Starry Eyes (2014) Movie Script

Hi, welcome to Big Taters.
My name is Sarah.
Can I start you guys off
with an order of our freedom tops?
Sarah, you know the rule
about cell phones.
I'm sorry. I just... I was
just checking on something.
Yeah, well check it on your break.
Mario, where has she
been hiding that thing?
Put the car in drive, Charlie.
You're here for one reason
and one reason only
You know the lines. Keep your eyes up.
I stopped going to church when I was 16.
- So I don't...
- Up, up, up.
I really haven't been able
to take my eyes off of Erin.
The word on the street there's
a rumor going around that she's...
...bicycle but sadly
I'm sitting here realizing
that I've never gone to take a ride...
Oh, hi, how are you? Good to see you.
- Hey, Sarah. Nice to see you.
- Hello. How's it going?
- I'm glad you came.
- Fine. Yeah.
And I'm glad you brought
your wonderful roommate.
- Suck it, Danny.
- I said you were wonderful.
- You coming?
- Hey, I honestly don't know what it is.
Oh, don't be coy. You're coming.
Yeah, come, and I'll tell you
all about my new project.
Yeah, it's really good. We've been
working on it for like the last two,
- three months now.
- Cool.
I'm playing Simone. She has the
best lines in the whole thing.
I've been writing it and Erin has been
providing some very insightful feedback.
I am honestly actually kind
of surprised to see you here.
- I thought you were avoiding me.
- Erin.
- Why would you think that?
- Because I "stole your role."
Okay, Danny do you want
to help me in the kitchen?
- I'm kidding, Sarah. Don't worry.
- Okay.
I didn't even know that you auditioned
for it and it was just a stupid commercial.
Honestly, it was kind of a
horrible experience anyway.
The director was a total perv and you
should be glad that you didn't get it.
- Okay.
- I'm going to get a drink.
- Sarah?
- Yeah.
Oh, my God, Sarah.
- Did you do something with your hair?
- No.
Are you coming to Performation?
You totally have to.
- Everyone's going to perform something.
- Oh, perform?
Yeah, we'll finally get to see these acting
chops that we've heard so much about.
I like your shoes, Sarah.
...I'm no ginko but I am Poe.
The Rosebowl's got a table of them.
Hey I had to find the film
- but it works great.
- Oh.
- Here, check this out.
- Oh.
- That's sexy right?
- Yeah.
Danny and I are making a dark room
so we can do all the processing.
That's cool.
Well, we were going to do a gallery
show but it's just so much easier
to put that shit on Instagram.
It's just a way bigger audience.
Are you kidding me?
Beer on my butt.
- Are you okay?
- Dudes, don't.
Nip slip.
- Hey, Sarah, hey you alright?
- Yeah. Yeah.
Hey listen, so about this script
that we were talking about earlier,
I was wondering maybe you and
I could get together sometime and...
Oh, my God.
- What's going on?
- Oh, this ad for a role.
- They just called me in for an audition.
- What? Really?
- That's great. Congratulations.
- No, way, cool.
- That's cool.
- Thank you.
What is the role for?
It's this movie called
The Silver Scream.
Oh, my God.
I hope that's a working title.
- What?
- It's really cool.
Chloe did not get fed up
and just take off.
She's not out on another one of her,
She's not out on another
one of her benders.
Something happened to her.
I, I went to her...
I... I...
I went over to her trailer and I...
I, I went to...
I went to...
Oh, oh, God.
I'm... I'm...
Sarah Walker.
I'm Sarah Walker.
I'm Sarah Walker.
Hi, Sarah.
I brought a headshot.
That won't be necessary.
We have your digital file.
Yeah, of course. I just thought
you might want a hard copy.
What you do in this room right now
will render that headshot null and void.
When you exit this room you will
either have made a lasting impression
or blend into the sea of thousands of
forgotten girls who pass through these halls
every day.
A photograph won't change that.
Well, hopefully you'll see something in me
because I know I'd be great for this.
I grew up on scary movies
and I'm an actor obviously.
So I, I think I'd be pretty good.
Don't tell us, Sarah. Show us.
Chloe didn't get fed up
with the shoot and just take off.
She's not out there
on one of her benders.
- Something happened to her.
- Happened to her, like what?
I went to her trailer after everyone said
that she took off and I found this.
- And?
- Her dad gave her this, Chaz.
On the morning of her birthday
before he left for work
- when he still lived in Long Island.
- So?
So her birthday is September 11. Her dad
died that morning in the World Trade Center.
She would never leave without this.
- No way, not ever.
- Okay, so she wouldn't leave without it.
I mean, that still doesn't mean
something happened.
Well, that's not all.
When I was in her trailer
I-I heard a shuffling and then I saw
something out of the corner of my eye.
Don't say it. Don't tell me you're
believing these stories now too.
I turned. I saw her, Chaz.
- Saw who?
- Chloe.
So she's still here.
It was her...
only it wasn't.
- Thank you, Sarah.
- No problem.
We'll be in touch.
Do you have any notes for me?
I can do it again, different if
you didn't like what you saw.
We saw what we needed, Sarah. Thank you.
Fuck. Fuck. God. Fuck.
Maybe we didn't see all
we needed from you after all.
What was that you were doing
in the washroom, Sarah?
Your fit.
That... that was nothing.
Sarah, you have my attention.
- I was disappointed in myself.
- So you punished yourself.
No, I don't... It's just something
I do. I don't know.
Would you do it again, for us, now?
- What?
- I want to see your fit, Sarah.
I've never done that in
front of anyone before.
Alright then, thank you for coming in.
Thank you, Sarah. We'll be in touch.
Hey, how'd it go?
How did the audition go? What happened?
Not good. I think they made fun of me.
I don't really want to
talk about it right now.
Okay, well, hey,
everyone's coming by in a little bit.
You should come hang out with us.
I kind of want to be alone. Thanks.
Our little tater tot
full of birthing cheer,
our little tater tot
has lived another year.
I love birthdays.
Again with the phone, Sarah?
Am I going to have to start frisking you?
David, what are you doing
standing there staring at me?
I told you to go defrost
those chicken strips like an hour ago.
They're like a block of ice.
Jesus Christ.
Hi, this is Sarah Walker calling you back.
You just called me.
Hello Sarah. Yes, we tried to call...
Yes, yeah, I'm so sorry about that.
- I was...
- Please don't cut me off, Sarah.
We'd like to see you again.
Yes, yeah, yeah, I would...
I would love to come in again.
Great. I'll e-mail you the details.
And Sarah, this will be
different from the last time.
Oh, well good because I only
have so much hair on my head.
Well, thank you. Thank you so much
- and I'm sorry that I cut you off...
- Yeah.
What's going on with you lately?
Listen, Sarah,
Tater's girls are all family.
So, if one of you isn't on the ball
then that affects the whole family.
You would never want to hurt
your family now, would you, Sarah?
- I don't really have a family, Carl.
- I'm talking about your Big Tater's family,
the phone thing, all these
auditions that you're going on.
I know it's important to you but...
this is your job.
You got to prioritize.
- Yeah, maybe you're right.
- I know that I am.
I think I may have to quit.
No, I don't... You didn't understand
what I was trying to say.
This job is getting in the way, Carl.
I have a talent,
a real talent and I'm not going
to take that for granted anymore.
Now that's... You... You're twisting my
words around and that's not what I meant.
Let me... Let's... Let's start over.
You have a gift. No.
This. This place.
Sarah, there are a million other girls
who would beg for a steady job like this.
I am not a million other girls.
You can go right in.
Close the door behind you.
Step forward please.
Stand right on that pink mark.
It's so dark.
Lower your hand.
Thank you for seeing us again, Sarah.
Of course, yeah,
this is my top priority.
Today we'd like to try
something different with you.
Of course. Sure, I...
I didn't get any...
- Would you mind disrobing for us?
- Excuse me?
Would you mind disrobing, please?
The ad didn't say anything about nudity.
Does the role call for that?
It doesn't.
Sarah, you've already proven
that you can memorize lines.
Now we need to see you bare.
Let your inhibitions go.
Didn't I do that last time?
That's the reason you're here Sarah,
the only reason you got a call back.
Sarah, you know who we are.
You know the pictures we've made, yes?
Completely, Sarah.
It's okay, Sarah. I told you
this would be different.
relax yourself.
Sarah, if you can't
fully let yourself go,
how can you ever transform
into something else?
That's what we were
looking for, Sarah. Thank you.
Okay, okay. Here we go.
One, two, three.
If I have to take one more goddamn
photo of you two idiots jumping,
I swear to God I'm going to kill myself.
- Hey, Sarah.
- Hey.
Hey, how'd it go?
- Tracy told us that you had a callback.
- Oh, yeah, they wanted to see me again.
Yeah, I read the ad.
The role seemed a little silly though.
Yeah, but it's Astreus Pictures
so it's legit.
It's Astreus? Wow, that is legit.
They're the real deal.
- Yeah. Thank you.
- Good job.
Don't you think it's kind
of a long shot, though?
What's Extra, Extraneous...?
- Astre... Astreus Pictures.
- Astreus. It's stupid.
They're a production company.
They've been around forever.
Fell off a little last few years
but they're coming back?
Maybe you can put in
a word with production,
get a little PA work or something?
- What about our film?
- We're still going to make our film.
Well, I haven't gotten
the role yet. So...
That's true.
- Oh, Trace.
- Hey. Hey.
- How'd it go?
- Great. I think it went great.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
You didn't feel like they were
making fun of you this time?
No, you know what, I don't think they were
making fun of me the first time either.
- Oh, okay. Awesome.
- Yeah.
- Anyway, I don't want to jinx it.
- Of course.
- You and your superstitions.
- Yeah.
Hey, you should go throw on
a bathing suit and come join us.
Oh, shit.
Yo, Erin, Erin.
Ashley, here.
Here, here. Here, you're okay.
You're okay. You're okay...
Sarah, if you can't really let yourself go
how can you transform into something else?
- Hello?
- I have some good news for you, Sarah.
He wants to meet you.
He, who?
The producer.
Oh, my God.
- ...this is your moment.
- Oh, man.
- I don't know what this is.
- Jesus Christ, can we not watch another one.
- Wait, wait, just...
- Do you know who wrote this?
Watch what he does.
I'm not trying to be rude
but this is fucking stupid.
Oh, yeah.
That guy rocks.
Do you know how many times I've
wanted to do that? It's crazy.
- That's right, you have that thing.
- What thing?
She's got a meeting with the producer.
- At Astreus?
- Yeah.
I told you you'd get it.
Don't you think
you're a little overdressed?
- This? This is nothing.
- It's a little much.
Look, you look amazing.
Go kick some ass.
Just remember to be yourself in here.
- thank you for coming.
- Thank you for having me.
You're just as beautiful in person
as you are on the audition tapes.
Thank you. I didn't realize
I was being taped.
Well, I am excited, Sarah.
We audition a lot of
young women in this building
but very, very few ever
make it to this room.
Wow, that's great.
Yes, we've had our share of winners,
some pretty big names have
passed right through here,
going way back.
So, did you like our little yarn?
Absolutely, I loved it.
I read it three times.
Good. I have high hopes
for this picture.
Yes. It's kind of my love letter
to this town.
Ambition, the blackest of human desires.
Everyone has it. But how many act on it?
That's what intrigues me.
That's what lights me up as they say.
There's something primal there
and that's why you're sitting
right here in this room.
- But I mean, it's a horror movie as well.
- Of course.
The two are not mutually exclusive.
This industry is a plague Sarah,
a plague of unoriginality,
hollow be thy name, shallow be thy name.
Yes, it's a plague alright.
And what does every
plague have a lot of?
- Rats?
- Precisely.
Yes, thousands of them,
hungry little rats,
hungry for the cheese.
You cut through the fog of this town
and you get desperation,
plastic parishioners worshiping
their deity of debauchery.
But that's what I find
interesting, Sarah.
That's what I want
to capture in this film,
the ugliness of the human spirit.
Yeah, okay, I mean, I can see that.
So why do you do it, darling?
Why, why do I do what?
Why do you pull your beautiful hair out?
I... It's just a habit.
I started doing it
when I was a little girl and...
it helps me focus on the moment.
The moment.
- Well, this is a moment.
- Yes, yes it is.
The role of Celeste is a really big deal
for a young actress with no
other credits to her name.
Your face will be on the poster.
The poster on a wall,
a wall in the lobby,
a lobby of a movie theater,
a theater with a marquee,
The Silver Scream.
Now you know that doesn't happen
very much anymore, right?
This is a great opportunity
for a young actress,
a great opportunity
for an actress with ambition.
That's me. I'm your girl. I will do
whatever it takes for this role.
Good, because we want
to offer it to you.
We think you could be great
in this role, Sarah.
I think you could be great in this role.
I agree. Truthfully,
I think I am this role.
I mean, this character has a dream
and she has so much potential.
Sarah, forget about all that.
This world is about the doers,
the people who don't just
talk about what they're going to do,
they just do it. And that's you.
Thank you. Thank you for saying that.
I worked so hard, you know.
Every week is a new class,
a new audition and I just never...
If you want me to...
to read more with...
other actors,
or another audition.
Sarah, this is the audition.
I told you before,
very, very few actresses
ever get to this room.
Sarah, you're at the gates.
All you need is for me
to open them for you.
I can make you a star, Sarah.
- You know I can.
- Whoa, no.
Let me out.
Let me out. Open the door.
How'd it go?
Not good.
- Maybe I should submit my headshot.
- Seriously.
I'm kidding.
- Are you all right?
- Oh, honey, I'm kidding.
- Maybe you should...
- Yeah.
It was a fucking joke.
Coming in.
What are you doing? Hey,
don't cry, hun.
What happened?
Everything was going so well.
I was so sure I was going to get it.
I quit my job for this.
You quit your job for this?
I was so sure. I was so sure.
Okay, wait a minute, what happened?
It was one final step
and I could have had it too
if I was just willing to...
Hun, willing to what?
Come on, you don't...
You don't mean sex.
I mean, he didn't say specifically what.
Oh, my God.
Are you being serious?
What a fucking creep, okay.
Do people still even do that?
Well, no one out there does.
And I sure as heck don't.
And you don't. Okay?
- Okay?
- Okay. Okay.
you don't wish that you did it do you?
It was a gateway part.
Sarah, it was two auditions.
I mean, and seriously, who gets
hired for a lead role that quickly?
Doesn't that seem a
little suspicious to you?
Listen, Danny was just telling me how
badly he wants to have you in his movie.
You should talk to him.
Oh, shut up.
What are they up to now?
I can make you a star, Sarah.
You know I can.
So I just wanted to say that I'm sorry.
I know that you were trying to help me
and I twisted your words.
I twisted them and...
Look, Sarah, I get it.
Really, I do. I'm not an idiot.
I know what town we live in.
I mean, you think you're the
first waitress I've ever had
that was destined for stardom?
I've had my share.
But they all understood
that being a Taters girl
is what paid the bills
while they chased the dream.
Now I'm not sure you see
how the two are connected.
I mean, I don't know what
else you want me to say.
Do you want me to beg for this job?
Well, you don't got to be a jerk about it.
I mean, I've already had like,
- 20 applications since you quit, so...
- I'm sorry. I didn't...
I didn't mean it like that.
Look, I want you to see
this place for what it really is.
Yeah, I know you think it's cheesy.
Too self-aware,
not ironic enough for you,
the menus, the specials,
all those clever meal names,
calling the little kids tater tots,
saying see you later tater gator
when the customers are leaving.
That's all me. All right?
It may not be cool to a
young woman your age
- but it's me.
- Okay.
Look, just...
promise me that until your star
is on the sidewalk out there
you'll try and value me
and what I'm trying to do here.
Can you...
Can you do that for me?
Are you a Taters girl?
Yeah, I can do that.
I'm a Taters girl.
I guess my point is that I just
feel like, the austerity lifestyles,
sort of eastern lifestyles exists...
I got no friends at my party.
Hey. Back to slumming it
like the rest of us?
- What's up, Erin?
- Hi.
What's up?
Do you have like, an amp for that?
This is good.
Who knows how to scat?
This is the issue with the millennial
generation. It's just, it's entitlement.
Hey, you get off my lawn.
It's my property you're sitting on.
You're loitering.
I could have you arrested.
It's a crime. It's where I live.
- You live there?
- Yeah.
See, it's LA.
Why should I spend $1500
a month on an apartment
when I'm just going to spend
all day in the car anyway?
- So this is your car too?
- It's my car. It doesn't run but...
it did when I had that epiphany.
Tracy told us what happened.
Told you, told you what?
That the producer at
Astreus got inappropriate.
Maybe it's worth it.
I just started back up
at Big Taters yesterday.
I kind of feel like
I'm selling my soul already.
So it may as well be
for something I love.
I don't know. If you want to do
what you love, why not just do it?
I mean, you work at this restaurant.
You work at Big Taters. I live in a van.
So what?
Those things aren't mutually exclusive from
us being able to do what we want to do.
We got all these people,
all our friends,
they're just sitting around
trying to figure out what to do,
trying to figure out how to make something.
Maybe we should be sitting around anymore.
Maybe we should just get together
and make something.
I'm going to send you my script.
You're going to dig it, trust me.
And we'll work around your
precious Big Taters schedule.
You'd direct me?
I'd be your leading lady?
I say rape, you say don't.
- Sure.
- Simone?
If you want.
Then, yeah.
- Yeah.
- Yeah. I'll be in your movie.
Alright, okay.
I've been trying to talk to you
about it for a week.
Fuck Astreus Pictures.
We're going to make our own movie.
All right?
Do you have any champagne?
Okay. Hold on.
What is it?
It's the start of the night
we're never going to forget.
Three, two, one.
This world is about the doers,
the people who don't just talk about what
they're going to do, they just do it.
And that's you.
Astreus Pictures.
Hi, this is Sarah Walker calling.
I made a mistake.
I never should have left that office.
I want to meet him again.
582 Canyon Drive. Be there in one hour.
Come in, Sarah.
There won't be a third
opportunity, Sarah.
Your house is beautiful.
Do you want me to read a scene?
Do you want to discuss
the role some more?
I'm sorry that I left
the other night. I'm...
I'm... I... I really could
be great for this part.
Words, Sarah, just words.
What would you be willing
to do to convince me,
to make me believe in you again?
Would you forgo your eyes
for a new pair of eyes,
eyes that see with our vision?
Would you give up your body
to become a vessel for our voice,
for my voice?
Will you give your old life away
for a glorious, new life?
Then show me.
The gateway is opened, Sarah.
All you have to do is be willing
to step inside forever
and never look back.
Kill your old life, Sarah.
Bury it in the earth
and join us in the skies.
Show me the girl I thought you were.
Let me see the real, Sarah.
Sarah, order's up.
Oh, Jesus Christ, Sarah.
Go home. You shouldn't
be here right now.
No, no, it's... I'm fine. It's fine.
It's not fine. What are you doing?
Come here. Come on. Come on.
Come on, come on.
Give me it. Give me it.
Give me that. Give me it.
Give me it. Give me it.
Get the fuck out of here
and don't come back.
Astreus Pictures.
This is Sarah Walker calling.
I'm not feeling very well.
I mean, I'm fine.
It's fine. I just...
I don't... I don't know what's
happening right now.
So if someone could...
If someone could please call me
back when you get this, please.
Thank you.
Are you okay?
Are you alright?
Hey, Sarah, you alright?
Let me look at you. Come here.
Hey, are you okay? You alright, Sarah?
- Danny, get drunk with me.
- I'm alright right now, man.
But I love you. I love you very much.
Suit yourself but we won't be able
to sneak booze into the bowl.
It easy to sneak booze in. All you have
to do is flirt with the dude at the door.
Oh. Yeah, yeah, I'll give that a shot.
She's going to Ralph.
Hey, I think maybe
we need to get her home.
Get her like some water or something.
- Yo, Poe, put that away.
- No, no, no, this is golden.
I'm going to make a Tumblr. It's going
to be called Sick, slutty Sarah, yeah.
No, you're not.
What the fuck are you thinking?
- Damn it, leave him alone.
- I love you. It's okay.
Give me my fucking phone!
- Whoa!
- Jesus.
Sarah? What the...
I was trying to stop him. What...
- Okay, what...?
- Let's just keep it funny everybody.
- Relax.
- Am I the bad guy now?
- Why are you defending her, Danny?
- Go after her. She's sick.
Sarah, you shouldn't go
down there. It's not safe.
Go after her. She's going to...
She just pushed me.
She's not going to want me to...
I mean it. She's obviously
not feeling well.
Astreus Pictures.
I don't feel good. I don't feel...
I did what you asked.
Hey, you okay?
How dare you! How dare
you touch me! How dare you!
I'm sorry.
Sarah, if you can't really let yourself
go how can you ever transform
- into something else?
- You're at the gates.
All you need is for me
to open them for you.
Maybe we didn't see what
we needed from you after all.
Your face would be on the poster,
the poster on the wall,
a wall in a lobby,
the lobby of the movie theater,
a theater with a marquee.
They are all losers. Cancer.
Kill your old life, Sarah.
Bury it in the earth
and join us in the skies.
Sarah? You okay?
Go away.
Listen, I really need to get in there.
I... Just go away please.
You've been in there for like, two hours.
I have to get ready for work.
Are you okay?
Sweetie, what...?
Do you smell that?
I think it's coming from you.
Sarah, no offense,
but I mean, that's you.
- Are you on your period?
- What?
Fuck you.
All right, that's enough, okay.
I've had enough of your shit.
What the hell's going on with you?
You told them.
- You told them.
- Who? What?
About my audition. And the producer,
- right?
- It came...
I bet you all got off on it too, right?
- No.
- Seeing me fail like that?
Sarah, those are your friends.
Okay, nobody wanted that for you.
They're your friends!
They're your friends!
I am trying to do something big.
I'm trying to do something with my life.
How am I supposed to do this
when you surround me with these...
Do you hear the words that are
coming out of your mouth right now?
They're like venom to me,
like, like a cancer,
all of you guys, just all of you.
You and Danny, Erin, just like,
living off of me.
Oh, living off of you?
Okay, the last time I checked I covered
your rent for the past two months
and I'm guessing you don't have
this month's either because
you're so obsessed with this job
that just wants to fuck you
instead of the job
that actually pays your bills.
What the fuck?
Now it's our apartment again.
So do me a favor, Trace, and fuck off!
Don't fight it.
Sleep now, Sarah.
We want to show you something.
I hope that's a working title.
- Are you sure you really...
- Danny was just talking about it...
Maybe we get to see the acting chops
that we've heard so much about.
- Sarah, are you a Tater's girl?
- Tracey told us what happened.
He was just telling me...
You know what you have to do.
What's the matter, Sarah?
Are you not feeling well?
I'm dying.
- I'm dying.
- Yes, you are.
You can go into the ground to be
forgotten forever or you can be reborn.
Did you expect it to be painless,
that it would be easy,
that you'd simply wake up one morning
with everything you ever
wanted laid out before you?
I told you Sarah,
dreams require sacrifice.
And so do we.
I can give you what you want Sarah,
but you need to embrace
who you really are.
It's time to become one of us.
It's time to be remembered.
Grab something.
Hit him.
I can't get over
comfortable your bed is.
More comfortable
than the five year old futon
you've been dragging
around since college?
I got to pee.
- You want anything?
- Yeah, I want some water
and a treat, a little special something.
- Bravo.
- Jesus fucking Christ.
You scared the shit out of me.
Sarah, what are you doing here?
You let him put that
revolting thing in you.
And then he gives you
the role of Simone back.
You were watching us?
You think I had to fuck Danny
to get a role in his movie?
That's sad that you see
the world like that.
Sarah, you know that me and Danny
have hooked up before, right?
Did it ever occur to you
that maybe we just like each other?
Sarah, get the fuck out of here.
You know what's sad?
All of you.
A role in Danny's little film, how sad.
What's sadder is that you
think I want any of it,
that I'd sink so low.
Right. Why would you have
to fuck Danny for her role
when you've already fucked
some big time movie producer?
Yeah, Tracy told us about the stack
of cash from Astreus Pictures.
Oh, my God,
Sarah, did you...
Did you actually suck
some old producer's cock
for a role in a movie
called The Silver Scream?
That's sad.
It's a gateway part.
From here it sounds
a lot like prostitution.
- Sarah, what happened to you?
- Don't, don't touch me.
- Sarah...
- Don't touch me.
- Sarah.
- Don't.
Stop it, stop it.
- We need to get you to a hospital.
- No, no, get off me.
It feels good.
See what happens when you stop fighting?
Trust us, Sarah.
Don't hurt yourself.
Let us in. Embrace who you are.
What's up?
What are you doing here?
Hey, did you see Erin?
Yeah. We talked.
Okay, what did you talk about?
Did she tell you
how worried we are about you?
Since you ran off the other night?
You know, Tracy came by here,
she said the two of you had a big fight.
We're all pretty concerned.
Look, Sarah, whatever is going on...
we can help you.
You know, just talk to me.
help me?
Yeah, I'm your friend.
No, you're not.
None of you are.
Sarah, of course we are.
Jesus, what's wrong with you?
Are you...?
I don't have any friends.
Wait! Don't!
Sarah, don't, don't.
Why, why?
There's only one thing in
this whole world that I want
and they're going to give it to me.
They see the real me.
Hail Astreus. Hail Astreus.
Hail Astreus. Hail Astreus.
Hail Astreus. Hail Astreus.
Hail Astreus. Hail Astreus.
Hail Astreus. Hail Astreus.
Hail Astreus. Hail Astreus.
Hail Astreus. Hail Astreus.
Hail Astreus. Hail Astreus.
Hail Astreus. Hail Astreus.
Hail Astreus. Hail...
She is ready to transform.
Sarah, are you here?
Are you in there?
All right, this is just weird.
And a fire hazard.
Look, I'm sorry, okay.
I shouldn't have told everyone
what happened. That's your business.
If you wanted them to know
then, well, you would've told them.
Anyway, I needed to say that.
Hey, are you okay in there?
You're hurting me.
Your eyes. You told everyone.
Lie down next to me.
Come lie next to me, Trace,
like old times.
I don't want to do that.
Come to me.
We're all alone. There's nothing.
Things are changing for me, Trace.
That's good.
I'm happy for you.
I just wanted to say goodbye.
Where... are you going?
Just say goodbye to me, Trace.