State Like Sleep (2018) Movie Script

Let's welcome to the show
Belgium's shining star
of the screen,
Stefan Delvoe.
- Alan.
- Welcome back.
- How are you?
- Great.
So good to see you.
You're looking
quite well.
Hmm, thank you.
Tell us
how you got started?
I'm lucky
because I get to play
all these different characters.
I become someone new
every time
or at least live in
their skin for a while.
We need stories
to make sense of the world
and that's what
movies are.
That's why I wanted
to make movies.
Without stories,
the truth is too random.
The body of
Belgian film star Stefan Delvoe
was found earlier
this morning by his wife,
American photographer
Katherine Grant who came in...
The young actor's
death has been determined a suicide.
The couple's rocky marriage
and Delvoe's alleged drug use
could be connected
to his shocking death.
Just one week ago after
photographs of Delvoe...
Striking a photographer
in an uncharacteristic rage...
Who are you? Get the hell
out of here, asshole.
What do you want?
What are they paying you, huh?
That is just great.
That's great.
That's great.
Can you straighten
your legs a bit?
Uh, bend your elbows.
Yep, hold it straight.
Can you turn
the other way?
Uh, like this?
forget about the legs.
- Just, uh, try to relax...
- Phone call for you.
- ...a little bit. Just a second.
- Phone call for you.
And just... Yeah, um.
They say
it's an emergency.
Apparently, your mother is
in a hospital in Brussels.
No, do not
put it in my elbow.
I can't move
my fucking arm.
Look, put it there
or wherever you can
put it down there.
But do not put it there.
Hey, Mom.
Oh, thank God,
you're here.
This woman is totally incompetent.
- Oui.
- Ow!
Well, you two certainly had
a laugh at my expense.
She just
didn't understand.
I'm not stupid,
you know.
I know. It would be
much easier if you were.
I'm so glad you're here.
Oh, honey, and I love the hair.
The short hair.
How pretty,
thank you.
So how was your flight?
Mom, why are you here?
What happened?
Oh, I just had a...
...minuscule stroke.
I'm totally fine now.
Who's your doctor?
A very nice Indian man.
But why are you "here" here?
In Brussels? Why are you
having a stroke in Brussels?
If you had answered
your phone, you would know.
Know what?
I tried to leave
a message, a voicemail
Saying what?
Anneke is selling the loft,
and I came here
to pack up your things.
Honey, I'm trying
to help you.
Why would you do that?
I don't want those things.
She can throw them away.
Anneke has been trying to deal
with this for almost a year now.
Miss Grant.
We know this is difficult.
Your mother-in-law
says that
the two of you were
in the process of separating.
Is it possible that had
something to do with it?
After photographs of Delvoe and a
mystery woman leaked to the press,
Delvoe lost his temper and struck the
photographer in an uncharacteristic rage.
What are
they paying you, huh?
When was the last
time you had contact with him?
When was the last time you
were in contact with him?
We hadn't spoken
in a few days.
there's a blockage
at the base of the brain.
If left untreated,
this pressure builds
and eventually bursts
causing severe damage.
Medication should bring it down.
With treatment and rest,
she should be fine.
So, we can go home?
She's free to go,
but I strongly advise
against air travel
for at least a week.
Too much pressure.
Can I help you?
I'm Edward.
Oh, hey, how'd you
get in there?
Oh, my... Oh, my God.
Holy Jesus,
mother of Christ!
Sorry, this isn't your room.
Yeah, but that's my hand.
- Are you okay?
- Hmm.
I can't...
I can't... Maybe I might
need mouth-to-mouth.
Who was that?
No on, go back to sleep.
Are you smoking?
I can smell it.
As I was telling
your mother,
there are a few financial
details we need to go over.
Just unlock.
I never thought
I'd see you again.
As I was saying,
you're on the deed
to the apartment.
But since you've made
no claim,
it is now gone to me.
We tried to contact you.
Many times.
Apparently you've been busy.
I haven't really done
much of anything.
We need to fix
the roof.
There's so much rain here
all the time,
it's really hard
to fix everything.
Um, where would I find
some garbage bags?
They should be
under the sink.
Right, Katherine,
under the sink?
Investigators dropped
that off.
Why are you
keeping all of this?
Me? This is your mess.
This is gonna cut it,
but it's a start so...
It's been a year,
not even a phone call?
What kind of person
does that?
I'm sorry.
- Okay, wait, no...
- Sorry?
...let's not
get into this.
If it weren't for you, this
would have never happened.
Excuse me,
but that is ridiculous.
Your son was
a drug addict.
- Mom.
- What could she have done about it?
He made
his own choices.
Is that what
you tell yourself?
Well, I suppose your way of
dealing with it is better?
What does
that mean?
I mean, should we set another
place at the table here
and wait for him
to come back?
Will the
two of you just stop?
They close with the
bank in two weeks.
By the end of the month, anything
left here goes to the dump.
My lawyer will be
in touch.
What a bitch.
Honey, please
don't smoke.
Do you know who he might
have been hanging out with?
Or where he might have gone?
Also, we were unable
to locate his mobile phone.
Would you know
anything about that?
We don't
have to do this today.
I have
a pounding headache.
Let's just
fucking leave.
Which one
is the caramel?
That one? Okay great. Thank you.
Mmm, very good.
What happened? Good Heavens.
She just fell down on the floor.
Excuse me.
The medication
hasn't worked at all,
which lead us to the
probability of surgical removal.
Surgical removal?
Possibly, yes.
From her brain?
Would that be considered
brain surgery?
You should plan to stay
for a couple of weeks.
In the case
she loses consciousness,
it's very important to have
a family member around...
It's a blood clot.
He said the medication
isn't working
and surgery might be
a possibility.
Ethan! Can I...
Ethan, I said no.
Hey, sorry... Can you say that again.
What did you say?
They don't really know.
Nobody really knows.
Okay, then,
so you were there,
so you need to understand
what's going on, right?
If I could be there,
I would,
but I can't be there, Kate.
Okay, so you're gonna
have to deal with this.
I am.
Are you smoking?
I can hear you.
I'm not.
I thought you quit.
I did.
Hey, Ethan.
That's... I warned you
this was gonna happen.
Fuck, I have to go. Ethan's
bleeding from the head.
Just let me know what the doctor
says when you talk to him.
I gotta go. Honey...
You look like an iris.
Hey, Leon.
I was wondering
when you'd turn up.
You've been gone
a while.
What's the matter?
Cat got your tongue?
Sorry, I thought
you were someone else.
It'll make
your fingers bleed
scratching around
like this.
Like what?
Stefan had
a lot of secrets.
Let it be.
Who are you?
I'm a friend.
We're all friends here.
I'd like to leave now.
Stefan, over here!
Stefan, here.
Right here!
Look this way.
One more for us.
Wow. Nice car, man.
You have to give this car back.
It's ridiculous.
Oh, my God.
Now you're mad
at the car?
It's embarrassing.
Are you okay to drive?
One more,
one more!
You know what?
That girl?
She's nothing. She's...
We were just doing a pump.
You should have joined us.
Why do you have
to do that?
Uh, come on. Don't make
such a big deal out of it.
It's... It's Friday night.
It's Friday night.
It's Friday...
can I show you something?
Someone taught me
on set today.
I practiced all day long
so I could show you.
Are you wearing
your seat belt?
Yeah, why?
Oh, my God.
It's cool, right?
Stunt driver taught me.
Oh, my God.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
I get it, I get it.
No, no, no,
let me try again.
- Stefan, stop it.
- Whoa!
Please, stop it.
Stop the fucking car.
Relax, you can trust me.
Fuck, um,
fucking piece
of shit. Shit.
I cannot get
this zip up.
Can you help?
You need to suck in.
I am sucking.
Thank you.
I'm Frieda.
You know,
I thought it was you.
"My God, wow.
"It's his wife."
I really loved Stefan.
I mean not like you.
I never fucked him.
I mean, I would love to.
Oh, my God.
It's so nice to meet you.
You too.
I'd like to take a bath.
Can you make
the bath?
Yeah, okay.
Where is it?
With bubbles, please.
Lots of bubbles.
Lots of bubbles.
Now, can you get
in the bath?
All right.
I'm in.
That's very nice.
Could you please make
your hair wet?
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I told you
I was in a meeting.
No, I was.
Charlotte, you're acting
crazy, you know.
You're the one who said you
wanted this in the first place.
No, no, no, hey!
Hey, I never said that.
That's the thing with cell
phones you can never tell
if someone hung up on you
or you just dropped a call.
No, the best is when
someone hangs up on you,
and then blames it on a dropped call.
That's a good one.
Must happen
to you a lot.
I'm Edward.
You know, usually when
someone tells you their name,
it's because they want
to know your name.
Well, it's nice
to meet you, Katherine.
You too.
You do something different
with you hair?
I like it.
Yo, Stefan here.
Leave a message.
Thank you.
So, I don't know
where you are,
but the place is
a fucking disaster,
and you left the door
wide open again.
You're obviously
getting high here
so I guess that's that.
I'm clearing out
my desk today,
and the movers are getting
the rest next week.
I hope you know
this is not what I wanted.
Yo, Stefan here.
Leave a message.
Thank you.
Can you hear me?
- Mom, I'll be right there.
- Katherine?
It's Emile.
Look, I'm sorry for my
behavior last night.
I was, um, insensitive.
We have a lot to talk about
and I have something for you.
So, please, come see me.
Who are you?
After photos of Delvoe
and a mystery woman
were leaked to the press,
Delvoe lost his temper,
striking a photographer
in an uncharacteristic rage.
The star had just announced
his commitment
to the role of Cuss
in the big budget American
action series, Steel Chase.
The couple's rocky marriage and
Delvoe's alleged drug use...
You spent quite a bit of
money in Paris last weekend.
- That's good.
- Uh-huh.
Your bill from Aspasbie alone,
is more than most people
pay in rent.
It was.
Chicken is good.
It won't last forever, you know.
You have to be smart.
We were celebrating.
I got the part.
Steel Chase.
I knew you
could do it.
All our
hard work is paying off.
I thought you were going
to say she's pregnant.
What a disaster that would be.
No, no, it's just...
I mean, can't be a heartthrob
with a baby on the way.
I mean, it's bad enough
you're married.
We were celebrating.
Because the film shoots
in Rhinebeck, New York.
We're gonna
move there.
You're moving?
For how long?
Um, we decided, we've been
here for a couple of years,
so we could try being there
for a couple of years.
We decided,
did we?
It's just
a plane ride away.
You can come visit
And there's a really nice bed
and breakfast right in town.
A bed and breakfast?
Based on the MRI,
and the amount of
cortisone in the blood,
I would like
to schedule surgery.
After the surgery, you'll
be in an induced coma
which will allow
the brain to heal
without the added stresses
of non-essential functions.
Would you mind
my asking
what my non-essential
functions are?
We take it down
to the basics.
Breathing, heart rate,
blood pressure.
Involuntary functions.
Yeah, but I just go, like...
And you never thought.
I can't do it. Take out
the middle, like this...
You're not going.
You're not going.
I'm not letting you go.
You came back. I'm
so happy to see you.
No, actually, I'm looking for Emile.
You think he's cute?
I think he's cute.
I'd fuck him for free.
I think he's got
a girlfriend, though.
Take these.
Do you work for him?
- Who?
- Emile.
Yeah, for a couple
of years.
Emile is the best.
A bit of a weirdo,
but a good person.
Oh, no, thanks.
Come on,
it's really good coke.
How well did you
know Stefan?
Yeah, you know,
we talked a bit.
Blah, blah, blah.
And the last night
that he was here,
uh, was he with
a blond woman?
I don't know.
I don't think so. I mean,
he was always with Emile.
They were like brothers.
You know,
every day we make decisions.
Big ones, small ones...
It all adds up, 'til one day
you... You know what I mean?
But the last time
that Stefan was here,
he and Emile
had an argument.
I don't know
what it was about,
but right before
Stefan left,
he kissed Emile
on the mouth.
Like this.
Weird, right?
The reason why no one
remembers Korea anymore
is because
it had no look.
World War II looked like
a fucking Dior runway.
Vietnam, fucking brilliant.
Sexy, sweaty.
Korea? I mean, sorry.
I can't think
of a single image,
which is why
no one knows
what that fucking war
was about.
Can you hear it?
Lossless WAV file.
Like vinyl.
Fucking hell.
Fucking hell.
Cheeky bird.
Come here.
Do you like New Wave?
Stefan loved New Wave
I didn't realize you two
were such good friends.
Come on.
You know as well as me
Anneke kept him
on a tight leash.
I was not so good
for his image.
So many people claimed
to be his friends,
he never mentioned you.
You know,
I don't blame you.
I never did.
Not for leaving him.
Not for anything.
I know he was here
the night he died.
And he called you.
Why don't you come a little closer.
I can hardly hear you.
You're gonna make
me come to you.
Like a little cat.
I like cats.
Who was the woman
in the photo?
Did she work for you?
What is that?
Heroin with
a little MDMA.
Honestly, by the nose,
it hardly affects you.
I know this song.
You smell
like the sun.
Who's Mona?
We grew up together,
Stefan and I.
Did you know that?
We spent
every summer together.
My mother would
put me on a ferry
from Dover to Calais,
and my father
would pick me up
and we would drive
all the way to London.
And that was that.
June to September.
No shoes. No rules.
Just us.
Running wild
at the beach.
I didn't know that.
And Stefan had
a little cat.
Named Mona.
She was so happy.
Like us. Running around,
laying in the sun.
So free.
And when they moved to
the city, she got so sad.
So she stopped eating.
She stopped drinking.
Mona is a cat?
She would just...
She would just sleep
all day long.
And one day
we called her.
"Kitty, kitty,
kitty, kitty, kitty.
"Kitty, kitty,
kitty, kitty, kitty."
Kitty, kitty,
kitty, kitty, kitty.
She didn't come.
She died
of a broken heart.
I think when you die,
you leave something of yourself
with the people you love.
And you see him in me.
Why did he call you?
He wanted my help.
With what?
Pulling the trigger.
You're not supposed
to touch that.
What did you say?
No one touches
my controls.
Hey, hey, Frieda.
- Controls.
- Shut the fucking bird up.
No one touches
my controls.
- You!
- Controls.
- Chill out, man. We're just having a laugh.
- We're just having fun.
Get out of my club,
you fucking pervert.
- Everything's fine.
- No, it's not the fucking same.
What's that
you fucking nutter?
Don't tell me.
I paid good money.
I don't care
about your fucking money.
Frieda, for fuck's sake,
shut the fucking bird up.
Hey, get out!
You're fucking crazy, man.
What's your problem?
Why did you do that?
Why did he call you?
He wanted my help.
With what?
Pulling the trigger.
You all right?
Need a ride?
Okay, I'll guess, I'll, uh,
leave you to do whatever fine
thing it is you're doing now.
Wait, wait,
I do need a ride.
I just need to sit
here for a minute.
Oh, whoa.
Don't look.
Uh, okay.
Oh, God.
Take your time,
it'll pass.
There we go.
Good night.
Night, night.
- Gimme that leg.
- Huh?
I want that leg.
- Stop it.
- I can't.
I gotta go.
Okay, then,
I'll come with you.
You're gonna come
with me to London?
All right.
And I go to New York?
Then I'll follow
you there.
I'd follow you
all over the world.
I've got you,
and I'm never gonna
let you go.
No, thank you.
No, thank you.
Hey, what's going on?
Did she go in yet?
- Hello?
- I'm here.
I'm there.
- Okay.
- Um...
I think...
Can I call you back
in a second?
Yeah, I guess.
Anneke, I need
the number for 911.
I need a doctor.
I need an ambulance.
Slow down. Slow down.
Tell me, what's going on?
I think he's dead.
Oh, God, I fucked up.
I fucked up.
I left him.
I left him alone.
Stop it.
Katherine, stop. Stop!
Listen to me, goddammit.
Hide the drugs.
Hide it all.
Hide anything
that will hurt him.
Do it!
Do it now!
Okay, okay.
went very well.
No complications whatsoever.
She will remain in ICU
on the phenobarbital
for the next few days.
You know, you've never
really told me what happened.
There's nothing really to say.
I mean, you know what happened.
You know,
I love you, right?
Of course,
and I love you, too.
I don't need
to hear your say it.
That's not what
this is about.
I know you do.
I know what happened hurt.
But I cannot let you
do this to yourself.
It's like you swam
out to sea,
and I'm watching you
from the shore,
waiting for you
to come back.
And you are so far away.
I can barely see you.
And I just want
to scream at you
and tell you there is
good in this world
and love,
and beautiful things.
I did the best I could.
And I'm so sorry I couldn't
protect you from everything.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Not so fast.
I think you owe me
a drink.
- So...
- Uh, what?
Oh, I'm sorry, go ahead.
I didn't mean to cut you off.
Did you want a drink?
Well, I have a drink.
You want a drink?
- Yes.
- Oh, Okay.
Right, uh,
can I have a drink
for my friend, please?
- Scotch okay?
- Mmm-hmm.
You like steak?
Have some.
Enjoy it.
Enjoy your meal.
That's what they say here.
Have you noticed a lot of Flemish
words sound like what they mean?
Smakelijk means
something that tastes good.
But saying it feels like that.
You know what I mean?
Well, it's not just in Flemish.
We have that, too.
"Curve" is like that.
The word "curve".
Sounds and feels
like what it means.
All right.
That's good.
I like that one.
So what are you
doing in town?
Other than behaving badly?
Funny, peel back a layer and
no one's who they seem to be.
Now one's ever
how they seem to be.
For example, you don't
seem like the kind of guy
who would need to pay a woman
to have dinner with him.
I'm not paying you.
Well, that's the difference.
You would.
I wouldn't pay you
to have dinner.
Can I interest you in
any dessert or chocolate?
Dessert and chocolate,
no thanks.
Charge it
to my room, 608.
That's my room.
I don't know
why I keep doing that.
I must want to be
in that room.
Room 607.
Now you know
where to find me.
This is for
the deed on the house.
You need to sign here.
And here.
And these documents
are for you to add Anneke
to the joint account.
We didn't have
a joint account.
The week
before he died,
Stefan transferred almost half a
million euro into a new account.
You were listed
on that account.
I am not.
If you wish to make a claim
on that money, you may do so,
but I don't see why you would.
It wasn't yours.
I thought you handled
all of the, uh...
Do you or don't you want to
make a claim on that account?
I have bill
and debt to pay.
His bills. His debt.
It didn't just stop.
I need that money.
You mind if I take these
with me to look over?
It's fine.
I just need to be
at the hospital soon.
I'll bring them
to you later.
How is she doing?
She's fine.
She's getting better.
Well, then...
Do you know who he
might have been hanging out with?
Or where he might have gone?
Did you notice
anything unusual
about his behavior
in the last few days?
Your mother-in-law says
that the two of you were
in the process of separating.
Is it possible that had
something to do with this?
the fuck is going on? 1
This is ridiculous, Kate.
I even called
the hospital.
I'm sorry.
Can you stop saying sorry?
'Cause you're clearly
not sorry.
You know that she wouldn't even
be there if it weren't for you.
If you had just dealt
with your shit
like a normal person, none of
this would have ever happened.
I would think
that by now
you would appreciate
the people in your life
a little bit more.
I do.
Then you better
start showing it.
Okay, did you fax
the insurance company?
Kate? Hello?
Are you listening to me?
Yeah, yeah,
I'm on it, um...
It's kind of late here,
can I call you back?
Kate, hello?
Are you there?
For a second I thought
you were room service,
but then I realized
I didn't order anything.
You want to come in?
Have a drink?
I hope you don't want ice.
They never fill
the damn minibar, but,
got a bottle
from the store.
Lesson number one
of a seasoned traveler.
Do you wanna
have sex with me?
Is that
a theoretical question?
Doesn't have to mean anything,
it can just be tonight.
Who decides that?
You're serious, are ya?
Don't you do this
all the time?
I don't do this
all the time.
Keep staring at me like that,
I'm gonna change my mind.
No, hey, I'm sorry.
It's just a bit...
Right now?
Right now, okay.
Can I...
Are there rules?
Can I kiss you or...
Uh, yeah, like...
Just normal.
Well, this isn't normal,
but I'll...
I'll do my best.
I saw you at that club
the other night.
Why do you go there?
Uh, I travel a lot.
It gets lonely.
You get bored.
You want someone
to talk to.
But not someone you got
to talk to tomorrow.
What about you?
Uh, my husband
used to go there.
Oh, is that why you're here?
Playing detective?
No, it just
worked out like that.
Some things are
just meant to be.
Like me being
next door.
That's just convenient.
There's a difference.
I gotta go.
I hope I see you around.
Yeah, I'll be around.
Yeah, yeah,
I guess you're
not going far enough
to justify pants.
So, I know
what everyone is thinking.
So let's just cut
to the chase, huh?
Steel Chase.
What drew you to it?
Well, there's... There's
excitement in uncertainty, isn't there?
Um, it's quite boring to
be the same all the time.
And I'm lucky,
because with every role
I get to become
someone new.
Or at least live in
their skin for a while.
And Steel Chase is fun
because I get
to play a criminal.
Uh-huh, and we have
a little clip of you
preparing for the role.
It looks quite difficult.
Bad guys are always
most fun to play.
And we can learn a lot
from desperate people.
Now, you have a
10-year recurring role
on the Belgian
soap opera Amour Secret.
Yes? Tell us
a little bit about it.
Well, it was the
beginning of my career.
So, it'll always
be special.
Like a first love.
And I think that's what
that role was about.
About falling in love like it's
the first time every few months.
Yeah, it was crazy.
I think in real life you only get to
fall in love like that once or twice,
If you're lucky.
We'll be right back
after this.
a year after the sudden death
of the beloved Belgian actor,
there are still
unanswered questions.
Just days after photographs
of Delvoe and a mystery woman
were anonymously leaked
to the press,
his body was found,
gunshot to the head.
But who was this woman?
And who leaked
these photographs?
Who are you?
The photographer
behind this camera has the answers.
Whoever has identified
the two
is yet another missing piece
of the growing puzzle.
Am I disturbing you?
I was actually in the
middle of something.
Hey, open this up
a little more, huh?
I can't fit through here.
What is all this?
- See this?
- Hmm.
And this.
Nah, I can't see for shit.
My wife's been telling me
to get glasses for years,
but, uh,
I'm too vain for that.
You're married?
Kind of on the skids
right now.
You don't exactly
act married.
Do you love her?
Of course,
I love her.
Why do you fuck around?
Does she know?
Uh, the two things have
nothing to do with each other.
Yeah, right.
What? Do you think...
Because I sleep
with one person,
it changes how I feel
about another?
- Doesn't it?
- No.
I just don't think you
can really love someone
and maintain a whole
secret life on the side.
Well, have you ever
been in love?
I mean, really
deeply in love?
I was married.
Not the same thing.
How long
were you married?
Two years.
Talk to me when you
can last a few more.
I mean, two years, come on, you're
barely out of the gates there...
He died.
I'm sorry.
What happened?
He shot himself.
I don't know.
He was under a lot
of strain at work
and we were splitting up
at the time.
I think that pushed him
over the edge.
It was gonna end one way
or the other, right?
It's okay, look.
All I'm saying is...
There's a reason you gotta
find some comfort when you can
and love the one
you're with.
Love the one you're with?
Wow, I thought we were
really talking there,
and you just turned it
into a bumper sticker.
I was just trying
to lighten the mood.
What's so bad
about that?
You're so full of shit.
It's just an excuse so you can
sleep with whoever you want.
Not because you're lonely,
because you want
to be alone.
Interesting theory.
In this particular case,
it takes one to know one.
I'm tired.
- Okay.
- I was in the middle of something.
See, you're doing it
right now.
I'm not doing anything.
I just want to be alone.
I don't want to talk
to you anymore.
Okay, fine, whatever.
I'll just pretend
it never happened.
No, you know what?
This is stupid. I'm...
I'm gonna try something.
I'm gonna be honest.
Okay? I like you.
And I don't know why,
I barely know you,
but I want you
to like me.
And I know
I'm not perfect,
but from what
I can tell you're...
...pretty fucked up, too.
So, the least we can do
is keep each other company
and be nice.
So how about I stay?
If you were an
animal, what would you be?
And don't say bird.
Why not?
Because everyone
always picks a bird.
I would
want to be a bird.
No, see.
They look up in the sky
and they see a bird...
Its wings all stretched out
and still.
It looks like it's just
coasting along.
Just floating
through the air,
not a care
in the world.
Those birds,
they're looking down at us
and saying, "Shit,
I wish I had hands.
I'm leaving tomorrow.
But I'll be back
in a few days.
Can I call you up
and take you out
to dinner
when I get back?
You don't have to.
I know I don't have to,
I want to.
I like you.
I like you, too.
Is there a problem?
She has a little fluid
in her left lung.
We should give her
some antibiotics.
It should clear up
in a couple of days.
Hi, my husband,
Stefan Delvoe,
used to work
with a trainer here.
I'd like to speak
with him.
What was the name?
Uh, I don't know
his name.
No, no,
your husband's name.
Stefan Delvoe.
The actor?
I had worked with him for about
two months for S teel Chase.
He showed up everyday.
He was
very professional.
Didn't seem
depressed at all.
At all.
So he seemed
okay to you?
He was working.
He had plans.
He didn't seem like someone
who was about to, you know.
The media, they tell you
what you want to hear, huh?
They spin the story
that works,
but the truth,
it always come out.
What do you mean?
It's the details.
They don't add up.
Just look a little closer.
The gun was
in the wrong hand.
Doesn't add up.
Doesn't make sense.
Hey, miss.
His membership
expired last month.
If he doesn't renew, we need
to clear out his locker.
People think they can leave
their shit here forever,
then they get upset
when we throw it away,
but it's policy.
It's in the contract.
See? He's holding the gun
with his right hand,
but the shot went
into his left temple.
Stefan was left-handed.
Yes, I know that,
but he's holding the gun
with his right hand.
It's very common to be
ambidextrous with firearms.
And the forensics
on the hands show...
What about the second shot?
No one ever explained that.
alcohol, Klonopin,
nicotine, Valium,
all of these were found
in his blood stream.
It's shocking he could pick
up a gun, much less aim.
But Emile was there
that morning.
You said you think
you saw him.
Don't you see,
he was being followed.
He moved all of his money
out of Anneke's account
a week before he died and put
it in a fucking gym locker.
Then this photographer
vanishes into thin air?
The photographer's name
is Christoff Makhtan.
And Anneke wished to quiet that
situation quickly after Stefan's death.
And so she paid him
a handsome settlement
and set him up
at Le Figaro
under the condition that
he would not press charges
or speak to the press.
Why didn't anybody
tell me this?
You were gone.
Doesn't explain
the money.
And the woman
in the photographs?
Or do you know her, too?
There are always
loose ends.
But Stefan Delvoe is...
Is important
to the national identity.
We all have a responsibility
to protect his image.
Miss Grant,
we know you're looking
for answers.
The death of a loved one
can be a challenging process,
but let me assure you
we have ways of knowing
certain things.
There was absolutely
no foul play involved.
Yes, in fact,
the only foul play involved
was you tampering
with the evidence.
Would you like
to talk about that?
not listening to me.
Something happened to him.
Too crazy to figure it out.
National identity?
You call him.
It's not my problem.
Well, sort it out. No.
No, I don't fucking
have anymore.
Look, please, listen.
I have to open the club.
Speak to somebody else
about that.
Everybody wants
something these days.
Why do you have
a gun pointed at me?
I saw you
there that morning.
I know you
were there.
He was here
the night before,
and you were there
that morning.
I saw Anneke
here with you.
Is she involved?
And I found the money.
He was hiding it.
Hiding it from you,
or her, or...
Was it about the money?
Were you blackmailing him?
Did you kill him?
Okay, clam down.
Hey, I'm not fucking
around here.
I can see that.
What are you doing?
I have a fucking gun.
You don't move.
That's how this works.
Calm the fuck down.
I'm on your side.
You should be angry
at him, not me.
Stefan was a real
asshole, you know that?
He had everything.
A perfect life,
perfect career
perfect wife.
Hey, who throws
that away, huh?
He didn't think anything
of it, I didn't...
I didn't wanna sell
him that much.
He was my best friend.
He was very persuasive.
So, I just let him have it.
And when he kissed me
on the mouth
which I thought was
strange, like he was...
...saying goodbye.
And then,
he gave me this.
He gave me this
to give to you.
I guess you've
already found it.
That morning,
I couldn't sleep,
so I got up and went to
your place to check on him
and the door was open.
The lock sticks.
He never locked it.
And Anneke,
she's no one now,
you know that?
She doesn't know where that money
is and it's driving her mad.
That's what
happened, Katherine.
I'm sorry.
This gun wasn't even loaded,
you know that, right?
The woman in the photos?
Who is she?
I don't know
who she was.
Or is.
Okay, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, me too.
I'm sorry I haven't
visited until now.
It's okay.
No, it's not.
I heard you went
to the police.
And of course,
you saw Emile.
I'm sorry, Anneke,
I thought...
I don't know
what I thought, I...
I thought it would make
me feel better.
I just...
I want you to know
I never meant for anything
to get so out of control.
But when you started
talking about moving,
about leaving me here, I...
Stefan was my whole life.
What are you saying?
I leaked those photos,
so you would see them.
So you would leave him.
I hired Christoff,
the photographer
to follow him.
To find something.
How should I've known
he would go so crazy.
I mean, you broke
the poor man's nose.
When he found out
I was the one behind it,
He turned on me.
He wrote me out
of all the accounts.
He vowed never
to speak to me.
Anneke, I think
you should go.
That woman
was his therapist
and had been for years.
It was nothing between
them other than that.
What are you talking about?
The woman in the photos.
It was no affair at all.
He loved you.
But, that money,
I really do need it.
Excuse me,
there's something going on.
Whatever happened,
it's done.
You want the money,
you can have the money.
Just get out.
Room 403.
Hello, my mother.
In Room 403.
Elaine Grant.
Something's going on.
Mom, you're okay?
I'm here.
I love you.
Oh, God.
I'm sorry.
No, I'm sorry.
I should have been there.
I should have come.
At least she wasn't alone.
Yeah. Hmm.
So what do
we even do?
I'm figuring
all that out now.
Well, you let me know
if you need anything.
Yes, of course.
Thank you.
Thank you for being there.
I love you.
I love you too.
They said I should
call someone.
I'm glad you did.
I'm very sorry
for you loss.
Have you thought about how
you would like to proceed?
I want to go outside.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm okay.
Thank you.