Stay as You Are (1978) Movie Script

Excuse me, do you know
where the gardener is?
The gardener...
- Good morning...
- Good morning...
I'm Giulio Marengo.
I've come from Rome to...
ask a bit of a delicate question.
I know this garden vey well and I remember having
seen... I don't know... a statue of Diana.
Ah, yes! Of course, it's over there.
Down there.
This is the situation. I'm re landscaping
the garden of Carracci here in Florence.
He has seen the statue of Diana. He's sort
of obsessed with her and... wants to buy it.
Nothing is for sale here,
not even a dy leaf.
- Bye, Osvaldo.
- Oh! Goodbye, dear.
You realize that the bus has already left,
how are you going to get home now?
I've already taken care of it.
In what direction are you going?
To Florence.
If you'll be patient a moment
I'll give you a ride.
I'm not patient!
Can you take me to Florence?
You've changed your mind?
Yes. How did you recognize me?
It wasn't difficult.
Come on, get in.
I come here intending to concentrate on my
book, but if I finish a page it's a lot.
Listen, what do you think of the
death of the cypresses?
Only... that they're dying.
Oh... because I noticed that
you're studying botany...
Tuscany is at risk of changing,
you know?
I think it's better to have a landscape
more natural, with less history. In short,
less made-over.
For eKample, I've never been to The Uffizi
Galley and I swear I don't need it.
Well, I know the answer to
what a girlfriend asked me.
Are we sticking with the theme of museums
or have you turned the page?
I've turned the page.
Ah, great. So what is it
your friend has asked you?
What is to me the most attractive
thing about a man.
Ah... what is it?
Before I was torn between three or
four things. But now... now I know.
- The hands.
- The hands...?
The hands have a language.
They say what you feel.
Just now, while you
spoke of the cypresses...
You felt a strong desire to touch me.
Well... l hadn't noticed.
Well, they want to,
they want to touch me.
Wait a minute, I have
to check on something here.
What's wrong, are you so afraid
of me?
I'll be right back.
Wait. Just one caress.
Ah, excuse me.
Take this. There you'll have a
good explanation.
Hi, I'm the one with the hands.
You were right. They were eager
to touch you.
Why did you run off?
When we meet, I'll explain.
Sorry.. I didn't know...
No, never mind. I'm going
to bed. I didn't even see you.
- The house is for us two.
- Oh, I see.
She told me to come back later
but I was tired of walking.
And besides it's cold.
She's quite a character.
I mean... you're both vey nice.
When it's her turn. She sleeps in
the 1st class waiting room at the station.
But I'm scared of all those horny men.
You know... those guys who buy magazines
and then sit and masturbate in the toilet.
Hey, why all these old people?
Well... she likes to observe them...
study them.
What are your names?
Whose, hers or mine?
Francesca and Cecilia.
Tell her that at noon
I'll be in the Caf? Revoir.
Hey, Cecilia will you do me a favor?
Okay, bye.
And what's your name?
Ah, okay. Goodbye.
So I started classes
at the Institute of Restoration.
I still work on a magazine.
But even that, less and less.
I've become a magician!
Always have been.
The truth is that after the
flooding I've been busy.
People are afraid of thieves.
They carry the boxes to the bank
they hid in the basement...
they're broken down, and I take them
to restore them.
And you?
I'm in the midst of this disaster...
I keep taking care of
trees, gardens, flowers.
In these times it's a privilege.
Yes, because as things are...
Two coffees.
Yes, sir.
Have you married?
Yes, you even sent me a
wedding present.
- No...
- Yes, a painting, a tempera.
"The Ducks"! If you only knew
how I searched
and it turns out you already had it
- Can I buy it?
- No.
You love them, right?
Not me, but my wife does.
- You know it's been a century since I've seen you...
- Really.
- Are you listening to me?
- Of course not?
- Hi Lorenzo.
- Hello Francesca.
That's Francesca's latest boyfriend.
Have you known her long?
No, I met her yesterday.
I was atVilla Garzoni looking for a statue
for a garden I'm landscaping and...
You know who she is? It's Fosca's daughter.
Fosca who? What do you mean who,
your great love!
Twenty years ago... or more.
Don't you remember Fosca?
Ah, yes Fosca... Fosca! The four of
us would always go out together.
You with that fat one... what was her name?
Teresa. If you saw her today, a disaster.
She became a gossip.
Neurotic like few others.
And to think she was so...
beautiful, sweet, exuberant...
Well, then in bed...!
And Fosca?
You don't know?
She died over 5 or 6 years ago.
Well, of course. You made a
century disappear.
She's even prettier than Fosca.
On the other hand, she doesn't look
much like you.
Luckily for her, poor thing!
She doesn't look much like me?
What are you saying, what do you mean?
No, not I who says so.
It's Teresa who insists on it.
Insists on what?
But, no... it's said in jest...
To go around saying these things...
But excuse me, tell me what she
But... Teresa is a charlatan.
About me, for eKample, she says
horrible things that you can't imagine.
- Well.. She can say whatever she
likes about you.
- It doesn't matter!
- She's an oddball that...
Look... besides I remember perfectly.
Almost a month later didn't she leave
with that guy from Trieste?
Who was he? An engineer... in construction
he had business abroad.
- Yes.
- Ah, then?
She followed him to Africa or some
other part of the Third World.
That's where Francesca was born.
He built bridges and roads... I don't know.
Fosca returned to Florence
after a few years.
She left him, taking the
girl... Francesca. It's natural.
But as you go around saying
those things that...
- Teresa? You're still thinking about her?
It's one of Teresa's tall stories.
You can't know now if
it's your daughter or not, forget it.
Trust me.
It's not.
Francesca was born on July 10
a year later.
I have it down, exactly.
Life is a boomerang, my dear Giulio.
You do silly things and zing!
It flies right back at you.
How's Lorenzo? I don't know if you've seen
or talked to him.
Don't try to pretend with me.
It's useless. Since he left, me...
Well, since I left him
He's become a crook.
Still hard feelings?
Even though a lifetime has passed.
He continues to be a
scoundrel, and vicious.
Anyhow, back to Fosca.
Do you realize that you've invented
a story without foundation?
I remember vey well that once before
she left with that other guy
I met Fosca, she was pregnant
6 or I months...
and I asked her whether the child
was yours.
Why, if she was with that guy from
Trieste for a long time?
Oh sure... that ruffian who built
all those bridges that collapsed,
but I always thought
that the culprit was you!
- Right.
- Because you're the same type as Lorenzo.
Once in the field, you forced me
to make love to you.
- We were drunk, you know that...
- not too "drunk" to make love...
Well! Did Fosca say yes or no?
She didn't say yes or no.
She only smiled.
Lovely... lovely. Thank you.
Unfortunately my son is in love
with that statue.
I know, I swear I've done all I could.
I have already told your son
a statue like that
can not be bought,
I don't know how...
How delightful!
- Is she your daughter?
- Who? No, no.
Here you are.
Sweet wine and biscotti.
I'll pass.
It's on the house, sir.
Guilia, do you like the mandarin oranges?
They're good for the skin, you know...
Not just my face.
How 'bout the rest of me.
Francesca, stop it...
I'm going, eh...
No, stay a little more...
I'll take you both home in a little bit.
Let's talk for a while...
"We" who? For one hour you haven't opened
your mouth except for sausages,
then you ate half my steak.
Well, I know. To you kids it's
enough to have
a sandwich, some wine and a motorcycle. You
haven't learned the 'culture of the table'.
But she has to go.
I'm leaving.
- I won't be back tonight.
- OK.
Can I get a light?
- Bye.
Your friend is nice. You know?
You look at me, then you look away...
like you were a cop or something.
Explain why you insisted that
Cecilia come out with us tonight.
There's nothing strange about that.
I say you wanted to avoid being
alone with me. Why?
No, I enjoy being with you.
Last night, was vey beautiful...
It's just that afterwards one reflects...
Do you realize how much older I
am than you? I have a wife...
a daughter, and a lot of responsibilities.
Hey, you don't have to marry me.
You always take things in jest.
Impulses at your age are vey beautiful.
At mine a little less.
I went out with someone
much older than you.
And of course, much less
attractive, for sure.
Coming UP?
No, I can't. I must return to Rome.
Ah. At this hour?
Yes, unfortunately.
Is this goodbye...
Yes... and no.
I have work here in
Florence and I come a lot.
We might see each other... from
time to time.
I think but... well. Like this.
Two good friends. Like this?
If you like, of course.
What do we do now? Shake hands?
I don't know, I don't know.
You're right.
It's just that at my age one's always
talking about a girl like you.
But there are other reasons...
You suffer now, but you'll see
one day you'll understand.
Believe me. There are reasons not...
Ciao, now go away.
You. You frightened me.
Oh yeah? Now I'll scare everyone.
Quiet, they're sleeping.
Yes, all right!
And who is it this time, eh?
A great photographer who has just
arrived from Africa with a friend.
Yes, another genius. And sleeping
in our bed, right?
Yes, in our bed.
- I didn't see llaria's car.
- She went out.
How come it's five in the morning
and she's still not back!
She's eighteen. And calm down.
Yes, I'm calm. I'm calm.
I see, I see...
May I know at least what time
she usually returns?
- Depends...
- Depends on what?!
- On whether you're home or not.
- Oh, yeah...!
Oh, don't start with your imbecilic
At eighteen years old,
in this world, young people
do whatever they please.
Don't you know that?
Yeah, yeah. But you think about what
happens at other homes. Understand?
Well, where am I going to sleep.
In the guest room.
Of course, I'm just the guest here.
The house is yours, everything is yours.
Fortunately I'll be working more
in Florence. You can rejoice.
- Who?
- You, your friends... the "genius".
I have nothing against them
I just despise them... that's all.
In fact, you only love your plants.
They are loyal, quiet, and don't divorce.
That philosophy is just garbage.
No, it's shit.
There she is.
What... still up at this hour?
Sorry, Papa. But I...
didn't know you...
Well, I would like to know where
and what you do out there
at these hours.
With as little as you talk to me,
what do you want to know?
Ah, we seldom speak. Well. You see
I'm here, let's talk.
- A little problem has come up to resolve.
- Go on.
I think I'm pregnant.
Great, that's all that was missing!
Whoring husband, unhappy wife,
isolation, pregnant daughter...!
And an abortion, I hope!
- The usual, for the structure.
- Very well, sir.
Excuse me, sir!
Count Arcci is calling on
your private line.
- Sorry, but you must sign these...
- Yes, one moment, one moment.
Yes, good morning.
Look, as I told your mother; regarding
the statue there's nothing I can do.
So do it yourself. I can't demand
people to steal statues
At least not until now.
Okay, I'll see you in Florence.
- Soledanal
- Are we going to the movies today?
Yeah! They're playing a great movie.
- Hello.
- Hi, Cecilia.
What are you doing here?
Waiting for Francesca?
No, I came to Florence
for work, you know...
Do you mind taking me?
it tastes wonderful. Taste it.
Francesca isn't jealous of her
men... she passes them to me.
Ah, okay.
You think I'm silly, right?
- Not at all.
- Say it!
No, let's go.
Bravo, Bravissimo!
Cecilia... Francesca, you know her well.
Tell me a little bit about her...
Well, from time to time,
she gets depressed.
Seems to fall into melancholy.
It lasts for hours. In fact, like me.
I say:. "What's wrong, what are you
thinking about"
And she:.
- "Everything is fine"
No, but I know what's happening.
It's not for nothing that I'm
studying psychology.
Missing father, the classic.
But she hasn't met her father?
Doesn't even know who he is?
No, I suppose not.
And the truth... neither of our
affairs may be considered normal.
They say that great
loves should be brief.
But mine...!
They are always vey long...
Ah, Messalina!
- The sauce!
- The sauce!
That's it, it's almost done.
I like romantics, they have a
sweet look that excites me.
May WI'?
Good! Ty it.
Look, as an architect I'm not exceptional.
But as a cook, yes.
I knew you were stupendous.
- The advantages of age.
- But what "age"...!
- I had a boyfriend in Rome.
- Oh, yeah?
And I left him standing.
Got a light?
The reason I dropped him, you know...
He had gotten marriage deep into
his head.
Living together... agreed.
But marriage... what nonsense!
Well... Men marry out of boredom
and women curiosity.
And then, they're both disillusioned.
The only advantage of marriage
is that it makes life filled with...
the unexpected...
Speaking as an expert, you...
The theory isn't mine, but it's
one I share.
And what is your opinion of me?
Well, you're vey nice.
Oh yeah? Do you like me?
- The telephone...
- I'm going...
Yes, hello?
You're talking nonsense!
Ah, it would be good...
I'm with whoever I find.
Besides he makes love very well.
He began with my hair...
then down my neck...
Then he began to touch me
under my blouse...
Little by little lower...
and lower...
And I was up... up to the stars...
You see, I'm not stone.
No, I didn't say that we made love...
but what we did was phenomenal.
You'll die laughing!
Stop, I can't stand it!
- Hi.
- Hi.
We're preparing something to eat,
he's made a fantastic sauce!
Let's eat?
No thanks, I'm not hungry.
You two go ahead.
Oh, geez... I do not like this...
Why is she locking herself in?
Ty asking her...
When she's locked in her room
break down the door, or forget it!
Fine but...
Giulio is gone.
Let me in.
Don't do this let's talk.
I swear...
lncest: masculine noun.
Sex between blood relatives
That represents an absolute
impediment to marriage.
Ah! To marriage, not love.
And it says it's a sin.
This taboo was invented by men;
not by nature.
Let it go. It's not a problem
that you resolve with a dictionary.
Look at the mess you've exasperated...
But why did I ever tell you?
For someone like you,
who is spoiled.
I'm not joking...
No, it's not a joke!
They say who sees ugly meanings
in beauty, is corrupt.
What the hell... how can you
show that she
Now just think...
that guy from Trieste...
What are you going to say to him?
What does he know?
Besides, he's disappeared, which means
Francesca doesn't matter to him.
That's your son, right?
You love him a lot.
I have a daughter, llaria.
Now she's in a mess. She's pregnant,
she's having an abortion.
I should be at her side, helping. And I
only think of Francesca, I don't know why.
Because you love her.
Trust me. Stop thinking about her
or you'll go mad.
Besides, your fears won't help anything.
What Teresa said to me...
doesn't matter.
- Don't wait, I want to make love to you!
- Good night!
- Hey, I say yes.
- I told you no!
I swear, listen
we'll see who win's...
Yes - It's me. Don't act stupid.
Who are you running around with?
No, I'm leaving now, but before
I do, get rid of him. Who is he?
He's a friend, plays guitar
and sings very well.
And he'll be sleeping there?
There's nothing planned.
He asked if you'll be sleeping here.
Right, he must be a hundred years old.
Yes, he said that he wants to sleep here.
Get rid of him. I'm not moving
from here until I see him go.
Ok. Have 2 or 3 coffees, and then you'll
see him leave. Bye.
Don't I deserve a kiss?
She asked where you are.
I'm reading.
Yes, I know it's a scandal.
I thinking of doing it in London.
Yes, London.
Here I don't know who might find
out about it.
- Let's a...
- They're calling me, call me later, bye.
Why in London?
So I can go shopping.
None of this for now, okay?
When are you going?
Soon, if I don't change my mind.
Sometimes I think of keeping it.
Hello? Ciao, it's you,
we were talking about you.
- Who is it?
- Emanuele.
- Give it to me!
- No, no.
Sorry, I'm not alone, let's talk later.
And what does he say?
He has nothing to say.
I stopped taking the pill.
The pill?
- Pap? you shouldn't be surprised at that.
He was someone that I sought.
Leave him alone. I wanted to make
love with him.
How did you seek him? But...
- Enough of this phone!
- Yes, hello.
It's for you. Someone named
- Calling from Florence.
- Oh yeah!
Yes, I am!
On Sunday, here in Rome?
I don't know if I'll be free.
We'll find a way...
Me? I'm great.
Yeah, okay, bye.
What a crazy fool.
Is she pretty?
- Bye beautiful.
- Bye.
Sorry... ls Giulio here?
Giulio who?
The architect.
He's my husband.
He's busy.
Can you talk to me or do you
wish to talk to him personally?
Yes, I want to talk to him.
In the greenhouse.
What are you doing here?
We agreed to meet on Sunday.
Today is Sunday.
I waited over an hour, and because
you didn't show up, I came here.
It's late, the race
starts in half an hour.
What race?
Who opened the door?
Your wife.
Luisa, wait a second please.
I wanted to introduce...
Another time.
Look how pretty!
Yes, vey nice.
They all look the same to me.
He's a champion, he's going to
win, and he's all mine.
How is he yours?
Well, it's as if he were.
I really like him, he's going to win.
We'll see.
Why don't you think so?
How's he going to win?
Can't you see that he's lame?
But that's not ours
ours is over there.
He's beautiful, eh?
Want to bet 100,000 with me?
I won!
You won beautiful!
Here you are.
Is it covered?
Let's hope!
I don't think I'll cash it, I'll
frame it as a souvenir.
Francesca, when are you leaving?
Now, if you'll give me a ride.
If I take you to Florence?
We're on the road to Barrtolo's courtyard. Did
you know that the winning horse is my father's?
What father?
Barrtolo, he's vey nice, you'll see.
Barrtolo the horse breeder's your father?
Yes, why don't you like him?
No, no!
I love him! Let's go!
Faster, faster!
Come on!
You're out of your mind!
No! I can't see!
- Did you see that? By an inch!
- Bravo!
Now tell me, what is your
superiority complex?
Tell me! Surely my
complex is greater than yours!
And the patient says...
The first day
I created the heavens and the earth...
I know a good one...
A husband returns home
and he goes to open the door...
and the door opens by itself.
Then he hears a strange noise
coming out of the bathroom
as someone is coming down the stairs
It's really funny...
And he hears "Rodolfo, Rodolfo".
In the bathroom, no... the bedroom
it's a parrot...
Wait, because it's very funny.
He goes down the stairs, and...
It's great...
That's weird, it's on
the tip of my tongue.
A little more wine?
It wouldn't hurt.
I heard it the other night...
How strange!
I don't remember!
It was dark, down the stairs...
I can not remember.
It's funny huh?
I'm going to sleep.
Francesca wait, if you want
I'll tell another story, wait.
No, thanks.
Good night.
- Good night Francesca.
- Good night.
You like Francesca a lot
don't you?
Your daughter is a
extraordinary girl, unique.
Yes, I know she is.
But she's not exactly my daughter.
But how...
I met her mother when she was 8.
After Fosca had died
I was in reality her father.
To me it's as
if she were my daughter.
Drinking is important,
it helps one to live well.
Mr. Barrtolo, do you need anything?
No thanks you, Giannina,
every thing's fabulous.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Look, look at the color.
You don't always see it like this,
Wines are like women
of course they are beautiful.
But the wine warms you,
gives you courage...
joy, and doesn't betray you...
and lets you live in peace.
Look, how beautiful.
All my children!
- Have a good trip.
- Thanks.
Your father's nice.
I should tell you something...
- He's not my father.
- Oh no?
Are you new here?
I haven't seen you before.
Yes we are new.
Are you Francesca?
Yes, I'm Francesca.
If Barrtolo isn't your father
don't you wonder...
What? Who is my real father?
What's the difference?
My mother said he was a good man
a doctor unless I'm mistaken.
Seems to have died
before I was born.
I thought so...
- Yes, but I don't think so.
- Why?
I'm not convinced
I suspect that it's a lie.
She was vey special He wouldn't
say, "Your father was so and so"
He left me with my
problems and disappeared.
I've never seen a
picture of my father.
I suppose that you hold a grudge.
Why should I?
These are things of their past.
Him and my mother.
It just intrigues me a bit.
No, no... I confess that until
last year I wanted to meet him.
But now I'm not interested.
What if you find him?
I mean...
Imagine someone
appears and says...
"I am your father."
What would you do?
I don't know...
I would say, "Hello, good morning.
How are you?"
I would greet him and go.
Thats it.
For me, my father is Barrtolo!
Come on, run! Run!
Cecilia said that we two are alike.
Because sometimes you lose contact
with the world like you're doing now.
And nobody knows
what you're thinking.
The same thing happens to me.
Look, a four-leaf clover!
It brings luck!
Come on, make a wish.
Twenty years younger.
Please, a little fantasy.
Me, you and a dessert.
I like it, and what else?
Able to feel free and forget.
To do all the stupid things
that go through my head,
without fear or regret.
To explode, do crazy things and then...
And then... don't give a damn! That.
It's not a four-leaf...
It's not worth anything.
Yes it was.
Under the tree!
How beautiful!
No, you're going to get soaked!
Open your mouth.
How does it taste?
Tastes like electricity, because of the ozone.
- Yes, Professor.
Look, your friend.
I came for you,
I'll take you to your car.
One at a time, okay?
Me first.
I kissed him
because I wanted to kiss you.
Wait here.
There are too many people.
What about me, where do I sleep?
Cecilia said that when
the room was occupied
you slept in the 1st class waiting room
at the station.
Can't you go home with anyone?
A relative, friend...
I have a friend.
But he's an idiot like you!
But what have I gotta do with it?
Exactly, that's what
I was thinking.
It's like you're not even here.
Spent a night in bed, then...
"Sorry, but goodbye dear, be happy.
Ah! Thanks for the piece of ass
but understand me. I have a family,
work commitments..."
- Fuck off!
- Stop, you're making a spectacle...
I don't care, I don't
owe anything to anyone!
I'm an idiot and I only
see you, but you...
"He is a gentleman, who has his
adventures, with discretion.
Because "he" is a respectable man. One
screw and get out! Who's next.
There's no danger of commitment.
No, please!
But then, when "he" is with his friends
I can almost hear him.
"What an ass! What legs!
What a pair oft its!"
Next time try not to be a hypocrite
and cowardly...
Where are you going?
To the car.
I'm coming with. Are you returning
to Rome?
I'm going to a hotel.
Great, let's go.
- Francesca, let's be clear...
- Let's talk later, move, come on.
- Good night.
- Good evening, sir.
Please two individuals.
Why two?
Just a double.
I'm not a minor.
So a double with a bath of course.
Very well gentlemen, this way please.
- Here you are sir.
- Thanks.
How beautiful!
Forgive what I said.
I don't know what happened.
- Can we make peace?
- Yes.
Now I'll show you how to prepare the beds.
Please, sir.
Want to take off my boots?
The boots, sir!
What are you doing?
Aren't you going to get undressed?
Or are you going to sleep in your clothes?
I'll be right back.
- Which do you prefer?
- What?
Which bed do you want to sleep on?
As you wish, I'm going to take
a bath.
Luisa, It's me.
Me who? Giulio, your husband.
Well, sorry. I have
to tell you something...
Hello? Hello?
When you need a helping hand...
I'll talk to someone or go out
of my mind.
I'm talking to myself.
Lorenzo? Giulio. Sorry,
I know what time it is.
No, I was wondering...
I'm not sure what to say. Sorry. Goodbye...
A notary? What notary?
How does he know?
And you think he will know...
When can I see him?
At his home. Not at his study.
"Tomorrow at 9. Yes I understand.
In the Piazza Santissima Annunziata"
Thank you, sorry. Goodbye.
Yes, indeed I remember.
Yes, Fosca mailed me a letter
stating the name of the girl's father.
- I think she was called Federica...
- No, Francesca.
- Ah, Francesca. Well, after 20 years...
- Yes. And then?
Fosca wanted her father to take care
of the girl if something happened.
I guess you know that a few years ago,
poor Fosca...
Yes I know. And the letter?
- The letter, it doesn't exist...
- What do you mean it doesn't exist?
Two or three years later, Fosca
returned to look for it and destroyed it.
I asked her why.
And she said she had
met a good man.
Living together in the county.
One such Barrtolo, I think.
She said her new partner
was fond of the girl.
And he would give the child much more than
the real father could give her.
He certainly continues to take care
of everything.
But she... didn't mention the
name that was in the letter?
A highly cultivated man, she said.
A Swede or... a Finn, I think.
Of course I could be wrong.
With all the cases one has, it's
possible to mix two similar cases.
That of poor Fosca and a Neapolitan
baroness, a romantic story...
Please... you first.
Have you or haven't you decided to tell
me what is so important?
And stop staring at me like
you were a cop.
It's not easy.
What a story!
Didn't you promise to tell me everything?
Then, tell me. Talk.
My daughter's pregnant.
And so what? Are you kidding?
Keep looking. Or say what you have
in here...
- Or we're done and we'll say no more.
- Okay, say no more, it's better.
You see I was right?
You're a hypocrite and coward!
I hate you.
It's regarding your mother.
Go on.
About 20 years ago, your
mother and I loved each other.
And suddenly it was over.
For no reason.
We were in the theatre.
At one point she got up and left.
I thought she would be waiting in the car.
When the movie ended
I went out and she wasn't there.
I knew then that it was over.
But not because she had another man
or I had another woman.
I went to Rome...
knowing that we were done.
We stopped calling each other.
It's wonderful that a story ends well.
One disappears and that's it.
No fights, disputes,
tears, the end.
It's like dying in one's sleep.
Without alarm.
No pain or trouble.
But... is that all that you
wanted to tell me?
No, I mean... yes.
Because when I returned to
Florence, some friends
They began to make me think...
you could be my daughter.
Making calculations,
the likelihood that there...
I'm not saying it's likely...
there are doubts.
Nothing to say?
Say anything-
Excuse me sir, there's a call for you.
It's Count Arrci.
I'll be right back.
Excuse me, the young lady?
I believe she's left.
No, darling. One is not a father because
20 years later someone says
that he could have left
a woman pregnant.
A father is the one doing it moment by
moment. Who is always at your side.
Who criticizes, yes.
But you want to be like him.
In other words, someone who has
watched you grow.
For me, my father is Barrtolo,
and nobody else.
What you're saying is true,
it's just that...
You have the convictions of a
much younger person
I can't have for many reasons.
Tell me.
Before one doubt like this, I feel frozen.
What if it were true?
We could live this moment.
To me it's not important. Believe me.
But you...
We're becoming something that makes
you suffer.
You're looking for a certainty that no one,
after so many years; can give you.
Why don't you look inside
yourself for that truth?
If I've done it, why not you?
I tried, I tried.
Sometimes I'm convinced it's impossible.
But then, the doubts return.
Use your head. I'll prove it.
What color are your eyes?
What's that?
They're brown, my mother's were black,
and mine are green. Can you explain that?
Besides, I don't care.
I've always wanted a "father figure".
And now I've found one.
No. You've found a "man-child".
What are you doing, are you
leaving for good?
I'm going with llaria to Madrid.
And not to London?
First she wanted to talk to Emanuele.
She said goodbye and left.
- I want to help.
- How can you help?
Young people don't need us.
They change towns, change their life...
as if they're changing their clothes.
I would like to change too and start again.
Yes? And where would you like to go?
I don't know. It's not so
easy to understand.
I think you understand perfectly,
but don't have the courage to speak.
It's the classic cowardice of a
husband in crisis.
Don't tell me... so we have to continue
this pretense of a perfect marriage.
I have never been deceitful with you.
And your crisis, the tranquilizers.
When you went to the analyst.
Because if that's marriage...
You're trivial in your definitions.
Marriage for me is something else.
It should be like a spell. That's right.
An enchantment between each other, honest
and loyal. That's what it should be.
Yes, I know it isn't easy to
keep it up.
We spent more than
20 years together, and now...
To you, one life isn't enough.
You need two or three simultaneously.
You can love two
people at the same time.
And I...
I know you'd prefer it be I
who will leave.
But I won't do it...
Don't worry.
I'm not going to make a scene.
I'm still in love with you.
But is this girl so important
to you?
Yes, I'm afraid so.
I don't know...
I think I'm crazy.
In the background I only have questions.
But sometimes they are certainties. Like
shadows... I don't understand anything!
I would like to think that it's just
me that made all this mess but...
I'm not going to Madrid.
I can't.
I don't love llaria.
It wouldn't help anything.
You go.
At least I won't be seeing you
for some time.
I want to be alone.
Look into my eyes.
Now tell me how you feel.
A strong desire to hold you.
I love you.
See you soon, llaria.
Come on. A taxi.
When do you see her?
In half an hour.
- I have really wanted to meet her.
- Meet her?
Don't you want us to meet?
No. Maybe another day.
So what is it that's
so important?
No, it's vey simple.
Well. Maybe not so simple...
- Who is that? Do you know her?
- No..
Come on. Let's walk a little.
Look, llaria...
I've been wrong many times...
you too.
I'm not a good father.
Maybe. People are like that.
What can be done. We're alike.
No, we're not completely alike.
What would you say if your mother and
I separated?
I don't know. What do you want
me to say?
Tell me honestly what you think.
- I see it and I don't... That is I don't see it at all.
- Explain.
I think you've created this because
you're in love. That's all.
Is that who telephoned you?
Very very cute. Congratulations.
And you're still in shape.
You laugh at me.
I deserve it.
No, I just want to warn you.
We are different, Dad.
We think otherwise.
Look... me, for example,
seven days pregnant
understanding that Emanuele is a child.
We have nothing to say.
I know it's over.
There's not going to be any drama
of who left whom.
Dad, you're an old man.
And she is my age.
What did you decide?
I'll have the child
it's mine, only mine!
And then?
I'm going to be a mother
and you... a grandfather.
You've given me a good lesson.
I think I know you
much better now.
And I love you even more.
Don't leave her alone.
Any news?
Yes. She returned to Rome.
I wanted to buy clothes for the child.
In summery,
I have a wonderful daughter.
Beautiful gift!
More than a gift it's
an invitation.
We should get a close look at
all these works of art.
You know I don't like museums.
We can go somewhere else.
Want to go eat at Toledo?
You only think of eating.
I like being here...
In this beautiful bed.
Goya can wait, alright?
Hold me...
What's inside this crazy head?
Stop, you're hurting me!
You're hurting me!
Come on, bite it.
Bite it, bite it!
More, more!
No, I'm going to get drunk...
It's my pee pee.
What? You pee pee?
I'll going to spank your ass,
How dare you, leave me alone!
What are you thinking?
Maybe I should leave you now.
Because it will never be so beautiful.
For me there is "today"
and not "forever".
The stories should end
at the most beautiful moment.
Were you sleeping?
Yes, I was asleep.
When does our plane leave?
At 92.00, why don't you rest
a bit too?
I'm not tired, let's go
But... are you completely mad?
"I left you the book. I finished the job
Giulio. Big kiss, Cecilia."
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Want some coffee?
- Yes, thanks.
Hello, Cecilia, we just arrived.
Sure. But we didn't see much.
We didn't have enough time.
Yes, of course.
Giulio! The coffee!
It's boiling over!
No, talking to Giulio. Yes he's here.
Says hello.
No! Really? That's great!
OK... OK... bye.
How is she?
Who? Ah, Cecilia...
She said she's very jealous, but that
she's always liked you.
Haven't you stirred it enough?
- What wrong?
- It burns.
- Listen, Francesca...
- Can I have some milk?
- Where is it?
- In the refrigerator, where else.
I should return to Rome.
No, maybe tomorrow.
It won't be another goodbye...
Don't talk nonsense.
I can't just disappear suddenly.
You understand?
I have unfinished business, anyway.
Many things.
You're right.
It's hot in here.
It's been beautiful.
Should we go in?
Well, if you really want.
Yes, I really do, come on
let's go.