Stasis (2017) Movie Script

-Seven billion people were killed
in the last Great War.
Not all at once, though.
It takes time to wipe
out an entire species .
We are the survivors.
Some say we were the lucky ones.
But when I was a kid,
My mother used to
tell me stories about
what life was like back then,
before the radiation,
before the plague,
before the drought.
At first, I didn't believe her.
It all sounded too good to be true,
like some sort of crazy fairy tale that
spun horribly out of control.
Now that there only are few of us
left, something has become clear to me..
We have a choice.
We can either carve
out a new future
for ourselves on the tombstone
of this dying planet,
or go back to that fairy tale.
And try again.
-Are you folks lost?
-Is this the way to get
to Piccadilly Circus ?
-You're too late. They've run
out of Blackbird pie.
-Well, I guess we'll have to
come back yesterday,
before they're all gone.
-Welcome to The Domes.
-Thank you.
Agent Higgs is expecting us.
-Higgs, you got some visitors.
-Where have you been?
You're late.
-They've all set up road blocks.
We had to take the
not so scenic route.
If we hurry we can still make it
into the jump window.
-Let me get your identification, OK?
Stand still.
-Agent Lancer. Identity confirmed.
Agent Seattle.
Identity confirmed.
-OK, follow me.
Now, this is your first jump, right?
We don't have time
for a complete debriefing,
Now, you're familiar with the
NCNG protocol, I hope?
- "Nothing comes nothing goes."
-That's good, that's good.
Now, a few pointers.
Keep your interactions
with the locals to a minimum.
That will help maintain your cover.
-Got it.
-Some changes are to be expected.
It's part of the territory.
As long your results
are net positive,
you can consider your
mission to be a success.
-Have others failed?
-We're all still here, aren't we?
Watch your step.
The first jump can be
a little disorienting.
It might take a while for you to get
acclimated to your new skin.
Some agents experience paranoia,
delusions, psychosis.
Others, once they go into stasis
they never wake up.
Lucky for you, we've worked out those bugs.
Well, most of them.
Secure your weapons up here.
Right up here.
Put your personal belongings
in these baskets.
Then put the baskets back in the rack.
You can retrieve them when
you come out of stasis.
There is a wash bin right here.
Wash up when you're done.
-Have you ever done this before?
Jump, I mean.
-Well, we're all required to log 500
hours before we're certified, so yes.
-Any advice tor first timers?
Have you ever had those dreams
where you know you're asleep,
but everyone else around
you thinks it's real?
Just remember who's awake.
Who's first?
I'll go.
-Don't be a stranger.
-Let's go.
-See you on the other side.
-Right here.
-Are you ready?
-Bring it
Seriously, Ava? Again?
It's the third time this year!
-School is overrated.
- We need to talk!
-Why start now?
-Do you think I like living like this?
Can't you see that I'm trying, Ava?
I'm doing the best that I can.
-It's not my fault you
screwed up your own life
and it doesn't mean you get
to relive it through me.
-It never ends with you, does it?
-I guess not.
-Why are you so angry?
Whatever happened to my little girl?
I miss her.
-You'll get over it.
-You ungrateful little brat!
-Oh, real nice.
I was going to let you go out and
have fun tonight, but instead
you're gonna stay here and youre
gonna clean up this pig sty!
Nice outfit. You look amazing.
Thanks, so do you.
Do you think Matt will like it?
Uh, he's male and has a pulse.
What do you think?
-OK, good. I think you know, we might...
-No way.
-You little slut!
-I know.
-Where are you gonna do it?
I don't know.
I haven't planned the play-by-play.
You know, I just figured
see how things work out.
-I will drink to that.
I know what you need.
A little something to take the edge off.
Just a few,
or will not remember a thing,
and I'm gonna want to know all the
juicy details.
Well, you're not the only one who
wants to have fun today.
-Wow, you're looking hot tonight.
-So are you.
-Come on, I want to show you something.
I got your beanie!
"You think you're so funny, don't you?"
-I got you.
-Here, give it back.
Come on.
It's much better this way.
You've had enough.
-This is mine.
Come here.
-I don't feel good.
I seriously don't feel good.
-I've got something that
will make you feel better.
-Shit. Ava!
You've had enough.
-I will drink to that.
You ungrateful little brat!
-Real nice.
-My god, Ava.
-Shit! What happened?
-I don't know.
She was fine a few seconds ago.
-My God.
-My God. Ava.
-My God.
-Somebody call 911!
-Matt? Circe?
Where is everyone?
Mom! Let me in.
-What now?
Look, alright, I don't need a lecture..
You know there is someone
in the house and...
Just let me in, okay?
-What's the matter?
-She's right there. She's right there.
-I thought I heard something at the door.
-You need to get her out! No, no, no.
-It better not be
not one of your idiot friends.
-Can you not see me?
-Some of us have to work in the morning.
-I don't know who you think you are!
Is anyone there?
-Come on, Lancer.
Where are you?
-Get out of here!
I said get out!
Is that you? Who did that?
Did you miss your jump?
-Why wasn't I been informed
of this breach sooner?
-It was not necessarily a breach per Se.
They boys in engineering detected a slight
protuberance on the continuum.
They assured me it was just a glitch.
-Well, tell them not to think too
hard. They might hurt themselves.
Are you a gambling man, Brewer?
-Hmm, "no".
You clearly lack the intestinal fortitude.
Well, I am.
And I'll bet anything that
the rebels have moved
their stasis
chambers underground
to hide electromagnetic footprint..
So, it's time you stop wasting
time chasing imaginary glitches
and tell your boys in engineering to
track down their point of origin!
-Sir, that signal was very faint.
Barely a blip on our scanners.
Even if there were a time jump, the
rebels couldn't have gone very far.
-I do not care if they went back
five years or five minutes.
A jump causes ripples.
And ripples have consequences.
Sometimes I wish time travel
had never been invented.
It's more trouble than it's worth.
We've got rebels popping up
of every goddamned time stream.
They're like ticks.
And once they're dug into a time zone,
it is impossible to root them out.
-On the plus note, last month alone,
We've cleared out rebel bases both in
97 Hong Kong and pre-9/11 New York.
-Congratulations, that's two.
How many others are out there disturbing
the time stream now?
-We're working on that.
-Well, work faster!
And if you encounter any more...glitches,
notify me immediately.
-Of course, sir. Prize truth.
-Seek Harmony.
-Oh, look at all this food.
-Oh, god, what drugs did I take last night?
-Someone's up early.
Oh, I'm sorry, here, um...
let me clean this up.
Do you want any of this?
-No, I...I'm good.
-Oh, OK.
-Hey, need to talk to you
about last night.
-Oh, about like the door bell?
No, before that.
Listen, I didn't mean to call you a brat.
-Oh, um...yeah. I'm sure we both said
things we didn't mean.
-That's mature of you.
-Yeah, I mean, at the end of the day
we're still family, right?
-Yeah, we are.
-Oh, for Christ's sakes. I can't believe
you're falling for this.
-Listen, I gotta go to work, but
we'll talk later?
-OK, Yeah, bye.
(thinking) I don't know how
long I can keep this up.
-Hey, Ava!
Come on, babe, get in the car,
I want to talk to you!
-I have somewhere else to be.
-Let me take you!
-I prefer walking.
-Oh, don't be mad.
Look, I'm sorry, alright?
Alright? I was wasted all night.
I get it; I shouldn't have left, I'm sorry.
-You know, I... don't really
want to discuss this.
-Look, I said I was sorry, what
more do you want from me?
-I want you to keep on driving.
-You can't get rid
of me that easily.
-Look, let me put this blunt to you, guy.
Stay away.
I never want to see you again ever.
If that's the way you want to be about it.
-It is!
-No, Matt! Don't listen to her!
How did I get in here?
Why can't you see me?
Look, I don't know what's going on,
I'm gonna try to find
out how to make it right.
-Don't be a stranger.
Excuse me, do you know the way
to the Piccadilly Circus?
Too late.
They've run out
of Blackbird pie.
-My God!
It is you.
-Hi, Lancer.
Wow, you hit the jackpot. Where did
you find that vessel?
-At some sort of fraternity
hazing ritual, gone south.
you know, and I thought my
vessel was young.
-Yeah, I know, drug overdose.
Can you believe?
-I'm sorry.
I mean...that's actually sad, poor kid.
So, what are you gonna do?
I don't know, I
can't just leave.
Because the kid would be gone, and
the mom will come searching for me.
-And create a bunch of unwanted attention.
Exactly. You know HQ needs to
really work in refining the jump system.
I know selections are limited.
But this? This is ridiculous.
-Maybe somebody at
base camp will have some ideas. Hmm?
-We should probably go check in.
-Yes let's go.
-You folks lost or something?
-Uh, this the
way to Piccadilly Circus ?
-You're too late.
We're done run out of Blackbird pie.
-We'll come back yesterday,
before they're all gone.
-You must be new, I don't
recognize those skins.
-Agent Lancer.
-Agent Seattle.
-Agent Derby. Welcome to our
little corner of paradise.
-Um, we've seen worse.
-Don't get me wrong. It's
better than being Uptime.
But I heard that the Pacific
unit is in a mansion in Bel Air.
Bel Air!
Whose ass do you have to
kiss to get that assignment?
We should put this on the
list for the next jump..
-Let's get through this one first.
-Oh, you got stuck
with a kid, huh?
Too bad. You should ask the
captain for a new skin.
-You can do that?
-Well, let me tell you, I've
seen some really bad jumps over the years.
One vessel was
decapitated in a car accident.
That was messy
-OK, I get it.
-See? The kid thing is sounding
better and better all the time.
-Wanna trade?
-No, thanks.
-Agent Seattle? Agent Lancer.
-I'm Captain Suthers. Thank you for making
the jump on such short notice.
We're happy to help.
How is the 21st century
treating you so far?
-I can't complain, the air is clean.
-Oh, have you tried orange juice?
It's amazing.
-Enjoy it while it lasts.
Come on, I'll give
you the Nickel tour.
While some other
stations are more
of your typical bang
and burn operation,
our emphasis is on executive action.
-What is this place?
-This will give you a
sense of what we're up against.
-Jesus, I didn't realize that Cabal had so
many operatives in this timezone
They havent consolidated
their power structures yet.
They're still hindered by
national boundaries,
which makes it easier for us to cut
their legs off from under them.
You aren't afraid of getting
your hands dirty, are you?
-Not at all.
-Who are you people?
-HQ knows we can't compete
with the Cabal Uptime.
They are bigger than us and have
unlimited resources.
But here downtime, it's
a level playing field.
Isn't that right?
-Whoa! What have I said about
the sneaking and the touching?
This vessel is very sensitive.
-Agent Paseo will get you started
with the data dump.
-The process itself is painless,
But it will give a hell of a migraine.
-Oh, oh, Captain, if it's not
too much to ask,
the guard mentioned the possibility
of getting a replacement vessel?
This is too young for field work.
-Especially if the two of you
are gonna be working together.
We don't want to raise too many questions.
-Wait, So does that mean
I can I get my body back?
I'll put in a transfer request.
-Oh, thank you sir.
So, but wait, how long id
it for a replacement?
Are you talking hours? Days?
-Ladies first.
I'm just gonna do a quick memory scan.
See what kind of goodies
you brought back.
Here we go.
There we go.
Hopefully you'll do better
than the last jumper,
who apparently had a thing for cat videos.
I'm more of a dog lover myself.
Alright now we're cooking with main power.
Hello, gorgeous.
Where have you been all my life?
-I really wish you could hear me!
I have a new broadcast for you.
-Right away, captain.
-I intercepted an incoming
rebel transmission.
Sending it now.
-What is it?
-Coordinates,American Southwest.
Early 21st century,
right Before the last world war.
-What do we know about
this timezone?"
-It matches the rebels' profile, alright.
Accidents, suicides,
suspicious deaths.
-How did we miss this cluster?
-All the victims were
low-level players, sir.
No one of any real significance.
-Damn it, we don't know that!
50 years ago, we were
all young officers!
Hell I could be on their list!
Or you.
And nobody around here
would notice our absence.
Sir, do you know how difficult
it is to monitor all of downtime?
The past is a big place.
And it's about to
get a lot smaller.
Send in the hunter.
- Hunter Alpha Charlie 42, report
to the stasis chambers immediately.
-Deputy Minister,
I didn't expect to see you here.
Where is the usual jump technician?
-I gave him the day off. Come in.
There's something I wanted
to show you personally.
-It doesn't look like much.
-Don't be so dismissive
The design was kept
intentionally simple to avoid
suspicion from local
authorities authorities.
Trust me.
It packs one hell of a punch.
-What is it?
-Something new. We want you
to beta est it out on the field.
All of this is top
secret,of course.
-I can keep a secret.
-I like it, the rebels will
never know what hit them.
-That is the idea.
Can you recreate it downtime?
-Oh yeah.
-Are you ready?
-Let's go kill us some Skinners.
-Prize truth.
-Seek Harmony.
I guess this vessel will do.
-Hey Y'alls,
Be right careful out there. You hear?
-How's your head?
-It feels like Paseo just split it
open with a jackhammer.
and filled it back in with concrete.
-I don't remember the recruiter
mentioning this part.
"Be a temporal agent,"He said,
"change the world." He said.
-Maybe we were out sick that day.
We were out sick a lot.
-That was my favorite part of training.
-Mine too.
-Nice night for a walk.
- This is my favorite part of the city.
It was better before
the Skinners moved in.
-You are in violation of
temporal ordnance 19.8-4,
time-travel with the intent
of changing the future.
How do you plead?
-We will destroy the
Cabal before it even begins.
-Guilty it is.
-What are you going to do? Shoot me?
If you kill this vessel, I'll
just come back in a new skin.
-That was the old way,
it was kind of like playing
"Whack-a mole" back then.
We do not play that game anymore.
See you Uptime. Skinner.
Poor little Skinner has no skin.
How does she keep
her insides in?
I'd like to report a
vermin infestation.
Please send someone to this location
at your earliest convenience.
-The fugitive is in custody,
ready for interrogation.
-What is it, Brewer?
-The test was a success.
We have one of the rebels in custody.
-Yes, sir. We are bringing him in for
interrogation now.
-I don't like you staying here.
You are too exposed.
-I'll be fine.
The mom's harmless and
the boyfriend's just...
Do I need to take care of it?
-Already did .
-You can't fool me, no
matter what skin you're in.
Something's bothering you.
-It's's only been a day.
That new vessel can't come soon enough.
-We only have to
wait a couple of weeks.
-I'll be by in the morning
to pick you up, OK?
-Alright, it's a date.
-This sucks.
I can't...
It's working.
Is it you, Ava?
-You're still here, aren't you?
I do not know how much you can understand,
but just know that this is
a part of something big.
An I wouldn't be here if
it wasn't really important.
I'm Sorry.
I'm so sorry that you're dead.
-I'm not dead!
I'm gonna find a way to get back!
-I don't have time for this.
-You literally just told me you love me and
now you're blowing me off?
What's gong on with you?
Ever since that party
you've been acting weird.
-Then move on, good talking to you.
-Is he bothering you?
-No, He's just leaving.
-And who is this guy?
-Listen, Junior.
You should know when a lady's
not interested, right?
Hit the bricks.
-Lancer, knock it off."
OK. You need to make a
choice right now.
It's either him or it's me.
-Don't ever give a girl
an ultimatum. Let's go.
Alright, what is it?
-I don't like that guy.
-He's a kid, he's harmless.
-He's trouble.
-You're jealous.
-I saw the way he looked at you.
It's only temporary, okay?
Stay focused.
Let's do what we came here to do.
-Do either of you know what
this is or what it's supposed to do?
No. We just intercepted an
encrypted transmission.
-The Cabal used a
256-bit key cipher.
So, whatever that thing does, they don't
want it to become public knowledge.
-Well, it's clearly intended
to be used downtime.
-How can you tell?
-The design is simple enough
that a single hunter could memorize it.
And the components are all
readily available in this timezone.
The only tricky
part is this magnetron.
But those are available
in any microwave oven.
-So you can actually build this?
-In for doodles.
-Does anyone doubt?
-I think that means yes.
Whole shit in the woods?
If a tree falls in the woods,
do leprechauns come out of my butt?
-Has anyone heard from agent Nightingale?
It's unusual for her to not check in.
-I love technology.
Do you remember how hard it was
questioning rebels in the old days?
It took a long drawn out process.
Starvation, sleep deprivation,
beatings, torture...
And even then, the Intel was usually
used to be wrong.
This is so much more efficient.
- I do miss the screams, though.
Just not the same without them.
-Aha! There they are!
You see how simple that was?
Well, it was nice working
with you, my dear,
but your services are
no longer needed.
Well, let's go pay a visit to our
rebel friends.
-Oh no!
-Suthers speaking.
Are you sure it's her?
Thank you for letting me know.
Some time last night, Agent
Nightingale was attacked.
Her empty vessel
was found in an alley.
-Was it random?
-Nothing was stolen and
there is no sign of trauma.
We have reason to believe
that cabal has anew hunter
operating in this timezone.
As of right now, our
number one priority
is to find and eliminate this hunter.
We need to retrace
Nightingale's final steps.
I want footage from every
cameras in a two-block radius.
This hunter has a face,
By the end of today I want it plastered
up on that wall
for everyone to see.
And by tomorrow, I want it covered with a
big red X.
Am I understood?
-Sir,yes, sir!
-We will send the
Cabal a message:
"We are armed,
were trained and we are ready!"
Now let's go find this asshole
and bring them down!
-We might have one small problem.
-What is it, Paseo?
-Cabal has a new toy, and it's nasty.
-This tech is so primitive.
How are we supposed to
ID anybody with this?
What do you think happens to
our vessels receptacles when they die?
To their spirit, I mean.
-I don't...I don't know.
I mean, we are all made of energy.
When it gets released, it goes back
into the cosmos, I suppose?
Or were you looking for
a more heaven and hell,
"Is there life after death?
" kind of answer?
-I don't know, but...
You can't tell anyone, but I
think my new skin is a remnant.
-What would make
you say that?
-I've seen things, like messages on
my computer screen, and...
-Do not let that kind
of talk get out.
It's dangerous.
-Do you think I don't know that?
At first, I thought I was being
paranoid or delusional
you know, first jump stuff, but
now I don't know.
I think it was a premature jump.
Shit! You mean
she wasn't dead yet?
-I don't know, maybe. Why else
would she be here?
-You know that remnants
can't officially exist. "
-Yeah, but if she wasn't
dead yet..."
-So if the girl is a remnant,
that means that somebody at
headquarters messed up big time.
But they will never admit that.
They will pin it on you first.
-Do you think they'll ground me?
And then we will never
see each other again.
Do you understand?
So, before you go telling
anybody else just wait.
You know, maybe...maybe you'll
feel different in a new skin.
-I hope so.
Captain! We found a match.
-Zoom in. I want to see
what this son of a bitch looks like.
Well, I'll be damned.
-Hello, Matthew. Ava is not here.
-Actually, I'm here to see you.
-Yes, ma'am.
There's something about
Ava that, as her mother,
I think you ought to know.
-So this thing is like a
prison for souls?
-In a nutshell, yes.
How do we stop it?
Well, we don't.
Not yet, anyway.
There's a problem with the prototype,
there's a flaw with the compact symmetries
and compilers.
-Have you tried to reverse the polarity?
-I need to go back
through the data dump
and see if there's something
that I'm missing.
-Um, so what are we gonna
do about the hunter?
-My advice? Stay away.
-Why are you doing this?
Come on,it's too dangerous. You're
better off staying at my place.
-And risk you going to jail,
for kidnapping or even worse? No
-There's a hunter on the streets,
-Then I'll stay off the streets.
-I can't lose you.
-Don't worry.the second
my new transfer comes in,
I'll be at your door,
with my bags packed
Until then, this is our best option.
-Who was that?
-A friend.
-You know it's not health for a grown man
to be hanging around with a 15 year old.
-OK, mother.
-Are you dealing drugs?
-Jesus, no.
Did you have sex with him?
I'm not having this
conversation right now.
-Was that Lancer?
-How did you know his name?
I saw your chat messages.
-You were in my room?
-You were in my room?
-I don't want you seeing him anymore.
-I told you. I'm not talking
about this right now.
-This isn't a game, Ava!
You think that he loves you,
and that he's gonna take care of you and
you're gonna live happily ever after?
Wake up! This is reality.
You're gonna
wake up one day my age,
and have a teenager that hates
you because you are never there for her.
Then, to punish you,
you'll keep making the same mistakes.
The same mistakes that I did.
It's like watching your own failures
over and over again and
there isn't a damn thing
you can do about it.
-I am not a failure.
-I am not a failure.
-So, it looks like someone is
scheduled for a replacement.
Oh, shit!
-Move, move! Go back! I'll cover you! Go!
-I've located the rebel sleepers.
Notify the Chief Minister.
The vermin has been exterminated.
What's the matter?-
Baby? Baby, what's wrong?
-It hurts.
-Hold on. I'm gonna take you
to the Emergency Room.
-No! No doctors.
-You need help, you're sick.
-No! I'll be OK.
I'm OK, see? I'm sorry I woke you up.
-I didn't mean what I said earlier.
-You're not a failure.
You're my daughter and
I love you very much.
-I love you, too.
-I love you.
"Let your plans be dark and
impenetrable as the night.
And when you move, fall
like a thunderbolt."
Did you ever read Sun Tzu, The
Art of War?
written in
the 5th century BC?
The greatest military
treatise ever written.
-I can't say That I have.
-Well, maybe now you won't have to."
We've finally reached the brink of peace.
-What is going on there?
-Say something!
- Say something!
-Everyone, please!
Just calm down. This isn't helping.
The details are sketchy but there was
an attack on base uptime/
-What about the stasis chamber?
-And the sleepers?
-You already know that answer.
-So you are saying we are
trapped in this timezone?
-For the foreseeable future.
I don't expect reinforcements
to arrive any time soon,
or exchange them.
Yes, this is a setback, I'm not gonna lie.
But it doesn't change our mission.
This latest act of aggression
is proof we're a threat.
The Cabal know we have
the power to change the future,
to rewrite them out of history.
And that's exactly what we're going to do.
Tomorrow we will mourn,
but today we are going to go
back to our work stations
and find a way to
take these bastards out.
Now let's go do it!
-Hey, where are you going?
I need some air.
-Get that prototype working ASAP.
We're gonna need all the help we can get.
-Everything alright?
-I'm OK, I just need a minute.
-We can leave, right now, just you and me.
-And go where? You heard the Captain.
We're trapped.
-We will start a new life, away from the
Cabal and away from the Huntress.
-And abandon the mission?
-Think about it.
-If the mission was actually successful,
if the Cabal never existed,
There would have no reason to send us
back to this timezone in the first place.
-What are you saying?
- The rebellion failed.
It always fails,it has to, or else
we wouldn't be here.
Has to be another way to change things.
Otherwise it's pointless.
-If we leave right now,
we might have a chance.
-A chance to do what? Stand back
and watch history repeat itself?
You and I both know how this story goes
and it doesn't have a good ending.
And I'm gonna give it one.
-Seattle. Seattle, wait!
-Troubles with your lady friend?
-It's complicated.
-Ain't nothing complicated about love.
It's either you do or you don't.
It don't get much simpler than that.
But life, on the other hand, now that
will trip you up every time.
-Yeah? So what do you do when
life gets in the way of love? Huh?
-Sometimes life makes our choices- for us.
-Hey, it's OK.
-I just don't get it.
I thought things were going so
good between us, you know?
-Matt? Circe?
-I know, she blew us both off.
-Something changed.
I can't help but think about
the last time I saw her and
She just wasn't herself.
I know how to get you
to stop thinking about her.
-You bitch!
Do not stand at my grave and weep.
I am not there, I do not sleep,
I am the thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond that glints in the snow.
I am the sunlight of ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken with morning's hush,
I am the swift uplifting rush of
quiet birds and circled fire.
I am the soft stars
that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry.
I am not there, I did not die.
-We can't compete with the Cabal Uptime.
They are bigger than us and have unlimited
If you're not gonna help me,
I'll find someone who will.
-I found you.
-You're not a Skinner.
What are you?
Do you know where they are?
Can you take me to them?
-Are you lost?
-No. I'm right where I need to be.
-Paseo, how are we coming
on that prototype?
-Captain, are you OK?
-Hey, who turned out the lights?
Oh, double shit!
-It's clean. The bullet passed
all the way through.
-That's our lucky day.
-We're gonna need to apply
pressure to keep it from bleeding.
-Paseo, what is that?
-A polymorphic virus.
If the Cabal tries
to access our data,
it will wipe the servers
and take us out with it.
-How long does that take?
-Longer than we probably have.
You'll keep this safe, won't you?
-Nipper doodles.
-Go. I'll distract her.
-Sad little Skinner, all alone.
Time to fly away.
Fly away.
Fly away home.
- Maybe he got her?
-Let's go.
-There is a whole nest of
vermin at this location.
Please send someone to clean them up.
-Oh my God.
-How does it look?
-You'll live.
-What is he doing in here?
-It's not what it looks like.
If you would just let me explain...
-Whose blood is this?
-He was shot.
-Uh-uh, I'm calling the cops on this one.
-No cops.
On your knees.
-Ava, I don't even know
who you are anymore.
Keep an eye on her,
I'm gonna go find some rope.
-You destroyed her life!
-it's not as simple as all that.
If you are looking for
your skin,remnant, it's not here.
Unless you know
where the skinner is who took it,
I'm afraid there's not
much I can do to help.
-Sorry about this, it would take
me too long to explain.
And you would not believe me anyway.
-Jesus, mom!
What did you do?
You're gonna regret this, Hunter.
-Look who's back.
Did you find your missing skin?
Are you sure that's where they are?
Good job, kiddo.
-There has to be other operatives
in other time zones.
-Didn't Derby say something
about a Pacific unit?
-Right, in Bel Air.
We just have to find them.
-But how?
-Maybe something in here will help.
What's going on?
-It's Ava.
-She's here?
-No, no, no.
- We need to go.Right now.
-No, you can't go. You're hurt.
You need to rest.
-What are you doing?
-She needs to know.
-We're not supposed to share
knowledge of future events.
-Or what? What have we got to lose?
-This is a really bad idea.
Think about what you are doing.
-Ava, I hope you're watching this.
Take a good look because
I want you to remember all of it.
This is the future that you created.
You did this.
By helping the Cabal, you've just signed a
death sentence for the whole world.
-I'm sorry.
I didn't know.
-Oh Shit. The hunter, she's here.
-Oh, damn!
-Stop, it's no good.
I'm not giving up.
-Come here.
-One of us has to
make it to California.
-I'm not going.
I'm not leaving you.
-Sometimes life makes our choices
for us, huh?
Take this.
Go, go.
-I'm not afraid of you.
-Just admit when you've lost.
-Theses last efforts at
heroics are pathetic.
-Now's not a good time.
- You hurt my Mom.
-Out of my way, Remnant.
-I thought you were trying to help.
-Move, or you'll never get your body back.
Isn't this what you want?
To get back what she stole from you?
-She didn't steal it. I threw it away.
-Do you know what this is? It will work
on you just as well as Skinners.
-You're a Skinner, too.
Seattle? Seattle.
-No, I'm Ava.
What? You can see me? I'm back?
Oh fuck. No.
No. No. No.
Seattle, I'm gonna get
you out of there, I promise.
-I'm sorry.
She seemed like a good person.
-She was.
Tell me you know how to save her. Huh?
Say it!
Say it, or I'll slit your throat
right here and now.
-Do you know the way to Piccadilly Circus?
-You're supposed to say 'We've run
out of blackbird pie.'
-Com on, lets patch you up.
-I know this is not gonna really
make up for anything,
but just trust me when I say
things will be better now.
And I'm sorry.
-Come here, honey, give me a hug.
-Why are you keeping that?
-"Keep your friends close
but your enemies closer".
It's just...
It's a little weird.
You're not trying to kill me.
That's all. Yeah.
-I'm sorry, is this Skin
not good enough for you?
Should I try to find another one?
-Oh, no. No, no, no...
I approve.I approve of it very much.
-Hi, um, look, everything has been
really crazy lately.
And I just want to say
thank you for helping us.
So, what are we gonna do now?
-You? Just keep being young.
Be yourself again. You're so lucky
you have a second chance.
Don't let it slip away.
-I don't think I can if I tried.
So what are you guys gonna do?
-We've got a lot of ground to cover
before we reach California,
-Do you guys have to leave?
Eventually, the Cabal will
realize their Hunter is out of commission.
-Yeah, they will send others.
So it will be safer for you
and your mom is we are
far away when this happens.
-Be careful out there.
-Have a good life, Ava.
-You, too, Seattle.
Mom, what's for breakfast?