Starve (2014) Movie Script

You don't have
to do this.
This isn't you, mike.
Oh, god!
Oh, god!
I'd never hurt you.
You know that!
You don't have to kill anyone.
Michael, no!
I love you.
stop, goddamn it!
Good, good.
Well done.
You've earned your reward.
It's feeding time.
That was a battle a long time
in the making.
Could've gone better.
What a shame.
And you worked so hard to earn that meal.
Seems the sacrifice you made
was all for nothing.
I can sympathize.
Wasn't your fault, you had no choice.
Runyan, bring me the girl.
No, no, no!
No, no, no!
No, not deb!
Not her!
stop, no!
Maybe next week, I'll put you up
against one of my other champions.
Until then...
What was it this time, hon?
Was it a bear?
Maybe a raccoon?
A rabbit? A rabbit.
Oh, well, god forbid there's one
less rabbit in the world.
Why the morbidity,
Morbid sells, baby. Pays for
those glasses on top of your head.
You know, there's this thing
called the internet,
which would be so much cheaper
than a 300-mile road trip.
You know more than anybody,
you gotta come to these places.
You gotta... see these people,
you gotta hear their stories.
You gotta get a feel
for them.
Right? Besides, who else gets to
write off a road trip on their taxes?
Carnies, roadies, truckers,
Gypsies don't pay
taxes, baby.
You know, I just don't know what the
problem was with those superhero books.
You hated that
superhero comic.
I didn't hate it.
No, you literally said,
"I hate this comic."
Superman is a superhero. Spiderman,
wonder woman, these are superheroes.
Trigger happy, a teenage
school-shooting survivor
who becomes a shotgun-toting
That is not a superhero.
Trigger happy is a superhero.
He kills bad guys.
Trigger happy plays dead.
He makes people dead.
He was playing dead because he
was trying to survive.
All superheroes have to hide.
Right? Head shot master.
You got your bat cave, fortress of
solitude, where superman hangs out,
or he puts his glasses on
and he's clark kent.
That's hiding.
All superheroes hide.
God, I don't know how people used
to bang in the back of these things.
There's like no room.
It's very uncomfortable.
Why do you think it only
happened in the seventies?
Ew, ew.
Will you help me
with this?
What do you think?
It's making me
kinda hungry.
I need a title.
I need something with some teeth.
Something with some...
Which one is this?
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
These are the feral kids
that live in the sinkholes.
Right, the cannibals that live
in the sinkholes.
Mutated by the poison
and that, uh,
correct me if I have
this wrong,
okay, they feast
on campers.
And not to mention kidnapping
and raping beautiful young women
to continue the bloodlines.
I mean, we have to do that.
Since you're already
completely ripping off
"the hills have eyes" anyway,
you might as...
Hey, you know what
you should call it?
"the ground has holes."
That's kind of sexy.
Your fuckin' head
has holes.
Hey, hey, guys, guys.
There's freedom, florida.
Thirty years ago,
methane deposits came here
and they opened up and they created these
giant sinkholes all over the place, right?
The government had to come in here and they
had to forcibly shut this entire town down.
Witnesses would say
there were these
feral cannibals that would come
up out of the sinkholes
and they'd chase people
and they'd eat people.
Hey, you keep it up, you're gonna be missing out
there with them. You know, these people must
when we come down here
asking them about this bullshit
urban legend,
which actually happened...
this town's their
claim to fame.
I met this guy online.
Oh, you met a guy online?
I met a guy online.
Is he nice?
Does he have a brother?
He said that he swore
he saw a feral kid
running around out there.
He used to throw rocks at people
from bushes on the side of the road
if you drove too close
to him. Yeah.
Bro, that's definitely just some kid
in his mom's basement messing with you.
Even if he was messing with me,
it makes for a cool story, man.
All right? And when are you
gonna get a fucking job?
Why don't you just propose
to your fiancee?
Yeah, beck,
why don't you?
Are you okay?
you fuck.
You fuck.
You're fuckin' dead!
Beck, wait!
Beck, get back here.
He's throwing rocks off
the bridge!
What do you want
me to do?!
I don't give a fuck!
You said this town was dead,
so, please,
if there are kids,
it won't be hard to find them.
Go back down.
Come on, man,
she's right.
The damage is already done.
There's nothing we can do about it now.
Come on, let's go, beck.
We'll find the kid,
we'll get the windshield fixed.
If it was a kid, what,
is his dad gonna have a windshield for me?
If we find the kid's dad then,
I don't know,
maybe he'll buy us lunch
or something.
What do you care?
I buy your lunch for you anyway.
Just get in the goddamn car,
How expensive do you think
their nicest cabernet is?
I'm gonna go wash
my hands.
Very clean lady.
This place isn't
very clean.
Can we get some menus
or something?
Yeah, yeah, stu.
Keep your pants on.
Hi, there.
Well, here ya go.
Here you go.
Thank you, darlin'.
Stu here is a real gourmet
when it comes to frying.
Best burgers in town.
Do you have any vegetarian
I could throw a little bird seed
on the ground, let you peck at it.
That'd be nice.
He's an idiot, I'm sorry.
So, uh,
we spoke on the phone last
week about your local legend.
my name is beck,
and this is my brother, jiminey.
Like the cricket?
yeah, like the cricket,
Every few months,
someone comes this way
wanting to know all that hogwash
about cannibals, or sinkers,
livin' in the sinkholes.
Well, I wanna use the myth as
the basis for my graphic novel.
Excuse me.
I'll be with you in a sec.
Hey, deary.
Your bra's showing.
for an extra dollar,
you can get whatever you want
put on a stick.
That includes 8 chicken
And a tetanus shot.
A tetanus shot.
So how long's this
gonna take?
Just hear what she
has to say.
Besides, I wanna find out about
who fucking broke my windshield.
Hey, I'm thinking this might be more of
a bag a chips and a coke kinda place.
Well, have you decided on
anything yet?
Actually, just thinking about
maybe a couple of bags of doritos.
And some cokes.
That's it?
Yeah, that'll be fine, yeah.
I'm sorry we can't be of more
help to you.
You know, we picked up this
place back in '94.
It's been fairly quiet around
here since then.
Except for those
wrestler kids.
Remember that, stu?
What happened to the
wrestler kids?
Oh, four wrestlers
from puckettville
came through here
snooping around.
Snooping around?
Townsfolk actually claimin' they
were eaten by feral children.
Even the fbi got involved.
Never found a trace.
You know, you can get swallowed
up by the ground out there.
That part of the legend
is true.
You know, I tried telling you on
the phone not to come out this way.
There was no reason
for it.
If I were you, I'd drive back
before you become part of the story.
Well, let's hope
that doesn't happen.
Did you get everything
you needed? Can we go?
Um, actually,
do you know if there's
any kids left in town
because somebody
threw a rock at my windshield,
and I'd really like
to talk to his parents.
This here is a ghost town,
Stu and I live in a
trailer out back.
As for old ezrin here,
well, he's the site manager,
or the town mayor,
as we like to call it.
Ain't that right, ezrin?
Uh, sir, is there information you
can give us about these sinkers?
If you are the town mayor
or manager or whatever,
I mean, you must know something,
You go take a drive through
town, see for yourself.
I don't think that's
a good idea.
Yeah, I don't know.
Beck, it sounds kinda dangerous.
Stay on the asphalt,
you'll be okay.
Don't go in any houses, and stay
the hell away from that high school.
Well, thank you so much
for your hospitality.
How much do I
owe you?
2.50? Okay, well,
here's 3.
There you go.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Appreciate it.
No, thank you.
Let's go.
You don't seriously wanna go
driving around out here, do you?
Actually, I was kinda hoping
that you would drive.
Thank you.
Can you deal with this? Thank you, buddy.
You be careful with that thing.
would you be careful?
Help me with this, huh?
Can we please get back
to civilization?
You can't tell me
you don't wanna
go see a real urban legend.
That's an oxymoron.
Yes, it is.
I'll leave that there,
Can I get in the trunk, babe.
Oh, get me.
Get out of the fucking shot.
Let him take his pictures.
Look, I know,
I know things have been
a little difficult lately.
There's something out there
for me.
I know this, okay?
I just feel this.
Well, you know you did write your entire
infinity series in our one-bedroom apartment
and you didn't have to go to mars to have
some mind-bending personal experience.
Honey, if I could've go to mars,
we would've gone to mars.
Right, but you still wrote it.
Come on, dudes!
Let's roll.
We need the money.
We do.
Besides, you can't tell me you're
not the least bit interested in this.
I am, but it's just not...
Really the right time.
Okay, look, we'll drive slow.
Take some photos,
and then we're gonna go
to miami.
And we're gonna have an awesome
time in miami.
I'm gonna go to my presentation, and I'm
gonna present this stuff to the publishers,
and I'm gonna be able to write a
graphic novel,
maybe sell a movie.
Who knows? We can get a house.
We can even get married.
Did you just bribe me
with marriage?
It's only a bribe
if you accept it, so...
And I can't accept it unless
you sell the movie rights
to a comic book you haven't
written yet?
Just give me an hour.
Can we do it in like
a half hour?
I'm still really hungry.
Y'all can bang later.
Fine, one hour, and we're not
getting out of the car.
Will you get
in the back?
Come on.
I hate this car so much.
Oh, stop complaining.
Oh, my god, here we go.
We're gonna get a lot
of bugs in our teeth.
Yeah, we are.
The brights don't
even work.
I told jiminey to fix that.
He's just been slacking.
Big surprise.
Hey, hey, you could make
a killing as a painter out here.
I've never been
anywhere like this before.
I don't think anybody's ever
been anywhere like this before.
Seems like such a waste,
you know?
Like, why don't you, I don't know,
put homeless people out here,
like sex offenders and stuff?
Well, I mean, sinkholes and
methane poisoning
probably have something to do
with it.
I wonder how far this place
goes. What do you think?
This town's like, only 1200
people used to live here,
so I don't think it's that big.
It seems so tiny.
Hey, I gotta pee.
Can we pull over?
Come on, man,
not now.
What do you mean, not now?
I gotta go.
But we just left.
I don't wanna pull over here.
Yeah, but I didn't
go there.
just stop.
Whoa, hey.
Jim, stop.
My fuckin' brother.
This place is wide open.
You're not supposed to go in the
house, jiminey.
Look at this.
You're not supposed to go
in the house!
God, that house is creepy
as shit.
We just had the conversation at
the diner about this.
I know.
I think he's adopted.
Come look at this shit, man.
This is crazy.
Dude, get in the car.
You don't wanna Miss this.
Go in and get him.
Will you come with me?
No, I will not
come with you.
Why not?
Because I don't wanna
go in there.
Well, I don't wanna leave
you out here. This place is--
I'll be fine, it'll be five minutes.
Be quick.
Just... be quick.
Okay, all right.
I saw someone out there.
Was it a sinker?
You are so sexy when you scowl
at me, you know that?
Come here.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm okay,
it's just kinda...
The plumbing doesn't work.
No shit.
Except for the stinker
I just dropped.
Ew. Can we stop using the
work "sinker," please?
I said "stinker."
I think he said "stinker."
It was stinky.
It was a floater.
Stinker, sinker, gross. I don't--
It was a stinky sinker.
Oh, right.
is that the car?
What the fuck?
It's a goddamn ghost town.
Who steals a fucking car
in a ghost town?
You left the keys
in the car.
I-I-I told you not to go
in the house,
and I told you there was
somebody was out here.
This is my fault? You left the keys
in the car, and this is my fault?
Yes, it's your fault.
You left the keys
in the car!
You left me alone
in the car!
Fuck. We're so fucked.
Why'd you leave the keys
in the car?
Because I was scared
and I didn't think about it!
This is a great fucking idea
for a comic book.
Beck, we don't wanna hear
about the comic book.
I don't care about that
right now.
It's a fucking joke,
I don't have any signal.
Do you have bars?
All right, let's just start
Walk? We've been driving
for miles. We're not walking.
You've been sitting on your ass
for miles.
Hey, come on, stop,
leave it alone.
You weren't cramped up in
that tiny back seat. Let's go.
Come on, both of you.
What do you wanna do,
just sit here?
Start a fire?
Make a camp site? Let's go.
We have to walk.
We don't have another option.
What are you doing?!
Leave her alone.
Oh, fuck!
My phone!
She's been giving me shit since she
didn't want me to come on the road trip.
Now she's blaming me
for this?
Just tell her to get up and
let's go walk back to the diner.
Will you just go to
the diner for me?
What, alone?
It's like six fucking miles.
That's bullshit.
Come on, use your track and field skills.
And she's just gonna sit?
I do shit for you
all the time.
I do shit for you
all the time.
Will you do
one thing for me?
That's what this is?
That I've never--
It's not about you and your
fucking insecurity issues.
'cause I'm so useless,
'cause you just do everything for me.
Guys, come on.
Oh, thank you, jiminey.
Hurry back, please.
I think you'd have better luck
with smoke signals.
Candice, I'm sorry.
At least talk to me,
you're killin' me.
I don't think there's really
anything to say.
You know, one day, we're gonna
laugh about this.
We're gonna be driving along,
telling our kids the story
about the time we got
trapped in a ghost town and
carjacked by chud.
I feel like we
should walk.
You want to?
I'm gonna try to go get
a signal one more time.
Then we'll head back
to the diner.
I'm gonna get up here.
Be careful.
what's your emergency?
Hello? Hello?
What is your name?
Hey, yeah,
my name is beck davis,
and my car has been stolen.
I'm in freedom, florida.
Where is the nearest...
it's 50 miles outside
of puckettville.
What is the-- You're calling from?
my number is 813-305--
Sir, I need...
hello? My name is beck davis.
Yeah, hey, I can hear you.
My car has been stolen,
I'm outside of freedom--
My number is 813-305-46--
I'm sorry, could you please
repeat that?
Hello? It's 813...
Hey, beck, I saw the car!
Hang on.
Hi, hello.
I just lost you.
Beck, our car's out front.
is there a number I can
call you back on?
Yeah, yeah, my number's,
it's 813-305--
Sir... hello?
Uh, never mind,
never mind.
I just found the car,
never mind.
Candice, hey, I think,
I think jiminey found the car.
Fuck, where you at?
Hey, candice!
Hey, you,
Hey, hey!
Beck, help!
Where am I, beck?!
Please help me!
This is the
principal speaking.
The word of the day is
Noun. The exhausted condition that
results from lack of food and water.
who are you?!
Where are we?!
I'd like to take this
to welcome our new students
to orientation.
Why are you doing this
to us?!
Please don't interrupt the
principal when he's speaking.
have you ever thought about
what people are capable of
if pushed to the brink of death?
I have a theory:
If I starve a man long enough,
he'd be willing to do anything
to save his own skin...
Maybe even kill you for nothing
more than a sandwich.
It's a horrible position for
someone to find themselves in.
It's even worse if it's the life of
someone you love that's at stake.
Candice, I'm coming!
Now, the destructive lady here
great with child,
got special plans for you.
I'm sure you'll embrace the school
spirit and be full of viking pride
before we know it.
candice, I hear you!
Hang on, baby.
Hang on.
You have to whisper.
They don't like it
when we talk to each other.
Who doesn't like it?
The zookeepers.
We're in their
world now.
You seem like a nice person.
Now, I'm a nice person.
I'm a nice person.
You help me, and I can help you.
We can both get out
of here.
That's the only way out.
You won't fit.
Neither will my daddy.
I do, but I won't leave
without him.
Who are these people?
he's coming.
never let it be said that runyan doesn't
have a sense of humor.
that was a cruel practical joke.
Allow me to make it up to you
by offering you the opportunity
to enjoy a balanced breakfast.
Wouldn't you like that?
beck, what's going on?
Candice, be quiet.
help me to beat my weakness
to death.
Rid me of my tender feelings
and release me from my fears.
Help me to beat my weakness
to death.
I don't wanna know
anything about you.
What do you mean you don't wanna
know anything about me?
Where the fuck are we?
He wants us to kill.
Then eat.
Then he starves us again.
Then kill.
Then eat.
Then kill.
What do you mean he wants
us to kill?
I killed four.
Maybe six.
My wife was number three.
Killed five.
It's all right.
It's all right.
Just stay back, okay?
Stay the
shhh! Fuck back.
When the bell rings,
just be very still...
Look, I'm not fucking
dying today.
That's not how
it works!
God damn it!
Who do I have to kill to get a
square meal around here?
Please ring the bell.
I'm dying in--
This is the principal here
to remind you
that breakfast is the most
important meal of the day.
Ring the bell, dickhead!
What if I refuse to fight?
Fuck you!
Fair enough.
This one time only, I'm willing
to allow a substitution.
Think your woman will put up
a better fight than you?
You motherfucker. Don't!
Runyan, return this foul-mouthed
coward to his chambers
and fetch me the girl.
No, no.
No, no, no!
Fight, fight, fight,
fight, fight!
No, no, no, no!
No, I'll fight!
I'll do it,
just leave her out.
Okay, I'll fight.
Yes! All right!
That hunger in your
belly craves food.
That fire in your belly wants to
be reunited with your beloved.
Breakfast is getting cold.
When the bell rings,
you have a chance to quell the former
and maintain hope for the latter.
I know, I've been there.
Let it nourish you.
Ring the bell.
Ring the goddamn bell!
Just stop, okay?
Please, stop.
Motherfucker, stay down!
Stay down!
Milk does a body good!
Milk does a body good!
Pass it on!
Don't make me do this.
Don't, don't!
Fuck! Fuck!
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
Don't make me do this.
Doesn't work that way.
I'm sorry,
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
score one for the newcomer.
Hope you've got a hankering
for bacon and eggs.
Get it while it's hot. It's the
last you'll be getting for a while.
Have it your way.
Runyan, take the food.
No, no, no.
I'll eat it,
I'll eat it.
I'll eat anything.
what a waste of food.
Don't you know there are starving
children in south dakota?
Look on the bright side, in case
you get your appetite back:
Finger food.
psst, hey!
I saw you eat that bug.
That's nasty.
Here, take this.
I found this.
I'm bringing it
to my daddy.
He's going to save
I'll be back
to get you.
There's only one monitor.
Lots of cameras,
one monitor.
Tell beck.
But be careful.
He's watching him right now.
Okay, I got this.
I got ya!
put me down!
Put me down!
put me down!
Put me down!
Hillbilly motherfucker.
You okay?
Nice shoes.
Candice said he has one monitor,
lots of cameras.
One monitor.
I think it's time
for a donner party.
Oh, shit.
I call him donner.
If you know your history,
then you can guess why...
And what food he has come to
develop a preference for.
Come close.
I'll take this
off you.
Nora, nora,
nora, you were doing so well
here, and yet here you are
attempting to cut class.
Truancy is not tolerated
at freedom high.
It is punishable by suspension,
expulsion, or execution.
There's no food to be won from this
fight, at least not for you.
You win, you live.
You won't.
Allow me to introduce you to my,
for lack of better description,
reigning champion.
Hide. Do something.
The word of the day is
Transitive verb.
Means to eat gluttonously or ravenously.
come on, you're almost there.
Go, go, go, go, go.
Hey, donner!
Come on, buddy!
Look at this.
Look at this, huh?
Hey, hey, hey!
And still undefeated.
No surprise.
Runyan, it's time for this
afternoon's main event.
oh, shit.
they say woman can be much more
cruel to each other than men.
I sure hope so.
Guys love a good cat fight!
I've taken to calling this one
Already done a word for the day,
so this is extra credit.
"virago," noun.
Means a loud, ill-tempered,
violent woman.
You're about to find out why.
fuck! Fuck!
whore! You shit-faced whore!
Oh, my god.
Fucking whore.
motherfucking, cock-sucking
son of a bitch!
fag fucker!
Fag fucker!
Shitface! Shit! Shit!
Shit-motherfucking whore!
You suck cock!
feast or famine, candice.
the taste of victory
truly is the sweetest.
Isn't it?
I won that fight.
Gimme my food.
get up.
that's the principal's office.
They're in there.
what? What? Oh, my god!
Oh, fuck.
I thought I wasn't going
to see you again.
Have you been fed?
Not really.
I am so sorry.
I am so sorry for bringing
us here.
This is totallyit's not
my fault. Your fault.
This is my fault. It's not your fault.
It's the principal's fault...
How is it not my fault?
Wherever the fuck he is.
There must be a dozen people
caged up in this hell house.
He is filming us kill each other
for food.
We're gonna die,
aren't we?
No, no, no, you cannot,
you can't think like that, okay?
Look, you can't think like that,
Jiminey's--he's probably got
the national guard
roaming the streets
looking for us, all right?
I promise, we're gonna make it
out of this, okay?
We're gonna make it
out of this.
Oh, god.
You look really nice,
you know that?
You're beautiful.
Thank you.
you promised me food.
Give me my food!
Stop, stop, stop.
just stop. He's got it!
Let me handle this.
Can I?
can I take it
to her?
Can I?
Let me do it.
Just let me give it to her,
Here, let me give it
to the lady.
beck, get back!
What are you doing?
You ate that whole thing?
You ate my food?
Candice, I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm just so hungry.
Beck, I'm so hungry.
I'm hungry.
I'm pregnant.
time to go. Your dinner is
waiting, runyan. Oh, my god.
Can we get her some more food,
Please! Just one more piece.
There's gotta be more.
Can she have some more
food, please?
That's your name, right?
Bring me some food.
I'll do anything.
I'll do anything you want.
You're right.
You will do anything.
That's how desperation works.
There is no blame.
Now, runyan,
it's dinner time.
Just walk away.
Please. Wait, runyan.
Please, come back.
Don't leave.
Don't leave!
What kind of person
does that?!
They're insane, baby,
I don't mean them,
I mean you!
Last week you're ready
to marry me,
now you'll let me starve!
Stop it!
Stop. Just listen to me.
What do you want me to do?
I'll do anything, okay?
You want me to stick my fingers
down my throat?
What do you want
me to do, huh?
You want me to put my fingers
down my throat?
You'd do that for me?
you like that new girl,
don't you?
remind you of someone?
I don't want you to get
too attached.
Remember what happened
last time?
Will you burn the rest
of the dead folk?
It's starting to smell
around here.
With the exception of that
couple, it's been a while
since anyone stuck their nose in
where it don't belong.
Them cages I made weren't
built to sit empty.
You know?
hi, ezrin.
The usual?
Gonna need a to-go
order as well.
You got it.
Stu, burgers.
Passing through?
I'm looking for
some missing persons.
You seen these people?
Oh, dear.
I take it that's
an affirmative?
About a month ago.
Came through on research
or something.
Kept asking about
the sinkers.
Oh, feral townsfolk living in
the sinkholes out there.
A lot of urban
legend hooey.
You know, the last time I saw
them, they were mulling over
whether to go sightseeing
into town,
not that there's much
sights to see.
I saw 'em.
Caught them stealing
from one of the houses.
Not gonna lie to you,
pulled a gun and told them if I
ever saw them again,
I'd blow their heads off.
Last I saw, they were hightailing it
out of town, driving like maniacs.
You never told me
any of this.
Wasn't worth mentioning.
And who are you?
Just call me ezrin.
I'm a site manager, mayor.
That a joke?
You know about freedom?
Sinkholes, the mercury,
the mining?
Whole damn town being evacuated
back in '81?
I'm aware of what
happened here.
Now the county pays me to keep
people off the property
to avoid losses and such.
Officially, I'm the site
The mayor.
Then you're the right man to
take me to have a look around.
Told you, there's nobody allowed
on the property.
Well, the property is the last place
anybody saw who I was looking for.
So, I'm afraid I'm gonna
have to insist.
Look, I'm not gonna eat up a
bunch of your time,
but if I'm forced to involve
the police department,
pull a warrant,
it's gonna be a lot more
inconvenient for everybody involved.
So what do you say?
Suit yourself.
Here you go.
Put it on my tab.
This is the house
I caught them looting.
What's the name of this street?
No use for a name.
What were they driving?
Didn't get a clean look.
Where do you live?
This gonna take
much longer?
That school we passed a few
blocks back,
I'd like to check that out.
Bad idea.
Not safe.
Which is exactly why I wanna make
sure they didn't end up there.
I think he likes you.
How long has he been looking
at me like that?
About 10 minutes.
And you didn't wake me?
Are you happy
to be awake?
Will you bring us food?
I think he's been through
as much as we have.
Can you speak?
Can you bring us food?
Well, that went well.
I apologize in advance
for the mess.
I really wasn't expecting
any company, you know?
Come on, come on.
Jesus. Sinkholes definitely
aren't urban legend.
Let me get
the lights.
Things may have gotten
a little complicated.
Take this to
the showers.
please, the principal said I'd
get a chance to eat this week.
I'll do whatever you want.
I know you will, norman.
Jesus! What did he do to you?
You should be more concerned
about what I'm gonna do to you.
beck, come on!
We're getting out
of here tonight.
what is this place?
I don't know what you're up
to, but you're not gonna--
have you ever
thought about what people are capable of
if pushed to the brink of death?
What do you want?!
In the beginning,
you're just ripe with hunger.
Then the body begins
eating itself,
first the fat,
then the muscles.
Emaciation, lack of proteins
and minerals,
disease begins to set in.
The worst is what it does
to your body, your mind,
your will, your spirit.
But it makes for great
Just so there's no confusion,
this is a fight to the death.
This man is already
Then it should be
easy for you.
Put it down!
Will you kill this man,
this poor, wretched victim
of society,
just to save your own skin?
If not, he's gonna feast
upon your grave.
At the bell...
I'm sorry.
So sorry.
Sick bastard!
don't come at me again.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so...
I won't.
I won't play your sick
fucking game!
I won.
Feed me!
you were throwing up on
yourself, so I turned you over.
Man, I didn't know if you were
alive or dead.
You don't think like that,
Put that out of your mind.
I was so hungry.
I didn't want to.
it hurts.
Cain and abel.
You have no idea how much I've been
looking forward to this match-up.
What the fuck is
wrong with you?
I've been meaning to ask you:
Who names their kid jiminey
like the talking cricket?
What a stupid name.
You don't have
shut up. To do this.
You know, in the original story
of "pinocchio" --
Not that disney crap,
the original story--
Shut the fuck up.
Pinocchio killed the cricket.
Took a hammer to jiminey
and squashed him.
Shut the fuck up!
You willing to do that, beck?
Squash jiminey, your own
It's just the two of us.
We're gonna make it out.
Just stop. Stop.
I killed him.
I put my hands around his
and I fucking killed him.
I felt his throat crush.
It's okay.
It's okay, it's okay.
You're okay.
I killed him.
The word of the day
is "fratricide."
Noun. The act of a person
killing his or her own brother.
you have to let it go.
Who else did you kill?!
I heard you!
You were begging for forgiveness
like a fucking child!
Who was it you killed, huh?!
Was it your wife?
Let me guess,
it's not your fault!
You think killing us
is gonna make it better?!
what about you?
Your son?
You killed his mom.
Is it your fault?
You really have no idea what
you're talking about, do you?
If you can survive your brother,
you'll be one step closer to knowing.
Jiminey, don't.
Come on, jiminey.
Come on.
Give him the gun already,
I want to find out if blood
is thicker than hunger.
Only one bullet.
Don't get any crazy ideas about
shooting your way out of here.
I bet you could kill
for a steak about now.
or are you gonna be the
conscience of your namesake?
I'm not gonna kill you,
Put the fucking gun down
now, jiminey.
I love you.
Put the fucking gun down.
we're brothers, jiminey.
I love you.
I love you. We're supposed
to take care of each other.
You've always been such
a good brother to me.
You took care of me.
It's my turn to take
care of you.
Jiminey, come on,
just put the gun down.
what drama.
Though I don't think you've
earned the right to eat
since you didn't actually kill
your brother.
Got an idea for your
funny book.
It's about three people that nose
around someplace they shouldn't have,
one of which, a writer looking
for a scary story.
I'm gonna fucking
kill you.
But he becomes a horror
story instead,
and his wife,
barefoot and pregnant.
I'm gonna fucking kill you.
You hear me?
You hear me?!
I'm gonna fucking
kill you!
Let me out!
No! No!
You fucking dead yet?!
Let's make it
your turn now.
Come on, fight me.
Come on.
My word of the day is "pussy,"
you fucking pussy.
The definition is fight me,
you fucking pussy!
I'm a fucking brown belt,
That man of yours
pisses me off.
You don't wanna
piss me off.
Porn's not my thing,
but I'm gonna make an exception.
Sorry I met your boy.
Watch me fuck his woman.
I hope you like
it rough.
Beck, where are you?
Where are you going?
Candice, no!
No, no, no!
Don't come in here,
Stay out, candice!
Stay out!
She's coming!
Fucking stop!
I'm gonna fucking
kill you.
Kill me?
You on about
that again?
Okay, okay.
Who is she?
A man, his wife, and son live
in a town called freedom.
Once thriving, but no more.
Declared it a disaster area,
government seizes the land,
and it becomes a forgotten
this family,
their car gets swallowed up
in one of these sinkholes.
No one knows they're
down there.
No one around
to look for them.
No food.
A jug of water for the motor
that kept overheating,
the only thing
keeping them alive.
To eat
or die--
Many scientists will tell you
death from starvation
is really not that painful.
The worst is what
is does to your body,
your mind, your will,
your spirit.
You find out just what kind
of person you are
when your physical self
wastes away,
what you're capable of,
like killing your own son
and eating him
to keep yourself alive
a few more days
in hopes the rescue
would come.
What does that have
to do with us?
Someone finally found me.
You know how
we repaid him?
We killed him.
There's no going back
to polite society after that.
and my wife...
When were down in that hole,
some of that methane
leaked in.
Had a very unpleasant
effect on my girl.
That's why she
stays covered up.
Society left us to waste away
and die
in a place it also left
to waste away.
Freedom is ours now.
So when the good folks as
yourselves coming nosing around,
we got this little game
we like to play,
give you a little taste
of what we went through.
It's all right, darlin'.
He forced you,
he forced you to murder
your own son.
Shut your mouth, pig!
Give him one bullet.
One bullet.
Starve to death,
or you can kill your wife
and have at that dinner.
Now if you'll excuse me,
gotta roll.
Wait a second.
Let's just think this through.
Give me the gun.
Let's end this.
Don't go getting
all trigger happy on me.
in case food isn't enough,
how about oxygen?
When the room fills with gas,
you'll both be dead.
Better act quick!
shoot him, and you've got
that steak waiting for you.
Stop telling me
what to do.
Just give me I don't
the gun. Wanna die.
Give me the gun,
Just give me the gun or I'm gonna
take it out of your hands, okay?
Let me decide.
Give me the gun.
The situation is under
my control for once.
My decision.
Do it.
Shut up!
Don't, candice.
I love you,
but I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Don't do this.
I wasn't sure how this
was gonna turn out,
but I must say I am surprised.
it was meant to be this way.
Only the strong survive.
it's nature's way.
Runyan, bring me the girl.
We got unfinished business.
No, no, please.
I told you I was
gonna kill you.
Stop, stop, stop.
He's probably watching us
right now.
Okay, look,
we gotta split up.
Okay? We gotta keep him
on his toes.
You go find an exit.
I'm gonna put an end to this
before he kills anybody else.
that hunger in your belly
craves food.
That fire in your belly wants to
be reunited with your beloved.
Score one for the newcomer.
Ah, shit!
Hope you've got a hankering
for bacon and eggs.
Get it while
it's hot.
It's the last you'll be
getting for a while.
No, no, no.
Have it your way.
Good, good.
Well done.
You've earned your...
The word of the day
is "dilemma."
Fuck you and your dictionary.
You okay?
So, uh, what kind of superhero
plays dead?
trigger happy.
What are you doing?
I want my fucking car.
I know this isn't the most
appropriate time, but...
Open up that glove box.
Open it.
Oh, beck, it's beautiful.
Every time you
get aggravated
I get shoved back
hold onto your anger
you're gonna push too hard
I was lookin' for
a cure, little girl
one that you lack
hold onto your madness
you're gonna push too hard
I've been payin' every
single night
You can beat an old dog
so much
before he runs away
I've been payin'
every single night
You can beat an old dog
so much
before he runs away
Every time you
get aggravated
I get shoved back
hold onto your anger
you're gonna push too hard
I've been lookin'
for a cure, little girl
one that you lack
hold onto your madness
you're gonna push too hard
well, ella, ella
I've paid every single night
You can beat an old dog
so much
before he runs away
I've paid every single night
You can beat an old dog
so much
before he runs away
I've been payin' every
single night
You can beat an old dog
so much
before he runs away
I've been payin' every
single night
You can beat an old dog
so much
before he runs away
You find ezrin?
There's no sign of him.
I knew that nut job brother
of yours would screw up
sooner or later.
We're closed for the evening.
We're not looking
for food, ma'am.
Ma'am, we have a couple of
questions we'd like to ask you.
Back up, back up.
Okay, okay.
oh, shit!
ain't you a sight
for sore eyes, deary.
you hungry?