Starship Troopers 2 (2004) Movie Script

Our war is going better than ever.
But we need heroes! We need you.
Come on, you apes!
You wanna live forever?
Service guarantees citizenship.
Would you like to know more?
The sky marshal launches
Operation March to Victory.
A bold, new strategy
calling for total war...
...against the Bug, on every front.
Would you like to know more?
Look out! Look out!
Fall back!
Retreat! Retreat!
- We need pickup now!
- Yes, sir!
Sir, this is Mobile Infantry Bravo 6
to Fleet Rescue.
It's Bravo 6 to Fleet Rescue.
Fall back!
Horton, Sandee, pull back!
Help me with this, goddamn it!
You're okay, Sandee. I got you.
- You're okay!
- Hold what you've got!
- Come on, Bug!
- Tor!
Cover our 6!
Oh, that 6.
Hey, Bug!
Do you copy? Do you copy?
Brick! Cover Tor!
- Tor.
- Come and get some from Tor, baby!
Fight or die, soldier!
- Private Sahara!
- Yes, sergeant?
Private Otter is a dead man.
If he won't fight, shoot him!
Just pull the trigger, Billie!
It's not enough, but it'll have to do.
- Fleet Rescue to Bravo 6.
- Go ahead, Fleet Rescue.
Fleet Rescue to Bravo 6,
rescue priority is no-go, MI.
Colt-Victor-one-niner is negative
for pickup!
Hold the perimeter!
Hold that line!
- Hold the line!
- I don't want excuses!
I want a crossfire!
Get in and plug that hole.
Plug that hole!
- General, Fleet's no-go for pickup.
- We gotta make a move.
- Hold the line!
- Bugs have got Coy!
This is General Shepherd.
You jackass! We need pickup!
Bravo 6 to Fleet Rescue,
do you copy?
General, getting a vision.
It isn't clear.
They're building up.
They're all around us.
Lieutenant, you're the psychic!
Tell me something I don't know!
It's something massive.
It'll take us all out.
- I can't get it all, but...
- General! There's an outpost.
Hotel Delta 185,
abandoned eight days ago!
Half a klick that way.
- Middle of Satan's Anvil?
- Bugs own that real estate, general.
There's no cover on the Anvil.
We're gonna have a rough ride,
Yes, sir.
You, you, you, and you, stay here.
Everybody else move out!
Request permission to remain
with the general.
- That's negative, Rake.
- Sir?
- Lieutenant Dill will assume command.
- Yes, sir!
He's the psychic.
You're the war fighter!
Move them out, sergeant!
Give them hell!
Yes, sir!
Prepare to withdraw.
- Let's go, move it, move it, move it!
- Come on, Billie.
Keep going!
Let's go!
Follow me!
- Go, go, go!
- Go, go, go!
- Get out!
- Go, go, go! Come on!
Let's go!
Let's go!
Move it!
Move it, move it, move it!
Where's my frigging outpost, corporal?
It's here. We're here...
About time, corporal.
That soup's gonna boil!
- Move out!
- Let's go! Come on, come on!
- Let's go! Come on, suck it up!
- Hurry up!
Move, move, move!
- Take cover!
- Let's get out of here!
Move it, Otter!
Come on, move it.
Come on! Hurry up.
- Let's go.
- Go, go, go.
Come on.
- Get down!
- Over there!
- Hurry up.
- Grab that door.
Bill, help me, help me...
Come on, Billie, come on!
Take my hand!
Come on! Stay down.
- Come on!
- It's okay. I got you.
Otter, Kobe, get down!
Keep going.
Come on.
- Keep moving. Keep moving.
- Come on.
- Go.
- Kobe, look out!
Tor! Brick!
With me! Move!
Tor, Horton! Get Kobe inside!
- Brick, with me. Go!
- Come on!
Stay with me, buddy!
Sandee! Move on!
Here we go.
You're all right, you're all right.
Brick! You and Sandee...
...take a squad, set a perimeter.
Sahara? Get that door closed.
Make a hole!
- Make it wide!
- Sahara! Out of the way!
- Coming through.
- Get out of the way!
Right, easy. Take it easy.
Watch his back.
Get his pack off!
Horton, cut that radio off!
Get that off him.
Take it easy.
You're all right.
Where are those meds?
Where are those meds?
Damn it!
- Sergeant?
- It's fine.
- Sergeant!
- Just take it easy. Take it easy.
I want someone on that com,
and I want pickup.
Yes, sir, wouldn't we all?
- That's a direct order, sergeant.
- No-go on the door, sarge.
Stay down. Relax, buddy.
You gotta relax.
Why can't you do anything
for this man, Tor?
Get on that com.
I want pickup now!
- What are you looking at, private?
- Sir, com don't run without power.
Well, at OCS, you learn that a sergeant
is the solution to any problem.
So you get the power up.
They say what kind of boat
Fleet lands in a shit-storm?
I am giving the orders!
You will take them!
I want the goddamn power!
And I want it now!
I am waiting, sergeant.
Horton, Otter, Sahara, with me.
Shit. Sir?
Might want to see this.
Radio's nonoperational.
Coming, lieutenant?
Looks like Colonel Hohlback
left in a hurry.
What the hell is that?
I'd say we've got company.
Horton! You and Otter locate
the reactors and fire them up.
What is that?
Outpost incinerator.
Move away from the door!
Why are you still here, soldier?
Probably because no
one lit the furnace.
Captain V.J. Dax.
Says here he's a big hero.
Combat medals, Bronze Stars, Purple
Heart, Purple Heart, Purple Heart.
Federal Medal of Valour
at Widowmakers.
That's a lot of crap.
Wounded four times, refused numerous
battlefield commissions...
Give me that.
- Some hero.
- You murdered Colonel Hohlback?
He had his Morita and a sidearm.
I just used my hands.
You're a disgrace to the uniform.
He's a mad dog.
He stays in the cage.
Just remember, lieutenant,
every dog has its day!
Sarge! Hostiles!
I am in command here, private.
Now, how many and
what's our situation?
- Looks like a whole damn circus.
- Let's go.
Right perimeter, spread wide!
You three, follow me.
- He's spreading us too thin!
- You know something I don't, trooper?
They're shifting their lines!
You, take the left!
Take the middle! Take the right!
Sandee! Report!
Nothing! No movement!
Come on, you bastards!
What are you waiting for?
Shut up, fathead!
- You starting with me?
- Just like covering your 6, huh?
Prepare to fire!
Otter, get up!
Fire! Fire! Fire!
Come on! Bug!
Son of a bitch!
Pull back!
Come on, go, go!
I got you covered!
Billie. It's okay. It's okay!
Go, go, go, go!
We're all gonna die, aren't we?
Give me your hand.
- What?
- Give me your hand.
Look out!
- Hold on! Hold on!
- Don't let go!
Pull back your line, lieutenant!
Let's go.
Get down!
- All right, people, listen up!
- Who the hell let you out?
- In about 15 seconds...
- All right, you son of a bitch...
Shield your eyes at count zero!
Pass the word!
Get off your ass,
there's a war going on.
You two! With me on flank!
Perimeter burn in 10 seconds.
Perimeter burn in 10 seconds.
Look out!
Come on!
Perimeter burn.
I need two volunteers.
- Who do you think you are?
- The big stick that's running this show.
- I'll go.
- Me too.
If we're not back inside of five minutes,
it means more Bugs are on the way.
You mean we didn't kill them all?
You never kill them all, son.
All right, who's got...?
A light.
Otter, take a knee.
- You see those busted wires there?
- Yes, sir.
You got the wiggle room, kid.
Splice them together.
Trooper, hand me that...
Where's your knife?
I must have lost it, sir.
Anyone who loses his knife in my unit
would be strung up for lashes, kid.
You want to be careful
with the red wire.
We got movement!
Horton, illumination round.
Hold your fire, we're coming through!
It's the general.
I see him!
He's bringing home two.
He's bringing home three.
Wonder who didn't make it.
Hope it wasn't Goldy.
He was nice to me on my first day.
It's those little things that count.
Yeah, like doing your goddamn job.
Hostiles! Right on your general's ass!
Come on, kid!
- That stinks!
- You get so you like it after a while.
- Son, I'll never forget it.
- Me neither, sir.
What kind of a-hole do you think I am?
Put her there!
Welcome back, sir.
I don't know who you are,
but you're aces with me.
It's nothing personal, general.
I'm just doing my job.
Hey, fellas, let me give you a hand.
Hell, I got a dog back home
weighs more than she does.
Well, look what the cat drug in!
You should see that damn cat!
We're in the shitter, huh?
- We got a chance.
- Good to see you.
Want the bad news or the bad news?
- I almost forgot your knife.
- Keep it, kid.
- No, I couldn't.
- Trooper needs a knife.
Officers just tell troopers
where to die.
- That's not really true, is it, sir?
- Watch out for officers, son.
It's their job to get you killed.
First wave came in,
and Deke and Slater were killed.
Came in again and that...
That kid Goldy was gone.
And then it was just... and O'Hara.
That magnificent son of a bitch.
We held them.
I tell you, this... don't mean a hill of beans when
you're caught between shit and sweat.
And then these two beautiful
bastards show up.
These two here, and they're carrying
a couple of grenades...
...and they got a boatload of gumption.
And they saved my sorry ass!
And I'd like to introduce you to them.
This is Corporal Joe Griff,
Medical Corps.
And this is Technical
Sergeant Ari Peck.
And I can't tell you a thing about
Sleeping Beauty over here...
...because she snored through
the whole damn thing.
That's Private Soda, sir.
She didn't sleep after our
unit got chopped down.
Found Peck the next day,
what, about five days ago?
Everybody's gotta sleep sometime.
What's your story, Peck?
32nd Tech Brigade,
sole survivor, sir!
That's me.
Been out there about a month,
near as I can tell.
That's a long time.
Pretty long, yeah. I guess.
Well, then, we got to get you home.
Lieutenant Dill.
- Yes, sir!
- Has pickup been arranged?
- Sergeant Peck, can I talk to you?
- Yes, sir?
You think you can make this com talk
and squawk like it ought to?
Well, you can bet I'll die trying, sir.
- Get some sleep and try later.
- Oh, no, no. I'll get on this right now.
That's outstanding, sergeant!
You're a credit to your
Mobile Infantry unit. Thank you.
When is the last time
you took a shower?
Let's worry about the sniff factor
after we get our asses unslung.
Yes, sir.
We could sit pretty tight if we could
shut this door, sergeant.
I'll get someone on it.
At least there's one man looking
in the right direction.
Yes, sir.
What's wrong with her, corporal?
It's the wind, sir.
Dries out the membranes.
- She'll be fine when she wakes up.
- She's got the right idea.
Good night, troopers.
Get some sleep, all of you!
That's an order.
- And, Dill...
- Yes, sir.
I want a full report of today's
action when I wake up...
...explaining how you got five
of my troopers killed.
Yes, sir.
You heard the man.
Hit the sack!
Not you, trooper.
Yes, sir?
Letting that criminal loose is a
court-martial offence, private.
I thought he could help us.
You thought the judgment of a murderer
was preferable to an officer's?
Well, that'll make for a hell
of a compelling defence.
I wasn't thinking, sir.
It was intuition.
I had no idea you were psychic.
I scored high when I was a kid, sir.
Why aren't you wearing the black?
I became inconsistent, sir.
Onset of puberty?
It happens to you women.
- When is it gonna happen to you?
- Excuse me?
Puberty. I hear it's a necessary step
on the way to becoming a man.
You're addressing an
officer of the Federation.
Shove that officer crap
up your Buster Brown.
An officer who behaves
as you did today...
...and takes it out
on a trooper ain't a man!
I'm not a man? What kind of a man
turns his back on the Federation?
I'm glad you asked.
I trained a generation of people to
throw themselves into the grinder.
The Federation chewed them up
and spit them out.
So now when they say, " Push on
to glory," I say, "What glory?"
What would you know about glory?
You call yourself a hero?
No, son. That's something other people
call you, and it's really just a trick.
When you throw your life away, instead
of fool, they call you hero.
And as for glory, ask her. She'll
tell you everything you need to know!
How dare you?
Just one man's opinion.
No, it's not. It's treason!
Then maybe you ought to shoot me.
Now, there's something
we agree on.
Well, go ahead. Take out that
popgun and have at it, soldier.
I believe in the rules and regulations
that the Federation stands for.
Very good, lieutenant!
But you left out the kids.
- What?
- Cowards.
They always hide behind
rules and children.
I'll see you hang!
Just so long as it's regulation rope.
Oh, let's see.
Got your mystery meat sticks,
egg caps, hardtack, beans.
Insta-veggie meal,
Choco-pudding Delite.
Sweet tooth, huh?
Taps in 15 minutes.
I'll get you!
Nice to have you with us, trooper.
You've been out for a long time.
How you feeling?
I feel good, sir.
You fit for duty?
Raring to go.
Well, that's outstanding.
What's the ETA on a door
we can shut, gentlemen?
Well, sir, I think that should do it.
If you'll hold on...
- Watch out for the cables!
- The cables. Stop it! Stop it!
Do it, do it, do it.
Great, you welded
the damn thing open.
You idiots.
All personnel to the perimeter.
Troopers, you heard the man.
Let's go!
Get moving!
Take that weapon. Come on.
Sandee, Horton, Soda, Brick,
come on, you lazy bastards.
Let's move it.
Move, move, move, move!
You two over there, you two
front and running. Where's my OP?
Man your post! Go, go, go!
- What's wrong?
- General, there's something...
Scouting parties, sir, 100 metres out.
When they figure
that fence is down...
...they're gonna show up like relatives
to a rich man's funeral.
- Let there be light.
- Yeah.
- Yeah!
- Here we go. We got power.
That's what I'm talking about.
I can see you now.
Hey, general?
- Peck, is this your doing?
- It's a little wonky...
...but it'll hold. I hope.
You have our tremendous
gratitude, Peck.
Oh, it was nothing, sir.
I'll get back to work on the com now.
- Attaboy, Peck.
- Way to go, Peck.
Peck. Peck. Peck.
All right.
Dax, the charges
against you are serious...
...but I can't afford to lose a man
of your experience.
Give me your word
as an officer you'll do your duty.
I'm no longer an officer, general,
but I'll give you my word as a man.
Your rank is restored
until your guilt or innocence... determined by a hearing.
Well, I can assure you
I killed Colonel Hohlback.
Then I guarantee you'll hang, but until
then, I expect you to do your duty.
- Yes, sir.
- I want forward OP.
Three watches a day.
Fences fail, troopers get lazy.
- You carry on, captain.
- Yes, sir.
Something I can do for you?
I just came to say thanks
for saving my ass.
That's the job.
How come you don't sleep inside
like everyone else?
I figure this is where
the enemy will show up.
No telling what kind of fun
you could get in out here, huh?
- Are you flirting with me, soldier?
- No, sir, I don't flirt.
- Never?
- Never ever, sir.
- Well, you're the real deal.
- The genuine article.
And you want some action.
You'll get all the action you want
after the Bugs show up.
You know...'s all the waiting that gets me.
Oh, I see.
You need something
to occupy your mind.
Come here.
That's good right there.
Drop and give me 100.
- Sir?
- You got a lot of energy, trooper.
Now get down and start counting.
Yes, sir.
One, two, three, four...
...five, six, seven...
Make it 200.
You lose something?
Yo, you're the new guy, so l...
Can we play too?
I got mess duty.
- Thanks for the wake up, Soda.
- Pleasure.
You sure you know
what you're doing?
Oh, I got a pretty good idea, but... know,
practice does make perfect.
Come on, Billie.
No, no, forget it, Sandee. He's a jerk.
Hey, Sandee...
- What's with her?
- Horton's with the new girl.
- Sipping some Soda.
- Ain't war hell?
Who goes there?
Oh, it's you.
You okay?
- Anything I can do?
- No.
At least let me take a look
at that cut on your chin.
This? It's just a scratch.
General wants everybody tiptop.
- Hey, Joe?
- Yeah?
How long have you been out here?
- All my life, it seems like.
- Yeah, I know what you mean.
I've been here for eight months,
and I've only seen the sun twice.
Might be a little easier
if you took your helmet off, Jill.
God, what happened to your fingers?
- You know, muzzle burn.
- That looks really bad.
Hey, who's the medic here
anyway, huh?
Hey, Joe.
Has anybody ever told you
what a nice smile you have?
Feeling better?
Do you want to?
- What happened to her, corporal?
- Just a nosebleed, sir.
She's gonna be fine.
- How do you feel?
- You know how I feel.
What gives?
It looks like we got
a couple new couples.
No wonder we're losing this war.
Everyone's fucking instead of fighting.
What are you looking at?
- Get back to work.
- I'll get to work.
- Good morning, captain.
- What makes you think so?
Why, are we in for it?
- Sooner or later.
- You got time for breakfast?
You're welcome to join me, as long as
you don't expect cheerful conversation.
Not a morning person, huh?
No, I'm a miserable, murdering bastard.
- And that's on a good day.
- What's a bad day like?
Any one day in particular
you're interested in?
That second lieu-y
send you to question me?
- Lieutenant Dill? He thinks I'm an idiot.
- Are you?
- Me? Yeah. Definitely.
- Trust me, I got you beat.
Well, I fell in love, and I got busted
down from corporal for fraternisation.
- So who wants to be a corporal?
- Here's the idiot part.
He got killed.
You really some kind of psychic?
Yeah. Maybe. I guess.
Not like Dill, not Psi Corps.
Well, your fella...
...did you know he was gonna
buy the farm?
It doesn't work that way.
Well, that's good, I guess.
Maybe that's why I don't
believe in all that bunk.
Those tags belong
to the troopers that you lost...
...and you wear them because you feel
responsible for what happened.
That's a lucky guess.
- Why'd you kill your CO?
- You tell me.
I'm not that good.
He gave some stupid orders
that got kids killed.
One day too many,
or too many one day.
- Maybe I'm the wheel that broke.
- You ought to forgive yourself.
It's war.
Don't spend too much time
around me, trooper.
I'd hate to end up wearing your tags.
Stupid Bug.
You're relieved.
Hey... Hey, trooper?
Who's that?
Hey, sarge, what do you need?
Well, I could use a hand.
Buddy, anything I can do
for you is aces by me.
You think you could
lie down on the fl...?
- The floor?
- Floor. And reach behind the cons...
I got it, I got it. You want me to lay on
the floor and reach behind the console.
Here we go.
Son of a...
How's this?
Oh, God!
Gotta keep quiet.
Help! Help!
We got com.
We got com.
This is Hotel Delta 185 to Fleet Rescue.
Come in, Fleet Rescue.
This is Hotel Delta 185 to Fleet Rescue.
- This is...
- How's that report coming?
Well, I'm not so much writing a report
as building your gallows, Dax.
- I didn't take you for a carpenter.
- Shift to Command frequency.
There was this other carpenter
a few thousand years ago...
...a better man than you or me.
Well, that carpentry business
was the death of him.
Be careful of what you build
and what crosses you bear.
- Hotel Delta 185 to Fleet Command.
- Lieutenant.
Roger, Hotel Delta,
this is Fleet Command. Over.
This is the 701 st Mobile Infantry,
Bravo Company, requesting pickup.
Take a number, MI.
We got stragglers all over the planet.
- What's your name, sailor?
- Fleet Lieutenant Mary Klinghof.
- Getting smart won't help you, jarhead.
- You listen up, fruit fly.
This is General Jack Gordon Shepherd.
And if somebody doesn't make
this pickup their priority...
...Im gonna make it
my priority to come down...
...and chew out some Fleet-ass,
starting with you.
Sorry, sir, I didn't know
who I was talking to.
- That's because you're a moron.
- Yeah.
Yes, sir, but we got
a lot of wounded out there.
The wounded come first. Any excuses
after that come out of your butt.
Shepherd, out.
Where's Peck?
I'm gonna give him a medal.
- Asleep, sir. Dead on his feet.
- Well, he's earned it.
- Any day on that door, Brick.
- We're all waiting for something, sarge.
- But it ain't the door.
- Outstanding.
Not you, trooper.
- Lucky guess.
- We're all gonna die.
- What would you know about glory?
- It doesn't work that way.
- Lf he won't fight, shoot him!
- No!
- Sahara.
- I haven't seen him.
- Wake up.
- The wheel that broke.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Give me a little more.
Don't be shy. Come on.
Yeah. Oh, trouble at the trough.
It's gonna get ugly.
- What's eating Tor, huh?
- Not you.
Yeah, I guess you're right.
War does some weird things to people.
Everything okay?
No, I'm... Yeah, I'm fine.
- You look a little shaky, trooper.
- Yeah, something's not right.
That's what they call it
when you're behind enemy lines.
It feels worse than that.
Oh, is this another one
of your psychic hot flashes?
It seems like Tor has changed.
Because he wouldn't take
Brick's bait? About time.
- It seems sudden, sarge.
- Like you puking your guts out?
I guess I'm coming down
with something.
- I wonder what that could be?
- There's a big knot...
...where my stomach used to be.
Sarge, I barely touched the medic's
hand just now, and I saw something.
- You saw something?
- Something terrible.
- Maybe you're just going crazy.
- I love you too, sarge.
Girls get wacky
when they're pregnant.
Suddenly, they know everything
about everything.
Oh, Jesus.
Yeah, you're about as psychic
as a doorknob, trooper.
You ready?
I'm kind of tired.
- I'll give you a hand.
- Oh, thanks.
Oh, my shoe.
Don't worry about it.
- Are you scared to shower, Otter?
- What does it matter?
We're going home
in a few hours anyway.
Hi, guys.
Holy God, what the...?
Oh, God. Oh, God.
Open the door! Open the door!
We're gonna die in here!
Open the door!
Captain, I need to talk to you,
but it's gonna sound crazy.
- Well, spit it out, trooper.
- Look, sir...
...I know I'm not really
supposed to be psychic...
...but I have this terrible feeling.
- Yes, sir.
- As you were.
We have a situation here that requires
the attention of Military Intelligence.
- Tell him.
- This morning, in the mess...
...I accidentally touched Griff's hand.
I might've had a vision.
Playing psychic again, private?
Could you keep
an open mind here, lieutenant?
This trooper's
got information that's vital.
Some of the troopers have been
acting a little strange lately.
Describe what you saw.
He wasn't a man.
He was some other thing.
Maybe 1000 things.
Somehow he was connected... Tor and Sandee and Horton
and that new girl, Soda.
I've always been pretty fuzzy, sir,
and this came through sharp as a knife.
Lieutenant, I know I'm not
a real psychic like you.
In fact, I just found out
I'm pregnant, and I didn't have a clue.
- You're pregnant?
- Yes, sir, I'm afraid so.
You might be interested to know
that in our studies...
...pregnancy has been shown
to heighten psychic ability.
That's too bad because
I'd really like to be wrong.
Yes, me too, but I keep having
the same feeling.
What is it?
They're coming to wipe us out.
What's so new about that?
I mean the whole species, everything
human. And they have a plan.
Look, after what I did in the battle...
...I wasn't very sure
of myself anymore.
And I just figured everybody
thought I'd just cracked.
Yesterday, I might have been
inclined to agree...
...but that would've been me
screwing up, lieutenant.
Thank you, sir.
I'll get on this matter
with General Shepherd immediately.
Oh, and, trooper...
...that was some good work.
General Shepherd?
What are you doing in here?
General Jack and I
were just having a chat.
What are you doing here, Dill?
You and Shepherd?
Is that so hard to believe?
General Shepherd?
They're inside of you. Oh, God.
Back up, or I'll drill your damn skull.
Get back! Get away from the door.
Get away.
You bastards. You're all under arrest...
...for murder, sedition,
for treason against the Federation...
Oh, and you're gonna pay
because we're not gonna kill you.
Oh, no. No, you see, we got
special places for things like you...
...where they cut you up.
But they keep you alive
while they cut you up... they can see what makes you tick,
and they'll see what makes you sick.
And I'll be there. Oh, yeah,
I'm gonna be there to see...
You're under arrest, Dax.
On what charge?
- Captain Dax, what's happening?
- No talking to the prisoner.
Keep him covered.
You gave me your word, Dax.
What makes you think I had
anything to do with this, general?
- Lock him up, sergeant.
- Yes, sir. With pleasure, sir.
- Get out of here now, Sahara.
- Move it.
You know what to do, Billie.
Yes, sir.
Why are you doing this, Billie?
It's not you and me.
It's gonna happen to all of us.
You trying to make a baby
with my barracks door, private?
Sahara, she don't want it,
but I gotta give her the Bug.
- There's a wire loose in your head.
- No, it's a little piece of God.
Not like the one people used
to believe in, or the Federation...
...and it's filling me up. I can sort
of feel myself floating away.
Kid, you're not making any sense.
You'll understand when you wake up.
When I wake up?
- Don't fight.
- That'll be the day.
You lonely, captain?
Billie, please don't. Please.
What the hell's going on, sergeant?
- The Bugs are inside, sir.
- Inside the perimeter?
No, sir.
Inside me.
Sergeant, no! No!
- What the hell kind of Bug is that?
- Jesus.
One that gets inside and takes over.
Maybe it can tell us something.
What are you talking about?
Everything that happened here
was supposed to happen.
The Bugs brought us here
to create a weapon.
- What kind of weapon?
- Shepherd!
He could bring this
to the top of the Federation!
We gotta kill the general.
Fire in the hole!
You're gonna die!
They don't kill so easy, do they?
- You're gonna die!
- They're not like us, sir.
Not anymore. They're Bugs.
You're gonna die!
You're gonna die!
They shut down the reactors.
Sahara, you okay?
Poor creatures.
Why must we destroy you?
I'll tell you why.
Order is the tide of creation...
...but yours is a species...
...that worships the one over the many.
You glorify your intelligence...
...because it allows you
to believe anything.
That you have a destiny.
That you have a right.
That you have a cause.
That you are special.
That you are great.
But in truth... are born insane.
And such misery...
...cannot be allowed... spread.
Kill them all!
Sahara! You get the general!
- General Shepherd!
- That's me!
You can't take him! Whatever you do,
don't let him onboard!
Hey, general!
Listen up. She needs medical attention.
You just killed
a general officer, mister!
Lots of generals out there, flyboy!
This trooper's got information vital
to the survival of the Federation!
She must reach safety at all costs!
You get me?
Yes, sir!
- Let's go!
- There are too many of them, Dax!
You gotta tell them what you saw.
You gotta tell them about the new Bug!
You stay here, you'll die!
Murderers don't go home.
Dax. More than a soldier,
not just a man.
A hero of the Federation.
He gave his life so we could fight...
...and these words for us to live by.
"Shed no tears for me.
My glory lives forever."
And now you too can live the glory...
...because it's easy to be a hero
in the Mobile Infantry.
Men and women like you
are signing up every day... serve the Federation
and save the galaxy!
Isn't it time you did your part?
Beautiful baby, ma'am.
Thank you, sergeant.
Think how impressed friends
and teachers will be!
Everyone loves a citizen!
Little trooper likes me.
Sign up, and one day
they'll call you a hero too!
Hurry up, spud.
We need fresh meat for the grinder.
Shed no tears for me.
My glory lives forever.
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