Starship: Rising (2014) Movie Script

I am the supervisor.
I was originally a human.
I see it all.
Coming from the year 2518.
I can keep track of all sides of the galaxy.
It's 200 years after the rise of the group.
Evidence from genetic experiments.
Evidence of an unknown technology.
Evidence of human DNA
inserted DNA is not known.
Source, the outside world and everything.
Pieces voice believed to be the supervisor.
Evidence about the
supervisor prior to modification.
The discovery that is was
highly sensitive information.
Recording history has risen.
Complex life is rare in the universe.
It is believed that intelligent life begins
on earth.
But I find that advanced technology
more than a million a year earlier.
Creatures of this world,
Master who visited Earth in the past
and accelerate our evolution.
Unfortunately, the human empire rose.
Wise enough to do
space travel.
This is the first foundation of the federation.
The world discovered that the earth
and capable of changing the world
be thousands of copies of the earth.
Unofficially, the machine
intelligence becomes dominant
and we tackle them all.
We fight and we win
at twenty-eight billion lives.
I was born in the midst of this terrible war.
When you can stop it in three million.
Through the blood of a master, I became immortal.
I have been given a vision and I
have found two great federations.
I have chosen my preferred program.
I have made the earth as much force
and some other colonies.
But someone must be responsible for
the future of the human race.
As long as we fix,
restore, and breathing.
Mankind will be back on the victory.
The kindness of the Master has given me
extension of lives.
But now I have to bring myself
for further modification.
If Masters is embedded in my DNA.
I will live and will be returned.
If this fails, it will
take my life experiments.
If I survived, I claimed the throne and
supervisor immortal.
And control the entire galaxy.
Those who oppose me must die.
The capital of the world.
Great empire has fallen.
I grew up in the twilight of a great empire.
It starts from cleaning the entire
empire crumbling
and construction of something new.
Even as a boy,
I can feel the damage.
Handcuff. Only a matter of time.
We oppose dumb wars
Terranostra this fight.
We asked supervisors galaxy
started to provide funding for the war
and to help its own people.
Puppet federation.
We ask you to think about ...
My father,
Revolutionary famous local,
brave, strong and assertive.
Overnight campaign watchdog agency.
- This is the beginning of many things.
I survived in 5.3 minutes
I can take the exam.
One chance in a thousand.
Federation rushed.
And those censored.
My dream grows in silence.
Flight lieutenant, Chaplain.
Lt. flight, Worthy.
General, do we know
someone with the name Worthy?
Yes, there are people who do not agree,
I believe.
But he's been killed.
Oh, yes.
There is a relationship?
There is no relationship, the Supreme Commander.
I understand.
Flight lieutenant, Trapper.
Flight lieutenant, Cathrine.
Pilots typically lasts
for 3 minutes in battle.
Jet fighter through federation
as much credit 180000 per year.
If you're crashing and survived,
you're not going to fly anymore.
I hope I said it clearly.
Any one of these?
Oversupply. inventory vessel
got this all.
Is this legal?
Maybe, do not know.
Do you think our riches
should be used for charity?
This concentration of space ...
Space will last for ...
six months.
Wealth is not used for charitable federations.
No, Captain.
By the way, I was promoted.
Flight lieutenant.
- Oh, good.
- Yes, no more misery.
Why did you join the federation?
I want to fly.
- Do you want to fly?
- Yes, Captain.
Hey, are you sure?
Fear, anger becomes a punishment.
Storm clouds gathered, and
The new command will appear soon.
We find something there.
A 2000 years old warehouses.
What do you believe are the descendants
horrible creatures?
His master?
Yes, master.
Everything came together to prove
our relationship with God.
I am the Lord.
Of course you, dear.
- You are the king.
- There are more ...
It is the former warehouse of DNA.
It has been abandoned.
We can take it all.
I'll miss you when you go.
I will.
was sent to prison for the federation.
Controlled by some religious populations
who all love to hate.
You could say there is a cancer that grows
in their rankings.
The new weapon could threaten Terra supervisor
and the evil federation.
It is the prototype of a battle star.
The fastest, emotionless, and rough
in the federation.
Bringing thousands of missile destroyers.
Each missile can destroy
each lives in the world 9.
I, supreme king Terranostra
declared war against the federation
and to keep the peace.
Stay with us.
You'll be safe.
You'll be fine.
We've all experienced it.
A set of radiation.
Battle wounds.
The ghosts of our ancestors still
haunt this hallowed ground.
Terranostra plane surface.
Tumbangkan them.
Aye, Captain.
All hands prepare for battle.
Maximum shielding.
Oh, no, no, no.
Not now.
Arms control, filling
battery on the target machine.
Weapons loaded, locked, Captain.
- Locked.
- Shoot!
- Two more came around, Captain.
- They saw it.
Captain, I recommend not involved.
- Shielding electro unstable.
- If so, make it stable.
Lost his shield, Captain.
If you want to shield,
I recommend ...
- 3 missiles again.
- Take a shot.
Pilot, 28000 miles and comes around ...
Communication dead.
Are the missiles ready?
The weapon is ready.
Come around.
Turbo at 76.28 on 79.
- Aye, Captain. 79.
- Shoot!
Oh, no. No. No.
Good job.
You deserve it.
Thank you.
We need to talk later.
About us?
It was always about us.
We are under the federation.
Leave us.
How many men did you kill?
I would give sufficient numbers.
I want you to play in this operation.
- Remove the rope.
- Fuck you!
Very good, suffered in the violence.
- Execution you will be suffering.
- We will rise up.
Fuck, rebellion come!
There is no fight pilots
who was on the bridge with you.
Yes, the captain.
Watch and learn, captain.
Ah ..
Remember all the people. You are
man in the service of ..
You are an important part of the machine
known by the federation.
If one of us Flater.
We all Flater.
Our first mission as an battleship crew 1,
is visited Earth long.
Stupid name for a planet.
- Did you take the antibiotic pills I?
- Not.
- Do you want one?
- I do not need.
Protective layer on the ship early aktivasikan.
Take expert.
No. All existing robot
The core will pull the federation.
100 tax, we become slaves federation.
And you say this with guns blazing
leads to us.
We watched a bit of disagreement
you're up there. Weapon without a protector,
- There is no communication.
- Hi, honey. You do not realize ...
They will shoot on the planet
This, as we were in the service.
Crummy became a federation.
Hi, dear, you're not aware they would shoot
on this planet as we are still in service.
Re-connected remote communication.
Get the bastard back here.
- Yes, sir.
- Put me to the General Gustav.
I think we are pursuing Teronosta.
Do you really want to question me,
I know, but we should have a definition ..
Mother's disappointment. Order has been
so steeped in history.
Following command. Supreme commander.
Nice. Disbanded.
Between putting yourself
under federal regulations ...
Or forced to eat meat and drink tiruanmu
artificial food using mind control.
We have to go.
I'm so sorry.
Tell a civilian mechanic was that their lives will
lost if he could not get rid of protector.
- Yes, the captain.
- Tim lander deck.
Parameters of about 10,000 km,
safe distance.
At the climax 2.
- I do not like this job.
- You are both to the bridge now.
Yes, we know. We know.
- Where did you go?
- I obey. Get out of my way!
- You fucking whore!
- Fuck you, dirt toilet.
I've been consulting directly
with the high command.
Order to be removed, in charge
conspiracy with Teronosta.
Provide them with
robot class 4.
- Do you understand the command, captain?
- Understand, general.
- Negotiation failed.
- They want to shoot the ship.
Reamer, Reamer!
Climax 2. At the target and ready.
Target. Earth.
- What we have to do it again?
- Doubt me anymore, warrior Togras.
Yes, captain!
- Got a problem locking ...
- Do it.
What a damn?
The command delay, abort!
Marta! I will protect you!
- Are you fucking Muni?
- Worty?
- You take the oath of legium.
- Did you know legium will lock out the air?
Do it!
Vehicles approaching!
Defense guns connected.
Fucking asshole!
Let's drop this bird!
I supreme commander warship, we
fought with Muni Teronosta!
We do not Teronosta!
Bring to the atmosphere,
their weapons will be damaged.
It was a bad idea.
- Do it!
- Not!
I fly a better ship.
- I'm getting one.
- Stay focused.
Do not shoot, do not shoot!
My bullet discharged.
I'm with you. Command on the right side.
Back to the engine room.
- Fall!
- Marta, skip Tetoren!
- I will ..
- Use the maneuvering process.
- Not an option!
- Tell me!
We're going to hit!
Escape pod!
- There is only one self-rescuer pod!
- That's it?
We are prototypes.
Glacial tactics. If we turn the gas from
machines and we use blow slowed.
- It will blow up the ship.
- Not in this speed.
- The window will explode in touch.
- Do it, Torgass as claimed.
I hope you're better Munti planet!
Take one to silver!
Silver one another.
Do that, to the bridge.
- It worked!
- It does not work!
Bring another puff.
Preparing to blow!
You're a fucking idiot!
You want motivated people into war?
Give them a reason to fight!
Feed their anger.
302, received orders the commander in chief.
We need permission to go.
- 039 932.
- At confirm.
- The ship will never fly again.
- Oh, he's strong, dear. He will fly.
After some repairs.
- Continue to build better ships.
- That the tax dollars of hard work, it's there.
All federal departments are already in execution
sabagai called the exclusion of Terra Nostar.
It is estimated at least 30 women
already in execution in the underground network.
Denied by the government in the civil war
the damage on the road.
Expected that high consultant Terra Nostar
will make a formal conference against the federation.
In a few hours, the question
was where the protectors?
And why is the government silent?
Missionary, I need now to
Bring in the population.
And they like a declaration of war,
we will have the first win.
With a large army of Terra Nostar.
Calista 2 already fallen.
Missionary, I need now to
bring justice in the republic's population.
- It's ready?
- Set the time machine.
- I've given it was issued. Immediately.
- How fast?
You're both, to the protection now.
I do not see why I
The bay bridge?
- What is it?
- Calista 2.
Oh my god.
And many others.
I fully grieve.
I met Terra agent Nostar
The warship 1.
That's why I'm here, General.
HARBOR FREIGH Greetings ladies.
I never expected this.
We have an order that the warship
already included in the issue.
- Terra Nostar?
- We do not know.
We lost contact of them.
You give us the name?
Which one of you is Ustobor?
He was gone yesterday.
We have 528 legium ready for action
but none of them lead.
You know what it's worth, we sell
missile climax, and we buy boats rover.
No, we can not allow missile
are in the black market.
What level of warships?
Level of thing?
- Are you good?
- Yes, I need a reliever me.
You got it?
Yes, I had trouble last week.
If the power back, it
fine. One other thing.
Where is he, captain?
He was already dead.
This is for 4 days.
You're already discussing it.
Do you need help ...
And ...
He has been born again.
First 3 years, I do not want him.
I told you to love him.
I could not breathe with the weight,
without the breakup.
Already paid your son's life.
There is no guarantee ...
In death.
In death.
We do this because of one thing.
- Okay ...
- You join the rebellion.
What rebellion?
I have to show you.
- No, we can not discuss ...
- Jolli.
Come here.
So, he lived here, with a special weapon
for all classes.
Some are already emerging.
- Terrific.
- Federation had a period of 200 million people.
Class 2, which is in the middle.
They were looking for something.
- The scared because ...
- You guys, it's nothing, but it is not like that.
Young man, I appreciate your idealism.
But you can feel it all.
Only 2 sides again.
When they are in a federation.
The same size as you.
Engaged in a different way.
You have the energy of existing federation.
And you've come here.
We want to see this.
We need young leaders to control
Are you prepared?
This situation started for you.
They killed and disappeared.
Lots starship here.
My name is John.
And we will build a good company.
The Federation has moved.
How do you know that kid?
So who knows?
Mother, not like that, I'm fine.
- Calm down ...
- John but ...
- Get out now!
- It's so terrible, why did you,
Look, it comes from there, and the police
will come to you.
- Just Go ...
- You know how it is, just ...
I love you John.
Yes, I love you too.
No. 3, take the tow boat.
- Excuse me ...
- We're going to move to the city.
- Yes ...
- I want to attack your class.
- What?
- What?
All federation protocol, can be recovered here.
- No, we can not ...
- I said ...
- It's enough?
- Is everything has returned?
Back to work.
Communications sector.
Hey, you're not supposed to be here.
Communications security, for it.
Does the robot have bought now?
I have you back
robot into space.
But we are here together.
Listen, you want a revolution? Back to the car.
Who said anything about a revolution?
I build it back.
I do not like this, oh great.
Not here and decent, he was almost killed.
Thank you.
Have come together.
Thank you.
I want to bring my son to you.
He will be the biggest asset in your life.
He had to stop it.
I'm not fine.
You have to move past the target
It is better for you.
You did good, kid.
What are you doing?
I consider it gone.
Move there.
Without my gear, captain.
We will be back.
- We will be intent ...
- In this product.
Very royal?
Everything is empty but worthy.
The second room there.
Look at her.
Drayson already online.
- Locked?
- Really?
- Yes ...
- I want to see you on board.
Identify, Navigate here.
To Lieutenant John Worthy.
Engineering contracts, here.
Shout ...
I locked.
For the agents, all wars with agents,
not with you.
Surrender now or you're not
Under federal law, and the politicians.
We are in a lot of trouble.
Listen, the commander of the entire aircraft.
Can you do this? In an announcement?
Give me, I could hack it.
You know a component like this?
Damn, if you follow me, your son
will be executed.
All right sir.
I ...
PLANET Altern 5
Now he's busy.
- What?
- Someone nuclear throws there.
Federation of throwing a bomb into the planet itself?
You will here.
- I just wanted to say, I do not train ...
- You do not qualify ..
- Federation captain closed.
- Worthy, You can get in?
I fell.
I deserve, now commanded to enter
to the plane.
To the whole world.
I require both sides to open negotiations.
And this firing.
It comes from the earth system.
We, the orbit of the section, I was able to
take this war dream.
We have to go there.
- Now you should be here ...
- No, I'm coming.
You've got two hours to respond.
- Yell ...
- Will be split into parts comrade.
They begin to open fire.
Are we able to shoot back?
We have no prisai.
They fired into the air.
- Shoot it ...
- Shoot!
O'clock and we are done.
Suggest we give up.
Sasarkan again?
Turn and run.
- Pilot!
- All right.
Tryson, we retreat.
- Yeah, well ...
- Do it!
Are you serious?
And managed?
Torgus, Worthy, I am sending you the link code
navigation, I got a job in the west.
- What is it?
- I gave the shield's location ...
Whether it was out of sight?
The Board of Directors? I'm still here especially.
It is damage, we
consider to shield collapsed.
- We split the plane to follow.
- Where?
In the western part.
I've never heard of it.
- Surely they will join.
- Are you sure?
cargo port
Approaching darkness.
Dad, I'm doing what's right.
And I was wrong.
What have I done?
Talk to me.
Hit me!
I think the overseer prohibit
family members or relationships among personnel.
[LAUGHS] Well, overseer did not see.
Code affect the overseer.
Anyway, after all ...
Who sent us to the SEALs?
Hello sir.
- Who are you?
- We are a gift from the main office.
You're a virgin, huh?
Yes. We virgin.
You know how to fly?
- I Roartak.
- Code 371 992.
I accept it, I'm glad you're safe.
You're man-made.
Nice to meet you,
I can smell your machine.
I think you can trust him.
You have a woman's artificial?
I was banned from creating creatures
smarter and more powerful than myself.
But he's got his own advantage.
I'm not prone to emotional abuse
or jealousy is not important.
You do not like to fly?
Well, since we are talking
I'll tell theory konspirasiku
about Pope high.
Are you serious?
It was good.
There detrenium along the way.
Artificial intelligence that you use,
is there any intellectual limitations?
I'd rather not talk about it.
We're somewhere in the system Pomares right?
One small asteroids.
Do not anybody move!
General Gustav if you can take it ...
I'm going to burn him with a semi-automatic pistol
12mm high-power!
I fulfill my vows to the Federation
you fucking traitor!
Send him back to Germanis.
Disgusting bitch.
Fuck you and the group terorismu
You will find P3K in compartment
left, goodbye.
- Very good.
- I need your opinion.
Yes, this is one of us.
The protocol has been modified.
I found spying here
a few weeks ago.
Can I keep it?
I still have two more.
You're making me nervous.
What is it?
Nothing involving you.
I've never landed before.
- Yes.
- You're not nervous, right?
I've definitely nervous.
The worst pilot I've ever seen.
I know what you're gonna say,
I'll get right to work.
Who do you side with?
Oh, general very good to me.
I remember when you were a baby,
I see you're almost like a dead silence.
I can read through your eyes
to reveal your soul to me.
You can not hide anything from me.
As soon as you're done, come back.
My artificial humans will look for you.
Chaos brought confusion,
able to occupy the impending war.
It will be over soon dear.
As soon as the starter in hand,
back to Dominic.
I'm surprised you guys are still intact
after landing it.
This is Diana and I Terina. Hai.
They are all ready for you.
Yes ladies. You may break,
boss in town for a business.
Sword huh?
WORLD unmapped: WEST outer ring.
Robot 2 has completed scanning,
DNA in the sector.
Make sure nothing is disturbed.
What is left should stay that way.
Yes sir, overseer. We understand.
D robot control work.
What did he test?
Investigate evidence of their location.
Do they live.
Maybe they just moved to another planet.
I have given the order to move
remaining goods to the ark.
No one shall be woken,
done with great care.
Federation could use the system
the electric shield ridiculous.
I know all the shields are the best.
Do you agree dear?
Fuck you.
Set trajectory towards earth.
There are soldiers we have to wake up.
- Music?
- Hey.
Complicated encryption, surely the secret word
valuable to be stored.
We know they are looking for some kind of DNA decoder.
It should be relatively easy.
It is more complicated than a simple thread,
The 12 zetabit.
I will create a tracking alert
so he returned to the source
and we can see what they are looking for.
Sounds like they've arrived.
- They were in a hurry but they sure ...
- What?
Total destruction of all major cities
with radiation bomb.
- Not.
- I'm sorry.
In fact the whole army in the mountains
waiting to be activated.
John Worthy?
Do you know me?
The whole galaxy shipper.
Oh yes.
Diana charge of 500 and 28 legions
in Teranostra.
We are authorized for the robot wars purchased
and paid by insurgents.
I understand.
You take care of the federation and we will
Teranostra care of.
Where have you been?
He was on earth, why we have not met
he or intercept?
I know I've got a plan, calm down.
Oh really you have a plan?
- I have a special vehicle.
- I'm sick of the damn plan
- I need results.
- Terina calm.
- Everything is under control.
- Do not touch me or
I'll send someone to shoot.
You understand Gustav?
Give me a chance,
You have to trust me.
The rest of the fleet ... has been intercepted.
I do not feel anything.
This is not my own anymore.
Let's make them suffer.
[BEEP] General.
Courier plane has arrived.
Nice. You know what to do.
How much?
30 aircraft, probably more.
- Arm missiles.
- Messages entered.
Did he answer?
- Not. I just expect it.
- Jatlus.
- Lieutenant flight.
- I'm the captain.
Bring them here.
- What are you ...?
- Mom and sister would die
one by one unless you surrender
plane of the star.
Wow, wow, wow.
Give it up, there's no time
for discussion!
Work bagusjenderal.
How do I do the swap?
Submit yourself and your family will be released.
And you will be arrested.
Syaratku as follows ...
Fuck you!
It was his friend.
How does it feel, motherfucker?
How does it feel?
Signus Alpha neutral zone.
Need to turn, just one ship.
There are games, we started shooting
each federation that pass us.
We have enough gun,
we will not need a knife collection.
- The gun is the weapon of cowards.
- We'll see.
Make sure the protocol is in turn the robot arms.
Supplies are limited gun.
DNA began to make replekasi.
Tiberius, you've become a good friend.
But I do not believe you.
- Yes, my lord.
- Throw yourself there.
Yes, my lord.
I told you, it worked.
I never doubted it.
I do not believe,
I set foot into this planet.
Legion is ready, give words.
The word has been given.
Each of you will bring
a platoon and assigned its own sector.
23:00 Saatjam we attack.
Stay away from the front row,
the territorial unity of the class.
We fought side by side with you
to each stud Teranus dead.
We're membuatjebakan.
- Where the star ship?
- It could be under us, we do not even know.
I do not like this.
We use this planet
Cornasus robot to try.
- It was a bold move but ...
- An attack.
Come on, do not remain hidden.
Where's the fun?
Get rid of her.
Come on.
How are you?
I'm embarrassed we serve in the same flag.
- Trenosus bastard.
- I'm not Trenosus.
Of course, you were.
A nice diversion.
Let's move.
Hold your fire! Hold your fire!
Get down.
No. Not! Star Ship!
- Do not move at all.
- Star Ship!
Do not do it! Do not do it!
- Damn!
- Not!
- Come on, Whorty. Take it!
- I can not, sir!
Fuck you!
- No, no! Do not follow!
- I will hunt you down! I'll kill you!
Not! Out, Jolli!
- It should not do like that.
- All this is just a trap.
There's nothing we can do.
Wait, wait.
Aolist 14 Umbra.
Help needed at the meeting point.
Come on, let's go.
- Let's kill the bastard.
- Hey, do not be too hasty.
Damn, the northern part.
Hidden inside! Move, move, move!
All units to the west, enable snuper cel.
- That whole kompani.
- Come on, go! Go, go, go!
- I do not like this.
- Get used.
- More high.
- You need help.
- No, I do not need.
- Ten enemy came.
We move away from the storm.
Prepare weapons and keys.
- Like this?
- You keep doing that, the system will burn.
General, we've got 20 friget, 12 bombs,
2 gravermet and 1 as a bio weapon inventory.
Began to bomb after us away from here.
General, we can not lock from this distance.
- Refer to the circular, do.
- Yes, sir.
- Wrap, shoot immediately.
- Yes, sir.
- 20 ready to do so.
- Not in this altitude.
- We're headed to the eye of the storm.
- Perfect.
- Are you crazy?
- Yes, I'm crazy.
Against the wind,
Do not fight the wind.
- It's an idea?
- Trust me.
We do not do this,
not in the star ship.
- Pressure at 20 PSI.
- Stay with him.
- He's emotional, he will make mistakes.
- Yes, General.
- Too fast!
- Drive the storm!
You're stupid, Whorty. This is not ...
Start shooting!
We are going to explode!
- Faster!
- Not!
- We can do it!
- Up to the top, 20 degrees.
Eliminate driving levels!
All right, all right! Pull ride!
Pull us out of here!
When we pull up to 28,000 rise.
Use the momentum to escape.
- Damn, Whorty.
- It's a stupid idea.
- It works!
- You're in luck.
- To the penyelamatanku place.
- Now a street fighter.
Let's do it.
We will not go into the silver speed immediately.
What are they?
Part shield generator,
we are trapped in a gravitational field!
All units to the palace.
Meet us at the meeting point.
- Do not ...
- We were attacked!
Let's go!
Okay, okay, okay.
Drayson, how waves of heat shield?
Calvin 70,000 degrees.
- And the federation ship?
- Maybe 3000 but the ship commander is 6.
- What is the distance to the missile?
- Understand, I know you're going.
- What is it?
- Six to 15,000.
- If we are at the end of the explosion?
- True.
- Or we will die.
- Do it.
- Yes, the captain.
- Yes, the captain.
- Tell me about the missiles.
- It's ready.
- Launch.
- He will not pull back.
- How long?
- 30 seconds.
The gravity and the star.
Rotating, wait until the shock wave.
And dive in between them.
- The shock wave.
- Damn!
- Shield!
- Do it!
Glad to know you.
Drayson, turn off the power!
- Know 1.2 is ready.
- Understand.
I need a robot again
for diversion at the east gate.
So Diana could bring in his team.
Well, we will immediately provide it.
I've never been this close
with death over the years.
- Do you feel old?
- One day.
Alright. Reset manually.
Okay, limonal super dead.
Pusher switcher is gone.
Weapons are not active.
Well, the good news,
food service is still functioning.
So basically we are wretched.
- Maybe it could be worse.
- True.
Keep moving.
Section E to the west wing.
Section seven?
What is it?
Diana. You're coming of the enemy.
Get out! Get out!
We have already entered!
- They suck a lot of power.
- Gosh.
Deck 3 and 4 were damaged, need
your orders to abandon ship.
- A critical reactor.
- Keep firing!
Oh, we are screwed!
Keep moving, leave the corridor.
I can handle it.
Do not interfere.
Whatever you say,
where the program?
- In the world.
- Of course.
Drayson, trash anything would be good.
- Restock safety assistance.
- Torgus, online.
- Rapid speed.
- You must be kidding!
Look out.
- To the way out!
- I've been gone!
- Leave the boat!
- Leave the boat!
I'll give your old model.
Where lighting?
- Give me the light!
- Respiratory.
- Can be, I'll be right there.
- Respiratory.
- Where?
- Where respirator?
- Respiratory.
- Here!
- Drayson, no!
- We do not have time.
It's my fault, Joey. It's my fault.
We have to go! we
have to go now!
Torgus, come on!
We have to go.
Torgus, I need you
waiting for my 15 minutes.
- Terry!
- Just do it!
Get a life!
We can not win in a fight jet.
I would go to another ship
to steal the rescue boats.
- But ...
- Hey, you said 15 minutes, is not it?
It was already finished.
Save this.
Gosh, what if
they send a missile here?
And you guys making out.
Hey, come on man! Moving!
You're going to do it, do it!
Go, go!
Come on, let's move!
The police will come,
he will not succeed.
- He gets 5 minutes.
- We need to get out of here!
I bet you're not scared.
- Hey, orders for ...
- Where the Shadow Gustav?
You're not going to kill me?
Not if you take me to them.
He headed to the exit on the 2nd floor.
Out of the ship, it would explode!
- Go!
- I'm going!
I said transponder has authority.
You will be the first picked.
- Wait! Gustav, wait!
- I'll keep everything in my boat.
Gustav, wait!
I never betrayed you, is not it?
- Damn!
- Terrorists, stupid!
I never betrayed my country!
You're just fanatics. I killed
millions in the name of thy Lord!
My son is dead! Because your people!
I now Teranosa!
I will make you suffer!
Since making my family bleed.
I may return to you, your family!
Your family is still alive.
- Someone track down the woman and her ...
- My family!
Are you a robot?
We have no record of you going.
Federation to keep the world!
You shot ...
Where is your ship?
I thought you were better.
We got detention, originating from Termanus.
He will surely be executed.
We go.
I have control.
Gates have been opened.
Splitting my galaxy.
Do it.
I'm a traitor, animals
savage of Terenostra.
You have a wife and children.
We gave up, what
remaining in our military ...
- To the resistance.
- Say it.
High population Terenostra,
overseer of the Federation.
100 people are safe.
Terenostra already fallen!
Residents of the city, each of you
a fight for no reason.
High population of Terenostra.
And federal overseer.
100 people are safe.
Where are we?
That's just politics.
How do we save the Worthy?
He will be executed later in the morning, is not it?
And assistance in
This trip, it was great.
Let him go.
Let's get out of here.
Overseer, we have
activates the generator.
Tanks are in top shape.
System, alert.
Why long?
We had a problem integrating
Alien DNA delivery into modified.
DNA capable of mastering
matching the entire planet.
Never bound, all free.
You know what happened? I
've been waiting for you a few hours.
Come and sit down.
I admire you.
But you have to listen, and listen well.
Overseer on the way home now.
And we must act, we
have to do something now!
What he found what he was looking for?
Rimmer, did you ever suspect anything?
Overseer is my half brother.
When I was 15 she got
the course with me.
He does not remember because she chose something
stupid. He does not remember anything.
But I'm young and I told him,
that the ambassador Thelonostra
who actually raped me.
It was that he was not forgotten, and
he will never be allowed to know.
Because this is my fault.
Listen to me.
Throne of right under your overseer.
It's yours.
You're raping me.
It's yours.
It belonged to my father.
Great uprising failed.
Heroes moment.
I am the enemy of all.
My mother and my sisters
still alive.
General only human.
And played me like a deck of cards.
High population of Therenostra
and federations under the overseer.
100 people are safe.
That's right. I'm sure your mother knows.
How bombings in Kalisto, too?
I hope you are
giving orders.
I told you ...
Give me the information.
So you're here to bring
exit command execution?
It seems you're right.
I pull you from here.
We have a war to fight, friend.
Terenostra fallen, and
federation is not far behind.
Valley that I use.
Will be my curse.
And also there is hope.