(2001) Movie Script

New gun spins me around
New gun spins me around
New gun spins me around
Right there.
I like that.
Yeah, that's good.
Tom, turn your head a little
this way, eyes at the camera.
Kaleil, tilt your head
a little more.
Yes, right there.
Okay, I'm ready.
You guys leaving?
I'm going to start
an internet company.
Do you want twists or braids?
I- I don't want twists.
- Do you want braids?
- No, I don't want braids.
You want two open ponytails?
Okay. Well,
that's what you've got.
Okay, look at me.
Look at me.
It's okay.
They're actually...
If you look, they're pretty far off.
One's up in the front,
and one's in the back.
- Do you want them even? I want them even.
- No, no.
- No, I don't want them even.
- Don't move.
This is not good enough.
- Gonna get them more even.
- Even.
I know.
Life is tough, babe.
There's a lot of hardship
in life.
And one of them is
your father doing your hair.
That's one of the hardships
of life...
that little girls
have to deal with, just like you.
- How's that?
- It's beautiful.
What do you think?
Oh, my god! You're
wearing a suit that matches.
- I'm wearing a suit...
- And a tie. - And a tie.
I have an important announcement
to make.
And that is that we have
a new C.E.O.
He has recently left
Goldman Sachs...
and is now on full time
with public data systems,
Soon to be govworks.
- So, Kaleil, welcome to the team.
- Thank you, tom.
- We're glad to have you here.
- I want to, in the same vein,
Thank you guys
for your patience.
This is the beginning
of a great thing.
And I'm grateful to all of you
for the confidence in me...
that we're going to be able
to make this happen,
And we are going
to make it happen.
Just look at that
on the screen...
and tell me this is not
the brand of the 21st century.
Govworks. Com. We got it.
This is it.
Well done.
Do you use e-Mail?
Are you on the internet? - No.
- Do you use e-Mail?
- I really do. Yes.
You do?
Let me ask you a question.
We have a company.
We're choosing between two names.
One name is Govworks,
Or nextown,
N-E-X-T-O-W-N. - Nextown.
- If you were going to invest...
- In Nextown, that's right.
- Why?
- Sounds better. I don't know.
It just attracts me more.
I don't like government.
I don't like being
a company that's called "GOV".
Less than ten minutes ago,
we were slapping high fives,
And giving hugs
and spreading love.
And now you're ready
to quit the company.
What company
do you work for? - Nextown.
You work where? In the next
town? - No, no, do this with me.
What's the name of your
company? - Nextown technologies.
- I work for Govworks.
- What do you do?
We're an internet portal.
We facilitate interactions...
between local government
and their constituents.
We help government work.
Do you have $11?
I have four bucks.
This is "charge it day". - This
is the billion dollar start-Up.
We can't pay for dinner.
You know what?
Forget about investors.
What do you want?
I want the company to be called
unto Caesar. Com.
- That's the whole problem.
- Okay.
Hi, I'm Kaleil coming to sell you
a $2 million systems integration,
Uh, Mr. Mayor.
And I'm from unto Caesar.
Nice to meet you. - Yeah.
Come on, now.
I can live with it
because I love it.
At this point, Kaleil,
why don't you...
close your eyes or take a walk,
and come back with a decision.
Because that's ultimately
what you're going to have to do.
When you come back
the decision is going to be final,
And we're all going to be happy
about it. - I'm gonna go meditate.
I did what I do before...
every major decision in my life.
And that is sit and meditate.
And I decided that...
we are Govworks.
- And that...
- That's it.
Let's call it Govworks. Com
for now.
We're not entirely sure
it's gonna be it.
But you go to Govworks. Com
to do basically anything you do
With local government.
It's a tremendous market space.
It's a vertical market
of $586 billion.
When you look at parking
tickets in New York alone,
It's about
a $500 million market.
There's a lot of money sloshing
around in this marketplace.
To get a few crumbs means a lot.
We think we have a set...
of relationships
that can make this happen.
It's a matter of execution. You'll
get the money, you've seen that.
You'll get the money
and the team.
I think it's a business that
goes. Who's the competition?
The guys that potentially
keep me up at night...
You know,
sidewalk. Com or city search...
or somebody deciding
that they want to do this.
- That's why speed is king.
- Yeah.
First mover advantage...
They'll be like any other market.
There'll be two,
three people who make it here.
One who gets half the market,
Two other people
who share the other half.
And everybody else loses.
Come on. Let's get out of here.
You need to get dressed.
You can sleep in the car,
but let's go.
You slept for two hours.
What more do you need?
You're a superstar. You don't need
more than two hours' sleep.
Come on.
Come on, get up.
Let's get out of here
in five minutes, all right?
I can't believe it, dude.
We're here.
You keep saying
we're in San Francisco.
This is not San Francisco.
This is silicon valley.
It's ringing.
Is that a cell phone?
- Hey.
- Hey, it's tom.
Hey, baby.
I want to pass on some good news.
I can hardly contain myself.
I've got a lunch at
Kleiner Perkins at noon.
I just got off the phone
with the guy there.
And he said,
"we really like your idea.
"We know everybody in the valley.
"We just want to talk
about the idea.
"We'll help you
shape the idea as well.
If we're able to do this,
we can move extremely fast".
It's startin' to pay off for us, man.
I want you to know
that I have probably...
Probably five or six people coming
in for tech interviews tomorrow.
So, it's like an unbelieve...
I've already cancelled
a couple things for tomorrow.
It's an unbelievable schedule.
- Thanks, gentlemen.
- Bye.
These guys are freaking out.
It's fucking awesome.
Now we're actually
doing something
Outside the office of Kleiner.
Oh, my god!
It's beautiful out here.
Anyway, it's really nice.
It's really nice, so...
The last point I was
going to make for you is that, um,
"Works" has a very specific
meaning in the software world.
It refers to a very lightweight,
low-End product.
The guy basically gave us
very candid advice.
Does not like working
with government.
Felt like we have to be
on the west coast
To run an internet business.
Was, uh...
Said we were passe...
because we went in
with documents
Instead of a computer
Said that we were, uh, two to
three years behind the times.
That we didn't have anybody
with start-Up experience.
He didn't like
the sapient relationship.
Didn't like the idea
of limitation experience.
He was just there
to tear us apart.
He said the east coast sucks.
He said if you have a business
on the east coast,
You're gonna spend
all your time here anyway.
Sounded as if he did it
out of the goodness of his heart.
This guy doesn't get it.
End of story.
Or we can switch...
No, we've got to switch at
west fourth and get this one.
Seven hundred billion,
I would guess.
It's one of the
larger funds in the country.
If you need recognition,
I've got it.
I'm not sure you and I have met.
I'm tom Herman. - Tom, Dave Hexler.
- I've got three cards. Who wants one?
- I'd love one.
Thank you.
We're not, um,
replacing government.
To answer your question,
three years from now...
we want to be a place
that facilitates...
government processes
that make economic sense to us,
And the place you think of
three years from now...
The first place you think of
to deal with red tape locally.
You think, like,
"There's got to be some
application on Govworks. Com".
I'm very interested
in the building space.
People will come in to
town hall and say,
"We can't find the building plans".
There's an obvious solution:
We get a digital camera,
set something up in the vault.
Someone requests
a building plan on-Line.
It gets uploaded to our server.
They give us $50
and they've got it on CD rom.
Having said that,
that's not the business we're into.
No, but it is a business,
and part of what we can do.
Stuff doesn't change.
Like tom goes into this story...
about digital cameras
In the basement of
someplace in Springfield.
It's got nothing to fucking do
with our business.
And it's like I could talk
about some retail business...
in Virginia that I think...
It doesn't matter
that it's like neat...
or it occurred to him
when he was in Springfield.
It makes us look unfocused,
and he does it again and again.
What the fuck!
Swear to god, the business
will fail if he does that.
Tom, Kaleil. We need to have a
strategy discussion immediately.
I don't care if I miss
the first data meeting
And you miss the rest of the day,
Because we're giving different
messages to different people,
And we can't do that.
We can't have a meeting
with strong capital
Where we give one message...
and you walk in the room
and say, "I disagree, I disagree.
This is the other way
we're gonna do it".
It's really, really
painful for me...
to, to try to make this
when I feel like I have
to fight at each juncture...
every single day
on the same issues, man!
Please call me
as soon as you can on my cellular.
I just want to kind of
open it up to discussion.
Maybe I feel more strongly
about it than... Than other folks.
And maybe... You know, maybe
there's, uh... - When I sat there,
I wasn't thinking, "oh, here's a
V.C. That we want to impress".
I was thinking,
"here's someone who's on our team,
"Who's funded us,
"Who wants to have
a discussion about our strategy,
And we should play devil's
advocate in both directions and..."
We should all trust...
that any one of us will represent
a vision of the business...
that will be seconded, and
"thirded," and fourth and fifth...
by other people on the team
even if we don't really know.
Even if the part
that we're seconding is,
"We're exploring that.
That's something we're debating".
Even if it's like,
"we're really excited about this".
Even if "this"
might change later.
Then we'll all change at once
And have a unified
story while we're changing.
But because we're...
The act of
the contradicting each other...
is so much bigger...
than actually what the substance
of the conversation is,
'Cause that's
what they're looking for.
They're looking for it from day
one. - I would agree. But again,
We were in our confrontation
and debate space.
We should never be
in that space in front of anybody.
- He's the lead investor in this company.
- He sets the price, right?
This guy is price setting
in the second round.
The impact in the room...
I understand that.
I don't want to hear it anymore.
The chairman and former C.E.O.
Of Jackson security is in Atlanta?
And the chairman of the Maynard
Jackson youth foundation.
You're going too fast.
After the Jackson securities...
He's the chairman and founder
Of the Maynard Jackson
youth foundation.
As many of you know, Kaleil and I
went to high school together.
We've talked over the
last couple of years
About starting a
business like this.
And back in November
when he called me and said...
This was after almost a year of
throwing ideas back and forth,
Like virtual tombstones
and on-Line wedding registries,
And a whole host
of other things.
He called me and said,
"how about parking tickets?"
And I said, "wow. That is the best
idea I've heard in a long time".
And thank you, Kaleil,
for leading us here.
I would like to invite...
Maynard Jackson to close for us.
He's, as you know,
a three-Term former mayor of,
Uh, of...
- Atlanta.
- Atlanta, Georgia.
It's great to have him
on our board of directors.
Thank you very much.
Appreciate it.
I see this group
as more than a company.
I see this as a mission.
I think there is
great success down the road,
And I think the primary reason
for the great success is...
it's a legitimate idea
to help people.
And, incidentally,
we're gonna make a lot of money.
That's the best of all the worlds.
This is an enthusiasm shout.
So everybody stand up.
Take your hands out of your
pockets. Put 'em by your side.
Get a deep breath.
I'm gonna ask you,
"what are we gonna do?"
You're gonna say, "rock 'em".
But you're gonna lift this roof.
When are we gonna do it?
Every day.
How are we going to do it?
Every way.
- Are you ready?
- Yes!
- What are we gonna do?
- Rock 'em!
- When are we gonna do it?
- Every day!
How are we
gonna do it? - Every way!
This is like...
What a day.
Can't get my fucking phone
out of my pocket.
I'm so tired, I'm nauseous.
I feel I'm on
the verge of collapse.
When is your sister
gonna be available?
Does she want to answer phones?
Yeah, she's fine
answering phones.
Bottom line is, where are we
roughly in the checkbook?
To the closest zero.
I thought we would be there.
- Like around 20 "K," right?
- Yeah.
Plus the hundred, so we're
back up at like a hundred.
Yes. Plus Julian's dad
wired a hundred, right? - Yeah.
What is the... Who is the
biggest hitter on the planet...
that we can have call highland?
Who is the...
Who is the biggest hitter
that we know and like...
that can call bob Higgins
at highland?
Chris Davey?
You got Chris Davey?
You want to get on, George?
Chris, this is a big call for all
three of our professional lives.
I have a favor of a lifetime
to ask you.
We could be done with
this financing process
With one of the best
V.C. S in the land.
We really want highland.
If you can help them
Our business model,
We could really make this big,
And the rubber's hitting
the road, like, now.
This is definitely
what we were waiting for.
We're really excited. This is the
kind of buy-In that we needed.
Thank you.
- Sure. - You look really good now.
- Shut up.
- Irresistible even.
- Shut up.
Good morning.
How are you? - Good. How are you?
- Is bob around?
- Yes, he is. And your name?
Kaleil Isaza Tuzman.
Want a card?
- Tom?
- Yeah?
This world we're about
to enter is like...
I get a real kick
out of this stuff,
So I'm gonna be a bit
of a... - No problem.
Hard ass.
As much as you'd rather be
back in the office,
I'm realizing that I would much
rather for you to be here. - Done.
- Is that okay?
- Yeah.
This is Kaleil Isaza Tuzman
from Govworks. Com.
I need to speak to Isaac.
He's not in
the office at the moment.
Can I take a message?
Or would you like his voice
mail? - Let me ask your advice.
It's an urgent call. We're at
highland capital in Boston.
They've just put a term sheet
on the table. - Uh-Huh.
- And Isaac is our counsel.
- Right.
And we have, basically,
about an hour window...
to sign or not sign this thing.
We're about to transact definitely
the biggest transaction of my life.
And it's a pretty big number.
They're offering to put in a $17
million investment in the company.
- You can understand my, uh...
- Yeah.
We're basically negotiating
the sale of our baby here, so...
I'm sure glad
you didn't go back.
This would suck
to be here alone, huh? - Yeah.
I'm glad you got
a good night's sleep too. - Yeah.
Not as much as I would
like to have. - No.
Where the hell is our fucking
It's embarrassing the hell
out of us
That we
don't have legal representation.
I mean, really.
It really doesn't make sense.
And we need to get
eyes on the term sheet...
and we need feedback now!
- Let's just...
- Let's dump them.
- After they did this, yeah.
- Absolutely.
I mean, it's ridiculous.
It's ridiculous.
Tom, I think my computer
just blew up,
And I did this whole spreadsheet.
What happened?
Has your screen...
The screen... Little things
started appearing on the screen...
and breaking up
different applications.
And then I did a shutdown.
Isaac speaking.
- Hi, Isaac. How are you?
- Good. How are you?
I'm okay.
You have us in the lurch here.
I apologize, guys,
But I've been out of the office,
and I'm still at the printer.
Been here for
the last four days.
We've done our diligence
on these guys, and they have...
They're the only V.C.
At this point.
I've visited probably 12
of the top 15 V.C. S in the country.
They're the only ones that
everyone likes. We want to do this.
The question is... Do you think
we're getting screwed?
These guys are talking all nice
About how they don't
want to be too in our faces,
And they want to let us
continue to run things.
And they're not gonna be
too controlling
About who we bring in
as other investors.
And all this stuff.
You definitely get the sense...
that once all is said and done,
They're gonna definitely
be aggressively...
managing this investment.
Bob Higgins from
highland just walked in the room.
So whenever you guys are ready,
just let me now.
Bob Higgins, this is a partner
of Wilson, Santini,
Isaac and Vaughn,
our primary counsel.
- How are you?
- Great.
What's the total amount
of money we're raising?
Up to 17 million.
It's good that you're asking 'cause
it's changed from that document.
On the investment section
in the beginning?
I think maybe
you should have Isaac...
Are you going through this for
the first time with Isaac? - Yeah.
Maybe you should have him
go through it with you.
I think you guys should feel
well-Educated on the legal issues.
If we want to have lawyers
involved, that's okay with me,
But I'd just as soon not.
You don't have your
attorney there, do you? - Correct.
Why don't we split
the difference and do a cap at 180?
Split it between
four and five "X".
Are you okay with that?
- You had said four to five "X".
- Four and a half.
- Four and a half would be 180.
- All right, fine.
And we agree on everything else,
because if we keep reopening...
You reopened the options,
which I think was terrific.
You asked Isaac, "how
do you feel about the options?"
- I was asking for his opinion.
- I know.
- I don't want to agree...
- We're not reopening.
I'm open to these as soon as
we can resolve all issues.
You know that I'm trying to
finish this up. - So let's finish it up.
- Are we there?
- I have one more question.
One more question. I'm thorough.
We agreed... - I'm agreeing
to none of these things...
until we surface
all of the issues.
Highland is not
gonna give us anything.
They are more trouble
to us at this point.
They're a pain in the ass.
They're telling us what to do
With the fucking
board of directors.
They are giving us
a lousy valuation.
They're diluting the shit out
of us before they come in.
And, and we're wasting
our time, to boot.
I'm tired of these...
Of this shit!
I just wanna raise some money
and go do the fucking thing.
The best things in life
are free
but you can keep 'em
for the birds and bees
money that's what I want
that's what I want
money, all I need
that's what I want
that's what I want
money don't get everything
it's true
but what it don't get, baby
I can't use
money that's what I want
that's what I want, yeah
all I need
that's what I want
We closed ten million
of the deal, uh, yesterday.
Yeah. So what do you think's
gonna happen, Jose?
I think it's gonna be
highland, Kleiner,
Eight and six.
And we're gonna go
I.P.L. In six months.
- You're gonna be a billionaire.
- That's what I want.
You're gonna be a billionaire.
I'm gonna be a lowly
millionaire, but that's okay.
Dude, you know,
Kaleil's two favorite words...
Are "heuristic" and "prolistic".
I'm so sick of hearing "heuristic"
coming out of your mouth.
"Heuristically, you know..."
It's a holistic, heuristic...
No, it's heuristic
and it's query.
And I'm sick of hearing both.
"Query? Query it.
Query as to whether or not..."
Kaleil will say heuristic again.
And "visceral".
Visceral's another good one.
- Mr. Cheung.
- What's goin' on?
- It's time to get to work, man.
- On what?
We've been working all night
on the business plan.
We've been leaving you messages.
We're over at Kaleil's place.
Everybody's there practically.
It's a significant stake,
and he put money in it
But if he doesn't believe in
the business and
That's why he hasn't left his job...
This is Kaleil, man.
Look, the entire team
has been here...
basically the last two days
working on this.
And, you know, I don't know
what the deal was
When Julian came over,
But I'm gonna be fucking
disappointed if you don't get
Over here and help us out.
There's employees busting
their ass for the company,
- And it's just not fair.
- He's a minority shareholder,
And you guys can buy him out.
- It's Chieh. - It is?
- Yeah.
What's up, dude? - We heard
you put this together last time.
This is what
we worked on. Here's the revenue.
These pages are basically
the revenue model,
And here's the outcome
for three scenarios.
Tom, the reason I wanted
to call you...
I know it's an awkward time.
But it makes a hell of a lot
of sense for a lot of reasons...
to buy out Chieh and Susan
at a dollar a share.
Think about it. From his
perspective, it's quite a nice thing.
You walk away with
a half million bucks.
So, Chieh, what are we gonna do?
I don't think it'll get ugly.
There shouldn't be a need
to come to that.
I hope.
I would be stronger than that.
It won't get ugly.
We all are friends,
so we'll make this work.
One of the saddest things
about business...
And I never realized it
When you watch ideas,
like anything...
Maybe this is how parents feel
about their children.
But when you watch 'em grow,
there's kind of a sadness...
to what they grow beyond
what you can do for them.
It really is.
Step outside of yourself.
I know it's not your style.
But make an extra special effort
to give warm fuzzies.
Okay? Trust me.
It'll go a long way.
Let's figure out something
where you, I and tom
Don't get bogged down.
That's the best thing.
Chieh, how old are you?
Twenty-Five in October.
Hey, Chieh, this is tom.
I wanted to get a chance
to talk with you.
The cash alone seems like
a sum of money...
that I would be...
I wouldn't know what to do with.
What I don't understand is
What has changed between
today and yesterday.
My point is, we are founders.
We're not just employees.
We put together with
a lot of sweat,
And a lot of
the value of the company...
And all the capital was created
in the very beginning.
Hey, Chieh, calm down.
You're going to be
sitting at Goldman, Sachs...
making a half a million dollars,
and you'll be fine.
Chieh, I'm-I'm fighting
for you on this issue.
Don't turn on me.
Yeah. Bye.
What was the final proposal?
Mayfield's attitude
has been like this.
They started at talking about
$500,000 as a buyout for Chieh.
And they've gone like that
each day.
And I've been telling Chieh that
each day.
every day this gets worse".
He thinks it's gettin' better,
And it ain't gettin'
better. It's gettin' worse.
He put up cash,
he worked hard...
The man worked...
after hours for...
about four months, five months.
Um, and put in presumably
$19,000 of his own money.
His career is totally intact,
he didn't take any risk,
And would be walking away
with $400,000.
They would prefer
if he just took all the cash.
They could take over $410,000.
It's hard to...
It's a sweetheart deal.
He also insinuated to me
on the phone
All kinds of other
nasty things he can do.
If he thinks I'm gonna
respond well to threats,
- He's sadly mistaken.
- You know Chieh the best.
Is this something
we need to be worried about?
He's not gonna get any mileage
out of me. I'll smush him.
I don't like being threatened.
I think he realizes
his legal case is weak.
That doesn't mean
He couldn't sabotage
the Goldman relationship,
Sabotage the potential Goldman
I.P.O., Sabotage the business,
Sabotage us personally.
It's disgusting. - Could he
get on the phone with Ezgov?
Why not? He could do
whatever the fuck he wants.
He couldn't get on the phone,
But he could send
him a manilla envelope.
Chieh, it's tom.
Are you awake? - I'm awake.
Let's blow this right down
to its assets.
This is about money for you.
And you want 800,000 bucks,
And this offer is $400,000.
It's sad and ironic that it's
about that, but it is about that.
So I'm feeling extorted.
We don't want to have
a litigious situation,
And don't B.S. Me.
It's about the money.
It's obviously about the money.
So just tell me
how much money you need.
I told you this morning...
Right. You want $800,000.
This offer's $400,000.
Do you want cash or equity?
Can we split it down the middle?
It's not gonna be
through the V.C.S.
And it's gonna have to be,
you know...
- It's gonna have to be personal.
- That feels right to you?
That we should pay you off cash
out of our pockets?
Not cash.
There we are.
So, um, sounds like...
we need to give you $700,000.
Now, given that we are...
giving you $700,000...
Is that worth it
for their relationships?
Look, he's answered
the question.
He's already
answered the question.
That's how it goes,
but that's the answer.
That the money is
definitely more important. Okay.
Hey, guys, it's... Let's do it.
Chieh, if you thought I cared
about the number of shares at all,
You're way off; I don't even
know how many shares I own.
- Hey, Tommy.
- Yeah?
Gimme a hug.
Did that hurt you
a lot? - Yeah.
That was much more personal
for you than it was for me.
- It was.
- I'm sorry.
- Hey, tom.
- Yeah?
Y-You're one of the, um,
The most amazing people
that I've ever known.
You fit into that category too.
The V.C. S won't close until
this is a resolved issue.
Okay. My personal
solution with Chieh
Should not stop the financing.
We're running out of money, tom.
Jose's flipping out.
He's tearing his hair out.
We don't have money.
- Do you want to call him?
- No, I don't want to talk to him.
Each page is in triplicate.
What'd you tell him
as far as the retreat is concerned?
I told him to go to hell.
Did you really?
No. I said, "you're not
invited. Please don't come".
In about that tone
and in exactly those words.
No one likes getting nabbed
for a traffic ticket,
But one web site
Is pitching away to
keep the police at bay, sort of.
It's a web site that meshes
with your local municipality,
Allowing you to pay everything
from tickets to taxes virtually.
Kaleil Isaza Tuzman
is our guest.
Welcome to digital jam.
I promised I wouldn't
garble it too much.
Why don't you say it once
so we get it correct?
Kaleil Isaza Tuzman.
It's been happening my
whole life, so I'm used to it.
Uh, you got 15 million bucks
in the Mayfield fund.
Are you looking
for another round anytime soon?
I think they reported that
as a slightly low number.
We raised almost $20 million
From a number of players
in the west and east coasts.
We might do another round
in the next few months.
Which would mean that on paper
the company is worth what now?
Current valuation of the company
is just shy of $50 million.
Speech! Speech!
Maybe I'm speechless.
Thank you all very much.
This is, uh...
This is wonderful.
And I don't think I could ask
for a lot more
To happen on my birthday.
And I have a lot to do
before I turn 30.
- How old are you now?
- I'm 28.
I want to toast my partner
and brother rat.
- Tom.
- And back at you.
And all of you...
for all of the wonderful,
wonderful work...
in making this dream a reality.
And another one.
We need a drumroll for this.
A serious drumroll.
And the grand prize goes to...
Jose and Pam for closing
$18.4 million!
I'd like to welcome you all,
and thank you for coming...
all this distance this morning.
It wouldn't be a true
summer camp adventure
Without a camp director.
So I'd like to introduce your camp
director. - Thank you very much.
Thank you.
Thank you.
My name is Richard Herman.
This is a very proud moment
for me...
as it is for tom's mom,
Susan Herman, right there.
Tom and Kaleil, who spent their
high school years under my roof...
and under Kaleil's mother's roof
Dreaming and scheming
about their futures.
So I was excited and proud
to have that honor...
of being the first one
to write the first little check.
I am tom's dad,
in case you were wondering.
Now, I know, it's kind of
peculiar probably,
For me to expect you
to sing at, uh,
Five minutes of 9:00
on Saturday morning...
After you've been driving
all night, but let's do it anyhow.
From the beginning.
I wanna wake up in the morning
where the purple lilacs grow
where the sun comes peepin'
into where I'm sleepin'
and the songbirds say hello
I wanna wonder through
the Wildwood
where the fragrant breezes blow
and drift back to new Hampshire
where the purple lilacs grow
I'd love to tell you
a little about this place...
we're in right now,
'Cause it's one of
the more special places in my life.
It has somewhat of
a cathedral feel to it,
And it's always been one of
the places I've come to meditate.
If you're really silent,
You can hear the wind going
through the pine needles above...
in a really remarkable fashion.
And it makes it an even more
special place to meditate.
Hey, Tommy, it's Kaleil.
Wonderful weekend.
You're a superhero
for what you did.
I thought it was
fantastic for the team,
And thank you for your
flexibility with me...
as we struggle through
some of these leadership issues.
Tomorrow we have
a news crew in...
From a national TV show called
Despierta, America,
Which means, "wake up, America".
This is all Dora's
wonderful doing.
Senator Gonzalez can't know
that Dora and I are dating.
Could I ask the people that
are at both ends to get closer,
Because we're looking for
the visual effect
Of a lot of people
screaming together.
If you can use your hands...
As excited as you can get,
As visual you can get,
the better.
I'm gonna say the lines.
Don't worry about
what I'm saying.
You just have to say
the big ones.
Si is the first one.
- Si.
- Si.
- Ganar.
- Ganar!
- Siempre.
- Siempre!
- Trabajando.
- Trabajando!
The "J" is a "ha".
Maybe when you say
the last one, trabajando,
You could put
your right fist up.
That's... No, no.
No. No. No.
That's the symbol of the Nazi
party. We're not doing that.
I'm serious, we're not doing that.
Asi. If you want
to do it like this, fine.
I wanted to get me a dog.
I wanted to get me a dog but
he doesn't want to get me a dog.
He's telling me that if I move in
with him, he'll get me a dog.
Then every time I get close
to making this decision,
He kind of backs out
on the dog a little bit.
I really want him to get me a dog.
He can take the dog to work.
I figure that if he
gives the dog the name,
Then maybe he will be
more attached to the dog.
I really want to be with Kaleil
for many, many years.
And I'm proud of him.
And I'm sure this is
going to slow down a little bit.
I'm sure he will be
proud of my career as well,
And I will be proud
of his career.
But this has been
a very interesting time.
And this whole
Govworks situation
Has a very human side to it,
Because you see a whole bunch
of guys acting very grown up...
with their ties,
and their cuff links,
And their little pens,
And their credit cards.
They look so, uh...
They, um...
They're such
grown-Up gentlemen.
But you know what?
They're not!
- Right now I'm in the zone, mom.
- In the zone?
I am. I'm doing what I want
to be doing. - I'm so happy.
Is everything
all right? - Everything's fine.
Then why are you calling me
at 1:00 in the morning?
I could've been sleeping.
Well, are you in love with Dora?
- I don't know.
- You don't know?
I don't know.
I'm taking it slow.
Take it slow, that's great.
No hurry.
The problem is, I go into zones
of being attracted
And not being attracted.
You go through...
What is that?
I go through ups and downs
of being attracted to her. - Ahh!
I never don't like her. I never
don't love her even, but I go...
That's important
to be aware of. - Yeah, it is.
Maybe it's fear. It's, like, getting
to commitment you have fear.
Dora says some things like,
you know,
"You have to buy me a puppy.
It's either a puppy or a child".
And that kind of thing
freaks me out, mom,
'Cause I don't want
a puppy or a child.
Hi. Hi.
David, this my mother Ani.
This is David Carmel.
- Pleasure to meet you.
- Good to meet you.
He's been doing a decent job.
A decent job.
She's only proud when I,
when I do something...
When I do something k'velling,
when I do something nice.
This kind of stuff
doesn't make her proud.
How do you mean that?
The outward accomplishment
stuff is... I don't know.
The outer accomplishments
are a reflection of the inner too.
All right. - So it's not like...
You know what I mean?
It's not like
I mean... - Very good.
It was nice of you
to give us a buzz.
I didn't think you'd want me to.
So I called. "If you want me
to stop by, just tell me.
I understand if you don't".
- Why not?
- That's how I am anyway.
I don't know Atlanta that well.
You guys on peachtree?
- Seventeenth peachtree.
- Okay. - Yeah.
It's a totally strategic move
on Kaleil's part to, uh,
To invite the competitor in
and see how they operate,
Especially if they're not
at this level.
I recognized his face from the
web site I look at every day.
I thought, "oh, my goodness.
What is happening here?"
Mr. Camp, this is Brian Mundy.
- Brian, David camp.
- Good to meet you.
- Your name is familiar.
- Chairman of Ezgov.
That's why it's familiar.
How are you?
How you guys selling? - Excellent.
What's the big trade
secret you're dying to ask of us...
And that we're dying
to ask of you?
What's the big
launch plan question of the day?
- I don't have any.
- Come on.
No, I don't.
I can't believe
you came in here just out of...
Pure goodwill and curiosity.
You've got to get to know me.
That's definitely
the kind of person I am.
You'll be surprised.
Down the road you'll say,
"why did Brian do that?
That really helped us".
I'll help anybody I can.
That's the way we are.
- Chris, Brian Mundy.
- Nice to meet you.
- Sean core, Brian Mundy.
- Hi, Sean.
Brian is the chairman
of our chief competitor, Ezgov.
So you've got the bug
planted now, or what?
You're gettin'
a lot of flack! I don't know why.
We didn't slander your company.
We just heard about you
a week ago.
Uh, I don't know what I did
to freak everybody out.
You probably don't want
to go home wearing this.
- I think you should.
- That's awesome.
I love your logo too,
by the way.
- It's this man's.
- Is it?
Yeah, it's David's doing.
I don't know if it's
the right size, but I can adjust it.
Are people gonna be surprised
When you walk into
your office in that?
The only thing I ask for is a trade.
I've got your card.
We'll send one up. - Perfect.
Good deal.
These are great.
Good to meet you.
I appreciate everybody being
here. We're real excited about...
Government going on-Line,
We're excited about Ezgov. Com
being that destination.
We will be available next door
for interviews,
And we look forward
To developing a relationship
with you all...
in the months and years to come
As we deliver more
applications over the internet.
Let the Ezgov. Com
revolution begin.
See this, ironically,
As a positive event
in this marketplace.
Not... There's no smoke and
mirrors in that comment.
They see it as a sign of fear.
They see it as a sign of fear.
They know we're launching.
They're launching something
that is not comparable.
The are following our footsteps.
They're using our language.
They're using our ideas.
And it's okay.
Imitation is
the best form of flattery.
I refuse... Refuse!
Refuse to loose.
I will... There are
some people in this room...
who have known me
for quite a long time.
And I get my fingernails
into the wall.
You have to drag me away.
I will not...
not lose this fight.
So hang with me.
This is gonna be a fun ride.
I felt it in my bones.
I was trying it over
the last couple of weeks.
Tell people I could feel
it's gonna get bumpy.
That's what happens when
you've got a great idea,
And we're in a big market.
It's gonna get bumpy.
It's gonna get rough-And-Tumble.
- Let's stick to who we are.
- Before we cheer for Kaleil...
Don't cheer for me.
I think his leadership
in this kind of situation...
is what is really
gonna make this happen.
I know a lot of you feel
very differently now...
than you did
about three minutes ago.
That's because of his ability
to lead a group.
I wanted to add
a couple things to that,
Not the least of which is...
I've never seen Kaleil
lose a fight either,
Except possibly with me.
- Kaleil Isaza Tuzman, Robert Pitt.
- How do you do?
Kaleil is Govworks. Com.
Last week they closed
an $18 million round.
They're going to make
municipal government efficient.
Good luck. - Thank you.
It's quite a challenge.
- It's a $600 billion market.
- All these markets are big.
It's a matter of who's
gonna make money in them.
That's the big question.
He's the former president
of New York telephone,
But is now running the world.
- It's a good thing to do.
- Not quite.
Head of the free
world. - Yeah, not quite.
Mr. Rockefeller,
before he sits down.
People keep saying, like,
It's great, it's amazing,
And how it's growing
and all the rest.
And yet, each morning
I wake up with a morbid fear.
It's, like, just making sure
the business survives another day.
The V.C. S are not in this
for charity.
Scoping is strategy.
It's what you're gonna do...
If we make scoping decisions,
And you come back and say,
"I don't like how this ended up.
Let's re-Scope it..."
There's a certain point
at which you do have to give up...
a little bit of the strategy
to us.
We can't all do everything.
I totally trust you...
in the, uh,
in the venture capital space.
I think that
my strategic input...
into the building of our product
is important.
- Nobody disagrees.
- I think it's...
Is it more important
than getting the money?
- It's not more important.
- I agree.
We might be at a place where
we might have to compromise...
to a certain degree, and you...
Part of it is
a compromising ego.
It's not an ego thing.
And I'm not saying you're
not important in the process.
But I strongly feel there's
a limited bandwidth...
and there's a lot
of stuff to get done,
And you need to focus
on the financing stuff.
The scope of our product,
which I was a person...
that was deeply involved...
with creating the
vision of the product,
Is a point in which
I need to be involved.
I won't feel comfortable moving
forward if I'm not involved.
Let's set aside a time
when it's convenient for you.
Maybe it's from 8:00 at night
to 8:00 in the morning.
We should do a weekend block.
That's what we should do.
I'm not available
for weekend blocks.
I'm with my daughter on
weekends. End of story.
I didn't tell Tia that I wasn't
gonna see her this weekend.
Sit down and eat, dad,
right now.
- Sit down and I get a lap?
- Yes, look.
Pick me up and look.
You can't jump up?
- Sit here? - Yep.
- Sit in your lap.
Do you want to read a book
with me before I go?
- Where you going?
- I have to go tonight.
I have to go.
- I want you to stay.
- I know, but I can't.
You're gonna hang out with nana.
You're not usually
as upset about this.
We'll do that build.
We'll test that build.
We'll test it all day.
We'll go live onto the site.
We'll test it all day
on the site Saturday, Sunday.
Then we'll go public on Monday.
In the "ask,"
I said "parking tickets".
And it says, "help us refine
your question.
"By park,
do you mean last name park...
or first name park?"
That's horrible.
Parking tickets.
You mean the last name
or the first name?
"The last name park or..." - Has
anyone gotten a good answer...
- To anything at ask?
- No.
- Not that I know of.
- Let's try speeding tickets.
I put "speeding tickets" in...
And it gave me the name of
the personnel director in...
I don't even know what town.
Charles speed, the personnel
director at Amarillo, Texas.
All this ask function is
is an embarrassment.
Yesterday he was asking me,
"Is may your first name
or is may your last name?"
The next biggest issue,
Which everyone here
in the room discovered,
Is ask.
Ask just simply doesn't work.
I can't release this site.
I can't put it into the market.
There's some very angry
board members,
And I don't want that anger
to come onto my head.
We've raised $50 million.
We're out in the market
raising another $100 million.
We're in a market space
that could have...
The leader in this
market space is gonna be...
a multibillion-Dollar company.
It's the largest uncharted
territory on the net.
David, when are we gonna have
a chance to see the final site?
I'm still away a step from
the home page. It's not done yet.
Actually, you can see it from
home. As soon as it's up, it's up.
But I don't know when to
call you and say, "that's it.
That's the final one".
I'd like to sign off
before it goes up. - Yeah. Right.
- Go downstairs and close-Test it.
- That's a very good idea.
Close it off.
Thanks very much. Testing is over.
- You may continue from home.
- Okay. Good. Let's do that then.
Guys, I've asked the entire
Govworks test team...
to continue their
work from Govworks.
This is stuff that can be done
from a different facility.
This is much more efficient.
We have a lot of people
here. We have momentum.
We're going into a big week.
We're paying them
eight and a half million dollars.
I understand.
Who cares what they...
Seriously, it doesn't matter.
The least they can do is
keep the damn floor open.
Just get him to take one out.
Hey, forget it.
You realize... - David,
I want to keep this floor open.
- I didn't... Tom said that.
- Okay, great.
We're keepin'
the floor open, guys.
I'm sorry, guys,
about the back and forth.
I'm sorry about the confusion.
- All right? Thank you.
- Got it.
I'd like to pay my parking
ticket before we go live.
So you don't want to pay it
on the live site?
That's it.
Transaction complete.
It is a cool little engine.
Can I take my two seconds right
now, then, as people are leaving,
And just say thank you,
it's been an incredible weekend.
The engineers who are here...
working for the
last however many days...
It's been amazing. Thanks a lot.
Let's go drink some beer.
Thanks, everyone.
We're live tonight.
We did it.
What an amazing weekend.
Kaleil was right. We
should've pushed for this point.
We did, and we're there.
I think it would be good now...
I'll just go over to Kaleil Tuzman,
The Cofounder and C.E.O.
Of Govworks. Com,
- To talk, and the floor is yours.
- Thank you, Mr. President.
I have the great pleasure to be
sitting next to professor Putnam...
who used to be the dean
of the school of government...
where I intended to finish
my graduate studies, and didn't.
Um, so...
I feel...
particularly empowered.
When it comes to
democratic representation,
There's nothing that
can fulfil, really,
Atomic-Level representative
democracy like the internet.
It was fun.
And afterwards, they showed
you talking to Clinton one on one.
Oh, really? - Speedo swears
you handed him a business card.
- I did.
- Yeah, right.
- I did hand him one. Right.
- You seemed like...
- I also talked to him about the C.E.O. Job.
- Did you really?
We were watching it.
You were definitely
telling him, like, you know,
- What the options package is.
- I told him about that stuff.
I told him that when
he moved to New York...
that he should consider...
a job with us if Hilary wins.
- He'll be... So...
- Yeah. It was unbelievable.
Just call and say,
"I'm here. I'm okay. It's okay.
"I'm doing okay. I love you.
"I will not be able
to see you for four or five days,
But I'll call you tomorrow".
One time, "I will call you".
Kaleil says, "you
measure my love in phone calls".
It's not in phone calls. It's that
if you pick up the phone and say,
"Dorita, I'm gonna be working.
"I won't be seeing you
for a couple of days.
I love you and I am okay.
Are you okay?"
"Yes, I'm okay".
With that you can
keep me going...
three weeks.
Hello? Andressa, I'm terribly
sorry to wake you at this hour.
It's Kaleil.
Um, we have a little bit
of a situation.
We had a break-In
to the office last night,
And it looks like,
from the dynamics of the break-In,
It looks like it could be
corporate espionage.
Uh, they forced entry
into my office,
Went to the trouble of
disconnecting my computer cable,
My security cable,
and stole my computer.
It's totally ransacked.
- Could've been.
- We're assuming a coworker?
I'm not assuming that,
but I would say that it's likely,
Given what I see so far
and what I've heard.
Most of these were opened,
And the fronts were
ripped off a lot of them.
Everybody has access
to the elevator?
You have a shut-Off,
you have a key to...
- Yeah.
- Floor by floor?
Yes, we do. The lock
on the fifth floor wasn't working,
But we were only letting in
people we knew. - Mm-Hmm.
- I have bad news.
- Okay.
Okay. I had some files in my
legal section that are missing.
They went directly
to your computer,
To your desk, to your files,
To Nicole's, to Patrick's.
Uh, I've had better days.
Yeah, well, as I look
around the office...
it looks pretty clear to us...
that they were looking
for specific information.
It occurred sometime, we believe,
between 1:00 a.m. And 6:00 a.m.
I think I know what time
they were here.
It was when my computer
was shut down.
There was actually
no security violations,
But the computer had some
weird errors on it.
It was shut down
and recorded it around 3:21 a.m.
It's totally premeditated.
This is not a random burglary.
They can definitely get in,
And they can definitely
make a mess of our site.
They can redirect our site
to a porn site...
very easily if they had
all those things.
Listen, Kaleil, you know,
we learned a lesson,
- And...
- I hope it wasn't a fatal lesson.
Yeah, I hope it wasn't a fatal
lesson, too, but maybe it was.
Maybe it was a fatal lesson.
Maybe you're right.
I mean, we learned a lesson...
And right now, you know,
we deal with it.
We've got people that have
come in...
That are helping us
do the shit we need to do.
As usual, we'll do the best
that we can...
And deal with whatever happens...
And not get too upset about it.
We still live in nice places, and
we'll both move on to great jobs.
So, uh, you know,
That's, like,
worst-Case scenario.
It would've been a fun year.
We'll go start
a different company,
Do something a little less...
Ay yi yi.
What is this, like,
hand signal that you're doing?
- I'm sorry?
- What is this, like, hand signal?
You have to look
to answer that question.
Why are you being
so mean to me today?
Because I haven't seen you
for a long time.
Every time I call you,
you're, like, "I'll call you back,"
And you never do.
I do call you back.
- No, you don't.
- I do.
I left you four messages
in the course of three days.
I said to leave me a message
if you can't get ahold of me,
And you didn't.
- You didn't even call me.
- No, don't badger me.
Well, what are you doing?
You're not looking up
things anymore.
You're writing an e-Mail.
- That's because I finished...
- And I'm going to leave you.
- Everything closes at 10:00.
- Do I have to...
Oh, so you're going to write
an e-Mail and not tell me?
That's what you're doing now...
while I'm sitting here reading?
It sounds so stark when you
put things that way.
You know what?
You're supposed to
already be on vacation by now.
I'm not ready.
Almost. Any minute.
Bye. Can you
take this back?
Hold on a second.
She's mad.
Well, not just a bad day on
wall street,
A record-Setting
bad day on wall street.
Friday the 14th of April 2000...
No less, the anniversary
of the sinking of the titanic...
A titanic struggle
today for investors.
In pointage terms,
it has never been this messy,
And it has never been this bad.
Our business is
in serious trouble.
Our business is? Give me the
ten boxes. - A lot of reasons.
Okay. - I just want you to
know the degree of urgency.
I don't think that I felt
telling you as
an executive in the hall,
- And I just think you should know.
- Because of the revenue numbers?
I think we're
personally at risk.
I've had some pretty ugly
with board members
over the last couple days.
What are you saying?
That the board would consider...
Getting rid of us
'cause of this? - Yeah.
They were just...
They're probably...
I mean...
That's cool.
You're concerned
about the problem.
You're concerned
about the revenue.
I don't want to give you
the wrong idea.
I'm deeply concerned
about the revenue,
But I'm not concerned
about the board.
I'm not personally
at risk anyway.
Oh. Okay.
I mean, I could be at risk
for losing the job.
Again, that would surprise me,
but that's possible.
Um, but that wouldn't be the end
of the world for me at this point.
I think this is
a serious crisis, tom.
For 27 days...
What are the requirements
that we're trying to fulfill...
you know, at a very
bare-Minimum level?
- You know...
- At a very bare-Minimum level,
Our business requirements
are very simple,
And they haven't changed.
We need to be able to collect
credit cards, electronic checks,
Debit cards,
We need to be able to collect
data on these things...
And we need to be able to
pass it to municipalities. - Right.
Listen, I... I hear you,
I want to involve you guys,
And I understand that you guys
think you know better than me.
- But...
- We don't know better,
But we know that what
we have today doesn't work.
You don't know that!
What we have today does work.
That's the problem...
Then why are we fixing it?
We're fixing it
because there are problems.
It's not gonna do everything
we want it to do for the future.
It's a great first step.
All right?
We built... - We're not gonna get
anywhere in this conversation.
And it's not like we have
a bunch of geniuses learning code.
That's not... - I just
don't want you guys to tell us,
"Stop what doing you're doing,
Wait ten days for
us to figure out what we want..."
So you can build something
totally from scratch...
based on what you want.
If you want to work together...
Is this a conversation
you want to end by walking out?
This, I guess, tension, uh,
Confusion about the areas that
you're gonna take on,
The areas you're
not gonna take on.
I do want you to know
a little bit about...
how my relationship
with Kaleil works,
Because, you know,
we're not really co-C.E.O. S,
But in some ways we really are,
Because at the end of the day,
we have an agreement that...
That decisions
regarding the company...
are made by
the two of us together.
As a result, I find myself
functionally responsible...
for a lot of things that go
way beyond technology.
That's fine, but, you know,
Respect that there's
a structure for a reason.
Roy just sounded
like he was about to,
You know, have
a nervous breakdown.
I'm just parking out front
right as we speak.
I'll see you there.
Right now,
there's no other way to put it:
We are getting
blown out of the water.
Our site is not as good
as our competitors' site...
It's not.
And that should scare the
living daylights out of all of us.
I'm a little frustrated
as well, tom,
That it has to be
laid out as a priority.
It should be the M.D.F.'S
priority all the time...
to beat the competition.
We need to be given
clear directions...
so that we can focus our energy...
on whatever it is that is
the most important thing.
It can't just be, you know,
"make the site fantastic".
That's just simply not
specific enough.
When I talk to somebody out
there, and I tell them...
I want to raise
200 million bucks...
at a humongous valuation,
That they should,
hopefully, you know...
The first thing they gotta do
is to go into our site.
After they go to the site,
they go,
"Hmm. Who are they
competing with? Ezgov.
Link to GOV."
And that happens
to me every day. Every day today.
We're too far behind.
We're getting hurt.
We're getting hurt in ways
that you guys don't see. - No, I see.
Because Jose and I are on the
front lines of that kind of pain.
We know how it could be
a fatal blow.
What do we do?
What I'm hearing
from you is that,
Uh, is that you think
I'm not the right person...
to lead this company
strategically on technology.
I know that on the ground,
I'm not the person
to manage technology day to day.
I'm not the engineer,
and I'm not the project manager.
That's why I'm so excited
about Vassoo.
He knows how to operate
the technology part.
He's gonna do a great job.
I don't want this conversation
to be about Vassoo.
I need this to be about...
About, uh... About you and me.
You don't respect my authority.
It's safe to say it's difficult
for me not because, you know,
I get high off of
you respecting my authority,
But because I have a job...
that I'm trying to perform.
It's very difficult
to perform that job...
when that's the case.
You know, I spent the last 20
years of my life on technology.
Now after I get to the point...
where I'm able to
build an organization to do that,
I'm just gonna...
If we're co-C.E.O. S,
then we're co-C.E.O.S.
But don't tell me
anything different.
If that's the way it works,
then I need to know...
that that's the way
you think it works.
And you know what?
I'll leave.
It's the same
discussion we had before.
You know, it's not gonna work.
I- I-I...
So I need to know
what it is you want to do.
Then I'll make the decision
about whether I stay. - Okay.
I'm... I'm gonna go
on vacation for two weeks.
I'll communicate with you...
and I'll communicate
with Jerome and Barbara.
That's about it.
And, uh...
it's very difficult to do.
You know that I have...
I love you.
These are difficult things
to say, because, uh...
You just need to
make sure that, uh...
Neil Weisenfeldt...
His rent received on the 20th...
and that Alyssa
is taken care of.
Alex, this is tom Herman.
How are you?
Good. I haven't
spoken to you for a while.
I'm at a point where
the company is considering...
bringing in some, ah,
some more senior talent.
There's a very good chance
that I'll be leaving,
And I need to negotiate
a settlement with our board...
As they try to consolidate
leadership with one C.E.O.,
I become more and more of a
problem, and I understand that.
I am.
That's my nature.
They've asked me to take
a three-Month paid time-Off...
with continued vesting.
I feel I should settle now
instead of settle in three months.
Tom's a friend of mine,
you know?
We've been working
20-Hour days...
for a year and change
on this stuff,
So it's tough.
But it's important to separate
the business from the personal.
- Yep.
- It's the right thing to do...
from the company's perspective.
He was basically the one
that got me a start,
Gave me the chance, you know?
I have gotten legal counsel
at this point,
And my counsel has told me,
"don't leave the office".
Said, "go back in and tell them..."
And this is what I'm
basically telling you...
"Go back in, tell them that
you're ready to work things out...
"and that you don't want
to take a vacation...
until you're given formal
notice..." Of something or other...
that is in writing
and is sent to my counsel.
Well, I wish we weren't
on this path.
I- I-I understand...
I understand you're
following counsel,
And you're doing
what you need to do.
So I...
I know that in...
Yeah. And so, you know,
I would do the same thing.
I just... Please, as you
go about this process here,
Anything you can do
to keep the team...
Even if you don't agree
with what's being done,
I'm trying to keep it
as positive as possible, so...
It's not something that
the rest of the company...
needs to know about.
It could be between you
and me and the board. - All right.
It could have
a settlement attached
That includes
a significant cash component.
I've requested that.
I'm assuming that
the board is working on that.
But now I'm telling the board
I will not leave the office...
until, um,
until that is dealt with.
Please... Please don't take
my change in attitude...
as anything personal.
I still honestly have as first
and foremost in my mind...
the interests of Govworks,
But not to the exclusion of...
Of, uh, doing what my own legal
counsel suggests I should do.
Okay. Thanks, tom.
So... - I feel like
I'm on the verge of becoming...
Of getting into a sort of
a nasty fight with the board.
- About what?
- About my termination.
Just take a month, and,
like, get some perspective.
You know?
Get some perspective? But
what's gonna happen in a month?
I can't leave if Vassoo
has everyone pitted...
against each other,
And the entire tech team's
going to quit while I'm away.
- That's my problem.
- No, it's not anymore.
But it is my problem if I have
1.2 million shares in the company.
Hey. Hey, guys.
I wanted to let you know
where I am and what I'm doing.
Let me write it down.
- There's not much to write down.
- Okay.
You can pass this message
onto Kaleil if you want. Whatever.
I've been working...
- On the Louisiana state portal thing...
- Okay.
- With A.M.S. And with Microsoft.
- Okay.
And I am continuing
to finish that stuff.
- I'm here to work.
- Okay.
- I like my job.
- Okay.
- And, uh, so I'm doing it.
- Okay.
This letter is a request
for termination.
Why don't you want to
negotiate this...
or talk about it
before you go to this...
You and the board
are on board with that?
Okay. Because you understand...
that if there is no
possibility for a cash settlement,
It's going to get very ugly,
and, I would add...
that I would, you know,
much prefer that,
Uh, that you chill out
a little bit...
instead of precipitating this,
And let me stay in the office...
while you try and work out
an adjustment...
to my employment agreement...
so that I can comfortably
take a leave of absence.
Obviously, I want to support you
in making that happen.
I don't know.
You're making a mistake.
But I understand you need
to run the business...
as you need to run it,
So, um, that's your prerogative.
Thanks for the letter.
- Sorry, guys.
- That's okay.
Go ahead.
why aren't you in the executive
committee hall right now?
'Cause I'm... Officially
just walkin' around with you...
to make sure everything's cool.
They asked me to do that,
so I said, "great". - Here.
- I didn't know what that meant, so...
- Um, yeah.
- I'm gonna hit the road.
- Great.
Have you... Have you
just been downstairs?
- Yes.
- Everything's all set?
Yes. Tom Herman has left and
we've started security measures...
- Do you know where Darren is?
- Darren is behind the office.
We were just on the phone
with him and Karen.
Darren has started
the security process.
Tom is no longer
with the company,
And he has been escorted
out of the building.
No. And, uh, measures
are being put in place.
People are gonna have to
show their I.D. Coming in...
and stuff like that.
Uh, no, no, I'm not kidding.
- Good night.
- Good night.
- Good night.
- Keep an eye out tonight, okay?
- No problem.
- We dismissed someone today,
And we've had security
issues in the past. - All right.
Let me give you my card.
Under no circumstances...
Don't let anybody
sweet-Talk you to get in.
If the person shows up...
whose picture you have
there or anything,
It doesn't matter what they say.
You know, if you have to force
them in a room from the building,
Just do so.
- Okay. Okay.
- All right? Thanks, man.
Okay. Thanks. Bye.
Oh, god.
This sucks so badly.
He said... I could not have...
I could not have...
I mean, he said,
"If tom's acting like a Mensch
and he's like a grown-Up...
and he's doing things that are
productive for this company,
Then I'm gonna be supportive..."
Of him having what I think is
an outlandishly generous offer
Of half of what he...
That would give him in
a year and a half,
Two-Thirds of his total ownership.
Um, but I'll tell you,
If he's acting like a shit,
and he's calling, and he calls me,
And he's acting like
a pain in the ass,
Then he's gonna get
exactly what he deserves,
'Cause he's acting like a kid
in a grown-Up world.
The thing is,
Joel's being harsh.
Joel is very harsh,
but he's right.
He doesn't trust me.
He doesn't trust me.
He doesn't trust me.
That was painful
for both of us, tom.
I think that
you got bad counsel.
And I... And I...
You know,
I say that not with
a lot of information,
But with some conversations
about it as well.
I don't say it
with no information.
I told you that yesterday...
when I was on the
plane from Pittsburgh.
I think that was bad counsel,
And I think it put me
in a really difficult position.
There was basically
no alternative.
You wouldn't leave the office...
on a vacation or
on a leave or anything...
unless there was
a termination letter in hand.
You gotta believe me, tom.
I did not wanna terminate you.
But I did feel strongly enough
about the need for your absence.
But that doesn't mean
I want you out of the business.
It doesn't mean I want you
to lose anything...
Money or pride or anything.
Even if this business
is a failure,
I want everybody who's involved...
to know we did all the things
that we should have done...
to make it as successful
as possible.
Uh, as some of you
may know right now,
As of yesterday, tom Herman...
is no longer a part of
the operational...
day-To-Day of the business.
I've known tom
since we were 14 or 15.
I love him,
And this has been one of
the more difficult experiences,
Really, of my life.
And I think that for him
it has been as well.
He and I have built
this company together,
Just we have all built
this company together.
It just so happens that he
and I built it together...
since the first day.
Probably a natural question is,
"What's your relationship
with tom right now?"
And the answer to that,
honestly, is, "I don't know".
As difficult as it might seem,
in tom's honor here,
With respect to him,
I'd like to do the cheer.
I'll-I'll-I'll lead it
this morning.
I haven't done it in months.
- Govworks, are you ready?
- Ready!
- What are we gonna do?
- Rock 'em!
- When are we gonna do it?
- Every day!
- How are we gonna do it?
- Every way! - Yeah!
Hey. Boy, those your
new pajamas, huh?
They're purple.
Hi. Hi, mom.
Hello, my honey.
Come on in.
Next week will be my first week
out of the office.
That must feel good.
Now, it's the power-Politics part
that's a little hard to stomach.
Yeah. - Just to see
people you started with...
- Yep.
- ...who are engaged in that.
He's aggressive.
He's gonna get what he wants.
He's certainly
Machiavellian, but...
The values that you
grew up with were...
that people came
before things...
and that the intensive energy...
that goes into anybody's...
personal life
and professional life...
has to do with caring for people,
And how they are
and how they feel.
That didn't seem to be
part of this new world.
People's personal feelings.
- Right.
- I disagree.
Well, you didn't share any
of your personal feelings...
For example, that you were
no longer at Govworks.
I had spoken with you
the night before, Thursday night.
I said, "how are things
going at work?" - You said, "fine".
And I'd actually...
That was Thursday night, you said?
Yeah. - Yeah, I'd already
gone through all this.
I just wasn't ready
to talk about it.
I didn't see any point,
because I was...
I was, uh...
It wouldn't have been
a nice conversation.
Does it have to be a nice
conversation? I'm your mother.
All I'm saying is, I'm not sorry
that that part of your life is over,
Because I don't think
that's a healthy way of life,
And I didn't like...
what it did to you.
Maybe I wanted a way out.
The issue of time is not
a top thing to recover.
The issue of time is,
like, number eight...
The issue is time
will work itself out.
What's happening in the company
is we have flat revenues.
We have...
Bloated infrastructure.
We have...
a sale cycle that is much longer
than we anticipated.
We have implementation processes
that are more complex.
We don't have
a clear path to cash...
We have some acquisitions
that we are working on...
that may not work out.
Um, and we have a bunch of
bullshit personal stuff...
that takes up people's time,
When none of it's gonna mean
anything at all...
if we don't make
a successful company.
That's what's happening.
Hey, Tia.
Was it a good show?
Don't you understand
that I'm being pushed out?
Yes, I do.
So why should I sit back and
let that happen? - Tom, you don't...
Be rational about it. We don't
have a case. - I am rational.
Our employment agreements
don't protect us.
We don't have
any legal case. - That's fine.
Only thing you can do is
screw up the company...
and screw up yourself.
You think this about equity.
Let me tell you two things.
First of all, it's about equity
for me. It's not about ownership.
It's about the business.
It's about what I'm doing,
what I'm building,
What I've been building.
- I think that's about you.
- Yes, that is about me.
It's about growing and learning
of building a business.
They don't care whether
we grow and learn.
I understand that.
I understand that, Kaleil.
I'd rather see Govworks fail...
than risk
personal relationships.
They're just more important.
You know...
The thing that
I'll probably remember...
more than anything else about
the last year and a half, tom...
is the moment...
when you told me
you didn't trust me.
Things change.
That's the best part.
- Daddy!
- Yes, Tia.
Not yet, but close.
I also want you to know...
despite any and all
the other things...
that may or may not be happening,
I, uh, have had a great time
over the last year,
And I... I love you.
- I really do. So...
- I love you too.
I'm sorry that things are
the way they are, but...
even if I'm angry...
Help! A little help.
A little more. Okay,
I got it now. I got it. No help.
I got it. No help.
I got it.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
Sell, financial bankruptcy.
There's not going
to be an orderly wind-Out.
Are you guys still
implementing cities?
The sad thing about it is...
the business has finally
turned the corner in that respect.
It's very, very tragic.
We'll end up with zero. - Not
even stock. We won't have that.
Huh? Right. Zero.
Absolutely nothing.
You ever talk to Dora? - Dora?
No, not since she moved to Florida.
- Have you?
- A little bit.
That was the saddest fallout...
Of... Of the entire two years
from my perspective.
- But...
- No, it's not.
The saddest fallout was us...
from my perspective.
Then Dora,
Then all the investors
and people that believed in us.
You're never gonna go anywhere.
It is your baby.
It's gonna stay that way.
Even if you set it up
for adoption,
There's the genetic link,
so it's not gonna go away.
So if I turn this up, then you'll
have to pay a royalty?