Stars Fell on Alabama (2021) Movie Script

Hey, I'm almost there.
Great, drive safe.
I don't know about this, Bryce.
You'll be great, don't worry.
Okay, here we go.
It's... I don't know.
It says it's connected.
Why aren't we meeting in person?
Bryce insisted.
You guys got it figured out
on your end yet?
Jeff, great to see you.
Hey, sorry, I had
to mix up plans like this,
but we got called
into another meeting,
- you understand?
- Bryce, listen.
This is
a tent-pole summer release.
We need a household name actor
to carry it.
Mr. Hyde, I get it.
You think you need what?
Reece or... or...
or Scarlet.
No, Madison Belle was born
to play this role.
Oh, my gosh, it's Madison Belle!
I hate to cut this short, guys.
We really do have to run.
Tryin' to convince Madison
to star in a film
in another studio
and I gotta be honest,
they're really rollin' out
the red carpet for her today.
Bryce, just give us the weekend.
Excellent, guys.
That was perfect.
- Good job.
- High five.
Great job.
Thank you so much.
Good job.
I have to take this.
Okay, don't forget
to have Sarah validate you.
Hey, what's up?
- Madison Belle?
- Yeah.
You take her to dinner
and a breakfast yet?
Golden rule.
Meant to be broken.
No, it's not.
You should make her
your plus one tonight.
Okay, look, Larry...
No, you said next spot.
To have this discussion.
I have rules for a reason.
And you of all people know
that mixing business
and pleasure
just doesn't work
in the long run.
Here's your suit,
and your tickets
for the premiere tonight,
and the after-party's
at the SoHo House rooftop.
There's nothing wrong
with having
a little work-related romance.
It's been three weeks.
It's been three weeks, Zane.
- Thank you.
- Canceling, again?
I have to rearrange
my entire schedule for you,
Yeah, again.
- Yep.
- No, stay seated.
- Yep, we're done.
- No.
We're absolutely...
Madison, Larry Berger.
It is a pleasure.
A big fan of your work.
Thank you.
Can I get a...
can I get validation, please?
You are smart,
you are beautiful,
and gosh darn it,
people like you.
Bye, Bryce.
What are you doin'?
You don't even work
on this floor.
To my wife and my girlfriends,
may they never meet.
Larry, to takin' it too far.
You lookin' suave in that tux,
Thank you, thank you.
So sorry I couldn't make it.
Got a movie premiere tonight.
Yeah, yeah.
Oh my goodness,
is that Bryce Dixon?
It is!
And lookin' all LA fancy.
Charlotte Ray.
It's Charlotte Lott
for about 12 years now
and you can say "hello"
to Elizabeth and Margaret.
They got new last names, too.
let me get a good look at you.
No glasses...
Or silly hair.
Right, yeah, well...
My, aren't you fit?
I am, too, of course.
We ladies get plenty
of exercise.
Always runnin' after the kids.
I'm sure your wife
does the same.
Bryce ain't married.
He's single.
You know, it's like.
Still livin' that bachelor life
out there in California?
Well, you know.
33, not married, no kids.
Well, don't you worry, Bryce.
I'll get you a nice Alabama girl
when you're out here.
You know,
that's really not necessary.
Looks like Bryce
is havin' trouble
in the romance department.
Poor dear.
Bless his heart.
Well, you know, if you must know
I'm actually seein' somebody,
you keepin' secrets from me?
Well, I really...
Oh, David, silly!
It's probably a big secret.
You get it.
You know me.
He doesn't want the paparazzi
followin' him around.
She's a movie star, right?
I knew it!
Who is it?
Who is it?
You know, I really...
I shouldn't say.
Come on, Bryce.
You can tell us,
we won't tell anyone.
Her... her name is...
Madison Belle!
I've already said too much.
I... I...
Is she flyin' in
with you tomorrow?
Of course,
she'll be here tomorrow.
With... with... on the trip?
- I... I don't...
- I'm so excited.
I'm gonna tell everyone.
A real famous person
in our little town.
Except for you and your husband,
- the mayor, of course.
- Oh, yes.
Well, bye.
- Bye, buddy.
- Yep, see you guys tomorrow.
Really that was... was smooth.
Another round?
Oh God.
"Join us as we welcome
successful Hollywood agent
Bryce Dixon
and his surprise
famous girlfriend."
Wait, did I just like that post?
No, no, no, no...
"New theme!
Hollywood stars fell in Alabama.
Dress up as your favorite movie star
and have the time of your life."
A prize is voted for
best couple's costume.
You gotta be kidding me.
You know what?
Nobody reads
these things anyways.
There weren't even
that many people
in my graduating class!
Oh, come on!
It's not a big deal.
It is not a big deal.
This is silly,
because you can just
not go.
You can just not go.
Just... you know,
just say it's a...
A work emergency.
I mean sure you know,
some of my friends
will be bummed,
but you know, I haven't seen...
I haven't seen you know,
most of these guys
in 15 years anyways.
I mean look, it's
not like the whole town cares
whether I go to some silly
high school reunion.
I'm here with Mayor Winton Lott,
the person
who brought palm trees
to Main Street.
He has some big news
to share with us
about the Willow Valley
High School's 15-year reunion.
Well, after learnin'
our very own Bryce Dixon
is comin' home from Hollywood
with a movie star,
I was thrilled.
There's no better way
to involve the town
than with a Main Street contest.
So we're inviting folks
to decorate
their storefront windows
as their favorite
Hollywood movie.
What's the prize?
Yep, and who knows?
Bryce Dixon might even put you
in a movie.
Hey, mom.
It is... it's still early enough,
there's time,
she could
still catch the flight.
I'll just call her.
I mean
what's the harm in asking?
I'll just call her and...
and ask.
No, no, what are you doing?
Come on, look.
You're not... you're not
in high school, okay?
You... you're not asking a girl
to prom.
You're calling a client,
askin' a favor.
Callin' a client,
askin' a favor.
Come on.
Hello, Bryce.
Hey, Madison.
Sorry, did I... did I wake you?
Studio call yet?
No. No, not yet,
we're still waiting,
but why are we whispering?
I'm in my yoga boxing class.
Is that a thing?
It's a thing.
Why are you calling?
Well, I I got you
a... a... a... a gig, a role,
another... another role.
You know, su... super easy.
Just a couple of days max.
You know, I like more details
about my roles.
More time to think it over.
Yeah, yeah, of course,
of course, I know,
but unfortunately with this one,
we just don't have enough time.
But don't worry about it.
Just you know, a couple of days
you know, some appearances,
a... a dance,
all the barbecue you want.
What kinda role is this?
Well, it is
actually more like a reunion.
Look, it is it is just something
to distract you
while we wait for the big news.
Strictly work related, trust me.
I trust you.
You're my agent.
Two years ago,
I was waiting tables
I didn't know
how I was gonna pay rent.
And soon you will be shopping
for a house in Hollywood.
Yeah, all thanks to you.
Okay, well,
the gig is out of town,
so pack a bag
and I will send a car
to pick you up and take you
to LAX in 30 minutes.
Are you serious?
You never said
it was out of town.
I just did.
- I'll see you at the airport.
- I can't.
I gotta take a shower,
I gotta get food packed,
get a manicure.
Madison, still there?
Bryce, I... I'm sorry.
Yeah, yeah.
Well, I... I am sure
that they will forgive me.
Did you hang up on me?
I... I wouldn't be asking
if I didn't really
need this favor.
You know what?
I need to get out town anyway.
Okay, okay.
Great, I will be sending
an Uber your way in 30 minutes.
I need an hour.
And can you please tell me
where we're going?
Do I need to bring my passport?
You and Madison should be
landing in Alabama by now.
I went ahead and confirmed
all of your reservations
for the reunion
and as always, I went
with the best available option.
Have fun.
Okay, we are lookin' for...
it's D-12.
- Okay.
- D-12.
This is the best available.
Yes, it is.
Come on.
I'm callin' her "Big Red".
Real tight.
Do you like football?
That's part
of the Holy Trinity down here.
Yep, it is God, country,
and football,
and not necessarily
in that order.
drive will be about an hour.
Okay, I'm now up to speed
on classic Alabama music
and your reunion Facebook page.
I need to know all
about your high school friends.
Mark and Ellie Rowan married
right after high school.
Two kids.
He works in real estate.
Rick and Rachel Kemnade,
two kids.
She is really pretty.
And David Brooks.
Divorced, serial entrepreneur.
Sounds interesting.
It's kinda menacing.
Can't tell.
He does have kind eyes, though.
Yeah, he's, he's just
an all-around great guy.
You know, all of my friends
from out here,
he's the only one who's
made it out to see me in LA.
But that was,
but that was years ago, now.
I am assuming from the comments,
you're Dixie.
Yep, Dixie.
That's that's
what they called me growin' up.
Well, Dixie, nice to meet you.
I'm Madison.
Hey, Sarah.
You're alive and well
in Alabama?
We are indeed.
Did the studio call yet?
Not yet, but you know, I'd patch
that call through ASAP, boss.
Sarah is
a consummate professional.
She is the best at validating.
Hey, Madison, you're the best
and don't let anyone
tell you differently.
Alright, thanks, Sarah.
Don't laugh,
but don't you think Sarah
and I could be good friends?
You keep things professional
with everyone?
Guess so, yeah.
And if these people here
are your friends,
why didn't you just
tell 'em the truth
that we're not dating?
You haven't spent too much time
in the Deep South, have you?
Yeah, well, things are a...
they're a little different here.
When I told some of the people
I went to high school with
that I was single, they...
I don't know, I... you know?
It's like I...
I could feel their...
Somethin' like that.
Do you want that?
Do you want a wife, kids, dog,
the whole shebang?
Sure, yeah.
You know, some day
with the right person,
but right now, I am
just a little bit preoccupied
getting my clients
in hit movies.
It's hard to spend quality time
with someone
when you're never
in the same city
for more than 48 hours.
This a specific someone?
- Zane.
- Right.
It was on again, off again.
It... it was or...
Yeah, it was... it was.
Got it.
His tourin' schedule
is his biggest priority
and I'm just tired
of playin' second fiddle.
Well, you know what?
I've found that personal lives,
they're really quite overrated,
you know?
I mean who even needs 'em?
Easier to stretch the truth
a bit.
Say I'm your girlfriend.
Hey, look, first of all,
you are a girl, okay, right?
And I would like to think
that we're friends,
so I don't think
that's much of a...
- Wait, we're friends?
- A lie, actually.
Oh, my... oh,
I thought I was a client.
- Okay.
- And word on the street is
you never mix business
with pleasure.
I do not, okay,
which is why we are
treating this
as a role for you, remember?
With travel, lodging,
and all your meals included.
That's a pretty good deal.
And you men... you mentioned
a dance, too, right?
Yes, yes, you
well, you promised me a dance.
Well, I just never seen you
as a dancer.
No, I'm full of surprises.
Yeah, apparently.
So how long
have we been dating for?
And it needs to be less
than a year.
I don't know.
Why don't we just say
for a while?
I don't know, something like...
- What, what?
- I'm so sorry.
Just no one's gonna believe you
if you say it like a question.
Well, I'm not.
But okay, okay,
so we've been dating a while,
you're taking me
to your reunion.
Some people might see a ring
in your future.
Look, one day, I actually think
that I will make
a pretty darn good husband,
but how about this weekend,
just trying
to be a perfect gentleman.
And I would expect nothing less,
but from time to time,
to create a believable illusion,
you're gonna have
to put your arm around me.
if that's okay with you, ma'am?
And Dixie.
Will I be required to kiss you?
No, no, absolutely not.
So I don't need to have my agent
negotiate for my money
in case there's a nude scene.
Look, you...
Calm down!
It's gonna be fun,
we're gonna have a fun weekend.
I hope so.
Alrighty, here we are.
Good old Willow Valley.
This place is amazing.
You haven't been back
to even visit your parents?
I don't think I've ever seen you
at a loss for words.
I kinda love it.
We're almost there.
Mrs. Miller?
Bryce Dixon, give me a hug!
And you can call me "Agnes" now.
Mrs. Miller, here...
sorry, Agnes was
my high school English teacher.
you're his girlfriend Madison?
Small town
and you two are the talk of it.
it's very nice to meet you.
I always knew
you'd be successful,
but a Hollywood producer,
well, that just tickles me pink!
Actually, I... I'm an agent.
Well, either way
you make movies, don't you?
And I've got your next project
right here.
My script.
For me?
Great, thank you.
Now, your assignment, young man,
is to read it and give me notes.
Let me get your room key.
You're at the end of the hall
on the top floor.
As requested,
I put you in the best available.
Just the thing
for you two lovers.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
I'm pretty sure we can
find our own way.
- Good to see you, always.
- Thank you so much.
Great to see you, Miss Agnes.
Alrighty, can you grab the key?
you want some light reading?
This is us.
Oh, come on.
They put us up
in the honeymoon suite
clearly decorated
by the Home Shopping Network.
Does the bed vibrate?
I certainly hope not.
You know, I for sure thought
it was gonna be a water bed,
Well, in any case obviously,
I'll be staying over here.
Perfect fit.
But you know what?
There's no time for a nap.
We're meeting the gang in 30.
Got you.
Zane, you've gotta stop.
No, I will not meet you
in New York.
I made new plans
for the weekend.
I mean it, Zane, we're through.
So Dixie,
was this your plan all along?
I'm sorry, my plan?
To lure me to Alabama
and impress me
with your fancy truck,
and fancy suite,
and sweep me off my feet?
You're joking.
Yeah, that's... that's...
that's very funny.
Is that a "no" then
to honeymooning
at the Willow Valley Inn,
Look, my high school buddies,
I apologize in advance.
Please, just humor them.
You don't know me very well,
do you?
You know,
I might have been misinformed
about the attire
for this evening.
You can never be overdressed
or overeducated, right?
Man, I spent many
a drunken night right here
back in high school.
Funny, I remember spending
last night here.
Hey, hey, hey!
Welcome home, Dixie.
Alright, David, this is Madison.
The glamorous Madison Belle
from all my favorite movies.
I said I wasn't gonna gush.
Pardon my language.
And Madison,
this is my old pal David
who helped me...
Helped you build that tree house
when you were 12...
And saved you more times
than you could count
- in high school.
- You heard about me.
Can y'all move back here,
so we can all be besties?
Alright, how about
all the drinks on me tonight?
- Thanks, hot shot.
- Pleasure.
Actually, David, how about
the best of three darts
say buys first round?
Alright, here we go.
Who let the riffraff in?
It's good to see you guys.
Alright, alright.
When you both become
such big huggers?
You both?
Don't you mean y'all?
Oh man, Rick, you look...
Yeah, man,
it's been way too long.
Yes, please, tell us everything.
Now, there's really just
nothin' to tell.
I'll be damned.
Bryce Dixon bein' modest.
Thank God.
Bull's-eye wins.
You and Bryce Dixon,
y'all seriously datin'?
Did he say something?
Only that he's proposing
to you this weekend.
Works every time.
You're a cheater!
Two beers for her.
On me.
How did you do...
Guys, I'm happy.
I'm truly happy.
I... I really... I love my life.
It couldn't be better.
You have everything you want?
What's your secret, man?
Come on, keep your eyes
on the prize, Madison.
What the hell does that mean?
I think that means he likes her.
- Drinkin' or what?
- Go.
I'm halfway down.
Good to see you guys.
Beat by a lady!
Well, a woman anyway.
Can you help me surprise Dixie?
When you order a beer,
you get a whole bucket.
And the bucket's
gonna have to wait.
We're up next at cornhole.
- I love corn.
- I love women.
Madison's on my team.
He's just at the college
and he's managin'
the home section
over in the garden lot, right?
And he decides
to take a few marijuana seeds,
put 'em in some of the planters.
And he's watered 'em real diligently.
And after a few weeks,
they're really shootin' up.
That's why it's called "weed".
So he puts a sign next to 'em
that says "natural aromatherapy plants".
Son of a...
And then they fired me over it.
So David got to collect
some unemployment.
Well, in LA we call it
"fun employment".
Hey, I like that.
I better knock you
off the board.
Come on, boys.
- Squish.
- That's how you do it.
Alright, alright, Dixie.
- Come on.
- Alright, Dixie.
Watch this, Dixie.
Watch this now.
- Watch it.
- I'm watchin'.
- Watch it.
- What I'm about to watch?
- Hey!
- What is...
- Great goin'!
- What is...
- Roll...
- That's the best...
Yeah, it did.
- Alright.
- Tie, baby.
Tie, baby.
- Arc it.
- Okay.
- Nice.
- Beginner's luck.
Come on, we got this.
Okay, we're on the board.
So you work for Kevin, the ham?
Kevin Weathers is my boss.
And no, he ain't changed a bit.
And yeah, I find it ironic
that I work for the same jackass
that made my life miserable
all through high school.
You remember when
when Kevin used to put the ham
on your shoulder
when you weren't lookin'?
Like every day of middle
and high school.
- Yeah.
- Oh, my God.
You're strong.
- Better luck next time.
- On the board.
Alright, finish it up.
Come on, now.
There it,
there it is, there it is.
- That was good.
- What's up?
Madison and David
can win it right now
with a miracle toss.
Now, I'm nervous.
- Okay.
- No pressure.
No pressure, yeah.
Come on.
Come on.
Beginner's luck.
Mark's flyin'
and Bryce is buyin'.
Round's on me.
Good game.
There we go.
There we go.
Yeah, yeah, drinks on me.
- Y'all, let's go.
- Yeah, it is.
How is Willow Valley?
It's good to see you, guys.
How you doin'?
How's it goin', Samantha?
How are the family?
How are the kids?
Doin' good?
Always good to see, imp.
Oh my goodness.
I knew it, Rachel.
Oh yes, it's you.
Okay, that's a step
in the right direction.
Few more beers
and I might actually get to see
the real you.
is someone havin' a good time?
Well, I was promised
all the barbecue I want.
- Yeah.
- Well, I hope you like ribs.
Alright, and fries.
Now, Madison,
if you are secretly
a barbecue-eating champion,
I swear I'm yours forever.
- Watch it.
- Forever.
You got some right there.
- Oh, do I?
- Yeah.
Look who it is?
All the way from California.
- Bryce Dixon.
- Winton.
It's Mayor Lott.
And this must be
the lovely Madison Belle.
Hey, Kevin.
Welcome to my LA, Lower Alabama.
Our town sure is excited
to have you here.
- Nope.
- I'll take that.
Now, Winton here, he is the best
third-string quarterback
at Alabama I've ever seen
in my life.
Bryce, can you get David here
write jokes on The Tonight Show?
Well, I gotta get movin' on.
Lots of hands to shake,
elbows to bump.
Great things are happenin' here
in Willow Valley.
Great things.
What is this?
Just a little joke
between buddies.
Yeah, funny one, Kevin.
Alright, guys, seriously,
why do you let them get away
with stuff like that?
A lot's changed
in the last 15 years.
You get to stroll in here
for a weekend,
we gotta do business
with these guys every day.
Alright, but answer me this one.
How in the world did Winton Lott
become the mayor?
Well, you see, Dixie,
we got these days down here
in the South
where we all get together
every few years
and we do this little thing
called "vote".
Oh yeah?
I gotta pee.
Come on,
I'll show you where it is.
Alright, gents, you wouldn't
mind excusin' us
for just a minute.
We'll go freshen up
and get back.
Make good choices.
This has been
the most fun like...
- Are you drunk?
- Maybe.
But drunk or sober,
I really love your friends.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Rick needs to loosen up
a little bit, though.
Old history.
Well, maybe you'll have
to tell me sometime.
Prettyin' up?
Yeah, well, you know,
all this
doesn't just happen on its own.
Seems LA agrees with you.
You're even more fit
in the flesh.
Well, you, Charlotte,
are lookin' quite fit yourself.
What? Have you been doin'
some gardenin'?
I've been meanin'
to ask you somethin'.
You wanna kiss me.
Well, that's not a question.
I didn't think it was either.
Wait, wait, wait.
Charlotte, you, you're...
you're married.
It'll be our little secret.
Do I kiss better than her?
Better than who?
Would you do me the honors?
Don't worry.
I never fall.
We'll see you tomorrow
at our friendly football game?
It's one of the
many tourist attractions
that I brought to this town.
So a favor to ask of you.
As our celebrity guest,
would you help judge
our main street window contest?
Well, I can't refuse the mayor
and the local football hero.
Oh, my gosh, hey!
It's been a while.
Had fun watching your
exclusive social media.
Yeah, yours, too.
Less talkin', more dancin'.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
Why don't we get on in there
and show 'em how it's done?
Let's do this.
I saw you in the parking lot.
Okay, Charlotte kissed me.
The mayor's wife.
- You kissed back.
- What?
It's not like that.
Then tell me moral history
I wouldn't understand.
Honestly, yeah.
Look, it was just a kiss.
Come on.
Hope it didn't hurt much.
I didn't come here
to be embarrassed, Bryce.
Alrighty, friends, it's time to go.
Who's designated drivin'?
I'm gonna call it a night actually.
I'm gonna catch an Uber.
Heck no.
We got the babysitter
for two more hours.
Yeah, that's right.
When the kids are away,
the adults will play.
Where are we going?
And turn that off,
we don't get caught.
I am not spraining an ankle.
We used to sneak into the school
at night and swim in the pool.
- Yeah, it was fun.
- It still is.
You know what?
No, just leave it to the expert.
Pay attention.
The trick is push, hold, lift,
partly turn, and...
What would you guys do
without me?
Go back to the bar.
Get inside.
Go, go, go, go.
At least,
he wore boxers this time.
Did they catch us?
No, honey, but could you please
get your butt in the pool
before all the blood rushes
from my husband's head.
We're goin' to the gym,
starting Monday.
Heads up!
Forget how much you loved Willow Valley?
Man, this is heaven.
This town has everything
you want or need
except for a cold beer
right about now.
Hey, Mark,
when does Ellie get here?
I got a text.
She's workin' early tomorrow,
so she can't make it.
Love you, honey.
Alright, alright, I surrender, I surrender!
Fine, fine.
But only if you give me dirt
on Bryce.
You mean Dixie?
Okay, Dixie was
a run-of-the-mill super dork
with a little bit
of troublemaker mixed in.
he was the chess club president.
Master debater...
One time, Dixie got us
to fill this entire school
with crickets.
No, poor little guys.
- What...
- No, it was genius.
Yeah, we...we actually
let 'em in through the air vents
very gently.
Chirpin' was so loud
that we
couldn't even hear the teacher,
so they had to cancel school
for two days.
Yeah, and he was one
of the good guys.
Okay, thank you all,
so very much,
for telling her all that.
At least, you didn't tell her
I was into magic.
Or the drama club.
Not that there's
anything wrong with actin', I...
this is such great material
and everything,
but I need blackmail material.
Well, Bryce always
got away unscathed
while the rest
of us took the fall.
And ex-girlfriends?
We've been on a date or two.
about six and a prom,
but who's counting?
I was his first kiss.
Oh, please, tell me that story.
Well, Bryce was too scared
to make a move,
so after three dates,
I kissed him.
His eyes shot wide open
and he froze.
I meant to do that, though.
It was cute!
It all ended on account
of his little Dixie cup.
Funny, what?
It was very innocent.
And then after graduation,
he moved away to California.
Yeah, and never looked back.
Well, Rachel, I'm so glad
that high-school Bryce
had fantastic taste.
I would have thought
he dated Charlotte.
You're good.
That's rich, that's good.
That's pretty good.
You, guys.
It seems that Bryce
has forgotten where he's from.
Stop it.
Alright, love birds, I'm sensin'
a little tension here.
Did somebody say...
Is that supposed be
a joke about me,
that's funny.
I wanna see you two kiss
and make up.
Wrong answer, Romeo.
Pop that tick.
Kiss for real.
Before David suggests a game
of spin the bottle,
night, y'all.
Get home safe.
Bryce, we need to make one stop
on the way back to the inn.
Well, as requested here it is,
the house that I grew up in.
I like it.
Was it really
that bad growin' up here?
It just wasn't me.
You seem to get along
just fine here.
Do tire swings
and tipsy people go together?
Well, usually those two things
are quite the recipe
for disaster, so...
Why don't we go ahead
and play it safe?
I'll show you the backyard.
This is playing it safe?
Technically, if we get caught
for breaking and entering,
we do know the mayor.
Oh, come on.
What was that?
I'll check it out.
In horror movies,
this never ends well.
- Oh, my God, Bear!
- A bear?
No, come here, buddy.
So growin' up didn't have a dog,
but did have a pet tortoise.
Bear Bryant, meet Madison.
Yeah, I named him after
the legendary
Alabama football coach.
Oh, my gosh.
Yeah, and I gave him to David
when I went to college.
He won't bite you.
Man, I spent a lot of time
right here growin' up.
I can't believe you
haven't been back in so long.
Well, I didn't have a reason to.
You haven't been back
to visit your parents?
Where are they?
Where are yours?
Maine or Oregon?
An older sister.
It's interesting.
Only child.
That's interesting.
And your parents?
Well, they're d...
Oh my God, I am so sorry.
I had no idea.
No, no, divorced.
Yeah, thank God.
Well, that they're...
you know what I mean?
Yeah they split about
a month after I went to college.
It got pretty messy.
Dad went to Virginia
and mom moved to Florida.
Look, Madison,
I... I wish that I didn't...
I know.
Shall we?
Well, that's too bad
we can't go inside.
David says, "Surprise".
Well, it definitely looks
a little different.
But it still feels like home.
No way.
So, where's your old room?
Alright, here it is.
I guess nothing's changed.
Not funny.
Thanks for bringing me here.
Well, I know it's not exactly
the Hotel Bel Air, but...
No, no, no.
I meant to your reunion.
I'm happy you're here, too.
Look, about earlier...
No, I'm sorry, I... I...
No, no I...
When I saw you kiss Charlotte
or her kissing you
or whatever,
it hurt...
For no reason.
And I know we're just pretending
and I know
you never date your clients,
but... but still...
...being here with you,
I like it.
I like your friends.
I like seein' you
with your friends...
Am I babbling?
A little bit.
I... I meant to do that.
Wait, we... we shou... shouldn't...
Rules are meant to be broken.
Oh, sh...
what are you doing, buddy?
I got you coffee and doughnuts.
And I reserved a VIP table
at the diner for breakfast.
Aren't the doughnuts breakfast?
those are just appetizers.
Welcome to the South.
Road time.
I heart him so much.
Yeah, he's the best guy I know.
You're the best guy I know.
You're sweet.
Good trouble.
I think you might actually need
a new agent.
I don't know.
It's gonna be hard
to replace my current one.
Since apparently,
he never stops working.
Well, you're up off early.
Isn't that cute?
You've been in Bama one night
and you've already
got an accent.
Awful early, I do declare.
Okay, Sarah, just tell me
that the deal is done.
Not yet, but I did follow up
with the studio,
but that's not why I'm calling.
Just don't shoot the messenger.
TMZ spotted Madison.
And you.
I've already called PR
and they're
handling damage control.
Okay, great.
Keep me updated.
Will now be a bad time
to talk to you
about my promotion to agent?
Perhaps tomorrow.
This is my favorite place
in town, right here.
Sorry, I'm late.
Kids might be catchin' a bug,
so Ellie's at home
takin' care of 'em.
I hope they get better soon.
Right, Bryce?
Yeah, real soon.
Sorry about that.
Alright, fried chicken,
fried shrimp,
fried catfish, French fries,
fried cornbread, fried pickles.
Is the water fried, too?
What is happening?
Come on, Bryce.
That was comedy gold!
Look at this.
Madison Belle caught
getting cozy with a mystery man
outside a barbecue joint
down South.
It's fine, Bryce.
It's just some photos
of me dancing
and havin' a good time,
which is not a crime.
I mean God forbid,
someone has fun
with their friends, right?
Yeah, except they're
also leaking more photos.
They got my good side!
Look, I just don't want anything
to affect
the studio's decision, alright?
That's all.
Here you go, honeys.
Thank you.
And can I give you this?
Just top the whole thing off
with hot sauce
and you're good to go.
Yeah, to the hospital.
Well, I will try anything once.
I got it.
Say "thank you", Parker.
Thank you, Parker.
Thanks, Bryce.
No problem.
Thank you.
And instead of a tip for me,
I have a tip for you.
My daughter Kelly
would be perfect
for your next movie.
She's a natural.
Honestly, I don't think
I've been this full in like...
15 years.
Did you just copy me?
you finished my script yet?
I'm not gettin' any younger.
Mrs. Miller,
Agnes, funny seeing you here.
Visiting my son.
The dentist.
when can I expect your comments?
Agnes, we will see you
at the inn.
We are actually headed
to a football game
and Bryce is playing.
- Yep.
- Yeah.
Thank you for that.
Fun fact.
Here is where I had
my first date.
Yeah, Emily Becker, fifth grade,
we shared a milkshake
and French fries.
I thought she was
the coolest girl,
because she had
seen Batman & Robin three times.
Who doesn't love Christian Bale?
Actually, it was George Clooney.
And Clooney was Batman?
- Yes, he was.
- Hi.
A couple of lollies.
Two of these, cool.
Here, keep the change.
Thanks a lot.
- Thank you.
- Take care.
Thank you.
This place, I mean seriously,
the same as it's been.
When was the last time
you've been here?
That's 15... 15 years.
When was your first date?
12th grade.
- What?
- I was a late bloomer!
- 12th grade.
- Had a overprotective father.
- Lolly?
- Thank you.
Now, you feel better.
He's never liked
anyone I've dated,
but I have a feeling
he might like my mystery man.
Look at that.
I found a hat.
- I found a cane.
- Ready?
You got the mustache.
I'll direct to the actress.
Do that, ready?
- I got it.
- Yeah.
- Cool, okay.
- And...
Do a dance,
Charlie Chaplin it up.
That was actually pretty good!
That's not bad.
Great store front, guys.
Think we got a winner.
I would say this one is perfect.
Definitely has my vote.
Hey, speakin' of perfect,
this weekend really has been...
Maddy, hey!
What are you doing here?
I charted a jet this morning
just to see you.
Look, we need to talk.
Did you get my text?
Hey, Bryce Dixon,
good to meet you.
You a fan?
Not exactly, but unfortunately,
we actually are running late...
To a flag football game, so...
Okay, I love football.
Yeah, sure, count me in.
This is nice.
Belle-Belle, can you believe
it's been three months?
Yeah, they just
keep adding shows to my tour.
Popularity is
a double-edged sword.
You know what, driver?
It is just down the road
on the right.
If you wouldn't mind
step on it, please.
What are you doing
in rural Alabama?
I wasn't expecting
all the paved roads.
I'm here with Bryce.
As in with or with with?
With with.
Belle-Belle, you're my girl.
What? No, we don't live
in the same city.
we're both fortune's fools,
but did that stop Romeo
and Juliet?
Well, Zane, it should have.
No, they happily died
in each other's arms
and that's what I want
for you and me, you know?
So how long have you been
with my Belle-Belle?
How... for a while?
- Yeah, for for a while.
- Yep.
A while.
What a while.
- Yeah.
- Okay, cool.
Well, that settles it then.
Madison, I'm gonna woo you back.
Right up here would be great.
Don't worry,
every storm runs out of rain.
It'll clear up.
Play some football.
Zane Thomas!
The one and only.
You caught me.
Oh, man, I love all your music.
Yeah, doesn't everyone?
Dude, are you playin' football
with us?
I never pass up an opportunity...
To shine for my Madison.
- Nice.
- Yeah.
- Alright, let's play.
- Let's go.
Now, Maddy,
to the untrained eye,
this may look like a simple
5 on 5 alumni football game.
Yeah, but it's an annual
The rivalry
actually goes way back.
I wouldn't get your hopes.
Winton's team
has never lost this game.
Like never ever.
Go, Bryce!
You can do it!
Go, buddy!
Come back!
Another time, baby.
Give it to me!
16-2, baby.
One minute left
and if they score,
they can win this.
Alright, let's go, hut-hut.
Go, Bryce!
Bryce, Bryce, Bryce, Bryce,
Bryce, Bryce, Bryce, Bryce,
Come on, Zane,
help me get it, come on.
Get up, get up.
Get up, get up.
Get up, get up.
That's gotta hurt.
Once more!
Keep your lips off my wife.
It's flag football, flag.
You okay, man?
Never better.
Why is he not getting up?
Let me just
have my spleen back in,
I'll be good to go.
There's no U in quit.
Yeah, there definitely is.
How many fingers
am I holding up?
Yeah, you're
definitely sidelined agent man.
We cannot forfeit.
Hey, put me in, coach.
Hey now,
don't be too quick to judge,
I've seen her in action.
Well, she did drink David
under the table.
Don't worry.
We won't hurt you, sweetheart.
Funny, I was gonna
say the same thing to you.
Have fun.
Alright, let's go.
Let's do this!
- Football.
- Let's go.
Let's, go boys.
Out there watch 'for slayer
right here.
Let's go.
3, 2, 1.
Get down... down there.
Get Bryce's friends on 2.
On 2, hut!
One Alabama, two Alabama, three Alabama!
I love your PJs.
Come on, Zane.
You see it?
Oh, my God!
That was amazing.
What the...
Hey, hey, my football!
I need some good news.
We got it.
We got it?
Yes, Madison's the leading lady.
It took some coaxing,
but Jeff's assistant
let it slip.
Will be emailed to you
by tomorrow.
So I'm assuming I'll be an agent
by Monday.
Now, go enjoy your dance.
Alright, good work.
We need to talk.
The dance is in a couple hours,
y'all, so hurry home
and don't be late!
Congratulations, studio called.
You got the lead role.
Wait, what?
Oh my God, that's amazing.
- You're amazing.
- Madison.
I don't know how to say this.
I... I'm having a whole bunch
of mixed emotions.
No, no, I...
We should never have...
I made a mistake, okay?
This is why agents
don't date their clients.
What are you talking about?
This weekend's been perfect
and we have...
I just saw you kiss Zane.
Okay, he kissed me.
And did you see me
push him away?
I mean the guy flew out here
just to woo you.
- You're overthinking this.
- Am I?
Yeah, because this is exactly
what happened
with you and Charlotte,
except I didn't kiss back.
You know what?
He's... he's a famous musician
and you're about to be
a household-name actor.
You guys... you make sense.
Do I get any say in this?
We should be celebrating, Bryce.
I'll have Rachel or David
drive you back to the hotel.
Hi, Agnes, and...
and before you ask,
I... I have
not read your script yet.
An English teacher always knows
when a student hasn't finished
reading their assignment,
but I forgive you.
Jay Gatsby.
Good one, Bryce, very literary.
Have fun tonight.
You look like you could use it.
Thank you, Mrs. Miller.
Hollywood's in the house, y'all.
Keep it down.
Now that I'm famous on TMZ,
I'll be not wantin'
the Pavarotti
showin' up here, too.
It's paparazzi.
I've heard it both ways.
Well, you guys certainly
look dressed, you know ready
for tonight's festivities.
You don't look bad yourself
for a guy who got dressed
in his truck.
Thank you.
Let's just all stay out
of trouble.
Oh, relax.
We can't be sent to
the principal's office anymore.
It's called "jail" now, David.
Not get in trouble, right.
Relax, Dixon.
I just wanted to thank you
and Madison
who is surprisingly good
at football.
Look, if y'all put Willow Valley
on the map,
tourists would be floodin' in
and that's gonna do wonders
for all the businesses locally.
No, Winton, it is my pleasure.
You know, I'd like
to thank Madison, personally.
And Zane.
Is he comin' tonight,
'cause you know,
I need a selfie.
We opened up the dance,
so the entire community
can partake
in this special evening.
- Of course.
- Well, I gotta go.
Duty calls.
Let me be the first
to welcome everybody
to the 15-year
high school reunion.
Yes, it's gonna be
an excitin' night,
so dance it up.
Tie one on and go Eagles!
Hell yeah, go Eagles!
I'm gonna go to the bar.
Can I get anybody anything?
Since my client is here, I can...
I could expense
the whole weekend.
- Okay.
- Really?
Then make mine a triple.
You got it.
Oh my God!
Zane Thomas!
- Hi, Zane.
- Thank you, thank you.
Oh my God.
Glad you made it.
Yeah, well, you know,
I made it for love.
That's that's great.
Listen, I gotta catch a jet back
to New York in about an hour,
- but...
- Yeah.
You think you could do me
a little favor beforehand?
- I got you.
- Thank you, mate.
Excuse me.
Go get her, Dixie.
Wasn't sure you were
gonna make it.
I promised you a dance.
Yeah, yeah.
Yes, you did.
Here's to promises,
making and keeping them.
And to apologies.
To makin' them and accepting them.
Oh yeah.
Wait, wait, that's...
that's not a joke?
Oh no, he wasn't kidding around.
You meant to look like that?
First of all,
not that bad, okay?
And secondly, not all of us have
you know, personal shoppers
and stylists.
Yet no one else looks like that.
You know what?
Rachel didn't seem to mind.
Well, clearly, I thought it was
what's on the inside
that counts.
Okay, that's not me anymore,
so thanks.
you take the boy out of Bama,
you can't take the Bama out
of the boy.
Bama, is it?
Can we do something about this?
There's one thing I've learned
is that people really
only change on the outside.
Well, I do declare.
Charlotte, great.
Here's the famous couple I saw
on the news.
We used to call them
"Charlotte and the MNEs."
I wonder
who tipped the reporters up.
Yeah, I wonder.
Bless your heart.
You really are precious,
aren't you?
And Bryce, I meant to ask
how are your ribs.
Still tender from the tackle?
- Doing just fine.
- Felt good.
Guess I shouldn't
let our little secret slip out
to Winton.
Yeah, great.
I'm so sorry about that.
I love my city and my people.
God, you guys are great.
What a fantastic night.
I hope you'll have a time
of y'all's lives, right?
Before we announce the winner
of tonight's contest
my main man Zane asked
to say a few words.
So let's hear it
for Zane Thomas!
Come on, Zane, go!
Good night, everyone.
This guy.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
And thank you,
you're doin' a great job, honey.
I'm honored to be here
with you all tonight
celebrating a... the...
A... a... a passage of time.
That's right folks,
'cause you are all
like a fine, fine wine
and I think it's time
to get this party uncorked.
What do you say?
Are you ready
to have your minds blown, huh?
I'm ready to blow your mind!
But before we get into it,
I'd just like to
invite up on stage
someone very dear to me.
She is the yin to my yang,
the Yoko to my Ono.
Would you please help me ring
in this reunion
for none other
than Miss Madison Belle,
- everyone!
- What is he doing?
I said, "Miss Madison Belle".
She's a little shy, folks.
Come on, let's help her out.
Madison, Madison, Madison.
Madison, Madison, Madison.
- Yeah, come on.
- Yeah, fine.
Madison, Madison, Madison,
Madison, Madison.
Good on you, Madison.
What are you doin'?
Good job for bein' a good sport.
She's a good sport.
Yeah, just go with it,
it's gonna be fun.
Grab a guitar.
Now, most of you
would recognize Madison
from her TV shows
and her movies, but...
But she's also
a bit of a songbird, too.
Now, I have to admit
I have heard a few
of these Alabama stereotypes.
Okay, sorry.
But what I have found
in my short time here
has surprised me.
I wanna ask you a question,
If you take away
the enchanting Main Street,
and historic buildings
and clear lakes,
do you know
what you'd have left?
No, love.
You'd still have love.
You look like you could really
use a drink, Dixie.
Yeah, you know what...
I think I'd get on the rocks.
Thanks, man.
Rachel, may I have this dance?
Of course.
This is just like prom.
Yeah, but someone's learned
a few new dance moves.
What a joke.
Is everything okay
with you and Rick?
He makes me happy.
I'm really happy about you.
Thank you.
How did you know
that he was the one?
I felt it in my heart.
- In your heart?
- Yeah.
How is it that you still
haven't learnt to listen?
One more time, boys.
Your heart knows things
that your mind can't explain.
Madison is something special.
Dixie, I do believe
that beautiful lady
you're dancing with is my wife.
Thank you.
Thank you for the dance.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I almost traded you in
for a Pink Lady.
- How dare you?
- Yep.
- You would never.
- I almost did it.
I almost did it.
I don't believe you.
Madison, everyone.
Ladies and gentlemen,
it is that time of the evening
to present our award
for tonight.
So I would like to welcome up
my lovely wife Charlotte.
Thank you, honey, Mr. Mayor.
As your former homecoming queen
and head cheerleader,
I have the distinct pleasure
of announcing the best
Main Street movie display.
The winner is...
Sorry, before you announce
the winner
of whatever you're doing,
there's something
that I need to say
or rather to ask.
Now, let's not kid ourselves,
I'm not here for the arts
and crafts.
I'm here for Miss...
for Miss Madison belle.
That's right.
One more song.
One more song.
- One more song.
- No, no, no, no, no.
I don't want Madison
to sing another song.
I want her here by my side.
Now, most of you
probably know this
from the grocery store rags,
but Madison and I,
we used to be a bit of a thing.
And I think you can all agree
we've made
some sweet, sweet music
for y'all tonight, huh?
I never want that to end.
So, Madison...
Would you do me the honor?
Madison, wait!
That didn't go as planned,
did it?
Hey, guys, guys,
so where did Madison go?
I knew it today is the day.
Can't slip out
of this one unscathed, Dixie.
Tell us the truth.
Alright, look, I... I...
I gotta say something first.
Good Lord, please don't tell me
you were the one puttin' ham
on your shoulder
all these years.
Come on, guys.
Ellie and I are separated.
A few months now.
I thought we could
work through it, but we can't.
I'm sorry, buddy.
You know,
I've been through that.
Why didn't you tell me?
I felt like a failure.
I mean if I can't
make my marriage work,
I couldn't be good at anything.
Mark, come on.
Then I realized
that I... I'd given it my all,
but in the end, Ellie and I just
aren't right for each other.
We're gonna keep it civil
for the kids.
Make sure that they know
that their parents love them
more than anything...
Hey, you are a good man, Mark.
All of you are.
And well, I think that now
I need to go try
and be a good man, too.
Yeah it's been a pretty
interesting evening.
And I'm sure that you guys have
quite a few questions like...
Why did Zane Thomas propose
to your girlfriend?
Yeah, exactly.
Like... like that.
...well, unfortunately
the answer to that one is
is... is pretty simple.
I lied.
Yeah, and... and I owe
all you guys a big apology and...
And Madison, too,
for draggin' her into this.
Look, I... I...
I only came out here
to impress everyone.
I mean I'm livin' the LA dream!
Yeah, exactly.
You know, but I... I've realized
that what's the most important
is the people around you.
You know, your friends and...
and your family.
In my whole life, I... I...
I've just focused on my career.
You know, I wasn't gonna let
anything derail my success,
you know?
Eyes on the prize.
But a you know, a...
a wise friend recently told me
that when you
meet the right person,
your heart will let you know.
And there isn't anything
that you wouldn't sacrifice
for them.
And these past few days
have taught me
that that's exactly
how I feel about Madison.
So, Madison...
Wherever you are
I just wanted to say...
...I'm honored...
that you came down here with me,
and I have loved every moment
that we've spent together,
and I'm sorry
to you and... everyone.
Well, well no not to Zane.
You know, g...
Growin' up I... I... I just...
I dreamt of living in California
and I couldn't wait
to get out of here.
But I really...
I really should have
paid attention
to the lessons
that my Alabama family
had to teach me.
Like to be a good husband,
and father,
and to know when to hold 'em,
know when to fold 'em,
and just the golden rule,
to treat others the way
that you want to be treated.
Kevin, you're a grown-ass man,
Enough with the ham.
And by the way, Winton.
You really are a good mayor.
Great things really are
happening here in Willow Valley.
I mean that laughter and... and...
and... and the loyalty,
I... I've seen this weekend...
I just realized that
that's far more valuable
than heck both my Ferraris
and frankly anything
that money can buy.
He has two Ferraris.
This weekend, I... I saw
the real true Willow Valley
for the first time.
And... and look, guys, I just...
I just hope that...
You know,
one day you can forgive me.
Dixie, we forgive you.
Set the record straight.
Are you and Madison dating?
We are.
For two days.
Well, this has been touchin'
and all,
but I'm still waitin' to hear
who won the Main Street
decorating contest?
And the winner is...
Now, Bryce, kiss me.
Kiss me as if it were
the last time.
You know
you really are gonna need
to get a new agent now.
Yeah, anyone except Larry.
I have just the person.
I won it!
Would you believe it?