situation in the hands of a machine!
I am the only one who can
resolve this situation.
I'll take care of it immediately,
so please stand by.
Huh? Hey!
This is insane.
If we stay here, we'll get caught
up in something even worse!
Let's get out of here right now.
Come on.
I can't leave.
There's a reason that I need to
participate in this festival.
What reason?
There's someone I need to see.
I told you that this festival
is one where you can meet
the person you want to see, right?
Yeah, but if it's just meeting them,
couldn't you do it somewhere else?
The person I want to see is my sister.
Your sister?
My sister who died two years ago.
Huh? She di
Wait, what?
What do you mean?
You can't meet someone who's dead!
You can!
You can. That's what this festival is.
That's why...
That's impossible.
Come on, Shiori.
You came here to meet that
Atsushi guy, too, didn't you?
I came here because I wanted to see him.
But I can see him somewhere else, too.
Listen, Shoma, try to remember.
Remember what?
Aren't you forgetting
something really important?
What are you trying to say?
Nothing. If you don't know, never mind.
I'm definitely getting out
of here in the morning.
Atsushi, what kind of place
did you invite me to?
I'm leaving.
I see.
It doesn't make sense.
What's happening here, what Kana talked
about... None of it makes sense.
I have to move away.
I'm going to a private
middle school in Tokyo.
What? N-No way...
Why did you keep something
that important from me?!
I'm sorry. I didn't think I'd make it into
that school, so I couldn't tell you.
What the heck?! We promised
to do all kinds of things
together once we got to middle school!
I know.
I want to learn more about space.
There's this thing called
"aerospace engineering."
This is so I can get into a
university where I can learn that.
You knew about this for a long time, then.
You knew about this for a long time, then.
Yeah. So I'm sorry.
Go study and get famous, and go to
space or wherever! I don't care!
Are you sure it was right
to say that to him?
But he'll...
It's fine.
Now I can...
What was that just now?
Kana told me.
She said that you...
That it seems like you have
locked away your memories.
This is just a theory, but maybe you
were invited here to remember them.
Heave-ho! Heave-ho!
Everyone, great work!
Thanks to your help,
the main stage for the Kagura,
the floating pier, is complete!
Thank you!
It seems the place where
we'll present our offering during
tomorrow's festival is ready, too.
It's at the top of that mountain over there.
It's a bit of a walk, but do you
want to go check it out?
Whoa! It's so high!
We're so high up, Shiori!
It's all right. Our Spirit
Garments won't let us fall.
That's not the problem...
There used to be a castle here.
I see. That's why all these
stone walls are here.
This is where we'll present our offering?
What the?! These stairs stop
in the middle of nowhere!
Apparently, the water in
this lake is the deity.
The water in this lake is a god?
We're going to welcome
this water into the canal.
That's really something.
The preparations are finally done.
So now you can meet the
person you want to see?
Yes, I believe so.
I hope I can see her soon.
What will you tell her when you see her?
Just one thing.
Just one? Why not more,
since it's such a rare opportunity?
There's just one thing.
It's something I really have to tell her.
And that is?
Shoma, thank you for staying here. Really.
I didn't do anything special.
No, truly, thank you for
coming and staying here.
This can't be.
This means...
Looking good.
Good luck!
You'll do great.
Do us proud.
We're counting on you, Hikoboshi.
I'm so grateful.
Be strong, now.
You look just like Orihime...
And you look like Hikoboshi, Shoma.
Well, it's time, so...
...I'll be counting on you.
Shiori, what was your sister like?
She was kind.
At home and at school, when she laughed,
everybody laughed, and when she
was sad, everybody was sad.
Can I ask you something?
What is it?
How did your sister...
No, never mind.
I'm sorry for asking that.
It's okay.
My sister got into the high school she wanted,
so we went on a family trip to celebrate.
That's when the bus we
were in fell off a cliff...
My sister protected me and...
I got hurt very badly, as well,
but thanks to the transplants
I got from my sister,
I'm still here to this day.
I see.
But ever since my sister died,
my mom and dad never smile anymore.
I see. That must have been terrible.
I can't even imagine something like that.
You were really close to
that Atsushi guy, right?
Yes, but since we had our fight
on the day of our graduation,
I haven't seen him at all.
But if those locked memories that Kana was
talking about are connected to Atsushi,
then I think it must be something
from even further back.
What on earth could it be?
Just once a year, those invited can
meet a person they want to see.
A festival where miracles happen.
That's the Starlight Pilgrimage...
The Starlight Festival.
When I came here, Kana told me...
Everyone who participates in this
festival has a wounded heart.
Among them, the people with the kind
of wound that's most difficult to heal
are the most suited to play the
roles of Orihime and Hikoboshi.
So, Shiori, would you be willing
to accept the role of Orihime?
Wounded hearts that won't heal?
That's why I figured you must
also have a painful memory
of someone you really care about. And it's
really weighing on you, just like mine.
Someone close to me?
My memory?
A castle?
Is that a castle?
A castle?
Could this be...
What? Another error?!
No way!
We need to tell Kana!
Kana, those samurai are back!
You said you fixed the bug!
I'm sorry, there's another problem.
I'm investigating right now!
Those ghosts are the virtual
representations of the warriors
that once lived in this castle.
Virtual representations?
What is that?
Musuhi is the system that
designed this festival.
However, it was originally
created for finding people.
Using data gathered from the
app "Starlight Pilgrimage,"
Using data gathered from the
app "Starlight Pilgrimage,"
it consolidates the users' "life logs"
it consolidates the users' "life logs"
and recreates their personalities as virtual
representations in a virtual space.
By finding inconsistencies
between the real person
and the virtual representation
and fixing them repeatedly,
the system became more and more precise.
However, during that process,
Musuhi acquired the ability
to approximately reconstruct data from
its vast database for people of the past,
about whom the only existing
records are writings and pictures.
People of the past?
Correct. However, these are not copies
of personalities, but forgeries.
That's how, based on those
false virtual representations,
the warriors who are intrinsically
linked to these castle ruins
were able to slip through the gate
between the virtual and the real world.
I was able to track down the root
cause that opened a gap in that gate.
What caused it?
The reason for all this...
is me.
The interface for directing
this festival, Kana, me...
I am the reason this happened.
What does that mean?
I myself am a virtual representation
without a "life log" behind it.
I am a trial product that Musuhi
created based on historical records.
Because Musuhi sent me into the real
world for this year's festival,
it seems the gate's lock was compromised.
I don't get it, but I don't think
this is any time for a festival!
Oh, no! They cut us off!
We will avenge our lord!
What is this?
Whoa, what?
I'm sorry for the delay.
These tools are programs
to delete these warriors!
I have installed skills into your
Spirit Garments so you can use them!
No way!
What's with you guys?!
Up there?
Be careful! The floor here is a hologram.
Use the tree as footing.
Got it.
He vanished.
Shoma! Kana!
I will avenge my father and our servants!
Shoma, please keep Shiori safe!
Shiori, are you okay?!
Again? What's going on?!
It's gone!
Sorry for the wait.
This place is dangerous.
We need to get out quickly!
I'm all right.
Those things hold a deep-seated malice.
Their lord was betrayed and killed,
then they died when the castle was stormed.
That's the source of their hatred.
That's why they attacked us?
They don't understand the current situation.
I need to remove the original
source data itself.
Musuhi! I'm going to create a
regenerative patch derived from myself.
After that, I'm going to
disconnect the system link.
What the heck?
What is that?
What the heck?
What is that?!
What is that?
What is that?!
What is that?
What is that?!
Everyone, please evacuate immediately!
This is an emergency!
What did she say?
Please remain indoors until the
situation is under control.
Are we going to be okay?
Are we going to be okay?
Let's just run!
Are we going to be okay?
Let's just run!
What about the festival?!
Let's just run!
What about the festival?!
Everyone, please leave in an orderly fashion!
They're going to reach the village!
At this rate, the festival...
What's wrong? Are you okay?
Take this.
Shiori, please fire this at that monster.
But how?
Let your Spirit Garment guide
your body. It will be fine.
All right.
Once Shiori has stopped its movements,
thrust that sword into its core.
It's the heart, where the princess is.
Okay, I'll try.
It worked!
Are you okay?
It was only a short while,
but it was nice to have met you.
What are you talking about?
Everything is fine now.
You're going to go away? Why?!
It's my duty to see the festival to completion.
It's unfortunate that I won't
be able to witness the end,
but I have faith
that you will see the festival to its
end and begin walking a new path...
No way...
This can't be...
It can't be!
Are you sure it was right
to say that to him?
But he'll...
It's fine.
Because this way, I'll always
be alive within Shoma's heart.
In Shoma's memories, I'll live forever.
Don't you think that's amazing?
You're going to live forever.
From now on... forever...
That's right.
I'm going to live on inside all of you.
He died?
He was sick.
He never went to middle school and left
to be treated somewhere with cleaner air.
You're joking, right?
Why would I lie about something like this?
I could barely believe it myself.
What? It's not a joke?
He seemed so full of energy.
Poor thing.
Let's go pay our respects soon.
It's a lie.
It's a lie!
Right... That's what happened.
I remember now.
The texts, the calls...
They were all being sent by the virtual
representation Kana was talking about.
Atsushi died.
He died three years ago.
You remembered?
I see...
We'll have to say goodbye.
This festival has a rule that you can only meet
people within two years of their death.
That's why Atsushi wasn't supposed
to be able to meet with you.
But it seems like Kana
came up with something.
I see.
Oh! Mitsuru?!
Dad? What's with that weird outfit?
Wait, where are we?
Oh, did I...
This is a reunion with the dead.
The festival of reunions...
Shiori? Shiori?!
Shiori, is that you?
Shiori... You were okay, then?
Oh... I'm so glad.
But what in the world are you wearing?
This is...
It's... for a festival. The
Tanabata Festival, you know?
Oh, how cute. It looks good on you.
Y-Y-You know,
there's something I n-need to tell you.
What's wrong, Shiori? Is it something
you have to cry like that about?
Oh, right.
I guess I really did die.
Sis, I'm sorry I survived and you didn't.
What are you saying?
I would've been sadder if you had died.
I'm so glad that you survived.
I'm sorry, Sis. I'm so sorry.
Shiori, you have to live a long
life for the both of us.
If you're reborn, you'll be
my sister again, right?
Huh? You'd be okay with someone
like me being your sister again?
Why would you even ask?
That's Shiori's...
It's you, isn't it?
Atsushi, you...
You look so weird.
You've grown up.
Atsushi, what the hell?!
Why did you do that?!
I'm sorry.
You just went on your own and...
I wanted you to believe that I was alive,
even if we never saw one another.
I did. I always did.
I'm sorry. I guess I actually
made everything worse.
It doesn't matter anymore.
I guess you really did die.
Looks like it.
Kana invited me to this festival.
I'm glad I got to see you again.
Is that your friend?
I'm jealous.
It's not like that!
Shoma, thank you for coming.
I wanted to give this back to you.
Oh, you still had that?
I want you to keep it.
I don't want you to forget about me.
I won't. You're alive.
Forever, inside me.
Thanks, Shoma.
I'm glad I got see you.
Thank you, Saki!
Thank you!
Thank you!
How pretty.
It's time to say goodbye.
I'm glad you're doing well.
Thank you. I'm so happy I got to see you.
So am I.
Take care.
I will.
They're all going away.
Shoma, later!
I had so much fun with you!
Thank you, Shoma!
I'm glad I met you!
It's pretty, isn't it?
Oh, the stars.
Oh, yeah.
Look, it's amazing.
They're so pretty.
Yeah, I'm glad I was able to be here.
It's all thanks to Kana.
Thank you, Shoma.
Thank you, too, Shiori.
Oh, look! That's...
The Orihime and Hikoboshi
stars, Vega and Altair.
Which is which?
No clue.